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Demonic Haunting - The Abduction


Thanks to you all once again who have supported me through my experiences, I feel quite relieved to read your comments are actually agreeing with me and that I'm not just going insane. This post comes more or less straight after my most recent one; as I did mention I would tell you about this experience.

After the encounter in the waiting room at the hospital with the Demon (shape shifter as some of you referred this to) it became pretty quiet for a while. A while being a week or so, which felt pretty good considering I was constantly looking over my shoulder waiting for it to make its next move. It took all my pride to confide in a few people about what had happened to me at the hospital. Those few people being family members and the other my girlfriend. I can't explain why I'm so hesitant to speak to people about this, I guess this is why I'd rather share it with you guys who don't personally know me, even though I have shared quite a few things about my personal life with you. None the less, none of you still actually know me. I guess this makes it easier. I hope that makes sense?

One family member actually thought I needed admitting in to some kind of psychiatric ward. 'You've had a lot of things happen in the past few years, you just need some help.' Truth is yeah I do need help but not the kind she was referring to. There are some people you can tell these things to until you're blue in the face but they are 100% sure they are right, exactly like I was before all this started happening a year ago. Wow, a year ago.

Roughly around 11 days after my last encounter I was waiting for my girlfriend to finish off getting ready, it was Saturday night and she was going out with two of her friends. She had asked me to drop her off. As I was waiting I suddenly had this sense of dread sweep over me yet again, I quickly stood up and exited the living room to get a drink from the kitchen, and I suppose I was trying to avoid the feeling or run away from it. 'Hurry up babe!' I shouted to her, I wanted to get out of the house. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and sent a quick message to my mate Andy... Usual pint mate?... Most Saturday nights a group of us went to the local pub for a few, if not more! He texted back almost straight away confirming that he'd be in there. I impatiently shouted up to my girlfriend again, I didn't want to be in the house anymore. 'Stop rushing me!' She shouted back down. I started to pace all around downstairs, I looked at my watch 8:30pm. I noticed that the small living room window was open so I made my way over to close it, as I reached up to the window I saw a dark shadowy reflection enter the room and walk directly behind me. I spun round nervously hoping to see me girlfriend stood there but no one. I started to panic and sweat I was getting really hot now, I grabbed my keys and cigarettes off the side and made my way to the front door. 'I'll wait outside' I shouted up as I passed the stairs and opened the front door. I marched outside into the cool air and slammed the door behind me all sense of dread rapidly lifting. I wiped my forehead and lit a cigarette; my hand was shaking as I did. I felt dizzy and sick. It didn't take me long to calm down and half way through smoking the cig my girlfriend came out. I've never drove down the drive so fast in my life.

I told her what had happened, from first telling her she has never made fun and always come across quite worried. She offered to not go out but it was just stupid and I reassured her by letting her know I was going straight to the pub after dropping her off so I wouldn't be alone. By 8:55pm I had dropped her off in town, before driving off I sent Andy a text... Leaving now mate get the beers in... Having done the trip from town to my local pub many times before, I estimated by the clock in my car that I'd be there for around 9:15pm. What happened next is beyond me.

There's a shortcut I can do to the pub so I don't get caught in the traffic of taxis and people dropping others off for a night out, plus there are so many sets of traffic lights. So I turn off for this shortcut at the third set of lights I come to, it leads you down a series of narrow lanes and country side, they're usually pretty quiet so I can fly through at a reasonable speed, it does get quite dark so I tend to put my main beam lights on in my car so I can see where I'm going. However given the time of year they were quite light. I've got a CD on in my car that can be quite temperamental; occasionally it skips or gets stuck and repeats over and over. As I enter the lanes yet again this sense of dread sweeps over me, I feel the need to wind the window down or at least turn my air con on. I turned the volume up in the car in hopes that this will drown out the way I'm feeling. As I made my way round the windy lanes something suddenly made me slam on my brakes. I had a feeling something was standing in the middle of the road. I screeched to a sudden stand still and looked around. Realizing I was blocking the road from any upcoming cars I pulled into the closest lay by and got out of my car, the engine still running, music still blasting.

