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As Salaam Walaikum Ashraf miya, Ramzan Mubarak.

This was truly a scary incident, thank you for sharing, also it proves the power of Quranic verses to ward off evil spirits, Alhamdulillah (All praises to Allah)
Thanks for the comments. Lady-glow, I have the same questions in my mind and even some more, believe me. I admit I was very afraid of ghosts in my childhood and never spoke of these things. But when I started to take interest, I lost my grandfather. Lots of my questions still remains unanswered along with the ones you mentioned.
SDS, thank you. The place I'm refering to is 12 kms from Ramanagar. There are many many haunted stories in this district. The place is called Channapatna. 😉
Hello Ashleypo, thanks for sharing. I think your brother has come to tell you that he is ok and to comfort you. Loved ones come back after passing on to comfort the near and dear and to indicate to them that they are ok on the other side of the realm.

Welcome to YGS and sorry for your loss.

Regards and respects to you.

Hi Amena, quite a strange encounter you had. But I will tell you. Sometimes articles go missing and you find it somewhere else and generally it is associated with a paranormal presence. But from your narrative, nothing seems to point it to be malicious.

Welcome to YGS and would like to read your other experiences as well but I don't think it could be Jinn. My opinion.

Regards and respects to you.

Hello Ashraf, welcome back. Lady-glow has asked some interesting questions. Please do answer them.

Lady-glow, I also wanted to ask the question about any incidents that took place when the place got developed. Let us wait for the reply from the OP.

Ashraf, I know the place Ramnagar. Can you please tell me the exact location so that I can also do some research about the area. Because you said that subsequently during your college days when you frequented the area, it has developed so much and the place itself is quite unidentifiable.

Regards and respects to you.

Hello Ashraf,

This entity kind of gave me the impression of a "Brahmarakshas" (a mythological demonic entity).

In my maternal village I had heard of numerous sightings of this creature. The unfortunate ones who dare to evade the space occupied by this entity are often possessed by this being or in worst cases are killed by it. I had always doubted the fact wheather these creatures exist anymore as many fade away with time. But your narrative set afresh the childhood tales which once I feared a lot as a kid.

However, it can't be an accurate statement since I'm only judging by your description.

Interesting read

Thanks for sharing


I agree that your experience is very scary. I think that if these spirits or creatures had the ability to kill you, they would have done that instead of trying to scare you. When you screamed, they disappeared - which says to me that they knew that all they could do is scare you and were no match for you or your parents. I may be totally off of my rocker.

I was wondering why you refer to your father and stepmother in this way if they were not abusive to you:

"They still being the trash bags filled with wet socks that they are"

I didn't get along with my stepmother. I felt like I was always trying to avoid walking on eggshells. I felt like I could never do anything right; but she was and continues to be a good woman. Not even when I was my most angry with her have I ever wanted to call her, or my father, names. It makes me think there is a further strata of negativity involved somewhere.

You mentioned in the comments that you have had a similar incident since writing this story. I think your experiences have more to do with you and less to do with your father.

- Maria
Hello Amena and welcome to YGS,

What a surprise! I love this story. I don't know if what happened would make me throw the ring away, though. This was done to your ring as a means of getting attention; and, if the prankster still exists around you, they will do it with other things.

Again, I love this story. It was nicely written.

- Maria
Whoever or whatever may have put the ring in the jar, that was a sweet finding.

Thanks for sharing.
Very interesting story. I think you hit the nail with the idea of your family being the piano's keepers until it found its way to its, hopefully, forever home.

Who or what play the piano that night may remain a mystery but, in my opinion, only makes an interesting piece of furniture even more interesting.

Thanks for sharing this intriguing and beautifully written story.
lady-glow in The House Of Spirit
Hello Ashraf.

That was quite intense. I have some questions about your story.

"My grandfather criticized her actions and for putting everyone's life in danger, mainly her son's. He also revealed that the spirit would have possessed her son and then would have killed the people in the house one by one. The spirit had made the house its place. And they were lucky to have survived the attack."

