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Maelstrom in What Lies Beneath

Yes, down here in LA. Between lower MS and Pensacola, there are plenty of haunts. And New Orleans isn't that far to do a tour. Out of the 2 forts guarding the bay, only one allows ghost tours/hunting. The other does not allow. Which doesn't mean that I cannot take pictures, carry a recorder in my pocket, or carry a small compass that I can hide in my hand. NAS Pens is closed to the public, due to the pandemic. The museum is opened to the public on rare occasions. My son and I were lucky enough to tour last year after a graduation held there. In my riding around, I see places and make mental notes on where I want to investigate. I did check out the USS Alabama, but nothing occurred.
Pelatiah in The Passerby Ghost
Yes, we saw "We Have A Ghost" a couple months back... With the guy from "Stranger Things."

I think moviemakers are seeing the popularity of the paranormal right now, you're right. Just good entertainment. I thought they wrapped that one up pretty nicely.
CrimsonTopaz in The Passerby Ghost
Amchi1986 & Pelatiah,
I just saw another movie called *We have a ghost* A bit funny, and a bit sad towards the end. Without spoiling it, the ghost vanishes on and off throughout the movie, and towards the end turns to flames and desolves into the atmosphere.
Your grandfather experienced something known to others out there. What it means, or why some ghost do that and not others? I have no idea.
These movie directors must be getting their content from research *people telling them about their experiences* So there must be answers somewhere for you. Here on YGS and maybe a Google search too.
Pelatiah, Yeah it was interesting watching ghost rider. Unusual, but interesting. Lol
Hi DreamBird

It's an amazing feeling, I've had a few of those and it usually happened around the time I was going through a rough phase, it's our deceased loved ones trying to let us know that they are still around no matter what
Hi Amchi1986

Here in South Africa many people believe that spirits (not necessarily the deceased) are afraid of fire, that is why whenever we have to travel back home or anywhere after dark we usually light a match and throw it behind us before we enter our house, some people who smoke light cigarettes, mainly... Cigarettes that is among other things πŸ˜†
Also looking at the word, Barbara Mandrell the country singer did that song, "Angel in Your Arms" on her album "Midnight Angel" in 1976. Might be reaching to think your angel listens to country, but might that have any significance to you? You probably saw that when you googled. I used Duck Duck Go to see if anything else would pop...
Pelatiah in The Passerby Ghost
Ha, I loved Ghost Rider. Great story, fun to watch. Not too weird by today's standards.
DreamBird --
Do you think the word might've been "mandorla"? Here's what I found in Encyc. Brittanica:

Mandorla, (Italian: "almond"), in religious art, almond-shaped aureole of light surrounding the entire figure of a holy person; it was used in Christian art usually for the figure of Christ and is also found in the art of Buddhism. Its origins are uncertain. The Western mandorla first appears in 5th-century mosaics decorating the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome, where it surrounds certain Old Testament figures.

By the 6th century the mandorla had become a standard attribute of Christ in scenes of the Transfiguration (in which Christ shows himself to his Apostles transformed into his celestial appearance) and the Ascension (in which the resurrected Christ ascends to heaven) and, later, in other scenes involving the resurrected or celestial Christ, the death of the Virgin (in which, having descended from heaven, Christ stands by the deathbed of his mother), the descent into limbo, the Last Judgment, and the nonhistorical theme of Christ in majesty. In the late Middle Ages the mandorla also occasionally enclosed the Virgin in scenes of the Last Judgment and of her Assumption into heaven, reflecting her increased popularity.
Oh and side note for Pelatiah, I did google that name and came up with no direct matches. But there is a tool called a Mandrel used in jewellery making, among other things. Google thought I meant that. 😳
DreamBird, I'm probably way off here but maybe whatever/whoever you contacted was attempting to give you angel wings? Maybe it misinterpreted the request? It touched you between the shoulder blades, leaving a sizeable mark. πŸ€” That incantation followed by rhyming (automatic writing perhaps?) seems like you stumbled onto a kind of initiation spell and one that instantly worked! But really not great if you didn't intend it.

I remember all the new age and angel stuff of the nineties. I think a lot of that stuff was published by folks who had no idea what they were doing unfortunately. Not to throw shade on the good publications, there were many of them too.

The popping sounds seem to go with a presence, lots of encounters on YGS with popping sounds. I've wondered if it's a change in air pressure too.

Thanks for sharing another thought provoking encounter.
Hi DreamBird, I'm reading through your experiences at the moment and this one hits home. Realise this one is connected with your most recent submission to the site but I'm just reading it now.

