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The_Lost_Voyage_11 in The Ghost Nurse I Met That Night
Hello Wandering24fox, what an amazing experience!

It does indeed look as if you had someone looking out for you that night. It goes to show that we have guides/protectors always on call as it were, when we need them and more often than we know! It may have also been a nurse still making her rounds long after her 'shift' in life as it were!

The fact that you were recovering from surgery may have played into some of the confusion you experienced and if I read your story right, this took place shorty after the surgery? If you were still recovering from the anesthesia, it's possible that may have seemed why she walked in a fast but slow pace or why there was a lack of the evidence of the swab. Maybe you thought you saw her toss the swab or it was what your mind expected to see?

I don't doubt someone was there to assist you when you needed it, and I can also see how some of the events could get confused if you were still coming off the effect of the drugs used during surgery.

It's a great example of those that still look out for us on the other side, thanks for sharing!
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in Lady At The Window
Hello Jubeele, good to see you around, what a night you shared!

I'm sure the events of that night coupled with the concerns about your own health had to be really trying for you, but you're a trooper!

The woman you mentioned causing the electronics to trip may have had some ability of her own, and then again her own emotional outpouring may have merely interacted with something already there. There are people who can make lights blow out, etc, I believe they are referred to as 'sliders' Usually though they merely walk near or under a street light for example for this to occur, it's not usually directly related to a conscious or emotional state (other than the fact it startles them). The electronics in this encounter didn't react until she became emotionally unstable. Since entity's draw from electricity as well as emotions, especially negative ones, her state coupled with all that electrical equipment may have provided the 'perfect storm' (no pun intended) for any entities present. The place could also be a portal, since so much death has happened there. Portals can also effect electrical/water and other energy sources as well.

The other side of it is all of the solar flares/geomagnetic storms, etc that have been known to cause electronic and electrical grid interference, and there's been a lot of that lately. I doubt that was the case here, I think the 'perfect storm' scenario was the most likely, but I like to present other options for consideration 😁

The spirit of the woman was interesting, I feel you're correct, that she was there for someone else and merely observing you. There may have been a little more to it I feel, but it's of no concern to you now.

The nurse being so short, I don't think it's because you spooked her, I think she knows full well what's been going on and there have been other sightings, maybe some she's witnessed herself. Her reaction seemed to reflect the old "if I don't acknowledge it, then it's not real" line of thought!

Either way, it sounded like an interesting visit, I'm just sorry you had to witness it all while you weren't feeling so well. I am glad to hear you're doing better!
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in Bike Accident
Hello Jessica2k67, what a fascinating encounter, thanks for sharing.

It seems you encountered a spirit guide/protector, the appearance, the feelings, the advice which made sense to you and seem to 'fit' just like a piece of a puzzle. I assure you, you're not losing your mind and there is no need to research or try to find out who/what he was, because that information won't come from this plane of existence. It wasn't a ghost.

I assume the comment you made 'that since the encounter, there's been something wrong with you' is made in reference to changes you've been going through since the experience? I'd be curious to know, if you're willing to share, what exactly has been happening for you?

These types of encounters precede a life event, a change or shift, for the positive, but it can seem unnerving if you don't know what's going on. I believe the entity may have some link to your friend, but whoever it was, they were there to assist you, there was a sort of divine timing in this encounter if this makes sense.

There's a lot more playing out here, but I'm wondering about your own abilities and gifts, those would be what you should be focusing on rather than trying to find out what happened, that information about the experience you had will come to you in time.

In either case, I look forward to hearing more from you as this could be an exciting life experience for you that you're embarking on. Good Luck!

I believe Linjahaha to be right. And thank you Linjahaha for the information on the Aurhor. I need to start trying to figure out a lot of what I've experienced. Or at least SOME of it! Lol...
All of y'all have a great day!
Your story telling is from the heart. I must have been female in my past life because this story really upsets my stomach. There are a lot of Bills out there that know just the right way to steel your heart and steer you off course.
That attractive blond lady with her positive words, and cash then poof gone WOW. I think Dave knew you both needed more support. I am glad mom had a big loving hug for you. So, your grandma (in spirit) followed you to Esther's house and was shaking the bed there. Now that's a strong attachment and she knew bill was bad for you. Gas tank is funny stuff maybe spirit trying to stop car from making this big mistake. At least the front floorboards were not rotted out, so he did not have to stop like the Flintstones did. I am sending you a big old Air Hug your mate will have to deal with it. Thanks for sharing.
jessica2k67 in Bike Accident
Hi Tweed,

I know that Gavin never meant harm for me and I appreciate that about him. I considered a lot of things like- Maybe Gavin and my friend were friends in their life time being far apart? Maybe they met each other after their life? Possibilities.

About the changes and emotions in me, I'm going to start explaining that in another story.

Thank you so much and take care!
English please, as we are an English speaking site.
hoy asa ni xa sa ayala ba ni dapit sa cebu sa 14th floor wipro building? Ahahahaha
Hi Self,

Sorry this has happened, it sounds truly debilitating, not feeling safe to go to sleep. Might I suggest a very strict sleeping routine? I know, boring advice, and not practical if you work in shifts which don't allow a routine. Well, thought I'd suggest it anyway because I figure if healthy sleeping patterns help physical problems, why not paranormal ones too?

Thanks for sharing and I hope this gets better for you. Feel free to keep us posted or ask questions we're a friendly bunch from all over the world, so you're bound to find someone else who can relate to what you're going through. There's a pretty infamous account on here where two members, in the comments, reported their experience of a ghost sleeping inside them. Their experiences were positive, they seemed to gain energy from the encounters. Not suggesting you do the same if you feel scared by this, trust that gut instinct. But that's at least two people I can think of who have encountered something like what have.
Tweed in Bike Accident
Hi Jessica,

I read this the other day and was fascinated. Usually these types of encounters are of spirits helping the living out of danger some how. Not spirits being the cause of danger and then helping. Perhaps this is the most important detail of all:
"Life is like a broken puzzle which sometimes you need to either stick or tape the torn pieces into a complete one to let the whole puzzle make sense."
If Gavin is a ghost, one who knows your friend from your dream, this quote may be the key to unlocking the mystery. The jacket is another bizarre detail.
In the dream your friend seemed to know something about the motorbike. Maybe the motorbike
Symbolised that it isn't your time, you're meant to stay here and live your life.

