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Sleeping-with-steve in Soviet Sanitarium
I'm in stitches reading your comment. Purple pants, clown and red nose are words that replace random words on special occasions. A bit of light humour and I'm loving it.

Best wishes,
SWS. 🤣🤡
LFrog1386 in Soviet Sanitarium
I think I might be losing my mind. The word clown is interjected over other words here repeatedly throughout the comments section. Mrs. Ramsay greets you as
Great Clown and talks about you and your clown friend when clearly it should mean girlfriend.
Posts from the author himself have the word clown interjected where I believe the word Spirit should be. Am I going crazy? Am I the only one seeing this?
Oh great when I went to edit this the word cloud becomes purple pants. I wonder what purple pants will become?
Hey Mayank,
Can you tell what road you took?
I live in Delhi-NCR region so I might be of help and tell what could be.

Awaiting a reply!

LightMight in Floor Squeaker #1
Hi CantunSEEit,

I'm lovin' the title of your story 😆 in fact, I might have to borrow the nickname you gave your's (sometimes we have a floor squeaker visit our home too!). Seems like spirits are drawn to you - perhaps they just feel at ease around you? Although I realize you've chose not to participate in discussions, I'm wondering if this is a usual ocurrence at your home? Our floor squeaker only seems to come around every so often, but it's always around the same area in the house, so at this point we've gotten used to it - whatever it is, it doesn't seem to bother anyone... For your sake, I hope you and your wife don't feel threatened in your own home.
Take Care
Hi cantunSEEit

It could be a residual or wandering spirit or perhaps the spirit of a previous owner (if there are any)

Has this happened before or is it the first time you experienced this, from your narrative I gather that your wife hasn't experienced this.
Bibliothecarius in Floor Squeaker #1
Greetings, CantunSEEit.

Sometimes, encounters like this disconcerting experience end because the spirit realizes that it has accidentally frightened a living person. Given the time, location, and unusual circumstances around this event, I don't think that it had the intention of frightening you. I'm inferring the benign nature of the interaction from the fact that, once it knew you were aware of its presence, it departed a lot more quietly than it had arrived.


"Proverbs 16:32

Whoever is slow to anger is better than the mighty, and he who rules his spirit than he who takes a city."


Peace and happy Easter. ❤
Hello Polisxtrly,
Yes I do agreed my response may have seemed juvenile and rude and I apologize for that. My friend and I have just had run ins with this user in the past and rather than be helpful or respectful, they have demeaned and been rude and condescending and I just would prefer they ho away unless they are actually being helpful.
So this is in response to the two latest comments. We joked about my car just because of the fact of her car has had some issues after some experiences we've had mainly paranormal experiences. So we jokingly said you know because my car was so untouched and you know "new and shiny," paranormal stuff would want to touch it like a toddler in a museum type stuff. And there really isn't much else to do trust me and I just gave spokane as the town because it's the closest big city we live about forty five minutes from there actually. And to explain the other questionable part we have had worse experiences where we have been followed and so much more so we try to go into these drives with a clear and happy mind so we don't actively attract something sorry if that isn't the best explanation I tried my best. And yes plenty of demon birds pooping on my car just no demon pigeons as they aren't common to our area 😂
With all that paranormal activity you guys must live in SPOOKane WA. And life there has to be boooring if the best thing two hot chicks can do is driving around town and writing sketchy tales. 😜
Hi Aeropostale,

Thanks for posting.

My take on the first part of you experiences can be put down to simply poor cell phone coverage. My wife and I have this weird thing going on with our phones (and we are in a relatively small location to each other) whereby I will send her a text, it will be marked as "delivered" on my phone, yet she doesn't receive it. Then I will send another which she will receive. Later, when we compare screens, it appears that texts just never make it. Seems to be completely random.

Now, one could suggest / argue that your friends' phone connection experience was somehow "paranormal:" but, for me, there's nothing to suggest so.

I've copied this principle directly off Wikipedia, which I feel is pertinent in the field of spirits / ghosts / paranormal etc.:

"...Occam's Razor, (Latin: novacula Occami), or the principle of parsimony or law of parsimony (Latin: lex parsimoniae) is the problem-solving principle that "entities should not be multiplied without necessity", or more simply, the simplest explanation is usually the right one..."

However, your second experience resonates with me as I had a similar experience about 20 years ago whilst driving down the West Coast of The South Island of New Zealand. To put this experience into a meaningful context, New Zealand has a relatively short history, but a significant aspect of NZ's history was gold rushes and gold mining, particularly in the South Island.

So, my wife and I were driving along the West Coast, I can't exactly remember where but I think it was possibly between Westport and Greymouth. It's a very beautiful, rugged region and the drive was very standard, as we took in the amazing vistas.

But then I remember VERY clearly we rounded a corner (which was in the middle of nowhere, not near any towns, or anything) and there, in broad daylight, on the LHS of the road, walking in our travelling direction was a gold miner / prospector.

I remember this so clearly because he literally looked as if he was from another time. He had a big beard, old style hat, old style clothes, something over his shoulder, possibly a shovel, an old billy (a small lidded pot for boiling water), old style boots etc. Basically he looked COMPLETELY out of time and place, almost "imprinted" on the landscape.

I remember looking at him we drove past, thinking "WTF?" basically. He also appeared very flesh and blood. To this day I am completely torn between believing that I saw a ghost, or if I saw a local who "hadn't moved with the times".

I can't recall if my wife saw him as well. I remember remarking on his appearance but I don't recall my wife's response.

Anyway, if I apply the Occam's Razor principle, it was simply a local, out panning for gold. BUT... To me, I'm just not convinced... 🤔

Thanks for sharing, and apologies for hijacking your experiences and rambling on a bit.


Hi Eazyforcheez

Thanks for sharing your experiences.

Personally, and it seems for others on this site, this is one of those recounts that raises more questions, than anything.

If you don't mind, are you able to provide a bit more background information around the following statements? Perhaps that way some readers could offer some advice?

"...we try to go into these drives and time together with a clear and bright mind set to hopefully push away any bad omens or entities..."