From the moment I stepped out of the car I noticed a sudden change in lighting, it was like whatever was left of the sun had disappeared behind a cloud or set completely, at the same time the CD began to skip. It didn't even attempt to try and recover itself it just switched off altogether. Thinking nothing of this I gave one last look around making sure no one was there and got back in the car. I took the scratched CD out and resorted to the radio. Driving off I noticed my petrol light had come on, but nothing was out of the ordinary, however I felt confused for pulling over and getting out of the car but I just concentrated on getting to the pub.

As I pulled out of the lanes I was around 5 minutes away, I glanced at the time on the dash board expecting my timing to be spot on and that it was nearly quarter past 9... I was shocked to see the time read 10:40pm. My eyebrows narrowed as I reached in my pocket for my phone and looked at the screen, 10:41pm and a message, okay so it was a minute ahead but it wasn't the right time. I flicked my jacket sleeve up and glanced at my watch... 10:40pm. I randomly laughed out loud to myself and gave a nervous look at myself in the rear view mirror, was this some sort of clever joke? How the hell could all 3 times state that we were now 1hour 40minutes ahead when only 5 minutes ago we were in the right time zone? I can't even explain what was going through my mind and I don't even know if what I have just written makes any sense to you. I pulled up in the pub car park and checked the message on my phone - Andy: You not out mate? - I went into the pub and obviously went through the debate of trying to catch my mates out into admitting they played some part in this, I told them what had happened they told me I was crazy and jokingly said I needed to lay off the drugs.

Since then I've had nightmares about that night and have gone over and over in my head and with others about what happened. All I can remember is what I have written.

I've done my own bit of research on anything that could shed some light on the subject and believe there is some sort of Hypnosis I can try... To relive that hour and 40 minutes of my life that's seemed to have disappeared into a black hole down a quiet country lane.

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2 years ago (2020-07-06)
Rob27; I like your account of your experiences; I believe what you experienced is known as 'Missing Time Phenomena'; it is widely believed that those who have experienced this were abducted by aliens. Therefore I recommend that you undergo hypnotherapy, to uncover any recollections you have buried deep in your unconscious mind about what may have happened to you during those 100 minutes you can't account for.
kirkbypaul (3 posts)
10 years ago (2012-09-13)
books from amazon... Again m8 read them... He came to set the captives free... Becoming a Vessel of Honor... Prepare for War... Unbroken Curses... Are really good book to read to what's going in life...
The first book may sound a bit far... But as you read it you will understand what's going on I hope. Were about in manchester are you I live in ancoats... Do hope the books help. The best book is the bible to read its so powerfull weapon. Its a real shame that manchester haven't got any real good deliverance ministry. Really need one in manchester.
SpiderZA (2 stories) (81 posts)
10 years ago (2012-06-14)
Hi Rob

Please let us know how that session went? I know its been a while but I just joined the site.

skarjj1 (5 posts)
11 years ago (2011-09-01)
i call it a blackout it happens when I am watching tv or something (not ghost related I'm just really tired). You don't feel tired at all and you don't remember falling asleep until you wake up and you see the time is 1 to 2 hours from the last time you checked. (its like insomnia you fall asleep with out realizing it then you wake up)
Rob27 (7 stories) (20 posts)
12 years ago (2010-11-08)
Adam thanks mate. It's been a while since my last post but no changes really. Non I was hoping for anyway. My reason for logging on today is that I'm going to be placed under hypnosis in around 2 hours. Pretty nervous about the whole thing but maybe this will shed more light on the situation? I hope so anyway... Will keep you posted!
And Ghostbeliver: I'm sorry I scared you 😊
ghostbeliver (7 posts)
12 years ago (2010-10-26)
YOUR experience with the "thing" scared me as hell,,, hope YOU get out of it soon,,,i'm interested in ghost story but I didn't have any encounter with them yet,, as I think ill be plain dead as I saw them... Avoid my grammar mistakes

