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Jane's Mum 2


This follows from my previous story, which was told to me by my friend Ellie. Again, all the names have been changed.

About 6 months after the incident with the shadow in Jane's bedroom, Ellie was sleeping over at Jane's house. She had not experienced anything else since the shadow, and as I said in my last post, she felt safe being around Jane's mother, as she seemed to be very capable when it came to dealing with unpleasant or unwanted spirits. Ellie had told her parents about the incident in Jane's bedroom, but unsurprisingly, they didn't believe her, and said Jane's mum had probably been humouring the girls to put their minds at ease. Ellie had given up trying to convince them in the end.

Jane, her mum and Ellie were eating dinner in the kitchen, when Jane's mum cocked her head to one side, then turned around and looked in the direction of the sink.

"Ellie," she said "there's one here for you my love. I'm so sorry."

Ellie asked her what she meant, and Jane's mum said "He's in his early 20's, dark hair, very good looking, blue checked shirt and jeans. He is pretty anxious to communicate with you. Do you want to know what he has to say? If you don't trust him I can ask him to leave, but he seems genuine. He's asking me to pass something on."

Ellie nodded, she said she felt butterflies in her stomach, but she wasn't afraid. She knew Jane's mum wouldn't let anyone hurt her, but she was nervous about what she was going to hear. She held Jane's hand tightly and took a deep breath. Jane's mother turned back towards the sink and said "Go ahead, my love." She listened for a little while, then said

"Ellie, he says to tell Mark not to be sad. He says tell Mark that he's at peace, and that he feels bad that he had to leave so soon, but they'll see each other again some day."

Ellie was in shock, Mark was her older brother, he was 21 at the time. "Ask him his name." Ellie whispered.

Jane's mum turned to the sink "What's your name please dear?" she asked the empty air. She waited a few seconds..."He's James, Jimmy to his friends." she said to Ellie.

Ellie's eyes filled with tears, she hadn't met this James person, but he had mentioned her brother, so she was starting to get worried. "Is Mark ok? What's going on?" she asked Jane's mum. She turned to the sink and asked if Mark was all right, then squeezed Ellie's hand, "He's absolutely fine honey." she said.

Jane's mum cocked her ear like she was listening to something, then said "Ellie, he can't stay here any longer, he wants to tell you to phone Debbie. She'll need you more than ever soon. He says just stop holding a grudge and ring her, ok? He's got to go now."

Ellie really started crying then, Debbie was her cousin who lived in Liverpool. They had fallen out over something stupid the year before, and hadn't spoken since. Jane and her mum cuddled Ellie and asked her if she wanted to go home. Ellie said she'd rather stay at Jane's, but she'd like to call home first.

She spoke to her mum and told her what had happened, Ellie's mum didn't believe her of course, she said Mark had gone out drinking with his girlfriend and some friends, and wouldn't be home until late. She flat out refused to believe Ellie, and told her to stop crying. She said that she wasn't to call Mark and ruin his night out with stories of ghosts, and she kindly said that maybe her guilty conscience about falling out with Debbie was making her see things that weren't happening. She told Ellie to have a good night, and watch a funny film with Jane to cheer herself up.

So the girls had their sleep over as planned, and the following morning Ellie's mother came to pick her up. Ellie was getting her bag ready to go, but her mother said she just wanted a quick word with Jane's mum. They went into the kitchen together, and were in there for about half an hour. When they came back out, Ellie's mum was crying. Apparently, Mark's friend James hadn't turned up last night to have drinks with the group, they had tried calling his mobile, but it had been switched off. Eventually, Mark had phoned James' house, but there had been no answer. They had assumed that James had forgotten or had been side tracked by something else.

Mark had tried to phone James the next morning, and had spoken to his mother, who had tearfully told Mark that James had been in a car crash on his way home from work the night before, and had died in the hospital at around 6pm, they had been waiting outside the operating theatre when he passed away. Ellie's mother had been so shocked, and immediately had come to speak to Jane's mum about this "ghost" she had seen the night before.

Ellie's family believed every word from Jane's mother, and apologised to Ellie for not believing her. They didn't tell James' parents, because they thought it might be too upsetting for them after they had just lost their son.

Ellie got back in touch with her cousin Debbie, and a month after they had made up, Debbie's mother (Ellie's Aunt) was diagnosed with cancer. She only lived for another 6 months, and Debbie always tells Ellie that she's so glad they had made up when they did, as she really needed Ellie to help her get through losing her mother.

Again, thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed this story, although it was so sad.

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RedWolf (31 stories) (1292 posts)
11 years ago (2013-06-03)
What a sad but touching story. Jane's mother is truly gifted. It is very nice that she does this for people. Over here in the States there are people like the Long Island Medium and John Edwards charge an arm and a leg for a private reading which I find vile. A gift such as this that has been given freely should be shared freely as Jane's mother does.
tomtomjh1983 (11 posts)
11 years ago (2013-06-03)
Very touching to say the least. What a beautiful person this mother was. God bless!
sillysarahlily (12 posts)
13 years ago (2010-12-28)
It must have been scary. Your friends mum was very understanding most of my family don't believe in ghosts so I have no one in my house to talk to if I see one
DARKNESS (3 stories) (2022 posts)
13 years ago (2010-12-20)
WBC: Wow what an amazing story as I mentioned before Janes mum truly has a wonderful gift. So sorry to hear about James a very sad tragedy indeed. I'm glad Ellie's mum now definitely believes, this would be a great weight of Ellie's shoulders also. Thanks for another great story WBC.

Dan 😊
DCinAZ (guest)
13 years ago (2010-12-19)
Wbc, that was such a sad, sad story. Jane's mum seems like such a caring person, I don't know if I could handle passing that kind of information on to loved ones. Just goes to show how very special she is. Thanks again wbc, you haven't failed us yet. 😢 😊
cosmogal926 (9 stories) (1223 posts)
13 years ago (2010-12-17)
Hey WBC, I am so glad I didn't have to wait too long to read the second story about Jane's mum. She sounds like one awesome and extremely gifted lady. I'm glad that Ellie's mom finally believed in what was going on and that James's message to Ellie helped her make up with her cousin. Thank you for posting these. Both are going in fav's 😊 ❤
DeviousAngel (11 stories) (1910 posts)
13 years ago (2010-12-17)
Thank you for sharing this story. How saddening for such a young man to die so suddenly... But I'm glad that he was able to offer some comfort through your friend, and that he was able to reunite your friend with her cousin. I think when something like a terminal illness befalls someone, it's not unlikely that the spirits of the departed sense it and are able to communicate what is happening to their loved ones.
TessaGonzalez (12 posts)
13 years ago (2010-12-17)
Wow, I love this one. Thanks for sharing. You know how "they" say everything happens for a reason?... Well it's nice to actually know the reason sometimes. All encounters are interesting to me, but my favorite kind are encounters that have an understandable message.
Bless you & yours

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