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en_chuu in Ghostly Voices
Hey Adove,

Deepest condolences. I agree with a lot of commenters on here-- you already know what to do, and already know what your parents mean by saying "yes."

That being said, loved ones are known to still actively watch over us and communicate whenever there is something troubling us. My grandpa, who passed away when I was 9, used to visit my dreams often during my teenage years (we had just immigrated, and I was angsty). Sometimes he'd stay long enough to listen to me, or sometimes just long enough to give me a hug.

It's reassuring to know they're still watching out for us.

Can you please tell me where exactly was it in IC colony? I seriously need to know about this cause I live in IC colony too
DanielG in The Highway
Hi guys, thanks for all the interest.

I still have no idea how mom was knocked out. She's only 38, very fit and active so I'm not sure about fainting.

She remembers the girl and braking but does not remember anything else until she woke up. She wasn't injured in any way.

She also has one of those Michael Kors watches which stopped pretty much at the time of the incident. It's gold and pretty large and chunky, so it would be pretty sturdy.
lady-glow in Light Feet

Thanks for your feedback, the new information helps to see your experience from a new perspective.

I suggested the Pepper's ghost possibility thinking that, perhaps, the image could have been a reflection from one of the neighboring buildings, but since your sister has seen a stranger in a different spot of the house, that theory can be discarded.

"The buildings around us are all residential, built with concrete with corrugated roofs"

If Filipino masons and their way of working are similar to the ones from Mexico, I would consider the possibility of a man dying during the construction of one of the buildings... Some times they work under minimal or non existent safety conditions.

If a ghost, it doesn't seem to be a negative presence, perhaps saying a little prayer every time he is around could help him to find peace.

And then...what?


This is a very touching story and I enjoyed reading it but, I have a question.

Did you put the silverware back into the dishwasher and ran a wash cycle, or did you leave the orderly placed silverware over the counter?

If the former, it would have been a shame if your wife didn't have a chance to see the message that Mary Lou had so obviously left for her; if the latter, what was your wife's reaction when she saw the cutlery?

Thanks for sharing.
silverthane61 in Tribute To A Dishwasher
Rajine: Thank you. These acts reflect well on my ex-wife's relatives and yes, they were extreme;y close.

Lealeigh: IT make me feel good that not all paranormal stories are scary. Mary Lou was sweet woman who would have done anything for anybody. This event was totally within her character.

Melda: My ex-wife was extremely touched by this experience. She was upset that she was not there to experience what I experienced. I never actually "saw" anything. I just felt the presence before I went into the kitchen.

Tweed: Your comment focuses on something that I did not consider: Love. I cannot say that I disagree with you and it certainly causes me to look at this event with a newer perception.
Spockie in The Highway
Maybe your mother passed out from fright, thinking she had hit someone. What did she say when she came to? Did she suffer any injuries or ill effects?
silverthane61 in Car Keys Missing
Why is it that keys are one of the most common objects for ghosts to mess with? I suppose they are taken because we often need access to them and the "ghosties" can be assured of immediate attention for the people that they take the keys.
en_chuu in Light Feet
(cont'd from my last comment on Tweed's feedback) of bringing a change of clothes to work.

Hi Leahleigh! It was already pitch black outside, around 8PM.

Hi Daz! Your story gave me chills! I think I would have teared up seeing it so close without a barrier to separate us. It's very brave of you to run out and confront it. That's interesting-- what if shadow people are astral travelers/lucid dreamers travelling into parallel universes? Perhaps my shadow person is a traveler that unwittingly wound up on someone's roof!

Hey Biblio! Thanks for your explanation. I'm not well-versed with elementals to be honest, and as most of my personal experiences of spiritual beings have never looked tangible, it was just a wild guess. I wasn't sure if the large tree between our houses (hence me thinking the movement were from leaves swaying) may have had an inhabitant. I had a notion that elementals possessed other powers; stories I've read from the Philippines were of shape-shifting so why not lightness of feet as well?
I have more belief now that is is a spirit, especially if it's the same one that my sister saw upon waking up.
en_chuu in Light Feet
Hey everyone, thank your for your feedback! Sorry, I meant to click the other option to show "participating in the discussion" but I guess wound up clicking the other option instead.

Lady-glow made me laugh though with her first comment-- brought to mind a picture that the entity's wearing Air Jordan's on our roof, since I'm not familiar with the ethereal air man. 😭 That is interesting, thank your for sharing the link on pepper's ghost.
At this point I'm not skeptical about anything-- scientific or supernatural causes-- although the silhouette looked very solid, unlike the wispy effect resulting from this optical illusion.
The buildings around us are all residential, built with concrete with corrugated roofs. As a privacy thing our windows are usually made so it's hard to see into if they're closed. Some have textured, frosted, full-pane windows; some still have jalousie windows. A Google search of "Simon Street Malabon" will bring up a good visual of what our neighborhood was like.

Hi Tweed-- that may be a good insight about a burglar's ghost. My sister woke up one morning to a silhouette of a man standing in our bedroom doorway wearing a black shirt and dark jeans. She assumed it was our dad (only male in the household) and went right back to sleep. Dad came home from work that day wearing a beige shirt and lighter denim pants. He's not in the habit of
silverthane61 in That Creepy Bathy
Having a fright such as yours is always much worse as a child or pre-teen. Have there bee any other paranormal incidents attached to that area in the years since? If not, I would tend to classify this as an isolated incident.
I've spent the last hour annoying the heck out of myself on whether I should amend my last comment. So here goes.

I said Vikings didn't show up in America in a significant way. I should have said in the pillaging sense. They did show up in a significant way. One Norse Viking discovered America hundreds of years before anyone else did, especially blundering, directionless Columbus. But that's a whole other topic.

No doubt off topic, hence the apprehension... And now we return to regular programming...

I too would like to read those forum posts.
ccmerlin - The ghostly priest, or monk, you saw was obviously not residual as he reacted to your questions and even spoke to you. Fortunately he didn't disappear in front of you. That would have been scary indeed.

Thanks to Tweed for posting the link. There are a few other interesting articles on that link!

Would you be able to post the link to the forum where you read about the car, boys and woman? I'm sure I'm not the only one who would be interesting in taking a look at that.

Regards, Melda
Hi Ccmerlin,

I did some digging and found this ghost is pretty famous. This article has a footnote which sounds like your weathered dude

"Many people have seen the spirit believed to be a Franciscan Monk and described him wearing a black robe and standing on the side of the road, between Casa De Fruta and Bell's Station."

There's even a previous account on here

The monk idea sounds feasible but I don't know if the dates match up. Did these monks reside in California during a time when this road existed? Was he attacked by Vikings, might explain his question to you. But then Vikings didn't show up in America, at least not in a significant way. Also he spoke English, did he have an accent? I'm full of questions today.
Monk or no, it's clear someone in a robe haunts that stretch.
Thanks for sharing.
Far out!

Often times on this site there's discussion over how ghosts acquire skills to interact with us. The ways some ghosts seem able, or confident, with moving stuff, while others stick to noises etc. Or the possibility of practice makes perfect. Then there are those with a natural talent for everything.

Silverthane, I think these remarkable feats you witnessed were made possible by one ingredient: LOVE!
It's obvious this aunt really loves your wife.
Thanks for sharing.
Melda in The Highway
Daniel - I would be interested to know what caused your mother to lose consciousness, especially as it seems that she didn't sustain any injuries.

