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Nelson_but_not_Mandela in Historic Seaside Town Haunted House
[at] Lea Leigh.
You have to be kidding! Do people that old still can do it? Eww!🀒
boo_boo_whoo in The Man In The Bird Hide
Oh your so brave going back inside after seen that man! Your lucky he wasn't a flasher. πŸ˜‰
boo_boo_whoo in My Cat Is Acting Strange
Your kitty is very cute, she looks like my Miss Whiskers. I hope nothing wants to hurt her.❀️
Maybe the woman above has a bulldog?
They snore really loud.
Ohh creepy. I'd first assume maybe it's a real person that is looking for a spot to crawl into. Maybe I'd call the police and see if they could go a search of the house. Otherwise, try going back at different times of day and bring your camera. If it is a spirit, it could very well have been attached to the people who lived there and now they are gone it's looking for a new host to latch onto.
Ok so it may be time to do some research on the land and house - NY state has a long and storied history, you may be able to find out some rather eye opening bits of info about the land and greater area where you live. You may also want to try means of communication with said entities - outside of a Ouija board, that is - things like an EVP or pendulum session are typically viewed as a bit safer. Having done your research before such a session will help you guide your questions to get better to the point.

I'll post a link to a page I have found helpful - they have a great deal of fairly well researched folk methods to try in managing these situations etc. Https://
Just make sure that any items you bring into the house are kitty safe:-)

Also, all of the changes may be causing a bit of emotional distress for kitty - maybe try some CBD products (do your research, not all are created equal), calming treats (you can get them cheaper on Amazon than the big box pet supply stores), a Feliway plug-in and/or spray, or talk to your vet about a temporary scrip for nerves (generally very inexpensive and you can use GOODRX to find the best price near you - provided kitty's liver and kidneys are healthy enough to handle medications).
good-ghosts in The New Bride
I meant Women whose husbands are alive are dressed in bridal clothes
good-ghosts in The New Bride
Hello LFrog1386,

That sounds convincing but then I am a Hindu and we too cover the dead in white sheets. As per our rituals, the deceased is bathed and new clothes (women whose are alive are dressed up like a bride) are put on them before cremation.
So those are the last clothes they wear. I think they should show up in those then.
I am not negating any thoughts here. I am just curious about it. My sincere apologies if any one is hurt.πŸ™πŸ»
Hello virulentpeach,

Quite a thought-provoking incident indeed. Places having certain certified history of tragedies does possess a necessarily large amount of spiritual energy no matter negative or positive. And it is no surprise to find any paranormal instances in such sites. However, we can't be sure of the fact whether is it malevolent or subjectively harmful in its approach. I've to admit the amount of details has been put to emphasize the entire situation is indeed praiseworthy. In that burnt down building we have no idea whether there's this single entity or are there more hiding in the shadows of the ever-lasting darkness. Lol trying to be a bit poetic.

An investigation on this topic would be quite interesting considering the details of the location along with its intriguing history.

By the way, were you able to take any pictures of this entity?
Thank you for the ego boost I probably do need one right now, two of my work college's said "I'm not right in the head"" and another whispered ""he's a sandwich short of a picnic basket"" πŸ˜†

Cheers mate, perhaps in the after life, once I'm finish haunting my bank manager and a few others on my bucket list we can hang out little and talk about the old days yapping on YGS, haha

Limey, apologies for this response on your wall, compliments are as rare as a blue moon these days... When you're over 50, you take anything on offer run with it and not look back,lol!
Hi, virulentpeach...

This is amazing, and very eerie! Have you gone back to check the building since this was posted? It's strange, but I get the feeling of melancholy in this man. Don't know where that feeling comes from, because I don't have any psychic gifts whatsoever, but for some reason that is what I'm feeling. Like a wistfulness for life.

Have you happened to do a search about that fire, or about the building itself? Please keep us posted about this!
Sleeping-with-steve in A Picture From The Future
Hello Limey,

This doesn't relate to your post, however, I thought I'd ask how you and your family and friends are. It was just on the news that the total of Covid19 cases in the UK has exceeded over 45,000. That's terrible. Thoughts go out to you and your loved ones.


You are one intelligent, interesting, and humourous guy. I can't help but love all your post and comments. I could read your material for hours, days and weeks. I learn so much from your words.

A case of beer eh?
🍻πŸ₯‚ Well if I win a million my dear fellow Australian, I would definitely share.

