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Senhora valkricry
Hmm... Now that make sense 😟
A little sad hearing about your experience of "forgotten things"
My father would do the opposite, he threw away almost everything related to my grandmother when she left the world... Well, I made lot of memories with her so it is OK for me but when we want to tell her stories to my sister all we can do is talk our memories... I know, a little different but I just wanted to share my story too.

Ryujin (Roy E. Lynx)
People leave various things behind for an array of reasons. Once I was hired to clean a house to be put on the market once the renters had left - seems to me they left EVERYTHING. I sat on the floor and cried, because we're talking photo albums, very personal family things, as well as toys etc. Near as I could make out, they only took their clothes and a few essentials. And folks just don't forget those things. Turned out, they had lost a small child and just couldn't bare any reminders.
Perhaps this is true of the wardrobe. Perhaps it became a painful reminder of her grandparents and was stored 'for now'.
Thank you all for your comments. I believe the explanations for this experience make a lot of sense as I did not have this happen previously before the accident. I'm sure my grief attracted something negative. Thankfully it hasn't been seen since.

My grief is starting to subside and I feel like I'm returning back to "the land of the living,' if that makes sense. It's still hard but I've had some pretty cool things happen as well that when I'm ready I will post about.

Again, thank you!
Hey! How is things?
Well, we communicated by email because I don't think they speak English at all...
He seemed calm? By just reading his messages... But maybe he is not? I don't know... All his emails were very Googlely... Always will take sometime to translate them back to Japanese than to Portuguese... I mean that is how I figure out to understand his email messages 🙄

The "closet" is not too big but I can tell that it's made of good hard woods, similar to some Chinese antique furnitures and I know it's rare in Japan have such materials as an antique, and yes I was wondering the same thing as you are but tired of asking them again because it really takes time to understand them... 🙄

I will be asking them for more information if anything else odd would happen after the closet is gone...

Oh by the way, I got some white sage already. You know, it's the Obon week this week where it is said that the spirits of the dead will be lurking around, so I might just do the smudging like on Monday, right after the closet is gone just to be safe.

Thanks and I will be updating or will be writing another story if anything else happens.

Ryujin (Roy E. Lynx)
Bibliothecarius in The Old Creepy Closet
Greetings, Ryujin, and welcome back.

It strikes me as odd that someone who is moving out of a house in the country would forget to take a wardrobe/closet with them, especially when the article of furniture was both an antique and a wedding gift.

While I have forgotten items in previous houses when I have moved (21 times, roughly), they tended to be small items like night-lights. Larger items of furniture that we did not want--or had no space to keep--were given to family, friends, or charity shops. When I moved into my house, the previous owner left me his lawnmower because he was moving into an apartment, but he first *asked* me if I wanted it.

How did the previous owners react when you asked them about the closet? Were they relieved, happy, anxious, concerned, etc.? Their reaction may indicate part of their reasoning in having left it behind in the first place.

Though Japanese homes are traditionally not cluttered with excessive furniture, it does seem odd to me that a valuable antique (which should have a place of distinction in the home to show gratitude to the grandparents who gave it as a gift) would be stuffed into the attic space.

I fully believe the events of your story, but the behavior of the previous owners does not add up.

If the movers fail to retrieve the closet, you may wish to consider having it blessed or performing a smudging ceremony to help whatever is attached to it to move on.

Hi Skadus

Seems like you have a lot of spiritual activity around you, I wonder what it was that was guided by the woman into your room though.
Hi ZSneider

I can imagine how hard it must be to lose a loved one especially in that way, have you'll ever seen that lady again after the wake?
Wow sir! Yes! Those places too!
There are so many "maybes" when you encounter things in Okinawa 😳

I hope I can visit there someday.

Senhora valkricry
People here really will not use English, that is why I am forgetting some of the vocabs (excuses excuses excuses) lol

I just had permission to send that back to the pre-owner. I guess they just had forgotten about it... (really!?)

The delivery guys will be here... I think they said Monday? After the Obon period.

Hopefully whatever that is attached to the "closet" (or the wardrobe) will just move on. 🙄

Ryujin (Roy E.Lynx)

I certainly appreciate the information you have given. I could think of two other specific sites that I know of on base that something about them. The first of which was a more public area where a hill led up to a pair of room sized caves. These were said to be where many local wartime nurses had gone to hide during the invasion and took their own lives to avoid capture. They allow the locals on the base specifically to visit the site about once a year.

A friend of mine wanted to do our own visits to this site and one other. As we approached it, I felt like I shouldn't go any further whereas he pressed onward to the gates barring entry inside. I remember him talking about a hat someone had left just before a shadow peeked out. It stood slightly taller than him and seemed to be more curious than harmful. I told him about it and he very quickly ran back to me.

The second, I can't exactly disclose where it was. When we visited that site, we didn't get far into the area. About the same time, we both felt breathless taking deep ineffective breaths. I knew something was off considering he was in far better shape than I, so he shouldn't get as tired as I would so fast. We spoke about the sudden onset and decided it best to turn back.

