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Hi there Amirstrange and welcome.

I agree with Lost Voyage and don't have much to add. But I wanted to really highlight and make you super aware of the fatigue you're feeling. Anything that leaves you depleted is a bad sign.

I'm a whatever floats your boat kind of person. So if someone has a relationship with a ghost I say good for them. BUT if someone has bouts of fatigue directly after an encounter defiantly take notice. There's a chance the entity isn't loving, but something quite negative. Follow Lost Voyage's advice about cleansing.

You said this has been happening for twenty years. Has there been any changes in your life recently? Or do you have any theories on why this is escalating now?

Thanks for sharing.
Lady Glow, I can't upvote you at the moment. But I remember that Dollar Shop encounter. Some premonitions are so weird, 'like what the heck did I need to know that for?' I think you're right about the reason for your dream about SV being the darkest.
I can be quite the dumbo at the best of times. I just now realised the significance of date this happened being SV's daughter's birthday. My god that's rough.🙁That poor girl.
AussieRedDog in The Priest
To answer some of the questions-one was about how my great uncle Father M knew about this 'ghost' I can only assume that he knew about the story or heard a similar story. Number two, this was a Catholic Church not a Church of England, big difference. Number three, the young priest, the ghost, was in love with a nun (or so the story goes) and being a priest, you are meant to be celebrant (which is stupid for they certainly like young altar boys), number four I don't know if the priest crossed over or not for I wasn't there to witness it nor was my late uncle. My uncle didn't go back to that church. If he did, well he didn't tell me. Hope this answered all the questions. Thanks for all comments though.
Hi CrimsonTopaz.

I mentally talked to SV during his wake and funeral, apologising for my petty thoughts at the moment of his last visit. I'm sure he heard me and understood that I held nothing against him.

Yes, it was and still must be terrible for SV's daughter to have her birthday on the same day that her father passed away. She had turned 14 YO that day.

In Mexico, a girl's 15th birthday is a reason for a great celebration. When my little cousin turn 15, there was a big family reunion and party. When the time for speeches came, it was mentioned that that same day was SV's first passing anniversary... It was a very sad moment and, I'm sure, there was not a dry set of eyes among the guests, but I'm equally sure that her father was there in spirit celebrating life.

Thanks for reading my story.
Rajine and Tweed.

I have always thought that this was a premonition of SV's passing. Although this hasn't been the only time I have known of a person's death through a dream, this has been, so far, the darkest dream of all.

I think it had to do with the fact that, in previous precognitive dreams, the person's end was impending and expected to happen at any time, but SV was very young, in his early 40's and still with a life ahead of him.

Perhaps that's the reason why this premonition was presented as an unmistakable symbol: the Grim Reaper, but without showing me who's life was going to end.

I don't know if it's good or bad, but, though I occasionally have precognitive dreams, they tend to be random, about irrelevant events and out of context, and usually of events that have happened or will happen in close proximity to the day I have the dream.

In a dream, I have "lived" the tsunami in Indonesia in 2004, and the Haiti earthquake in 2010... And even read an unpublished story in YGS, even commenting about having read it before!

Tweed and RCRuskin.

Hi guys!

Thanks for reading and commenting on my story. I had never considered the possibility of SV feeling a bit guilt-ridden by his little lies, but it makes sense, perhaps he realised that I would have cared as much as I did for him even if he had not been always a hero in his stories.
Plina88 in Night Gown
I know its creepy but man, she was probably appearing to you because she needed help. Could've gone in the day too. It makes me sad for her but totally understand the fright it must have had on you.
Hey AussieRedDog what a crazy story and such fascinating folklore ties it has as well! I would have freaked out lol I'm new to the site and feel like I've found a gold mine of stories. I also run a tiktok and podcast about scary stories. I would love to chat more about yours if you're interested in sharing. Hope its ok to ask here. Not trying to be annoying. Thank you again
PS: LG, It's very sad he didn't make it to his daughter's birthday. May he RIP.
Lovely Ladyglow, I think you'll get another chance to tell him what you want and find peace in doing so. What you feel and say will still reach him. I believe our word's and feelings are past on. Don't feel bad, you didn't know. You are obviously very physic to have had that feeling the same time of his passing. Thats a gift to be treasured.
Hello amirstrange, and welcome to YGS!

I too wonder what it is you've been experiencing these last couple of decades, were the experiences similar to what's been going on the last few days or different? I would need some more information on your history of paranormal encounters?

Going off this series of recent incidents alone, it sounds like the beginning stages of an incubus/succubus encounter. What you describe including the feelings of being weak and drained also support this. There are several stories on this site of such encounters which will give you some insight on these types of supernatural experiences.

If it's advice you're looking for, I would look at getting a cleansing or clearing from either a professional or through rituals you can perform yourself. There are some suggested on this very site and I can try to link you to some if you like. You may want to look into protecting yourself as well, with tools like prayer and surrounding yourself in white light, depending on your own belief system.

What I can say, is you want to put a stop to this now, before it goes any further. Encounters with these types of entities/beings can be almost impossible to free oneself from if that's indeed what it is. They develop a sort of symbiotic interpersonal relationship that becomes increasingly difficult to sever the connection to once it becomes routine. The origins of such beings/entities is unknown, they seem elusive in trying to discover their true nature, but there are many theories.

This site has a wealth of knowledge from other people's encounters and stories regarding their own experiences with the same entities, which you may find resonate with what you're experiencing as well as tools to deal with it from rituals/routines for protection and clearing/cleansing. I hope it helps! Good Luck!
You say that you experienced for the past two decades, I'm not sure what to tell you exactly but maybe you should seek help from someone who will be able to shed some light on this matter, it could be a priest, a psychic/clairvoyant.
I wonder what that dream meant 🤔 and what would have happened had you followed that skeleton... But I'd like to believe that nightmare and your relatives passing have no connection, I feel it's far to "evil" for lack of a better word for it to be connected, whether as a premonition or otherwise...
Awww thanks BaiAnina,☺️little point in being connected through an Internet forum if we don't all share our cultures and points of view. Personally I believe in all gods and entities from all religions and walks of life, even though I'm not that religious myself. I believe they are all 'there' somewhere, somehow in their realms. That there's a reason for worship and ritual beyond this physical world.
Don't feel bad Lady Glow. If he hadn't been an embellisher in life there'd be no reason for your mind to go in that direction. Every choice we make will denote how we're remembered, no one's an exception to that little reality. He may have even realised you'd started seeing through his white lies. Perhaps you sensed that from him in that moment on that day.
He sounds like a good fun guy who'd be great to work with. May he Rest In Peace.

