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In 2002, my sister and her husband David moved to Ann Arbor Michigan. My brother-in-law suddenly moved back to Phoenix a year later in 2003 with his two daughters without my sister. My sister was having an affair with another man. My sister and David went back and forth between Michigan and Phoenix. Some weeks they were together, and then he or she was back in Phoenix, then back in Detroit. It was crazy to say the least. The family kept out of their personal issues. My brother-in-law ended up living in Phoenix with his little girls. I stopped by one morning at 7:30 a.m. To have some coffee with him before I went to work. I wanted to catch up on the latest with my sister and him. When he answered the door, he was hammered. He had a glass of booze in his hand. When he saw me, he almost closed the door in my face. After that, the girls went back to live in Detroit with my sister.

Christmas was just three days away. When I called my sister in Detroit to ask about the girls, and I asked if she had spoken to Dave. And she said no, which didn't surprise me. When I spoke to Dave in Phoenix, he would always say my sister wouldn't talk to him. He said she always handed the phone over to one of the kids.

The day after Christmas, my phone woke me up around 5:00am. I've always hated phone calls in the middle of the night. Nine times out of ten, you know it is someone in trouble or someone died. It was the police.

"Mr. Bruise?"


"Mr. Bruise, this is Officer James (?) with The City of Phoenix Police Department. I'm sorry to tell you, but we have a situation here that we hope you can help us resolve."

I thought to myself... My God! David did something to my sister and kids! Then I realized David was here in Phoenix.

"Do you know a person named David (?) "

"Yes I do. Is there something wrong?"

"Yes there is Mr. Bruise, can you come down to Good Samaritan Hospital Emergency room."

"You there Mr. Bruise?

"Yes. I am"

"Mister (David's last name) has listed you as a contact. The first contact name is (my sister's name) and the other contact is you." "They could not make contact with your sister, so we called you."

"What's wrong?"

"Mister David committed suicide."

"We need you to come down to the hospital emergency room Mr.Bruise."

Once I got there, the emergency room was completely empty except for a nurse behind the reception desk. She talked into the intercom, and a police officer came out. The Police officer explained that there were three nurses that experienced my Brother-in-law's suicide.

On Christmas Eve my brother-in-law walked into the emergency room and asked if this was the emergency room. And they said yes. They asked him what his emergency was, and he said "Someone's going to die." They made him fill out some insurance forms and called the Police Department. Etc. He said: "This is the emergency room. Am I correct?"

The nurse said "Yes." He took a gun out of his jacket and put it to the side of his head and said: "Well, you have an emergency." Then he blew his brains out.

My sister never answered her phone until two days after Christmas. I was so angry with my sister that she never picked up the phone or ever spoke to David when he called and she knew it was him, nor did she let him talk to his girls. After hours of calling, she finally picked up the phone and I said: "Have you spoken to David lately?"

She said: "No. But I just saw him. He came by Christmas Eve and ran up the stairs to give the girls their Christmas presents and to say goodnight and wish them a Merry Christmas. He told me he flew in from Phoenix special for the girls. I waved at him from the kitchen and smiled and saw him run up the stairs with presents under his arms, I saw him run down the stairs with his glass of vodka in his hand and wave at me again as he walked out the front door and left." Then she said: "The funny thing was, on Christmas day when my girls opened their presents, there were no presents from David." I said: "Sister, that's impossible. You could not have seen him on Christmas Eve. David's dead. He committed suicide on Christmas Eve here in Phoenix. There's no way he could've been in Detroit on Christmas Eve." She started crying.

After I went to the hospital and identified David's body, we went to his house with the Police to get his personal belongings. David was an only child, and both parents died in a house fire when he was only twelve years old. His parents were alcoholics and all of his relatives were born again Christians. David hated his relatives because they berated his mother and father for living the evil life. When the Police and I went into his house it was a shock. When the Police opened the door to his house, there were bottles of Vodka all over the place. We could hardly walk without pushing Vodka bottles aside. There were Vodka bottles in his kitchen sink, in his closet, in his bathroom sink, in his garage, and even in his bedroom dresser. Some bottles still had Vodka in them. The most heartbreaking thing of all was his bedroom. Next to his bed where he spent most of his time watching television were more bottles of Vodka, many still full, and a big pile of Christmas presents all wrapped up with beautiful ribbons and "From Santa" cards addressed to his little girls. That was a little too much for me.