Obviously, through the entity's eyes, the wedding party were strangers intruding and invading its space and home and, to some extent, it's anger towards the invaders could be, if not justified, at least, understood.

My question here is, if the spirit had the potential to possess one person and then kill all the people present at the house, how come it didn't have the strength to walk through the old door or through the walls to enter its house?
Do you have any idea as for where the spirit was during the day?

From my point of view, some prayers and water do not seem to be a ritual too difficult to perform and, thank goodness, this was enough to banish (at least for the night), this entity that could have turn a man into a mass murderer by using only his bare hands.
Perhaps this spirit was only loud but not dangerous at all.

Do you know what made your grandfather think that, if not stopped, the spirit would have done what he said?

Are you aware of any documented incidents that could point to the spirit causing havoc during the construction of the new residential development?

Before someone may misinterpret my questions, let me clarify that I'm only curious about something that, perhaps due to my cultural background, find hard to make sense of.

I will appreciate your feedback.
Hi Alina and LFrog, thank you for the kind words!
I spoke with my now-29 year old daughter about this today, told her I'd written the story of the piano and did she remember what happened with it? She IMMEDIATELY remembered, said she thought she was in about 10th grade and it had scared her to death. She said again today she is certain it was not a dream, that she had gone to bed late, after 2am, up reading, and had not yet fallen asleep, when she heard the keys playing, not a song but just randomly like someone was pounding on it. I asked if she was certain she could hear it from our second floor and she said it was so clear, with everything else being so quiet. I guess it will remain a mystery! I've said in my other posts that there is something about some of these incidents... The memories seem to fade very quickly and we move on to live our lives. But it's interesting when something sparks those memories and even more interesting to compare your version with another's rememberances. Take care!
Hi Alina, thank you for your comment. I think It was the atmosphere, about the place. Kumar my general fix it person who was really like family, once commented that the villa sat on a crossroad - we were situated where basically 3 roads met inside the compound. He said anything within a crossroad is never good, but who knows! That was certainly his theory.
The belief in Jinn is prevalent in the Arab and Islamic world. They are beings created by Almighty from smokeless fire and are therefore can travel in a blink of an eye. We cannot see them but they can see us. I will post a few more soon. Thanks again
Thanks RcRuskin, yes I agree children can be mischievous but I can vouch that my ones are really angels- even now they don't give me trouble like that.
wrh1969 in Demonic Voice?
SDS, yes I have told a few of my friends what happened and what I get is mostly laughter... I have had a few more paranormal occurances happen to me which I will get to in other posts.
Bibliothecarius in Phone Call Voices
Greetings, DeliverDawn:

I'm willing to bet that it was the last time Mitch "forgot to call on only 'spirits of the highest good.'"

I know that there are multiple devices using different frequencies that would account for random static, echoes, feedback, or conversations, and that it is possible to use some of these devices to eavesdrop on phone calls (however unintentionally). I've not heard of cellphones or cordless phones being used to interrupt or to join an in-progress conversation.

Obviously, this would be better handled by another member with greater knowledge than I in the field of electronics & radio waves. However, it does seem to me that your conversation was being monitored by a sentient entity making itself known through the amplification of electronic static background, much like a "spirit box." This would suggest that the entity wasn't only sentient but also intelligent enough to interact with both of you and to learn your names, etc.

The idea that it called out to you *after* Mitch had asked angels to banish the negative presence would also suggest that it was trying to latch on to your end of the conversation to avoid complete banishment. *That* is the part of your story that frightens me.

Hi, Amena. An interesting experience, something playful and hopefully not malicious at all. But I want to point out that some children I know can be quite cunning, in their own ways. 😁
RCRuskin in Phone Call Voices

And while I do not mean this as a condemnation or criticism, my first impression on reading this event is best summed up by this quote from Jurassic Park (the first one in 1993):

Ian Malcolm: Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether they could, they didn't stop to think if they should.