Years ago I saw a shadow person and all but made a joke about it on YGS. However months later one of my music teachers/mentors passed away. The weird part was there was a moment in the encounter with the shadow person where I 'saw' my teacher's face briefly. I thought I was imagining it. This man was alive at the time of the encounter, but his health was ailing. Although I wasn't afraid during my encounter, I've come to believe these kinds of beings are something of a harbinger of hard times, especially grief, though they're not necessarily evil in nature. It would be great to do a survey of all the people who have submitted shadow being related experiences to the site.

Thank you for having the strength and courage to write about hard times. I hope writing these experiences has been/is healing/calming in some way.

One last thing your shadow guy was outside of your home. Mine was inside the home. I don't know if there's a distinction or meaning there. I didn't have a dog either, maybe that's it lol.

Thanks for sharing and take care.
CrimsonTopaz in The Passerby Ghost
Amchi1986, I don't know if you're familiar with a movie called *ghost rider*? It stars Nicholas
Cage, its fiction of course but sounds a bit like what your describing in your story. Here's a link if your curious.
It's hard to say if ghost can or can't turn into fire, but who knows what they're capable of doing. We still don't know everything there's to know of the *unknown*. Thanks for sharing.
AH! You had me in tears! I remember reading your initial story and being deeply touched at the time, and now you're updating us, which I so very much appreciate!

First, your dream of the "missing dresser." I GET THAT. I think you are absolutely correct, the symbolism seems unmistakable. I have similar dreams and find myself usually with a level of concern that I will miss something if I don't go over them (usually while I'm swimming my laps) to try and recognize messages. If you try too hard, by the way, it doesn't seem to work.

But then your experience with the journal... Wow, I have experienced similar after the death of my first husband Scott 30 years ago now! And similarly, I know he is proud of me too. I think it's a theme and so comforting. Blessings to you! Thanks for sharing.
Pelatiah in What Lies Beneath
Oh shoot, you meant Mobile, AL?!
Sorry, it didn't register with me.

Lots of history in Mobile as well as Pensacola down the road. I toured the officers quarters on the Naval Air Station for a Christmas tour, but much of the talk on the tour was of how the quarters were haunted. Back then, 1988, I wasn't too into paranormal anything. Wish I had paid more attention! Family members literally told members of the tour about the ghosts in their homes. I was more interested in the time with their Christmas decor. Silly me.
Pelatiah in What Lies Beneath
My daughter blew out her knee last October so has not been playing spring soccer, which means I haven't been back to the park since just before my initial post here. I just realized today the timing of this was almost as if I was supposed to "discover" this, but then not have a reason to go back!

So you are no longer in the area?
Dreambird, I remember commenting on an earlier post of yours,
I know firsthand time doesn't make it any easier. You are dealing with a lot. I'm sorry for your loss. My condolences go out to you.
May your husband RIP.
Thanks everyone, for your responses. Hard to believe its been almost a year. I don't understand people who don't believe in the afterlife. There are signs.

I miss him but I trust he is still with me, checking in on things from time to time. It's a comforting thought.
Maelstrom in What Lies Beneath
I visited the cemetery after reading about Civil War soldier's spirits being seen there. I wondered around the suspected area and then across the street around near the church where the remains of the trenches are. I will have to look through the pictures again, but nothing really occurred. I found out about the plane crash later on and read the history. I didn't see where they mentioned that the plane's remains were buried nearby. If I had known, I would have stopped and walked the area. A missed opportunity for sure. I moved to Mobile 16 months ago, so no chance of checking the soccer field area out.
I'm deeply sorry for your loss, but glad you've had (are having?) such a beautiful confirmation that he has not truly left you. Thank you for sharing this.
valkricry in The Passerby Ghost
I've never heard of any spirit being afraid of fire. I've heard of a few setting them. And I suppose there might be one or two spirits, that if they had a very strong phobia of fire (pyrophobia) in life, or if they died in a fire, it might carry over into their deaths, but over-all I don't think fire is a ghostly deterrent.
Who was that ghost? Well according to your narrative he had 'twisted legs', if by that you meant his feet were backwards, legend says it wasn't a regular ghost but a jinn. Jinns aren't usually afraid of fire either. You might try for local legends and see if others have seen it too.
lady-glow in The Passerby Ghost
I remember reading a story about ghosts being afraid of fire... It was from India, from a poster called DeceivingUser.

Unfortunately I can't provide the link to it because the story was removed after confirming that they had plagiarized it from a forum publishing not necessarily true stories.

I hope did not take such fictional work as a reference.
Oh my goodness, Dreambird I'm so sorry for you loss.

I agree with Lady Glow, our loved ones are always near us in some way. So happy he was able to speak to you in such a clear way. Love knows no boundaries.

Thanks for sharing such a heartfelt and personal experience.
Amchi, I too have never heard of paranormal entities who are afraid of fire. Fire is used to enhance spirit communication in my culture.