On top of all this you may be experiencing shock which affects everyone differently. This may account for your feelings of unease.

Thanks for sharing. I hope you will update if you find out anything more. This is a very fascinating occurrence!
Hi Jubeele,

Don't know how to put this but what you describe sounded eerily like a 'dream' I journaled about. Right down to the woman waving. Then you described the woman at the window and I had to dig out my book of shadows because the attire you describe worn by the figure is my go to astral 'uniform', for lack of a better term. A Victorian mourning dress, wide brimmed hat with veil draped over. Sometimes I get 'astrally' drawn to people, without meaning to, it happens as I'm 'technically' sleeping. It almost always happens when the person I'm 'drawn' to is in need of some form of help. This is from that entry:

"28th September 2022
Hospital Dream.
Woman in hospital bed hard focus, it's dark, there's a breeze can hear traffic the air smells of fried food, take out. Old blue lives inside. Focus still woman in window. She is not alone in this world. Despair, fear, frail yet strong. She knows I'm here, we watch each other I think she waves. Her strength will prevail. Lemon. James doesn't know her."

James is a friend who I thought the woman might be connected to, but that turned out not to be the case. Lemon is symbolic to me it means 'unexpected light' which usually ends the connection. Old blue is also a personal symbolic thing which represents that which most recoil from, but to which I'm drawn ie energy at a hospital. 'Hard focus' means the main subject of dream/vision/whatever. 'She's not alone...' meaning I thought the woman had strong connections/awareness to loved ones on the other side.

And I know a lot reading will think I'm batcrap crazy, which is also true but for far more mundane reasons.

I had the same thoughts as RC about the monitors going off at once. What a night!

I realise this was posted a few days ago but I've just read it. Also if this was by some fluke me the attire is symbolic of a whole host of stuff but is mostly me being a massive goth. Feel I should say sorry 😨!

Really glad you're doing better now!
Jubeele in Restless Spirits
Hi lwgrn4real66

In one of my accounts, (I think it was 'Unwelcome at the Cottage'), my husband Rex and I heard loud raps on the window above our heads, just before midnight. That cottage wasn't underneath any trees either. It sounds like someone was trying to get your attention. Or maybe a friendly spirit was chasing something unwelcome away?

It's amazing to get those photos of orbs. Such a shame you lost them after your split with the ex. Do you remember what colours the orbs were? I've read that the colours have various meanings. It would be interesting to know if someone had been trying to send you a message from beyond.

Thanks for sharing your fascinating experience.

Hi Linjahaha

That woman in the emergency room was like a force of nature. I know I wouldn't want to get on her wrong side!

I do believe that ghosts retain some characteristics from when they were living. A kind person would have a benign presence, and someone who was mean-spirited in life would go on to cause harm and fear. But I like the idea that the Lady in Black could have sent me healing energy of some sort. That's really comforting. I'm glad you enjoyed my account. Thanks for your kind words.
Twilight - Grandma told my father to watch out for me when I was a child because the gift can be a mixed blessing, like a double-edged sword. I think it makes our aura shine like a beacon in the spirit world and can attract the wrong attention if we're not regularly cleansed and shielded. As children, we were taught not to 'look for trouble', like venture out to 'unclean' places. She also stopped us from playing in the front part of her garden. I only learned years later that people had been buried there during WWII!

Take care and blessings back to you. 😊

Rajine - Far too often, we can't do much about the evil done by others. But I believe we can still let our light shine and brighten our corner of the world. May your light continue to shine. 😊
Linjahaha in Lady At The Window
Hi, Jubeelee: I hope I didn't mis-spell it! I've read all the comments about your account, & find them all quite interesting.
As for my opinion. Here it comes. Quite possibly, the elderly lady was putting out Kinetic energy due to her being so aggravated, highly upset, & excited about everything that was happening to her. That energy can effect electronics. Like I said. Just my offering here to you.
As for the lady [at] the window. Possibly a passing spirit. Maybe when you acknowledged her she paid you back for that kind recognition by helping you to feel good enough to be sent home for the rest of your recovery. I think they can do things to help the living now, & then. From your description, it sounds like she was from another Century. Maybe she actually passed-on in the condition YOU were in at the specific time. Only in her case, she wasn't so lucky. Possibly, she wanted to spare you from something that happened to her. Ghost/Spirits do not lose their individual personalities, or characteristics when they leave this earthly plane. I believe that they retain all those traits in the afterlife. If she was a kind, & helpful person when living, she is a kind, & helpful spirit now.
I think this was a super fascinating account, & thank you for relating it. Hoping that your health is very much improved. Once again, a terrific read!

The Very Best
To You! 😁 😁
Self: Welcome, & please allow me to add my 2 cents to this encounter you wrote about.
I agree with lwgrn4 that 'science' does not always have the answers.
I have submitted quite a few of MY experiences on here. I mentioned in one of my accounts that I think science tries to find a rational explanation for paranormal events simply because they, personally, cannot accept the paranormal at face value.
Such as 'mass hallucination' when several, or, a large group of people see the same thing. They came up with the term 'mass' hallucination as a way to explain something that THEY have no explanation for because THEY cannot explain it in rational terms.
The general gist of what I'm trying to say is just because they are scientists does not qualify them as experts on the paranormal.
They expect everything to be in black, & white. In the world of the paranormal they are times when you have to accept those grey areas, & realize that you cannot give a pat answer to it because it's not an absolute science. There ARE things going on around us that we cannot see, but they are there nonetheless. Just like the oxygen we breathe. You cannot see it, but it's there.
I hope I'm not confounding you, but I'm hoping to provide some input to help YOU come to terms with what you experienced.
I'm, also, hoping that this has not occurred again to you, & that you are moving on with your life. However, do read some books on the subject of the paranormal/ghosts/out-of-bodies/UFO's, & what have you to better understand these incidents. I can, personally, suggest an author that helped me understand a lot about it. His name was Hans Holzer, & he studied psychology, anthropology, & parapsychology. However, he maintained a reasonable approach to the subject. Often he found a rational explanation. Then, there were those times when he understood that something was truly paranormal. He was scientific, but he did work with several mediums that he tested under his strict scrutiny. He wrote several books on various paranormal subjects. I hope some of my input helps you!