LuciaJacinta in A Knock On The Door
This was a wonderful story. It seems almost movie worthy. Very well told.
LFrog1386 in The New Bride
Good-ghosts- regarding always seeing the dead in white, it tends to be an Asian custom in some parts of the continent. Sometimes the people attending the funeral wear white and sometimes the deceased is wearing white. White signals purity and rebirth so those who believe in reincarnation will often surround themselves with white clothing when a loved one dies in order to help them move on to their next life.

That being said, I am not sure how it would fit into a Wandering spirit that clearly has not passed on and been reincarnated. If anyone has anything more to offer, feel free to enlighten me!
[at] LuciaJacinta
Thank you for the comment! No, she did not seem bothered by this "entity", as far as being in fear goes. She had more of an annoyed or angered tone as she did not want to "leave" yet, she was the type to not fear much. I have many stories passed down through my family of the things that happened to my grandmother and all her children, I will be posting a lot more.
Jubeele in The Spirit House
Hi Fenrispro, this all happened many years ago and much has changed in the Cairnhill area. A modern building complex stands in the spot where the property used to be. The Primary and Secondary Schools have moved to another locality, and Grandma's house has long been replaced by a condominium.

But there could very well be spirit houses in parts of Singapore. I've seen Buddhist shrines at the back of some Chinese restaurants and shops, like in old Chinatown. Have you seen those red altars with gold trim and a small roof sheltering the joss sticks, and bowl of food? I think they could be considered spirit houses in their own right.

Sorry to hear about your cousin falling so ill. Have no idea if any supernatural forces were responsible for that. But as far as I know, Thailand doesn't follow Voodoo or Vodou, which originally came from West Africa and is practised in places like the Caribbean, Latin America etc. I've heard cautionary tales of Siamese black magic, as something to be avoided. But the spirit house was of the Monkey God, who is considered by many Buddhists to be a protective deity.

Looking back on that period, I don't think I was in any real danger. It felt more like I had been pranked. Maybe by something or someone being mischievous, just being funny? πŸ€”
It sure does sound like the spirits liked you and your wife- you even got sexually harassed by one! You lucked out when one considers what your neighbors went through.

Disembodied voices? Someone sitting inches from your head while you're trying to go to sleep? No thanks! And its not like you can just up and move, can you?

I can't imagine going to your superiors and telling them you want a new apartment because yours is haunted. That would go over well!
I was coming back to this one to also say it might be santa muerte, but valkricry beat me to it. This saint in Mexican culture is not a scary figure but rather, holy. It would not be something to be feared. I would think perhaps in your relative's mind she may have seen her statutes or images and was thinking of her. Besides, your grandma didn't seem bothered by her, did she?
LuciaJacinta in Hospital Overnight
I'm only now getting back to re-reading comments, been busy at work. I was wondering if this hospital is well known for being a hot bed if activity? There was one hospital in our town that had a reputation for scary creepy stuff, the rest were just hospitals. But, this one particular hospital was the one where you didn't want to go to!
Loved these tradition bound true stories from your life. Thankyou for sharing...
have you ever considered that this woman may have a real person over that, s doing the snoring? Have you ever asked this woman?
Hello, Greenwitchx3, I found your story fascinating and insightful. My late niece in law commented to me that I was a natural born witch. She was a Wiccan.
Cracking up at Maria's commentary this evening. Good luck with that job thing!

Bella, your house sounds really fascinating. I think it's possible you could hear phantom snoring, and I also wonder if those footsteps are really your upstairs neighbor (just a feeling). I did want to add that I used to be a Girl Scout leader, and we would always have to share tents during campouts with other leaders. Suffice to say, I have heard my share of even petite little women snoring like sailors through the night (while I lay awake until 4am). So it technically COULD be your neighbor upstairs! I would just like to suggest perhaps you take her some little gift basket sometime and use that gesture as a way to ask her if she's heard the snoring. Might be a great excuse to be nice and brighten her day (on the other hand, if she's creepy, make sure you don't go inside... You know, you might never come out!)
VeronicaMarie in Re-Occuring Dream
I'm sorry, this has absolutely nothing to do with anything, and I have probably gone completely round the twist from being locked down forever, but there are all these lovely and mystical names here... Bella, alina, oceana, lady-glow, silverthane... And every time I see the name FART EXTERMINATOR in the middle of all that... Well, I lose it in a fit of disoriented cackling. Please forgive me, and call the men in the white coats as you see fit. 😜 😜
Chel, I am so sorry to read your story, but happy your brother came to you and gave you the peace you need to move forward with your life. When I was reading the story, before I read the comments, my first thought of your mother was, I bet she was sexually abused as a child. I had a friend who committed suicide and was the victim of childhood sexual abuse. He actions are very similar to others who have been abused. It sounds like they are all very dysfunctional, and I am glad you are far away from them going forward. May God bless you and your brother...
Thank you maria! I will try these methods if it gets worse or persists. Best of luck with your move 😊

