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Hello Linjahaha, another great story!

Many of these old buildings, especially ones where a lot of people have either worked or passed through (train stations, hospitals, etc) are sure to have a lot of activity. There is a great deal of history in these areas and not all of it was made public. I feel that John's assessment of what he saw was pretty spot on. I also feel 'she' showed herself at the window to make sure the boys got the point and not to return, since some would later try to rationalize the earlier incident away. It sure must have been unnerving for the boys to witness that adding machine working by itself!

Still and all a fascinating recollection, very detailed as always.

Thanks for sharing!
Hello Twighlight1011,

Aries and Scorpio combined makes you very intuitive from an astrological point of view.

If you go to that site, Cafe astrology, you'll find a lot of information about every aspect of how to interpret your own chart, past lives, composite charts, synastry/relationship charts, meanings of all the planets, aspects between them, moon in different signs and so much more. I login to that site often and have a better understanding of astrology as a result. AND ITS FREE. 😊


If you do your birth chart first on this site, it tells you which signs the planets are placed and what houses the planets are in. From there you can click on different relevant links and read about what they mean.

At the bottom of the first link is 'Spiritual life lessons' and also the moon's nodes, and placements. All the stuff you are into now.

If you need help navigating the site, text me anytime and if I can, I will help. I'm not an expert but I do jump on that site often.


Good reading my friend,
MiaG 😊
blosomes in Back To Where I Am
Oh, I just realize that I have not answer any of Bibliothecarius' question about whether there were any complaints, well its kind of a yes and kind of a no.

Its not about this event that I experience but its about my sister. I heard that she was having calls from one of our neighbor in our home flat that it is kind of noisy during the night... It could not be Henrique because... You know he is now an old cat and will not be all over active especially when there is no one playing with him. It can't be my sister since she works at night as I have written here... And that time she recieve the call was not even her off day πŸ˜•
blosomes in Back To Where I Am

Thanks for commenting twice and sorry for the late respond...
A trickster doppelganger? Do you mean a living spirit by that? But my sister was working during the night? Can you tell me more about it? I might be wrong...


True, the light was on but I remembered that my sister seemed bored... Like went someone is stare watching a long going show.
Yes, that was the reason I asked my sister if she was thinking of something deep... Rice crackers... I can't tell now if she was just holding on the bag or was actually munching on...

Well now that I think of it I might be having a waking dream... But I am not really sure πŸ˜•
RCRuskin in Back To Where I Am
A trickster doppelganger maybe? And I did somehow miss the lights being on, Biblio, but I will admit I've had some weird dreams, such as one where I woke up and went into work, only for my alarm to go off. So dreaming the lights were on is, imo, a possibility.

Hope to hear back from you, Roy.
Hi no_name_face,

Yes I am from Negros Occidental, somewhere in the south. Are you from this area too? And yes I am a native "hiligaynon speaker". Apologies as I am not so active for the past months or years, been busy with a lot of changes in my life. I might resume sharing my experiences soon.
Bibliothecarius in Back To Where I Am
Greetings, Roy.

You do have interesting experiences.

My thoughts were similar to RCRuskin's, but I wondered if it could have been some sort of trickster spirit. It seems odd to me that it chose to appear to be eating your rice crackers, but that the real crackers were untouched. To the best of my knowledge, a doppelgΓ€nger interacts with the real world creating change in the environment; that is to say if it appeared to eat the crackers, they would have been opened and eaten.

That said, a trickster spirit seems like a bit of a stretch, too, unless other odd or unexplained events occurred during your summer at home. Did anyone else complain about unusual happenings or unexplained experiences?

That does leave RC's suggestion of the waking dream state as a valid explanation, but it doesn't account for the lights being on when you passed through the first time, but being off when you returned from the bathroom. Even in a dream state, I'd have trouble imagining that you dreamed the lights being on.

This is definitely a peculiar tale.

Twilight1011 in Lost In My Room
The Lost Voyage - Your thoughts & theories of the afterlife, are very much welcomed 😊 I can't claim one theory to be the correct one, verses the other. So I'm open to hear whatever someone may believe. I doubt with what little I've learned so far about the other side, and what happens, that I've barely even scratched the surface. There's most likely way more to it, than we will ever truly know. But I think what you've said also makes sense. My brother had spent most of his childhood, with a disease, until it took his life at 16yrs old. For the longest time, I wondered if he had even crossed over, as I wondered if he possibly had unfinished business because of the life he had to live. What you said about someone that was sick for a long time in our world, may have to go through a sort of healing process on the other side, made me wonder if that's possibly what my brother had to go through. I found it weird how he never really seemed to visit in anyway, to let us know that he's doing good now, and is happy. Which was why I started to worry if he ever did actually cross over then. I'm still not fully sure to that answer yet, but assuming the reading I done recently, was indeed him, that was communicating to me, then he might have crossed over, and was able to grow to the young man form, that he was meant to grow too. At least that's how I felt his energy was like. It didn't feel like the little teenage boy that I once knew in life. It felt a little older, like 20's. I wish I could know for sure, but maybe someday I will. I'm very interested in the unexplained myself, and the paranormal world. I feel there's way more to all of it, than what we know, and love being able to discuss the possibilities of it all πŸ˜„
RCRuskin in Back To Where I Am
It definitely meets the qualification of strange. I can think of three possible explanations.

1. Doppelganger
2. Some kind of time slip. (Keep an eye out for your sister eating your rice snacks.)
3. Some kind of waking dream where, even though you were awake, and moving about, your brain still produced a dream experience.
Talk about an extensively detailed story Plaza.

I've got to say, I am still reading, and reading, and reading it. In fact I'm up to chapter 71 of 105 chapters approximately, leaving me a ton more to read. (⁠◔⁠‿⁠◔⁠)

I am still yet to read you recent comment.

Let's hope I can contribute to this story soon.

You have gone to a lot of trouble to publish this story Plaza, which is quite nearly a little novel. (⁠◠⁠‿⁠◕⁠)

In the meantime, I am ploughing through.

I am trying to avoid your sexual encounter with Lisa because I think that's too personal for this site, but the rest of your story is interesting.

I feel for you having to miss out on so much, not have bus fairs, and jump from home to home. You sound like an emotionally strong man as a result of life's hurdles and no doubt better off having experienced some of those growth lessons. I am not referring to the hard times of not having money for bus fair and shifting from home to home. No one deserves to go through that kind of pain. Sorry you went through that mate.

Kent, (β½ΝˆΛ™Μ‘βΎΛ”Μ‰β½Λ™Μ‘βΎΝˆ)
Lost Voyage, Thank you so much for your comments! I always enjoy hearing about your insightful theories. I really do appreciate them.
I am aware of what is called the residual haunting effect. Where what we see is actually like a tape recording. Only it is recorded in the ether of the atmosphere to be played back time and again under the right atmospheric conditions.
This incident seemed to me, anyway, to be intelligent interaction.
He reacted to our presences. He even smiled as he waved to us. I felt so sad for him though. He was so young. Just a kid.
However, our teacher pointed out that a big majority of the soldiers were barely out of school when they were fighting the Civil War. Over 50, 000 in just Gettysburg perished on that field.
That is just in 'that' region. The cumulative amount that perished from fighting in the other areas must be staggering to say the least.
Yes. It was a fascinating experience for me and the others. Something that we'll never forget. For sure, I haven't as this account proves.
If I can find the time off from working & someone to accompany me, I'd like to make another trip to Gettysburg. It's beautiful out there in the Summertime and very thought provoking to know what took place out there during the early beginnings of our Country.
You could say it was a very spiritual experience!

Thank you again and all the Best! 😁 😁
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in Lost In My Room
Hello Twilight1011, I just wanted to comment and share on what you had posted regarding your experiences around your mother-in-law, and also to pass on my condolences, I'm sorry for your loss.

What I will relay here is my own belief/experiences, which offer another perspective and so as not to infringe on your own beliefs and your spiritual growth.

When we pass from this lifetime, there can be a period of reintegration. Most people figure that once we go 'home' we're complete again and everything's fine. That's not the absolute truth. I know for me when I lost my aunt many years ago, she had been struggling with cancer and was out of it pretty good when her time came. It took some time before I could sense her presence and when I did, it was different. What I learned is she went through a sort of 'healing' when she crossed over, not the same kind of healing we think of here on earth, but nonetheless a healing, a sort of readjustment to being spirit without form. She had a rough time at the end and there was unfinished business. In essence she became herself fully again and that's why her energy felt different, it was no longer weighed down with her earthly struggles.

