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Cherubim in August Rush
Maybe you saw this apparition because you were so young and innocent. Perhaps it was another child wanting to play? I was very young as well when I saw my first one. Like you, I was very frightened. No one believed me, they all told me it was just a dream. Maybe some of us have "abilities" we are unaware of. Great story, thank you for sharing. ❤
Cherubim in August Ritual 2011
How wonderful to know your mother is watching over you! Our first reaction to the unknown is fear. As time goes on we can realize it's only the caring presence of a loved one. I have a mixed bag of spirits at my house, one is not so nice. Loved your story. ❤
Haha, I never even see phone booths anymore. 😆 We are lucky these days, and I feel even luckier that my favorite aunt was there for me when I was so lost and really needed someone. Thanks Daz for your kind words. ❤

Those dreaded days of finding a phone boot, I do remember them all so well btw, how spoiled are we today with technology at the tip of our fingers and yes, there are no such things as coincidence's...your Aunt heard your call and pulled a few strings, they really do watch over us in ways that keep us safe.

Regards Daz!

Colours do have a very special meaning in the spiritual realm it may well have been your guardian angel, I saw a blue light of which I'm pretty sure was my spirit guide.FYI, (new souls radiate white aura's) just a question for you if you don't mind. Did you lose a very wise old parent, grandparent or friend in the last 12 months?

Regards Daz

Your response probably validate what you both have felt for a long time (a deep soulful connection) right, sorry I went back and double checked your story and you did confirm what I do suspect? Your current husband is your twin flame and Scott's mission was to bring you two together... Kind of a strange way to do it right?...however from the spiritual realm we can see what lays ahead and it's all a part of the plan picking the characters that support the mission. Did you have any dark thoughts after Scott died? I'm trying to figure out your purpose of growth? Perhaps something may have went real wrong in one of your past lives and you had to go through what you did this time? We all hunger for spiritual perspective and do confront any short comings as a result of our actions from previous lives. Perhaps the reason you traced your ancestors was more of an intuitive hunch looking to dot the I's and cross the T's searching for answers?

Anyway, Direct Soul Groups are usually comprised from 5 to 25 souls who basically come into the Earth Matrix integrated in close nit relationships. They may be your boss, a close friend, brother or sister or even a villain on an odd occasion.However, generally when you discover your twin flame you know it deep inside. Soul Groups do work with cluster groups sometimes up to a thousand souls. When we cross back over to the other side we usually gravitate our frequencies among these cluster groups living in community's adjacent to each other. We do all have spirit guides who prepare us all for the next mission.

Thank you for your kind words relating to my own accounts.