You'll have to research the paranormal fire fear locally. I suspect it's a regional thing.
RCRuskin in The Passerby Ghost
Well, logically, from this experience we can conclude that there exists at least one specific paranormal entity that is afraid of fire.
Hello DreamBird.

I'm sorry for your loss. May he rest in peace.

One could never be ready for such tragic and painful event regardless of all the premonitions one could get.

You are a strong person, I'm glad you have been able to get some closure and healing after the passing of his physical body, his love for you is always at your side.

Thanks for sharing.
lady-glow in The Passerby Ghost
"ghosts and other paranormal things are scared of fire."

I guess the answer depends on who you ask that question... In Japan:

"Onibi (鬼火, "Demon Fire") is a type of atmospheric ghost light in legends of Japan. According to folklore, they are the spirits born from the corpses of humans and animals. They are also said to be resentful people that have become fire and appeared."

Also, throughout history, different civilizations have worshiped the fire as gods and goddesses.


And it's a common practice to use candles during seances, I'm not sure if as a form of protection or to welcome spirits... But surely they wouldn't be used if it would scare them away, would it?

As for "who was the ghost, who knew everything about my grandfather", not wanting to sound repetitive with my feedback BUT, I think there's not enough information in your narrative as to say who he was.

Did your grandfather ever say if someone else have a encounter with this entity?
freakedoutfreddy in A Scary Night In Lonavala
No offense buddy, but it's hard to believe that this story is true if you keep on changing the facts as often as your socks 😜
Hi ravenn

It's always good to find a logical reason for any experience, much like you I've been through a few things that you mentioned and there's no amount of logical reasoning to explain why certain things happen, but from what I read it seems that your husband's grandmother has an attachment to her house.
Hi Kowalkoj

I suppose that your brother is just trying to say HI and let you know that he is around, as for the radio, I do believe that objects can be haunted, perhaps the person it belonged to previously has an attachment to it.
Thank you all for commenting. I really feel better now, knowing that there are some people who share my opinion, that the spirit we have in our home is my husband's grandma. I'm really glad you liked reading about my experience. ❀
Pelatiah in Stick Indians?
You have led a very interesting life, for sure!

I didn't know they had crawdads up north!
CantunSEEit74 in Stick Indians?
Pelatiah Around 8 years give or take. I do feel I do well with animals. I cherish that eagle moment. I walked into a heard of elk behind my property before I built my home. I was checking out this area had a gun and in front of me laying down was a beautiful elk with no horns and I look to my right there is another and I slowly back up looking for a tree, so I don't get trampled, and I had walked up on the outer edge of a big heard. There were at least 50 of them and they all slowly started standing and from walking to trotting to running and the hair stood up on the back of my neck and all the branches up over 8 ft were all missing on the trees so I could see a long way down this hill, and I realized I am not a hunter and that was pretty stupid move not looking down for animals but how many hunters have been next to 2 elk laying down another very cool experience. For over a year I would stop on the reservation at a aluminum pipe about 2 inches round it is about 3 ft above the ditch the other end is up this bank maybe 11 ft stuck in a freshwater spring hole to fill up my 2 green 7? Gallon gas cans with my bath and toilet water.
I had septic installed so my bath tub and toilet were working just pour water in toilet tank and did this daily, one day barely a trickle coming out so I climb this almost strait uphill I pull bent pipe out and I am ramming the only long stick I can find up here into the end to unclog it and pull stick out to find largest crawdad I have ever seen clamped on the end of my stick I pulled it off and let it be and flow was going again. Sometimes I had to go down to the river in the winter to get water 1 of my cans only put almost 1 inch of water in my tub, and every day I bathed in cold water and sometimes I would have salmon eggs and baby crawdads in my water. I would wash my hair at work in the sink every work day. It took me over 3 years to get carpet, but I did it on my own.
CrimsonTopaz in In Spirit
Ginger Read, what a sad experience for your family. My condolences and may your great grandmother's father RIP. That's heart warming that he came to her. I believe our departed always stay close. Thanks for sharing.
Pelatiah in Stick Indians?
Did you own the place a long time?

Thinking about the hovering bird today... You have an affinity for animals and they behave strangely around you sometimes, right? I started thinking the bird might've been trying to communicate with you too! The native lands can be pretty spiritual.

Also, the way you wrote the story... With the beaver and the fish... They were like a portent of your future strange experience. Symbolism that's similar to the way the Indians see the world.
Pelatiah in In Spirit
Ginger, this is a wonderful story! I'm reading it on Easter, which seems so appropriate (for me anyway).

