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Bibliothecarius in The Last Assignment
Greetings, all (again!).

I just posted in discerninguser's "Narrow Escape From A Malevolent Entity In Rural Kerala" ( moments ago.

For those like LisaD77 who believe "I have heard this story somewhere else before," perhaps you read it on Reddit's r/nosleep "The Cab Driver" ( 9 years ago when it was published there with different names but very similar times, distances, events, etc.? The same story is on wattpad, also (

An increasingly disappointed Biblio.
I'm very grateful my story was published and even after "editing" it myself several times I still look at it and think of how many corrections I could have made to make it sound more fluent and comprehensive. Anyways, this was my first story and I only I have a few more.

Rajine, I kind of learned my lesson. Long story short, the few more stories I have, and will share, kind of tie into this but occur a few years later. To be continued...
aussiedaz in Physical Duality?
Hello The_Lost_Voyage

You have offered some great insight, my friend. Firstly, I'm not sure how it exactly works over there. Still, my own intuition and research tell me there may be specific rules around any paranormal activity where you can validate it beyond an ounce of skepticism for obvious reasons. Especially from their perspective ex: We enter in with amnesia for a reason. Knowing the whole truth defeats the purpose of being here, or something like that, it's why I was a little annoyed with myself for not pushing the account further, to see what came next?.lol

I feel you may be correct when you say she waited for me to turn around perhaps "just the playfulness of it" was the whole big deal... Were we pushing those rules?

Yes, my wife and I have shared a few accounts together and I'm sure I posted them here several years ago. Without finding them... There was this one night, I walked into the room (three times through the account) over several minutes where she was sleeping with my youngest son who couldn't sleep well as a child.

From memory, she'd remembered sensing me in the room on the three separate accounts, albeit she couldn't see me. On the last visit, I saw her facing toward the wall, with my son between her and the wall., she validated this part the next day, and she said: I turned toward the wall because I was frightened, thinking it was a ghost. Interesting from my point of view, I had no idea I had frightened her.

Great to hear from you. You have left me with some food for thought old mate. Btw,

I have commented on your last story, let me know what you think and if it makes any sense.

Regards Daz
Rajine in Possible Demon
Hi amon

Hopefully I hope you learned your lesson, when you play with fire you will get burned.
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in Physical Duality?
Hello aussiedaz, what a fascinating encounter, thanks for sharing it.

My thoughts on this: There are all kinds of theories of course of what dreams are. I believe they fall somewhere between the process of our minds downloading and storing information from the day in memories and also what we see as we astral travel while we sleep. Somewhere in this mix is what we get as dreams.

My understanding is that while we sleep, and we astral travel, we aren't really in control of where the soul wishes to roam. The unlimited realms our souls visit and the wonders it sees are far beyond what our physical minds can process so we simply are incapable of remembering it all, just slivers of things that relate to our lives or are important.

Now that said, when we actually attempt OBE's and initiate them, it's a bit different. We direct where we travel and most stick to this plane, which our mind can comprehend and of course we remember more. Certain protections are put in place, etc and more advanced souls travel beyond this plane of existence, but don't wander too far from home if you catch my drift.

The instance where you traveled around your home and clearly remember it, I'm not sure if that was a sleeping astral travel or something you initiated? Either way you have a very open mind and can see beyond the veil of 'reality' Which makes conversations with you very fascinating and fun! Your mind seems to comprehend so much more than the average person, so it doesn't surprise me that you could remember so much even if you were sleeping.

We know ghosts and the spirits of loved ones (as you have experienced yourself) can appear at any age they want or even healthy if they were very sick when they passed as in other cases. When we leave our body, even if briefly, I have no doubt that can be something anyone can do with conscious control, it certainly would make a fascinating experiment.

My feeling or intuition my friend is what you experienced, was done on purpose. I mean you rolled over at that moment and her soul/spirit was already facing you as if waiting for you in a position she doesn't usually sleep in. Most people leave their bodies and may float on the ceiling or take off altogether, but she stayed anchored close to the body, most unusual! That and she altered her appearance, not dramatically but enough you would take notice! I think somehow her soul/spirit anticipated your rolling over and kind of surprised you. It almost seems to me to be playful.

You have been together a long time and I'm sure you've shared many of your accounts with her, so she 'knew' what to do here.

Hopefully I'm making sense here, but that is my feeling on it, what I picked up on! Always good to hear from you!
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in Stranger In The Campsite
Hello DreamBird, great story, thanks for sharing!

You bring up a good point and one I've pondered many times myself. How many times even on busy streets or in stores with other flesh and blood people have we actually seen spirits not of our world, but unable to recognize it because they look so real? I mean it doesn't always end up being an abandoned house or dark field that ghosts materialize in, some lonely solitary place!

It certainly would make many people reevaluate their statement "I've never seen a ghost before" if this were the case!

Definitely look forward to hearing more of your experiences!
TravisCannabis in The Last Assignment
[at] discerninglooser & karan

Chill out dudes, no need to go nuclear. Or what, are u pmsing? πŸ˜† πŸ˜†
PoliexterLy in The Last Assignment
Hey Karan, is that a promise that you won't visit this website again? If so, good riddance πŸ˜‚
I need to talk to you about this please I'm seeing this same girl in my dream
valkricry in The Last Assignment
Whoa, you certainly make quick judgments for someone who literally joined today (12/8). Yeah... So right about now, you're asking where your comments went. I deleted them. For the most part they were childish, obvious attempts at causing trouble. They contributed nothing to the discussion. I will continue to delete your comments that are made in this vein. I suggest you read the comments guidelines because you go about 60 feet over the line with many of your comments.
That being said, LisaD77, I also deleted your last comment. I understand the reaction, but don't stoop to their level. Ok? Besides it made no sense after I deleted his remark.
Ok, kiddies, let's play nice!
OH...MY...GOSH... REALLY?!?!?

Hoy do you know when Donut is back?

1) OP throws a tantrum.
2) Trollib comes to their aid.
3) OP disappears.
4) New troll/s open account/s only to defend the OP's honour.

How many times have we gone through this story?
Great Story! I really liked your style of narration and the story gave me goosebumps.
Great Story! I really liked your style of narration and the story gave me goosebumps.
aussiedaz in Physical Duality?
Hello Rajine, I have been in a state of which Edgar Cayce refers to; as a state of "superconsciousness" that started from a dream.

Basically, the state is as physical as our earthly state, is this what you are referring to?

It's like a lucid dream on steroids the experience is crazy.

I have also walked around my home and interacted with my wife in an OBE state. I'm sure I wrote about it in one of my other stories. I do theorize some folk can remember their dream state better than others, not because they are's probably more to do with the amount of spiritual energy we enter in with, most likely by design.

Some folk don't remember squat.

Regards daz
Hi Manafon1

I suppose that whatever was in the house found peace and was able to move on once you'll discovered the old clothes. It sort of released what couldn't move on.
Hi again aussiedaz

That theory sums it up very neatly, I think perhaps you got your wife mid dreamπŸ€”?

