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In 1986 my parents purchased and moved into a house. It was an older home and had been inhabited before. I have heard that during the 1970's it was owned by the boys basketball coach from the local high school; supposedly he was a pederast and was fired for making advances towards his team members. This is unsubstantiated.

I was born in 1988 and lived there until we moved to another house across town, in early 2004 (I was 15 1/2 at the time). During my childhood I experienced a variety of troubling phenomena and was very, well, troubled as a result. I constantly felt as if I was being watched, followed, and having my thoughts read; I also felt that something was listening to me while I spoke. As a result I was always afraid and could never be left alone; I was always running up and down stairs, looking behind me and looking over my shoulder.

There was also visual and auditory phenomena. Often out of the corner of my eye I saw shadow figures darting through rooms and then disappearing. One night in the summer of 1998 I heard guttural laughter emanating from the far corner of my room; it seemed to echo and multiply itself before eventually fading and ending. In early 2003 I heard a few (2-3) tortured sounding voices calling my name, again in my bedroom.

The phenomenon was the most intense in the upstairs (my bedroom) and in the backroom of the basement. It seemed to decline and eventually end as I entered puberty.

At the time both my parents were staunch evangelical Christians who believed firmly in the existence of spirits. Oddly enough, however, my father did not take me seriously and dismissed it as a form of separation anxiety. As a result he took no action on my behalf. In hindsight I should have been taken to a therapist (to determine if this was simply a product of my mind and if so, why was my mind producing it). If it was not they should have consulted a religious official to have the house examined and, if need be, cleansed.

Alas, he did neither. In fact it didn't even occur to him to do either and I lived in torment as a result. (His lame band-aid solution was to stay up with me until I fell asleep).

I was discussing this with my mother recently and what she said surprised me. She conceded to me that she too had experienced exactly the same phenomena. However, she began to feel it when they first moved in (1986) and for her it lasted until we moved (early 2004), basically the entire time she lived in the house. She even discussed it with my father.

For his part he maintains he never experienced anything out of the ordinary there, except for a vague sensation of darkness once in the back of the basement.

This has left me with nothing but questions:

Was there a connection between the activities of the previous inhabitant and what I experienced?

Why, despite my parents' religious faith, were the entities capable of entering our home and afflicting us?

Why did my mother and I experience it but not my father?

Why was my father so passive and complacent in dealing with it?

Any and all responses would be greatly appreciated.

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spiritwaiting (42 stories) (843 posts)
6 years ago (2018-06-07)

As a child dealing with that amount of spiritual activity is scary...

In hindsight when you look back it can leave you with more questions.

I myself as a child went through a great amount of activity in the home.

Years later after I left the nest and my parents moved away from that house my mother and I had quite a few convos about it.

She to had experienced a lot but stayed quiet about most of it, in hopes it wouldn't scare me. Not knowing it left me feeling alone in the situation when on many occasions I would run to her or my Step-dad and tell them about what had just happened.

With the usual responses "oh it's just the house settling "or the "your just hearing things it was probably the t.v

With all that I experienced as a kid then I left me with a great fascination for the paranormal etc.

Thanks for sharing your experience here with all of us.

terranigma (9 stories) (71 posts)
6 years ago (2018-06-07)
Some people can't see or won't see supernatural things because they are not sensitive to the spirit realm or they are to focused on their own lives that they can not see anything much past that.

Also being religious does not make you immune to ghostly attacks and I think it can exacerbate things even more?

Maybe your father did see things but thought of a rational explanation for it, like if he saw something out the corner of his eye he could have put it down to being tired or in a poorly lit room?

My mother has told me of being attacked while she was asleep, having something unseen on her and choking her around the neck but when I used to talk to her about supernatural occurrences she would change the subject or tell me not to talk about such things as she believed that talking about things like that gave it power.

I think she didn't want to talk about it because things like that scared her? I don't know? People are so different it is hard to imagine why anyone does anything?
Darkfox (guest)
6 years ago (2018-05-29)
Hi bro.

I agree with Lucia in this case, maybe you should check the background of the previous house owners, it is possible that they too had experienced any of such incidents or maybe check the background of the house, as in many of the stories I had read in this site, the owners were facing these problems because their house was built on a cremation ground which was attracting the spirits towards it.

And in some cases, the garden or the trees near their houses are endowed with such incidents of the past like a suicide was committed in their area and the spirit couldn't move on and is haunting the neighborhood houses... And the prayers only are not enough to remove such powerful spirits.

Atleast it worth a try for your puzzling questions 😉. Looking forward to your next post ❤.
LuciaJacinta (8 stories) (291 posts)
6 years ago (2018-05-25)
I think it may have effected your dad but he wanted to appear in control so he didn't share his feelings.

My personal beliefs are that these things of the paranormal effect everyone regardless of their beliefs system.

I have wondered myself in my own case if paranormal incidents have effected previous owners of our house or if it was just us. I found a copy of the court records of buyers of the house who have lived in it's house at the county courthouse. I think a lot about contacting them. Do you have the knowledge of previous owners of your house? Do you think you could contact them? This is something I don't know for myself how it would be received. I wouldn't want to bother people but I would love to just talk.

So much of this we just will never know. I try to reason things out as well. Writing it all down and seeing if there are any connections to anything helps.
robmkivseries70 (1 stories) (38 posts)
6 years ago (2018-05-25)
Sorry for your experience. How much it may have affected another person is extremely hard to gauge. Generally, for paranormal phenomena to manifest there has to be somebody with some sort of talent for medium ship. I don't have a lot of experience but have read and been exposed to something. Hth

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