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Hello adove, thanks for the response. I asked the time because I was thinking wildly if it could be residual haunting. But I don't think so now.

That was quite an experience you had and a strange one. And I forgot to mention one aspect in my last comment. You said that your sister told that if they say to this shadow to go away and not to disturb them, it did vanish. It wasn't harmful anyway.

Regards and respects to you.

Hello EnglishEmpath, thank you for the reply. I don't think you need to worry about contacting the spirit. Because if they are malicious, they would have shown it by now. But if you don't want to contact, you needn't.

And it is not that difficult or scary to speak to them either.

Regards and respects to you.

Hello creeps_peeps, thanks for your reply. I asked if you have discussed with your mom and stepdad because it happened in their place in Alaskan island right? You have said in your narrative itself that your stepmom wasn't believing you having paranormal experience.

Regards and respects to you.

Lealeigh in Haunted Closet
I'm confused with your last comment...

Is the camera lost or are the batteries dead? Is the camera lost WITH dead batteries? What's up?
creeps_peeps in Haunted Closet
sds: Well... I lost the camera. I've gone through a sporadic period of time where I was obsessed with cameras. I think the photos themselves are lost. It was when I was thirteen, so long ago, and things from long ago - in my world - often get lost. Also, the batteries are dead and we don't have a proper charger.

No, I never told anyone about the sightings. I'd stopped because it just seemed null and void to tell my family. During the time I would tell them, they would usually not believe me, especially my stepmom and my dad. But I went searching for spirits with my siblings' and their friends (there is more details in "Navy Blue Paint").

The house was fairly old. It had cobwebs everywhere and had a serious horsefly problem. It was moderately cared for until my stepdad and my mom moved out about four years ago.
Oh Mimi, I am so so sorry. Losing a beloved pet tears your heart out. Sending you hugs and healing thoughts. ❤
EnglishEmpath in Time To Finally Tell All
Thank you melda! And SDS I believe the little girl loves being around the children in our family and maybe she followed us because of that? The medium my mum saw said she believed the old man was her grandad and from the quick glimps I had (I have submitted another story which mentions this) he was a very tall man and my great grandad was a very tall man so I'm literally just guessing but would be nice if there was a family connection. Honestly I am content with how things are at the moment and I worry if I try and contact them then I may invite something else here which could disturb them because I am not experienced in contacting spirits. The last thing I want to do is upset them, they have been around for so long. Thank you for reading my first story!
Tweed what you said is very interesting and I have started to read up on more sighting of this type. My sister and I never talked about hauntings of any kind. I have had many experiences in my lifetime of the paranormal that my siblings never knew of. Only in the last five years did I start to tell them bout them. Most were dismissed, others I were told that they were something else or my imagination and easily explained away.
sds I only saw it at night between 11pm and 2am more or less. Many times I was at her place during the day and neither saw nor heard anything. I asked my sister if she saw it any other times beside when I saw it but she refused to talk about it. As for who staying there now I don't know.
Alina5 As far as I know there were no deaths or suicides in the apartment. I did ask my sister at the time if the landlord told her that there was anything strange about the place such as noises or smells but she said no. Once my sister moved the place was not rented. The reason is unknown.
Thank you for sharing your story. My girl, Dolly, died on Sunday just four days ago and I am sick with grief. It's stories like this that grant me a bit of reprieve. Mimi~ 😭
Maria There was never anything out of place when I heard the noises and went to look.
Geese? Sorry, I just saw my comment in the preview thingum and geese have nothing to do with anything, I was trying to say 'geeze' but got autocorrected. How disruptive.
Hi Ghosts4ever,

If this was a ghost I think it has a good sense of humour. Seriously if I could pull that prank I would, bet it scores big bragging rights in the hereafter. Phones randomly stuff up so bonus points for a built in haunting cover. Pretty much the ultimate haunting cover up for the modernist ghost. Reminds me of this book with the justifiable long title Good Omens - The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter Witch.

Well, I just read this comment back and it sounds like I'm taking the mick. But I'm not, that's what I thought while reading your narrative. Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed this immensely!
Hi [at] Empress-Solomon

Interesting exerience.

Did your 3 stack rings feel different after your 2 year old game them back to you like the felt off or weird?

Setting up a camera seems like a good idea so I say go for it!

John Fly
Hi Adove, geese this was an event and a half!

