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Evil Spirit Demonic Haunting


First of all, let me say that what I am about to post here is all very true as God is my witness.

My wife and I were able to get a much bigger and better home in an older upscale neighborhood due to my father passing away in 2008 and leaving me some life insurance money. We looked diligently everywhere and even lost some earnest money on a brand new home that we decided just wasn't big enough for us. We finally found a beautiful all brick home that we found through a local realtor's website that was quite a bit more than what we had intended to spend. Funny thing is, we decided to do a drive by and decided that it was not for us, yet we could not find anything else that even appealed to us. We ended up driving by this house several different times in a two week span and would still look at it on the realtor's website. We decided to contact the realtor and do a walk through. When arriving there, a really old woman answered the door and you could tell that she was not quite herself probably because of her age. In doing the walk through, the house was quite fancy and you could tell that it had been recently remodeled sometime before even though the home was built in 1976. There was one room that smelled bad that was the old lady's and the atmosphere in that room was thick or heavy also. The realtor noticed it and said it smelled that way because she was being cared for in that room.

Right away I fell in love with it even though there were some small areas that needed repairing. Later on that night I asked my wife what her impression was and she told me that we need to keep looking and not jump into it. I think a week went by and I talked her into buying it and putting earnest money down on it. Funny thing is the same day we put money down on the house, a certain older movie with Tom Hanks called "The Money Pit" was playing that night and we reluctantly and jokingly watched it hoping this was not a bad omen. Unfortunately, this bad omen turned into a horrible chilling nightmare.

Immediately after moving in strange odd noises would happen all throughout the night not allowing us to get much sleep. Doors would be shut if we left them open, or open if we left them shut. Lights would be on when we came home and we had them off. The TV would sometimes change channels by itself. We slept with the ceiling fan on and this fan would constantly make a tapping sound when being awake in bed. Upon waking up in the middle of the night the fan would not be tapping at all and within a few minutes it would start tapping again. It would not tap at all when not in use. After experimenting with this fan I finally realized that something was tapping the fan while it ran. When running full blast, the tapping sound would almost stop and be non-existence. Then after a few nights of running full blast, the tapping sound became more prominent and would weaken, stop and start up again constantly. Meanwhile, when we were away at work all day and come home that evening, my wife's things would be in a different place than where she left them, and sometimes would be in the oddest place. I started using the ceiling fan in the living room and it started making a tapping noise that would come and go. I came to the conclusion that whatever was tapping the fan does not like being bothered by high volumes of air causing them to fight harder to float about. They hit the fan letting us know that they hate it making us think that something is wrong with it because of the annoying tapping noise they make and that we would turn it off. Also the center of the fan is where there is hardly any wind turning and that is where they are more comfortable. We finally realized that after watching a lot of paranormal programs from the past that our new dream home was haunted. Every night we would awake to some loud noise or tapings and poppings in the house. Finally, one night when we were watching TV, a loud banging sound came from the kitchen that started over powering the TV sound. It was a water pipe that was being hit with something under the kitchen floor and being hit hard. I rushed into the kitchen and turned on the light and it stopped. I realized that a ghost was responsible and yelled out loud for it to do it again and it would not. I turned out the light and turned around to head back and suddenly a loud bang, bang, bang. This really shocked me because I had actually communicated so to speak, with a ghost or something. Then things started getting out of hand where we started hearing invisible full-bodied footsteps everywhere from the attic to the rest of the house.

This entity would walk right out in front of us while watching TV and you could not see it at all, but could hear every footstep it took. Then in a split second it would start walking behind us. Were we creeped out, you bet! I would yell out loud and tell it to leave and that this is my house. This caused it to retrieve to the old woman's bedroom and you could hear it walking around in there. I forgot to tell you that we have not fully moved in yet at all because of this. There is stuff in our two-car garage that needs to be in the home and we were going to buy some more furniture, and I have an expensive home theater system that is still in boxes. This entity started walking right behind my wife all throughout the house with or without me being there. I got mad and told it to leave her alone and asked it to knock 2 times if it was a good spirit, and 1 time if it was bad. It knocked 2 times indicating good. I know that this was stupid because they can lie, but I was terrified and not thinking straight. I said that if you are good to leave us alone and leave our home. That is when all hell broke loose and this thing started tapping the windows constantly and popping all areas of the house very loudly. We both started having bad scary dreams. This thing would throw a major fit in that bedroom and make loud popping sounds and hitting the walls right after my wife left for work and I am trying to still sleep for 2 more hours before I have to get up.