Your nightmare sounds very vivid and disturbing, you described it really well. Something about you moving down the aisle seems to point to an experience you had to go through at that time. Or at least that's how I'd interpret that one 'moving down the aisle' detail. Or I'm talking complete bollocks, also possible. Do you often have precognitive dreams?

Thanks for sharing. Experiences like these really prove we're connected to friends and family in ways we don't fully understand yet.
May his Memory be Eternal.


So you suspect your cousin's husband of lying, and you get a visitation from him after he died and all you could think about was a lie he told. Was he expressing some remorse, or were you just being suspicious?

We may never know.
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in Chapel (tuklong)
Hello XKY_LARQ, great story, thanks for sharing!

This does open up an interesting discussion on many levels and though I cannot comment much regarding the inquiries on culture (which hopefully the OP will enlighten us on) I can offer some thoughts on the third eye from my own experience and those I've encountered and perhaps it will help.

What I convey here, many may be familiar with, others not so much, take with it what you will.

The 3rd eye is part of the chakra system, the 6th in fact, below the crown chakra. It is always open, all chakras are, in fact the energy of the chakra's are constantly moving in a rotating motion. The 3rd eye is part of our intuitive guidance system, and opens us up to other planes of consciousness and existence. We've all had gut feelings at times in our lives, whether we listen to them or not. If this chakra was closed that wouldn't be happening.

Now that being said, the chakra's can become blocked or out of alignment which cause issues. For instance someone may have seen a ghost that scared them as a child and decided they weren't going to see one ever again and effectively block that ability. It's also why children can so easily see ghosts and spirits, passed loved ones etc. That chakra is wide open for them, at least until adults who know better tell them it's not real or it's just their imagination. Then they begin to shut those abilities down, and by the time they become adults they are deprived of gifts and abilities that would make it much easier to navigate this sometimes crazy world we live in. It's like navigating a vast wasteland without a GPS for lack of a better description.

When people talk about 'opening' the third eye they're referring to actually awakening it. Though it's always open, it's quite another thing to start working with that energy, than just getting intuitive hits occasionally and seeing ghosts/spirits. To awaken it, is part of spiritual evolution, and there are so many things you can do when you learn to work with that energy and take charge of it. I won't go into the details but it can easily be searched online.

It's also quite possible that being around Mika could have helped with that awakening. Energy workers and spiritual healers can awaken another person's third eye, they do it all the time. It's all just working with energy again. However the people I speak of do it consciously and with the person's (they're working on) permission. My guess is that Mika has those gifts more naturally and is doing it on an unconscious level without realizing it or at least not fully. Merely being in her vibrational energy field could do the trick since she seems more attuned to the paranormal.

Again, I can't say much about the culture, although I do find it fascinating. So many stories from that part of the world contain so many similarities in sightings of these otherworldly beings. The entity the OP describes is very similar in many ways to other people's descriptions and stories. Many seem to be in some kind of human form, but there are things definitely off about their appearance such as the decaying face and the manner in which they move. Almost like an entity trying to copy a human being but not paying enough attention to detail, or perhaps it's done with intent?

Either way it could well have been the 3rd eye that warned them of danger and that's why they felt the need to run, because of intuition. As the 3rd eye is awakened further, intuition grows stronger and is no longer a whisper.

Hopefully this contributes to the understanding of what the OP was referring to (at least from what I interpreted) in regards to the 3rd eye and those gifts. The rest are pieces that only the OP can place in this story for us as well as to confirm if I am on track with what I gathered from this experience and what they were trying to convey.
BaiAnina in Chapel (tuklong)
[at] Tweed

That's a very insightful way to open a discussion, I want to give you infinite upvotes for that. 💖

I'm from the Philippines, although I might have grown up in a different province from OP. Some aspects of our shared beliefs are actually different per region, just as we have different dialects! The only insight I could give with regards to the "transfer" is that either Mika came from a family or a line with that much spiritual power or OP is an exceptionally sensitive empath of some sorts, or both. This part of our culture actually predates colonization which was when Christianity was introduced to us. It hasn't actually vanished but instead integrated, which is why there are some shamans/folk healers here who also "borrow" power from the Holy Trinity.

I'd love to know more from OP if they'd permit. This part of our culture is complex but it is interesting nonetheless. The paranormal stuff shared among the Southeast Asian countries are really something~ thank you for being this interested and being kind about it!
GingerRead in In Spirit
Pelatiah, that's really interesting. A similar incident happened involving my grandfather. If I remembered correctly, a family picture was taken the day my parents were married in 1984. The photo depicted an odd, white mist surrounding my grandfather's face. He passed away in the summer of 1987.

CrimsonTopaz, thank you! I definitely agree.
Do you perhaps know how long that shrine has been around? Maybe if you ask around you might get answers if others apart from you and your friends experienced this.
Hi all,

I tend not to comment on things I don't understand. With this narrative I suspect there's a piece missing. A cultural piece of the puzzle that could explain the OP's point of view. It would be great if some members from the Philippines could chime in. Because I can only offer a westerner's perspective.

From my westerner's view for this to work there'd have to be some kind of psychic link established between Mika and XKY. Even after this, if XKY had his or her third eye opened from their meeting with Mika it would be fleeting. As in, a brief energy transference between two souls which ended after they parted. XKY stated Mika had a reputation, for what isn't entirely clear. But if Mika had a reputation for being psychic this *could* have subconsciously anticipated XKY to receive any energy Mika was giving off, and there's your link. Any life long ability to see ghosts thereafter would be XKY's own abilities in my opinion. As in XKY had an epiphany which altered his or her world view, after meeting Mika and seeing the man.

Again I would love to hear from some locals on this because mine is a western point of view. Perhaps the man they saw is relevant in some way.