History repeats itself:

When I talked to my sister, I said: Don't tell them their dad is dead. I'll send the presents to them from Phoenix, and you can tell them that their dad was too busy, and forgot to send the presents before Christmas. You can tell them later about their dad's death.

Don't ruin their Christmas for them. I'm curious. What would you have done? She was pregnant from her lover, and bore a son after David died. She died at 57.

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dreamergal72 (6 stories) (793 posts)
12 years ago (2010-09-01)
Hello, Sorry to hear about your sister and brother in law and I have friend's husband comment suduie last year in november his wife a friend of my mom. Some of the post was right about want to easy way out that what he doing. Also Ireland is my mom's family side is my grandma's father his family from there I am part irish myself.
ghostsarefake (4 posts)
12 years ago (2010-08-14)
That's a heart breaking story.: (Did you ever find out why he commited suicide?
spiritual_twinkie (28 posts)
12 years ago (2010-05-30)
It was a very sad story. I really feel bad for the girls. God knows what will be their reaction after hearing the news of their fathers death. Hey, Danny I'm new here. What more stories do you have? 😉
rhondaskppr (2 stories) (39 posts)
12 years ago (2010-05-28)
This was truly sad... I got tears when I read he came there and gave them their gifts. I can tell he loved his girls and I know what its like to call your child and their dad in my case want let my daughter talk to me... I got so depressed the doctors had to put me on med's but its hard...I've always been the one that took care of her and now I can't even talk to her... Some people ask, why did they kill their self "? Well I think sometimes people just can't take the pain anymore. My brother killed himself 4 years ago because they threatened to do something horrible to him and it would have put him in prison so he ended it. He still visits and we know he's sorry but he let us know he's happy now so we have peace
DannyBruise (9 stories) (125 posts)
12 years ago (2010-05-01)

That's ironic you say that.
Much of my art is very technical in nature.
I seem to have the ability to analyze objects, and create an artistic representaion of them.
When my friends would ask how I knew this stuff, I would say I don't know, I just start drawing.
libertybelle (14 stories) (207 posts)
12 years ago (2010-04-24)
Whew! What a tragedy!

I think you did the right thing in telling your sister to fudge the facts to her daughters. I don't know how old they were at the time, but to have the announcement made would have probably blighted every Christmas afterward for them. Christmas, is, after all, about life, as are most winter celebrations; it's all about anticipating the renewal of life as the days slowly begin to lengthen.

Your life has been eventful, to say the least, Danny.

I wonder, though, if you were prey to the nightmares and waking nightmares you've experienced because of your innate creativity?
whitebuffalo (guest)
12 years ago (2010-04-06)
That is not being nosy, at all, Danny.
Yes, I am married to a wonderful Life Partner. We have five beautiful Children (First and last born are boys, and the three middle ones are girls). As of this date, we are also blessed with five marvelous Grandchildren (two more will be here shortly).
DannyBruise (9 stories) (125 posts)
12 years ago (2010-04-06)

Not to get too nosy, but are you married with a mate?
I know you have a daughter.
whitebuffalo (guest)
12 years ago (2010-04-03)
You are not the first that seems to have been under the impression that I was a male, Danny. I think that is rather funny, as when I first arrived on this site, a strong "reader" (seer) seemed to have a very strong impression that I was, as well (and a YOUNG man, at that). Unfortunately, that situation did not turn out too well, and that person is no longer here on site with us. An even funnier example was the man who "slammed" women (it was all in good nature) and I agreed.😊
No, no. I did not mean to cause you to think in terms of "right and wrong". What I meant to point out is that we all have different ways to deal with things, and who can tell us if it IS right or wrong? It might be "right" for me to forget about something terrible that happened to me, but for YOU, you might have to relive it everyday until it is settled in your mind. Healing is such a personal thing, no one can tell us with any certainty that what WE did to handle it WAS "wrong".
I was just responding to what I FELT as I read through that last comment directed at me. If I lost you in that, I am terribly sorry. It HAD been a while since you wrote the post, and it may not have carried the same feel as when you first typed it out. My apologies.