One morning it started hitting the wall adjacent to my bedroom and hitting it with a series of 3 knocks consecutively over and over which seemed to put me in a trance while in bed and I was being strangled by my bed sheet. This seemed so real to me even though I woke up with nothing around my neck and no marks that I was scared to come home later that night after work, but I eventually did go home after calling my wife and her coaxing me. I used the company computer to research all areas related to evil and demonic spirits and how to combat them. This entity started scratching my wife first even bringing blood, out in public meaning it would follow us. It started to follow us to the places where we work. It would be with us driving in town. It would show up or go with us on trips. I started yelling at it out loud cussing at it and calling it bad names telling it to stop. It worked for a short time and then something 4-legged with sharp claws would start pacing that bedroom and would growl out loud and make deep grunting noises. We kept that bedroom door closed. My wife goes to work early in the morning before I do and this creature came out of that bedroom and walked on the hardwood floor to my bedroom and stopped right in front of the closed door. All of a sudden my bed started vibrating violently with me lying in it. I was terrified. I started praying to God and then shifted my prayer to St. Michael the Archangel and immediately my bed stopped vibrating, and this thing started walking away from my door with one of its hind legs dragging and limping. This empowered me to jump out of bed and swung open my door and jumped out in the hallway and saw nothing. I heard a small creaking noise on the floor a few yards in front of me and I ran down to that area and I immediately stopped because I heard whimpering in front of me and saw nothing. I was dumb founded. It eventually stopped after a few seconds because the sun just started to rise through the window. I went on to work that morning scared out of my mind, and told my wife about my experience later that night. This terrified her. That night it started pacing that bedroom floor again so I went after it with some Holy Water and praying and went through the whole house and spent about an hour doing so and focusing on that bedroom the most. Nothing happened at all and everything was quiet. I sat down for 15 minutes and I started getting sicker than a dog and had to run to the bathroom. I was vomiting and had the runs for 2 whole days afterwards.

The next evening before getting dark I put baby powder on the floor in that bedroom and as soon as dark fell, this thing started walking around. I had to bravely go into that room and see if there were any prints and boy I had the mother load. The front paws are V shaped with tiny dermal ridged dots outlining the whole underneath V. The back prints are sort of egg shaped with 3 sharp claw prints on each side of it. This entity has scratched my $1300 brand new wooden dining room table, our brand new king size bed with claw marks In The Metal Art Work and our car right after I just got done waxing it. Both my wife and I have woken up with bruises and scratches on our bodies. We constantly get headaches and are sicker than normal. I said enough is enough and challenged it out loud to bring it on several times and nothing ever happened other than tapping noises and loud poppings. I printed out special prayers that were exorcism prayers and read them out loud one night and 3 hours later it took it out on my wife and attacked her physically making me think she was having a heart attack. I called the ambulance and followed them to the emergency room. They ran every test imaginable and 5 hours later the doctor comes back with the results and says I cannot find anything wrong, everything looks good. She told me that an ice cold hand went into her chest and squeezed her heart. Folks, I thought I was losing my wife that night because of a possible heart attack when it happened. I told my wife to constantly pray for protection and that I would to for both of us. Don't get me wrong I am scared to death of what we are experiencing, but I have to act tough to call its bluff.

I kept challenging it and calling it bad names telling it to leave my wife alone and take on a man, me and not a weak woman. It would only bruise and scratch me while I slept for revenge on me. It never physically attacked us after that. It would only still bruise us and scratch us when we slept. I contacted a psychic and they said that it is a low-level demon dog. We were terrified and we had a priest come and bless and anoint our home within a few days. This did not work. We even contacted the Catholic Church and they believed us and had a priest come and bless our home which did not work. I tried to talk them into doing an exorcism and they would not investigate it or take it further. So we started to call psychics and mediums and they all said that our home was filled with spirits and that one evil/nasty one was controlling them. They remotely tried to get rid of them all to no avail. I then found 2 separate psychics/mediums that I paid for them to fly out and stay a few nights both stating that they could get rid of everything being in the home. The first one was a joke and waste of money. The second one did make a difference right away. He supposedly got rid of all the spirits except the main evil one. How do I know this? There was an immediate difference in the house after he left. The noises and the sounds and the bad smells pretty much diminished. He crossed over some trapped spirits that were being held there against their will. Ever since then it has been more tolerable, but it is still there. All of the psychics/mediums did state that an elderly man is the main entity causing all of this trouble, and they think that the demon dog is the guard of the portal that is supposedly in our basement. They say that this dog has also influenced this man spirit to be evil.