Regards daz!
Taintedprincess in Wedding Couple
Rahulsanjaysoni,thank you for the permission. I hope you have a fantastic day further.
I was just saying on someone else's story that I too lived in a haunted house for 3 years. I think you are spot on in describing your situation and maybe it is a child or someone that lived there once. Do you know anything about the house? I wonder why this kind of thing only happens to some and not everyone? That's good it doesn't seen negative. Thank you for sharing. ❤
YES! I lived in a haunted house for 3 years and have had similar experiences. I've thrown things away only to see them out in the open on a table months later. I've heard a mans voice yell "HEY" twice in the bedroom. I also saw my name scratched in a bar of soap, that REALLY freaked me out. We moved soon after only to have these kinds of happenings happen in our new home. I don't feel so alone now. 😐 Thank you for sharing your story.
That's great you recognized what was happening and was able to deal with it as soon as you did. I go thrift store shopping too, I'll think twice about that now. 😳 Great story, thanks for sharing. ❤
I love this story and can relate! I had a window decoration just "jump" in the sink one morning while making coffee?! I also heard my moms favorite Eagles song come on the radio as I was passing the street she used to live on before she died. I just found this site from a book I was reading and also have stories about family members that have passed away. I truly believe it is someone you know trying to get your attention. 😊 Great story, thanks for sharing. ❤
Wow!I wouldn't have married him either if I had to live there! Do you know who the Mexican woman was? It seems like you went back in time or something by seeing the pin stripped coat. Or maybe "remote viewing?" I would have been praying too. So much going on in that old farmhouse. Great story. ❤
Dar77 in Jensen Street
MrsRamsay- thank you for taking the time to read my story, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Your story of a strange pin drop is peculiar to me... Definitely not just the normal sounds a house makes. Is that the only thing you've experienced in your home?
Rahulsanjaysoni in Wedding Couple
Good morning tainted princess. Thanks for reading my experience
❤ You can share my story on your paranormal podcast
Thanks a lot ❤
MrsRamsay in Jensen Street
I read your story with interest. Once, shortly after moving into the house we're in now, both my husband and I were awakened at the exact same time, though we didn't know why. Both of us lying there, listening (I somehow knew he was awake and vice versa) we heard what sounded like a pin drop (not kidding here, it was a very strange, faint sound in the dead silence). The next morning we both started talking about it at the same time. We both knew it was coming from our daughter's room at the top of the stairs... Our room is at the bottom of the stairs with a two story foyer (so it's very open and sound travels actually better between our room and the upstairs rooms better than it would if the rooms were all on the same floor). To this day, we have no idea what it could've been. But we'll never forget it. Amazing how one small sound in the middle of the night can stay with you!
I'm intrigued by your comments (and checked out your interesting stories as well). Regarding a "soul group," a term I've not heard of before though the concept is familiar: I'm also into genealogy and have traced our ancestors back in quite a bit of detail. When I started about 8 years ago, I did his side first, wanting to make my research a gift for his elderly mother before she passed away. I got tons of great information for her, published it into a book and moved on to my own family. I have a really great memory which was helpful as I started uncovering some amazing "coincidences." Our families/ancestors have been connected by time/place or event going back centuries! At one point in time, around 1700, his ancestor (his 10th great grandfather) actually owned my 10th great grandfather, a slave! Their grandchildren were married to each other and then the families diverge again. It's well documented, but I find myself doubting even now that it could be true, as it just seems amazing. This is my second husband, not Scott, who I talk about in the story here. And within his own tree and within my own, our parents' paternal and maternal ancestors in more than a couple cases were connected. I realize there were many fewer people in the U.S. In the early colonial days, but some of the coincidences are AMAZING. In our tree, his ancestors were followers of my own ancestors' religious group starting in the mid 1600s and track all the way together through almost the Civil War. First they fought for religous freedom (this was in the New London, CT area), were jailed together, intermarried and supported each others' religious philosophies... And by the 1840s, they were abolitionists fighting for the rights of the slaves, including those from the Amistead (there was a movie... The slaves of that ship were given a trial when they reached the U.S.) Anyway, getting too longwinded, but this topic is fascinating. Since I discovered all of these coincidences, I feel my faith in some higher power has been strengthened quite a bit! (there was an episode of the X Files once where Mulder was remembering his days as a Civil War soldier and I think that's where I first saw the idea, and I've often wondered if I just snagged it from the show. On the other hand, maybe the reason I found that episode so intriguing -- I was not a huge fan of the show -- is because something about the concept was already familiar to me!) Thanks for reading and commenting!
Spockie in Light Man
Your account of how this being moved reminds me very much of the "men in black" who sometimes turn up following UFO sightings. They are all different manifestations of the same phenomenon. What you and your brother saw was a spiritual entity, and they can appear in any form they choose and behave in any way they are inclined to at the time. They enjoy frightening people, especially children and also creating confusion and doubt. Whatever it was, was probably only there for a short time, just passing through as it were, and just doing and manifesting as pleased it at the moment.
I wonder if the footsteps had as much or more to do with the belabored pipes of the boiler system groaning and popping under the strain as the paranormal. I have lived with systems like that all my life and though I've never heard one explode - I have heard one under strain and even under usual operating conditions, it does make some interesting noises. As example of one such phenomenon, Google "air hammer."
Hi AugustaM,

I apologize for taking so long to respond to your comment, which I found very perceptive by the way! Also, thank you for the thoughtful compliment ~ much appreciated.

About a month after I submitted my story here, I met a new neighbor who had some pertinent information about my house and its past occupants. According to my neighbor, she said that an older woman had lived and passed away in our home about 14 years ago. Supposedly this older woman loved cats, and lived alone. My neighbor also mentioned that the older woman kept to herself, but seemed friendly whenever she encountered her. I never mentioned this in my original story, but on several occasions I have seen a partial apparition of an elderly woman pass through my kitchen. Each time I have seen her, she does the same thing; she walks through the kitchen over to the sink and then disappears. Never once have I felt threatened by the sight of her, and I feel as though it may be residual energy left behind. I'm left to wonder if she ever slept in the room that was once my daughters bedroom?

My neighbor went on to say that years ago, my house was once a duplex; the two top floors were a separate apartment from the rest of the house. After talking with her for about an hour, I gathered that my house had a lot frequent renters, and several home owners during various decades. So, it got me thinking: maybe all of the strange stuff we've encountered could be chalked up to so much human activity that took place over many years? I suppose it's a possibility...