"...things are not exactly what they seem." Nope. That is why I am very fond of saying "It is all in the individuals perception of the event." 😉
DannyBruise (9 stories) (125 posts)
12 years ago (2010-04-03)

I think I lost you somewhere along the line here.
I guess I lost the concept of judging whether I was right or wrong.
Right or wrong never played into the difficult times in my life. I never once stopped to consider whether what I was doing to protect my pyschi was right... Or was it wrong?
It was simply a way of surviving the reality of how bad the world can be.
By the way Buffalo, I could've sworn you were a man.
This is your quote:
Those in the heights seem to discourage anything other than exactly what they have. For instance, I had my mate chosen for me. I did not marry the man, he was chosen for what background HE had (as well as his parents), but that is what he was called. My "mate". Who wants to marry just for that?

So there you go...hee...hee...sometimes, things are not exactly what they seem.
whitebuffalo (guest)
12 years ago (2010-03-23)
Sorry it has been a while, Danny.
Hey, no problem.
I was just going by what was in quotes up there in the story. That just totally threw me as I was thinking there was something seriously wrong with that Police Department. What a relief that what I thought happened, really did not.
You know what? We ALL cope with traumatic experiences in different ways. I have heard some people say that they simply pretend the bad things in life were just a dream, or that they happened to someone else.
If that is what it takes to get through a very difficult time in your life, as long as the issue DOES get dealt with, who is to say if it is right or wrong?
I mean, look at you. You are now a very successful person. "Despite" coming from where you were (it is my own personal thought that it is BECAUSE of, and NOT "despite" of).
Bad stuff happens to good people.
It just sometimes takes that outside voice of encouragement for those good people to realise that they ARE good, it was just the situation that was bad.
I have lived in a variety of economic classes. What I have found is that those who live in the depths tend to stick together in their despair. They may support each other at times, but generally the talk is "Man, this is hopeless. Why even bother to try?". Those in the heights seem to discourage anything other than exactly what they have. For instance, I had my mate chosen for me. I did not marry the man, he was chosen for what background HE had (as well as his parents), but that is what he was called. My "mate". Who wants to marry just for that? The middle folks? They seem to fight to keep above, and pray the plateau was a bit lower.
It takes a special person to forget about economic standings and reach out to a young man who was in need of a bit of a hand up. NOT a hand OUT, but a hand UP.
All of the things you went through? They served their purpose. They created the man you are now.
DannyBruise (9 stories) (125 posts)
12 years ago (2010-03-22)
I find it fascinating that you sometimes feel a connection to the Native Americans from America. Primarily because my major in college was music, and I found old traditional celtic music with flutes, cadences and hand drums very similar to native American music. I know about the Irish Whiskey chaser from my father in law, but I do my lemon squeeze with Guiness to mostly tease my wife.
So what part of Ireland are you from Moonshadow? Is it true that it rains there every day?
moonshadow (3 stories) (146 posts)
12 years ago (2010-03-22)
Danny and zzsgranny it's great to know that you both have irish ancestory and a native american mix as well I have allways been drawn to the native culture even when I was young I allways felt sad watching cowboy films and seen the way the indians were treated. I often feel strongly that I could of been a native american in a previous life iam allways collecting native memorabilia and have a lot of pictures of indians around the house a psychic I went to see here in Dublin soon after my nephew commited suicide told me that I had a native spirit guide and she was also able to tell me of my great intrest in the whole culture id love to have regression therepy and find out more. Danny you should try the guinness without the lemon and have a whiskey with it that's an old irish tradition we call a chaser by the way I cheated on st patricks day no corn beef and cabbage for me I had chinese curry with rice and chips from the take away it mixes well with the whiskey 😆. I hope you both will come to ireland at some stage and we can all meet up. Take care and may the light of the great spirit shine upon you both and all your families...
zzsgranny (18 stories) (3327 posts) mod
12 years ago (2010-03-21)
Danny: The red hair is pretty dominant on my grand-dad's side... My hair is a reddish-brown...Not brown enough to be brunette, not red enough to be auburn...It's wierd... Of course now it's laced with a lot of gray!