She braked, so she must have seen the girl. What was her take on this incident?

Regards, Melda
Hi Fate_did_it_all, welcome to YGS.

I agree with what SistaJ1023 posted. Unfortunately this is all too common, demons posing as spiritual guides, companions, teachers, etc. These spiritual battles are not ones which we fight alone, encouragement from fellow believers makes a world of a difference (Ecclesiastes 4:7-12).

I am glad you have embraced God and He has brought you relief, and I will include you in my prayers. It is also important to note that God has a plan for all of us, who's to say that His plan for you isn't to have a single beautiful boy to treasure (Jer 29:11)? In all things, God's plan is being worked out, even through spiritual opposition and turmoil (Eph 6:12), remember to give thanks to Him.

One suggestion, when rebuking the demon, remember that Jesus has already conquered satan at the cross (Col 2:15), it is not a battle of which the outcome is uncertain -- it has already been won and we are the victors.

2 verses of encouragement;

"Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you." James 4:7

"What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who is against us?" Rom. 8:31

Aside to Cosmos: Fate_did_it_all is just cautioning the OP to take all comments with a pinch of salt. I feel much of the outrage in the world today is caused by undue sensitivity. Sometimes we need to take things easy and try not to be offended too much.

Aside to DKMajumder:

"You shall have no other gods before me. You shall not make for yourself a carved image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth. You shall not bow down to them or serve them, for I the Lord your God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children to the third and the fourth generation of those who hate me, but showing steadfast love to thousands of those who love me and keep my commandments." Exodus 20:3-6
VeronicaMarie in What/who Did My Ex See?
Wow...what an amazing story. The kind of thing that must haunt you, because it's so inexplicable. I would be intrigued to hear about what other paranormal experiences you had when with your ex, if you feel like telling them.
Nelly - Although this is just my opinion (as with the previous posters), I don't either believe that what your ex saw was a ghost but rather the negativity surrounding your space which somehow "morphed" into an actual vision.

Pity "it" couldn't do something really scary like bash him over the head with the laptop!

Regards, Melda
Bibliothecarius in Demons Attacking My Family
Greetings, Fate_did_it_all.

"At one point this spirit told me I needed to write him a love letter dedicating myself to him and to sign it in blood." What did you do with this letter? Was it among the paraphernalia you describe as "everything occult related" that you threw out? If so, there's a blood-signed & sigil-sealed document allowing this incubus entry to your home & your life. Did you take any steps to destroy this love letter?

I would suggest that you direct your prayers specifically toward renouncing and revoking that binding contract. You'll know when you're successful in breaking that bond; you'll stop living in fear.

As for the spirit child you've got running around, you may be able to reduce his/its animosity through demonstrating love & kindness to it. If you did, indeed, create it, showing it acceptance and compassion may remove the energy fueling it. Should that fail, then pray to banish it from your lives.

Good Luck,

silverthane - Now this is the type of story which bolsters my belief that love and bonding amongst us does not begin and end on earth.

You are fortunate to have had such a meaningful experience.

Regards, Melda
Bibliothecarius in Light Feet
Greetings, en_chuu.

You have been commenting on others' narratives on YGS, so I do hope that you take some time to respond to our questions on your story. I'd like to address your final question: "An elemental maybe?"

Why in the world would you think that? First, you're in an overcrowded urban setting: "Our street was very cramped, with houses built almost right next to each other." Second, your neighborhood has been this way for some time: "Our house was old..." There's a limited natural environment for an elemental to protect in an old, overcrowded residential area; it sounds like the sort of location that an elemental would *avoid* not visit.

The corrugated roofing would have reacted to the presence of an elemental entity: "Someone that muscular walking on them should have made a sound. They had next to no support so realistically, the sheets should have bent under the weight." Elementals are nature spirits that seldom look 100% human; more often they have a distinctly inhuman characteristics, proportions, or forms. When they take a form, that form has mass in order to interact with the environment or to provoke a reaction; your entity did not interact with the roof it was standing on.

You may have seen a spirit (e.g.: ghost, shadow person), but you did not see an elemental.

It sounds what Alister Crowley called a 'Moonchild' in inadvertently. Yes by your dabbling you created a magical/spirit child.

It's not a demon in the classical sense. But something you gave birth to yourself by practicing the magical arts. Because its not a demon but a projection of yourself. You won't get rid of it by driving it away with getting Religious.

Because somehow your feeding it energy to manifest.

My advice as Occultist/Witch/Paranormal Investigator.

Work on energizing your Aura, Psychic Self Defense methods as well. You need to cut the spiritual umbilical cord sort of speak to this thing. And if you don't want it around anymore. Ween it off of you.

I agree with the others. Whatever he saw might have been a product of your discord in the relationship.

For your sake, I am glad that he is an "ex".

- Maria
JellyBean12 (guest) in Car Keys Missing
She said it could be her husband but also she thought it was her house ghost Mrs. Smith.
Hello ccmerlin and welcome to YGS,

That is unnerving! When you say that he looked "mad", did you mean that he was angry or did he look mentally imbalanced?

The most unnerving part to me was the way he asked: "So you're trying to help me?"

It is almost as if he has been through so much that, at that point, he was not expecting anyone to help... I hope he finds it.

Thank you for sharing your story!

- Maria
I am with Rajine. What an uplifting story. I am sorry for your wife's loss but I believe that she was checking in before she left. She knew that the dishwasher would catch someone's attention.

- Maria
lady-glow in The Highway
Welcome to YGS.


I agree with the previous poster, the girl sounds like a residual apparition. Did you have a good look at her clothes? Perhaps this could give you an idea of the time period in which she lived.

You could research the local newspapers' annals looking for any past accidents reported at that area.

Have you asked your mother if she saw the girl too? What were the road conditions and speed of the car at the time of the accident? I know that black ice can affect the outcome of a vehicle's sudden braking.

Did you notice if the girl reacted in any way at the events? Perhaps she, too, was surprised to see this 'ghostly' accident happening before her eyes apparently 'out of the blue'.

Thanks for sharing.
Unless there was a history of paranormal activity in that house, I'm inclined to think that there was not a spirit involved here. Perhaps your subconscious mind manifested the feelings that you didn't dare to speak about.

Good riddance!
Solveig in Catlike Humanoid
ancient_spark, I have always believed that our perception of our world is only part of the reality of it. I think for some reason, that morning, the veil thinned, and I was lucky enough to be there at the right moment.
Are you familiar with the legends of Avalon concerning the veil of mist used to hide the entire island from the outside world?
Interesting stuff.
Really touching story about your late aunt giving you a sign, I do believe that family and friends who have passed on are always around, watching and guiding us with an unseen hand, and your story about your aunt is proof that they are around giving us signs to say they are still here looking over us.
I believe that we all have a guide that watches over us and protects us from all sorts of dangers, as you said that your ex was treating you badly I feel that maybe your "guide" presented itself to him in that manner as a subtle warning, and as soon as you broke up with him it stopped could indicate that you are safer now so there's no need to present itself in any way.
Hey! So I think I've been waiting for this moment for so long it's crazy my friend came across this story and just had to send it to me because I just moved out of that same house and had some crazy things happen to me and my family as well I know your story was posted about 6 years ago but hopefully you will see this and get back to me because if you are interested I would love to talk to you about some things.
Yikes! Creepy indeed 😳 imagine if you had stopped to help the lady in the car, I do however wonder if the man in the robes and the lady in the car with the kids are somehow connected 🤔, where I come from we were always told not to stop for anyone especially at odd hours of the day for it could be either some spirit or a potential hijacker.
Rajine in The Highway
Hi I believe that you saw a residual ghost of a girl who might have died on the same road before
Not on any sort of schedule, but fairly regularly I will hear a voice in my head, and turn to whomever I would be with at the time and ask them what they said. They hadn't said anything, it turns out, but they were intensely thinking of asking a thing.

