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Evil Spirit Demonic Haunting 2


The bulk of our horrific experience with this entity has already been posted just previously, and I thank everybody for their input and support, and now I would like to tell you about all of the little details of what this entity has done to our lives to make us miserable.

The ceiling fan experience was the first to happen and then the doors and lights being manipulated. The previous owners supposedly had a house dog because when we moved in there were dog piss stains in the living room that were hidden by furniture when we did the walk through. You couldn't really smell it unless you put your nose close to it; however this entity would take the pee smell and put it right under our noses when watching TV at night. We had the carpet steam cleaned and this entity would still do it afterwards even when the carpet smelt better. I did not know that the spirit we had was really evil or dangerous yet, and did not know that it was manipulating this pee smell, so my wife and I decided to replace the living room carpet with new. The very morning the crew was tearing up the old carpet I was driving the company van and all of a sudden my nose starting burning from dog piss. Then one early morning when my wife was getting ready for work, a shadow moved towards the bedroom door and then the door handle turned and the door slowly opened by itself.

On a different night my wife went to bed early while I was still watching TV in the living room and a black shape of a man rose up from the floor at the foot of her bed. She ran out of the room and told me what had just happened.

One morning after my wife had already left for work I was still in bed before I had to get up for work and a dark squiggly line of mist floated above my bed over to the window and tapped it really loud.

We have several vehicles and this entity would cause different switches on the dashboard to be either on or off completely in a different setting than which we had them. My head rest on one of my vehicles would constantly be in its highest position all of the time even when I fully brought it down, and sometime later on it would be fully high again. Of course I asked my wife if she was messing with the switches and the headrest and she has not.

The company van I drive has a switch for traction control and this switch would be turned off sometimes when driving and the volume on the radio had changed by itself a few times.

We have a fireplace and one day I decided to vacuum the fire place and clean up the left over soot and after that day this entity would put the chimney soot smell right underneath our noses and amplify this smell right in front of the chimney.

I have come home from work and as soon as I opened the door it would shove this soot smell up my nose. I started praying to God and St. Michael The Archangel and the soot smell would stop for a little while, but this entity would be persistent and keep on doing it whilst praying. The smell would leave my nose and keep coming back repeatedly for about a half minute or so until my prayers finally worked for it to stop doing this. The chimney soot smell attacks and the cars switches and headrest being moved all the time lasted for a total of about 4 months. I finally had to put a framed Lord's Prayer along with a crucifix in the fireplace to make this entity stop doing the chimney soot smell. As for the vehicles being played with I finally just stopped thinking about how it angered me when it did these things and it finally stopped for the most part. I am also a worry wart and let little things bother me and this entity would use this tactic against me.

The house we used to live in had tree roots growing in the sewer pipe causing us to constantly have to have them cut out, well after moving in our new home and not knowing that this entity could read your every thought, I would sometimes think about the sewer trouble and guess what, the sewer backs up in the basement causing major carpet and baseboard damage.

I waxed one of our vehicles which is a dark color to get fine scratches out of it and a few days later there were long scratches all over it. I would dust our brand new $1300 wooden dining room table enjoying the beautiful shine and then I started noticing long and short scratches in the finish. I stopped dusting it and just put a sheet over it and I would not think about it anymore.

We have a brand new central heat and air unit because the other one burned up and I would think please God do not let this unit cause us any problems. Then right away the new ductwork starts popping really loud right above the indoor unit and I had it checked out and found nothing inside that could hit it. My point is that it can read your mind and hear every thought and use it against you.

Our bed has been pushed up from underneath while sleeping. I have lost count how many times it has vibrated our bed. It has pushed into my wife's back the backrest of her seat while at work several times. We have had several bruises and a lot of scratches on our bodies when waking up, and one time I had 3 deep dark bruises right above my navel in the perfect form of a triangle.

We have a beautiful brand new king size bed that has metal art work for the headboard and the footboard. This 4 legged creature has scratched the metal on the footboard from where it has sort of perched itself sitting on it. The scratches are embedded in the metal and seem to be from its hind feet. The footprints in the baby powder indicate that the hind feet with its claws are the same claw marks in the metal.

We have smelled sulfur, rotten eggs, and rotting meat or flesh a few times also. The master bedroom is its favorite place to reside in and the air in that room is heavy and stinks and the temperature is a bit warmer than any other part of the house. This was the old lady's bedroom. Also, the basement has a large room that makes certain people feel dizzy and sick upon entering it. This is where a portal is supposed to exist so I am told by psychics.

This pretty much sums up the rest of our experiences in all. You're probably asking why then are we still here. I have weakened it with God's word and constant prayers, and God has empowered us to not be scared anymore, although it is still there. Will it ever leave I do not know. We just take it day by day asking for God's protection which does work. I have witnessed and experienced God's protection quite a few times in dealing with this horrible nightmare. Why are we going through this, I do not know, but remember that the old lady supposedly denounced God for her Holocaust experience which I think opened up a portal for this demon and allows it to be there. I used to not believe in all of this paranormal stuff until being subjected to it. Believe what you want, but this is our living nightmare!

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zzsgranny (18 stories) (3327 posts) mod
11 years ago (2011-03-02)
MarioChavez: As this is not a religious site, I must insist that you stop trying to convert everyone on here... You are entitled to have your opinion and hold whatever religious views you choose... You do not have the right to impose those views on others...

Please take a look at the "Comments Guidelines" at the bottom of the page...
MarioChavez (11 posts)
11 years ago (2011-03-02)
By putting your faith in man (i.e. Psychics and mediums who are unwitting pawns of the Devil), you are building your house on sand, rather than on the solid foundation of the Catholic Church.