All the Best! 😊 😊
I also believe science, as you know, always expects there to be an answer for everything when they're looking to prove something.

They don't believe anything paranormal because, I think it's so broad of a subject and no true direct answers for much if it, if any.

People relate paranormal things and current physical or past physical things, people, or occasions, to each other. And some may be that, but most experiences, who really knows what, who, or why.

Most doesn't make sense, some does. Thank you for sharing and God Bless! 😁
Hi again Jubeele

Yeah that's usually how it is nowdays, people can be much more scarier than everything else πŸ˜…
[at] Rajine
Thank you for reading. It does sound that the entity was very evil and it seems virtually impossible now to gather any more information about the history of the place. Now having grown up and having many questions regarding the incident myself, I wish I knew more.
[at] lwgrn4real66
Thank you for reading. Experiences from other people are hard to remember indeed and so is fighting the urge to embelish details in such experiences.
I agree; it sounds like the land was haunted since long and the entity either wanted them to leave the place altogether by means of scaring them or it just had the urge to kill some living creature now and then for the sake of it and happened to seize the right moment. Anyhow, difficult to conclusively assume anything.

I don't believe you are having hallucinations. First, as for your hand getting pulled after it fell between the bed and wall, most likely was a true unexplained experience for you.

My sister's and I shared a bed (I was around 5 years old). We all saw a shadow move aross the wall. We never forgot it.

And, if people just think your crazy, just tell them once and let it go. (With them). They're only saying or thinking you're crazy due to never having a paranormal experience of their own. (So called "skeptics").

That's why we're here. To share our experiences and to share our thoughts and to relate and/or try to help those in need to try to help them understand some of their experiences. 😁

Thanks for sharing your experiences with us! Take care and please, if you need to talk or get opinions or help, someone or several here will always be here for you.
[at] RCRuskin
Thank you for reading. Yes I can understand; as a kid when you hear such stories, you accept them at face value but when you grow old you start to question; what was the entity doing there? Why did it do this is or that? Etc. However, I believe such experiences leave a lot of unanswered questions because many of such entities are from beyond our realm/ dimension and you cannot expect normal and factual answers in such situations, as they are called paranormal for a reason. Thanks again and I plan to share more stories I heard from my dad in near future.
Self, I see you've most likely accepted the answer to your question, being a form of hallucination (aka sleep paralysis). I'm not trying to say this is not correct, but I would like to share my opinion on it, as my husband has also suffered sleep paralysis as well, and I've heard him tell me about many, of his terrifying encounters he's experienced with this. I've even gotten very good at being able to break him out of it, as I know the sounds he normally makes, when experiencing it. I will either give him a nudge, to break out of it, or other times when that's not enough to work, I'll have to really push on him, to finally be able to wake up. Also, apparently I have even started being unconsciously aware, of him being in this state, even while I'm asleep (and I'm a heavy sleeper πŸ˜…), as my husband has told me I've woken him out of it, while I'm still asleep lol. Anyways, sorry to ramble on, I just wanted to let it be known, this is something I've been around. With that said, I'm aware of the scientific reason for having sleep paralysis, but I don't always believe that thing's like this, can be so easily figured out. With so many people experiencing this problem, to where many cases have even reported, about seeing a certain figure while in this state, describing the same figure, yet these people are spread throughout the world, making it harder to believe it's just a hallucination. I believe that there are case's where it is just a form of sleep paralysis, but I also believe that there's time's, especially when one is seeing something from a nightmare, on top of them, or coming towards them etc, to where like you had even said, could feel it's hot breath on you, and feel it's weight, that it's more than just a form of sleep paralysis. I feel the world of science, wants to be able to have a logical explanation for everything, as believing in the paranormal world, is too terrifying, or too far to believe for them. But the reality is, we don't have a logical answer for everything! The paranormal world doesn't have to be feared, just because we don't fully understand it. Of course be cautious of it though, but we're the one's with the power, that can be what light's up even the darkest of places. I am curious, after you had reached out to this paranormal team, and they told you it was hallucinations, did you stop experiencing what was previously happening to you, after you were told this? It seemed like that was the case, as you didn't seem to have anymore problems afterwards, aside the trauma of what you had saw. I hope what I've said about my opinion on this, can help in some way. I know talking about this type of stuff happening, can sound crazy, but it doesn't make it not true. I believe you most likely was experiencing more than just a hallucination, if that counts for anything ☺
Twilight1011 in Lady At The Window
Jubeele, thank you for letting me know about your username πŸ˜… Like I said, I've been very curious about it, for a few years now lol, so glad to finally know the answer ☺ I must have missed, wherever Melda had previously asked you about it. That's interesting to know a lot of your family has the gift of seeing, what most others can not. Granted I understand at times, it may not always feel like a gift, but I've come to realize, that most (if not all) special abilities like that, have the tendency to have it's downfalls at times, but despite this, it's still a gift, nonetheless. I think it's meant to have it's struggles, when having certain special gifts, to keep the balance, and to help us figure out how to harness our gift, in the way we were meant to use it. That's just my opinion so far on it. I think you were very lucky, to have a lot of your family share this gift with you though. I'd imagine your family was able to give you support and advice on it, whenever needed, verses other's, who don't really have anyone to help them understand their's. As for me, I'm not sure if I have the gift of seeing spirit's, as I made sure as a child, to not stare into the darkness of my room (at one point, I wouldn't use a night light, so if there was something there, I didn't want to be able to see it, was my theory at the time). I didn't want to take the chance of seeing something I can't unsee. I am however, a clairsentient/empath, so I can feel spirit's, and where they are etc, but I didn't want to look around and find them, when I felt them. So I'm not sure if I could of had the sight, and maybe suppressed it, but I don't plan on finding that out anytime soon lol. I don't think I can handle having to see them, especially if I'm alone... In the dark. For now, I'm good with being able to know when one is around me, and if it's trying to get close to me etc. πŸ˜…- Sending you positive energy
Ghostsarecool, you have no idea. I still am unable to allow any parts of my body to hang over the bed at night. Thinking back to my childhood. I had an experience where my hand slipped between the bed and the wall. I felt something grab my hand and try to pull me down there. It traumatized me so bad, that I have never been able to allow any part of my body to hang off of the bed. This must have been my first time with hallucinations. But I do not remember anything else happening until I was in my 20's. I am grateful for this site and that I can freely talk about what has happened to me. Whether it is "real" or not it is still traumatizing. You do learn not to talk about it though as people think you are nuts.
Hi Rajine

