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Did A Spirit Turn On The Shower?


It was another night at work doing the graveyard shift. I started becoming accustomed to all the little noises and weird taps that happened throughout the nights. But this night was the one that made me think... Okay, I'm starting to get anxiety working this graveyard shift!

I had a hard time staying awake so I'd drink coffee, bathroom, water, bathroom, energy drink, bathroom... You get the idea. As I was washing my hands I had a sudden thought... 'something is guna happen I just know it! I better hurry up...' It was silly at first then I started having a creepy feeling. I headed back towards my desk. My phone rang and I remember seeing my other night co-worker head out to the breakroom and restroom since I was done. I was on a call while doing data entry and see him 10 minutes later leave the restroom area, chatting on his cell phone and head towards the outside balcony. I thought, dammit! I need to use the restroom again? I waited until his break was over and went to the restroom.

I always dreaded that area at night. As I turned the corner I noticed the carpet was a softer feeling (I only had on flip flops) and it was darker as if it was wet? I thought it was strange and felt something was 'off'. I slowly opened the bathroom door and I heard a rushing sound. At first it sounded like a fan was on really high but we had no fans in the bathroom? I peeked around the corner down onto the white tile floor and saw it was flooded! I was shocked "What the Hell?"

Between the mens/female restroom was a small middle room with lockers and a shower. I think the company before us had a gym. Anyways, I stood there intimated and knew I should open the door and see what was going on. It was pretty loud in there. I opened the door and it was dark so I found the light switch and saw the adjustable shower head was turned outward full blast with hot water! I also saw the curtain was pulled back so it was pouring out onto the floor. I couldn't believe it?

I ran back and yelled for my co-worker "Come here!" He jogged towards me "What? Whats wrong? Are you all right?" I pointed towards the floor and he followed me into the female restroom and his mouth was wide open "What the Hell? Did you take a shower or something?" He started laughing until I told him no. He asked if anyone else was in the building (no one is allowed in the building after hours. We all had badges too) He opened the door that led to the mens restroom and saw the water had flooded to that side as well. "Oh no! We better call the boss and let her know what's going on so they don't think we're vandalizing or goofing off!" I kept telling him "But I was JUST in here? There was nothing going on? It was quiet? I didn't notice ANYthing? What the Hell?"

We both walked back over to the shower which was pretty hot and the lever to turn the water off/on was a long lever you had to push upwards to shut it off. It was pretty tight but not too hard to turn up and down. Whoever or whatever turned the water on had to have pushed that lever down very firmly. I kept asking him "You're not messing with me are you? Come on dude, seriously? You didn't just turn that on to scare me?" He kept replying no.

We walked all around the building to see if anyone was there and peeped outside the parking lot to see if any cars were parked outside too. Nothing. We found the closet which the janitors left all their supplies in. It was always wide open but this night it was shut and locked? We ended up finding the "Wet Floor" signs and put them all around and found a bunch of old towels to soak up the water as much as we could and went back to our desks puzzled.

I took my last break and walked around the building again in the dark, alone and spoke out loud to see what would happen "Helloooo, did you do that? Did you turn on the shower tonight? That was pretty impressive. Its also kind of funny. Hellooooo..." I didn't hear anything but I felt giggly about the whole situation for some reason. I have previously felt there is a female spirit there that was bored and liked to play around. I don't know why but it just felt like a female presence, 5'5 a dark shadow I have seen and I think she's approached me briefly a few times when I'm not paying attention. I know it sounds odd.

By this time it was 4am and some morning people were starting to come in and I got worried. We didn't say anything and quietly went back to our seats since calls started rolling in. 6am was when my shift was over and I noticed the janitor came in and saw the wet floor. He looked puzzled and walked all around. I wanted to tell him what happened but he wasn't a believer in the paranormal type of thing so I didn't want to waste my time. I heard later that day he called the plumbing company to complain about leaky toilets and pipes but we knew it wasn't that!

We only told a couple fellow night co-workers about what really happened, since we thought no one else would believe us. It was the most interesting night there that's for sure!

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Javelina (4 stories) (3749 posts)
13 years ago (2011-11-07)
Hi Michelle. After reading your account, and going back over the description you gave of the handle used to turn the water on, I remembered back to an episode from the show "Ghost Hunters". They were at someone's house and the faucet in the bathroom sink suddenly turned on by itself. They, being plumbers, had noted that the type of faucet was not the type that could just come on all by itself. Because of the way it was made, you would have to physically move the handle upward. That sounds like the same way you described the faucet at work. Was it the type that you have to move it back and forth (or up and down) to make the water come on?
If so, you are most likely correct in thinking it was the female spirit playing around. Very Cool! Well, it isn't cool for the ones that have to clean up the mess, but it is sort of neat to know you have a trickster messing with you.
Thanks for sharing.


~~PS~I'm in Tucson too~ 😊 ~~
Nysa (4 stories) (685 posts)
13 years ago (2011-11-05)
Air in the line or a surge of water pressure can turn on taps, in some cases even blow the handles off of a sink or shower. So maybe it was a disembodied soul or maybe it was just a fluke of plumbing. Creepy experience though.

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