I did a lot of research on the previous owners and they are atheists and the old lady is one of the last Holocaust survivors who is still living. She had denounced God for what she had been put through. They also had to smuggle her out of the concentration camps with a dead girl's coffin. I found all of this info from the next door neighbor who had known them for several years. The old lady is still living and is in a nursing home in Texas now and is out of her mind. She is in her late nineties. Her husband died at work back some 13 years ago and they say that it is him in our home and that he is mad that they sold his home and he still thinks that it is his. Her adopted atheist's daughter and her husband got a divorce right after we had bought the house from them. They are in Texas also. We have also had so much bad luck with this house while all of this scary stuff is happening. Our sewer backs up in our basement, the central air-conditioning starts going bad and we thought we had it fixed, and 3 months later the compressor burns up. The sat system goes completely out. The brand new high-tech washer starts beeping on its own while not even running. One of my cars developed a short in the wiring and had to practically give it away. Light bulbs are burning out. We decided to sell it and list it for 6 months with a realtor and not 1 hit. I ended up spending a total $4500 on all of the different psychics/mediums and all of the candles, and the sea salt, and different crystals, and different herbs to combat this entity and do house clearings. We have done everything possible that you are supposed to do in trying to get rid of this entity. And yes, we have both prayed relentlessly to God and to St Michael and God has somewhat answered our prayers. We have crucifixes, Bibles and religious artifacts everywhere. You see after everything we have done to fight it and still living here for 14 months now, this thing is not really evil anymore. Just somewhat annoying with occasional tapings and poppings. The bruising and scratching has diminished pretty much. Electrical items are not going bad now. It seems to be losing the battle finally or at least I think it is losing. It is not as powerful as it was.

My experience combined with what I have researched is this. Do not be angry in the home and do not argue and do not be afraid at all. I know better said than done, but believe you me we have learned to not be afraid of it anymore and that is what it feeds off of is being afraid and arguing, chaos so to speak. It feeds off of negativity so don't feed it. Also, God is the one who has empowered me to fight this thing. You see everytime I pray or read the Bible out loud or even to my self, it let's me know that it does not like it by tapping the window and popping the house loudly. Yes they can read your mind. It still does the tapings and the occasional poppings, but much weaker than before. The popping sound is when it goes through a solid wall or floor and the louder it does it the angrier it is. Also when it rains or is very humid, this entity is pretty much quiet. I think it cannot stand the water because it helps drown out the electrical current that it is made up of. It makes it lethargic or slower.

The question is can we live with it being weaker and wait and see if it finally leaves or God takes it away, or do we relist it with a realtor and try and sell it. This entity has caused us to be financially burdened somewhat. Right now we are in the middle and take it day by day. We will probably eventually sell and get something cheaper and pocket the difference and try and start over with a fresh beginning. I do not know if I should say anything if it is still there when we sell it, because it probably would not sell then. I just wish that this was all just a very bad dream and that I would wake up and it was over. Non believers will believe only when they are subjected to Hell.