I noticed the karma police have been at it in this thread.🙄Here's hoping someone can shed some light on the culture of the location.
BaiAnina in Chapel (tuklong)
Mika sounds like an interesting person. Do you think she's from a shaman family by any chance?

Based on Lady-Glow's question I'd like to know; the whole time you've had your third eye, did you ever experience spirits that were as intense as the child from your other stories? I have a feeling that the paranormal activities are a lot more intense in the province.

Not going to lie, you had me at decaying old man in a barong. I would have shat myself on the spot. Ghosts in traditional clothing really hit different.
lady-glow in Chapel (tuklong)
" Probably he was just trying to clean the eye gunk from your third eye in order to talk to someone!"

By this I mean to say that spirits are aware when someone is a sensitive and, potentially, can hear them and help them. So, it's not a surprise if the super black kid was trying to get your attention... Even though your third eye and/or you were too slow to acknowledge their efforts.
lady-glow in Chapel (tuklong)

I'm trying to understand the connection between both of your stories.

If your third eye got open in January 2009 and since then you "started to see and hear things that aren't usual to ordinary people."

How come you seem not to have had a clue about the black kid being a paranormal entity, even though in the course of a month or so, you were getting bruises on your legs every single night, and dreamed with this kid. If, after all, your eye had been open for almost a decade?

"They said that if Mika sees things and she's with you, there's a strong chance that your third eye will be open."

Who says that? Do you know of any other people who has been transformed by her?

I don't know... I find the idea of "the gift" passing from one person to another one/s as if it were a disease a bit ludicrous. Sensitiveness is not contagious.

Anyway, although I'm seating on the fence, I think this story opens the door to what could be an interesting discussion.
lady-glow in Chapel (tuklong)

"this is a low quality comment"

Is that so? May I ask why?

Is it for me choosing the expression "eye gunk" or for the contents of my comment?

If the former, don't forget that English is not my first language and I'll be always at disadvantage when it comes to the use of colloquial language. This is the first time I have been in need to use an English word for what I have always known like "chinguiñas" or "lagañas", so I just googled it... And choose a word that thought suitable.

If the latter, well, I guess you would have to elaborate why you think I have said something wrong... But no hurt feelings if you don't.
CantunSEEit74 in Chapel (tuklong)
Wow lady glow this is a low quality comment.xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
This event dates back to 23 February 2001.

We had a strange experience in our home which in spite of our best attempts still defies explanation.

My wife had booked dental appointments in Poynton, Cheshire, UK, for 10:30 that morning. We left the house at approximately 10:15, having all used the bathroom immediately prior to our departure. All appeared to be normal.

After having visited the dentist my wife and daughter went shopping. I returned home in the other car as I was due at work a couple of hours later.

We owned a three-bedroomed house and used one of the bedrooms as an office/study. This bedroom was located opposite the bathroom across a short landing area. I sat down in front of the computer in the office to 'surf the net' prior to starting work. After a few minutes I was aware of a dripping sound coming from the direction of the bathroom. You tend to get used to the sounds in your own home, but this sound was not usual. I left the computer and walked into the bathroom. I was concerned to find a pool of water (approximately 75 cm long by 30 cm wide) on the carpet, level with the top of the carpet pile. The water tank was located in the roof space close to, but not directly above, the bathroom ceiling. My first thought was that this tank had overflowed so I checked the bathroom and main bedroom ceilings for any sign of a leak - both were dry. I then went into the loft space but there was no sign of an overflow, no dripping water, and no water on the ceiling plasterboard nor between the roof trusses.

There was a radiator in the bathroom adjacent to the wetted carpet - but again no sign of a leak and no 'trail' of water between the radiator and the pool of water on the carpet. Immediately under the pool of water was an access panel to the heating pipework which ran from the airing cupboard in the bathroom to the rest of the house. I lifted the carpet - the floor was dry. The carpet had a rubberised backing, so I did not expect water to travel upwards through this membrane, however I was concerned that there was a leak somewhere in the heating system even though the water on the floor was cold. There was no leak evident in the bathroom, airing cupboard or under the floor.

By now I had to leave for work. I left a message for my wife to telephone a heating engineer to carry out a more detailed check of the plumbing and heating installation.

When I returned home in the evening the engineer confirmed that there were no leaks in the system, and he was at a loss to explain the occurrence. I should also state that in my professional capacity as a chartered surveyor with over twenty-five years' experience in the construction industry at the time I could not explain the mystery either.

The obvious answer was that our daughter, who was twelve years old at the time, had carried out a practical joke. She has always denied this. There was no real motive for her to pour out the water, nor had she the time - we all visited the bathroom prior to leaving for the dentist within seconds of each other. Also, she knew that she would have been in trouble if she had spilled the water! Although not impossible, it is highly improbable that she was the instigator of the situation. Anyway, I distinctly heard dripping when I had returned home. It was this dripping noise which drew me to the bathroom in the first place. But there could not have been any dripping as nothing was leaking.

In all my years working in the construction industry I cannot explain the situation. I obtained an independent professional opinion from the heating engineer, and he could not explain the mystery either.

A few months later I attended an interview for another job. I had to stay in a hotel overnight. I packed my suitcase and departed on the three-hour drive to the hotel. When I opened my suitcase in my hotel room, I was surprised to find that there was water in the suitcase. Strangely only my underwear and socks were wet. No other clothes in the suitcase were affected, even though next to the wet garments.

I checked the boot of my car but there was no sign of water in the car.

I must admit this could have been a practical joke, although neither my wife nor my daughter admitted to it. If you knew them, you would know that was not the kind of childish joke they would play - particularly when they knew I had an important appointment the next day and nowhere to dry my clothes.

This is the only strange, unexplained, event I have ever had in my life and now some twenty-two years later I am no closer to finding out what the cause of the water was.

However, what I do know now which I didn't know then is that I am not the only one to have had an experience like this!
lady-glow in Chapel (tuklong)

No wonder the black kid from your previous story was so aggressive towards you... Probably he was just trying to clean the eye gunk from your third eye in order to talk to someone!

About this story, I think spirits show themselves to whom they want to see them. It's not unusual for not sensitive people to see ghosts when in the company of a sensitive, or see nothing.