I had a feeling that you knew what you were talking about - and I'm sorry for making my stupid joke! It was late and, after 10pm, I don't have much of a "filter".

The sound of snoring seems kind of cool though; but, if it gets too annoying, there is a home cleansing method that was created by a member of this site named Rookdygin, who has been a member of this site since 2008. It won't interfere with any religious beliefs you might have. You'll find it halfway down his profile page:


I have used it myself and found it to be effective.



I am experiencing another rocky patch here in the world. I have a job lined up in August, in Arizona, so I will be heading west. My mom's house does have the acoustics of a tin-can.

- Maria
Just ran across this story in the archives! It would be so intriguing to know if the little girl still sees spirits now that she is twelve!
Thank you all for the comments. Yes, I can see why you would say what you have said, but the woman upstairs is an agoraphobic who has literally not left her apartment in two years. She has long blinds over her window and never opens her windows...EVER. She refuses to meet anyone and has all her food delivered to her door through Amazon. She has never has a visitor, at least as long as we have lived here. The man who lives on the 3rd floor told me he has never heard snoring, and was away the other night when we heard the noise anyway. Another thing is that the house is really well built. We both work from home and would know if the upstairs neighbors have guests etc. So, I think the answer is that it is just old energy that used to snore... Perhaps the Sea Captain who owned this building in 1760. He does not bother us otherwise. Thank you for all your comments...i'll let you know if any other paranormal activity happens. 😊
Lealeigh - Perhaps one day you'll find that your earplugs have disappeared because your 60 something parents want you to move your butt out of their tin-can! Guess what, they've made a recording and play it over and over again πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜†

bella333 - As lady-glow and Lealeigh mentioned, the obvious thing to do would be to have a chat with the lady who lives in the apartment above you.

Then again, the building has been renovated and although it might sound as though the snoring and footsteps are directly above you, perhaps in years gone by a different room or structure existed in close proximity? I know it seems unlikely but it's worth looking into. Why would the lady above you constantly be walking around at that time of the morning, especially knowing that she would disturb your sleep?

Just a thought.

Regards, Meld
Hello bella333,

I was wondering the same thing as lady-glow: have you asked your upstairs neighbors if they have heard anything strange?

If they have nothing to do with the noise, I think it may be a residual haunt. In that case, lady-glow's suggestion of ear plugs might be worth a try. It's exactly what I use when I want to drown out the noise of my sixty-something parents having sex in this tin-can we call a house.

At this point, you don't have anything wandering around - nothing running around in your house or trying to interact with you. I think it seems pretty benign, though it is very interesting. If anything begins happening, you could do a cleansing.

- Maria
lady-glow in Re-Occuring Dream

Actually 2020 + 173 = 2193, not 2203.

I guess you're trying to fix the OP's typo with a mathematical mistake... Oops!
Welcome to YGS.

Hello bella333.

Have you asked the upstairs neighbor if she too hears the snoring? Perhaps that's what is keeping her up so late at night.
Would it be possible that someone goes to visit her and spends the night at her place? Or perhaps she has some device that makes that sound.

First you need to rule out all the possible mundane explanations even if they seem silly.

If you are dealing with an intelligent haunting you could try to ask politely to tune down the noise, but if it is a residual energy perhaps the best thing to do is getting a good set of earplugs.

You could cleanse or bless the place according to your personal beliefs and see what happens.
If there's no change, you can consider yourself lucky to be sharing your place with a peaceful, though noisy, residual energy who is enjoying an eternal good rest.

Thanks for sharing.
sushantkar in A Knock On The Door
Hello Sir, I hope you band your dearest are fine band doing great in this pandemic time!