You might be on to something for sure however. I've done some reading based on your suggestion but, will likely have to dig deeper yet. Unfortunately, I do know how many governments feel about older/ancient holy sites. Always a terrible shame when they disturb such places.
My own feeling is the pre-owner's wife maybe thrilled to have her grandparent's closet back. (FYI - the 'closet' you're describing we westerners call a wardrobe, usually.)
[at] So my guess is... Do whatever that is needed.

I meant my thought is...

Sorry my smart phone is being dumb.
A little more information on the closet.

I contacted the pre-owner of the house, he said that the closet is actually from his wife's grandparents for a wedding gift almost 30 years ago. It is an antique and it was owned by an upper class man who worked for the railway system during the time.

And some more additional researches by myself, any antique during those period in Japan will be resold after the owner's death.

So my guess is I want to send the closet back to the pre-owner of the house and let him do whatever that is needed.

Do you think is worthy doing that? 🤔

Ryujin (Roy E. Lynx)
blosomes in Nephew's Farewell
Wow! Interesting 😳
I kind of like it because different culture have different customs, many are very beautiful in my opinion.
Like in this story, the ceremony itself really can give time to the dead ones to communicate with the living ones...

Thank you!

Hmm... Interesting!
I've done my research too.

Have you heard of Yuta in Okinawa?
Some modern monuments or historical ones, maybe be on a training site of Yuta, which is known to be sacred, now very haunted spots with angry spirits.

Well, incase you don't know what Yuta is, they are some kind of media and shaman mixed but normal women. They will be trained in sacred places called Utaki, which can be as simple as a small bush to a mountainous site as a child.

During the war, the Japanese government had to modernize the place and had taken lots of those Utakis and had built buildings and monuments on them.

The information is from one of my friend whose grandmother is known to be a local Yuta. You how political people is not into "sacred places" during those days 😕 I kind of believe in that.

Hope it helps you

Wanted to follow up as I've finished that video, you sent. I heard all of those stories during my time there and have seen some evidences to their claims. I arrived a short time after the house was torn down so the stories of that one particularly were still "fresh". From what they told me the reenactment actors of the murder/suicide had all met unfortunate fates shortly after. However that may be an embellishment of the story.

To you and Blosomes,

I would suggest a short video from a camera feed on the base. The Ghost of Kadena Gate 4, I worked a few blocks from that particular gate. In the video, you'll see a shadow milling about the gate. Security Forces only ever worked that Gate during the day similar to Clarkson Gate 4 in reasoning. At night, they said radios would sporadically speak nonsense and electronics would malfunction.
I probably should have mentioned this in the story above. Like most times that I visited the office at night, I would hear voices out in the maintenance bay talking loud enough to hear. Even though I could hear it plainly, I could only make out a few words now and again. Mostly it was talk of deployment or equipment in general. If I opened the door to the bay, the talking would stop.

The other would happen at anytime of day. I would catch a glimpse of a tall and older man walking by in uniform. I'd barely catch it most times but, when I could it was more of a translucent blur. My mother told me before I left the island, "Stand at attention and salute. When you do say 'Congratulations, Sir.'" When I finally did, I felt that the person had stopped in front of me and was pleased. What she had told me was, he'd been promoted but, passed away before he could receive it. So he paced the hallways trying to get to his ceremony that never came.
Yep, that would be the one. I haven't quite been able to watch the whole video just yet however, sorry. That story it spoke in the very beginning was one of the big ones. Got told about it shortly after my arrival.

As with the young girl, I couldn't say for sure on her account. I'm not too experienced in that area of expertise even now. I'm inclined to believe my friend based on her having knowledge about things she couldn't otherwise based on situations I can confirm. As in helping me find lost items despite never being anywhere near me due to geographical distance.

Only thing I could say from my personal experience to lean toward is her eyes. Her eyes were a milky white wear you could tell where her Iris and pupils should be. The stare in particular felt more like she was sort of looking directly at my face but, not quite sharply focused. Ultimately, she wasn't any sort of problem once she had stayed around. I do understand any concerns as to the oddity of the explanation since it's strange even to me. I do know that she would sit on the bucket mentioned since I'd feel her foot brush my leg like she was kicking her feet. Whether or not she actually -was- able to watch, I'm afraid likely no one would truly be able to confirm that.
There were quite a few events and such going on on the based, not just Kadena AB. I recall a firefighter telling me about their Flightline station 5 (at least I think the number was 5). They were telling me how it was cold even during the summer and that they rarely used the on station bunks. Talked about a more classic story of a woman in white wandering the bunk areas. She liked to stare over anyone sleeping in the bunks he said. Mostly, they all stayed in the truck bay unless they needed the restrooms because of her wandering. I can't speak of that being true or not however as I wasn't a firefighter.

Those that I mentioned were largely the most active ones that I'd personally seen. Though, I had several more on the lighter side of activity.
Skadus, do you mean this place? Https://

Military establishments seem to have a lot of weird goings on. Probably because of deaths that happen; probably because the instruments of death and destruction attract certain spirits.

