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M00nchxld_ in The Girl In White
Hello, Thank you for your comments, I didn't really have a negative insight with this entity. I was scared at first, but shes usually around when I'm upset, or going through a hard phase in life, trying to cheer me up.

I just don't understand why people would experiment with stuff they know will have a negative impact on their lives, it's like you inviting negativity into your life by doing what would seem harmless.
Rajine in Creepy Gollum
Hi RoseyWren

Firstly congratz on your pregnancy, I hope everything goes smoothly

Since your youngest has seen this gollum as you call it, I wonder if your eldest girl has seen this as well? Here we have a belief that children under the age of 13 can see and hear things we cannot, I think just for peace of mind you should do a home cleansing.

All the best and keep us posted.
lady-glow in Ghost Gold

Regardless of who the old couple were, it seems like they left an everlasting first and only impression on Damon.
I wonder if Grandpa was a stern man during his life.
lady-glow in Creepy Gollum
Hi Rosey.

Perhaps it's time for you to try a cleansing of your home or ask for the help of a priest/rabbi/ spiritual leader of your faith. It seems like the activity is easy to ignore right now, but this could change once your little one is born. One cannot be sure if it will feed on the stress that having a new baby could bring to your life.

Good luck.
lady-glow in The Girl In White
Next time you see her try throwing a toothbrush at her...I'm not sure which part of her body is the most vulnerable but this is a very effective defense against any bloody little girls coming out of mirrors.

You're not the first one confronting this mischievous entity:

Hi Occulting

Thanks for posting your photos. They are somewhat ambiguous, in my opinion. Others may see something I'm missing?🤔

The "close-up" one, is that the "screaming in pain" photo? I can't really see any definitive human face in it, but I do see what appears to be the shadow on the book in the background of the bright object in the foreground? Could be coincidence...

The second one looks to me like it could be the flash light of someone in the distance? I appreciate these are genuine "ghost" photos to you, and I respect that, but to me these could be explained away as something more "earthly" and boring, unfortunately. I think if they had a clear human form, face etc then it would be much stronger "evidence" of spirit activity.

But please don't be dissuaded, keep seeking and snapping photos, you just never know what you might capture.😊


Insomnia_Shinsou in Face In The Ceiling
Okay so I had a similar experience just last night, I felt as though someone was watching me from above but I was too scared to look up so instead I turned on my camera and started recording, when I looked at the recording there was a white face on my ceiling. But that not the only thing, After that I will hear coughs or sneezes from behind me when there is no one there and something keeps poking my shoulder and back. I'm wondering if you have advice for me.
When M arrived to take me back to hers, I spent the whole journey (roughly 10 minutes or so), telling her everything that had happened the night before, including what our brother J told me about seeing the soldier.
As the car pulled into the drive, I could see my nephew at the window and he quickly came to open the door and before I'd even got inside, he was asking me if Mum had told me what happened yesterday after we'd left.
To cut a long story short, he'd seen the man standing in the small hallway, gazing out at the street, through the glass panel in the front door. I must've looked puzzled, because M then told me that both she and her son R, had seen this man on a number of occasions in various parts of the house and always doing the same thing... Gazing out of a window.
LOL...she told me he'd given her an awful fright one day when she was washing her hands in the kitchen sink and as she turned to reach for the towel, he was stood just inches away, right behind her, gazing out the window above the sink!
When I asked R was he scared and what did he do, he said yes, he was scared, but he couldn't help gazing at the crease in the man's trousers for a moment because they were so sharp, before running into his bedroom and shutting the door, putting on his earphones and playing his music as loud as he could.
Then he told me "That's what I always do!" It wasn't until later when I remembered what J had told me the previous night, that I thought to ask R if this man had been wearing a peaked cap and I wasn't all that surprised when the answer was 'Yes'!
Just a little more to come...
Hi Macknorton!

To me a deity is in a way more powerful than a spirit because not only is this deity a worshipped being, their 'vibes' always feel so different from any normal spirit like more powerful energy wise and even ancient if that makes sense, I know ancestors and spirits can be worshipped too but it feels like wrong as well to just say he's a normal spirit, he feels so much more than that. I also feel like signs from him or deities in general are more likely to happen than a sign from a spirit, and so far he has been able to warn me of things happening moments before they happened which no spirit has done before.
Hi Occulting

Thanks for your patient answers!

I'm curious regarding your comment" "... I use tarot cards to talk to deities so to me it would make sense that there is a possibility to use them to talk to a spirit..."

What's the difference, in your opinion, between a deity and a spirit?




These links might work, let's see. Okay yep, these links work.

I agree but this ghost hunting team I am joining one of the members or the person leading it rather has had probably over 10 years of experience with ghost hunting and even if they don't know much about tarot reading I'd still like to tag along and see what happens plus we are allowed to ghost hunt there on our own for the last few hours there to see what we can get, all I'd ask them is if they have any information on the children that haunt the place like a name, any experiences or background information for example.
Hi lady-glow!

Sorry to confuse you, I use tarot cards to talk to deities so to me it would make sense that there is a possibility to use them to talk to a spirit, I agree it doesn't look like I believe they work 100% to talk to spirits but that's just because I am still sceptical sometimes because I've only used them before to gain insight on past or future situations nothing that can solidly be proven to be said by a spirit yet unless I am right about the spirit in this post.

To me they don't have straight yes or no answers but I'll give you an example to try and help you understand how I would interpret a card for example if I asked them "Do you think a spirit in this room or home is scared?" And if I pulled something like the ace of cups to me that would mean yes, if I got something like the tower card that would be a no it all depends on the card and it's like more than a yes or no question to me it's like for the question I've just said it'll be like my tarot deck is saying "yes they are scared they're trying to reach out to you and let you know this."

I don't know if I am a medium or have a little bit of their sense but when I do a tarot reading with a spirit I'll usually almost feel them sitting down in front of me and guiding my hand towards the card to pick for the answer, to me the difference between a tarot deck and an ouija board is with an ouija board it can very easily be faked unfortunately either on purpose or by accident so I don't really trust them a lot but then with using a tarot deck each card can mean something different and it feels more likely to be true for me, I've just never been able to fully clarify if what it's said about a spirit is true like if there's a document or record that could prove what I've been told. I also think tarot cards make me se a lot more intuition that I would with an ouija board.

I only have one maybe two kind of stories of the tarot deck communicating with a spirit, the first one was on my grandma's death anniversary I asked them if she was here and how she felt about the day so far and I was taking a photo because I thought the tarot deck looked pretty nice and I managed to capture an orb which I don't really know how to feel about, and when I have used an ouija board before I sometimes will use my tarot deck during or after it and it'll usually line up with whatever the spirits said through the ouija board.