Do you and Cheez2 feel that you are under constant potential threat from bad omens and entities? If so, why do you feel that way? What would you consider to be a "bad omen"?

I'm also quite perplexed by this line: "...we were jokingly discussing that because my car was new and shiny, that something would attach itself to my car, just wait and see..." What was it exactly that you and Cheez2 felt would "attach itself to your car" and why?

In my experience, the only thing that has ever INSTANTLY attached itself to MY clean and shiny car was unusual amounts of almost maliciously-aimed bird sh*t. Quite possibly deposited by a demonically possessed pigeon. Interestingly, I find the best combination to get that kind of mess off my car is simply Holy Water and a firm-bristle toothbrush. 😉

Again, thanks for sharing and I hope you don't mind providing some more details.


easyforcheez2, the only rude comments I'm seeing here are yours... Not ladyglow's lmao
Hi easyforcheez2

You're welcome, there's different types of crystals for different reasons and functions, but the main crystal of all is clear quartz, in our religion we make chanting and rosary beads out of clear quartz crystals as well.
Traviscannabis, and meant to to put this in there to sorry but the women I have the bible study group with don't believe or they haven't ever had anything paranormal happen to them so they aren't really that much help with this kind of stuff, but good question.
Hello Traviscannabis,
And no for the most part christians as a whole don't bless items I know catholics have holy water and such things lol. And no I don't thinknit was the holy ghost 😂 as I figure id feel safe with that and we definitely didn't feel safe with the pigeon 😂
Don't Christians bless all sorts of things like medals and crosses? Have u asked someone from the Bible study group to help? 🤔
I don't know man, r u saying that the pigeon was a ghost... The holy ghost? 😆
Hi EFC, hope things have settled down just a bit for you and your friend.

I read your story twice, and as a mom could not help but think, respectfully, that perhaps there are things to do in your town besides just hanging out? You mention a Bible study, but I wonder if there are other things you could occupy your time with that would bring you less into the occult type stuff and more into doing something positive with your time, like take some classes or some kind of training. If you like a thrill, how about taking a skydiving lesson? Here's my reason for saying this. You mention that you have often hung out or have gone looking around cemeteries. You easily mention that haunted doll, so I guess you watch a lot of shows having to do with the occult or whatever. Not a problem, but if you are doing these things exclusive and nothing else... Or even if you only do it a couple times each year... Well, I think spiritual stuff is attracted to a vaccuum sometimes. (My apologies if you already have a full plate of things going on, but I got the sense you and your friend are more bored than anything, I understand boredom!) More than anything else, your personal philosophy should be one of wanting to learn and achieve and be productive and when you work on all of that, it not only makes you a more interesting person and creates self confidence, but also some of this scary stuff just doesn't have a way to work itself in. Plus I would be more worried about criminals running across you and your friend late at night out on the street than some spirit pigeon... I hope you will consider this advice from a mom and teacher. Good luck to you both!
Hi Lady-glow

As far as I was told Miles had night terrors when the activity began. I think that was the bad spirit's doing. I also think that Miles was sensitive to it and that's why he felt he needed to protect his brother when he saw the spirit later.

I asked my sister that same question about Miles. She didn't really know. But I think that when he was looking at what his Mother said was nothing, was more than likely he was seeing the bad spirit.

My sister said you saw a woman, she wasn't solid but you could tell. The person that came in to help said she felt nothing bad from that spirit. She would have to do more research to find out when others had lived or died there.

That spirit was only in the baby's room.
Thank you so much I will definitely get right on that purchase both for her car and mine and thank you for taking time to explain everything!
Hi rajine,

I was told that they had a cleansing for the house, but the noises started again after 6 months. For the safety of the kids they thought it better to move.
Hi easyforcheez2

Yes you would need to cleanse a charge your crystals regularly, place it in a bowl of clean water and leave it in the sun for around 4 hours

Clear quartz crystals provides clear and clean energy, it's good for removing any bad or negative energies around you.
Hello Rajine,
Thank you for your help and suggestions. I just have one more question I have heard from a lot of people that you have to cleanse and charge crystals would that be required if we hang a quartz crystal l, abd what about a quartz crystal makes it useful in this situation. Just trying to know ask much as I can! Thank you so much
Hi this reply is meant for Lady Glow, mainly about the others in town. My house has been haunted (this had been confirmed by many people) for decades by a gentle/protective spirit. I have tried to to others in town about it but in this town people refuse to talk about 2 things, paranormal and mental illness. They would rather gossip about how much of a trollup the new neighbor is or sex offenders in the area.

And about the pigeon, pigeons aren't common to this area. We rarely see them and when we do it's someone who either keeps them pets or other various rare instances. Before this event it had been years since we felt anything purely because we had learned better. The best way to compare the feeling is how some people have that off feeling when looking at Annabelle the doll. We had ruled out anything not supernatural so we were hoping someone knew of something to help cleanse or had any insight to the situation.

This is a reply to everyone else, we have tried smudging, however we are hesitant to try new things as we don't want to unintentionally make things worse.

We have learned our lesson regarding stirring stuff up with paranormal and leaving things be. Fortunately nothing has really happened in a long time except for normal and benign shadows from my house. However we aren't the only ones who dabbled in the paranormal and in fact some people really close to us was secretly in the occult and had some dark practices. Thankfully we have come a long way through prayer and having bibles everywhere, but it still persists.
Hi easyforcheez2

You can burn sage also what is good keeping a quartz crystal hanging from your rear view mirror, you can also wear it as well. There's also quite a few good cleansing rituals posted on this site as well, you can choose which suits you better.

I usually keep a little container of rough sea salt at home or in my vehicle where we come from we believe that salt is a good deterrent against negative forces.
Hello again Lady Glow,
And yes I say hello again because I can only be lead to assume your the same user from the first experience. And yes others have experienced it. No the pigeon was not there and as I said in the post I asked for help if your not going to be helpful and instead disrespectful and rude you can kindly go find some other user to pull this crap on, because as you can see the other commenters are being respectful and kind unlike you and I no longer have time for the crap you stir like in the last one. Thank you good day.
I don't know about the black figure but, in my opinion, there's nothing paranormal about the pigeon.
I know it looked like "a little perfect pigeon", but the fact that it was at the side of the road in the middle of the night, and not roosting on a safe place points to something wrong with it. And by this I don't mean paranormal but healthwise. Birds get sick too.