It has happened the other way as well, with me thinking of asking or saying something to them.

In my opinion, it doesn't have to be a ghost or spirit specifically, just really strong feelings on your part to create such an experience.
P.S. Followup to my last post.

FDIA, about trusting God vs trusting men, have you heard the tale of the family caught in a flood? Early in the storm, just as the waters start to rise, a neighbor in a pickup truck asks if they need a lift out. "No. God will save us," they reply.

Water rises to the second floor, and someone comes buy on a boat asking if they need a lift. "No. God will save us," they reply.

Later, they're on the roof, the water being that high. A helicopter comes by offering a ladder to help them up. No need to repeat what they said in reply.

Eventually, they drown. In Heaven, they ask God, 'why did you not rescue us?'

God replied, "I sent you a pickup truck, a boat and a helicopter. What more do you want?"

Some people are His servants. One of His servants will help you.
Hi again, Fate. And also hi to Cosmos.:)

There is much good advice on this site, but not all of it is applicable to every situation, or even to any specific situation. Such thing happened to this person, and thus when same thing happens to another person, the same solution might not apply.

And this is one reason why I often encourage posters to find a local priest (or imam, rabbi, minister, whatever is applicable to the person).

Specifically for Fate did it all: The Apostle Paul encourages us to 'pray without ceasing.' Since you desire something Biblical, or as close to that as you can manage, I would suggest praying 'Lord, Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on us.' It is short, you can say it repeatedly, focusing yourself on it. And that last part (have mercy on) can be modified for whatever issue you're facing. As an example, I saw a video where a priest recommended someone who suffers road rage to pray 'have mercy on the driver of the <description of vehicle> that cut me off.'

Pray without ceasing. And even when it seems the opponent has retreated, do not cease praying for it may only be laying in wait for you to come out of prayer and attack again.

And, most important, find a minister, priest, etc. Close to you who can help you.
Fate_did_it_all in Demons Attacking My Family
Thank you all for replying! I have so many side stories to this, I will try to only include what's really relevant.

I welcome any tidbit of advice, or if anyone has a similar experience, whether it worked out or not, please do share! Someone may come across this thread in 10 years and need to hear some of what you may say. Everyone's faith is different and I respect that, what may work for one person may not for another. It is all up to the discernment of the reader.

Personally I would like to avoid anything that deviates from the Bible, only because I have tried the alternative and that amplified the activity tenfold. Sage and crystals are useless IMO. I used to do all of those "cleanse and sheild" meditations when I was into it; it just opened more doors in my body and filled me with the energy of the demon. It was a welcoming beacon of light. It also swept away any trace of Jesus Christ in my bodily temple, I always felt filthy and tired after.

I believe all of that reiki is what broke our bodies. I did the "chakra cleansing" and such. When I practiced on my husband the demon "spirit guide" would tell me my husband had an imbalance in his "sacral chakra", I could spend days working on it and the demon would always have me go back and work on this. FYI to the people who don't know, this is the "creativity " energy center, rooted in your lower abdomen and it deals with fertility, life creating energy, and sexual energy. It broke him, and now we can't have kids.

One thing I say during prayer some nights is:
" Heavenly Father in the name of Jesus Christ please protect my family and place upon each of us an all present full armor of God, the armor of Light, the Breastplate of Righteousness, she shield of Faith, the helmet of Salvation, the sword of Spirit, the belt of Truth, the garmet of Vengeance, and any other part of the armor of God that I am not aware of, and let our feet be shod with the Gospel of Peace. Amen."

One night after this prayer I had a dream where an intruder tried to enter my home. Within the dream I said the Lords prayer, it hissed and fled. I am never lucid in my dreams, and I believe demons attack us when we are unconscious so we struggle to fight. I have prophetic dreams, and they played a big part in my waking up from the new age nightmare.

SistaJ can you please explain more about why specifically a Pentecostal priest will be most helpful to me? I don't know enough about different denominations. Please share, anything you have to say would be helpful.

I would like to know more about why a religious official is necessary. Wouldn't that be putting my faith in man rather than in God?

The "medium" I had come into my house that one time was a Christian reverend. I later found out he was also a "white witch" on his own time. As you can imagine, I have a really hard time trusting anyone LOL

Hello Fate_did_it_all, and welcome to YGS,

I am definitely not the right person to "advice" you or "guide" you through any practices but I would like to recommend Rook's cleansing and shielding method that perhaps may make you and your husband feel a bit better.


Dear SistaJ1023,

I hope you will forgive me for this comment. Your comment stated the below:

"Don't attempt fighting this thing alone, and don't accept all "advice" received here, I'm sorry but if you do you may be swapping one horrible thing for another, that's just my opinion, not trying to ruffle any feathers here but I really feel this way".

I apologize for this but would you mind reconsidering to change your above statement please. There is an implication on your comment that Fate_did_it_all should not take anyone's advice on YGS but yours. Help me to understand please what makes your advice more credible than others' please? I am personally not so sure about the Pentecostal minister option.

Everyone here writes about their experiences, some ask for help and some others shares the practices that they think may help. Often times these "advice" stems from their cultural imprints and the belief systems that they grew in.

So, It's up-to the reader to chose what makes sense, what sinks in what doesn't and whose advice to follow.
As for the "spiritual warfare" many belief systems deal with such issues their own way like Catholics, Muslims, Hindus, Pagans and many more. Trust me each would argue that their way of "spiritual warfare" is the best way to fight the unknown evil.

In my humble opinion, before inviting a Pentecostal minister home, Fate_did_it_all should have an open mind, read everyone's advice, and follow the one that she finds closer to her heart.