It was the greatest surprise for me to see you back again in this forum with this fantastic submission ❀.
It was always a great treat to read your experiences as your way of presenting is very true and real.
Thank you soo much for showing yourself back again ❀

Miracles51031 in My Sister's Shadow Man
FH-Pod, to add to val's comments, if there is no email address, offer yours in your comment. Everyone doesn't check profiles.
FART-EXTERMINATOR, chill okay? You are choosing stories that are years old to share your annoyance. You can rephrase your comments so they are not so combative. Next one I see that is simply you blasting someone gets deleted.

This sounds very much like the historic seaside town I live and grew up in. I now live in an old Capt house, and hear noises like someone snoring around 3 am. I have ruled out everything as to what is causing this, and feel it is a spirit of someone who may have lived here over the past 280 years...
Just a quick update folks. Nothing has happened lately when it comes to my cat (thank god!) However last night, I was sitting at my computer and all of a sudden I saw what looked like a small black orb flying along the wall in front of me. It honestly looked a lot like the shadow a large beetle would leave, which is what I thought it was at first. But when I turned around, I saw absolutely nothing. And it was large enough, and flying slowly enough that I should have seen something if it actually were an insect of some sort.

I know that you guys are going to tell me that I need to cleanse my house immediately; But I would much rather figure out what it is I'm dealing with, so that I can get proper help should I ultimately end up needing it.

I would have added the orb as a separate story, but what I stated above is literally ALL that happened. Not to mention the fact that I get the feeling that it's tied to whatever is affecting my cat. Do you guys have any idea what this orb could have been?
LFrog1386 in The Black Temple
I would like to think that the idea of Cults performing human sacrifices is generally the work of fiction but if it happened a century ago in rural India, who knows? It could be possible. Either way, you're writing definitely leaves one riveted and reading faster to see what comes next. Thanks for a spooky story on a Saturday night out on my front porch by candlelight.
Spockie in Haunted Loft
That is so funny about the cat being the culprit but I do know from experience that animals walking around in the attic, in a loft or on a roof can sometimes sound like a person.
FART-EXTERMINATOR in Strange Events At A Funeral
Imran the reason why you haven't heard of Indian funerals taking place at 04:00AM is because you are a Muslim, presumably a Pakistani. While Pakistan is a neighbouring country to India, the cultures, customs, and Indian religions are very different to that of Muslims; therefore you know absolutely NOTHING about Indian customs, whereas my ethnicity is Indian.
Rose97 in The New Bride
Hello good-ghosts.
I think bad entities take the form of your worst fear. And that might be the reason my father saw a new bride because in India we've always heard a story about a 'Chudail' in a bridal attire. But yeah I agree with you that we need to broaden our perspective in every way possible ☺️
Rose97 in The New Bride
Guys I think the evil spirits or entities take the form of your worst fear. May be this is the reason that entity showed itself as a new bride because my father had the picture of a bad spirit as a bride.
Rose97 in The New Bride
Hello TheTantrik
I am glad that didn't happened πŸ˜… in that times witches are all people could talk about.
Rose97 in The New Bride
Hello Alina5
Yes that might be a possibility that she was an actual bride... If she was than it makes me even more sad what women had to go through in her life πŸ’”
Rose97 in The New Bride
Hello RcRuskin
You can read 'Cults, customs and superstition in India' by John Campbell Oman. It might be helpful for you to understand the Indian beliefs and superstitions☺️
Rose97 in The New Bride
Hi lady-glow. I think it was my father's fear which made him believe that her feet weren't visible. And in a saree, feet are actually not visible for a normal human being as well. I think he just assumed that it was scary 😊
good-ghosts in The New Bride

That's valid.

But you should look how the ghosts are portrayed in India. I am not an expert on this but it is annoying to watch a stereotypical ghost always in saree, white saree, with long black hair, red lipstick, anklet, be it in movie or tv show etc

I think we need to broaden our perspective in that regard. That's all I wanted to convey.

No offense to anyone
good-ghosts in The Black Temple
The way you narrate, one can only leave when it is finished.
Was glued until the end as was during reading your other stories.

RCRuskin in The New Bride
[at] good-ghosts, could simply be ghosts being some kind of luminous energy which we interpret as being a white garment of the sort appropriate to our cultural expectations.
good-ghosts in The New Bride
Valid points Alina5.

I would like to add one more thing, not to offend anyone's belief; but I never understand why our (Indian) ghosts esp. Female ghosts appear in white saree?
I mean, I have always thought that ghosts are energies and never understood their obsession over white attire.

