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Assuming that you got the perfume smell (again assuming that fragrance is not familiar to you and no one you know uses it) on your way to the hotel, I'd say that it could be a possibility that whatever it was probably followed your'll, but if not then maybe that hotel room is possibly haunted.
I believe that eventually we all are going to be judged and either rewarded or punished accordingly, I think that gangster is being punished for whatever he's done and isn't able to move on because of it.
I don't think it's weird that you are getting used to it, especially since from what I gather, it's a daily occurance, the wildlife cam is a good idea and if you can, an EVP voice recorder would also help I think.
Since you're new, I'll cut you some slack. First, thanks for actually commenting on the stories before launching into what could be labeled 'spamming' the site about your site 'spooked'. I noticed you have all that info on your profile, which is great! So, instead of 'spamming' the site by regurgitating the same info over and over, try just inviting them to look at your profile if interested in sharing their story with your site. 😊
lady-glow in Haunted Encounter
Hi dazybloop.

Was the aroma of the perfume familiar to you or to your boyfriend?
Were you walking or riding a vehicle?

Not being judgemental but, perhaps a departed loved one, either yours or your boyfriend's, wasn't happy about your romantic date and wouldn't have approved of it in life?

Thanks for sharing.
lady-glow in Rum Runners Torment
Welcome to YGS.

In my opinion, more than being in hell, this spirit is earthbound and unable to move on, perhaps due to their earthy beliefs and afraid of whatever might be waiting for them in the next plane of existence.

It sounds like this was/is an intelligent haunting and the spirit might feel some remorse of the bad decisions made during his life.

I imagine it would be too late, at least as your friend is concerned, to perform a blessing or cleansing of the house, though a prayer on behalf of that lost soul may help it find its way to the light.

Thanks for sharing.
Linjahaha in Rum Runners Torment
granpaul, I'm sorry if that event terribly frightened you, & your friend, but some 'good' came out of it. I am 'not' preaching to you, or anything like that. However, I'm glad that it made you acutely aware that there 'is' a God. There are Angels, too. I know that for a fact. I was saved twice by angels, but 'that' is another story.
Possibly-this is 'just' a theory, mind you-that happened to convert, & maybe even save you down the road. Don't be upset with me, please.
Like I said, I'm just theorizing 'why' something like that 'could' have happened.
Who knows? Just maybe that gangster was trying to let you know about his eternal punishment, & making you aware of what could happen if you keep ignoring God. Just another theory here, but this was a fascinating read. Thank you for posting it!

All the Best! ❀ 😊
Phoenix07 in Haunted Tv
Yes, Arturo. There was only one plug for the TV and we did remove it. So, as I previously mentioned there was something or someone in the room with us which wanted to get our attention.
Hi there Kota,

I'm so sorry for your loss, and feel honored to have read your story. Thanks for sharing it.

My name is Ellie, I'm a journalist with a NPR podcast called Spooked. We feature true paranormal stories, told firsthand by those who've experience it. We hope our stories not only resonate emotionally with listeners, but raise bigger, more universal questions, as well as help the storyteller and folks who may have experienced similar things feel less alone.

I hope it's okay, but I wanted to reach out to see if you might be interested in sharing your story on Spooked sometime down the line (doesn't have to be soon, if you're not in a place to). I was really moved by your story and your relationship to your father, by how your feelings progressed through time. As someone with Cherokee ancestry, I also appreciated your fathers connection with the earth and world of spirits.

Anyways, sorry for the long post. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns. My email is ellielightfoot [at], or your can call/text β€ͺ (346) 471-1233‬. I'd love to set up a time to chat with you, informally, just to get to know each other and explain the process at Spooked.

Thanks for considering it, and again, my sincere condolences for your loss.

Hi there Rudraditya,

Thanks for sharing your story on this site, I found it super interesting, but also profoundly disturbing. I can't imagine how scary that must have been. I'm happy to hear that you (hopefully) haven't seen the woman since.

By way of intro, my name is Ellie Lightfoot. I'm a journalist and producer for a public radio show based out of the US called Spooked, which features true, supernatural stories, told firsthand by the people who've experienced them. We hope our stories challenge assumptions, and help those who've experienced similar things feel less alone.

I wanted to reach out to see if you might be interested in sharing your story on Spooked. I think it's an incredibly powerful one, and raises questions about why spirits target the people they do.

If you think you might be interested, please reach out to me directly at ellielightfoot [at] or β€ͺ (346) 471-1233‬ with any questions or concerns. This first conversation can be super informal, just a way to get to know each other, as well as explain our show and how we approach storytelling.

Anyways, thanks for your consideration. Hope to speak soon!

All the best,

First of all, I'm so sorry for what you went through (or are still going through), it sounds utterly terrifying and disruptive.

My name is Ellie, and I am a journalist and audio producer at Spooked, an NPR podcast which features true, supernatural stories, shared firsthand by people who have experienced them. As producers on Spooked, we take a back seat to the individuals telling their story. Our aim is to approach the paranormal broadly and judgmentally, challenge assumptions, and use it as a way to explore big, human questions. We've also found our stories and storytellers help those going through similar experiences less alone.

I wanted to reach out and see if you might be interested in chatting about possibly sharing your story on Spooked. It's a powerful and important story, and I'd be honored to help you share it.

Please feel free to reach out to me by email at ellielightfoot [at] You can get a sense of our show/listen to past stories at

Thanks for considering it, hope you and your family have found peace now.

All the best,
Hello Twilight101,

I'm not a qualified astrologer. I started a 2 year course but gave up half because I thought it was too difficult. Then years later I decided I wanted to understand astrology and know more about all these planets that apparently play a part in our lives and why. Way back as far stone Henge, large stones were formulated into a pattern so that our planet's could be observed. I wanted to know why? I read, and read, and started learning about what each planet meant, then what each 30⁰ house represented, followed by the aspects (how many degrees each placement of the planets are to one another. Finally after many many years, I understand how to interpret a birth chart Just by looking at it, I can see what the planets indicate. Like anything though, our human will over powers most things, therefore astrology is great as a guideline, but we still have the power to control our futures regardless of the planetary positions.