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7 years ago (2016-02-08)
Thanks for sharing this terrifying story. I am a producer on the Syfy Channel's hit series - Paranormal Witness and I wanted to get in touch to find out if you would be interested in sharing your story. If so please get in touch at: olive.king [at]
Many Thanks,
paige021 (1 posts)
10 years ago (2012-06-08)
Do you still live there now? If so I would like to find out if this is really happening!
hotsydaddy (8 posts)
11 years ago (2011-08-10)
i forgot to mention once you get your st benedict crucifix get some oil any kind of oil put oil on it every 5 minutes the more oil you put on it the more powerful it gets. Also get yourself a st michael medal
The arch angel will defend you
hotsydaddy (8 posts)
11 years ago (2011-08-10)
keep up the good work I have a suggestion leave your bibles open the demons and the devil don't like it when you leave the bible open, make sure its a James king version bibles. Splash holy water on yourselves every fifteen minutes the whole day. Do this will clean your soul expelling demons away. Keep on praying the more you pray the closer you will get to god. Also get sacremental like st benedict crucifix it has an exorcism on it. Its very effective I have a few of those on me.
nancy517 (7 posts)
12 years ago (2010-12-31)
How scary, I am no expert on what is happening with your family first let me say GOD BLESS you both and may the holy spirit be with you always. I also don't mind any constructive criticism because a person has to be open about things like this and it is a way to learn from others what others did how they handled there experience and what there out come was. I do know that before any thing else was tried you stick to GOD and Jesus all though the other things might and sometimes do work it's GOD that is going to help you be rid of this thing. Keep your praying up, fast if you have to, sleep with your bible under your pillow. Read your bible it was Jesus that was the greatest exorcist ever telling demons to leave a man's body with the demons begging (we are legion) him if they could go into a pack of swine (pigs) then running into the river killing themselves. GOD should of been the first one you turned to and don't stop keep it up. I heard voices for a year saying all kinds of horrible things telling me to kill myself on down to kill my family members. It started at the age of 45 no back ground of mental illness and I have never heard them before this, it was terrible projecting images of a demon telling me he was going to drag me to hell I was terrified and loosing my mind. I stopped eating loosing 30 pounds stopped bathing for weeks I quite sleeping the voices wouldn't let me. I prayed the whole time convinced someone was going to kill me or kill family members the horrible things it said that I won't repeat it took on the voice of a person I hardly know but I kept praying to GOD, Jesus and the Holy Blessed Mother and it started working it gave me strength and it took away a lot of my fear so I could sleep. I was convinced that someone had bugged my walls telephone car house bathrooms out side of my house it was awful. I know that it was impossible to do this but this thing could read my mind read my thoughts project things into my head it seems like this thing never slept ate or did anything else but try to destroy me. I ended up in a mental hospital 4 times in 3 months even the doctors said that it was highly unusual to start hearing voices (outside my head) at the age of 45 with no prior mental history. I wanted me to kill myself of my own free will the thing is still with me but the voices are so low now I can't make them out and what they say I never answer/talk to it you just don't know what your talking to. I wouldn't answer the door to a total stranger and start talking to them, this is how I feel about this thing. The flash I had of what it looked like scared the holy schitt out of me and that was only for seconds this took place on the metro our subways in Washington DC. It waited for me to shut my eyes for a second and enter a tunnel then told me it was going to drag me to hell. Needless to say I was so scared and still am I pray all the time and it makes me feel so much better. I know the Lord is with me and stays by me when I call on him he has not let me down yet and I never not for a moment feel helpless when calling on him.I'll take the Lord over crystal and smudgings and oujis boards any day. Stay with GOD and don't let up on your praying he is the one that's going to be there for you and if anyone has ever had something like what has happened to me happen to you I would really like to hear about it blue1965 [at]
StephenMcCormick1 (1 posts)
12 years ago (2010-07-20)
Do you still need help with this? I live in northwest Arkansas. I teach on spiritual warfare and am a former pastor and career missionary.
Ninja-cHicK (1 stories) (36 posts)
12 years ago (2010-04-15)
subjected to hell? Really... O hee hee I get it... Like the "hell" you and your wife went through in that house...
Tipyofnyc1 (1 stories) (3 posts)
12 years ago (2010-02-17)
This is a very scary experience you and your love one is going through, for sure. Thank God for your strong faith & you have been able to uphold and stand your ground. It sounds like this entity has not elevated to where it is suppose to go once deceased. It didn't like it when you told it to go, because its their home first & it expressed anger. It can't leave if it is not aware that its dead. So it may be seeing you guys as the trespassers. Its like the movie Others with Nicole Kidman. They, I guess have the ability to transform into anything they desire in the limbo state they are in. Could they turn into demons once they no longer recall being human? On earth they are so many evil people, murderers etc. That are demon-like, so as a spirit that is earthbound so long, that they turn into these haunting demons? I would continue to do prayers in the name of God, and have the house cleaned & blessed by a Holyman of God. Mop the floors with clear ammonia and keep camphor squares in each room. Get Bay leaves and burn with Sandalwood to use for purification and as a protection herb. Evil spirits do not like these items. Playing upbeat & happy music confuses them. Music is a medium in the struggle against spiritual forces of evil (1 Samuel 16: 23). God focused and God centered music make evil spirits leave. I wish you and your family well. May that spirit be vanquished.
DeviousAngel (11 stories) (1910 posts)
12 years ago (2010-02-15)
I'm not sure why you instantly jumped to the conclusion that this house was haunted before trying to rule out other things, such as the house being old, settling, etc. Before a majority of the manifestations started. From the sound of it, the house was renovated, so perhaps the renovations were not of the highest quality. But that aside, let me point out a few other things...

