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It is often believed that children and pets have communication with the unknown at least that is something that I was always told. I only have a select few things that I have knowledge of that fall into this category of children and pets communicating with spirits. The first one that I have to tell is about me; my mother often tells me this.

I had to be about four or five years old and we were at her now ex-boyfriends parents' house. He had a brother who had just committed suicide a few months prior to this happening. I was down the hall at this house playing in one of the bedrooms while everybody else sat visiting in the living room. My mom stated how they would hear me often talking in the room; at first they paid no attention to it because they thought it was just me using my imagination since I was to their knowledge the only one in the room. After several minutes passed they started to notice in my tone of voice that it sounded like I was actually having a conversation with someone. They were slightly freaked out at first but then quickly thought it was just one of his mothers other sons. As if on cue the son they thought was in the room with me walked through the front door. They asked if he had possibly been in the room with me just a few minutes prior but he stated how he had been out somewhere. Freaked out now with this known fact they sat there waiting for me to come out from the room. I don't know if they called me out of the room or if I just walked out but when I came into the living room they asked me who I was talking to. I stated how I had been talking to a young boy and he had asked me to go and play with him.

In beliefs from where I grew up it is believed that if a spirit asks a person to come with them than that person dies. After I said this they all got freaked out and asked me who this boy was. I believe I only shrugged and pointed at a picture of the son that had just committed suicide months prior to this.

Another thing that happened was when my cousin was around two years old, she is about nine right now and my other cousin and I had been assigned to baby sit for my aunt. My aunt had three kids at the time and lived in a small house off a highway in the country. My cousin, who was about sixteen and I were sitting around in the living room after just getting the kids to sleep. We were talking when my two year old cousin walked down the hall crying her eyes out. When my cousin went to calm her down she couldn't do anything because my cousin was frozen in place and just pointing down the hall while still crying. I stood there watching in fright as my younger cousin started inaudibly saying how she was freaked out and someone was there. We successfully put my cousin back to sleep after several minutes and just sat there freaked out for the rest of the night.

The last thing that I have knowledge of is the same two year old cousin. She again had to be two at the time. I don't remember what time of day this happened but I believe it was at night. My family was at my grandparents house visiting with each other while the kids ran around the house like they usually did. At some point a few of the kids were down the hall and in my grandparent's bedroom and my two years cousin walked out of the room stating how my Uncle Jeff was in the room. My Uncle Jack, actually my great uncle jack died either before she was born or when she wasn't even a year old. At the time she had no knowledge of him other than through stories but she was only two when this happened.

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dana (2 posts)
13 years ago (2010-05-06)
my daddy's dog could see a ghost that was haunting his home. He stated that she was asleep, and she suddenly woke up, watched something walk passed her (there was obviously nothing visible) and then when it walked past, she put her head back down and went back to sleep. He also commented about his mom speaking to it, and his brother and father seeing and hearing it. 😕
pipsta (12 posts)
13 years ago (2010-05-05)
Hi there, I strongly believe children and animals have the ability to communicate with the unknown, but as we grow older we repress the ability. (by 'we' I mean many adults).

Also LOL at you saying 'assigned' to babysit. Haha. Sounds like there was no other choice!:)

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