I also do readings from my home with my clients all over the world, I once used them to pick up on a friends feelings who lives all the way in America and I got through the cards that he wasn't doing okay so I asked him and he told me he was struggling and feeling really upset even though he is the kind of person to never tell anyone about those kind of feelings especially when he's feeling them and I hadn't spoken to them before that reading on that day so I had no way of telling he wasn't feeling okay other than what the cards told me.

With my deity he has warned me before about my mother becoming very unwell, and at the time I didn't get what he was trying to say because I thought everything was fine but then in the morning I found out my mum was in complete agony and had called out an ambulance because she couldn't move and then later on that day she called out another and was rushed to hospital.

I try to be sceptical about these kind of things because if it can be explained I want it to be explained but if it can't then it can't, I just want or need more proof that the deck can actually communicate with the dead but I feel like I'm not going to get that proof at home, I might attempt it later though just to see what happens though, I have friends who use tarot decks and they have told me using it to contact spirits can happen it's not something impossible.
Occulting and Macknorton.

There's actually some information about using tarot cards to communicate with spirits, no mention to the "yes/no" options though.


Still, after reading the previous link it doesn't seem to fit the description given by the OP. Definitely not "yes/no" options from the cards.


I have never joined a ghost hunting tour but am under the impression that not all the people attending such events are necessarily experts on this field.
Sharing your pics: select a free hosting/sharing image site, such as;
Google Photos.

Once uploaded they will give you a sharing url that you can post here in comments.
Hi Lady-Glow and Occulting,

Sorry to butt in butt in, here's my 5 cents worth on your conversation topic; I honestly don't know much, if anything, about Tarot cards, however my limited knowledge of them is that they are "usually" used between two "flesh and blood" people, and generally are used to facilitate a more open discussion about the subjects personal circumstances.

I assume then, that the person doing the reading is either a kind of "Agony Aunt" who gives wise guidance and counsel to the subject, or has perhaps "mediumistic" abilities and can then tune into the subjects spiritual companions, once the Tarot cards gives them the more open connection.

Personally, I've never heard of people using Tarot cards to communicate with those in Spirit as they would by using an Ouija board. Not to say that it doesn't happen...

However, as Lady-Glow pointed out, the Ouija board has "Yes" or "No" and letters that enable some kind of communication, whereas Tarot cards are much more symbolic. So, to me, it would make more sense to either communicate "directly" with those in Spirit via mediums or via an Ouija board, rather than a Tarot card deck?

Nonetheless, it's interesting stuff...


Hi occulting and thanks for replying to my questions though, to be honest, I got really confused with your answers.

"For tarot reading what I would do is I would just ask if anyone was there or did something that I thought had the potential to be supernatural I would ask my tarot deck if it was something supernatural and then from there ask it questions to figure out who it was and why they did that"

Are you sure this is a tarot reading? In my opinion it sounds more like a Ouija board session and nothing like a tarot card reading... Is there even a card for "yes" and "no"?

Do you know the difference between a deck of tarot cards and a Ouija board? Though they both are tools of divination, their use couldn't be more different.
Based on your comment, it seems to me like you don't even know how they "work". Thus making it difficult to take your story seriously.
Hi lady-glow!

For tarot reading what I would do is I would just ask if anyone was there or did something that I thought had the potential to be supernatural I would ask my tarot deck if it was something supernatural and then from there ask it questions to figure out who it was and why they did that, for the dream I had where I think the spirit tried to tell me her name I can't say that was 1000% her it could just be a dream for all I know, I want to go back and go on another ghost hunt so I could see if what my tarot deck has been saying is all correct like if I ask the deck if she could knock on a door or table and if it says yes then would that actually happen or not, I'd love to get more evidence basically and unfortunately I have no idea how to help a spirit cross over even though I've tried looking for a way for years, if I knew I would definitely do it to help her.

As for the last question, I don't think I could, to her I think she just sees me as someone who could help not like a friend or anything, and I also don't know if her spirit is well known or if there's any documents on her so going on the ghost hunt would also give me the opportunity to ask the group to see what they know and if it's possible they can find out and get back to me on it.

As for the photos I don't know where or how to upload them but if you or anyone can tell me I'll happily do so, the photos I took have been personal to me over the years since I took them because to me its real physical evidence of ghosts existing in some way, and I know its real to me at least because I took them, I know that they haven't been tampered with and there's no way they should have turned out like that and when I first saw them I nearly cried I don't know if I was picking up on the child spirit or if it just shocked me that badly.
Hi Manafon1 & Kindly_refrain for posting your comments!

It's really interesting and won't lie spooky to hear your stories, information and thoughts, it's making me come up with a theory now that maybe when we die depending on how we react to it or how we were when we were alive effects us when were in spirit form like if you're freaking out and panicking that you're dead you can't move on or escape from wherever you died but if you're accepting of it you can or something along them lines, the two spirits I've talked about in my posts both have told me they wanted help to move on and they've both had such high emotions of sadness they've made me cry before so for me it all checks out that they're both usually upset whenever I contact them and they're 8/10 times asking for help as well.
Hi Macknorton!

I only mentioned people had died there because it's a part of the history I don't really know where I stand on places being haunted because someone died there, I think it's possible but probably not always the case, from my own ghost experiences most of them can follow you around and be in different places but then some can't cross over for whatever reason or they don't want to, I've never asked a spirit about it before but now I want to.
Hi Rajine!

Where would I post the photos so you and others could see them? I've never tried it before but I'd love to share them with you and everyone else.
Sleeping-with-steve in Ghost Gold
Hello Jubeele,

I've had to do some homework. Lol 🤭

My history knowledge isn't that great. I looked up The Nefertiti Bust and found a lot of information. Now I want to know more about her. I've seen that bust in old films and documentaries before and it all fell into place the more I googled. My guess is the gold would be worth a small fortune, not that it's about the pricetag. The gift is priceless in itself because it was given with a good heart.

Now you are with Rex-T who is definitely priceless. I hope he's well.

I love reading comments from biblio, Aussiedaz, and a few other members like yourself. I learn so much, not only about the paranormal.

We've been told by the weather bureau to stay indoors due to heavy rain forecast from tonight until Tuesday. Please be safe.

Best wishes,
Miranda. 😘 ❤
Rajine, I wonder if the fog over your neighbour's car was connected to the previous owner, now deceased. Someone who could have been very attached to that car. It would be interesting to know if it was a once-off appearance. Or if it happens again.

Mrs Ramsey - I like the thought of people having brightly shining souls too. Maybe that's why so many children have otherworldly experiences - innocent souls that are bright and pure, like shining beacons to wandering spirits.
Jubeele in Ghost Gold
Hi Miandra

It was certainly a spooky experience. But Damon did not mention that he felt threatened, maybe a bit intimidated. His visitors were just annoyed at him for being a "wayward son". He was more startled, than scared. Damon and I were in our twenties at the time, and we were together for almost seven years. We had our moments, but it was not meant to be. I'm not sure if he ever remarried after we split up. The last I heard, he moved out to Western Sydney.

