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Hi Zander.

I really would like to know if we are in the same page regarding the meaning of "gifted students".

Please correct me if I'm wrong but, to my knowledge, a gifted student is a kid with an above average IQ. Nevertheless, your narrative seems to suggest that the students, and the teacher, within this group were gifted because they had some psychic abilities.

May I ask what criterion was used to determine you're a GS?

Not being skeptic, just curious.
Hi, Inga! Apologies for the delay! That was so nice of you to send photos! I don't seem to have received them, though, somehow... Do you have a link, maybe, that you could post? Again, appreciate the gesture very much!
Thank you for the wonderful story! Your attention to detail and potential alternate explanations are really nicely explained. Honestly, you could be a writer. Everyone has really liked your story.

If I may, I wanted to mention something to you about the slipper... Algerians count this type of phenomena as something of a regular occurrence and call it "under their hands" (apologies for how unbelievably creepy that sounds.) As you might have guessed, this is their explanation for the inexplicable disappearance of objects which later "return." Someone not of this dimension has hidden them, momentarily, or for a few days, it would seem...

Also, I had a friend who was in the U.S. Air Force at your Rendlesham-Bentwaters base in the later 70s... She and her roommate had all kinds of occurrences of objects disappearing. They were quite good friends but really had no other logical explanation than to blame the other! Later my friend, A, would learn this was one of the classic symptoms of an active location.

In any event, my friend and her roommate decided to ask to be moved to a new room. They were, and the activity stopped! One day my friend was walking across the base and encountered two black American servicewomen. "Hey, didn't you used to be in (such and such) dorm room?" 'Yes, I did' replied my friend. "Oh, that room was haunted as h3ll" one of the black girls replied. My friend felt equally vindicated and terrified...
Thank you for the very interesting story, GingerRead. It sounds like it was a truly enchanted place. Spirits do seem to, on occasion, have the ability to affect electronics - so your television anomaly might well have been just one such instance.
Zander in Table Tipping
Fascinating! And beautifully written, as always. I'm wondering if you have posted an updated link to the photos? I was not able to get the link to work. I'll read all entries and replies carefully in case you have already. Thanks again for a great true tale!
Kindly_refrain ~ thank you for your nice comment. I'm going to read your story at once! Cheers
To the skeptics with inquiries, imagine if you would, Alexander Graham Bell, describing how his invention would make communication across vast distances between people who could not see one another, possible... Surely many "sensible" people laughed at this invention... The telephone.

Inventors are indeed gifted and have the capacity to imagine beyond the ordinary. "Imagination is more important than knowledge" is has even been suggested.
DreamBird in Hotel San Carlos
Hi Rachel,
I did do some research around the time of this incident and the big band director is deceased. I don't remember exactly when the director stayed at the hotel but big band music was popular in the 30s and 40s so most likely that time frame. I don't recall there being an incidents around the director so it very well could have been coincidence. I'm not sure. It was definitely interesting though.

DreamBird in Hotel San Carlos
Hi Rajine,
It's quite possible it is. I guess there was a school house on that location before the hotel was built. There is also an old well in the basement. I haven't seen it but read that somewhere.


Unfortunately, the only person who could have given more information about the protective toothbrush decided not to participate in the discussion about their story... Leaving us wondering if it was effective during their encounter. I offered such advice hoping that someone else can corroborate if it works.
Hello nametrash.

Thanks for your feedback though, in my opinion, a spirit/ghost capable of touching and leaving marks on your body seems more dangerous than one lurking from a corner in a room.
I'm a bit skeptical about kids between 12 and 14 years old, having mastered the knowledge to perform a proper seance.

Also, could you elaborate more about "the legend of the devil throwing a brick from the church"?
Hello GingerRead.

Are you talking about this place?


If so, it is not only still standing, but seems to be a successful place. Perhaps it is possible to learn more about your encounter and the identity of this ghostly lady.

Thanks for sharing.

PS. Sorry if the link doesn't work, I had to delete some characters and words for the system to accept it. I'm sure typing this story's title will lead to several pages regarding this place.
Hey peeps,

Apologies for the lack of response from me to those who have left comments since my last reply, it's not intentional I promise. It's not me to ignore someone who's taken the time to read and reply, but the last few days have been my worst for many a year.
You don't need to read 10, 000 words about my unlucky life since 2008, which is not connected to the paranormal, but I will give you a brief rundown, that way, it should cement to some, that I simply have no motive to write anything random or made up on a site that I didn't know existed some two weeks or so ago. I gain absolutely zero from it. There's no star prize or interview I get for telling a great tale, besides, I've done all that anyway through playing poker for the last 22 yrs.
So basically, I have always been a hard working individual (not counting the job I had on nights at that factory). I had never broke a bone or even had stitches and definitely no operation despite being 41. But I did have an annoying pain in my lower back after moving a pallet in my van that I was delivering in 2006. I was told it would take 18 months to settle and go back to pre 2006. 2 years later and the pain was getting worse and so it was decided I needed to have my last disc removed in my lower back.
I had the op and the moment I came to, I was greeted with an immense pain in my lower back. 13 years later and I still have that same pain. I have been medically retired since 2009, I am very heavily medicated with high dosages of opiates and I spend 23. 5 hours a day lying in bed because over time, I found less was best. Everything and anything as been tried in the last 13 years and still no one knows what this pain is. Without knowing, they can't operate and it's now not practical because of the risk of damaging my spinal cord. No more can be offered in the U.K.
It is what it is and I just have to live with it. But the last 3 days have been really really bad in terms of the pain. The high dosage of opiates didn't touch this flare up and I guess I was close to overdosing with the amount of breakthrough pain meds I've taken over the weekend. But I'm still here, so no harm done I guess.
When I'm not suffering as much I will catch up with the comments. I thought until an hour ago, there were only one 4 o clock...
RobertRII To watch a room going dark thrilling and scarey is this thing going to hurt me all at the same time. This is a great site to unload spirit crossings that most people will never experience or believe really happened. Looking forward for more of your encounters.
CantunSEEit74, my angles watching over me, there are 3.are constant busy. I feel the anguish when I start ignoring the prods, they have been rather testy with me. And yes I 100% respect the unknown, other dimensions and the things that navigate through and between them. Itll bbe another week maybe more by the time I'm actually completely free of it. It enjoys confusion and feeds off of anger so keeping busy and staying calm has been my focus.
Rajine, I have a couple of friends that are helping e albeit distance but its helping and working. This is the first time that the shadow interaction with me actually caught my attention since childhood. I have always caught movement out off to the sides of me and such. Whatever it is my ex-wife believes its transferred houses with her. She has someone working with her to rid herself of it. The shadow people can sometimes startle you, especially like if you are ina rush and round a corner only to walk through one. That's always a little unsettling. The apt I live in, moved in here last august, there's a lady that walks from the front door down the hall into the kitchen and stops. My boss lives downstairs so I asked him does he hear the footsteps he said no. About a wk later his mom came to visit him, I was 90 miles away in wv at the time his mother said it sounded like a herd of elephants going through this apt. The activity sure has picked up around wherenim at, not sure why but yes it has
cantunSEEit74, no the only real movement I watchd was its size, in a matter of ten minutes it grew to near half the room went back away just as fast. There are a few spots in the basement that makes me uneasy, you know something is there, you don't know the exact spot but its there, its wierd. I can't even begin to put a number on the encounters I have had so far in my life. Its hard for me to go into a cemetary or graveyard, the further into one I go the more intense the humming gets, but its more like my ear drums vibrating really hyper fast.
Hi GingerRead

A fascinating incident you experienced, hopefully if u do some research or speak to perhaps a local librarian they might be able to help you in finding our more about this place.
Rachel9997 in Hotel San Carlos
Hi DreamBird,

Interesting that there was a big band director that stayed there. Have you done any other research on the director? Are they deceased? How long ago did they used to stay there? Was there any incident involving them at the hotel?