I don't do other people's charts despite knowing enough to be able to, because I'm not qualified. I just do it for my self.

Don't put yourself down. You are a strong person with a great deal of self worth. You can do anything when you have time to do it.

Start with cafe astrology, it's free and a great way to learn. Start by doing your own chart first. Read what the planets mean.

Moon is how we react:
Sun is the character we show others:
Venus represents love:
Mercury is our intellect:
Mars represents motivation/energy:
Jupiter is money/luck:
Saturn is stability/hard work:
Uranus is the unexpected and exciting dynamic.
They are my abbreviations. The planets mean so much more of course.

Then read about the houses. Once you've done that you'll be able to interpret what a planet means in a particular house. For example, Planets in the 10th, (10th house is career and ambition) will reflect career and work.

Planets in the 2nd house, will reflect your financial situation. (2nd house is Finance) 4th house is associated with family and so on.

If Jupiter is in the 2nd house, that could mean an inheritance potentially.

Jupiter in the 6th house could mean lucky with work potentially.

7th house relates to partners and marriage.

I hope I have given you a way to start that is easy to understand.

I hope you and you husband are coping a little better after losing you mother-in-law. We don't ever get over it but time, helps a little.

Enjoy learning about astrology
Still nothing sinister but I heard the footsteps at 4:30am last night. Very clear, nothing at all other than that. Is it weird that I'm getting used to it? We are thinking of setting up a wildlife cam we have for the garden. I wonder if that will pick anything up?
Twilight1011 in Lost In My Room
MiaG - Thank you for sharing all that with me, I really appreciate it ☺ I want to be able to learn astrology, like you've seem to have πŸ˜„ It's a lot to take in, and I'm not one that can learn as easy as some πŸ˜“ But hopefully someday I'll be able to achieve that goal, and be able to read into astrology like you can. I wish I could send you my husband and my astrology chart, to see if you can help me understand what all it means, for us as a couple. As for the points on this site, I know it's not of importance, but I like to be able to give them, when I'd like to give my thanks, or if I agree with what was said. But you pretty much answered my problem I was having, with understanding why I haven't seem to be able to upvote you in a while, which was me apparently not up voting enough of other's on here. I don't really get on that much, but will try to visit as much as I can, when I'm able to do so. With that said, for the short times I do pop in on here, I'll try to read the latest stories published, and will comment if I can, or if it's something I'm able to help with, but I guess with not much activity from my end, while on here, I'm not giving enough votes to other's, during my pop in visits. Thank you again for letting me know all that though, I really do appreciate it.
So far you and your husband have experienced pleasant things, although the knocking around 3am is a bit suspicious, given that lots of people associate it with evil, but if nothing sinister is happening I think you should just ignore it.
You need not be afraid of these demons friend. All authority in Heaven and on earth was given to Jesus when he rose from the dead. If you accept him into your life, then you will have power over all evil through him. Do not believe the lies movies and television show.
I thought there might be a connection, but it seems too great a time gap to me. Though I'm sure ghosts and spirits do not experience time the same way we do. I have no idea what the connection could be.
MW A medium is a direct way to find who is around and in your space. Nothing worse than a long term out of pocket remodel and then have spirit activity cluttering up your mind and wellbeing. Been there, got the T shirt. Good luck and thanks for sharing.
Lost Voyage: Good to hear from you, too! Glad that you enjoyed the account.
Yeah, it happened a long time ago, & the couple prefer to never see that house again. The landlord would never 'tell' them any of the place's history. I'm sure. Then, again. The landlord may not 'know' it's history. He's stuck with the place, & trying to make a buck off of it. Then again. I don't know for sure. Just hypothesizing here.
It would be interesting to find out 'why' it was haunted in the first place.
My sister is one of the witnesses to the events that took place, & she, gladly signed a deposition to help the couple get out of the lease.
It 'is' a good thing that they got out ASAP before something else happened though. Thanks for reading!

The Best
As Always! 😊 😊
Hi, nice to meet you!

I would say a year or two. Do you think there is a connection?

Many thanks.
Hi. Welcome to YGS, MW. I'm the resident open minded but opinionated grump here. 😁

Question: how much time passed between you visiting the mill to cool down and then the first experience?

Hello Twilight1011,

I think that generally speaking, a Sun sign Leo and Sun sign Scorpio can be a relationship that relies on many factors as you mentioned, however the Moon sign, rising sign, and planet positions also play a huge part. For example: If one partners Venus, Uranus and or Mars are within 10⁰ (which is a conjunction aspect) of their partners Mars, Venus, and Uranus or 120⁰ (which is a trine aspect) that could mean a very dynamic relationship in terms of working well with each other and a definite attraction both ways. It also depends on which house those planets fall into and a few other things but basically, sun signs are just a very small part of the astrology insight.

About the karma points, don't worry. The thought counts, besides I don't mind if I get points or not. I do give karma upvotes to every comment I read though. Feels good to give and it's my system so I know which comments I've read. Lol

Maybe Val can jump in and explain the points. I think... You get to vote a member 4 or 5 times then you have to wait until you use up 15-20 points on other members regardless of how many months go by before voting on the member you've given 4 or 5 points to. You get a certain amount of points for a period of 24 hours before the system says, 'you've exceeded your daily limit. Lady Glow know a little on this because both her and I tried to work out the points system a while back.

Hopefully the moderators can explain it.

Take care,
Hope to chat again soon,
[at] CrimsonTopaz I have actually realised that I am really blessed. I accept that I am spiritual. I am just embracing my life and Love for God in all his golry.