He only kept one of the pieces for himself, a pyramid gold charm, which he attached to the lug end holding his watch strap. His mother got a Nefertiti bust as well, a larger one, about two-centimetre or an inch long. His two sisters got pendants in the shape of a cat, the symbol of the Egyptian goddess Bastet. I think that the gold was meant to be shared with his family, same as the message. To remember the family and honour their memory.

Good to hear from you. Take care of yourself too.
Could you explain how to do a tarot card reading on a spirit that has been trapped in their past for many years?
To be honest, I find this very hard to swallow.

Another thing that just doesn't seem right about your narrative:

"she told me her name was either Mary or Margret, she told me she couldn't wait for me to go back there which I am in September for another ghost hunt."

What are you planning to do during a ghost Hunt? Are you going to ask the rest of the group to join the crossover ritual?
Since this spirit seems to have developed some connection to you, wouldn't it be possible to help her from afar?

I would love to see the pictures you took.
Hi Mrs Ramsay

You make a good point re battle locations. Many people report to be able to "pick up" on the suffering,noise, horror of such locations.

I'm not saying that there are NOT places where deaths occurred that leave imprints or have spirits attached to them, I'm playing devils advocate by challenging the seemingly widely held belief that a death = a haunting.

I'm basing my discussion on the premise that when we die, our spirits / souls leave our physical body and then continue their existence in the next world, a spirit world. I respect the fact that not everybody believes that theory but this site certainly suggests some kind of survival in another dimension, so I feel OK to make that presumption here.

So if you take each individuals death, no matter where they are, or how it happens, it's not a guarantee / natural law that "because you die = you will haunt this Earthly plane."

I believe individuals choose to manifest here, choose to show themselves, choose to interact with us. I also believe some individuals are chained to a spot, or a person and don't want to exist fully in the other dimension. Many other hauntings are residual with no consciousness behind them.

So even in places where a higher proportion of deaths may occur, I feel it's still up to each particular individual whether they want to hang around that place, regardless of how they passed.

All just food for thought at the end of the day.


Also, an interesting side note... As I was typing that last post one of the songs I associate with my sister the most started playing. It's "Rooms on Fire" by Stevie Nicks. Goose bumps!
Thank you MrsRamsay for your kind words and sharing your experience as well. Sounds like your mom certainly called you on that day. I would imagine it's just as frustrating for them as it is for us to not hear them as clearly as we would like to. As for the mountain home, I believe once we cross over we have the capability to create our reality and often that manifests for many to re-create the home and environment they loved and are familiar with. You may be accessing that home in the other dimension where your mom currently resides. Thanks again for your response and sharing your lovely experience.
What about battle fields?
When I was a kid, we visited many in our travels throughout the south and I used to believe it was just because Dad would describe for us what happened there... Things like, "Imagine all these men and horses, charging right here..." and the feeling would be fairly overwhelming to me as a little girl. Now as an adult visiting battlefields, I feel touches, emotions and am compelled to stare in various directions (now I make sure to take pictures of the places that catch my attention). It's not so overwhelming, and it could still be because of the emotions Dad instilled, however I have EVPs now that I didn't have before... And those hair flicks/touches too... Undeniable. I'm a sane and rational former newspaper columnist and teacher!
Macknorton in The Lady In The Room
Hi Dhewitt1

Thanks for sharing. I love the beginning of this tale.

I'm instantly transported back to the 17th or 18th century; "As I sit here by candlelight, at my sturdy, hard mahogany wooden writing desk, I write this strange encounter, which I can only describe as a mysterious Lady..."

I see that you have opted to NOT participate in the discussion, which is a shame, however, you may decide that you will. If so, are you able to please clarify a couple of points? One, to echo MrsRamsay's question; when did this encounter occur?

Another facet of this that puzzles me is why didn't you mention to your wife that you had seen a figure disappear in front of your eyes? I'm sure that would be the first thing most of us would blurt out to our better half as soon as possible?

Anyhow, thanks for sharing. Loved the beginning!


So one quick question: Are you allowed to go into a hospital with patients in the UK right now? In the southern U.S., family cannot even accompany our loved ones into the emergency room due to covid.

Just wondered. Thanks!
MrsRamsay in The 4th Floor
Hi there, interesting story.
One quick question: Who told you to go to the 4th floor?

And also interested in whether you could feel the guy push past you. Did he look completely real? Were all the lights on?

Sorry, that's four questions!
Hello Aros, a very nice story and I'm so sorry about your losses, so quickly, so close together. Wanted to comment to tell you that my mom "called me" shortly after she passed away. It was on my birthday, aout 7pm and I was inside alone while husband and kids were outside. I rarely have the tv on at that time, but did that evening, and when the phone rang the caller ID on the tv said, "CVS Pharmacy." It was January, and I sort of assumed one of my older kids had perhaps come down with a cold/flu or whatever, was at the pharmacy and maybe needed money (they were newly out on their own and sometimes would call). I answered with the expectation it was one of them... Heard the white noise sound, so said, "Who IS this?" wondering which kid. I heard "Mom. Mom." I thought they were calling ME as if they could not hear... I asked again, "Who is this?" I just couldn't make out the voice, still thinking it was a kid. The line went dead, and almost immediately, standing there in the middle of the room, I realized it was my mom ANSWERING my question, "Who is this." Mom. It was stunning. So then I looked at the phone caller ID and re-called the CVS Pharmacy number. Here's the weirder part: The particular CVS that the number matched was a store very near my parents' mountain house. The number rang to a voice mail that said the store was currently closed (weird, it was only 7pm) but... Since then, I've had multiple dreams that have caused me to believe somehow my parents are... Somehow at their mountain house, which we sold shortly after she died. The dreams I have are of the house, and we're all going there just like we did year after year for holidays, etc... And when I get there, well, there they are! Except almost immediately in my dream I realize I MUST hurry and pack up my kids and get out, because I realize the home is no longer ours and the new family will be on their way and I don't want to be discovered. Anyway, I'm a Christian too, but I believe when these things happen, you should go with the intuition and feelings it inspires in you. If it wasn't her, you would have some disturbing feeling, imo. Also, you sound like a good guy. I always believe we should honor our family who's died... Be the best we can and enjoy our lives as much as possible because they would want us to. Anyway, thank you for sharing.
"Some souls shine in the darkness."
Jubeele, that's lovely, thank you! I'm going to remember that.
Hi Manafon & Kindly_Refrain

Thanks for the input. There certainly are a number of reported sightings of ghostly nurses doing the rounds (not many Doctors?) and also there is much anecdotal evidence of those in hospitals, hospices about to pass over who report seeing deceased loved ones near them to escort them into their next phase of existence.

