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For me too, there were too many coincidences to just be a series of faults. I really think that whatever it was saw me messing with the lock and gave me one more indication to get the heck out of there (which I finally did).

About the glass wall separating the shower from the rest of the room, I have been in a number of hotel rooms in Asia that have this. Most have some sort of shade or blinds that can be closed to block off the wall while you take a shower.

Thanks for the comment,
James Bond
DarriuxDarkk in An Evil Presence Outside
After reading this I'm now scared to go out on our backyard in the middle of the night lol.

I'm a night person so usually I stay up all night until early morning hours and with that I usually let our dogs go out at night to do their business, usually around 10pm.

I made mention about it because our back yard or our neighbor's backyard has lots of huge trees which at night makes it quite creepy and unnerving. It makes me feel like there's someone or something watching me in the dark and on those trees. I do however discount it as my imagination only, besides if there is really something over there my dogs are pretty good at sensing stuffs where they go alert and protective mode. They even do that with people who were just walking on the street while they're inside the house.

I'm quite intrigued by that sinister presence outside your house. Have you ever seen it though at one point? I can totally relate on that feeling of fight or flight response and being terrified on that vibe by the unseen entity.

Thanks and God Bless.
Lealeigh in White Eye Entity
Hi Jaiseeta31,

I am confused about something in your narrative.

You said that you lived in your Grandparent's house. Were they still living in the home while you were there or did you inherit their house?

Did the bathtub incident in 2017 happen while you were living there or did this happen somewhere else.

I am sorry for the loss of your father.

- Maria ❤
Hello Jabond99,
Thank you for sharing your interesting and scary story with us! The thing that sent shivers down my spine and made me think it may be paranormal was the weird scratching noise you described just before the light turned itself on. Can you recall if you heard such a noise when you had occasion to turn the light on yourself? When you changed rooms, did you notice a similar sound when you turned on the bathroom light? Just wondered!
Lealeigh in A Playful Kid
Hi Jynxer,

I am very sorry for the loss of your friend.

Based on your statement that Kelvin didn't know that he was dead, I can assume that he passed quickly after becoming ill. I would take that as a small consolation.

Losing someone so close at such a young age when they seemed so full of life must be confusing to other children.

I was never able to make many childhood friends. My family moved around so close friendship with anyone except for my sister didn't develop easily.

Thank you for sharing your story, Maria ❤
Yes the cat is just fine, he is a fat spoiled cat that spends his days lounging around the house. That was the only incident that could be viewed as negative in regards to the pets. And I did not do emf readings but if I can remember I will try to get some next time I'm at my parents house
Hello everybody I'm very sorry I am responding 4 YEARS LATER I found the plasma light in my storage unit and accidentally broke it after bringing it back home, of course, with my clumsy self.


I had a feeling that was the case here hahaha when I went into the store and they had all of the other lights on display I was wondering if that could "enhance" activity. Forgive me for sounding like I don't know what I'm talking about, because I really don't when it comes to paranormal lol
Anyways yes my mom has heard what she describes as a woman talking and laughing but it sounds like it's coming through a tunnel for instance. The happenings at the house itself will be another story on here. So I believe the house was haunted even before my parents moved in because the now grown neighbor girl (age 25) said she has seen shadows, lights turning on, etc when the house was empty and for sale and when she was younger her and the other neighborhood kids would play hide and seek in the yard and they were all scared of the then church building. Since the "skeleton" of the house is very old and like I said in my previous post it is a former church building converted to a house I shouldn't say I know for a fact that it is haunted, but me and my family have experienced enough weird stuff happen there that I legitimately cannot find a logical explanation for.

And I did not do emf readings but that's not a bad idea
RCRuskin and Melly123
Thank you so much for the information.

I think maybe some ghost followed her when she went outside and came back after throwing the burnt piece of cloth. Infront of their home there is lot of unoccupied land full of thorn bushes.
We didn't investigated much though as it is not repeated again
Hi rynne,
That is because when we stand at the kitchen exit/entry, right infront is the sofa of the living room, and I was the first person she saw and in such situations people hold anyone nearby to calm down. I said in the story also, both kitchen and living room are parallel And divided by a wall with a door size gap to enter or exit kitchen.

By the way the more tight the grab is more they are frightened and her facial expression was full of fear too.
This is their new rented house and in their previous own house (which they sold because it was not according to vastu Shastra, please Google) also she heard ghost talking to her itseems. After this incidence no paranormal things happened, but baby again cried lot few days back itseems. But he is healthy and fit and Doctor says babies generally cry until first 3 months. I came back to Singapore for work few weeks after that incidence
I really enjoyed the history lesson! Once again great story!
Love this story! Your new house sounds absolutely fabulous!
GreenGhost1985 in Ouija Board From Hell
What a story! I'm new to this site stumbled across it about a month ago. When I stumbled across your story Doctors Dungeon! Your a great writer. Just fascinating!
Breaghboo in She Has My Face
LuciaJacinta, not sure I agree with you entirely. When my mother, now in her 90s, was born at home in Scotland, her mother always believed she was one of twins because the doctor attending the birth took something away and flushed it down the toilet. My grandmother always believed this was an undeveloped foetus but was never told about it. Admittedly it was a long time ago, and you're possibly right that nowadays medical staff would have to disclose it but you do still hear of horrendous cover-ups.
southerneagle20 in The Devil's Place
There may not be specifically satanic worship, but there is black magic being practiced in the tunnels at the back of the Potters Field. Every person I talk to around here says never go at night or alone to Oakwood because the worshippers in black do not take kindly to strangers.
Augusta, hi! Interesting! I think the song held lots of meaning to may of us during the 1960s... You aren't a military brat are you? Were you familiar with it before?
LuciaJacinta, hello. No, it's interesting but I don't think I ever talked about it with my husband or anyone! And if you knew me, it seems almost impossible. I'm a talker! And if something is bothering me, or a mystery, I would certainly have talked about it. But it's like I just forgot about it for years. Only after Mom's funeral when the song played and my brother jumped out of the car because he heard that song did I think about it.