I don't mean what your father had experienced is false by any means.
Just that these stories of ghosts in white dresses are around, like forever.

And I totally agree with Alina5 about the possibilities she has stated. She could be a runaway bride or something... Just a thought

sanjubhat in The Black Temple
Thanks prakhar and rogueDawg for your comments and feedback πŸ™‚
Cole_Harris, thank you for your response to my comment. If you didn't see any flying bugs in the room at the time, and given that puss didn't try and swipe at it or chase it when it appeared, (which is what our now long-departed but still missed cat would have done to any fly/moth/bug popping up in front of him like that) then I think that video is even more interesting. Just what is the little zoomer in the room? And my sympathy for the death of your other cat, losing a much loved pet is always hard, especially during these strange times. We had to have one of our GSDs put to sleep at the beginning of lockdown so I feel for you.
Although I applaud your attempt at getting approval of the OP to use their story, I see you're new, so I'll give you a few pointers. Posting the same thing over and over is considered spamming, and is ban-able offense (see comments guidelines). Try and avoid this by actually commenting about the story.
If you click the author's name it will give you their profile, check and see if they've an email listed; and also check their comments to see when was the last time they were active. This will give you an idea on if they'll even see your request, plus if you email them it does 2 things; makes the request seem more professional, and if they agree it gives you permission in WRITING, just in case something comes up later.
Wishing you success with your podcast.
Seekings, I just watched the video you mentioned. I swear there were NO bugs in my room that night. If there were, you probably would have seen me start swatting at them.
My cat has been strictly indoors his entire life. We live too close to the center of town for him to wander safely. While I do tend to keep my door closed at night (dark hallways creep me out), I let him out whenever he wants. The reason I'm posting this is. Because his behavior is entirely out of character. Before all of this started, the most he would do is sleep on my bed, or jump to the floor and chase his tail. I should also mention that things always start "acting up" whenever my household goes through major change. Which we are right now, I've had a pet die, a loved one is in the process of moving out, we're having part of our roof worked on, and I'll be switching bedrooms shortly... I feel like we're basically poking a bear when it comes to our not so living residents... Wish me luck! XD
RogueDawg in The Black Temple
Thank you Sanjubhat.

Reading your narration is always a wholesome experience.

I really don't care very much as to whether it was a true experience or a fictitious story, when it comes to you.
I was wondering if you would be willing to tell your story on our podcast? We are doing a segment on Shadow People. Thanks!
I was wondering if you would be willing to tell your story on our podcast? We are doing a segment on Shadow People. Thanks!
Cole_Harris - What a healthy looking 15 year old cat. He looks rather similar to my cat Percy (Sir Percival), except that Percy has less white in his fur.

I understand the way in which your cat reacted when his friend died during the night. A number of years ago I had two kittens which were also the same age. One night, when they were approximately two years old, Dixie (the female) was hit by a car and died. Toby (the male) was visibly disturbed. He did not see Dixie being hit by the car. We discovered her lifeless body on the pavement when we started searching for her in the street at about 11 that night.

I watched the videos and my very honest opinion is that your cat seems rather calm and relaxed, plus slightly bored at times. In the third video (I think) he was sniffing around quite a bit as well as looking towards the ceiling, or objects higher up which aren't visible on the video. Even so, he doesn't seem to be stressed.

Is your cat closed up in your room every night? Is he a permanent house cat or does he spend time outside during the day? I realise that at 15 he isn't exactly a youngster so he might not like to spend much time running around outside.

I have always allowed my cats and dogs to be either outside or inside during the day - their choice, but at night I keep them inside. I know that many people keep their animals indoors at all times but that seldom happens here in South Africa.

I have also tried to figure out where your window is. Would that be to the right of your bed? Perhaps when he's wide awake he glances in that direction because of light entering the room with resultant flying insects, or sounds coming from that direction.

I think I've posted a rather jumbled comment here but perhaps being a cat lover and having owned many cats I'm trying to find something weird in what he's doing.

So my personal opinion, for what it may be worth, is that you perhaps you should allow your cat the run of the house at night (assuming that he is currently limited to your room during that time). In my house my bedroom door is open. The cat's food is in the kitchen and the litter tray is in my bedroom. The cat sleeps on my bed most of the night but also wanders around the house. For all I know he might be displaying erratic behaviour but if he is, he's doing it somewhere else in the house!

I really do look forward to reading comments on what the general thoughts are regarding your video.

