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A Curse On Our Home


My mom is a single parent who doesn't earn much money, so she was thrilled to be able to finally afford a new house for the three of us. We did notice some odd things about the house as we moved in. The third bedroom, my younger sister's room, had four different locks inside its door and glow-in-the-dark stars on its ceiling. It must have been a little kid's room, but why would a little kid be so paranoid as to feel they needed so many locks inside their bedroom door? That's kind of sad. Plus we found a pair of handcuffs on a shelf in the pantry. Real police handcuffs. An unusual item to keep next to your breakfast cereal, to say the least. Hmm. I was nearing my twenties and had never lived in a real house, it was such a change from the series of crummy apartments we had always lived in before. We were pleased with it. Things went pretty smoothly for a few years.

One night during dinner I decided to share something that had been bothering me. I sometimes get a "feeling" shortly before someone passes away, as though I can't savor them enough. Even if I don't really know the person I start to focus on them irresistibly, as if I have to hurry up and absorb as much of their essence as I can before they disappear. Within a few days of my feeling, the person will have a heart attack, or overdose on drugs, or get run over, and the event will usually kill them. I realize it's kind of creepy, sorry. This time I told my mom and sister that I had started experiencing that same feeling, except what I was now cherishing was our peace as a family. I felt like a storm was coming, and there certainly was. My mom soon received a death threat from her ex-boyfriend!

This ex-boyfriend is a true sociopath. He had been a terror to us during my childhood, but we were hoping he was finally in our past. My mom has warned me several times that he is literally possessed. She is soft-hearted though, so when his elderly mother asked for help in arranging her living will, my mom unwisely agreed. He decided in his twisted way that it was because she was trying to somehow steal his inheritance. He threatened to kill my mom, and I now believe that this was when he also did something to curse our home. We had to get a restraining order against him, buy a new car he didn't recognize, and we even ask a strong friend of mine to act as our temporary bodyguard.

I think that all of the dormant freaky things hidden in our home really let loose at that point. Spiritual or physical, if it could create havoc, it did. Shortly after the death threat, all three of us got sick with a pneumonia that we could not fully recover from. I moaned so horribly in my sleep while sick that we joked that I "put the moan in pneumonia". The cause of our sickness was revealed when my mom noticed a sunbeam coming in the window that was thick with sparkling particles of fiberglass insulation. We had breathed a great deal of fiberglass into our lungs! All of the air conditioning ducts in our home had to be replaced, along with the air conditioner. Needless to say all of this happening at once was extremely stressful to our poor mother, and was putting her into quite a bit of debt as well.

Mom had started sleeping on the couch downstairs so she could see both the front and back doors in case her ex-boyfriend tried to break in. One night she dreamed that she was in the grip of a demon, being crushed to death. Even after waking herself up and going back to sleep a few times, she kept having this same highly realistic dream. In the morning, she felt as much pain as if she had actually been in a physical fight. I told her it was probably just something caused by all the stress, but then I started having strange dreams, too.

The dream I had took place in the bed where I was actually sleeping, so it was very difficult to distinguish from real life even after waking up. I was aware that I was in bed asleep, yet at the same time, I could see a blonde man with a goatee coming up the stairs towards me. I felt he was a construction worker, in his forties, who was connected with the building of our house. His purpose in coming up to my bedroom was to rape someone. He made it as far as my doorway before I woke up on the verge of a panic attack.

Interestingly, prior to this dream, my sister and I had already realized that we were both scared to climb that stairway at night. We would secretly try to go to bed before each other, because coming up the stairs at night alone always gave one the feeling that someone nasty was right behind your shoulder chasing you. After my nightmare, I associated the threatening feeling on the stairs with the rapist I had seen in my dream. We found out later on from a neighbor that somebody was indeed raped by an intruder inside our house at one point in its history.

We had two dogs and two cats while all of this was going on. One of the cats, our friendly cream-colored male, seemed driven mad by the chaos. First we noticed that as you pet him he would look over your shoulder at the wall behind you like he was following movement although there was nothing visible. Then he began spending all of his time clawing obsessively at the front door, yowling to be let out of the house. He ended up making his front paws bleed from all the scratching, and we felt we had no choice but to find him a new home. My sister loved that cat, it was a sad day. We visited him once at the new home, and there he seemed like a normal cat again.

Our two dogs also began to pee in the house. The smaller dog, an adorable scruffy terrier, developed "separation anxiety" which means every time we left the house, she would become a yapping wreck. Our larger dog, who was my best friend in the world, developed inoperable cancer. I very much hope their problems were not related to the problems going on in our house. I brought home a stuffed toy for them, a frog that croaks when squeezed. Of course the first time they played with it they chewed the croak mechanism to pieces. Later one day as I was sitting on the couch talking to my sister, we heard a voice underneath couch speak a full sentence that we couldn't understand, and it was the long silent frog!