Really glad you shared this as shadow apparitions are an interest. Because of that I'm focused intently on the cigarette burning red/normal compared to the rest of his form. As for him having great strength to manifest all that he did, I agree with this, but would like to add my opinion: when the ghost of a human chooses to materialise it may take less energy to show up as dark/shadow only verses full coloured/detailed apparition. This is my opinion only based on what I believe is a pattern of similarities with other experiences shared on here. It also may explain his ability to manifest smell as well as appearance.
As scary as he was I think he was actually answering your unasked question of 'what's the smell?' Also get the impression he was probably doing the dishes, or used to around that time.

Did you and your sister talk about ghosts before this happened? Sometimes it can be hard to bring up the paranormal as a talking point, that may have been part of her reluctance to tell you about their haunting.

Thanks for sharing, hope you're now glad to have had this pretty scary but also very interesting experience.
Hello [at] Jonte35

In the midst of these attacks, do you feel that the energy around you gives you a bad sensation and/or make you feel scared? Does it feel heavy on you also?

Also, are these experiences still ongoing?

Thank you,

John Fly
Hello Mimi_mi, I agree with others. Better do talk to your parents. And it is good that you are not scared. That is a good part. Secondly, it could be sleep paralysis or a vivid dream where you would be able to move. So it is better to rule out the sleep/dream disorder before turning towards paranormal.

Please discuss with your parents, try to have a session with a sleep therapist.

Also try to change the place and position of your bed, if you haven't tried already.

After having tried seeing sleep therapist and other suggestions given by me and others, if it still persists, better try cleansing.

Regards and respects to you.

Hello EllyDreams, welcome to YGS.

It is better to do cleansing. From what you have narrated, I feel it is a negative entity and both you sisters feel the same way.

Why don't you please try to visit the profile page of Rookdygin, one of the experienced posters in this site and try to do the cleansing as he has mentioned. I have suggested it to many of my friends to ward-off negative entities and energies and it helped. But you have to do it for sometime periodically to get results.

Please do try and inform the developments. And another advise. Please be bold and ask your sister to courageous too. Because negative entities will embolden themselves if you get scared and they will draw up and drain you off all your energies.

Regards and respects to you.

Hi EnglishEmpath, welcome to YGS and would like to read your other experiences also.

As far as this little girl's presence, perhaps in her life in this planet, she might have been fond of kids.

You said that you have two spirits that live with you and even after you have changed your house, they still follow you.

You said that don't know anything about them but how did you know that the man could be your great granddad.

Well, they could be protective but from your narrative, I get the opinion that they aren't harmful but could be two spirits though attached to you, weren't able to go to light. If they are struck here, well try to have a contact with them. Perhaps you could try to guide towards light. Just my thinking.

Regards and respects to you.

Hello adove, as silverthane said, it should have such an energy to show itself as well as to make you smell.

Having said that, I would like to know if there was any specific time when you sighted the shadow? Was there any interval of time between two sightings? And was the sighting visible on particulars days with regular intervals? Even though it is quite difficult to brand it as residual haunting, I just have a curiosity to ask these questions.

And by the way, do you happen to know who stays there now?

Awaiting your response.

Regards and respects to you.

EmglishEmpath - I love your attitude and am looking forward to reading more of your experiences!

Regards, Melda
Hi Ghosts4ever, better rule out the possibility that T might have played a prank on C and L. Also, sometimes the smartphones aren't really smart and might have had a bug as silverthane said.

But difficult to brand it as a paranormal experience.

Regards and respects to you.

Hello Empress-Solomon, welcome to YGS. Difficult to comment and much more difficult to brand it as paranormal or otherwise. But it could do good if you record but as lady-glow said, it could also frighten you. But if you are courageous enough, nothing wrong in trying.

Regards and respects to you.

Hello creeps_peeps, kindly upload the photos of Orbs if you have them. We shall have a look.

About the closet. Did you discuss the sightings with your siblings or mother or stepdad? Whether the closet is a new one or old? If you had discussed the sighting with your mother or stepdad or siblings, what were their reactions?

Do kindly respond.

Regards and respects to you.

Badgers_Absinthe in Red Eyes!
I have also had an encounter when I was very young. But these were we huge, with a constant red glow. Almost almond shape and about 6 inches in diameter for each, for lack of a better word, eye. There was no fear. I saw it at the bottom of my window, on the first floor, in the right hand corner.
I looked away for my father and they were gone.
creeps_peeps in Haunted Closet
Alina5: Well, I've never thought of it that way. A portal? Interesting descripition! Yes, most of my hauntings are in my closets, but the one I have now is on the same wall the headboard of my bed is touching, so I can't see inside it.
The orbs were only in my room.