Personally I 99% of the time have really amazing dreams, so much so that I wish I could live in my dream state πŸ˜… rather than wake up.
aussiedaz in Physical Duality?
Hi Rajine, I think you are onto something with the "Dreamtime wandering soul suggestion". I remember coming across this professor who was commenting on Robert Lanza's theory on biocentrism.

He didn't announce himself as a professor however, I had to do some research, to find out he taught physics at Havard a while back... I'll never forget his remark although I'm paraphrasing it as best as I can. Keep in mind, this is a man saying this from a state of retirement.

He said... (:I have taught my students the way we all must under the educational critera grilled into our qualifications, However, most of my colleagues agree in the meal room and hallways, our universe is dreaming,:)

So yes mate, I do believe when we sleep our minds slip back into the universe by nature. Some of us remember our dreams better than others.

Thank you for your response.

Regards Daz
Manafon1 in A Ghost In A Hurry
lady-glow--Thanks for your thoughts. Tried to upvote you but apparently I've given you my allowed quota. I'm glad to see you're still active here on YGS!

Aussiedaz--You might be on to something about the loudness of the storm activating the apparition. What facilitates an apparitional appearance remains as elusive as paranormal activity. Thanks for your input.

Rajine--Thanks for your comment. I should clarify that the paranormal activity didn't start at that house when the clothes were found but stopped.
Hi aussiedaz

You experienced a very interesting incident, lots of people believe that the soul wanders around while we are asleep, that is how we are able to dream, because of the things the soul encounters while the body is asleep.
Hi Manafon1

I also think that once the clothes were found, it sort of awakened the spirit activity, it's like the spirits of that place were dormant and waiting for someone to find those clothes,
Hi RicOkc

Seems like "George" was a resident spirit that probably wanted to make itself known, I also wonder if "George" is still there.
aussiedaz in A Ghost In A Hurry
Hi Manafon,

Quite a combination of accounts here mate. It's an interesting thought about the possible connection between the rainstorm and the paranormal, perhaps it was the loudness of a storm more so than the rain?

And yes, I think you are on the right track with reference to the clothes.

Thanks for sharing it. I'm sure most paranormal hunters would have taken it on.

Regards Daz
aussiedaz in Physical Duality?
Hello Lady-glow,

Yes, A couple of very good questions you have raised about interrupting my wife's own account, where there may have been a chance of her having her own visual experience. I'll never know L,g. And again, yes, maybe her younger look, had something to do with what she was dreaming. (excellent question).

My wife does remember her dreams, however, I never thought to ask her what she was dreaming about on this particular night.
Yes, it was fascinating to witness in retrospect, however, at the time I was quite startled by it.

I will add some additional information, which I almost added to the story, for you or anyone else who may be interested in my account.

In 33 years of being together, this is the only time she reported a floating-of-the-bed experience.

I did see my wife walking around (out of her body) 10 years ago, on the way to my own toilet visit. I believe I wrote about it here in YGS around that time... She did not see me, however, looked pretty much as she was at that time.

A few weeks ago, as my wife was asleep, I heard her call out my name, I know it wasn't from her own vocal cords and I'm clueless as to what that is all about. Anyway,

Thank you for your input.

Regards Daz
aussiedaz in Physical Duality?
Hi manafon1,
I am aware of the society you have made reference to; however, I am unfamiliar with this particular study, "how fascinating".

I have also researched remote viewing and yes, the government does take it seriously enough to run programs. I'm sure you have heard of Ingo Swann?... The man was a freak.

Yes, I believe you may be right about it being an OBE experience for my wife. However, seeing my wife looking younger, reminds me of the time I saw both my mother and father looking younger after they crossed over and what I have researched and learned from others over the years. I'm still a little stumped in explaining the experience and figuring out what she was thinking. Thanks for your input mate.

Regards Daz
Welcome to YGS.

Hello RicOkc.

I'm inclined to think that the activity was caused by an undeparted previous inhabitant of the house, perhaps only curious of the people invading 'their' space, and following the same routine they use to do in life.
Although not harmful, I'm sure the activity must have been unnerving.

Was there a special reason why you guys decided to call the ghost "George"? This is not the first story in this forum in which people have called a resident ghost by this name.

Also, did "George" stop making noise when asked to "knock it off"?

I'm glad to know that displaying the Bible was enough to send "George" away, hopefully to a place of happiness and peace.

"My friend passed away last year and his home is up for sale. I've been tempted to ask the new home owner if they have experienced any strange things happening at the house. So far the house has remained unsold."

By this do you mean that your friend was still living in the house when he passed away or did he sold it at some point and moved out of it?
Is the house currently empty?

Thanks for sharing your experience with us.
lady-glow in A Ghost In A Hurry
Hello Manafon.

What an interesting display of paranormal activity you and your family members have witnessed in that house. A place that old must have a lot of past emotions trapped within its walls.

I agree with your theory of the old clothing 'telling' some stories from the past.

Thanks for sharing
lady-glow in Physical Duality?
Hello Daz.

I agree with Manafon, it seems like your wife had an OBE. Perhaps she'd remember more if you had not stopped her from floating away from her body, though I totally understand your reaction.

I wonder if her 'ethereal physical appearance' had anything to do with what she was dreaming about in that moment.
Does your wife usually remember her dreams?

This was a fascinating event to witness.
Thanks for sharing.
Manafon1 in Physical Duality?
Hi aussiedaz--This was a really fascinating account. It does seem that your wife experienced an OBE. The Society of Psychical Research conducted some extremely interesting experiments in the early 20th century where test subjects would focus on a specific location at a specific time and try to manifest their image or "apparition" to an individual. They were successful several times, and the test subjects could correctly describe what the percipient was wearing, where they were in the room, and details of the room. Just as interestingly, the person doing the traveling imagined themselves wearing specific clothes (for instance, a unique hat) and quite often the percipient was able to "see" what the sender was projecting. This might have a correlation with the hair of your wife's double looking like it did when she was younger.

Success with these early tests would lead to other groups (and governments) conducting successful remote viewing experiments. It also seems that once in a while, this "double" can manifest without a conscious decision in the sender's mind to do so. How very cool that you witnessed it! There are many excellent case studies that have detailed this phenomenon, and I believe there was an account here on YGS recently where a man appeared at the foot of a Chicago hotel room bed in front of an astonished woman who had just woken up because of a loud group of people from the hallway. In that case, the man was wearing a sleeveless Boston Celtics shirt and definitely seemed to be able to see the woman before he simply vanished. What an incredibly cool experience you had!
One thing I forgot to add to the story...

I got a bed and moved into a room. One night while I was about to doze off I felt someone/something sit on the edge of my bed.

I managed to get to the light switch without my feet touching the floor once. When I turned on the bedroom light there was no one there!
Hi Rajine,
Thanks so much. The campsite is beautiful. It's been a great place for healing. I have no idea who the man was. It's quite possible he was a past camper. I thought maybe a guardian of sorts but I really don't know. He looked like a real person so it never crossed my mind that he was anything other than that until I started asking about his whereabouts.

Thanks for reading and commenting.

Hi Valkricry,
There are no lights at the campground due to a city light ordinance. I was able to see because of the moon that night. Where there is a light ordinance, there is no other night time light pollution. That's how I was able to see the man so clearly.

