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Keeping Child's Spirit


Macao, place of wonder and history! Asia's largest entertaining place! As we have all seen all the PRs of Macao, that place sure is amazing! Full of joy and friendliness. But little does people knew about Macao's traditional Buddhism and some other horrific "under world" culture.

Me and my 2 friends went to this amazing entertaining place 2 months ago. We went to lots of famous historical places to see those historical monuments. We brought our "dictionary of Macao" with us read the history and the meaning of each of the place, we stopped at a bakery cafe and checked our map on where our next destination will be closer. One of my friend said that he wanted to go to a casino and so we went to the most famous and the oldest casino hotel that we have known since it was very close. We walked passed the new hotel and crossed the road to get to the old hotel.

We are surprised how popular the place still is after decades or a century? We see lots of tourists taking pictures at the lobby, lining up to check-in and so on. After crowds of people we finally got to the casino floor. It was huge and there were lots of people around betting and shouting for their fortune. I was already half lost then all the sudden my friends were gone. I tried to walk out of the crowds of people and get myself out of the casino floor.

I saw one of my friend wondering around looking for the other, I shouted at him and we got together. He said he have lost the other friend. We both got out of the casino floor first then hoped that we will meet him outside, he was not there. We tried to call him but his phone was not working at the time. We went off to a cafe and sat down, we heard our friend coming down the hallway with some security guards. We stopped them and asked what happened, the security guards replied, "He was cheating!" I could not believe that at first and asked to see the video, it took awhile and finally they showed us a footage on my friend's game. My friend was playing blackjack at the time and hit for more cards. He held out both of his hand and a mysterious hand appeared from under the table.

First, he thought that it was one of us, he looked around but saw none of us he dropped his Spade 5 and hand changed it to an Ace and held it back to him. He did not know what made him do it or why did "it" want him to cheat at all. The security guards claims that they knew that he was cheating and was grouped with some others. The 2 of us explained and told them when the hand appear none of them were there. After a long argument, the casino let my friend go without any finds. He told us later that during his game he heard a chanting which went "Um pretaya swaha". We looked up prayers and chants, and we found that it was a chanting from the preta's prayer "Prayer of the dead spirits of hungry children".

We did not know much of what that really was until we met out Thai professor who himself was once a Buddhist monk. He told us that people will buy "human oil" to keep the spirit of the child. It was said that by keeping the spirit, it will help to win more fortune to the keeper. That means that the spirit will do anything for the person who keeps them. But that sometime is risky since you will have to give it what it want or else you will be cursed forever by it.

Hearing the preta's chants had a few different occasions. When you hear it during a business talk, that will mean that your partner is trying to lead you to the wrong direction. When you hear it during a meal, that will mean that you are being too greedy, and needs to share more, so on.

The occasion of my friend would be considered that he is giving away his richness, the spirits will sometimes make its own rules on chanting its prayer, said our professor. He assumed that one of the players on the table must have been keeping a child's spirit, and was too greedy that he needed to give away and share his richness, the spirit had chosen my friend probably he was going to lose badly on that game.

I am out of Macao now of course. I was planning to go back and thank the "spirit" for trying to help my friend out, but I don't know what to do since my religion is different. I asked my professor whether we shall offer the spirit something. He said it's up to us but we have to know that the spirit is being "kept" by others, it will not be there for ever like other "wild" spirits. But what I feel very wrong about this culture of keeping a child's spirit is we buy human oil... From where will they get the human oil from?

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roylynx (guest)
7 years ago (2017-02-05)
They actually keep and roast the sme body to get the "oil".

That is why it is illigal, we are not aloud to keep dead bodies of any person, so don't be out of your mind.

Zeromaru (guest)
8 years ago (2016-03-04)
Thanks for commenting again! 😁
Hmm...then it would not be a good luck charm at all because people is using the luck of the dead ones... From what I understood I mean... Yuck! 😭
lady-glow (16 stories) (3154 posts)
8 years ago (2016-03-03)
Oh, my! In my country some people believe that carrying the body of a dead hummingbird will bring them luck in finding love... I always thought this practice to be cruel and creepy, but after reading the link about those foetuses... YIKES! 😲

Zeromaru: I still think it possible for some people to use unidentified bodies like a source of "human oil"...perhaps there is even a black market for this " product"?