"when the pigeon moved his head we knew without a shadow of doubt there was seriously something wrong with and around the pigeon that was unsafe."

Please correct me if I'm wrong but, are you implying that whatever negative force was around made the pigeon act that way? If so, wouldn't it make sense for more birds to be scattered all over the area?
Did you go the next day to investigate if the pigeon or it's carcass was still there? Although if it wasn't it wouldn't be conclusive of anything, considering that a scavenger could have eaten it.

"En pueblo chico, chisme grande" (In a small town, the gossip is big) Have you heard is any of the townspeople have experienced this apprehensive feeling when driving on that area?
Thank you Lightmight,
And thank you for explaining and assisting both myself and my best friend I just didn't want to do anything incorrectly since I have no knowledge of this and wasn't sure if there was some thing that I could do wrong in this type of practice I guess so thank you for reassuring me and hopefully we can kick this stuff in the butt and maybe I will update when or if anything else happens

Here's an example of what I meant by spiritual protection techniques - these aren't what I personally use, but I do use light shielding/ spiritual protection during my daily prayer and meditation. There is really no way you can do this incorrectly because you aren't necessarily approaching this with negativity, you should only be using positive energy to focus upon yourself. Anyway, take it or leave it, the choice is yours 😉
Hello Rajine and Lightmight,
I figured it would be easier to respond to both of your comments in one. I appreciate the feedback from both of you and in response to lightmight no we have not we didn't know where to start and I know if done incorrectly worst things could happen hopefully I'm making some kind of sense. And in response to Rajine By cleansing do you just mean burning sage and repelling any negative feelings and entities because one thing that I didn't share in this post was that last night, I went to my weekly women's Bible group and rather than being afraid, I decided to face my fear and took my car and even though it was daylight I had an uncomfortable feeling but made it safe. But when I came out it was dark and I was time to go home I'm going to be honest I floored it, because rather than being in the drivers seat the black figure was in the passenger seat last night. And I will have to say our sixth sense has saved us many times and I can only imagine if we hadn't listened to it what would have happened.
Hello Melds,
No problem we aren't the same person we are just best friends who live in the same town and grew up together and spend an exorbitant amount of time together. Though I respect your thoughts on the fact that you think we go out of our way to attract, but I can assure you we don't. We no longer actively go towards the cemeteries or areas where we have encountered problems before. This is something that would never happen to us before with this type of experience. Maybe when we were younger and dumber we did and that's what's causing all these problems now but we are actively try to not feed into any entity or anything like that and choose to think in light and positive and somehow we still keep running into issues and that's why were wondering if there's a way we can cleanse ourselves or if it's some thing that were unknowingly doing.
I like the way you've summed that up ~ better late, than never I suppose! 😉
aussiedaz, thank you for sharing your experience! I really like how you illustrated how by reaching out to her grand son, your mom made the contact even more poignant for the very reason you mentioned. Some who cross into spirit work very hard to connect in ways that will help get through beyond coincidence. Sounds like your mom was one of those spirits.
easyforcheez2 - It seems I owe you an apology. I have now read submissions and comments on both accounts. The similarity of your names rendered me slightly confused (plus perhaps my seven o'clock glass of wine! That's evening in South Africa by the way).

It seems to me that the two of you are going out of your way to attract supernatural entities. If you don't want them around, don't look for them 😟

Regards, Melda
Hello easyforcheez2,

After reading both of the stories submitted by you and your friend, it appears that you two leave yourselves open to these types of experiences. Which is okay to a point, but you really should be more prepared since both of you seem to attract encounters that leave you feeling uncomfortable and running for safety. Have you and your friend ever researched how to use any spiritual protection techniques, or light shielding, for your own personal use? If not, you really should - btw, you don't have to be particularly religious, or into the occult, in order to practice any of the techniques (there are many to choose from, available online also). Basically it allows you to take control of your own safety; by feeling more empowered you aren't as likely to feel threatened, or left feeling so vulnerable. This would also tie into whatever cleansing you might use for property and objects.
Good Luck
easyforcheez2 - I get the distinct impression that you and easyforcheez are one and the same person. I've just had a look at your profile page. Can you clear that up please?

Regards, Melda
Hi Jubeele

I also believe that the fog we saw could be the previous owner, after that incident I haven't really been out long enough to see if it has happened again but I think I should, I've spoken to my neighbor about doing a vehicle cleansing ritual but with everyone being busy I haven't had the chance to chat to him.
Hi Aeropostale

I believe that the lady you saw appeared to you for a reason, maybe you are more open to seeing and experiencing things other people can't.
Hi easyforcheez2

Time and again when we are faced with some sort of danger or we're in a dangerous situation out sixth sense kicks in, I'd like to think that it's something that has saved me many times in my life during certain situations, always trust your intuition I think it has saved you.

I do feel like you should do a cleansing for your car as well as yourself just for your peace of mind.
Macknorton thanks for your comments. Some food for thought for certain as your angle of motive is intriguing to me. Especially about how the entity could NOT know how frightening the experience would be to a small child. It just so happens that years later (I'm still trying to find the right category to publish this account) I had a contact experience with what I believe was a possible Non-Human Intelligence (ET) which made me wonder if that was who was responsible for the physical contact as a child.

If this were to be the case, it would make sense that an alien species may not have the same understanding of basic human relations as a fellow human might. I've read many accounts from ET experiencers which heavily suggests although they have far superior technology and universal knowledge than we do, they have a fundamental lack of understanding human emotions. (I'm painting with a seriously broad brush here). This could explain the friendly gesture without comprehending my imminent reaction.

