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We Helped Her Move On


It all happened at the end of last month, late at night. My brother and I were home alone, my mom having gone out to visit her boyfriend, and I was getting ready for bed when he stopped me in the hall while saying he wanted to show me something. Most of the lights in the house off, so it had something to do with his toy light saber. After a moment I managed to get him to leave me alone so I could go into my room, but as he walked to the end of the hall and towards the living room he came running back down the hall to where I was, pale as a sheet.

"What's wrong?" I asked as he kept his eyes on the other end of the hall. "I saw something in the kitchen," Was the reply I got, so I asked him what it looked like. My brother, Drew, described a black figure with no particular gendered shape to it that had a pair of red eyes. Now, my brother has a pretty wild imagination and is always seeing all sorts of things, so I told him to wait outside my bedroom door as I checked on something.

Once in my room I grabbed my pendulum and relaxed myself, asking it to show me 'yes' and 'no' before it stopped and I asked if my brother was lying. I'm not a master of using my pendulum yet, but it was never inaccurate before so I was slightly surprised when the answer I got was 'no'. I asked if what my brother saw was a ghost, the answer was 'yes' so I asked if it was a negative one... Another 'yes'.

My first thought to that was 'crap, something bad finally got into the house', but I remained calm as I asked if whatever it was was still in the house, in the kitchen. 'Yes'.

I left my room while holding onto my pendulum, telling Drew what I'd just done as I headed to the kitchen with him right behind. The living room light was on, so I could see into the kitchen but I couldn't see the ghost at all. I asked the pendulum if the ghost was still in the kitchen, got a 'yes', and then firmly stood my ground.

"Whoever, or whatever you are, you are not welcome in this home. Leave!" After my demand all was silent and still for a moment until I lifted my pendulum and asked it if the ghost had gone. It had, but I had this certain uneasy feeling in my stomach so I asked Drew to follow me to my room. We both sat on the bed as the door closed and I started to as questions about the ghost, my pendulum giving me the answers.

"Is the ghost in the house at all?" No. "Is it still on the property?" Yes. "Does it wish to hurt us at all?" No. "Is it mad?" 'No'. At this point I got confused, because instantly if I think of negative spirits, I think of something bad. Mentally beating myself up for a moment for being so conclusive without knowing more facts, I asked it the first negative emotion that came to my mind "Is the ghost sad?" The reply I got was yes.

I paused in my session for a little regrouping, my brother dead silent beside me as he watched me take in a breath and start to ask a few more questions.

"Is the ghost a man?" No. "So it's a woman?" Yes. "Does she want to move on, is that why she came?" 'Yes'. I looked around my room as an idea suddenly struck me; we have ghosts of our own... Maybe they wanted to help out.

So I asked "Are the ghosts naturally living on the property here in the room?" Yes. "Do they want to help the woman?" 'Yes'. I got to thinking again and thought, since my mom is a ghost medium, maybe there was something we could do...? My pendulum started circling in the 'yes' motion and I made up my mind; we were going to do everything we could to help her pass on. "Could one of you go out and bring the woman back inside? We're willing to help as best we can." My pendulum started moving in the yes motion as I turned to my brother and smiled. I felt relaxed, better that I didn't let my assumption with her being evil stick as she wandered the world with no help. "Are you alright with this? I'll see if she's willing to stay here until mom comes back and then we can ask her what to do." He nodded slightly; I could tell that a strange calmness had washed over him as well. "Yeah, I just hope there's something we can do..." I told him not to worry and we waited in silence for a few moments, until he spoke up, "The room just got colder." I only noticed it slightly, since my room has always been the coldest one in the house, but I instantly got to work.

I apologized for being so pushy earlier and telling her she wasn't welcome without knowing that she wanted help. After that I asked her if she was alright with staying in my room and my room alone as we waited for my mom to come home... The only conditions for us trying to help her move on. She was and I started up another little question session.

We found out that she had been drawn to the house because of my brother's positive energy and the fact that he reminded her of someone she knew; her son. Drew had me ask if her son was still alive and the reply was 'yes' as I suddenly got another idea.

"Hey Drew, would you be alright with her following you until mom got home?" He gave me a slightly strange look but nodded his head. "I wouldn't mind." With that I asked if she wanted to follow Drew, got a yes, and then had him set down the ground rules he wanted. His only condition was this, "You can follow me, just don't scare me."

After that I confirmed the ground rules once more and everything settled down as Drew left my room and I went to bed after leaving a message on my mom's cell phone about the situation. In the morning, as my mom came home, my brother was sound asleep in bed while we talked it over. Surprisingly, though she usually ignored the ghosts in our home, she was excited about everything. I asked her if she sensed the woman after bringing her up to date and she said she couldn't. The woman was either gone or she just wasn't sensing her... I got curious and fetched my pendulum.

"Did the woman move on?" The answer... Was yes. I guess simply being around my brother was enough for her because she was gone time morning. My brother asked me about it when he woke up and I told him the news, but he was happy to hear it. It was a rather exciting experience but just typing about it right now has me as calm as I was on that night, after finding out the truth about her wanting to move on and actually being able to help in some way.

Just thought I would share this experience with you all, since it now holds a deep meaning to both my brother and myself.

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Sublimefeline (1 stories) (4 posts)
3 years ago (2021-02-06)
Hi Eternal Lotus, I'm glad this went so well for you. How kind of you and your brother to help her that way. I know from past experience that pendulums can bring forth dark, negative forces. Because, who is answering you? Good for you that it turned out well. Please be very very careful with it. Take Good Care! Sublimefeline
moonshadow (3 stories) (146 posts)
14 years ago (2010-03-12)
Hi EternalLotus.
I really enjoyed that story it's a great thing that you did in helping the spirit of this woman to go into the light it's a lovely thing to do and you certinaley handeled the whole situation very well I could feel a great calmness myself as I was reading your story your brother was great as well and like you had no fear while you were useing your pendulam while communacting with spirits. I really give you great praise for what you did and your brother too. Take care and may the light of the great spirit shine upon you and your family allways...
princessLotus (2 stories) (555 posts)
14 years ago (2010-03-11)
Hi my name is Lotus. Lol! I think that you handled this very maturely & I give you a thumbs up. It's a difficult thing to decipher weather or not these spirits need our help. I'm sure you are as well aware as I am that some spirits are just a pain in the arse & that's all they want to! Well thanks for sharing & I'm looking forward to you sharing more! ~LSD~ ❤

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