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Uncommon Experience While Asleep


This particular aspect of personal experience happened time and again to me and my family members over a period of long time. Each and every one of my family members has experienced this weird and uncommon experience while asleep in one particular place in our bedroom.

We were living in a house situated in Bharani Colony, Saligramam, in Madras, where we rented a house from 1987 to 1993, for six long years. The house number was No.7, S. Street. This house was a street house where we stayed in the ground floor and the house owner stayed in the first floor. That was a beautiful house with proper "vaastu" and it was after moving over to this house, our family started flourishing.

The house had a verandah followed by a hall. On entering the hall, on the left side was a bedroom and on the far end of the wall, on the left side again was the kitchen. On the right side, it led to our pooja room. My parents used to sleep in the bedroom and since we were bachelors, my grandmother and my two brothers, we used to watch television and sleep in the hall. On holidays and Sundays, in the afternoon, we used to vile away time by sleeping in the bedroom. It was bedroom, study room etc., all combined together. On one corner of the bedroom, we had a glass wardrobe.

One day, I still vividly remember it was 3rdJanuary, 1988. It was on that day, we went around buying new clothes for my birthday, which was falling on 6th of that month. We were back around 1.30 p.m. And immediately after taking our lunch, myself and my two brothers went to the bedroom to sleep. I slept near the wardrobe. I had a very bad experience on that day. It was not sleep paralysis. It was as if someone was sitting or lying over me with so much weight, I was not able to move or breathe. I was fully awake and was able to see my brothers sleeping next to me but I was not able to move. I started shouting so loud, my parents, who were in the hall, came to see what was happening. By that time, my brothers were also awake and they started shaking me. I was so taken aback and I was not able to answer their questions. Sheepishly, I told them that I had a bad dream and the matter ended at that. My brothers went back to their afternoon sleep. I did not sleep nor could I explain this aspect to anybody since I was scared that others would laugh at me. But, I told this experience to my friend, Balaji. At that time, I did not know that this experience was to recur time and again, not only for me but also for others in my house. I also did not know at that time that this experience happened only when we sleep in a particular place in that room, whether in the night or day, irrespective of the time.

A few days later, my brother, the one next to me had a similar experience. But, he was courageous enough to tell others that someone was lying over him with so much weight that he was not able to move or sleep and the discomfort was so much that he could not get up or even breath properly. Even at this juncture, we did not give much credence to that and my father told that it was sleep paralysis. Since I did not share my experience with anybody else, I started thinking about this new development. I asked my brother casually whether he was asleep. He said he was asleep for sometime but by the time he had the experience, he was fully awake. Later on in the evening, I discussed this subject with my father and told him that sleep paralysis would come only when you are asleep and not when you are awake. The matter ended at that. On the same night, my mother had a similar experience. Immediately, everybody in the house stopped sleeping in the bedroom. We were so scared even to enter the room and for a few days, we slept in the overcrowded hall. A few days later, my father and my youngest brother went to the room and slept overnight. There was no disturbance. Then everybody got some courage and we started moving around as if nothing happened in the house.

Some days later, I once again had a similar experience. This time, I was cautious not to shout and started observing things. I was not able to move. I was able to see properly. I was able to observe that something huge was on my body and I could not move. I was able to see the wall clock and I was not able to move about for more than 6 to 8 minutes. Then later on, with much difficulty, I just turned away. The moment I turned away, there was no feeling of being burdened by any object or person or weight, whatsoever. A couple of days later, I discussed the issue with my brother, who had experienced the same kind of feeling and I narrated him that I experienced the same kind of feeling on the first occasion and again today. He is quite a courageous person compared to the other two and we decided to probe a little more.

We set up the details as to when these things happened and started noting down the dates, times and every small detail. In the meantime, we were using my other brother as guinea pig to experience such things. For almost 99% of the times, there was no experience and we were only wasting our precious Sundays from sleeping and on the contrary our youngest one was sleeping well. But we did not give up and on one holiday, I think it was Diwali day; he was visited by this totally different experience. He was not able to move and we were able to see that he was experiencing difficulty and we could definitely visualize his pain. We observed the movements or rather the act of trying to move by my brother and after nearly 4-5 minutes, we nearly pulled him out of his place. The three of us sat together and were trying to put things in proper perspective and started analyzing the events by referring to our copious notes. It was after nearly 2-days' discussions, my youngest one came up with a passing remark that the whole experience has got nothing to do with the time, date, day or night but probably about the place where we sleep in the room. Fortunately, we knew where my brother was lying down during the last experience and we tried to do the experiment once again.

