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His Face Was Stretched


This particular incident requires a little family back story, so please stay with me and my apologies for any missing details.

My mother's family suffered a great loss during the civil war in El Salvador. Many have heard of the death squads that targeted civilians. My grandfather was a victim. It's hard to talk about with my mom or her siblings. And asking my grandmother is a no-no - I would never bring myself to ask her; I doubt any of cousins would dare to either. From what I have been able to piece together it seems that somehow one of these squads thought my grandfather had been passing information to the Salvadoran government/military. One night they banged on the front door of the family home, demanded he come out, accused him of passing information, and murdered him in front of the whole family. My mother and her siblings were all various ages (toddler to teenager). This is the one defining event for my mother's side of the family, and none have ever sought out any kind of counseling for what they saw and experienced. All the siblings have a portrait of my grandfather in their homes and a necklace with a pendant of his picture. My mom has his picture in her bedroom - it is something I've seen my whole life and my now wife has seen since we started dating.

I believe it was summer of 2005 or 2006. My parents bought a house in Elizabeth, NJ. A two family home with 4 floors. At the time a family of three was renting the first floor. The 2nd floor had our bathroom, living room, kitchen, and my mother's room. There was a narrow staircase in my mom's room that led to the attic where my room and my sister's room were located.

It must have been passed 11pm on a Saturday night when my now wife and I got home. My sister and mother were out Lord knows where. My dad was working the graveyard shift at his factory job that weekend. The family on the first floor had already turned in for the night. My now wife hit the restroom first and then it was my turn.

I was brushing my teeth when she came back to the bathroom. She was shaking bad and she was scared real bad. I asked her what was wrong and she said that she saw someone at the top of the stairs when she was going up to my bedroom. I rinsed my mouth out and went to the staircase to take a look myself. She was right behind me clinging to my shoulder, still visibly shaken. There was nothing to see when I got there. I asked her to describe who she saw and even now, 10+ years later, it gives me the chills and a bad case of goosebumps. She said that the male at the top of the stairs had a white elongated face with black eyes. And then she hit me with a bombshell - she said it looked like the man in the framed portrait by my mom's bed. It looked like my long deceased Abuelito Abraham.

We didn't see or hear anything else that night, but I was uneasy. There was a lot of emotional turmoil those days and there were a lot more experiences at that house. I never told my mother what we saw - I didn't think and still don't think it would be wise.

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thething45 (5 stories) (12 posts)
6 years ago (2018-12-07)
Hello Dawn
Thank you for your comment & my sincerest apologies for the late response!

My reasoning for not thinking it was my grandfather is two-fold:
- My wife has no connection to my wife at all. If he did want to show himself it would have made more sense to show himself either to my mother, my sister, or me. We would have been able to recognize him much faster/easier than my wife
- There was a bad energy in that house and I had already had some unexplained experiences and had felt the presence of... Something. It wasn't dangerous but it definetely didn't feel friendly and had made its presence known
DeliverDawn (5 stories) (45 posts)
6 years ago (2018-11-03)
Hi, TheThing45,

The fact that you don't think it was his spirit is really concerning to me...but, that said, since it's been about a decade since this happened, I guess it's not that big of a deal in the long run. 😊

Can I ask though why you don't think it was him? Is it because of the way his face was shaped, or some other reason?
thething45 (5 stories) (12 posts)
6 years ago (2018-10-31)
Hello lady-glow, thank you for your comment and your sentiment.

My wife is not a sensitive - but she definitely has had her own share of experiences. Whatever she saw did, however, send her running! Granted it was no more than 10 steps from the bottom of the staircase where she was to the bathroom but she made that distance in record time 😁

I don't think it was really his spirit, but something that took on his appearance. I have not heard from any of my other family members if they have seen or felt his presence at any time. If it really was him I'm left without a reason why he would show himself to my wife instead of one of his own daughters.
lady-glow (16 stories) (3158 posts)
6 years ago (2018-10-30)
Hello thething45 - war is such a senseless and barbaric thing! I'm sorry to hear what your family had to go through.

In my opinion, it's hard to say if what your then girlfriend saw was your Abuelito, if it was him, perhaps he didn't have enough energy as to manifest in a 'solid and perfect' shape.
Do you know if your wife is a sensitive? Perhaps Grandpa Abraham has been always around looking after his family but keeps a low profile knowing the way his loved ones might react?

Anyway, I'm glad she didn't run away after witnessing such an unnerving vision.

Looking forwards to read more of your experiences.
Thanks for sharing.
thething45 (5 stories) (12 posts)
6 years ago (2018-10-30)
Hello RSAChick, thank you for your comment.

The way my wife explained it to me was it was my Abuelito's face but elongated. I don't think she realized who she was looking at until she saw the framed picture my mother keeps by her bed.

I personally don't think it was the spirit of my Abuelito - my wife has no connection to him either than being married to me and hearing the story from my mom. This house was active for some time with, I believe, at least 2 entities. My parents were going through divorce talks while my sister was in a very rebellious phase. I feel these entities were feeding off a lot of negative energy and that night, for whatever reason, decided to imitate the distorted appearance of Abuelito.

I definitely am looking forward to sharing my other experiences here.
RSAChick (115 posts)
6 years ago (2018-10-29)
Hi there, thething45.
A terrible, sad event in your family's history!
A question about the face: was it exaggerated like a mask from the Scream movies? Or did your abuelito have a longish pale face?
I am trying to understand how your now wife recognised this as being your abuelito?
I guess you or other family members never saw this stretchy faced guy again?
Not sure if it was your abuelito.
Hope you will share more of your experiences!
thething45 (5 stories) (12 posts)
6 years ago (2018-10-29)
Thank you Haven for reading my story, and I appreciate your sentiment.

The long face doesn't have any particular significance. I can say, however, that this house is where I experienced the most paranormal activity in my life. I will document those events here as well.

I have shared this with some of my cousins (my mom is one of a dozen siblings) and they were pretty taken aback by this as well.
Haven (20 stories) (307 posts)
6 years ago (2018-10-29)
Hi, Thething45 -

I'm so sorry your family had to witness your grandfather being murdered. It must have been traumatizing.

You say that the man your wife saw had an elongated face, does this have any significance to you? Is there a reason why his face would appear so?

It must be hard not being able to share your experiences with your family. But, knowing what they went through, I agree that it probably is wise to not bring it up.

Take care.

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