I am sure, you are trying to help as best as you can. So as the others. I sincerely apologize if my comment at any stage has ever crossed the line.
RobinOdea in Dark Cloaked Being
Ancient spark: A death being. Angel of death? Yes. Must have been.
RC Ruskin: I put the wrong date. It was 1963. Slip up. Also I said at first I was lying down waiting for my eyes to adjust to the dark, but that was a slip up. I always knew I was sitting up, waiting. And it wasn't even a normal bed but an army stretcher, because I was bedwetting then. Is that too much information? I'm saying I trust my memory. It was also a full moon. I remember that too.
Maria: A curse? Maybe I'm wrong about that. Reading your comments seems to put it in a different light. I have had bad luck in my life and that's why I said that. No, I don't see shadows now. Maybe the visitation wasn't so personal but had more to do with my father, who was in hospital for two months and, apparently, and was on death's door at one stage. Could have been right at that time, for all I knew. I was very close to my father. Have to mention that my mother was very annoyed that I had the virus and escaped unharmed, as she put it. And yes, Maria, there was discord in the house. My mother was hostile toward me. I remember the incident clearly for lots of reasons. She always made me feel bad about giving my father and sister the bug. And without Dad there I felt unprotected in the house; all alone with Mum. Prior to this I had never seen any negative apparition, I have to say. I did see little pixies. They would entertain me sometimes if I was scared of the dark. They would play on the window sill. I have never seen the apparition since. Thank you for your comments. It was helpful.
ancient_spark in Catlike Humanoid
Actually, very interesting account. Wish more people reported sightings like this, but it just doesn't happen too often 😁 From what I know, humans of today were not always the dominant race on our planet. We had other races who died out over time, and became matter of legends and fairytales. So, it well may be that you have encountered one of the survivors. It could be that they have found a way to hide from humans, and I wonder if he actually never saw a human before 😊
ancient_spark in Dark Cloaked Being
Black or grey cloaked figures, in my experience, are "workers of Death". That means, they are guys who come after the souls of the deceased to help them to cross over. They are not hostile, but emanate death energy, and that feels hostile enough. The thing you are feeling might simply be a strong impression that stays with you to this day. Just let it go, and you will be okay.
ancient_spark in My Three Hauntings
Looks like you are sensitive to the spirit world, and in most cases, if you can sense spirits, they will notice it and try to interact in various ways. It's good you're brave enough to send them off. Keep doing that 😉
Thank you for sharing your experience with us. I'm new to this site and have never commented before. I am a Pentecostal Pastor's wife. I write this completely out of concern for you and your family.

We have had some experience with spiritual warfare in our own home for the past 18 years. We purchased a home and felt like we were not alone in it. We were tormented by spirits.

I may try to tell my story at another time, but I want to tell you that you are headed in the right direction, prayer is KEY!

I agree with Maria, It wasn't a good thing that you accepted "help" from the thing, but Satan is a master deceiver! Thank GOD that you turned to the Word and realized you were playing around with FIRE. I truly believe that you have a special gift, and when used correctly its not a bad thing.

Don't attempt fighting this thing alone, and don't accept all "advice" received here, I'm sorry but if you do you may be swapping one horrible thing for another, that's just my opinion, not trying to ruffle any feathers here but I really feel this way.

If you can email me your location I can locate a minister that may be able to help you. It's going to take someone that knows and understands spiritual warfare.

I will be praying with you.

P.S. I too had fertility issues, I was blessed to have a daughter and was thankful for her and never really tried to have another, never took measures to prevent pregnancy but it just didn't happen, would have liked to have another but was fine and felt blessed to have one. THEN 15 years later... I was PREGNANT! So don't give up! I think that your issue is connected to your experience, Once this thing is handled it would not surprise me to hear that you have another baby! Just saying... 😊
aussiedaz in Light Feet

''unnaturally dark''...a few years back I was walking down my driveway in the early hour of the morning on my way to work when I saw this shadow that I too would call ''unnaturally dark''.We both saw each other around the same time because it ducked down to hide behind a gate in what I assumed was an act of guilt, so like yourself I thought it was either a peeping Tom or a burglar or maybe both?

We usually have two choices when we are confronted in this situation. Fight or Flight, the fact that my wife and children were still sleeping in our home... Just like any man would do I went into fight mode and charged down my driveway (as quick as I could possibly run).

Back in the day I was quick enough to run under 12 seconds over a 100 metres, granted the old legs are probably not as quick as they used to be however, I still arrived at the gate thinking this coward is going to stand up to fight me face to face.

However, no one was there, I soon realised what I had seen was something else not natural to the earth Matrix.

Apparently there is a world inside a parallel universe somewhere in the greater consciousness system where we can exist as shadow people, it may be possible these shadow people have lived previous lives in the earth Matrix and they do visit earth from time to time, maybe they don't have the cosmic amnesia we have so it's an easier assignment for them to astral travel to our home as it is for us to do the opposite.

Once I had a lucid dream that felt like astral travelling, I found myself flying to a water world where I could breath underwater, sounds crazy right? Again based on my own research there are water worlds out in the greater consciousness systems... It may have been a dream, perhaps it felt like a dream for this shadow person who turned up in my world?

Regards Daz
I'm so sorry for all you've been through.
It does seem that you have been tricked by something evil and somehow pledged yourself to be united to it.

I agree with the advice to seek spiritual council of your religious choice. You are now in a battle for your soul and a battle for your family's souls. It's not hopeless so keep perservering.

I too have done some pretty dumb stuff when I was much younger. I still feel marked to a degree. That negativity is still waiting for an entrance again. If you want this negative force gone from your life you have to be committed to leading a pure consecrated life completely devoid of anything negative. These spiritual battles are fought from within your heart.

Very interesting about the unexplained infertility. Now I'm really curious if this is a common side effect of those that have had similar experiences. I myself had 2 bouts of it as well. Both times following spiritual upheavals. Of course you should seek medical advice on that but as well, don't give up praying for another baby if it's something a matter of the heart can conquer over evil.
Lealeigh in Light Feet

When I saw your comment, I was trying to read too much into the alphabet part. I noticed that there are two lowercase "l's" and no lowercase "i". I thought that I was being slow in the head because I couldn't figure out the joke. Tough week.

Filling the character minimum usually ends up with things that are funny.
Hello en_chuu,

What time of night was it, if you can remember? Was it pitch black outside or was it early evening?

- Maria
lady-glow in Light Feet

Ha ha... You are right, my comment looks childish, and Melda hit the nail on its head.

By air man I mean someone ethereal in nature, the alphabet is for the need of a minimum of 50 characters for my comment to get posted.


Could you describe to more detail the buildings surrounding your house?

Even if you don't answer my question, It would be a good idea to read about Pepper's ghost, an optical illusion that has been used by magicians for a long time. You might have seen only the image of one of your neighbours.



Thanks for sharing... Double-thanks for your feedback.
Lealeigh in Car Keys Missing
Hi JellyBean,

What did Mrs. Linda say when you suggested that a ghost was the one who was messing around with her car keys?

- Maria
Melda in Light Feet
en_chuu - Please reconsider your decision not to participate. You will get more feedback from readers if you do. Many people will skip your story if you choose not to participate.

Tweed, I think that answers your question to lady-glow.

Regards, Melda
"There are no long distance priests," - My spiritual father, who is a flesh and blood human being and now recovering from a stroke.

Thank you for sharing this, and while you will receive much helpful and useful advice, I strongly encourage you to seek out a minister, priest, cleric, etc. Close to you, one who will come to understand you, your family, and your history. This person will be best able to advise you what you need to do to be fully rid of this thing.
RCRuskin in Dark Cloaked Being
I'm always suspicious of statements like "I remember it as clearly as the night it happened", since memories do not work the way most people think. Just as an example, I distinctly remember a certain snow storm happening when I was 10. Checking the actual records and news reports, turns out I was 9. Eh. Close enough, right? 😁

It felt hostile to you, and strong emotions like that do help us latch onto memories, and they are often best retrieved when in a similar emotional state, or drunk, or whatever state we were in when it happened...

Like Lea and Tweed, I'm wanting to know more, but I will not pry since, as you say, it is personal. I hope you feel safe enough to share more.
Hi Robin,

I'd go with what you felt at the time, this entity was curious but hostile. As for what it is sounds like some kind of nature spirit, fairy, going by it's face and attire. They're not always nice, some are said to be jerks. On the flip side it's possible your natural fear reaction overrode everything else. He may have been there in a protective capacity. Like you felt the timing, what was happening, a likely relevant component.

