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One of my many regrets in my 52 years would be selling my house on 1318 Smokey Road... Even though it was spook central. It has been 15 years since the move and I still dream about the house. I find myself going room to room as if I'm checking on things in my dreams.

I really never felt scared living in the house and when things would happen or I felt as though I was being watched I would just shrugged it off and go about my business. However, there was one time I think I was being punished... Geoff and I were having a spat (I was being stubborn - go figure - ha!) and he went on to bed (to pout) leaving me in my recliner to watch TV. (Our bedroom was large enough to have a bed at one end and two recliners and TV on the other - so I was in the same room with Geoff) I got up to go to the kitchen to get me a snack and when I came back to the room... I was just about to sit back down when something got a hold of my right index finger... It felt like someone had bit down on my finger hard and IT HURT! I started crying and Geoff jumped out of bed and ran over to me. There was no marks on my finger and the pain lasted only for a few minutes...anyway, Geoff and I made-up and went to bed.

It took me a few years to relive that moment and the more I thought about it the more I'm sure that it was Mary (Geoff's mom)...I really do believe that she became angry at me for fighting with her son and she wanted to get my attention - and BOY, DID SHE!

About a week before I moved in with Geoff, I took him a dozen roses to surprise him when he came home from work. I already had a key to the house, so I thought I would take the flowers and a sweet card and place them on the kitchen table so that he would see them as soon as he walked in the door. When I walked in and placed the flowers down there was a heaviness in the air that made me a bit uncomfortable and I quickly left.

It would be a few years later that I would learned that when a ghost is in your presence that you may feel like the air around you is thick and heavy. Even though I would have those feelings of being watched from time to time I never experienced the heavy air effect until the day we were moving out.

The boys and I made one last trip to the house to clean and grabbed the last of our things and while the boys were in the back of the house playing, I felt I need to say goodbye. I had such a sadness that every inch of me felt as though it was being pulled down... I lost all my energy... I was going around acting like Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh. Anyway, I went room to room saying goodbye and I felt as though each room was crying with me... It was one of the saddest days of my life.

About a year after the move I would find myself going by the old homestead and would park across the street and sit and stare at the house... Why does the house have such a hold on me?

Not long afterwards I find out my sister Kelly has a gift of communicating with the dead... So I ask her to come with me for one of my many trips to the house... Just to see if I could get an answer on why I couldn't let go of this house. Kelly suggested that it would probably be better if she went alone... That she thought the reading would come through clearer.

Later that week Kelly met me at the school I work at (which is right up the road from the old house - the name of the school?...SMOKEY ROAD MIDDLE SCHOOL) Kelly pulled me to the side and told me to NEVER NEVER go to the house again... She further explain that there was a lot of anger that surrounded the house - she told me she sense Mary being very angry with me and anyone who was close to me and Mary had screamed at Kelly to not come back!

Kelly said she hightailed it outta there but not before sensing Geoff and she said that he was sad. So... Now feeling guilty for selling the land and house but there was nothing I could do... It was too late... And to this day I try not to go pass the area where the house stood (it has been torn down now for several years)...but the house still remains in my dreams and I've vowed that if I ever come into a substantial amount of moolah I would build a replica of the old homestead and live the rest of my days in it.

Several years had passed when I ran into the son of the man who bought the old house and land from me... "Hey, Cheryl, you know that old home you sold to dad? Did you know that thing is haunted?"

I told him I did... That there were things that happen but that I had not really thought about it in a while... But that it sounded like something happen to him and to please tell me about it... And here is his story:

"Dad was at the old house getting the wood out of the kitchen and pulling nails out of the wood so that he could use it elsewhere...well, I was over there helping him... But I needed to run to the store for a minute and told him that I would be right back... When I came back... Dad was sitting in the truck white as a ghost and when I ask him what was going on - he said that he was never going in that house again... Dad told me that he was on the porch pulling nails out of a few boards when something knocked on the kitchen screen door causing it to open slight bit and he went to shut the door... Thinking nothing of it and went back to work... Then the knock happened again and the door opened up once again...well, dad went to close the door but this time he stuck some vines that were growing around the property into the door causing the door to become jammed... Dad went back to working... When all the sudden the knocking started again except this time the door would not open... The knocking became stronger causing the top of the door to move... The knocking became louder and louder... Finally the door came loose from the vines and slammed open and that was when I got into the truck." You know, I never saw my dad so scared.

