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[at] LuciaJacinta I'm aware of this too but never had anything strange happen to me after watching such movies, as mentioned I didn't watch it before and my parents already sleeping so I doubt a spirit was conjured but I just don't know. I really can't remember the title as it was an old 70's movie on basic TV before everything went digital. I seen the movie as a form escapism that distracted me during that disturbing night.
oraclemache in An Unpleasant Haunting
Hi filmbuff,
I'm sorry your being terrorized. That's no fun.
We have on going but much milder episodes too. I think for a number of reasons.
One. I learned I am in control. This is my body, my space, my soul. I often repeat that out loud and say " you do not have permission to touch me, talk to me, invade my space in any way. I am a child of light and you can't hurt me. You are not welcome here."
If that doesn't make the episode stop I recite the lords prayer and that usually does it.
Let me clarify. In my opinion your religion or even if you have one isn't what protects you. It's your belief in its power. We shape our reality with our thoughts. We can do so much we with our minds if we just apply ourselves. I believe anyway.
Keeping that in mind I work to keep myself in check. I do not feed it my fear if I can help it.
Yes arguing and all that generates enetgy they feed off I think. So yes of that theory is correct your mom is on to something.
Many will disagree with me but I say don't acknowledge it. I believe it will intensify the activity. That's my experience anyway. Sometimes it can't be helped and that's when I do the steps I said previously.
I have discovered I can guess things accurately. I get pictures in my head that tell a story for a certain person. I don't call myself a medium. I am not skilled in that way in my opinion. However I am often right. In those instances I can tell the difference between contact to pass a message on and negative parasitic entities. In the cases it is to get me to pass a message on I will acknowledge but remain very guarded.
I would venture to guess you too guess right. Or sometimes you will say what some one is saying at the exact moment they do but don't really know why you blurted that out. Or a dream comes true?
notjustme in The First 3 Nights
What a frightening encounter! Can life get any harder? First, a hostile spirit, then raised rent!? All jokes aside, I am glad you got out of there in one piece. I applaud you for being so brave.
I often see shrines placed in front of banyan trees in Vietnam too, to offer peace with the residing spirits. My ancestors tells stories of how if lightning strikes the tree, it naturally gets rid of the spirit. I wonder what it is about these trees that gives off a life source, sort to speak, for the spirits. They say banana trees also.
Thanks for sharing your story! I found it very fascinating, although terrifying.
oraclemache in Dream Home Nightmare
Thank you for everyone being so kind and compassionate.

The man that I thought I saw had lung cancer and lived across the street. He was a very nice man. No he was not related.

These events started 6 years ago. My child died I'm sorry 4 years ago. It feels like yesterday. I struggle. But I have learned to live with it. I miss him so so much. That heart ache will never leave. I probably do need lots of counseling but I lack the resources at this time and the dynamics of my current relationship dictates I can't.
I can't say that the home was near any of those things but natural gas was just beginning to be drilled close by?
Thank you pasindu
Virulent peach. I think part of the occurrences were poltergeist. I may have caused it but more likely the adolescents. But that's a small part. I think the home may have been on a faultline and had a vortex. Maybe the adolescents natural activity drew something else. Reason I say this is I and others in the home saw more than one entity. Like they were passing thru. Ever heard of anything like that? I watched one women clear as day walk through the wall. My daughter was 2. She saw it too and came unglued. Activity ended when we left as the adolescent was the battery. I don't know. It's a theory.
Hello there! This is a nice read. I like it when members share their experiences of non scary paranormal encounters. It assures you that not all ghost are scary, some are peaceful.

I hope to read more stories from you and thanks for sharing!

Z ❤ ❤ ❤
freakedoutfreddy in Witching Hour
Man, I like that club without any adults telling what you can do.
valkricry in Fairy Lights
Haven, I've tried replying to you at least 4 times. All 4 times I was told 'you must wait at least' ya-da ya-da. 🤔 So I decided maybe I should just wait for a bit. Then of course Life happened - so sorry for the long delay. I DO appreciate that you read and commented.