I find it most curious that the spirit of the girl who went blind and then died could not see. It is not what I would expect to be so.
RCRuskin in Nephew's Farewell
ZSneider, how comforting, and frightful, this is. To have this gifted woman come to the wake and present these words on behalf of your nephew meant a lot to your family, I'm sure. And then her last words before she left seem to tell me she isn't happy with this gift she has. Helping out the living is often more than enough of a burden.
RCRuskin in Nephew's Farewell
Ryujin, funerary customs, and the length of time for mourning and so on, varies greatly in various cultures and traditions. I recently read about some apparently very ancient funerary customs, circa 20, 000 years ago. The deceased would be buried in the foundation of a hut used by this hunter/gatherer tribe. After a few years, they would exhume the body and decorate the skull, after removing it from the rest of the skeleton, and place it in a position of honor with other ancestors.

My personal favorite funerary custom is The Last Kiss in Orthodox Christian funerals. As the choir sings hymns about death, the attendees of the funeral walk by the deceased. They may kiss the coffin/casket symbolically kissing goodbye, "shake hands", or whatever gesture. It really gives closure, being able to say good-bye.
blosomes in Clap?!
Hmm...hearing clapping sounds... Reading along.
I think it should be something "paranormal people" will call rapping sound, which will occur during a poltergeist. Very well a presence of a paranormal being.

Not sure if it was your grandfather, but hey, maybe it was him? I am sure he will not want to see you crying after all.

Keep smiling and be happy for your grandfather so that he can be relieved. I know its sad and it is hard to get going but he is always there to support you.

Be well!

blosomes in Nephew's Farewell
Thanks for the quick reply!
Oh I see, so it is like a ceremony held during a funeral?
Yes, in some culture funerals can last like for days.

People in Rome ages ago used to believe that a spirit will take at list 9 days to travel to the world where their ancestors are, they will need to held a proper funeral in order to guide the spirits (Or let the spirits know that they don't belong to this world no more) I know, its not the same but you know what I mean, right?
ZSneider in Nephew's Farewell
Thanks. "Wake" is like a vigil or a watch being held after a person just died. It is like a norm here in PH, whenever a person died they usually will held a wake for that person which lasts from several days to a week before burial.
Wow! What an experience!
I have heard lots of strange stories from Okinawa but never on the base, its mostly local legends or local happenings.
Creepy... 😨

Hope you are doing well now!

blosomes in Nephew's Farewell
Welcome and interesting story!
Does "wake" mean necromancy? Or is it just sighting of a person's spirit? Or should I say an appearance of the person's spirit?

Well in my opinion, it is not scary at all but rather heart warming. Which in here it is considered "good story" since its real. So far that I read stories here rarely will there be a "realistic" scary one, most "real ones" seemed to be very heart warming. Just my opinion.

Spirits of our family do exist in my belief though I did not experience any yet. But I did have some experience having my grandmother sending me messages through a shaman or a dream. 😉

I don't feel scary at all since the spirits were once a human being like we are. Try to be more open hearted, you might be able to receive more messages from the past. ❤

blosomes in The Old Nun
[at] Just a few facts that may help you 'date' your nun.
I nearly have coffee fountaining out of my nose reading this in a quiet café! LOL

Very interesting information... And YES, I do remember having a "Sister Cranky" too in my primary school. Brings back lots of good and bad memories...

Ryujin (AussieRedDog, sorry for random comments)
Hi Mamamissy7

Condolences on your loss, I can't imagine how you feel right now but I do hope that you will be able to be in a good place, mentally and physically.

Perhaps what you experienced was a sign that things will get better as time goes by.
White scrubs or a white robe?

I too am very sorry for your loss and I pray that your late son's Memory be Eternal.

I am curious to know, but you do not have to answer this at all, but are you spiritual or religious in the sense that you have a favorite spiritual understanding of the world? (Christian, Buddhist, Moslem, Jewish, etc.)

Because my gut feeling is this figure is not on the hospital staff.
I am really really sorry for your lost...
You must be having a really really bad time...
About the man you saw... Was he wearing white or is he a white guy? Just wondered...
But no matter what... I hope you will get well soon... And I am sorry I lost words for your situation... Really hoping every will be ok soon.

