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As I told yo in my last story I have had quite a few neck and back surgeries. This event happened after my last back surgery in 2011 shortly after I came home from the hospital. Sometimes I have dreams so real I actually feel awake, like an out of body experience. When it is time for me to get out of bed I feel like I didn't sleep at all.

In this particular instance I visited my grandparents in heaven. I spent hours talking to them and playing with my dogs that have died. I even had dinner with them. After dinner I asked where my parents were. They explained to me that they both were in outter Heaven because they have not done enough good in their lives. They were both waiting to either be sent back down to earth and be born again to lead better lives. Doing things that will benefit others and such. Or just stay in outter Heaven for now. For now was not explained to me except that it didn't mean they would be sent to Hell. I asked if I could visit them too but was told no, there was no time as I had to leave soon. I sat for awhile longer vising them and my dogs. I wanted to stay there forever because I was no longer in pain. They said my time would come to be with them but not for years. They each gave me a hug and kiss and told me they love me, my husband and especially our grown children then told me it was time to go back.

As usual I felt like I had not slept at all and the pain returned right away. I had woke up extremely early in fact my husband was getting ready for work. He asked why I was awake and I told him I needed the rest room and needed pain meds. He said that I must have been really tired because I didn't move at all that night or make any whimpering noises from pain in my sleep that wake him up as I had been doing a lot.

I told my mother in-law about this a few weeks ago and she said that what I told her was just like Heaven is Real. She knows that I haven't seen the movie and that what I told her happened a long time ago. Then she half jokingly said well she guesses she'll be in outter Heaven when she dies because she didn't do many good things in her life. I told her she did more than my parents so she'll go to Heaven.

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RedWolf (31 stories) (1292 posts)
8 years ago (2016-04-14)
The reason I can't buy into the whole 'Hologram' theory is that if we were holograms injuries we would be 'fixable' without surgery. My neck would not be fused and have 2 broken TITANIUM screws. My back would not be fused from L-2 to S-1. I actually have 7 Lumbar disks and vertebrea instead of 6 with screws visible as bumps under my skin trying to work their way out. Now I'm not caiming we could not get ill but if were holograms if a bone breaks all a doctor would have to do is set the break and it would heal instantly.

My son has his Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering he took ALL A.P. Classes. I asked him if he ever heard of this "Hologram" theory. His response was laughter and a no. He graduated in the fall semester of '14. He told me the latest Scientific Theory is that there is a huge computer somewhere and through sattelites and streeet cameras and even through certain household things like computers and lap tops we are ALL being watched and controlled. That's why certain cities can send you a red light tickets or even speeding tickets in the mail. You know the highways that have the white stripes across the road at intervals that say traffic enforced by air craft? They catch a lot of speeders in New Jersey,Pa.,and one very long stretch of beach parkway on Long Island. Thank goodness they never have planes in the sky when I've driven on that road. I'm a bit of a speed demon 😆
spiritwaiting (42 stories) (843 posts)
8 years ago (2016-02-26)
I LOVE this experience! I truly believe this is only a temporary place, and our home is what a lot would call Heaven. I also believe we are given multiple chances"Reincarnation" to get a lot our wrongs righted if you will.
I would love to have an experience like yours. To spend time with my Grandpa & Uncle and my deceased beloved pets.
I can only imagine!

This was definitely refreshing and put a smile on my face, when I read this.
Happy you were given the oppurtunity to spend time with thise so close to you.

aussiedaz (19 stories) (1565 posts)
8 years ago (2016-01-18)
Interesting account Red," Sometimes I have dreams so real I actually feel awake, like an out of body experience"...for a lot of years Red, I could never get my head around how this works, because I have done this many times over many decades. It's not lucid dreaming, it's a step up right? Basically your in the same material reality as our physical one, but your somewhere else? OK, after a lot of research, doting the i's and crossing the t's, here's my explanation or attempt of how it works. There are some well founded theories in circulation out there without going through all of them, that suggest our universe is a Hologram and we the people are basically inside that arena having our experiences, running around like headless chooks making ends meat on a limb, trying to make sense of what's going on. If one buys into the Hologram theory, the first thing you realize is that" body belongs to mind, mind don't belong to body" for a hologram to work there needs to be a source of energy supplying it and that source in my view is our spirit. If our spirit is capable of sourcing a physical realm for us to interact in for what ever reason, because we are not good?. Then sourcing a physical realm for us to interact with loved ones elsewhere would be a piece of cake... Heaven might be a place where our spirit calls it the day after gaining lifetimes of wisdom. No pain, no bills, no tax, no crazy people wouldn't that be nice.

Regards Daz
dido (5 stories) (20 posts)
9 years ago (2015-09-17)
Hi Redwolf, This is a really wonderful story. I hope you are feeling much better now.
LemonDrop_Pop (guest)
9 years ago (2015-07-10)
RedWolf,thank you for sharing this, it was sweet and I hope It helped you. God Bless
RedWolf (31 stories) (1292 posts)
9 years ago (2015-06-20)
I've always believed in reincarnation and as I said I believe souls recognize each other. I also believe in Heaven but until I had that experience I didn't know exactly what it was like. It's quite like here on earth. My grandparents had their own house and yard they had their dogs that they had in life and my dogs that have died. I have a feeling I'm going to have a problem getting one or two of my dogs back though. 😆 They had neighbors that were their families. But the houses were pretty far apart, not on top of each other like a lot of suburbs but they weren't so far apart like rural areas. I hope that I explained that right.
LadyMoonstone (1 posts)
9 years ago (2015-06-18)
That is an amazing experience! I feel like this explains so much. I have often debated whether I believed in heaven or reincarnation but it sounds like both are correct! ❤ 😁
RedWolf (31 stories) (1292 posts)
9 years ago (2015-06-18)
It was an incredible experience. Spending time with my grandparents and dogs in heaven. Being able to have a meal with them. I forgot to say my grandmother made my favorite dinner, roast beef, mashed potatoes, and peas. Almost like she was expecting me.
Val I am a true believer in reincarnation. Even though the people in outter heaven HAD to wait to be re-born so they can lead better lives and be better people, doing things that will benefit others and such I wasn't told people inside heaven could not return to earth and be re-born if they wanted. Have you ever met someone and there is an instant feeling that you know them? You get along with them like you've been friends forever? I believe that souls recognize each other. When I met my husband I knew that we would be married one day even though he had a girlfriend at the time. We're married for 30 years now and still in love.
valkricry (49 stories) (3265 posts) mod
9 years ago (2015-06-16)
*Deep sigh* Now, for me, that was a very satisfying read. I hope that's how it is... You get another chance to get it right.
sushantkar (16 stories) (533 posts)
9 years ago (2015-06-16)
Hello RedWolf! That must have been quite an experience for you. Agreed with what lady glow had said below.
Thanks for sharing with us.

lady-glow (16 stories) (3154 posts)
9 years ago (2015-06-16)
RedWolf: wow! That's a very interesting experience.
To be able to spend time with your departed loved ones -humans and pets- and to be free of pain for a little while.

Reading your story makes death look less scary.

Thanks for sharing.

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