Macknorton: actually, I have a phobia for any sport involving a ball. 😜
Zeromaru (guest)
8 years ago (2016-03-03)
Thank you for commenting!
Wow! Did you just solve most of the questions being asked about the security system of the casino? Thanks again!
Yes, that was the hotel that we when to, there are lots of old Chinese funitures and statues in the lobby as well! (I bet they bought most of those from Mainland China)
Kuman Thong... Ooh... Horrific...
Thanks again for all the work!
otteer (8 stories) (398 posts)
8 years ago (2016-03-02)
Uh, yuck. Figured this took place in the Hotel Lisboa, the oldest grand hotel around before famous Vegas hotels jumped into the Macau mix. Also noted that the languages are Cantonese and Portuguese, and Macao is the Portuguese version of the name. Well. Lots of pictures of the blackjack tables available to look at. They really cram the people in at those tables, they seat 9 and no room in between the cloth silk chairs. There does not appear to be any room for anything under that table except the legs of the people in those chairs, and that would be cramped conditions! The surveillance cameras are attached 4 to a table (long arched poles arching over the tables) and there are tables everywhere so, you would have a camera shot available from every angle. There are security people standing everywhere, so it would be easy to spot a hand coming up from the table but not easy to understand how without looking at the cameras. That would take a bit of work to get ready but the security systems in place at hotels are amazing, so those tapes should clearly show how that hand got there, if there was no proof (and no one could fit under that table, no one) I could see them letting him go, especially in a country that is still steeped in folklore, superstition and where spirits still are respected and feared, no matter how high tech and glittery it is.
My opening statement pertains to what I found out about human oil. Here is a Wiki link describing keeping a childs spirt, referencing human oil, how its procured and other creepo stuff done in the name of good luck. Its a tradition originated in Thai culture. Its gross.
Anyway, thanks for the curious story! Https://
Zeromaru (guest)
8 years ago (2016-03-02)
Thanks fo commenting!
Well, I don't know their rules, but it was not pleasant at all. The way casinoes function (?), should be the way you are saying? Don't know. But we saw the vid so, they did let us know what was going on.
Macknorton (5 stories) (646 posts)
8 years ago (2016-03-02)
Hi Zeromaru. Another baffling tale from the Far Side! Thank you!

My thoughts are that your friend would only be accused of cheating if he was winning and winning and then winning some more, over a long period of time. Casino's don't like it when the odds are stacked against THEM.

With all due respect, it doesn't quite ring true to me that your friend was accosted by the security team, accused of cheating, but you were ALL then allowed to see the video footage, but then he was released...

Lady Glow, do you play soccer, because if you do, I imagine you'd be the goalie because nothing much would get past you!


Zeromaru (guest)
8 years ago (2016-03-01)
Thanks for commenting!
Well. I should have written what really happen in the security room.

When we saw the footage, the manger? Or the person in charge? Was also there, he was also investigating the case, he also saw this mysterious hand, I could tell that he knew something about "those thing". He whispered to some of the security guards there and sort of agreed on something... Sorry I don't speak their language... Then we were let go, in a "not really sure what's going on" manner.

I don't think after that, they even bother to investigate the gaming table, since they knew "something" is there... That was an unpleasant experience... REALLY...

About the chanting, my friend himself is a Buddhism, probebly he was sort of familiar with some words in the chant? And so we were able to look it up.

About the human oil... Well, when we heard about it from our professor we did not believe those culture really existed...

Well about the drown lady... I am STILL, really, STILL looking it up. There should be web news in some websites since it was on the local news paper! 😨
lady-glow (16 stories) (3154 posts)
8 years ago (2016-03-01)
There's a lot to take in this story.

I have trouble understandind that the security guards would let your friend go without performing a throughout investigation of what had happened in the casino.
If the security personnel thought your friend was working with some other/s, - how come they didn't look for the rest of the "team"?
How did he know the " chant" he heard was a prayer?

I don't know anything about Buddhism, but find the notion of "keeping a child's spirit" very creepy and upsetting... Who knows, perhaps they get the "human oil" from the bodies of covered up accidents/crimes like the drown lady from your other story?😲

Thanks for sharing.

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