The man never came back to Mom's house. There was really no way anyone in the military would have known where to go... My parents' house was never listed on any records... Maybe Scott's parents' address was, but not his in-laws. He was not driving a car, just showed up at the back door. Funny, I even read a book about angels after Scott died (at least a year after the guy came to the door) but even then it never occurred to me that anything was "off" about that day. I read the book about how people have seen people who just disappeared after, yet it had happened to me and I never even made a connection! I sort of think that things of that nature are supposed to be fuzzy to us, maybe even for our own good. Or that's what I've come to believe over the years.
OK. This is just getting more interesting. Though your daughter did report this scared her, it does not seem to be the usual scary sort of haunting.

If events cause disruption, or you just want them to end, probably only need to tell your family guests they're 'overstaying' 😁 their welcome.

If they turn out not to be family members, I recommend you try Rook's cleansing/smudging ritual on his profile.
majarlika012 in Dama Blanca En Laguna
At some point what you said left me thinking. As I recalled, the lady was wearing an old Spanish style dress, as described by the people who claimed to have seen it. On the other note, my younger sister and older cousin did not specify if what they saw in the house of my cousin's friend was exactly the same lady haunting the subdivision. They just mentioned a lady doing something in her dress. Roughly 20 years has passed when those events happened. I wish I can give more information. I haven't gone to Laguna for a long time and we (my cousins there) have not seen each other for a long time too - even in reunions - as I always have work when they plan reunions. But we are planning to get together this Christmas, I will make a note to ask them about the lady and update this post. Or much better I'll try to message them through Facebook messenger instead. I'll do it later or tomorrow.

Honestly, I have several posts here in my account in which I personally encounter. But this one? I have second thoughts of posting since I did not encounter it first hand. I don't want to be judged as hearsay story teller hahaha. And I just posted it here now because I just remembered it when I was reading a couple of ghost stories online from other sites.

I promise to give update once I have a word from my cousin.
DarriuxDarkk in Dama Blanca En Laguna
Philippines has always never come short of places to be haunted. I won't dispute that, Filipinos were colonized by not only the Spaniards but by the Japanese and Americans as well. Though not as long as with the Spaniards length of stay which I believe hundreds of years but never the less all are of importance to the country's history.

I do believe that the remnants of those said eras might have placed some of the places in the Philippines somewhat tainted with negative energies from the Spaniards wars with the Philippines' native or local people to the Japanese' wars with the guerrillas for sure have spilled so much blood to the places where we can only imagine as haunted right now.

On your story though you said that the lady in white roams the subdivision so then is it right to assume that the whole subdivision is her place of attachment is that correct?

Would it be possible though that maybe because the whole subdivision is haunted, it might not be just one ghost that are having their apparitions shown to people?

I always tend to believe that the description of white lady is a generalized term or people all over the Philippines who have witnessed it's apparition would've assumed it's just one ghost.

Thank you for the reply majarlika, appreciate it and God bless.
Hi, thanks for reading and thanks for your responses! We do not have pictures of the woman who lived here before, nor did we meet her since she was too ill to attend the closing. We haven't heard of any more visits from "Nanna" although this got us curious, so we have shown her more pictures of deceased family members. For my grandpa on my dad's side, she sees a picture of him and says "Oh that's Big Pop Pop"... Which makes sense that she would call him that - she calls both of her grandpa's "Pop Pop" and being he's a great grandpa, "Big Pop Pop" would make sense, but she totally made that up herself... He didn't look like my dad... How would she know? Now what's weird is when we showed her his WWII army picture when he was like 35 and looked nothing like he did in his older pictures, she also recognized the photo of "Big Pop Pop"!
majarlika012 in Dama Blanca En Laguna
Hi DarriuxDarkk, you got a point there. However, as you see, I have mentioned several versions of the story as to why that white lady existed (not sure if she's still existing up to now). The old creek (club house now) might be the place where her corpse was found but, there may be underlying reasons as to why she roams the entire subdivision.

Since she was told to be from an elite clan, then she might be famous in that community. I am not really sure. She might as well attached herself to the entire community/subdivision.

Philippines was colonized by Spain for 300+ years (until we received independence from Spain in 1898). I wish I have the luxury of time to investigate some more.
Bibliothecarius in Mysterious Sound
Greetings, devilhorns, and welcome to YGS.

Lealeigh makes a great suggestion. (Lealeigh: Sorry, it won't let me upvote you at the moment, Maria; I've agreed with you too often in the last week!)

However, I have a second suggestion. If the repetition of the noises becomes a regular event again, could you switch rooms for one night with your parents, so they may hear it?

Also, you mentioned all of the empty buildings/apartments near your home, but you did not mention if your 3rd floor apartment is the *top* floor of your building. If there's a fourth floor, the noises would be quite loud if the metal & plastic objects hit the floor --and your ceiling. *If* there is a 4th floor, but no-one lives up there, you may find that homeless people or wild animals have moved in temporarily. That would not account for their behavior being at specific times --and animals tend to bring strong odors with them-- but it is a possibility I thought worth mentioning.

Please let us know if any of these suggestions are impossible, as that will help other YGSers to focus their suggestions & advice.

Ungo_Ungo in Demonic Possession
When did this Happen bro? I am familiar with the Town but I can't remember about this exorcism.

I assume your referring to this Catholic Church, right?:)

DarriuxDarkk in Dama Blanca En Laguna
The stories about her death sounds like of an urban legend tied to that place. I do have a question though and I hope others can enlighten me as well because I'm confused.

I thought hauntings of a ghost are usually tied to a place or things they have attachment to. How come that said white lady can roam around the neighborhood and enter people's houses?

If the said lady was murdered or died on that said creek, shouldn't she be haunting that place only?

Sorry I have many questions. It is always good to learn and be receptive to new informations.

Thanks and God bless.
Aside from the handprint episode of the haunting. Your story sounds like a typical poltergeist activity. May I ask if any in the family are stressed out than normal. Usually poltergeist activities are related to an individual who is so stressed out he or she might not realize it's her energy that is lashing out uncontrolled at home.

Are any of your children not coping up well to stressful situations? Or possibly your daughter are creating these telekinetic energies.

Although I do have some reservations with what I think it is since they did witness some apparitions. Have they checked out if some family tragically died there? It would explain why they saw the apparitions.

They might need to contact a priest and have the house blessed. It might help.