Otherwise life is good here at the house, odd things still happen from time to time, but it's nothing that we can't handle so far...

😉 LightMight
Taintedprincess in Wedding Couple
Rahulsanjaysoni, Thanks for sharing your story. And I'm sorry for what happened to your family! It almost seems sad to me too that the couple will be stuck getting rides with strangers for who knows how long... Being stuck on earth like that breaks my heart. We have a similar phenomena here in South Africa, about a ghost lady that lost her life and the life of her husband in an accident. She roams the roadway and catches lifts with people, then just disappears! I would love to share your story in my paranormal podcast, if you would give me permission to do so?
Regards ❤
Taintedprincess in He Hears And Sees Us
Cherubim, Thats great thanks! And of course your name will be mentioned! I wouldn't have it any other way!
Regards Taintedprincess
Lady-Glow, Hi there thank you so much for your comment. It is very respectfully done, and it doesn't make me feel like I am being accused of something. Thank you for the insight about the story, it makes total sense. I didn't look at it in such a way. I will make sure that I comment on the story, then ask for permission to use the content! Thanks lady-glow! ❤
Regards Taintedprincess 😁
WOW! 😨 Talk about noisy poltergeist, I would have been scared out of my wits! It's good that you have Letty, she seems to be heaven sent. Has your mom ever considered selling the house and moving? Fascinating story, thank you for sharing.
I hope someone has advice that can help. 😨 I personally would just want to leave if at all possible. I've saged before and was told to be stern and tell that entity it has to leave because it is your house now. I've also had a paranormal investigator at my home before and was fascinated at what was found. I believe there is a directory here to find one. Sending healing prayers your way. ❤
Cherubim in Fairy Lights
Such an enchanting story, loved it. I too had my tonsils out at 12 years old. I DO actually have a few pictures of orbs, one is pure white above my hand waving hello to the camera. I love how one of your fairy lights stayed by the car with you that evening on the drive home. ❤
Haaaa, that is funny! I read "It" also. Yes I think you're right. There was a home there once and it's still active. I lived in a haunted house too for 3 years. Hopefully they're friendly spirits. ❤
Yes Taintedprincess, as long as you put my name on it. 😉 I'm glad you stopped by to read my story, thank you.
Yes silverthane61, I have a serious condition with my neck and have had surgery. I lost the doctor that treats my condition due to insurance so I have worried a lot. I will always believe my prayer was answered when he said "don't dwell on it anymore!" ❤
I'm sorry for your loss. ❤ I believe our loved ones are always with us.
Faith - I apologize if my comments seem to be critical, the truth is, a healthy skepticism never hurts.

It is only human to make mistakes, and the fact that you acknowledge that you "must have gotten the names mixed when writing the post", plus being aware of your dyslexia explain a lot.
As a side note, until I read the basics about this condition, I had always thought that dyslexic people's only problem was switching the position of letters when writing, hence, having trouble reading words too, - how ignorant was I!

Nevertheless, I think it is important not only to straighten up the information regarding the names of these women, but to prevent anyone else from 'spreading' this misinformation in the future.

Just imagine what Ms Rachel Phillips, and/or anyone that knows her, would think if she/they ever learned about herself not only committing suicide by hanging, but her own spirit supposedly haunting the place where her partner died?!?! - She's ALIVE.

I'm sure Ms John's death left an imprint at the hotel, and I don't doubt her spirit is still there and that's who you saw. Give it some time and it's possible that some other people will start reporting their own experiences at that place.

Regardless if you decide if taintedprincess is allowed or not to share your story in her podcast, I think people deserve to know the right information or, even better, if the names of these women were left out of the narrative out of respect for the feelings of the living... Just my opinion.