My husband took me to see "The Lord of the Dance" a couple of years ago for my birthday... I never saw so many red heads in one place in my life LOL! 😆
DannyBruise (9 stories) (125 posts)
12 years ago (2010-03-21)
My wife's name is Christina Looby. It was her father that made her aware that her family name was O'Luby. Her grandfather changed it because of the discrimination towards the Irish when he came to America in the twenties. And yes, all of my three kids have a temper. But I have to admit, they are beautiful. The mixture of pure Irish from my wife and the part Indian from me has created beautiful children. In a sense, it's kind of funny. I'm only 5'7" yet, my two sons are over 6' tall. My daughter is short like me. But my goodness, she is a striking beauty. Green eyes and golden skin with tons of redish brown hair.
zzsgranny (18 stories) (3327 posts) mod
12 years ago (2010-03-21)
Moonshadow and Danny: I love Ireland, too... I will get to go there some day... We have corned beef and cabbage on St. Patrick's Day too! 😆... My grandfather's parents came here during the first part of the potato blight... But we don't have an o' or mac on our name!...I guess not every Irish family does LOL!...Ireland is just one of those countries that I feel drawn to...

Danny, if you're anything like our family, we have the Irish/Native American mix too, I bet you have a pretty good temper when riled! 😆 ❤

Thanks for letting me go off topic...AGAIN!
DannyBruise (9 stories) (125 posts)
12 years ago (2010-03-21)
I have no problem with you sending me an email. I love Ireland. My mother is part Irish from my grandmother's side...shudder...She was half Irish, but mostly French. Her family name was O'Donnel. That's why my mother named me DannyBoy.
I am married to a beautiful Irish lady... 15 years younger than me with beautiful red hair, and incredible blue eyes. Her last name is O'Luby and her family is from Limerick,Ireland.
Talk about being psychic, I often wonder why sometimes I have beautiful dreams about Ireland. My father-in-law that went back to Ireland to find his family history told me how much I would enjoy Ireland. He said there are pubs in Ireland that date back in centuries... Unlike in America where most American buildings, etc. Date back maybe a 200 years. Then of course, the Indian culture dates back for centuries. We celebrate St. Patricks Day every year with Corned Beef and Cabbage. And my wife cringes every time she sees me squeeze a few drops of lemon into my Guiness...Ha! Ha! Ha!
moonshadow (3 stories) (146 posts)
12 years ago (2010-03-21)
Thanks for your responce yes I guess your right about country life even though it's a very remote place where my sister lives and nice and peaceful iam not sure id like to be there permanantley and yet as city life is noisey and Dublin has a lot of violence and organised crime I suppose like any big city it's a good place to live too and there's lot's to do and a lot to see. Yes the house is very old it's one of a terrece of six houses and was built back in the 1890s there's plenty of ghosts in the area too if you don't mind ill send you an email and can tell you more take care...
sg607 (2 posts)
12 years ago (2010-03-21)
Danny, you are too kind. Dont worry about me. I got the help I needed thanks to a great family support system. Apparently depression runs in my family so everyone saw the warning signs and confronted me. I just wish your BIL had more people in his life to have seen something and had tried to get him the help he needed. But again, it was just his time.