Thanks for reading and commenting!
Hi CrimsonTopaz,
I'm still not 100% how the gun went off. My partner was ex-military and hunted as a child. It was a Glock and there are no safeties on it. We had been in a remote part of AZ and there was no cell phone service. He was asleep and then his cellphone chimed as if a message came in. Both the gun and the cellphone were on his nightstand. I believe he may have been reaching for the phone and accidentally hit the trigger on the gun instead.

About the apparition, it would never have crossed my mind to take a picture as I thought it was a real person. It makes me wonder how many other times I have seen what I thought were real people and were not.

Thanks again for reading and for your condolences.

Hi Limey,
Thanks for reading. To answer your questions, I would never have thought to take a picture of this man because I thought he was a real person. As I stated in my story, my neighbor's Ring App was triggered around that time and when we reviewed the footage, there was nothing there.

My neighbor that did something offered up some prayers and incantations. She is Native American and out of respect for her and her Tribe, I did not ask specifically what these things were. This particular event happened in September and I have not seen this individual ghost/spirit since that night. I'm guess whatever my neighbor did worked?

Hope that answers some questions! Thanks again for reading.

Hi Lady-Glow,
Thanks for commenting. I didn't feel like he meant any harm either. It felt a little intrusive but other than that, I didn't feel like he posed a threat.

Yes, perhaps he was a past camper. He was certainly dressed the part. I thought he was a real person.:)

Hi Rajine,

Thank you for your comment. What you wrote makes a lot of sense. Just to add on that a bit more, when the experience is subjective one of the ways to test the validity of the story is through discourse analysis. We ask questions and analyze how the person builds his/her story.

Hi DreamBird

I'm sorry for your loss it's never easy losing someone you love, the way you described the camp site seems like it's a breathtaking place, the man that you saw could have been a camper from the past, probably visiting the place he loved, or as you mentioned, a late family member, not the ones who you spoke to, but maybe someone else?
Hi Nettie1963

I'm not sure what that could be, but it's a horrifying thing to have to experience, did you try talking to your parents about it? Perhaps they possibly could have seen it as well.
All my life, even now, after having been through and experienced a lot of supernatural things I still try to look for a logical or practical approach to those experiences and I just can't, but one thing I've learned is that in regards to the supernatural and spiritual, common sense, logic and reasoning goes right out of the window, maybe they (the spirit world?πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ) functions according to their own set of logic that's far beyond our understanding.

Constructive criticism is good, so is asking questions, but we need to understand that all we can do is try to understand, because we didn't experience other people's incidents, only they know what they felt and went through, unless we have tangible, visual proof of stories being fake and plagiarized or posters who post stories and cannot explain it further in the comments when asked about it, or they just avoid questions altogether, we cannot determine whether or not a story is true or not, it's always good to ask questions first before determining whether it's a lie instead of just reading it and saying it's fake. As I reiterate my point in saying that in regards to the spiritual world logic and reasoning goes out of the window.
Hi dowdyfamily1917

It's never easy getting over the loss of a loved one, especially a child, no matter how much time passes that void of emptyness cannot be filled, but somehow we learn to face each day. I'm sorry for your loss.

I do believe that the person you saw was a guardian angel or a guide.
Dream-bird, I've a question, are there lights at this campground? I ask because you could see he had "curly blond hair". The fact you could tell hair color suggests there was unnatural lighting. But then later in the story you talk about 'where it is so dark', and it confuses me.
Limey, "The situation as you describe it seems to be begging you to pull out your cellphone and take a picture or two. Something that most people would have done in the circumstances." Actually, the situation didn't read to me as if it warranted that. Guy wasn't DOING anything, wasn't semi-transparent, etc. Dude wasn't even looking in her direction. So... Why would she even think about that?
Hello discerninguser,

Thank you for sharing your story. You have excellent language and writing skills. Although I admire your abilities with writing, I'm afraid I have to disagree with a few of your comments, especially about Lady Glow. Many people know here that she asks questions that many people wouldn't. I also don't think it's fair to say that her comments target especially Indian users. Do you have the statistics for that, or are you taking talib's comment as a piece of evidence or even worse, are you insinuating something else with that comment? I don't think she "targets" people according to their nationalities; instead, she always focuses on how convincing the argument is. You can see her responses on her profile to users from Virginia, Indiana and many more.

Moreover, I believe she has an excellent critical thinking quality that many are missing. There are many users here, and many would agree with what everyone writes, and only a few ask questions. Asking questions is the only way to identify how someone's argument is flawed or incomplete. Because once these missing pieces are found, the author's stories are tested and validated by the audience, and Lady Glow significantly contributes to that.

Moving forward, your response to Lady Glow is quite bitter and what you insinuated is not who she is, so I think it requires an apology.

So now that we are done, I am at least with the Lady Glow part, so if you don't mind me asking, I have a few questions, too.

In your story, four areas leave me in an "I don't get it" situation.

The first one is about the call from the taxi company. "About 5 minutes later, my phone rang and I picked it up", you said. So considering that your trip took 90 minutes, did the cab company wait 95 minutes to call back the client to tell them that the first driver would not make it, so they are arranging the second one? They waited that long to arrange someone else. Ok, fine, let's say that the taxi company got the sad news after some time. Not 30, 45 or 60 minutes; it was 95 minutes after. Isn't it a strange coincidence that they only call you 95 minutes later, which is 5 minutes right after he drops you off? That's the first part that I raise an eyebrow.

The second one is related to the fare. You wrote, "After all, 200 rupees won't make a difference to either you or me". I am not so sure, but anywhere in the world, a 90 minutes taxi fare would make a difference to the driver and the client. So where in the world would you have a ride for 90 minutes that would cost 200 rupees or the equivalent?

The third one is related to the taxi itself. So the ghost driver doesn't take material things from you such as money or your watch but did he drive a real taxi, and he was a ghost, or were you rid in a ghost taxi?

The last part that I don't get is related to the part with your watch. So you slid your watch from your wrist and handed it over to him. Ok, fine. Are you now saying that your watch suddenly appeared back on your wrist just at the call? Or was that an illusion that it never happened? Or you thought you took your watch off, but it never happened, so all this time, your watch was on your arm, and you just noticed it with the call.

Could you please clarify?

Once again, thank you for the story and for reading my comment. I hope it doesn't upset you because it's nothing personal.