Just some thoughts. Really interesting experience; thanks for sharing.
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in This Is My Life!
Hello Plaza, I can offer some insight as to some of your questions regarding your experiences but keep in mind as Val mentioned, we're not experts, we can look at it and respond from what we feel and what we have come to believe.

You had asked why spirits can be able to have intelligence and move objects with no physical form? There are many fascinating studies that have concluded our consciousness is not housed in our minds/bodies, take near death experiences for example, which begin to point to the fact that our bodies are more like vehicles for our consciousness that gets us around here on this dimensional plane. Much like a car is needed to physically transport us from one location to another.

As far as being able to move things, it's all energy. We actually use energy in applied form to open a door, to move a book etc. Spirits, seem to draw the energy they need from the environment around them, hence the cold spots people walk through, a spirit actually draws the energy from the atmosphere and it cools the temperature down. Same thing with flickering electronics, and lights. People have reported cameras and phones going instantly dead despite being fully charged. The spirits take the energy they draw in these ways to manifest in a semi solid form or to interact in the environment, touches or moving objects, or make noise/sounds.

As far as why Lisa didn't scare you, when some of the other encounters did. She had no ill intent toward you. Spirits are much like people. They give off energy. If you've ever been around a bad person, say someone that was out to hurt you, or a thief. They give off a vibe and you feel uncomfortable around them. Maybe they look and act perfectly normal, and you can't put your finger on why they make you uncomfortable, but they do. Later you find out they hurt someone, or robbed someone etc, and then you put the pieces together. It's why dogs bark and growl around bad people and they do the same with spirits, they're just much more sensitive to the vibes being put off by the living or the dead. If you're around someone who loves you and has always been good to you, then you have a positive warm feeling around them, its the vibe they put off.

Hopefully that helps. I have another feeling why you and Lisa connected after her death, but that depends on how far down the rabbit hole you want to go. It sounds like you have immersed yourself in a lot of paranormal research as it were after sharing your story to try and relate what you went through better. Perhaps we've all added to your understanding of the supernatural. Good Luck!
It was a great fascinating absorbing account of your life and paranormal experiences. I am believer of the paranormal and all your encounters seem authentic. I am a 68 born too and that made your story all the more interesting to read.
Hi RobertRII

I must ask was the Black Mass moving within itself like a slow moving Undulating steam cloud, or solid Shade. I have seen 3 broiling Black masses on 3 separate occasions at the or coming from the same wall. I never felt anything from these visitors and one at the end of my shoulder as I was sitting on the toilet. I did not speak to them and if I did I would never challenge or curse at them. Be careful and Respect the Unknown. I hope you and your EX Thank your Guardian Angel and your Spirit guide everyday for Helping you get to this point of this Amazing life. Thanks for sharing and Good Luck out there.
Hi DreamBird

Perhaps the land the hotel is built on may be haunted, but it definitely sounds like a iconic and interesting place
Hi abyx

I've experienced my fair share of sleep paralysis, however I've never experienced seeing the hat man, which is a recurring thing with many of the experiences that I've read about on this site, I wonder if anyone can relate, however I do remember the one time I did have sleep paralysis and I felt like someone was poking me in the side with their finger, in fact that is what helped me shake of the sleep paralysis.
P.S I did enjoy reading your experience and I'm looking forward to reading more about your others as well.
Hi and welcome RobertRII

I've also experienced plenty of shadow people while living with an uncle, but after moving out I haven't experienced that, I've posted about it on this site and while ago, I've always believed that shadow people were just ghosts that can't or won't cross over, if you feel that whatever it was that you experienced is somehow attached to you I think you should maybe get some help or clarification on what exactly is happening.
ChristineA64 in Early Morning Scare
Thank you everyone for all the comments. Appreciate them very much. โค
TheSweetDevil23 in This Is My Life!
Wow! You got some unnerving and spooky experiences. Usually when I read any story here, I always get different sort of vibes that also kind of gives me an image of how the person is and I try to put myself in their place. The mental state of a person really gets affected with such eerie experiences. So what I am trying to say is that your experiences had given me such different emotions while reading it that, after a long time, I am commenting here because at certain point of time, I got scared. Like legit scared which I usually don't. Nothing scares me anymore as I feel at this stage of life, its mostly us humans who are the bigger monsters as once a friend of mine said that "Don't be afraid of ghosts and spirits, you can't see them but be afraid of humans whom you can see and can hurt you back in every worst possible way"! I usually just read stories and then go away offline without any remark. But yours made me think again especially the point where you said wht if ghosts and spirits are different life form about which even science isn't aware of.
We are yet to discover so much about our own planet yet, so what if spirits and ghosts are manifestations of all those wars, battles, massacres and so many other man made disasters. What if we humans did something in past so out of our comfort zone, that it ended up breaking laws in "haunting" n these beings or energies started interacting with us... Sorry! For my rambling,, but at this hour of night in my country, I tend to have such random thoughts. I could be wrong or right.
I don't have any knowledge regarding paranormal nor parapsychology, so I won't have much to talk about ghosts or spirits but lately in last couple of years paranormal stories of others as well had made me again think n question my own skepticism in this aspect. What made me so much engrossed in your story are those two incidences... One is that hair pulling incident and the second one are those giggles of child in that pub u worked for. Being personally attacked by such presences in past mostly psychologically, I empathize with your feeling of being scared of your dad's house... Its the same with me n my uncle's home where my gramps passed away ages ago, yet I felt something really weird for long time. That heaviness has now gone after a decade or more from their home... Reading your further comments in this section helped me in understanding more that why I don't feel that way anymore.

Sorry for my rambling but I tend to do so, especially when I see another person on this site who has done full justice with sharing some most uncomfortable moments of their life. I wish I could be a bit more like you. That openness and frank nature just shines out in your posts. Thankyou so much for sharing this. Have a great day ahead!

Once again many thanks for your detailed replied. I think you are spot on with the explanation. Since I wrote what I wrote above and then the subsequent replies, I have been reading up and watching a lot of paranormal things both online and TV. I'm not that gullible to accept everything I read and watch, but what you say does hold some truths. When peeps see a ghost, it's something that tends to just float with no intelligence, but a spirit does have intelligence. Now, the problem I have is, how can a spirit have intelligence, how can something formed from energy be able to move things, hide things, speak and move around slamming doors and moving furniture...
Ready for my latest suggestion? I now think they are some other life form that's not been identified as such yet. All the non believers are just that until they see something that can't be explained with science. We humans are the worlds worst when it comes to ignorance. Unless it is presented on a plate in front of us, it can't be real. It wasn't that long ago when we thought we where the centre of the universe and then the Galaxy and finally the solar system. Dinosaurs still don't exist in religion despite anyone can dig up dinosaur fossils. All through the ages, man can't do this or that until it's done and then it's accepted. I would love to see the world in 500 years in the future. We know dogs are quite good at picking up spirit energy and have been recorded doing odd things around spirit activity, we just haven't quite gone about it the right way. It doesn't help, with me definitely included in this, that when we hear or see something weird we always run in the opposite direction, so it's no wonder proper contact and intelligent conversations haven't taken place yet.
I just think the non believers are so stuck in their ways that it can't possibly be true that spirits are real. When shown footage recorded, it's fake they say. So the argument will never be won, well not in the near future.
Finally, why don't the peeps who don't believe go on several paranormal investigations of well known hotspots for spirit activity. I'm not on about normal folk like you and me, but scientists or famous broadcasters. I would love to have Professor Brian Cox go on these investigations. They can't all have zero hits all the time, so let them try and debunk what they hear or see. But they won't and why, because they don't exist or they can't exist and it's a waste of their time. Until that changes, there's always going to be sceptics.
Re my dads house Miss Ramsey, I'd love to sell and make a fresh start. Unfortunately neither me or my brother can pay the other off. I would sell, but he likes the idea of receiving rent on a monthly basis by getting someone into the house.