Also consistent reports of patients being visited by deceased family and friends, sometimes repeatedly as the patient nears the point of their leaving the physical body. Apparently, some people are visited by deceased loved ones, but these patients are not considered terminal, or expected to pass over, but then unexpectedly do.

Although do we often read / hear about large numbers of ex-patients being seen in hospitals etc whom have passed?

Perhaps they are still "haunting" these places? Maybe we don't hear about them and perhaps it's not as "interesting" seeing the spirit of old Mrs Humphries, hunched over, bewildered, shuffling around in a hospital gown as it is seeing a matronly-looking nurse figure gliding silently through the wards?

I'm not sure, but I have certainly read about ghostly nurses being seen. Whether those nurses died on the premises where they were sighted is unknown to me.

It's all very interesting stuff.


Kindly_refrain in The Ghost At The Abbey
Hello Macknorton, a friend's wife is a nurse (now retired). She reported frequent spectral forms in the hospitals she worked at, some of them nuns who were employed in the one hospital, in the past.

While not a place where death occurs but is still a focus, funeral homes also seem to have a more than fair share of ghosts. I am aware of two morticians that say it is common enough to see the spectral form of the deceased calmly standing by as their body is prepared. Another mortician I know, of, however, says they have never seen this happen.
Your wife's grandma is still probably guarding their house even though she passed away.
Such an unexpected happening. That means she still wants to continue her business in our world.
Hi Mack--I'm heading out but just quickly wanted to state that there are an unusually high number of paranormal incidents reported in hospitals. There was a study conducted by an M.D. Who compiled a compelling number of cases amongst terminally ill patients. One of the most commonly reported phenomenon is that of a kindly nurse who checks in on patients who are soon to die.

I discussed this study a couple of years ago on YGS but can't remember the doctor's name. I imagine it could be found without too much difficulty searching online. I also have several paranormal case study books that discuss, specifically, the "phantom nurse" phenomenon. Fascinating stuff!
Kindly_refrain in Table Tipping Aftermath 2
Hello LightMight, the building that was on this site previously was a fire hall. There would be 4 different squads with varying groups of people making up the squads, over the years. While there is of course stress at a fire hall it is usually very brief and transitory.

As far as known history, one fire fighter saw a ghostly older woman, from the waist up, that, by the description, was identified as a Mrs. Percival who lived in the area some time before the fire hall was built.

She was only seen one time at the hall but there were other occurrences such as the sound and smell of cooking in the kitchen. Lights (orbs?) also moved through the dorm at night. One closet had unexplained noises emanating from it and I heard its doors bang on one occasion.

There was, however, no high stress business or restaurant here before these new ones were built.
Kindly_refrain in Table Tipping Aftermath 2
Macknorton, I like "lettuce pray". This may be because I too am given to puns. They are usually just passed off as "Dad Jokes" by my kids and eye rolls by my wife so... We all need an outlet.

When the fire hall was on this site there was never any destruction or manipulating of physical objects (other than table tipping) so the modus operandi is different. It does, however, seem to be that some continuity of haunting remains.
Kindly_refrain in Table Tipping Aftermath 2
Sorry for my late reply folks. I have been away.

Rajine, If you look at the other stories related to this one you will read that there were other incidents as well, in the other restaurant, but I do not know about the one in this account, I will find out.
Sleeping-with-steve in Ghost Gold
Hello Jubeele,

It felt as though I was reading one of Sinbad's marvelous adventures. What a fantastic post.
I was really enjoying it and wanted to know more. Like where is Damon today, Is he married, does he have kids, and how many pendants did he keep to pass down to his kids when he has some.

Damonn must have been spooked to feel the presence of the couple by his bed. I sure as heck would have been. 😳

How thoughtful of Damon to give you one.

Thank you for sharing this post.

Best wishes to you and Rex-T.
SWS 😘 ❤
Hi Sammy27

Since her life was cut short suddenly she will still be around doing what she would have had she still been alive.
Hi Occulting

Thanks for posting. As Rajine suggested, it would be great to see these photos. Whilst photos are now very easy to fake, and fake quite convincingly, at least something you captured is worth sharing and discussing.

Re your comment: "...for context the place has either had many various deaths occur there..." - for me personally, and I have banged on about this before, I do struggle to understand the link (or our perceived link), regarding places of death = haunted places.

I wonder, is this a misconception regarding spiritual activity / an old superstitious idea, or is there some actual basis for this theory?

If we examine where MANY deaths occur in a small-ish location such as a hospital, or a retirement home or geriatric hospital, for example, then following the premise of "place of many deaths = place of many hauntings" then surely these kinds of places would be absolutely teeming with all kinds of ghosts / spirits / activity?

Personally I'm not aware of this being the case? Does anyone have anything to add to this idea?

Just a thought I'm throwing out there...


Thank you Rajine. It's a wonderful feeling knowing our loved ones still exist in another dimension and still wanting to help us.
Greetings, Mitch, and welcome to YGS.

For the life of me, I cannot imagine what use a spirit or entity would have for high-denomination banknotes.

Do you have the option of resetting the combination lock on your safe? People often reuse passwords and combinations to make them easier to recall (especially birthdays, anniversaries, etc.). If your combination is such a number, changing the combination without telling anyone could yield similar results to setting traps without the risk of losing any further cash.

There may be a very simple explanation, here, such as a light-fingered cleaning lady, a regular guest who is in a tight financial situation, or your husband may be hiding an embarrassing secret (e.g.: a gambling debt) from you.

I would also agree with those who recommended moving more of your cash into the bank; try keeping less than $300 in the house safe, for example. Ask yourself: what in the world could happen that requires more than $300 in cash when you have a debit card as backup, too?

Take care,
It's also well worth noting what kind of safe it is. Many many popular models can be cracked with every day items and in under a few minutes. It just takes a quick search. What brand/model number are you using?
I've had a thought and was wondering a few things - 1) Did you write the combination down anywhere, or if the safe came with one, and store that paper in a drawer, or someplace someone might stumble across it? 2) If anyone has ever observed you opening the safe/ knows of it? 3) If anything coincides with you noticing the cash has gone missing? I.E.= A visiting relative or 'friend', cleaners or service people?
Not sure if it'll make you feel better, but there's been lots of reports of mysterious vanishing money and items without explanation. So, isn't just you.
Hi Aros

Really a touching story about your dad coming through for you and your mum even after he passed
Hi dhewitt1

That indeed must have been a startling experience for you have you spoken to your wife about her grandmother?
It's quite tragic when someone ends their life unexpectedly, did she live in your in laws house while she was alive? I think maybe she still has some unfinished business here.
Hi occulting_

I believe that this spirit is trying to reach out to you,
You read tarot cards so I'm assuming that you are a intuitive person so maybe that's why she chose to reveal herself to you.
It would be nice to see the pictures you took.
sacul001 in Red Eyed Children
What many people fail to understand is that their laws and cultural norms are not universal. Stop attacking the man and calling him a pedo unless you can even use the word properly at very least. What a disturbing amount of judgment, that's what I am seeing
Sounds like ry smacked yer cherrios. May want to find better friends
I am sorry to be the one to tell you this, but there are only two real possibilities here- with a third being very unlikely. I feel like you deserve to be spoken to like an adult and told the truth so here it is:
1) You never put the money in the safe to begin with

2) Your husband has taken the money without telling you and is lying

3) Someone is cracking into the safe and only stealing high denominations (a thief would not do this/very very very unlikely)

It's pretty apparent to me, especially since this has happened more than once before, that your husband is the culprit. I won't speculate on what or whom he spent the cash on, but deep down I think you know the answer. Hint: It wasn't a ghost. 😕
occulting - Thanks for your response.