butthead (guest)
12 years ago (2010-09-22)
Hope all is well Rob;) I know people who know people (who doesnt) so if you are really stuck and don't know who to ask, holla at me. I would only ask all the people I have met with of who'm I trust in regards on who they recommend someone should contact in such a situation as what you are going through right now.
I think if you are not taking medication, if it see's the love between you and your daughter it may realize that it is wasting it's time, and possibly linger off back to the hospital. (and I think your daughter will be seen to be surrounded by light when this evil thing may look at her, hence not being able to get near her).
I'm not giving advice, I am in no position lol, however I would reccomend that you seek closure with your lost friend, if he is still on your mind in some form of guilt. (Karl was it, if I remember without reffering... Appolagies if I'm wrong).
Perhaps try and spend as much time with your daughter as possible, positivity I think will go a long way in this battle not negativity (fear, worry, stress, anger, etc). Being with her will make you feel strong, and you will look a harder nut to crack than what this evil thing first found you as.
If it knows it cannot win, then it should cease to continue and (unfortunately for the other) probably move onto someone more vulnerable.

Well I'm rambling, let us know how things go if you so wish and I wish you the very much of all the best.

princessLotus (2 stories) (555 posts)
12 years ago (2010-09-09)
Sorry. So yes. I think Aleins are demonic fully. But strong. I have not had a whole lot of experience with them, well demons but not Alien kinds. UHG! Just evil. & you need the Blood of Christ for this. & maybe a soaking prayer. Bless you so much & keep us posted.

princessLotus (2 stories) (555 posts)
12 years ago (2010-09-09)
This reminds me a bit of the movie & I'm NOT saying this to disrespect your accounts. I can't think of the name of course. Because I need to think of it. But it's a teen horror flick & people get killed at certain times when John Denver of all people starts singing... Final Destination. Just a bit. & when it comes to Aliens, well I believe that God made it ALL, everything so anything that comes to this earth & does what they do & live out in the "Heaven's" are fallen. I do know they are real & I hate them. Yes, alright you all got me, Lotus is afraid of Aliens. And spiders. But I do believe this could be an explanation. If this is the case I'm almost at a loss...? For once. I'll keep prating & thinking. Something will rear it's head around or I'll catch a whiff of something & let you know. MCL.

IbelieveinGod (1 posts)
12 years ago (2010-09-09)
I think if this continues this will be bad because, you are not being aware anymore with what is happenning to you.

In my opinion, you can't really do this alone... Eventhough we know and your family knows this it won't really be a big help... I am glad that you are saying that the one bothering you is a DEMON which I think is also true... There is only one way you can prevent it... You should believe in God and accept him (Truely accept him). I have never experienced anything like that... I am thankful to that. I know that God is protecting me.

James 4:7"Submit yourselves, then to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you."
Psalms 27:1 " The Lord is my light and my salvation- so why should I be afraid? The Lord is my fortress, protecting me from danger, so why should I tremble"

I hope this can help...Rob
Amber_Bailey (5 posts)
12 years ago (2010-09-09)
Hi Rob. I am new to this site.However,i have already red all of your postings. I really wish you the best luck.& I hope you find Peace. My best advice to you at this time. Is to reach out to God. He is always there for you. He will protect you. You seem like a very nice person & also a good dad as well. Your daughter Millie will open up to you eventually. She might have all the answers that you need. Just try talking to her, to see if she opens up to you any.
I look forward to reading more from your experiences,Rob.& again, my best wishes to you & your family. Like I said before, God will protect you, if you let him into your life to do so.