So what you said makes sense on many different levels. I don't know the details regarding your mother-in-laws passing, but I know that depending on how sick a person is when they pass, how concerned they are with the loved ones they left behind and how attached they are to their physical life/form, it can all affect how quickly they pass and can integrate the life they just lived back into spirit again. That's why so many talk about the 'life review' when they cross over. Spirit also takes time to integrate into a human body when they spend that time in the womb prior to birth.

The other thing is what you had spoken of regarding evolution and spiritual growth. It's true, as a spirit/soul we never stop growing and evolving regardless of which side of the veil we are on. It's why we come here in form to begin with, to grow, to evolve, to experience life and express ourselves in these 'limited' bodies. As spirit we 'know' everything there is to know, but knowing something is not the same as experiencing it, only with knowing and experience, is true knowledge formed. It's kind of like a how to book on running software on your computer, you can memorize the book, but until you apply that knowledge by getting into the software and working with it, it doesn't truly make sense, it can almost seem like a foreign language!

We are curious by nature, that is one of the core essence qualities of spirit and we take with us into these human bodies. Children exemplify this quality quite well, it's part of how they can sense see spirits and ghosts so easily! Until they grown older, and out of it, per society's rules, yet that curiosity, that child like wonder of it all and those wild imaginations are part of who/what we are, they are soul qualities!

Anyways enough of my rambling, I felt it might be helpful to weigh in as you're exploring some interesting topics I love to speak about. I love to talk about and explore the supernatural/paranormal worlds, but I'm also fascinated by all kinds of unexplained phenomena and all manners of spirituality as well as quantum physics/mechanics that plays right into all of it, it's all connected!
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in The Lime Tree
Hello HiloHaole, welcome to YGS, I appreciate you sharing your incredible account!

I echo what others have stated, and also that she 'knew' you were sensitive enough to help her. She lured you to the tree and although I'm sure the smell was unpleasant for sure, she knew you would find out what it was and unearth her secret.

Justice was served, her killer may not be caught, but her fate known, her family always left to wonder, finally has some resolve, some peace. For her I suspect it was the ONLY reason she stuck around, waiting for the right person (you) to help find her remains. I believe and sincerely hope, with her business here on earth concluded, that she's moved onto the peace she deserves.

Amazing story, thanks for sharing!
Twilight1011 in Lost In My Room
MiaG - I'm very much into astrology myself πŸ˜„ and have done my astrology chart awhile back ago now. I learned my moon sign is Aries, and found it really almost on point, of how much my astrology chart, describes my personality. I'd like to learn more on astrology stuff though, to where I'm able to fully understand it all, and know how I'm affected by each of the moons phases. Also, when it comes to numerology, I discovered I'm an 11 (if you're able to accept a 2 digit number as your numerology number, because I've learned some won't consider it as one, since it's not a single digit number), but if I do go with my single digit numerology number, it's 2. Which from what I've read from both, still pretty much describes me to a t πŸ˜… I was amazed how both go on about me being highly intuitive, as I am. But don't feel bad for what all I had to go through! It may have been very hard in that time period, to have to go through, but to know what I do now, I'm able to look back on it all, and see how much it has helped me become who I am today. I've read where going through that type of pain, is what helped me to be able to be more understanding and caring towards others, as to go through it yourself, you want to be able to help other's not suffer as much as you may have, or how it helps you view the world itself, very differently than most. I didn't want to have people pity me, for the childhood I had. I chose to use it as a lesson in my life, that I needed to go through, so I can be who I am now. It's a blessing and a curse at times unfortunately, to think and feel so deeply than normal. But it has helped me know who to trust, and who not too, as well as saved me from only God knows what. As much as the negative side sucks to endure, I still wouldn't change having the ability I have.
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in The Gettysburg Soldier
Hello Linjahaha, what a fascinating and well written account. Your stories always have such detail!

I wouldn't be surprised if more people in your group saw the same man but as you said were afraid to comment on it. Even the young girl who asked, may have asked because she too saw it, but was unsure of what she was looking at and was looking for validation. I can't tell you how many times, the first person in the group to ask a similar question always admits later to seeing it as well. Of course I can't say for sure, but I'm willing to wager that more than just you and the other few girls that came forward saw it.

I believe places where emotions ran high and were experienced by so many people at one time, are highly charged atmospheres and the so called laws of time and space contained within don't operate the same. I think it creates a rift in what we consider time, and I don't think that everyone who sees soldiers on these battlefields is an actual ghost. It's akin to looking back through time, but the looking glass works both ways and they can see into what we consider the present, and for them the future. Then of course both parties can interact for a brief period of time. For him in this case (if that's what it was, but I'm not convinced) since the battlefield was the same, decked out in his time period as it were, other than the way you were dressed you wouldn't look too out of place.

It's an interesting aside and food for thought, but I don't believe that's what happened in your story for 2 reasons. The first is that not everyone saw him, at least as far as we know, it's unclear how many people actually saw him. A time rift, is like a window, not like seeing a ghost, everyone would have seen something. The second is his reaction, if he were in his own time, he would have been alarmed, considering his role, to see a bunch of young women on a battlefield and in potential danger in the middle of a war. Instead he behaved as if we were out taking a casual stroll in a field. It indicates he's far more aware of his surroundings and state of being than a typical ghost. That confirms what you suspected that he wanted to show himself briefly, possibly only to reveal that he did his duty and proudly.

I suspect he hasn't moved on, because he was taken before he really got to live, as you also stated. Though he's not ready to move on, in his perspective, he's not done with his life either. Either way, I enjoyed your account, thanks for sharing!
Rajine in The Lime Tree
That is such a harrowing and sad incident you and your wife went through, I can't imagine the horror that poor child had to go through, life tragically gone at such a young age, no wonder she couldn't move on.
Seems like a passing spirit, but what's weird is that image that just vanished, perhaps it doesn't want to be known.
Hi Linjahaha

The way you described your excursion up to the point of seeing that young man's ghost, seemed to be very fun and exciting, I've read up and watched a lot of documentaries on Gettysburg and I find it fascinating, sad but fascinating, to think so young people participated in the war and lost their lives even before it could fully begin.
Linjahaha in The Lime Tree
Hilo-That's an amazing story and you were able to help her. You stuck with it until they found her body. She, probably, just 'wanted' someone to know 'where' she was.
She reached out to you for help and 'you' responded. Just maybe you have given her some peace.
It's a truly amazing story!

Best Wishes! πŸ˜‰ 😊
Hello Twilight1011,

Life has been cruel to you. Not having you father, and losing so many family members there after is heartbreaking to read let alone for you to live through. I'm so sorry.

Scorpio eh? Now there's a topic that I love, astrology. Ican't get enough of it, so much so I usually check my transits often to see what's coming my way.

Your rising sign, sun sign and moon sign at the time of your birth play a huge part in your life. The planetary transits and how they aspect each other is worth looking at.

If you go to this link, a birth chart you can get your free astrology chart calculated, with interpretations. You can do composite charts, progressive charts and find out your transiting planets to see what's in store for you in upcoming months. You can also read what each planet means in the house they're placed and how that effects you.


I'm so intrigued by the, "voice of the Oracle' cards. I will see if I can find some online.

You're very brave going through everything you've been through and still you have strength to help your family by organising your mother-in-laws service and cremation.

Let me know how you go calculating your birth chart, if you get around to doing it or if you need help navigating that site. Once you start and if your anything like me, you'll spend hours and hours a week reading and soaking up all that astrology has to offer.

