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This experience of mine happened at a friend's home. My friend, Kate and I are group mates in a college thesis. Before my computer decided to have its early retirement she often stays at my place to finish our system. (We are taking Computer Programming course.) So when my computer decided to crash on me, I was forced to stay every night for a month at Kate's place.

Every night seems normal as we create and debug our program. We decided to do our program in shift. I will man the computer from 10pm to 3am while Kate sleeps and after that we switch place, and the computer is her's until 8am.

This certain night is supposed to be just a normal one but around 2am as I took off my earphones to stretch myself up, I heard a sound of bouncing ball above me (Kate have boarders that live in the second floor). At first I didn't pay any attention to it but when I thought that who the heck plays a ball in the middle of the night and does the one playing it realize that he or she is disturbing his or her neighbor.

So I stopped what I'm doing and starts listening if the boarders upstairs are awake but the bouncing sound stops as well after I turn off my radio. After a minute or so I decided to continue what I'm doing and I even turn my radio's volume a bit higher than I use to.

I know its a bit cliché but after 5 or 10 minutes, I heard the bouncing sound again and I can hear it over my music.

That what spooked me afterwards. I have been at Kate's house almost every night for a week or so but that is the very first night that the place creeps me out. So I then decided to wake Kate up and change shift with her.

That same morning as we eat breakfast, I mentioned the sound to Kate and Kate's mom in a rather annoyed voice while watching for their reactions. And by the knowing looks that they look at each other, I confirmed that the noise didn't happened once and I'm not the only one who experienced or rather heard it.

What is their explanation about the noise? Well they told that don't mind it and I am not a person that want to keep asking about thing that I should not mind. So I let it that way after all, our home have its own share of spookiness.

How many times does the sound occur after that? I only heard it twice in two separate night but after that it never occur again.

Did I see or feel any "unseen" at her place? No, I didn't.

Do their boarders have children? Yes, they do. A 3yr old boy but Kate's mom is strict about noise because of her grandson (my godchild as well) who often sleeps at their place as well.

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ivory (9 stories) (77 posts)
11 years ago (2012-11-15)
hi Sds... Thank you for reading my experience.
In truth I did ask Kate about it but she refuse to tell anything.

As for the times that the bouncing sound occur. I forgot to include in my post about the 2nd time that I heard it. The time is 11pm to 12pm (I can't remember the exact time, sorry)
Although during that time I decided to say in my mind these words (In my native dialect) , "okay, fine I heard you so would you please stop".
After that I never heard it again.
sds (14 stories) (1436 posts)
11 years ago (2012-11-15)
Hello Ivory, that is a nice narration. But without much of an investigation from your end, it would be difficult to suggest. It might probably be residual or some other haunting, perhaps. But it sounds like that it is a paranormal experience. But you can very well ask Kate in a naive way and that share the same with us. And you said on two separate nights you heard the sound of bouncing ball. Did you notice the time of the incidents on both the occasions and if you did, please share with us. But I rule out the residual because you said that the moment you switched off the radio, the sound stopped, that is why. Please try to enquire and tell us so that more discussions could be had on this event. Thanks for sharing your experience.

Regards and respects to you.


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