Hanbobs (20 stories) (119 posts)
12 years ago (2010-09-08)
LOL at Kericho, you're obviously one of those posters who wastes a couple of hours of their day registering to a site that you're not interested in just to make a few cheesy remarks that have no point, just to wind people up. I see you have done this a few times on other stories. How very sad.
Unfortunately as long as we have life on this planet we will always have people like you that no one likes. 😆 The internet has been around for quite a while now, idiots we're making comments like yours then and here's you following in their footsteps somewhat many years down the line, boring! New material is needed I think.
Rob27: LOVED your stories and believe every single one of them and I feel for you. I wish you all the best and I hope you will keep us posted on anything else that happens with you. Let's hope it calms down and your daughters a little gem! Will be keeping track of any up and coming stories you decide to share on this subject. I too believe you were possessed by this Demon. Keep smiling dude! 😊
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
12 years ago (2010-09-08)
I have now read all of your experiences and now feel I understand what you are going through... Here it is the 'nutshell' version...

While in hospital recovering from surgery an entity found you in your 'weakened' state and attached itself to you. This entity has learned your weak points and is attempting to use them against you so that you 'give in, lower your defenses' s that it may 'take over'. It has been unable to because of the love that is in your life.

Millie, bless her heart... Is a special person, strong, loving close to the veil and able to spread her love like a blanket so that you find comfort from this 'thing'.

Butthead gives some great advice and is really on the ball with this one. I have a couple of things to add:

1) It seems that what ever this is has attached itself to you, but not possesed you (except for this 1hr 40min of time) Though it sounds more like this attempt failed in the long run as you just 'report' memory/time loss but no change in your clothes nor damage to your car... Or even that you 'came to' on a different street (lane).

2) You say when Millie is around things fell better, you feel wrapped in warmth and happiness... Take that feeling, wrap t around you, picture it as a white light wrapped tight like a warm comfortable blanket around you. Hold fast to this feeling... Of course if you prefer you can picture it as armor to be worn, but this may 'provoke' things/ be taken as a challenge... So I'd wrap myself in the 'blanket'.

3) Have someone over who can 'clense' your home... And you as well. Also find soemone who can 'regress' you, this will help with understanding what has been happening/what your 'up against' and that will aid in getting rid of 'it' as well.

Bottom line... I feel that this is a negitive entity that attached itself to you while your body was in a weakened state during your stay in Hospital, possibly attracted to your feelings of 'remorse' for what happened to Karl and yourself. I feel you should ask Millie about that... She 'knows' the answers and I think you will find that not only was it not your fault, but that Karl does not hold anything agianst you for what happened.

Anyway, I'm babbeling, Please keep us updated and know that all will be well.


rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
12 years ago (2010-09-08)

There you go, please take someone with you. This can/will ensure that

A: Whomever does the regression does not 'imprint' any 'ideas' or influence your memories in anyway...

B: If some entity attempts anything while you are 'in trance' there is at least one extra person around for aid...

I have not gone back and read all of your experiences yet (though I intend to) This particular incident caught my attention.

Rest assured you are not insane, nor are you alone, there are many on this site who offer great advice and will do what they can to help you in this matter.