Hugs and positive energy to you.
M.G. X
Hey people, it's been a couple of years since I posted my lifetime experiences that I can not debunk and apologies to those of you I haven't replied to.
I have read all the replies and so many of you thank me and praise how I wrote it. It was the longest thing I have ever written and if you knew my schooling, you'd know I am no Shakespeare. I am 100% not a writer nor have I ever thought of myself as a writer. It's only the progression of technology that helps me with some of the big words with auto correct. In the past if I couldn't spell a word I would change it to something I could spell, but that's the skill level I am at. So I was amazed at the compliments I received. I just tell it exactly how I remembered it and try and put in how I felt at the time knowing this wasn't normal.
The thing with Lisa and the way the voice just suddenly came into my head, I knew it was not right, but what do I do, ignore it despite never having this happen before or try and think what else it could be? That first message was about going to a specialist church and it was over and over, nothing else, just that. There was nothing again until I came out of that church when I hear the same voice, I had to go again, I had to go again and then nothing until that bloody tune. I've spent decades trying to understand how it could be possible and that's the thing with me, I do try and debunk things, but I can't unhear what I was told, I heard it plain as day.
The randomness of the sensations of someone blowing on your neck, I knew it was happening more than just random intervals because it happened so many times and I even knew it couldn't be due to either wanting it so my subconscious made it happen because it was at weird times when I totally in a different head space and again, if just once or twice I would not be here saying this. So I definitely knew it was more than just coincidence.
Since I did post everything in this post, I've learned that mould can be a good reason why we see and hear things that we perceive as paranormal. I already knew about gas fumes from old gas appliances back in the 70's which could result in seeing and hearing things and yes, that's probably what happened when I thought I saw someone or felt someone on my legs when aged 3 or 4. However, I do not go into details into those early experiences, I just shared what I felt and saw what kicked started all this. I could probably write that book if I put all the paranormal stuff that happened to me in my dads house, but I don't and will not because there's a good chance none of it was real. This is why the two incidents that I shared was with both me and my brother together. It's pretty hard to imagine having my hair yanked so hard and feeling that pain afterwards for a long period of time and for my brother to see my head get yanked back even with the mould or gas fumes for an explanation. The other incident with the stairs, was also just weird because we both were not thinking of something bad that's going to happen and why would two people have the same hallucination or whatever the word is for hearing something paranormal. I do find it weird to this day, that it was timed to perfection. That the footsteps reached the top just as my dad came through the front door. If I was on my own, this would not be included in my post, unfortunately I wasn't alone which for me anyway, validates it did happen because we both heard it independently.
The sofa tale and the horror film could in theory of been the result of the mould or fumes, so I guess I can chalk that one off as a possibly solved case.
I've actually just remembered something else that happened constantly as a group thing too. When mum left dad and moved in with her new man, so from 1976 to when I left home in 1984, the number of electric equipment, so TV's & video recorders that would turn on and off randomly was way way more than random. Now I have never looked into this, so it may be a common trait for TVs and Video machines to turn on and off while watching, while tuned off, it didn't matter. Also, it wasn't at just 1 address or with one Tv or one video recorder, it followed us around. It's not classed as official because it could simply be a common issue, although I've not experienced it for decades now, but at that time it was pretty much a weekly occurrence. It could just of been a surge or something, I don't know because I am not an electrician.

For me, I know what's real and what is not. If I for one minute thought it could be my mind playing tricks, I wouldn't be here writing this, I value my time and sitting typing for hours knowing something didn't happen, it is just not me at all.

Someone mentioned the little girl laughing and the hair pulling. You could be the worlds best non believer, but if you heard that laugh, there is no way you could dismiss it knowing full well afterwards that you was alone just doing your job. But what freaks me out is, I slept in the bed in the room where the laughter was coming from. Admittedly, I was worse for wear so my spider senses were malfunctioning (there's also a body part that didn't work that night either, sigh...) It was just a one off, me staying in that bedroom for 1 night and I definitely didn't feel how I normally feel when I enter a building, especially an older building, like my grans flat which I stayed in for just a single night. That one night was a very long one, I slept with the light on and the TV on and I was in my 40's!
All I know was, I never thought the pub was haunted, otherwise I wouldn't of worked there for 3 years with my new girlfriend and like I explained, I never told anyone anything in fear of being ridiculed and especially to non family. I know 1 million percent I was not set up at the pub. I also know, if I did think foul play, I would have checked out peoples stories about being in the pub but discretely that Sunday morning.
Another interesting reply was about the missing slipper. I think I am in saying that it's quite common and is called under foot or something similar I think the reply stated. Maybe so, but for me I had never noticed anything missing and then reappeared some time later. Who knows, maybe that is why the one slipper was taken (or moved), so I'd know or definitely get noticed. Well we did definitely notice that's for sure. That's just so weird and thinking back, I still find it impossible what happened to happen. Granted, if we had family or friends close by we could pin it on them. My family live 250 miles away and my partner's family about 40 miles or so away. But it's the putting it back 3 days later in the exact same spot that is the real baffling play here. Who or what takes a slipper and returns it 3 days later, knowing we had both gone back upstairs and being so quite as to not wake wifey, if she fell asleep in the first place, it's that same 1 million percent certainty, she would of heard something even if she was asleep. I have never met anyone who's such a light sleeper than wifey. I think I mentioned we live in a Cul De Sac and our home is right at the end. In other words, you'd be seen walking towards our home, without knowing if we were going for a short sleep or not.
I bring this up like I do because, since I wrote this encyclopaedia of a post detailing every paranormal event I've ever had the pleasure of remembering, we have had something else happen. It is very much like the slipper, but we knew instantly this time something was missing and being the ever intuitive person, I immediately took a photo on my phone of the place where the item had been just minutes prior. I am talking about our bread knife or for me, my salad knife. This happened at the start of the English warmer weather and during this time, we eat a lot of salads to try and lose the excess weight we have put on over the winter. I had used the knife at lunchtime and I remember putting it back in the cutlery drawer per norm. When I went back into the drawer to start preparing the salad, no knife. It's weird because I immediately thought it's gone missing, which was unusual for that thought quite so soon. I ask wifey if she's seen the knife and she says, it's in the drawer. Nope and she tells me she saw it in there. Needless to say, we can't find it and I do something strange next. I take my phone and take a photograph of the cutlery draw and its contents. I say out loud, ha, now what are you going to do, you can't put it back now and me and wifey just laugh about it.
The following weekend, wifey blitzes the cupboards in the kitchen and no knife. She keeps saying, it was in there, I saw it.
Days later and still no knife, but we knew, which is weird because it's not natural, but we knew the knife was going to turn up at some point. Me taking the snapshot of the drawer maybe wasn't such a good idea after all. That's because days turned into weeks and unbelievably, turned into months.
But I am writing about it, so those of you who know your onions, will know it's going to turn up, I mean why would I write about a missing item that's simply been lost and not found right?
It was at least 5 months and we now had given up on the knife turning up and it was all a false alarm, it must of accidentally been lost in the garbage bin at some point during the day of it going missing and we simply had a blank memory of it. I was due to travel to see family shortly after the 5 month mark of the missing knife and we would start a list of things to buy on my next trip to see the family. That's because things are a lot cheaper where my family live and where I am from, which is 250 miles away in the U.K. And those of you who know the U.K. Know it's not that big of an island to start with, so 250 miles is like one end of the country to the other.
So me and wifey eventually give up and put knife down on the list. I had used other knives to prepare the salads but it's wasn't the right type of knife, so we give up and I was going to buy another knife.
Incidentally, like the original post, we still don't have friends who come over, or we go out to socialise. We have two dogs and we've always felt so guilty leaving them at home, so it's extremely rare for us to leave them. In other words, no one has been in our home for years and much like the slipper, in fact, it's worse this time because the kitchen drawer is Impossible to access via a window or door, so zero chance (again) of anyone attempting to play a joke on us. We also know, the last time the knife was used, which was just a few hours previously. This is why we eventually said, it's got to of been thrown out, which of course is very plausible.
A week before the 6 month anniversary of the knife disappearing (because I have the date of when I took the snapshot of the drawer when it first went missing) and in the same week I am due to travel to see family, I am in the kitchen and two days a week wifey needs to go into work, she's just walked through the front door and comes into the kitchen. I'm making her a cup of tea, which I always do at 5pm and one of the very few things I can still do despite living in this chronic pain.
I hand her the cup of tea and I start to prepare the salad and wifey starts to tell me about her day. I open the cutlery drawer and pick up the missing knife and I start to cut the lettuce. It's about 10 seconds later when it just clicks, I say to wifey, what have I got in my hand?
Ohhhh you found it then, she says, where was it?
I hesitate for a second and say, I've just picked the knife up out of the drawer, you've just seen me do it. I swear to her, I've literally just opened that drawer and picked up the knife. Where was it she asks, it was just on top of the others. We both then look at each other with those puzzled looks.
I told you I say, I told you it would turn back up again, I told you it wasn't in the garbage bin and that's why I took the photo. Ha, see, I screwed up their plan, that's why it's taken so long for it to return back where it was.
Wifey knows me to know I didn't hide it for 6 months to play a joke. I know wifey was at work all day, so I know she could not of placed it back in the drawer, nor would she do that anyway. It's exactly like the slipper, we don't do tricks on each other, especially at 55yrs old. Maybe if we in our teens yeah, but not at 55.
We talk through the events and it's 1 week off 6 months that the knife was missing. In other words, zero chance it was in there all this time, zero chance. Zero chance it was anywhere inside that cutlery drawer because I saw her clean it out just days after it went missing.
We both knew the instant it went missing, it was going to turn up again. Ok, so yeah, we did think maybe we do have it wrong this time. Nope, there it was, in my hand almost 6 months after disappearing and I have the picture to show me and wifey, it wasn't in the drawer.
Granted, to anyone else, it's just a drawer with cutlery inside it. I mean wow, seriously, that's got to be some kind of record right for the missing item phenomenon, I think Thats the official terminology.
Wifey is just glad it's returned, it's been with her for decades and she was gutted that she thought it was lost forever after months of being invisible.