One night I was on my bed kind of laying on my side, propped up on one elbow. I must have been reading a book. Just as I started to nod off, I felt someone approach behind me, near my head. I remember thinking through my fear, "So this is what evil feels like". Evil is absolutely disgusting, and it absolutely hates you. That's how evil feels. I couldn't bring myself to turn and look at the evil, but thankfully it went away as soon as I began to pray for help from God.

The house continued to have one expensive problem after another. We found feces underneath the carpets, so we had to replace the flooring. On our pantry door, the face of a bearded old man appeared in the paneling. Once when I was downstairs and my sister was upstairs, we both heard a girl shout, "Mom!" from the living room, and we both shouted to each other "Mom's upstairs!" before we realized neither one of us had called for our mom. Poor Mom fell deeper and deeper into debt, and I lost my job. We had to leave our house and move in with my grandfather. Thanks a lot, curse!

My grandfather's house is not haunted or cursed, but my sister did have an entity come after her one night, maybe I will write that story down later. We had a priest come to enthrone the Sacred Heart and bless the home (even the pets!), and we have had very few problems since then. Plus, I now have a minor exorcism that I am allowed to recite whenever things start to get unfortunate in a "distinctive" way. I have only prayed it once, but it worked very effectively.

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Rachelvaknin (9 posts)
7 years ago (2015-10-27)
Hello Zephyyrin,

My name is Rachel, I work for Raw TV. We are currently working on Series 5 of Paranormal Witness. Your story sounds really interesting and I would love to speak to you regarding your experience. In case you haven't seen the series, Paranormal Witness is a drama-documentary where the story is told from the perspective of multiple eyewitnesses - in their own words. It is now one of the highest rating shows on Syfy. For more information please check out syfy's website:

If interested, please email me at: rachel. Vaknin [at]


Wardo (8 stories) (171 posts)
7 years ago (2015-07-29)
Sorry I'm late to the party again, but I was reading through old stories when I came across this well written account. I enjoyed the story very much but am sorry for your troubles, and your poor mother, God bless her, sounds like she would do anything for her family.

A question. When you said it was the long silent frog, did you mean the frog was under the couch when you checked for the source of the sentence? (Sorry if this was answered, I didn't read through the comments)

Also, I am interested in the exorcism prayer you mention. Are you allowed to share it? I would love to know it! I understand if you are not supposed to share.

Thanks for the story!
stayoutofthetunacan (5 posts)
7 years ago (2015-06-17)
Realistically this all just sounds like bad luck, nothing paranormal.
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
7 years ago (2015-06-02)

The discomfort on the stairs AND nightmare about rape MAY have been caused by residual energy trapped in the stairway.

As for the rest... Can you be 100% sure the EX did not come by the house and tamper with anything? Everything normal must be disproved before the paranormal can be considered.

I understand you experienced something... Something hard to understand but there is not enough evidence in what you have shared that points to it all being paranormal. At least that is my opinion.

Thanks for sharing and for the reply.


Zephyrin (4 stories) (19 posts)
7 years ago (2015-06-02)
Oh, I missed one of your questions. We always had felt tense on the stairs at night without admitting it to each other. Once I had that dream about a rapist on the stairs and found out that there really WAS a rape, it felt like our fear was legitimate, not just something we both separately had imagined.
Zephyrin (4 stories) (19 posts)
7 years ago (2015-06-02)
Hi Rook, I had never heard of a stress induced spirit, that is an interesting concept. We lived there from when I was 19 through 26, and my sister was 9 through 16, so she did hit puberty during that time.

The man who gave us the death threat was an electrician. He only came into the house once, when we were moving in and he carried in a heavy steel filing cabinet for us. I don't think he directly tampered with the insulation, but that would have been pretty clever if he had. Killing people slowly through fiberglass inhalation - genius! Whatever protective layer the insulation had just fallen off it seems, letting it disintegrate into the air whenever the A/C blew across it.

As far as the turd underneath the carpets... How did we not notice that for the first three or four years we lived there? That was an odd discovery, whether it was part of a curse or not!
Sam222 (8 stories) (461 posts)
7 years ago (2015-05-26)
Zephyrin, wow that is one scary story! I don't know much about curses, but it makes sense as an explaination, the pieces fit.
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
7 years ago (2015-05-23)

There are some things I would like to question about this experience... I believe something happened... Some of it seems to have been paranormal but there are some 'experiences' you related that may not have been...Let's start with them, from the beginning...

(The new home) "Things went pretty smoothly for a few years."

