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This goes along with one of my other stories about my aunt's house which is haunted by my grandmother. My fiancé and I had to house sit (which really meant dog sit my aunt's baby) this Labor Day weekend because my aunt and uncle were going out of town to Indiana to visit some family.

We were supposed to go but my fiancé's great great grandfather passed away that Thursday so we would be visiting with family all weekend and going to the funeral. Well nothing had really happened for a few months, haunting wise. I was a little uneasy about being in the house with just myself, my fiancé, and their dog but I figured I would eventually have to get used to my grandmother not being with us anymore, unless she really was there in spirit.

My aunt and uncle left early Friday morning so that afternoon we went to check on Haley (their dog) and make sure she had water and everything. Nothing out of the ordinary happened on Friday so that night I dropped my fiancé off at my aunt's house because all my stuff for the funeral the next morning was at my house. It was easier this way to drop him off and go home and come pick him back up.

Saturday morning I picked up my fiancé. I must focus for a second on a lamp in my aunt's room. She has a touch lamp in her room and it sits on the far backside of a nightstand. I know for a fact that the lamp was off when we left because I went through the house and made sure all the lights were out before we left and I was messing around in her room earlier.

When the funeral and graveside service was over we came back to check on Haley and make sure she had water (she's a big old dog and my aunt told me about five times she drank 2-3 bowls of water a day). I was going to the bathroom which to get there you have to walk by my aunts room and the touch lamp was on. I asked my fiancé if he had turned the lamp on and he said no.

I was a little baffled to say the least. Now some might think, "Oh, it was just their dog," but there is just no way. Haley is around 10 years old, weighs about 90lbs and is over-weight and has arthritis in her back legs. She can't even get on their bed without help so I highly doubt she would have been able to somehow reach the touch lamp. My fiancé (who doesn't believe in ghosts or tries not to) insisted it could have been anything but I was skeptical. But he somehow got me to sleep over that night.

He washed clothes that night and the washer and dryer are in the garage. To get to the garage you have to go through the den and there is a door that goes to the garage. You have to almost force the door closed and it's a little hard to open. I was with my fiancé when he came out from the garage and shut that door and I know it was closed.

Sunday morning I went to put his clothes in the dryer and that door was open. Not just cracked open like it hadn't gotten shut all the way, it was hanging open a good six inches. Also, Saturday when I was asking my fiancé about the lamp I could of sworn (I say that because I am not sure) that I heard a door shut. It sounded like the garage door in the den but I didn't check to see.

It's not really scary like I thought it would be, just a little odd because I know those things weren't done by us and we were the only ones there. Those were my first experiences with any kind of activity. Please tell me what you think.

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lexie4308 (6 stories) (22 posts)
13 years ago (2009-09-09)
Hey,no need to say sorry!:) Thanks for the input. It is greatly appreciated.
book_luver123 (227 posts)
13 years ago (2009-09-09)
The only Thing I can say is that it sounds like intellectual haunting. Sorry

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