I have never known of anyone's third eye being open the way you described in this narrative, in my opinion, this is an ability that either one is born with, or takes a lot of effort to acquire.
Now I'm curious and waiting for the insight of other posters.
My condolences to you and your family.

I remember the day my dad died, it's something you will never forget but I believe that our loved ones that have passed on are always with us, I also take comfort in the fact that they are free from the pain and suffering of their earthly bodies and are perfect again, I hope that you to will take comfort in this thought as well.
XKY_LARQ in Small Room

"They don't living there anymore. But someone is renting the whole house from them."

They aren't living there anymore. They just use the house to get money out of it. For rent house.

"My cousin says that if he's alone and watching movies he can feel something like there's someone playing upstairs"

- He said that sometimes he hear someone is playing upstairs. That's his mom and dad's room.

Yeah. That's right.
CrimsonTopaz in The Day My Father Died
phear_xiong, I commented that *My heart is hollow*, That means my heart is heavy and I relate to your experience. There are different meanings to that phrase so I thought I'd just say what I meant. Be brave and strong phear_xiong.
P.S. I am wondering if you ever found his tie? It's been more than a year, and we are still finding odds and ends of dad's stuff.
May his Memory be Eternal.

I had a similar experience last year when my dad died, involving the elevator door in the apartment building starting to close and then opening again as if someone walked in. And one time the emergency call button was pressed though I was alone in the elevator and not near the control panel.

I do believe our deceased loved ones do check in on us.
CrimsonTopaz in The Day My Father Died
phear_xiong, My heart is hollow and eyes full of tears. You have retold your father's death with so much emotion, and heartfelt words that express your family's love and dedication to making sure your father was dressed as he wished. May his dear soul RIP.
I know first hand how hard it is to lose a parent/s. It doesn't get easier, but time does help with the sorrow as that sorrow changes to memories that bring happiness of having being so lucky to have such a proud, dignified man as your father. Thank you for sharing your experience. Take care and everytime you feel your father is near, tell him to RIP and go to the light.
Phear, I'm so sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing such a personal experience.

There are similar encounters on here of departed loved ones visiting their family. Doorbells and door knocking is something of a theme. Your father sounds like a very determined man who reached out to his family. As gut wrenching as it is it's also beautiful that you and your family knew it was him. Some would've brushed it off as a faulty doorbell.

Thanks again for sharing. Love to you and yours.
lady-glow in Small Room

Thanks for the additional information, I'm glad to know that no one else has been attacked as violently as you were.

There's something I don't understand about your comments:

"They don't living there anymore. But someone is renting the whole house from them."

" My cousin says that if he's alone and watching movies he can feel something like there's someone playing upstairs"

I understand that English isn't your first language, - you did a great job writing this submission-, but I think that the previous comments contradict each other, it's not clear to me if your relatives still live in the house or not.

Regardless, it seems like the activity is not terrible, except for your own experience.

Are you aware of any deadly fire happening in the vicinity of the house?

Even though the house was blessed, it may be necessary to repeat the blessing several times in order to clean the premises of any negative energy.
I'm sorry for your loss, may your father rest in peace.

Even if his last goodbye made his family cry, it was a way for him to let all of you know that death is not the end.

Thanks for sharing this bittersweet experience with us.
XKY_LARQ in Small Room
TravisCannabis, My cousin says that if he's alone and watching movies he can feel something like there's someone playing upstairs. Like I said the floor in that room is wooden that's why you can hear if someone is walking around.
XKY_LARQ in Small Room
Do you know the history of the house and the land where it is standing?

- No, we don't. My Aunt just bought it tru investing.

"a super black kid that was staring at me near the mannequin with little red eyes."

- he's a real kid I think. It just he's skin is so black like charcoal. And he's a bit curly too. I think he died in fire.

What happened before and after you moved out of the room? Were there any disturbances when the room wasn't in use?

- some of the family member says that there's also creepy in the left room. But my cousin who is using that room doesn't feel anything.

Was the activity limited only to that room? I know your grandmother experienced the washroom door opening on her but, other than that, did anyone witness any other disturbances?

- I think the room, upstairs. I once cleaned the bathroom there, and you could feel something was off. I can hear someone walking. The floor in that room upstairs is wooden, which is why you can hear if someone is walking towards you or around the room.

Do your family still live in this house? Have they experienced any other activity?
- They don't living there anymore. But someone is renting the whole house from them.

They did bless the house. My Aunt's husband is a Pastor. I believe they can feel it too but they just ignore it.
lady-glow in The Priest wrong for not understanding that, by mentioning the 30's, you didn't mean to say that the events happened within this period, but years or even decades later.

Thanks for clarifying.
Hello Rajine, yes, it's a shame that there were no emails or texting back then. Hopefully they ended up reuniting on the other side!
CrimsonTopaz in The Priest
Aussie Red Dog, I'm sorry to hear Father M is no longer around, may he RIP.
It would have been good to know more. Hopefully the nun and Sean are together in the afterlife.
CrimsonTopaz in Small Room
Lovely Ladyglow, Time for some doughnuts. Lol
XKY-LARQ, I have read a fair amount from Amchi86 recently and I think I went into autopilot and presumed I was still reading Amchi86's experiences.
Hopefully you'll get some answers.
Amchi86, I hope you also work things out.
Ladyglow, I want doughnuts, I want doughnuts, I want doughnuts, lol.
Tweed in The Priest
Hi AussieRedDog,

This is a very fascinating encounter for your uncle. You wouldn't by chance know anything about the church it occurred in? I wondered if the history of the church had anything to do with what your uncle saw that night, in light of Ireland's recent history at that time... Or maybe I just watch too much Ken Loach, also a possibility lol.

Thanks for sharing.

Lady Glow, I did some mental gymnastics with the dates of this last night when I read it. But was too tired to wrap my mind around it. I have a couple of Irish friends and both are super open minded. This is just the kind of story they'd retell from their family. I think it's an Irish thing. 😉
AussieRedDog in The Priest
Lady Glow, thank you for the feed back. Now, even though in '37 Ireland was named Ireland, but those in the North until the late sixties, still called the Republic the Free State, which what it was. My uncle was the one who told me this story. I'm only the messenger, re telling the tale the way he told me and I heard this in 1994. My uncle did run away when he was around fifteen to become a priest. How did Father M know about this, I have really no idea. He might have heard a story similar to this one, who knows, the man been dead for now fifty years. Again, I'm only the messenger.
lady-glow in Small Room

Thanks for clarifying the meaning of "super black", I hope someone can explained the difference between a "grand pooja" and a pooja from the other story.