[at] MsTea- Let us not get started with LOadshedding, My area is currently experiencing power outage since Monday night and we not sure when it will be resolved. Yes you are so right in saying that if we all came together we can get answers to many unanswered questions.
I know that God has reached out to me, and I am embracing it. In my next story and a few others to follow you will read how this has happened
Hi everybody. I am sorry for mt late reply as we have not had electricity since Monday. I thank each of you for the comments. I just want to say that I am well thanks
[at] Twilight1011 I just want to say you are not offending me in any way. I am a born Hindu. I was raised very antichrist as Indians in South Africa are that way unfortunately. I however believe and embrace all faiths. I love learning about other cultures and faiths and their practices. I too just like you am actually spiritual. I know that I may sound selfish but as a Hindu it is rather difficult for me to convert but I live Christ and his teachings and way of life. I also believe in the universe and I love looking into the world of Astrology. So yes I am spiritual an I love being this way.

[at] CrimsonTopaz I believe it was someone from another realm yes like my guardian angel. Yes I did see his face and it is really sad that I am a bad artist as I would have drawn a picture of what he looks like. A male mid 30's eraly 40's, caramel skin, more like someone from the middle east curly hair and a glow around him. That is what I saw and I still remember his smile.
Twilight1011 in Lost In My Room
MiaG - Thank you! I'll definitely look into what you sent me, and I really appreciate you helping me with it!☺ I do want to say that like you, I don't read these thing's believing that it's fully accurate, and what it says, is how it will be etc. I read them for helpful insight, but to a reasonable point. My husband and my zodiac sign, are said to not be good together, but we didn't take that to be the truth for us though. Which is why we were very happy to come across some information, saying how well we could be together, if we set aside our differences, and listened, as well as respect one another etc. Granted I believe that's every relationship though, as it takes both people to work together, and set aside their differences, putting in the work, to be a happy, healthy couple.πŸ˜„ I didn't want you to think that I'm one who believes anything I read or hear, and think that there's no changing it, or other way about it etc. On a different note, I wanted to bring up how for some reason, I haven't been able to upvote you, I'd say for the past so many months now. πŸ˜• I don't understand why, when normally after you've voted so much for someone, it has you wait however long, before you can vote for them again, but it's been awhile now, where it hasn't allowed me to do so for you, and I don't understand why it's taking as long as it is. Which I believe we're given like 3 or so time's, where we can upvote someone, before you have to wait to do so again, but I don't even think I really got to vote no more than 1 time for you, before it blocked me from it. Anyways, I just wanted to mention that, so you know that I would if I could lol
I'm glad that's sorted, from what you have written, whatever that was, followed you home, perhaps a wandering spirit, or something that was lurking around the abandoned hospital?
Hello Linjahaha, what a fascinating account, I'm glad you shared it.

Despite what they suffered through, at least this couple stuck together and had the common sense to vacate the place. So many stories on here (yours excluded) reflect one half of a couple experiencing paranormal goings on and the other person, whether they have experiences or not, deny anything going on, which is maddening for their partner. The fact that Bob spoke up first was impressive as it's usually the male in the aforementioned cases (though not always) that is skeptical.

I'm also glad to hear that they were able to successfully get out of their lease. They called the landlord out, he knew full well what was going on there, I firmly agree with that assessment. Some don't always take care of the normal stuff they are supposed to, leaks, repairs, etc, so it's not surprising they won't attend to the paranormal stuff either. There are those that just want to collect their money despite everything.

As an aside, not all landlords are bad of course, but when they are in the wrong and you call them on it legally they do back down. I've had one in the past I had to deal with in a somewhat similar manner to your sister's friends, but it didn't involve anything paranormal, however they did drop it, once I called them out on it.

I know there's no way to confirm it, but I can't help but be curious if the place in your story still exists and whether anyone (living) inhabits it 😁

Good to hear from you again!
My family is very protective when it's come to their children.
The reason they hid "something" from me is because they didn't want me think about that "thing" anymore and loose my concentration towards studies.
As I said I was preparing for my boards exams that time (consider to be a turning point) and they probably didn't want me to get distracted anymore. Atleast that's what I think
RC, & Rajine: Far as I know, when my sister's friend, & her husband left they 'never' went back. Her husband would drive 'by' the street on his way to work, but would 'not' go down it. They just preferred to leave sleeping dogs lie. I can't say that I blame them.
I know the street that the house sits on, but I've never actually been there so there's no way of knowing if the house is 'still' there or if someone is even living in it.
My late husband, & I 'never' went back to the haunted house that we had to endure for 4 years. We wouldn't even go 'near' the street. I don't go anywhere near it to this day. I can fully understand how that couple feels. I completely understand. Thank you for reading!

Take care! 😁 😁
Rajine in Clicking Noises
I agree with [at] linjahaha, do you remember when exactly and for how long you have experienced this clicking sound? From what you have written,you've been experiencing this for years now, so I was wondering for how long.

But on the lighter side of things, if it's not supernatural and it sounds metallic, what if perhaps aliens are involved πŸ˜…πŸ€¦πŸ» (just a joke)
It's always the beautiful houses going for next to nothing prices that are always haunted, sometimes it's friendly and caring spirits, sometimes it's malevolent horrid entities 🀦🏻 I'm glad that everything worked out in the end and no one was hurt badly.
Hi lady-glow

Thanks for reading, now when I look back in retrospect, it makes sense when you say that it could have been my grandad, I've also read about three three knocks across all cultures, I'm glad in this case it wasn't anything malevolent.

[at] Amchi1986

I don't think that particular incident that happened to me twice was evil, but as a previous commentor wrote, the three knocks were a warning for him and his family, so I think each individual experiences are different.
Hi nacpat88

The times were different, same year but months apart, the first one being in July and the second, if memory serves me correctly was around October.

And no, no one else's door was near enough, this knocking was literally 4 steps away from me at my door.
[at] Enlighten1959

Sorry for the very, very late reply 🀦🏻, I heard the knocks after my grandfather passed away, and at that time, nothing bad happened and no one else had passed away for a couple of years.
Hi Different444

From what I've read on this site and other sources, I've come to the conclusion that, physically, mentally and emotionally "weaker" people (for lack of a better term, apologies if I've offended anybody) tend to attract a lot more supernatural activity, I think fear plays a huge part on what chooses to reveal itself, because certain entities feed of people's fears.

