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My family and I moved to Tucson, Arizona to work for a company called "The wonderful world of Lisa Frank." I have no problem mentioning their name, because if they want to sue me, go ahead. I have more inside information to share with the world about your hypocritical façade of a world for children than your company would ever want to expose to the world. But that's another story.

Like my mother, I moved my family, a two year old girl, a one and a half year old son, and a new born with three cats to a one storey condominium, sight unseen because of the promises of employment from "Lisa Frank Studios." Because of the demands for me to start work immediately, we got to Tucson at 7:30 in the morning, and I told my wife to drop me off at my new job, and go settle our new home. I won't go into detail about my welcome at my new job. It was not very nice to say the least. At about 10:00 am, I got a call from my wife, and she was very upset. She told me that when she got to our condo, there were a lot of workers working on the house, and a man from the Arizona State Environmental Services told her that she and my kids could not move into the house because there were some serious issues with fungus and mold. I told my wife to take the kids to a hotel and spend a few days until they cleared all the work they had to do on the condo. Sneak the cats into the hotel room. Two days later, my wife called me up, and said: "All clear, we can move in."

I saw the place for the first time as I backed up the U-Haul truck, and I was immediately in shock. I instantly felt one of the most incredible negative energies I ever felt since I was a boy. As I walked around the inside of the condo, I could smell something that was not right. I couldn't put my finger on it, but it didn't smell right. There was such an incredible smell of overwhelming perfume, but it could not hide the mustiness, somewhere in the smell, there was a smell of rotting. Yet, the walls were painted with brand new paint, and the smell of fresh paint also hid the underlying smell. I think the worst part was when I went into the patio just outside the bedroom. The patio was a bizarre scene with a rock fountain in the corner made out of desert rocks and dying cacti that no longer worked. There were holes dug into the dirt everywhere in the patio yard, and I was told that they were from desert tortoises' that were previous owners pets, but they left when the last owner died, but would come around every so often once in a while. As always, I look for other signs of something that doesn't seem right. That's just the way I am. And I found something.

In a small tiny room just off the garage where we parked I found a very small enclave with a lot of spray bottles and containers of air freshener. Over the next 30 days my newborn never stopped crying, my younger girl and son became so sick that my wife had to take them to the emergency room for their incredible high fevers. All but one of my cats ran away... Which I guess is normal... The smell became worse and worse every day. And beneath the new paint, I began to see stains that looked like splattered blood on the walls from the bathroom and down the hall to our bedroom slowly become more and more apparent every day. Although very faint, they seemed a bit odd, and the more they revealed themselves, the more I could see. I spent a lot of my time on the patio trying to figure out why all the desert plants were dead after only six months of the previous owners moving out. Desert plants live a long time with very little care. More than several things led to me packing up my family after 30 days in one single night in a U-Haul and getting the hell out of there.

The three dominating factors were that my kids were sick the entire time we were there. The second was when my wife told me the worst part of the smell of mustiness came from the kitchen. We narrowed it down behind the refrigerator. When we pulled the refrigerator from the wall, the entire wall behind the refrigerator was at least an inch thick with green fungus. On top of all of this, the landlord came by every other day and asked if he could crawl into the dead space underneath our condo. And to reach the dead space he had to go into the bottom of our condo from inside the closet in our bedroom. I walked out on my crap job at "Lisa Frank" studios at 8:00 am, after 30 days and went and rented a U-Haul truck, and packed my family until midnight that night and drove back to Phoenix, Arizona.

There are a lot of more details about this incredible experience.

But as an aside, we went back to Tucson, Arizona in 2008, and took pictures of Lisa Frank Studios and also the condo we lived in for 30 days... When we took a picture of the street sign to our condo, the street sign never showed up on our digital camera... I will attach the pictures at a later day...

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Aya-Love-Carrots (150 posts)
14 years ago (2010-06-13)
Wooh! Its love at first sight 😊 *LOL* I like the way you tell the story sir, it has a lot sense of humor, its a great story, though I haven't read the other one but I will after I say my admiration 😊 I also think your a good father! Cheers to that! Haha... The debate has been a good one too, *ROFL* thanks to Mr.intriguedsceptic,be sure to make comments on the other story here in our site, its a nice entertaiment, okay on to the next story!