Silverthane61: I understand your're not impressed; I remain skpetical too. Thanks for sharing your opinion!
silverthane61 in Haunted Closet
I liked hearing about your experiences involving full-bodied apparitions. However with orbs, I find my self often on the fence - there are just too many ways to recreate that phenomenon. Don't get me wrong! There are genuine bits of good evidence concerning orbs. I just find myself not too impressed with most of the sightings involving these occurrences.
silverthane61 in Tight Rings Removed
Ditto, ditto, and ditto. I agree with everyone else. Do you sleepwalk? Also, it is hard for me to visualize someone taking off stacked rings that are hard to come off without you waking up. Is it possible that you took them off prior to going to sleep?
silverthane61 in Ghostbusters-loving Ghost
There exists many causes that could have produced this occurrence - and not all of them are paranormal. For instance, your phone could have picked up a bug that causes this to happen. I had to get a new phone because this happened to mine in the exact same way that it happened to yours. Check out your phone in the next few days. If it gets unnaturally warm, calls numbers for no reason, drops calls, runs out of energy really fast, plays unwanted music or videos - this could all be pointing to a cell phone virus. If not, then I would not know how to cleanse a cell phone and you would have to research that on your own.
EnglishEmpath in Time To Finally Tell All
Also, I wanted to see if my first story would be published before I took more time to write out all of the others but now that it has I shall get cracking, I'm so excited to share my experiences with people
EnglishEmpath in Time To Finally Tell All
Hi melda and Alina, thank you for your comments. I'm not sure who the man is but he has a bit of a sense of humour, likes to play tricks sometimes, nothing nasty though. I will add as many stories as I can and once they are published on here you will be able to read them if you would like to. I came to the conclusion as I grew older that my ability isn't going anywhere so I should just make do with what I've been given, everything happens for a reason and all of that. My mum has seen a medium who confirmed that a little girl and a man were with us (the medium didn't meet my mum at my house or know us and randomly told my mum about them) but this was after years of us already knowing they were around. The man apparently looks after the girl and is believed he may actually be my great grandad. The ghosts have followed me through house moves so they aren't attached to the previous house. Honestly, I like having them around, they have helped me several times (will post all). It's easy for people to get freaked out about things like this but with all the experiences we have had I actually feel really lucky
Hello Ghosts4ever,

What an entertaining story! I can imagine you guys freaking out. I barely remember watching that movie in the 80's - I remember that song having a lot of saxophone...

Do you think that "T" might have been playing a trick on you guys? You did say that she left "suddenly" to go to the bathroom. All of the teenagers I know hold on to their phones like they are a life support system - and for many people, that is what they are. It seems like "T" threw the phone down on the bed and got the heck out of there.

Well, whatever it was, I enjoyed reading your story. Thank you for sharing it.

- Maria
Bibliothecarius in Ghostbusters-loving Ghost
Greetings, Ghosts4ever.

You clearly stated that, "her mom didn't have the Ghostbusters theme song on her phone" in your story. This does leave the obvious question about the phone: Was "Ghostbusters" set as a ring tone on the phone? Of all the uses for a modern phone, I find that teenagers seldom use the device *as* an actual telephone.

Just trying to rule out the obvious alternative explanations,
Alina5 in Haunted Closet
Hello creeps_peeps,

From your description of different entities coming out of the closet makes me wonder

Is your closet serving as a portal?

As far as I recall, in your previous post majority of the paranormal activities took place in your room and here is the same place but different houses. Coincidence? Maybe.

Were all these orbs and lights witnessed all around the house? Did any place had a preferably large number of them?

I am guessing you probably don't have the photos and the recordings by now, but if you do please share them.

They can be useful sources of insight on this matter.

Looking forward to hear more of your experiences.

Hello Empress Soloman,

I believe there is nothing much to comment on this matter. I would like to submit any of my further thoughts after watching your little camera experiment.

Hopefully, you will share the recorded clip on this page for the readers to provide you a proper judgement on this topic.

WisconsinLady in Pressing Down
Hi Mimi_mi,
I agree that you should talk to your parents. Talking with a sleep specialist would be a good idea, just in case it's not paranormal.
I've felt pressure on my chest and legs in bed when I haven't been sleeping enough.

Something that might help:
When I'm feeling negative/unsettled while laying in bed, I close my eyes and picture a big ball of white, bright, positive, loving light/energy by my stomach. And then I imagine that ball expanding all around me. I'm not sure why, but it feels like a protective shield of positive energy. I always feel better after I do that. Perhaps try that next time you start to feel pressure and see if it helps (after you talk to your parents first, of course 😉). ❤
WisconsinLady in The Woman On My Bed
Hi EllyDreams,
I'm sorry you are going through such a scary ordeal.
I agree with the other comments that this is no good and something needs to be done to help you and your sister find peace in your home again.