Firstly, your relentless comment about the "atheist" family who lived there before you is and that whole "nonbelievers" thing is completely uncalled for and offensive. I am not an atheist personally, but your judgmental attitude is likely the karmatic circle bringing you some of your trouble. I find it interesting that you feel religiously sound enough to condemn "nonbelievers", especially considering your faith has obviously not solved this problem. Tsk tsk, WWJD? 😉

On the one hand we have certain activity which can be attributed to an old house, religious paranoia, etc. On the other hand we have the feelings, footsteps, and other noises which cannot be explained naturally. I think you have a combination situation on your hands which is what's making it so hard to get rid of. In part, it sounds like a poltergeist or intelligent haunting. The other part sounds like this spirit is getting a kick out of seeing you guys scramble and that your fear and unhappiness over the situation is exacerbating it. All of that negative energy is like a delicious buffet to this spirit.

As for a solution, it sounds like you've tried everything you could, externally, and that the pscyhic may have gotten rid of a lot of the spiritual activity you were previously experiencing. From here on out, I believe the battle is internal. You're either going to have to submit to your religion completely and allow it to solve the problem through continuous strengthening of your spiritual faith, or you're going to have to allow the external factors to solve the problem (i.e. Having your aura cleansed, and ensuring that the problem is not psychological by seeking professional help.)

No offense intended, but your story sounds really out-there. I can guarentee you that there are a ton of professional scientists (not ghost hunters), particularly in the field of paranormal study, who would love to get some cold, hard facts about this haunting. EMF readings, video recordings, EVP, temperature readings, etc... You never mention if those tests were done when the 'investigators' came?

Please keep us updated. And on a side note, I doubt selling the house will fix the problem. Whatever this is (spirit, demon, etc.), it has probably attached itself to you and your wife since you both have said that it follows you outside of the house.
zzsgranny (18 stories) (3327 posts) mod
12 years ago (2010-02-14)
Audiophile and zishu: I'm sorry if that last comment came across as not believeing you... I just meant sorry that it sounds like the movie... No harm intended! 😢
MelissaXXjennifer (4 posts)
12 years ago (2010-02-14)
Like all of yous.
I have been expericenced with ghostly encouters.
Im sure... Those who live in Villisca,Iowa,Usa...Know of the "Axe Murder House"...I went visiting there last summer...I'd tell you... I was dared by 5 of my friends to stay in that house... Of course I asked the owner for permission... And so I did...
Boy...did I ever feel scared... I was brave and strong enough to investigate the whole house by myself during the night...
Scary as hell... But I did it...
I heard a lot of noises such as bangings... People whispering/talking...there was one moment where I felt someone play with my hair...

I have a strong belief in this.
ZiShu (281 posts)
12 years ago (2010-02-14)
People, he did not make up this story with the help of Paranormal Activity movie. That movie is suppose a reenactment comprised of people's experiences with demonic haunting s just so the world can see what some unlucky people go through.
After my "sources" checked out his house, it seems he does have a demon of some kind. It is not a dog but it took form of a four legged beast. He speaks the truth.
If you do not believe him, you people can simply just visit this house yourself.
zzsgranny (18 stories) (3327 posts) mod
12 years ago (2010-02-14)
Audiophile: To add to your post: a lot of the things that were done in the movie have actually been done by other people way before the movie came out... Such as the baby powder thing... These "tests" are all over the internet, and have been used by many mediums...Ok, but really, it does sound similar...Sorry
Audiophile123456 (2 stories) (7 posts)
12 years ago (2010-02-14)
This message is for the nonbelievers. We bought this house in August of 2008. Most of our horrible experiences started happening within the first 3 months after living there which would put it around Oct. To Nov. Of 2008 where something 4 legged is there and my wife almost gets killed. I was told about this paranormal movie being very similar to our experiences and I still have not watched it because of our experiences. Also this movie came out way after our chilling nightmare began. Also that movie is a Total Fake! We are living the real thing. Believe what you want. That is your opinion. Like I said, nonbelievers will only believe only when they are subjected to Hell.
redraider1997 (5 posts)
12 years ago (2010-02-14)
ok, did you get that out of a horror movie? 🤔 I had to see paranormal activity and your story sounds too similar to be true. I also agree with elasiamarie (sorry if I got that wrong) about the fan thing. If its on too high it makes noises, even if its pretty new.
Jitow is right. It could be a poltergiest. That is what it sounds like to me. God bless 😊
elysiamarie (2 stories) (22 posts)
12 years ago (2010-02-14)
Great story, although it sounds a lot like that movie Paranormal Activity, especially the baby powder thing.

