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Hi VP.

Are you talking about the friend from one of your previous stories?


Sorry, but I have to ask in order to avoid making the wrong assumptions.

Anyway, if you're talking about the same family, in your previous story there's no mention of the girls being "psychic and attract spiritual energy", though the fact that they are young makes them more receptive to the paranormal world.
Also, if it's the same family, did they bring along anything from the previous house?

Something that, in my opinion, would be important to research, is if the crashing noise wasn't coming from the downstairs apartment, after all this is an old house and it's possible that the walls are not sound proof. As for the reaction of the animals, I wouldn't consider it conclusive, they would have reacted the same way regardless if the noise was caused by a mundane event or by something else. Or perhaps, had it being made by a paranormal/negative energy, they would have behaved a little different prior to hearing the noise.

Are you aware if there's any unexplained activity in the other units?

"One of her daughters brought home antiques from her grandmother's house which may have invited the energy... Old toys, a toy box, and some old ceramic plates may have something to do with it."

Just because the stuff is old doesn't necessarily mean that it has to have negative energy attached to it.
Is this grandmother your friend's mother? If so, what do you know about her house? Has your friend ever mentioned her mother's house being haunted?

From my point of view, I wouldn't discard the possibility of something coming from the cemetery, perhaps a lost spirit that doesn't know where to go next. But I'm not sure if it was there before your friend and her children moved in or if it came after.

Something that you hadn't mention is what kind of vibes your friend feels coming from her daughter's closet. Have you checked it too?
After all, you both are "very spiritually attuned" and, I imagine, would be able to sense the energy "living" in there.

Has your friend done something to protect herself and her children from whatever is there?
If not, I hope she will do it soon.

Thanks for sharing.
[at] The_Lost_Voyage_11: I wanted to start by saying I just read one of your stories today, the House on North St. And was trying so hard to envision the layout based on your description... It sounds a lot like a home in my family and like the home I rented when in university, both of which I have written about. Fascinating!

As for my friend, where she lives has been continuously rented, but my friend and her daughters seem to be psychic and attract spiritual energy. One of her daughters brought home antiques from her grandmother's house which may have invited the energy because my friend said she did not feel it when she first moved in. Old toys, a toy box, and some old ceramic plates may have something to do with it.

My friend also indicated that she has seen the spirit of a boy in the home recently, who appears to be of Native American descent. Her downstairs neighbors are from Guatemala and the spirit of the boy she saw resembles one of their sons. So it could all be interconnected.
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in The Strange Crash In The Kitchen
Hello virulentpeach, another fascinating and perplexing encounter! Thanks for sharing!

Was your friend the first to live in this apartment after the house was converted into units? How long had her apartment been vacant prior to her moving in?

My feeling is that the energy/entity in this home or at least her apartment had been dormant before she moved in. That's why neither of you picked up on it. Just as ghosts typically pull energy from people and the environment in order to manifest, when the energy became active again it took a little time to draw enough energy to begin manifesting into shadows and be able to move objects. Now it's gotten strong enough to be able to draw energy directly from her, which is now a physical health concern. I'm curious as to how old her daughters are, because if they around the teen years, that's another source of energy it can draw from and since kids can replenish their energy much more quickly, it isn't as apparent.

I believe the crash heard in the kitchen was residual and may provide a clue as to what happened in the past there that contributes to the haunting. If she hasn't, she should research the history of the place. The cemetery may play into it, but I think something else is at work here. It would be in her best interests to have the place cleared/cleansed in any way she can of this entity/energy or she may end up having to move.

Hopefully that helps, I hope she's able to resolve this situation quickly! Please keep us posted!
BravelyKegger in Quaint Wasn't So Quaint
I am also a Christian. I am curious if people see things due to them opening a spiritual door, or perhaps it's a spiritual gift from God. Some people believe empaths are capable of seeing spirits, but as an empath myself I have never experienced anything. What I do know however, is that Christians do not need to fear demons or the spiritual world, Jesus overcome the world and the devil for us on the cross.
RCRuskin in The Tea Set
A very sad, yet happy, story. So sad what happened to that young girl. Given the circumstances of your childhood, that was a very generous gift you received.
callmedoom in The Tea Set
What an amazing story. Thank you for sharing. I do believe that the little girl who kept appearing to you was really trying to keep you safe. It seems she must have been poisoned and gotten sick while playing with her own tea set and wanted to keep the same thing from happening to you. She definitely had a connection to that tea set and I can't help but wonder if that tea set had previously belonged to her. I think it's sad that the tea set ended up getting broken when you were moving. It would've been a neat heirloom and story for you to share with your children.

I've really enjoyed all the stories you've written on this site. Would you allow me to read some of your stories on my paranormal podcast?
NubianPrincess in It's The Little Things

Hope you're well. Also an old user, but had forgotten my passwords (to the email - good old yahoo, and the site), so decided to create a new account cause I missed commenting. Been just coming on to read stories.

...anyhu, from my experience it doesn't hurt to tell whatever entities (be it the little girl, or something else) to move on and leave your space be. If that doesn't work then you can call in a priest or shaman. Whatever your believes.

The girl doesn't seem bad, just creepy. It's the other energy am concerned about.

Hope all works out.
Oh the site posts where you said the story took place, not where your from. That's why some of mine will say Kentucky, when I live in Illinois. Or we'll have an Aussie whose story might say Singapore, etc.
Both are still mods😊 Life keeps them rather busy, but I did drop them a line you were here. So... πŸ˜‰
applerose1964 in It's The Little Things
BTW - I'm not from Idaho --- I'm from Georgia... LOL πŸ€” πŸ€” πŸ€” ❀ ❀ ❀
applerose1964 in It's The Little Things
Rajine... Yes, I think it's all connected... As far as getting a priest or someone to bless the home, haven't thought about it... It hasn't freaked me out that much.

Valkricry... YES! It's been a while... Life got in the way - LOL Do you know if Miracles and Granny Z are still on here, I'd like to say "HI"...and thank you for a trip on memory lane.
❀ ❀ ❀
Perhaps you could call a priest or someone to bless your home, do you think what you experienced in your home and that girl you saw are connected?
A resident spirit I'm assuming, sad that it's a little girl, she's probably still earth bound because she died so young and never got to live out her life.
Very interesting story, and you are right that dogs (most animals in fact) can sense supernatural things
I remember you - more through Miracles and Granny Z, than first hand.
Any way, welcome back! And here's a wee gift:
RCRuskin //

Even in Korea, "snake worship" has not yet been properly studied.
Some scholars even claimed that it originated in India.

However, there are no exact facts.
Look at the history of the Korean Peninsula, its people were very record-crazy.

However, the area where I live was originally a country completely different from Korea.
I should say that it was annexed to Korea in very ancient times.

Most of the history of the area where I live has been lost since the Mongol invasion and ancient korean (Goryeo) VS jeju (Tamla),Mongol Union wars. (λͺ©ν˜Έμ˜ λ‚œ)

In this process, there are, of course, religious stories passed down by "oral tradition."
However, not many people keep the story because so many people died due to the civil war between 1948 and 1954.