It is an undeniable fact of history, as well as tradition and the Bible, that the Catholic Church is the one true Church founded by Jesus Christ. The fact that the prayer to St. Michael, which is a Catholic prayer, was the one thing that had any real effect, is no coincidence. It shows that the Catholic Church's traditional prayers are what must be employed here.

The reason why those priests were unable to help is because almost all priests today are heretical in their beliefs. In the Gospel, Jesus tells His disciples that the reason they were sometimes unable to cast out demons, was because of their "unbelief" (Matt.17:18-19). This is true of almost all "priests" in the world today.

The good news is that you can find the help you need in the simple spiritual remedies given by the Catholic Church; chiefly, being in the state of grace. This means you must convert; believe in all the Catholic Church teaches; make a good confession; pray the rosary; and try and ignore all the external phenomenon the Devil is creating. If you do this, he will leave. There is no other way.

You must remember that the Devil's only goal is to damn us to Hell, so if you don't act upon this information and get the Devil out from your life, and fail to convert to the one true Faith, the Catholic Faith, you will sadly and certainly end up in Hell with Satan for all eternity. I tell you this in charity, so that you don't lose your soul, because this is the reality of things, as God Himself has revealed it.

This website has all the critical information you need to know concerning traditional Catholicism along with steps to convert. They have an important audio on a "True Story of Demonic Possession", and I've provided a link to the section you can find it under. It's found under the "Newest Programs" heading.


This second link is a true case with some strong parallels to your own experiance.

nancy517 (7 posts)
12 years ago (2010-12-31)
How scary, I am no expert on what is happening with your family first let me say GOD BLESS you both and may the holy spirit be with you always. I also don't mind any constructive criticism because a person has to be open about things like this and it is a way to learn from others what others did how they handled there experience and what there out come was. I do know that before any thing else was tried you stick to GOD and Jesus all though the other things might and sometimes do work it's GOD that is going to help you be rid of this thing. Keep your praying up, fast if you have to, sleep with your bible under your pillow. Read your bible it was Jesus that was the greatest exorcist ever telling demons to leave a man's body with the demons begging (we are legion) him if they could go into a pack of swine (pigs) then running into the river killing themselves. GOD should of been the first one you turned to and don't stop keep it up. I heard voices for a year saying all kinds of horrible things telling me to kill myself on down to kill my family members. It started at the age of 45 no back ground of mental illness and I have never heard them before this, it was terrible projecting images of a demon telling me he was going to drag me to hell I was terrified and loosing my mind. I stopped eating loosing 30 pounds stopped bathing for weeks I quite sleeping the voices wouldn't let me. I prayed the whole time convinced someone was going to kill me or kill family members the horrible things it said that I won't repeat it took on the voice of a person I hardly know but I kept praying to GOD, Jesus and the Holy Blessed Mother and it started working it gave me strength and it took away a lot of my fear so I could sleep. I was convinced that someone had bugged my walls telephone car house bathrooms out side of my house it was awful. I know that it was impossible to do this but this thing could read my mind read my thoughts project things into my head it seems like this thing never slept ate or did anything else but try to destroy me. I ended up in a mental hospital 4 times in 3 months even the doctors said that it was highly unusual to start hearing voices (outside my head) at the age of 45 with no prior mental history. I wanted me to kill myself of my own free will the thing is still with me but the voices are so low now I can't make them out and what they say I never answer/talk to it you just don't know what your talking to. I wouldn't answer the door to a total stranger and start talking to them, this is how I feel about this thing. The flash I had of what it looked like scared the holy schitt out of me and that was only for seconds this took place on the metro our subways in Washington DC. It waited for me to shut my eyes for a second and enter a tunnel then told me it was going to drag me to hell. Needless to say I was so scared and still am I pray all the time and it makes me feel so much better. I know the Lord is with me and stays by me when I call on him he has not let me down yet and I never not for a moment feel helpless when calling on him.I'll take the Lord over crystal and smudgings and oujis boards any day. Stay with GOD and don't let up on your praying he is the one that's going to be there for you and if anyone has ever had something like what has happened to me happen to you I would really like to hear about it blue1965 [at]
shadow13 (7 posts)
12 years ago (2010-10-06)
I know that what your going through is real and I feel for your wife because it seems like it is being picked on. Just well WOW a portel in the basement scary I'd just filll the room with salt or crosses and never stop thanking god and don't have kids until you have moved out because the portel will NEVER close and it is unsafe for new demons can come out... Hope it helped.

Shadowsofthepast (1 stories) (10 posts)
12 years ago (2010-08-23)
I may not have had experiance with demons but I di not fear them after all they are but pathetic fearfull wimps that hide behind others and feed on you fear and energy
koalagirl (3 stories) (111 posts)
12 years ago (2010-02-17)
today is ash wednesday I will offer mass up for you and say a prayer, you and your wife have a good strong faith, hopefully you can sent this piece of grap back to hell where it belongs. God bless keep up the prayers
princessLotus (2 stories) (555 posts)
12 years ago (2010-02-16)
Bless you & yours man! I can totally relate. I've dealt with this sh*t my whole life. One place we lived when I was young was so demonized it sucked & my dad is a pastor. No matter what we did sh*t still went down. That house I think was just their "place" do you know what I mean? We moved & as we left my mom said out loud " There! It's yours! Take it!" the entire feel of the whole place just got so heave. When you would use our bathroom you would get porn flashes in your head & a lot of other crap. I will for sure keep your fam in prayer!

isis80 (3 stories) (51 posts)
12 years ago (2010-02-16)
i believe your story. I also know that it's not always that easy to pack up and move when you've put a lot of money into a home and with the fluctuations in the housing market you may be forced to tough it out.

I applaud you for sticking to things and continuing to pray and seek guidance. I will pray for you also that these things stop and give you and your wife peace within your home!

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