I agree with Kericho, a lot of it could be the sounds of an old house. My ceiling fan also makes tapping noises sometimes, but I don't think it's because of a ghost.

I don't know, it seems weird that right after the paranormal activity movie comes up, almost the exact same story is printed here.
angelfeathers (106 posts)
12 years ago (2010-02-13)
Just a note of caution: If you decide to sell this house, please disclose some of the things (sounds, smells, etc.) that you've experienced. Although I don't know anything specific about your state's market, it is possible that the buyer could come back and sue you for non-disclosure. That opens up a whole, new can o' worms.

Realize, too that even if you sell the house, it's no guarantee that these entities won't follow you. As a Christian, you probably already know that as we progress in our faithfulness, these things can sometimes interfere and try to keep us from going further.

Of course, could be, too, that this thing fears that you'll threaten its portal. Ultimately, I hope that's your goal. As a Christian, you can't co-exist with that portal. Close it or sell, I think, are your two options. If you try to stay and allow the portal to remain open, you'll never have peace.

Anyway, keep fighting the good fight! I will keep you in my prayers. Godspeed!

Kate (18 posts)
12 years ago (2010-02-12)
I understand that your situation must be very harrowing. I didn't mean to imply otherwise in my last post. I was merely offering my opinion that one should always try to keep an open mind when attempting to explain and remedy problems such as yours.

Your interpretation of your haunting is based in your religious beliefs. Is it possible that it is not really a demon at all? Get a priest to bless your house and pray to God, but maybe also have a paranormal investigation team come out, check the wiring in your house, etc. When you really want something like this gone, doesn't it make sense to consider all possible options?
JimD (431 posts)
12 years ago (2010-02-12)
PS Going tp Psychics will embolden it. Bad move and big mistake.
JimD (431 posts)
12 years ago (2010-02-12)
Danger - it's a demon. Do not speak to it, or challenge it - ever. Three is the calling card of the demonic - it mocks the Holy Trinity. Use (plenty of) Catholic Holy water, and blessed salt. Rebuke it in Jesus' name and command it to the foot of the Cross. Also, call upon Mary & St. Michael the Archangel. On a personal note, I recommend daily Rosary and frequent reception of the Sacraments, Mass, Confession etc. Email me at Dukes2352 at
Audiophile123456 (2 stories) (7 posts)
12 years ago (2010-02-12)
Some of you do not quite understand how serious and horrible our situation has been and still is. These atheist people have lived in that house ever since 1976 and it is my belief that God or the Holy Spirit has never been there UNTIL NOW! This entity does not like the new circumstances where we worship God and have the Holy Spirit within us. I'm thinking that this entity has been there for quite some time to be that powerful. It felt at home with the previous owners. Now Gods there and it cannot stand it. Too bad, so sad. Afer what I have been through I can honestly say that I look forward to kicking any evil's behind anytime with God's word and the Blood of Jesus. This entity is WAY weaker now than when we first moved in 14 months ago and I hope that with God's help that we send it to Hell for all enternity! Thank you to all and please keep sending support and blessings.
Kate (18 posts)
12 years ago (2010-02-12)
"I truly believe that we bought a house that is cursed since the previous owners are atheist."

And what would the fact that they were atheists have to do with your house being haunted? Does their godlessness automatically mean they carry demons with them wherever they go?

A lot of the things you mention, the tappings, rearranging of items, even the attacks, could be construed as signs of a poltergeist, which is supposedly energy originating from a person due to emotional repression and other issues.

