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Barbie Legs (help)


This is but one of countless experiences of which I've bore witness. Being a Wiccan Initiate, it is vital that I keep the psychic door propped wide open (not that I could close it anyway). Being in the Four Corners area (New Mexico), paranormal occurrences are not so paranormal. But this is a strange entity with habits I haven't yet encountered. I smudged with white sage, FILLED the house with smoke, and did the usual ritual. Accompanied with music. It didn't seem to help.

My fiance and I moved into a new house about a month ago. We were told that the tenants who lived there before us were dangerous, broken people. We were warned we needed to change the locks because the man gave out keys to his "friends", as well as the fact that he may try to come back. Basically, this house was a drug den from what I understand. It was further proven to us when they drove up behind our house (which is only a dirt road with an open field used for police and factory workers) and parked their truck there. I don't know the amount of time that they were there. My fiance noticed the man in the field next to our fence as we were leaving one day and went outside to confront them. (I did see him, but I didn't talk to him) The man claimed that he was collecting his two young daughter's barbies that were out there behind the fence. He was very obviously high on amphetamines. After a short verbal altercation between them, the man got into his truck and drove off.

But the activity itself started on the first day. Out of the corner of my eye as I went to sit on the couch with fiance, I saw a dog. A dark colored, medium dog. I remember it had a docked tail and stood on long legs. Wasn't there when I looked. Fiance said he saw nothing. Then, later, I was painting the cabinets in the kitchen when I heard a dog's whimper from the living room. I ignored it as normal for a moment before I realized that I didn't have a dog and I crawled down from the step stool. I went into the living room to investigate and as soon as I entered, I heard my cat, Ava, making a deep yowling sound from one of the back rooms. The sound she makes when she's about to vomit.

(Said room had an entity in the closet, which left through me as a burst of cold air when I opened the door as I was smudging. The door to enter that room would open by itself constantly, until I asked verbally for it to stay closed. Sometimes when I enter the room, the sweet smell of candy can be STRONGLY detected. This was the girl's room.)

When I heard her yowl, I started going back there, only to be interrupted by a crash in the kitchen. I back tracked. I saw that the screen that was stood up against the wall had hit the tile floor. On my way to see about the crashing sound, I noticed that Ava was sitting with her paws tucked under her on the chair by the window in the kitchen. She couldn't have ran passed me. This all happened in rapid succession. I was forced to dismiss it as I had no idea what to do.

Then I had a dream. I will swear to this day that, if I wasn't in a strange dimension in that dream, an entity was at the very least was controlling it. The dream started with myself, wandering through the house. I don't remember why or what I was doing, but I remember that I was afraid. I went to open the door to go into the girl's former room, which I despise, and I found that there was a clutter of objects in there. Various things, cardboard boxes, papers, magazines, etcetera. But nothing that I personally had. Curiously, I saw Chaos perched on a stack of papers in the middle of the room. Chaos, my old female tortoiseshell cat that ran away when I was thirteen, meowed at me.

I felt somebody pinch my shirt and draw it away from my flesh. Through the collar, whoever it was slid a barbie's severed legs into the back of the shirt and let go. I didn't need to take the legs out to know what they were, in fact I didn't even need to feel them against my flesh to know what the entity was putting in my shirt. But I felt like I was in danger and I'd be leaving myself open to an attack if I distracted myself by attempting to get the legs out. So I backed out of the room and into the hallway before removing them and as I turned to go into the living room instead, I saw myself. I was sitting in the recliner that I have there with my arms on both of the arm rests. I felt a panic rise up in my chest, a jittery panic that forced me to walk forward and toward myself. As I approached, I realized that my face was blurry. I couldn't make out any facial features, but I was wearing an outfit I used to wear quite a bit that I don't think I've ever worn in this house before. I started to talk in a high, strained, panicked tone; I don't remember what I was saying. The doppelganger on the recliner turned her blurry face to me, as if listening, before she slowly started to turn her head toward the window. Then, suddenly, I was awake. I immediately started to cry after the dream, I was terrified.

Then, last night. My fiance and I had gone to bed. It was 6:30 in the morning, when apparently my fiance was awoken by a loud noise in the living room. He said it sounded like one of the cats was choking, as they do when they're vomiting. He launched himself out of bed and began to check out the entire house when he found no cat in the living room. Neither of the cats were vomiting or had vomited. Anywhere. So he went to the bathroom. I awoke by myself after he had entered the bathroom. I was hearing noises, which I was dismissing as my fiance. Looking back, I don't know what I was thinking. The noises sounded like crying. A cry that didn't have the vibration or the tone, but seemed to sound a little like something choking. Distorted.

