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Tell Her...i'm Coming


"Tell her I'm coming" he said. I was surrounded by darkness as I couldn't see who was telling me. "Tell who? And who are you" I asked. As he came near me, I saw who it was. "Tell her I'm coming" he said again. "Grandpa? How? But tell who?" I asked. "Your Grandma" he said and vanished.

I woke up with a jolt. It was 4 am in the morning and the 4th time that I was having this same dream in this same week. Every time I thought it was a message that Grandpa (My mother's dad) is trying to say me. My Grandpa died 5 years ago on August 2011; he never came in my dream before. During this week (March 28th to March 31) Grandpa always came in my dreams and said to tell my Grandma (My mother's Mom) that he is coming. I used to wake my mom and asked her to call her home and ask if everything is fine, because my Grandma was not well. Doctor's also said that it's her time to leave everyone as it can happen anytime. So, I always insisted my mom to call her home, and when she did; she got the news that everything is fine. This time too she got the news that everything is fine. My mom said me it's just a dream and nothing else. But I was not satisfied by thinking that it's just a dream.

On 1st April

"Sonai!" (My nick name) Someone called me. I woke up and saw that Grandma was calling me. I was in her house, I don't remember coming to Grandma house. She was lying in her bed, I went towards her. "Yes Grandma" I said. "Water, I need some water" she said. I brought her a glass of water, as she was sick she couldn't drink by herself, I took her head up slowly and kept it on my lap and helped her giving water by spoon. After some spoons of water, she showed her hand, indicating that it's enough. I kept the water to the bed side. She was still on my lap; I was slowly tapping/ waving my hands on her hairs. She was looking peaceful but weak. I asked her to close her eyes and sleep as I won't move from here. She did, and after few seconds she opened her eyes and smiled. "Grandma you sleep, I'm here don't worry" I said. She just kept smiling and I saw tears running. "Grandma are you fine?" I asked. She raised her hand, pointing her index finger towards the door. "Look! Your Grandpa came, it's my time, you Take care of yourself sweetheart." She said.

I woke up, breathing fast like I was running as fast as I could. I realized that I was in my home not my Grandma's. This dream was different, it was 4 am again, but I was feeling weird. I knew this feeling; I got this same feeling when I had dreamed of Rishab when he died in my dream. I knew then what had happened, I ran towards my mom crying. She woke up and asked me what happened, I said her about the dream. "Oh Sonai! How many times I have to say you it's just a dream go to sleep and let me sleep" she said. "No mom, this is something different, please listen to me for the last time please, and call right now please." I begged my mom.

She called but this time she fell on her knees. I knew what she heard. "OK! I'm coming tomorrow" She said and disconnected her call. She was crying so much. She looked at me "How? How did you know that this time it was different?" she asked. "Because Grandpa came to receive her" I said.

My Grandma died on 1st April at morning 4 am. My mom called at 4.15 am and it was confirmed she died at 4 am as I woke at that very moment every time for a week. I was sure that Grandpa was giving me messages. I have a great bond with them both. When my Grandpa died, I didn't have any dreams, but why I had dreams for my Grandma I don't know. It's heartbreak for my mother.

Sorry if it's too long.

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ajonverge (6 stories) (84 posts)
6 years ago (2017-12-18)
Im sorry for your loss. Its fascinating that your grandpa was signalling the impending demise. But you should also feel thankful that you actually experienced the final goodbye even when you were physically not there. Grandma did say the final goodbye to her favorite one I guess.
Kaironel (1 posts)
7 years ago (2017-05-01)
That's a great experience. Yes, you are right, this thing only happened if you are close to a person which was destined to die or died while you are away. Anyway, it's not a sad experience. It is delightful that you have a great bond with your family, especially to your grandma.
Lollipopspace (5 stories) (9 posts)
7 years ago (2017-04-27)
That's sooo sad for you and your family the fact that your grandfather came to collect her when she died made me so sad I'm very sorry for your loss
Allicatt (5 stories) (68 posts)
7 years ago (2017-04-25)
This really pulls at the heart strings, its so hard to let someone You love go.

Though I believe that in a way Your grandpa trusted You to relay the messeage to Your grandmother that he was coming not only to warn her but You as well. It sounds like You were very close to both of them.

I am truly sorry for your loss.

Sincerely, Allicatt
spiritwaiting (42 stories) (843 posts)
7 years ago (2017-04-24)

Wow! I like to call those visitations.

I get those quite often, they include usually only my Grandfather. If a loved one wants to stay in touch they tend to find awesome ways of doing so.

Im sorry for the loss of your grandmother. I hope you are doing better, and hopefully she can visit you.

Thanks for sharing
Going into my favs!


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