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My Dark Follower 2


As I stated in my last story, I am being followed by a dark figure in the shape of a man. I have seen him in many different locations. (School, home, and even church!) This thing doesn't really scare me anymore. It's just more shocking than anything. He pops up in the most random places. I have seen him countless times since I wrote the first story. He follows me anywhere I go. We moved to a new house this November and that was when I first started to see him. I also mentioned before that I missed it when it was gone. And that feeling has not changed. It always seems to show up when I'm alone, or bored.

Yolanda and I tried to think of when this all started, and when I started to feel a presence surrounding me. We came up with a theory. You see, a couple months ago, I had a surgery and found out that I was supposed to have a twin.

Apparently, it died in my mother's womb when it was small. It was never noticed in the ultrasounds, or during tests or anything. Instead of growing and being born, it connected itself to one of my ovaries. No one knew it was there. Not even me. I never felt it; it never affected me at all.

Sixteen years later, in June, I went to the hospital because of a pain in my lower abdomen. The doctors detected a tumor on one of my ovaries. I went into surgery right away. They had to remove the half of my ovary where the tumor was connected. After the surgery, it was confirmed that the tumor had been my unborn twin. It had a tooth and hair when they tool it out.

When I opened my eyes after the surgery, everything was different. I felt as if something really important had been taken away from me. I thought it was just how you felt after surgery. (But that feeling hasn't gone away, so I don't know.) When the nurses came to touch me, I felt completely overwhelmed. (Might have been all the drugs they had me on though) I have noticed that I am now very sensitive to any paranormal feelings in a room. I can't see, or feel anything touch me; (besides my follower) I know something is there. This could just be me sensing my follower there with me, or could I be sensing other spirits in the room?!

Months have passed since my surgery, and I still have the same feelings. We moved to our new house and that's when I started seeing the thing. But I felt a presence near me before we moved too.

So that brings us back to the theory. Yolanda and I believe that the figure is my twin. We started to think that the first time that I saw, or felt anything that I feel now, was right after my surgery. After I was separated from my twin. We believe that is my twin for a couple of reasons.

It isn't trying to hurt me. For some reason, I know this. I can feel it.

It always shows up when I'm alone, or bored. And when it does, I feel better.

My brother caught me sleepwalking again. This wouldn't be so bad, except that there was something really weird about it this time. He said he saw me get up from my room and followed me to the living room. He told me that I stood there, and then turned back to go to my room. Apparently, I had my arm at my side the whole time. He said it looked like I was holding someone by the hand. I don't remember ever getting out of bed. The only thing I remember from that night is the weird dream I had.

I dreamt that I was in a beautiful forest. As I was walking, I saw a boy. He was about my age, and he looked just like me. He smiled at me and took my hand. When he took my hand, we were suddenly inside an old building. I was wearing a gown. I was still holding his hand but we weren't alone anymore. There were a lot of people in the room with us. They were speaking a different language that I didn't understand. Suddenly, they all looked to the door and started to scream and run away. The boy squeezed my hand and pulled me out a secret door. He told me to follow him. Then, I woke up. I can't explain it, but I felt like I had been to that place before. Just like I knew the boy who was dragging me along a dark hallway and I knew I trusted him.

After that time, no one's caught me sleepwalking. But there have been weird things going on during the day at my house. For example, every time my baby sister goes into a room by herself, the door closes by itself and she starts crying because it's locked and she can't get out. This only happens to her. I also hear my name being called a lot. It sounds like a boy. I try to follow the voice, but it stops when I move towards it. Yolanda and I think that my dark follower is my twin. We believe that he is jealous of my sister because I am really close to her. He never hurts her; he just tries to scare her.

I see him a lot now. He follows me to school almost every day. And I know I am the only one who can see him. He has been in a room with me, Yolanda, and other people and no one could see him. He talks to me a lot now too. And he's tried to talk to and touch Yolanda, but he says he doesn't have enough energy to do it.

This probably doesn't have anything to do with my follower, but it's pretty interesting. In the middle of the night, I will wake up and hear a little boy running up and down the hallway. I know it's a boy because I can hear him laughing as he runs. It doesn't scare me, but it is hard to sleep through. The really scary part is that I'm the only one that hears it!

Well that's it. Please don't worry about me or this thing. I promised some of you the rest of the story and that's why I wrote it. But I am honestly not worried about it. He isn't going to hurt me or my family.

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morgansarmy (2 stories) (4 posts)
13 years ago (2010-04-22)
OK. So things have been good... Kinda. My follower is OK and he's with me almost all the time and we can talk to each other easily. Only Yolanda and one other friend know about him. My life was just starting to be normal again. (Well as normal as your life can be when you are with your unborn twin brother almost all day.)
Except that now, there are paranormal entities that are finding me a lot more these days. At my school for example, I have encountered maybe 5 or more spirits that only I can see and hear. Well actually me and 'Dude' (My brother's nickname that Yolanda and I use when we need to talk to him. She's pretty used to talking to him through me, or sitting next to him, even though she cants see him.) are the only ones that can see them. They aren't really a problem, and they haven't hurt anybody, but I am really beginning to wonder what might have happened to me while I was having my surgery. Hmmmmmm... 😕
If you have any idea what I could do, if I can do anything at all, so I can stop seeing these things, it would be a big help. Thanx.

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