Regards, Melda
I've noticed that in the 5th video, something seems to shoot out from just in front of the cat and zoom up towards top left. He doesn't seem to react to it at the time but in the 6th video he seems to look towards the direction it travelled in. If this was a moth or a fly that he was watching so intently, I'd expect him to react when it apparently pops up right under his nose, so I do wonder what this is. Intriguing, as Ruskin says...
TheTantrik in The Black Temple
What an interesting but horrifying experience!

All I can tell you is that probably there was a "bandish" around that place. Its an illusion ritual which makes escape almost impossible. If ever caught in an illusion like this try running in the opposite direction, ie opposite to the escape route. That will mostly break the illusion.

I'll try to find out about this place
TheTantrik in The New Bride
Very interesting! This is actually a common occurrence in village areas. My guess is that she would have taken your father to an isolated place, seduce him and suck away his energy. Most probably a witch
Alina5 in The New Bride
Hello Rose97,

Only citing a possibility as that probably the she was a bride who must've ran away from her wedding. There are numerous instances in India of bride walking out of an "arranged marraige ", since their parents do not allow them to marry at their will or to someone they love.

Probably that she had walked out of her wedding and was waiting for her "lover" to pick her up, but was scared for her family or the villagers in general to figure out as in most cases, the parents try to bring back their daughters to the wedding to protect their dignity in front of the groom's family and guests of the feast.

Whe she saw your father approaching her the fear of the worst might have compelled her to run to that tiny forest.

Since, your father was gripped with fear recalling the odd tales of such ghosts he might have hallucinated her being behind him.

About the legs not being visible point I'll support Lady-glow's statement.


I have resided in India ever since I was born and honestly, half of such beliefs or superstitions are still unknown to me. It can be so because these beliefs not only vary from state to state but from region to region and a community to community. Owing the diversity in the country it often becomes difficult to deem a particular superstition as "valid",and most of them are also outdated. For example, it was a belief of the past that untying the hair can attract spirits but these days, literally untying hair is a new fashion thing.

Every single book has a compilation of different beliefs according to the specific author, since I believe nothing is absolute and it all depends on the people.
zzsgranny in Re-Occuring Dream
FART-EXTERMINATOR: I don't think this poster is going to answer any of your questions, she hasn't been on in 6 years.

I see that you're a newer member so I'll give you a few pointers. I've noticed that most of the stories you've commented on are quite old (3 or more years) and it's doubtful you'll get any response from the poster unless they're still active. One way to check this is to click on the poster's name at the top of the page and that will take you to their profile. From there you can scroll down and see the comments they've made and the date they made them. That should save you some aggravation.

I have to say, I do appreciate that you're reading through the archives! There are some buried treasures in there. Thank you for joining us and welcome aboard.
Lealeigh, yea, I kind of just haunt the site. I've been negligent in my Mod duties though! I really need to get caught up. Thank you!
FART-EXTERMINATOR in Re-Occuring Dream
You stated that you got divorced in the year 2203, that's in 173 years time, are you a time-traveler? 🀣
Sounds like you experienced A Nightmare On Elm Street, regarding the badly burned entity, you managed to bring Freddy Krueger out of your dream into your reality; try doing it again, just keep practicing; keep us informed of any developments.
Tainted Princess, sorry for the late reply I don't use this much anymore if you still need to use my story for your podcast you can let me know if you do and I'll give the podcast a listen. Stay safe jazz
RCRuskin in The New Bride
Or just to follow up on Lady-Glow's supposition: maybe the bride was just someone lost.

Hi, Rose!

I have a question but it is not aimed at you specifically, but all the wonderful posters from India. Some stories indicate staying out past sunset is a bad idea! And in other stories, it seems nighttime has no special concerns associated with it. India is a big country, with numerous cultural groups within it, so I can easily see how beliefs can be different. I'm just trying to wrap my head around the idea of Indian spirits. Is there anyone, or anything, you could suggest I read?


Hello! Wow! I haven't seen you on here in ages. It's nice to see you pop up in the comments.

- Maria
lady-glow in The New Bride
Hello Rose.

I have a question about this part of your story:

"realized that I am in the middle of that tiny jungle."

If this happened in the middle of the night, on an isolated area in which, possibly, there was no lights and the grass/plants on the ground were overgrown, - how can your father be certain that the woman had no feet? Was he close enough to her as to discern the difference between her lack of feet or not been able to see with enough clarity if she had any?