All the best.
I am extremely open minded, as I grew up in a haunted house, and something has always followed my 7 siblings and me, since then; so don't say, "people like me," as you haven't the slightest idea, who I am, what my beliefs are, or what I have experienced. I know for a fact, that spirits exist, period. I can smell bs from a mile away, is all. I was about 1/3 into this story, and I recognized it. In fact, I already new the ending, before I finished reading. The story line was different, but the punch line was exact. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ
CrimsonTopaz in Stranger In The Campsite
Dreambird, It's great that you were able to confirm with the neighbours Ring App that captured motion and recorded it. I have Grid connect app which is similar and it doesn't miss a beat. Unlike Limey's comment who suggests you should 'pull out your mobile phone and take a picture or two, Something that most people would have done in the circumstances' - I totally disagree. Imagine if you did and the guy walks over and tells you off for invading his privacy?
If Ring app didn't pick up the guy, it's quite likely he just wanted you to see him and then went on his merry way. My sister sees paranormal situations that I can't. I still wonder why, but that's just how it is. Without sounding to inquisitive, how did the gun go off? Where was the gun? Do you think the man you saw was trying to communicate something about the trigger being released? I don't know diddly squat about guns, but don't they have some sort of lock to prevent them going off willy-nilly? What did the police say about the gun going off? I'm trying to understand what happened that night in case the man you saw may be connected in some way. Maybe he was trying to tell you something. I hope these questions aren't too upsetting and if they are, my apologies.
It sounds like you have lovely memories in your camper of you and your partner and that's worth it's weight in gold. My condolences go out to you during this sad time.
Hi Dreambird; an intriguing story, and I must ask a couple of obvious questions.
1. The situation as you describe it seems to be begging you to pull out your cellphone and take a picture or two. Something that most people would have done in the circumstances. I know I would. Cellphones these days seem to be extremely low-light sensitive, so the odds are that it would have captured something, or maybe nothing. Either way the results would be helpful in some way. And your dog was clearly indicating that something was up. Dogs sense many things that we don't.
2. When you say that one of your neighbours had 'done something' it could have been useful to ask her what she had done, and at the same time tell you more about the 'strange goings on' in the woods behind the campsite.
But thanks for the story. Maybe it's worth revisiting the campsite and asking a few questions.
Hello, DreamBird.

I'm sorry for your loss.

Your experience is puzzling and fascinating.

In my opinion, whoever this man was, he meant no harm.
I find the reaction of your dog particularly interesting, he knew that someone/something was there, yet didn't feel the need to react aggressively.

Perhaps the guy was a previous camper's residual energy.

It seems like the campground's location is gorgeous.

Thanks for sharing.
Yes, she did put on a performance, the poor little girl must have gone through hell with a mother like that, thanks for your thoughts SWS take care.

Regards Daz
Hello The_Lost_Voyage_11,

If we were to accept Donald Hoffmans theory on conscious agents where basically consciousness is fundamental to our reality and all other realities and dimensions and then throw on a sprinkle of string theory, where we exist concurrently in multiple universes and then suger coat it with Stuart's hameroff belief we have 40 consciouss moments per second, where space and time are just tools for our minds to process. Then I do sesnse you and your friend, were perhaps experincing a reality shift (at around 20 to 25 consciouss moments per second) of which resulted in this bizzare state of mind and awkard sense of density where there was a meshing of universes and interference to your audio and visual senses?

As you stated, your friend's life took a different path this may lend a clue?.

On top of all that, it is a fact our eyes filter light only, its in the brain where the breaking down of information is gathered and filtered out to state we accept as normal reality at normal "speed". Here's an extract I'd borrowed from an article witha little more detail.

(Our eyes are continuously bombarded by an enormous amount of visual information - millions of shapes, colours and ever-changing motion all around us. For the brain, this is no easy feat. On the one hand, the visual world alters continuously because of changes in light, viewpoint and other factors. On the other, our visual input constantly changes due to blinking and the fact that our eyes, head and body are frequently in motion.)

Thanks for sharing an interesting account it had me in overdrive trying to figure it out... Does it make sense to you?

Regards Daz
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in The Last Assignment
Hello discerninguser, what an incredible account, thanks for sharing it!

Not long ago someone had also posted a story about a delivery man who showed up to make his last delivery after the accident that cost him his life, the dedication to ones profession even beyond death is incredible. I also believe it has to do with it being the last thing on their mind when they transition.

Your theory involving parallel universes in your encounter may explain what happened to some degree. If you want to check it out, I wrote about an encounter that happened to me titled: We Summoned Something: A Strange Experience. In it I encountered some form of entity/being that did something to reality. I couldn't explain it, but somehow it seemed as if the sounds around us had stopped and we were in some sort of fog or veil for lack of a better term, but reality definitely wasn't running right. I wasn't transported anywhere but whatever field it had enveloped my friend and I in was a bizarre experience.

You said it yourself and rather well, there is much out there we don't understand nor can we explain. A lot of it can't be proven directly by science, quantum physics/mechanics has begun to breach the subject. However you cannot strap a ghost into a machine and test it, or run experiments on it. It's something not of our world and so how can people expect to test it with instruments designed to measure forces in our world?

The point being if what I encountered could bend reality in a sense, then what happened to you makes more sense at least to me. Whatever fields these entities/beings generate, we don't know where it can take us or how it affects us. I've read stories of people being seemingly transported back in time, like what happened in Versailles, people losing time, making a trip that should have taken several hours in only 30 minutes, and recently a poster in here mentioned an incident where they say what looked like civil war soldiers observing a sporting event and looking rather confused.

I don't think time and space operate like we've been told, I think it all happens at the same time, separated by vibration. That's my take on it. It's like reading a book, you could be in the middle of the book, but any time you could go right back to the beginning or skip to the end, it's right there in your hand, only pages and chapters separate it all out. It's where your consciousness is at the moment.

As to lady-glow, she has commented positively on many posts, and she asks questions when things don't line up for her, when she needs clarification. I don't get the impression she was picking your story apart, just trying to understand it. I experienced something along those lines, so it makes more sense to me, but someone else may need more context.

I'm as aussiedaz puts it for himself (always good to hear from you aussie) more inclined to believe what I read, and I trust my feeling and intuition on it. If I feel it's paranormal then I go with that, I'm not one to try to rationalize it away or find explanations. On the same note if I feel it's not supernatural, then again, I will state it.

I enjoy your writing style, hopefully what I've added helps and I look forward to hearing more of your experiences as you relate them!
Sleeping-with-steve in The Verdict Conclusion!
Hello again AussieDaz,

One thing I do remember about this whole horrible saga is when it was on the news, the mother begged for viewers to help find Keisha knowing she brutally physically abused that poor little one from as little as weeks old. What a total psychopath.

Once again reading this post for the second time made me tear up. That poor little girl went through so much pain and was in need of medical care up until her last breath but didn't get it.

Hopefully she can rest with her biological father in peace for all eternity.

Thanks for yet another great post AussieDaz. I know I commented on this post a couple of years back but I thought I'd read this again.

Best wishes,
aussiedaz in The Women In Black
SWS,I feel the correlation between my own account and the other story by (D) has to be these two folk driving the car into the area obeying traffic rules. I guess the one difference between my own account, the other and Telly S, has to be the fact we saw a solid metallic car disappear? Anyway, I don't know why they were released the whole account was one out of the box no doubt.

Regards Daz
Sleeping-with-steve in The Women In Black
Hello Aussie Daz,

I remember you and discussing the YGS members who helped locate the two people. At the time I was thrilled that the 2 didn't get away with it and now I'm disappointed that they're released.

You and the other members who helped have a talent worth it's weight in gold.

Best wishes,
aussiedaz in The Women In Black
Hello SWS I'm doing well, I hope all is well with you too and yes, the knife experience was pretty surreal to experience although eventually I ended up a little nonchalant about it the following morning wondering if it were more related to sleep paralysis or imagaination from memoery? However as it turned out, it probably was all hooked up to the disappearing car.