A few weeks later I bumped into the dad and the first thing he told me was "Hey, your old house is haunted!" I replied "I know, your son told me all about it." Of course, I had to listen to the story again.

I hope you all enjoy this... If you have read my stories, then this will make sense... If not... Please read my other stories to get the full deal... Until next time:)

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LuciaJacinta (8 stories) (291 posts)
6 years ago (2018-01-09)
I know this was a year ago, but I wanted to comment because I lived in a house that seems like this one and my reaction to it was similar to yours when we left. A bit different because you said you were never scared there but I was always scared at mine. Despite being scared, I still loved my house and feel some attachments to it. Like you, I had someone in my life come to me and tell me to never go back to our house too. Except it took us 6 months to leave it after that warning. We were warned not to form any attachments or else it would follow us. I do feel this pull to my old home still. But I feel the attachments may not necessarily be good. It's been 1 year since we left our house and still I think of it. Do you still a draw to your home as well 1 year after writing this?
Miracles51031 (39 stories) (4999 posts) mod
7 years ago (2016-12-21)
applerose - I read this one when it was first published but it made me sad and I couldn't think of anything to say. I read it again and it still makes me sad. And I still cannot think of anything to say except I believe houses collect/absorb energy and maybe when y'all left, the happiness left, leaving the house sad 😕

Expressing my thoughts clearly is not my thing today LOL
applerose (13 stories) (139 posts)
7 years ago (2016-12-19)

Lets try this one more time... I had responded to your comment last week and when I checked this site over the weekend I saw where my comment was not printed... So I I said before... Lets try this again.

LOL... I did not leave any paint cans...But, I did not rip down the walls... To this day, I really think Mary may have hid money inside the walls-however the damage I would cause to the house looking for treasure... I just could not take the risk.
I want to tell you how sorry I am for the loss of your grandparents.
WOW! Your grandmother getting in contact with your mom and then to led her to money. You hear of that happening quite a bit... I believe that our love ones send us messages for all sorts of different reasons - so everyone needs to keep a keen eye or they may miss a message. As soon as I get a chance I will read your story. 😁
AugustaM (7 stories) (996 posts)
7 years ago (2016-12-15)
Your recounting of your last walk through of the house saying goodbye to every room and the heaviness and sadness you experienced as you did so reminded me of an uncannily similar experience my mother shared with me.

After her parents (they were wonderful people - I wrote of them in my story here on this site) passed away (they were taken by cancer within four months of each other), she went to pack up their house so it could be put on the market. With the help of her siblings, the process took only a few days - it wasn't a large house, they'd always lived modestly. Job done, her sister and two brothers drove away leaving my mom on the front steps with the keys to give to the realtor. She just stood there staring at the keys in her hand. Unable to leave - unable to stay - she decided to go back in for a final goodbye. Just like you, she walked through each room - this was the house she had grown up in - saying goodbye to the house and her parents. She could feel their sadness, she could feel the house's sadness. Having visited each room, she stepped to the front door ready to walk out and lock it behind her one last time when the air grew impossibly thick and heavy. Inside her head she could hear her mother's voice - she called her name in that tone that all parents use when you're in trouble. She thought that perhaps something had been forgotten but she had just checked all the rooms, the only thing that had been left behind was a set of paint cans under the kitchen sink that had been left in case the new owner wanted to touch up the interior paint. So she went back to the kitchen, reached under the sink and pulled one out. Taped to the under side of it was an envelope bearing her mother's hand writing - it said 'second honeymoon' - inside was $10,000.

You didn't happen to leave any paint cans behind in the old house, did you?
applerose (13 stories) (139 posts)
7 years ago (2016-12-09)
Oh I do miss the house... Just one of those regrets I'll have to live with. 😭
Tweed (35 stories) (2501 posts)
7 years ago (2016-12-09)
Hi Applerose,

Thanks for sharing, I hate hearing of homes being destroyed. There's a few I'd love to build replicas of as well. 😊

I just wanted to give you some kind of I guess advice. It's about your sister. I read your other submission about her and although I don't know her and could be way off base, I got the impression she hmmm has a love for drama.
I don't really disbelief her abilities but someone can be a sensitive and still get off on the thrill and excitement of, you know, drama.
If I was in your position I would have asked her to get a feel for the house, accepted what she said, and believed it. But I would have NEVER in a million years let her reaction stop me from visiting it.

I don't think this house had any heavy power over you, I think you think of it because you miss it. I do the same thing with a few houses, I think we all do.

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