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Imagination Or Real? 3


Now that is has been almost 6 months later, since my recent activity back in September 2010 (not at my house at least), I myself have almost come back to normal. I still get a high anxiety of going to bed. I haven't had any recent activities. I still have the little papered guy and my corn hanging on my door. I think I know what happened and why the spirit was here. I had visited a cemetery the weekend before and did not cleanse myself before and afterwards. I think I may have brought home a spirit, who was following me home.

Back a few months ago; February 2011, unfortunately, my daughter who was 11 years old, just recently experienced her 2nd paranormal activity. She was at her father's house when this happened. Kiana, my daughter, called me the next morning in a frantic, asking and begging to stay at my house. She had explained to me about what had happened to her. She went through the same thing I went through. She had what others would call it "Sleep Paralysis." She said she was sleeping and woke up to something and pulling on the blanket. She also mentioned that she was wide awake, and could not move. She said she tried to scream, but she couldn't but she was wide awake.

After a minute or two, it let up and then looked at the door, remembering that she had shut the door. I spoke briefly and shortly about this with her father. She did not want to go back home. He got the point, of what was happening and I had to bring him down memory lane about what happened to me and he was there. He understood. He didn't have to ask twice. So he bought her some night lights to help ease her.

I didn't think that she was going to get this gift, and wasn't hoping so. I have researched and did a college paper on "Sleep Paralysis," after my last episode. I haven't talked about this since that has had happened, or maybe he father blessed the house like he said he would or is it her imagination?

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mai05 (6 stories) (9 posts)
13 years ago (2011-06-05)
I am just posting to keep everyone updated. Thanks for the comments. That is the point. I feel that this is also in someway some what Paranormal. But that's your opinion.
DeviousAngel (11 stories) (1910 posts)
13 years ago (2011-05-26)
I am sorry but... The story says Minnesota, but are you natively an English-speaker? I had a really hard time deciphering what exactly it is that you want.

If she is experiencing sleep paralysis, it obviously is not her imagination. It is a medical condition that can be eased through relaxation, meditation, prayer, etc. The idea is to wait and stay as calm as possible until the paralysis passes. If you did your research paper on SP, you should already know that. What is the point of your story? And how is this in any way paranormal?

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