This story touches me as well. A beloved aunt of mine died three years ago shortly after a stroke. She was one of the only members of my family to go out of her way to build a relationship with me. I feel her presence sometimes too.
Taintedprincess, actually it has nothing to do with 'empowerment' and everything to do with the site's 'rules'. I refer to the Comments Guidelines, especially this part: "Posts that are abusive, vulgar, insulting or spammy will be deleted. If a person persists in posting such messages numerous times, they will be blocked / banned from this site. We also reserve the right to delete comments that are juvenile, off-topic, very poorly written, unintelligible, incoherent, messages all in UPPERCASE or with every first letter capitalized, and anything that looks like promotional material." Your posts are falling into the 'spammy', and 'promotional material,' areas. Asking you to actually comment on a story and then ask for permission to use it, makes total sense.
There is definitely water in the well. There are many things in that general area that indicate that a house was once there. Everything is right over the edge of our property line.
I think that my grandfather was saying goodbye in the dream but maybe whatever was out there in the dark is attached to those other things outside.
I have also heard that water is a conductor for activity. In fact, while I was looking up at the stars, the place where I was sitting is directly over a sewer where rainwater drains.
My mother said I was crazy for sitting there because she's still afraid of that clown from the Stephen King book "It". Whatever lives down there would have a time trying to drag me down into that particular sewer because I won't fit. 😆
Dear lady-glow, you're right I must have gotten the names mixed when writing the post, it was a while after finding the article that I wrote this, and I have stated before I am dyslexic, it's difficult for me to read and spell, but even if it wasn't the girl that I saw, there was definitely something wrong in that room.

Thanks for reading anyway ❤❤❤
Tainted princess - even though I agree with valkricry about your comments becoming spam, I can see your point, you only comment on stories that, in your opinion, are "great".

Still, it would be greater if you stop for a visit at the comments guidelines of the site and, even better, to pay attention to the 'mod' (moderator) little word following val's screen name... She's only doing her job - thanks Val!

One last thing, it would be a good idea for you to read not only the stories, but the comments' to those narratives too, specially since you want to share them somewhere else.

The problem I find with this particular story is that the information provided by the OP is not exactly accurate.
And by this I don't mean that their story is made up, only that a medical condition might be the reason why the don't match their narrative.

Would you like to include/share something questionable in your podcast? 🤔
Valkricry I post the same comment because I am wanting to say the exact same thing for example: This is a great story, may I use it in my podcast. I cannot write a different comment if I want to say the very same thing? Doesn't make sense right? Otherwise my comment would be on every single story, but if you notice, its only on certain ones. Please delete my comments if you should feel that, that would empower you ❤
Regards Taintedprincess
Taintedprincess, what you are doing is known as spamming - the exact same message over and over. Please say something pertinent to the story or your comments will be deleted.
Hi what a great story. I am currently looking for some content to share on my brand new podcast about all things paranormal. Would you mind if I share your story?
Regards Taintedprincess 😁
Taintedprincess in He Hears And Sees Us
Hi what a great story. I am currently looking for some content to share on my brand new podcast about all things paranormal. Would you mind if I share your story?
Regards Taintedprincess 😁
Taintedprincess in My Old House Was Haunted
Hi what a great story. I am currently looking for some content to share on my brand new podcast about all things paranormal. Would you mind if I share your story?
Regards Taintedprincess 😁
miyuki23 in Checking Us
Hi Haven,

Sorry for the very late reply.