Thanks and God bless.

It is frustrating, isn't it?

I usually read the poster's expectations before investing my time reading a story. Hopefully I'm not missing much by deciding not to read this one.

Lalaland - happy Halloween and welcome to YGS.
I am not...err... Witching, but knowing that any questions I may have won't be answered feels like standing in front of my favorite food with my hands tied at my back and my mouth covered with masking tape. 😐
Hi jabond99,

After completely reading your story it does seem to be too many coincidences. I think the selling point for me was when you were analyzing the lock and the lights turned off.

I would have gotten the heck out of there too! While I was reading that part of your story, I was completely envisioning myself in your place.

On another note: What's up with a bathroom that has a glass wall? 😆 There are precious few people on Earth that I would be comfortable in front of while doing anything in a bathroom! I know you were alone but not everyone is. Ha!

Thank you for sharing your story and best wishes, Maria ❤
I wonder why people go through the trouble of writing and submitting a story if they won't participate in the discussion. I hope that was checked off accidentally.

Anyway, I like your screen name because that is where I seem to be living lately. 🙄

- Maria
Hi NorthCoastie19,

Wow! Your story strikes a particular chord with me. My Grandmother passed away three years ago. She had COPD and constantly recurring pneumonia. She also suffered from dementia in her final years.

She died here in Georgia but two of my sister's children (she has six kids) have reported seeing her and can recognize her in the few pictures that my sister has of her. My sister lives in Arizona. My Grandmother never met any of her great grandchildren in life.

If her visits are frightening your daughter, your wife may be able to go into your daughter's room and ask her to be less evident. I'm sure she doesn't mean to frighten your little girl.

Best Wishes, Maria ❤
Hi, NorthCoaster! Just a quick question for clarification: when you showed your daughter pictures of other older people, did you include any photos of the couple you bought the house from?

Thanks in advance.
Lealeigh in Mysterious Sound
Hi devilhorns1432,

If these sounds start up again and if you are certain that they are coming from the kitchen, I would make sure to be in the kitchen at midnight. If you are also certain of the time.

It may not be convenient. I realize you may have school early in the morning and staying up late on purpose isn't a great idea. It might set your mind at ease if you were to find some reason or the cause of the sounds.

Thank you for sharing your story, Maria ❤
Hi Rikke, do you think it's possible the dream you had about the door locking scenario was actually a warning sign from the old lady about what was to come with your ex busting through your door and maybe tried to prevent that from happening? Just a thought. Thanks for sharing 😊
Hi Ayush_Milan_333,

I enjoyed your story. My father worked at a Nuclear Power Plant in Arizona for 35 years. He is retired now.

I imagined that the woman on the road had long hair which was hanging in her face. Otherwise, your grandfather's friend would have noticed that something was wrong earlier.

I'm sorry for the loss of your grandfather.

Thank you for sharing your story, Maria ❤
Lealeigh in Knocks On The Door
Hi handsomerobber,

I was wondering if you were ever able to confirm your father's story about the man who died in the apartment.

It seems to me that such a violent event wouldn't be very difficult to confirm.

I found several news stories on the internet that involved victims being dismembered and found in a refrigerator. None of those stories, however, were exactly the same in circumstances.

On the surface, it would seem to me to be the spirit of the dead man. I imagine that the spirits of those who die from overdoses are confused, frustrated and unsure of where they are. Maybe, many of them are not aware that they have died.

Thank you for sharing your story, Maria ❤
Hi, what bothers me most are the scratches you get from this unseen entity. I've read a lot of personal stories here on this site that those scratches means a lot more sinister than just an ordinary mischievous ghosts. I am worried it is something else and more evil.

Have you ever went to see a priest or anyone that can help?

Be safe and God bless.
Scary! I've gotten several books out of the library on mathematical theory. Very neat. A book written for kids called "The number Devil" is a favorite of mine and my kids. It's easy to read and a precursor into some deeper theories. It's more of a comedy not scary book. Anyway... I have heard of the chain knotting thing before often in the case of demons if you believe in them or just simply, some nasties. Anyway, as a practical idea... Use the pins to detangle the knots. When my necklaces used to twist up, I'd always use a pin to detangle.
Nice story, it's a good thing someone saw them and pointed them to the right direction.
Did you ever ask your husband what the green beret wanted with him that day? Did he go over there? Did he come back on another day?
Thank you all so much. I have read a story or two on this site which refers to spirits with no legs. It is quite interesting and I love the way that you have explained it Cherubim.
Wow! All I can say is this experience might be a bit stronger than even you thought, Mrs Ramsay! The moment I clicked the forward arrow from the previous account to this, before I even saw the title, the "Ballad of the Green Beret" started playing in my head! When I saw the title had Green Beret in it, my next thought was to find the song on YouTube and post it with my comment... Can you imagine my surprise to find the song significant to the story? I think you are right to conclude something paranormal is going on!

Without further ado:
I am doubting their rations on the way were sumptuous but with a couple of satchels, they could carry food enough for them all for 2 days - and children don't eat much anyway.

The ghost reminds me of a will o'whisp in action. I wonder what her story was!
Cherubim in Stairway Chills
Maybe something happened to this "shadow person" in the hallway and stairs area. I think it may have lived there before since it's so haunted where you live. 😳 I have saged for a person to move on where I live now and it worked. I was told to talk to him just like you would with someone standing there that you can see, so I did. I told him he didn't have to stay and he was gone. I've used it in other cases where it didn't work too. I always say a prayer for healing and protection as well. ❤ Keep us posted and God bless.
WOW! Sounds like a poltergeist haunting I also experienced once before. 😨 I've never seen an apparition before like that though and would be scared out of my wits! I sure hope you find someone with experience in these sorts of happenings to help you. Thank you for sharing your story and God bless you and family. ❤ Healing prayers sent your way, please keep us posted.
I agree and have never looked for a holy man to help with such issues. A friend talked me into calling the church once for help, no one took me serious. Poltergeist hauntings really let you know they are there, there's no mistaking something is happening out of the ordinary. I hear it's a German word meaning "noisy ghost."
Lealeigh in The Wind Spoke

I can relate to your good feelings about the wind. If I'm in a bad mood, I go outside and stand in the wind, it feels as if it is blowing away my negativity.