-Sorry for my wrong grammar... I'm not that good in english 😊 but I'm trying! (really hard and I think my english is understandable)

-Ayasegawa Yumichika
dreamergal72 (6 stories) (793 posts)
14 years ago (2010-06-13)
Hi, First of all Lisa Franks is My favorite I use to buy her stuff at walmart sometimes no matter How old I am (37) lol and the story you just type is really sad sorry about your cat ran away...
x10 (6 stories) (46 posts)
14 years ago (2010-05-19)
Hi, while I was reading your story, I was like WOW this man is a really good storyteller. So, have you dug out anything about that condo? I mean what happened in there... And I am imagining that the whole street is "strange" favorite author on the site... So far 😆...though I haven't checked out "everybody's stories"... 😉
DannyBruise (9 stories) (125 posts)
14 years ago (2010-05-01)

That's a nice compliment.
I write like I talk.

I used to sit on the porch in spring with my kids, and they would always ask me to tell them a ghost story.

Thank you for that compliment.
So why the name see27burn?
Just curious.
see27burn (1 stories) (20 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-30)
I like how you write. This is a very interesting story! Good you got outta there!
DannyBruise (9 stories) (125 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-23)

At least you have a sense of humor.
However, I don't think I'm the person that you should be debating with. I don't read Tarrot Cards, Don't do the Ouija Board thing, don't believe in Palm Readers, don't do Seances, don't predict the future. There are plenty of people on this web site you could debate with. I'm not one of them.
I know exactly what happened when I was seven years old, and many years after. But because of those experiences, I somehow have an incredible intuitive sense of some things that are not right for one reason or another. My Tucson story is one of those intuitive experiences. Too bad "Your Ghost Stories" did not post my pictures. I think it would have lent credence to my post... Oh well... I will post a part two with more intuitive experiences with or without pictures.
IntriguedSceptic (43 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-22)

Of course I don't think people are wackos. The intrigue comes from all the as of yet unexplainable things that happen and my desire to figure out all these mysteries. We're both seeking answers, although we have very differing approaches trying to understand and make some sense of all of this.

I do believe these things occur whether that be in peoples minds or actual physical occurences. To say it's happening in peoples minds is not to say a person is crazy or insane. The mind is a powerful tool.

I'd be the first to hold my hands up and admit I was wrong if once and for all there was indesputable, outright confirmation of the existence of the supernatural. At least I'd know.

I'll check out the link in a little while (suppose I better get a bit of work done) and hopefully comment again later.

I'll also apologise for my original comment of "story can be picked apart". That was just a clumsy attempt to spark a bit of debate. I guess it worked 😜
DannyBruise (9 stories) (125 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-21)

Just curious. If you don't believe there are other worlds that people sometimes get a glimpse into... And not because they chose... Not like at seven years old did I dare choose to create a world of nightmares. And of course, being a sceptic as my doctors were, I accepted their analysis. Yet nothing they did worked... Even for many years.
Oh Well... I digress...
My question is: If you're an intrigued sceptic. Are you here because you're intrigued about people having other... Beyond our reality world experiences? Or are you here because you think people on this web site are wackos? Or are you here because at some point in your life you had an experience that just didn't jive with your world? I'm just curious.

As for our perception of the real world, check out this web site... And no, it's not about ghosts, demons or aliens. It's a Nova documentary about the world we percieve, and the world around us... Check it out. If anything, it is bizzarre...

DARKNESS (3 stories) (2022 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-21)
Hi DannyBruise I have read all your stories and have thoroughly enjoyed them. Knowing your history and what you have been through your gut instinct told you that something was definitely wrong with the condo and I'm glad you followed on that. As you have mentioned in your story I could tell there are a lot more details to go with this, what I found strange is why the landlord kept going in to the crawl space? Was it because of the moisture / mould problem or something else?
As for the blood stains it is strange how they slowly and more apparently started to appear, the house just from what you have mentioned seems as though it has been through some bad history. Look forward to hearing more from you.