Its you that I think is a strong person. It sounds like you have seen and endured a lot. And the fact that you can still keep your chin up is wonderful to hear. But as sad as your story is, I will keep you and your loved ones in my prayers that things only get easier for you all.
DannyBruise (9 stories) (125 posts)
12 years ago (2010-03-21)

Thank you so much for your post.
I wonder why at such a young age at 17 that your nephew committed suicide. I guess sometimes when someone talks about country life, we have this impression that it's so much better than living in a big city. I'd love to hear more about you living in your mother's house. Is it an old house?
I guess I'm surprised on my post about suicide. It kind of concerns me a bit that its more prevalent than I expected. I hope things are good with you.
Thanks for sharing.
DannyBruise (9 stories) (125 posts)
12 years ago (2010-03-21)
My God SG!

I truly hope you are ok.
Sometimes, life can hit you so hard that you just don't want to deal with it anymore. For me, it was after going to Fort Grant... The boy prison in the 50's and 60's. I saw so much decadence and violence, that I thought that the world was hiding behind a facade of "Leave it to Beaver" and "When you wish upon a star." I gave up on life when I saw the real dark side of humanity.
Then I hear about life experiences like yours and I become very humble. I'm so glad you decided not to take your life. I think you should share your experiences. Not like it was a cake walk.
My God. I am a wus when it comes to your situation. You are brave beyond words.
DannyBruise (9 stories) (125 posts)
12 years ago (2010-03-20)

I truly appreciate the compliment of me being strong. But if you must know the truth I would have never been able to deal with life and my challenges if it wasn't for so many special people. Sometimes I feel like I've lived many lives. But my God, or should I say Gods were people. I know that many people think other people are selfish, cruel, jerks, and so on and so on. I personally love people. For every jerk, there are a thousand good, beautiful caring and wonderful people in this world. Throughout my life and career, there have been so many people there for me when times were the worst. Except when I was in the Boy's Prison. I lost all faith in humanity during those two years. Not to get too sappy, but ever since I got out of my bad neighborhood and prison, I've had so many people that took the time to care about me and help me. Maybe that was God answering my plea for help. And as I said, I don't want to get too sappy, but I love people, and I know from experience that people are very caring and have beautiful spirit.
moonshadow (3 stories) (146 posts)
12 years ago (2010-03-20)
Iam really sorry to hear of the passing of your sister and your brother in law it's really sad I know what it's like to loose someone through suicide as my 17yr old nephew commited suicide almost 7yrs ago now I got a phone call from my sister who live's in the country and I had to go and tell my mother who lived on her own as my sister couldent tell her on the phone I still live with that nightmare even now and on top of that iam living with all the ghosts of the past now living back in my mothers house since she passed on two years ago I could go on for ages but id be here for a week so enough about me. It must of been really tough on you to go and id him and although people will often say that that it is a selfish thing for anyone to take their own life and I have often said it too. But there is a point where I think a person can see no other way out I feel that your brother in law must of been at this point himself perhaps because of the loss of his perents at such a young age or maybe for many other reasons I don't know but still so sad. It's really sad too that your sister passed on at such a young age my mother used to allways say that that the world we live in is a valley of tears I must say I used to laugh at that but iam starting to believe it now. Anway I hope that everything is going allright for you now and that the two girls are allright too and may the light of the great spirit shine upon you and your family allways take care... 😊
sg607 (2 posts)
12 years ago (2010-03-20)
Wow, how tragic. How was your sister after the fact? I know you mentioned you were angry with her, so I hope she did not blame herself.

I agree, I think suicide is selfish. And, to me, its just an easy way out of your problems. Yet it only brings more problems for everyone else who cared for you. But I must say, even though I feel that way, I too came very close to suicide. My whole life I always felt it was selfish. Yet a few years ago I delivered my daughter 3 months premature. Then when my son was born a few years later he got ill and stopped breathing in my arms. I was just an emotional wreck and lost it. I guess now I can relate to why people choose to kill themselves, selfish or not. Something in your mind just tells you that no one cares for you and you actually believe it. Its awful. Maybe David chose to take his life because he felt that no one cared for him, even if someone were to have shown him everyday they did. It was just his time I suppose. But I am happy to hear that the girls were too young to really understand. That does make things easier. And if anything about your story is nice to hear (which it is very sad), its that even though his life ended too early and on only his terms, he still showed his love to his daughters in death. My what a terrible thing you endured with this. My heart goes out to you and your nieces.
zzsgranny (18 stories) (3327 posts) mod
12 years ago (2010-03-20)
Danny: the name zzs comes from my grand-daughter...Her name is Zoe, so we called her Zozo...Well, until I read a story on HERE about a demon named ZOZO that came through a ouija board, and since then I no longer call her that! 😆...Maybe I'm overly superstitious... But it was like calling her little demon! LOL...