Do you think this entity is trying to break the loving bond you share with your sister? Don't let it! Perhaps you 2 need each other more than you realize, and this entity knows that and is trying to ruin your relationship. Other YGS members, does that make sense?
I hope you find peace and security in your house very soon. Please keep us updated! ❤
Hello adove,

Well, it is a terrifying to observe such a sight when you've expected it the least.

Did you ever find out anything regarding that shadow (like any deaths or suicides in the apartment)

What about the other tenants? Have they experienced the same thing?

The entity was nonetheless, a good attention-seeker. Yea, maybe he was bored having to stay there alone.

Hello EnglishEmpath,

I admire the fact how you dealt with your ability with adhered reasoning and understanding along with cherishing the spirits who seemed to have found comfort in your home, unlike many people who tend to panick upon hearing of paranormal and jump to the most illogical conclusion and plan to drive them away without having the proper knowledge of the happenings.

The sweetness of the child entity is indeed heart warming. It makes me wonder of the interaction of the man spirit. I can't help but think probably they had certain emotional ties to your house, strong enough to not wither even after they perished.

VeronicaMarie in Pressing Down
Hi, Mimi_mi,

You might be familiar with something called sleep paralysis, where you wake up, but part of your brain is still dreaming. What is experienced in that state is so vivid and scary that it's actually nicknamed the 'sleep demon.' And chest pressure can happen too. Of course I don't know, but just putting that possibility out there. Like the others have said, I would talk to your parents about this, because no matter what is causing it, you shouldn't have to be suffering like this.
Hello Elly Dreams,

I agree with Silverthane61, the entity had already proven itself as unwelcoming by trying to cause you harm.

But I couldn't help but wonder why this entity is only attacking you and your sister?

I believe maybe this entity is wary of your presence and doesn't want you to stay at that place.

"Our house was newly- built but the surroundings were uncomfortable and eerie"

Can I ask you what exactly made you feel uncomfortable? Was it the vibes or something else?

Have you tried to research about the background of your house or the neighborhood?

"My guts tells me she knows us better than ourselves"

Was the woman recognisable in any way?

What kind of dreams you have of her? Does she try to convey anything in your dreams?

Since, this entity is messing with your health you should better perform a cleansing ritual as a safety shield.

EnglishEmpath - The little girl must have been a lovable child during her life. I wonder what caused her death. "Goodnight baby" - how sweet, although it must have been quite a shock for you at the time.

It's interesting that your children have also seen the little girl. Now one question, and this I just have to know: What is the situation with the man? You say your son has also seen the ghosts (plural), therefore I assume he has seen the man as well. Please fill us in on that.

Regards, Melda
Hello adove,

This was really scary. Your story also triggers an emotional response from me that I can't really explain. I feel sad for the shadow.

Was there ever anything out of place in the kitchen, after you heard the noises?

- Maria
lady-glow in Tight Rings Removed
VeronicaMarie has a point, first you should rule out that it wasn't you who removed the rings.

I guess setting up a camera is a good idea and would give you either peace of mind or a terrible fright... Depending on what it records.

Good luck and keep us posted.
VeronicaMarie in Tight Rings Removed
Hi, Empress-Solomon,

Very strange incident. I think the first thing I'd do is try to rule out the possibility that you removed them in your sleep. Saying this because I have a recurring dream where I'm wearing a tight turtleneck sweater and can't get it off, and it feels like it's suffocating me. And when I wake up, sometimes I'm sort of pulling at my clothes. With the rings being so tight, do they ever feel uncomfortable?

For the year I was there before I moved, the place wasn't rented. I'm not sure of the reason why, except for the spirit.
silverthane61 in The Shadow Upstairs
Imagine the amount of energy that has to be used by a spirit to engage observers with sight, smell, and hearing! Did you tell the new tenants of the ghostly next door visitor?
Good Day,
I am going to suggest you had an "out of body experience". This would explain the sense of falling as you awoke. As for what happened while you were "out", I have no idea. HTH
EnglishEmpath in Time To Finally Tell All
Well I have plenty more stories to share, my son has seen the ghosts but only when he was little, he is 11 now. One of my other children has also seen the little girl, only a few months ago. I look forward to sharing all my stories
silverthane61 in Time To Finally Tell All
I wonder if your empathic ability will be possessed by your baby when he gets older. Your niece seems to have seen the haunt that you have heard. Fascinating story!
silverthane61 in The Woman On My Bed
This is certainly a negative haunt. If I were in your place, I would seek the help of a cleanser of harmful spirits. Many religions have prayers and rites for this sort of thing. There is even a pretty good rite of cleansing that is published in this forum by one of the members. You should not have to handle this alone!
silverthane61 in Pressing Down
Because you are a teenager, I have to agree that this is something that should be brought to the attention of your parents first. If they dismiss you, then maybe I, and other members, would feel more comfortable giving you our opinions. Ditto with Ladyglow - your English is pretty good. I know it is harder to write than to speak.
LFrog1386 in The House Of Spirit
I know I am overlaying Western culture over Eastern/Islamic beliefs, but I think perhaps the entity could not enter its home unless and until it was invited in. Hence the reason it kept knocking on the door, asking to be let in. Perhaps the wedding preparations cleansed the house earlier so that the spirit was not welcome and your grandfather's further prayers and ritual kept it from being able to do harm.

