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Knock On The Door... No Ones There


Good day to all readers, I have read a lot of stories on this amazing site and I've decided to share a few personal stories and incidents that have happened to me.

I would like to start off with something that happened to me twice (same year but months apart) it was in 2009 and I was 20 at the time, I am from South Africa and live in a small town called Durban, so during this year around the time this first incident occurred my grandfather had passed away a few days before, we are South African Hindus and according to our custom when a family member passes on we have a 10th and 13th day memorial ceremony for the deceased and during these 13 days collectively we hold a daily "service" whereby we sing hymns and other religious songs for the deceased spirit, so one evening I had finished work and was quite tired so I did not go to the daily service, my mom however went. I was alone at home relaxing when it happened, I heard three loud knocks on my front door (I was relaxing in the lounge a few steps away from the front door). I had thought maybe it was my mom and without thinking opened the door, and there was no one there,I'd expected to see my mom, I looked around, waited thinking maybe she was fooling around, but nothing, I closed the door and forgot about it. The next day I mentioned the incident to my mom and she laughed and jokingly said maybe it was my grandfather coming for a visit, After that we forgot that incident and carried on with our daily routines.

The second incident happened in the later part of that year by this time we had forgotten it. One day my aunt (moms sister and her two kids aged 6 and 3 at the time) came to stay over, so this time mom was at home in her room my aunt in the guest room reading and my two smaller cousins and I, in the kitchen making a snack to eat (it's a small house so everything is close to each other and you can hear everything) and again three loud knocks, this time everyone heard it, now me being the idiot that I am opens the door again only to see nothing, no one, needless to say my mother went into a panic and started over-reacting,I had to tell her to tone it down because she was starting to scare the kids.

After that we've never experienced it again and nothing bad happened. I'm not sure what to make off those incidents. We come from a family who believes in paranormal and supernatural entities good or bad, my guess is whatever it was must be good or just mischievous.

Another detail I'd like to add that's unrelated to this story, but rather freaky is: my dad passed away on the 21 july 2002 and my grandfather (my dads father) passed away on the 20 july 2009.

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nacpat88 (3 stories) (10 posts)
2 weeks ago (2023-01-24)
Hi Rajine,

This is indeed similar to my wife's experience. What time did these incidents take place? Was it at the same time? Is anyone else's door nearby?
There are indeed stories about 3 knocks as an insult to the holy trinity. Thank god nothing serious took place with your family.
Enlightened1959 (8 stories) (118 posts)
6 years ago (2016-11-11)
Hello Rajine,

Have you every heard of the "3 knocks of death" or the "angel of death knock" or "three knocks'?
THERE'S AN OLD superstition that says if you hear three knocks that seemingly have no cause, someone you know will die...
This has happened to me and my family for years. The last time I heard the dreaded 3 knocks was in August of 2014. A week later my mom passed away.

My younger daughter heard the 3 loud knocks 2 days ago. Her husband's grandmother was rushed to the ER last night. She has brain cancer. I have a suspicion that she may suddenly pass.

It was probably regarding your grandfather. I am so for your loss regarding your grandfather and dad.

Thank you for sharing.

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