Lucia, I've heard about the wee folks as far back as I can recall. Some of the elders, who told me all kinds of lore about them, were staunch believers, and some others were of the mind it was for children's entertainment.
Our minds are very complex things and will go to great lengths to 'explain'things within our realm of experiences. Of course, as children, our experiences are limited, and ANYTHING a grownup or older kid told you was gospel truth. So when I saw these lights, that I knew weren't fireflies/lightning bugs, my mind took the next logical step - they must have been fairy lights. I had no better explanation. However, with Biblio's description of what he saw, I have to wonder if they were orbs. Or maybe, just maybe what he saw was a fairy's light? Hmmmmm.
Hi. Wise decision that you moved out before anything worse happens. Good luck!:)
It's a "relief", that, at least, the hauntings mellowed down a bit. Unlike before that they were so aggressive:)
Have you spoken to your mom about this? I think elder's help is required there
Bibliothecarius in A Man I Can Not Explain

No; residual hauntings typically follow a single routine again and again without any variation. Typically, interaction with a spirit that responds is a sign of a sentient haunting. While it's atypical behavior for a residual entity, I would stress that we are dealing with the unknown. What appear to be cut-and-dried definitions or descriptions may have some leeway for expansion or sub-categories.

If you recall the "Brisk Walker" from Tweed's narrative, he didn't vary his route, but would interact with people politely in a *limited* manner. In that narrative's comments, I posited the idea that his "residual" nature (the unvaried route) may be travelled only once in the subjective action of the entity, but that witnesses may have seen that event at different times in our objective reality. This would account for his behavior pattern being consistent, yet give the entity the ability to nod politely, wave hello, etc., at different times from our point of view.

Perhaps if you imagine that the phenomenon I'm describing would work like the doppler effect as a sound source approaches, reaches, and passes the witness; the compression, manifestation, and regression would occur at varied frequencies from a static perspective, but manifest as a singular, consistent effect for the sound's source.

I know that this is pure speculation on my part, but I've always had an odd relationship with time, cause & effect, precognition, telepathy, and post-cognition. I tried to explain the idea as it seemed very clear to me as I read Tweed's narrative; it would account for the individual spirit's singular route while providing alternate stimuli to get responses in our normal temporal progression.

People tend to dismiss atemporality when dealing with observable phenomena, but on the quantum level time breaks down to the point of irrelevance. Because of this, we can think of time as not only the sequence of events we experience but also as a set of coordinates in which each event is laid out sequentially. We can discuss these events in any order we like because we can see the entirety of the drawn-out timeline, both forward and backward. Time is not, in and of itself, a reality; it is a side-effect of the interaction between space & gravity.

I'm beginning to feel like I should do two things: 1) stop explaining before I lose coherence and 2) make a large, comfortable tinfoil hat.

Cuddlebear, I do hope I've made *some* sense here, as I tried to explain my theory on what appear to be residual haunts capable of variations in activity. You must feel free to dismiss this as one of my kookier notions and to tell me that you don't buy it. After all, how will I ever be convinced I've made a mistake if no-one tells me my theory makes no sense?

Here's a thought... Since your parents were watching a horror movie could it have been a spirit conjured up by the movie itself?

I have heard of this happening after certain movies like The Exorcist for example. People have told me that after watching that movie things happened to them.

So which movie was it?
Ohh creepy. I really liked this story. I'm suspicious of her intentions though if she had her back to you like that. I think she may be not so friendly. I'm also inclined to think it's the same spirit as the red haired dining room girl. Just different stages of life.
Biblio ~ I think the fear that my nieghbours show is not entirely unwarranted. We live a rural area that is increasingly becoming sub-urban. County sheriff response time to any emergency is likely to be lengthy. That said I don't believe that the morning stroller presents an danger, but the thought that anyone can be walking around that area at that time of day is disconcerting. Like I said I now lock my house when I leave for the perambulation. Not that I think a locked door can stop a supernatural entity.

I've also been wondering if it's likely I'll see him again before fall. As we now start our walk in the twilight of pre-dawn. The stroller seems only to be seen in darkness.

A question for you: You said you think the stroller is a residual spirit. I was able to talk to and get a response from him/it on my encounter. Is that typical for residual entity?
kullumanali in The Easter Bunny
Here is one of the best travel place in Himachal Pradesh:
Hi. I'm also from the Philippines but this is the first time I've heard of this superstition. Maybe a bit more info like what is the connection of the purple stain from everything else that is happening?
midnightscareshow in The Big Shadow
Thank you! I will share the link with you once I upload it on Youtube! ❤
midnightscareshow in A Third Roommate
Wow thank you for letting me use your story! I will post the link here after I've posted it on Youtube. 😁
It's ok if you don't believe in priests. I'm a catholic but sometimes I don't listen to them especially if the topic turns out to be their personal opinion. Try reaching out to your friends, surely you have that "one good friend". Maybe consider help from the medical field. Just to be sure if this is purely not paranormal.

I have my fair share of experiences with voices in the mind so I probably know what you are feeling right now. It's hard but trust me, everything will soon be ok. Thanks for sharing this story.
Zaruje in Night Security
Hi there!