It's a sad reality.
So here I was, looking up something else entirely, something relating to the Greek Pantheon and I happened upon an interesting reference:

"Snake image: A lararium traditionally includes a representation of a snake, which represents the Agathos Daimon, the protector of pantry and food stores. A simple painting or good quality photo of a snake is fine."

Now I should probably check with the department of archeology or anthropology in the local university, but it is interesting to me that snakes as guardians of the home is a theme in at least two cultures.
AussieRedDog, your humour certainly comes through in your writing. Got to love that. Lol
Your TL wasn't too patient that day eh? The heat of the Northern Territory must have got to him. If it's been as hot as it's been on the East coast, I'd understand his shortness in attitude completely. Considering it's spring, the heat has been unbelievable.
Anyway, enough about the weather, the kid you saw skippy may be finding it difficult to go to the next realm. Its a shame you weren't there long enough to help her move on.
Hello, Aussie: I agree with Lost V. That 'maybe' that little girl was having some fun, & simply doesn't realize her present condition.
In her time frame she's just doing what a child would do. Being frivolous, giggling, & playful. Possibly inquisitive, too. She may be curious as to what you, & your fellow TC are doing!

All the Best! 😁 😁
Anina, thank you for your sincere wishes. I deeply appreciate it!

Take care! 😊 😊
I would have had a breakdown if that were to happen to me! Rest their souls and may you find peace in your grief.

I do believe they were gifts, and a clear message that though they may be gone in body, they will always be with you in spirit. How lovely these two souls are ❀
sorry its its not called the "old hazel Hawkins hospital." it is called by residents..."the old hospital."
hi everyone I am born and raised here in hollister ca. The hospital was known as the "old hazel Hawkins hospital"I found a link were they talk about the demolition of it to build new housing. Hope you can either copy and paste it or at least that its clickable. Https://
Hello AussieRedDog, great story, what a spooky encounter!

I enjoy hearing ghost stories from Australia, you've certainly had your fair share of intriguing experiences there.

I'm not sure which is creepier though, knowing some little girl ghost was watching and being playful on your radio as you were doing your business or watching the scene from another time, as she was skipping through the house seemingly oblivious to her circumstances? My guess would be the former rather than the latter!

Thanks for sharing!
Linjahaha, Great story, and very true words said, *If you don't know what you're doing, just don't do it.*
Hi old_dude I hope that you still get on this site. I am VERY intrigued by your encounters with the ghost horse. It is so eerie yet fascinating! I got chills down my spine just reading about it because it's so surreal.

I came across a video on YouTube where a family were touring the back of the cemetery and they saw horse tracks! It is obvious that they were not even aware of the legend of the ghost horse!

You are not allowed to post external links to this site I think, but if you go to YouTube and search "Texas Road Cemetery - Quick Tour #2" you will find it.
Hi, again, Lost Voyage: That's a verrrrrrrrrrry good question. Why don't they just bulldoze the house once, & for all? Thereby ending the problem of curious kids, & the like trespassing.
I 'did' do a little research thanks to my sister telling me what she discovered recently. I went online, & found out that the house was razed, & a new structure was built in its place. The new building is about the same size as the mansion, but very modern. It is, now, part of the Dairy Farm with offices in it, & trucks parked around it. I'm sure the ghost doesn't mind since it's still owned by family!

Thanks again for your input, & take care! 😁 😁
Hi, Rajine-I agree with you, & Lost Voyage. It was possibly one of the farmer's past family members checking to see what us kids were doing & scaring the crap out of us in the process.
I'm sure whomever was chuckling to themselves after seeing us run away. They were, probably, thinking 'Ha! That should 'teach' you.'.
It surely did teach us. I've always believed in the paranormal, but I retain a scientific frame of mind in doing so because 'some' things 'can' be explained. Like a furnace roaring when it starts up, or some creaks, or groans from an old structure.
However, after going through all the 'logical' possibilities if one cannot come up with a rational explanation, then what is left is, therefore, in the category of the unexplainable. To wit I ponder, & am still fascinated by.
Thank you for reading, & replying! Take care! 😊 😊
Hello again Linjahaha, good to hear from you!

Yes I believe your little adventure was partially what caused the family/farmer to put the fence up. I also feel as I mentioned that he knew you were telling the truth about what you saw, he was adamant about proving you wrong, to try and dissuade you from telling your story. He knew who and what was in that house and why, perhaps the family skeletons in the closet so to speak.

Most of the stories you read, (not referring to yours, this is just an example) about the 'neighborhood haunted house' come from people exploring the place, then they have an encounter, go back and tell others who then proceed to explore the place to see what they can experience and then on and on it goes until half the population in the area have been there, and the place has quite the reputation, and sometimes it becomes urban legend. Some stories are true, some embellished.

Either way, from the way you describe the place, having a huge population of kids and teens trespassing and exploring a dangerous place, especially if they are lured upstairs when there's no floor, is asking for trouble. Despite the fact that these kids are on private property, the farmer could still be held accountable with lawsuits etc depending on the legislation in the area.

Essentially I believe the fence and his patrols served two purposes, protect the family property and secrets from prying eyes and make sure no one gets hurt that he could be liable for. Of course this begs the question, why not just bulldoze the place and that would resolve both problems. Curiouser and curiouser!
R.C.-Mary was living with her eldest daughter D.D. [at] the time of her passing. She did call us to come out to her house to look through the personal belongings. However, John was very emotional, & only kept some of the most personally significant items that he wanted. Like her Bible, a couple Rosaries, pictures, a Missal, & some cute little trinkets that he had bought for her for past occasions.
The broach was not among them, & I did not go through Mary's things as I felt that only her children should do that. Around that time, I had completely forgotten about the broach that she wanted me to have.
'That' is what makes the incident so amazing. It wasn't even there. Anywhere at all.
I have no idea 'where' it went to, but it wound up on 'my' couch cushion from out of the blue. However, the broach showed up shortly after my husband passed. I do believe it 'is' a gift from her. I, also believe the disc was a gift from John.
I don't impose my beliefs on anyone, but 'that' is what I, personally, believe. I hope this answers your question.
Thank you for reading, & take care! 😊 😊
May their Memories be Eternal.

I have just one simple question, if you will allow. When your MiL Mary passed, did the family get together to divide up her things?

