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Carrying on from Tarot Mystery, this is about the ghosties around Mum's former rental home. To recap, there was a lot of complicated negative energy coming from the physical world all connected to her rental home being sold.

When I arrived at her place in December, the energy was thick and heavy within the house. It felt busy with multiple ghosts present. On the outside the garden was thriving as always, but it was silent. Completely silent, no bird calls. It's usually teaming with bird calls of multiple species. The birds were there, going about their day. But none maketh a sound. I wondered if something was spooking them, a feral cat perhaps, but deep down I felt it wasn't that simple. I could hear birds in the distance but none in the immediate area, stretching maybe ten houses. All birds remained silent the entire time I was there. With the exception of a black bird who occasionally made a distress call.

Mum told me about her resident furniture moving ghost who'd been active most of the year. She'd heard furniture being dragged around after she'd gone to bed, an almost nightly occurrence. Sure enough it happened while I was there.

On the first night I jokingly bid goodnight to the ghost, Mum shook her head like that was a stupid thing to do. Yeah, I'm an idiot, but hey it was funny. Well moments after I'd switched off the lamp and rolled over 'someone' rata-tat-tatted on the bed frame, near the pillow. This jolted me and I had the impression it was the furniture ghost. Sure enough, not long after the sounds of armchairs, coffee table dragging along the carpet started up. I wasn't scared and wanted to get up and check it out but was too lazy and went to sleep.

The next morning I told Mum about the rap on the bed frame. She rolled her eyes at me and said 'it' did the same on her drawers and then started dragging stuff in the lounge... We had gone to bed at the same time, so I guess 'it' was saying goodnight after my well wishes, before having its routine furniture fun.

A couple days before Christmas I was catching up on emails. Directly behind me was a tiny hallway and then the kitchen. This will sound strange to some but I've grown up with odd. I was totally engrossed in what I was reading when the distinct sound of a kitchen chair being dragged along the lino happened. I was the only one there, I sort of made a conscious note of 'that just happened' while I carried on reading. About half an hour later I went to the kitchen. The chair had been dragged to the doorway of the laundry. From the chair's starting point, to put it in the doorway you first have to close the kitchen/laundry door. So that door was closed with the chair in front of it. Fair enough, I thought, and put it back where it was.

Later that evening I told Mum. She said she'd never found that chair moved before or that door closed.

Later still, same evening, I was up late working out an emergency plan in case Mum's house situation became dire (which it did, see Tarot Mystery). I was standing in the kitchen deep in thought when I heard 'click click click... Click click click click' coming from the semi-closed laundry door. When I looked to the door it stopped. If I'm calm and I concentrate I can see ghosties, so I looked to the door for maybe 20 seconds as this beastly being appeared. Once it was clear, it seemed to recognise what I was doing and know it was now visible to me, it turned it's mouth upwards in what I can only describe as a smile. I got the warmest feeling from this creature.

It was standing outside the laundry door, one hand/paw thing on the door, it had big long nails/claws like a bear and I'm sure the 'click' was its nails on the door, asking to come in. It was hairy like a gorilla, large heavy build and it's face looked all ummm, well, like a demon. It was as tall as the door itself, but there's a step down into the laundry, so it must have been a bit taller, seven or eight foot. I smiled back at it and opened the door the rest of the way, a way of saying 'come in'.

The tense chaotic vibe in the house immediately calmed. A few times that night I felt a couple heavy slow footsteps in the house and felt they were this entity, who I believe was a nature spirit. The furniture did not budge an inch that night.

Mum's weird, she takes a cup of tea to bed with her and then has to use the bathroom a lot. So when she got up I told her what happened. She said she'd had the same 'click click' on her bedroom windows at night (two windows on different walls). She said the clicking moved from one window across to the other some nights spanning a few months. Figuring this was the same spirit, I wondered if it'd been trying to get in for a while and wondered if those were during particularly chaotic times.

Mum's also weird for cleansing and shielding separately, never together. So she'll mentally cleanse the house and herself without shielding. Or she'll shield everything without cleansing. It's one or the other and I bet it contributes to the chaos. Because of this I find it's quite the chore, and draining, to keep her place calm. As a side note, I've a question about this: Can someone cleanse a shield away? That's what it felt like on some days.