We did asked my mom-in-law but she said she have never experienced anything from that house. Even my husband's siblings never had any of those experiences beforw in that house.
I really liked your California ghost stories, especially the ones about the three knocks and the doppelganger. California seems to be rich in paranormal stuff! Thanks for sharing 😊
Taintedprincess, thanks for reading! I am so glad you enjoyed it. As far as sharing my story on your podcast, I thank you for wanting to include my experience however I feel it be best for it to just stay on this site.
Bru- thanks for reading and I enjoy knowing that it affected you as it should have, because when it happened I was pretty scared myself. That's why I wanted to share, so that others could sort of experience the fear I experienced. I believe however that it really was the grandfather, who had become restless because of his gravestone being busted. Also when I had told my ex mother in law the details of the figure I had seen, she explained that it fit the description of her deceased father in law. Thanks again for reading and for the input
Dar77 in Jensen Street
Silverthane61- I believe you are right about that! They seemed to really enjoy the affect it had on me. I'm just glad that I finally found the documents and that we no longer live in that house. It also seemed like they caused a lot of abnormal arguments amongst the family and also played on some of my personal fears as well. Thanks for reading and again for your input
Dar77 in Boot Steps
Silverthane61- there was no doubt an extreme amount of bad ' ju ju ' in that place! Thankfully I was not there very long! Thanks for taking the time to read my story and give input as well.
I guess ol' Grandma had the last laugh! You did mention that the activity concerning the clock eventually did die down. I wonder if there were other artifacts/heirlooms in the house that you discarded that caused any other disturbances?
I read the link given by lady-glow and it seems to confirm what you experienced in the hotel room. As an aside, I find no better validation than seeing a die-hard skeptic converted after a particularly hard-hitting paranormal encounter. Maybe this will happen to your boyfriend in the near future.
silverthane61 in Jensen Street
Playful (hostile) entities are said to draw energy from fear and stress. I cannot think of anything more stressful than refinancing. Add to that the dilemma of losing your certificates and I can see those entities gleefully enjoying the smorgasbord of stress being offered them. I get the impression that this house was a house you lived in in the past and that you no longer live there. I am willing to bet you have several stories to share about this home!
silverthane61 in Boot Steps
It takes a lot of energy to cause objects to apparate out of thin air - of course I am talking about the maggots falling on the plate. Violent deaths always seem to leave a lot of bad "juju" in the environment from which scary haunts seem to draw energy. Good story!
silverthane61 in He Hears And Sees Us
I choose to believe that it was the power of prayer that helped heal your neck. Eve though you may not have had all the pain removed, I believe that it could be very much worse without you asking for relief.
Taintedprincess in Busted Headstone
wow what a story, I just started a new paranormal podcast and I am in desperate need for content. Would you mind if I shared your story?
Regards taintedprincess ❤
Taintedprincess in My Grandma's Visit
Hi there, what a great story. I am currently looking for content for my new paranormal podcast and was wondering if it would be ok with you if I shared your story.
Regards Taintedprincess 😁
Taintedprincess in The Unknown Entity
Hi there, amazing story. I have just started my new paranormal podcast and I am in desperate need of content and your story would be perfect. Would you mind if I share it on my podcast? Thanks
Taintedprincess ❤
Taintedprincess in Skeleton Shadow
hi devilhorns1432, Thank you! My podcast is still very very new so not too exciting at this stage. Will forward you a link asap. I think its such a great idea to ask if anyone has had any similar experiences!
Also if you have a friend or family member that has had a personal experience, don't hesitate to email me I need as much content as I can get to actually make decent length episodes! Taintedprincesspodcast [at] ❤
One of the best stories I've read in a while. Had me at the edge of my seat. I feel like it might not have been your ex's grandfather. Seemed like an angry, or miserable spirit. Then again, I don't know the person his grandfather was.
Awww, animals are family! 😢 I know you will see her again. Healing hugs sent your way. ❤
Cherubim in Battlefield Ghost
Wow, I bet because of the trauma with loss of life there that it must be haunted. There's comfort in the fact that others saw it too so no one thinks you may be hallucinating or something. May their souls find peace. ❤
Wow, that IS strange! 😳 I'm sorry it came out like that. Thank you for your time trying to correct it. YES, when we ask for something in prayer sometimes the answer is no. That can be a good thing too.
Hi there, Cafelelion!

I'm Erick, and I'm a producer for a podcast called Spooked which focuses on paranormal experiences and the people who lived them. You can hear it in our website:

We're looking for stories for our current season, and I think this one is truly compelling and frightening! I would love to talk with you over skype or phone.

Please don't hesitate to write back to me if you have any question on how we can work this out.

Hello Faith. Interesting story. I checked out the link lady-glow provided. I'm wondering the face you saw by the bathroom door - did it look more like Rachel Phillips or Angharad John?
Dar77 in Boot Steps
Cherubim - I'm glad you enjoyed the story & thanks for checking it out 😁 undoubtedly the unfortunate murder had a significant affect on the house, you could just feel it! So much so, that I couldn't stay very long and my friend and her family vacated it rather quickly. I've often wondered about any other tenants and would like to hear their stories.
Well now, that's just plain weird. No, Cherubim, I'm not speaking of your accounting, but of the formatting of your story. As you know, I'm the one who edited it. By the looks of it, you had copied and pasted it from something like Wordpad (which is fine) but sometimes the formating gets played with. Sentences broken at odd spots and given capitols where there should be none, large spacings, stuff like that. I sat right here, at this very keyboard and removed all that. Looked at the proofing, and it looked great! Published... Then peek over here and see it's right back the way it was... SMH.
The spooks must be starting their Halloween antics early, huh? Lol
Personally, I'm a great believer in prayer, no matter what you may call your God. A higher power is listening. Just sometimes the answer is no. Glad it helped you. 😊
Flamaboar1712 in I Think I Got Possesed
Hi there, its me with a different account. We finally moved to our new house and my phone got lost in all that pandemodium (you know, the usual, shifting things. Its been months since I posted this story. And after reading the comments today, I feel that there are some facts that I forgot to share.
1) I have had no traumatic experiences except when I was in fouth grade (To those who don't like violent stuff please skip the following part
I saw a little girl getting run over by a car, A hit and run case, the girl died on the spot, but she died in front of my eyes. I have a hard time crossing roads after that incident.
2) I always know wheter I'm dreamin
G or not. I don't get dreams very often, but when I do,I'll know it halfway through the dream. All I have to do is shut my eyes tight, (In the dream, of course), and I wake up.
3) I have had experiences with djinns on 3 seperate occasions. But I don't think it has anything to do with this incident.
4) According to my Parents and siblings, I have started talking in my sleep after that incident. My Dad told me that he he heard me talk about "combat knives" in my sleep.
5) I haven't had any similar experiences after this.