So there you have it, nothing else has happened over the last two years since I wrote the post describing ALL my unexplainable episodes. Wifey thinks some of her items are currently missing, like her winter coat and the dog's toothpaste, but she found that just yesterday actually. It was behind some boxes in the bedroom and theoretically it could have fallen down there. Wifey says she checked down there before, but I know nothing about that so it's not part of an answer.

I still haven't heard, felt or gotten any signs of anything weird for years now. I did look up the nearest spiritualist church recently, but only because of the knife missing which is what triggered the urge to check to see the nearest church and I did briefly think of going, but the thought of the drive and then the seating and possible uncomfortable chairs, with the return drive home was more than I was prepared to endure my body through. That's the closest I've been though. I might still go one day, but that's not any time soon.

So, I will now close and again, thanks to everyone who read and replied. Thanks to everyone who liked the style of how I presented it, it's something I've never thought possible with what I write, being so intellectually challenged if that makes sense. Pre iPad days, there was no way this would have read the way it's written. Again, I'm no writer trust me. But also, thank you for being so kind in your feedback, if I had read that post I would have a hard time believing it all. The Lisa thing is totally out of this world and I doubt anyone really can believe it happened the way I tell it, but nope, it's exactly how it happened. The emotion from reading the story of Lisa and the terrible way she died, The voice in my head, the random goosebumps at so many times a day, every day for weeks on end. The direct messages from that first interaction with the spiritualist, I know peeps will probably think this was not so real, but I can only tell you how it came out, I am not here for likes or views, I am not that type of person, so if I say I saw a blue pig walk the street, trust me, I saw a blue pig walking the street. It really doesn't bother me if you think I made up the blue pig, if that's what I saw and no, I didn't see a blue pig, that's just an example and if I did see a blue pig walking the street, I would say, I think it was dyed blue to trick people into thinking they say a blue pig. I just wanted to put it all down in one place. It helps that of course you like it and anyone thought anything could be explained, I'd welcome any answer. It's here because I can't debunk it. But in a way, the rocking pram, the Tv turning channels could be potentially debunked due to being on my own and in theory, been affected by either mould or gas fumes. But I also know, I will take being attacked with the hair pulling incident, the stairs incident, the entire Lisa incident that was 12 months of just weird constant activity (including that first medium speech which I know could not of been guessed because it was so direct and on point time after time) and the little girl in the pub laughter incident to my grave because, I know, like the sun will rise tomorrow know, that they all happened.

To close, I had this random thought the other week actually, I mentioned about the final thing with Lisa and that sensation that words can't describe moment and I said I was told about a book which described what happened to me to the letter. Well, I've been thinking, it's possible that the book just fits what happened to me and it's quite interesting to me anyway, that if I saw a red bus with the number 96 on it and someone pointed out a book that said there was a red bus with the number 96 on it at page 100 for instance, does that mean, if it then said I would win Β£1million exactly 12 months later and It somehow came true with say a scratch card jackpot win of Β£1million, does that mean the book can tell the future? No, of course not, it was just coincidence. That's what I am starting to think about with the book I was told explained what happened to me with Lisa right at the end.
So you see, even after 30 years, I am still seeking out ways to debunk what happened to me. Hopefully, that gives any new readers an insight to how I operate. I do not do bollox, there are enough people who will say and do anything to get noticed already, we don't need another 1 adding to that list.

Please feel free to reply if you want anything answered.

Thanks for getting to this point lol

She said she left as soon as the cold overtook her and it was about two hours before she was back to normal. But what ever it was we do not feel it was an attachment, she acts normal. I have a picture of the mast and will try to load it.
Twilight1011 in Too Cold For Comfort
That's really interesting how she was still freezing, even after leaving her building, and bundling up. I've heard about this happening before, but I'm not sure if I heard a reason for it, to be that extreme. From what I have learned though, that when there's a spirit around, it can absorb a lot of energy, from whatever may be around them. Like anything electronic, or even our own energy. By doing this, they might be trying to get enough to either try and manifest their selves, or to try and move/throw objects etc. I'm curious how long after your wife started to freeze, did she leave her building? I ask because if she left almost immediately, perhaps she left before whatever was in there, was able to manifest itself, or before it could make it's presence known some other way. πŸ€” I think Lady-glow has a good theory as well, on whether or not the spirit went through her, or somehow attached itself to her. I'd imagine if it did actually attach itself to her, y'all would be able to notice that something is off with your wife. So with all of those possibilities, I'd say it was most likely either trying to manifest itself to her, or it may have walked through her (or maybe even both of those). But that's just my thoughts to it. I imagine having a building field with old antiques, would have multiple attachments to them. Not all spirit's choose to present their selves to people, and rather go unnoticed, so no telling how many y'all could actually have in her building. I hope to hear back from you soon, and hope that your wife is doing better, since that experience.
Twilight1011 in Lost In My Room
MiaG - I'm happy that you were able to connect to what I believe. I have felt a major change within myself, as I began my spiritual journey this past year, to where it's opened my eyes to even more than I have ever thought of. Thank you for your condolences! I really appreciate it. We're doing better, but it's still taking some adjustments, especially with the holidays coming up soon. Sadly, despite how very painful her lost is to me, I think out of my family, I'm the only one that's able to handle it a little better. I'm a Scorpio, so I'm very interested in the dark side of life, that a lot fear (death/paranormal). I had to learn about death, and the pain of losing someone you love, at a young age (when I lost my brother). After losing my brother, I continued to lose other loved one's, over the year's. Not to mention, I lost my dad before I was even born. So I had to learn how to cope, after losing so many loved one's. Sadly, I had to learn how to cope, by myself. I knew of the paranormal world as a child, and despite it being terrifying, I couldn't help but be intrigued by it as well. When we lost my mother in-law, my husband's family wasn't taking it very well, and no one felt up for having to be the one to help plan and make her final arrangements. So I stepped up to do so, as I knew her well enough, to know what she would have loved. Also, the fact that I've watched my family, make these types of arrangements so many times before, I was amazed at how much knowledge I seemed to have, when it came to planning her arrangements, and knowing what to ask etc. Even my husband was amazed. I've never had to do that before, but for my mother in-law, I couldn't not, and had to make sure she got the very best, when it came to putting together her service. She wanted to be cremated, so some of her family wanted her put in the cemetery, that a lot of my husband and my family are buried in, while we had some saved off to the side, for us to be able to get, and be able to have a piece of her closer to us. We're still wanting to get necklaces, to put some of her ashes in. As for the Oracle cards I mentioned, I think you would really love them! I can go on forever about how amazing they are, and the energy you can feel from them, I swear will light your face up! These cards aren't only limited to talking to a loved one on the other side, but also it can be used to ask questions for your soul, as well as your spirit guides. I got mine off Amazon, if you'd like to look it up there, and please read over the reviews for it! I was amazed to see the majority were positive reviews, that people couldn't stop going on about how amazing these Oracle cards are. The Creator is Isabelle Cerf, just so you know if you've found the right Oracle cards (granted I don't believe there's another similar one, that's close in name lol). But again, it's called "Voice of the Souls Oracle". I think you'll love it. 😊
Hello Linjahaha,

That was an experience to remember for sure.

I watched a small clip on TV ages back with the help 'Val/YGS Mod', I found the footage on YouTube so I could rewatch it because I missed bits when it aired on TV.

Here's the link if you're interested.


I don't know enough about Gettysburg, but I do feel a heavy sadness when I watch that clip. The poor soldiers. I can't imagine what they went through. May they all RIP.

Thank you for sharing your details of your tour.

MiaG. 😊
Hello Twilight1011,

Thank you for being so kind. I'm so sorry you've been going through the loss of your mother-in-law. Your husband is lucky to have you during this time. It helps to have a shoulder and someone who knew the person who passed away to talk about the memories, loss, and the pain. The pain never goes away, but it does transform into all things good, funny, sad, and loving. It has for me anyway.

I couldn't talk about it, eat, go out, be with people for months and months. The first few weeks it felt like mum wasn't gone, I felt like I had to ring her to tell her this or that and then realised I couldn't.

Few months later and I adjusted to not having her around in body but she was here in spirit. Things would fall of the new washing machine she bought me. (clothes I placed ready for a wash) Or a banana would drop from the fruit bowl when I walked past the dining table. Possible that my vibration walking past shook the bowl causing the fruit to move. (She loved bananas) I haven't seen her yet though. 😒

I appreciate all the knowledge you have shared with your new found spiritual growth. I'm going to google the oracle's you've mention. Thank you for that.

Thank you also for telling me about the different stages that our loved one's endure. It makes a lot sense now that you've said that. Perhaps mum is still going through her spiritual journey and I have to be patient.

I pray for her, dad and 2 brothers a few times a day. I know the Lord will keep them all together and safe.

