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So my wonderful fiancé just told me the other day that he always thought that the room he stayed in when he lived in Texas was haunted. He also informed me (I know for my own good because I'm a naturally paranoid person) that the things he experienced were from his night terrors. Now I know they were not. These are his experiences, not mine that I am about to share.

The first one happened when he was young, I can't remember how old he told me he was, but I think it was around seven or eight. He was lying in bed one night waiting for sleep to come when something happened. It started at the top of his ceiling fan. He said it was a little black mass, and it climbed off the fan and went down the light string and then bolted behind his dresser. He was so frightened that he didn't know what else to do but to throw his pillow at it and then turned the light on.

The other occurrence he told me about also happened when he was around the same age. He had been asleep when he suddenly woke up. He isn't a heavy sleeper; he can always sense when someone besides me (he's gotten used to my presence in our bedrooms) is in the room. He said he suddenly woke up that night and saw something run across his room. He described it as looking like a little gremlin/demon. He told me that terrified him for awhile. There have been other things, but not experienced by him.

Recently his aunt and uncle when down to visit my fiancé's family in Texas and stayed in his old bedroom, which his sister now lives in. His uncle told us that one night they were sleeping and he suddenly woke up to feel something touching the bed. He explained it as something squeezing the end of the mattress. He pushed it out of his mind as nothing and went back to sleep. He awoke again to a stern poking on his leg. He said he can still feel it, like it just happened. My fiancé's uncle isn't easily shaken; he and his wife are the ones that live in the house with the shadow people that I wrote about in an earlier story. He told us that he was so shaken by that poke that for the next two night he slept with the little Christmas lights on that my fiancé's sister has all over the room.

Now that I know that what my fiancé experienced wasn't his night terrors, I have to question what I experienced. It hasn't been a lot but enough to make me wonder. I wrote about this one in an earlier story but I don't think it was my dog that passed away anymore. I was sitting at the computer one night searching the web. My fiancé wasn't in the room; I think he was in the kitchen. I was sitting there when suddenly something brushed against my left leg. It wasn't a hard brush, almost like a wind from something passing by me. At the time I thought it was my dog that had recently passed away because my family has seen pets that have passed away, but I don't think it was her anymore. I remember when I first moved in with his family my fiancé would sleep in the living room. When I had to sleep there by myself I would see shadows over the armoire that sat in the corner of the room but I always pushed it away as shadows from the stuff sitting on top of it, even though the shadows didn't fit the any of the stuff. When we started sleeping in the room together I always insisted on a light of some sort, I did NOT want to be in there in the dark. We always left a computer on after that. Now I can't believe I stayed for 3 years in that room!

Now I have a question. When my fiancé and I realized that he had night terrors I did extensive research and we found that his were brought on by stress. Could whatever was in that room have brought them on? Only a thought, but I have to wonder about whatever was in that room causing them. Could it have been the stress of the room itself? That house is really old, we think possibly over a 100 years. But we don't know any of its history. His family has been living in it for at least the past 20 years.

I used to be a skeptic but after what my aunt, uncle, myself and my fiancé have experienced I am a firm, firm believer in the paranormal.

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