Have a nice day,
P.S-I am sorry for any grammatical errors, typos etc. English is not my first language, and I am writing all this stuff in a Samsung Galaxy Fit (Smartphone and not the watch). Go check the screen area on the internet.
Flamaboar1712 in Faceless Gray Creature
I am not sure, but I think the entity you saw was a djinn. Djinns are capable of potraying themselves as dogs,snakes,mice and even birds. But it does not work on everybody (It dosent work on me, and I believe that I have seen them on 3 different occasions,). (I plan posting my experiences on this site). And I completely agree with silverthane61. The djinns illuision didn't seem to work on you. I am sorry if there are any grammatical errors. English is not my first language.

Have a nice day.
Hello Jak_mangan,

I am planning to live in baguio for good. What place you think is better? Near mall and Team Lakay gym?



We also have the same experience but it was a lil kid. Girl, to be specific. Nice story! ❤ ❤
Cherubim in Family Guardian
WOW! What a lucky little boy you were. ❤ Seems as though your grandfather is your guardian angel. 😊
That's a fascinating story. 😳 By hearing your own voice say, "it's okay mom you can rest now, I love you" must have been your moms way of thanking you for taking your dad home. Who had the pager at the hospital? You were saying your step mom passed away prior to the page, so that made me curious. Thank you for sharing. ❤
Cherubim in Boot Steps
Oooohhh, the place is probably full of bad energy because of the way the "family man" died. 🤔 That's incredible that you saw maggots dropping from the ceiling (with no holes in it) and they were gone when you went to get and show your friend?! Scary story, I'd relocate too if I were Teri and her family. 😲 Thanks for sharing.
Your intuition is spot on MrsRamsey Scott does approve of your new partner, your first and second husband along with yourself belong to the same soul group It was planned from the spiritual realm long before you all entered in. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience in the Earth Matrix where space and time are an illusion... From the other side we have the ability of precognition to chose the host before entering in and exiting out. We often enter in with members of our Soul group sometimes things don't work out to plan because of that little risk factor called free will, however you guys nailed your mission. Time will pass and then you three will be back where you started a little more wiser and enlightened with collective memories of lives once lived on your travels back to source. Nice story thank you for sharing it.

Regards Daz
Cherubim in Unplugged Fan
Yes it is odd the noise stopped and we never heard it again. It's almost as if something wanted me to know it was there. 😳
Yes, I realize that fakes speak in general. I still have had issue with my neck but nothing like it used to be. He said don't dwell on it anymore (because I was too much) and I don't. I really needed to hear that! ❤

A quick visit to your profile helped me to understand better your story.

Welcome to YGS. 😊
If the prayer healed your neck pain, Cherubim, I won't argue against it. But I do want to point out that folks, especially faking psychics, speak in generalities. Odds are there were many other people having neck pains.

Again, if you're better, it is good news. 😁
Interesting experience, it seems like the spirit of the dead woman was trying to tell you her story.

I like stories that can be corroborated with facts though, just as an observation and according to the following link, it wasn't Rachel Phillips, but her partner Angharad John, the one that hung herself. Neither the facts happened in 2016, but in 2017.