Thank you so much again Twilight1011. You've been so dear and I hope you, your husband and family are getting closer to feeling less sad and more joy knowing your mother-in-law is still with all of you in spirit. May she also RIP.

Positive energy to you and your family, MiaG 😊
Lady-glow, I am very glad that you enjoyed the account. As to 'why' only a few of us noticed the soldier...Well. I used to read the paranormal accounts written by the famous Parapsychologist, Hans Holzer. He surmised that we 'all' have that ability. If you wish to call it that. He said that 'some' people 'are' more sensitive to those events than others. It depends on the 'degree' of sensitivity in the individual.
I imagine because we were 'kids' that we were far more open to something like that. We never knew if any of the boys saw him because we kept the incident to ourselves. Back in the 60's people were not as comfortable with the subject of the paranormal as they seem to be today, as this site indicates.
I am so glad for this site since it appears that more people around the world are far more accepting of this subject than they were about 50 years ago. It goes a long way toward saying that more people seem to be far more open-minded than they were back then.
We were afraid of being called kooks. Therefore, we only discussed it amongst ourselves to avoid that criticism. It was a different time period. It was during that time, between the 50's-60's that there were all those reports of flying saucers, also. Those people were called either nuts, or it was said that they were seeing naturally occurring phenomena that 'appeared' to 'look' like flying saucers. I remember Project Blue-Book written by an air-force Major, Donald Kehoe. He was exposing the cover-ups.
Too many people were skeptics around that time period. Therefore, those of us that saw something like a ghost, or some kind of paranormal event, more, or less, just kept it to themselves. Not unlike the other girls and I did at the time.
As far as the phantom soldier. He may not have known he was deceased. I cannot say for sure on that subject. However, we saw the sweet smile on his young face and the friendly wave of the hand acknowledging our presence when he noticed 'us' looking at him. I think he just wanted someone to know he is still there doing his duty that cost him so dearly so many years ago.
Like I said, we could only surmise that at the time it happened. We discussed it rather excitedly, but that was the conclusion that 'we' drew.
Honestly. If you go visit Gettysburg you cannot help but feel all the emotions that were spent there in that place. It was a truly humbling, yet exciting experience. Again, thank you for reading and commenting. I hope I was, somewhat, able to answer your questions!

The Very Best to You! 😊 😊
Welcome to YGS.

Hi flyboy72.

I find it rather odd that your wife wouldn't warm up once she had left the storage building. Would it be possible that an entity "wrapped" itself around her or, even worse, got into her body? (shudder) Did she, eventually, recover her normal body temperature?
Not meaning to be nosy but, does she cleanse the items after buying them or protects herself in any way in case something is attached to her findings?

I hope to read more of your experiences in the future.

Thanks for sharing.
Hello Linjahaha.

It seems like that field trip was exciting and fun.

I find it puzzling when a group of people are present during a paranormal event but only a few are able to witness the activity.
It makes me wonder if ghosts choose who is allowed to see them, or if it depends on the degree of sensibility/acceptance of each person, but then, - are all ghosts aware of their passing and of not having a physical body?

Fascinating experience. Thanks for sharing.
Twilight1011 in Lost In My Room
MiaG - I'm sorry to hear about your loss 😒 I know it's not easy having to lose someone we really love and care about. I'm happy that you're able to find comfort and peace with your mothers passing, with you feeling that your father has welcomed her, with his loving arms once again. I'm sure she'll be visiting you as soon as she's able to do so. I just recently lost my very beautiful, and amazing mother in-law, last month πŸ’” It has been very difficult for my husband and family, losing her the way we did. Luckily this past year, I've began my spiritual journey, and had even talked with my mother in-law about what all I've learned etc, from it, when she was still here. I learned that she too was interested in it as well. I haven't exactly gotten a visitation from her though, but with my clairsentient abilities, that I've been trying my best to strengthen this past year, I do believe that I've communicated with her. Between me being able to feel her around us, the first 2 weeks I'd say, after we had first lost her, and by using special oracle cards I had recently purchased, specifically to be able to communicate with her (Voice of the souls oracle cards). She said she would give me a sign through music, which coincidentally in life, she really loved her music. I just received those song's yesterday, that I knew had to be from her, as I filled with goosebumps all over, just hearing it. I've caught her speaking in my head, that I've tried to believe was just me thinking that, but have had readings say otherwise, making me believe it had to be her then. But something I've came to learn about the other side recently, that I've never really considered before, is my mother in-law telling me that though she's on the other side now, and is very happy, and watching over us etc (she's even spoke about talking to God!) that she's also going through a transformation period of her own right now, to where she's discovering herself better and growing spiritually from it etc. I'm sure to some believers, that sounds too crazy to believe, but as for me, I felt it made perfect sense that even in death, that we're still able to grow spiritually, especially if we weren't able to do so in life. She said it wasn't a painful or horrible experience for her to go through though, as she's embracing her spiritual growth, but that because she's still going through this stage, she isn't able to do all the thing's we want or ask of her, right now. Like visiting in a dream or something. I don't fully understand all those rules or details on the other side, and it makes you wonder how other's have been able to do so right after their passing, but maybe they were on a better level of their spiritual growth or something, I don't know. I think that's for us to learn, when it's our time to leave this life behind. Whatever happens when we cross over, I think what I've learned so far, is that we still grow in death, and it's not the end for us. I truly believe I've communicated with my mother in-law, and there's reasons why receiving visitations from them, can't always be so easy, or soon after their passing. I'm happy you reached out though, and apologize for going so far in depth with all this. πŸ˜… I hope it may give you some type of comfort, to hear what I've learned, but don't mean to push that belief on you, if that's not what you're comfortable with believing. I don't feel that there's only 1 true religion or belief, and have no problem with others believing in what feels right to them. This is just some of my new thoughts to my belief, as I think there's way more to everything, than what we really know. I wish you the very best as always, and hope that you're doing good now, as I know it can take time, before we can fully move forward, after losing a loved one.
CantunSEEit74 in The Lime Tree
Wow great story and you're the only one that can smell it. The dead want to be found and want to be seen I believe. Imagine how many years she stood at that tree waiting to be found by somebody moving around that house. That dog saved the both of you except you have to deal with it mentally. That OCD came in handy and thank you for your dogged pursuit to find out information and stick your neck out to get to the bottom of that little shadow under the tree. The police are too busy and really cannot do much if you tell them, you see dead people. But you did it.
Thanks for sharing and good luck out there.
KnightRaven in The Speakeasy Ghost
Rajine: I agree there is some kind of attachment. Over the years the store appears to be either empty or used as storage. I need to get the nerve to go back there and ask some questions.
KnightRaven in The Child Spirit
Hor: I had a similar experience after my father in law passed away. Just days after his passing, I awoke to someone forcefully shoving my shoulder and telling me to wake up. There was no one around. My wife and I think it was her dad's spirit telling me to wake up as the man of the house as well as get busy with funeral arrangements.
Seems like the red haired lady hasn't or doesn't want to move on, or maybe she has an attachment to the place.
Hello Twilight1011,

Thanks for your reply. Yeah, I decided to get rid of that silly ID (SWS).

I don't have any paranormal activity these days and 'Steve' obviously can't get passed the regular cleansing I do.

Hopefully you'll find time to write and and submit another post. You never fail to intrigue with your submissions.

My mum past away last February and I've been waiting for her to visit. She's obviously been whisked away by my dad who has no doubt been waiting for her for over 39 years. I know they are reunited and happy wherever they are. May they rest in peace.

I managed to get my sister on YGS. Now she's on here more often than me. 😊

I Look forward to seeing more of you.

MiaG - Hey, I was wondering why your other page, was no longer up, and you were now under a guest, when I would see your old post. I'm glad that you reached out, and let me know that you have a new account name, on here. I won't continue to distract from this OP, so hopefully we can get back in touch under 1 of my old submissions, if you'd like 😊
Lady-glow - I'm glad I didn't offend you by what I said. I wonder if it was an actual spirit, was it just passing through, or was it attached to the property or something πŸ€” I think it's strange to not have noticed it before or since. Then again, perhaps it's residual, and only appears at a certain time, that you're not normally up at, to be able to have noticed it before. I'd really like to hear if there's any reports of someone passing away around that area, that may seem to fit the spirits description...
KnightRaven in The Speakeasy Ghost
lady-glo: Thanks for reading and commenting on my story. My wife said we were reading the exorcism prayer by Pope Leo XIII. We read the prayer while holding a crucifix and sprinkling holy water. It only happened to the one toilet. Being lightly used it would clog to the pint of overflowing. I'm sure the pipes were old but we were young and didn't think about that.