I've had the same encounter. Except mine felt more paranormal. I was awoken by a baby crying. I was sleeping in a guest room visiting my mom from out of state cuz I was attending a semester of college in Utah. Anyway I hear this baby crying and I think nothing of it because in my head I'm just like oh well the neighbors must have a baby. Well I'm facing towards the window, blinds closed and curtains shut when I see a shadow figure walk by. I look out the window but no one is there. I lay back down and I see see the shadow figure so I look once more. Still nothing. I than lay back and down and just feel someone standing behind my bedside and when I turn to see its this shadow figure. It looked like this man wearing this black trench coat just staring at me with nothingness into his face. Pure darkness with black eyes. Its crazy to see how black his eyes were. That was all that was noticeable on him. We stared at each other all night. I was locked in terror I had no idea how to move in these moments. Hours had passed it felt until I finally dug up the courage to turn the other way in bed and get under the covers. I stayed under the covers the rest of the night but I knew he was standing over me. I could feel his presence as if he wasn't standing beside me anymore but hovering over me because I feel the pressure as if someone had laid on top of me. I stayed that way for the rest of the night. Up until a blender turned on in the kitchen. When I heard the blender and felt the weight had been lifted and when raising my head above the sheets there was no one in sight. I remember getting up and telling my mom the whole story. I never slept in that room again but until this day I still phyche myself sometimes into thinking I still this man in my room sometimes but don't think he means you any harm. He'll scare the shii out of you but alas I was unharmed when having this encounter. Just scarred mentally lol
valkricry in The Old Nun
Just a few facts that may help you 'date' your nun. (Okay, that reads awfully odd.) The headpiece you describe is called a cornette, worn by the Daughters of Charity until 1965. They were founded in 1633, but did not arrive in Australia until 1926. (Personally I think that it's some kind of rule, that ALL Catholic schools have at least one cranky old nun that scares kids.) 😆
blosomes in The Old Nun
Looking back to the story again and reading the comments.
A person's thought and feeling is said can last up until nearly 400 years. Not scientifically proven, but in some old castle sites in Japan, it is kind of like a very old legend, for more then 100 years people were claiming to see armored people wondering. Since those periods where people wore armor were like nearly more then 400 years dating from the 2020's, the sightings of that is getting less.

What I want to say where sometimes a person's thought is so strong that it will be last until their after life, and only time can cure their feelings sometimes, even if they are happy or angry or sad.

To answering Rajine' s question, I am not sure but maybe she is always around doing her routine. Something might have happened to make her linger around after 100 years. Since weekends are probably quiet (Correct me if I am wrong), she might have been there doing her everyday work. Or, since she is a nun, maybe she is just there to do her weekend duty and found that there were kids around and so she was angry.

Just my guess Sir.

AussieRedDog in The Old Nun
Rajine, good question-I don't recall anything strange happening during the week as school would be packed with screaming kids and I am going back nearly forty years ago, too.
mamamissy7 in Was He A Ghost?
Wow, that is sad. He must not have realized that he had died since it had happened so fast and unexpectedly. That would explain why he was confused when he didn't have your order. I hope he is able to crossover. Thank you for sharing. I believe you because I have heard of this happening with unexpected deaths where spirits linger because they don't realize that they are dead or are not ready to leave Earth yet.
i had this happen lots when I was a kid about 8 years old, I was havin a tough time then had an encounter with a boy on my stairs who looked like a negative photograph, then not long after they showed up at night for months, the chantering noise like someone chanting but whispered chanting, reading strange books while stood all around my bed they didn't go when I moved either, browny red robes with hoods over there heads about 3-4 feet tall, busy movements. I felt they helped me control my emotions at the time.
Thank you for commenting!
Sure it is and I want to believe so. 😁

Awesome! Memory, memory, memory!
Thank you very much! 😉

Hello Rajine and thanks for commenting!

Well, I was told that the farm house itself is built around 1950s, there is a previous owner of the farm house. He needed to move to Tokyo which is far away from where the house is. And he is rather young, around mid 40 or 50 in age.

So I don't think the house itself have a history or any background story.

The closet, which I found out like last week, I was told by an antique wholesaler that it is made around 1800s during the Meiji period. He said that it might have owned by a upper class person, but he can not really tell who really might have owned it.

My theory will be the previous owner might have bought the closet from an antique store and just left it in his attic. Really, that is all I can think of for now but it is kind of creepy for me... I got more story to share about this closet.

That is definitely a very interesting and very strange encounter that you had, but I think that it could possibly be a guardian angel as [at] RCRuskin mentioned, averting a possible disaster.
Hi blosomes

Do you know who owned the house previously, or even the history of the house?

Do you think perhaps there's another reason as to why the door slammed shut? If not, then maybe you should seek help from someone who will be able to tell you more.
Rajine in Clap?!
Hi 00786

Perhaps it was your grandfather, giving you a sign to say goodbye and that he'll still be around and that you shouldn't be sad.
Rajine in The Old Nun
Hi AussieRedDog

She must be a really dedicated person to still be around a hundred years later, the things that you and your friend experienced in the school happened during the weekend when no one was around and everything was quiet, has this sort of thing happened after that first time, say when the school was in full attendance?
Thank you for you comment sir.
Yes, maybe it is a guardian angel!
I have forgotten that this is a new account... 😕

Well, in my other account I think I have written a few stories about a heroic ghost phantom boy in that same shopping mall.
It might be him but until now I am not sure 🤔

A guardian angel perhaps? Or a guardian spirit of some kind is my guess. I too would rather see a ghost than see a ghost being made.
Wow, what a relief!

You know what? I used to work in a haunted building. We used to have night shifts (grave yard shift?) but nobody really wanted to stay until midnight...

I used to go for night shift, but the managers will not arrange me into that shift since really no one wants to stay until midnight for some reason. 🙄

I did some research and found out that the location where the building is used to be a ghettos where many crimes happened... Hmm 🤔

I was told once by a young building manager (cleaner) that he will see shady people at the basement floor during around 2:00 to 3:00 morning (or midnight) eerie... 😨
I am kind of late for my comments but this made me cry 😭
I remember when my grandfather died my grandmother use to say that she dreamed about grandfather but did not know how to communicate with him even he was right in front of her 🤔
That does not seem to be the matter at all for your case of you Senhora Lady-Glow.