It reminds me... Easter 2019 I had a big Easter gathering, with all kinds of great food inside and tables set up just a few yards away on this glorious spring day in Atlanta. As my four kids arrived with their families & friends I kept thinking about my grandparents' house on holidays, with picnic tables set up outside. I was close to my grandfather and thought about him especially, dead almost 30 years...

At some point we all stood up on this higher level to do a group photo and when I looked later at them I IMMEDIATELY noticed this streak of light on the picture... With Grandpa's face/spirit absolutely visible in the streak. I've had quite a few things happen to me that seem paranormal, but this photo is the thing that truly caused me to believe I am NOT imagining any of it! It's real. But similar to your story, was he on my mind because he was there, or was he there because he was on my mind? It's all good!
CantunSEEit74 in Stick Indians?
Pelatiah Hope you are well. No I had a neighbor over a hill and down river from me but it was something I never discussed with anyone. Believe me this was crazy loud and an almost sickening air vibration my home and property were totally engulfed in this madness. Wow never thought about a Geological event.
Pelatiah in Stick Indians?
Nice to read another of your stories! Thanks for typing, Mrs. C.

I cannot even imagine... We used to have a lake house in the N. Ga. Mountains and I would stay alone with my two kids. I rarely walked outside after dark alone, just too much wildlife and I'm a chicken. But to hear something like you describe... It's almost like there was a geological event, except we know you're very sensitive. I wonder if anyone else would've heard it or if only you heard it.

Stick Indians... Sounds ghostly to me.
Mrs. Ramsay
Cantunseeit, this is EXACTLY why I tell people to cleanse and shield their home LOL! I rarely say it to people to ward off demons etc, it's the pervert ghosts who may or may not be around a home who need to get on their bike and leave. Most people don't think about this kind of thing but err yeah, think it's worth a thought or two lol.
Aww, great share Ravenn and welcome!

It certainly seems like his grandmother is still making her presence felt around the home. I'm glad you're both accomodating. Having seen a curtain move on it's own I know how bizarre it is lol. The flower pot must have been super weird, great catch for the flowers!

Thanks for sharing, always a joy to read of a nicely haunted house. 😊
Tweed Before we get intimate, I always try and remember to clear the room and say out loud all spirits must leave now this is our time together you shouldn't be watching us. Almost 2 months ago we were naked and about to lock horns and her foot is half off the bed and she says did you just throw something at me and my right hand is busy at this time and I can't throw with my left and I said no, and she said something just like flicked the end of my toe like a finger flick. I didn't clear the room on this morning, Your never alone.
Oh yes I remember that! How very weird I've been thinking about that experience lately. Because I do that, think of experiences I read on here. πŸ™„
Hi Kowalkoj,

I'm so sorry for your loss. I hope the activity has been a helpful comfort to you and your bother also during this time.

About the radio having an attachment, you could start writing down the times you notice the doors opened. There may be a pattern to it, same time of day/month/year, for example. If you're not bothered by it then it's likely not negative in nature.
The birds getting spooked by it might have more to do with the magnetic field from the radio. Birds can see magnetic fields and speakers have magnets, so they may be appearing spooked due to confusion while passing by the radio.

Thanks for sharing your experiences.
Tweed Yes and you commented on this curly haired hippy as a possible biker spirit. HE CAME OUT OF THE MIRROR. And I will never have a mirror in my bedroom ever again.
lol Cantunseeit, I have been known to scan a room for a few days after seeing an apparition, it's true.
Is your full body apparition on the site?
CrimsonTopaz in The Friendly One
Raven, Nice name by the way. Sounds like grandma wants to let you know she's still the monarch and that you should keep things like she would want. I really enjoyed reading about your experiences. Thanks for sharing.
CrimsonTopaz in A Few Experiances
kowalkoj, Birds are sensitive to paranormal activity apparently. That in it self would spook me. I meant to ask what type of birds in my previous comment and forgot.
You have some really clever cookies here who have a lot of experience with these sorts of situations, like LadyGlow, Bibliography, Val, Tweed, AuzzieDaz, TheLostVogage, Ragine, the list is just endless, but these members are my go-to members. I tend to fall back on their words of wisdom and always come up trumps. I can't offer you much more than what Ladyglow has mentioned other than music, soft calming music. I've read that works.
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in The Friendly One
Great story ravenn, thanks for sharing and welcome to YGS!

It is refreshing to read a story of a helpful spirit dwelling within the walls of a haunted home, playful, and reassuring. So few stories contain this, so it's a genuine delight to read!

I do believe it is the grandmother, still looking out for everyone and ensuring her home remains a peaceful and organized place!