Hi Pajalbero

Those sudden and unexplainable scratch marks usually suggest an evil entity, I believe that we all have a sixth sense that warns us of impending trouble, has anyone else at work experience this as well?
Old houses carry a lot of history and secrets along with the ghosts of the past that's attached to it, from the way you speak about it, it must have been a grand house back in it's day, clearly one of the spirits must have been really attached to the old mansion.
Hi Linjahaha

Our loved ones that have passed on will always give us signs to show that they are around, losing someone is never easy but we live by the wonderful memories.
Thank you again, Lost V., for reading 'both' of my posts. It would, & 'did' make sense. My sister-in-law, Beth, was the one who brought that to my attention. She was rather excited when I told her about it. Although I was crying [at] the time because I was so perplexed & touched to see items that 'really' meant something to me personally.
She fully understood my tears & let me cry it out of my system enough so she could calm me down to explain to me what her opinion was.
I still have those items. The DVD & the broach. I was afraid to even 'wear' the broach for fear of losing it, but Mary wouldn't want that. She wanted me to wear it. Whenever I do wear it I think of her. I think of my John all the time. That will never change, but it feels good to have confirmation that they are still around, but in a different way & on a different plane. I like to think that they 'do' manage to visit us from time to time. However, I know they are in a much better place where there's no more pain/suffering. Yet, I believe, that they are still very concerned about those of us that they love that are still on this earthly plane.
I'm not pushing my beliefs on anyone else. This is just how "I" believe!
Thank you again for reading-I enjoy your insights/comments!
😊 😊
Hey, Lost Voyage, thanks for your comment. I like hearing from you, & the others. I did not understand it [at] the time, but that would be correct. To whomever was there would remember the house the way it 'was' with the floor intact.
However, when the farmer looked the light disappeared. I have to wonder if, like you said, he 'was' aware of the haunting there. Hence, that is why the place remained empty for 50 plus years afterwards.
All 8 of us 'saw' it. Some of my cousins refuse to even discuss it to this day. My sister is much more open-minded, & we have still talked about it with awe, & fascination. However, like I mentioned, the farmer's family has an electric fence around the property/house with a 'no trespassing' sign on the fence. Maybe 'our' little adventure prompted that! Do ya' think?
Take care,& thanks for reading! 😊 😁
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in Little Gifts Out Of Nowhere
Hello Linjahaha, what incredible gifts, and such validation that our loved ones still communicate and connect with us from the other side!

I think you were spot on, both John and Mary knew you were a sensitive while they were alive and selected items to gift you that you would know ONLY came from them and in the untraditional way they were delivered as well! They left no room for doubt. I also get an image of them chuckling on the other side when you got these gifts and were stumped, trying to rationalize the sudden appearances of these items!

What a gift in and of itself to have such connections in life and then beyond life as we know it, more proof that love transcends our physical existence and what we know. The journey always comes full circle! Thanks for sharing!
Hello Linjahaha, what an intriguing experience, thanks for sharing!

My feeling from your story is that whatever remained behind in the house, possibly one of the man's past relatives sensed someone had come to visit when you both attempted to explore the house. It's like someone hearing someone entering their house while they're upstairs working. 'Whoever' it was knew you were there, and was coming to see who it was, hence the light. If it was someone from the previous century to the 20th, carrying a lantern would be appropriate.

Now where it gets interesting, is that a ghost sort of occupies a house on a spiritual plane similar to ours, but the house is how they remember it. It's kind of how they have to manifest in this reality from where they are most of the rest of their time. It's why people see ghosts walk into a wall in a hall and after some careful research they find out a door once existed there. To the ghost, the door still is there in 'their' house. If I haven't lost you yet, it's why the ghost was walking across floors that were no longer there, on that other plane, the non-physical one, the floors were still intact. Since a ghost is no longer a physical being but a spiritual one that hasn't moved on to the regular spiritual plane, they remain behind, stuck between the physical world and a spiritual plane where a carbon copy of sorts exists of their home, or work place or anything else familiar to them. It's why many of them think of a family as 'intruders' in what they still consider their home. Moving between the two planes is why 'it' was there was one minute and not the next when the property owner showed you the truth. I also think that the owner/man with the gun, knew exactly what you kids were talking about, he wasn't oblivious to the goings on in his old family home, he just didn't want the rest of the world to know.

Anyways enough of my rambling, perhaps it will provide some insight, or at least another perspective to your mystery encounter, but it was a good read all the same!
CrimsonTopaz in Office Nightmare
Pajalbero, this must be difficult for you.
A visit to your GP should be first on your list. Maybe your GP can take a blood test and see what's in your system. As our members have said, you need to find out if it's something from the building that your inhaling.
Please keep us posted on what's happening.
lady-glow in Office Nightmare
Welcome to YGS.

Like the previous posters, I think your experience may have some mundane explanation, either by some factor present in the air of the production area, or by something in your system, specifically food.

The information in the following links may explain what you have experienced:



It would be important to research if other employees have presented the same or similar reactions in that area, then discard if it's due to an environmental factor.

I don't discard the possibility of a paranormal presence, but consider important to gather more information before concluding these events to be paranormal in nature.

Thanks for sharing.
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in Office Nightmare
Hello Pajalbero, thank you for sharing your experience!

Reading your account, I'm not so sure there's as a supernatural element involved, To be clear, I don't doubt at all what happened to you to nor the way you you relayed it, in fact you were very detailed in your experiences and the accompanying symptoms.

You didn't mention the feeling of any kind of a spirit, cold spots, being watched, electrical fluctuations, the indicators that a spirit/ghost could be manifesting. In fact you stated the internet connection in that room was better than in your office. The symptoms you describe could be from a physical cause, mold, (which may not produce the same symptoms, but it can make people sick if it's in the building, it's an example) for instance, or something else present in either the room or the building's structure that could also manifest similar symptoms. You could have come into physical contact with some substance without knowing it on your hand that could also produced the symptoms. What you describe could be attributed to a number of environmental causes. It may also be wise to consult a physician and be sure there are no health related causes or that you may have been exposed to something in the building.

Has anyone else in the production area exhibited similar symptoms or a response? What is the building's history? Perhaps it would be in the best interests of everyone to have the room tested for any environmental issues or anything related that could be harmful to human occupation in that room.

I don't really sense a spirit at work here, so I hope that at least provides some level of relief. I could be wrong of course, but I believe you're OK in that regard, but again, there could be something of a more physical nature in that room that may not be good for your health and well being. Please keep us posted if anything else arises and if you could provide responses to my questions which would help me better with details. Good Luck!
From what I know Pajalbero, Sulfur is known to be of low toxicity, and poses very little if any risk to human health in small doses.

In some cases it is used in pesticides, car batteries, gun powder centuries ago and some washing detergents also may contain sulfur.

If there is sulfur in that room in large quantities it would explain your headaches, but seeing as though sulfur is used in creams to ease dermatitis and rashes, I do not think it is responsible for the redness on your hands.

But hey, I am not an expert by all means. I just know a bit on this topic from my school days.

So why is all this happening to you? Good question. I believe it is possible for spirits to interfere with our moods. It would be wise to use another office, and stay away from the negativity in that room. Whatever it is.

RCRuskin in Office Nightmare
Hi, Pajalbero. Welcome to YGS.

I am not sure if there was a bad spirit trying to enter your body but the experience was certainly unpleasant. Assuming there is some nightwatchman, does anyone have any reports of events on the production floor when no one was present?
lady-glow //

Personally, I find your story too hard to comment on, due to its highly religious content. Although on the one hand I respect all religions and the right of any and all individuals to believe in whatever they choose, on the other hand I wouldn't necessarily believe without question the basics of any religion.
Also, though I think and find the mythology of all religions fascinating, I don't take those stories like historic facts.