If you are au fait with the ouija board and contacting spirits then far be it from me to dissuade you.

I do know that people do suffer very adverse effects when they dabble with the supernatural and don't know what they are doing and the resulting disaster is not always a demon.

Go well.

Regards, Melda
Hello Justwanttotellsomeone,

Thank you for sharing your experience, it can be awfully hard to post such personal things. I hope your fellow readers will be as helpful and sympathetic as mine were.

Please know that (as an adult) I am a very cautious person with trauma responses, and my own personal boxed set of paranoid anxieties. Morbid paranoias is a familiar thing to me. These alone can be mind bending, but they feel distinctly separate from the mental responses (as an adult) which myself had during my own, unexplainable experiences. I will try to explain, in the hopes of helping you sort out what you saw. Feeling watched and being paranoid can be separate mental experiences, I mean, if that helps.

It is hard enough to even share a story where you see something unexplained watching beside your bed, much less "prove" what still does not make " sense ". It is brave to share. I feel that your brother would have felt or responded to any dark intentions toward you, even if you were too startled or small to react. It seems like thankfully it was a one time thing you saw, and I agree with the other responses that this was a harmless "passing by" or "replay" type of scene. I am curious how long the home or property was in your family, and if the man bore resemblance to your known relations?

Since I have had both two experiences of "seeing a faint replay of someone" in an old fashion hat, and the far separate much more bizarre experience of seeing something unexplainable beside my bed, I truly empathize with how strange, scary and irritating it can be to stew mentally over all this. As a child I would have lost my mind trying to cope, even without internet folklore, and I am sorry you have had to carry this around. I am grateful YGS readers have compassion.

I also wanted to add that while I lived at the address where sometimes I "saw" the person in a workmans cap come up the steps, that different from those oblivious "replays" the entire time in that house I felt the most intense and sometimes uncomfortable feeling of being watched while at inside at home. Not a feeling of threat or danger but of active regard or expectation, being looked at in sort of a mute child like way, or like by a watching animal. Alone at home with blackout shades, watchdogs, good neighbors and no actual sight line possible, all trauma and paranoias tucked aside. Not like feeling mindless unnatural company but the physical feeling of eyes on me.

I had several people over casually to try and read the situation. None of them, nor any geusts or housemates ever commented on any negative energies in the house. My persistent watched feeling was fairly constant in all four rooms but only the attic crawlspace was unbearable. Still I lived at that address safely and content ten years. I would encourage you to try NLP and meditation to help sort your paranoias because that helped me to calm my anxiety from and be more rational in trying to explain my feelings when facing the unknown. It also helps me to literally claim my own physical space, and I encourage you to do so according to your beliefs.

However -though I chalked it all up to my own paranoid imagination-my own constant feeling of being watched was only ever in that house.

It has been suggested to me since that exposure to poorly rigged and dangerously old electric wiring like in that home, may result in poor health consequenses including actual hallucinations, and paranoia. I am not a doctor, but it explains the feelings, and possibly seeing someone who was not there come up the porch? Maybe something like failing wires could be at play in the home from your story?

Not every possible explaination is sinister. Give yourself credit for your strength and curiousity, which I applaud. I hope you find answers, and hope you are less frightened with new perspective or time.

Regards from WA State

Bettina Marie

Without stating the bleedin' obvious in terms of Money Management 101, do you and your husband have / use credit or debit cards with secure PIN numbers etc?

For me, these remove the need for cash rattling around, which then removes the chance of it being lost or stolen.

It would be very difficult indeed, I would think, for an entity to steal money which becomes, basically, an electronic blip, or a concept, once it's "in the bank".

And I felt Melda raised a valid point about interest rates too. Let your money work for YOU!


Mack (International Financial Advisor Extraordinaire) 😉
valkricry in Red Eyed Children
Guys, stop bashing the OP. If you can't comment to the story, then don't comment.
occulting_ in The Singing Child
Hi Melda, I appreciate your opinion and advice but I am very much so into witchcraft and the occult, so I've done a far bit of research into ouija boards and other ways to communicate with spirits and I have used one before in the house and on ghost hunts, so far nothing bad or menacing has happened, the most that has happened is the mother telling me she was really happy I decided to talk to her because no one alive had tried to for 104 years which I didn't know when she told me but its the exact amount of years she had been dead, I had to google it afterwards to make sure.

I don't believe you can talk to demons through ouija boards, it's usually a spirit messing around and to me why would a demon wait for you to use a piece of wood to start talking to you and messing with you? Demons are supposed to be powerful beings, surely they don't need a piece of wood to start things off.

But I get where the concern comes from, Hollywood is ruthless with the way they always associate ouija boards with demons and possession. I've never felt any bad vibes from the spirits, I usually just feel sadness and of course joy whenever they joke around, I have a spirit and deity that protects me and keeps me updated on if there's anything dangerous happening and all that so I know I am safe plus I have lots of protection in place to keep bad things out, I don't know how to help a spirit cross over but it's something I would love to learn, my house isn't the only place with trapped spirits, the next story I will probably upload will be about another spirit I've kind of become close to.
occulting_ in The Singing Child
Hi Jojorocks, I have before I think but I don't think they haunt or visit the house as often as they did back when I was a kid, they've told me before that my bedroom belonged to their mum's so its likely she died in my room and they would come into my room for comfort or just because to them it was their mothers room.
Thank you all for the suggestions and opinions. I appreciate your time and effort to respond to this post. I am fully 100% sure that it is not my husband. No shiny new things, no telltale signs of new purchases. Nothing there.

As I have mentioned, we have money in the bank. 80% of it. This is a "go to" stash which I'd like to have if the bank or (atm) is not accessible for some reason.

I do plan to get a camera installed inside just to get proof because not knowing what happened is a big part of the distress. And not keeping $100 bills anymore...
Jubeele in Ghost Gold
Hi Lady Gloria 😊

I don't think Damon really knew his grandparents, because he had left Sicily when he was just four years old. He did not even have a clear memory of his father. Which could be why he didn't recognize the elderly couple. Not sure when they passed, but it was well before he went to Egypt. It was his mother who told us they were probably his father's parents. Her own mother was still living in Sicily at the time.