Thank you for sharing.

IntriguedSceptic (43 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-21)

I cannot acknowledge your concept of a different world because to me it cannot exist (that is not to say I am correct in my assertion) rather there is only one world/reality we inhabit in which everything occurs.

I'm just coming from a different angle. Sure there are many weird, fascinating and unexplainable (as yet) things that frequent our being but as long as controversy surrounds the issue, I personally cannot abide the notion of the paranormal. Quite simply, it goes against all rational aspect of my thought.

P.S I wasn't challenging Ninja Chick, I was merely pointing out she does not have to appear apologetic to be disagreeing with me. The more debate the better to understand what's going on.
DannyBruise (9 stories) (125 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-21)
It is one thing to challenge Ninja Chick with your concept of whether you believe in her or anyone's experience on "Ghost Stories." But it's kind of ironic that you would question her because she disagrees with you. And yet you challenge her about her opinion...
She expressed her opinion.
It's just not the same as yours.
DannyBruise (9 stories) (125 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-20)
As for my kids. They are beautiful.
My daughter Danielle had nightmares for a few years... But they passed... My son ended up having Asthma until he was 21... My youngest son is crazy like me... He believes in all kinds of crazy spritual worlds... His name is DarkWolf...
They are all fine and beautiful.
Thanks for asking
DannyBruise (9 stories) (125 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-20)

I don't disagree with you for one minute. God knows the negative energy that can come at you from every direction in real life. I think I explained how through so many years that all of my waking nightmares were tied to my panic from the time I was seven years old. I also know that I was finally able to control the panic and my awake nightmares as I got older.
But I'm not seven years old anymore.
And I surely know the difference from negative life experiences and other experiences that invade my life.
Whether you like it or dispute it, there are many people that experience other negative forces than the real world you live in.
But as I said... You had to be there. As far as you picking apart my story, you've yet to dispute any experience I've had with facts that would contradict what I posted.
I will give you one thing. It must be nice to sit back and be a sceptic and be emotionally separated from other people's emotional pain and experiences from a different world you won't acknowledge but will criticize.
IntriguedSceptic (43 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-19)
A quick note to Ninja Chick.

Never be afraid to disagree, the subject of the paranormal has been hotly debated for years and like any debate is bound to generate all sorts of opinions. I'm quite happy to take all comments on board and in turn I like my opinions expressed and received with due respect.

I'm very prepared for the proverbial backlash of comments my opinion may stir but there is never any malice or intent to offend. Debate is healthy.
IntriguedSceptic (43 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-19)
I wasn't implying that being a disgruntled employee had any bearing on the run of bad luck, they are two separate issues. I just wrapped up the story in a neat little bubble. I'm very prepared to accept that everything you mentioned did happen however it's all too easy to jump to the conclusion that something paranormal is occurring. It was a bad experience, even a little strange in fact, though it just seems like an unfortunate run of bad luck. It only takes one thing to happen to give you a slightly more negative outlook than usual. Negativity in the mind can breed or to put it another way, it can be the domino effect. One bad thing leads to another etc.

I realise, and apologise if, I can come across as offensive, it's not necessarily my intention just as I will never get offended with people disagreeing with me (I realise I'm in the minority on this site). I'm a complete non-believer across the whole spectrum of the paranormal, it's not just certain things.

P.s hope the kids didn't have any long term effects from the ilness <thumbs up>
DannyBruise (9 stories) (125 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-17)

Please understand...
Lisa Frank is a sweet and wonderful person that created the world of stickers from her bedroom when she was just a teen in Chicago. She was just a young girl filled with wonderful creative dreams. And she created "The Wonderful World of Lisa Frank." Unfortunately, she really never learned about my family's true experiences in that house when I went to work for her company because she was too busy traveling all over the U.S. Creating business opportunities for the world of Lisa Frank. Please don't put together my experience in that house with Lisa Frank.
They are two different worlds. I'm sorry if I gave the impression that my experiences at that house was because of Lisa Frank. It was not.
If anything, Lisa Frank is an inspiration.
DannyBruise (9 stories) (125 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-16)

I'm not much different than you. Here's one you can put your teeth on.