Hello CT, I wouldn't consider myself a medium however, as you have mentioned I do believe my mother may have somehow pulled me into receiving more attention than normal, as I stated in an update, the night some members from here were invovled in trying to find the body of the young girl who was missing. The information that came through ended up pretty spot on... From memory, having the location of her body within 10 to 20 klm from where I lived ended up accurate. I lived in Quakers Hill and as you may know, there's a whole lot of suburbia within that region.

Two people were arested for the murder (man and woman) of the lady dispposed at the park... The car we saw disppear had a man and woman in it... As a further update, both of them have been released for anyone else following this story.

Regards Daz
Sleeping-with-steve in The Women In Black
Hello Aussie Daz,

Yeah my sister CrimsonTopaz used to hog the computer and read all night long using my login to search for interesting posts like this one. I also remember reading these experiences you had thinking I wouldn't have known what to do if it was me. What a scary encounter you had with the knife. I hope you are well.


Thanks for your comment. It's hard. I talk to mum and I'm sure she hears my words. I'm still waiting for her spirit to visit and if that happens, I will submit what I experience and share it with YGS members and guest readers.
CrimsonTopaz in The Last Assignment
Lady Glow, You are intelligent, curious, a reliable source to this site and by delving into situations you open doors to what may have been innocently left out of a story. Good on you for your loyalty to this site. I can honestly say, I would never have detected English isn't your mother tongue. You write better than me and your Grammer and punctuation is also better than my lazy lack of both.
Miandra is still in shock and still missing mum. I am too. Time will help no doubt. Thank you lovely lady for caring. X
Discerninguser,yeah a notification email or text would be a bonus on this site but in all honesty it's a great site, great feedback, help and support from members, so checking in to see if there are messages for us is nothing worth worrying about. I have really enjoyed reading about yours and Daz's concepts of alternative parallel universes. I'm so glad Lady Glow opened the door to finding out more on this story. I need more coffee. This thread is so interesting. Thanks for your reply.
CrimsonTopaz in The Women In Black
Daz, Before I became a member, I remember reading this. I used to go through various Australian members situations and needed to read this in 2 stages with lots of coffee and lots of OMG's throughout the events. The knife going through your chest sent chills down my spine. The lady in black sighting on your late mother's passing anniversary may have been your mother trying to show you who did it. 13th August is too much of a coincidence. This is sad and interesting at the same time. I hope you and your son have recovered from the ordeal. My condolences on the loss of your mother. May she RIP.
Hi Squeez-a-snak--I found your account very interesting and have read, in psychical research case studies, of similar loud crashing sounds that have no identifiable source of origin. In some instances, paranormal sounds can be an audial replay of some past event. Many years ago, I lived in a very haunted apartment and once heard what sounded like a bunch of metal parts being strewn just underneath the second-floor porch where I was sitting. When I looked, there was a figure of a heavy-set man wearing a butcher's apron standing there. Long story short, the figure vanished in the time it took me to tell the person sitting with me that I had seen a "person."

It's possible in my case that the sound was there simply to get my attention so I'd see the figure, but unlike me, after you heard the loud crash, you didn't see an apparition. Of course, sometimes spirits are satisfied just getting a person's attention through sound. Thanks for sharing your intriguing account.
aussiedaz in The Last Assignment

It is important for the integrity of this site to have people like yourself asking those tougher questions there must be a balance in the community that's not too far one way. I'm probably a little guilty of rushing in head first myslef and believing everything I read however I guess with this author. I have a special interest in this particular phenomenon because it just blows my mind how it happens and what may be the explanation behind them. I would encourage anyone to come forward if they have had similar accounts.

Cheers for your remark, have a nice day.

lady-glow in The Last Assignment
Hello again, everyone.

Thank you all for your answers and comments... I'm pleased to see the feedback and a real discussion, in contrast to the many good stories that have come and gone with almost no one commenting.

I really value the exchange of ideas because they offer the chance to learn something new.

Daz, it's always good to 'see' you around and to read your interesting comments.

SWS and Crimson, I hope everything is going well for both of you.

Thanks to all.
Life is beautiful.
lady-glow in The Last Assignment

THANK YOU very much for answering my question, although your response is addressed to CrimsonTopaz, she only quoted my words.

I'm amused at the way you have described me like being a grammar-Nazi, specially since I have always made it clear that English is not my first language and my comments are always full of grammar mistakes. Nevertheless, I'm a good reader and tend to spot right away the writing style of another non-native English speaker.

Have you ever considered that, perhaps, what you have decided to interpret as "snide remarks and sarcastic comments", is nothing else than the reflection of my flawed English?

And yes, I agree that in the past I have used some members poor English a reason to doubt their stories. But I have always have my reasons.

You have been a member of the forum long enough as to, perhaps, remember a poster (from India), whose few comments were simple and short, with just enough words to fulfill the number of characters required by the guidelines of the site. But then, when their two "experiences" where published they were written in a perfect Shakespearian style that didn't resemble the poster's comments.

On top of it, one of the stories was supposed to have taken place on a mountain range somewhere in the USA.

Long story short, it was enough to google check these stories and the "OP" had only plagiarized them from other forums in the internet! One of this forums was called something on the line of "Indian Hauntings", by 'Indian' meaning Native-American.
The poor fool!

Needless to say, 'their' stories were removed, and the poster banned. Good riddance, if I may say.

But I digress. Back to this story, my first question was genuine curiosity:
"I wonder if any passerby was able to see the car and its occupants, or only you in a seated position floating through the foggy roads of the city?"

In haunted places is common to report objects being moved by invisible forces so, wouldn't it make sense to wonder if a ghost would be able to move a person? Do ghosts have the ability to show themselves only to the ones they want, but remain unseen to the rest of the people?

If you made it this far, I should say that I'm glad I asked what I asked... The theory of the parallel universes makes more sense and, perhaps, it wouldn't have been brought up if not for my "habit of trying hard to poke holes in other's accounts".

Once again, thanks for answering my questions.

BelieverDude11 in The Last Assignment
Crimson Topaz - thanks for your cordial interest in my experiences. I had always had a sense of the spiritual since early childhood, even OBE (OUT OF BODY) experiences which stopped after I turned ten years old. But I had only one clear ghostly experience (saw more than one in a graveyard one dusky evening, I was still schooling in high school but transferred to a school in another state, due to dropping out because of illness). I had heard some cautionary hints about the place but I heeded it not n didn't like to dwell on it. I submitted an account of it once under another account. But it was not accepted though it was an honest account (I am a VERY honest person/soul. I seem to have the problem of forgetting passwords, didn't make a habit of writing them down in paper notebooks for remembrance.
I MAY submit another fresh narrative of it, after due consideration, maybe, maybe not. However after that experience, after which I fell ill for two days with a fever, (I was also caught in a heavy downpour, soaked to the skin on my bicycle.) A couple of years later, before I took up yogi meditations, I had prayed fervently with my whole Soul that I would never ever see spirits again, n God hasnt failed me for decades afterwards in that. I didn't pray that I wouldn't sense them. I still can sense supernatural presences.
However most of my supra normal experiences are from the Lord, not of spirits. I had a few days ago thought to try to submit those God experiences in a Sister site to this Your Ghost Stories site, known as "SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCES". My O.B.E. Experiences I may submit to "Psychic Experiences" Another sister site to this one... However regarding that there is only ONE CLEAR MEMORY OR TWO. I AM NOW 67 Y.O. Those OBE's happened many decades ago.
aussiedaz in The Last Assignment

I'd noticed in one of your responses you feel the explanation may have something to do with a parallel dimension or universes? I have researched this phenomenon for over a decade now, as it has always intrigued me in how they occur and what is the science if any behind it?