Thanks for your kind wishes. It was a most eventful hospital stay. I was actually more unnerved by the angry woman from emergency setting off all the machines, than the Lady in Black at the window. I think we've got more to fear from the living!
Hi lwgrn

There could be one of 2 things: either the woman at the emergency room caused some freaky poltergeist episode, or some grelim-type entity made use of all that emotional energy to make a scene. The way those machines went berserk - it was an "I-see-it-but-I-don't-believe" moment.

I think the Lady in Black came to check on someone else at the hospital and I just happened to see her. Maybe I surprised her too.

Thanks for coming by and your kind comments.
Hi Twilight,

I'm much better these days, thanks for your well-wishes. I've wondered if the woman had some ability, triggered by the outpouring of emotional stress. Good thing the Head Nurse managed to soothe her before the ceiling came down on us!

When I was a little girl, I prayed very hard not to see ghosts and spirits like my cousins, and other relatives. The shadows at my childhood home frightened me and I was often afraid to go to sleep. But the Lady in Black did not mean me any harm and I think most wandering spirits are like that. They're just passing through.

Don't worry about the misspelling - I didn't even notice it! You're the 2nd person to ask me about my username. Melda once asked me that as well. Jubeele is a combination of my actual Western and Chinese names. I'm a fan of X-Men (and X-Women), and Jubilee's one of my favourite characters too. These days, my hair looks more like Rogue, with the streak of white at the front.
jessica2k67 in Bike Accident
Hi lwgrn4real66,

Your experience sounds terrifying. And hopefully you are doing well.

I've tried searching for him for a week or so after the encounter, but I had no luck. So I'm starting to admit I'll never see him again and this whole experience would be a one time thing.

Thank you for your advice! Take care!
Hi Val

Now you've got me wondering if Ms. Ghost could have been a relative of the elderly woman in the next room. Rex has a theory that the Lady in Black was actually waiting for her. She was curious about me because I wasn't supposed to see her.

But I'm sorry if I scared the nurse. I didn't mean to spook her, especially when she has to work the night shift.

I often get odd correlations with the online crossword and word games. Remember the riddle about the 3-letter word that runs on gas? Afterwards, as I was playing the word game, I got the word: GAS. I think someone was listening and wanted me to know it.
Hi CantunSEEit74

I don't think any attachments followed me from Singapore (I hope). Our apartment building was one of many built over the cemetery, which could explain the night terrors I had as a child. My father used to burn frankincense to cleanse me, until I grew out of them. I suspect I still get visitors now and then.

Interesting point about the shape of the hat. That would be a good clue. But I couldn't make out any further details about it, since the Lady in Black stood mostly in shadow.

Wow, your dog must have a close relationship with you, to sense your vibes. I wonder if the person on Fox News got a spate of bad luck, or a sore throat to stop the trash talk after your lightning bolts. There's too much hateful narrative out there.

The machines acted like they were being super-charged by all the emotion flying around. I've read accounts that adults, like teenagers, could generate poltergeist activity as a result of great stress and emotion. It was such a freaky phenomenon.

My health's much better these days. Thanks for your kind wishes.
RCRuskin - hey, Brother Brat! That was such a weird thing with those beeping machines. Maybe gremlins were playing havoc with them, thriving on the chaos.

I don't think the Lady in Black was from my family. I usually have dream messages about them. A medium friend told me that Rex's grandmother visits us occasionally; Nana makes her presence known by the scent of vanilla. I've only sensed her at home though, in the kitchen or dining room. Nana had liked to bake.

But I've wondered if the Lady in Black was an Angel of Death, doing her rounds. She just happened to look in the window at me but decided (thankfully) it wasn't yet my time. It was unsettling, but I didn't feel in any danger.

Hospitals would get a heap of emotional energy, overflowing with pain, fear, hope, sadness etc. There was so much happening during the pandemic too. I think that after a while, they become portals or thresholds for entities from Otherworldly realms.
I get sleep paralysis vibes from this. So yes, your mind was awake, but your body wasn't. Your brain also paralyzes your body when you sleep so you don't act out your dreams. However, as you have discovered, sometimes that goes wrong, and it's horrifying. It's like dreaming while you're awake. I've never personally experienced it, but it just sounds horrifying.
Hi and welcome Self

Perhaps there's an underlying issue that caused you to experience what you've experienced, the answer could be hidden back in time to when this first started happening to you, I don't think it just happened all of a sudden and out of nowhere, only you know yourself what you've experienced and everyone else's thoughts on it is speculation and theory.
It would be difficult for you to know the history of the place as this is your dad's and his cousins encounter, but from what I've read, whatever that thing was, it certainly was a very evil entity.
Hi Jubeele

I'm glad you are doing much better now, hospitals can be daunting places to be for everyone, I suppose that you had a chance encounter with a random spirit, but as for the machines getting quieter after that other patient left is indeed mind baffling.
[at] freakyfilespodcast
Sure sure,
Just give the credit...😜
[at] matrix899...
Sir,You completely misunderstood the my words here...
I said when I turned back to see what's behind, there was nothing than I continue to walk (obviously again in a direction where I was heading to) then I saw her after me and called her... She too was going in the same direction as mine
lwgrn4real66 in My Dad's Story
My late wife told me a house she used to live in was haunted. She'd see an old lady AND A CAT! Both transparent, quiet often.

