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Ghost In My Dad's Assisted Living Home


My dad (who passed away this past spring) suffered from renal disease and was on dialysis for years awaiting a kidney transplant. During one of his dialysis treatments he had a heart attack and while he survived the doctors told us he couldn't live on his own anymore (My parents were divorced) Not wanting to put him in a nursing home, we found a nice facility of senior apartments with assisted living. It was also a few blocks from my mom's house (in Wisconsin where I grew up).

The place was ideal and he got a ground floor apartment which was perfect for him. Upon entering it though, I got a really dark feeling but wondered if it was because the living room window faced the other wing of the facility and not a lot of light went in. We got him settled and right away he said he couldn't sleep well there. We figured it was because of the change from him other home and told him he needed to get used to it. Still he kept saying he kept hearing things at night and wouldn't let him sleep.

My dad was a very stubborn man and one day got into an argument with my aunt about something. Just then the cupboard door flew open and a glass went flying, landed on the floor and shattered. My aunt got really freaked out and tried to figure out how the glass could have flown out like that.

On another occasion his caregiver was making his breakfast while my dad was in the shower. He set his breakfast on the table along with his juice and meds and when my dad came out of the shower the caregiver helped him to get dressed. When my dad went to the kitchen to eat his breakfast, the plate and juice were on the kitchen counter but the meds were on the table. The caregiver swears he put the food on the table. The caregiver also said he often heard talking in the apartment and someone tapping him on the shoulder.

One day my aunt took my dad to a doctor's appointment and picked him up at the apartment. When they got home they heard this ruckus going on inside. My aunt quickly opened the door and found that all of the speakers phones were turned on and that voices and music were coming from the speakers. My dad never used the speaker phones because he didn't like it, and neither did the caregiver (who was not even there that day) She said the voices sounded very faded and distant and couldn't make out what they were saying. She said she got chills.

My dad's health started going downhill fast so we took turns spending time with him while he slept. During my shift my dad kept tossing and turning and complaining saying things like leave me alone! I kept saying Dad... Are you ok? He kept doing this a few more times then fell asleep. I went to the living room and sat on his recliner and began to doze off. Just then I felt someone tap me really hard on the knee. I assumed it was my sister who had the next shift but when I opened my eyes no one was there. I knew it was not my dad. I dozed off again and again felt the hard tapping this time on my shoulder. By this time I was fully awake and freaked out. So I just sat in my dad's bedroom the rest of the time. I finally spoke out to whatever it was and said I wasn't afraid of it and to please find peace and leave my dad alone. I heard a slight tapping but that was it. We then called the priest and had him bless the apartment. After that nothing else happened.

My dad stayed with us a few more months and then sadly passed away in this very apartment. I don't know if the new tenants have experienced anything else. We did inform the manager of what was going on she didn't say much and didn't seem surprised at all. She just told us she could find him another apartment if he wanted.

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DARKNESS (3 stories) (2022 posts)
14 years ago (2010-11-15)
SoliK: I'm sorry to hear of the passing of your father he is definitely in a better place now. I'm going to agree with what Whitebuffalo has mentioned, these occurences your dad and yourself experienced do seem to be passed loved ones and people who are very close to him, to help guide him for his next journey I believe. This is well known case also that people that are near death, do tend to start mentioning experiences in a spiritual nature.

Thanks for sharing.

SoliK (13 stories) (44 posts)
14 years ago (2010-11-14)
My dad had suffered a long time so I'm glad he is at peace. Yes, the speaker part was really creepy. It just didn't make any sense why they were on why there were voices. There definitely was a lot of activity going on in his apartment.
CassidyW84 (1 stories) (38 posts)
14 years ago (2010-11-14)
Thanks for sharing your story. The speaker part gave me chills. I am sorry about your father... I know losing a loved one takes its toll on you. It sounds like your father had a great family who loved him and took the time to care for him.
vulcan10 (5 stories) (332 posts)
14 years ago (2010-11-13)
My stepdad has alzeimers, its sad to see someone go like that. My mom is keeping him home with her for as long as she can take care of him. I've often thought about if I would be able to put my mom in one of those and the answer for me is always no. My exwife is a nurse and has worked in several different places like that. I have visited her and while she and a few others are good to those people they don't love them like a son or daughter should. Most of them I noticed had been forgotten about and left there to die and even in their diminished capacity knew it. The look in their eyes was one that can only be described by one in their predicament. Left for dead by the only ones on earth who were supposed to love you. I would imagine that in places like that there would be many spirits that felt hurt and betrayed, abandoned, wronged,...etc. It would seem to me to be natural for there to be haunts at that location. Sadly, there will be many more to follow in their footsteps.
whitebuffalo (guest)
14 years ago (2010-11-13)
In my experience with very similar situations, SoliK, even non-believers can get a glimpse of the Other Side at that particular point in their life.
Assisted Living communities seem to be a variable meeting ground for all kinds of activity. Some of my colleagues, in jest, call ours "literal assisted living" meaning both realms are firmly in place in such establishments. There is a "fold over" almost that some can see very clearly (Nursing Homes are even more pronounced).
Generally it is a Loved One from the Other Side coming back to assist in that final Move, or to keep company with the lonely. Sometimes the "right" person is not always the ONLY one to see them.
It sounds like WHOever this was, was only having your Fathers well being in mind. In the incident with you, you dozed, it woke you. You ended up BACK in your Father's room.
S/he just wanted him safe.
Wado (Thank you)
Nighthingale23 (60 posts)
14 years ago (2010-11-13)
Hi Solik, thank you for sharing your story, it was very interesting to read.

I'm sorry about your father I hope he has found peace in a better place. Now about the events in the apartment it could have been maybe the spirit of a deceased person who once might have lived there before your dad and it got attached to the property. The one about the voices in the speakes... Creepy... Its a strange world out there my friend.

God bless. ❤

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