Appreciate the share ravenn!
kowalkoj in A Few Experiances
Hi Lady glow
The second part of the story has been happening mostly sense I bought the house. My neighbor has said that no one had died in the house, so it is weird. The radio from 1928 I bought right after I moved in which is why I wonder if it has anything to do with it? The occurrences don't scare me but do fall in the wtf category.

Thanks, Jason
kowalkoj in A Few Experiances
I appreciate the feedback!
I forgot to mention I have had a few instances when I am in the basement around midnight I hear what sounds like foot steps in the living room. I will go up to look at no one is there. This is confirmed by my brother. When he was living with me he would text me asking why I am moving around so much and loudly. At the time I was on thirds and most of the time I wouldn't be home.

I did have a priest bless the house when I first moved in because of really bad nightmares. It did help the nightmares.
Tweed After that encounter I always look to his sidewalk hoping to see that cloud again. I had no other visitations at the cabin, just that brain numbing one timer. It would be over 13 years later until remodeling my home back in the city and adding double door closet mirrors across from each other to see my first full body apparition.
Tweed with all your visitations do you quickly study a room before you walk through it. I do
Amchi86, I will read your experiences, hopefully after Easter. I love reading what people share and the archives have so many more it's hard to know where to start. Lol
CantunSEEit74 in Stick Indians?
HI everyone hope you all are well. The second sentence should read I was making monthly payments on the property.
I will answer all of you now. This was the only experience I had at this property, sold it in 1996 I believe. L Glow believe me it was all consuming and a vibration not made buy a musical instrument. Manafon its amazing when the outer limits crack open and throws us a curve ball, tire screeching that would really be annoying.
I have seen Elk, cougar, bobcat, eagle, turkey buzzard, and a lynx carrying a baby in its mouth down this road. Very few deer here natives hunt year-round.
My favorite encounter I was walking along the river its summer and the river is low and I am looking for fish, the trees are 150 ft away but as I am stumbling along this rocky river all of a sudden I am in the shade, confused I look up and a big eagle is less than 20 ft above me just hovering and I can see individual feathers like fingers dropping down and picking back up to hold it in place what a sight and after a few seconds it floated away. I usually never seen another person as I explored the river. I also have seen seals that follow fish upriver from the bay that is around 2 miles downriver, they make quite a ruckus running in 1 ft of water as I thought it was a small bear at first. When I finally got up to it out in the river it seemed happy to see me and they are friendly and beautiful sea dwellers. Dogs of the sea.
RCRuskin in A Few Experiances
That thing about the XBox plugging itself back in after you unplugged it intrigues me most of all this stuff. Of course, light switches don't flip themselves either.

I'm not sure which is scarier: living with a ghost in the house, or living with an unknown squatter.
Thank u crimson. Whatever I have shared here is hundred percent truth. There is a world different to ours and there are things not known to human eye, but they do exist. Such as birth takes place, we all die. Beyond death also exists some thing. Please comment on the other stories too. Waiting for your comments on them, too. Thank u. Take care
Amchi86, You've been very busy with all your entries to this site. Thank you for sharing all your experiences. Most appreciated.
CrimsonTopaz in A Few Experiances
Kowalkoj, I'm so sorry for your loss and may your brother RIP. What a kind, and helpful comment from Lovely Ladyglow who has mentioned a cleansing. I don't need to repeat that suggestion to you, but I will say the cleansing process really helps. (My sister continues to cleanse her home) to ward off negative spirits.
The book's name is world famous ghosts and it is printed by pustak mahal (new delhi). Just search for it on the internet. You can even purchase it. It's author name is ashok kumar sharma. It contains all true ghost stories and events.
"I had read in some book based on the paranormal that the cat of nabeshima and cat of Oklahoma, are a frightening truth."

Would you be able to provide the name of this book? Was it written in English?

(Un) fortunately nowadays there's Google to find all sorts of information, a little search for "ghost cat Oklahoma" took me to a series of articles about ghost cats... But none about real "ghost cats".

The more interesting is the following, in which the term "ghost cats" is used to describe the elusive puma or mountain lion.


If the book you've mention was written in English, I wonder if you misunderstood the word "ghost" for spirit, instead of the intended meaning.

I entered "sportman sullivan irish fires ghost cat oklahoma" and this is what I got:

It looks like there aren't many great matches for your search
Try using words that might appear on the page you're looking for. For example, "cake recipes" instead of "how to make a cake.

Do I believe on the existence of ghost cats? Yes, as a mater of fact, my deceased pet cats have come to visit from time to time. Nevertheless, I have my doubts about the cats you've mentioned specially the Japanese one, if you had the time to read the article linked on my previous comment, you'd realize that it is well documented like part of the folklore of Japan... Bun not of its history.
lady-glow in A Few Experiances
I'm sorry for your loss. May your brother's memory be eternal.