Thank you for your thoughts on my experience!
Hi Aros, after my mother passed away, I do remember dangling my hand over the bed and asking her to hold it if she was with me for several months, in an attempt to communicate with her of which should I say never prevailed in the context of what I was seeking.

In one of my stories here without going back and paraphrasing from it, I do remember the night she came through and had a conversation with me... Of which i'll never forget and should I say, it was such a wonderful paranormal experience to have and will cherish until the day I see her again,anyway... The very next day my daughter, of whom was around 15 years of age from memory, came into my room and said dad, do you know what happened to T last night? T being my youngest son.

She went onto explain... He was laying in bed, when someone held his hand as our dog was whimpering at the foot of his bed. In short, he felt someone was with him too?... Without any family member knowing about my own account, I'd realised it was my mother hedging her own presence by interacting with both of us and by holding his hand?... It was probably my mothers way of letting me know my own account was not just some figment of my imagination of which may have entered my mind when you experience something so profound?... Anyway,

I do understand at 4 years old it would have frighten you, however, the fact that it was a gentle touch would vindicate IMO<, it was probably a family member who had crossed over?. My own earliest experience was around 3 years old and it too frighten me to some degree, I know how that feels.

Thank you for sharing it.

Regards Daz!
Hi Aros

Thanks for sharing this interesting experience.

For me, when I read about spirit / ghost interactions with us "flesh and blood" types, my first thought is always "motive".

WHY are they doing what they are doing? In my opinion, just like us folk in physical form who always have a motive for doing everything we do, one must come to the logical conclusion that spirits with consciousness must also have a motive for their actions.

So your description of the experience; "... It wasn't cold, it was warm and the squeeze was very gentle, not in any way aggressive..." to me is, perplexing.

It would appear that the effect that "squeezer" was to be that of a kind, almost reassuring type of experience for the "squeezee" (quite possibly not even a real word).

Between two completely visible "flesh and blood" people, this gesture would be (usually) very comforting (if the motive is good).

What's interesting to me is that the "squeezer" MUST have had some awareness that their unexpected actions, no matter how kind their intentions were, would TERRIFY a young child, not expecting their hand to be gently, and warmly touched.

So for me, this creates the question of MOTIVE. Was this spirit truly attempting to provide a loving, reassuring comfort of sorts, and if so, how could they NOT anticipate the reaction it would cause?

And if the squeezer's motive / intent was to terrify, then that's a really sh*tty way of doing it, and reveals an extremely diabolical mind behind the action.

Maybe I'm overthinking it... But all the same, very interesting stuff.


Babycakes10 in The Singing Child
Hi, hope you're doing well.
I know what you are dealing with. It's not a spirit or ghost because a dead person does not have the ability to do what you're mentioning, the dead rest in the grave and they are in another realm. What you are dealing with is called a Jinn. They are made from smokeless fire and they are another creation by God. They live among us except we cannot see them because there is a veil between us, they are in another realm but can appear and can cause trouble if you are not protected. They can appear to us in many forms but they tend to take on forms of the dead. They have free will just like us and there are good and bad. They live their lives similar to us, they have different beliefs, follow different religions, get married and have kids. The bad ones are what you would call Devil/Demon and I would advise you to not use the ouija board like I said before there are good ones but there are also bad ones and the bad ones are good at fooling people. If you do want to know more about Jinns, please do look it up. Now, I don't know if you or anyone will believe me but that is up to you. I just read your experience and wanted to help. Take care:)
TravisCannabis in Protective Spirit
Dude, this story looks like the script for a horror show. Not saying ain't true but people always leave their houses running at night. 🤔

Would you allow me to read your story on my YouTube-channel? The channel does not exist yet but I want to start one where I read interesting and creepy stories. I would include your name of course.

All the best!

Hi ntzehn

That really does sound like a terrible experience for everyone involved I'm glad that the family is safe, but why didn't they just do a house cleansing ritual instead of moving out?
occulting. Thanks for the info. Interesting. I will look it up on YouTube. And I do hope you're right about lockdown being over by September.
Hi Breaghboo!

It's in Northamptonshire, the place is called Delapre Abbey, and hopefully by September everything should be back to normal with at least lockdown wise, there's barely any information out there about the spirits or experiences there that I can find online and there is a few ghost hunts that have happened there which have been uploaded to YouTube and I forgot about this but one of the ghost photos I took the room where it happened in one of the ghost hunts on YouTube the group either keeps catching the door opening on its own or they hear little knocks on the door that you usually go through to leave and they even go outside the door to check no ones there and all that, it's all very interesting stuff.
Hi valkricry!

I think you're not seeing it I don't know how to show you it but I'll try to explain it better but the spirit is on the left side near the middle of the left side, you can see nearly like a full head, its eyes are somehow brighter than the rest of it and then if you look a little towards the right and up it does cast a shadow that looks like its head and one of its arms.

With the tarot reading its not always a single card draw I sometimes mix it up and will use spreads or pick three cards, and if I need more clarification or details I'll pick as many cards as I need to understand what they're trying to tell me if I don't get it after a while.

I hope that description helps you see it and if it doesn't I'll draw on it to point it out and then post the link on here.
lady-glow in Protective Spirit
Hi ntzehn.

This is such a frightening experience, specially for little Miles.

Since this is not your experience, I don't expect you to know the answers to my following questions but, if by any chance you can elaborate, I'd like to ask:

"he would stand outside Sean's room at night. When she asked Miles why he was standing in his baby brother's doorway, he said, he was protecting Sean from the bad man."

Do you know if the bad man hurt Miles on any way or was his attention focused only on the baby?

"She asked him, "Do you see the bad man?"... My sister asked Julie when that happen. She said "Last night."

Does your sister know if that was the only time Julie asked Miles if he could see the ghost? Your narrative seems to point that Miles had reported seen the ghost for some time but Julie had never asked if he was seeing it before.

"They all were looking at something that was hovering near the baby. It seemed to float back and forth in front of the crib. Then it looked at them and it disappeared"

Did this think have a human shape? If not, what made them think that it "looked at them"?