I'm not discarding the possibility of the woman being a spirit, but considering the chance of her being a lost soul that hasn't crossed over to the other side.

Thanks for sharing.
FART-EXTERMINATOR: I have no idea why the comment in question was allowed but I will say that none of the existing Mods were even members of this site at the time this story was published. I think I speak for all of us when I say we've done an excellent job of enforcing (though that seems like an awfully strong word) the comments guidelines in our years of moderating.

There's no way we're going to go back to the years prior to our collective tenure and moderate all of the thousands of comments. I'm sure that's not what you expect, anyway πŸ˜†
No problem! I would have just posted one link, but I wasn't sure if it would work. All the videos on the list are "unlisted" Only people with links can see them.
Maybe someone else with more knowledge will comment. I haven't a clue really.
valkricry in The "colored Man"
Very interesting, billyj. I agree, very odd that such a wee child would use a term not heard around the house, and I find it unlikely your Grandfather would refer to himself that way if he spoke to her, just wouldn't make sense.
You mentioned a "house that was always a full of relatives," so am I correct in assuming she was never left in say child-care, or with outsiders? If so, that really narrows the field/likely-hood of hearing it else where. Very puzzling indeed...
Gotta say, impressive vocabulary for a one year old! Mine weren't nearly that articulate at that age.
Cole Harris, thank you for making a playlist of the videos. Makes it easy to watch.
Residual-Hauntings?; mmmm, interesting, perhaps this phenomena explains the phantom farts I keep hearing in my bathroom; every time I hear a phantom fart I go in my bathroom and there's no one there 😳😳😳
billyj157 in The "colored Man"
The man seemed to be sleeping because he was dead. He was lying in a coffin. It was a picture taken at his funeral. Withholding of comments on this would probably be in the best interests of all concerned.

No, he did not blink. A infant interacted with someone she had never met, known to be deceased and identified them in a photo.

My sister was the only child we are aware of having an experience.

From the "comments guidelines" of the site:

"This site offers discussions on the topic of ghost experiences, with people coming from various cultures, so please avoid proselytizing or preaching, unless the author of a story specifically asks to receive feedback from that religious perspective...It's fine to share what your religion has to offer as a possible explanation, but everyone has their own, they certainly don't come here to be converted, so please, don't push it on others as irrefutable fact."

What you say is already there... One would expect and hope for a everyone to consult the guidelines before posting any religious advice though, on the other hand, the problem is not (any specific) religion, but the way some people practice their religious beliefs.

Just my opinion.
VeronicaMarie in The "colored Man"
billyj, I'm curious to know if your little sister was the only grandchild to be born after your grandfather died. Because it's so interesting that she was the only one to see him, or at least, the only one to let the family know that she saw him. And the picture where she asked if he was sleeping, is there something about that picture of him that would make her ask that? Like he was caught on camera right when he blinked his eyes?
FART-EXTERMINATOR in My Admirer Came Back
While I don't have an opinion or any contribution to make regarding the above real-life experience, nevertheless I have an opinion I would like to express about a topic relevant to YGS: I have an objection to those members who in their comments bring up the topic of Christianity as a solution. Anyone who believes THEIR religion has a monopoly on the truth about god are ARROGANT DELUSIONAL NARCISSISTS. From my personal experiences atheists know more about god than anyone who believes in the bible. Out of respect for those who don't share your belief in the bible, and most people here do not, it would be polite to mention god in general terms, abstaining from mentioning Jesus, Mohammed, or any specific deity for the sake of being neutral and considerate of those who don't share your beliefs.
billyj157 in The "colored Man"
Some comments are clearly made by those who don't understand. Other comments are made by some who THINK they understand.

Please enjoy my story, as I will enjoy the comments. I really appreciate the explanation of polite terms for My People. I don't have a degree so I just prefer my name. I think my ancestors did also.

Others came up with the "polite" terms.
I believe there to be a plausible scientific explanation behind your glass of water sliding across the table: I have noticed that if a drinking glass is wet at it's base and is placed on a smooth surface the drinking glass does tend to slide, especially if the surface upon which the glass is placed has even a small puddle of water.
Lealeigh in The "colored Man"
Hi Billy,

I just wanted to say that I was the first person on this thread and I said nothing about candy. I grew up in Georgia and I know what the term means. Alina5 is from India and I don't think she knows what is meant by it. Billy, I am sorry that you even needed to clarify.
Bibliothecarius in The "colored Man"
Greetings, billyj157, and welcome.