Hi kowalkoj.

This is a set of very interesting experiences and, yes, I think all the activity you have described was caused by your brother. Perhaps he took his time leaving this plane in order to spend a little longer with you and this was a way to let you know that he is still around, even after his passing.

"Death" is not the end of love.

Although you have decided not to participate in the discussion, I'm going to ask few questions, not expecting and answer but, perhaps, these might help you to figure out what is going on in your place.

Was the activity you report on the second part of your story already happening before your brother's death?
If the answer is yes, perhaps you could start for asking your brother to stop doing this.

If not, and you suspect the presence of a stranger in your place, it would be a good idea to perform a cleansing/blessing of the house according to your personal beliefs, or ask for the help of a religious leader.

Good luck and thanks for sharing.
I do not know, but I had read in some book based on the paranormal that the cat of nabeshima and cat of Oklahoma, are a frightening truth. The cat of Oklahoma, was indeed a ghost which had created a lot of mischief in the area, where it stayed. It was also mentioned, that a famous Irish sports man named Sullivan had fired on this cat, but it disappeared. Do check the internet for more activities on these ghostly animals and do update me. My current age is thirty six. Waiting for your reply.
Dude, Are you for real?! 😳
Do you think the cat fable is true? How old are you? πŸ€”
It did not happen to me, but my maternal uncle. The main thing is that I am puzzled who was that beautiful woman, who sat on the yezdi bike's backseat as the previous owner had met with an accident, when he was alone, riding the yezdi, which my maternal uncle (my mother's brother) later learnt. There are many questions unanswered. Can someone help me about it.
lady-glow in In Spirit

I'm looking forward to read your next story.

Need more characters.
Rajine in In Spirit
Hi GingerRead

I can't imagine how sad it must have been for your great grandmother, never to hear from her father again, those days were tough times for everyone... But I'm sure she was comforted by her experience and got closure she needed.
Hi Amchi1986

I suppose the bike could be haunted, kind of reminds me of a scene in the conjuring when they drive with the Annabelle doll and get stuck in front of a cemetery and the ghosts/spirits there are instantly attracted to the doll. It sort of happened to you and that spirit was attracted to that bike because it's like some sort of conduit. πŸ€” πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ
Rajine in Stick Indians?
Hi cantunSEEit74

I wonder what the stick Indians are, it must have been unnerving to experience that I a secluded place at night.

" Have you read about the cat of nabeshima. I suppose it took place in Japan.'

Actually, "The cat of Nabeshima" is a tale, or fictitious story, written with the purpose of showing "how a samurai is supposed to behave: putting his lord's welfare and life ahead of his own."

Here is the link to the whole story, in case you are interested on reading it. There's no mention of the cat having "reverse feet" though... I supposed people from different countries have embellished the original tale by adding elements meaningful to their own cultures.


What can you tell me about the question I asked in my last comment? Is it acceptable for men in India to praise the beauty of a strange woman on her presence when she is in the company of a male friend?
Manafon1 in Stick Indians?
Hi CantunSEEit74--I really enjoyed reading your account. The property sounds beautiful. I had a one-time audial (and olfactory) experience back in the 90s when I lived in a haunted apartment. What I heard didn't sound like what you described, but it did last for around ten minutes. Much like you, my wife and I were woken in the middle of the night to the incredibly loud sound of what seemed like a car's tires "burning rubber." Again, like you, I looked out the window, but there were no cars, and a freshly fallen layer of snow showed that nobody had driven by in some time.

The sound, however, grew louder, as if there was a car in our small living room, and then the thick smell of burning tire rubber filled the whole apartment! It was mid-winter, but we had to open up all the windows to dispel the smell. After ten minutes, the sound just stopped. My two neighbors told me that they had heard nothing that night. In my case, there were A LOT of other paranormal occurrences at this location, but this only happened once. Did you ever experience anything else out of the normal on that property or find out more about the "stick Indians"? Very interesting account--thanks for sharing.
I haven't read about the Japanese cat.

This isn't the one I was hoping to find but I thought this might interest you, as it's kind of similar to your uncle's.
Yes. Have you read about the cat of nabeshima. I suppose it took place in Japan. That cat was a ghost and had harrased innocent people all around and even, it had reverse feet. Just check about it.
Amchi, what I remember of it was it happened at night. Someone was riding home from somewhere. They were riding with someone on the back of the bike, I think they'd picked up a hitchhiker, not sure. During the ride the person noticed the other person's feet were resting on the bike like normal except they were backwards. That's all I remember. I'm fairly sure it was from India and the backwards feet person was female. I think the OP was retelling something which happened to a family member who was a young man at the time it occurred.
In the comments some people were talking about backwards feet being a sign of evil in the country of origin.

