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My Auntie Hears Music


First off this didn't happen to me but I thought it was good to share it with the readers on here. This happened to my auntie (not the auntie in my other stories on here) about a week or two ago.

I was at my grandparents' house when she came over for a visit. She probably wasn't even there for about five minutes when she told us. She had said that she went home from work that evening (she was telling us this at about 5:00-5:30pm) and pulled into her driveway. She started walking towards her house and saw that her dog was staring at her from the front window, she noted how the dog was looking and it freaked her out but she just brushed it off and went inside. When she walked inside she said that she heard soft music playing. She was surprised because she didn't think anybody was home, my cousin were supposed to be at another family members house that evening. My aunt than said that she thought maybe they didn't leave yet since they were going to leave at about 4pm (this was happening about 4:30pm). Once she walked inside the house the music had stopped and what sounded like voices started. She walked to one of my cousin's room and opened the door and saw no one was there, she also noticed that the voices stopped. She then walked down the hall to the other bedroom and saw that no one was in there either.

My aunt gets scared easily so it was good to say that she was pretty startled by this and gathered up her stuff quickly and left to go to my grandparents with her dog.

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Coyote42Dances (2 stories) (12 posts)
12 years ago (2010-12-29)
I too have heard music playing in my home on several occasions, when no radio, stereo, CD, etc., was on. In fact, the 1st thing I did was check all said devices to make sure. So I went online to see if I could find any information about hearing music when none was playing. I found out that there is something called Musical Ear Syndrome, but people with this infliction suffer from some degree of hearing loss. Since I do not suffer from hearing loss, I know that can't pertain to my experience. If all the music I heard were songs that I knew, I would believe it to be my imagination. But some of the music I have heard has had no lyrics, just music. I never listen to that style, and have no music aptitude... So there is no way I could have imagined it. One other possibility I thought of was maybe somehow I was picking up radio waves. It does seem far-fetched, but I have no other explanation. Does anyone here know anything about this subject?
themiss (16 stories) (23 posts)
12 years ago (2010-12-03)
Thanks for the comment.

I highly doubt it was a break in or anything like that, I'm sure she would have seen a person or something or noticed stuff moved if it was a break in. Her house is small so that's pretty much why I'd immediately knock down the break in theory. Thanks for the comment anyways 😊
DCinAZ (guest)
12 years ago (2010-11-30)
I don't know what to think... It could have been a break in or home invasion, I really couldn't say. I do know if it were me I probably would have ran out of there like my hair was on fire and got to a safe place and called the law. I have no idea, I'm sorry. But it sure does creep me out! 😨

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