Thanks for sharing.
silverthane61 in Unplugged Fan
I understand that you only heard the residual sounds of the fan working, though you did not see the blades of the fan move. I wonder if one could have felt the breeze that the fan would have produced. I am also curious why the noise stopped only after you went into the attic. Fascinating!
crazypaws, Like AugustaM my first thought was of the mountain meadows massacre. After murdering everyone in the wagon train (older than eight years old), the locals stripped the bodies and left those bloody clothes in a rotting heap of stench in the basement of a building somewhere near. In addition to the testimonies of the surviving children, there is very strong historical documentation of the tragedy and other violence against indigenous people and anyone else the church wanted gone. It is all very sad stuff. I did not know about slavery in the cotton fields in addition to horrific things that happened to Asian people building the railroad in Utah. It would make sense that the whole area is still frightening, even to drive through.
I know the area where you were, all the way west to the Sierras is featured in an awful lot of UFO research. The whole state of Utah gave me the creeps when I lived there, which was before I read up on it's violent past. It seems like the dirt itself is angry in some places. Most of the people I met in Utah had at least one or two stories about strange things in the sky. There are a lot of military ranges and bases as well.
Thank you for sharing your story.
Cherubim in Big Black Dog
Hmmm, black dogs seem to be common in many ghost stories. I'm glad you weren't hurt. Maybe the dog was there to warn you after all.
Cherubim in The Bold Ghost
That would scare me so much! 😨 I would be praying as hard as I could too. Seems as though someone put those crosses there for protection, never underestimate the power of prayer. ❤
Oh what a wonderful story! ❤ You must have felt his spirit when you said you forgave him and he heard you. I'm glad you are both at peace with each other.
Thank you so much silverthane61 and lady-glow for your kind words. ❤
Cherubim in Unplugged Fan
Yes, if it only worked it would be great! It was only the sound of the fan. 😐 I don't know if the previous owner ever experienced anything, but I had a paranormal investigation done at this house and we found HIM! While using the EVP (electronic voice phenomena) recorder the investigator asked who was in the house. We heard random names. It went quiet, then we heard an older gentleman say "Bob." He sounded much older than the other voices. Later when I got to know the next door neighbor I was told an older man named "Bob" used to live here! 😳
devilhorns1432 in Skeleton Shadow
hi there, taintedprincess. Thankyou so much for reading my story. I'm glad u liked it. And yes, you surely can take content from the story.
Also,Can you attach a link to your podcast?:) I'd love to get this one shared and know if anyone else has had any similar experience.

Best Wishes,
Hahahaha! OK. So maybe some animals can sin just like humans? Leia sure was sneaky anyway... 😁

I do stand by my previous statement about Leia getting her ears rubbed by an angel.

And, of course, it is also possible that Leia was not 'really' a dog. I can't put my finger on anything, but she does seem more like a guardian angel, if such a thing is possible. Where God wills, the natural order is overruled, so...
Memories of Leia - thank you all for your kind remarks. I hope it's okay that I share a few memories of Leia, so that you can see why she was so much more than ever expected of a dog, and why I believe her sacrifice and protection of me was a conscious decision on her part.

We had just gotten Leia when my hubby had a catastrophic brain injury. She was just a puppy, and hadn't had the best life. She was a rescue who'd been found abandoned and wandering on a lonely dirt road miles from people. She had severe abdominal hernias that made walking very difficult. She had to have surgery, and needed a hysterectomy (not spayed) before we'd had her a week. That was a month before my hubby's accident. The doctors said he was going to die or be in a vegetative state. We brought Leia to the hospital with us, and after a few flinches from the strangeness, she crawled right up on top of Jerry and gave his face a puppy bath. It was the first thing he responded to, and after that she visited him every day, and every day he got better.

I have so many memories, but one stands out. Padmei and Leia were our pups and we gave things to them equally. If one got a bone the other did too. Of course We have a RC controlled doggie door. Well like anything the batteries died in it and we took a few days to change them. The dogs would go to the door and woof and we'd let them out. Padmei always followed Leia to the door, then dashed out ahead of her, like some great race. Well, I was used to getting up to open the door and one evening I gave the girls a large soup bone each. Leia devoured hers and kept picking at Padmei, trying to steal her bone. I scolded her to be nice then sat down to do some rather stodgy work on my computer. About an hour later, Leia stood at the door and barked to go out. I got up to let them out, idly picking up Leia's collar (with RC transmitter) up off the floor. I got to the door and reached out to open t, just as Padmei reached the door and the RC latch released, opening the doggie door. Padmei raced out as usual, without me opening the door. I looked at Leia, intending to put her collar back on, only to find her already on Padmei's bed, eating Padmei's bone. Leia not only manipulated me, an adult human too distracted to notice the batteries were changed, but she removed her collar so she wouldn't open the door, and she manipulated Padmei into leaving her bone open to pilfering. I'm sure I'm missing more about this, but... Yeah this really happened. Leia also responded to comments, hundreds if not a thousand words. Sometimes verbally, sometimes with actions. I could go into it more, but I'm not sure this is even allowed. Thank you for letting me share this with you.
SilverThane61- Thank you and I am sorry you were wounded by this. Leia was a very rare canine. I've had dogs all my life. Some were just dogs, learning maybe 80 words, of limited scope and childlike intelligence. Loving and cherished, gentle companions. Leia was different, VERY different. I will actually post a comment after this with a few examples of how Leia was not a normal puppy dog.
RSAChick - Hi, thanks for the kind response. This is an update to the original story. In that story the Cc is a Credit card. The beginning of my Hiatus is actually explained there.
Cherubim - Thank you for your kind words. I miss Leia every day. Sometimes I will walk through the door and call "Hey Leia Baby, let's go walkies" or "Treats in the kitchen for Leia baby." Sitting on the couch I'll look for her, reach out to pet her, just to realize she isn't there all over again.