...your dad's experience, I believe a protector of his. That's why only he saw it. And the guinea pig? Possible! The skeptics never believe us, only because they've yet to have a personal unexplained experiences of their own! Thanks for sharing! 😁
lwgrn4real66 in House Haunts 2
Seems the previous home owner didn't like the picture enough to take it with them and sounds like the spirit (s) they left behind don't like the picture either! Sounds like you have a harmless spirit (s) that like to be a prankster! Thanks fir sharing your experiences!

P.S. I wouldn't acknowledge the spirit (s) because it can escalate things which could attract other spirits which may not be so nice! Thx!
Thank you for sharing! Experiences by other people can be hard to remember everything as you know.

But, the experience sounds like possibly haunted land from long, long ago. Be glad you're NOT THERE! 😁
lwgrn4real66 in Lady At The Window
From just watching ghost hunter shows (lol! Who really knows what'sreal or not on those!),but,seems to maybe be a poltergeist occurance. The irate woman may gave poltergeist energy she admits off when upset.? I've had many experiences but I'm not "real experienced" in this type stuff,lol.

And the lady at the window, a gentle spirit from beyond possibly looking for a loved one. Just a little lost. The hat... Probably the time era the lady passed away. Thanks for sharing your experience with us! Glad you're doing better! God bless!😁
Twilight1011 in Lady At The Window
I apologize for miss-spelling your name. I meant to recheck over that, before I submitted my original post.

That sounds very possible. The "fives " happened at my sister's first a few times, then at my dad's once. I wish I understood about all of the experiences I've had during my life.

But I'm not one to go looking for anything that could turn bad! Cluck,Cluck! Lol! I just take it as it comes but as you know, when these experiences happen to us, we never ever forget ANY of it? Thx for your read, your feedback, and for sharing your experiences! 😁
Twilight1011 in Lady At The Window
I'm sorry to hear about your health lately, and hope that you're feeling better (and doing better)? That's very interesting to hear about the monitors all going off like that, after that woman reacted the way she did. I believe it could have been caused by some type of special ability, she could possibly have. It does make you wonder πŸ€” As for what you saw, perhaps a wondering spirit, that was just passing through. I was wanting to ask you a random question though, out of curiosity πŸ˜… Your username, is this your actual name, or did you happen to be a fan of the X-men, and liked the Jubelee character on it? I've been curious, and wanted to finally ask you about it. As for me, I loved that character ☺
Valkricry, the only change, which I guess was kind of big, was my wife and I ended up inheriting a lake house on Lake Texoma in Denison,Tx.

I lived at my sister's property for 1 1/2 years. When we found out we were moving, it was about 3 months prior to moving that my experiences "amped up". These numbers of experiences happened before we knew that we were moving. I've only seen a couple of things here at the lake house. One, even though being paranormal, was kind of explainable to some point, and the shadow person outside may have been my late wife's ex husband that got stabbed to death outside 2 houses down from here. Not sure though. Thx again fir your read and info. Very helpful!😁
valkricry in Lady At The Window
Wide brimmed hats with veils were very popular in 1910, then reemerged 50s-60s, and I hear they're making a comeback. So dating Ms. Ghost by that would prove tricky. It's possible the night nurse reacted poorly because such things frighten her.
Your online crossword - I swear! This isn't the first time 'clues' came up directly related to things you're experiencing. THAT makes me wonder.
CantunSEEit74 in Lady At The Window
Very interesting hospital encounters. Slight built woman or young girl, from your profile could it be an attachment from when you lived next to large cemetery. The shape of the hat seems to hold a clue as they have changed over the hundreds of years they have covered our noggins, Chinese hat, Australian hat. I believe when agitated we humans can emit energy pulses that can interfere with electronics of all kinds. It is fact and all I have to do is scroll my tv to Fox news for 40 second and I can literally wake my dog from a dead sleep as I am mentally sending lightning bolts to this lying hate spewing loser on the screen. Yes, I believe her stress could have made the bed alarms go crazy. So many what ifs on this one. I hope your health is good now and thanks for sharing.
lwgrn4real66 in Bike Accident
It sounds weird that any ghost or spirit would have that type of energy for that length of time. Bur, on the other hand, I saw my dad's doppelganger which was as real looking and non-transparent as if I were looking at you right now.

Needless to say, he passed away within less than one year after me sering that in his house. So, all I know is your experience could have been totally real.

When you've had any or several experiences, you'll see a lot of them don't make a lot of sense to us in the real physical world a lot of times.

I've had many experiences and I DON'T look for things to happen and nor do I "ghost hunt) any of the places I've experienced things like this.

I believe, if you look for it hard enough, you'll find it! And, I don't want to "AMP up" any of the experiences I've had because I wouldn't want to end up with a real bad entity or even a demon haunting me. Good luck and take care! You'll be okay. Of you feel you ever need real help, don't hesitate if possible. 😁
Linjahaha in Historic Haunt
lwgrn4real: I'm glad that my account was enjoyable to you. I REALLY did enjoy working there despite the paranormal incidents. If anything, it intrigued us kids all the more. It was truly fascinating to actually touch the artifacts. It gives you so much of a better picture of the actual historic figures that resided there, & were such an integral part of the forming of our Nation.
I enjoyed reading your accounts, also. Thanks again!

All the Best! 😁 😁
Yes. I'd be hiding under blankets to. As usual, I have many questions, but it happened so long ago. Further, as you say, "My father had no idea to the day he last narrated this incident what that entity was, where it came from and whether it had any attachment to the house before or after that incident."