I spoke to my partner yesterday about what I wrote and after she read it, she remembered some other incidents that had happened in our current house which I had forgotten about. Nothing scary, but more things being moved and then replaced. One incident was a set of keys. She was just about to go to work and had put the keys down when she remembered something, came back and the keys had disappeared. I now recall it because I was still in bed and she was having a fit because she couldn't find the keys. I end up getting out of bed and start to look for these keys. I can't remember exactly where they were, but it was something like, spending ten minutes looking for these keys when I see them and they are right next to her bag she used for work. She asks, where did I find them, I tell her and she says that's impossible. She knows 100% she had checked there and she had actually moved everything off this chair and on more than one occasion to and there they were. It was something like that like I said. But the weird thing is, that doesn't scare me at all. The slipper incident was actually funny we thought. Weird...
DreamBird in Phantom Sedan
I'm familiar with that area and have done a few motorcycle rides there. Haven't heard of this phantom car but will check with some friends of mine that belong to some paranormal groups to see if they have. I will post if I hear anything interesting.

valkricry in This Is My Life!
Mrs.Ramsay, and Plaza,
Please be aware that there is no such thing as an 'expert' on the paranormal. It's unknown territory, and at best all anyone can truly say is, "this seems to hold true." There are also those who claim there are no ghosts or spirits only demons, and still another faction says it's none of the above, we're all just a fry short of a happy meal because they simply don't exist.
The differences between ghost and spirit are subtle. The largest is that ghosts are thought to be 'stuck' and anchored to a particular place or area. They have more of a negative connotation associated with them when in comparison to a spirit. But, ghosts are usually associated with someone who is angry, aggressive and has a lot of hurt and pent up frustration within. On a happier note; most ghosts are of the residual variety. Spirits though are in real time. They keep their once human personality aspect after passing (mischievous, mean, etc.) and generally are the ones who take great joy in messing with you. They become a member of the family whether you like it or not; unless you give them their walking papers.
An intelligent haunting involves spirits that interact and make their presence known in more ways than one. They are most often upset about something you have done. Time is of no matter to them,
And whether it's your family, or two families after yours, they're usually there for the long haul. And yes... It's not unusual to have both - ghosts and spirits - in one location.
Don't forget it isn't only a building but the land itself that might be haunted. (Hence the whole 'built over a burial ground' scenario so popular in ghost stories.)
If we accept these definitions as true, then I would say Plaza has dealt with spirits not ghosts.
FC_DUB in Phantom Sedan
Thanks for the replies and interest!

I looked it up and it was off 288 (Globe Young HWY) and happened before we passed through the community of Young, AZ. Can't remember the name of the campgrounds and side roads that were off that stretch of road, but looking at a map my best guess would be on the straight bit before Turkey Spring because it was pretty close to where things opened up again and went back to mainly desert.
That is a very well written experience; my basement is also haunted, but I have never seen an evil presence down in my basement. I always feel like I am being watched when I go downstairs in my basement.
MrsRamsay (guest) in This Is My Life!
Val, I appreciate your explanation of ghosts vs spirits, I had no idea. Count me as one who has not read much non-fiction about the paranormal. I'm pacing myself haha.

Plaza, your ernest account offers much to think about, and I appreciate your reply. Like you, I've had experiences. Most were initially because I've just lost a lot of people I love and over the years have connected dots about things that have happened. As I've become a real believer in the paranormal/supernatural (still not quite sure what to call it) in the last 5-6 years, I find myself continually noticing things (I live in a very historic and haunted location where much Civil War activity took place). Just last night, sitting at my daughter's high school soccer game, there was this mist that kept moving around the stadium... Yes, it had rained earlier, so there's a possible explanation for the mist, but it was the way in which it moved around that caught my eye. The stadium less than 1/4 mile from one of the bloodiest battles of the war... I took video and still photos (which I'm about to go analyze) but I can probably tell you right now that I'll see soldiers in the mist. Once you start to see, you can't really unsee. But I'm cautious. Which is part of the reason for my question. I think in death, like in life, we're less afraid if we know people's stories. And I do think ghosts are all about having their stories known. Thanks much for telling yours! And SELL your dad's house, start over and don't feel too bad. You deserve all good things.
Thanks for the comments. So if I have this right, everything that's happened to me must of been by spirits and not ghosts. I have never seen a ghost (thank god), but if that's the case then spirits are the ones that can move things, talk, walk, laugh & attack you, on top of going through one's body to cause the goosebumps or touching you, but also communicate with a medium. If all that is so, it must mean the are two types of spirits then. The good ones like Lisa and the not so nice ones like at my dads who grabbed my hair. I mean, why would a spirit pick on a child like I was back then. Why all the negativity at my dads, what could I have of done to upset this entity so much that it's resorted to violence and scared the crap out of me from before I could remember. That's just bad in my opinion.
I wouldn't mind, but it must be someone who is not family. I was maybe 13 when my grandad died who was the first relation to die and why only pick on me.
Like I replied, it definitely effected my life from a very young age. Without the attack, I might not of been as bad as I am, but who knows. There's a reason why I hated going to bed from even before I remember with the screaming mum said I did every night when it was bedtime.

I've been trying to think since I replied to Miss Ramsey, why wasn't I affected with Lisa. Was it due to her not being a dark entity or just the way the whole process happened. Even now at 1-10am I'm typing this out and I'm thinking back why didn't I get spooked when I was first spoken to and told to visit a spiritualist church. I know when I didn't get spoken to that first time I went, I did think it was my imagination, despite not knowing about a spiritualist church. But the instant I got outside the church after that first time, the voice did say go again, you have to go again. I can still recall it some 30 years later. But all that got turned on it's head when the second visit and the medium broke off her introduction to tell me about this girl who was bending the medium's ear. Then I knew the voice was real enough.
I'm still confused as to why I wasn't afraid. Then again, I had seen mum doing this SB and she never told me anything bad had happened to her. I'm sure it's all related some how. The thing at dads I was always aware I was being watched, so that's a dark feeling. Compared to getting all emotional when I read about Lisa dying at just 18 and I did genuinely feel so bad for her. But without a shadow of a doubt, if Lisa started moving things or giving off negative energy at some point which did cross my mind, kind of get me groomed in a way under her spell before bad things started, I would of instantly shut up shop. It's hard because I'm trying to remember if at any point at the beginning apart from what I mentioned, if I did at all get afraid at any point.
It all happened so casual though. I told mum about this poor girl, mum suggested I do the SB to try and make contact. When I did do it, I wrote, I thought that was journey's end. So I had no idea what came next and when I did hear this voice, I told mum and mum didn't freak out and say you should not be hearing voices, she told me the opposite and I should go to this church. After that I guess I didn't have to be afraid especially when I was told the second visit to the church. I never watched a medium start the way she did when she broke off her introduction to speak to it before she was ready to. I was told good things so again, maybe that settled me down some more.
Ok, I've done it again. Waffled on. Thanks again Val.
valkricry in This Is My Life!
Hi Plaza, in your comment you wondered if there's a difference between ghosts and spirits. Although we use the words interchangeably, there is a difference. Ghosts, according to Hans Holzer, professor of parapsychology and writer of 119 books on the subject, are similar to psychotic human beings, incapable of reasoning for themselves. They're tied to the location of their death, usually a sudden or tragic one, and they often don't realize that they are dead. In most cases, they have "unfinished business" as the deceased person does not accept the way in which they died.
Interestingly enough, unfinished business can be as innocent as a person being attached so strongly to their home that they cannot leave it behind and pass over. At the other end of the spectrum unfinished business can take the form of dark energy when a person's death is extremely violent and unexpected.

