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My Sons Experience It Too


I have written a few stories about things that go on in my house. Lots of little experiences. Things don't only happen to me, my kids have seen and heard things as well. These things happened over the past summer, 07. I'd like to relate some of oldest son's experiences first. I'll tell you a little bit about him.

He has psychic abilities, it's the only way I can think to put it. He just rolls with it, he hasn't tried to develop it, it just comes out unexpectedly. This is something that we've experienced since he was able to talk, before that, only he knows, I guess. It happens so often that over these 16 years of his life we've totally dismissed coincidence. We would have to be blind not to. Well, the only relationship that has to this story is that I think it's why he has experienced more than my younger son.

Ben is always hearing things, when he does it's very specific and very clear. He relates his experiences with great detail. One night he was the only one still up, using the computer. He heard footsteps heading from the living room, through the kitchen and stop in the dining room. Thinking it was me, he went to see what I was doing out of bed. No one was there, everyone was still in bed. This is the exact reverse route of footsteps I have heard before. Ben's used to hearing and seeing things so he's pretty casual about things like that. He went back to the computer and our old cat, Willy, followed him into the room, sat down in front of the book shelf and proceeded to stare at the upper row of books. His eyes were fixed on one spot about 5 1/2 feet up off of the floor. Ben called his name 4 or 5 times but it was like Willy didn't want to look away. Ben said he knew he heard him, he did the little one ear twitch when he said his name. Finally he came over to Ben and up in his lap.

The exact experience happened to him on another night when he was up late watching T.V., the cat wasn't around for that one though.

My youngest son, McKenzie, doesn't hear the footsteps. He's had different experiences from Ben, more visual than auditory. Ben's second experience, while watching T.V., and these 3 I will tell of McKenzie's all happened within a matter of days. McKenzie woke up one morning after a night of vivid dreams (he has very detailed dreams), to find that he had a different blanket over him than the one he went to sleep with. My first thought was that he'd switched them in his sleep, although he's not known to sleepwalk or wake through the night. He enjoys his sleep, that one.

I wouldn't have given it much thought except 2 mornings later he woke up with 2 character pillows (the cats usually sleep on them) up on his bed. Since they are cat pillows that isn't something he would do. We weren't even sure they were in the bedroom to begin with. The following morning, when he woke up, his alarm clock was perched on the very edge of his bed, near his feet. He said it was so close to the edge that he couldn't believe it hadn't fallen off.

Both of them have seen doorknobs turn and heard the knob for the room off of the basement rattling. They've also heard footsteps upstairs when no one else is home. These things have happened when they've been together.

I have 2 specific experiences of my own that I might as well add. This is getting a bit long but they are similar to the others. In July, the boys were sleeping downstairs. McKenzie had a friend spending the night. The next morning I was up early, making coffee, and I heard someone coming up the basement stairs. After a minute I didn't hear anything else, (I was expecting bathroom sounds), so I went all around the main floor looking for somebody. There wasn't anyone else up yet.

One morning, just after the school year started, everyone was shipped off for the day and I was in the kitchen tidying up. I heard the computer keyboard clicking away, but I was the only one home. When I came to have a look, Windows was just at the log in screen and I didn't see anything out of place.

There may be explanations for some of these things but with the similarities and regularity of the things we've experienced, it seems too coincidental. The little things that go on, that aren't even worth mentioning, happen on a regular basis and often. We've gotten so used to the way things are that sometimes we hardly even give it any thought. It's just the way it is around here.

Nothing scary, just little everyday occurrences. My reminders that there's always someone around to keep me company.

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Wishes2810 (1 stories) (21 posts)
15 years ago (2009-05-09)
Very interesting, your sons obviously have gifts. Vivid dreams are signs or premanissions of the futer. Even somtimes they are the pasts of ghosts. What other dreams have they had?
succubiluv (1 stories) (365 posts)
16 years ago (2008-10-17)
Hi Bellissima---I appreciate the harmless content in this story.
The rattling doorknob is an experience like one of mine from a house we lived in back in the 1970s. Happened only once, though.
But I've had dreams about that basement for years.