"I thought I was reading one of Amchi86's experiences".
LOL... I can't stop laughing!
Thank goodness it's not the case!
lady-glow in The Priest

From my point of view, this is one of those stories that look good... Until questioned.


Could you give a specific time frame of the events? After doing some research, it seems like dates can make a difference between your story being possible or just, like you say, a tale.

Based on one of your previous stories, you were born in 1968.

"takes place in the late 1970s, around 1978 when I was ten."


Taking into consideration that "Families in developed countries usually have a high 20s to 30-year gap between generations."


This would mean that Sean was born sometime between the late 1930's to mid 1940's, right? Hence, he would have been 15 years old in the mid 1940's to early 1950's.

"when he was fifteen, decided to run away from home and become a priest...Sean" started making his way towards the Free State, as the Republic of Ireland was known in the 30's."

I don't know if you just offered this information like a side note, or if it is relevant to your narrative, BUT:

"The Free State came to an end with the coming into force of the new constitution on 29 December 1937, when the state took the name "Ireland"."

Which would mean that, although Sean wandered through that land, it wasn't known as "the Free State" anymore.

Like I said at the beginning, knowing the numbers wold make a difference.

Also, according to the following article:

"What happens if a priest breaks celibacy?

It depends on gravity. If it causes a scandal, a Bishop will decide what sanctions to apply. It could be a suspension of a priest or if he continues to commit it even with a warning, an exclaustration. If it does not result in a scandal, a priest can confess it for absolution and sin no more."

Which makes me dubious of the penance imposed by the bishop to the priest in your story.

I will appreciate your feedback.
TravisCannabis in Small Room
I hope black kid never gets out of that room. Does he make any noise at all when none's in there? 🤔
Cool read bro!😊
CrimsonTopaz in Small Room
XKY-LARQ, As crazy as this sounds, I thought I was reading one of Amchi86's experiences.
This must have been really scary XKY-LARQ.
I also thought you meant pitched black as a dark shadow with glowing eyes. A monster of sorts. I've heard of people waking up because they bed moved. That would really frighten me.
You don't go back in that room, so where do you rest when you visit your Aunty's place. I know the homes are small, so I've read.
Have you found out anymore about this miniature, black, red eyed, creature? Is it local to that area? Have others seen it too?
CrimsonTopaz in The Priest
Aussie Red Dog, I enjoy your stories very much. I kept wondering how did the priest die - old age?
If the priest had feelings for the nun, why didn't he go with her and they could have had a life together. Obviously by breaking their vows to God, they should have been dismissed from the church.
I remember the Thorne Birds with Richard Chamberlain and Rachel Ward. Similar thing. Richard Chamberlain left for Rome and Rachel Ward stayed in outback Australia. Really worth watching by the way.
Sorry, I'm off track again.
Lady Glow covered a lot of things, one or two of which crossed my mind. (ie: Sins are forgiven during your last rights) So why was the ghost still saying his penances. Was the nun also dead by that stage? How long ago did the priest die? Is it possible that the nun and priest are finally together now in the afterlife? Sorry, about all the questions. I just find your story so interesting and really want to know more.
Thank you for sharing. I'm keeping this one in my favorites.
BaiAnina in The Priest
That definitely sounds like a residual haunting. Perhaps no one came to the priest's aid in life, so he still haunts the church to that day... It's highly possible he wasn't given his last rites, let alone buried as a Catholic. From what I know, breaking the vow of celibacy among priests is an extremely heavy sin that even those who were granted an out from the congregation, to this day, still weighs heavy upon former priests.

I hope he found peace, whether or not heaven is an option for him.
Rajine in The Priest
It's actually kind of sad for the priest and nun, but it see that he's free from his punishment, I wonder what happened to the nun though...
Rajine in Small Room
It must have been unnerving to experience that, but only by doing research will you know what's going on in that house.
lady-glow in The Priest

How could Sean be sure that the 'sinner priest' was free of his punishment after his intervention? Did he go back to the church after that one time and didn't encounter the priest again?
Would it be possible that the priest is still repeating his actions over and over again, as a residual haunting?

I'm not denying nor questioning your story, but I think it's not conclusive that the priest crossed over/went to the light/was forgiven after your uncle's help.

Not being an expert in religion, but based of what I remember from Sunday school and catechism, a person's sins will go with their soul after death, or will be cleansed with the Last Rites.
Wouldn't this implied that the priest was denied the Last Rites?

Do you know if Father M knew the 'sinner priest' during his life? Did he say hoy much time had passed since his death? Was he posted in that church and he died there?

"he was punished by the local bishop... Was sentenced by repeating his penances until he was freed by someone who knew how to service the church."

To my understanding, any punishment given to a sinner should be served during their life on this earth... After that it's up to the Lord to decide what's next.

Of course, this is just my opinion.

Thanks for sharing.
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in The Priest
Hello AussieRedDog, great story, thanks for sharing it!

It sounds like the story had a happy ending, the young priest was set free from his punishment by your uncle. It's nice to hear stories from time to time that don't always end in terror and horror or leave the writer somewhat traumatized by the experience, so this share is truly appreciated!
Hi CantunSEEit74--I really like your term "green keeper." It does seem that's exactly what it was. This incident has remained etched vividly in my memory, but I have no idea if any other renters ever experienced anything like it. As it was such an unusual occurrence, for years I only confided it to my wife. That said, I was friends with several of the other renters downstairs, and although most were aware that I was open to the paranormal, nobody ever told me they ever experienced anything like I describe in the above account.

Thanks for your comment--it's brought this experience vividly back to my mind.
CantunSEEit74 in The Face In The Tree
What an amazing visitation, I have read this 2 times now and I feel enlightened and wonder if any earlier renters were lucky enough to get a glimpse of this green keeper. Great story WOW
RCRuskin in Small Room
"super black" is a term used by some to describe demonic entities. Given how that kid seemed to delight in tormenting you, I do not think he was a very nice spiritual entity.
lady-glow in Small Room
Welcome to YGS.