Now I know she is gone, but it is such habit - 12 years. Last night I woke up and reached over the bed to pet her and let her know I was getting up for a drink, only to find the cold floor. She loved me, just as much as I loved her.
LuciaJacinta - And I remember you as well. You are always such a colorful light. My mentor has decamped and is now assisting another. He is fantastic and humble and just a great person. Having said that, I am not sure I'd ever invite him back for more than dinner and socialization. He makes me feel very selfish and inadequate, because I declined to help others deal with this kind of stuff. I just... If I am drawn to help I will, but I won't willingly seek out this kind of darkness. Being pulled to it yes, but actively hunting? No thanks. I have so much to catch up on! I will read through the stuff as soon as possible and look forward to reading your contributions.
RCRuskin - thank you. I think I will just let the winds guide me. Probably be a mix of both actually.:) If I am ever there, and let's face it I travel a LOT. I likely will pass through that area. Last year, between 4th of July and New Years I was home 22 days. So far since March I've been travelling about 80 days.
I believe that everybody has at least a couple of incidents that are unexplainable in their lives. Many do not bother to recognize or remember those incidents. Others can recall a few strange incidents. Still, other people seem to have a great many incidents happen to them in their life. You certainly seem to be in the latter category!
Violet-Tartan in Keepers Of The Lodge
This was very well written and enjoyable to read. Thank you so much
lady-glow in Unplugged Fan
Cherubim -Just imagine all the money one would save if ghosts could make our appliances run without using any power!

Intriguing experience, I wonder if any of the previous tenants encountered the same kind of activity.

Perhaps the resident ghost was having hot flashes? (Just kidding) 😜
Very touching experience, it's reassuring to know that our loved ones are always trying to help us. It seems like your aunt and you had a great relationship and was/is still looking after you.

I'm sorry for your loos.
Hello HawaiiFemme.

These are some interesting little stories.

The first one remained me of a time many years ago when a statue of The Virgin Mary was passed around the neighborhood houses on a weekly basis with the purpose of people getting together to pray the rosary every evening at around 7 pm.

There was a boy named 'David' and us kids would giggle during the part of the litany that says "Tower of David". One of the days when my family was hosting the statue David wasn't present and we were gigglier than ever and one of the neighbour ladies said something like "Girls, the Devil is here trying to stop our prayers", at that very moment David came into our living-room greeting us with a happy "Good morning!"
That was enough to make everyone start laughing to the point that we couldn't finish our prayers and all the guests had to leave.

The next day, my eldest brother told us that, once he was alone in the living-room trying to study, he felt a heavy feeling that only stopped after he knelt at the feet of The Virgin and prayed the rosary alone.

...Something to ponder about...

Although I tend to always look for as many logical explanations before assuming something to be paranormal in nature, I'm aware, too, that not everything has an explanation.

Thanks for sharing.
silverthane61 in More Than A Coincidence
Cherubim, coincidences so powerful as many deem that they could not have happened without the hand of a powerful spiritual being are called a synchronicity. I do believe that yours is an example of this. It warms my heart that your loved one was able to touch yours in such a significant way.
Cherubim in Watching Us Sleep
Sounds like you may have moved in to a haunted house. I lived in one for 3 years and never knew what to do. It's great to have this website to get some ideas and help. ❤
Cherubim in Two Angels
I love this story! 😊 A great example of why we should never underestimate the power of prayer.
Cherubim in The Angry Red Man
I would be concerned about anything asking me to let them be a part of me. It may be trying to trick you since it seems jealous. Just to be safe I would ask God to surround you with his Holy White Light for protection and healing. ❤
Maybe it was your grandfather saying goodbye. In the comments you were saying you found an old well, was there water in it? I ask because water is a conductor for spirits. ❤

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