I do think it's a bit unfair to blame Babu's mother for it, as she DID rent it from a distant relative. Not many people I know ask if a wedding venue is haunted before renting it. Although I DID ask my realtor if my house was haunted before I bought it!

I, too, would be interested in any follow up to this location, i.e. Current hauntings at the old home (if it's still there) or the new buildings if they were built over the old house. Thank you for sharing such a scary story!
Hi Cole.
I'm a history nut. Can you divulge the name of your town or county? It sounds familiar!

Your description of sometimes hesitating to open a door because of what you might find on the other side really brought back a memory for me. I realize I used to do that as a kid, but have never had a second thought about it in all my years as a grownup! To this day, however, I sometimes announce myself when I go down into my basement storage room and wait for the florescent light to pop all the way on before looking into the depths of the darkness.:) At the least, I say hello and I ALWAYS say excuse me if I burp or something, even when I'm alone. I know how weird that sounds, but if there's someone there, I don't want them to think I'm rude and not like me. I know. Now, THAT's crazy!
lady-glow in Pressing Down
Hello Mimi_mi.

Your English is very good. In my opinion, you could start by talking to your parents about these events, perhaps you need to get checked by a sleep specialist before assuming your problems to be paranormal.

It's hard to know what is going on without further information. Would you be willing to answer any questions that the members of the forum may ask?
Hannah, what you have heard/read is very true and holds so in most aspects of life. If you do not trust and believe in your own abilities you won't get very far.
Good day [at] amzrox123

What an interesting experience.

Is this still ongoing?

This sounds like it could be many things such as having involvement with demonic activity, and/or lost soul (s), possibly even dark soul (s).

I have a multitude of questions I would like to ask regarding your situation to understand this further: When you had these experiences, did the energy around you feel condensed and/or did you have a bad feeling about it?

Did you ever feel like energy got heavier on you at those times? If so, did the energy feel bad?

Did your brother experience the energy being off also if that was the case?

Also, how deep were the scratches you received and what colour were they?

I anticipate your reply and hope to find out more if this is still ongoing.

Thank you,

John Fly
flyguy in I See Ghosts
Hi [at] DarkAngel91

I am aware that this is an old story, but one that may still be ongoing.

This sounds like you could be dealing with a multitude of things such as: lost souls, dark souls, or even something demonic.

When these things happen, these encounters, does the energy around you feel condensed and like it isn't good?

Does energy ever feel heavy on your being also during these experiences?

And finally, are these experiences still ongoing?

I anticipate your reply,

Thank you,

John Fly
Hello DragonLadyYT, welcome to YGS. As everyone advised please do not try to summon the spirit back as you said it was malicious. Then banishing it again would be extremely difficult. Val has advised you properly and try to find some other method to find out the bracelet. And please do tell us, if it is not too personal, what magic powers does the bracelet have?

If the bracelet is truly connected to you, as Val said, try calling it and it will show itself up.

Please do inform the developments, if any.

Regards and respects to you.

Tweed in The Doorbell
Hi Earth2Bella,

I agree with everyone who's posted before me. But I wanted to say that we have this happen at ours, very sporadically, and we both hear it. It's our doorbell making another kind of ding dong, not one that it's supposed to do. When we check it out there's never anyone there or anything amiss with our doorbell. It's just odd. I never submitted this to YGS, however, because it's probably just the doorbell being sketchy.

But this experience of yours feels paranormal. I wondered if what you heard was your home's former doorbell. Like the doorbell of whom ever may have lived there at some point. My thoughts echo Melda's too, a ghost dropped by, drawn in by the vibes it sensed from you.

Thanks for sharing, this is an intriguing experience.
Hi Mrs Ramsay,

Sorry to be a grinch, but in the spirit of paranormal phenomena, I confess I don't believe this was paranormal. The restoration guy may not have converted it from pianola to piano, rather simply boarding it up with a mirror. Having a sofa placed on it in a basement isn't going to do the wood any favours, naturally expanding etc with temperature and humidity fluctuations, with a heavy load on top could be enough to warp it, and switch it to play mode. I've heard of warped wood creating pianola malfunctions, where they play a few bars and then stop. Heck the same thing happens with music boxes, children's jewellery boxes and such.

