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He Didn't Want To Go


I've met another young boy. This time was much different than the other little boy. The boy I met this time was around the age of 9, and he was blind. He had red hair that was almost bowl cut, but not in the back. He was surrounded with other spirits that weren't exactly "coming forth". In other words, I couldn't actually see the other spirits. I could just hear them all talking amongst themselves. I talked to the boy for just a little bit. I believe his name was Charles. He explained to me that he'd had cancer since he was born, which caused him to lose his vision between 4 and 6 years of age.

His parents weren't exactly the God knowing type of people. The did not introduce him to the knowledge of religion. This boy was surrounded by "guardian" type spirits. They weren't exactly mean, but they took it upon themselves to look after the boy. I found this out when I started talking about the light. Like I did with the other young boy.

I began to say that there was a better place he could go to, rather than being stuck here on Earth. Then I told him about the light. I began to get a little hot, like I do when I feel evil spirits around. I still don't think these spirits were evil but they were not very nice. I heard them yell at me when I started explaining the light. They boy was very resistant. He said he didn't want to go that he wanted to stay here with the others. I could still hear the other spirits getting upset telling the boy they had to leave now. I felt like they were in a large pack, 10 or 12 people deep. The boy seemed very wary about going against the others. I could tell that the boy wanted to talk to me but the others were pulling him away.

I don't know why he came to me with the others. I don't know if it's some type of energy I exude or something but these spirits did not want help from me. I think the boy just wanted to be with these people, so he didn't want to upset them by talking to me. I felt him draw away after I started talking about the light. Like he didn't want anything to do with it. It was very strange.

I'd never felt anything like this before. It was sad to know that this boy is stuck on Earth and that I can't do anything to help him. I'm not even sure sending him up there would've been the right thing (if you know what I mean) and I think that's one of the reasons the others were trying to draw him away from me. I think they knew this, so they wanted to cut me off.

Has anyone else ever had an experience like this? What should I do if I ever come into a situation like that again? Did I do/say the right thing? I'd appreciate any suggestions ya'll may have. Thanks for reading and God bless!