Rob27 (7 stories) (20 posts)
12 years ago (2010-09-08)
Thank you all for your comments.
Butthead: I read all your comments on my posts, thank you for the support mate and I apologize for the late night and the time it took you to read through them and comment. I'm glad some of you are following my experiences. I named this post The Abduction as we generally thought this was the case of my missing time, however it wasn't until after I posted this story that a friend of mine mentioned possession without any hesitation. This got me more worried as I tried to go over and over in my head what had happened, what had I done in the time I cannot remember? Take the screw driver incident for example, if I hadn't of come round when I did what would have happened? Was I about to put a persons life in danger or my own? Surely the screw driver in my hand was intended to be used as a weapon. This scares me into thinking in the 1 hour 40 minutes what did I do? Did I meet with anyone? Talk to anyone? I have this image of me pulling cars over on the lanes and murdering the people who got out. I know it sounds daft but I'm thinking the worst thing I could have done. I have no evidence of meeting up with anyone as far as I know, my clothes we're in no noticeable state and my trainers had no signs of mud, water or any sort of stain that I can think of. Maybe I'm just over reacting and looking into things too much.
When I mentioned Hypnosis to the same person who mentioned possession she immediately protested against the idea and says I'll be even more vulnerable in a trance like state but if I insisted that I do get hypnotized then to take Millie with me so this 'Demon' cannot interfere with my state of mind and take advantage once again.
Thanks for your support, I hope I squash this mother fu**er into the ground for good.
princessLotus (2 stories) (555 posts)
12 years ago (2010-09-08)
Hypnosis makes me uncomfortable because you get set in such a suggestive state that who knows what kind of disturbing (more disturbing in your case) story that person can convince you 100% really had happened to you in the time you'd lost? Scary, no? And now I get to the psychiatric part of things & 9 times out of 10 even though I am an ordained minister with Seminary teaching, uhm... A shrink may want to put you willingly into a hospital for a short time & IF that does happen then insist you go to a hospital with a good Chaplin & suggest to meet the Chaplin. Only because while the Doc's are observing you & treating you if some spiritual warfare goes down you have some kind of back up. But no I'm not scream'n demon. I will pray for you however & if you'd like you can hit me up

I work with a very vast variety of people that are having many different experiences. I have to tell you honestly I've lost time once. But I'm not going to take your page up with it. It's confusing & frustrating at points. No way to really describe the feelings. Bless you & yours & much love.

butthead (guest)
12 years ago (2010-09-08)
I have read your previous stories mate, and one thing instantly springs to mind about this time gap you miss here.

Well, I have also felt (once in my life) an sense of dread in lanes I was normaly familier with, at around midnight. I could not look forward, left or right while driving, until I passed an area. I drove back 30 minutes later and an apparation appeared bright as heck in the road, scaring me crapless and almost blinding me in the process. I still intend to write about that story.

My thought is this, you say you had this feeling of terror overcome you and so you got out the car. And once you got back in the car the time gap had happened?
My gutt feeling tells me that during that time gap you was possibly overtaken or at lesat held in a paralyzed or hypontized state of this demon that follows you.
This worries me if my hunch is correct, for it would mean that since your previous posts (including the screw driver incident) it is learning to control you at times.
I may be totally wrong, but please do not stop in the hunt for help with all that you have experienced.
I can promise you that anyone with any paranormal experience or abilities (mediums, investigators, preists, etc) will not think you are crazy, nore look at you like you are.
The more you attempt to explain as you have here, the more they will want to help.
Just make sure that the person who'm whoevers help you attempt to obtain does not abuse his power of knowledge by making the whole ordeal into some exciting happening, when in reality it is anything but.
Find someone who takes you as seriously as the majority that read this story do. People know people, investigators know good mediums, priests know good preists. It never hurts to talk.

Stay strong Rob, and I don't know how but like someone suggested before, try to think something that brings positive energy into you when all else around you feels negative. I think when you feel this negativity (sense of dread) that it is a way of building its power from the fear that you show in produce.

At least, it has in my experiences.

Take care and know that I have never sat up for over an hour reading and commenting on 3 posts from the same person after 5am while not sleeping during the night!:P

I hope your daughter is well and that you find a way to beat this thing.
Do yourself and your daughter a favour, try your damn hardest not to let it beat you.
HollyAnnLewis (3 posts)
12 years ago (2010-09-07)
I've had a time warp before. So I know what you're feeling there. Here's the story:

