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New Apartment Adventures 2


Just some minor updates on the Norfolk, Virginia apartment building. It has changed owners a lot since I've moved in - 3 times so far. Every time the landlord (s) re-works one of the apartments, small stuff goes haywire. The biggest thing to date is the "someone just came into the living room" feeling. It's been happening more frequently, and not just to myself. Plus now it's adding sounds to the feeling. I've had friends over who have experienced it as well.

Allow me to explain a little about the layout of the place to those who may have not read my other tale (New Apt Experiences). My apartment is a large "I" or "H" shape - You enter a small foyer with a closet, straight into the living room (which is long - 20' x 12'). An archway in the wall branches off into the hall/kitchen area. The main kitchen is to the right side (6' x 7'), the fridge and a small nook on the opposite wall. The hallway narrows, ending in a 3 way set of doors. The bathroom to the right, the bedroom straight ahead and a small pantry on the left. Due to the construction of the building and layout of the apartment, it is rather hard to hear anything from the opposite end (either way - living room to bedroom or visa-versa). To counter this, we have a wind chime on the front door (outside) & a set of bells (inside), plus an electric wireless doorbell (which RARELY ever stays working).

One case in point, I and my friend J were in the bedroom on the PC waiting for my husband to get home. We were surfing the net and suddenly I heard what sounded like the chime/bells I on the front door, as if someone had opened or closed the door. This was accompanied by the feeling that someone came into the apt. I glanced at the clock and noted it was nowhere near the time my husband was due home and ignored it. Twenty minutes later, the event repeated itself. Again I checked the clock and again, I ignored it. Fifteen to twenty minutes later, again I heard the bells and this time my friend looked toward the living room and asked me if my hubby was home.

"Nope, it's just the apartment acting up again." She knows about the ghosts and has experienced them as well. "But I heard the bells." "Yeap, he's not due home until later."

Two more times that evening we heard the bells, the interval between was getting shorter and shorter. Finally we heard them again and I had enough and shouted, "THAT BETTER BE YOU JAY!" And to our happiness, my hubby strolled into the bedroom with a look on his face. He has experienced the "silence" of the apt and the strange feelings so he fully understood when we explained what had been happening.

And it doesn't seem to end there, just this past week; I had gotten sick at work and went home a little early. I tried to lie down and rest. Every time I lay down, I would hear something. First a knock on the front door - which one can NOT hear from the bedroom unless pound on the door or sitting in silence. Then some one rang the doorbell, which at that time was not working - the batteries in the sender unit are dead. Then some one knocked on the living room window, then the bedroom window. For about 3 hours I tried to sleep and something kept waking me up. The last straw was a loud rap on the front door, I got up and raced to the door and threw it open, yelling "What! Of course, nobody's out there.

Well other than this last part it's been quiet, but it never stays that way. More updates will come as things happen, or we move. Thanks for reading

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ghosthuntermk2 (16 posts)
13 years ago (2009-02-20)
i can relate two you as well when I lived in hull (england) I was living a haunted house we moved soon after 😊
lazria (9 stories) (82 posts)
13 years ago (2009-02-20)
James - Yes, the hubby is the boyfriend from before. He's experienced some of this stuff, so yeah, he understands.

And unfornatley I've "felt" the fatigue man around on & off - there is a retired miltary man who moved in across the hall from my unit and I do worry he's over there, pestering the poor man, but I do feel him around my place occusialy.

And yes, I have both camera & recorder - so far nothing, but something warns me NOT to go too far into trying to "capture" something - did that in the old apt and things got worse.

Oh yeah - something happened last night. I was again in the bathroom washing my hands and swore I saw the hubby walk by the door into the front rooms. Then to my shock he walked into the bathroom from the bedroom. I told him, he laughed and stated he didn't.
faerielike (15 stories) (268 posts)
13 years ago (2009-02-20)
I can really sympathize with you on this one! My mother and I have both had the same type of haunted experiences as we both keep bells on our doors at our homes. It has been a long time, though, since I have heard disembodied rapping at the door. I think when I yelled at it, I must have really been scary or something!
I wonder if more people put bells or chimes on their doors if there would be more similar experiences. 😁
Happy haunting to you! 😜
JamesRobiscoe (419 posts)
13 years ago (2009-02-19)
Lazria--I'm assuming you no longer sense or see the man in fatigues or hear the children's laughter? Your research has yielded some uses of the building which may explain the probability of paranormal phenomena, and it's wise, as you've done, to look for natural physical causes for such things as the unpleasant odor. That said, the continuation of phenomena (which other tenants also experience) suggests more than natural cause or a fanciful imagination. If your husband is the boyfriend of 2 years ago, you at least have an ally. Did you smudge to cleanse the place? Do you keep a camera or EVP recorder? Do you actively try to communicate?

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