Taking advantage of the calm energy that beastie brought in, later that night I had a brief OBE in hopes to find out who the furniture mover was. I knew instinctively the furniture would not move because the house felt calm and normal. When I entered the lounge I saw a being I'd had a vision about back in 2013. This being was 'sleeping' in a top corner of the lounge, floating near the ceiling.

In around May 2013 I had a vivid dream. The dream began with me standing in Mum's laundry, it was night time and all lights were off. Outside through the window a light was coming from the back door a couple feet to the right. I stepped out of the laundry to the back door, which was open with the wire door shut. Through the wire door I saw this bizarre entity who was kind of glowing in the dark, standing, looking at me. It appeared to be trying to talk but no sound, I felt it had a warning. That was the end of the dream.

This entity had extremely long legs and appeared uncomfortable standing upright, or talking. Got the impression it was trying to look human by standing upright. It had white skin, like no pigment white, long white hair, and white robes which looked like seaweed, also white. I say seaweed because it reminded me of a cross between a human and a seahorse. Add to this its hair and clothing seemed to move like it was underwater. Also of note, I hardly ever dream about Mum's place.

I felt this dozing thing in the corner was the furniture mover. I returned and went to sleep.

I felt this also explained the whooshing I kept experiencing. Something kept whooshing past from a height, especially near that corner. Like imagine you're stirring something on the stove or whatever, then you feel a cool gust on your face but it feels like it's coming from above. I felt this a lot anywhere inside the house and especially near that corner in the lounge. Now I think I was feeling its seaweed/robes brush me as it whirled past. (This is the entity I feel was buzzing about and somewhat contributing to that static dream I had in Tarot Mystery.)

Next day I was really getting stuck into Mum about her stupid shielding method. (She's quite blase about it.) I was trying to convey that it was contributing to the chaos. Ironically I was causing negativity in this moment. She didn't really believe what I was saying made much difference.

Hours after that disagreement, I was standing in the lounge near the corner where the sea creature what-have-you hung out. I know I was deep in thought but can't remember what about. Then my top from the back of my neck lifted up like someone had lightly pulled it, then it was released again. I tried to recreate this thinking the fabric had bunched up from below or something, but couldn't. I also tried to find logic to this and couldn't. My best guess is it wanted me to know it was there. Maybe it thought I was a piece of furniture OH MY GOD I just thought of that as a joke but what if that's the reason?! Whoah, dude!

Few days later, late at night, one of the smoke detectors went off for no reason. I wrote it off as a flat battery or a small insect crawling on the sensor. It went off a couple of times with an hour or so in between. Oddly enough Mum slept through it. Also strange it was closer to her room and her door was open.

The smoke detector was nothing as far as I was concerned. That is until two nights later when a house up the road burned. No one was hurt and it didn't burn down. It happened at about the same time of night the smoke detector went off, between 2am and 3am. This house was around the corner, its backyard and Mum's backed onto each other, not directly, but from back corners. So looking out the back door you could see the back/side view of this house. The side wall was glowing orange with plumes of smoke coming from its roof. I don't know if its back shed was on fire to create that orange glow on the exterior wall, but all that smoke was coming from the roof. I don't know if the smoke alarm and this fire were a complete coincidence or not.

That was late December to early January. When I returned in March, not much had changed ghost wise. Mum, however, was now wising up to, and freaking out, about her house situation.

At night I made a thing of enjoying her backyard from the back windows, I was sad she was moving. This was also an opportunity to find out if there were any entities about. Well, on some nights it was exceptionally busy. I saw a couple more of those sea creature type beings which got me thinking about the location. This house wasn't near the beach, but the beach was a suburb over. It would take about 10 minutes to drive there if you take the freeway. Also the soil in this neighbourhood was very sandy.

Other nocturnal garden activity included:

Something else very 'white' which was much smaller. These things looked human shaped and darted quickly here to there. One afternoon I felt one's presence while I was on the veranda.