According to his story there was an old Victorian house somewhere in Virginia where this old man and this old lady lived.
They never took care of their yard or their house.
The yard was nothing more than weeds and dirt.
It was not a wide house, but a narrow tall house.
Two stories with an attic on top.
No one ever met the people that lived there.
They were very private and never left their house or went into town to buy groceries or other necessities. Necessities were always delivered by mail, or the grocer would leave groceries on the sidewalk leading up to their house.
There were no cats or dogs living with these old people that anyone ever saw.
At night, some of the windows would light up.
Most times from the attic.
It was that way for years.
For years if anyone stepped on to their yard, the old man would come out the front and scream:
"Get off my yard!"
The house had cracked windows, very old and worn out window frames, doors and a dilapidated porch. There was always an old lady looking out through one certain window every evening and night on a rocking chair rocking.
And so it went for years.
On Halloween nights, the house became a tradition and a mandatory challenge for years to every kid in the neighborhood to dare step or walk up to the "The Old House" property.
The house was so overbearing very few kids ever took on the challenge.
Eventually the old man and old lady died, and the house was left abandoned for many years.
The house stood abandoned for years while someone no one knew was settling the estate.
During all those years no one dared go near the house. But almost everyone swore that you could see the old lady in the window on her rocking chair long after she passed away. Most times on moonlit nights. More so on stormy nights when the lightening would strike. With the strike of the lightening you really had a very distinct image of the old lady on the rocking chair. It became a phenomenon everyone experienced in the neighborhood at one time or another.

One day, a crew of construction workers showed up and began emptying the house. Once it was empty, instead of bulldozing the house they began to disassemble it. Because it was a very old Victorian house, they decided to preserve many parts of the home.
And to their surprise, when they began taking down the windows they found a very interesting window. It was the window where the old lady sat behind every night on her rocking chair for years rocking and looking out.
There was a perfect image imprinted on the glass of her on her rocking chair.
It turns out that the windows were made of glass with a lot of lead crystal and silver.
The same compounds photographers used in the early days of photography to capture an image on a photo plate.
Experts theorized that at some point when the old lady was sitting in front of this window, there was probably a very powerful lightening strike. Powerful enough to act as a powerful strobe and capture her image on the glass.

So they say.

There are hundreds of stories of science discounting personal experiences based on these factual experiences. But not everyone reads a story and feels some strange experience of an entity. Entity's are very personal. It's not like we need a spooky place or a spooky house.
I guess I'm surprised that you haven't figured out that most people that have these experiences don't need a dilapidated haunted house. Ironically, I found one.
It is what it is.
DannyBruise (9 stories) (125 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-16)
Hee...hee...feeling lost here.
I'm trying to load pics from my Lisa Frank in Tucson experience... But I don't know how... Can anyone tell me how to load images...
DannyBruise (9 stories) (125 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-16)

To be honest, to this day I feel guilty that I let my wife and kids to take care of our condo where we were going to end up living. I also feel so guilty to this day that I had no time because of my new job to even notice how sick my kids were. It was my wife that kept reminding me of the hell her and the kids were living through every night... I was too busy with my job.
It wasn't until Christmas eve that year, when I saw my son chewing on a toy and noticed how swollen his face was. I asked my wife what was wrong with him. She began to explain everything about what her and the kids were going through. That was the first time I stopped and began noticing everything that was happening to my family.
Her first explanation was about the smell that overwhelmed the entire house. Her other concern was about the landlord coming by and asking if he could crawl underneath our house through a slab in our closet. The other concern was how there were stains that slowly became more apparent and stronger from our bathroom to our bedroom on the walls. She said they looked like blood splatters. Yeh right. I took pictures and began exploring the rest of our house and yard. All but one of our cats ran away. I began seriously to pay attention.