Drawing down on my own conclusions. It starts with what most physicists accept as a mathematical equation. The Higgs field (our universe) is a field of probabilities. In short with my own layman understanding of what this means.

Matematically any potential is possible in a universe of which at its core (on a microscopic level) is a wave function of energy that interacts with any or all observations.

The double slit experiment depicts this hypotheses with 100 percent accuracy although in fairness to all the best brains of the world, they still don't understand how atoms interact with observation however, through using mathematics they could probably formulate a potential that would give us an explanation as to how this particular phenomon interacts with the Higgs field.

I could go on and on, however to wrap it up I'll put my 2 cents worth in and attempt to explain it this way.

The mind doesn't belong to the body, the body belongs to the mind. With consciousness being fundamental to our reality we possess the tools of mind in creating the reality around us and the reality for those within our own space.

I mentioned the sliding door moment? I do believe our guardians watch over us and collectively through the power of mind and using the fundamental strength of consciouness they can interact with the Higgs field almost at will in creating any potential they see fit. We have heard about these miracles since Adam was a boy right?

This man died before he picked you up however it doesn't mean his own part in making sure you got to where you were going wasn't a part of this greater consciousness effort (gaurdians) in perhaps keeping you safe?

I speak from experience as I believe this happened to both my wife and sister in law.

Regards Daz
aussiedaz in The Last Assignment
[at] CrismonTopaz, In regards to the car disappearing before my son and I... I'd submitted the story here around 12 years ago under the heading of "The Woman in black" in relation to my wife's account, I can discuss it a little further over there if you like however, it wouldn't be fair to the author or the continuity of this thread to hijack it with my own accounts.

Regards Daz
discerninguser in The Last Assignment
Dear CrimsonTopaz

Thanks for your comment. I wish this website would send notifications or something; when people start commenting. Otherwise the only way to check up on new comments is to keep revisiting the page.

Frankly speaking, I have no idea as to how the dead person was able to drive a car (especially when that vehicle had been smashed in an accident and was still at the accident site). So was I sitting in a phantom car? How did he manage to get me to my destination?

I do have a theory and it has to do with parallel dimensions or universes. I have heard that there are countless parallel universes which exist side by side. So maybe I was temporarily sucked into an universe where the driver didn't die or where the laws of physics (as we know it) don't apply.

We really know very less about the world around us; and even lesser about the universe. Scientists are discovering more and more strange things which could not even be contemplated a couple of decades ago.

Humans perceive the world around us in four dimensions by using the five senses that we possess. But there are many things that we cannot perceive. Maybe in years to come, scientists will unlock more mysteries and we might have better answers.

That's the best explanation that I can offer. 😊
discerninguser in The Last Assignment
Dear talib

I totally agree with you. Lady-glow has a habit of trying hard to poke holes in other's accounts especially Indians. She makes it a point to comment on each and every story, often making snide remarks and sarcastic comments. And she has been at it for several years now. Best thing is to ignore people like her, who come on this website with a specific agenda. πŸ˜‰
discerninguser in The Last Assignment

People like you have always existed in the world thinking that they know everything that is worth knowing about the universe around us.

If I were to go back a couple of 100 years in the past and tell a person like you that I can see and hear a dead person, they would have ridiculed me and called it a fairy tale or something.

But today we can watch Charlie Chaplin and listen to Frank Sinatra (even though both are dead).

There was also a time when people believed that if someone clicked your photograph then they have captured your soul on a piece of paper.

Try to go around life with an open mind, rather than mocking things which you cannot understand.

discerninguser in The Last Assignment
Dear BelieverDude11

Thanks for your comment.

Many people are actually arrogant enough to assume that they know everything about the world around us and if something doesn't fit in the accepted narrative, then they love to mock and make snide comments.

These people forget that there was a time (few centuries ago) when European thinkers and scientists actually believed that the earth is at the center of the universe and everything revolves around it. They would ridicule and torment people who disagreed with them.

Yet in the Rigveda (which was written thousands of years ago), the sun is described like a horse trainer who is standing in the center and has the reins of several horses in his hands which are galloping around him. The horses are of course the planets which orbit the sun in the center and the reins are nothing but gravitational force.
discerninguser in The Last Assignment

There is a reason why I pointedly ignored your first comment on this post.

As other user talib has correctly pointed out, you seem to have a habit of haunting this website and trying to poke holes in other people's accounts by making snide remarks and sarcastic comments, especially against Indian posters.

Several times, I have also seen you mocking poor communication skills of other posters, if you cannot find anything else to criticize in their accounts. You then use their poor grammar, lousy sentence formation or lack of good vocabulary to make it look as if their story lacks credibility.

Frankly speaking, I would have deigned to try and answer your questions, if it had been asked out of genuine curiosity. But I have encountered you in the past as well and your sarcastic tone makes it clear that your agenda is to make fun of other people.

So keep trying.
discerninguser in The Last Assignment
Dear Sleeping-with-steve

Thank you for your comment and I am really touched by the fact that it moved you to tears.

As far as knowing where he is buried is concerned, we Hindus do not bury the dead. Instead they are cremated (burned) after the last rituals are conducted; and the ashes immersed in flowing water (a river or a stream). In rare instances, the body is even given a water burial.

End of the day, whether a dead body is buried or cremated or given a sky burial (like Zoroastrians do), the intention is to consign it to the elements. Earth to earth, dust to dust and all that. Hindus believe that the mortal coil (human body) is made up of the 5 elements of nature.

Thanks also for defending me against crazy4. You are welcome to hijack my post. 😊
discerninguser in The Last Assignment
Hello crazy4

So you feel that I am making up a movie story? You sound Indian (since you mentioned Bollywood). So let me remind you about a famous line from the Ramcharitmanas - Jaaki rahi bhavna jaisi, Prabhu murat dekhi tin taisi.

In short, you will perceive the world around you in the same way as per your own nature and character.
discerninguser in The Last Assignment
Dear aussiedaz

Thank you for your wonderful comment and also for pointing out the Telly Savalas incident. I had read about it 25 years ago and had quite forgotten about it.

