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Ghost Turns Off The Lights


This is a collection of stories told to me by my mother last year; and a personal experience of my own.

My mother was at her home with my younger sister (11) and her friend (Brianna), and her 2 cats, Angel and Shadow. Mum and my sister were watching a SpongeBob DVD, when suddenly the subtitles turned on. The subtitles were flicking in between Spanish and English, and French. The amazing thing is that the English subtitles used words that were directly related to personal stuff that was going on in my mum's life; the subtitles weren't showing words that were to do with the DVD (i.e. Subtitling the SpongeBob DVD).

The second story is unusual as well. My sister has an odd light bulb in her room that turns on and off and flickers. Anyway, Brianna went into the room, and the light turned off by itself, but when Brianna left the room, the light switched itself on. This happened throughout the night.

I have also had my own strange experience at my mother's house. I was asleep on the fold-out couch, when I heard a dog barking from inside. It sounded as it was a small dog. The "dog" jumped up on the couch and nuzzled at my feet. My mother does not own a dog. But she did own a dog that has since passed on. This dog was a Corgi and my mother owned him when she was a child. Maybe the "dog" was my mother's Corgi, in spirit.

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bacchaegrl (506 posts)
13 years ago (2011-05-18)
It's interesting to me that though you say that the subtitles flashed helpful advice, you don't get more specific than that. If you want your story to be accepted as legitimate, we need details. If the messages were too personal, why even mention them at all? In order for your readers to make a decision about your writing, and for them to actually take something away from it, we need the whole truth. So many people on this website try to write with an air of mystery. We don't need more mystery when the subject at hand is mysterious. We just want the facts. I'm sure a lot of readers will agree with me. We want to know exactly what happened. This will help us help you. Sorry, another rant, I do that too much. Back to your story, sounds like electrical problems to me. The only thing in your story that sounds vaguely paranormal is the dog thing. But being asleep does weird things to people.
SmokeyKnight (3 stories) (193 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-18)
The light sounds like an electrical issue. Have an electrician come over to at least check it out. If he says the wiring in the house is good, them it may be something paranormal.

My brain isn't fully engaged at the moment for discussing the other two things, so please forgive me.
Petersspirit (4 stories) (144 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-17)
Hey Lilady4,

I loved reading your sharings and I do agree with taz850 that this mite be a member of your family which passed on. If no, its just a ghost haunting your place and as long it does not feel negative its okay I think.

Lilady4 (7 stories) (427 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-16)
Hi taz890, no my mum doesn't speak french or spanish. She is in love with all things French (like me), and we have no idea why. The messages that came up was helpful advice.
taz890 (12 stories) (1380 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-16)
hi there lilady4 interesting post 😊
Does your mum speak french or spanish? And was what was comming up helpfull advice for her or just messages?
It could be a relitive trying to make contact and help out also with the light sounds like someone trying to show there around freaky as it is.

And yes it could have been your mums dog comming back to visit a lot of people here have had pets visit then after passing personaly I think this is a nice experiance knowing their ok and well.
Thanks for posting sorry for the questions 😊

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