I've also read in one of your comments about hearing 3 knocks on your door, I've also experienced the same thing years ago and have posted my story on here, the first time it happened was about a few days after my grandfather passed away.
Hello Twilight1011,

Cafe astrology has just about every chart you need for free.

A basic compatibility report will tell you what you are looking for. Here's the link.


You and your other half are compatible regardless of what astrology says, and yes it's fun to read. Like anything similar, I always read from that site, but never wait for things to happen as per what astrology says. Sometimes things go a different path.

Enjoy reading.
16 years old is "too young"? What the beep?

I do not believe it is in anyone's best interest to withhold necessary information. Though it does have to be given in a way that the student can understand.
Always annoys me when, in those haunted house hunter shows, the investigator taunts the ghost. Yeah. You don't have to live with the consequences <censored>hole.

I'm curious to know more, but this was all so long ago, and your relatives so wisely chose to move out...
whisperingwoodspodcast in La Llorona, The Crying Woman

I came across your story and I'd love to use it in a book I'm writing. The story would be completely re-written in my own style, but the main elements would remain the same. The book will be published in March 2025 and it is a collection of folklore and scary stories.

The reason I am emailing is to request your permission. If this is something you are agreeable to, please let me know.

Many thanks and best wishes

The Whispering Woods Podcast
whisperingwoodspodcast in Strange Encounter With An Entity

I came across your story, it's a great story and I'd love to use it in a book I'm writing. The story would be completely re-written in my own style, but the main elements would remain the same. The book will be published in March 2025 and it is a collection of folklore and scary stories.

The reason I am emailing is to request your permission. If this is something you are agreeable to, please let me know.

The Whispering Woods Podcast
Twilight1011 in Lost In My Room
MiaG - Hey, I was wanting to ask you about the relationship compatibility reading part, of the Cafe astrology site you sent me. My husband and I both, have been trying to find a website, that will do this for free. The Cafe website has you pay to receive this information, but will say how you can read it yourself, by somehow reading both birth charts, and putting it together or something, it was very confusing to understand how to do that.πŸ˜… We're wanting to find out this info, because I'm a Scorpio, and he's a Leo. Apparently our signs are said not to be good together lol but from what I've read, it's not unheard of, for these 2 signs to work. It has said, if we were one of the rare couples, that can work good together in a relationship, despite the differences they each have, that makes it so difficult for these 2 to do well with one another, then they can be a very powerful couple. Which we both feel we are the best version of our selves, since we've been together. We're just very curious at this point, to know what something like this, would say about us as a couple, as the birth info, and the daily horoscope readings it gives, seems to be pretty accurate for the most part. It's made us curious to know, what it'll say about us, with it applying the birth chart info. Anyways, I'm not trying to make another lengthy message lol, but wanted to ask you about this, in hopes that you'll be able to help me find where I can get this information for free.πŸ˜„ Hope you're doing good? And I'm grateful for any help you can give on this ☺ πŸ˜‰
rossh: This is a very frightening narrative. I'm glad that you are alright now, & have relocated.
Maybe there was a reason that the road was deserted. Not to mention the hospital. Possibly the very land itself is haunted by something that goes back in it's history. Who knows? However, it would be interesting to find out. Good read!

Take care! 😁 😁
Linjahaha in Clicking Noises
Dindin, Something 'might' have followed you to your new environment.
That is open for debate. However, it's 'good' that you have very strong faith.
You are psychic, & people like us are sometimes like a beacon for spirits. They 'know' they can communicate through people like us.
Perhaps you, like me, can do more research on your ability to learn how to control it. Thereby being able to better deal with what goes on around you. Just some friendly advice. Thanks for the story!

Best Wishes! 😊 😊
[at] rajine Thank you for your insight that is an interesting perspective. Maybe after I saw the first entity, they were like she can see us? And just kept coming lol.

I should add I struggle with mental health since I was very young. I've always had the thought in the back of my mind that they are attracted to me because of that.
Hello Twighlight1011,

Thank you for your reply. I wanted to use my old ID to reply but can't click on the name to get to the profile. I'm sure CrimsonTopaz won't mind me using her thread to respond to you

I'm glad the astrology is keeping you interested. Yeah, I find it very accurate too. Did you get around to doing your free birth chat?

I'm still waiting for my mum to visit so I can write something. Unfortunately she hasn't. I have had a few dreams where she visits. Maybe she's trying and that's how she can make contact until she learns how to make herself visible.

I hope you are well, take care. Miandra
Covid-19 is one of the worst pandemics in recent history, it brought the entire world onto its knees, I thank God all the time that myself and the people I care about managed to survive it, but at the same time feel very sad for the families that have lost loved ones to this virus and are left picking up the pieces.

But I certainly think that your guardian angel was looking out for you, and I think your dad was there as well, maybe it could have been him too looking out for you.
It's a sad reality that in today's world even people who you think is your family will jealous of you for no logical reason.
From what I've read, it seems like you have someone around you that does not like you at all, and I think your parents are trying to warn you, I think you should take some time to reevaluate the people around you and try to find out exactly who's your friend or foe and distance yourself from them.
It is definitely unnerving to have to encounter something like that, while the ghosts in your story definitely look scary and creepy, they don't seem to be doing or acting in a way that makes them seem malevolent, more curious than evil, from what I've read.
To Crimson Topaz & MiaG, I've been trying to pop in more lately, as I hate missing the new submissions on here. πŸ˜„ I'm glad to see I've been missed though ☺ I've missed y'all, and a lot of my other favorite people from this site as well. As for how my spiritual journey has been going, I hate to admit that I've allowed myself to not stay on it, as much as I'd like, but I'm trying my best to get back on track with it. It really helps to be more spiritual in life, to where you're no longer allowing all the negative, day to day stuff, to affect you as badly etc. I visit the Cafe astrology site almost everyday now lol, as the daily horoscope alone, is most of the time, on point, so I really love that MiaG told me about it ☺ I apologize to the poster of this, as I didn't mean to take away from your experience. But with the topic being brought up, I am curious to know, with you being from South Africa, what exactly is your belief with all this spiritual stuff? I don't really know much about your religion, or what all y'all believe or not believe etc. So I don't want to accidentally say, or ask something that might be offensive. But from what little I have seen you've say on it so far, it seems like you do believe in the spiritual side? With you submitting what you have already, also makes me believe that you're interested, in understanding the spiritual world as well? I was just curious to know your opinion on this though, but you do not have to answer, if you don't want to get into it on here.
bhoostpisachnikatnahiaave in The Unholy Night
The belief is that when goddess possesses someone, that means they're pure by heart and have a stronger devotion towards that goddess. And because of that, there's always a divine hand over their head, and their call for help is always answered because of their continuous devotion (even though the possession itself is occasional).

