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My Auntie's Story 2


This particular story didn't actually happen to my aunty; however it did happen to her friend who was staying with my aunty in her parents house (my grandparents).

Again, this event occurred when my aunty (Linda) was around 18-20 and at university but living with her parents. As I said before, Linda's friend (we'll call her Leanne) lived in my grandparents house for a while (I'm not sure how long for). They both slept in different rooms but they left the doors open so that they could talk to one another during the night as their rooms were opposite each others.

During the night Leanne saw at the bottom of her bed near the door a tall figure, he was wearing long dark robes with a hood, a monk. She couldn't see his face clearly and was unsure if the figure even had any facial features. She did remember him holding a silver object which glinted in the lights from the streetlamp coming through the window, she reckoned it was a dagger but it could have been a similar item such as a holy symbol (a cross) or a goblet of some sort. He stood at the bottom of her bed then walked out of the room across the landing and into Linda's room where he either disappeared or moved out of her sight range.

This story comes up a lot during mine and my auntie's paranormal conversations and one time afterwards I decided to do some research online and found that the area where my Nan's house is named after sixth century monk and a Celtic saint named St. Edeyrn, during their time he and a fellow monk, St. Isan were chosen to spread faith and set up places of worship in my city.

Weird! I've always had horrible feelings in that house and it makes me shudder to think that I stayed in that same room as a child.

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moonshadow (3 stories) (146 posts)
12 years ago (2010-03-12)
Hi Vikki.
Wow that's a great story especially when you mention the monk that leanne seen beside her bed and that your Nan's house is named after a sixth centuary monk st Edeyrn. It reminds me of a story my mother often told me of a monk that appered in front of her in the living room where iam sitting right now as iam living back in the house since she passed away two years back and the area where iam living was the site of a monestery of the monks of st Mhaigainnan now called kilmainham Dublin so your story was very interisting as it has simelar links I don't think a spirit like this would mean any harm though take care and God bless...

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