Some people do remember as far back as you have. I have a memory of before I was one year old, confirmed by my parents. I know a couple of others who have memories from as far back. So it can, and does happen. Also it's possible you are simply supposed to remember this event, perhaps so you can learn from it in some way. That's something only you can know for sure.

Lealeigh, I had the same questions as you, tried the vote, but it told me to get stuffed.
Tweed in Light Feet
Hi En Chuu,

You had a very atmospheric and chilling experience. I would wonder if it was an elemental too, because of the wind. But I don't know if they're known for taking a human form. If you live in a rough neighbourhood I'd also wonder if it was the ghost of a former bugler, so often our first impressions are right.

Thanks for sharing. I know it was scary but it made a suspenseful read.

Also, Lady Glow, are you okay?...maybe someone's posting stuff while you're away from the computer?

Your story really concerns me. I used to be involved in occult practices too and had to experience similar happenings.
As I can apprehend, you had allowed Satan to dictate your life (believing him to be a spiritual guide). It was a grave fault and now you can't get rid of it without sacrificing something dear.
It is a filthy game Satan plays on vulnerable people. Cut off all your connections with occult to avoid being vulnerable.
Trust me, the demons won't spare your soul even after you die. You can't escape it completely.

Yet,if you want to reduce it's effectiveness as much as possible, start worshiping the Hindu God "Hanuman ji"!
I am not asking you to proselytise. You can worship Hanuman ji even by living as a christian.

1) First of all, keep a photo of "Shri Panchamukhi Hanuman" in your home, facing south (don't keep it in bathroom,kitchen,bedroom or store rooms).
2) Buy a "Hanuman Chalisa" booklet and keep it with you.
3) Recite "Hanuman Chalisa" hymns daily, after taking a bath and before going to bed (loudly and with deep devotion).
4) If possible, make all your family members do the same. Try finding the meaning of Hanuman Chalisa hymns on Google. It will boost your spitual strength and give you immense courage.
5) Whenever you feel scared, just keep chanting the hymn "Shri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram".
6) Every evening, try lighting an earthen lamp near the photo of hanumanji, keeping the flamed side towards east.

You can know more about how to worship Hanuman ji on Google. Just try it out and see the instant miracle.
Damn me if it doesn't work.
I don't know if I had made a fool of myself by suggesting this option.

But I did it all just to help you. I really feel sorry for you. If you want to get back a normal life, this is the only way left. I swear in the name of lord-You will get positive results.

God bless you.🙂
lady-glow in Light Feet
Air man?

Hello Fate and welcome to YGS,

I have an observation about one of your statements:

"He told me it was "Psychic energy healing" and with his help I practiced on my husband."

I think it was unwise to accept "help" from this being in any capacity. It is definitely what I would consider "rolling out the welcome wagon". It is no wonder that this thing believes it has a place in your life.

I am sorry to read about all the trouble that you and your family are going through. I have a small bit of advice to impart to you:

Please do not be upset that you don't have more children. Consider yourself privileged that you have a beautiful child already. Some people can't have even one. This might not be the advice that you want but it is advice that is close to home with me.

I think you were going in the right direction when you were successful in banishing this thing from your life, even though it came back. Maybe, if you carried on with a continued show of willpower, it will eventually stay away.

- Maria
Lealeigh in Dark Cloaked Being
Hello Robin and welcome to YGS,

"For a long time, in my life, I felt that he never really left. I've even had a feeling he was like a bad fairy who cursed me."

I don't mean to ask you about anything that is too personal; what kind of feelings have you had that have made you feel like he has never left?

Have there been many times that you have seen things out of the corner of your eyes?

I believe that little children are able to see things in a straightforward way. Later in life, I think they lose this ability when they grow into a routine in their lives.

Maybe he was hanging around because there was discord in your family; sadness because of illness. I think that negative entities hang around negative places.

If you don't mind my asking, how long did your father and sister remain in the hospital?

- Maria
Lealeigh in That Creepy Bathy
Hello Ak1234 and welcome to YGS,

This is an interesting account. I have a few questions.

What kind of sound did you hear coming out of the bathroom? Was it the sound of movement or was it mechanical?

Did your cousin lock you in the room as a prank? Did she know that you were afraid of those rooms of the house?

- Maria
Sounds like the spirit isn't much into karaoke.

Thanks for sharing! 😊
There is a similar incident on an older post here on YGS. Unfortunately, the lady who was involved in the poster's story did pass away. The only differences I could think of are that you are being bothered by a less malevolent entity, and also that she had acknowledged the knocking by actually asking "who's there". I'm not sure if verbally answering "triggers" the superstition into coming true.

Glad everyone in your family is safe, and thank you for sharing!
DKMajumder in Granny Possessed

In response to "800 years old sadhu"-

Yes,this is possible. There are many more sadhus larking in the Himalayan mountains who are even older!
It's a special power they have gained through rigorous sadhana. They have many godly powers and don't usually appear before everyone. Only fortunates get to meet them. They can easily live in temperatures much below the freezing point without a single layer of cloth put on.
No,i am not telling about some marvel character. They are our Indian "Aghories" and "Naga-Sadhus".

They can not prove their age to create a world record because back then (when they were born), neither hospitals existed nor birth certificates.

Want to see such sadhus?
Check this out-


Please be free to ask if you have further queries.
DKMajumder in Granny Possessed

Here are your answers-

1) Granny had to live alone in the palatial house because three of her four daughters were married outside the town (about 500 km away) and the fourth one had died long ago. I have mentioned that her husband had died too. She loved her old home dearly and refused to stay in ours.

2) My grandpa was a Municipal Chairman, which is much like a mayor. Even before acquiring the post, he worked as a leader of the a national political party.Besides,he was the descendent of a royal family from Bangladesh. He used to spend very little and save most of his incomes for the future. Under such circumstances, it is nothing strange to be a multimillionaire.

3) Grandma was a brahmin lady by caste. Brahmins were traditionally called as 'People of higher caste'.In those days, Orthodox brahmins refused to come in contact with people of other castes and religions. So did my granny. It was a matter of racial discrimination where a brahmin could be served by another brahmin only. Due to non availability of such a brahmin servant, my father (himself a brahmin) began to do her daily chores.

4) After my father reached granny's house, she started crying, shouting and created an alarming situation. The inquisitive neighbours must have been alerted by her cries and one by one, everyone came to know the matter.

4) Sure, there are differences. Even burning fresh flesh and stale flesh produce different smells. My dad had a long experience of being in funerals and watching human corpses burn (as a part of hindu funeral rituals). He had noted some similarity between the two.
Bibliothecarius in A Party That Never Ends
Greetings, cocoloco.

The arm position you describe could well be a backwards rock-step during the Charleston, which was popular in the early '20s. Just a thought.

lady-glow in Granny Possessed
Blame it on the Bollywood movies I so much enjoy watching, but your description of your grandmother's house as "the palatial house" makes me think about a haveli house, perhaps seating on a small/medium size fenced/walled acreage.


Although this might be irrelevant to the paranormal aspect of your story and in spite of you asking "the readers may blindly trust" you, I would very much appreciate if you can elaborate about your following statements:

- "my grandma had to live in the palatial house all alone."

- "Granny was a multimillionaire!"

