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My Father's Experience


My father is really the only one I feel comfortable talking to in my family about paranormal and supernatural activity - as he has had his own experiences that have been just as intense as my own. He's shared with me a couple of quick experiences he's had over the course of his life and I would like to share them with you, the majority happening after my mother passed away of course.

1. His first and major experience was when he moved to Canada (from Scotland) - he was married to his first wife at this time, he was probably in his early twenties. His family and hers were still all over in Scotland. His mother had already passed, and one morning he was in his bedroom and he could not shake the smell of her perfume that he remembered as a child. He couldn't ignore it, he tried as he figured it was just memories and something triggering it but finally he sat down on his bed and asked "Okay, Mum, what is it?" then the phone rang. His sister was in the hospital. He had a similar experience again when his father passed away as he was overseas again far away from family, he was unable to make it to the funeral.

2. After my mother passed away, a few months later he started having visits with a lady that was honestly just his friend at the time (she became his girlfriend there for a while, but he can't bring himself to learn to love someone else yet - so now they are just best friends). He could feel the anger from my mother welling up, and he started to wash his hands. His wedding ring was seriously stuck on his finger unless you actually got some sort of grease on there to yank it off - so the fact that this happened is quite surprising. All of a sudden when he went to reach for the towel, his ring shot off his finger and landed in the middle of the bedroom. He could feel my mother's presence, he could feel her throwing a tantrum as she knew he was going for coffee with this woman. (My mother became very jealous when my father paid attention to anyone else in her old age, as she didn't feel pretty enough anymore - but my father would never have hurt her, and I know that completely, that man was so in love with her there's no possible way he could allow himself to touch someone else, my mother helped my father become who he is now). He said "Okay, Ann, come on - you know it's nothing. Smarten up..." He slipped the ring on his finger and tested it - stuck again. And the angry feeling he felt around him went away and the room cooled down again.

My father also experienced hearing my mother, feeling her lay down next to him in his sleep, or as he was drifting off. He's had conversations with her, and he feels her everywhere he goes. He feels her more often than I do now.

3. One morning I was not doing so good, I was extremely depressed, I was home alone and crying. I couldn't handle being alone at that time (grieving) and I had no one to call. About 15 minutes after I burst into uncontrollable tears laying in the spot where my mother passed away, my cell phone rang. It was beside me, I answered it and it was my father - "Are you okay? Something's off and I don't know why, but I have a feeling it has something... Sweety, have you been crying?" I confessed to him that I wasn't doing so hot and I needed to talk to someone. He came home promptly and told me his story.

He was standing outside having a cigarette talking to my brother, and something was distracting him. He described it as, "you know how your mother was, remember? If she wanted you to pay attention to her she would literally get in your face? Remember?" And she would. She would stand right in front of you until you asked her what the hell her problem was. And he couldn't shake it, he was trying to pay attention to my brother, but something told him inside that he absolutely had to make this phone call to me right away. So he excused himself and did, and low and behold - I was bawling my eyes out. This was a couple of weeks after she passed away in 2003.

Every now and again when I'm not doing so hot, I'll get that phone call - I got that feeling again, he'll say. She's around when things get tough, she's still looking out for me. I think that's totally awesome.

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rhodes68 (14 stories) (1596 posts)
16 years ago (2008-04-17)
What a sad and yet, warm story! You must have been a bonded family because, despite your mother's passing, you're still close attending to one another's needs. I suppose true love knows no boundaries of time or space.

Best of luck to you Lexiluca 😊
Lexiluca (8 stories) (78 posts)
17 years ago (2007-07-19)
Thank you to the both of you for your replies to my entry. I have experiences of smelling my mothers perfume every once in a while, too, but I always figured it was due to old memories.
Abby (710 posts)
17 years ago (2007-07-16)
Dear Lexiluca,

As I stated in my comment in story, "Scary Visit", ghosts, spirits or other entities each have their own personal energy imprint and choose to manifest by communicating with their own personal calling card or imprint energy. The communication has to be a two way open line, so it is up to the receiver to pick up on the message being sent, as well as interpret it through their own personal eyes of their own personal world per their own personal belief system. Entities choose the communication that will best be received by the one they are attempting to communicate with. Obviously the smell of your grandmother's perfume was the calling card left by your grandmother in order to open communication with your dad. Luckily, your dad figured it out and started to see a pattern and symbolism. Your story is a perfect example of how spirits and entities communicate. Most times it may be symbolic, and it is up to the receiver to interpret the message according to their connection they had with known entity or to come up with a meaning based on their own belief system. For example, if I smelled your grandmother's perfume, and it was not familiar to me, I would think it was an entity who I did not know that was trying to contact me. If I had personally known your grandmother, and knew that this was her favorite perfume scent, then I would conclude it belonged to her and then go from there. Each person alive or dead leaves their personal signature in this life and after this life. It is up to the living to decipher their messages.

In regards to your dad calling you each time his mother communicates to him to do so, this shows but another example how those who have loved us still show loving help from the other side and how they still continue to check in with us. They also know what is going on within our lives both happy and sad. Though, I do think that your grandmother would much prefer your dad to connect with his own sixth sense and feelings, so she would not have to keep reminding him to check in with others he loves, especially and including you when he is still alive in which to do so.

Loved ones who have passed can help us, but it is up to us to do the work and also help ourselves and others in this 3D physical life.--Abby
fourthgeneration (6 stories) (29 posts)
17 years ago (2007-07-16)

What you described in your first story (smelling perfume) was strikingly similar to what my father's aunt would experience every time someone in the family had died. She would get the strong smell of a particular type of flower, know someone had died, and within a matter of minutes, the phone would ring and the person on the line would say "___________ has passed away," to which she would always reply "I know..." Very interesting... The phenomenon of smells being associated with spiritual activity.

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