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After The Visit


I recently posted my first story called, 'The Visit'. This next story describes things that happened after that. Now I don't know if some of these occurances were caused by the same ghost/entity, but I know for sure most of them were not.

When I was around 4, I had seen an apparition of a man in my bedroom. Later, I came to believe that it was my grandfather on my father's side whom I had never met. After this things got very weird in our apartment. These events took place during the 1980's.

My parents have never seen anything, and I had not seen another apparition until I was teenager. On a regular basis we would hear footsteps coming up the stairs, the sound of keys outside the front door in the hallway, but no one ever came in. Countless times my mom said she would be in the shower, hear the front door open and close and someone walk into the kitchen. She would call out my father's name and get no answer. When she got out of the shower, there was nobody home. My father would sit up and watch tv at night while my mom and me were sleeping. He said he would hear the dishes clanking and moving around in the sink and in the closet. I used to feel someone sit at the foot of my bed sometimes. I was sure that is what it was because I could feel the sheets tighten down by my feet. Being afraid of seeing another ghost I slept with the covers over my head every night. So I would just lie there very still until it went away, or I fell asleep. Our living room floor made a very distinct creaking sound when you walked across it. Many times during the night when we were all in bed we would hear the floor creak.

As the years went by my parents got used to it, and my father even named him George the ghost. I was still young and the idea of having a ghost in my house scared me. I wasn't uncomfortable living there, it just made me uneasy at times. Mostly whatever was in the apartment focused it's attention on me. One night I remember being jolted out of a deep sleep by a sharp poke right in the middle of my back. It was so real I could actually feel the tip of a finger in my back. This happened another time when I was standing by the sink washing some dishes. My father was working and my mom had an aerobics class so I was alone in the apartment. I must have been around 11 or 12. I was washing the dishes and to my surprise was poked so hard in the back that I gasped and spun around really fast. There was nothing and no one there. I was so terrifed that I just shut the water off and ran to my friends house.

I'm going to stop here and will post another story soon. I have tons of them as I lived in this apartment for 14 years.

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cosmogal926 (9 stories) (1223 posts)
12 years ago (2010-08-02)
Hello again GhostBeliver1234, and thanks for your comment. I know those invisible pokes can be pretty unnerving. Don't you just hate when they do that?
GhostBeliver1234 (29 posts)
12 years ago (2010-07-30)
I was poked like that many times. I have a lot of ghost experiences that you couldn't even count them. I got used to them but the poking part is really annoying. I sometimes talk to them because me and one of my friends have that sort of a gift to see and sence ghosts. Most of the ghosts I have are friendly but some of them are not. The only solution is to piss them off or annoy them as much as you can. I chased away a ghost like that once. 😆

Best Wishes ❤
Jennifer40 (20 stories) (202 posts)
13 years ago (2009-06-08)
That sounds completely unnerving! I'm glad you no longer live there. I'll be on the lookout for more stories about that apartment.

Jennifer ❤

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