I do believe you have an expanded awareness that can maybe be attributed to your NDE.

I usually don't realize immediately when I am drifting either, even though I knowingly set out to do it. I take cues from what seems strange with myself, if for some reason, seeing myself lying in a bed isn't convincing enough.

I'll sometimes notice: "Hey! I have two right feet!" Or: "All of my fingernails are gone!" Or my personal favorite: "I suddenly weigh several hundred pounds and it's hard to walk."

At these times, critical thinking isn't as good as it is when I am in the world, minding my own business.

Also, my mom woke up and said she still loves "Lea and Perrin's Worcestershire Sauce". She said "It's the ONLY one."

- Maria ❤
James Bond,

I agree it's past time to take a trip to Arizona with Mom's ashes, but alas, not up to me.

The basement is a little less creepy now that the old oil furnace was replaced with a propane one. Everything is shiny and new!

Thank you for your comments
Hello LuciaJacinta,
I'm not sure if the blow dryer is still there. Great idea though. If this happened in my house it would've been gone immediately!

Thank you for your comments.
Lealeigh in The Wind Spoke
When I registered on this site, I was at a loss as to what to call myself.

The name I chose is a combination of what my mother and father wanted to have as my middle name.

My father wanted "Leigh" and my mother wanted "Lea". They are both pronounced the same way.

My middle name is "Lea". My mother, in fact, named me after "Lea and Perrin's Worcestershire Sauce". She liked that sauce in 1981 and probably still does. I could ask but I don't want to mess up her nap. 😜

- Maria ❤
Lealeigh in The Wind Spoke
I'm sorry, I just saw that you answered my question about the word "thickening".

I was just jogging outside and I had to run back home because it started raining. I am not feeling my best. 😜
Lealeigh in The Wind Spoke

Yes. That is exactly the reason why it used to make me afraid. I used to get worried that I wouldn't be able to go back if I went too far away.

There are times when I have met weird stuff in my home when I have done this. Like gray and featureless "people".

Sometimes, objects would be in my house that I knew weren't there normally. It also used to take a bit of extra effort to see clearly. That is not the case anymore.

That is why I asked you what you meant by the word "thickening". To my mind, it seems to mean that your perceived environment becomes less certain.

I tried to upvote your comment but it told me to vote for someone else.
- Maria ❤
Awoken in The Wind Spoke

All I can say is that leaving your body sounds pretty awesome if you can do it at will. Then again, I think I'd be afraid I might get lost or run into something out their. Even, if I could do it I don't think I would, but then I'm a "weird stuff" avoider when I can be.:)
Awoken in The Wind Spoke

Good questions, and I like how you spell Leigh. My daughter's name is Breigh, pronounced as a long E.

As to the wind question, I guess I did imply it was always tied to something evil or bad in the story. That's far from the truth. I LOVE the wind 99% of the time, and feel invigorated as well sometimes by a warm sense of "belonging" for lack of a better word, almost like it envelops me and I'm part of it. Always have.

The "thickening" is the word I use when I feel something isn't right in the wind. Not to be melodramatic, but a weight of evil or ill intent or just a heavy sense of something filling the air with malevolent intent or approaching with no good purpose.

As to my experiences with the drift, I don't ever remember stepping out of my body, or even a separation from it that I can recall. It's more like I'm a part of everything along with my body. Like a specific drop of water inside a glass of water. I'm still a drop of water but I'm also the glass of water which - when I'm deep in the drift - is also all the water in the world.

Hope that makes sense, but after reading the comments I did realize I do experience something like an expanded awareness - maybe? - It happens so often I guess I don't think about it. Sometimes when I'm drifting while trying to go to sleep sometimes someone turns on the light in my bedroom and I have to get up to shut it off again.

But when I get to the light switch I find it isn't on. That's when I realize my eyes are still closed. Same thing has happened to me at places like hotels where I don't usually sleep. The room is clear as daylight, until I open my eyes and break the drift.

I seriously never considered that sort of thing would be somehow connected to the drift itself until I read some of the comments here. I just thought I was sort of semi-sleep walking, and what I saw was just some kind of perfect recall I only got when I was close to sleep.

That still is my working theory, but in the spirit of dismissing nothing, I'll give it some thought.

Thanks again for taking an interest and posting
Awoken in The Wind Spoke
First off, I have to say I'm delighted and surprised by the interest in my story. I'm also intrigued by some of the questions being posed, many of which I never considered before.

Lucia, thank you for your candor. But no, I specifically and intentionally avoided ever getting a mental health diagnosis. I think you can understand my reasoning. I was a kid when they started and I guess I thought if people knew I'd end up in some mental hospital with the other nut cases. So, I kept it to myself for years, although I had four siblings who all knew about a lot of the stuff because they were around me on several occasions. They believed different things about it, but they saw enough that my sister called me in the middle of the night begging for my help when her middle daughter started experiencing some of the same things. As children I suppose they enjoyed some of it, they didn't spill the beans, and we used to spend hours playing something we called the "wind games."

Side note here: I was really disappointed and embarrassed when I found out they faked their part of some of the games. I was little enough when we started playing that I thought we all heard the wind talking and just heard or saw different things. I guess that's the first time I decided to start keeping everything to myself.

I suppose I self diagnosed myself as prone to hallucinations and treated myself by dismissing everything I saw it heard or felt that was out of the ordinary unless I had witnessed. I ignored everything else. And if I did have witnesses, it's not the kind of thing you bring up in conversations if you want to be taken seriously or not dismissed out of hand as a "weirdo"
It's worked so far, beyond being a hot inconvenient at times.
Plus, at this point it's safe to say that I'm pretty much scare proof when it comes to weird stuff. I suppose that's the trade off.
Lealeigh in The Wind Spoke

I guess I call it "drifting" because that's what Awoken has called it. I honestly didn't have a word before. The word "drift" seems good to me.

I feel when I drift that I am moving spiritually but I only have the sense of my body's immobility for a very brief amount of time. That gives way to a warm, buzzing sensation that encompasses my entire body. It starts at my heels. I usually get up from the bed without thinking much about it. Usually, but sometimes the conditions are different.