The pendant is pretty, a dainty thing only a centimetre long, or half-inch. It was a fascinating experience. Glad you enjoyed it.
Hello Kindly_Refrain,

I'm curious, were these locations (that you believe to be haunted) owned by the same person or company, at the same time in the past? I'm just wondering if it's the spirit of a previous owner or manager, that could've been under a great deal of stress, still having an effect on the properties by way of residual haunting, or otherwise?

Regarding items being found in disarray; sounds like people are taking notice. Owning and running a restaurant is incredibly stressful, I can imagine how much anxiety an owner, or manager, must've dealt with while trying to keep a successful business going - do you think this type of energy has caused some of the unusual activity people have encountered at these locations? As you're probably aware, often times when people become frustrated and angry, they blow up and lash out physically - perhaps this was a common past occurrence at these locations?

I've enjoyed your story- many thanks!
Ok, I read through your previous responses where you state your husband doesn't remember sitting on the edge of the bed or having an OBE...It's probably what I'd expected as like my wife not remembering the part where she was eye balling me.

I believe it was your husband having an OBE and not an doppelganger as you so rightly would assume based on your husband having no recollection.

I'm pretty sure in one of my stories I posted here years ago, I share an account where I saw my wife walking around our home in the early hours of the morning where she had no recollection of doing so when I asked her later on?

Although I could have put that account down to a doppelganger, I still believe it was her walking around having an OBE, so you can imagine my own delight when she at least confirmed part of an account more recently, even though it wasn't the whole full monty.

I do have a theory as to why not everyone remembers their OBE account and why some do? Perhaps I'll wait for your response first.

Regards Daz
Hi Piperasc, Something similar happened to me a few years ago, I'd awoke to find my wife floating out of her body as she slept on her stomach she was looking directly at me, although my wife had no recollection of looking at me eye ball to eyeball, she did validate the sensation of floating out of her body and hearing my voice at the same of time?... Of which was correct from my perspective and account of what happened during what I believe was her floating out of her body?

Question: Did you ask your husband if he'd remembered anything about what you saw and did he look different?

Clothes, younger,hair... Etc?

Regards Daz
Toyatoyang in Red Eyed Children
Disgusting author. How could you like someone when you're aged twice as them? What a predator. You make me sick dude! 😨
I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your money! That's emotionally and financially draining obviously. Although I am a huge believer in paranormal phenomenon, I tend to look at the non-paranormal explanations first until they can be completely ruled out. I have to side with Mack here... My instinct tells me this is a very real person taking this money. I am not accusing your husband in any way but I would follow the advice below and see if you can find out who is taking the money. I feel strongly it's not an entity or spirit but a very real flesh and blood human that knows the combination somehow. Good luck!
Mitch2021 - Please don't be annoyed or insulted that a few people have suggested that your husband might be the perpetrator. Even in murder cases the spouse is the first suspect and very often the perpetrator! Obviously that is not always the case.

I have absolutely no idea what happened to the cash although I am rather surprised that you stashed it in a safe at home instead of a bank or an institution offering good interest rates. Well that option is open to you in the future.

In fact I have had items returned to me which I thought were gone forever. One such incident was when my reading glasses disappeared for a few weeks. (Fortunately I still had my old ones). One day it dawned on me - my mischievous resident ghost had hidden them from me. Once I had convinced myself that he was the culprit I spoke to him a lot and asked him to return my glasses. About two mornings later when I was making my bed I found them, neatly folded, under my bedside table. Now this is a four-legged table with no covering on it whatsoever. The carpet is fully visible beneath it. It holds the normal paraphernalia which most bedside tables do, plus the carpet gets vacuumed about three times a week. Just simply reappeared! I said thanks very much and moved on.

So although it seems that you can't produce proof of human intervention, neither do I believe you can provide proof of spiritual intervention.

If I were you I would start depositing my extra income into a reliable, high interest bearing account.

Regards, Melda
Thanks for sharing! Wow that would be quite the sighting for sure. I always wonder if these types of sightings if the spirit is aware they have died and no longer in physical form? I have heard from many a medium that it's not uncommon for a spirit to not know they have died. It would be sad to think of a little girl's spirit by herself on a swing in the dark. My prayer is all spirits find a way to move into the Light and return HOME.
[at] Macknorton

The "darkness" of Siberia is not so much that scores of people died within the region. It's that entire communities ended there. I see you mention Stalin. He did have a particular love of exiling people to Siberia, but he wasn't the first and certainly wasn't the most prevalent deporter. The Russian Tzars, for hundreds of years shipped "undesirables" east by the thousands. In the case of the Caucasus, they would pack up entire indigenous populations and whole villages of recently conquered regions and ship them to Siberia as labor and to populate the east. Many of these people weren't allowed to return to their homelands until Khrushchev came to power (in some cases few were left).

There are certainly other very "spiritually charged" places in the world where people gather to share paranormal experiences. I'm not saying Siberia has the exclusive rights to that title, but it's certainly one of those regions. Also remember, this region (as with most of the Far East) is deeply superstitious and steeped in paranormal traditions. You may not believe that spirits of victims of violent, or particularly horrible deaths return to the location of their death - but most of the cultures of this part of the world do. According to Japanese Shintoism, the sprits of victims of a violent death "become a stain upon the place." Chinese, Mongolian, and of course the Tatar people of the region have similar beliefs.

Lastly, I think there may have been some confusion. I am not claiming I have ANY psychic abilities. I do not. What I was saying, was that there are regions in Siberia where there is so much paranormal activity, one does not *have* to be a psychic to experience things. As it's called in Russian... Tyazhelprivideniyami "Ghost heavy"...

Just an update regarding my neighbors car and the fog/mist. I've spoken to my neighbor and he said that he bought the car from an auction, he said it's from a deceased person's estate.
Aros I sold to a great couple in 2014 Got to know them for a couple weeks, told him about mirrors and things that have came out of them. I don't think he believed me. I did tell him he should take one side of mirrors out. Just to be safe. We keep in touch, they have not mentioned anything. YET.
Aros, It's probably best to have this conversation on one of our threads... The Topic here at YGS is not something the general community engage in or are even ready for...however, if you do have a story and post it here as your story, perhaps we can go into more depth where I'm happy to share more of my insight on the topic.

Aros, Ok, My intuition was telling me it was one of those dates although the 15th was coming through the strongest...however,... "December 4th, 1990" when you add up the letters and numbers from the day she crossed over, it equals 15 in total? Perhaps that's the clue with 15?... The 4th was in the middle of my post with three numbers on both side so yes, I believe this message is for you.