- "my father started visiting her daily,cooking,and doing all her household chores."

Didn't she have any servants?

"She...called my father immediately after sunrise... He snatched the amulet from her and burnt it down in her backyard. He and the other locals present at the scene claimed that the amulet produced smells of burnt human flesh on being set on fire."

Why and what were the other locals doing at the palatial house so early in the morning?

Does human flesh smell different than any other animal's flesh? I have only smelled burnt chicken, pork and beef meat, and my own a few times during distracted cooking and, in my opinion, all of the above smell the same.
Personally, I think the only way to confirm if the amulet was made using human flesh would be through DNA testing.

I'll appreciate your feedback.
lady-glow in Granny Possessed
A 800 year old person?!?!?!?

The Tantrik.

Please correct me if I'm misinterpreting your words "I have personally met 800 year old sadhus".

By this do you mean one individual who has lived that long, or should I understand he has reincarnated several times during those 800 years?

With all due respect but I find the former impossible to believe. And, IF this is the case and there's a way to prove it, it would be a good idea to give them the credit they deserve and, at the same time, let the world know about this extraordinary achievement.

Just my opinion here but from what you have shared it sounds as if you are going through this 'awakening' without any sort of shields/intentions or limits in place. If this 'hunch' is correct then 'anything' can 'come through' and influence and/or control you.

As you become 'more aware' of the 'unseen world' you are open to influence from 'ANY' spirit/entity' that chooses to interact with you and you can be led in good or bad spiritual directions. This is not a game... The entities/spirits/angels/demons/fae that all exist in the 'spirit' realm can/will either help or hurt you depending on what you do to set intentions/boundaries/shields as you interact with 'the other side'.

Having stated all that here are some things I do to keep myself grounded/shielded/and positive...

Rook's Cleansing and Shielding Method (as used by myself and many other members of this site)...

Recipe for a Home Cleansing/Shielding... (allow for two or 3 days to complete)

Day one: Open all curtains window and doors with screens installed, let fresh air and sunshine into the home. Have all closets, cabinets and other 'dark spaces' open so that as much natural light as possible can enter those spaces. After 2-3 hours take a broom and 'sweep' out each room (this is symbolic and you do not have to really sweep) focus your thoughts on sweeping (pushing) out all negative energies / entities /thoughts. Close home up after completing each room of your home... Please do not forget your garage if you have one. (Optional) Light incense (sandalwood or Dragons-blood works well for me) and let aroma fill the home, and/or play a tape that contains your favorite Church/Positive, Upbeat (songs that give you good thoughts) songs before you begin sweeping.

Day two (or three): Once again open all curtains, windows and doors. Take a White candle (Optional) to the center most point of the home, sit on the floor and place candle in front of you. Light the candle (visualize a white ball of light) and then focus on the flame... Visualize the flame (white light) filled with positive thoughts, energy. (Say a prayer at this time if you so desire... Ask for cleansing positive energy to fill the candles flame/white light). Hold this 'image' in your mind and then visualize the flame (light) slowly expanding outward, visualize it filling the room your in, every corner and 'dark space'. Continue to visualize it's outer edges pushing away (burning away) any and all negative energies/entities out and away from each room in your home. Once you have visualized this flame (light) filling your entire home, picture it expanding to your property lines. Hold this image in your mind for a few moments then visualize 'anchoring' this flame (light) where you are sitting which is the centermost point of your home. Once you have done this. Take a deep breath, relax a few moments and then blow out the candle. (If you didn't use a candle just let yourself relax a moment or two.) "

Now you can create a shield for yourself using the 'home shield' technique but instead of focusing on your home visualize the 'flame' simply surrounding you instead of your home... The best time to do this is after a nice shower using a rosemary-scented soap (rosemary is good for purification and protection.)

If you have any questions or comments please post them here OR contact me via the e-mail on my profile.


aussiedaz in Furry Face

I find it interesting your mother has a natural affection for injured animals to a point she would even risk her own child's safety to help a possum back to full health.

I'm sticking with Michael Newton's work and going with what I have suggested before, I don't know for sure how accurate his work is, so take it with a grain of salt... Lol

Apparently from the spiritual realm, we do have the means to pick our own parents for various reasons and if that be the case, here you are picking a hippy dippy mother who has an unusual amount of extra compassion for animal life?

The Swan, the budgie?, your own ability to tune into animal frequencies?hmmm, the spiritual realm would be very boring place if we sat around for eternity doing nothing but talk about the old days in the earth matrix... Although I suppose haunting those still living my be seen as fun if you have that type of humour... Anyway, I can't help sense there's a relationship of some sort going on between you and the animal life to a level it may continue on elsewhere when the curtain falls on your own journey Tweed and may that be many years away.

Regards Daz
silverthane61 in A Party That Never Ends
Wow! How great would it be to spend eternity in one big party! Honestly, the only thing funner than that would be able to choose to whom among the living you would share your experience with!
The apparent teleportation of objects being caused through paranormal means has been called apparation. It is a documented occurrence and a lot of theories exist that attempt to explain it. Is it demonic? Seriously, I do not know. The "end game" of any demonic manifestation as I understand it is to cause the maximum amount of chaos to good and balance before possession and infestation. Do you see this happening?
silverthane61 in Early Morning Scare
Many people have shared with me how they have stopped hauntings by just saying firmly but politely out into open space, "Go away, you are not welcome here, this is my home and I am asking you to leave!" Simple, I know. But I have had many people share that it has actually worked! What do you have to lose? If it gets worse, then I really believe you should have the house cleansed by a spiritual healer.
BettinaMarie--Rereading your comment I wanted to address your question concerning apparitional "outlines." In the same house that I saw the wholly white apparition my brother saw what appeared to be two figures standing next to each other but they had no features and looked like what he described as photographic negatives. The were whitish/gray and appeared as outlines or cut-outs. They vanished after only a few seconds.

So I would say yes, apparitions do sometimes appear as only outlines.
Lealeigh in This Is Real

I agree; the burn was the part that startled me the most about this story. It seems hateful to burn someone.


Did the investigators find anything at your house?

- Maria
Lealeigh in Furry Face

Your mother sounds like a friend that I have. She is always finding an injured or abandoned baby wild animal to nurse back to health. Usually they are just squirrels, chipmunks and rabbits. She bottle feeds them and makes elaborate bedding and heat lamp arrangements. She does this while she let's her kids run wild all over the neighborhood.

The worst time was when she found five baby possums. She wanted me to help nurse these possums while she went to the store but I just couldn't do it. I'm enough of a nut without that memory to hold onto.

I went to the store for her. People usually view possums as dangerous carriers of disease and I told her to bring them to a wildlife authority if she must do something.

I would have been furious if I were you too.

- Maria
DarriuxDarkk in This Is Real
That is really scary. I was thinking if possibly you have some autoimmune disorder? I know some autoimmune diseases don't have such extreme symptoms as having 1st or 2nd degree burn marks but they do have some rashes forming. It is also worsens with stress as your adrenal glands secretes hormones that may aggravate symptoms:

That being said, I just want to approach your predicament health-wise first just to rule out health issues.

If it is paranormal, have you noticed anything sinister in the house? Just a feeling of not being safe and dread on some parts of the house? I'd rather take a restless spirit over the alternative which I know, you already have an idea of.