"The also said the woman they saw in the baby's room was protecting the baby from the other spirit."

Same question, - did the hoovering thing resembled a woman? Did Julie feel a negative or positive energy in the room?

Did Julie say if Miles was aware of the woman's protective presence in the room? Did she protect him too or only the baby?
Were they told who the protective woman was during her life and why she was still in that house? Or if she was a dead ancestor protecting Julie's children?

Thanks for sharing.
This is quite a tragic and scary experience, especially the part about the missing people and human sacrifice, I can't imagine how scary it must have been to spend the night there.

I've read about human sacrifice throughout history and its not a very nice thing, thankfully we don't have to go through that.
Hi Annie16

Yes I it is usually difficult to find out the history of certain places here in S.A,but I agree with you that the shadows you and your husband saw could be this couple.
Rajine in Face Of Evil
This really is a creepy thing to happen, we all have a sixth sense or a intuition that kicks in during the face of danger.
I've read this incident a 100 times over the years and it still creeps me out, definitely one to remember
annie16 in Strange Visitors
Hi Rajine. I do know the previous owner (man) passed away in the house. The wife sold the property to us and passed away about 2 years later. I personally believe that the woman my husband saw, may be this lady. In SA it's really almost impossible to trace the history of homes so I have no way of saying how many owners the home has had. It was built in the early 60's though.
Thank you VermontVampyre, excellent advice! I guess I never really thought about that much since growing up I just assumed before our home and the neighborhood was there it was simply woods. But you are definitely correct that spirits can be just as attracted to a place/region as they can a specific house or dwelling. Now you've got me thinking. I'll do some research on the area and see if I can discover anything intriguing. Thank you!
Thank you LightMight for the kind words and sharing your contact experiences with your Father-In-Law. Wow! Pretty incredible how persistent he was especially since it did turn out to be time sensitive as you discovered. As far as why he chose you it could be a number of things. One, perhaps in his new state of being he was able to see "the bigger picture" and perhaps has an understanding of a broader spiritual relationship you two may in fact have on the Soul level.

Or perhaps he could see that you would be most receptive in your dream state for whatever reason. Either way it's impressive and I'm glad it was resolved favorably for your family. Thanks again for sharing and the kind words.
Aros I never had a hand grab mine but I know the fear of dangling body parts over the abyss as well.

As to the house being potentially haunted. You say it was family built and family owned. So unlikely to be previous homeowners of the house. However have you looked into previous owners on the LAND? Or any deaths on/near the property in the years before the home was built?

Spirits can be attacted to the land just as much as they are to the existing structures on the land. Before there were homes in your area there were Natives. Who knows how many lived, farmed, and hunted on that exact stretch of land. Also your family's home could have been built on a piece of land that was originally part of a much bigger property. So researching the history of the land could help you discern who the shadow people may have been.
Thank you Melda I will be sure to read your experiences! I too believe the hand was from a friendly entity/guide of some sort but at the moment as can be imagined it was terrifying. I also feel I have blocked out a lot of experiences. I've thought about trying regression hypnosis but you know the saying, "Be careful what you wish for."
Hello Insomnia_Shinsou,

If you can rule out face pareidolia and/or insomnia as the culprits, then it's possible you may have caught something on video. I'm wondering if you still have the vid of the ceiling recording, and if so, would you be able to share it here?

Since you had possible proof on the video, were you able to convince your parents that you've experienced something strange in your room?
Hi Annie16

Does your home have a long history and different previous owners? If so then maybe it could be a previous owner who may have passed away there.
annie16 in Strange Visitors
[at] Rajine, thank you for your comment. These "beings" my husband and I saw seemed as real as you and I. Every entity, (for lack of a better word) I have ever seen, appears as a solid, real, living person. That's why I am always a little confused or shocked at seeing them. I didn't feel anything bad, it was just 2 people that were where they shouldn't be.

[at] Melda, thank you, it is still an ongoing struggle to reconcile with the loss. You said good or guardian spirits 🤔. Hmm, could be, but I agree, residual or wandering spirits don't make sense at all.
Annie - Losing three close family members in such a short space of time is devastating. My very sincere condolences.

Obviously these weren't your family members or you and your husband would have recognised them. Perhaps good spirits, or perhaps guardians, sent to check on you? Residual doesn't make sense to me in this scenario and neither does wandering spirits. Just my opinion.

I'm sure you'll receive more input from other readers.

I wish you the best.

By the way, the cleansing was an excellent idea, just in case the spirits weren't as benign as they appeared!

Regards, Melda
Aros - That is so frightening for a child.

I can empathise with you because I had some very scary experiences in my childhood home. I come from a large family and they all used to say "what can we do about Denise, she has such terrible nightmares", besides which I used to scare the living daylights out of them during my midnight and early morning screams of terror.

The entity taking hold of your hand was probably a kind, comforting gesture but obviously at your age and with all the other terrifying events, you wouldn't have seen it in that light.

If you're interesting in glancing at my experiences they are on my profile page "Pulled out my eyebrows in terror" plus one other.

So, I KNOW how terrifying your bedtime was as a child. 😨

Regards, Melda
Jubeele in Ghost Gold
Hi lady-glow,

Nonno, or Grandpa, could indeed have been a stern character. Not surprising, when you consider that many men of his generation were conscripted into military service during WWII, under Benito Mussolini. One of Damon's relatives was a prisoner-of-war for a time, after Mussolini was defeated. These men were shaped by hard times.

Damon and I went through a difficult split. But once the dust settled, it was for the best. I met Rex six months after that, and the rest is history.

Btw, Rex just bought me this really groovy toothbrush with black bristles and rubbery spokes. It looks very empowering. I feel ready to take on the evil Dr. D.K. 😆
Macknorton in The Girl In White
Hi RCRuskin

Please feel free to quote away to your hearts content. 😊

I feel reassured that my terrifying experience with the slack-jawed, greying, eternally tired-looking mirror entity made people laugh - that knowledge has helped me to begin the long process of healing my deep psychological wounds.