Take this comment as further validation that your sister is with you and wants you to know you are on the right path in your life.

Someone was in my home last night Aros, not sure who it was, however, I did get a response when I thought about saying this to you, your answer makes me feel I can say this to you with some confidence.

No, I'm not a medium.

Regards Daz
Hello. The very first impression I received, was that it was husband.

As previously stated, change the combination, set up cameras, a hair closed in the door works... Cameras will definitely show who or what the culprit is.

Good luck
lady-glow in Ghost Gold
Hi Jubeele.

This was a fascinating experience. Did Damon get to meet his grandparents like a child or had they passed away before he was born?

The pendant you got must be gorgeous!

Thanks for sharing.
Hi Kindly Refrain

I apologise in advance but really after reading this and getting a "vibe" for this destructive entity, all I can really suggest is; "Lettuce Pray"

Again, apologies for that one. Seriously though, that sounds like a classic case of ghostly (entirely pointless / irrational) mischievousness; things being smashed, objects moved around etc...

Interesting that is if it IS the same spirit, then it appears to be almost chained to an area / coordinate point of Earth rather than perhaps attached to a particular building, family, person etc.

Thanks for sharing!


Hi Mitch2021

Intriguing problem indeed.

Have you considered changing the safe combination? There's the very real, non-paranormal chance that your husband is dipping into the safe. Not that I want to crucify this hard-working individual's character, but if it's NOT you, then the only other rational explanation is it's HIM.

Tip: Try carefully securing a single long human hair over the door of the safe where it can't be seen. Then, if this theft is the result of a non-entity then they will HAVE to open the safe door. If the hair is disturbed you can put away the crucifix.

Another way to figure this out is to set up a camera filming both outside the safe AND inside, leave a single $100 note in there and see where / how it goes.

Other explanations, but not necessarily helpful ones, are either of you sleep walkers? Visual clues; Is your husband suddenly wearing new, expensive clothes, shoes, jewelry? Does he have a new car? New set of golf clubs?

Have you considered putting all these thousands into a bank? However, I guess if this brazen thievery IS the work of some money-hungry entity targeting you folk, then your $100 notes will not be safe (no pun intended) ANYWHERE!

I have a potential solution to this problem; don't put any more $100 notes in the safe. Break the $100's into $50 or $20 notes. That just may put an end to this distressing episode.

I have probably been of no help at all.


Sarcasm: wish we had the opposite of this problem. OK. May not entirely sarcasm.

It seems rather specific that it is just bills of that certain denomination.

I would suggest, as an addition to anything else you try, ask a trusted friend to keep count of the bills with you and have your friend keep the inventory sheet as a way to confirm missing money. Unfortunately, with it being physical bills, once lost, they're not replaceable like debit or credit cards are.
Hi Mitch2021

You know here in South Africa there's adverts in newspapers that "traditional healers" put up offering their services and also have entities to do their bidding for them (make people sick, steal from people, etc) I'm not sure what it is exactly but a few people told me these witch doctors use rats, amongst other things.

If you do decide to go the spiritual route don't give away to much information, let the shaman tell you what's going on that way you will know whomever you go to is really genuine.
Perhaps because as you say the restaurant next to each other the haunting would on both sides 🤔

Apart from the lettuce and food stuff, are there any other incidents that's happening as well?
aussiedaz, well the 4th is when she passed. December 4th, 1990. Other than that, I'm not really sure at the moment?
Aros, I just knew you would understand what I meant on a Soul level relating to an exit point, just a question for you mate... Does the 1st,2nd, 3rd, 4th, 12th, 15th or 16th have any significance for you or your sister?

Regards Daz!
Melda, Macknorton & JoJorocks,

Apologies for butting in on your string, but being an alleged spawn of BS, I suddenly feel qualified to speak on the subject of "the Meter" and teleporting.

Firstly, Melda - I recently observed a baboon at Taronga Park Zoo, clutching a dark squarish box, fending off his associates who were constantly trying to claim the box as their own. He obviously had no idea of how to use the mosquito repellent or deodorant disperser, perhaps because one hand was occupied with holding a balloon glass containing a tiny pink umbrella.

I did not see the garden spade in the enclosure, so I'm assuming that it may be lost in transit.

As you know, I do not partake in alcohol or non-prescription drugs (heck - I don't even smoke anymore) so hallucinations are very unlikely. I suppose the box was similar in looks to a carton of flavoured milk, which brings me to JoJorock's story.

I wonder if looking at a screen for prolonged periods of time, then glancing (quickly) at a window may have left you susceptible to pareidolia.

In closing, there are elements in my comment that are light hearted and my sentiments are with Macknorton - keep 'em coming.

Swear to God Man.

aussiedaz I am a huge believer in the extraterrestrial presence and the UFO topic in general. In fact, I have been studying the phenomenon passionately for over 30 years. I will be posting an experience on this site one of these days. Having said that, while I can't discount your take on any level, my concern would simply be that why would an advanced ET being take the time to tell a person not to marry someone? An angel or spirit guide makes more sense just in the fact that they might have a more direct relationship with the person's spiritual growth and know the Soul Contract and life plan. Then again, what's to say the ET being (if that was in fact the case) doesn't have a similar connection? So maybe in fact you are on to something.
The following morning, as soon as I heard J finish in the bathroom and go downstairs, I had a quick wash, got dressed, made the bed and packed my few bits in my bag, then quickly followed him down. The whole time I was in the room, I was sure the spirit was still nearby and I was afraid, so while I packed, I spoke to him. I apologised again for swearing at him, but I also reminded him that he'd scared me pretty badly by waking me up as he did and asked him to please don't scare me anymore. This was all said in my head btw, but I think he heard me and took it onboard, as he never bothered me again and it was only a matter of days until M rang me and told me 'he' was still in our mum's house. This was after she'd visited my mum, who'd just came out of hospital.
I never told J about what had happened that night until much later, as I didn't want him to be afraid in his own home. M arrived early to to pick me up when she'd said and I gave her the full story on the way home.
Still a little more to come guys, which I think you'll find interesting. No more big scares for me though thank goodness! Two big scares in such a short time is two too many for me!
I'll post the rest when I can!
Mack - Hang onto your 2010 BS detector. Yours is the best model. I know because I owned one and early one evening a few months back, while I was skimming through the posts on this site, my BS disappeared in a puff of smoke. Needless to say I was shocked and horrified.

I live in Pretoria, South Africa and my sister lives in Cape Town on the fringe of the Tokai Forest. Over 1000 kilometres apart. Within half an hour of my loss, my sister phoned and told me of her amazing experience:

She and a friend of hers had been sitting on her veranda enjoying snacks and iced tea. My sister doesn't drink alcohol at all, so she wasn't delusional. Their leisurely evening had been interrupted by the sudden appearance of an object, alien to them, on the table between them. My sister scooped up this object in a small gardening spade and ran out onto the lawn, uncertain how to deal with it. She and her friend were hugely traumatised.