After I get up, I invariably turn around and look at myself lying there. When I was younger, that sight used to put me in a state of panic. Then, the experience would be over. I would open my eyes and be looking at the ceiling without having the recollection of my spirit lying back down.

I only gain awareness of this state when I'm standing up away from my body. It doesn't scare me anymore. Sometimes I do things other than just stand around. Sometimes I go into other rooms. The bedroom door isn't a barrier to me and I just walk through it.

I have these episodes by starting out awake. I think people call this "Wake Induced Lucid Dreaming".

The last time that I did this, I looked around my room, saw myself lying there and saw that my cat was sitting on my bed taking a bath. I fully expected him to look up at me but he didn't notice anything amiss.

I have read that when you are asleep and dreaming, if you become aware that you're dreaming, the only way your mind can make changes in the dream world is if you expect it to happen...How's that for a run-on sentence 😜

What I mean by this is if it WAS a dream and I expected my cat to notice my spirit, then he should have. He didn't and maybe I actually have been going outside of my physical body.

I never before believed in Astral Projection, but what do I know, really? There are a million websites that talk about Lucid Dreaming. There's bound to be misinformation everywhere in a subject that gets no serious attention.

I'm sorry that my comment is very long winded. These are subjects to which I've given plenty of thought.

- Maria ❤

I have a couple of questions-Why is it that you sister-in-law ran to you grabbed your arm and not that of her parents or other siblings in their own home?

What has happened before or after similar episodes you shared she has had?
Hello. I am a pagan preistess. I have found your story by chance but I am drawn to you and your story. I would like to give you a reading and if your interested I would love to guide you through a few ritual/ceremonies to both strengthen this spiritual bond and I'd like to guide you through a cleansing ritual to protect this connection and this spirit from any negative energy.
I would love to speak to you and go from there.

Feel free to message me or email me
Vanessamarienixon [at]
Mrs Ramsay,

I tried to find some reference on the internet to the spiritual task force that I know I remember hearing about from somewhere. However, I couldn't find anything.
Does anyone else agree with me that Google is getting so commercialized by putting commercial sites at the top of every search that it is almost becoming impossible to search for any information of value anymore? Well... At least it seems like the obscure stuff is being screened out somehow...

James Bond
Bibliothecarius in The Wind Spoke
Greetings, Awoken.

First, to reassure you, not everyone on YGS believes in ghosts: Anno Domini doesn't; I think that Integrist has serious reservations, but that was a conversation that did not go very smoothly.

I admit that I do believe; at some points in my childhood, I'd have preferred not to, but they didn't give me much choice. That said, kudos for your honesty: "I simply don't believe in lost spirits wandering the earth looking for a path to the light." Well, "looking for a path to the light" is a *really* optimistic view; some of the nastier bastards are simply malicious individuals with a grudge against the living.

I'm really curious about your drifts. [Well, *everyone's* drift experiences.] Do you feel as though you are moving spiritually despite your physical body's immobility? Do you rock side-to-side as you begin? Do you feel as though you are rocking longitudinally (i.e.: through the top of your head & soles of your feet) at the start? Do you simply drift upward and away from your physical form? Or do you simply achieve awareness of being in motion when you are already away from body? I have experienced one of these events on multiple occasions and I'm curious to see if the sensation is similar to your experiences.

As for the wind, people in myriad cultures have anthropomorphized different winds over the millennia. I know that I feel invigorated, uplifted, and inspired by West winds (especially in the Autumn) and --to a lesser degree--by Southerly winds, for no discernible reason as they are as valid a set of pressure fronts as North and East winds are. I wonder why that is... Any thoughts? Do different winds operate on different "spiritual frequencies," perhaps? What would a sentient/conscious weather front want to accomplish by scaring a young teenager? The wind forming sounds/words is entirely within the realm of credibility, as that is how human voices work, but *unto what end* would this occur?

Just batting a few ideas about because I'd honestly like to know what you think.

Very interesting. I learn something new every time I read this site.
Lealeigh in The Wind Spoke
Awoken and Cherubim,

I allow myself to "drift". When I have time since I have a good bit of control over it. For quite some time, I have been trying to train myself to dream lucidly. It helps that I have a little background in meditation.

What do you mean by "thickening"? Does that mean that when you drift it becomes more or less coherent?

As for the singing, I know for a fact that I can't sing and it isn't for lack of trying! 😜 Usually, I sing to my cat because he doesn't complain. He waits patiently until the song's over.

Take Care, Maria ❤
LuciaJacinta in The Old Farmhouse
I hope you removed the hair dryer in case it accidentally goes on again and causes a fire.
LuciaJacinta in The Wind Spoke
Very interesting tale. I'm quite intrigued by your story and story telling skills.

As a side note, I almost died several times. Makes me wonder if I actually did die altogether and didn't realize it. I wonder how many of us on here have had NDE and have come close to death or did actually die. Maybe that's what enables many of us to see things not of this realm.

Not to dimish any of your stories but have you ever had any mental health diagnosises?

I am also confused with what I have experienced. I don't dismiss the idea that it might not be a grim reaper at all. Who know's it might have been a ghost of a love one.

In some cultures they believe that when people die, they see their deceased loved ones as if they were fetching them. I don't see apparitions well sometimes but one thing is for certain, it was indeed an entity or something that I have witnessed, be it a ghost or a reaper that I do not know.
LuciaJacinta in Ghosts Come & Go
Why did you buy the board if you knew "not to play with it"?

Perhaps your initial desire to own it opened up a gateway?

