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Imagination Or Real? 2


Before I talked to my sister that day and told her what had happened to me I came down to my apartment and told whomever is here, in a clam loving way, letting it know that this is my house, I was not here to harm them in anyway, and to look for the light, go to the light as there are loved ones waiting for you. All in all, I also said the Lord's Prayer before entering and after wards. As all this was going on, my neighbor gal upstairs was having dreams and was being chased by demons. My sister said that a spirit could have come inside right behind me.

So after my children came home, I did not speak one word of this to my 11 year old. I was still trying to calm down from what had just happened to me over the weekend. I finally had to break down and ask my 11 year old if she had heard or seen anything. Thursday afternoon, she spoke up and said, "Mom, I woke up and seen a shadow and I heard footsteps." I asked her if she heard footsteps coming from upstairs and if she could decipher from the footsteps upstairs or in the house. She said that she had heard them in my bedroom. I had white noises on my phone; I would have to change channels to get better reception. My TV would shut off. I turned off my DVD player and come home to find it on. Mind you I live in a 2 bedroom apartment. My children don't sleep in their rooms. They haven't slept in their room since I had moved from the 1 bedroom over to the 2 bedroom.

Later that night, on September 23rd, 2010, my children and I were going to bed. I asked my 2 year old to turn the TV off. I said "Kilyn, please turn the TV off." As instructed, she went and turned the TV off. Just as I was going into my deep sleep, I heard a female's voice saying,"Kiana, turn the TV off." I woke right up and looked where the voice came from and again I saw nothing. I looked and both my children were out. I didn't say anything, but just closed my eyes and I mentally spoke to whoever it was that was here, again telling it to go to the light.

I called my mom the next day and told her what happened. She knew what I was talking about and I asked her what to do. My girlfriend, who comes and sees me, was quite in my house and she was nervous, so she had left. My friend who has spent many of nights in my place has never gotten quiet and nervous. As being Hmong, my place was too little for a Shaman and other family members to come and do their thing. So my mom gave me things to hang up on my main door and every door way, windows in my apartment. She even gave me two pieces of paper that was written by a Chinese man and gave me instructions of what to do with it. I hung two dried dark corn cobs on my door. I was even at the point of going to do a Smudging Ceremony. Saturday night is when I put a recorder out and hit record. Next day I listened, I didn't get anything.

I spoke to my sister the other day Sunday, Oct. 3rd, 2010, she had told me the week before, (when we were going riding) and I was in my garage getting my motorcycle out, and my neighbors were outside and lots of conversations were going on, she also heard a woman spoke in her ear but she couldn't make out what she was saying, she also stood still and had to think twice of what just happened

Now that I am somewhat finally calm, and things are hung up on my door, entry points of my place, nothing has happened so far; until the next time. I now scan everything over with my eyes and I listen firmly. Am I going to be at ease after all this? Am I going to be able to relax and go back to being normal? I don't know if I channel these spirits or they just come to me because my aura is so bright? I haven't come to see these faces, but I came close. I pray every day, for me, my children and for those who aren't saved yet who will someday be saved.

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geetha50 (15 stories) (986 posts)
11 years ago (2011-05-09)
I think you are a handful of people who have accepted their gift. I think you will start to relax but somewhere in the back of your mind you will always be alert for anything out of the ordinary (I think it comes with the gift). I personally don't think I could handle that intense feeling constantly.

Good luck in your future adventures into the paranormal and stay safe. I will keep you in my prayers. God Bless!

P.S. I'm so envious of you. I absolutely love motorcycles. It gives you a sense of excitement and power like no other. But, unfortunately, my mom would have my head if I ever got one. She said and quote, "you can have a motorcycle over my dead body".

She probably come back to haunt me if I ever got one. LOL 😆
mai05 (6 stories) (9 posts)
12 years ago (2010-10-11)
Thanks for the comments. I don't think I can close myself off from them. Like I said, They just come and go. I have been thinking about getting a cross to wear around my neck and have a couple in the house.
My oldest slept with us until she was about 5 years old, but that was our fault, Then her father and I split up almost 3 years ago, maybe it's just comforting for her. I won't know until she is ready to tell me.

So I have been ghost hunting myself. Couldn't bring myself to step out of the car and When I caught up with my team On Saturday 10-9-10 conducting an investigation, I did get out, took pictures, we all left right away due to My other team members had something to show me.:) We caught our very official first EVP, Orb, and a apparition.

Thank you... God bless...
KimSouthO (27 stories) (1960 posts)
12 years ago (2010-10-11)
I have one question, why do the children not sleep in the bed room? Has something occured in the bed room to make them not want to sleep in there?

Just curoius.

I must say, I think you have a very healthy out look on these situations and your place with these communications.; I have never been able to be that noble.

Thanks for sharing!
God Bless!
lauren318 (1 stories) (23 posts)
12 years ago (2010-10-11)
i am only speaking from my own knowledge and opinion but it seems you are prone to these things... So am are sensitive to spirits which is not exactly bad... I must say that if nothing negative or bad has happened it is something that you must learn to live with unless you close yourself off from them. A lot of spirits come and go some just pass through and others who might be attracted to something around you stick around longer. Burning white sage in and around your home helps to cleanse a lot of energies that may be lurking and of course letting them politely know you are uncomfortable and would like them to leave really does help... Good energies don't tend to be stubborn.

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