Remember I used to write about encounters with my old house cat, Aurora back in Brazil? Not now a days but years ago, I used to dream of her whenever I feel sad, and you know how house cats can be so touching sometimes as if they know we feel sad and wanted to make us smile? That's what she will do most of the time in my dream.

I am sure you know, a person will just act like the person him/her self in our dreams too. Sir JR might be worried about you right until you told him that you don't need him anymore, he respects you and so he went along. Just my thoughts 😉

Interesting encounter 😲

As Rajine commented, try to do some research and you might find something interesting!

And as a ex-ghost walker too, I recommend doing research yourself to make your tour much more interesting in the future 😉
blosomes in Mystifying Morning
Meu amigo!
Something is protecting you in this case!
Like many had commented, the light 😳
It really is an experience all people who meditates or an exportin such will really experience. 😉
I am sorry to be using this space for a hello board but hey 😁
I am good got too much to tell you guys/gals 😉

Oh am I glad to see you around! 😭
I miss my days in Brazil already lol
Roy! Welcome back!
Where you been? Whatcha doing? Questions, questions... And - virtual hugs hello!

Welcome back.

blosomes in The Old Nun
Ah...seeing people from the past...
Not me but back in Brazil my father used to see old solders marching in an evening beach nearby and always would say that my grandpa was there too 😕 Really? But now, I kind of want to believe in that. 😐

Wow 😨
What an experience 😲
Very informative! 😁

Ghost tours now a days are made for real people like you!
Good luck!

Hello, just a random guy passing by.

Well, this sure is interesting, did you not do a research on old news and so?

The company can hide lots of things behind you, so it will be the best to do some research before entry 😉

Ryujin ❤
Hello! Guys and gals!
I am back with a different account!
I don't know what happened to my account but this story seems to be the last one I submitted? 😭
I am alive and I am now away from my home back to where my great grannies are lol

Em...I hope someone will remember me here 🙄
nesty_khuletz in They're Just Guiding Us
Hi ParanormalInvestigator19,

Unfortunately I have not known the full history of the place aside that I have been told the death of the former owners there, and it has been long abandoned before take over of the new owner.
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in Shadow Man In The Fedora
DreamBird, first off I am so sorry for your loss and what you are experiencing with your father, it sounds like a trying time for you for sure.

I am aware of the back alleys you speak of, they exist in Tucson as well, so it provides a good mental image.

I don't believe you have anything to worry about. Your gut feeling about the entity/being you saw was correct, the behavior of your little protector (dog) verifies that. Animals can read energy and intention very clearly even from a non corporeal form.

Often when a person is experiencing negative emotions to an extreme, such as in your case, it can attract other entities/spirits that function at a similar vibration, like attracts like and they feed off it. In many cases they can exacerbate the emotions, make them worse to keep the cycle going. I think this was something passing through that sensed the strong emotions you were experiencing and stopped to check it out. It obviously kept its distance from the house and did not want to be detected by you, thus its sudden disappearance when you spotted it.

You need time and space to process the grief/sadness/loss and other emotions you're going through, it's a lot for a person to go through. My hope is that you're not doing it alone and that you have some sort of support from family and friends? It would be prudent to protect yourself and call upon a spiritual support as well, according to your beliefs, whether its prayers, sage burning (there's a wonderful place in Sedona that sells a sage spray) or a myriad of other ways to keep these types of entities from attaching or prowling around as you definitely don't need them hanging around your space.

This could continue to happen in other ways as you're going through all this, and you have a bunch of tools you can use to ensure you don't keep receiving unwanted guests and visitors. Hopefully this helps and good luck!
Hello Rajine,

You're absolutely right on that point. Safe to say, I was a little headstrong having grown up with that sort of thing occurring with some frequency. This particular set of events was about 13 years ago now, had forgotten to add a time-frame. These days, if I attempt to communicate, it's nowhere near as carefree. Fortunately/unfortunately many times I don't really do it actively.

Short situation was visiting a friend for the first time ever. I saw a shadow of someone down their hall. I asked if they'd had that sort of trouble before. When they said no, it left to their bathroom. Within three days, he told me they had to cleanse their bathroom mirror as a presence had taken residence in it. Until, I'd come around there'd been no issues.
However I am glad that you and your friends weren't affected negatively from your encounters and that nothing attached itself to you'll.
Hi Skadus

I think it's safe to say that we should never attempt to "provoke" any type of supernatural activity, it's not even safe for people who have had years of experience dealing with the supernatural let alone first attempts. There's no knowing what we inviting or letting out into our lives.
Hi MsRevz80

Condolences on the loss of your cousin, I'd like to think that wherever he is, he's happy and at peace. It's never easy losing a loved one but all we can do is remember the good times we shared with our loved ones.
The pandemic was stressful all around. From the forced isolation to this political issue and that one.