Can you clarify why you would buy it but not play with it?
silverthane61 in Creepy Afternoon
Are you the only one that sees or feels these events? I would ask other members of my family if they experience what you are experiencing. Your English is very understandable.
In addition to radio transmissions, static electricity can also turn on touch lamps. Pulling a load of laundry out of the dryer or tossing and turning amongst the bedclothes can both generate a good deal of statically charged particles. Touch lamps are so finicky, I don't like having them around for that very reason. I am not ruling the paranormal out but I am leaning towards the "normal."
I can understand why nursing homes are places for paranormal activity. I am at a loss to explain your sightings, however. To me, the Grim Reaper is a type of angel that takes your soul to eternity (good or bad). Your sighting does scare me, though.
I understand a poltergeist is attached to, and inadvertently caused by, an individual (or so I've read). If this is true, then I do not think smudging or blessing will work. I have not read up on how to suppress poltergeistic manifestations, but it may be worth looking up. If it is something more serious than a poltergeist, then cleansing by a holy man may be in order.
Awwww! 😊 What a beautiful story, I believe our pets are still with us too. Yes, this was her way of letting you know she'll always be with you because none of us (animals included) never really die. ❤
Cherubim in Mama Mia
What a bittersweet story, we are going through this illness too with my boyfriends beloved aunt. 😢 It is so hard to watch a person waste away from Alzheimer's like that. God bless you and family! I've had some of the exact things happen also, like a lamp turning on and much more. I'll never understand why this only happens to certain people. Thank you for sharing. ❤ P.S. I love that we are both from Oregon!
Appreciate the way you write, bro. I can't find the link however, to the clip. I'm on iPhone safari... I'll try to search it on YouTube.
I am so sorry for the loss of your cousin. How tragic for your family!
I have heard spirits cry before. I use to hear it often in an old house we lived in when I was a teenager. I have also seen demonic entities in a church. They were cleansed out thankfully. I think spirits, demons etc. Can manifest most anywhere. I have never heard anything about anyone born on a Wednesday being more receptive to the spiritual realm. I was born on a Sunday and am very receptive/sensitive.

Maria/lealeigh this bit is for you too.

Of course you can do that - I'm sure granma would be pleased. But if you are going to put it up there I should probably explain why I don't feel it translates well. There are three words for "coward" in danish: "fej" or "fejg", "kujon" and "kryster". They all basically mean coward but in different severity and circumstance.

"Kujon" is the one that most directly translates to "coward" - someone who stays far away from fights or battles even if they are worth fighting. This is a noun.
"Kryster" means a coward who runs and hides in mamas skirts. A noun.
"Fejg" is the most severe one. It means someone who enjoys starting fights when they are clearly much stronger - like someone who goes out in groups to beat up single persons who don't stand a chance. Someone who is "fejg" will shy away from any fight they are not sure to win and will be an informant just to get paid. This is an adjective.

I'm telling you this so maybe you can find a better translation - I couldn't 😅

Also your name makes perfect sense to me - librarian in danish is "bibliotekar" 😊
I will use it in the future - I just wasn't sure if that would have been disrespectful and your thorough response definitely did not deserve that.

Bedste hilsner

Thanks for your understanding responses; I'm going to put #3 up in my classroom with the translation underneath it.

Lady-glow is right; "It translates perfectly. I wish everybody in the world lived by it."


(Please, use the short version of my screen-name: "Bibliothecarius" is Latin for "Librarian," but "Biblio" is more like "Books.")
Show no fear is good advice. I have no experience with what you described, but I do agree with you that showing fear or running away would have been a terrible idea.

Thank you for sharing.
All I can say is, I'm glad you shared this. I'm not surprised at all or disbelieving of your experience. I think maybe your grandmother was a little too friendly with whatever lived in the wind near her place, but other than that, I appreciate you posting.

This story is what brought me to this site. It's the first one I read because it was exactly what I was hoping to find.

Thanks again for sharing.

I know your last comment wasn't directed at me but I wanted to say something about your grandmother's phrase:

"It is weak and cowardly to hit someone smaller than yourself."

It translates perfectly. I wish everybody in the world lived by it.

- Maria ❤
Awoken in The Wind Spoke

I'm glad you enjoyed it. And thanks for sharing about your "drift".
I've always thought anyone has the capacity to drift, they just don't realize it. Like people who tell you they can't sing.

My response to that - "well, not with that attitude.":)
Awoken in The Wind Spoke
J Bond,

It's a different school. I only work in bowler, wi occasionally as part of my job, and I just started this job in June. It's about an hour northwest of my home and just a small portion of the area I cover. It's basically a little speck of a town.
I went to a lot of schools but that's nowhere close to any of them. Totally random encounter or sighting or whatever. And honestly, whatever it really is, it's the first time I've even seen something that looked like a kid.
I seconded the comments here, can you describe more about this green man?

The reason I asked is because it sounds like you might have witnessed a Duwende. They usually have certain colors but mosly popularly seen are either white, black, or even red.

They are very small manifestations or beings (not human or ghosts). They are quite mischievous they say, some friendly and some not so much. They can either give you good fortunes or curse you.

Their colors are mostly associated with garments but most says it's their skin.

I'm no expert on this things but I grew up in a very superstitious and catholic home. Most of the time, the elders are the one telling is this supernatural creatures probably to scare us kids that time.

It is quite odd to see that green man but it can be an entirely different creature. Hope more people can definitely answer what they are for you. God bless.

1) I have read your response several times and I laughed every time at this - the teacher voice is a very powerful thing 😂

2) There is no doubt when having these dreams that they are not the normal ones. Unfortunately I don't always remember all that I am told during them, though I always wake up feeling calm and determined or like I gained some insight. Also it seems certain conditions must be met for them to happen...
The mental image of a travelling cheesecake salesman in his electric pterodactyl is very entertaining by the way - definitely gives me a Douglas Adamsy vibe that my ordinary dreams unfortunately do not have.

3) I don't think it is sexist as such. My granma always taught me "Det er fejt at slå på nogen som er mindre end én selv."
Which approximately translates to "It is weak and cowardly to hit someone smaller than yourself." As women are usually smaller and/or not as physically strong as most men it is not based on gender but on capability and strength and the risk taken of becoming the beatee not the beater. It also says something about fighting the power, not kicking someone already on the floor. I believe it is an excellent word to live by and I wish it translated better.

