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Greetings YGS people. Every since I experienced the "BIG", it has left me with the ability (whether I want it or not) to feel, see, experience moments that I never had before. There is no sense or rhyming to the timing, magnitude or location of them.

We have a cabin on 80 acres in the middle the Ozark National Forest. Have been enjoying that place since the late 80,s. I have never experienced anything there UNTIL after the "BIG" one. We, and I express WE, have had multiple time of unexplained footsteps, items moving and odd sounds. One of my favorites was a late evening with friends and family. We were visiting around the fire pit and I needed to relieve myself. I walked to designated area and did what I needed to do. As I turned to walk back I distinctively felt the touch of a dog brush against my leg and through my opened hand. Just as if there should be a dog trotting ahead of me toward the fire.

I should add that the current cabin was built in the 80's over the exact spot that a great grandfather had a cabin in the early 1900's.

One odd thing about "ever since" is that there are locations that one would think there SHOULD be something but nothing shows either by feeling or the obvious ways. My adopted mother lives in a house that was built in the late 1800's in Heber Springs, AR that I would think would be crawling with entities but have not experienced anything there.

Anyways sorry for the rambling. At our current location, Bethesda AR, we have constant visits. Some stay longer than others, some I can actually feel more than others. When Jennifer and I moved in the end of June 2010, the house was extremely active. Every night something was going bump. Cabinet doors would open and drop out a piece of Tupperware or add a new unexplainable sound. Some would be in the bedroom with us or just around the corner where whatever it was couldn't be seen.

On several nights we would wake to a crackling sound coming from the foot of the bed. It was hard to explain the type of crackling until a week later I was opening a bottle of Absolute Vodka. Do you know the semi-hard plastic covering that one has to take off? Take that in the palm of your hand and squeeze over and over. Sounded just like that. But there is nothing that would make that noise in our bedroom.

There are times that are more quiet than others. Will be writing stories about them in time. As I said, some are more of this and that than others. We just had a quiet time, but had 3 undebunkable moments last night so looks like here we go again.

Thanks for your time. Have a great week!

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Wish-Not (16 stories) (534 posts)
9 years ago (2014-08-06)
mimerkki- The foot steps would sound at times like someone was walking across one of the decks and mostly after dark. This cabin is in the middle of nowhere. We don't have "physical" night time visitors. We took in account the contraction of the wood and such. They were very distinctive steps made with heavy boots.

It is a possibility of mom keeping her home at peace. She has owned the house since the mid 70's.

Have to apologize of my "southern slang" making it to the story. Lol, "Ever" should be "Every" and the "undebunkable" part, well yall know what I mean.

Thanks for your time commenting.
mimerkki (guest)
9 years ago (2014-08-06)
hmm. I am not sure if it was in your earlier story, but I remember someone writing about a pattern of footsteps they could not recognice until they walked that same pattern themselves later by accident. The vodga bottle made me think that again. Like premonition of some sort... But this might be me just rambling, (happens a lot). It is also interesting, like you said, that some places don't have any activity, even if it would be logical to expect some. Maybe it is your mother keeping the spirits at bay?

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