I'm scared that you might be haunted by a demon since the physical and emotional hauntings inflicted on you is really concerning. A blister from burning sensation and bleeding from unseen attacks, that sounds demonic to me.

Prayers goes a long way, may you be safe always. God bless.

I too experienced something similar. I was about 13 years old and we were on vacation visiting my grandmother in Mexico. I had been sent to the room I was staying in for arguing with one of my cousins, don't remember about what. I do remember being really upset because I could hear everyone outside laughing and having fun while I was in one of the bedrooms not allowed to come out for being rude and aggressive (LOL). As I sat there in bed, I heard someone right next to me clear his throat, I even felt a little air pass by the side of my face. I freaked out and ran out of the room and told everyone what happened. My grandmother didn't believe me, thought I was making it up so I can come out of the room. She sent me right back in by myself.

That was the first and only time it happened to me. I don't know if it happened to anyone else in that room or house. My grandma used to get really mad when I talked about these things. She went from saying I was making it up to scare my cousins to saying I was evil and the devil was trying to take me with him.

Christine, I hope it was a one time thing for you too. ❤
Tweed in Furry Face
Hi Ladyglow,

I know a guy who worked at an abattoir for a while during the 80s. He's been a vegetarian ever since, and to this day has nightmares about it.

Animals like me, but not any more than any other animal friendly person I think. I've had what might be considered extraordinary animal experiences when I was younger. The first was a swan, which I wrote about on here because I saw an apparition while panicking lol. But the swan side of it, I felt like I could 'tame' this bird and for a brief moment I did. (After patiently willing it)

The next was a few years after. A timid budgie we had escaped and flew into a tree in our yard. Same kind of thing as with the swan, I stood under the tree, concentrating on this bird for goodness knows how long. It didn't fly away. When it was nearly dark the budgie flew onto my arm and I grabbed it. It protested of course but I don't think it bit me. Anyway, budgie was safe and sound.

A few years after that, one of the most ridiculous and dangerous things from my childhood happened, when my mother found a possum stunned under a tree. We were driving to the video store. My hippy dippy mother picked the (large and very dangerous) possum up and gave it to me to hold. Car radio blaring, speed humps, car doors banging. When we got to the video store I was stuck in the car with this animal coiling itself ever tighter around my waist and I was afraid to speak. It had hold of my finger, in it's claws, and was gripping so tight I feared for my finger as much as for my vital organs. (Australian brush tail possums have like bear claws) This lasted forty minutes. When in the video store car park I tried to signal to some people to open the car door so hopefully the possum would make a dash for it. But they didn't see me.
Miraculously I came out completely unscathed. I have very little recollection of how my mother prized the possum off me when we got home, because I was that terrified. I do remember storming into my room however. I didn't speak to my mother for a few days after that. She did see the error of her ways, not because of the silent treatment, just because she's a think later type of person who loves animals a heck of a lot more than I do.
The possum was probably in shock after falling from a tree fighting, as they do sometimes in Australia. The shock probably helped it not attack me for that long. I was twisted in my seat with an arched back to limit any jerky movements on the animal during that time, which probably helped too. But I was in survival mode, I really didn't care for the well-being of the potential death merchant squeezing the bejesus out of me. Harsh but true.
The possum stayed the night in a cat carrier and was released the next night.
I guess animals do like me but maybe it's more a matter of trust at play here. The swan and budgie incidents indicate my patience paid off, and I may have a knack for knowing what animals need or something.

Haha I used to howl at our dogs when I was a kid, always got them going. So I can imagine the mixed reactions you get with your whimpering call. It's always the cutest thing when a dog tilts it's head at you!

As for that ghost palming off more animals onto us, say it ain't so lol. I sort of wondered that too. I mean Leo obviously digs his new friend, so maybe that ghost had a hand in it.
I agree there's something very endearing about cats playing!
"Full bodied" and not "full bodies". Also wanted to add, as I stated in my initial comment on this story, that another reason an apparition might appear as a single color might have to do with an incomplete telepathic communication or connection between the consciousness of the spirit and the person perceiving it.
Hi BettinaMarie--Yes, I meant that in many reported cases of apparitions that they appear as one color. Quite often they also appear to emit their own illumination.

I witnessed the apparition of a woman walking by a bedroom door and turning down a hallway that appeared as completely white. In all other respects she appeared "normal". By this I mean that I could discern the dress she was wearing, her general physiognomy and even the length and style of her hair. She was just lacking color.

The house in which I witnessed this apparition had quite a bit of varied paranormal activity but this apparition seemed to me (by its attire) to have come from the 1940s or 50s. Although I can't confirm this, I wonder if many years ago this apparition would have appeared in full color. From the hundreds of case studies of apparitions I've read, it does indeed seem that many have a limited time in which they will appear before either slowly becoming more indistinct or simply never appearing again.

I feel that an earthbound spirit slowly loses its ability to manifest fully over time before it "moves on" to whatever awaits us next. I believe the gradual loss of this ability to present itself as "life-like" as possible has everything to do with it losing the energy it takes to materialize. There are endless case studies of apparitions that show that initially very life-like full bodies apparitions slowly become more indistinct, often losing variation in color and appearing as one. These colors are commonly white, blue and gray.

Hope this helps!
Raul97ner in The Soul Reappears
Thanks for your comments Maria, Pamela and Arunbabu. ❤ ❤ ❤ You guys have a great journey in life.
Hi Santino,

I agree with everything that's been said. Wanted to give you the option of reading this experience about hearing an invisible dog around a car.

I and a few others here have experience things seemingly teleporting. A few people have experience tarot cards doing this. Most of us don't have any reason to suspect it's demonic. So an MP3 player doing it sounds even less demonic. My point being weird stuff happens, don't sweat it! The window incident wasn't exactly friendly. But the rest sound totally non threatening.
Hi, Santino.

Might be demonic, might not. Rather hard to say from just the events. I have a question about the broken window which is pretty much unanswerable at this point in time. Where did the glass shards end up? In the room or outside.

In my opinion, these events are just events. But please keep a log, journal, diary, or other record of events that may occur going forward to provide more data.

And hope you have a boring, but prosperous future.
Manafon1 I have a question about your comment. My apologies for being late to the conversation.
When you say spirits sometimes appear as all one colour, do you mean the whole "vision" of them appears (ex.) blue? Or do you mean they are outlined/lit in all one colour? Do people ever see just an outline?
I am not trying to nit pick here, just genuinely curious in relation to my own and the OP's experience. Your insight is always so thoughtful and kind.
I really would be lost without the honest, curious minds here on YGS.
With respect, Bettina
To Mrs Ramsay
Thank You so much for sharing this story from your husband and his comrades. It made me cry. I really appreciate that you took the time to put it in my comments.
My last living Uncle served on Iwo Jima, recovering the fallen. He never ever talks about it, but my Mom said once "it troubles his sleep" and I know both sides has tremendous casualties.
My highest regards to your family and their service. Many thanks for the kind words.
WisconsinLady in Early Morning Scare
My dude friend and I were watching something on my laptop about 8 years ago late at night. We both heard a cough/throat clearing from the corner of the room. Sounded like an old guy. It had a tone like if my friend were going to put his arm around me and an old guy was like "better not do that, kid. I'm watchin' ya." Lol Got up to see if one of my parents had come downstairs. Nope. We couldn't explain it. It was as clear as if it was a real person. Never happened before or since then. So, I wouldn't worry about this incident if this is all that's happened at your house. Might just be a one time thing like my experience. Keep us posted on any updates. Thanks for sharing! ❤
Thank you for sharing these experiences with us. I am sending you lots of power and I pray you have found some peace.
I can relate to many parts of these experiences, like the effects of poverty.
I have a lot of questions about clairaudient experience. However, I fully respect if this series of events in your life is not something you'd like to rehash.