A spirit, however is thought to be a person's 'soul' that no longer has a body to reside in. They are free to move from one dimension to another and can return to us at free will. They're often referred to as an 'intelligent' haunting. Just like the living spirits can be good or bad.
I hope that helps some?
Hey Miss Ramsey
First of all, many thanks for taking the time to read and reply. In response to your comment, I've never thought of it like that before. Thinking back, the Lisa story was in between my dads house experiences and the laughing child at the pub, but I've never thought about why the spirit experience in full never scared me.
I had to laugh with your Sheetless of a ghost comment. I had actually wrote shiatless & shiat scared, but hopefully this reply doesn't change those words into the same words that you read above. Trust me, it wasn't me writing shiatless, I thought it was changed automatically to avoid using the (s h I t) word.
But getting back to your point. I guess it's a very valid point and I don't think I know the reason why. Maybe it's something to do with mum doing the SB from time to time in the past and I would walk in on her doing it, so maybe I didn't fear spirits as much. Or the way the whole Lisa think happened especially with me feeling so emotional about her story in the newspaper and it was still affecting me days later, so it was a different kind of experience. I know when I decided to do the SB myself, I had put it off so many times before I actually did it because I was genuinely scared stiff, but I knew I needed to do it. Everything after seemed just to fit into place. The random goosebumps so many times afterwards or this warm fuzzy feeling that kept happening. I also know some of it could of been caused naturally especially after the SB experience, but I also knew, it was happening way more times than could be natural and at times when I wasn't thinking of something like what I had done, but like eating my dinner talking about whatever. It was so random and why it's included. If I thought it could be something easily debunked trust me, it would not be included. I'm not here for any prize or notaries, I'm just sharing what happened which I can not debunk. I wish I could, I wish I could debunk the whole 9 yards. That way, I would not have to sell my dads house when he's no longer with us and I can move in and live rent free. But the fear of my dads house is something else. Maybe that can be debunked due to a child experiencing something so frightening that he's scarred for life and no matter what he's told, it's always going to be negative. Maybe if something negative happened at the start of the Lisa story it would of turned out totally different, I don't know because it happened the way it's written and at no point did I fear her apart from when she asked if I would like to experience something. I did say, I thought she was going to show herself and despite everything up to that point being nothing but good vibes, I was shiat scared that she was going to show herself because that's what I fear the most and still do at 54 years old.
The little girl laughing in the pub, would I handle it a bit better now, maybe but I'm not 100%. I would not know until that time came. But when I visit my special needs brother and sleep in mums bed, I still get spooked and have to turn the light on for the rest of the night and that's my own mum. It's just how I am wired, but I don't know why Lisa never freaked me out apart from that first SB session and thinking she was going to show herself and remember, that's after being in contact with her for 12 months. So there must be a difference between a ghost and a spirit, in my mind anyway. But like I keep saying, I am no expert, I have never read about or studied anything to do with the afterlife, the above is everything that's happened to me that I can not debunk.
Hearing a voice in my head, like I say, I thought I was going potty, a voice talking to me. I recall an answer on Quora saying I was a borderline schizophrenic hearing voices in my head. Thankfully, that voice didn't tell me to kill Joe Bloggs or my family like you read about in the news. No, this voice told me to visit a spiritualist church, so I was spared having to kill people... I should not joke about that sorry, people might actually have lost loved ones via a person like that, but I at least now understand why these people carry out these crimes and say they where told to by the voices. Jeepers, how did I get on to this subject.
I would love an explanation on how I was told so much information at my first contact with a medium. I've watched TV programmes about how they 'fish' for answers, but that wasn't the case with me, bang bang bang all on the money. I thought my mum must of phoned the church because that was the only way I thought she knew what she knew which is why my mate on the motorcycle knocked me for ten because mum didn't know about Martin because we still lived in the other town and we became friends after a Christmas party for kids at the club where did would drink sometimes. Imagine my horror when I asked someone for the phone number of the church a short time after getting that first lot of messages, when I was told they didn't have a phone. I've tried to debunk the lot and I can't. If I read about Lisa from someone else, I'd say it can't possibly be true, how can it be. The only reason I know it is, is because I experienced the lot myself, no one else. I thought, after that final thing with Lisa, firstly, what the hell was that and who in the right mind is going to believe that. Hence the silence for over 25yrs. But to then not only be told what it was, but to read it in a book which described it on the nose, that just blew my mind and that's the power of the internet, which we didn't have in the early 1990's. It's probably happened to thousands of people before and after my episode, I've just never looked into it, I've no need because I know what it felt like and would give almost anything to experience it again. I will stop at my life and / or soul though.

Now look what you made me do, waffle on like I do do. Hopefully somewhere in all that is the answer to your question. You might come back and say there's no difference between a ghost and a spirit. Unfortunately, for me, I have had entirely two unique experiences and they will always be different to me. If Lisa did show herself has a ghost, it would of had the exact same reaction as to my dads and the little girl and that would of been the end, no more conversation and probably moved out of mums to. Although Lisa might of followed me. Thankfully and hopefully she remembered or knew never to make a noise or move objects (on her own without me touching a glass) but more importantly, shiat the life out of me by being a ghost at any time during my time with her.

Reading the first paragraph on preview, it's seems you can't write sh it after all, it's been automatically changed to what you read in my story, but it wasn't me I promise ๐Ÿ˜•

MrsRamsay (guest) in An Unexpected Tug In The Night
To Manafon's comments, it's interesting that many of us who've had some kind of experience do not automatically freak out and flee. I think we've been conditioned by movies in our generation, to consider any kind of paranormal experience as "terrifying."

Not saying some experiences aren't terrifying, and I am cautious about things I don't understand. But sometimes, especially if the phenom experienced is related to someone we knew in life, it's way more intriguing than scary.
Hi Juan_Doooh,

I find your story quite relatable, and as others have mentioned here, it's very interesting that your father witnessed both incidents too!
From what I've experienced, and from what information I've read on the subjects of doppelgangers and time anomalies, it's not uncommon for people to experience other types of paranormal or unexplained phenomena throughout their lives. Perhaps both of your parents have precognitive abilities? Maybe you have inherited some of their gifts - have you considered that it may run in your family?

Keeping a personal journal might not be a bad idea; it can help you compare and validate any patterns you might see arise from these experiences you've had.

Good Luck!
MrsRamsay (guest) in This Is My Life!
Hi Plaza,
It's interesting to me that you are so afraid of ghosts, yet your experience with Lisa -- a ghost with a name -- is completely opposite of that.

Can you figure out why or have you pondered that before? I think if I was you, I'd be a lot less afraid of some footsteps or a ghost child laugh, and scared SHEETLESS of a ghost that could talk inside my head and get me to do things like lie down on a couch (and then proceed to affect my bodily sensations like a "drug"). I'd tell you to be careful, but as you say it's been years. Crazy stories, thanks for taking the time to share them.
MrsRamsay (guest) in Illinois Lake House Haunting
Wow,that's a pretty interesting date. Some people get lucky like that and some people just get a dinner at Applebees!:) Really great story.
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in This Is My Life!
Hello again Plaza, no worries on the word count, honestly, I feel your story needed to be told just the way you told it, length and all. It was very good. I get it, I can be rather lengthy in my stories and replies as well, in fact the story I had posted on this site I actually broke into 2 parts, you're welcome to read it if you want. You can find them by clicking on my name in this reply, which will take you to my profile. The House on North Street is the title and its in 2 parts.

