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Maybe A Succubus?


This is the second story I have written for this website. This story is about me when I was 14. I have had experiences in the past regarding the spiritual realm, never had anything so significant though. On a daily basis, my sister used to always bring my dog into bed with me (she doesn't like it when the dog dreams and kicks her). My sister would bring my dog into my room and then leave, hoping I wouldn't wake up!

It was in the summer of 2001, just before I turned 15. I had told my sister NOT to bring the dog into my bedroom! She agreed and promised that she wouldn't. Later that night, I was in bed and watching TV and I eventually dosed off. I remember waking up for about 02:00 and hearing my bedroom door opening. The door makes a very distinctive sound, always the same, then the door closed. As the door closed, I was waiting to hear the sounds of paws walking toward my bed but to my surprise, I heard nothing. Moments later, I hear the floor boards creak. Now, these floor boards are similar to my bedroom door, they always sound the same when you walk across them. The floor boards weren't creaking because the house is old, they were the sounds of footsteps. The footsteps got closer and closer until they stopped.

I then remember the quilt being lifted as if someone was getting into my bed. My bed at the time was more or less a mattress. I had a divan bed but I discarded the bed and used the mattress, apart from two small sides that where pinned to the slats, it was basically a mattress. Anyway, as the quilt was lifted, I just remember something slowly floating into bed next to me. Now, whatever it was didn't use it's arms to climb into bed, it just floated into bed. At this point, I wasn't sure what was going on but, I wasn't frightened at all, just confused if anything. I then remember the quilt being pulled over, covering itself. I'm not going to lie, I shouted, "GET THE F*** OUT OF MY ROOM!". I then remember the quilt being lifted, it climbing out of my bed then the quilt falling back down. I heard footsteps walking towards the door. The door opening and closing.

I sat up and was baffled so I thought I would investigate. I walked out of my room then strait to my sisters room to find her fast asleep. I'm not stupid though, so I shook my sister awake and asked her why she had been in my room. Her reply was mumbled and confused, like she had been asleep. That was the moment when it hit home!

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Bornparanormal (19 posts)
10 years ago (2013-05-29)
I had something grab my arm almost every day when I was six now we moved and very once and a while it will do it again
MattyDude2009 (6 stories) (19 posts)
11 years ago (2012-02-01)
Well, I've had things pulling on my arm, I've also felt something tap my head. I haven't had anything climb into my bed since though, well I hope not, my Mrs wouldn't be very happy! 😜 So yeah, it's pretty strange! Hmmmm, weird.
mystique3 (7 posts)
11 years ago (2012-02-01)
Well there isn't much info. To see if it was one so I can't really say if it was... Was that the only time you felt that?

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