It's nice to see a fellow Pinoy in this site. May I ask where in the Philippines are you? Thanks for sharing!
Bibliothecarius in A Man I Can Not Explain
That's great, cuddlebear!:

You've got a corroborating witness for the mystery walker!

I think some of your neighbors may have gotten over-zealous in their efforts to scare off potential intruders and ne'er-do-wells; he doesn't appear to have posed a threat to anyone. Obviously, the proximity to the graveyard may provoke some level of anxiety, but I believe you've described him walking in the general vicinity, not particularly toward or from the cemetery.

This entity --as a preponderance of the details are beginning to tip my skeptic scale in that direction-- may be a harmless, residual phenomenon.

Hi, Don-H

Good thing you got out of that house before things got worse. There is also the possibility you scared that entity away but I wouldn't have waited to find out either.

Thanks for sharing.
Hi, Oraclemache

I'm sorry for your loss and everything you had to go through.

You mention that the man you saw had passed away, was he someone you knew or were related to?
LuciaJacinta in Fairy Lights
I really liked your story. I'm sure you saw something there. I don't know myself if I believe in fairies. I'd really like too though. I have a fascination with them and those girls of the Cottingley fairies.
Here's an update to my experience.

While investigating my sighting I asked several neighbours if they had seen a strange man walking about at night especially in the early morning. The neighbourhood sort of set up a neighbourhood watch. Additionally the number of motion activated lights on my walk has increased to the point where approximately one third of the houses have one, making our walks a bit more illuminated than I would like.

Last weekend one of my neighbours told me of his sighting. He works night shift at a local shipyard and gets home normally around 4:30 am. He lives north of the cemetery mentioned in one of three houses on west side of the street, there are no houses on the west side south of the cemetery. He was late one morning last week and as he arrived home he saw a figure walking south in the vicinity of the cemetery. He originally thought it was Sadie and I, but after parking the car he realized it was not. He was too early to see me, the figure was dark, and there was no Sadie Mae. I make of habit of wearing bright red shirts or coats during our walk for improved visibility, also I have white hair. Sadie is a fluffy white pooch (with caramel patches) of 35 lbs (16 KG) and we have a reflective pink leash. He took a flashlight out of his car and went to look for the figure. He could see no one on the street and the motion sensor just south of the cemetery had not been activated. As he walked to find the interloper he activated the motion sensor. He went as far as the corner to look east and found nothing. He claims this all transpired between 5:00 and 5:15 am. Sadie and I were there about 20 minutes later, while I was not aware of the events, I saw nothing out of the normal.
Cuddlebear in Dream Home Nightmare
Oraclemache ~

Greetings and I hope you can find both solace and help here.

As to your experience I have nothing to offer bu my most sincere condolences. A truly horrific ending to a nightmare scenario.

I don't know how long ago these things happened, but I hope you were able to get help in dealing with your son's death. If not I know of some wonderful people who may be able to help you out. You can contact me from my profile page.
Yes my board exams are over I am going to publish an another story but I am busy with the things related to my career and after exams I have joined a new course so I am hell busy at this moment but I assure that as soon as possible I will publish an another story
Ok hi all its been a few years since I wrote my encounter and at the time of writing it I had no clue of any story or back ground regarding the woman in the white dress... Now I have found out some facts that may or may not have something to do with my encounter but I will share it with you all... Ok so there is some property across the road from caravonica school that was owned by a man back when it was old smithfield town so late 18 hundreds. It has been found out that his wife committed suicide by hanging herself. He destroyed the home and a new home was built on the property. And it is still there today. Apparently back then that some women were buried in there wedding dress bare footed. Now the house that was rebuilt I think it is this old queenslander that has been abandoned since I been in cairns that is around 10 years... It may have nothing to do with my experience or it may be exactly what I saw... I just thought that people who have read my story and commented would like info that may or not relate to my sighting... Thank you all for reading this and no I am not going into that abandoned house apparently it is full of graffiti and very scary...
Bibliothecarius in Dream Home Nightmare
Greetings, oraclemache. Welcome to YGS. I hope you'll find us to be a primarily sympathetic bunch due to our individual experiences.

Wow: you've been through the wringer, haven't you?

I thought that I was stubborn until I read your initial encounter: "I was a die hard skeptic at this time... I told him I had and that it was merely someone's headlights outside. He argued that the windows were not near any road and the mist was not explained by this theory. I shrugged it off and accepted my explanation anyway." Using preconceptions alone to determine the nature of the evidence you witnessed was misguided at best.