If I find it I'll post the link here.
Did the event take place when the rider was passing by a burial ground or during night time, when such evil spirits are active to trouble innocent people? If so, do send me the link. Excited to know more about it. I read in some book, that during night time and full moon night, evil spirits get more power, particularly during lunar moon time. Please do explain me more about it.
Hi there,

I read a similar incident to this years ago on here. Where someone from India described riding a bike with a female spirit whose feet were reversed/backwards. I can't seem to find it now unfortunately. But the comments talked about a particular Indian entity or legend known to do this.
Will post the link if I find it.
Hi Cantunseeit,

You're not a bonehead for trying to confirm, you're brave, most people would't dare bring up the subject!
During this encounter you were aware of keeping a safe distance due to covid. Perhaps this entity was also invested in keeping a safe barrier between you and your neighbour. Like "Hi, you see me right? Yep, okay, cool, my job is done, bye now!"

Your neighbour sounds like the real bonehead in this. Being irritated for waking him up from a nap at 4pm, poor diddums. Everyone gets woken up from a nap, it's no big deal. I had no idea sticky mouse traps existed, blerugh what a jerk, that's nightmare fuel.

I just read your experience 'Stick Indians' but couldn't think of anything to add and was curious about anything else you'd experienced, so here I am.
RCRuskin in Stick Indians?
[at] lady-glow: damn you, autocowreck!:)

As usual, I find myself wanting to know more, but this is from so long ago. 30-ish years now. It is unlikely to get more data, but if it has only happened to you once, that is a relief. If you still have the cabin, maybe setup a trail cam and see what it might capture.
Its doesn't a matter that you made typing mistake
We got that pointing while reading story
No need to worry about it
Have a nice day
See, nor my uncle knew about the past of the yezdi bike nor I (as I was not even born during that time and my maternal uncle was a total non believer in the supernatural and used to consider it as only imagination of humans. He told me, that when his friend warned him against using that bike, he poked fun and laughed at him. But that frightening event changed his views towards the supernatural and he became a believer.
It may be. Sorry for my typing mistake "strong believer in the paranormal ".it should be non believer. See burial grounds are not safe during nighttime, many say that negative energy and ghosts are active during night time. May be she was a chudail. You may be correct. Thanks for your explaination. Sorry, never ever will such a typing mistake take place on my behalf. Thank you. Waiting for more views on this story.
ACCORDING to your story thay lady may be a chudail which cames from that shmshan
bike is haunted means may by that person died in accident with any lady
lady-glow in Stick Indians?
Correction "Perhaps the neighbour payed a prank of you, or it were the Stick Indians"

It should say "Perhaps the neighbours played a prank on you, or it was the Stick Indians".

I shouldn't use my phone for commenting!
lady-glow in Stick Indians?
That sounds like an idyllic place to take a brake from daily routine. I feel sorry for the beavers.

The way you describe the sound makes me think of a "palo de lluvia", a musical instrument used by the people of some parts of South America.

Perhaps the neighbour payed a prank of you, or it were the Stick Indians...regardless, I'm glad it only happened once.

Thanks for sharing
GingerRead in In Spirit
Hello Lady Glow! Thank you so much for your kind comment! Should have my next story completed soon!
Also, I find it hard to fathom that "a person known to him asked, "hey, who is that beautiful girl sitting on your backseat. She is so beautiful."", would ask such a question on the presence of the woman, without caring to embarrass and be disrespectful to her by saying these things.

Is this an acceptable habit for men to do in India?
Sorry, by mistake I typed was a "strong believer in the paranormal ".it should have been" Non believer in the paranormal ".thanks for correcting my typing and spelling mistake. In the future, nothing of this sort will take place 😊.
lady-glow in In Spirit
Hello GingerRead.

This is such a lovely and reassuring experience, a proof that distance is not a barrier for love.

Thanks for sharing.
Hi Amchi.

Not being critical but, I think it would be a good idea not to rush to submit your stories without previously proofread them.

"He was a strong believer in the paranormal, until a incident changed his point of view."

My first thought was that he had stopped believing in the paranormal after whatever I was to read following the above paragraph... But no, the events would be enough to convince even the hardest core skeptic.

Yet's hard to answer your questions based on the little information provided by your narrative.

I completely agree with you, that part sounds a bit... Sketchy. But so are several points of this narrative.

I have to confess that, the first thing I'm skeptical about, is the supposed age of this poster, a "middle age adult", according to the age groups of the forum, they should be between 40 to 60 years old. Yet, their demeanour and comments speak of a much younger person.