This time, I once again offered myself to sleep in that particular place. After a few tries over a period of 1-2 hours, I had the same experience. This time, I was observing as to where I am exactly placed and where I was lying down. After a few minutes, I was able to move and turned away and the pain eased. We found out, nearly after 6 months, that whenever we tried to sleep approximately from one of the legs of the wardrobe, we experienced the weird feeling of being pressed down.

After knowing exactly what has happened, we tried it out on every other person in the house including my grandmother and everyone experienced the same feeling. Even if anyone were to lie down an inch away from that place, there would be no experience at all. We tried it on our friends by calling them home for night stay, both male and female, on our relatives etc. But the result was the same. We tried to give explanation that water table down below the earth was flowing in a different direction and hence we felt the experience or the beam was above our heads and hence we felt the pressure etc. However, no tangible explanation could be given for this experience. But apart from that, the house was a beautiful house and we had lots of good memories to cherish.

After we vacated the house, to the new tenants, discreetly we enquired about this particular experience since one of our friends moved into that house. They were not initially open to discuss this issue but later on, my friend confided in me that one or two persons experienced such "feelings". He asked me whether the room was haunted or something. Then I told him that there was no haunting but in one particular place, nearly 65cms from the far end of the room, if we lie down, we will experience the pressure. This happened to anyone who slept. But, it goes on. Till now, there is no explanation.

Recently, I visited the house and new tenants have occupied. Of course, they are my relatives. I asked them about this experience, of course, without making them scary. It goes on but I do not know what or who it is, when we sleep in that particular place is trying to tell us through its weight that we should not lie down there and that this particular space belongs to it, him or her.

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darkassassin92 (119 posts)
11 years ago (2013-06-10)
To zzsgranny as I said I thought it was related are you sure its not attack while sleep sounds like sleep paralysis which sometimes sleep paralysis is actually real evil I read about some got hurt while having sleep paralysis just saying.
zzsgranny (18 stories) (3329 posts) mod
11 years ago (2013-06-10)
darkassasin: The comments section is intended for comments on that particular story. Please stick to the subject/topic. Unless it's similar to the experience you're commenting on please avoid using the comments section as a means to relay your experience/s. Thank you!
darkassassin92 (119 posts)
11 years ago (2013-06-10)
Sleep paralysis? In june 2013 9th or the 10 I think it was last night I do not know if it was real or not but last night I felt something touch me on the leg on the left one I think it felt so real and I think it scared me I heard sometimes evil entitys attack people in their sleep. I am not joking I keep hearing a rapid like 3 knocks it just happened friday after midnight I believe I do not know if it is the neighbors which they are loud but I do not think they are making that knocking sound in the wall by the fan.
cutechoy (42 posts)
14 years ago (2010-07-02)
I love it! I think its a scientific question... Meaning science can only answer that question...

Just my theory>> 😁

BadJuuJuu (guest)
14 years ago (2010-07-01)
Quick question about that wardrobe- did you take it with when you moved, or is it still in the house? Since these events always happened in proximity to the wardrobe, it sounds like something could be attached to it. If it is no longer in the house, but the the current tenants still have these events happening, then I would be curious as to such things as location of power lines, wiring in the house, even iron content in the soil possibly resulting in a magnetic field? But that would probably be over-thinking it.
Another great story by the way 😁
Aya-Love-Carrots (150 posts)
14 years ago (2010-07-01)
Its a Her I think... 😊 there's this urban legend about a huge girl who will sit on your body, to stop you from breathing... But this urban legend require a certain thing, like sleeping after you ate, which you did exactly... Did you also place a pillow in your stomach or hug it? Well... If yes, it might be the case... Anyway this is only my theory and I have read other cases like this... Good thing you move out sir, and thanks for sharing your story... Take care...


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