I realize that I'm going to seem a little callous in my following statements, but I am assessing your writing from an objective point of view: 1. Your writing suggests you still blame yourself. 2. It was NOT your fault. 3. Virulentpeach's observation that the experiences were more to do with your family than the house does make sense, especially if the next residents had no inexplicable events. 4. Sometimes, a nervous breakdown is the healthiest damn thing your mind can do to protect your life. 5. I am sorry to read of your son's suicide; people who lose a loved one to suicide never completely get over that excruciating tragedy. 6. I'm presuming that you & your ex-husband divorced after your son's death; this would make the experience doubly painful for both of you.

A question of importance about the house's location: was it build under/near high tension power distribution lines or an electric substation? This may account for *some* of the sleep-walking, hypnogogic states, memory losses, even some hallucinatory experiences.

Keep yourself, and your daughter, safe.

oh, just finished reading it and man I felt like I just finished watching a utterly brilliant ghost story,

With all my heart I wish you good heath and good future, so sorry to hear about your son, go to church, get a priest visit your home often and pray with you and have courage, life is not over yet.
Filmbuff1234 in An Unpleasant Haunting
As for other previous tenants, I'm not sure. I would ask my landlord but he isn't around much (he lives mainly in Thailand).
Does it still happening?... It's really a scary story... 🤔
oraclemache I've never thought of it like that. It was several years ago so I'm not sure... I certainly hope not. Not to worry, no way I'll ever try anything like that again. We were just dumb kids messing with things we didn't understand.
I don't think your crazy or lying. Here is my concern, anything that is powerful enough to physically toss you is worrisoome. It can potentially cause harm. I would not repeat what you were doing or venture back over if you can avoid it. Have eyou had any issues since leaving to suggest it attached. It most likely did not attach to you if it did anyone. You being the one that prayed it would have most likely chosen another victim. I am guessing anyway. There is no rule book on this kind of thing or guarantee's. Yes, I have had things like this happen before. It is not something to fool with I found out the hard way. Wonderful job telling your story. Thank you for sharing.
Yeah I was freaking out a lot. I'm never doing anything like that again
Filmbuff1234 in An Unpleasant Haunting
Integrist some things do still happen now but nothing major. For instance, I came home from school a few weeks ago and one of my shirts was layed out across the floor. Lady-glow, the man didn't die I think. The whispering and screaming was female. I'm glad it didn't escalate anymore too. The bottle of squash - my apologies it's an English term - like juice but really strong so you have to put water in it. Hope this clears a few things up
Filmbuff1234 in School's Hell
lady-glow it could've just been that but I am unsure because my friend saw it and they were quite close. We couldn't of exactly got any proffesional help, the teachers thought we were crazy. Us 'investigating' was just us going into bathrooms saying "is anyone there". Hope this clears things up 😊
Filmbuff1234 in The Mexican Shining
lady-glow I couldn't use the toilet in my room because it was quite a way away from the pool and I have a pretty bad sense of direction. I asked my mum and it was called Dreams Riviera
It seems like you have seen many things in that house but - has this spirit ever tried to communicate with you?

Have you been able to corroborate if the previous tenant lady stabbed her husband and, if so, if he died?
Does your mother know the kind of relationship the previous tenants lead while living in that location?
When you hear the whispering, do you hear only one voice or more? Can you identify if the voice/s is/are male or female?
What about your guest, did they say if the screaming sounded like a man's or a woman's?

Did your parents do anything or asked for help after the Lego figure hit you? Did you tell them about the hands pushing you in the shower?
How was their reaction at seen that you were being hurt?
It seems like you were the main target for the activity and, in my opinion, it's odd that it would diminish instead of escalating after this incident. I'm glad it stopped terrorizing you.

Do you know any history of the house and the year in which it was built?

One more question, - what is a bottle of squash?
Obviously you are not talking about the game, is it some kind of pureed pumpkin?🎃😕
Hi Filmbuff,

Are these things still happening or is it over now?
That sounds like quite a scary childhood!
virulentpeach in Dream Home Nightmare
If you have experienced things after leaving the home, maybe it is not the home. Maybe something latched itself onto you elsewhere and manifested in the home?
NitroFuel765 in The Invisible Fiend
Sorry cinnamonchillz, my email isn't working properly at the moment. We will have to use this website to communicate.
NitroFuel765 in The Invisible Fiend
Hi cinnamonchillz,

Thank you for your praise. Even to this day, I have no idea how I was brave enough to tell it to stop. I would happy for you to share my experience. Please reply to this comment for further information.