Thanks for sharing, at least.
RCRuskin in Lady At The Window

Well, good you're better, Sis!:)

All the monitors on all the patients going off at once when that young-at-heart lady became irate. Hm. I don't think that was ghostly by itself, but certainly unsettling. Probably some kind of psychic version of an electromagnetic pulse.

The lady by your bedside? That is intriguing. And you say that nothing could be found to produce a shadow or silhouette of a person. The wide brimmed hat was probably the hardest element to create. It might be a monitor on the wall over your bed. But in your family's history, are there any people who might be her?

As for hospitals not being haunted, well, I suppose on the first day of business, and up until the first death which probably won't take long...
jessica2k67 in Bike Accident
Hi Rajine,

I'd like to think that encounter was needed in my life some way. I don't know what or who Gavin was even after doing tons of research on deaths nearby the area. All I know is that Gavin meant no harm to me.

Thank you for replying!
jessica2k67 in Bike Accident
Hi Lady-Glow,

I will try not to think about the encounter much if that helps. The little pieces of information is all what I have and remember throughly. I have tried to talk about this with my parents but they never believed in life after death, or anything like that. So it becomes near to impossible for me to go to a professional since I'm only 15.

But I will definitely try to forget about this encounter.

Thank You!
lady-glow in Bike Accident
Hi Jessica.

"ever since that encounter there has been something wrong with me"

Not meaning to pry and not knowing if by this you mean your health or something else but it's important to look for the proper help (professional?) depending on whatever problem you may have been having after this encounter.

From my perspective, it's hard to give you any kind of advice upon the little information provided by your narrative, I also do not know how to interpret your dream.

Try not to think too much about this encounter, specially if doing so brings extra stress into your life.

Hello. It is so nice to see you around!

I'm sorry for your loss. I know loosing a child, regardless of their age, is a very traumatic and painful experience.

I think our loved ones are always watching over us, though not always at our side.

Thanks for reading.
Rajine in Bike Accident
Hi Jessica2k67

There are a few theories I have, it could be a resident or random spirit, perhaps a guardian angel, or maybe it was your late friend looking out for you.
jessica2k67 in Bike Accident
Thank you so much for understanding the situation!

To answer your question that whole encounter might have been around 20-25 minutes My friend passed away in Malaysia and I don't think he ever visited the Netherlands. And his initials weren't G.K. Except the motor bike everything about Gavin was different.

I tried searching him up on social platforms but with very little information about him I couldn't.

I will try and research the history and death cases in my area if anything pops up.

What's been worse that ever since that encounter there has been something wrong with me.

Again thank you so much to find the time to reply to my story.
Hi lady-glow, I can't imagine the pain your grandma would have gone through. But I can relate to how hard it would have been for her to let go. When Rex and I lost our baby, our world came crashing down. We grieved for a long time. I've wondered if the spirit of our baby stayed with us for a while.

I believe that when sorrow cuts too deep, it can tie the spirit of the departed to the earthly realm. It could why some remain, watching over loved ones until they are ready to let go, freeing the spirit to move on.

A friend, who's a medium, told me that not all spirits hang around the cemetery or gravesite, because it can be too depressing for them. But they would be there when loved ones go to visit them. I find it comforting to know that love endures, long after the body has been laid to rest.

Thanks for sharing her experience with us.
lady-glow in Bike Accident
Welcome to YGS.

In my opinion, neither you nor your friends have enough knowledge to accurately diagnose you with a mental illness.

How long did it last this 'encounter'? A spirit would need a lot of energy to move a physical object (your bike) for a long period of time and distance, not to mention the jacket abandoned on the bike path.

I'm not sure if your narrative is about the visitation of your deceased friend pretending to be 'Gavin', usually spirits keep the same appearance they had as living people.

Did your friend use to bike through that path?
Were the letters G.K. His initials? Did he own a jacket like the one Gavin lent you and later was on the ground?

I guess this encounter is a twist to the "ghostly hitchhiker" and, if so, it's possible that more people have seen and interacted with him. Perhaps he died in that area.
It would be a good idea to research the history of any possible missing/dead young men in that area.

Thanks for sharing.
Twilight1011 in Scary Afternoon
I know this is a bit of a late post, to be making for this account, but just incase the poster does happen to notice my comment πŸ˜… I wanted to suggest the possibility of this being a residual haunting πŸ€” as the only paranormal part that seems to be happening, are the hearing of footsteps, walking up the staircase, when the place is thought to be unoccupied, makes it come off residual. Like that's all that the spirit seems to do, is walk the staircase, whatever the time it may happen, more in a cycle type of way, I suppose. Perhaps it's not that they don't exactly walk up the staircase, when someone is known to be there, maybe it could be you and your husband didn't notice, depending what you were doing at the time, and where you two could have been in the bungalow etc? If that is a possible theory, that might be of help. I was just wanting to throw that thought out there, as a possibility, I could be wrong, as the paranormal world is one we have yet to fully understand. At least it didn't appear to be anything of the more, negative nature. Thanks for sharing your experience though ☺ I enjoyed reading about it.
lwgrn4real66 in Historic Haunt
Wow! The feelings you must've felt when you were literally touching the history! What a connection! I bet that was a really weird feeling.

I think I'd be too chicken to get that deep into the spirit world. If you're a history buff, that'd be a dream come true job! As a child, we lived on south Travis street just a couple of houses away from where the Historical district houses started on the street heading south from our old smaller home. Our home was haunted. My sister had a friend that lived in one of the 2 or 3 story looking Victorian style homes. It was supposed to be haunted as well. It had a basement, which they always called a dungeon. I never went there but my sis and her friend that lived there would talk about the hauntings alot. Amazing experience! Thanks for sharing!
Yes. It sounds like one or more possible spirit jokesters! Maybe the knocking at the door is a spirit like stuck In time.

Maybe like a recording playing over and over. Sounds like none of the spirits mean any harm. Just don't look for any of this to happen. If it does, let it happen but don't show it fear.

And don't ever try to communicate with any of it. It would just probably escalate the activities. Take care! 😁
lwgrn4real66 in Restless Spirits
Yes. The lack of emotion was very unusual. It was weird almost right at my head! Just felt like a couple of feet away. It made my head bounce a couple of inches off the wall.

