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I've finally decided to create an account to share my story. I hope you enjoy it, though it probably won't be as intense as some of the other stories here.

So this is a true story that happened to me when I was about 12-14 years old (I can't really remember exactly how old I was). My mom and I have been moving around a lot throughout my entire childhood. I guess she was having a hard time finding work and so when we finally found a place to settle down in, I thought "Wow, finally, I can make friends here and not have to leave them in a few months." Little did I know what was coming. I never believed in ghost or spirits or the boogey man until this place. Okay, let me stop rambling on and tell you what happened.

We had just moved in and a few days after we moved in, my teacher was telling our class that her dog had puppies a little while ago and they are now ready to go to new homes. I got super excited and went home to beg my mom to let me have one, which she finally agreed to, hesitantly.

For the first week, we kept the puppy in the living room since at the time my mom made me share my room with her friend and every night the puppy would be crying, whining, and barking. I thought maybe he missed his old family and so I slept in the living room to comfort him for the next few days. After 2 weeks, my mom couldn't take the barking and crying anymore and so she made me give him back to my teacher. I was devastated as I had bonded so much with him in the last few weeks and I didn't understand why he was so sad. So I gave him back to my teacher and went back to sleeping in my bedroom.

Two days after that, I was sound asleep with my back facing the door when out of nowhere I felt so extremely uncomfortable that I woke up. Right as I woke up I hear an old raspy voice of a man that said "Hello". I almost busted out in tears at this point because my roommate is a woman and on top of that, there are no men in the apartment with us. I was completely frozen, I couldn't scream for my roommate who was just beside me. I felt so helpless; I remember feeling tingly all over and a loud high pitch buzzing in my ear. The talking continued but at this point I was too busy freaking out that I couldn't make out what he was saying. When the buzzing stopped and I was able to move again I immediately woke my roommate up and asked her to sleep with me in my bed, this time I was facing the door.

The next day I told my mom what happened and, of course being a mature adult, she told me I must have been dreaming. This is when my mom's friend (my roommate), who is a very religious person who believes in spirits, told her that a spirit must have been sitting on me (holding me down). She ended up giving me these beads to wear in which I kept with me at all times, up until high school anyway. After this incident we moved out shortly after because I was continually freaking out at night and couldn't sleep and I never really talked about it with her again.

A year later, when I calmed down a bit from that incident my mom finally told me she went to talk to the landlord who didn't say anything until we were moving out. He told my mom that he didn't want to scare us away and that he didn't think anything would happen. It turned out before we moved in, the old man that was living there passed away in the master bedroom (which I was sharing with my mom's friend) and his son who he was living with moved out and that was when we moved in a few weeks later.

I think that would explain why the puppy was constantly barking at night and that's why I didn't have any problems because he was protecting me but when he gave him back, there was nothing keeping the spirit away from bothering us.

The spirit may or may not have intended to harm me but he definitely scared me to this day and it has been more than a decade. Since then, I've always slept with a nightlight on, with my back against the wall and my arm covering my ears.

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Gamedog (4 posts)
7 years ago (2015-03-09)
It sounds like the spirit was a friendly ghost and not a mean one. Maybe it just wanted to talk to you. Welcome to the site and I hope you enjoy reading the ghost stories. Have a nice day.

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