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Divorce Made The Fix


This was truly happened to me about seven to eight years back.

I got married about 8 years back to a nice girl from Kurunegala and she did not had her father and living with her mom. I met her when I started working in a company after returning to Sri Lanka from my studies.

She used to call and I used to get the call when no one answer so little by little we became friends and then finally lovers and got married.

I have to tell you that the day before my marriage I drove to her place to see everything is in order. The hotel booking and decorating is getting done by time and all. In the evening her mom said to have dinner at their place before returning to hotel. I live alone here in Sri Lanka and my parents are PR in Canada. My parents could not come to my wedding for some reason which I would not mention here.

While I was sitting on their couch and watching TV, my fiancé and her mom preparing dinner, from the corner of my left eye I could see something rolling towards me and it's black in color moving fast. I had to look at it in a glance where I saw it was about five feet long black and brown mixed snake and at its top speed coming towards me. I screamed like a girl and jumped up to the couch shouting snake SNAKE...!

Her mom came running and all I could remember she hit it with something and it rolled out and they were surprised to see for their entire life's they have never seen a snake inside their house. Anyway so no harm and I got married the next day and bought my newly married wife to my home.

We lived happily going to work, coming back home, cooking but no kids yet. About 6 months went by and one night I woke up, I could move my eyes only. Everything else was stoned. Tried shouting but no sound. I felt like some huge rock was on top of me. About 2 minutes later I was released from my bond and I swear I felt someone walking out the room (we kept the room doors open since only me and her living).

This happened almost every other week. We started fighting. Mostly my wife was rude to me, just sitting and watching TV, no cooking or doing any house work so finally we decided to go to a monk who were famous of fortune telling. As soon as the monk saw me he asked me if I seen anyone while I was sleeping like in my dreams. I said no, then he hold my right hand and started squeezing it. He asked me to remember hard. Then I remembered the figure I've see walking out the room every time I get freeze and let go. It was wearing a white long gown with rubies, gold and pearl around the neck and has a white long feather in its hand, waving here and there when it walks. Which in short I believe I have seen some Egypt pharaoh sort of a person.

I told the monk and he gave me a serious look and told my wife to go out of the room for a while. He told me in a low voice that my wife has been bonded with Kalukumaraya (The Black Prince) and there is no other way but I have to get divorced with her before I had to pay with my life. I asked the monk how did this has happen, then he said someone has made a deal to become success by giving my wife's life as a sacrifice and now no man could live with her.

So we came home and lived separately for three or four months and both of us never had any issue. Then finally in a friendly manner we decided to get divorced.

So until today I did not had any issues of sleeping and she too working in a good position and living single with her mom.

Sorry the story was too long but since this is my first please forgive me.

Thanks and Take care.

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Smoki_Tabu (2 stories) (13 posts)
6 years ago (2018-10-19)
Hi Pasindu,

The sleep paralysis sounds terrifying. I'm happy for you that it hasn't been an issue of late.

I'm curious, you say your wife was "rude to me, just sitting and watching TV, no cooking or doing any house work."

Is it possible she was having a bout of depression? I know when depression hits me, I have a hard time peeling myself off the couch and I am also much more irritable when depressed. Chronic fatigue could be another explainable reason. Has she seen a medical doctor? Had her thyroid checked? (To put the fate of one's marriage in the hands of a fortune telling monk is not something I can relate to, so forgive me for trying to rationalize, as this is strange territory for me.)

I can't imagine what it would be like to be a living sacrifice of someone's evil wishes. I hope she has gotten help for whatever is ailing her, supernatural or no, as I'm sure it was no fun for her either. I'm glad the divorce was carried out in a "friendly manner". They can be messy, which you certainly didn't need on top of what you were dealing with already.
Best wishes,
Pasindu (9 stories) (25 posts)
6 years ago (2018-10-08)
Hi Haven, Yep I told her while we were living separately, in fact I took her to the monk and he did the whole explaining to her... She remembered back at her home town the company she used to work the owner had giving her a king coconut water one day where she became sick sort of after drinking it. That person had giving it to her saying it's been blessed.
So I think the culprit is her old boss but you can't point fingers, you know what I mean.
BeautInside (3 stories) (326 posts)
6 years ago (2018-10-08)
Hello Pasindu,

I agree with Haven.

If someone offered your ex-wife as a sacrĂ­fice in exchange for something, then she should at least know about it. That makes a her a victim too, unless she was na accomplice but based on what the monk told you she was just the "offering".

I do have a hard time believing in witches, but honestly I've read a few things that made me wonder when it comes to witchcraft.

I'd appreciate if you could address Haven's questions.

Thank you for sharing.
Haven (20 stories) (307 posts)
6 years ago (2018-10-05)
Hi Pasindu,

I'm glad you are doing well and no longer having issues with sleep paralysis.

Did you tell your ex-wife what the monk told you? If so, did she have an idea of who gave her up as a sacrifice? Did it ever cross your mind to seek help from another source and maybe break the spell and allow you two to have a happy married life? I have heard that there are very powerful people that have special powers that can break powerful spells.

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