I was deciding to truly ignore it and turn over in bed to go back to sleep when I heard it. The cry became crystal. It was like that moment when you put headphones on that are already playing something and it becomes clear as you put them on. It was a little girl's crying, a very young girl. I'd say about four. MAYBE five. It was either in the very corner of the room or right outside the window. My eyes snapped open and I sat up abruptly, at which point the crying stopped. All noises stopped as I sat there, listening. Then I hear fiance coming out of the bathroom and into our room. I turned to him and I asked him,

"Are you hearing this?"

"What did you hear?"

"It sounded like a little girl crying."

"No, but something really loud woke me up."

I got up and went over to the laptop, which was supposed to be playing Netflix. The episode had paused. There was no "Are you still watching?" prompt or whatever it says, just paused. I resumed the show and I closed our bedroom door, which we usually leave open. Afterward, we laid down to go back to sleep, and we both heard the cries underneath the audio once more. It seemed to be in the room with us this time. I laid awake for an hour afterward, too afraid to sleep, and definitely too afraid to dream. He laid awake as well; he's still very disturbed at the entire concept of whatever is happening here (same). He's still a skeptic though, somehow.

Help? What do I do at this point? I'm almost too afraid to be here by myself and my fiance works the swing shift. (2:30 PM-12 AM)

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RSAChick (115 posts)
6 years ago (2018-01-30)
Weird and strange experiences.
I have a question: why is Netflix playing while you are sleeping?
I know you say it was paused, but could this possibly be the source of the little girl's cries?
AugustaM (7 stories) (996 posts)
6 years ago (2018-01-25)
Seems like you definitely have something going on there. Don't be discouraged in your cleansings - often many repetitions are required to really make it stick. May be make it an every three days or at least weekly thing for a few months. Also maybe try various methods. For some reason I get the feeling that a method that includes opening all windows, sweeping out all the rooms and literally washing the walls would help - and it would at least help get rid of any lingering tar - then painting to claim the place as your own.

Those former tenants worry me in a very non-paranormal sense though. Be careful confronting them - an individual strung out on meth is capable of anything and it only takes a split second to pull a gun. Maybe investing in a fairly low tech alarm or security system would be a good idea.

The crying of the little girl could be residual energy. Even if the child is still living - given what you have said of the adults present in her life, her existence may not be a terribly pleasant one and there may have been a great many tears spilled in her room. May be take extra steps to fill what was her room with positivity - crystals, family photos, sacred objects etc and air it out as often as possible.
Sempiternal (1 stories) (1 posts)
6 years ago (2018-01-24)
I actually don't know much about the house other than things I've gathered from a visual search. Such as the places they liked to do their drugs the most (cigarette burns in carpet, tar on the walls), which I thought had a higher concentration of negative energy. Our room and the bathroom were the worst. We haven't asked the neighbors about the house though. The landlord mentioned something about the neighbors hating them when we signed the lease, I assumed that was all the information I was going to get.

The landlord was strange when fiance jokingly mentioned that he'd hate it if there were any ghosts here. He was silent and when fiance mentioned it again, he kind of stuttered out a "I don't think there's one here, but there's one at my work--" and changed the subject. I brushed it off as the way the landlord received what he said, but it can be brought into question I guess.

I don't know what I think it is. I don't know if there's only one entity either. There was a little girl about that age and a baby girl with the last tenants. I think maybe it was trying to copy that little girl's crying and couldn't quite get it right; it obviously wanted me to be the one who heard the actual crying.

The activity did change the day I smudged. It was a few days later that it started up again. I strongly suspected that it came back in with the fiance when he got home one of those nights.

Something happened to him a few days ago as well. He was in the kitchen as I was taking a shower. Out of the corner of his eye, he sees something fall from the ceiling and land on the ground in the middle of the room. He says it sounded like a cat landing on the ground from a high jump. He immediately turns around and there's nothing there. Nothing was on the ground that wasn't there before and there isn't anything our cats can jump off either. The counters are filled with things, Ava can't get to the top of the fridge. The other is a kitten and can't get up there anyway. The mental image that gave me and still gives me deeply disturbed me, haha.

So out of desperation I did another cleansing yesterday. I meditated in every room while smudging (white light method) and drew a salt barrier on windowsills/doorways. So far, it's clear, but we'll see I suppose!

Thank you for your input. Blessed be! ❤
lady-glow (16 stories) (3158 posts)
6 years ago (2018-01-24)
Sempiternal - in my opinion, though disturbing, there's not enough evidence to consider your dream to be paranormal.
Moving to a new place is stressful and tiring, and knowing the possible danger posed by the previous tenants would add more stress to your situation. It's possible that your nightmare was a reflection of your worries.

What else do you know about the history of the house? Do you suspect that a little girl passed away in there, perhaps under suspicious circumstances? Have you asked the neighbors and/or checked the news?

Do you think the activity changed after the cleansing? Perhaps it's time to ask for external help according to your personal beliefs.

Thanks for sharing.

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