That big dark beast thing, on most nights, was around the back veranda. Either sitting on the step or standing by the shed near by. One night I saw it walk across the veranda like it had come from the front yard.

There was a bush under one of the windows I was frequenting. If I stood there long enough the spindly branches of this bush started swaying and 'waving' quite abruptly as if something was climbing them. With no wind or breeze to speak of. There were a lot of rats in this neighbourhood, so that's another possibility.

The shed had a lot of activity. When the shed side door was left open, I noted a lot of movement inside. But couldn't get more detail than that. Mum used that shed to dry flowers. One morning, many years ago, some of her flowers had been arranged in a circular pattern. The stems loosely bent to make a circle with flower heads dotted around. She dried her flowers on a table in there, but this 'faerie circle', as it's known, was placed under a spider web on the floor. That was years ago.

Okay so this next bit will sound totally loony.

Meanwhile Mum kept saying her dog, who's a ghost, hadn't been around lately and she had a bad feeling about why. I said her dog was probably scared off by all the chaos. But she said the 'bad feeling' was coming from her dog's basket which usually has a good feeling about it. Her dog still hangs out in her old basket but hadn't been using it for a few weeks. I stood by my 'chaos' theory and figured her dog would check in once everything settled down.

While Mum was spending the night at hospital (see Tarot Mystery), I noticed the vibes in the house were abnormally still. Before I went to bed I checked the backyard through the window. There wasn't as much activity but something large was in the centre of the yard on the lawn. This appeared to be a big blob of matter, dark with patches of, I guess, white or otherwise lighter tones. It was about as wide as it was tall. I was on an angle looking down at the yard but I guess it was about six by six foot. I had the impression it was some kind of manifestation of all the chaos. I also felt 'something' had contained it and that it was suspended in this position. Maybe it was because I was alone, and had a bizarre day, but I felt very spooked by this.

Then, on the day before the big move, I'd not been up five minutes, was still groggy. Propped up against the stove I was, back door open, wire door closed. The dog's bed is next to the back door but out of view from this angle. I felt something watching, so I look out the back door and in my groggy condition I'm sensitive to the unknown. Sitting in the dog's bed, stretching it's head around to look at me was what one can only describe as a Lynx. I, being the decorous person I am, burst out laughing. Mum came in, I tried to explain but was laughing too much. Why was this funny? Because it was so random and, with everything else, it was like 'yeah, have a Lynx, why ever not'.

There are exactly no native Lynxes there. So my guess is this was a nature spirit who happened to resemble a Lynx. Mum suggested this is why the birds stopped tweeting, which made me laugh all the more. I don't know, I thought the birds must've been aware of negativity or something along those lines.

Well, Mum's moved, she really loves the new place and the energy there feels very calm. It's a shame she had to move and how horrible it all was. I wish I could think of a witty way to sign off but I'm exhausted from just writing about this!

Thanks for reading.

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Sleeping-with-steve (8 stories) (532 posts)
4 years ago (2018-11-01)
Hello Tweed,

I know this is an old post, however CuriousDee recommended I read it. I'm glad she did. What an awesome post.

Your poor mother went through a lot of disturbances. I personally don't know how she managed to stay there as long as she did.

Thanks for sharing your experiences.

Best wishes,
😘 ❤ 😘
Tweed (29 stories) (2362 posts)
6 years ago (2016-05-27)
haha, Val, funny you should say that 'cause there's more or less no garden at her new place, except for all those pot plants of course! 😆 That's very interesting about some nature spirits following people, I really like that idea. 😊
valkricry (47 stories) (3186 posts) mod
6 years ago (2016-05-27)
In the long ago of Scandinavian folklore, it was believed that the Vittra (nature spirits) if so inclined could follow a person/family to new lands. The thought occurred to me that your 'big beasty' could quite possibly have taken on itself the role of protector for your Mom. If so, and if loyal enough he might follow her. If she doesn't have a garden there, perhaps it's the 'pot' plants? 😆
aku-97 (3 stories) (21 posts)
6 years ago (2016-05-25)
Did you come up with any explanation yet. Please let me know on my story
Tweed (29 stories) (2362 posts)
6 years ago (2016-05-20)
Thanks Red, glad you enjoyed. It was a great house and a shame I agree.
RedWolf (31 stories) (1292 posts)
6 years ago (2016-05-20)
Great stories, I wish your mom could have stayed at that house, it sounds like she liked it there. Moving is such a pain in the rear. My mother used to say that rather than move again she would rather just burn down the house then have to pack everything up and move it. Not a nice thing to say but there was so much crap nobody needed I could see her point.
Tweed (29 stories) (2362 posts)
6 years ago (2016-05-18)
Punkys, I could NOT agree with you more! I'm notorious (and proud) of hardly having my phone on, not watching the news or much TV at all, not engaging in social media ahh, I could go on. If I lived the way most do, engrossed in superficial jargon, I would be grossly unhappy.

