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A Spirit Around My Son


For a while now there have been a lot of times when I wonder if my 2year old son is seeing something. Now I know that he is.

If you have read any of my other stories you will know that I have had my own experiences as a child. Now it's happening to my child. The first time I thought some thing might be up was a couple months ago.

I was playing with him in the bedroom with the cat. He ran out the room down the hallway which was dark. A second later he came running back in the room screaming. I just thought he was beginning to get scared of the dark. Another time my wife went in the room to wake him up in the morning for daycare. She said when she went in and cut the light on his eyes were already open but he was looking up at the ceiling. When she called his name he didn't respond. She went beside his bed and looked down at him but he still did not look at her. Then she saw his eyes move like he was following some thing. That's when she picked him up and he looked at her.

This is another weird thing: He always likes to give us kisses. One day he said kiss to me and my wife then turned his head and said kiss to nothing. At least not anyone we could see.

Okay, this is the last thing I will share for now. For the past couple weeks he has been waking up in the middle of the night screaming and banging on his door to be let out. I thought he might be having nightmares but some thing told me it was some thing else. I talked to my mom and she told me to set up a camera in his room.

I did just that not really expecting to catch anything. I even joked around saying that if I do catch something I would post it to YouTube. What I saw and heard shocked me and left me a bit disturbed. I will tell you about it in my next story. Thanks for reading and look out for part II of this story.

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Zander (7 stories) (138 posts)
12 years ago (2010-10-07)

My young brother, who, as it turned out was extremely psychic and saw auras at will, was harassed by entities as an infant. I remember him crying in terror every night.

Later in life a psychic to whom we had mentioned nothing of my brother, began to speak of him and his abilities and of the negative entities that had harassed him as an infant who, she believed, had followed him from a previous incarnation where he was something of a magician.

Many cultures perform a protection rite over young infants or near newborns. There are amulets which Eastern and Near Eastern parents place with infants' clothing, bedding or on necklaces to protect them from same. Often these look like an azure eye. Greek and Near Eastern shops carry these for this purpose. Rites to protect an infant in various cultures around the world seal and protect the auric field of the child. One might liken it to a baptism.

I would strongly recommend that you have a protective blessing over your son and or protective amulet on his person and/or in his room according to whatever your belief system may be ASAP.

Will look forward to the follow up to this story if you want to share. Of course, some deliverance type ministries would likely advise you not to speak or write about the actions of these negative entities any longer, which I totally understand and respect.

Do what you have to to protect the child.
BinghamtonParanormal (19 posts)
12 years ago (2010-07-07)
Hi! I am sorry to hear about this and the way it's affecting your family. Please contact me at binghamtonareaparanormalsociety [at]

My teams website is

We are here to help!
TessaLovee (4 posts)
13 years ago (2010-03-31)
Its really sad when this is happening to a child. Their so helpless. I will look out for your other stories! ❤

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