I can't imagine having to ID someone in that condition, let alone any other... And you're absolutly right, suicide is such a selfish thing... My daughter's best friend's Mom commited suicide a few years ago, two days before Thanksgiving... The girl never shed a tear... My daughter cried more tears than anyone in their family, as a matter of fact... Her friend had a baby, I guess he was about 9 months old... Her Mom had herself locked in her bedroom all day, and when her Dad came home, he unlocked the door, and as he opened it, she blew her own head off with a double-aught...Everyone in their family was home at the time... So sad that people reach that point in their lives where NOTHING matters...

I agree with whitebuffalo, in that you are a very stong person... And the therapy, well, we ALL need help sometimes!...Thankfully, you were strong enough to be able to admit it to yourself...It's hard to take an honest look at yourself, and where you might be heading, if you don't take the appropriate steps toward a better understanding of yourself and others...

I think I can totally understand how upset you must have been with your sister... Not only for not being home, but for taking the girls back, the whole situation really... Do you think that if they had worked things out that they would still be together?...I know hind sight is 20/20...And it would just be speculation...

By the way, I LOVE ZZ TOP! 😆 ❤
DannyBruise (9 stories) (125 posts)
12 years ago (2010-03-20)

Sorry that I led you to think that the Police came straight out and said David committed suicide. They did ask several questions before they told me about David. When I did reach my sister, she would only say that she and the girls went to stay in a nice hotel. And understand, as the Police are asking me questions, I kept insisting they tell me what was wrong with David.

As for me living through the madness, it was never easy. I spent twenty some years in all kinds of psychiatric, group therapy and the list goes on and on. My clinical mental situation was "Post Traumatic Symptoms." And I guess all of these experiences did have one serious effect on me. By the time I was ten years old, I was convinced there was no God anywhere, anyplace, anytime in my life. And once I experienced prison, that was the final nail. In fact, I think I had a serious nervous breakdown. I stopped talking for six months. All I did was nod my head one way or another, or point. Some people thought I was mute.

Ironically, I never stopped praying.
But I also learned something when I was living with my grandmother for the three years my mother was in jail. My grandmother beat my sister, brother and I daily. She said she was convinced my father was Satan, and she was going to make sure we understood about evil... She was going to beat evil out of us. Even at four, I hated her. I hated her so much that when she died when I was twenty, I refused to go to her funeral. It was just a little too much to hear my sister and my mother talk about my grandmother like she was a blessing for watching over us kids.

When I was very young, can't remember the age, but my sister, my brother and I saw this Police officer shoot a stray dog in the alley behind my grandmother's house. They simply drove away and left the dog there dying in the alley. It was my first awareness of what dying is like. We stood there and watched this dog spasm and die. I was somewhat shocked by the experience, but also fascinated. The dog had a perfect hole where the bullet had entered its head, and the eyes slowly stared straight, and gradually turned into marbles. I was fascinated on how death takes a living thing's personality completely away. It's almost as if someone abandoned a home, and now everything became very still and quiet.

It was so traumatic to me, that I did something that I've done so many times in my life. Especially when there is something bad. All three of us were crying. As I looked at the dog, I felt incredibly sad. Not only just the dog, but the beatings we got every morning from my Grandmother.
I said to myself: "Someday in the future, this will be like a dream. It will be something that happened a long time ago. And it happened to a little boy named DannyBoy."

