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The Unseens In Retreat House


It's year 2007 and our school conducted a 2 days and a night of spiritual retreat to all senior graduating students. So I and all graduating students of all 3 campuses of our school as well as our instructors went for 1 and a half hour drive to a Retreat house in Tagaytay City. When I reached our destination that place immediately gave me the chills. It felt like hundred of eyes were looking at me. I just shrugged it off, knowing that the dead could never harm me.

Here are my unseen encounters:

1st encounter:

The rooms in the retreat house consist of 12 single beds each and one wall (near the door) has a row of built in cabinets where we could put our things. I and several of my batch mates choose a room near the comfort room and have a great view of the garden and the spacious rooftop. Our room only have 9 students in it, so 3 beds remain vacant. I and 2 of my classmates occupy 3 of the beds that are in the row of the 3 vacant ones that are placed in the part of the room where it have glass windows where you can see the hallway and the door is on the same wall part as well.

All of us are already scared, especially my friends so we decided to push our beds together and sleep in it. I decided to sleep on the outer corner of our bed. Wrong choice! I directly face the 3 vacant beds and my mind starts to play tricks on me. I keep imagining that something will pop out from the bed under me but, being tired, I fell asleep facing the vacant beds.

Around 2am (according to my cellphone clock) I woke up and I try sensing on what could have woken me. As I lay on my bed facing the vacant beds, I hear this creaking sound and I saw one of the cabinets behind the now closed door open slowly. It completely opened and I can actually see the shirt that I hung inside of it. I don't know when I fell asleep again, but I woke up again when I heard another creaking sound and the now opened cabinet slowly closed up. Okay! This is freaky. I freeze up trying to sense if any of my fellow students are awake, but I could not take my eyes away from it. Then I heard several students from other rooms walking toward the comfort room so I decided to open the lights and looked at my cellphone time. It's 4:30am. Soon some of my classmates woke up and I approached the cabinet searching on why it opened and closed but I found out that its hinge is actually a cabinet clip so opening or closing it requires a bit of strength. It's pretty impossible for wind to open or close it because the room does not have any open windows (it was really cold the night before so we closed off all windows). I didn't tell anyone about it during our retreat because I don't want to scare them more than they already are.

2nd encounter:

This last encounter is felt not only by me but all of the students present when it happened. It's the last day of our retreat. So far most unseen keep their distance from me and my previous encounter didn't happened again. So all female students are in the session hall where a pastor asked us to write something we could not directly say our parents. The session hall is 2 floors down from our rooms and from where we sit, we could see the door of the comfort room and another door that leads to a garden and behind us the stairwell that leads to upper floors.

So back to the letter writing. All of us are sitting on the floor and are using the chair as a make shift table. All are quite, some are snuffling from writing some emotional letters when we hear someone humming. At first we do not pay any heed to this but someone starts asking who it is. We all looked at each other, but what really freaks us all out is the way the hum sounds like. It sounds low but we all hear it clear and loud as if whoever creates the sound is standing (sitting) next to you and it sort of have an echo in it like the sound created when you hum/sing on a water well. We quietly listen to the sound trying to make out the song or where it came from. We all get a little panicked when we realized that the sound come from the floor above us which is vacant (we only use the 2nd floor during our stay there) and only have one room in it. The pastor sensed our panic and he turned on his cassette player (I guess he is trying to mask/cover the humming sound) but the player keeps on stopping on a certain part of a song before it repeats itself from the start before stopping again. I guess the pastor knew about the humming sound and he doesn't want to scare us more, so he let us have an early lunch break.

Some students actually bolted up in the stair and some, like me, hesitate to walk up the stairs. I was one of the students who was the last to walk up the stair and when I passed by the single vacant room, goosebumps rise on my arms. I can't actually see through the tainted glass of the room clearly, but that floor smells more like the sterilize air of a hospital and I see silhouettes of double-decked beds. No one talked about it until we finished out retreat. Up to this date, no one could really explain that humming sound and I never want to go back to that retreat house again to know the history of it.

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ivory (9 stories) (77 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-29)
aamo_29: I'm from St. Lawrence. I don't know if you knew this school though 😜
aamo_29 (9 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-27)
Hi i'm from the Philippines too... I'm still Grade 5... Next year I guess... I will go to retreat... May I as what school you go too... 😨 😨
pringles (3 stories) (16 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-26)
i enjoyed your story, I can safely say I would not like to have stayed there xx
Keyl24 (3 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-24)
All first impressions of retreat houses is scary, spooky, haunted and the like. I also had a retreat when I was grade six, your lucky there were only 3 vacant beds and the closet, our room, there were only 4 of us and 6 vacant beds and were the only group to be in that floor. To be honest, all for os us were scared and we wouldn't even dare to go to the bathroom. Yes, I was scared to but to think were in a holy place, those spooky stuff and the like won't even get in you head.
sonri (2 stories) (91 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-24)
I find it very funny, how the priest attempted to cover it up, very typical protective-like behaviour. I'd be interested in a talk with this priest at that very moment when he made the decision to mask over the humming.
LydiaJoi10 (2 stories) (16 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-24)
Hello Ivory, enjoyed your story, especially the part of about the humming it gave me goosebumps. I've actually had the pleasure of staying at one the retreats there in Tagaytay. May even been the same one you stayed at... The Betania Retreat House, which, is run by the Religious of the Virgin Mary (RVM Sisters). If I remember correctly it was located at Rizal Avenue, Maharlika West in Tagaytay City. For the 8 day family retreat, I can recall many strange things happening. The feeling of someone always watching, cold breezes that were only felt by me with no apparent wind blown at the time, footsteps and low whispers behind me to turn around and find no one there and a humming too... No Lie! However, this humming reminded me of those Tibetan or Gregorian Monks when they chant.

Something interesting to consider, while I was there we were told some history of the retreat and the city by our guide that there were 2 major wars that had taken place in Tagaytay. The Philippine Revolutionary War for Independence in 1896, involving the Katipunan freedom fighters who crossed from Cavite and the northern provinces into Batangas and Laguna and vice versa. Also, the the Pacific War, where the US 11th Airborne and 8th Army paratroopers were air dropped in the very same area to meet up with Filipino guerillas for the liberation of Manila.

I always believe such areas and surrounding areas are always a hotbed for paranormal or ghostly activity decades later, considering the emotional and physical turmoil that took place there. These retreats are probably settled in or on a lot of land where these battles took place, so you can only imagine. Just a theory, Well thanks for sharing! 😉
ivory (9 stories) (77 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-23)
night_day: I don't know but it is run by Franciscan nuns. I could give you some links on how it looks like. If anyone likes it.
night_day (guest)
12 years ago (2012-05-23)
A really great story. That place is really haunted. You could have also tried to know more about the building's history. Maybe it was really a hospital long ago.

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