I've never experienced anything like that before. I've been touched, backed into stuff in the middle of a yard that wasn't there when I turned around, all kinds of weird experiences. Nothing has ever tried to hurt me that I'm aware of. Alot of scary stuff though has happened. On my sister's property I was living at for a bit, in my camper, I would hear people whispering outside the windows and it would sound like knives scraping the windows trying to get the windows unlocked. It would stop when my wife would come into the front room while it would be happening to me up front. Anyways, sorry. That'll be another experience to write about. Thanks for reading and all feedback and questions.
lwgrn4real66 in Restless Spirits

Thanks for reading! I should get into looking more at the histories of the properties I've experienced things at like this. I just tell what I saw, heard, or felt.

The tracer I took as maybe an Indian spirit. I was and still am a TV and YouTube ghost hunter/investigator junkie! Lol.

You never really know if some, if not all of that is real or not on those series. I know you're like me, when you truly experience real paranormal activities, you never, ever forget not one second of the event no matter how long it's been since it happened. I guess unless maybe we could have experienced more than we do even think we remember. Weird stuff!

Take care! 😁
The lack of emotion from the landlord is a dead giveaway, he definitely knows something that you don't regarding that area, who knows what it could have been a long time ago, ancient burial ground, sacred reserve, etc... But one thing is certain, that it seems to be a very concentrated area for ghostly activity.
It seems like something/one is trying to tell you something, and is giving you signs, as unnerving as it is to have to go through that, the previous and this story, I don't get any bad/malevolent vibes from whatever it is that you experienced.
Linjahaha in Restless Spirits
lwgrn4real: This sounds like an interesting experience, & you were not the sole witness to it.
Did you research the history of the land itself? The landlord seems to know something, but isn't saying anything. I wonder.
If you look into it you may learn something about it. Just a suggestion here. Very interesting read!

All the Best! 😊 😁
Going out on a limb here, but repeating numbers are quite often a symbol or sign of something. Repeating numbers are sometimes referred to as Angel numbers and each number has its own meaning. This usually refers to SEEING a repeated number, but can be applied to audio also. Repeating 5s are a symbol of transformation. You're undergoing or about to undergo dramatic changes, and you're being asked to embrace the chaos.
Does that seem to fit your circumstances at the time?
Moonchild, I'm glad, for your sake, that you got out of that room. Knowing what it was in it's turbulent past has a very strong bearing on what you were sensing. Pretty bad when even your husband sensed it, & it scared him. Very alarming, but glad that you're alright!

Take Care! 😲 πŸ˜•
Twilight 1011,

Sorry. I forgot. On the main house, the 3rd bedroom in the very back of the house was the big bedroom with a regular size brick fireplace.

It's the one that a previous owner had built a wall width- wise making it into two long skinny rooms.

The room was the whole width of the house. The back room that went outside didn't have the fireplace in it but was the one that had the foil on all the four windows. The windows stretched all the way across the room. With maybe 2 or 3 ft between each window. Thx!

I tried getting hold of my sis just now to ask. I never asked about the foil. I'll find out and comment on it soon as I find out.

That was the only room we with foil on them. It's a large 3 bedroom with a guest house that has two rooms and a small bathroom with a toilet and a stand up shower.

I lived beside that guest house.

I have a lot more crazy experiences to write about. Then I had an experience next to Crater of Diamonds in Arkansas. I'll probably write about that one next.

But thanks for reading and I'll post a comment ASAP soon as I get hold of my sister.
Lwgrn4real66 - Hey, I'm curious as to why your sister, had foil on the 4 windows, to the room you were talking about? I don't know if this was something you had already explained before, in your previous submissions, that I had also read, but maybe missed that detail somewhere?πŸ˜• I caught where you said that your sister & brother in-law, were not tweekers lol πŸ˜‚ But I can't help but wonder, if there's a particular reason, as to why your sister has them covered, like maybe due to unsettling activity, that might have been seen in the past, by them, through those windows or something?πŸ˜… Also, I'm assuming that the foil is only put on the windows you mentioned, and not on any other window to the house? Aside my question, I enjoyed reading another one of your experiences, from living at your sister's property. It definitely sounds very active around there. I don't know what the significance of the number 5 is, for this activity, but it seems like it should hold some type of importance.
valkricry in Wth Case Files 2
Hey, Jubeele 😊 Good 'seeing' you.
Well, a ghostie kitty is definitely a possibility. I think Simba (previous cat) stops by to say 'howdy' now and then. Then too, who knows over time how many pets have lived here? Be a zoo full, I'm sure. I see no reason why a spirit animal couldn't visit - although I'd think they'd be more drawn by familiar scent then place.
Thanks for reading!
valkricry in Wth Case Files 2
How many plains of existence there are, depends on your belief, I think. I've heard everything from seven (most commonly held) to thirty-one (Buddhist). But no one really knows. Are these plains also known as timeslips, or are they completely different? Again no one knows for certain. Or as RC pointed out, on another plain of existence am I viewed as a ghost? Oh! The perplexities!
Correction: I never experience the 3 demons. And also another correction. In one of my comments before, not sure when, but I said my niece saw 2 demons in the main house and one outside I think is what I said.

But she saw 2 outside and one in the main house. I apologize.
I have one more experience that I experienced but it happened like a recording three different nights over a 2 week period, it was the same except ONLY ONE THING EACH NIGHT.

Don't say "SATANIC" lol, but my niece supposedly played with a ouija board years ago. She swore she'd seen 3 demons on the property before. U never experienced them!?

Yeah, the number 5 doesn't click with me on anything personal.
I'll probably write that one tomorrow. I just finished almost all my fence work today, and living at Lake Texoma, it's hot and really humid today! I'm old, lol, so going to shoer, did on my butt, and read y'alls (you can tell I'm from Texas! Lol) experiences tonight I I'll I pass out!

lwgrn4real66 in U F Orange
You hit the nail right on the head! It's hard to tell until after the fact! One may not know whether real or not until the next day, maybe not even then.