I understand that the giant snake is important in your set of beliefs, and pretty much compare it to the protection that praying to any saint from the catholic faith, or to Hanuman, or reciting verses of the Quran would provide to any believer of those faiths, but to non-believers this may seem... Hard to take.
I agree. There are many Koreans who do not believe this story at all.
Times have changed a lot, and people's perceptions have changed a lot.

Before that, many traditional religions were destroyed in Korea through the government power.
There is a clear positive side to the disappearance of many bad habits and bad religions.

In the process, there have been many cases where traditional korean religions that provide much support to people have disappeared along with them

I believe that when the "power of faith" disappears, god disappears along with it.
Even on Jeju Island, the "snake god" that families once believed in has been almost wiped out. It is safe to say that there is almost nothing as of 2023.

Someone said that change is the survival law.
However, I feel very bitter because that story seems to be a bit difficult for Korean traditional beliefs.
lady-glow //

I know that at that time, the northern ancient Korea peoples like the people of Manchuria, believed in the "Tengri" faith.

Soybean paste was first made from soybeans by the ancient Korea northern peoples.

During the process of making soybean paste, the clear or black water that rises to the top is soy sauce.
Therefore Soybean paste and soy sauce are produced at the same time.

In ancient Korea, like other countries and peoples,
There was almost no Refrigeration facility.

So, I prayed hard that the soybean paste and soy sauce worked hard to make would not spoil or cause bugs.
Starting from this, Korea's unique and very powerful god of sauce would have been born.
(At that time, traditional Korean pickles often used soy sauce and soybean paste, Likewise, it falls under the management category of god of sauce.)

It is surprisingly not long ago that peppers were introduced to Korea. It was introduced to Korea from Japan around the 15th and 16th centuries.
At this time, red pepper paste was came into existence.

(After the 15th and 16th centuries, red pepper paste also came under the management category of god of sauce, It also includes salted vegetables and with the red seasoning kimchi that was created at this time.)
(* Therefore, if you break the jar containing this sauce, The God of Sauce are angry.)
(** God of Sauce also served as a medium to connect with high-ranking gods.)
lady-glow //

Why didn't anyone else keep the tradition of worshipping the snake? Was it because, according to the previous link, "Jeju has a strong legacy of snake worship. A matrilineal tradition passed from mother to daughter".
And your grandmother was the last woman of her lineage?

My grandmother actually nominated my mother as her successor.

My grandmother considered my mother a very good successor. But...

My mother stopped believing in the snake god and suddenly started believing in a strange religion (*strange religion that deceives people and extorts money) and stopped worshiping the snake god.
My grandmother passed on all her knowledge to my mother, but my mother broke with the tradition herself.

And, family discord, father and mother separated.

The grandmother, who had passed on all her knowledge, was devastated.
My grandmother worshiped in place of my mother until she became so ill that she could no longer move.

After that, the knowledge was not passed on to anyone.
(It seems like my grandmother herself chose to end the family tradition.)
lady-glow //

Did the shadow's bouncing cause any noise? If so, did any other member of your family hear it?
γ„΄ The shadow was very quiet.

There was no sound when it was bounced, and the shadow's behavior seemed very confused.
After trying to break into the house several attempts, I gave up and disappeared into the forest.

Is this snake the same as in the following article?
γ„΄ This is a very famous Jeju Island myth and religion.
Similar, but completely different.
For the snake god in my story, the rice jar or salt jar in the house is the god's house and temple.
(* There are jars ranging from as small as 5L to as large as 100L.)

The snake god in the link
Snake god with a "large shrine" and is a very powerful god.
This is the level of a guardian deity that protects the "village," not the home.
(There are trees that are hundreds of years old with yellow, green, blue, white, and red cloth wrapped around them, or strange-looking stones.)

A proper shaman even performs the ritual himself. (The shaman who mainly performs these rituals is called "ten thousand Spirits" [λ§Œμ‹ ])
(* Kim-Geumhwa national ten thousand spirits, she was a very famous and respected person.)
Welcome to YGS.

From my perspective, the spirit world and spirit entities are the same worldwide, the only difference being the name they're known by people from different ethnicity/beliefs/countries/religions.

"I haven't been able to see ghosts since I became an adult. However, before adulthood, ghosts were clearly visible... The shadow tried to break into my house countless times, but failed every time."

I see certain symbolism in the previous facts. It is known that children tend to be more sensitive to the paranormal world, perhaps because they are not yet been biased against things that are not supposed to exist.
I imagine the shadow could have been able to walk through the wall or the door, but the fact that you didn't open the door for it was a way to 'tell' any other disembodied presences that they're not welcome into your life.

Did the shadow's bouncing cause any noise? If so, did any other member of your family hear it?

Is this snake the same as in the following article?


Why didn't anyone else keep the tradition of worshipping the snake? Was it because, according to the previous link, "Jeju has a strong legacy of snake worship.

A matrilineal tradition passed from mother to daughter".

And your grandmother was the last woman of her lineage?

When you say: "there are also very powerful gods, the gods of soy sauce, red pepper paste, and soybean paste."

All these food products are man made...wouldn't this mean that those "gods" were inexistent before these things were invented? Like in they were created by people's imagination?

Personally, I find your story too hard to comment on, due to its highly religious content. Although on the one hand I respect all religions and the right of any and all individuals to believe in whatever they choose, on the other hand I wouldn't necessarily believe without question the basics of any religion.
Also, though I think and find the mythology of all religions fascinating, I don't take those stories like historic facts.

I understand that the giant snake is important in your set of beliefs, and pretty much compare it to the protection that praying to any saint from the catholic faith, or to Hanuman, or reciting verses of the Quran would provide to any believer of those faiths, but to non-believers this may seem... Hard to take.

Thanks for sharing.
RCRuskin // In Korea, there are many forgotten gods.

Unusually, there are also very powerful gods, the gods of soy sauce, red pepper paste, and soybean paste.

The god who manages soybean paste, red pepper paste, and soy sauce is called "Cheolryungsin" (μ² λ₯­μ‹ ) in Korean.

He looks like a homeless person, wears a bizarre mask, and has long hair.

It can be expressed as either a woman or a man.

However, he rarely speaks and has a very stiff and cold image.
RCRuskin/// In Korean call, chilseongsin (μΉ μ„±μ‹ )

In my area, the guardian of the home is mainly a snake.

However, the power of this serpent god is so powerful that it tends to be worshiped as a god that protects the city itself.

In Korea, Chilseongsin (μΉ μ„±μ‹ ) is different from region

"Jeju Island" where I live is the appearance of a snake.

It's not even comparable to an anaconda movie.

It's huge.
This is a most intriguing story. I'm shivering, and not sure if that is because of the chill in my room or because of the spookiness of this story.