The burden of indecision was soon alleviated as a baboon swooped down off the roof and grabbed the spade and its contents. Remember, she lives very close to the forest and baboons are rampant. To crown it all, the baboon plus my BS and spade disappeared before their very eyes!

She was extremely apologetic after I told her that she should have phoned me before allowing my BS to be placed in the hands of an innocent. However I'm still slightly annoyed.

Which brings me to this:

"... As if she can make herself disappear. I starred back at my PC then after less than a minute I starred outside and she's there again, as if she can teleport."

Oh yes, people, animals and objects can indeed teleport. Besides the disappearance, reappearance and once again disappearance of my BS, I had a very vivid dream of a baboon living it up on a passenger liner in the Caribbean. My dreams are always true.

NB: Please never consider the 2020 version of the BS detector. It comes with a word mincer and a mosquito repellant. I don't believe in mincing words and the mosquito repellant is cheap at the local supermarket.

Regards, Melda
You respond to comments the same way you posted your question, dimetime 😊 There is no replying to a comment like on Facebook, where you answer each underneath them, instead if you want to answer, let's say LightMight, you address them at the beginning of your comment.
Hi JojoRocks

Please don't be offended, but this to me, is another piece of rather poorly constructed fiction. Changing the story, or adding details in your supporting comments to answer fair questions doesn't lend your experience much credibility to me, personally.

Others may be hanging of each sentence and feeling "spooked" or "thrilled", which is of course, absolutely fine. We all have different levels of settings on our individual "B.S detectors".

Reading this story, the warning gauge on my "B.S detector" (which, by the way, is the 2010 model which comes with a really handy swiss army knife and built-in deodorant disperser for when things get REALLY stanky) is flashing red so much that it's starting to spark and produce actual smoke. Luckily it's still under warranty.

That's just my 10 cents worth, for what it's worth.

Best of luck. Keep 'em coming! 😁


Anyone know how to respond to comments? I'm new at this so I'm a bit clueless.😋
As a diehard Seahawks fan I was drawn to your story having seen "Seahawks" and "Russell Wilson" in your account. I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, a diehard Seahawks fan since 1976 and an eager student/witness to the paranormal all of my life. At any rate I found your account very interesting and couldn't help but think "PORTAL" when you described your mirrors and how they face each other.

Since mirrors can be portals, I believe having mirrors face each other creates a very powerful energy portal indeed. I hope any spirit sightings and events are and remain positive for you but I might be motivated to consider changing that setup, but again if it remains a positive experience then I'm sure it's fine. Thanks for sharing and Go Hawks!
aussiedaz thank you very much for your comments. I do believe it was a chosen exit point on an unconscious/Soul level. I have a much better understanding of things of that nature then I ever did before. I know one day my time will come to pierce the veil of the afterlife and see my loved ones again, and all will be remembered. I'm not in any rush mind you, but it gives me terrific comfort knowing we are eternal beings with LOVE being the string that unifies and binds us all.
Hi guys,
Sorry I couldn't post yesterday, but I'll do my best to get this finished tomorrow... Not that there's much more to tell anyway. As I said before, this happened in 2004 when I was in my 50's, yet this was the first supernatural experience I had ever encountered, until the night I was with my brother. It did make me wonder that if once the door has opened, it stays open. That did worry me for a time and I have since had a few things happen in my own home, but more fascinating than scary. Hopefully I can finish this tomorrow, but for now, I'll wish you goodnight!
Hello Aros, you nailed the reason behind your own awakening... It was your sister and if I'm right, you also know that your sister chose her exit point?... You have made her so proud by your own awakening and it is most probable, the two of you planned this together before coming into the Matrix if my own theories and conclusions are correct about the afterlife and all that jazz in between?

I too strive every day to be a better person so I do resonate with that aspect of your story. Thank you for sharing it, I'm so pleased you were able to pull together the bigger picture with your sisters help from an account that may have destroyed you, had you let it.

Regards Daz
BravelyKegger I appreciate your opinions and beliefs. While I do not prescribe to them, I respect that they are your own. My experiences have more than satisfied me knowing that our loved ones spirit/Soul/consciousness continues after death. That God/Source is pure, unconditional LOVE for us all. Yes, there are demons/negative spirits but they feed off of fear and other negative emotional states. When you are in the presence of, or given a sign from a loved one in spirit there is no fear, no negativity, only love.
Hi BravelyKeggar

Thanks for offering your opinion.

I see in your profile you declare; "...this world can be so boring so I get so excited by ghost stuff..."

Forgive me if I'm somewhat confused by your the apparent obvious contradiction to your posted comment and your profile.

Respectfully Yours,

mitch2021 in Missing Money
This thing is what exactly happened to me. It started way back 2018. And first it started missing from my wallet. I like to carry cash just in case and the 100$ bills are the ones that disappeared. My husband and I bought owned a safe. I AM THE ONLY ONE WHO KNOWS THE COMBINATION, and MY HUSBAND AND I AGREED TO THIS. MY HUSBAND WHO WORKS AND THE MAJOR EARNER GIVES ME THE MONEY FOR SAFE KEEPING. I work as a writer and what I get paid stays in our bank account. WE ARE THE ONLY 2 LIVING TOGETHER AT HOME. Don't get me wrong, we have money in the bank in both checking and savings account. We have debit cards as well. But I don't like to put everything in the bank and I feel safe having a pile of cash at home.

Same as your Dad. I am a big saver. I put different denominations in an envelope in amounts of thousands. Then put them in the safe. I put the date when I last counted them. ONLY THE 100$ BILLS ARE MISSING! I lost thousands but everything in the safe is still there. ONE INCIDENT IN 2018, ANOTHER IN 2019 AND THEN, NOW. My husband and I are so Discouraged and there's no logical way this can be explained. This must be the work of an entity.

And from what I've researched so far, there are witch doctors who employ entities to steal money from others. This is quite rampant in other cultures. Now I'm contemplating if I need a Shaman's services for clearing and for protection. I am not keeping anymore 100$ bills and exchanged what's left into 20$ bills before all of our hard earned cash disappears!

Would love some comment or feedback or suggestions. I literally just signed up to comment on this thread because it is similar to what I'm experiencing. And putting this out there helps me to move on...
Hello, sorry for the late reply.

Lady-glow- I was alone during the first encounter. So there's no point that she's waiting someone in the internet shop at that time.

Macknorton- her clothing is odd. All white. That's made her weird. Plus in my second encounter. I winked and she's gone. As if she can make herself disappear. I starred back at my PC then after less than a minute I starred outside and she's there again, as if she can teleport.

😨 😨

Rajine- actually, the owner recently admitted that few more people had seen her.

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