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Rebelboy1987 (9 stories) (186 posts)
15 years ago (2008-11-15)
I got all that info before I talked about the light. The other spirits were more or less talking amongst themselves and not to me. They only intervened when I began talking about the light. I thought I made that pretty clear. He didn't want to move on. He seemed pretty content with his "friends". And I'm not some trained medium or anything. All this started only about 4 or 5 months ago, so I don't know what to say all the time...
essiej (guest)
15 years ago (2008-11-11)
How did you get that much information out of him if there were that many people there trying to stop him from talking with you? He told you his history. If he can remember all of that, why not ask him if he can remember the other side, then ask him if he would like to return? He is still little, maybe he remembers the way.
Rebelboy1987 (9 stories) (186 posts)
15 years ago (2008-11-09)
Thanks again buffalo, I don't really know where to get some of the items for smudging, so it would probably be best if I do take them on one by one, which is what I'm used to and comfortable with. Once I really understand how this all works, maybe I will be able to control when and how I talk to these spirits. But thanks once again for your suggestions!
whitebuffalo (guest)
15 years ago (2008-11-09)
Thank you, you painted a pretty clear picture of how I thought this had happened. I appreciate that.
When I first read this, I had replaced your room with a hallway. In that hallway you were standing talking with a friend, as a group of HIS friends were standing back, talking among themselves. Something had caught one of their attention, and then had called out to your friend who responded by turning to them, but hesitated to finish the walk back to them, and then on down the hallway, which he eventually did.
Is it possible for you to do the smudging ceremony that is posted here (Thanks again, Shane!) in the article section? Having no idea what your personal situation is at home, I do not know if this is a possibility or not. When the smudging ceremony is done, it encompasses ALL, and ALL would be taken care of.
IF that is not possible, you could do what WE most generally do, and pick them out, one by one. Sometimes it is safer that way, and sometimes the results are much better (even if they do not feel like the results WE would wish them to be 😊)
I like that you respect their distance. That will help you out immensely. In that you do not approach them to create a contact, but DO acknowledge their existence, you are showing them a bit of privacy, and respect.
Good form.
Thank you again.
Rebelboy1987 (9 stories) (186 posts)
15 years ago (2008-11-09)
Whitebuffalo...thank you for your suggestions. I'll try and remember to bring some toys with me when I go back this weekend. It's a little difficult to answer your question. First of all, I only talk to spirits that talk to me first. These "others" did not address me. The little boy did. I didn't hear any of them speak directly to me. I didn't even know they were accompanied with the boy until I started talking about the light, and that's when they started yelling at me. It's REALLY hard to explain everything that goes on when I have these experiences. I'm still learning how to seperate reality from my imagination. I didn't get a chance to address the other spirits though. Just imagine if you can, these people standing around me in a room. There is a little boy up close to me, and he's talking to me. The others are just kind of hanging back and talking to each other, then they hear me say something to the boy, and they start telling him they have to go NOW, and somewhat pulling him away. I didn't even have a chance to talk to them. I don't believe they would've listened, and I still don't know why they "allowed" the boy to talk to me in the first place. Like I said, I'm still not really sure how all this stuff works
Rebelboy1987 (9 stories) (186 posts)
15 years ago (2008-11-09)
Ghostseer...I only used the term guardians because they do "look after the boy". I don't believe they MAKE him stay with them, but more like, he is part of their group now. I don't really understand everything going on in that situation, but I do know the others didn't want me to have anything to do with the little boy. And thanks for the advice. I do try to pray after I talk with spirits. I can't pray before, because I never know when they feel like talking to me.
whitebuffalo (guest)
15 years ago (2008-11-07)
"Has anyone else ever had an experience like this?"
Actually, Yes, I have.
It is MY opinion (and, as with ANYONE else's, you are free to discard it, or hold it) that ghosts carry on their personal attributes when they BECOME a ghost. For instance, a scared little boy, would become a scared little ghost boy.
The "problem" with little boys, is that they seem to NEED stronger individuals when they are scared, sad, or distraught. They seem to gravitate to the wrong individuals, IF they are present.
It SOUNDS like they ARE.
You MAY have to "wean" him off of the Others if you truly intend on sending ONLY him to the Other Side, and it REALLY sounds like you have "targeted" him.
I would suggest collecting a few toys, coloring books, cars, and laying them about the room. On occasion, as you find yourself alone, play with the toys or color in the book (I know, it sometimes feels like you are "too old" to do so, but think... How "old" IS this little boy really?)
GAIN his trust. It is not an easy thing to do, and MAY take quite some time. But in trusting you, he MAY see that the others really DO NOT have his best interest in mind. Who knows why they would prefer to have him there? One of them (or more) MAY be part of his "life" parents.
You have to be careful. Little Guys are sensitive. They ARE young, and MUST be treated as such. Burn a lavender incense, if possible to keep the negativity at bay while you are visiting with the little guy.
I DO have a question for you, though. When you realized that there WERE others there, why was NOT the first thought to send them ALL over to where they belong?
Thank you.
ghostseer (41 stories) (408 posts)
15 years ago (2008-11-06)
Those entities were no "Guardians". Guardians are Angelic in nature, and they mean us no harm. They are here to protect, to keep us as safe, as they are allowed to do, considering we are given free choice to make our own decisions, good or bad.
Those "things" around the boy? Pure nasty!. Before you are able to help any Lost Soul, you gotta start with a prayer of protection for yourself. If you don't, you are opening yourself up to physical attacks, or something bad attaching itself to you. Begin and end, any kind of help (to those on the other side-stuck btwn worlds) you give those ethereal Souls-with prayer for yourself.Blessings, Ghostseer. Feel free to write me if you need a more detailed bit of info...
BriFischer05 (14 stories) (169 posts)
15 years ago (2008-11-06)
These other spirits might not necessarily be good either. They could be demonic or lower level entities that are controlling him, preventing him from being able to cross. If there were a guardian, I would like to assume that they would try to guide him to the light, not keep him in a sad, negative existence.
DeviousAngel (11 stories) (1910 posts)
15 years ago (2008-11-06)
I don't think you did the wrong thing, but I wouldn't press the issue anymore. I would invite him back to speak with you again but assure him that you won't try to talk him into ascending again. I think it's a journey that the spirit must decide to make on their own. When he is free of his fear of these guardians, or of letting go, he will let go and ascend. I think you did him a favor by letting him know it's there.:) That in and of itself is enough.

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