PS---Have added you as my fave poster.
Probably that'll be it for poster faves.
Anyhow, best to you and family... 😊
Bellissima (12 stories) (792 posts)
16 years ago (2008-01-30)
Tonith, I have one more comment in regards to my guys teaming up together. It's funny you say that because I've never seen 2 siblings, especially of their ages (13 and 16) that are as close as they are. They have always been that way. When McKenzie was 3 months to 4 years old he had severe speech impediments. He struggled terribly. I am ashamed to say that even as his Mom I could barely understand what he was saying BUT Ben (3years to 7years) could understand every single thing he was saying all the time. Even when McKenzie was just making sounds, at the 3 month mark, Ben would always know what was wrong. If you asked Ben how he knew he would tell you that McKenzie told him. The fact of who and what they are is probably one of the least surprising things about them. Before McKenzie came along, Ben was always telling me what was on my mind or asking me questions to do with what I was thinking at that moment. He still does that! Who knows what might happen when they start to apply what they've been given!
Bellissima (12 stories) (792 posts)
16 years ago (2008-01-30)
Tonith and Ohio, Thank you for your support. Tonith, I agree with all you've said. I don't see anything to fear so my boys don't see anything to worry about, with the many things that happen every day they are really used to it. When we're together and we hear something we just give little bit of attention, or when the shadow comes peeping around the corner, we make sure to give a little howdy and a wave, we see you, sort of thing. This seems to satisfy our guest/s for the time being. Tonight my husband heard movement upstairs, which is a very distinct sound of floor creeks, about 2 seconds later I walked into the kitchen, where he was. He said he thought I had gone up stairs. Obviously I hadn't and I said it's one of our guests. He didn't answer either way but looked skeptical. Try as I might I could not get him to admit I was wrong about my beliefs. He's had some odd things happen to him but won't comment either way. Ohiowatha, your support means a lot to me because you have such a skeptical side. The fact that I have nothing horrifying, earth shattering or hair raising has made me feel that I might just end up in the file marked 'wishful looney'. I also find the stories with simple happenings to be the most believable. I'm thankful that I've only had what you could say are enjoyable experiences, we tend to draw the lonely I suppose. I think with the gentle and understanding nature surrounding our family and household, then we are sort of a safe haven for those who need it. I don't feel they need to go to any extreme to get our attention. I've never felt angst or anger in my home, I've always felt safe and my kids take comfort from the people who are there with them.
Ohiowatha (11 stories) (415 posts)
16 years ago (2008-01-28)
I like these stories best because they are totally credible and not out to alarm or shock anyone--just simple recollections of goings-ons in a "haunted" house. Reminds me very much of the "little" things that would occur in my old home on Cambridge.

Thanks again, Belli.
Tonith (1136 posts)
16 years ago (2008-01-27)
I guess one can get use to just about anything if it happens enough times. Sounds like you are all sensitive, it must run in the family. I have 3 cats also and I do tend to blame certain noises on them only to investigate and find nothing out of place. I also have little carpeting so when something does hit the floor it sounds loud so to hear something loud and nothing is on the floor I'm like hmmm. I think some people attract spirits because those spirits know that person can sense them.It's good your sons don't see this as a threat and have a very mature attitude about it. I would think that's due to a mother who does not panic so they don't either. Who knows one day they might team up as brothers and be good mediums. One can see it clearly and one hears it clearly. Sounds like a great psychic duo to me.
Bellissima (12 stories) (792 posts)
16 years ago (2008-01-27)
Whitebuffalo, I agree, it does make them stronger or at least gives them a different view of things. My guys enjoy the things they have experienced and feel special having gone through the things they have. Unlike your own family, they have, fortunately, had only good experiences. I'm happy about that. I'm sorry your kids have been through some tough things, that must have been hard for you to witness. Your family seems to stand together, you're strong, I think that's great.
whitebuffalo (guest)
16 years ago (2008-01-26)
Hello Bell,
Thank you for another glimpse of the "easy side" of all of this. In personally like the confirmation that it is not just my children that deal with these kinds of things. I think it makes them stronger, don't you?
Thank you.
Bellissima (12 stories) (792 posts)
16 years ago (2008-01-26)
Thank you FRAWIN and mustang for taking the time to read my story. My experiences are kind of boring I guess but I'm always amazed by the things that happen. I have a lot of little incidents, certainly not every day, but very often. Just tonight I heard walking around upstairs in my bedroom (no one there and no wind=no reason for the sounds) and saw shadows while I was watching T.V. Since my experiences are so often and so every-day casual, I'm never worried or afraid. I'm still comfortable in my house. I'm glad you enjoyed hearing about the things that happen in my house. Thanks again for the supportive comments and once again for reading my story.
mustang (5 stories) (749 posts)
16 years ago (2008-01-25)
Hello Bell. It seems like your everyday life in your home is kind of like mine. My daughter and I experience the most in our home. It's really not every single day, but maybe it is because we're so used to it that I guess we just put it off as nothing or ignore it. There are many little things that happen that I don't bother mentioning.
Thanks for sharing another good story.

Shelby ❤ 😊
FRAWIN (guest)
16 years ago (2008-01-25)
Hello Bell. Thank you for a very enjoyable read. It is stories such as yours that are the most telling. It proves that you don`t have to have spine tingling adventure to have proof of another existence elsewhere.It`s the little things to proves the most. Take Care.


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