As far as the slippers/glasses, it may not have been done by anyone you knew. You're right, the fact that it only happened those few times is a strange, usually it happens more often than that. However I have read accounts where it only happens a couple of times to people. The situation however is much the same, the articles taken are usually pretty important, like car keys just before someone needs to leave the house for something important or in your case the glasses which you especially needed to drive. Taking such valuable or needed items obviously is done to get the person's attention, but why? Possibly because it cannot be ignored. It is however very frustrating and irritating nonetheless. It is a mystery and it may never be solved but at least it only happened those few times, if it was a regular occurrence that would be a problem for sure!

Good to hear from you again my friend, take care and enjoy the site, there's a lot on here, a whole library of fascinating accounts!

From a sceptic's point of view (and I am a sceptic), your research was quite impressive. The origins of my scepticism lie in my training as a telecommunications technician, so I was surprised to read about this technical "hitch" in the field of smartphone photography. I've still got a few questions on the artifact showing up in the shadow but I'll do some research off line.

For me, looking at the "big picture" (pardon the pun), still tends to lead me in a different direction. As Jubeele has mentioned, this was my second visit to the Q Station and the second time that my "gut feelings" overrode all my logical arguments. In both instances, the source of my feelings of disquiet and sadness was the shower block interior.

The first time, I left the site feeling depressed, yet the recent visit put me in a more introspective mood, taking in the whole experience.

When we got home and downloaded the images, I laughed as somebody would when they see through a magician's trick. I have been in this mood before when I was sure somebody was looking after me.

Anyway, that's my take on our day out - good food, ripper views and a pleasant surprise ending.

Oh yeah, one bit of advice for fellow sceptics - "If your gut tells you there's something wrong, there probably is".

Take Care & Stay Safe
Thanks Dream Bird for your praise, it's appreciated.

Same to you Lost Voyage. In response to why I hear nothing now, I had never thought about they have all past over. I don't know why I didn't think about this but it makes perfect sense and certainly fits in with why I don't sense anything any longer. Lisa absolutely, she is probably the reason why I'm still here alive. The fact I've been with my current partner over 20 years does fit why Lisa may of past over. Thinking back, I don't think there was anything else we could of done. We did the communication, she give me the messages, we moved on from having to attend a church and maybe that was her gift to me towards the end with that experience we shared which even right this moment makes me well up with emotion due to what we shared and how powerful it was. I know it was special but back then I didn't want to share that experience with anyone because I didn't think anyone would either believe me or think I was losing the plot. It was only 25 years later when I shared it eventually that others had said they to had experienced the same thing. I knew then it would be accepted and I would not be thought of as some crackpot with a screw loose.
The same thing when I lost mum in 2012. I have never felt her part from the very start when she died. But that makes more sense because I did promise her that if anything happened to her, I would step up and make sure John my half brother with special needs who mum looked after, would be ok and I still do that to this day, along with my younger brother who I spoke about in my original post. So mum would absolutely know I kept my promise and she crossed over. The same with my Gran who was my rock, I have never felt her. She so wanted not to be here though at the end and I could see it. Covid19 took Gran right at the start of the pandemic and at long last she would be reunited with her first love who she lost some 26 years ago.

Re the slippers and glasses. Having watched sixth sense so many times, I knew spirits could take things. The thing that gets me is, apart from the slipper and then the glasses there's been nothing at all in 18 years of living here. This is the only thing I have a problem with. Why just those two incidents and when the glasses went missing, I actually called out and explained why I needed those glasses. I was about to make the 4 hr drive to spend some time with John and I needed the glasses to drive. So I knew it wasn't mum and despite asking for their return, they didn't show up and I had to drive with no glasses which was not great. When wifey found them either the next day or two days later I can't recall which, I knew they'd been taken but by who. I never did find out or have a clue who it was. Unless of course they did somehow fly across the room and land under a radiator by accident, but that's why I don't really count the glasses the same has the slipper because there's a very small percentage that I could of flicked them when I went to put my jumper on, despite it being almost impossible to replicate.
There may be other times things have disappeared, but me and wifey are just so stupid we don't realise something is missing. That could account for it.
I have now read some of the other stories on this site and yes, I think I may of overdone it with the word count... But seriously, like I explained, I just told it exactly how it was, nothing exaggerated and I'm not after anything in return, so I have zero reasons to make it stand out or better than it was. Trust me, I don't go around posting any thing everywhere. I do reply in detail sometimes in answering a post on Quora for instance. I have led a varied life with gambling, poker playing and a 41 year slot machine addiction which I thankfully kicked 3 years next month, so I give my feedback on those subjects and Crypto is now part of my life, on top of my disability that I suffered while having a routine back op in 2009 that left me living in Chronic Back Pain ever since. Also my upbringing and relationships plus of course various sections of my original post but never all together. Finally, it's through a lot of dedication from my partner who's helped me with my reading and writing. I missed a lot of school growing up with no cash for bus fares to send me to school and it's been a long slog to get it where it is today. I know it's not perfect, but from where it was to now, like I said, it's a million miles different. Helped of course with auto spell & correct. So given I have a lot of time every single day, I can get carried away once I start, just like this reply... But thanks you again for your very kind words. I have never been complemented on my writing, ever. Which is why I thank each reply I get.
Thanks for the warm welcome to, I don't have friends these days due to the Chronic Pain and always being heavily medicated. But it seems I might like it here and with a good set of people. Yes, it does help that we know of the other side and so we will find it easier to get on together. I am very open and honest and if I think something that I've experienced can be debunked, I will suggest just that, but also open to hear from others who are way more experienced and braver than I will ever be...

The_Lost_Voyage_11 in This Is My Life!
Hello Plaza, great story, very detailed and rather captivating. I have to say, I've been reading stories on here for some time and that is the longest recount I have ever come across.

You have a gift, those that have passed on know it, and they will reach out when they can. You somehow connected to this Lisa, in merely reading that article about her and she knew you could sense her. Leaving life the way she did, she probably had unfinished business. I would venture a guess that the reason you can't communicate with her now as that somewhere along the way she completely crossed over to the other side and went back 'home' so to speak. I too have has experiences like this, but much lighter than yours and not everyone it's occurred with is dead, some are very much alive. It could be because of the connection you established that Lisa was able to move on eventually.

I know you've tried to debunk the slipper and glasses incidents, and you were very thorough, even in stretching the realm of reality behind these incidents. However I say quite simply, a ghost/spirit moved and hid them. You stated that you really haven't read anything on this site, but if you did, you would find this is a common occurrence, in the paranormal realm that is. In many cases, all a person has to do is ask the offending ghost to return the item and it reappears later in either the same spot it disappeared from or in another that's just been searched or is in plain site. I think ghosts do this to get our attention, to say "Hey I'm here, pay attention to me".

You've shared some intriguing accounts, and told in a very matter of fact way, it's quite refreshing. There is nothing in your experiences that leads me to question their validity.

I appreciate you sharing with this community, you have friends here. It's easier to share with people who have had bizarre incidents in their lives and yet cannot explain them. For many we have more open minds, but still with a healthy dose of skepticism. Take care and good luck!
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in Frightening Experience At Night
Hello SashaLA, interesting story, thanks for sharing. From what I'm understanding from your encounter, you felt as if someone was actually physically restraining you and you were able to move and struggle against your 'captor'

If it was a case of sleep paralysis, you wouldn't have been able to move at all. You would have been wide awake, and your mind would have been active, and although you will your body to move, it doesn't. People in those situations, strain a good deal to even move a finger, though usually when they do, it breaks the paralysis and the 'entity' disappears. Also the mind is usually not blocked from any thoughts or prayers in most cases of sleep paralysis, the person is just usually so frightened, they don't think to pray for help for a bit, when they do, it again usually breaks the episode.

