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The Curious One


If anyone read my 'The Curious' experience you can relate in this one.

In my previous post I already mentioned that the curious unseen in my work place have a knack of keeping himself out of my sight whenever I try to catch him watching me (although I did ask him to not to show himself after I give him a permission to watch on what I do at work).

I once read a post in here on how to see them without them knowing it and I decided to give it a try. I work as usual and around 2 AM I sensed him hovering on my left while I'm using a microscope (I'm still in night shift. And he has a pattern of making himself felt at around 2-3 AM). I already expect him so I didn't stop working and continued my work (not actually working just moving my hands) while I sneakily take a peak on my left peripheral side (my eyes are still on the scope's eyepiece).

And that is the very first time I can fully describe him.

He is around 40-50 years old. He looks very much like a farmer, complete with a salakot (traditional filipino hat) on his head. The thing that struck me the most about him is his color. I can only describe his coloring as ochre because to what I see he is composed of different shades of brown (sorry, I find it hard to elaborate how he looks like but I can compare him to a mosaic of different brown shades).

Does he look transparent?

As far as I can see on my position at that time, his head down to his chest looks solid.

Did he noticed that I see him?

Maybe, because by the time I saw him I stop moving and I got distracted by one of my machine so when I look back he is gone.

Did I try to see him again after that?

No, because he respected my request to keep himself unseen and I respect that he didn't want to be seen as well.

By the way, our place is once been a large farming area. We still got a few small farm lot here and Laguna de Bay is just a ride away from us.

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spectravondergeist (11 posts)
10 years ago (2012-11-11)
If I where you I would ask the farmer to help you somehow if he watches over you then perhaps he could help you because you where nice enough to let him see your work so the least he could do is help 😉
ivory (9 stories) (77 posts)
10 years ago (2012-09-05)
hi thanks for the comments. I did look for any clue on why he is hanging here but as far as I know the building where I work do not have any case of death (the building is only 30 or so years) although I can't say anything about the land.

Some of my co-employees have seen a man once in a while (i'll ask if they can describe him). There is a presence of a child in one of the station here but I haven't seen him. I also felt a lady every sunday night.
zzsgranny (18 stories) (3327 posts) mod
10 years ago (2012-09-04)
ivory: I tried that method a few days ago, and although I didn't get a good look since what I saw was like the "heat-wavy-mirage type" thing, it lasted for a couple of minutes... I was very excited! 😆

I think it's cool that he's respected your wishes... But I don't think a little investigating would do any harm to you... Just maybe do some research, as sds mentioned...

Thank you for the update 😊
sds (14 stories) (1434 posts)
10 years ago (2012-09-04)
Hi Ivory, I read your earlier experience "The Curious" and the present one. I think you narrated that you don't want to investigate about the entity because you may get attached to it. Well, you did not tell us if there were anybody, who had similar paranormal experiences in your office. May be that could help you find out as to why the entity is showing up to you or watching over you. Share any further experiences. Nice narration.

Regards and respects to you.


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