Yeah, CantunSEEit74, that's a hard one to say. I saw a weird dancing light in the daytime, looked out, it was gone.

But, standing exactly where that light (bright as the sun but small) had started, was what they portray on tx, etc for aliens to look like.

It was only one. Looked 6 to 7 foot tall, medium solid tan in color,skinny, long necked, and only the outline with the solid tan.

No features such as eyes, ears, nose, or mouth. I shut the curtain, looked back out in a few seconds. It was gone! Real? Paranormal I think. But, who the heck really knows?!

Also, I have what I consider a credible person (female) to tell me once that she had a male guy in her family that was dying. She said he worked for the government.

She said on his "death bed" that he told her there are six (6) different types of aliens that truly exist.

Who really knows? I can vouch ONLY for what I do or have experienced. Thanks for sharing your personal experience with us!

Linjahaha in Historic Haunt
Zander: Sorry, but the book was placed on the table in such a way that we could not see the title, & neither one of us were going to climb over a metal gate. Especially in our mini-skirts.
However, the book was lying on the table next to the humidor. It wasn't there previously. All the books were in the bookcase. Thanks for reading!

The Very Best! 😊 ❀
Dreambird, & Rajine: Yes! It was a very enjoyable house to tour as well as beautiful.
Zander: By all means. Do check out the book. Thanks to all for reading!

Best Regards! 😁 😁
Hi Moonxchild,

Maybe whatever was in that room moved near where you were in the room, on the bed. Selene may not have been looking at you directly, but whoever was there. Don't mean to freak you out, actually intend the opposite! Because cats don't give that reaction without a really good reason. The bond you have with her, it doesn't make sense that she'd be having that reaction at you directly. Sooo glad you got out of that room! There be some really nasty stuff there. Wonder if anyone else has had similar experiences in that room. I suspect it doubled down on you because you and your cat could sense it. Sorry it happened, that sounded absolutely horrendous.
Tweed in U F Orange
Cantunseeit, wow, just wow! I was watching this UFO program a while back and it's just fascinating what people have experienced. It's great that government attitudes have started changing and more people are feeling heard when they speak out.
So intriguing that your visitor/s seemed to be hiding. So many unanswered questions with these encounters.

Thanks for sharing!
Hi Theyluvdea,

Had the exact same thoughts as Rajine and Giffy about astral projecting. There are quite a few accounts on here about similar weird moments. Interestingly they all seem to involve loved ones perhaps you could see your father because of the familial closeness. Pretty terrifying for sure, but not actually anything to be afraid of. But ah yeah, still scary!

Thanks for sharing.
OK so this story confirms what I asked in your previous one, I believe that certain places that are haunted by a "specific" type of ghosts/spirits, usually attract more sinister, malevolent beings and an asylum for the criminally insane would be the perfect feeding ground for such entities.
This experience does not sound good at all, do you think it's an angry spirit or something else, something malevolent?

I think you should look into doing some research and possibly a cleansing.
Hello, Thanks for the interesting story. I agree with Rajine: my thought was that your father was unconsciously projecting his spirit. It seems not uncommon for people to have these glimpses of someone they are close to when that person is asleep, or on their way home to them. The event seemed harmless, if strange.
Rajine in U F Orange
Difficult to say whether it was supernatural or intergalactic, come to think of it, how does one tell the difference πŸ€”
Rajine in House Haunts 2
Seems like you have a seemingly harmless spirit, whether it's a resident or passing by, time will tell.
Hi Aquamari

When you drove past them, did you see if they were still there or had they disappeared? When you sped around them did they acknowledge you as well?
Hello and welcome to YGS

I've had a few experiences where I've questioned my own sanity over the years, and it can be very unnerving.

Here's a outrageous thought, what if instead of a doppelganger or skinwalker, what if perhaps it was your dad subconsciously astral projecting? But that's just my speculation, I think I've read somewhere that people do it unintentionally while asleep, like something out of the Insidious movies 🀦🏻
Tweed, these past few years have been really hard on everyone. Like many others, Rex and I lost family and friends during the pandemic. It's taught us that life's too short to dwell on the dark side. Let's leave all unpleasantness and misunderstandings in the past.

I just noticed that my link about the Monarch butterfly didn't turn out properly. So, here it is again for anyone who wants to know what the butterfly looks like:

Rex thinks the beeping sound at the time of the outage was from something with a battery backup, probably the smoke alarm, which is connected to the mains. He's the technician, so I'll take his word for it. Though the idea of a ghostie playing a prank on us sounds more fun.
Hi Linjahaha

As very interesting and intriguing account, going back to ancient times, one can imagine what it must have been like during those times and the experiences people went through.
It's unnerving to have to go through that while you alone, this is the first time I'm reading about a random supernatural incident that has the number 5 attached to it, usually it's 3's, perhaps numerology will help explain the meaning of the number 5?
I would check for Bigfoot sightings in your area. There is an online database by state and county. BFRO
Does it sound like a person whistling? Or more like a train whistle? I ask because the Cherokee say that the "Hairy Man" - their term for Bigfoot, periodically makes a sound like a train whistle.
Sounds like a portal, possibly. Do you think your family would be willing to have a medium come to investigate and try to close it if need be?
Zander in Historic Haunt
WOW! That was him, surely! Just curious ~ do you happen to remember the title of the book that had shown up by the chair? Another great story! ❀
How fascinating! Another great story! I'm going to check out that Renner book! ❀
Hi Linjahaha,
Thanks for another wonderful account! That house sounds amazing.

DreamBird in My Dad's Story
Hi Rajine and Tweed,
Thank you both for your comments. From what I've learned, the ancient belief of animals not having souls is because they believe animals couldn't praise God. I read somewhere that the current Pope is trying to change that.

Yes, what my Dad saw was crazy. It didn't sound connected to the land either so I would have to say it was some type of guardian watching over two young boys during their camp-out. Thanks for the well wishes,too!


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