As other prisoners and I... In handcuffs... Were being driven to prison way across the state, I was staring at the wild grass on the side of the highway as we passed. I said to myself: Someday in the future, this will be like a dream... Something that happened a long time ago.
To this day I always go back to that day when I pass growing grass on the side of a highway when I drive. It was something that happened a long time ago.
whitebuffalo (guest)
12 years ago (2010-03-20)
Oh, no. I was not calling into question the phone call. Nope. I sure do NOT want you to go into more details of that, and I would never even ask, as that is a very personal thing. I was just astounded that they actually put words to the act with no thoughts to how it would have been received. Sure, you were listed as a contact person, but how did they know how you would have reacted to the situation? They COULD have been looking at a "cause and effect" suicide had you been a lesser person.
Thank God you are NOT.
I was thinking the same thing (about the similarities of our pasts) as I was reading through some of your stories. I grew up in the Detroit area, have row houses across the street (and, let us not forget Mr. Doomas), had a close person to us end their own life... You really have me thinking hard. It is almost like a few pages, out of a few chapters of our lives, were printed at just about the same time.
And No, you (generically speaking. I mean to say ANY person) could not make up these kinds of things. The truth IS stranger than fiction, and THAT is a fact. Occasionally, it is even scarier, too.
Just so that you know, because I can not really tell by what you wrote, I totally believe everything that you have written so far, you have lived through. I was meaning, by "...the things you have lived to tell..." that you must have a very strong personal constitution. SOME people would have simply given up after the first couple of things happened to them, that you shared here.
Thank God YOU did not. You really MUST have a lesson to teach just by your presence. All that you have lived through? All that you have experienced? SOMEone is waiting to learn from your own personal experiences.
People who have NEVER experienced even a breath of what you have would NEVER be able to have ANY kind of empathy for someone ELSE going through any of it.
DannyBruise (9 stories) (125 posts)
12 years ago (2010-03-20)

There are so many experiences about death and tragedies in my life, sometimes I truly wonder if the man from "Indian Row" was a warning to me about what was to come in my life. And so many times when I tell people about my life experiences, they don't believe it. You can't make up my life experiences. I wish so many times they were a dream. But they are not.
DannyBruise (9 stories) (125 posts)
12 years ago (2010-03-20)
It's always good to hear from you and your insight, and how ironic that you've experienced so many similar experiences as I. As to the Police calling me and telling me my brother-in-law committed suicide. Do you really want to hear all the minute details? "Your Ghost Stories" Web Site gives you a certain amount of space to explain your "Ghost Story."
But if I were to get into serious detail. My phone rang most of the night. But as I said, I don't like answering the phone in the middle of the night. I personally know you would not want to know more details.
whitebuffalo (guest)
12 years ago (2010-03-19)
Wow. They told you on the phone that your brother-in-law had committed suicide? My word, how callus is THAT for five o'clock in the morning, let alone ANY time of day? Generally "they" say something like "we will explain it to you when you get here" or something like that. My goodness.
When I was in my teen years, a very good friend of the family who appeared to "have it all" (beautiful and selfless wife, four amazingly obedient and intelligent children, stress free job that earned good pay), decided that it just was not worth it anymore and hung himself from the top of the central (yea, that DOES mean there was more than one) spiral staircase in the brand new home they had just completed construction on a few months before. His eldest child had come home from college that morning on a surprise visit to find him still swinging. She blamed herself for YEARS for not taking an earlier flight, as the reason FOR the surprise was that she had an odd feeling that something "not quite right" was happening at home.
The most astounding part of this story, for me, are those last two longer paragraphs. When she saw him come back down the stairs, he was holding a glass of vodka. When you went to his apartment, it was filled with vodka bottles.
If this were me, I would conclude that it was an accidental suicide brought on by the incoherency of the juiced mind. Makes me wonder if he were drunk when he was in the emergency room. Only because it was Christmas Eve, he had presents going up the stairs, and a glass of vodka coming down. Perhaps that was one of the messages he was there to convey. Of course, the other was his deep seeded love of his children.
How very tragic. I am so sorry this has happened to your family. My word, the things you have lived to tell, Danny.

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