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Voice In The Backyard


Date: circa 2014

What happened in this event was extremely odd but I am not sure if I can pin it down to being an actual entity.

I was at my parents' house on my laptop listening to music throughout most of the night. Time went by and next thing I knew the hour was within 4 am.

My mother was also awake at the time and for some reason she decided to start cleaning the bathroom. I could hear her moving some things around in there and what not, so I knew she was going to clean out the entire bathroom. She picked the wrong time to do so because after a while I had to use it. I really didn't feel like bothering with her, and all I had to do was briefly relieve myself, so I decided to go outside to do my business. I slipped on my sandals and went around to the side of the house.

As I was doing my thing I had the undeniable feeling that something was out there in the yard with me. It didn't feel scary or anything but the presence was very strong. I just knew with conviction that someone or something was out there. There have been plenty of times when I went outside and there was some sort of animal around (commonly stray dogs, cats, foxes, and deer), but I have never felt an actual 'presence' out there like this. We have two neighbors but their houses are off in the distance across the street, and there is nothing behind or around the sides of our yard except sprawling woods. The closest neighbor we have on our side of the road is maybe two tenths of a mile down the road.

Call me crazy but after I got finished doing my business, for some reason I felt compelled to ask if anyone was out there in the yard with me. I did so just loud enough to where you could only hear it around the area I was standing. As soon as I asked - - I repeat - - as SOON AS I ASKED if anyone was out there, I clearly heard what sounded like a woman's voice (with a somewhat southern accent) in the backyard somewhere not far from where I was standing, but I couldn't make out the words nor could I see her. Her voice was very faint but she had the kind of tone as if she was yelling from a distance away, yet it sounded so close. I quietly said "oh sh*t" then took off running back inside the house.

I quickly went into the dining room portion of the kitchen and turned the back porch light on so I could look out the glass sliding door into the backyard, but I didn't see anyone back there. I then went and told my mom what had just happened. She was startled yet she wasn't surprised because all of us have had crazy experiences around that house.

So...I went back in the bedroom and was trying to rationalize what had just happened. I was creeped out but not exactly scared or on edge or anything like that. I was really more concerned about the idea of an intruder in the yard than an actual ghost. It was dark outside but I still would've been able to at least see an outline of someone from where I was standing. The direction that the voice came from was somewhere close to the edge of the woods straight ahead but almost at an angle to where I was standing. However, I didn't see anyone. There is nothing in our backyard for anyone to hide around so that was out of the question. There are no clear paths in the woods behind our house and even if there were, there are no other houses back there and the woods are so dense and stretch so far back in the distance that no one would chance walking in them anyway, so that was also out of the question.

Another thing I should add too is that the possibility of hearing the TV from that side of the house is zero chance, unless it was turned up extremely loud, and even though my mother was awake it definitely wasn't her voice - you wouldn't hear it from outside anyway with her being in the bathroom and all.

Unlike my other encounters, this is one that I can't really jump to conclusions. It could've been a legitimate entity but it sure seemed awfully strange.

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Dee-J (13 stories) (75 posts)
8 years ago (2016-02-02)
Hey Mack,

The situation was strange all the way around, but in any case it definitely wasn't my imagination.

As stated in the story I am not sure if I can pin it to being an actual entity so I didn't want to make any assumptions, but with all things considered that's the only conclusion I could come to.

When I say that the woods behind my house are dense, I do mean DENSE, with thorn vines, thick brush and all. It is highly unlikely that someone would be walking back up in there, especially at night.

Yet, at the edge of the woods, maybe 10-12 steps from where I was standing, I sure enough heard a faint voice that seemed to respond to me asking if anyone was in the yard. It totally caught me off guard because I wasn't expecting that. It just seemed almost coincidental.
Macknorton (5 stories) (646 posts)
8 years ago (2016-01-24)
Hi Dee-J. Thanks for sharing. It was well written and you portrayed the experience very vividly.

Well, I agree with you; it's really hard to say that was an encounter with a spirit or just possibly your imagination running away with you.

Our imaginations are very powerful and real tools. I can actually make my hairs stand on end and cause one side of my face to "tingle" just by imagining / believing that "something" is actually there in the dark. A big problem with attempting to understand the spirit world / plane, I believe, is trying to separate what we create in our minds with what's actually 'out there".

You may have simply heard an actual voice of somebody (who decided for whatever reason decided to go late night "bush-bashing") in those woods or was it some people walking down your street nearby?

Did you manage to make out any words, or was there an impression that you received? Such as an emotion or image of anyone?



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