(Sorry I didn't reply to this earlier, I was busy)
NitroFuel765 in The Invisible Fiend
Hi, Haven

I agree because even though I found it scary, I never actually felt threatened but being a kid I just got freaked out and didn't think rationally.
Thanks for your experience. Of course, like most readers, I imagine, would like to see the photo of the girl in yoyr photo. Would you be able to share that with us? And like Haven asked, what makes you think it was Rimmi's mother? You mentioned you left the threads on her wrists, so do you think her getting sick had anything to do with them? I look forward to hearing back. Thank you again for sharing.
lady-glow in School's Hell
RCRuskin - thanks for the observation... I shouldn't use my phone for commenting, I miss some details reading the text back and forth.

Still, I wonder if the OP's age was a factor on the perception he had about these events.
RCRuskin in School's Hell
Want to add: Most live people have heads. There are a few people who seem to be alive and who seem to lack heads...
RCRuskin in School's Hell
Lady-Glow, not to be too snarky (you should see the FAQ I wrote for a railfan group...) but the next sentence: However, I kid you not, he had no head.
Damn that's wild. If I got thrown across the room like that, I'd haul ass.
lady-glow in School's Hell
"we saw a person wearing bright green."

Oh my... I'm wearing green today! 😨
I hope no one mistook me for an evil spirit!

Seriously, what makes you think that the person was a ghost?

Could you please elaborate on the kind of paranormal research a 10 year old can do? Please don't think that I am suggesting a kid that age couldn't experience the paranormal, but I find it difficult to believe that you had enough knowledge and experience as to do a proper paranormal investigation. 🤔

Waiting for your feedback.
lady-glow in The Mexican Shining

Is there a reason why you couldn't use the toilet in your room?

It would be helpful to know the name of the hotel, that way you could check it's history and that of the land it was built.
Hi, Pratyusha,

How long ago did this happen? Is it still happening? Is Rimmi still feeling sick? What makes you think it was her mother?
Wish-Not in The Big One
Everyway I go on this have personally has been a challenge. Ten years layer. From a "Handful" this house was everthing a person who didn't know. Took 10 years to realise.
hi Everyhour,

My name is Tegan and I have also experienced this exact thing in the house I previously lived it. I saw the black snake shadow type mass you have described. It was also extremely black, very very black. I was packing my house and whilst I was sitting on the floor it saw it, about 1 mt long, run perfectly around the skirting board, on the wall around the corner into the corridor. My cat was sitting next to me and noticed it too. She just sat there and watched it and stared. I had /still have no idea what it was and I've told only a few people about it - because it's just too hard to explain. My partner just asked if I've ever googled it and I've found your post.
Tegan- Perth Western Australia
Veragon in Who Tickled Me?

Well...I really hope that it is a spirit of a loved one and not a bad one.

Thank You.
notjustme in Bringing Him Home
Thank you Ravishingroxy for reading. Oh the pmsing, I can relate with the pregnancy hormones. The other day I just sat there and told my husband "i want to cry, but I don't know why" ended up laughing at that. 😳 talk about up and downs lol.
Ravishingroxy in Bringing Him Home
I agree with lady glow. Your story made me cry... Was bittersweet... N m PMSing... So got overly emotional ❤ ❤ ❤ 😭 😭
Hi AugustaM Yes my brother's name is very common in the region and our family. According to folklore our town is said to be built upon a battleground but historians say that it's "Popular fancy" and there's no historic evidence. I really don't remember anything bad or life changing to our family after that incident.
Wish-Not in The Big One
Biblio- I'll work on that, however, I know that one of the "guidelines" is one can not tell of "other's" experiences unless they are family members. I believe I can mention certain parts but not a whole lot of her experiences.

In addition, this was NOT my childhood home. I only lived there a few months. Re-read a Handful and it will explain the timing and why I was there.

Appreciate Jan and your input.
Hi Haven, my friend said his brother and sister have seen the old lady ghost but they only told me it was an old lady nothing more. There's a young red headed woman who is said to haunt the dining room that his mom caught a glimpse of and eventually my friend encountered her upstairs. My brother went to the house and noticed a red headed older woman with curly hair sitting in the dining room. My brother theorised it could be the same ghost in different moments of time and that my friend's grandma had red hair so it might be her and doesn't want to be recognized.

There's apprently a disturbing man in one of the bedrooms but I don't know anything about that. The inside of the house feels heavy, hard to breathe and zaps your energy.
AugustaM in An Evil Fay?
Notjustme's meditation advice is spot on! It'll take a little practice but don't give up:)

I think either option is possible as to the identity of your entity. I think it comes down to your gut feeling and perhaps whatever comes across when you meditate. At the right level of calm concentration, you will probably be able to get a decent sense of the energy in the space. I would imagine, your father would be the most motivated to let you know if it was him.