Other good news is that I have taken the dressing off my nose now. I'm hoping that when the swelling goes down, and my eyes aren't so black, I'll be recognisable again.
Hi Rajine, yes seeing the shadow beings was very frightening indeed and I recall several instances I was crying, scared out of my mind to the point my parents thought there was something wrong with me.

The house was built in the 60's by family. We were the original owners of the home throughout the 70's and 80's. As I got older I don't recall any specific incidents but I think it's because I became less sensitive to spirits by my teens.
Also a cleansing should be done on a regular basis, try to wear clear quartz crystals as well to channel positive energy to yourself and your family
Hi Annie16

Firstly I'd like to offer my condolences on the passing of your sister, brother in law and niece, do you think perhaps it could be their spirits coming to see you for one last time? Also what sort of vibe did you get from the shadow you saw? Did it feel menacing or malevolent or was it the opposite.

I've also had an experience with a shadow person I looked directly at it but "he" was a full white shadow in the shape of a man.
Hi Insomnia_Shinsou

How recently did your garage be remodeled into bedrooms? I've read quite a few stories here about weird stuff taking place after people started renovation or remodeling of homes, also try to do some research on your home if it has a long history and was owned by different people.

I also think that you should do a home cleansing for your peace of mind.
Hi Aros

I have also experienced shadow entities, u thought I was going of my mind fortunately the one time it happened my mum and aunt was with me and saw it as well

My guess with your childhood experiences, it could be random passing spirits, have you researched the history of that house? You might find answers.

I myself do not let my arms or legs stick out of my bed when I lay down.
By the way, good luck for September. We'll still be locked down.
I'm from UK. Where is this? It's a public place so no reason not to name it.
Breaghboo in Creepy Gollum
That's one creepy story. I hope it stays at the neighbour's too!
Hi Aros,

Your story was so intriguing - I had a very similar experience, via several 'visitation dreams', with my father-in-law shortly after his passing. I had many extremely vivid dreams of him coming to our home and quite adamantly insisting that we double check his last will (something to do with land?). These dreams took place over the course of 3 weeks and they always interrupted other dreams that were in progress - the tone seemed urgent. The dreams actually started to become a little intrusive feeling because they happened so frequently. Finally, after several attempts of trying to convince my husband and his sister that they needed to comb through the paperwork more closely, they did in fact find other documents regarding real estate that was to be left to them, but that wasn't included in his last will. Interestingly enough everything to do with the property was time sensitive, so it was a good thing that they followed through with their research. After that, thankfully the dreams stopped! What I found kind of odd about all of this, was that my father-in-law and myself were never very fond of eachother, so I found it a bit perplexing as to why he chose me to communicate with? 🤔
I realize it was some time ago, but I did want to offer condolences regarding the passing of your father and sister, may their memories live on and continue to guide you.
Take Care
lady-glow in The Girl In White

"Also bonus, my friend told me that spirits seem to be "comfortable" being around me, and that whenever I mention something paranormal, and she doesn't believe me, something paranormal ends upo happening to her."

Is your friend a psychic or how does she know that those spirits are present and the way they feel?
Are you aware when those spirits around you?
Are you suggesting that the spirits are teaching your mean, incredulous friend a lesson for daring not to believe you?
Does this mean that my house will be haunted for no believing your story? - Yikes!

I'll give this story the benefit of the doubt but, since you say to have "had many paranormal experiences", I would suggest for you to add as much information as possible to any future story. Right now it seems like you are patching the holes in your narrative based on the doubts of the people commenting on it... And get ready to be questioned, specially if the "facts" you're presenting sound far fetched and embellished.
M00nchxld_ in The Girl In White
Hello again,
To clear a lot of the fuzzy parts:

My parents mentioned other miscarriages, (they didn't specify the gender of the last pregnancy), however they did say I had a older brother. I have never encountered a experience with this "brother" so I'm not sure about if this may be my "sister or not".

I believe the game may have been like inviting the spirit to me.

I wasn't afraid of the "blood-stained child", because I was kind of shocked, also I didn't feel a bad energy coming from her.

Also about the arm thing. My hands were light from the start of the game. They never got heavy, and I could feel a light pressure on my wrists only.

Also I said I believed the girls in my school may have made up the game to scare me/ and they seem to be moving their hands on their own accords, but I guess the spirit knew I would allow it to come around me.

Also bonus, my friend told me that spirits seem to be "comfortable" being around me, and that whenever I mention something paranormal, and she doesn't believe me, something paranormal ends upo happening to her.
RCRuskin in The Girl In White
[at] Macknorton

I standup and applaud! Or I would, if I was not writhing on the floor in uncontrollable laughter.

May I quote you? Please?
lady-glow in The Girl In White

Let us know what's the most vulnerable and sensitive body part of a spirit... I wonder if hitting a partial apparition on its missing part would provide any protection. The spirit realm is such a mystery!


I almost spat my milk reading your comment.
lady-glow in The Girl In White

Over the years that I have been a member of this forum, I have learnt to take some of these stories with a grain of salt and have read a good share of stories submitted by people using this platform as a medium to test their (fiction) writing skills.

I'm not suggesting that this story is fake but, in my opinion, there are some aspects that just don't seem to add up and other ones that are kind of...sensational?

Anyway, I just hope the OP can clarify the fuzzy parts of their story.
Macknorton in The Girl In White

You are welcome. Life can get a bit too serious at times.


The_Lost_Voyage_11 in The Girl In White
At lady-glow

You do raise a valid point regarding the blood stains, unless it is supposed to be symbolic of this siblings death, but I don't believe I've ever read anywhere of this kind of appearance by a 'lost' brother or sister. I am a firm believer in following your intuition, but the OP has not stated if it was an intuitive hint she got in terms of whether this is her sibling or not, or if it's wishful thinking. As far as to why this entity if it was their lost sibling, would want to kill a person, it's not clear that this spirit was operating under the 'rules' of the game. As I mentioned, similar to a Ouija board, this spirit/entity I believe used this 'game' has an excuse to interact with the OP, it was like a spiritual invitation. The game acts as a kind of portal, like a Ouija board. The 'intention' of whoever plays this game was to make contact with the spirit realm, or a ghost to put it bluntly.

