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Ghost? Demon? What Is Going On?


Yesterday, my sister woke up and witnessed what she believed to be an evil spirit. According to her, it took the appearance of an "onryo", or vengeful spirit, possessing a white gown and red eyes. It was standing nearly as high as the ceiling and was slouched over. It was estimated to be 7-8 feet tall. My sister claimed to have a feeling of dread upon seeing the figure. Note that I was asleep at this time, and my sister had been sleeping on the floor. At first, I didn't believe her at all. I thought she was seeing things, but then I began seeing things. I still dismissed it as natural.

However, ever since today, my sister gets these crippling stomach cramps whenever she enters my room (where the sighting took place). The cramps go away whenever she leaves the room. I do not experience these cramps, and my sister never pulls pranks or anything of the sort. I recently caught more glimpses of the figure, but nothing much else has happened to me, aside from feeling dread as well. Our other friends didn't believe us when we told them. After a long time researching, my sister's problem still persists, and is starting to get worse.

My family is starting to have family problems and arguments as well, and I feel that it will continue to get worse if action is not taken. Is it a ghost or a demon? Or could it perhaps be naturally explained? Because at this point, I am just not sure. I just hope we can remove the problem and continue on, because everything is starting to fall to pieces. I cannot guarantee that my experience is paranormal, but I can definitely guarantee it is causing a lot of problems and issues throughout. Please help, thank you.

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RedWolf (30 stories) (1289 posts)
4 years ago (2015-08-18)
I don't know what tin foil on the neck is for, but if you make a tin foil hat it keeps aliens from reading your mind 😆
zzsgranny (18 stories) (3323 posts) mod
4 years ago (2015-08-17)
supernaturalservices: I mean no disrespect, but I had to LOL at your beginning statement on #5. To some, your whole comment may seem weird 😆

Anyway, just curious. #5 is a new addition to your advice. Can I ask how you found it? And have you used it and what were the results? Sorry. Like I said, just curious. 😊
Miracles51031 (38 stories) (4935 posts) mod
4 years ago (2015-08-17)
supernaturalservices - what does aluminum foil do? And does the length of hair matter?
supernaturalservices (86 posts)
4 years ago (2015-08-17)
1. Get a bowl of white vinegar and mix it with sea salt. Let it evaporate in the area where the manifestations are occuring.

2. Burn some sage in the area twice a week. You can youtube how.

3. If there is a direct manifestation right in front of you, you can shine an LED light at it and it will diminish. Also passing things made of Iron through manifestations work well to dispel things.

4. Saying psalm 91 or a protective prayer or chanting AUM 21 times before bed works for many people.

5. I know this is weird but take some aluminum foil and cut a sheet out and tape it to the back of your neck. Keep it there until it is itchy.

If you have any more questions feel free to email me at [at]
Goggzy (guest)
4 years ago (2015-08-17)
The time frame is a bit weird to say the least but it does seem to be more like a intelligent, what I believe you should do is get your family together and speak about it. Most likely this is just stress giving a spirit power to make itself known but could be nothing more than a spirit wanting to make itself known.
DragonLuvrD (6 stories) (12 posts)
4 years ago (2015-08-16)
It's not that they're against someone Donut. It's they have questions about the story. There is nothing in anyone's comments saying they're against anyone. Please quit trying to be a drama bug.

And I totally agree with the timeline questions.

This comment from DonutIsBack is hidden due to low rating. Show comment

sds (14 stories) (1370 posts)
4 years ago (2015-08-16)
Hi Kamen, please do participate in the debate and answer the barrage of questions putforth by Rook, Val, Lady-glow and others. Val, I agree with you. The timeline doesn't quite suit the narrated events. Still let us wait for sometime more.

Still I have my own doubts about this 'story'. Something doesn't fit in.

Regards and respects to every one.

valkricry (45 stories) (3052 posts) mod
4 years ago (2015-08-16)
sush, we must be patient. The first comment was only 2 days ago (as I write this). Being as in the States, summer is ending and everyone is getting ready for back to school, it could be the OP is busy. Or the computer could be down. I always wait at least a week before I start wondering 😉.
sushantkar (16 stories) (523 posts)
4 years ago (2015-08-16)
Seems like we have another controversy here.

It is quite unfortunate that first people declare that they will participate in debate but when they realize that their submission had some errors they quietly slipped away from back door.

We all have seen this before.

Miracles51031 (38 stories) (4935 posts) mod
4 years ago (2015-08-14)
Shrush - since you are new here, take the time to read the guidelines. It could save a lot of confusion and/or issues. Also, reading the comments before you make your own could help reduce the repeated questions.

Thank you 😊
Shrush (3 stories) (46 posts)
4 years ago (2015-08-14)
I couldn't understand this "Yesterday, my sister woke up" but in the end you wrote " After a long time researching, my sister's problem still persists, and is starting to get worse". If your sister has started experiencing it yesterday then how could you research for long time?
The order of events is quite confusing for me.

(I am sorry if my comment isn't according to guidelines as I am new and haven't read the guidelines yet)
A_A (1 stories) (37 posts)
4 years ago (2015-08-14)
I agree with the rest of the comments about the holes in the story, but what baffled me was that your sister woke to see a figure, but you were presumable asleep during the whole ordeal?
Why do you think this is your sister's problem? (This sounds like your putting blame on her) I do think you are seeing only the iceberg above the water, and need to be more insightful.
valkricry (45 stories) (3052 posts) mod
4 years ago (2015-08-14)
As you can see, the timeline is giving us all a bit of a problem.
So, I'll ask some questions and we'll see if we can clear this up. OK?
1) Did the problems start before your sister saw the onryo?
2) How long has it been causing problems within the family?
3) Why of all the yurei do you think this is an onryo? Generally, they appear as they died and not 7-8 feet tall.
Bela_10 (3 stories) (51 posts)
4 years ago (2015-08-14)
Hi Kamen!

You said you began seeing things. What do you usually see? You didn't state it in your story. Thanks in advance.

Swan (2 posts)
4 years ago (2015-08-14)
I'm in agreement with the other 2 comments about the chronology and holes of the story. By all means, please fill us in! 😁

As for the estimation of the aftermath of "seeing" something, it could very well be destroying your family, but that's only assuming your family had got along before this event. Have you talked to your sister since then for more background, perchance? Did she dabble in something she might have thought to be innocent?
lady-glow (11 stories) (2468 posts)
4 years ago (2015-08-13)
I'm with Rook in this one... The time frame is very confusing and contradictory.

How can you say that:"...After a long time researching, my sister's problem still persists, and is starting to get worse." -If your sister saw this 'onryo' just yesterday? 😕

What do you mean by "possessing a white gown and red eyes?, do you mean the entity got into one of your dresses making it float in the room?

How old is your sister? Did your family used to get along "the day before yesterday" or the arguments and problems have been going on before that and intensified after the possession of the white gown?

Please help us to understand your story in order for us to be able to help you.
rookdygin (24 stories) (4454 posts)
4 years ago (2015-08-13)
Ummm? You begin by saying that your sister woke up 'yesterday'... Then continue to say you have begun seeing things... Even more you state that 'sense TODAY' your sister has bad cramps whenever she enters your room. Further more you say...' after a long time researching' things are getting worse...

Can you please clerify (sp?) your timeframe of these events... Can you also explain why your sister was sleeping on the floor of your room as well as HOW you came to the conclusion that this possible spirit is a 'onryo'...that is a pretty culturerly (real word...sp?) specific reference... What is your families culture?

How old is your sister?

I think that is enough questions for now.



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