Certainly, one could die from covid because of having the disease, but it is, in my opinion anyway, also a death from covid because of the distress of forced isolation. A phone call or video chat is no substitute for face to face interaction but it is better than nothing.

And I don't mean to inflict guilt on anyone by saying this.

The song was probably just a coincidence, but your thinking of your cousin was not.
Hi Rajine, I told my mother and she did a small ritual yesterday and today I feel much better, the heaviness of some sort has ended. Also, I am sleeping in my parent's room for the last 3 days so feeling okay in my sleep as well.
AussieRedDog in The Old Packing Shed
Paranormalinvestigator19, mate I thought I had that story up but I didn't. I will relate that story soon but yea it was imprint of the violence that occurred there, and it is the same throughout Australian history of massacres of the Indigenous, same in America with the Native Americans. These ghosts who my mate and I heard were residue of the past... It was freaky to hear...
ParanormalInvestigator19 in They're Just Guiding Us
Aside from the history of the old couple that died on the premises was there any other recorded deaths at the building?

Also I do feel as though the spirits were almost acting as guardians in a sense, like they were hanging around and seeing what was going on in the area, and how it was being used in current times.
ParanormalInvestigator19 in The Old Packing Shed
Unfortunately, like Rajine had said, tragedies like that tend to leave a mark on the world, an imprint on the energy sorta speak.

Also led me to another question, with other times of hanging out with your friend, you mentioned having an experience with something called "the nun" was this on the same property that his father owned or somewhere else?

Was a pleasure to read the story.
Sleeping-with-steve in Shadow Man In The Fedora
Hello DreamBird,

My sincere condolences go out to you.

It's a very difficult time that doesn't get easier but hopefully progresses to beautiful memories that will fill your heart with warmth.

I don't know much about the shadow man wearing a hat. You will find YGS members have so much to share. It's a great community, and hopefully you'll get an idea of who it was, why he came, and if it means something, from these forums.

Sorry I can't be of help, but I just want to reach out and say, 'be strong'. It's difficult, but in time the memories will help you heal.

Best wishes,
Hi Aslipablo

After reading your previous incidents and this one I must say that I think something definitely follows you, it's hard to say whether it's trying to tell you something or is just following you for more malevolent reasons, but I think you should seek help from someone who'll be able to shed more light on what you are experiencing.
Hello. I seen "The Hatman", when I was 15 or 16. I think these entities come around when one is in negative circumstances. I was dealing with a lot of issues at that time. I can't say, I want that experience again.
A new update- My used pens (5 to be precise) were lying on the floor yesterday (they are kept on a shelf) when I had gone to the washroom for 10-15 minutes. It was around 1 am, came back and said a god's mantra and put the pens on the lower rack of the shelf so they don't topple. Guess what-

Sat at my table to read a book and in front of me, only one pen just toppled down from the lower rack like something took it and thrown it there. If it had fallen too close from the shelf I would have understood it was my wrong placing but this was further away than a pen would fall. I was scared but kept my cool. I will attach a picture if something again happens but in the story format.
valkricry in Wth Case Files
00786, thank you for your kind comment. Things have been quiet here for the most part. Still the occasional WTH, but nothing big. Which I'm totally ok with.😆
Hi Rajine,
You are absolutely right. I don't think I will ever get over losing him, or the way he was lost, but I'm learning to move forward (and take him with me).

I seem to recall seeing something similar as a child but I don't think it was the same being. It definitely didn't feel right or good seeing this thing. It could be possibly that my grief attracted it. I prayed for protection after that night and nothing so far, has been out of the ordinary (thankfully).

Hi DreamBird

It's never easy losing a loved one, no matter how much time goes by that emptyness will always remain, however we learn to move ahead.

Was this the first time you saw something like that? I'm not sure what it was but if you didn't get a good vibe from it then it might not be a loved one, we all have a primal instinct that helps us determine whether something is good or not.
I've read all your stories and each one of them is so nicely written and everything is explained in detail. My favourite one was that possession of the hand it gave me goosebumps and I'm so sorry about every dear one you lost during the tears but that's what's called "life".So now I'll have to look for some other lovely writers until you post new stories. Take care ❤️
RCRuskin, thank you.

The only image that comes to mind is a picture I have of my great-grandfather. I didn't think of this until later. He is pictured wearing a fedora and would be about the same height as the shadow man. A message possibly?

I definitely did not get good vibes from this thing. My mother asked me if it could possibly be my deceased love. I don't think he would show up and scare me or the dog. Surely the dog would have recognized him. My partner was also shorter in stature than the shadow. So I suppose I don't know definitively. Thanks for reading and commenting!
May the Memory of the love of your life be Eternal.

I have just one question regarding the hat apparently being worn. Do any of the people you mentioned own a fedora, or do they have a connection with someone known to?

BettinaMarie in Annoying Phantom Cats
Welcome and thank you for posting. I hope you have access to a decent health care provider. Neuropathy is no joke. Do go see a doctor if possible, and never change up med or dosages without a pharmacy approval.