Ironically after reading the other posts this whole raising your arms sounds kind of like muscle testing, and it's more the body's response to yes/no questions, drawing from the body's wisdom. It seems as if I've heard some variation of this game somewhere, but I don't remember, it sounds vaguely similar. I could just be cross referencing though, maybe it's a game the local kids just made up?

M00nchxld_, if you could clarify these points it would help, lady-glow raises some interesting questions, why do you feel this may be your lost sibling? Do you have any other evidence of this being the case? Also if you can enlighten us on this 'game', is it something just local to your school, or a variation of another game? I'm not doubting the validity of your experience, but it would help a lot if we could understand these things a bit more and perhaps enlighten you as well, as to what has indeed happened.
Sleeping-with-steve in The Girl In White
Hello MackNorton,
🤣 OMG! I have been in stitches laughing all the way through reading your comment. You certainly are a funny soul. I needed that laugh, thanks.

After reading all the comments I thought I'd better read the post. Wrong order I know, however the comments have been enlightening on this thread.

Soooooo, this game makes the person playing it a human ouija board? Hands up if... Hands down if not... Interestingly enough when I put my arms up, they always lower themselves down, I hope that girl isn't around these neck of the woods now... On a serious note, When your arms get tired they will lower and subconsciously you'd lift them to maintain their place. I don't know much about this game but playing games saying, 'dead girl, dead girl', sounds ludicrous to me. I don't see how that game can bring joy to anyone and it definitely doesn't sound like there's skill involved. It does sound a bit sinister however and I think if youths played it here in Australia, they'd probably be arrested and questioned about who they plan on killing and why?

Seeing this girl in the mirror and wherever else you see her is a totally different thing. That could be a child spirit hanging about or lost. Perhaps help her find the light.

I'd also want to know why she is wearing white blood ridden clothes. What happened to her, how did she die, is anyone else with her who can comfort her and help her through to the next realm.

Thanks for the link to the post about the toothbrush that was used to rid the spirit from the mirror. I use my old toothbrushes to scrub around the taps and then dispose of them. Now I'm going to collect them and throw them at any annoying paranormal visitor that bothers me.😉

Hopefully this dilemma is resolved soon.

SWS. 😘
Macknorton in The Girl In White
I'm's gone! My beloved B.S Detector has overheated to the point that it actually combusted, caught fire, and then melted into a sticky, smelly puddle of plastic and metal goo.

I'll have to order another one off Amazon.

But in the mean-time... I'm definitely going to cover up ALL the mirrors in my house. Why, just the other night I was in the bathroom and glanced up and there it was; an old, wrinkly, grey-haired (yet strangely familiar) apparition, with lost, soulless eyes staring straight back me!

Luckily I was brushing my teeth at the time (co-incidentally, so was IT) so I hurled my toothbrush at it's ashen face. Co-incidentally it also threw it's toothbrush at ME, fortunately I hit it right between the eyes, unfortunately I was using a large electric rubber-handled toothbrush and it bounced straight of that old, washed up apparitions terrified face and got me square on the nose!

I ran SCREAMING out of the bathroom. I've never seen such a horrific sight. It was like all the life had been sucked out of it's soul by 25 years of marriage and three children. Can ANYONE know what I'm talking about!?

I have come to accept that my bathroom mirror is actually an inter-dimensional-space-time-portal-warp-gateway harboring a middle-aged entity, seemingly just drifting around like a lost sock in the laundromat of oblivion, so I now have to brush my teeth in the kitchen sink.
Bibliothecarius in The Girl In White
A note for Lady-Glow:

I had not heard about this game, either. In a cursory internet search, I found *no* relevant data for "Dead Girl game," "Dead Girl" game, "Dead girl, dead girl, raise my hands until I die" (which redirected to this YGS page alone), "raise my hands until I die" (back to YGS, again), nor "10,5,3,1."

I did find that the above searches linked to video games, movies, training to improve salesmanship skills, and a subreddit about seduction for guys who are insecure about their ability to date girls. However, the only mention of the game was the pair of searches that connected me back to this story.

Frankly, I found this to be surprising, as I had expected to find video links, tik-toks, etc., with hyperactive teenagers screaming unconvincingly about the results of playing this game.

Color me puzzled.
lady-glow in The Girl In White

"It seems that if you feel this is a lost sibling, I would go with your gut instinct on that"

I don't agree with you on this; to begin with, there's no mention if the OP's family knew the gender of the unborn child; secondly, why would the spirit/soul would show itself wearing a white dress covered in blood? Would this be a symbolism for something?
How on earth would the spirit of an unborn child end up killing children just because they are unable to hold their hands up for a few minutes?

I never heard about this game growing up in Mexico, neither did my children when attending school here in Canada, nor any of my friends' school aged children. I would like to know if any of the American members of the forum has played or is aware of this game... Or if the only reference to it is the one provided by this story.

I will appreciate any feedback on the above points. In the meanwhile I'll be seating on the fence observing the development of this thread.
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in The Girl In White
Hello MOOnchxld_ thanks for sharing your story. It seems that if you feel this is a lost sibling, I would go with your gut instinct on that. The game you played may have been an invitation, an opening to this soul/spirit to interact with you, much like a Ouija board opens a portal of communication. Unfortunately as others have echoed, like a Ouija board, if those that play 'it' aren't versed in how it truly works, and to properly safeguard themselves can let some rather problematic entities through to put it mildly. I maintain that the Ouija board, much like this game you 'played' are just tools, in and of themselves not dangerous, it's the intent behind them that fuels them and younger energy like those of teens which is suspected to be behind most reported poltergeist activity, really adds a lot of fuel to the fire. However she seems to be helpful and a companion of sorts to you, much different from the types of malevolent spirits unleashed in games similar to this one, like the Bloody Mary scenarios or Ouija sessions gone awry. To echo also what aussiedaz said, we can perceive things with out our eyes open and even without 'sight' as we know it. I too have seen things, many out of the corner of my eye, like a helpful entity and once I saw in 'my minds eye' an old man standing in a doorway. This means though my eyes were open, I did not see this entity the same way I am seeing the screen I am typing to you now on. It was more like the experience you had with your eyes closed. It was truly fascinating and I attribute it to experiences I had as a child, though I love the paranormal and ghost stories I don't think I could handle seeing a full apparition in front of me, so they find other ways to appear that we are comfortable with. Just my two cents worth! Thanks again for an amazing experience!
TravisCannabis in The Girl In White
Bro, you have big cojones. I'd have crapped myself seeing that thing in the mirror and you stayed put for five minutes. 😳 😆
JoJorocks in The Girl In White

You said that the second time you saw her is that she's covering in blood. Weird that you don't feel frightened.