Also am not sure how to tag other folks here, but lady_glow, pretty bold go you to question logic on a website for paranormal, which is anything but normal and logical. More than the questions, it's the condescending tone that you can may be avoid?

Have that said, I do believe no human is pure enough in this age and time to have goddess enter their bodies. This also does not necessarily mean your aunt is faking it OP, I have myself witnessed this and even spoken to a few about what exactly happens when they have this experience - and I have concluded that it's the festivities, the loud dhol, the overall environment of certain rituals that involve a certain Bhakti in you so much for few that they think they personify the divinity that's being worshipped. Even us regular folks, sometimes feel a vibration when we are fully indulged in the pooja and Aarti, in a good way. Our brains are capable of doing extraordinary things and the belief of possession is one of them, sometimes manifesting into physical strengths and unusual voices and I think connecting the dots to predict the future and foresee omens (which if you were to decode you will see that the person knows the family and their on-going issues so it's basically their subconscious talking just with 10x the confidence).

And I do believe what you're saying is what you heard OP, I've heard many of such similar stories too. However, may be filter the ones you can logically justify yourself before posting? Just a suggestion.
Hello Twilight1011,

It's really good to see you. How did you go with the astrology links?

Hello SashB,

I think Twiligh1011, covered it all in her explanation so I won't double up. I totally agree with what Twilight 1011 says... 'If you feel it was real, then it probably was'.

I'm sorry for your loss SashB. Remember all the good times with your dad and loved ones you've lost, and over time that sorry will turn to beautiful memories that make you happy

Thanks for sharing this lovely story.

Hey, posted a longer message on the Living Enrichment Center 2 story - I grew up going to this church and would be interested to connect with other LEC refugees.

Rad stories - thank you for sharing. I was brought to the building after it was abandoned only once in 2007 - by this guy in my writing class who read aloud his short story about the place as haunted. I realized it was my church and asked him to take me, gave him a tour from memory of every room. It was spooky, but we didn't stay long and I was more focused on nostalgia. I think he was shocked I was running around to every room so in awe - and reading these stories I get why now.

Always were strange vibes out by the cabins, and that one photo you have of the outdoor stretch with many doors - yeah, that was always a creepy area. There was an annex connected by a long outdoor bridge that was off, and the rooms far in the back behind where the restaurant used to be were strange. I remember they did an Easter service back there and I couldn't stop thinking about death - and I was a small kid at that point. Upstairs in the offices I do remember always feeling watched, as my dad would do work there on Saturdays and the energy was tense and fragile - maybe because of the embezzlement, though...

As kids we would skip the service and run around the grounds, and there were areas I got very scared of and avoided even in the daytime. My mom would go to weeknight study and I would run away from the childcare and play around the building at night with my friend, so there were areas at night I also did not go to. It's interesting some people mentioned the woods - I love the forest and am a backpacker as an adult, and didn't realize until just now reading this that I was inexplicably scared of that forest and I don't think I ever ventured in once. There were beautiful trails leading to statues and I went to one once with a youth group, but never, ever would I go alone despite that being all I did on the weekends elsewhere. In trying to remember a reason, all that comes up is that I would immediately feel like I was lost if I went near the forest - so I just always avoided it.
Hey- really appreciated your stories. I grew up going to LEC multiple times a week for my whole young life, my father one of the "kool-aid drinkers" coined by Willamette Week who stayed through to the final few hundred folks. As is common with cults, some people have different experiences than others, so I can only speak to my own. In my family's case, it was disturbing and has affected me for the rest of my life. Some of the message was really beautiful, but much of it was deeply twisted and intent on stabilizing the early threads of big new age money and power.

LEC was no small deal. Mary Manin Morrissey (the founder) testified to the UN parliament for world religions with Arun Gandhi and would regularly travel to meet with the Pope or His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Many of the names Oprah eventually "discovered" was there long beforehand... Marianne Williamson was there regularly for workshops and as you may know is a contemporary presidential candidate. The creators of "The Secret" were there often giving sermons, and we had connections to other new age cults at that time that are now getting documentaries. It was an original space for "manifesting," working with attraction theory and metaphysics, and spiritual appropriation/colonization en masse long before that became the trend of today. It depended on which side groups you got into as to what you saw or experienced there. My father had us holding our hands over our food at dinner to "rearrange the molecular structure," for example, and would shout Mary quotes at us for discipline.

The financial embezzlement was the second largest in Oregon's history after Raj Neesh/Osho, and to this day Mary and her family keep Wikipedia and online stuff highly monitored so they can keep scamming. You can look up her as Mary Manin and her son, Mat Boggs.