Yes, now that I think of it, his encounter does have a striking resemblance with mine.
CrimsonTopaz in The Last Assignment
Comments are flying left right and centre. Where are you? This thread has become very interesting.
Believer Dude- I'd love to hear about your situation. I look forward to reading it if you submit it. Ignore people who don't believe your situation. It's not for them to judge what you've experienced.
Lady glow- you always come up with great questions, 'did he abduct the OP to the afterlife during the 90 minutes that the ride lasted?' I'd be interested to know that to. I never thought about that when I read this. I do still think the taxi driver was a good spirit who cared enough to finish his job enabling him peace so as to travel to the next life perhaps.
Daz- I loved Kojak. I'd also love to hear about the car that vanished with 2 people if you submit that.
LisaD77- why are you mocking this OP? The guidelines specify to be respectful of other members. I hope I'm not out of place replying to everyone. I can be a bit of an interfering old duck at times.
aussiedaz in The Last Assignment
[at] lady-Glow if you click on the link I have provided in my last post, you can listen to a story from probably the most straight up actor of his time.

Telly Savalas had nothing to gain at all by being interviewed about his own personal ghost story, if anything, he would have faced ridiculed for coming out about such an incredable story especially back in that time.

Both my son and I saw a car disappear with two people in it.

My wife had her own account which was quite amazing if I ever take the time to share it.

What may seem impossible to some is understandable however, when you experince it for yourself it's different.

I would ask you to watch Telly and come back and share your thoughts.

Regards Daz
Wow...I have heard this story somewhere else before. I think in a scary stories, for kids, book, or that t.v. Show, "Fact or Fiction" Like a spirit actually drove a car for 2 hours, right? Good thing he wasn't pulled over πŸ˜† πŸ™„ My God, who actually falls for stories like this?
BelieverDude11 in The Last Assignment
[at] lady glow, the story stated that Mr. Singh said it was his last job so he was well aware he had died. I have had incredible paranormal experiences but reluctant to share them now. For just weeks ago I shared a miraculous experience I had God to my church but apparently none believed me. I felt insulted n regretted sharing what had truly happened.
lady-glow in The Last Assignment
Hello, everyone.

I have a question: what did supposedly happen in this story?

In the first place, we have the sudden and violent death of a man highly dedicated to his job, hence, an unfinished business that he had to fulfill. So, his consciousness managed to perform his last assignment by, what?

- somehow gaining control over the physical world and transporting the OP's very physical mass in a disembodied vehicle?

- did he abducted the OP to the afterlife during the 90 minutes that the ride lasted?

Also "the watch around his wrist... Was not working. In fact, the hands were stuck at 6:45 PM"
Was the watch a 24 hours format instead of the usual 12? (kidding;).

I imagine that Mr. Singh wasn't even aware of his passing and his sense of duty kept him following what he was supposed to do if still alive but, to be honest, I'm a bit skeptical about the part where the OP rode the ghost taxi for 50 km.

Any ideas?
CarmenXerxes-Im with Rajine, Unless you know what you're doing, in any area of the occult, paranormal, or even extraterrestrial situations. In my opinion it is best left to the experts or at least do what you're doing now and ask for support from forums like this one.
Thank you for sharing, good read.
I can't seem to vote anyone up on karma points. I'm not sure how long I have to wait. Frustrating that we can only vote 5 times on each member. It's not about karma points I know, but there's so many members saying the right things and offering amazing advice and support who warrant acknowledgement.
Sleeping-with-steve in The Last Assignment
Hello Discerninguser,

I'm curious, do you know where he is buried? Maybe you can light a candle for him, or visit his grave and thank him for his kindness.


I hate to come across as envious, but it really looks like the case of multiple IDs have surfaced again handing out karma points willy-nilly. It looks good for you but genuinely speaking, it's not about getting high scores or being popular. Constructive feedback is far more valuable. This happened with Leighleas comments months back and I just sat back and watched the karma points increasing on her comments like there was a point to prove. Totally crazy if you ask me.

Discerninguser I'm so sorry I've hijacked your post to comment on karma points.

Sleeping-with-steve in The Last Assignment
Hello discerninguser,

I'm still all choked up after reading your post. I think I've read something similar on YGS.
I can't remember the members name but that post also filled my eyes with tears.

Thank you for sharing your experience and may Mr Sighn RIP.
similar things happened to me. In the house I was living in, it used to visit me while I was trying to get rest. Watch me, get close, even touch me. I had many astral projection dreams there and many nightmares. Overall I couldn't tell if it was trying to protect me or had other motives. More time passed and I eventually spoke out to it in my room asking for it to show itself to me and show me how it moved around very politely. Little while passes and it did just that. It did freak me the hell out but looking back, I think it was there to protect me, and it did show me its movement and even looked at me with super bright concentrated white eyes, before almost statically dissipating in front of my eyes. Every time I pass that house I'm almost drawn to it. Such a phenomenon these things are.
This sounds totally fake, sounds like b grade Bollywood movie, ghosts do exist but they don't have the power to drive someone for 90 mins
aussiedaz in The Last Assignment
What a wonderful story and what a wonderful man, my son and I saw a car (in broaddaylight) disappear right in front of us several years back, so I have an extra curiosity than most with a story like yours. I also wonder if there was perhaps a "sliding door potential" relating to you not catching this taxi at that given time?

I'll post a link here of a famous actor back in the day who had a similar account as yours who btw, had nothing to gain by sharing it on television... I'm sure you'll find it interesting. He name is Telly Savalas.

Thank you for sharing your account.

Regards Daz
Hello Nettie,

The fear never subsides completely. As you get stronger, you will fear it's return less.

Thanks for sharing your post.
ive been looking into this for years not really ever finding anything quite like my experience. First time I saw this shadow figure was holding on to the door frame at the bottom of my steps peering right at me. It was like 5am and still dark in the house, I remember looking in the doorway and thinking I saw something so I strained by eyes a little to realize there was a spot darker than the rest of everything around it and then the shape of hands holding the door frame, shoulders, and a head were 2 ft from my face. When I realized what I was looking at I ran up the stairs into my bedroom. A little time goes by and one time I was with my ex in his jeep at night time in my driveway in I think 2009 or 2010 and we were talking about the number of people who go missing mysteriously every year and talked about aliens. I saw a shadow figure peering into the jeep from the back passenger window, it disappeared. Seconds later I saw it on my porch peering out from behind one of the legs of a table we had flipped upside down on my porch. It was so black even though the porch light was on. Once again seconds later I saw it scurrying down low dashing in front of the jeep, and we heard a bang from under the vehicle and I could feel it in my butt underneath me. The whole time I'm freaking out trying to explain to my boyfriend what I was seeing but it all happened so fast. A couple more seconds pass and it appears in the back window behind him again and I saw the very dark shape of its slightly large ovalish head and two small but very bright white lights or eyes, almost like Christmas lights appear on its face. It appeared to close them and then dissipated. The whole time I felt this overwhelming feeling of "it wants me" and it was terrifying but not necessarily evil. I still cannot find much on shadow figures with white eyes, paired with crazy lucid nightmares, sleep paralysis and near the bed lurkng, and poltergiest as well as physical touch. Right before I started seeing this being, I knew there was an entity there and I asked it to show itself to me and show me how it moved. Which it did exactly that.
LFrog1386 in A Shapeshifter
From my understanding of what an aswang is, it's generally considered a female spirit who has died in childbirth and comes back to steal either babies or fetuses from pregnant mothers. In this instance it would seem that the aswang might have been trying to steal the baby, presumably to eat it. πŸ˜•
Pelatiah in My Unknown Visitor
So glad you posted! I think yours is a classic story of either a spirit or an angel, and it makes me wonder if it might've been an ancestor of yours also. I do believe we have these watchers and they can change our lives. So sorry about your loss, but know that so many of us share your experience. Know that your daughter is proud of you & that you will see her again!
virulentpeach, ignore my question about how old the old lady is. I forget you actually said she's in her 80' in story.
Hi Virulentpeach
How old is the old lady? If she was the mother's teacher, then would she be about 20 years senior to the mother? If that was the case and if the mother's kids are still soiling their mattresses, perhaps the mother is a young mum, in her 20's. That would make the old lady late 40"s- right or maximum 50's. That's not classed as really old. If it was, then I'd be ancient. Things don't add up. I can't put my finger on it. I hope things work out for all concerned. It's a very sad situation.
Lady Glow, I'm with you all the way. I can't give you any more points. It's telling me to vote for someone else.
Hello CrimsonTopaz.