I have never had " bites" but I used to see phantom cats sometimes, out of the corner of my eye. I am fascinated that other people have seen them too. I never " felt" only "saw" them.

It was weird to admit to an eye doctor that I had been seeing cats -but I did. He was kind enough to do a normal exam, to verify that what I "saw" was not my eyes playing tricks.
If someone reacts judgementally they are probably not a very competent pro, keep asking until you find an answer. There is no shame in asking your primary health person for a referral to a general sort of counseling, and you don't have to say why you'd like a counselor. If you have a rabbi or someone spiritual you know, they might offer some decent perspective or advise.

You could maybe frame the question as if you were describing a dream, if you are shy to admit you "see" things while awake. Finding out it was not my actually my eyes failing, really put my mind better somehow. I also have not seen any cats since then, so for me it may have been some kind of projection? They never touched or scared me but was very odd to see. I am very unconventional person, so I geuss I just ignore mean opinions. If you are scared or hurting, I don't think it matters what anyone what anyone thinks of you to ask around and get help.

I still don't know why phantom cat sightings happens but if they or the peripheral creepiecrawls ever actually bit or threatened me... I would be telling them off. Like very loudly and plainly state your claim and purpose. "This is my body, you cannot touch me" or " Get Out of My Home- You are not ever welcome". Or both. Do not bargain, do not be afraid.

I am a however, a little superstitious and would hesitate to name a questionable form, even if it reminded me of a bygone pet or anxious house elf. If it were more pesky than frightening, you might placate it-

Sometimes putting out a little milk and sweets overnight will settle pestering sprites. In old times you would also leave the door unlatched that night, but maybe a safer modern variation would be to stand in the open doorway a moment and focus on ending the annoyance.

Or-spill a bowl of lentils and leaving it so, is an old fashioned overnight way to distract bored spirits, who are said to be unable to resist the task of returning them to bowl. I read this method in a book about medieval carpentry.

Would a spirit cat would probably be more distracted by the bowl left very near the table edge, all the better to swipe off? I am a dog person, I don't know.

In any case, declaring my space and self off limits has always lended me courage even if I may be imagining the unseen threat. You are brave to write and share this phantom biter cat experience. I really hope you find relief. I am sure you have what it takes to reclaim your rest and peace of mind.

As always I appreciate everyone's kind comments and the top-notch Mods at YGS.

Best of Luck

Bettina Marie
Firstreader in Was He A Ghost?
Brother, we believe in you.
Some of this stuff happens all the time. And I can garantee that's not by accident. You got something special, as the delivery guy had too.
nesty_khuletz in They're Just Guiding Us
Hi Rajine,

Yes. Most of the workers assigned on night shift told me they've seen some spirits just having their time within the plant premises. No one encountered this old lady maybe because employees other than authorized are not allowed to use the 3rd floor office. I don't feel her presence in any other floors.

I've got this thinking that it is frequented by ghosts because it has long been abandoned building before its re-development.
Hi nesty_khuletz

It seems like the spirit you encountered was a good on and maybe even attached to that place. Apart from you has anyone else seen anything?
Hi Rajine, It was the first time I visited the place, but next month I have to go again and will be staying for 2-3 weeks for some work. I had only one conversation with the caretaker and he hesitatingly admitted it and also said that I should light the incense sticks every day and in front of the deity (kept in a different room) in the evening (a ritual done every day in Hindu homes and temples after sunset). So I guess I will figure out what happened that day and if there is something there I would have to arrange something else. (p.s.- caretaker is employed recently (6-7 months I guess) by my uncle who bought the flat from the previous owner who left from India a long time ago, so he knows less about the place)
Hi AussieRedDog

Tragedy like that unfortunately leaves its mark on the world and it will echo through out time, because of the violent nature and untimely deaths.
Hi Aslipablo

You mentioned that you stay in this place whenever you are in the city, has anything like this happened previously? It may be either something followed you or the caretaker is not being open about the place you staying.
Hi Cole_Harris

That is indeed strange experiences, I can imagine the older the house the more the history, did you ever discuss this with your family and see if they also experienced anything like you have?
Hi Dergato

Sometimes it's not the building, but rather the land that could be haunted, from your narrative It seems that only you experienced this.
Hi Belros79