I would guess from your additional experience with the footsteps and unless I misunderstood the struggle with the entity/shadow, you had a 'visitor' with some questionable intentions.

You may try some additional prayers/blessings and protective measures according to your beliefs to ensure you don't have any repeat occurrences and are able to get a good nights sleep as well! Good Luck!
Hi Rajine, thanks for reading my story. I really do hope they are together and at peace. He had a pretty tragic life all around. He was the first person I know that was taken off his reservation and placed in an Indian boarding school. There was a sad ending to what seem like a very sad life. I really do hope he has found peace.

Hi Manafon1, thanks for your comments on my story. That is a very interesting theory regarding unconscious telepathic interaction. Maybe that's why I didn't going screaming out of the room. I was most likely drained. ๐Ÿ˜Š

Hi DreamBird

It's quite a tragic story and maybe they are together again on the other side, what you experienced would have sent me running right out of there.
Hi DreamBird--Welcome to YGS! I found your account compelling. I was particularly interested in how you acknowledged the presence and fell back asleep instead of running in terror from the room. I had a very intense interaction with what I believe to have been the spirit of my mother and afterward fell into the most restful sleep I've had in years. One theory suggests that an unconscious telepathic interaction with a spirit can drain a person of energy. It seems possible that's what happened in your case. I believe this telepathic link is also what sometimes keeps a person's consciousness otherwise engaged so that they don't panic while the incident is unfolding.

Thanks for sharing your story--so sorry that your ex-boyfriend died in a motorcycle accident. Hopefully, as you suggest, he has been reunited with his wife.
BitterSweet78801 in My Sister's "lookalike"
Wow, my sister had a similar experience too. I wrote about it called "my twin". My sister swore up and down that she saw someone walk in from the back door, straight into the restroom. The "thing" was motionless, and not interacting with her either. She followed "it" into the restroom. She said it looked just like me.

Thanks for sharing your story. Hoping to never go through that ever again.
DreamBird in This Is My Life!
Thanks for sharing your story. I couldn't stop reading it. It was very very good!

[at] lady-glow the room was definitely a different vibe than during the sรฉance. Also we grew up in quite a haunted city so we actually knew how to hold a sรฉance, it didn't feel like it was the same spirit, because the one during the sรฉance had a more positive-neutral energy, while the one in the room had a darker energy. And yes, we are sure the red marks were left by the touch, not bugs, we used a repellant spray and it was about the size of Hand lol. We don't have any insects that would leave such big marks
It's been about four years since that happened I think?
Also as for the needing help I just clicked wrong by accident lol, however my friend and I do see shadow figures regularly but that is probably because of the area we live in, we've seen everything from ancient Roman soldier's ghosts to the legend of the devil throwing a brick from the church (Because there is a pretty big red brick from the church lying about 300 meters away and no one dares to touch it).
Thank you for your comment by the way!
DreamBird in Phantom Sedan
I live in Arizona. I'd be curious to know where you were when this happened. Thanks for sharing your story.

Hello, Jubeele.

That sounds like a fascinating mix of energies for one location! But as I'm no expert on such things by any means, I'll leave it at that. I will, however, offer a thought on your image. It is striking, and definitely seems odd. I did a little googling on the technical side of thigs, and I came across an interesting article that was written about similar artifacts people had in their pictures of the highly-visible eclipse back in 2017, which were explained as lens flare.


Yes, this article focuses on a different phone brand than the one you have. I also read in my googling that iphones can have some issues with ghosting, which is a different artifact-causing camera malfunction that is not relevant to your image, but may be the cause of some of the extra spots in the pictures in the article. However, I still find several of the artifacts in the pictures in the article to be strikingly similar to the one you captured, in some cases right down to the electric blue color. With all due respect to the rest of your experience, I think (I'm not an expert, so I make no claim stronger than that) the image you captured could quite possibly be explained as a nifty case of lens flare.
Also I'm interested [at] lady_glow to know why of all things a toothbrush is good protection against supernatural entities? What is the symbolism behind it, I've read the story on the link you provided but I couldn't find anything.
Hi whyismynametrash

That's quite a name lol.
But on a serious note why would you and your friends perform a seance when your'll "felt something was off in the place", that's just asking for unwanted trouble, sometimes it's good to just leave well enough alone.
Whatever it was probably is a resident entity or it just didn't go away once your'll finished your seance session, if I were you I'd research the history of the place or would have spoken to someone who knows about it.
Rajine in Phantom Sedan

This is a interesting incident that you experienced and it would be great if any of the commentors could shed some light on this particular part of highway, I'm hoping that someone knows the place you talking about, it just has me asking more questions.
Welcome to YGS.

According to one story published on this site some time ago, throwing a toothbrush at it is a very effective form of protection against supernatural entities.

Since you and your friend "tend to pick up on energies at lot more than most people", what kind of vibe did you pick in the room? Did it make you feel the same way as during the seance?
Are you sure that the touches and the red marks were not made by bugs?

In my opinion, IF there was something attached to the place, it possibly was doing it's regular routine in the room, or, perhaps, the seance opened a door to something and now it is haunting anyone else staying in the room.

One should think about the consequences of our actions and act responsibly.

How long has it been since this happened? Why do you need help? Have the red eyes and shadow followed you or your friends?

I hope you have overcome the trauma of that night.

Here's the link to the story I mentioned above:


Thanks for sharing.
Hi Lost Voyage

Interesting to learn that prayers for protection are associated with Archangel Michael. For my part, I feel blessed to have attracted good spirits and positive energies. I've had my share of spooky moments in the past, but I find the atrocities that humans can inflict on each other far more horrific.

A medium friend said that she senses a lot of energy around me, but they are mostly loving presences of family who have passed, checking in on us in a fleeting visiting. I try to acknowledge the spirits if I sense them. Just a polite "hello", "goodnight", "please behave", or "play nice".

You've been seeing blue orbs too? That's fascinating. I hope you will be able to share that with us in more detail someday. Thanks for coming by and I'm glad you enjoyed my account.
Thank you Giffy.
To be honest, I have not read anything on here and this was the first time I have shared my entire life of the unexplained shall we say. So I didn't know if it was long, short or boringly long. I just put it all together and I was surprised at the end when I looked at the word count. It's definitely the longest thing I've wrote about.
I had to put myself and my voice into it so you get how much I was shiat scared and I still am of my dads house but why I was so afraid. I literally told it exactly how it was with nothing exaggerated or played up and even my end comments are true about me still trying to debunk any of it. But I know, a non believer will still not be swayed because it wasn't them. That's why the incident with the little girl stands out so much. I could of been my dad and he'd never be able to debunk what he heard if it was him. But I can only put so much info into how long I spent in that pub beforehand, where when read it reads like I'd only been upstairs a few times.
I did leave something out which once I knew about the little girl, made my skin crawl. But I've actually slept in Dots bed when she and her husband where away on holiday. Let's just say, I wasn't on my own for half of that night and if that little girl was watching, well who knows, maybe that's why she was laughing... I'm sure you can work it out and that was the first time after that I had been on my own. Who knows, I know I don't, but it freaked me out enough to quit that same day and end the 3 year relationship with my girlfriend. Again, who knows, maybe that's why she laughed, knowing I'd not return and would cause me and my girlfriend to split up. After all, it wasn't the girlfriend who I shared Dots bed with for half the night. Maybe it's her way of payback despite being a little girl!

That's how I write, I just think things while I reminisce and put it down while I recall before I forget and maybe lost forever.