Meantime, maybe start keeping a journal of your experiences and feelings during the days so you can perhaps spot patterns or correlations. I'd also recommend hitting thr library to research not only the structure you live in but the land itself and the immediate vicinity. Such searches are unfailingly fascinating!

Between the mental strength you will train through meditation, a journal, and research - you'll have a great deal of knowledge at your fingertips and knowledge is power - a confidence boost like that is the best protection I can possibly think of 😊
Napo, I too think you have some lost soul in your bed room just wondering here and there, you better try to talk to Amy, you might be able to help her to be free and go.

Just try "Hi Klopo & Amy" same time and see her response.

Good Luck.
valkricry in Fairy Lights
Rex, I'm sure many experiences get shrugged off, probably as many as there are 'experiences' that could be explained by mundane causes. It's a two way door, after all. Some folks are too eager to believe, and some simply won't, no matter if they can't explain it. Then again simply because one can't explain something, doesn't mean someone else couldn't.All you can do is keep an open mind, and try to stay rational.
Athena_Star in An Evil Fay?
Thanks notjustme. That'll helps a lot. ❤ ❤ ❤
I will try to do it later then i'll update you here... Thanks again...
Ghostpost in Christmas Spirit
That story is amazing. Almost as if the paranormal powers that be, knew you were coming with his Christmas card. The man had died, but made an appearance in his living room for you both to see.
That's interesting for sure. I haven't stayed in any haunted places, but I lived in Savannah, GA from 99-07, that place is reported to have many haunted locations, such as hotels and restaurants. That's in the States though, I ain't never been to the UK.
Yo that's wild, definitely a malevolent spirit. I've never heard of one that could mimic familiar voices though, that's some scary stuff.
JRGurganus1998 in The Easter Bunny
Fascinating. There is a story of a humanoid rabbit creature, but I don't know if it's real or not. Considering people are still reporting sightings, there must be some credibility.
JRGurganus1998 in My Teddy And The Doors
This is interesting, I had a similar experience with a door opening by itself recently.
JRGurganus1998 in Old Lady In The Wash Room
Intriguing. I've only had one encounter like that. It was crazy.
That's crazy, I would have been scared too, especially at only 6. You two handled that like champs though.
Thecatlady8000 in My Teddy And The Doors
😉 I would love to live in that house it would be so funny 😁 I had a teddy when I was younger one night it was on the stairs everytime I looked at it it was closer to me until I looked again and it was on my bookshelf lying on its side
JRGurganus1998 in The Friendly Old Lady
It was nice that you were able to contact her. Seems like the old lady is just as sweet in death as she was in life.
I'm with Don-H, if, your experiences as you recounted here are real, and you do not "believe in priests", perhaps you might want to look for a pastor at your local church. I believe it won't take you long until you find someone who will help you out. A word of advice, do not communicate, reason, plead, interact, etc with whatever is bothering you as that would only encourage more encounters.
msforgetmenott in The Friendly Old Lady

There is an old saying, "If you have nothing nice to say--then do not say nothing!"

Morrigan, sorry for that unkind post, unfortunate as your event left some of us saying "could that have happened to me and I didn't know it?!"

I enjoy the casual way you write, well done indeed. Hope to hear more from you.

Haven in Fairy Lights
Hi, Val -

What a wonderful thing to experience. I'm sure these lights showed themselves to you for a reason. They wanted to make you feel special and showed themselves to you exactly when you needed it the most.

Thank you for sharing.
Hi, Morrighan

I believe you 100% because something similar happened to me. I didn't talk to the person but I saw him in front of me, clear as day. I did not know he had passed when I saw him, it was only after I told my mom of my encounter that she told me had been killed days before I saw him.

I've heard other stories like this as well. I have always wondered if they themselves know they have passed. It seems like these encounters and/or interactions occur soon after their deaths. They carry on and have normal conversations, no message is relayed, just random talk about nothing in particular. A lot of times it's not even a relative that they appear to, I find that odd. After a few days of their passing, you never hear of any sightings of them again. I wonder if it's because they finally realize they are dead or that "residual energy" they need to show themselves is gone.

Thanks for sharing your interesting encounter with Agnes.
Bibliothecarius in The Big One
Wish-not, I agree with Jan. Try calling it "The Big One, Part 2: A Decade Later."
That way, you'll be able to include the overlapping phenomena with her account of growing up there *and* her experiences with your childhood home into one neat, tidy, detailed package.
Popinjay ~ a very interesting tale.