It sounds like you had a frightening time in that room. Do you know the history of the house and the land where it is standing?

What do you mean by "a super black kid that was staring at me near the mannequin with little red eyes." By this do you mean their ethnicity, or that the kid was as dark as a shadow and, perhaps, without physical features other than their eyes?

What happened before and after you moved out of the room? Were there any disturbances when the room wasn't in use?
Was the activity limited only to that room? I know your grandmother experienced the washroom door opening on her but, other than that, did anyone witness any other disturbances?

Do your family still live in this house? Have they experienced any other activity?

In my opinion, it's hard to say if this presence was attached to the land or to some article stored in the room.

I know you are not asking for help but, if the activity still persists, it would be a good idea to bless or cleanse the house according to your family's beliefs.

Thanks for sharing.
Thank u, for correcting my mistakes. If I am going wrong, do correct.
[at] Amchi1986

I'd like to believe there is truth in your accounts. However, your pattern and poor arguments could really hurt your credibility. Unfortunately, as well, that your fellow countrymen seem to have a reputation for entries with questionable authenticity and are for the same reason prone to being dunked on from what I've observed.

I believe in the importance of intelligent discourse but in order to have that, you as the OP should provide more context and at least do a bit of background research so your exchanges will be more productive instead of becoming a full-blown circus like what seems to keep on happening.😬
I never hoax my dear friends and never lie. What experiences I have written are absolutely truthful. There may be some writing errors, but my stories are a truth.
Hello Amchi1986,
What a horrific time. I'd be scared too.

YGS would be dull and boring without humour so thanks for making me smile, Thanks for the education and giggle, and yes please, I love doughnuts.

I think music has helped my sister and I many times. Soothing music definitely helps bring positive energy.

Plenty of good feedback. Helpful to me too.

Thank you for the info. It's always good leaning something new.

Looks like C'Topaz, my sister has been busy having lots of chats. My sister doesn't mean any harm with her comments. She's just a bit of a clown at times in a totally innocent way.
Jon Santa says hello to all, good members of YGS.

Please don't be shy to speak your mind.
Don't let the crying troll silent your doubts.

Let's grab a corner of the big blanket and cover the pile of BS fantasy.

And sing together loud and clear "this site is meant for REAL ghosts stories!"

This first party of the season will be attended by the cat of Nabeshima and by the Mauthe Doog.

All aboard!
A big colourful double decker party bus comes rumbling down the hill this time blasting Led Zeppelin's 'Friends'. An enormous Rook painted on the roof soars with us. Your driver this morning is Barkers James. The music is LOUD the vibes are joyous and the purpose is clear:
Make this space honest, pure and inclusive.

This is a call to the YGS troll patrol. Take your first pet's name and the street where you grew up and report for duty.

All aboard the Miss Demeanour party bus to our peaceful loving picnic destination. Where you can eat as many carbs and DONUTS as you want with zero consequences. Lady Glow's got the BS blanket sparkling fresh and ready. Bring a plate, bring your dog, cat, budgie, have a blast!

Take it away Robert Plant

'Bright light almost blinding
Black night still there shining
I can't stop, keep on climbing
Looking for what I knew...'
Hahaha I love you Lady Glow.

There's some holes in this OPs narratives that bother me. First they say they don't believe in anything outside the imagination and that changed in 1997. Then this changes to never believing in anything until 2001.
Plus this pattern of naive innocence 'please explain it'...the community explains why we can't give definite answers... OP loses interest, ignores questions, abandons thread, submits new story. Rinse and repeat ad nauseam. All the hallmarks of a hoaxer.


And I have washed a big blanket, filled up a thermos with hot café de olla, and made cinnamon donuts.
...I'm ready to have a picnic, preferably in good company... Alone it's not fun.
No, I read about this supernatural being in a book titled "world famous ghosts".it contained all real stories on various haunted places in the world and ghostly beings.
[at] amichi1986:

The Mauthe Doog or Moddey Dhoo is a creature of Manx, Isle of Man, folklore. The Isle of Man is an island between the UK and Ireland. I'm not sure how this creature of Celtic/Gaelic folklore ended up in India, except perhaps as a result of colonialism.

I'm sure there is a similar, but more local to you, creature.
Yes, u might be true. After two years, when they left that place, nothing evil ever took place in their life. I also read in a book on supernatural about a ghostly dog called mauthe. Please provide me more explaination on it.
Well this escalated...

I try to give the benefit of the doubt but ultimately lose interest if someone can't have a giggle. I agree with BiaAnina, seems like a flex. Partly why I haven't commented on this narrative, I felt gagged that I couldn't express how a particular sentence made me laugh. The other reason being I find the OP submitting a lot of encounters and showing little initiative or interest in doing much research. Regardless of forum members suggestions.

That's the beauty of this online community, sharing info, building a bigger picture. Even if the information isn't what you agree with all the time. It still broadens your view of the world and that can only be a good thing.

Here we have a member submitting a lot of encounters which are hard to extract much info from because of the third person aspect. Then we're sort of expected to solve it, and told/expected to read/comment all their other submissions. Maybe this level of expectation is a cultural thing I'm misinterpreting? I hope so, otherwise it's a big nope out. That kind of behaviour in a lot of European cultures is going to make members feel alienated and used.

I don't know, I'm kind of on the fence here reading a bus drivers manual listening to Friends by Led Zeppelin. 😉
+1 [at] RCRuskin lol
Some people on this website are unfunny and they think it's a flex.

Anyhow, OP, [at] lady-glow has a point. There is very little context to go with since it's a story passed down. The only answers you might find here are opinions... And unfortunately, some do not have the same mindfulness as a lot of users in here. It does seem like the answers you're looking for are found in the actual places where the hauntings took place. The best the users can provide here are wild guesses, so I'm truly sorry if you won't be able to find what you're looking for here.

That said, there is a belief in my country where sightings of paranormal dogs indicate demonic presence in the place. My hunch would be that the place your folks lived in have a shady history, which may explain why it stopped when they moved out. New houses don't exactly mean immunity to paranormal activity. It's usually the land on which the house was built--it could have been a site for demonic rituals, or a curse was laid upon it, who knows for sure.