You might also want take a better look at the wiring in your house. Certain EMFs can cause all sorts of disturbances for electronics and hallucinations in certain people.
Jitow (362 posts)
12 years ago (2010-02-12)
Audio, It sounds like you have been heading in the right direction and that God is answering your prayers. As for why it is still their? I would not look for those answers from God but from yourself. God has already shown that He will help, but what have you done for Him? All He wants is your love and obedience. Check your spiritual armour. Have you got it on like God said to wear it, it is right there in one of those Bibles that you have laying around your house. Is there a chink in your spiritual armour. I really think that God is waiting for you to come closer to Him before He ends this ordeal. Put all of yout trust in Him and the evil will not be able to stay. Remember, it is not your Bible that is your sword, it is God's perfect word in the in the Bible that is sharp and strong. It is nothing more than a symbol until you open it and read it daily and that is what scares the devil out of everything.
aussiedaz (18 stories) (1523 posts)
12 years ago (2010-02-12)
Audiophile,I can relate to tapping and banging noises on the brink of sleep and your right some spirits purposely doe this for one reason or another, but sometimes their are explainable reasons also that cause these noises, you could try some reverse phycology, program your thought process in a way to believe these taps and noises are a submission from this entity that it has no power to hurt you, the power of the mind is a very power device, this entity knows that and is using it against you, without fear it looses a lot
Of leverage, also when your falling to sleep try repeating over and over Jesus loves me in your mind, not only is it a soothing spiritual suggestion but it will also annoy this entity as it would rather you laying there thinking about it.
Good luck
God bless
Audiophile123456 (2 stories) (7 posts)
12 years ago (2010-02-12)
As for as the loud popping sound. When we first moved into this house immediately the house would start popping quite loudly anytime day or night. We thought that it was the house settling, but as time went on it became to frequent and it would do it even when there is no wind. This entity travels through the walls and the floors and in doing so can make the affected area that it is going through pop either loud or even soft. Loud pops indicate that it is pissed, angry, where softer pops or no popping at all indicates it is calmer. Of course it can travel through solid objects and make no sound, BUT this thing wants us to hear it make these annoying sounds. Also, I will try and go asleep and it will make the loudest popping sound ever just as I am falling alseep to wake me back up.
Audiophile123456 (2 stories) (7 posts)
12 years ago (2010-02-12)
God bless you all for your input and concerns. As for the info on the old woman whom was young at the time when she was smuggled out with a dead girl in a coffin, that is what I was told by the neighbors who got to know these people very well. I am just repeating what was told to me. The neighbors have sort of stayed in contact with the previous owners who moved to Texas. They had mentioned to them that we are having some weird happenings going on and the atheist daughter acknowledged that there is a spirit in the house. I talked with my attorney and told him everything and he believes me, but he never has taken on a case of this nature, and doubts that it would hold up in court in our area which is the "bible belt".
isis80 (3 stories) (51 posts)
12 years ago (2010-02-12)
This has got to be one of the scariest stories I have ever read in my life. I believe every word of it. I am sorry that you and your wife have gone through so much.

I know that other people say it would be wrong to sell the house, but I would sell it, it was sold to you already haunted. I would sell it and get a new construction and move on with my life.

When my husband and I bought our house I wanted to make sure it was a new construction because of things that had happened in the houses that I grew up in. I always knew the houses were haunted, I figure that a new construction can't have anything negative in it -- at least that's my thought premise - we have been in our house for 13 years and it has always been peaceful.
hobbyholly (11 stories) (572 posts)
12 years ago (2010-02-12)
aside from the "supernatural" things happening... I would sell the place. You sound miserable and that is no way to live life. Yeah you've "tamed" this thing or whatever is happening... But is it worth it? I mean its your life, money and future. Then again in this economy maybe you should tough it out.

Kericho: "The Germans prefered ovens."- While I understand what you're stating, I wish you could it phrased it more tactfully.
logan (3 stories) (222 posts)
12 years ago (2010-02-12)
Hi Audiophile,

Thanks for sharing and I like it that you have written us such a detailed account. I will not be repeating the same things that my fellow members have written already, however I will add that yes I think since you have managed to tame it this far... Take it all the way.

My prayers and best wishes are with you.

[at] Kericho: Sir/Ma'am I am sure you have reasons for being this way but could you please atleast give the benefit of the doubt to these people who by the way are going though quite a bit.
Kericho (17 posts)
12 years ago (2010-02-12)
God allowed Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot to kill millions, what makes you think he'll come running to your rescue because you have something tapping on your ceiling fan? And how could the previous owner have escaped a concentration camp in a coffin? The Germans wouldn't have wasted the wood on a coffin. There were no coffins at concentration camps. The Germans prefered ovens.

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