What is the name of this snake god?
Snakes mean different things to different cultures across the world, great story.

OB's are powerful and I think not something to mess with.

Did you ever find out what spooked your brother? Was it the man you mention in your post?

This was suspenseful to the end. Thanks for sharing your memories of your visits to your grandpa's place.

Best wishes,
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in Staying At Grandpa's House
Hello Linjahaha, thanks for reading my story and for commenting!

I agree that a Ouija board should not be meddled with, as I stated in my last comment, I don't recommend using them nor will I ever again. They were originally designed as divination tools for spiritual practitioners as it were back in the day but then places like Parker Brothers got hold of the idea and mass produced them as some kind of 'fun' gimmick to make money. The punchline now is that the world is far more haunted by 'things' that shouldn't be here. So you're right there, another big business has done something to harm the world in the name of making a profit, except it's harder to hold them accountable like you can a company who had embezzled or wrecked the environment. My reflections to mighty_light were how I believe the entities and spirits that come through those portals are able to manifest and why the portals stay open. I think they can draw on a teen's emotional energy just like poltergeists do. I do know pro's who use them as one tool in their arsenal, but to each his own, I wouldn't attend either that nor a seance even with a pro guiding it. It's a much different thing to have a psychic with a natural gift read and pass messages for you than to via a seance or Ouija board session with some spirit with unknown intentions overseeing it!

When my brother and I discovered the board, I had no idea what it was. There was no internet with sites like this that explained things and where people could share their experiences. If there were other kids in the neighborhood that had used one before, no one was talking. I hope that in the present day, sites like this one have actually prevented people from using them. As you know. I would rather have learned about them the way I did with no lasting effects on me, than to have been involved in some inept session down the road! My brother not so much, but he has gifts that made him more prone to what he's encountered that day and beyond. He has trouble explaining what he sees and feels, because it's not easy to conceptualize.

I'm glad you enjoyed the story and I appreciate your insight!
Hi, Lost Voyage, I enjoyed your latest post about your Grandpa's house, & the Ouija board session. However, I 'must' agree with Lady-glow. Those things are a recipe for disaster. No matter 'how' you look [at] it.
I, recently, submitted a post about a seance/board session that my sister, cousins, & I had when we were kids. It truly frightened us. Especially me as "I" was the one chosen to do the sessions. After that, absolutely, never again have I messed with something like that. I do mean never.
I learned a hard lesson. Even some of the pros avoid using those things. They 'know' better. You can 'think' you are in control, but things do happen that are unplanned, & can be dangerous. I'm giving you the benefit of 'my' experience, & knowledge to some degree.
Parker Bro's., or Mattel? Whichever toy company came out with those as toys should have their cans kicked to the Moon. They are not toys. Seriously. I think you read my account, & I'm quite sure that you would agree with my findings.
My grandparents' house was, like yours, a place of wonderful memories growing up. However, the attic was haunted by an Uncle that I never knew as he passed before I was born. He was killed when he was 13, or 14 riding a bike down a hill. He was hit head-on by a truck. He resides (if you want to call it that) in the attic that was his bedroom. I always sensed him there but was far too young/scared to understand what was happening to me. I wish I would've been much older when it took place. He must've had a message for his family, & I was the only one who sensed his presence. However, he was just stuck there, & not a problem. I was just rattled because I was only 9 when I, first, experienced anything psychic, & did not understand until I got much older.
I would be interested in knowing what your brother experienced, but if it shook him so bad as to refuse to discuss it, maybe you should leave it lay. I'm sure you realize that it was serious enough to affect him.
The important thing is that you learned something out of the experience. After all. Isn't experience the best teacher? I know it was for me!
I enjoy your posts-take care! 😁 😁
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in Staying At Grandpa's House
Hello mighty_light, thanks for reading my story and commenting!

I often wonder if perhaps the energy involved in Ouija board sessions perhaps play a part in how they manifest. Most of these encounters (not all) are with kids, usually teens trying to contact the dead or spiritual realm as it were. They are usually not serious, many don't believe, so there's no clear intent other than curiosity. Poltergeists often use the energy of teens to manifest, so what if those open sessions on Ouija boards do the same thing?

The unfortunate thing is most of the people who use a Ouija board, are not educated on how to do it, to them it's a game, with sometimes disastrous results. Though I don't recommend them, they are a tool, and like any tool, it can be used for ill or for good. There are those out there who use them regularly, but they are well versed in how to open and close a session as well as how to conduct one and in protecting themselves and others. They often have some amazing results, but even an expert can have a session gone awry now and then. Most of the stories and encounters we read about, from users of the board, sadly have no clue as to what they're messing with and there can be some pretty scary encounters. Once the door is opened, I've heard of normal houses suddenly becoming haunted!

Perhaps my brother will share one day, I keep trying to get him to talk. I know he has trouble sometimes articulating his experiences, there was a time he really had trouble describing another encounter he had. Words sometimes fail to adequately describe something that can only be experienced!
Hi The_Lost_Voyage_11,

In the 90's we had a wave of reported possessions of students who tried contacting the dead with some home-made Ouija boards in Cebu. The cases came from several different schools too. Instead of planchette, they used a coin or a glass cup. They called it spirit of the coin or glass.

Whether it was the fad back then or a case of mass hysteria, I managed not to get involved with these modes of contacting the dead. I remember my mother warned me not to partake in it. We never truly know who is talking to us from the other side.

I'm curious to know what your brother experienced. Maybe in time he'll open up about it.

Thanks for sharing!
Ouija boards are dicey be you don't know what can come over from the other side,
Condolences to you and your family, losing a loved one is never easy, and one never gets over it, no matter how many years pass by.

In retrospect you are right in saying that lots of strange occurances take place before someone passes away, it's like sort of a warning.
Hi, Lady-glow: Your statement has made me wonder. Bill never mentioned that he heard noises in that empty room when we were dating. You may be right. Possibly I was the one that he tapped into for communication purposes. Hmmmmmmmmm!
I must say that you've certainly made a valid point. They 'do' try to reach out to individuals that are sensitive to them. They 'are' drawn to psychic people because they know they can use them for a conduit of sorts.
Thank you. I really appreciate reading these comments. I'm still learning some new & interesting things here, Lady-glow!

Thanks again for your insightful comments! 😊 😊
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in Staying At Grandpa's House
Hello lady-glow, I'm glad you enjoyed my story and I appreciate your comments.

I too share your hope that the board is gone for good, with all the trouble it's caused. If I knew then what I know now, but back then in the days prior to the internet and cell phones etc, I had never seen one or even heard about them before we found it. I literally didn't know anything about what they could do. Sometimes there are things we learn about in life only through direct experience I'm afraid. Fortunately it's the only time in life I ever 'used' one. I got off easy compared to my brother and mom and am still beyond grateful we carried out this 'experiment' in the garage and not the house. My brother knew more about them, but what he had learned had been through movies, so it wasn't helpful.