4) Oh don't worry - his ribs were cracked (I don't know the appropriate english term, in danish we would say bent) so it took quite a few weeks before he could laugh or lift anything without pain. The bruise was very large, extending from just under the armpit down to the last rib. I thought that if I had done it I would have had to hit him several times with my elbow. (Again not possible as he was on my back, it was an impossible angle)
I kept thinking it must have been something pointy but several blows, that's why I believed it was my elbow, so it could very well be something like a walking support frame (as I saw her with through the door) or the end of a cane. It was more or less one big ugly bruise at the time I saw it though.
As for not opening that door - yes I kind of felt the same as I opened it, I guess every time I have sworn at the people in scary movies for being too stupid there was at least three fingers pointing back at myself 😅

5) Fighting to gain back control was very hard, it was quite a web he had spun around me. Inching my way back was very frustrating but extremely liberating and a very powerful experience. He is really a very weak person, always looking to feel powerful. He claimed that he went to therapy as he saw the error of his ways, but I tend to believe this was an attempt at manipulating me back into that web. I really hope it is true though, it could make a big difference to him and it does look like he has turned his life around in some ways since.

Thank you so much for responding - I am very happy you enjoyed it.

How far apart did you see one apparition from the other one? That IS creepy! 😳 The one with blood on her face that stuck out her tongue out at you seems to want to scare you for some reason? The second one sounds like your "doppelganger." There's an old urban legend that it's not good to see it, I don't want to seem negative or scare you. You might want to research that if you've never heard of it. Or I've heard it said we have a life on a different plane, or parallel and you just may have glimpsed a bit of that. What ever the case, it's a scary good story for this time of year. Thank you for sharing.
jabond99 in The Wind Spoke

You mention the character in black and white lurking outside the school in Bowler. Was this the same school that you talked about in your comment about missing an entire summer?
I'm sure many years have passed between the episodes, and they may not be the same school at all. I'm just wondering...
Cherubim in Ghosts Come & Go
Do you know anything about the property you live on? I bet animals do see more than we do. I don't blame your mom for not wanting to talk about it! 😨 YES, I too believe Ouija boards and such things can bring in unwelcome spirits. Silverthane61 reminded me of that and I wrote about the crystal ball I ordered in the mail and tried to use, I kind of wish I hadn't and glad your ex took that Ouija board off your hands! Thanks for sharing, glad your "ghosts" seem to be friendly. ❤
Cherubim in The Wind Spoke
Fascinating story. This reminded me of when I was a kid and would "drift" like that a lot in my room laying on my bed. I'd snap out of what ever I was experiencing, not sure if it were "real" or just a dream. I never really spoke of it to anyone. I've also heard something like words tying to be formed in running water a few times before too. I wasn't scared, but very surprised. Thank you for the read... Especially so close to Halloween time. 😜
Hi Jabond99 and Semper Fi! No, my dad was NOT in special forces, he was a helicopter pilot. But my first husband Scott was a graduate of the Army Special Forces School at Bragg and though he was a Marine (Force Recon) he was authorized to wear the beret (I keep it close in a drawer of my nightstand!) And you are so right, it doesn't make a lot of sense that my dad would show up wearing the green beanie. We just had that record by Barry Sadler as kids and it was always special to us and reminded us of Dad. My intuition is more that it's some kind of angel who has shown up at the two most trying times of my life and even though we didn't talk, well, maybe he somehow gave me some strength. At least enough to come out the other side as a stronger person. I am also VERY intrigued by the idea of a spiritual task force. It never occurred to me that this guy or entity or whatever who came to my parents' door might be part of something like that (there are a couple other events that have occurred though, which I do think could be explained by such a theory). I'd love to hear more if you can find some details. Thanks much for posting!
Awoken in The Wind Spoke
I have no idea where you post this sort of thing but if you happen to live in Wisconsin and you are interested in hunting lost spirits or whatever. Please stay away from Bowler, Wi. I'm 100% serious and not trying to reverse psychology some interested parties into grabbing their ghost catchers or whatever you use to go for a look.
There is something that looks like a kid by the school at night sometimes. On the edge of the playground. Black and white clothes.
He's not a kid. And he isn't friendly. Feels like spiders crawling out of my skin every time he's around. If I lived nearby I would move
Believe it or don't, but if you do please go happy haunt hunting somewhere else.


I am seldom at a loss for words, so I'll need a few moments to adjust; too many responses flooding through my head right now.

1) I know exactly what you mean about using the teacher voice. The school administration asked me to stop using mine as it scares other teachers & the workers in the front office. 😕

2) I, also, have those dreams; the moment I start having them I realize "This is not a dream. I must pay attention, now." When I am having an "ordinary" dream, I could be "a traveling cheesecake salesman whose electric pterodactyl got a flat tire on the way to King Nebuchadnezzar's yacht" and I'd think it was all *perfectly normal* until I woke up. The other "dreams" though, always contain vital or significant information.

3) I have never understood why a man would feel the need to beat up a woman. If a woman attacked me, obviously I'd defend myself; I don't think I could live with the shame or embarrassment of having initiated violence against a woman. I hope that is not an offensive or sexist sentiment, even though it is predicated upon social gender norms...

4) I'm delighted that the old lady was there to protect you. I was shouting at you *not* to open the door to the hallway, but that's probably due to my watching too many scary movies. The "huge bruise" he suffered (and yes, I do hope he suffered!), did it look like a single, circular bruise, such as a punch or a kick might leave, or was it a longer bruise that would result from a walking cane or a walking support frame? I'm picturing an indignant older lady walloping this "boyfriend" with her cane and it is a very satisfying image.

5) I am glad that you've learned of your own strength. Men who treat women badly tend to be insecure individuals who need to feel like someone or something is under their control. Standing up to them is the best thing you can do for yourself; ultimately, it may force them to look at their actions & motivations, too.

Be well, Rikke, and thanks for sharing this powerful experience with us. It's going into my "favorites" list the moment I finish typing this response.

Best wishes for healthy future relationships,
Awoken in The Wind Spoke

Good question. The official explanation?
Honestly, I have no idea. But someone from the school found me outside I think when the next school year started and I didn't show up.
Then I stayed with my great aunt for awhile, and then my grandmother, before moving back in with my mother until I figured I was better off alone and hit the road.
I guess I never really considered asking about that summer. Life was rough, and violent, and strange, and I was hungry and lonely, and to top it off there were voices in the dark that scared the crap out of me and "not people" popping up occasionally others couldn't see that I couldn't talk about.
So in the big scheme of things, a lost summer I couldn't remember wasn't something I missed too much.
Don't get all weepy though. That was a long time ago. So, no worries really. But thanks for asking.
Bibliothecarius in Shadow Of The Living?