Again, thanks for your kind word, it's appreciated.

Thanks Lady-glow,

I would like to think it was sleep paralysis... Have read about it, but have a feeling there's more to it.

Don't know of any events as such, we had heard stories of people dying, workers basically, when the place was being built... Its an apartment complex... So don't know how much to make of that...

No one from the family passed away, at least not that I know of until now. Have asked my family...

Regarding the peeping tom-:) well, opposite my window is an open, marshy piece of land... And my place is on the mezzanine floor, the windows are quite high, so the chances of someone peeping is ruled out...

We do actually bless our house every year... But in spite of that we have events happening from time to time...
Hi Rajine,

I have had different kinds of experiences in the past, but something to this effect, was the first time.

And yes, I did tell my family about this. My brother stays there and he says he has experienced someone or something jumping on the bed from time to time... And he feels a presence sometimes... My mother has experienced as if someone sitting on her chest and choking her, and when she's woken up after the ordeal has been over, she would have marks on her body or pain in the throat for several days...
If I were to guess I'd say that it could be a passing entity, since you say that this was the first time you experienced this. This was back in the days when she used to live in that house of ours. She doesn't stay there now.
Dear Plaza,

I really enjoyed this whirlwind supernatural memoir. You put so much of yourself and your voice into this account. It's definitely the longest I've read on this site and the first that prompted me to comment, just to say how much I appreciated it.
Welcome to YGS SashaLA,

I agree with lady-glow in that sleep paralysis can be a threshold to the spirit realm. While I have not experienced something like that myself, I have read about those situations.

It might be interesting to look into the history of the house too.

Thanks for sharing.
Thanks to you both for your replies. To be honest, I did not know what I experienced throughout my life was normal or not. Some peeps have experiences but pre internet so you never really knew about what others had seen or heard.
That experience I had with Lisa, I kept totally silent for 25 years How do you begin to tell someone what happened like that. The same with pretty much all of what happened. You just didn't share it back then for fear of being looked at like some loony.

The pub function room is the one that stands out. I could of been anyone, even my dad, who doesn't believe in anything. How can you not believe after hearing what I heard even as non believers. They do say, you need to have an experience yourself to be converted. It's funny, I drove past the pub not so long back after visiting family. It's now private flats and I was tempted to knock on some doors and ask about the laughing. But who knows, Dot & Pete are no longer with us and I wouldn't be surprised if they are some how connected with the converted pub. The pub Dot had where I first met them, she lost her husband and he'd been seen after he died. Someone would talk to this guy on a stool, turn round and they'd be gone. Thankfully, I have never seen a ghost, or not knowingly seen one.

That sensitivity to the other side is definitely a lot less than it was. Like I explained, it's been years since I think I felt something or heard any communication.

Thanks again, it's appreciated.

Stay Safe y'all
Hello! I have been out there a few times, but the incident in 2010 was my only encounter. I feel like some occurrences are more common than others.
GingerRead in He Turned Into Light
Sad but true. I don't think I can tell you how many accidents I've seen outside my window. Especially in winter! People drive too way too fast.
Hi Plaza

I feel that you are sensitive to supernatural entities that is why you always experience them, from your long narrative it just proves it, I have to agree with [at] Kindly_refrain it definitely makes for an interesting read.
Hi GingerRead

I find it very a sad story regarding the guy who lost his life and you are right, he won't be able to move on and find peace.
Hi SashaLA

If I were to guess I'd say that it could be a passing entity, since you say that this was the first time you experienced this.

But I also feel that you should speak to your family members and find out if they experienced anything similar.
Kindly_refrain in This Is My Life!
Plaza, that is the longest story I believe I have read on this website but it was thoroughly engrossing.

Many of your experiences are of types I have never heard of.

The only thing I have experienced that is similar to any of your occurrences is "the missing item that turns up later" event.

Thanks for writing it all down, much appreciated.
Hi Zander, that certainly was an odd credit course, as others have mentioned, but interesting nonetheless.

I was witness to and somewhat of a participant in a table tipping session a few years ago. If you are interested you can read my story on this site at the link below. There are also two follow up stories if you go to my stories.
Kindly_refrain in Port Perry's Ghost Road
Hello GingerRead, I sometimes drive through Port Perry when I am avoiding the 400 series highways as I head to my son's house in eastern Ontario, from the London area.

I will have to go to The Jester's Court next time I am there.

Where is the infamous road and what is the best time (I assume after dark) and location on the road to look for the phenomenon?

Have you been there on other occasions with no appearance of the light or is it a regular occurrence for those who wait?
I'd rather be in that class than trying to understand calculus. Seriously dude, were you attending Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry? ๐Ÿ˜œ ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ข
Welcome to YGS.

It's possible that what you experienced was only an episode of sleep paralysis, although it is believed that, in some cases, this can be a threshold to the spirit realm.

Are you aware if any violent event has happened close to the house? Do you know if a family member or friend passed away around that day?
Perhaps someone was trying to get your attention and didn't know of a better way to do it.

As for the steps by the window... I hope it wasn't a peeping Tom trying his luck at watching you that night.

Perhaps you could try blessing your home to prevent any similar events in the future.

Thanks for sharing.
He went from heedlessly to headlessly in the blink of an eye...

I used to watch Creepy Canada, it was a great show.

Thanks for sharing.

Are you talking about the same "gifted students" like in the following article?:


Which defines gifted students like "children or youth, means students, children or youth who give evidence of high achievement capability in areas such as intellectual, creative, artistic, or leadership capacity, or in specific academic fields, and who need services or activities not ordinarily provided by the school in order to fully develop those capabilities." (Marland, 1971)

There's no mention of any kind of sensitivity or paranormal abilities (gifts?)

No offense intended but, I find it odd that any school would include "the psychic sciences!" within their program... Lucky you for attending a school that would teach something that usually would be considered as charlatanerie.

Thanks for sharing.
Nobody's "imagination" works like that, not even children's. Where the hell does the idea that it does come from?

Rather it'd have to be a hallucination, but it'd be weird to only hallucinate once.
I'm more curious about how and why was this in middle school curriculum, especially in seventies america.
Hello Juan_Doooh, thanks for sharing your story. This could be as aforementioned a doppelganger, there's several theories regarding what these are and why they exist.

It's possible what was experienced was some sort of time slip. Since your parents say that you had notified them a half hour earlier that you were home, it seems as if what they experienced was what was about to happen. The second instance involving you again going outside yet with the white uniform is an interesting twist. Have you ever worn anything similar since this sighting? You said you hadn't prior to the incident. I ask because perhaps your father saw some form of the future like it seems he had the first time, only perhaps farther ahead.

There's documentation on people who can see events that have happened as well as those that haven't happened yet. I think many times when people have experienced incidents on civil war battlefields of actual conflicts, they're not seeing ghosts per say, but 'seeing' into the past.

It is curious your parents were the only ones to see this phenomenon and your dad in particular. I'd be more curious as to what he had encountered spiritually. You had mentioned he had some sort of spiritual warfare, perhaps what he saw was a direct result of that, someone imitating you.

In either case perhaps this will offer more perspective and it is a fascinating story! Good luck!
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in Lunch At The Quarantine Station
Hello Jubeele, what a fascinating encounter and it sounds like an overall pleasant experience coming out of quarantine.

Your experience with the blue orb reminds me of things I've seen in my peripheral vision including the corner of my eye lately. What I've found and resonate with is that its the color and representation of the Archangel Michael. This is the angel that can be called upon (among many of his talents/gifts) to help others not in body cross over to the other side. Since you had invoked prayers of protection (something else he is well known for) and prayers for those left behind at the site, this seems to fit right in. When I've glimpsed it, I've always gotten a rather peaceful and relaxing feeling. This seems to dovetail with the feelings you had prior to arriving at the site as well as during most of your visit.