I've spent several nights in reputedly haunted B&B's here in the states and have nothing to share concerning them.

Have you visited the Inn? Is it still open for business?
Cuddlebear in The Friendly Old Lady
What a wonderful tale! Thanks for sharing Morrighan.

I do have a couple of questions if you don't mind. What time of day did this encounter occur? Was it day or night?

Also - to your knowledge has anyone else interacted with Agnes?

Again thanks for sharing.
Hi, Sherm 784

So, this kid was looking straight at you, he knew you could see him. I think he was showing himself to you. Do you have the ability to see and sense spirits? I see you have posted 17 stories here, I'm not sure if I've read any of them, I'll get to reading them later.
Hi, NitroFuel765 -

I get the feeling this was the spirit of a child. A child that probably just wanted to play with another child. Also, a child with manners because it stopped as soon as you told it to.

Thanks for sharing.
Hi, Mikachu -

Were you guys given any explanation as to why the purple stains on body parts and clothing?

Steph, being an excellent psychic medium, I'm sure had the knowledge and ability to send this poor child to the light. Did she do that? I hope she did, I believe this is exactly why you are granted this "gift".
Hi, GhOst Knight -

Did your friend ever tell you if this woman was a relative or if he knew anything about her identity? Other than the pink/purple top did you notice anything else about her clothing? Modern or old fashion?
msforgetmenott in The Big One

What are the odds, that that could happen. I do hope you will print this out as an event. We all can get caught up in the detail. You can't just tell only us!

Am I right Biblio?

I have to wonder if there is a cluster of activity in that spot or even a spread out area. Interesting.

cinnamonchillz in Kid In The Hall
Hi sherm784. I really enjoyed reading your story. From looking at our posts, it looks like you've had a lot of experiences. Thank you for sharing! I am actually starting a real-life ghost stories podcast, and I was wondering if you would mind if I shared one of your experiences one of my first podcasts? Please email me at ghostlychillspodcast [at] if you're interested, and I can talk more with you about it!
cinnamonchillz in The Invisible Fiend
Hi NitroFuel765. I really liked your story. The fact that you go the courage to say, "stop" and it worked can be really valuable for others experiencing something similar. Thank you for sharing! I am actually starting a real-life ghost stories podcast, and I was wondering if you would mind if I shared your experience on one of my first podcasts? Please email me at ghostlychillspodcast [at] if you're interested, and I can talk more with you about it!
Wish-Not in The Big One
Biblio, msforgetmenott- Sorry for the delay.

We recently had a coworker retire. We hired a young lady that was working for an "abstract office" a couple doors down from us.

As we were getting to know her better, we started telling her about the activity we have experienced here in our office. She was quite hesitant to talk much about it. She eventually opened up and told us of her house that she grew up in that was haunted.

She told of full apparitions that targeted mainly her. She ran the full gamete of a haunting.

We finally asked "where" this took place at... MELBOURNE ARKANSAS.

When I heard that I was at full attention. This story came from Melbourne. So with a little effort we found out...


Moreover, she knew the house I lived in was haunted. She knew the family that lived there before I did. She was actually in many times. Explained the lay out in detail.

She said that the lady that lived there would not sleep in the bedroom that I used.

So to have VALIDATION 10 years later to this event is just PRICELESS.

What are the odds? Coincidence? Fate? That I would be working with someone 10 years later that could verify my experience?
You don't necessarily need a priest if there is trouble. I don't know exactly where your beliefs lie but unless you are an athiest, there is always a higher power (or powers) to ask for help (and perhaps athiests have ways of dealing with these things too...I'm just not familiar) - and the various permutations of Christianity are not the be all to end all - there are many paths to divinity and also more humanist philosophies to choose from. Maybe now would be a good time to put some thought into figuring out what you do and don't believe in - hit the library for more information. Along the way, you will likely find the guidance you need to help with the situation at hand.
Has anyone else in your family before your brother had that name? Is it a name that is at all common in your region? Could be that you two experienced some sort of spiritual echo if someone by that name had previously resided/existed there (whether in *that* house or a structure that stood there before or even a battle field or some such). Had that person met an untimely end, you may have heard the echos of the grief of someone who had been left behind until their time came.

Could be too that something fairly benign wanted your attention perhaps to warn you of something. Thinking back on that time in your life did anything particularly momentous happen to you or your brother in the weeks thereafter?
Very creepy! I enjoyed reading your experience! I think that you should keep an eye out on things. Keep us posted if you can:)
There's a video on youtube now called "Demon House" (with Zak Bagans). The supposed effects it had on anyone who went there reminds me of the issues with your house.