I read your link and it was very informative. Pueblo is semi-arid but it does have a lot of water. There is a reservoir and a couple lakes and rivers. These events were close to the Arkansas River which flows through town.
There was an old article I read a few years ago about utility workers digging up bones while working by the State Insane Asylum. Later they discovered mass graves of patients by the asylum. So they installed water and sewer through unmarked graves.
lady-glow in The Speakeasy Ghost
Hi KnightRaven.

It must have been frustrating to moved from a haunted location to another haunted location, even if the activity was milder than at the previous place.

"The whole front of the store was filled with religious items, so you'd think that would protect the place."

Actually, if the religious items haven't been properly blessed, they would be just objects, hence useless as a method of protection.

Although there's a theory of spirits using water as a conduit, I'm not sure if this would result on clogged toilets or if there was a mundane explanation for this, specially since the building was old and maybe the plumbing needed an upgrade.
Were the toilets malfunctioning before the 'exorcism'?
Would you mind to describe to more detail what you did and what you used to perform the cleansing of the loos?

The following article provides an interesting insight on the interaction of spirits and water:


Knowing the history of the place makes easy to understand what caused the feeling of uneasiness in that place.

Thanks for sharing.
KnightRaven in The Haunting On Midway
Rajine: As I recall, the landlord denied having any complaints with the apartment. He was more concerned with keeping my deposits. He had recently acquired the property from his father so maybe he didn't know anything.
I wonder what could have happened in that apartment... When you told the landlord that he needed to get an exorcist, what was his response?
That certainly is strange, and just plain weird, did you try asking any of your neighbors if they seen that as well?
I don't think this is a benign entity, especially in my experience and reading dozens of stories on here, malevolent spirits tend to attach itself to a person and leaves their mark, literally, on its victims.
Rajine in Murney Tower
Places like this where mass deaths occurred will tend to have a high supernatural energy, the part about the children is very tragic.
I don't think it meant any harm, although seeing it would scare the living daylights out of anyone, perhaps it was a former owner with an attachment to the farm?
KnightRaven: You 'may' be correct about Spiritual strength. I cannot say for certain as I'm not an expert.
All I 'can' say is that whatever was in that house literally drove us out. We just couldn't deal with it anymore.
I'm sure that the Minister knew things about that kind of stuff that we didn't. Whatever. All I know is that I haven't 'heard' anything about the building/property since, & I'll never go near it again. I'm glad that you are out of that place, & I hope, very happy!

Best Wishes!

😁 😁
Hello Twilight1011,

I haven't seen much of you recently. Its great seeing you online again.

I changed my profile name to MiaG from 'Sleeping-with-steve', just so you know who this is.

Hello Oceana,

Ghosts seem to do what ever they are capable of doing from moving things, taking things and putting them back, slamming doors, and occasionally scaring us with their unpredictability. I know first hand they can communicate, whether that be subliminally or out aloud.

Sounds like you have genuine cause for concern if this continues. Whether it be an intruder or ghost, hopefully that's the last time you see him.

I have security cameras and am waiting to catch anything paranormal so I have hard proof. Sadly it's boring on the paranormal front here. Not much to talk about.

Hello Lady-Glow,

You never fail to provide food for thought. You are definitely a fountain of knowledge. Thanks for the link

Hopefully this won't be a frequent occurrence Oceana.

KnightRaven in The Haunting On Midway
Linjahaha. Thanks for reading my story. The bug phenomena is hard to believe unless it has happened to you. I grew up in Tennessee and have lived around roaches. They don't act like that.
In your story your mother in law sprinkled holy water that may as well have been chocolate syrup. That was what was happening with us. My girlfriend (now wife) had holy water and I had some sage. Her mother owned a religious store so she had a collection of prayers and even an exorcism prayer with her. Those things don't work by themselves. Maybe you have to be spiritually strong and focused for them to work.
Dear Knight: Yikes! That place 'was' haunted like the house my late husband, mother-in-law, & I lived in.
Read 'The House of Erie Road in Willoughby',& you'll see the comparison there.
We had millions of spider outbreaks, but the straw that broke our backs was the millipede outbreak. They covered the house outside, & inside. They even poured out onto the front lawn. Millions upon millions. We'd never seen anything like that before, or since. I Pray to God I never see anything like 'that' ever again.
Once we got out of that house, we wouldn't even 'drive' by it. We completely avoided it. To this day "I" avoid it.
The landlord couldn't get 'anyone' to stay there very long after we fled. He sold the house to a Preacher that turned it into a Church with the upstairs (where 'we' once lived), turned into his Rectory. I haven't 'heard' of anything paranormal with the place since. Maybe the preacher made a difference, but I'll never pay a visit to find out. I'm 'sure' you understand!

All the best, & take care! 😊 😊
In response to your questions:
Yes, I did have the window open, it was summer.
My bed is right nest to the window. The direction I sleep is also next to the window.
Nothing has changed recently.
My house is opposite a lot of trees and hedges, and the birds start flying when it first gets light.
I mean, he could've easily hidden where my car is, but then I would be worried about some guy with golf clubs near my car.
He couldn't have got to the hedge in that time.
It was just properly strange. I didn't make much noise getting out of bed and I doubt he would've heard me.

Your observations are well grounded and I'm glad you have asked this question. My answer may be a long one though.

To begin with, I think it is important to consider each case individually and without overlooking the history of any place where footsteps are heard.
Is this a recurrent event?
Has someone passed away recently and (their spirit) could be visiting their home or family?

I have some questions about this story:

Does the OP know or have asked the neighbours if this man has been seen before?
Is this a development of row houses, semi-detached or single family homes?
Is there a porch, privacy fence, or any other architectural structure where a person could hide?
What's the distance between the house and the hedge?

About her bedroom:

Was the window open?
What is the placement of the bed in relation to the window?

This information may not look important but, based on the narrative, the OP "drew the curtains... Quickly got out of bed and ran to my friends room, who was staying the night. I woke her up and was explaining what I had just seen."

I may be wrong but the image my mind has formed upon this information is: a bed placed either under the window or beside it but against the wall, hence the OP making some noise during the process of getting out of bed; perhaps loud enough for an attentive person to notice?

Also, the information provided, - or better said, read between the lines - by the birds, "the sun came up at four in the morning, I ended up looking for birds out of my window. I was looking in the sky,"

It's not clear to me if the OP saw any birds or if she only heard them. In my own experience, birds start singing, chirping, cooing or cawing early in the morning without actually leaving their roosting places. What makes me wonder if there are any trees or a forest close to the OP's hose = hiding place.


What makes me wonder if the birds reacted in any way to the man in blue's presence.

" As for the writer, I think these are one of those cases, where it's best to go with your instinct, that you felt about this experience"

I think the OP's first impression/instinct was: ""Oh my god, he's going to smash into my house." I was thinking he was a burglar or something."

Anyway, at this point my comment may be longer than the story per se!