My parents have talked about knocking down the garage and putting up a new one since portions of it have become structurally unsound, especially the upstairs. If this is true, they'll have to clean it out prior to demolishing it, so maybe I won't have to deal with it if it's still there.

Thanks for reading and commenting!
Lovely LadyGlow,
Thanks for putting those links up.
I had no idea those people were living like that, and in cemeteries of all places.
I couldn't open the the first link due to the *uploader not being available in Australia*. I'm guessing it could be a glitch. Anyone else in Australia able to open it?
Anyway, the tears rolled and rolled all the way through the 2nd and 3rd link. I nearly stopped watching on a couple of occasions but persevered out of respect to you for and your hard work in researching this situation.
The 2nd link and 3rd link looked like the same cemetery. The kids were playing like they were in garden of trees and swings. It breaks my heart no end. 😭😭
Kids "playing" the Ouija board is a recipe for disaster.
Hopefully it is gone for good and you will never have to come across it.

I enjoyed reading your story and your writing style.

Thanks for sharing.
WARNING. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. The following comment contains information that may be disturbing to some readers.


In my opinion, your feedback doesn't help to cover the holes in your narrative.

It is well documented that animals are more sensitive to the paranormal than most humans.

It makes no sense that only the lizard would have such a mild reaction to the "ghost" if, after all, there were several other animals in the living room. Furthermore, there's no way to know if animals have a visual experience when humans only feel goosebumps/fear/uneasiness, but it is well documented that they react in an aggressive/defensive way around disembodied presences.
I'm surprised that there's no mention of any of the pets sleeping in your cousin's room reacting at all.

I'm flabbergasted at the lack of detail in which you describe the scene at the cemetery, to the point that I can't take your story seriously.

Although I have never been to the Philippines, the fact that they were a Spanish colony just like Mexico, is enough to make me certain that the Spanish influence is present on many aspects of both countries. One of them being cemeteries.

Am I right thinking that graveyards are surrounded by some sort of barrier, either a fence or a wall with a gate that is open during a given number of hours at day time but closed during the night?

If so, does it mean that you and your friends:

A) broke into the cemetery
B) stayed outside of it during "the experiment"

If the former, how far from the entrance did you have to carry/walk with all those animals?
If the latter, how far from you were the "headless people floating in the air in single file"? If there's a wall around, how was it possible to see these apparitions?

Which cemetery did these events happen at?

Are there any people living there like they are in the cemetery featured in these UPSETTING, though interesting documentaries?



Https:// heart aches after watching the conditions these people have to endure!

I'm sorry for your loss.

Anger is one stage of grief... Your loss is still fresh and the pain raw. It is said that time will help, but I don't agree, we just have to learn to live with the new "normal".

If my words may be of comfort, just think that your father must have appreciated to be surrounded by his loved ones, both in the physical world and in the spirit realm. Some saying their goodbyes with love and grief, and others welcoming him with love and joy.

I guess it is never easy to watch a loved one during their transition, regardless of the way it may be. But one can always be grateful of the time spent with them and of the love and good memories shared through ones life.

Thanks for sharing.
Hello Linjahaha.

I definitely consider "the voice" to be a guardian, either an Angel or a Spirit Guide whom not only warns me about upcoming events but more than once has (almost) pushed me into, figuratively, the right path to follow.

Thanks for reading my story.
Hi Linjahaha.

This is a fascinating experience with a happy ending.

It is not clear to me if Bill had heard noises in the empty room before you moved into Esther's house, or if your presence triggered the activity.
It makes me wonder if Chester's spirit had been in a "dormant" state in there since his passing, and if it was your energy what woke him up.

I believe spirits know when someone can sense/see/help them.

I'm glad he was able to move on.

Thanks for sharing.
Hi old_dude! It has been 12 years since you posted this story and from what I gather, several years ago since any active comments here.

I just came across this story and was captivated by it!

Although you all didn't see any ghosts on your visits, aside from the "Ghost Horse" (which is intriguing in itself) being pursued by a group of ill-intended men was way worse than any ghost encounter!

I really loved this story as you gave pretty good visuals in your narration.

Just a few minutes ago I came across a video on YouTube about Texas road. I know one is not allowed to post external links in the comment section on this site, but if you so happen to still be around and see this comment, would you mind going to YouTube and search "Texas Road Cemetery - Quick Tour #2"?

I am really curious is if this is the same area you were in on the night of your story.

I really hope you to hear from you soon!
Thank you all for you condolences.

[at] MiaG and CrimsonTopaz, I'm sorry for y'alls loss as well. I know my dad doesn't want me to be angry. I've since had time to reflect and I know now I was mostly angry that I had been gone out of state for 7 years working and only 1 year after I got back his cancer came. So I guess just having made so many plans to go and spend time together never happening is what got me. I felt robbed.

MiaG, I personally didn't feel like the shadow figure was someone I knew. The feeling I got was that it was a guide. But I do know first hand that loved ones will visit right after they pass, my grandma passed while I was away and I woke up that night and saw her standing at my room door right before I got the call. She even said, "You couldn't make it to see me, so I came to see you".

[at] RCRuskin: The number of people that were there the whole time was 6. With another 6 that would stop by at least once a day. Then there were the various people that only stopped by once to say their goodbyes then leave.

Cancer and dementia are both a horrible scourge. I deeply hope the day comes where medical science can stop them. At the least keep them at comfortably treatable levels.

[at] Linjahaha: Sorry for your loss and thank you. It helps knowing that others understand.
92 years, you father lived a long life and was loved as well as loved back. That's always something to be grateful for.
Don't worry about being prejudice, I believe everyone that has a great relationship with their parents has the right to be bias towards them. He was the best father you knew just like mine was the best I knew. That just shows how much you loved him.
ScareTale: Likewise, my sincerest condolences go out to you, & your family. I know, exactly, how you feel. I lost my dear husband & my Dad within 10 years of each other. Very tough. The 2 men I loved 'most' in the world.
However. I did have several beautiful spiritual visitations from my dear husband. After those lovely visits I felt so peaceful & somewhat joyful just 'knowing' that John was alright & knew how much I'll always love him.
I lost my wonderful father a year ago last July. Now, I am able to console & help my Mom deal with it. My sister & I have been doing 'everything' to help her cope. It never goes away. You just learn to deal & live with it. I 'still' cry over John. Now, I'm also crying over losing dad. He was 92 & the best father a girl could ask for. Pardon the prejudice, but "I" thought he was the 'best'. He did so much for all of us.
I believe my mom is having visits from him & not realizing it yet.
She said that she's heard him shuffling down the hallway on his walker & thought she felt him in bed next to her. I think he's trying to comfort & assure her that he's alright.
We have to recognize the signs. If we open our hearts & minds the signs are more prolific than we even realize!

Again-I understand & identify
With you. All the best! ❀ ❀
Hello ScaryTale,
My condolences go out to you and your family at such a sad time. May your dad RIP.

I love how your dad believed trees were an important part of life deserving respect. I agree, and yet so many developers here in Australia are cutting down beautiful old bush trees for new dwellings leaving Koalas and other wildlife homeless. That's another topic for another time.