The supernatural world isn't as veiled as we might think, did you trying talking to anyone at the hotel regarding the incident you and your girlfriend experienced?
Years ago me and my girlfriend rented a house in Droylesden, manchester England, we lived there for about 3 years, some of the stuff that went on in that house was so insane it gives me the chills now many years later. Things started disappearing in the house only to turn up weeks later in the original spot where they went missing from so we knew something strange was going on. About two years into residing at the property I came out of the front room to go upstairs and at the top of the stairs is what I can only describe as a black figure, it has head legs arms everything but all completely black, the strange thing was the light in the hall was off but I could still see this really black figure. I thought it was a burglar and ran at it to punch it only to find my fist swinging through thin air, I switched the light on and nothing was there it proper freaked me out. A few weeks later after the dark figure incident other strange things started to happen. Someone had bought us an old radio the type that you have to turn the dial to get the sound up you can feel it click on as you turn the dial but it's a Manual action to get the thing to work, it turned on by itself full blast, when we checked it there wasn't even any batteries in it so double freaked out. The last straw came when me and my girl were settling down for the night in bed and I heard a loud angry voice day "get out", I actually though I was hearing things or someone was messing about so I didn't mention it to my partner until the following morning when I asked if she had heard anything strange the night before she said yes I heard " get out", we packed our shiat and left the following week, I never believed in any of this stuff until I saw it with my own eyes, now many years later I still remember the time in that house and all I can say is there is some stuff in this world that we will never be able to explain but if it looks like evil, sounds like evil smells like evil then it's probably evil.
Hi paranormalinvestigator 19 the reason I asked the caretaker is that I want to cancel out any possibility that I brought an entity with me (read my last experience in this forum) or am susceptible to such things.
00786 in Night Horror
The_Lost_Voyage_11: thank you so much for reading my story and for the detailed comment. It really lifted my concerns and I think you're right that if it had the potential to harm me it would have done it in the first place. I have always had very weird dreams and night experiences since childhood but I'm completely new to these dreams (or whatever you call them) which can really be called as sleep paralysis so I really needed more information about it. This really helped thank you 😊
ParanormalInvestigator19 in A Scare In The Empty Flat
That would definitely be a type of situation that I feel like could be pretty alarming if not expected when staying somewhere.

One thing I am a little curious about, because I see in your comment that you mentioned the caretaker admitting that he felt a presence there, and wanted to ask if you have felt a presence there yourself while staying there?
ParanormalInvestigator19 in The Spirits Of The Old Jail
[at] ladydarke

Thank you, I will definitely hit them up and see if they are interested in taking a look and you're welcome.

The main thing I felt when I heard the feet shuffling along was more of a surprise, or caught off guard feeling, because I wasn't expecting it. At the same time a little bit after when we started to ask questions I did feel goosebumps coming over me like a hair raising type sensation but that was about it.

I also, if all goes according to plan, in the next month or two, want to try and re-investigate and see if I can gather more information, and want to try and see if I can get new evidence from that location.
Hi, lady glow, I actually asked the caretaker but he too was baffled by what I saw. Though he hesitatingly admitted that he has felt a presence there and does not stay inside alone at night (which is now kind of scary for me).
Hi! How are you? I hope you are doing well. I've read your story and I loved it so much. This story reminded me one time when my aunt was pregnant and we were very poor at that time, our roof was made out of leaves and shiat and sometimes at night, we would hear very weird sounds and shiat. My aunt would say it's possibly a "tiktik"

I want to ask permission though if it's alright that I read your story for my YouTube channel. Of course, I will surely credit the story to you and will also be happy to plug your channel or any account you want me to. I hope that's alright? Do let me know your thoughts. Rest assured, I WON'T post or use your story without consent. Thank you and stay safe always!
Hi! How are you? I hope you are doing well. I've read your story and I loved it so much. That was really strange. Kapres are known to tease or play pranks on people. But I think they are one of the less harmful creatures the philippines has.

I want to ask permission though if it's alright that I read your story for my YouTube channel. Of course, I will surely credit the story to you and will also be happy to plug your channel or any account you want me to. I hope that's alright? Do let me know your thoughts. Rest assured, I WON'T post or use your story without consent. Thank you and stay safe always!
Yohanchan_MCT in Kapre?
Hi! How are you? I hope you are doing well. I've read your story and I loved it so much. My guess is that it is a Kapre cause you mentioned humming, usually kapres are just chill or like to make fun and tease people.

I want to ask permission though if it's alright that I read your story for my YouTube channel. Of course, I will surely credit the story to you and will also be happy to plug your channel or any account you want me to. I hope that's alright? Do let me know your thoughts. Rest assured, I WON'T post or use your story without consent. Thank you and stay safe always!
Yohanchan_MCT in Baguio Hauntings
Hi! How are you? I hope you are doing well. I've read your story and I loved it so much. I am filipino, I have never been to Baguio before but one day I would like to visit there, I have read a couple of scary stories. I think it would be a great experience checking scary places in there.

I want to ask permission though if it's alright that I read your story for my YouTube channel. Of course, I will surely credit the story to you and will also be happy to plug your channel or any account you want me to. I hope that's alright? Do let me know your thoughts. Rest assured, I WON'T post or use your story without consent. Thank you and stay safe always!
Hi! How are you? I hope you are doing well. I've read your story and I loved it so much. I think I would shiat my pants though if that happened to me cause that's just insane.

I want to ask permission though if it's alright that I read your story for my YouTube channel. Of course, I will surely credit the story to you and will also be happy to plug your channel or any account you want me to. I hope that's alright? Do let me know your thoughts. Rest assured, I WON'T post or use your story without consent. Thank you and stay safe always!
Hi! YAY! Thank you for replying and for letting me use your story. I really appreciate it. I will put in the title, your handle and direct link to the story in the description of the video! I will send you a link once its out so you can check it.:) Here is my email so you can send me your insta, creepysister31 [at]

Here's the link to my channel, its new but I hope you like it.

Take good care always!

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