New game. What are the mechanics of the game. Does it required in the game that you're alone in one place? I'm also thinking that what will happen to the player if the ghost choose to kill the latter.
M00nchxld - I know that what I am saying to you is very blunt. I don't believe you. If you simply had a little girl following you around, who didn't exit from a mirror during a ridiculous game, now that would have been far more believable.

Regards, Melda
aussiedaz in The Girl In White
I should add, it only ever happened to me once, it was a pretty cool experience seeing my friends wife aura moving around me as I laid on the lounge room floor with my eyes shut. From memory, it didn't matter where she moved around me, I could see her... It was only when I opened my eyes, did she appear completely transform in physicality!
aussiedaz in The Girl In White
lady Glow, just to chime in on seeing with your eyes closed it did happen to me many years ago, I'm not going to find which story I put it in, however, I'm pretty sure it's here somewhere?

I can't explain it in accordance to how our body parts function in biological terms, however, I do theorise that "mind don't belong to body, body belongs to mind" if that makes sense?

So, if your higher self (soul) wants to see, it doesn't really need any parts of the body vessel to achieve an's a little like terminal lucidity, where people on their death beds with the most horrendous brain injuries etc, prop up and come good to a point of appearing normal just before they die often with their family in shock and their doctors totally dumbfounded.

Macknorton in The Girl In White
I'd forgotten all about that toothbrush story Lady-Glow. Thanks for digging it up. It's a very funny tale! 😆
M00nchxld_ in The Girl In White
[at] lady-glow

To answer your questions

_MY eyes were closed, however (im not sure how to explain)...but you know when you close yours eyes in the sun, and there that bright kind of light... She was a dark outline there.

Im not sure of anyone dying, (this is the part that I didn't believe, and cause me to think the game was a joke)

The game can be stopped by opening your eyes, or saying "dead girl, dead girl, I don't want to play anymore" (mostly opening your eyes)

Im not sure if this game was made up by the girl, and that I was actually just connecting to my "dead sibling" (I mentioned that the girls seem to be moving their own hands). However she has helped me through a lot of bad times, just to know someone else there.

THank you... ❤
lady-glow in The Girl In White
To be honest, I have never heard about this game neither understand how it's played.

Nevertheless, I have some questions about your story:

"A few minutes later, (my eyes were still closed) I saw the outline of a little girl standing in front of me, lightly holding my hands up. I started panicking and quickly opened my eyes."

How did you manage to see anything if your eyes were closed?

Do you know of anyone dieing while playing this game? If so, are you aware of the cause of death reported by the ME?

How is the game stopped? Are there any repercussions if interrupted by, to say something, the end of recess or if someone gets bored?

Who is supposed to be this girl? Is she supposed to go to any place in the world whenever children summon her?

I still don't get if she kills children or if she helps them to live by holding their arms/hands.

Do you know if she's still "playing the game" with other kids after she began following you?

In my opinion, this game sounds more like a playground legend than anything else.
Like Mack, I'm not picking up anything in those photos I'd deem 'paranormal' either, although I do see that shadow. Am I missing something?
Occulting_, from what you are telling us, you're using a very basic, single card draw, or what we call a 'Yes or No Reading'? (lady-glow, in order to reach a simple Yes or No answer, each card is assigned a positive or negative meaning, and is intended for quick answers to simple, specific questions. Usually it's used for simple day to day issues.)
Hi Macknorton!

The first photo what I believe is the sprit is there is a white almost translucent looking thing which looks alien honestly, it's on the left side of the photo and if you look closely it even has a shadow even though there was no one around that photo when I took them I would take them when no one was around other than myself and my family would be far behind so I would have all the time I needed to snap the photos, the second one I can see why you would think what you thought but like the first one no one was around the area I took the photo again.

It's of course perfectly okay if you and others don't believe they're legit photos or they might have been something else, I know from my self I probably would think the same unless I was the one who took the photos, because I would know completely nothing has tampered or been accidentally mistaken for a spirit.

And I guess that's the beauty of ghost hunting, most people don't believe it until they've experienced or seen something themselves so people actively go out to have that happen, I like to think it even helps balance out our scepticism in a way, because I'm sure lots of people would love to believe everything paranormal that has ever been said but naturally there will be some fakes out there.

All I can offer is my word that those photos were taken in places people weren't with no torches, but like I've mentioned they'll always be personal to me because to me they're my proof of spirits, I know they're not faked or something but obviously I was the only one there, and I think it's perfectly natural and okay to be sceptic about them.
M00nchxld_ in The Girl In White
Hello, Thank you for your comments, I didn't really have a negative insight with this entity. I was scared at first, but shes usually around when I'm upset, or going through a hard phase in life, trying to cheer me up.

I just don't understand why people would experiment with stuff they know will have a negative impact on their lives, it's like you inviting negativity into your life by doing what would seem harmless.
Rajine in Creepy Gollum
Hi RoseyWren

Firstly congratz on your pregnancy, I hope everything goes smoothly

Since your youngest has seen this gollum as you call it, I wonder if your eldest girl has seen this as well? Here we have a belief that children under the age of 13 can see and hear things we cannot, I think just for peace of mind you should do a home cleansing.

All the best and keep us posted.

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