I used to have a turn of the century upright in my bedroom as a teenager and the blessed thing would loudly ring every single string/note like it had been dropped from ten feet. Stacks of fun hearing that in the middle of the night. That was thanks to wood movement and weather extremes in a house with no aircon. I'm super glad it wasn't a pianola now lol!

I believe musical instruments (amongst other things) have some kind of soul/intelligence. So I find the crux of your narrative within the boys at your door. The piano truly found itself a forever home and you and your family were an important part in its journey, and it in yours.

Thanks for sharing.
flyguy in Forever Cursed
Hi [at] lightgoddess

This sounds very concerning.

In those experiences, did you feel like the energy around you was bad and felt heavy on you and get a bad sensation?

I know this was posted many years ago but have you had any recent experiences like this?

I hope to hear back from you if this if this is the case.

Thank you

John Fly
Wow I was pleased until the last three seconds about throwing it away, then I was like 'err, did I just read right?'
Glad it was returned to you but I can't shake the feeling there's way more to this than we'll ever know. I wouldn't be so suspicious, weird stuff happens sometimes, makes things interesting.

Welcome toYGS!
Hi [at] Fate_did_it_all.

This is a very interesting experience. It does sound like something demonic may be going on.

When these experiences happen, do and/or your husband ever get a bad sensation, feel as though the energy around you condenses/becomes heavier? Do feel scared also?

Do you also feel as though the energy around you is bad or heavy when you wake up from those dreams?

I anticipate your reply.

Thank you,

John Fly
Hi [at] Gladden124,

I see this was posted a while but are you still dealing with these experiences?

I have a few questions I'd like to ask:

With the scratches, what colour and how deep are they?

During these experiences, did feel as though the energy around you became heavier?

Did you feel any energy being pushed onto your own being at times which also felt heavy or condensed?

Has anyone around you experienced scratches or other sensations too when these events are happening?

Thank you,

John Fly
[at] sds,
My friend had the exact same dream. That's why she was so shocked when I told her my nightmare.
Hello sds,
Thanks for reading my experience. My friend had that nightmare when she was sleeping in her own room. She always had weird experiences in her own room especially at night like the one's I have mentioned in my submission. I have not spoken to her or her family in many years. So I do not know if they are having any paranormal activity going on in their house. I have written and submitted my second standalone experience to YGS, I hope they approve and publish it soon. Till then regards...Orora.
DragonLadyYT in Ghost Stole My Bracelet
[at] Bibliothecarius I have never seen a nature spirit, I might someday however. I don't know if I have a spirit guardian or not, but I do have a spirit animal (the fox). I don't know if that's the same thing or not however. I can see your point of view, and won't call the ghost back, instead I will do more research on entities that could be of help to my quest.
DragonLadyYT in Ghost Stole My Bracelet
[at] valkricry I am getting into scrying, although it isn't something I have quite grasped. I'm getting into herbs and crystals which I find I am much better at then scrying, although I have recently ordered a book on it. I do not find you insulting and I am not lashing back, I would just like to tell you that everything I have read/been told (which is quite a bit) says that a witch must trust in her/his own abilities otherwise nothing will manifest and I am proof of that because the first spell I attempted (a healing spell for a family member) failed. In the event that I might not be able to find it, I will consider a replacement.
DragonLadyYT in Ghost Stole My Bracelet
[at] Melda we banished the ghost using smudging and 'Christian' methods, of course me smudging my brother carrying his bible. We don't ever have visitors and certainly did not at the time of its disappearance. The bracelet is turquoise which is protection/peace at home, and set in silver which is also protection. Basically a double-whammy to anyone who has an evil/unwanted intent towards me.
Hello Orora, thanks for sharing and welcome to YGS.

We generally get affected if we see scary movies and more so when we see it in the night and we do get dreams, which would be scary or uncomfortable. I felt that your dream was because of your seeing the scary movie.

But when you said that your friend had the same nightmare a few days before yours, then I thought it was different and still think that way.

Did she say that she had similar kind of dream or the same dream? Secondly, did you ask her where she slept when she had the dream?

Your friend might be abroad but do her parents live in the same house even now? Why I am asking is that if there is any negative or malicious entity in the house and if they don't do any protective cleansing or rituals, the entity will definitely show itself in its activities. If you happen to know about any such activity, please do share.

Looking forward to hearing your other standalone paranormalexperiences.