Either way, there is no definite answer, I'm afraid. Though I do like throwing out my opinions on the matter out there, so I don't mind your wording too much.

All the best x
Stop making sense, [at] Lady-Glow.😁

As regards the 'making fun of' or 'mocking', there is one user of this site whose comments I regularly downvote because they seem to be here only to troll and insult.

One thing to keep in mind about experiences as you pointed out, is the way the human experience actually works. Eyes are like cameras, yes, but they do not actually function like cameras. They just gather up visual clues and hints from the environment and your brain tries to form something sensible from these hints, sometimes getting things very wrong. An example of this is when I saw a Syracuse NY city bus when I was driving through Rome NY. Off to the side, where human vision is not so good, my eyes detected a blue colored thing and a bus shaped thing, and put it together as a Syracuse bus, instead of a Rome city bus and a blue pickup truck that it actually was.

Human memory is subject to so many causes of interference, it is amazing that our legal system is based on such an unreliable thing. Here, I like to use the example of a recall experiment. Participants were shown video of a two car crash, and then were asked how fast the cars traveled before the impact. The results depended on whether 'slammed' 'smashed' 'crashed' 'impacted' or other such words were used. 5 miles per hour, 70 miles per hour? Quite a range there.

And stuff that happened so long ago that memories of the events get tangled up with other memories. In 1977, there was a significant winter weather event in Buffalo New York, which is close to where I lived at the time. Being local, it received a lot of coverage in the evening news. More than 10 feet of snow fell on the first day of the storm. Also in 1977, I turned 10 years old, and Star Wars was released. The blizzard was in March, and my birthday and that low budget cult film came out in May, yet I recall falsely my birthday coming first that year. Because it was the most personally important event to me that year probably. So my point is, humans are not the most reliable narrators.

Especially for non-recent events.

As you put it: so many puzzle pieces that we do not have. They got swept under the rug, probably the dog ate them since dogs eat pretty much anything, lost during a move, or so many other things.

I hope people continue to share experiences but hopefully folks understand, we can't solve problems without data.

P.S. A friend recently passed. We're not sure if he died on April 2 or April 3, but his body was not discovered until April 4. I, and others of his friends, have had some odd experiences since his passing. Not enough to make a report on, but just enough to be weird.

But my friend was a bit odd so this may only be his saying he made it to the other side.
CrimsonTopaz in Haunted Stall
Bodi-Gundamma, I just happened to read this after reading Sant22's comment.
You may or may not still be around YGS reading comments, if you are, I hope everything is back to normal and that your business is thriving. Sounds like you've worked hard to keep on top of things. I'm sorry I haven't got any advice, but thank you for sharing this experience.
Take care.
lady-glow--Your comment is one of the most considered and solid that I've read on YGS in a good while. Wonderful stuff! And now back to regular programming... 😉
I apologize beforehand for this comment that might be long and all over the place... It's up to the reader if you decide to look through my words or skip them.
Also, I have to make it clear that this is my point of view and may differ from everyone else's.

Moderators, please delete if inappropriate.


To answer the closing questions to this story:

"I have read somewhere, that sometimes negative energy develops in a place, where electric poles exist or even a cremation ground. There were a lot of electricity poles and lines. Is it the truth?"

Are you by any chance making reference to one of my comments on One of your previous stories?:

"Are you aware that some environmental factors, like electromagnetic radiation, pollution, etc., can affect people's mood? Would it be possible that, what you call "negative energy in the garden" is not necessarily paranormal, but the effect of exposure to something mundane?"


If so, I'm afraid you've misunderstood my words. By this I didn't mean that EMR is going to produce some sort of negative or paranormal activity. What it means is the presence of EMF can cause hallucinations.

As explained in the following link:


Although I believe that one shouldn't rule ones life by the opinion of others, I consider important to pay attention to what is said about oneself... We should keep in mind that, sometimes, one tends to turn a blind eye to ones own flaws.

After reading the comments to this and your previous submissions, most of them point to a lack of information in your narrative and to high expectations on your part asking to solve a puzzle with missing pieces.

Borrowing Val's words "Our own 'read' can alter something innocent into something mean"

On what you think is people making fun of you, I see some frustration facing the inability to understand your stories, much less to answer your questions.

Meaning no offense to the moderators, whose work I very much appreciate, but I consider necessary to mention one point of the submission guidelines of the forum:

"Although we allow stories from a very close relative, like your parents, or child, who shared it with you in intimacy, not to entertain, we cannot allow stories from "a friend of a friend" as it is not reliable."

My point is, some of the people in your stories have passed away long ago, thus unable to elaborate on the facts presented in your narrative. Furthermore, the events may have been altered, forgotten, embellished, mixed up, etc., over time and passing from generation to generation.

Also, it doesn't help when you stop answering valid questions and opt for a defensive approach, keep in mind that we are only attempting to get information in order to understand what you're trying to say.

My first reaction to a couple of your stories has been "Is he kidding?".
Let me use an analogy to explain my feelings, making clear that I'm not making fun of you but only trying to explain in my poor English the way I feel after reading your stories:

"I bought a salmon and cooked it. It tasted bad.
Please tell me why this happened."

Who could answer such a question? The only way would be to provide more information.
What if I followed a recipe for 'quail legs with tamarind glaze and fig chutney'? If such info isn't provided, how on earth is anyone to tell me what's wrong?
Whatever guess would be like trying to hit a piñata while blindfolded.

To anyone making it this far, thanks for your time.
[at] RC- well I can think of a few I'd like to delete from the planet. 😜

Communication misunderstandings are bound to happen on forums. 1) We can't hear tone, or read body language. 2) Our own 'read' can alter something innocent into something mean. 3) Words have so many meanings! Especially challenging when not your native tongue.
Dear India friends,
Educate me - what is the difference in a grand pooja and an ordinary pooja?
Val, Thank you. I thought it might have been a chain of sorts.
Amchi86, Ignore words you think are poking fun. In my case I only meant to be jovial and not hurtful. You should talk to someone about all these things that have happened to you. It's not not good to bottle them up. Maybe a friend, or relative can listen to your vows and help unburdened you. Take care and thank you for sharing all your experiences.
[at] valkricry, really would be nice to be able to ban some people from this website.
sant22 in Haunted Stall
Bodi Gundamma sounds a telugu name.