Should consider dousing it with Holy Water and exorcised salt. See what happens then.

A blessed Easter!
If I've got the location correct, there's a bit of a history just here:


It might be the little girl who was drowned with her mother. Her body was taken to the Henley Arms and examined by the coroner.
Nectarvore in The Friendly Old Lady
Hey Morrighan

I wonder if you could leave an offering for her, in the place or close by to her, of a gout remedy

I just looked up natural gout relievers, and tumeric is cheap, easy to find and common.
Celery seed is another.

Spirits sometimes manifest to the living before they cross over, and a small act of care or nurturance helps them cross cleanly

This practice is commonplace in much of the Eastern world and a lot of ancient cultures, would make offerings to the beloved dead, of things that brought them comfort in life

I suggest leaving her an offering of something to relieve her gout and maybe an egg, to eat, as she spoke of eggs.

A Vietnamese woman spoke to me years ago of their Spirit Food belief... Her brother, fallen in the war, came to her in her dreams and told her he was cold and hungry

She buried for him warm clothes, and cooked food, in the earth, outdoors, for him (this is significant - the food must be cooked in the earth...) and left the food as an offering above the buried clothing.

He came to her once more in her dreams, smiling, and thanked her.

Not my story - but - a reliable, credible source.

Great story and I believe you.

Bright Blessings
oraclemache in The 'don't Wash' Ghost
Good story.
The metallic sound. Yes that's unnerving isn't it?
A couple thoughts on your experience comes to mind.
You said you were in your parents home? Did they live in a house, condo, duplex, apartment etc?
The reason I ask is maybe you heard a neighbor through the vents or something?
I doubt it though so I will say this much. I have had my heart stop and had an out of body experience. One thing I recall is how everything had a hallow metallic echo type sound to it. Much like your description of the voice. From that experience I have to say I do not share the opinion that after we die, we concern ourselves with the care of our cloths and follow it around.
In that place between here and there this isn't of any concern. All is known. No questions remain.
So what are ghosts then? Some are only recordings of the past. Not intelligent thinking beings, but their image of voice played over and over.
In this case I am leaning toward intelligent tho since what she said applied to the events currently going on.
Which I do think on occasion part of the essence of a certain part of their personality can imprint from strong emotion. It is confused and sometimes a twisted version of who they were. That's my theory based off of my own experience.
Rex-T in Fairy Lights
Val, Biblio and others that have been blessed with seeing this phenomenon, let me start by admitting that I have never personally experienced seeing orbs, fairy lights or, for that matter, even fireflies or lightning bugs.

I have seen green orbs and swirls of glowing green luminescence dancing in waves, before they break on the shore at night. The scientists will tell you that this is caused by the agitation of algae that contain phosphorous. I've seen images supplied by trusted sources where I could clearly see an orb with a faint "wake" trailing it, as it moved down some steps. The photographic experts would tell me that there was probably an issue with the exposure.

I wonder sometimes whether I have seen them but have somehow argued the experience off with some kind of scientific explanation and then forgotten. Hopefully, someone will record an episode on YGS that will unlock a long-hidden memory.

Thanks Val
oraclemache in The Easter Bunny
There are reports of a being with a mans body and rabbit head often seen wearing a tuxedo.
My oldest child saw it and so did his friend. So your not alone.
I believe that our thoughts shape our reality. If enuf raw emotion is put into an idea it can take on a life of it's own. In this case literally. A childs thoughts in theory could be more powerful because of their openness maybe.
It's a theory that I am tossing around.
No freaking way! You should put a video recorder or more. That house is any paranormal investigator dream!
So today we went back to the house to get a few more items out and one of my relatives goes "I swear there is a ghost upstairs, because every time we go up there it feels like items have been moved."
valkricry in Fairy Lights
Hi Caz, and Filmbuff,
Thank you both for reading and commenting. I have to admit, seeing those wee lights always made me feel a bit special - since no one else saw them (or at least admitted to), like a wonderful secret.

Jubeele, as I mentioned the thought that what I was seeing might be orbs, never entered my 6 year old mind. Took me nearly 6 decades to make that connection! Lol Not that I would have understood what orbs were back then. Just like I never connected the spirits I saw with dead people, until I was much older, (to a 6 year old, 12 is ancient) and that wasn't until my maternal grandmother showed up in my bedroom. I knew she had died, yet there she was. That was when I knew I had been seeing spirits.
Lightening bugs/fireflies, those were something I was quite familiar with, and those electric dandelion seeds, were definitely not them.

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