Then your Mom helped her ex's mother with her will and everything 'began'.

"Shortly after the death threat, all three of us got sick with a pneumonia that we could not fully recover from. I moaned so horribly in my sleep while sick that we joked that I "put the moan in pneumonia". The cause of our sickness was revealed when my mom noticed a sunbeam coming in the window that was thick with sparkling particles of fiberglass insulation..."

What did your mother's ex do for a living? It seems 'odd' to me that after living somewhere 'for a few years' without health issues that suddenly there is enough fiberglass in the AC System that everyone gets ill from it. Just a thought.


"We found feces underneath the carpets, so we had to replace the flooring."

The 'placement' of the excerment makes me wonder if someone may have gotten into your home and placed it there rather than this being 'spiritual activity'.

These two events have a greater chance of being preformed by a living person (s) rather than due to paranormal activity.

Meanwhile the actions of the animals may have been their reaction to all of the STRESS in the hosuhold during this time period.

Having mentioned STRESS... Did any of the feelings of being watched... Or scared of the stairs happen 'before' the ex-boyfriends 'death threat'? If not then it may be possible for these experiences to have been caused by 'stress induced entities'...either a spirit (s) or entity (ies) was attracted to the 'stress' in the household OR an 'entity' manifested because of the stress in the home and when those in the home 'gave credit' to a paranormal 'being' it 'became one'.

I see you are a young adult now... How old were you when this happened, how old was your sister? If this occured while either of you (or both) was going through Puberty... Then the chances are higher that a number of your exeprinces were 'stress induced' poltergiest activity rather than the effects of a 'curse'.

I can not say for sure that is what happened, but that is my opinion.


Zephyrin (4 stories) (19 posts)
7 years ago (2015-05-22)
OK, thank you for explaining it for me. I will try to be more careful.
Miracles51031 (39 stories) (4998 posts) mod
7 years ago (2015-05-22)
Zephyrin - I moved this to your story to address your comment. You seriously don't know what was wrong with your comment? Did you read the part where I mentioned witnessing it first hand? Conjecture is not fact. Your dad may have been there, but he did not see what was going on in that room. That is pure speculation surrounded by fear and unfounded accusations. That is what is wrong with your comment.
Trischa_D (guest)
7 years ago (2015-05-22)
Wow. That's pretty scary and I know exactly what you mean when you talk about what evil feels like. I've felt it many, many times and in more than one location. I'm curious though- how did you get to be able to practice an exorcism rite? Did you take classes of some sort? It would be helpful to know. I haven't experienced anything evil in awhile (about 2 years) but sometimes these things lay dormant.

Thanks for sharing your story. I'm looking forward to reading more posts. Take care ❤
Zephyrin (4 stories) (19 posts)
7 years ago (2015-05-21)
To Wish-Not: I read your Sophie story, you did a good job! I felt sympathy for the little dog, I'm glad she has you looking out for her.
Zephyrin (4 stories) (19 posts)
7 years ago (2015-05-21)
To Mike: I know his son who lived at his house was a Satanist, but I can't say for sure that the father was. I only know that my mom for some reason firmly believed him to be possessed.

We actually did buy a weapon. I forgot to say that. It was a 357 Magnum, which is waaay more gun than we needed. I doubt any of us could have fired it without being knocked backwards! The gun was one of the many items that strangely disappeared. We never found it.
Wish-Not (16 stories) (534 posts)
7 years ago (2015-05-21)
Zephyrin- I was able to follow your unfortunate story quite well. That must have been hell to have to live through. Not only the paranormal but the physical threat from the psycho as well.

Sorry to hear about your pets. It's always sad when they are affected. We have a sweet dog that is bothered from time to time at our location. "Sophie's Story".

Glad you and your family are not there anymore. Looking forward to your next story. Thanks for sharing.
MikeArcAngel (2 stories) (21 posts)
7 years ago (2015-05-21)
Hmmm did your mothers psychotic ex boyfriend dabble in the black arts? Because if he did or does he probably might have conjured a few thugs to wreak havoc on your life. Plus I would always keep a weapon handy just in case the ex comes by. I have two hardwood bats I keep with me that make better maces then bats for intruders, because sometimes the police. Just aren't fast enough. Glad you weren't hurt by any evil entities in that house.
Hope I helped- MikeArcAngel
Zephyrin (4 stories) (19 posts)
7 years ago (2015-05-20)
Sigh. I'm sorry for the way this one rambles. It wasn't easy to fit everything that happened at that house into one story. Even as long as it turned out, I had to leave out some events. Things that were stolen or broken during our bad luck storm. I did try to stick to the more paranormal seeming occurrences. Be gentle with me, readers...

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