Abranch2212 - if you ever see this, am wondering if we knew eachother. I don't meet many LEC refugees but I've met a few. Would be interesting to swap stories.
CrimsonTopaz in Trespassing Taking Toll
Theomniscient, I've read similar posts about fevers after seeing spirits, woman with jingling ankles and so on.
It sound like your uncle came into contact with some sort of entity that attached itself to him.
All that matters is that he expelled the black gunk whatever it was before it made him really sick
SashB PS: Did you see his face by any chance? Did you get the feeling he was someone you knew who passed away?
Twilight1011, Good to see again. I hope your new spiritual journey is going well.
SashB, my condolences go out to you on the death of your dad. It's hard dealing with the loss of someone close but more so when it's a parent.
The covid era was a bad time and so many thousands of people lost their lives. I feel for you being in hospital so ill.
I think the doctor who visited you may have been a playful soul who died in that hospital who hasn't passed over to the other side yet. Or like you thought, he may have been your guardian angel. Either way, he brought you good news and good health.
CrimsonTopaz in Reality Or Dreams?
SashB, Most people don't get to see the Lord Jesus, let alone receive a personal message from him. It is not for us to question but to accept and give thanks. Sounds like you've done that.
Not everyone is of the same faith and each to their own. It's not my place to preach or convert people, but I personally have started praying since my mother died. I hope that my prayers will keep both my parents together for all eternity in the Lord's loving arms.
Make the most of your new job, enjoy the benefits and stay happy, healthy and wise.
BravelyKegger in Reality Or Dreams?
That was a beautiful story you shared. I am envious of people who have seen Christ in person. Your story reminds me of a news article I read recently. In Gaza it was reports Jesus was appearing to many people. I believe he has not appeared to me due to the fact that I have already been saved and it's unnecessary for him to reveal himself to me in person. With that being said. I am still quite envious haha.
Not sure if you are religious, but I encourage you to call out to Jesus if you encounter another demon. When I experience demonic dreams I always call out Jesus's name and the demons flee. Whether you believe in God or not I encourage you to try it.
I see yet again, I find myself reading another one of your experiences, and feeling the need to reply back afterwards ☺ I actually began my spiritual journey, I think almost 2 years ago now. πŸ€” With that said, I've gotten really into reading a lot about it, and learning a good bit about that side. I again, believe what you experienced, was most likely a Guardian angel, or even spirit guide of yours, that was able to step in and help you. They knew it wasn't your time yet. I think it's amazing that one of them was able to visit you, so that they could tell you it will be ok now, giving you comfort and peace of mind, to hear this. I know some may say, that with you running such a high fever at the time, and being on medication, that what you experienced was most likely, a hallucination from the fever or medication, but I don't believe that is always the case in these experiences. The best I can suggest though, is go with what you believe feels right. If you feel it was real, then it probably was. I'm happy that you were able to get better, and my condolences go out to you as well, for the people you lost during this time, I know that had to be very painful to go through, especially when your life was at risk at the same time.
I don't really know how I want to start this response, aside of me saying how scary that all sounds, to have witnessed in your dream, and then in your reality 😨 I do however believe your experience, and as for my opinion towards it, I feel that what all you had experienced, starting with your dream, was you having a visitation from your passed loved one's. With you saying you had cried yourself to sleep that night, feeling lost and hopeless in life at the time, and praying for some type of guidance etc, it makes me believe that's why your passed loved one's, decided to come to you in your dream, so they could help you, and show you what the problem was. From what you've said, I'd say the message was you having something negative attached to you, and thankfully your loved one's were able to help you remove this negative thing, from yourself, and to rid it from causing you anymore harm. The way you said you felt the next morning, would make sense to this theory, as I'd imagine having something negative like that attached to you, for however long, finally being removed off you, would make you feel like you were beaten, or drained from energy etc. It was something that would have been feeding off your negative energy, and having it removed, would feel like a weight has been lifted. You saying that you had scratches all over your back afterwards, makes me believe that this negative thing, put up a fight, being removed from you, causing the scratches and the soreness the next morning. I know that sounds really scary to think of being the case, but at least you had your loved ones on the other side, helping you with this, and riding it from causing you anymore harm. That's where I would choose to find comfort in that experience. But this is only my opinion to what you have said. I hope it helps you in some way, and I hope that since this happened, you've been able to feel much better ☺
Yes, I read it and although the appearance is similar (but my encounters didn't have a third hole for the mouth), these entities don't seem to be attached to an object.

Also forgot to mention this in the post. A few days ago I was home alone and heard 3 distinct knocks. There wasn't anyone there and security cameras didn't catch anyone. But I heard it clear as day as if it were right behind me. Researching this phenomenon leads to many different theories so I'm not sure what to believe. Some say it's good, but a lot say it's demonic.
You should check out one of the stories I posted. My mother was haunted by a girl in a white dress who had black holes for eyes.
I doubt the poster will ever see this, but I still want to say. I'm very curious if it was possible, that when you believed "it" had said "who", if it really had said "Boo" πŸ˜… lol I can't help but wonder the possibility of that being what it might have said, as you then go on to state, how it felt like it then, chased you up the basement stairs. I don't understand why if it had said "who", why it would then chase you, unless it said "boo", to try and frighten you, and chases you out the basement. To me, that makes more sense, but I understand that when it comes to the supernatural, there's a good bit of it, that's confusing to understand, so I don't mean to imply that my theory is more likely, I'm just curious if it is possible. Granted, if I am correct, it doesn't exactly make you feel any better, to find out that the ghost in your basement, likes to go as far as to say "boo", to where you can hear it, before it chases you. For me, that would only make it worse, to have something I can't see, but only feel, say that, before chasing me. 😱 Anyways, like I said, I know this is an old post, but couldn't help but wonder. I know how silly it may sound, but I'd imagine it knows how scary saying that could be to someone, when it's being said by an actual ghost. But I hope you're still doing good there, and not having to many problems with your "roommates". Hopefully you'll drop in sometime soon, and see this ☺
Yes, it was a sad story... Not to say more but the on going wars around the world are making lots of tragic stories too, sure there will be lots of spiritual events going on too.
Hi blosomes