Much Care,
Santino -Your experiences don't sound like demonic signs at all. You would have been a lot more frightened if demons had decided to pick on you.

It seems that you were the only one to witness the window actually being broken. Did the windowpane break completely so that there were glass splinters lying outside, or did the pane just crack? Whichever it was, if this was done by an entity in the room, I see that as an aggressive action to attract attention but that doesn't necessarily make the perpetrator evil.

I repeat the question posed by lady-glow regarding the shadow people. Not everybody has the ability to see supernatural beings but perhaps you are one of the "lucky" ones 😆 (Just a joke)

I don't know what to make of the episode with what to you sounded like a big dog running round the car. To my mind it could have been a number of explainable things, like a live dog, even a small animal.

Actually it's quite common for things to go missing and suddenly reappear where there's no logical explanation. This has happened to me a few times and a number of members of this site have posted similar experiences.

No, nothing which you have related points to the demonic.

Regards, Melda
lady-glow in Furry Face
Hello Tweed.

I have been following both of your stories with great interest, the comments are very engaging and informative.

At first I thought that it must be cool to hear what animals have to say, but then I imagine how terrible it could be to know what they have to say when, as an example, a group of pigs is transported all crowded on a truck on the way to the slaughter house.

It is fascinating the way you can understand animals than are not your pets. Do animals are friendly toward you?

I have master this whimpering sound that never fails to get a dog's attention, they always tilt their head to one side and then to the other with a very curious expression on their face. Though adult dogs show a lot of interest on my whimpering, puppies always get excited and jump to me to their masters' puzzlement.

I don't think I can communicate with them, but it's evident that, at least, I must sound to them like a real dog.

Leo came to you through some paranormal help, perhaps the same person told to Furry Face something on the line of "That nice lady is going to treat you well" and send it your way?

Cats playing are adorable!

Welcome to YGS.

Those sure were some unnerving experiences though, in my opinion, do not seem to be demonic in nature.

Was that the only time you saw the shadow people? Has any other family member seen them ever since?
I know you were very young when this happened but, are you sure they were not caused by the reflection from the lights of a passing vehicle?

It seems that finding your mp3 at home was a good thing, don't you think? Perhaps even the doing of a guardian or good spirit helping you out.
It is not unheard of ghosts hiding stuff and then putting it back on the more unusual places, without having a malicious intent.

It would be difficult to know what exactly these events were based on the little information provided in your narrative but, again in my opinion, it would be better to have a positive attitude instead of fearing a terrible outcome that hasn't happened for, at least, 10 years.

Remember, "sometimes the scariest pictures are the ones we paint in our own head."

Thanks for sharing.
Thanks to Lealeigh for directing me to this really good story. I have two cents to add, no pun intended!

My husband, a retired Marine, visited the WWII battlefield at Iwo Jima, Japan just before retiring with a group of other senior Marines and some Navy Corpsman (medical guys). He related the story that it was a cloudy and overcast day and after they had seen some of the pillboxes up on the high ground, they all went down to the beach. It was a very solemn group, and they stood around and quietly reflected on the battle, the Marines who came ashore so long ago. He says just after the sun came out, one of the corpsmen bent over and picked up a small object, a coin. Specifically an American dime dated 1945. The date of the battle. He said they ALL, down to the man, believed it was a message to them from the Marines of the past. Just too much of a coincidence.
Hello Christine and welcome to YGS,

I also believe that most prisons are haunted. They are miserable places by nature, no matter how progressive administrators might try to be.

I read a story, a while back, on this site where a woman was followed home by a spirit from a local cemetery. She politely told this spirit it was time to go back and told the spirit that she was getting ready and it was to follow her back.


Maybe her account might be helpful to you.

- Maria
Hello cocoloco,

My idea is that the spirits in the house are residual and that might have been the reason that you didn't feel any "menace" in the vicinity. In my opinion, a true earthbound spirit that knows what it's doing will not have interactions with other spirits on earth - not the way that we have interactions with each other as living people. I think being earthbound is something of a "private Hell" for many spirits. So, residual haunt is what I am leaning to.

I may be focusing on the wrong things here. It is an interesting account and I would like to echo lady-glow's request to see the pictures that you have described.

Thank you for sharing this; I am also interested in the 1920's.

- Maria
It seems like you had a very eventful tour, not only witnessing visual phenomena but getting it on film.

Could you please share the pictures?
KenshiAdams in Dead Or A (stra) Live!
[at] aussiedaz

The clashing of magnetic energy is an apt way of putting it. When this happened with me, I felt a cold electricity running through my body for a split second. "Not natural", as you said. The one where you experienced heart palpitations must have been a strong one. Good idea to ask your spirit guide to pass on the message though. 😊
Tweed in Furry Face
Update: This morning Leo was definitely playing with something we couldn't see. He was springing around, looking toward something. Also it looked like he was being chased as well as chasing something. He was having a dandy old time. For a while we've suspected something like this happens when we're not around, so it was a treat to have it confirmed, and all in full swing. It was pretty funny.

Lealeigh, I'll be looking out for other lefty musicians now. One friend, another pianist, he's a lefty, and my cousin, yet another pianist and lefty. A cellists I know is a lefty, but plays right handed cello. There's probably something in that, because I and my lefty pianist friend both play right handed guitar. Huh, odd. It makes total sense to handle the strings on the fretboard with the left hand. Years ago I noticed David Bowie was the same, left handed, played right handed guitar. Someone ought to do a survey or something on that. Whoa, sidetracked.

Not sure if I'd consider myself good at maths, but I've always been good with a budget, so maybe. Huh, what'd ya know I'll have to think about that!

Daz, you've probably already heard of this before, but if not I reckon it's up your street. Fractal Geometry, and a dude named Benoit Mandelbrot. He was hired by the IBM computing company as a bit of a problem solver back in the day. He noticed patterns in just about everything and his theories revolutionised how we view the world on a microscopic level. IBM have an article on him, his findings and theories:
do you return to take bike I think it was bicycled it still in the
alldatassstera in The Drowning Girl
Yeah no my cousin didn't drown; he's fine until this day. I just thought it was bizarre that I seen a girl drenched in water at the same time as my grandmother having a nughtmare about someone drowning idk. It was just one of my first experiences I had I thought It if share.
LFrog1386 in Granny Possessed
RCRuskin-thanks for that link to the trial of the haunted house. Working in foreclosure law, I find this particularly interesting and also very amusing. Counsel using puns such as 'not having a ghost of a chance' in their motions was the icing on the cake. 😊
LFrog1386 in Exploding Glass
Once is an accident, twice is a coincidence (although I would be pretty uneasy about that "coincidence") and 3 times is something trying to send you a message. It sounds like you got it, loud and clear!

I am not even sure I would have connected it to the book but as there are stories in every culture about spirits and curses attaching themselves to objects, I'd say it was a smart move to get rid of the book.

Glad it hasn't happened since and Maria, I am glad your cat is better!

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