When you saw the shadow figure standing by the door, did you sense it may have been someone in particular? I saw my uncle stand at my doorway when I was younger only to find out the next morning he passed away roughly the time I saw his shadow.

Our loved and lost will always find ways to communicate with us, we just have to be open minded and look for the signs.

You have your grandma indicating with a light punch to your arm on the arm and your sister smelling burning sage, all strong signs that they're trying to comfort you.

CrimsonTopaz/my sister and I lost our dad to cancer too. It was the hardest thing to witness and the memory always stays with you, but I have many many joyful memories that I think about that bring warmth to my heart and tears of joy to my eyes.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, as hard as it is, focus on the all thejoyous memories. Your dad would want to see you hurt less.

Thank you for sharing this touching experience. You are very brave and you should be proud that you have been able to put it all into words for us to read.

Best wishes,
Miandra G
I think my friend, that it was some evil supernatural force that wanted to harm you badly. I had read in some book on the paranormal, that such an evil power meant to harm the innocent person badly, since he came in it's way. Always remember a thing, that always keep a God's locket with u Or byheart a God's book Or verses. May God bless you and no evil power come in your way. Take care
May his Memory be Eternal.

First, a question: how many living, and in their bodies, people were present? I gather it was you, your dad and mom, and your sister, but was there anyone else you could see present at the time?

And just thoughts: I wonder what is worse: cancer which plays a mean (in many senses of the word) game of hide and seek, or dementias that slowly rob us of our loved ones while they still live? When my dad passed of cancer last year, he told me he was scared of the treatments. He was also scared of the disease. It frustrated me so. All of us, really.
ScareTale, I'm deeply sorry you've lost your dad. Cancer isn't easy on the person with it and hard for family to watch our loved ones who have it. It surfaces and if not treated can consume the body fast and furious.
Sadly I do understand what you're going through. I lost my dear father the same way. His weight dropped rapidly and within weeks he was a skinny shell of himself.
Your dad told you it's ok to be angry. I think he wants to grieve more than be angry. Anger won't bring him back. Grieving will help you reflect on all the good times, funny moments, treasured times, and love he gave you and your family. Your dad is gone, but that love is in your heart forever to feel.
I found reflecting to my youth and all the family things we did helped.
Be strong and remember how much he loved you and how much you will always love him.
You deserve happiness as does Jade. What you went through as kids is beyond comprehension. I'm so sorry you kids endured all that trauma. Hopefully Jade and her sister are healing and hopefully you are too.
Tweed makes some points that are right on the button saying, *There's no shame in self preservation.* Jade may have reached out for comfort not knowing you were also in a similar situation. Putting yourself first is nothing to feel guilty about. You can't help others if you're not able to deal with your own past.
Your story was so detailed and well written.
As Jubilee says, *Lavender is known to be therapeutic and calming*. Perhaps the spirit was trying to comfort all you kids.
God bless and I hope you have healed enough over time to be able to enjoy life.
Woa, sounds like that place was INCREDIBLY haunted! 😳 I mean, that was a lot of activity that took place!

I too think that [at] mighty_light made some good observations about this. The way everything happened does seem to have tied in together, culminating with the spirit coming down into the basement.

I have a few questions as well...

You say that you have been out to the Ranch before this particular time. Was there any activity then? Was this the first time you stayed for that length of time?

When you first pulled into the ranch and saw someone in Robert's room peeking out, I wonder if that was the woman entity that Robert said that he saw coming down the stairs one day? I know for one thing... Seeing that alone after finding out that no one else was there would've been enough for me to leave!

Pretty much everything that happened during your stay was EXTRA freaky, but the part about the car was just... TOO MUCH. It just makes one wonder what in the heck went on around that place in the past to cause it to be so haunted. I am still curious to know what all of that was about.

It really does seem like the phantom phone call during the night was trying to either trick you or keep you from going outside to encounter the car. And as others put it, it seems like after you went outside anyway that somehow "let the entity inside" after which things then escalated.

I know this happened many years ago but I am so intrigued by this particular haunting that I wish more back information would come to light!
Thank you everyone for having read my story. As far as Chester's frame of mind when he transpired. All I did was explain to him that whatever he was clinging to was 'just a memory'. I told him he was no longer fettered by a body that was hurting or suffering anymore. He seemed to have comprehended.
Sometimes if a person passes on in an altered/confused state of mind, they 'might' retain that frame of mind. However, there 'are' those that recognize their new state & 'accept' it to move on to the next plane. Chester just needed to hear the facts about his new state of being. Like I said this was not a scary haunting. A little disconcerting, maybe, in the beginning, but once I figured it out & was able to communicate with him it was a fascinating occurrence. I'm hopeful he's with his loved ones where he belongs.
I feel we all deserve to be with those we love. Eternity with those you love is a wonderful thing.
Thank you all for reading & your comments. I enjoy reading them!
All the Best! 😊 😊
mighty_light in Esther's Boarding House
Hello Linjahaha,

Just thinking out loud here but if a person died while drunk, would that person retain that groggy state in the afterlife? I suppose not since Chester seems to have fully comprehended what you said to him.:)

I'd imagine it would be very hard to explain to a drunk ghost that he's not supposed to be there anymore.

Thanks for sharing and looking forward to hearing more stories from you.
Hi Linjahaha

It's actually quite a sad story, I'm glad that Chester finally found some peace and was able to move on.
Certain items can be haunted, depending on the attachment the person had towards it when they were alive.
Hello everyone, sorry for the late response due to my schedule.

Ok let me shed some light on you,

For those asking if taking plenty of animals is ok in a multifamily complex, well it is, but there are still rules and limitations. For example, you wouldn't keep many pet snakes in an appartment right? And in the appartment where my cousin is staying, big dogs are not allowed. The small dogs of my cousin sleep in his room along with some of his cats and they get along well. And the room when me and the rest stayed have an aquarium for fishes, lizards and hedgehogs. Some of them were temporarily moved to the living room the moment we used that room.

And for those asking how can we see the lizard looking at a particular direction even in night time, it's because there is a lampshade left open for night in the living room. Even though it's just a dim light, you can still see the lizard as well as it's movements.

For the part where the police almost had us arrested, well he asked who owns the animals and when we tell him that we're the owner, he ordered us to take those away and go home with our pets.

As Valkicry suggested to me, I'll leave you to decide whether to believe me or not, each us can express our own opinions.
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in Esther's Boarding House
Hello Linjahaha, I must admit you've certainly had some fascinating encounters over the years!

I am glad that despite the disturbances you had at this home, that this one ended well. It's good to know you were able to send Chester on his way. Quite the contrast from the entity you encountered in the other house, although both drew energy from the environment to sustain their existence on this plane of reality. You definitely experienced the difference!