"the tidy up may cleanse away negative influences."

Well's not easy to achieve peace when surrounded by chaos. Same as you, I didn't sense anything paranormal about the photos, if anything, reading the description of the place had made me imagine it darker. Although I don't discard the possibility of certain amount of negative energy accumulated in the apartment.

In the first place, there's the old lady: sick, suffers from anxiety, perhaps even chronic pain; whom happened to be a teacher at some point in her life but now is "a very unkind person who hates children". I wonder what triggered this drastic change on her personality. Perhaps depression?

Secondly, the OP's friend seems to have some issues of her own, it can not be easy for her to be a single mother of two and not being able to raise her children in better circumstances... Then came the pandemic to make things even harder.

"My friend also one time was meditating in the living room when she heard the voice of an adult woman, whom she did not recognize, say "Get out of here now!" It was trying to get her attention, not to demand her to leave but begging her to leave, encouraging her to leave"

I wonder if the voice was her own subconscious mind trying to tell her to look for greener pastures out of that place.

Nevertheless, I hope for the lady's health to improve, and for the young woman to do what's best for her children.
Hello Nettie1963.

Welcome to YGS.

I can only imagine how scary it must have been for you waking up in the middle of the night to see this shadow in your room.

I know this happened some time ago but, do you remember if the fear you felt was because you saw the shadow, or if you felt somehow threatened by its presence?
Have you ever discussed with your mother the kind of vibe she felt when she saw the figure?
Do you remember if there was a death within the family around the time this figure was seen by you and your mother?

Since the house has been within your family since it was built, it's possible that the hooded figure could be one of your ancestors just visiting what used to be their home when they're alive.

Are you aware if any deaths have happened in the house?
Does it still belong to your family? If so, has anyone else reported seen the figure?
Do you still live in, or visit the house?

In my opinion, if the figure is attached to the house, the chances for you to encounter it again are very slim to non existent... As long as you are not there.

Thanks for sharing.
lady-glow in My Unknown Visitor
Welcome to YGS.


I'm very sorry for your loss. One is not supposed to outlive their own children and the pain after losing one is beyond description.

In my opinion, the man could have been some sort of angel or spirit guide trying to make you see how beautiful life still was after the loss of your daughter, or a spirit "living" in the cemetery who had seen you grieving and decided to talk to you as a way to say that death is not the end, and everything is fine at the other side of the veil.

Thanks for sharing such a sad and bittersweet experience with us.
[at] chingvang559, with due respect, I don't think anyone or demon is able to take "part of" or "entire soul" of a person. A soul is an entity, not a "quantity". What you are saying sounds like from a Western horror supernatural movie written to create great horror, terrible agony n sadness for the audience or reader who naturally will feel for a good soul. That is the purpose of horror fictional tales. Not factual but fictional to invoke sense of horror to sell tickets. Good can be defeated by stronger evil force. But not absorbed into evil n become evil. ❀
Hello discerninguser. It is obvious to my humble opinion it was no coincidence that he died. He was a selfless soul... But overcome by an evil force more powerful than himself. Thanks for sharing your many interesting accounts. You write vΓ©ry well in good faultless English. N I see you are a Man of much knowledge n wisdom.
Flutterofwings, thank you for sharing your stories. I live in MI and I am now very curious to know what trailer park you were living in. I would love to do some research about the area and maybe find out what or who once lived there. Its unfortunate that the one trailer you lived in before isn't there now.
This is very bizarre and believable. I am from MI and I am curious what the name of the town your grandma's cabin is up North? There is a tonnnn of history all over the place there so maybe it could shed some light as to what it was!
discerninguser in The Last Assignment
Hi Rajine,

Yes, the kind of dedication that persists even after death.
discerninguser in The Last Assignment
Hello Srinivas108

Yes I seriously hope so. In fact I am certain about it. Such a noble and simple soul deserves to be in heaven.
Your situation is very difficult and no doubt there's a lot more to your circumstances that have not been fully disclosed perhaps. Those poor kids sleeping in soiled beds not fit for mice let alone kids. It's disgraceful to say the least. Kids shouldn't have to clean that kind of mess. It's my opinion of course and some may disagree. As Ladyglow says, this not about the condition of that home but about helping you with your paranormal situation. I didn't get a strange feeling looking at those photos on a paranormal level but I did get a strong sense something wasn't right, or perhaps not fully disclosed as I said earlier. Where were the kids and the mother when you took the photos? What do the other people in the neighbourhood think or know. Sometimes if you have paranormal situations, it's quite possible that others in the area are also encountering similar situations. I have no idea how to help you other than suggest you help the mother get that home livable for the kids sake. Who knows, the tidy up may cleanse away negative influences.

"this woman is a very unkind person who hates children"... "The elderly woman was my friend's teacher in school"

From my point of view, allowing your friend and her children to live in her home, regardless of its messy condition, is not an act of unkindliness.


To be honest, I'm shocked knowing that your "friend has done energy work to cast out the negative energy" instead of making an effort to clean up the place and make it a safe environment for her children. The condition of that place is not going to be fixed by children doing their chores... This needs to be done by adults, maybe even by professionals.

But this forum isn't meant to discuss people's houses, so I won't say any more regarding this subject.

Under different circumstances, I would have asked if the children have experienced something paranormal, also if the animals (the black cat on the table, and the bird/s in the kitchen) reacted in any way to the presence you sensed but, unfortunately, I'm under the impression that your story is morphing into something different every time someone has pointed to something that, though important, was left out of your narrative. Making me wonder if you're just trying to "patch" the holes with whatever seems convenient, but only achieving to make it more confusing in the process.

Just my opinion. 😟
[at] lady-glow: My friend lives in the house with her two children (who are young) and the elderly woman, the three of them are not related to the woman. The elderly woman was my friend's teacher in school who allowed her to live with her many years later, they stayed in contact... My friend lost her apartment when she broke up with her boyfriend (the father of the children) and could not afford the rent on her own.
Hi discerninguser

This incident is spooky and sad at the same time, I guess Manoj was a very dedicated worker even after his death.

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