I guess I should follow through with a more detailed story. This time I will include pictures.

But to be honest zzsgranny... These are not ghost stories as much as my intuition... I really think I'm very much like deviousangel... I like her can sense things...
zzsgranny (18 stories) (3329 posts) mod
14 years ago (2010-04-15)
Danny: I was also going to ask how you felt, because of your "allergy" to mold?
zzsgranny (18 stories) (3329 posts) mod
14 years ago (2010-04-15)
Danny: I agree with troyarn about the landlord going under the house so often... Did he ever try to explain why he wanted to do that?...And mold will smell, but not as bad as you describe...However, bodies will...

I'm sure there's more to this story, and I'm looking forward to reading about it... Always love your stories, Danny! 😊 ❤
Ninja-cHicK (1 stories) (36 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-15)
i respectfully disagree with skeptic. Only because he didn't seem to give the story much thought... I mean I know there were some parts that were un answered but that's ok, because it leaves the subject open to interpretation from us commentors. Skeptic or not, belief is belief... And I frankly believe the story lol!
And really a disgruntled employee wouldn be the reason for what was happening.
So again I RESPECTFULLY disagree with you intriguedskeptic, I am not tring to offend any one on here... Lol don't want to go through that mess again lol!
*N!nja~cH!cK* ❤ ❤
DannyBruise (9 stories) (125 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-15)

Have at it please.
I'm sure there are plenty of areas that can be explained away as simple coincidences. But as that saying goes... You had to be there. As far as the disgruntled employee... What does that have to do with the house? You being a sceptic, I'm sure my children all getting sick was because I was a disgruntled employee. LOL.
hobbyholly (11 stories) (572 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-15)
Today's merchandise isn't the Lisa Frank I grew up with. Now they have these "Bratz" like girls...

Sorry everyone. Didn't mean to get off topic
RoseWolfe82 (10 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-15)
Wow. That's all I can say other than did the dr's ever give some type of explanation for your kids fever's and haha I loved Lisa Frank when I was little and I noticed they had a huge drop in sales and always wondered why... I will google it tomorrow... And I will say:) I always loved the butterflies and ponies hehee
IntriguedSceptic (43 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-15)
Disgruntled employee has bad run of luck. Apologies but that's all I get.

This story can be picked apart quite easily but I'll reserve proper judgment until more details are presented.
DannyBruise (9 stories) (125 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-15)

Thanks for verifying my nightmares.

I wish I could describe my nightmares as well as you did your dream. But mine are in black and white for some reason...yet...all my other dreams are always in color.
Out of curiousity, do you ever wake up and wonder where in the hell your mind went in that dream?

I often wonder...
Thanks for sharing... Gotta check out your other posts.
Great description of your dream...
troyarn (5 stories) (479 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-15)
Seems strange there is a foul odor and all that mold and the landlord wants to dig in the crawl space every two days. Maybe he was checking up on something he did. Anyway, great story. I'll be reading more of your tales.
DannyBruise (9 stories) (125 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-14)

Thank you so much for your compliment.

I'm glad you enjoyed my stories. I'm very flattered.
I truly think I fit in with a lot of people on this web site that have had certain experiences that have made them more aware of another world many people ignore.
Sad to say, but so many of my life experiences beyond my childhood have been more about intuition and sensing that some things in my world are not right. Please don't get me wrong...I'm not a psychic nor a seer... I just seem to know when something is wrong. Most times, I'm right.
DannyBruise (9 stories) (125 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-14)

I wasn't responding to your post.
I was responding to vulcan10.
And I have no problem with anyone questioning any part of my story. I'm very willing to answer any issue or skeptic quandry about any part of my stories. But I'm sure you know, as I know, every story on "Your Ghost Story" are very personal experiences. They experienced it, and were there... I was not... As well, people were not there when I experienced my weird situation. That's why I love this web site. So many paranormal experiences from so many people all over the world. One truly has to wonder. There is another world out there isn't there?

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