Glad you enjoyed reading! 😊
PunkysMama (4 stories) (62 posts)
6 years ago (2016-05-18)
Wow Tweed!

I would have loved to visit this house with all the nature spirit activity! Especially your friendly giant! You have inspired me to do some research on these nature spirits I have been reading so much about. 😊

It's so interesting to think about all the things that go on around us that most people don't even realize is happening because this world is so fast paced and distracted! People either have their face in an electronic or are rushing to the next thing! No one meditates, reflects, just be still, and enjoy the natural world anymore. I think we all really miss out on the "unknown" because we are all too engrossed in things that don't really have value.

I'm rambling... Thank you for sharing your experiences what a great read! 😆
Tweed (29 stories) (2362 posts)
6 years ago (2016-05-17)
Roylynx, thanks for your input.😊 I think any 'power' attributed to me or any family members has come from research, lots of practice and honing in on natural skills. Ghosts and the like are considered normal, so I think ones attitude has a lot to do with it. I assume the same can be said for many tribes.

Thanks Manafon, I wondered what some of these creatures were too, especially those robed seahorse type beings. I got a thrill when I realised about the location and sandy soil. Got me to wondering if nature spirits in general dwell in certain environments similar to how animals do, never really thought about that in depth before.

Mum and I were trying to figure what the significance of moving furniture was. Assuming it was the sea creature in the corner doing this. The best I could come up with is that the entity was attempting to look out windows during the night. Perhaps in a guarding capacity. That could explain the heavy chair moved away from the wall, and the other chairs. But the coffee table and drawer action, I don't know. Also the kitchen chair in front of the door. Thinking about this now, I wonder if this entity was aware of the two-toned spooky mass, before I was, and was trying to keep it out. I now get that vibe about the big beast hanging out on and around the veranda steps.

There was a real nature spirit vibe to that house, Mum's a big nature lover so house and resident was a good fit. I always loved visiting there, I'm really sad she had to move and I think the nature spirits would be too. During that time it was a very active house that's for sure. Think during this time frame has been the most ghost activity I've ever encountered in a place. Or the most 'crowded' and restless activity at least.

Thanks for your compliments, glad you enjoyed reading. 😊
Manafon1 (5 stories) (696 posts)
6 years ago (2016-05-16)
This was a really wonderful and vivid account Tweed. It really sounds like your mom's house was a real hub of activity for the nature spirits in the area! I love how you reacted to the various fellas flitting about inside and outside the house. You force the reader to create some truly whimsical mental interpretations. That said, I have seen one nature spirit (as you know) and know that the faces of these things really does excite the mind.

Your impulse to laugh at the Lynx-like spirit was great--that is very much how I felt when that face appeared in the tree next to me. That feeling of incredible happiness. Something akin to a fleeting euphoria. I have no thoughts on the meaning of the different nature spirits you encountered at your mom's house but it was completely captivating to read about your experiences with them. They certainly do seem to hone in on you!
roylynx (guest)
6 years ago (2016-05-16)
Reading your 2 stories something tells me that you have seems to have power to make things happen. Some tribal religion believes that people can be trained to use such powers, ancient people made sacrifices and gave many lives to the gods to gain those powers but after all now most of us know that it is actually a gift sent from the god/goddess/gods.

Even if it was not your power your family might have some backgrounds of such powers, just my opinion and some old tribal knowledge from my grandmother.

Love from São Paulo


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