Regards and respects to you.

Lealeigh in The Doorbell

I enjoyed your story and it is curious. I agree with Melda that it could have been a passing spirit picking up on your conditions at the time: already on edge and by yourself.

I always take notice when my cat acts funny; but, really, who knows why they do anything? I have come to believe that a dog's behavior is a better indicator of whether there is a presence - living or otherwise. My cat gets into staring contests with everything from me to the blank wall.

Your cat might have been reacting to the same thing that you were; and at worst: he knew there was something on the other side of the door and he felt no real menace from it - otherwise, I think he would have run away and did his famous vanishing act. Every cat has one.

I was wondering about your opening statement:

"I have experienced some strange occurrences since I was around 8 years old."

Was this experience from when you were 8 years old? If so, has anything else happened with your front doorbell? And like SDS, I wonder if you or any of your family still live there.

- Maria
Melda in The Doorbell
Earth2Bella - I must admit that I think you might have been a little more open to the paranormal because of the programme you were watching. At the time you were in that mindset.

I hold this view because of my own personal experiences when I have watched paranormal programmes on TV, or read books on supernatural events. Little things sometimes happen, like a curtain moving for no apparent reason or the sound of water running, a whisper in the background. The doorbell ringing is certainly more concerning. It could have been a human being up to no good, heaven forbid, they're far more scary than ghosts!

It could be that a roaming spirit picked up on your vibes and tried to attract your attention.

Just my opinion - I can relate to your experience.

Regards, Melda
Alina5 in The Doorbell
Hello Earth2Bella,

The other posters had striked very interesting questions in regard to your interesting account.

Hard to understand the entire situation because of the lack of information

Have you experienced anything after this incident?

Well, have you checked for any minor technical problem in the bell system?

But certainly the unusual behaviour of the cat is peculiar to be left unnoticed.

Have you experienced any other hauntings in the house similar to this?

Hopefully, you will respond to the queries providing any further details of this incident.

Hello Dreyk,

Before the story itself, your descriptory knowledge is indeed praiseworthy. I could vividly picturise the details of the train station as if I'm accompanying you there. This was the sole reason you're story stood out to me the most. The liveliness you have brought to this simple composition of words have certainly made its place in one of my favorites.

Myths and legends have always been the part of every sub-community wheather it had progressed as a civilisation or is still continuing it's consistency. It's even more fascinating as how they began to accustomed to it whereas the so called "civilized fellows" have it harder to comprehend.

Nevertheless, they add to the country's "Haunted" heritage which quite grabs the attention as people love to deal with things beyond their means.

Amazing one! Thanks for sharing

Hi Earth2Bella, welcome to YGS. Strange experience. Did you discuss it with your neighbours? What was the reaction of your mom and stepdad? Do they believe in paranormal? Did it happen again? Like Veronica said I don't think it's because you were watching paranormal investigation.

But difficult to comment further because of lack of information.

Do you still live there?

Regards and respects to you.

silverthane61 in The Doorbell
I first started thinking why you, alone answered the door. The I started wondering why you were the only one who heard it. Maybe like VeronicaMarie stated, you somehow became more open to this weird phenomenon because of what you were watching. The vision of that cat watching you as you passed really creeped me out! You don't think that something entered and was following you? Anyway, I would be interested if strange things started happening in your home in the future.
I am reminded of the old saying. "don't look a gift horse in the mouth". In other words, if something is trying to protect you, then I would let it - it may not be as important to wonder why or from what. It appears that you not have only chosen to live in a haunted location, but that you have also inherited a guardian.
silverthane61 in Forgotten Train Station
What a fascinating story! This episode of yours would rival many of the haunted history tv shows that are so popular in the United States. Your depiction of a Russian ghost town brings back images of the many unpopulated ghost towns of our Western States, long ago left vacated when the mines dried up. Maybe you could go back at a later date (when it is warmer) and conduct a ghost search with equipment to help you document any contacts. Such a great story!
VeronicaMarie in The Doorbell
Hi, Earth2Bella...