Before I'm done saying what I have to say, I feel the need to make it clear that I have asked myself all the above questions before my first comment and, though I don't discard the possibility of this man being a spirit, I think there's not enough information to reach any conclusion about his nature. Although, to be honest, in this day and age, I would feel safer knowing that he was a ghost rather than a person with questionable intentions.
GingerRead in Murney Tower
Thank you CrimsonTopaz! I hope to explore more haunted places in Kingston and abroad. Hopefully I will have more to talk about!
GingerRead in Murney Tower
Hello Lost Voyage! No, I don't think the stomach pains were related to being in the tower. It's common for the pains to immediately cease once the person in question leaves the property. Mine unfortunately kept up until the following morning. An example of this occurred at Fort Henry, also located in Kingston. A small girl once reportedly felt violently ill upon visiting one section of the Fort and felt better after leaving.
Lady-glow, I'm no expert of the paranormal world by any means, so I do not ask this to be rude, or disrespectful. So I welcome any feed back on this, but I see you say that you don't believe a floating ghost, could make a crunching sound, from walking on gravel. But what about the people (I included) that have heard the sounds of a spirit's footsteps, either walk through people's homes, going up, or down stairs etc? It's hard to make sense of it, whenever you do hear footsteps, that doesn't belong to anyone living, yet somehow spirit's seem to still make a sound, when walking around your home. So much so, there's time's that you can even tell what type of shoes they must be walking around in, from high heels, to boots of different styles etc. I just wanted to speak up about that though, to see if I'm misunderstanding in your comment? I hope you don't take my question the wrong way, as I do not mean any disrespect by it. I really would love to hear your response to my question 😊 As for the writer, I think these are one of those cases, where it's best to go with your instinct, that you felt about this experience. With you being the only one that really knows your yard area, I think only you can decide if it's possible or not, for an actual person to either be able to run off, before you looked out another window, or like Lady-glow had mentioned, or if they could have hidden out of your view as well. It's a really odd encounter, to have someone at that time, to be walking with golf club's, towards your home. πŸ˜• But it's hard to tell if it was a spirit or not, from a reader's point of view. That's why I say you're the best one to decide that mystery. Thank you for sharing your experience with us, as it does make you wonder if it really was a spirit, and if so, what's the story behind it walking around with golf clubs. πŸ€”
Linjahaha-not today, but "THE day" last week when I types this up that detail came back and gutted me. It is embarrassing to admit how scared I was and that I am still scared. Like most of my stories. Cheers-Bettina
Valkricry- Thank you, for the historical note. I did not grow up in Oregon so I only know bits and pieces of history. Plenty of people die in frozen begging misery every winter on the streets. This person looked light complexion and had blonde or grey hair and moustache. Blanket over the head is sort of ahistoric fashion wise. I did not mean to imply in any way that they were Indigenous People, or small pox victim. The Oregon Trail ended in Oregon City. The waterfalls just south of the oak flats where Gladstone is, are scared to the first peoples here. Massive trees are all that is left of those peaceful times before the european colonisation. Thank you, Bettina
Linjahaha-Thank you for reading my stories, and for your theories as to what I saw. When it happened this scared me through and through. I have always considered this was a real person, until today when I realized they were matte instead of refective or wet. This two second clip of memory makes a hole of fear in my guts, and not because once some poor bum got the drop on me. I like Gladstone, and lived there for a couple years later, safe and unbothered.
I appreciate your comment-Bettina
CrimsonTopaz in Philbert The Pizza Ghost
Hezza000, Looks like he not only followed you home and took up residence, but is now demanding you include him in your life. He must be sent packing. If he's angry, be careful.
CrimsonTopaz in Murney Tower
Gingerbread, What a well written, and detailed story.
I wonder if the reason why the voice was grumpy was due to people coming and going frequently.
Maybe he wasn't able to rest peacefully for long enough to recharge. He may have as result lost a lot of his energy and as result became grumpy.
Sorry to hear you didn't finish the tour. Hope you're feeling better now. If there's another tour that you attend, I'd be interested to read it too.
Thank you for sharing your experience.
Oceana, This sounds nerve-racking. It's quite possible someone was floating around, but I'm not sure if it was a ghost. As LadyGlow says, ghosts wouldn't rustle or make crunching noises. But I guess if poltergeist can move objects, then anything is possible. I'd be interested in hearing about anything else on this topic. Thanks for sharing.
How long did it take for you (approximately) to get out of bed, walk/run to the other room, then wake up your friend and explain to her what was going on?
Maybe a couple of minutes?
In my opinion, long enough for a person, if not to walk away at least, to find a hiding place out of your field of vision... Specially if he didn't want to be seen.

Also, I'm not sure if the steps of a weightless ghost would make crunching sounds on the gravel. Maybe the guy took cover in the hedge?
Dear V-Peach, I do agree with you that if someone is a nasty person in life that they are likely to remain that way in the after-life, also.
The landlord could not keep that house rented for very long after 'we' moved out. No one would stay beyond a few months. He ended up selling it to-get this-a Minister. The Minister put nice new siding on the house, initiated repairs, & extended onto it. He, then, moved into the upstairs portion (the one we lived in, & fled.), turning it into his Rectory. The entire downstairs portion is a Church.
If you care to look it up, it's called Body of Christ Church. I don't usually reveal this because I don't want to cause him any undue publicity. Obviously, the religious influence has done something to initiate normalcy in the house. He's been there for over 20 years, or thereabouts. God Bless him! The house looks, pretty much, the same except it's not decrepit anymore, & he extended it beyond the driveway side. I give him credit.
I will not even 'drive' by that place to this day. That's the kind of effect it had on me all those years ago. Like I said earlier, it took my husband, mother-in-law, & I about a year to adjust to relative normalcy once we got out. Even our poor dog was jumpy for a while.
Thank you for re-reading my account, & for your insight!

All the very best to you! ❀ 😊
[at] Linjahaha: I am actually in my friend's house right now, the one this story is about. Ever since we performed the purification ritual with white sage and she asked her daughters to return all items from their father's house back, the energy has subsided. There are no more strange noises, teleporting items etc. But I do still feel a presence. I believe there is something here but it is not harmful.

I have read your story and we have actually spoken about it before - I'm fascinated by your story. I actually looked up photos of the house and found what I believe to be it and it looks very similar to many of the Victorian style houses here including ones in my family which also have a lot of energy. My thought in your story is that there was a spirit who was in that home who was an unhappy person in their life, and they feed off the energy from the electrical generator and the people in the home. I would bet anything when that person was alive, they were a shut-in with zero connection to their neighbors or community, and was probably disliked by the majority of the town. People do not change after death!
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in Murney Tower
Hello GingerRead, what an interesting experience and I appreciate the historical context for sure!

I'm curious about the stomach pains you had prior to the investigation concluding. I know I've read of many paranormal encounters including investigations such as yours where some of the more sensitive observers feel ill at some point or another due to the energy they're exposed to. They report everything from nausea to migraine headaches. Usually they feel fine and recover quite fast when they leave the property.

Do you feel that what you encountered was directly related to your stomach pains? I certainly don't want to intrude personally if it was something else entirely, but am always curious when spiritual energy manifests as physical illness/discomfort. It's mentioned quite a bit but never really explored as a topic, which I find intriguing as science is finding out more and more just how sensitive humans are to all sorts of energies.

Anyways, great share and I look forward to hearing more from you!
GingerRead in Murney Tower
Linjahaha: Haha, I haven't had any issues... Yet! It would certainly make a good story for my next submission on the website though! Glad you enjoyed the story.
GingerRead in Murney Tower
RCRuskin: No worries. I agree with your last statement. I don't think the other group member meant any disrespect, I think he just wanted to participate.
RCRuskin in Murney Tower
OK. I stand corrected. I do still think the wording of the question may have been off.
GingerRead in Murney Tower
RCRuskin: I didn't ask the question. Another group member did. Also during these types of investigations, it's very common to receive very brief answers. These are not confirmations, only speculations.
I'm reminded of a line from the great horror novel and movie Jurassic Park: Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they never asked whether or not they should."

I agree with Lady Glow that you should endeavor to get rid of this spirit ASAP.
RCRuskin in Murney Tower
"Did you fight alongside Americans in the War of 1812?" you asked and the spirit answered indignantly, "No." Given this is a British North American, later Canadian, defensive structure, the question should have been asked, my opinion, "Did you fight against the Americans?"

The ghost, if it was since maybe it was some political pundit on the radio being annoyed at something, answered: You are in British North America! I'm in His Majesty's Army! Why would I betray my own countrymen?

Silliness aside, one must be careful what questions one asks since the exact phrasing makes a difference in the answer.
Welcome to YGS.

Usually ghosts remain attached to places that were important during their lives and/or at the moment of their passing, hence it's rather odd that "Philbert" would followed you home.

I wonder if he's ready to cross over and thinks that you would be able to help him.
I hope not to sound harsh or critical but, in my opinion, he may be upset at you for first inviting him to come to your place only to 'forget' about him. And if, at this point, this spirit is able to hurt you and drain your energy, things could escalate and turn ugly.

Have you consider helping him to cross over? Do you think it would be fair for the new tenants to move into a haunted place in case the ghost doesn't follow you?

In my opinion, the best you can do is to try helping this ghost to move on, either by yourself or asking for religious intervention according to your faith.
Linjahaha in Murney Tower
Gingerread: Interesting read, but 'always' be respectful of the spirits. You don't want one of them following you home.
I prefer not to participate in ghost hunts due to the fact that "I" personally, consider it rather risky.
I am not telling you 'what to do'. I'm just giving you 'my' reasons for not doing so. You're far braver than me, I have to say!

Best Regards, Always! 😁 😁
Hi, VirulentPeach: Your story vaguely reminds me of a seriously haunted house my husband, mother-in-law, & I lived in. I posted it on here-House on Erie Road, Willoughby, Ohio. You'll notice 'some' similarities if you read it.
Things moving/disappearing into thin air are what they call apports.
Things physically evaporating, & reappearing in completely different places. Sometimes in the most ridiculous places.
The house we lived in was well over 100 years old, & about 80 yards behind the house in a wooded area was an electric sub-station that we were sure was supplying additional energy to whatever it was in that house.
Also, 'we' always felt drained in the house. Once we would leave it to go to work/stores we felt completely different, & our energy levels felt restored. I, also, agree with Lost Voyage that the cemetery may have 'something' to do with it. Kind of like, wandering spirits passing through, & sticking around for a while. They could be attracted to the energy of the teenagers also.
If you do learn anything about that place, please let 'us' know. We'd be interested in hearing about it!