Anyways it's great that you found an effective solution to this chapter of haunting in your life! Great story and thanks for sharing!
Lost Voyage: I agree completely! I have seen on paranormal T.V. Shows where an 'item' was haunted or imbued with the energies of its former owner.
After all, 'we' are just energy encased in this shell we call the body. That energy just goes on to another plane.
Rather like a residual haunting. Not unlike the fields of Gettysburg where so much trauma & bloodshed took place. Many people that have been there have reported hearing bugle horns or seeing soldiers fighting. It's the spent energies of those who fought & died out there. Many before their time. Most of those who fought were so young. They never had the chance to fulfill their plans for their lives. That energy remains & just plays over & over again to those sensitive enough to perceive it.
I really liked the 'House on North Street'-both parts. I hope you submit more accounts that you've had soon!

Thank you for reading!- 😁 😁
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in The Haunted Mantel Clock
Hello Linjahaha, what a fascinating experience!

I have read of similar accounts of other clocks and even watches having such bizarre behavior, in all cases, it was owned by someone who was rather attached to the item.

When someone attaches to an object or item or house, they leave an energy signature, a part of themselves if you will. It's why people can 'read' objects by holding them and give you a pretty detailed account of it's former owner among other things.

I mention this because, it's possible that it wasn't Chuck actually haunting the clock but something about the energy he left behind imbued within the clock. If you think about it, he was fairly articulate about making sure the clock was running smoothly and keeping proper time. That was the energy he imparted to the clock and remained with it after his passing. Energy isn't bound by time and space. (The light we see from stars light years away actually was generated long before we see it, kind of like looking back through time) So when the clock wasn't cared for in the same manner as the energy connected to it, the energy sort of took over so to speak to bring balance back to the clock being wound and running accurately.

This part of a person being left behind is like the residual hauntings we hear about, where some sort of activity is replayed, it cannot be interacted with because it's not actually the people involved or their spirit, it's a part of themselves, the aforementioned energy signature. The same goes with smelling coffee or cigars or anything that someone who's passed was fond of in life. The smell is a part of that energy left behind, not a 'real' thing if you will. (This isn't always the case either, sometimes a loved one will produce that smell so whomever they're visiting will know it's them, it's more like a memory)

In either case I'm sure a clock that seems to have developed a mind of it's own was rather unnerving, so I certainly understand their decision to sell it. At least they didn't outright throw it out. It is too bad though, it sounds like a beautiful piece, something that could have been handed down from one generation to the next. It's hard to find quality craftsmanship out of anything produced today like that!

Thanks for sharing!
Ladyglow, I read your story about the gangster, & the wise voice in your head warning you before something happens.
This is just an opinion that I'm throwing out to you, but it's possible that the voice was actually a Guardian Angel watching over you. Just something to think about!

All the best- 😁 😁
D.A.-Hi-I'm impressed that you identified with my account. Sounds like you've had some interesting encounters yourself.
I have posted a couple more true accounts that I hope pique your interest.

All the Best- 😊 😁
Thank you, Kent- I'm glad that you enjoyed it. I guess it was really driving them a little crazy to have it chiming when it wasn't wound, & John even removed the pendulum.
I have another story that I hope they post relatively soon about an out-of-body experience I think you may enjoy!

Best regards- 😊 😊
This sounds like a marvellous crafted clock Linjahaha.

I would not have parted with it but perhaps put it somewhere out of the way.

Clocks can be valuable, mainly grandfather clocks, especially if handed down generation after generation.

I enjoyed your tale of the haunted clock.

I had experiences with objects apportion but they never where found. I have felt something crawl in the bed with me, I have been physically rolled on my side and felt the hand of the invisible force. The house that this happened in was in the county of Rowan, first experience was hearing people talking. But Ohio has a lot of hauntings going on. Have you ever heard of the Foreman Brothers? They have a YouTube channel called paranormal nightmare. Rockey, Josh and Shawn. They do investigations and help people rid themselves of the paranormal. I had something happen to me today 9/1/23 I had a hair brush just droo on the floor for no reason. So I am VERY familiar with the paranormal ❀
Pelatiah in The Door Bell
When I moved into my home, also previously owned by a woman who had died, I would get into bed after a long day and the refridgerator (which was hers/already here) would ding, you know that sound like when you leave the door open? But the door would be closed. I would get up to check it and nothing. It would ding also in the middle of the night a couple times. I even searched through the literature in the basement filing cabinet looking for some information about the dinging. (Could it be something else needing attention?)

At the time, I was happy it seemed to stop. But now I wonder if someone was trying to get me into the basement to look at the filing cabinet. Nothing else of significance stands out. Sometimes people just want to get your attention. I have huskies also, and they will bark when something paranormal happens, which has been more than once in this house.
CrimsonTopaz in The Evil Ghostly Dog
Amchi1986, I looked high and low online for dogs anklets and the best I got was bracelets for dogs. How common is it that dogs wear anklets in your country?
I came by a few articles online explaining anklets on woman helps restore their energy. What does it do for dogs?
Your uncle must have been scared out of his wits. Hopefully your uncle didn't see that dog often.
Supernatural animal experiences aren't uncommon, some are good and some are bad, your uncle is lucky to have survived his experience.
That Rocks Seekings. Guitars are cool.

Always keen to hear more on the vicarage when you're up to it.

Cheers, Ken

βœ§β β—β  (⁠⁰⁠▿⁠⁰⁠) β β—œβ βœ§
My dear, the dog did not bite him, but scratched his shirt and trousers and tore them.
mighty_light in The Evil Ghostly Dog
Hello Amchi,

Is there any cultural significance of dogs with jingling anklets?
I know of dog collars with small bells but I haven't read about jingling anklets.

Why did your uncle find the need to lie about the scratches? Supernatural or not, getting attacked by a dog would most likely be worth mentioning especially if it turned out to be a real rabid dog.
That's creepy!
Glad to know that nothing worse happened to you.
Nice read. ❀
TravisCannabis in The Evil Ghostly Dog
Idk bro... That dog sounds nicer than my grandma's chihuahua and she named him "angel" πŸ˜†
Has any one else seen the dog? πŸ€”
Hello Manila 78, I can relate to the three knocks and the passing of a family member it only happened to me a few weeks ago when my 89-year-old mother-in-law passed away and several times over the last 14 years when a beloved family member crossed over. I don't think of it as a curse, but rather a blessing that those in the spiritual realm are giving me a heads-up on these moments in life that none of us can avoid.

There is no space and time in the spiritual realm therefore they do have the ability of precognition to see our future and what lies ahead. I think I would do exactly the same with my children if they had the skill to read between the lines.

Regards Daz
KenS80... It wasn't exactly eerie, more unsettling and puzzling to me as a kid. I think I just accepted that it was normal for weird things to occasionally happen in that house.

Sadly my piano skills are pretty rusty these days as life and no room for a piano got in the way of keeping them up. I do however play my guitar (s) regularly so all those music lessons weren't wasted! πŸ˜† 😊
This must have been eerie Seekings. I enjoyed reading your memories of the vicarage. How's your piano skills these days.

Cheers, Ken
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