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So, on Halloween night, me and a few friends decided to get dressed up all scary, so we got some old white shirts and put fake blood all over them.

At the time we were all at my friend Cassie's house, and I decided to take my necklace off (it is a cross) and put it in my bag as I didn't want it to get ruined. As we were getting ready to go, I got my bag and put it in her car.

Anyways, the whole night the bag stayed in my friend's car until she dropped me home. I got my bag and put it inside at my front door. The next day while I was about to leave for work, I grabbed my bag and noticed my wallet and my necklace were missing.

I messaged my friend and she finds my wallet but not my necklace. As this necklace is very dear to me and cost me quite a lot, I was very upset and decided to search for it. I checked the road out my front house, my mum's car (in case it fell out while I was emptying my bag out) and I even checked the whole of my front lawn! All I did was walk from her car to my front door and it was lost.

A day or two later, me and my little brother were about to leave for school (my dad was taking us) and my dad found my necklace sitting in his car! Where I hadn't even been! He was actually just getting back from work and found it while getting out. None of my family could believe where he found it considering 100% there is no way it could of ended up there, I hadn't been in his car since before Halloween (mum's car is family car as dad has to travel a bit for work).

I'm convinced it was a guardian Angel or my grandfather or something.

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shelly_2429 (4 stories) (6 posts)
7 years ago (2015-11-19)
Thank you everyone for your kind comments, also loved your story JerryB

And I'm 100% it wasn't either of my 3 friends, as they only came into my house briefly and my dads car is in the garage (would of made more sense to leave it on the bench or my room, not make the trouble to go out to the garage), plus I've known my friends for years and there just the type of people that wouldn't do that (I've sat with different friend groups and these are the better of the few)
Paranoid_believer (1 stories) (35 posts)
7 years ago (2015-11-16)
Totally confusing! Nonetheless I could place a bet on it being your guardian angel? But we can't rule out the possibility that it could have been a friend who thought it wise to return your necklace rather than stealing it

valkricry (47 stories) (3207 posts) mod
7 years ago (2015-11-15)
Well, I'd rather think that *someone* returned your necklace (be it angel, fairy, whatever) than a remorseful friend had. But anyway you look at it - sure is odd.
otteer (8 stories) (398 posts)
7 years ago (2015-11-13)
Or, guilty friend? Or friends? Could it have been possible that a guilty friend dropped it into your dads car the night he left for work (it was dark he didn't notice it) and he only noticed it the next morning? Ask him if he was sure his car was locked the night before, when he left for work. I'm being a devils advocate because...
Friends sometimes disappoint, and do take things from other friends. Hasn't happened to me, but has to a couple of my friends and your situation left your bag unattended for quite awhile and, your wallet was found out of the bag.

I would much rather like to think it was rescued by a kind spirit, who wanted to make sure what was yours remained yours. And after having my kindle moved around yesterday, I know it is possible. Good story and happy ending regardless of how it got there!

[at] Jerry, enjoyed your story too!
JerryB (8 stories) (189 posts)
7 years ago (2015-11-12)
Good story, I love Halloween related stories. What you said about guardian angel, or something (?) reminded me of something similar that happened to me.

My family and I had just arrived in Germany and were settling in our military guest quarters. We decided to do a little but quick exploring of our new location and decided to walk the short distance to the post exchange for a soft drink. I need to tell you that it was night and that it was foggy beyond imignation. Not that night and foggy is intended to make my story more scary, it wasn't like that.

Crossing the street and drawing nearer to the PX, I reached for my wallet to get my military identification card ready and to move my wallet from my back pocket to my front pocket as I always do. Something I instinctly have done over the years when moving among people, just to make any would be pick pocket's intentions impossible or all the more difficult. My wallet wasn't there. And I stopped and announced same to my family. Needless to say I was extremely upset over this -- but --

About that time two people (a man and a woman) approached us also walking on the sidewalk, coming towards us as if almost magically stepping from the fog ahead, and as my family stood thinking the wallet was a goner, and as the two passed by us we exchanged pleasantries, the man still moving, passing us, said to me, "Here, did you drop this?"

It was my wallet. I was excited and thanked him and laughed and with he wallet still in my hand took a few steps towards the fogged in PX lights when I thought I should say more than a just simple thank you. I was extremely relieved. I turned around and the two were gone, vanished being a better word. As I stood there dumbfounded, it struck me that the two had come towards us; none of us had gone beyond the point where the walkers had come from and passed us by. How in he hell had he found my wallet? I have no explanation other than saying -- guardian angel for sure.

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