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Nightly Visits When I Was Little


I have tried to publish my stories here years ago but at the time the site said something about being inundated with story requests bla bla bla, so I just didn't worry about it. I've had an account on here for years but have never actively commented on any posts. Mostly I just enjoy reading the stories & freaking myself out late at night.

Anyway this is my first story & I will tell them in order that they happened. This story from what I can remember used to happen to me when I was little, about 5 maybe or younger?

Because I was so young I am very vague I'm sorry for that. But what happened I remember clear as crystal.

My mother had gotten with a biker gang want to be at the time & I don't think I had started school yet?

I don't remember the other bedrooms that my brothers & sisters were in just mine, the hall, toilet & bathroom & lounge room. I was on the top bed bunk & my step brother the same age as me was on the bottom bunk. The ladder to get up to my bed was at the foot of my bed.

Ever since I can remember I've always been scared of the dark & now I am 30 I still have trouble sleeping with the lights off.

I remember laying in my bed & looking at the door which had the light reflecting off it from the hallway light as mum left it on so I would not be scared.

I would see an outline of a head pop up quickly as if it were stepping up the ladder to my bunk then as soon as it popped up it seemed to shake it's head violently then drop back down from my ladder. Each time I saw this I would be overcome with fear, then when it went I would run out my room & to mum in the lounge room.

She never believed me when I told her & she just said I was having nightmares. For awhile I believed her somewhat but kept seeing this thing pop up & down when I was in bed.

I lost my belief that it was all in my head in the stories I have yet to publish.

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terranigma (9 stories) (71 posts)
9 years ago (2014-11-30)
Yeah I suppose. But from what I can remember it used to happen a lot.

& the speed it shook it's head was faster than any person could have. It also seemed to have mid length hair now that I think about it almost like in dreadlocks or tight curls as when it shook it's head it's hair ballooned out with each flick.
elnoraemily (guest)
9 years ago (2014-11-26)
Ah, yes, the no submissions page. I have yelled at that page so many times before, though it's useful for the sanity of the moderators.

It sounds a bit like just a curious being, playful even, though I would have probably run away as quickly as possible every time.

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