VeronicaMarie's observation make s a lot of sense. Back in the 20s & 30s, "Negro" was the acceptable term, "Colored" was the polite term post WWII through 1960-ish, which was followed by "Black" during Civil Rights & the Black Power movement. There was some overlap with the timeline on using these terms, but "Colored" may well have been the term your grandfather was accustomed to using just as you use our contemporary term "African-American." (My Master's degree was in African-American Literature, and my historical quotes needed a LOT of contextualization to avoid offending anyone.)

This is a rather sweet story, knowing that your grandfather was still active around the home and that your sister was looking out for him.

billyj157 in The "colored Man"
This is to no one in particular but, must be stated. The term "colored" was and continues to be used when describing African Americans. It has nothing to do with candy, nothing at all.
MrsRamsay in The "colored Man"
Really enjoyed your story, and can relate to the "riding out" of a deployment overseas (I'm an Army brat). We used to go to my mom's hometown when Dad was overseas. Perhaps your grandfather was there watching over you all while your dad was gone! It's really neat to think that our small grandchildren might be able to see and interact with us after we die, right?! At the rate my kids are going, no babies in sight after a few years of marriage because they want to travel... I might have no choice but to hang around!
I think so, Daniel. For myself I think our personal belief system plays a large role in the paranormal, and Death wears many faces.
There are a good many reports of folks near death claiming that some deceased relative is near to show them the way, and one's like your Mama's, where Death has come calling in 'person', as it were.
Both cats are roughly the same age. The cat that died was only about 2-3 weeks younger.
πŸ€” Intriguing to say the least. Looking forward to seeing the video. Just for clarification, are both cats roughly the same age, or is the surviving cat a year or 2 younger?
I'd liked to have seen him try to reach the door handle.

Maybe it is the sprit of a confused resident.
Thanks for the advice AugustaM. I'll have to look into it. However, I guess I should state, that the instances where he "sees things" are the only behavioral changes he's exhibiting. He still eats, plays, and drinks like he always has.

A quick update to the story. I actually caught it on camera this time! He started watching something off the end of my bed, so I immediately pulled out my phone. I also managed to catch something else on camera too! I have lamp above my bed that I use for reading. I had it on last night when I was recording. A couple hours ago, I went back to the footage and found something I can't explain! For the first few moments of the video, you can see on the bedspread that something is blocking the light. A few seconds later, whatever is blocking the light, moves away. Because of how I sit in bed, there really isn't any way it could have been me. The part that scares me the most however, is that my cat was watching something at the foot of my bed, and whatever was blocking the light was RIGHT behind me.

I'll be posting the video shortly, and will comment with links to it, and all of the other videos I managed to catch of him "seeing things."
WontTellYouMyName in Care Home Incident
Hi Lorenzo,

Are we sure this wasn't the work of a neighbourhood cat? Haha.

But on a serious note, I feel like it could've been the result of a residual haunting. Especially considering the flashing of screens in empty rooms. Maybe just a friendly / confused spirit.

[at] Valkricry
Seems very plausible, and would make sense she would see a Mexican deity as we are Mexican. Could it be that the way we are taught to envision the grim reaper is what shall appear before us? For example in the USA they picture it as a skeleton with a scythe and that is how they shall see him, but then there is the Mexican version which is a woman and so we shall see a woman? It might all depend on how we envision it and it will appear to us as it is most familiar to us.
valkricry in A Knock On The Door
Welcome back,sanjubhat.
It is not very often that we're treated to such a complete accounting. Generally the endings are rather open-ended if you know what I mean, the mysteries behind the event forever shrouded. Very satisfying to see one where, not 100% solved, seems closed.
I enjoyed reading this very much.
sanjubhat in A Knock On The Door
Thanks Alina and good-ghosts for your positive feedback. Feels good to be back 😊
Perhaps whom she saw was SeΓ±ora de la Santa Muerte, or Santa Muerte.
She is a female deity of death, or a folk saint in Mexican and Mexican-American folk Catholicism. Personally, I don't know a lot about her, just what the locals here have told me.
Often she is pictured wearing a white robe or shroud, carrying a scythe (long stick thing with a curved blade on the end). Some say she carries the Book of Life, which tells her which way to escort your soul (don't know how reliable that tid-bit is, but is what I've been told.)

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