I really enjoyed your story. I was a big fan of Most Haunted Live too. I don't get the feeling that you imagined the doorbell rings just because of watching a paranormal show. If that were the case, I don't think this incident would still be so fresh in your mind years later. And I don't think your cat would have behaved like that, if it hadn't actually happened. What I'm wondering is if being immersed in a show like that could somehow have opened you up more to something possibly paranormal, especially being very young when this happened. (Since they say children are more open to seeing and hearing things like that.) I really wonder who or what was ringing the bell, and why the ringing wasn't the normal ring. Seems like a benevolent message sent just for you maybe, since only you and your kitty heard it. Thanks for sharing this great story, and I look forward to reading more!
Also... Image in screen seemed aware in my opinion... Like she was watching me. Sorry to anyone without a paycheck didn't mean to sound blase about it... Alive and on unemployment beats risking your families lives in my opinion though. At least now my company provides PPE though so things looking up.
Hi all... Nothing showed up in my pictures. The crawlspace was dimly lit with maybe one or two utility lights.
What a truly remarkable story. Thank you for sharing. May Hashim find eternal peace.
Hi Alina, interesting story. Where did the snacks come flying from? I'm confused it seems it was thrown at your friend from a height/distance. Probably because she suggested you consult a shaman. Whatever it is it probably does not want to leave. My suggestion would be if it's not harming you, leave it alone and don't bother with it. Hope things get better for you. Thanks for sharing
That sounds very scary! 😨 I would have c*ap my pants! I hope you have not seen that thing again.
TravisCannabis in Who's She!
IDK pal, my aunty can climb trees as fast as a monkey and can make noises that sound like cat fights. I think your uncle was rude treating the woman the way he did. 😉
Hello DeliverDawn,

I hope you are faring well, in these extraordinary times.

If you are like us in Australia and having to curb your natural social tendencies, I imagine that it would be annoyingly freaky to have one of your primary means of communications interrupted by something unexplained.

In trying to figure out what might have happened to you and Mitch, I have a couple of questions that you should be able to answer.

Were you guys ringing each other on mobile phones or land lines?

In any of these situations, did you both hear the "third party" at the same time and did "it" respond to both of you?

Whether you answer these questions and post on YGS, or not is up to you.

From my experience in tracking down faults in telecommunication systems, I can tell you that land lines are relatively easy to tap into, compared to mobile communications which are digitally encrypted. Of course, crossed lines, party lines, etc, do sometimes occur in both forms of communication.

The second question is more about what was this "third party's" motive? From your account, "it" seems to have taken an individual focus on either you or Mitch but did not reveal itself to both of you at the same time. I get the impression that "it" was a mischief maker with you two in its sights.

If this is the case, my sentiments are similar to the other posters - glad you guys have banished this entity, and of course, being Rex-T, I also like RCRuskin's Jurassic Park quote.
Ashraf, thanks for your reply. Channapatna I know. If it is too personal to reveal it in this site, kindly email me the exact location in Channapatna. I used to frequent to Ramnagar and I have friends Channapatna also. I can do enquiry there. Yes, the district is full of paranormal stories, experiences.

Regards and respects to you.

Silverthane61- thank you for reading my story. I threw the ring away because I was spooked by that point. It scared me- even though I guess it wasn't being malevolent. Yes some Jinn a few percentage of them are religious and good. They can be of any religion just like us, and they can even be atheist or an disbelieving Jinn. They have families like us they live and die just like us and can have offspring. Only difference is they can live for a very long time more than humans and also travel at will.
Hi SDS, thanks for your comment. You know everything is open to interpretation it's how you see it. Glad you enjoyed the story.
Hi Maria, thank you for reading my story - glad you enjoyed it. I felt bad about throwing the ring away too but was spooked by the whole thing so I guess I just did.
Lady-glow thank you for reading my story and thanks for your comments.
Thank you for sharing this uplifting story! I hope the energies (if any) behind the piano are happy with the new home.
silverthane61 in The House Of Spirit
Absolutely terrifying! This is certainly an event not meant for children to bear. I credit your grandfather for his knowledge and quick actions.
I'm crying after reading this... My friend was killed back in 2013 and I get the odd visit from him, he also comes to me in dreams. I've posted about him here.

It's great when they visit isn't it? Letting you know they're still there...
I failed to mention that I understand this took place some time ago, but I am curious if something ever became of the threats.
I am without words. Please tell us if any of the threats come true or at least if you have any follow-up to this. Ditto to what Mrs. Ramsay said - you have a way with descriptive words. Being a math teacher I do not have Mrs. Ramsay's technical appreciation for the written word, but it was very good in setting up your story. I hope all goes well.
silverthane61 in Incident Of The Ring
Apportation is a mark of spirits with intelligence and access to enough energy to do something like this. I feel bad about you throwing away the ring, but it may just have been the right message to send to the Jinn. Is it true that some Jinn are good? If so, I hope yours is of the good sort (even if it is a little mischievous). I loved this story!
silverthane61 in Phone Call Voices
I don't know what to say. I have heard ghostly voices on the phone, but they were whispers. The whispers were in full sentences and completely understandable, but did not react to the listeners. I don't know if you picked up a spirit through your contact attempts, but I am glad that you have seemed to banish it.

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