Anyway, I see that your smart and respectful comment has been unfairly downvoted 7 points. This has been happening of lately to any comment that resembles a criticism or questioning any questionable story, specially if it is from India.
Apologies for my response in advance but it feels so odd... Usually if I am moving between cities for a conference, the hotel will be pre-booked and if the meeting is getting finished at such an odd hour 12 AM, a normal person will certainly look for an accommodation nearby or take a transport given that I am new to this place
you can ask that tantric s about that house who's sprit was that
May they can give
And about black magic if black magic spelled on someone we should remove earlier aS WE CAN beacause as it becomes older it will become stronger and dangerouse
Hi Amchi,

Don't take peoples comments to heart. I don't see anyone making light of you or your family's situation. Just some people having a bit of fun and giving honest responses.
Sometimes, especially in English speaking countries, we make fun of something which makes no sense. Since most of the paranormal world makes no sense, it tends to have a funny side to a lot of us, myself included. But no one here would ever seriously make fun of someone who is in genuine fear and in need of help.

Ask your family members for details on the time of year this happened. Did both sightings happen at a similar time of year? This could give you a reference point to start from. Did the woman wear anything specific to a time period?
Lady Glow and Travis are right, research the location. But also know no one can give you a definite answer, we can only help you make sense of what happened.
Thanks people for your love and support other than those who are mean.see, some people whom I know (sorry I can't tell you their names as it is confidential) used to perform black magic, doll magic, and even Vermillion rituals, used to keep our home atmosphere full of fear. I never used to stop in my house, whenever others used to go out and sit on the staircase outside our home, until everyone came back. Those were the most scary days of my life, until everything became silent after quite a few years. I have experienced hell in my growing years in my house. Sometimes I also used to hear cat's mewing, dog barking and someone laughing in a insulting manner. Thanks to God and the hindu monk's interference, these things have stopped.
hi amchi
It may be she was died in that house which was your home
As any one who knows history about that home
Or that land may be you will get any clue

And about solution you said that after rituals everything is normal so I think you no need any solution
Amchi1986, Unusual for the ghost to laugh without any apparent reason. Maybe the ghost was playing tricks and found it amusing that she scared your mother. I'm so sorry your family experienced such fear. See if you can get to the bottom of this. Do some Google searches on the area and see what happened there before it became residential dwellings. The library might be able to shine some light with books that contain the town's history. You might even find a picture of this ghost. Hope you get some answers and are able to get some closure.
The presence could be anything; something that haunts the place, or an object in your home, or even a specific person. Best way to figure it out is to try and find out the history of the place, or even watch out for any peculiar items that could be the source of it. There's also the possibility that it could be a manifestation of something and taking the form of someone else? There's little to go by at this point. It's a relief you and your family are safe.

Also, please don't let mean-spirited comments deter you from sharing your experiences, and thank you for sharing ❀
Thank u. But my mother and grandmother (my father's mother) both said that the woman was laughing at them in a strange manner. May be what you have said can be a truth. Thanks for your suggestion. Rather than others, who were poking fun, hope you understand our situation better. God be with you and your family. Thanks.
Amchi1986, I'm so sorry that your family have gone through this scary situation. It must have been unbearable. Your poor mother must have been so scared. Do you know anyone who passed away that may have visited your mother to say goodbye? Maybe that ghost was trying to reach out to your mother, maybe that ghost had a message for her from someone she knew.
Stay safe, and thanks for sharing your experience.
Yes I still stay in the same house. But now the atmosphere here is good than before, when we all used to get scared staying alone. But since my mother and father visited a hindu monk, things are good. Please do not make fun of me, as what I have told is true. If you feel like laughing at me Or poking fun, please do not write cheap comments or otherwise leave in a silent manner. I do not care for those who love to insult /laugh on others.
This event took place in Mumbai, india. And please do not laugh at it and consider it to be a joke. What my mother saw was hundered percent reality. I do not exactly know about the history of this area, but there are some events that have taken place in my life, while staying here that have been really strange and difficult to understand. And if someone laughs at me and feels like poking fun at me, he /she should better leave me alone.
Very terrifying indeed Amchi86.

Albinism is an extremely rare condition but at least 100 thousand to 200 thousand such cases have been documented in India alone, and 1 in 5 thousand in Africa and less in any countries. Do you think this lady may have been an Albino lady who broke into your home and was scared off when your mother woke up?

Your mother was half asleep reaching for some water and was probably dazed and confused.

Then again, it is hard to help solve this for you not being present when it happened.

Hi Amchi1986

I can't say that I'm surprised, considering that the British were apart of India for a long, long time, so one would find a few "white British" spirits lurking around here and there, but like the other commentors I need a bit more context here...

Are you still living in that house and apart from your mum and grandma has anyone else seen this spirit? Also do you know about the history of the house or possibly the surrounding area?

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