I felt the story was good and I heard these kind of stories from my grand parents. They are no more now.

I miss them and their stories ❤ ❤
Ok guys, many of you are not understanding 'ringing anklets'- it isn't anything evil. It's a language thing. So allow me:
"Flexible anklets, often called paayal, pajeb or jhanjhar in India, are made by tying links in a chain. Subsequently, sonorous bells can be attached to the chain, so that the wearer can make pleasing sounds while walking."- Uncle Google. So 'ringing anklet'.
The bells are often referred to as 'jingle bells' here in the US. And, believe it or not, having them for your pet IS a thing, much like a belled collar, but for the paw.
My dear, they left that house and please my dear friends, if u want to make fun of me, please leave me alone, since I have suffered pain, loneliness a lot in life, for no fault of mine. They went through lot of bad events in their life, while staying there.
Amchi86, I'm sorry you've had a hard life, I truly am. When I said, *I hope you live happily ever after*, it's because you said your aunty did. I thought it would make a light hearted situation out of a serious one. My sincere apologies. (I'm not sure who you were referring to about making fun of you) *I'm guessing me*
Hi Amchi1986

Maybe your aunt should have spoken to a priest about what she experienced, the dog she encountered sounds more like the dogs I've read about, the ones that usually accompany certain deities.
hi amchi
May be they died in that house or that house built on tomb or grave yard

Evil activities will stop by grand pooja not an ordinary pooja
Dogs don't wear anklets they wear pawts 🐾🐕
Have you tried asking uncle Google? 🤔
Please don't joke. If u want to laugh at me, please don't comment on my stories. Have had and suffered enough in life for no fault of mine. Please leave.
Amchi86, 'A dog in your Aunty's corridor with ringing anklets and an evil look in his eyes'? Eeek! Who puts ringing anklets on dogs without animal control removing the poor animal from such a hostile environment in this day and age. In some countries animals are chained by their ankles or have nose rings attached to chains which is beyond creul. This dog may have been trying to alert you to more animals illegally chained like him? Or maybe he was trying to escape and thought you'd prevent that?
As for the new house been on a burial ground, you need to look into that as you have the information of the actual location and we don't. I hope you resolve this and also live happily ever after. Thanks for sharing.
Greetings. Since I was not present to witness the pooja, or even to see the groundbreaking on the house, I doubt I would have any possible insight to answer your questions.

What is the history of the area that is known?
Maelstrom in Night Gown
...or, send the pertinent information to the email address on my profile and I will do the honors.
Maelstrom in Night Gown

You know, it would take nothing but a phone call to that county's sheriff's department and tell them what you found all those years ago. If the trees are still standing then they will find what you found. Please report it.
Maelstrom in What Lies Beneath

Yes, down here in LA. Between lower MS and Pensacola, there are plenty of haunts. And New Orleans isn't that far to do a tour. Out of the 2 forts guarding the bay, only one allows ghost tours/hunting. The other does not allow. Which doesn't mean that I cannot take pictures, carry a recorder in my pocket, or carry a small compass that I can hide in my hand. NAS Pens is closed to the public, due to the pandemic. The museum is opened to the public on rare occasions. My son and I were lucky enough to tour last year after a graduation held there. In my riding around, I see places and make mental notes on where I want to investigate. I did check out the USS Alabama, but nothing occurred.
Pelatiah in The Passerby Ghost
Yes, we saw "We Have A Ghost" a couple months back... With the guy from "Stranger Things."

I think moviemakers are seeing the popularity of the paranormal right now, you're right. Just good entertainment. I thought they wrapped that one up pretty nicely.
CrimsonTopaz in The Passerby Ghost
Amchi1986 & Pelatiah,
I just saw another movie called *We have a ghost* A bit funny, and a bit sad towards the end. Without spoiling it, the ghost vanishes on and off throughout the movie, and towards the end turns to flames and desolves into the atmosphere.
Your grandfather experienced something known to others out there. What it means, or why some ghost do that and not others? I have no idea.
These movie directors must be getting their content from research *people telling them about their experiences* So there must be answers somewhere for you. Here on YGS and maybe a Google search too.
Pelatiah, Yeah it was interesting watching ghost rider. Unusual, but interesting. Lol
Hi DreamBird

It's an amazing feeling, I've had a few of those and it usually happened around the time I was going through a rough phase, it's our deceased loved ones trying to let us know that they are still around no matter what
Hi Amchi1986

Here in South Africa many people believe that spirits (not necessarily the deceased) are afraid of fire, that is why whenever we have to travel back home or anywhere after dark we usually light a match and throw it behind us before we enter our house, some people who smoke light cigarettes, mainly... Cigarettes that is among other things 😆
Also looking at the word, Barbara Mandrell the country singer did that song, "Angel in Your Arms" on her album "Midnight Angel" in 1976. Might be reaching to think your angel listens to country, but might that have any significance to you? You probably saw that when you googled. I used Duck Duck Go to see if anything else would pop...
Pelatiah in The Passerby Ghost
Ha, I loved Ghost Rider. Great story, fun to watch. Not too weird by today's standards.
DreamBird --
Do you think the word might've been "mandorla"? Here's what I found in Encyc. Brittanica:

Mandorla, (Italian: "almond"), in religious art, almond-shaped aureole of light surrounding the entire figure of a holy person; it was used in Christian art usually for the figure of Christ and is also found in the art of Buddhism. Its origins are uncertain. The Western mandorla first appears in 5th-century mosaics decorating the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome, where it surrounds certain Old Testament figures.

By the 6th century the mandorla had become a standard attribute of Christ in scenes of the Transfiguration (in which Christ shows himself to his Apostles transformed into his celestial appearance) and the Ascension (in which the resurrected Christ ascends to heaven) and, later, in other scenes involving the resurrected or celestial Christ, the death of the Virgin (in which, having descended from heaven, Christ stands by the deathbed of his mother), the descent into limbo, the Last Judgment, and the nonhistorical theme of Christ in majesty. In the late Middle Ages the mandorla also occasionally enclosed the Virgin in scenes of the Last Judgment and of her Assumption into heaven, reflecting her increased popularity.

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