That really is a tragic story, and I think you're right, if a person feels strongly about something, they will continue to feel that way even after passing on.
Hey Rajine!
That story is actually spoken by a journalist who worked during the Iraq war... It is kind of sad.
The journalist... Let's call her... Anna.
Anna was with her crew interviewing and taking photos at a bombed hospital... Let call that B hospital.
The B hospital was once ran by a local rich-man, Mr B or Sir B? The hospital was bought by the government after B's death. It is rumored that many important governors stayed there either hiding or curing... And so it was bombed... Anna's crew somehow got a chance to contact the person in charge of the hospital. They did a phone interview with Anna and decided to meet up.
The day came when they meet up, the person in charge never showed up. Crew members decided the find the person in charge by themselves...
Anna was with one of the crew and they decided to ask local people about that person in charge hoping to get a clue on where he was. Most local shook their heads when they heard his name but one of them caught their attention.
That local person told them that the name of that person in charge is like the rich-man's who ran the B hospital. But Sir B and his families and people related to him are murdered decades ago even the youngest daughter who was in the US was found dead mysteriously.
So, who were they interviewing if that local person was telling them the truth...
That is kind of how the story went and ended without an end πŸ€”
Not quite like my experience but if spirits still have strong thoughts they may do something that they will even after death is kind of what it reminded me of.
CrimsonTopaz in Mom... Please Let Me Go
Lovely Lady, You're grandmother being born in 1904, when times were so different and technology to help and save lives not available to all communities if available at all would have made things so difficult for the poor woman.
Does she come to you in dreams?
She'd be so proud of the strong, intuitive, intelligent, insightful, and lovely woman you have become.
I'm sending you positive energy.
So it seems like he was at the wrong place at the wrong time (of night), glad he's OK though.
I suppose it was her way of looking out for you one last time and also her way of saying that she's in a much better place.
Hi MsTea and welcome

Was the cross on the door done with in black, looks sort of like ash from burnt wood?
Reason I'm asking is because a lot of the African communities add crosses made of ash from a certain type of burnt log, it's their ritual for cleansing the home, they also do a ritual to invite their ancestors into their home, I think what you and your surrounding neighbors are experiencing are the previous tenants ancestors, unless he performed a ritual before he moved to ask them to leave with him to wherever he went. I know a similar situation like this that happened to one of my friends, also had those crosses on the doors and everything, but his neighbor explained everything to him and eventually all the supernatural activity stopped on its own, but his and your experiences are very much the same, in his case it's like once the previous owners ancestors realized there's new owners they vanished πŸ˜†. Certain native rituals and traditions may seem strange to others, but I don't think the previous tenant was dealing in dark magic.
Hi blosomes

He must have been very dedicated to his work, that even in death his spirit still found his way to the office.

An interview with a ghost? I wonder what that's like?...
DreamBird in Grandmotherly Touch
I love this story! How comforting to know someone was looking out for you.

Arturo in Haunted Tv
This is strange indeed, did you guys checked that you have unplug the right cable?
Hmm... I don't know if he ever "appeared" again since I moved back to Brazil, SΓ£o Paulo, then here I am in Hokkaido, Japan.
It was my last job as an office worker. Too much happened lol

Yea, I was curious too. I heard that his daughter went back to her mother's family or some relatives on her mother's side... Tanaka-san was a lonely guy after all, because I heard that he lost his parents during a fire? I grew up with a fireman who adopted him as his stepson. Ah... To complicated 😐
Theomniscient in Trespassing Taking Toll
Well as I've mentioned in the account that It was a abandoned land. And mostly people after doing all the occult rituals throw remnants in such abandoned places so maybe while urinating he may have crossed it and people here builds samadhi in our property of old deceased one and obviously urinating in such places is disrespectful, and 8+ years has passed to this event even he can't remember this in vivd detail and he most of the time avoids talking about this incident. And he vomited the thing and amount he vomitted as he describes was one plate full of that black goo like substance

Thank you for your lovely comment. I can not imagine how terrible it must have been for my Grandma to lose half of her children very early in their lives. I hope they are sharing better times now that they are together in the afterlife.
Hi Theomniscient.

I have a question, according to a previous submission, urinating in the open in India seems to offer some sort of protection.
How come this didn't help your uncle?


"In Tulu culture we call it "Maasthi" basically a wandering spirit. He then immediately removed his clothes and got naked and urinated (it is believed that when you encounter a spirit you should do this particular thing as it is believed that it is an indication that we aren't scared of the spirit) "

Also, according to one poster commenting on the above story:

"Anonymous_ (1 posts) ________+3________3 years ago (2021-08-12)

The practice of peeing to ward off certain types of evils (temporarily) is prevalent all over the Indian subcontinent, though very few know about it. I myself tried it twice or thrice & it worked everytime."

Wouldn't this mean that, after urinating, your uncle should have been protected from any negative force?

"he expelled some black gunk, that pooled all over the floor."

Did he vomit or the gunk came as other kind of body fluid?
Could you be more specific about the amount of gunk he expelled? Was it a volume larger than the expected within human limits?

Anyway, I'm glad to know he got well after the baba's intervention.
Amchi1986 in The Entity Recurs
i think that it was an evil and harmful spirit... Thankfully your friend was saved from it, thanks to god. And yes I agree with rajine, you should enquire about that place and it's surroundings and know the history of that place or even call a priest and conduct a sacred ceremony by pleasing the god to remove any negative energy from your home, least this evil thing harms others from your family or even your friends in future. Take care. May god be with you and your closed ones always
CrimsonTopaz in Waiting For The Deceased
Blosomes, Tanaka-son came to say goodbye. May he RIP. Very sad for his daughter who is on her own now. Is she old enough to live without her parents or did she have to go to stay with a family member?
CrimsonTopaz in Mom... Please Let Me Go
Lovely Lady, I have no idea how I missed this post of yours.
Oh my goodness. Your poor dear grandmother must have suffered so much pain. My heart goes out to her and to you for being strong enough to share what happened to your grandmother.
My sincere condolences go out to you and your family. Such a sad, sad, post. It's heart breaking to read.:- (
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in Naughty Ghost Child?
Hello MsTea, interesting experience, I appreciate your sharing. I know it can be rather disconcerting to say the least to stay in a place with such unnerving activity.

In regards to your inquiry regarding a cleansing, there is one posted on this site by a user, it has been used by many who swear by it.