Sorry, busy week at work; didn't respond to your question in a timely manner.

No, I do not think you have any cause for fear:
-- it doesn't create a negative atmosphere ('dark' could be due to limited natural light conditions)
-- it doesn't try to shock or terrorize anyone
-- it hasn't attacked any family members or guests
-- it doesn't do anything but stand nearby or walk around
My reaction is that the above points are sufficient reason to leave it alone. It seems to be curious about your family, it hasn't hurt anyone, and it doesn't mind being seen (well, within limits at any rate).

The point of concern that I have is only fear you felt at the most recent encounter (your response on 22.10.19). Did you feel oppressive dread & horror or were you simply startled & concerned? If the latter, then you've had a natural reaction to an unexpected event. If the former, then there are other issues in play that may need to be addressed.

Think carefully about your state of mind at the time before responding; please let us know how you're doing, also.

Mrs Ramsay,

Separately, I am intrigued by your idea of a "spiritual task force" that would serve to go around helping those in spiritual distress. You mentioned this in one of your other stories, saying that your ex-husband may be one. I wonder if anyone else has had a similar experience with this concept. Somewhere (perhaps one of those late night talk shows) I have heard that something like this takes place as a secret military program (with live participants, not those departed). I'm not trying to start any conspiracy theories here, but your mentioning of that brought back my memories in that topic.

James Bond
Hello Mrs Ramsay,

Thank you for your stories (as a military guy myself, I have went back and read with interest all you have posted).

Pertaining to your Hero in a Green Beret, I would like to ask whether your father was indeed in the Special Forces (Green Beret)? If he was, then it may well be him. However, if he wasn't then I suggest that it may not have been him. As you probably well know, the Green Beret is achieved by very few and is a mark of distinction even by those in the military. As such, I don't think anyone (including spirits) would be wearing the Green Beret unless it was earned. Sort of like wearing medals that one has not earned-most in the military would not do that. I believe that ethos would probably carry over to the spirit side as well.

Well, thanks for your stories and comments. I like to read those.

James Bond
jabond99 in The Wind Spoke

Missing a whole summer of your life is kind of a big deal. What was the (official) explanation for that, if I could ask?

It is good to hear that you are there for your daughter and niece. That is the type of mentoring or advice that I suggested for you. Seems you can provide some guidance at least to someone young and inexperienced, and probably frightened. That is very good.

Please keep those experiences of yours coming.

James Bond
Lealeigh in The Blue Church
I know this story is two years old and I don't have much hope that Mavvey will ever read my comment.

I have to say that your mother was very good at aggravating spirits. She aggravated my spirit. I couldn't imagine bringing children to such a location, after filling their heads with frightening rumors, just because I was bored.

Regardless, I hope in the time since you posted this story, you have been able to reconnect with your mother. ❤

I don't know if this is good advice or not, but maybe you might return to the church one day. Leave some flowers somewhere. The way you have described the voice on the EVP makes me feel sad.

Best Wishes, Maria ❤
Templar- I was very touched by the fact that you laid the cat to rest (in whichever manner you did it) and the dream about your horse.

For sure our animals stay around us. I have had experiences with a number of my cats and dogs who have passed on.

In fact something rather strange happened just yesterday afternoon. I had a cat, Toby, who had to be euthanized exactly a year ago due to his physical condition. His kidneys failed.

Toby was terrified of storms and we always knew when a storm was coming our way because about 15 to 30 minutes before we heard the first thunder clap he would come rushing inside, crouching, almost flat on his stomach.

Well yesterday late afternoon I was sitting on the couch watching a TV programme and I saw this crouching shadow-like little creature legging it towards the kitchen. My first thought was that it was Percy, my current cat. I also have two foster dogs, they are only with me temporarily. The dogs were lying on a mat outside the door. Percy hates these dogs and avoids them like the plague. He usually comes in through one of the windows. Yesterday (I thought) he came in right next to these dogs. In fact he would actually have had to come through them. The reactions of the dogs were priceless as well. Almost in one motion they both stood and craned their necks towards the kitchen.

I was quite flabbergasted and rushed into the kitchen - no Percy. I found him fast asleep on a bed in one of the bedrooms.

A while later I heard that first thunder clap and then I knew exactly what had gone rushing through the door into the kitchen. That was Toby for sure.

We're desperate for rain in our part of South Africa. It rained late yesterday afternoon and even as I sit here now I hear the thunder and some rain - not much, but some. Perhaps Toby came to tell me not to be too concerned because our drought will be broken? I certainly hope so!

Regards, Melda
I have heard of people reporting such things, but I have not personally experienced talking or crying ghosts.
Haha, lady-glow, he is indeed a man of many names by now 😂

Yes I really felt like an uninvited house guest that had far overstayed my welcome - like when the host has looked at their watch several times and politely mentioned something about having to get up early the next morning. But that completely changed after the "dream" - affecting the dog too. And it felt very real, not like a dream at all.

Thank you
I actually wish I did talk with them about the experience, but I did not. I told my mother who said to me "that house is too crowded to be haunted." I asked her not to make me go back again, and that was the end of that!
Awoken in The Wind Spoke

Yeah. I was homeless I guess. Sorry for the late response.


I never really gave much thought to developing the drift. Most of the time I tried to stay out of it, which could be a challenge. I embarrassed myself during a school concert once because if it when a shadow was walking through the seated people and I pointed at it while we were all still performing without realizing what I was doing.
The drift is entirely too comfortable when life gets hard, everything real just sort of drops away and you are just part of everything.

Like I said, it's hard to explain, but getting deeper into the drift isn't a problem, getting all the way back out is the rub. You might think you are out, but sometimes you realize you have been drifting for hours, or in my case, days or even weeks. I lost a whole summer once when I was a kid. Drifted the whole time. Slept outside. Real lord of the flies meets my side of the mountain stuff. When I finally came back to myself I was wearing the same clothes as when I got out of school that year, what was left of them anyway, and had no idea what happened to my shoes.
I honestly have no idea what I ate. But I remember the dew forming on me in the grass when the sun came up, when I would tuck by hands under my belly and shiver until the wet was mostly gone.
So yeah, the drift is dangerous in its own way. Thanks for your interest though

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