I was camping with my adopted sister, her boyfriend, and two other friends. My sister, her boyfriend, and I were discussing What we were going to grill for lunch the next day. I suggested something and then her boyfriend asked me what time it was. I looked at my digital watch on my wrist and said it's 9:15 (PM). Then there was the brightest flash of light and we felt as if we were floating just for a few seconds. I looked over at the boyfriend and he said, "Hey What time is it." The exact sentence he had said before the flash. I looked at them scared out of my wits and told them the time 9:40. We all got up and looked around to see if there was something that could have made the light. We went up to "Crow's Roost" an old Civil War battle tower that was just a few feet from our camp. We searched the sky for any helicopters that may have passed over. We couldn't find anything. Once we figured out that there was no aircraft around we went to the neighboring campsite and asked if they saw a flash. They said no, they said one second we were there, the next we weren't. They just thought we took off to the roost to look at shooting stars. We just said we did and left their site. That's when the other two came back and asked where we were. We told them we weren't anywhere, we were here the whole time. They then proceeded to tell us we were playing the worst joke ever and they checked the camp when they came back for some beer and they checked the roost and we were nowhere around for twenty minutes. It scared us terribly. Not too long after that my sister discovered an odd shaped rash on her leg, he discovered an odd lump in his shoulder, and I cannot disclose my injury because of the inappropriate place it is in.

Needless to say, it may be something other than a demon. I believe that we were abducted by aliens for that 20 minute period they had us. We were no where. We cannot remember it.

Don't mean to try and say anything about your experience, I'm saying it could be something else following you. I feel a sense of dread sometimes and lose track of time. It's only happened about three times since the camping trip. I've just disappeared. No one can find me for short periods to long periods of time. Not saying they keep taking me. I just think they might have planted something in all of us that causes us to go missing for short bursts. Maybe we just dissipate, maybe they take us... But it's always at night. Keep things like this in mind when you lose time. Make sure you record it. Write it down, store it in your mobile, something. Just make sure you get it on the date, on the time. That's what I did the last two times.

August 13 2008, 3:46 am - 4:00 am.
July 10 2009, 10:58 pm -12:30 am.
JamesRobiscoe (419 posts)
12 years ago (2010-09-07)
Rob27 ~ Assuming your girlfriend really didn't take an extra hour getting ready before you left the house (bad joke, I know), I think we can put together the reflection in your house and the shadow in the road. It's like something wants you, bub; something wants to mess with your mind and turn you bad.
While some may argue these are all projections coming from you, I do not agree. I know this may sound off the charts, but can you think of anyone, maybe from the old days, who might've put a hex on you? You wouldn't know it (hence the inexplicableness of it all) but curses are curses, and if they never had any effect, they would've vanished from our cultural consciousness long ago.

First shape-shifting, now putting you in a time warp - God help you, what next? Time-warps, again, are far too often experienced by ordinary people to be all dismissed as figments of mistaken attention or imagination. And time warps don't always happen in only one way; they take many forms and have temporal durations. (Appearing and disappearing scenes, for instance.) Who knows but we may experience them briefly and benignly more often than we notice.
But if something like your stuff happened to me, I'd also be more than just scratching my head and shrugging it off. It's good to know you have some personal intimates you can trust to share with, even if you hit a snag like with your sister. You gotta keep in mind that everyone has to be baffled, and it's easier to deny something when it doesn't happen to us. As for us non-intimates, we all know how telling certain things to strangers can be easier than to people we know. I think it's innately human to want to assist anyone who's in distress. Donations to charities are a common example. So we can't give you money to pay for the experts to try fixing things, but we can share whatever we think. Ideas and opinions are all free.
You have a lot going for you, not the least is your rational faculties and people who love you who will see you through. (Millie is doing well, we hope?) In a strange twisted point of view, you appear to be a prize "the Other" is trying to win. That's proof in itself you've got the courage to win over its threats.
Keep going forward, fella. You can and will win this. ~ James
ScepticalSimon (11 posts)
12 years ago (2010-09-07)
perhaps a visit to a psychologist may help with this matter, It could be a reaction to a previous traumatic event.
Pjod (3 stories) (978 posts)
12 years ago (2010-09-07)
yeah, hypnosis would be your best bet.
I have heard of this missing time with ufo abductions... I hope you find what you are after.

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