Partway down into their profile you should see "Rooks Cleansing and Shielding Method" or something like that which gives detailed directions on this process, perhaps it will help you find peace! Good Luck!
Kuya! Grabe naman yan! Ok ka lang? Also ok lang ba if I told your story on my channel? Gumawa ako ng story telling channel eh, sorry I couldn't Private message you about this! 😨
Hi blosomes: I agree. It is just possible that the meeting was, in fact, the last thought in his mind. When he passed so suddenly, & unexpectedly the shock blotted out the accident, & he was inclined to his usual routine for a brief period.
When the secretary showed up to announce the sad news 'that' may have 'snapped' him out of it to the realization that he was no longer in his physical body. Just 'my' input here mind you.
Have you, or the others, noticed his presence in any other way since then? Please let us know. This was a short account, but a 'very' good read nonetheless. Thanks for submitting it!

Take Care! 😊 😊
I was good friends with your cousin Talicia, I was hit really hard by her death because she was my spiritual rock in school. I still feel her presence often. And I still think about he regularly. ❀
sudabi777 in One Last Class
Hello Lady-glow and MsTea,

Lady-glow, thank you for the clarification. I am now starting to understand the difference between unfinished and sinister spirit.

MsTea, Thank you for reading my story. Yeah, he is so dedicated and Yes, luckily, the 3 of us passed. We now employees.

God bless and more power to this site ❀
To tell you all the truth we had two terraces in our building, one which was purchased in the year 1984 and a huge flat was built there in place of it. Yes he jumped from the third floor, where the new buyers who brought that plot and a flat was constructed there. Our's is an four floor building.
GingerRead in A Misty Memory
Rajine: I've always felt the same way. Though in this instance, it may be something perfectly rational, I don't want to rule out the possibility of other forces at work.
On that old terrace that peter jumped from, and you mentioned building, was this an apartment with many floors. Do you know what floor peter jumped from. Did he jump from the 3rd floor, 10th floor, 1st floor? Thanx
Hi lady-glow!
Yea, now that you said so it will be strange to smell the person before the door will open, but it was that "normal" that no one noticed the oddness of that.
And yes, he was definitely there I can tell though there is no prove 😒
Thanks for the warm welcome 😊... I hope they're good interesting.

...and, yes, that's the general belief. That they are resting in the spiritual realm and come awake for certain tasks they need to carry out or be carried out by their relatives.

Some spirits may linger a bit longer in our realm, after death, before going to rest.

So, just like we dream of our ancestors coming to us in dreams, they are probably dreaming of this physical realm and can see everything that is happening, therefore waking up to protect us or whatever the case may be, then going back to sleep.

Restless spirits are the ones that can't find rest and are what we call ghosts.
Hi Lady-Glow,

In all fairness, they're not so bad. The husband has had a difficult childhood, growing up in the streets, so he tries his best to be a good dad. Sometimes, his demons catch up with him, am afraid.

Will ask about any activity happening prior, but yes, I do think he left spirits behind when he moved. Shadows whizzing past and eerie feelings like you're not alone.

We burnt sage when we first moved in, but I won't lie, an not delegant when it comes to these things. Most of my encounters have been harmless, so never felt a need to do anything. I have noticed that when I pray over the water I use to mop, the feelings and dreams go away, but there are times when am in a rush and forget. The night always reminds me.

If there a cleansing you know of that can help get rid of these things, please do share. Willing to try anything, but we are looking to move.
Yes the police questioned everyone in our entire building and everyone staying around us regarding his suicide. Yes, I have forgotten to mention the right things in both the stories with the same name Peter (although both the men had different surnames and were different individuals. I was not even born during that time, but people who stay around us and used to stay (I mean, now they have left our area) have said and even told me, that there was a huge enquiry by the law in our building, our surrounding area and all people were questioned thoroughly and deeply regarding peter's suicide (although he was falsely accused of fraud by some cunning people) which he had never commited. He was a simple, straight, honest and an innocent family person like everyone around us. Yes, everyone around us and in our building were deeply interrogated regarding his suicide, as people say to me by the law. That's all lady glow.
Hi MsTea.

I'm sorry to hear that you not only have to deal with troublesome living neighbours, but with disembodied pranksters too.

If the previous tenant was into black magic, he may have invited some unwanted guest into the complex.
Do you know if there was any activity before he moved into the area?

Have you tried blessing or cleansing the apartment?

Thanks for sharing.
Hi blosomes.

The first thing that would had made me think that something was off, would have been to "smelled his cigarette smoked body odor" even behind a closed door.

I guess he was thinking about that meeting just before his passing.

Thanks for sharing

Welcome to YGS.

I have read all your comments and find them very interesting. It's not the first time I have read about human grief holding back the spirit of a departed loved one.

As for the idea of spirits entering a "sleeping" state after passing away, how would one explain the well documented and numerous cases of visitations, warnings and encounters that many people have experienced with the 'dead' even years after their passing?
Would this mean that they 'awake' for a limited period of time?

Thanks for reading and commenting on my story.
Personally, I don't see any "typing mistake" in your other story. The real problem is that, put together, your stories make no sense.

How can you explain the fact that your father would "had never believed in the supernatural" around 30 years ago, if 15 years prior to the "event (that) completely changed his view", he had experienced a paranormal encounter with the spirit of his friend and some other strange events?
Was it denial? Was it amnesia? Or, dread to think, you got keyboard-happy and didn't bother to check if both stories were coherent?

And, since I got keyboard-happy asking questions, would you mind to explain what happened after Peter jumped from the terrace? Did your family have to deal with the law? After all, they would have been the last ones to see Peter alive.
It's also believed in our culture that when you grieve too much, you prevent the spirit from Resting In Peace, because they're not really dead, only sleeping.

Hopefully she's sleeping in your grandma's arms now.
I second the sleep paralysis.

I have suffered different types; from just not being able to move, to feeling like there is someone in the room with me, to feeling like am literally being attacked.

...Or, it could be something more sinister that wanted you to give up your soul.
Any weird occurances just before this experience?

Keep a diary next to your bed, so when things like this happen you write them down immediately. That could help.

P.s - when sleep paralysis hits me, I often pray, and if that doesn't work, I swear the beaver out of whatever is attacking me... Or, you could just relax, control your breathing and ride the wave.

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