Most of what I've come across indicates that the angels and spirit guides as well as many others are constantly on alert, trying to help the spirits of people who have passed on but linger on this earth plane, come back home so to speak. They never give up, kind of a spiritual version of the 'no person left behind' slogan we hear in various disciplines including the military. We as humans help in that area a lot as well when we offer up those prayers in areas such as what you visited or for people who are passing or have just passed, so it's like a two pronged approach and one I think gets a lot more people back home rather than stay behind and suffer alone.

Anyways good read!
Agree with Rajine--interesting but creepy! It does sound like something was able to utilize the unclosed board as an entry point of some sort.

I am also very impressed that your daughter dispatched the rat with a softball bat! She could have a bright future in the BPRD if we really had an organization like that...
Agree with Rajine--interesting but creepy! It does sound like something was able to utilize the unclosed board as an entry point of some sort.

I am also very impressed that your daughter dispatched the rat with a softball bat! She could have a bright future in the BPRD if we had one...
Greetings, Juan_Doooh, and welcome to YGS.

I'm quite concerned by your concluding paragraph. When you state that you "have shut myself off from those gifts years ago," do you mean that you took specific steps to "block" those gifts, or that you simply stopped using them? If the former, then spiritual blocks do need to be refreshed from time to time; if the latter, you've not done anything other than ignore the ability; the ability itself has not gone anywhere.

My initial reaction to your question is that I *don't* believe that you've "brought something back" with you from your astral journeys. You would have had far more direct interaction with such a phenomenon than your dad witnessing something on two occasions. It is entirely possible, however, that the abilities that you believe to have been shut off are still active on a subconscious level and are capable of attracting new attention (This is why I asked about what you did to shut down this aspect of your spiritual identity).

It's not entirely out of the realm of possibility that what your father saw, in each case, was something to do with *his* abilities/experiences in spiritual matters; bear in mind that he is the only one who witnessed both manifestations.

InTheNight in The Number Three
Seeing things just before you fall asleep and as you're waking was some kind of a dream thing, but I can't remember the name.
InTheNight in Maybe I Should Run
How have the things been going in between? Is H. Still there?
InTheNight in Ghost Head
I'm not remembering right now how exactly Fahreneits figure into Celsiuses, but thinking that something in that range in winter is especially cold sounds really insane.
About the 'swastikas' - the Nazi party placed it on their flag in 1920, but for about 5000 years before that it was a Sanskrit symbol (svastika) meaning good fortune, or 'conducive to well being'. It's also been featured in Byzantine and Christian art, and is still a sacred symbol in Hinduism, Buddhism, and other Asian religious traditions.
Along with crowns, fleur de lis, interlocking circles, swastikas were used in decorative tiles in many, many buildings. So finding them on a fireplace, doesn't strike me as that odd, and is a useful tool in dating it. Any idea as to when the house was built?
Bibliothecarius in The Rocking Swing
Greetings, LuckySOB, and welcome back.

The original submission you mentioned was titled "The Thing By My Shed." Here's the link for anyone interested:

While it is possible that random breezes could be responsible for *starting* the swing moving, they definitely wouldn't account for the fact that the swing abruptly stopped. Did your elderly neighbor sit in the swing when visiting you, or is this piece of furniture a more recent acquisition? As the repetition of the event was several months after the first experience, I'd suggest that it is not merely a transient spirit "that was just passing through" but something/someone with a vested interest in you or in your property.

Hi, Sis! ๐Ÿ˜ Glad you and Rex are doing better.

Being able to get out and about is a good thing, especially in this still stressful time.

So I read up on your camera, and also followed the link to orb colors you shared and fascinating stuff. So could be a camera glitch, could be a spirit guide, or could be congestion in the throat chakra. ๐Ÿค”

It would be very interesting to go back just to take some photos. I'm sure there's something there, but what I don't know.
I'm glad you enjoyed the account, lady-glow. Maybe Rex and I might even go on a ghost tour at the Q Station. Someday. Maybe. Some places can be overwhelming though.

The man at the Visitors' Centre told us that just the night before, a woman had to be taken back there in the middle of the ghost tour. She was in hysterics, saying that someone or something touched her in the Showers. He was on duty then and got her a bottle of water; it took her a while to calm down. I think that those who are sensitive to the spirits should take care to prepare themselves, or avoid going to such places.

That blue orb is really curious. I was fascinated to learn that there were meanings behind the different colours of orbs. Not sure if it's some trick of the light, or that I actually captured something otherworldly, but it's still nice to think that a spirit guardian was with us. ๐Ÿ˜‡

Hi RCRuskin

Hey Brother Brat. ๐Ÿ˜œ I think you would have enjoyed the meal, as well as the view overlooking North Harbour. Rex and I felt as if someone had given us a loving hug and made sure things went our way. After months of fear and sadness, it was a welcome respite to have a nice lunch and enjoy the sunshine. Maybe we even had an extra dining companion or two at the table with us.

It is a blessing to have a positive experience during these times. When we had our own isolation period, it was a relief to be able to remain at home. My heart goes out to the thousands in the past, those who had endured terrible conditions at the Quarantine Station. May they now be at peace.

That photo was odd. Odder still how we never noticed that blue orb at the time. Is it a spiritual phenomenon, or a technical glitch? I took it using my smartphone, Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime.

Lenses: 1 (13 MP) Wide (main) lens - 13 MP - Aperture: f/1.9 - Focal length: 28 mm - Sensor: 1/3.06", Sony IMX258 (CMOS) - Phase autofocus.
Aspect ratio: 16:9. Size: 5 inches. Resolution: 720 x 1280 pixels.
Hi Rajine

It is comforting to think that spirit guardians could have been around us that day. Just as there are good and unpleasant people, the same might apply in the spirit world after death. I was brought up in the Taoist belief that the Universe requires the balance of yin-yang forces; good and evil, Light and Dark. One could not exist without the other.

Thank you for reading my account.
[at] Zander

Are you seriously denying the holocaust right now?!
Hi Zander, I actually juuust sent the pictures from the swastika/iron cross tiles around the fireplace in an email. So they might be uploaded in the next few days! I know the symbol is ancient and means a lot of other things, however after asking the landlord about it, she confirmed that the original owners of the house were Nazi enthusiasts ๐Ÿ˜ฏ I was pretty disturbed by it!
I hope you get to see the pictures! And thanks for liking my creepy experience!
Bibliothecarius in Gettysburg Ghost Experience
Greetings, Lenape_Woman68, and welcome to YGS.

Did you keep the hand-carved pipe you found in your car as a memento? Such phenomena are particularly unusual, especially as the voice you heard was telling you to leave in what seems to have been an unfriendly manner. I wonder if your reaction caused the entity some regret, hence the 'gift' left in your car.

So a followup. I showed your photos to a director of photography I know, the guys who light movie and TV sets, select the lenses for the cameras and other things to get the shots the director wants. He is very curious about the lens on your camera.
But i'd say it's pretty obvious it comes from the attic. You should always seal it immediately after accessing it. This may sound like a reach, but maybe try to make a salt circle in the attic around the hatch. Salt works on almost everything in the myths, at least keeping them from going over the salt. Maybe you should also have the attic examined, just in case you'll find something significant or disturbing that could be connected to it.
The first partition scared the shiat out of me, because I thought it was about our house, the description was very similiar except for the fact that our attic hatch isn't in anybody's room, but at the end of the stairs next to our doors.

Afterwards I also realized this couldn't have been written by my brother because he was seven in 2016, and we only start learning basic english at age seven in school.

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