All the Best!
😜 😊
BettinaMarie: I enjoyed this rather unnerving encounter you had. Is it possible that the man you saw was a possible residual haunting?
Considering the history that you included in you account about what happened in the area in another time period. It's a possibility to consider.
I, also, read the post you wrote on the horrible, no-good schoolhouse. I found that one particularly intriguing. Not to mention frightening.
I have worked in only one haunted building, & that was about a dozen years ago in a hospital in Cleveland, Ohio. I worked in the radiology department. We, sometimes, had to go to the basement to retrieve patient x-ray folders. This was before we went digital, & all that information was then recorded into the computers, & then burned onto C.D.'s.
There was a ghost in the basement file room. I saw him only the one time, but wasn't frightened by him. Just surprised when he disappeared right in front of me. He looked like a Dr., & we all surmised that, possibly, he was so devoted to his profession in life, that he continues in the after-life. I saw him as clearly as any human being. He was not vaporous, or ethereal. He looked like a solid person. I was quite fascinated.
I read your spooked in Portland post, also. Your accounts are well-written, & very interesting. Keep them coming!

All the very best! πŸ˜‰ 😊
Oooh OK... My apologies, that was a mistake on my part, I misread the story.
Thank you Lady Glow!

I do not believe that the place where the family house is built is haunted, on the one hand because the experience was never repeated and on the other hand I have never heard any other resident of the house report a single paranormal experience.

But you are right that it may have been the spirit of someone who was somehow linked to me or as Rajine says, it may have simply been a spirit that was passing through.

I've lived with this doubt for fourteen years and I guess I'll never get the answers I need.
Hi Rajine.

It is difficult to talk about paranormal experiences with non-receptive people (unbelievers, skeptics, etc.). On the other hand, I highly doubt that anyone else in the house would have had that same experience. In any case, I think you are right and it would have been interesting to ask and know what everyone has to say. But it turns out that the next day I joined the army and didn't return until a long time after completing training.

Interesting. I stand corrected on the dead bodies part, then. I'll read up on those later.
Maybe, that entity was a guardian angel. Maybe he was there to give a vision of a circumstances which he would face in his near future and don't mean any harm. But anyway may that old man find light of an eternal bliss and don't render here anymore 😊
I don't appreciate all the comments in disbelief of others stories. Why troll people? Why not scroll to the next story... "I don't want to be mean" then proceeds to be rude... Commenters like this are going to shy people away from telling their stories to avoid the know it all's. Be positive and don't belittle others experiences. How was any of that allowed on here?
lady-glow in The Child Spirit
Welcome to YGS.

This is an interesting experience but it's hard to explained or to say who this little spirit was.

In my opinion, more information is necessary in order to determine if this particular house was haunted by the spirit of a child that hasn't realized they died. Another possibility would be for this spirit to be a departed loved one or close friend who passed away at a young age and came to wish you a successful time in the army.

Regardless of it's origin, it seems that the spirit meant no harm and had a positive energy.

Thanks for sharing.

Actually, according to Wikipedia:

"In Hinduism, vibhuti... Is sacred ash made of burnt dried wood, burnt cow dung and/or CREMATED BODIES..."


Being the inquisitive person I am, I'd be tempted to bombard the OP with more questions about this subject, but have to refrain in order to follow the site's guidelines for commenting on a story, specially the one stating:

"...This site is not about religious beliefs, it is about actual personal paranormal experiences and exploring reality with an open and investigative mind so we can actually learn more about the paranormal, with the same empirical mind set that made science so successful in other fields. Religions have a lot of wisdom to offer in terms of personal spirituality, but they can also limit our knowledge of the world with old superstitions and unproven dogmas..."

From my point of view, it is necessary and even healthy to question ones religion and ancestral beliefs. One should not ignore the light science has shed over many things that, in the past, where considered unexplainable, magical or god's will. Otherwise human sacrifices to apace the gods; shrunken heads and other practices of the past would be still common.

But if a person is not ready to answer questions from "outsiders" about their religion, then they're not ready to question their own beliefs. Nothing wrong with that.

Anyway, if my question is not offensive, I would like to ask if the ashes of any person would do, or if who and what said person was during their life would affect the effectiveness of the ashes.
Rajine, I believe the OP speaks of the smallpox epidemic of 1834. However what happened to her was in 2000/2001.
In my culture, our sacred ash is made from palm leaves that have been blessed during Palm Sunday, which is something we practice as Catholics. It is dried, then turned to ash, and is then put on our forehead during Ash Wednesday of the following year, which is the start of our Holy Week. Though it is considered sacred, I can't be sure if ours could ward off evil entities such as the one in your uncle's experience. We do keep the dried palm leaves to ward off evil in our homes, though.

I think we can all agree that sacred ashes are not the same for every country and religion, nor is it made of cigarettes or dead bodies. It is also quite valid to be upset when someone mocks your beliefs and baiting you with twisted words, disguised as curiosity. Would be great if sacred ash could ward off those kinds too 😜

That said, your uncle's story is with him to the grave, unfortunately. As long as it does not appear again in any shape or form to torment your family, it is for the better. ❀
It could have been a passing spirit long forgotten. You should have spoken to someone at home about it, perhaps they experienced it as well.
Was this smallpox epidemic during 2000/2001? If so I'd think that cures for such things were already long established at the turn of the century, especially for a first world country like USA.
Back here in South Africa a lot of people believe the thing about a spirits feet being twisted backwards, holy ash is something most cultures use, it's made from various things, such as wood, sandlewood, turmeric, lime powder and turmeric makes a red color ash. Praying with it is what makes it sacred.
LadyGlow-Thank you. I had cry on the porch while I was trying to type it up. BettinaMarie
Hi BettinaMarie.

I really like your writing style. Such a wonderful way for describing such an unnerving encounter.

Thanks for sharing.
BettinaMarie in Spooked In Portland
Dear Rajine, How would I know somewhere is haunted, simply from an invitation to visit? Night clubs are great places to party. Should I quit my job because of ghost stories? Are these places haunted, or am I a chickin with a wild imagination? Maybe someone on this site has answers. Is it rude to leave a building because the elevator scares me? Is the Galleria shopping mall the Mouth of Hell? It could be my imagination. Thank you for reading my entry and for commenting. I would never go looking for ghosts, ever. BettinaMarie
BettinaMarie in Spooked In Portland
Dear Rajine, How would I know somewhere is haunted, simply from an invitation to visit? Night clubs are great places to party. Should I quit my job because of ghost stories? Are these places haunted, or am I a chickin with a wild imagination? Maybe someone on this site has answers. Is it rude to leave a building because the elevator scares me? Is the Galleria the Mouth of Hell? Thank you for reading my entry-BettinaMarie
Amchi1986 in The Haunted Jungle
No, they were not aghoris, but ghosts carrying another person's dead body on their shoulder. The person whose dead body, they were carrying, was also a ghost.
While I do believe that houses can be haunted by ghosts and other entities, and can harm and manipulate, but not influence, some of the things I believe you chose to do.

I wonder what was in that room on the roof, did you try finding out?
I often wonder what Is it with spirits and attics, since you mentioned the cemetery across from you, I'd say it is a cause for concern.
Hi BettinaMarie

You have had some really frightening encounters, but why would you go partying in haunted places?
Hi Amchi1986

I need to ask, do you perhaps think that it must have been aghoris instead, I've read about them and their practices are very strange and unconventional, they also tend to live in the boundaries of society.
NubianPrincess in The Oldman On The Staircase
...Excuse the reptition and typos.

Using my phone and tend to miss things even when I preview.
NubianPrincess in The Oldman On The Staircase
Ah, I see. The head makes sense.

So we just use it a bit differently, but for the same reasons.

We also place it around various parts of the house, like on top of wardrobes or in shelves to ward off evil spirits or bad juju.

Don't know if we can advise such on the site; but try putting it in your bath water with sea salt as well. Wards off evil and helps rid one of bad luck.

Or you can put it in a container with sea salt and before you leave the house for any reason. You apply on your face, hands and feet straight after taking a bath (while praying for protection). Let it air dry then you can apply your lotions, moisturizers and perfumes.

You don't have to do it. It's just always nice to share. This goes to others as well. Am see going to try putting it on my head.

One never knows.

We apply it on our head or just carry it in our pocket, to keep ourself safe from supernatural or evil forces.
NubianPrincess in The Oldman On The Staircase
In South Africa we call it Holy Ash.

We use it in our culture as well. Mostly from burnt wood (as already explained) or charcoal that's prayed upon.

One can put it in bath water, carry it on their person or add it in their lotion.

Do you guys also use it in these other ways Amchi?
No, I am not getting angry at you, just explaining and I am not lashing at anyone.

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