Be careful when reaching out...
Fenrispro in My Guardian Cat
I felt like weeping, it's so sincere and poignant. I have never had a visitation from my pet, mine was a dog. Cats are really something, I don't have one of my own but when I feed some cats they alw remember me and come:)
My father has never stayed in one place for more than 2 years at a time. Therefore these spirits have followed either him and or I around from place to place. I have not had experiences in all of these homes, just some but when I do, they are constant. Again, good or bad, I agree, very strange. I have also seen them in my paternal grandmother's house. These spirits have only ever been of light and love and my paternal grandfather is a pastor. However always quite demonic with my father. The hauntings have never been consistent with only one space, whether that be and my granny's or the many homes of my fathers. I will see people in all different places out of the corner of my eye, look, and they will be gone but leave me again with either a sick feeling or a chill one. Thank you for your comments and concerns! It feels great to talk about these things with fellow believers.
TheTantrik in The House Of Spirit
Sounds authentic!

Though you probably know this, you grandfather was probably chanting verses from the Quran. The vibration of the chants uses the water as medium to act.

Scary experience!

Thank you for the reply. If majority of the incidents are taking place in your father's house then the area is definitely prone to these hauntings. However, this sudden shift of entities being harmless to deathly malevolent is odd indeed.

In which part of the house do you experience this haunting frequently?

Have the incidents subsided once you move away from your father's house? Or do they follow you?

I believe if these incidents somehow became bothersome you always have an option to perform a cleansing ritual.

Wishing you the best!

Hello MrsRamsay,

A very heartfelt narrative. The title itself drew me in, it happens very rarely. I'm dazzled by your choice of antiques as I too maybe am a big fan of these ancient arts. I occasionally buy a few antique pots as decoration in the living room.

Well, often a times I've heard that many old items that has been used for years develop a memory of it. They recollect the events already occurred and tend to replay them. I read it in a Japanese folktale.
Probably the piano keys you've heard can be an example of this.

Nevertheless, beautiful narrative.

Thanks for sharing.


Hello. I did, in fact, have other paranormal experiences before this, again at my father's house. However, the things that I saw would never talk to me, some would bring a bad feeling and I would be sick to my stomach, and others would simply feel like "Oh hey ghost hows it going?" This being said there were no other events like this that I think could have caused this. I did check the background of all of the houses that these paranormal experiences have happened in. So I am curious, is it me? Well, thank you for your response!
Thank you MrsRamsay,
Yes this was many years ago and I have not felt this way with my dad in a very long time, however we have always had a terrible relationship thank you for the concern. I also have always been able to see ghosts and this is only one of many, yet the most terrifying of experiences. However, I have actually after posting this story had the exact same experience happen in the exact same way at my mother's house, which is where I am during quarantine. I, over the last few weeks more than ever have seen and heard things around my house. Taking my dog for walks, I have felt like people are following me, and this is the same when I know I am alone in my basement where I am staying. I have also become rather jumpy out of nowhere. To answer another question, no my dog did not bark as he was in his crate in a completely different part of the house. However currently when I feel something watching me, my dog may start barking at nothing and mind you he is deaf so he did not just hear a car going by. Or he will start barking at "nothing" and I will instantly feel uncomfortable. I have talked to my parents about this many years ago and my dad has always had paranormal things happen to him. I also no longer sleep with a light. Thank you so much for your concern and compliments on my writing. I do love it. Thanks again!
Hello Madalyn_4610,

Certainly a terrifying experience. But it's even more suprising as to why this incident happened out of nowhere. These empty threats sounded malevolent.

Well, have you opted to check the background of your father's house?

This fairly seems like a residual haunting, assuming you haven't experienced anything prior or post to this incident.

Do you believe any unusual event happened leading to this?

Hopefully, you will reply to queries throwing more light on this matter.

Hello Amena,

A strange experience indeed! I have always been fascinated by the term "Jinn" regarding how widespread is this belief in the Middle East.

You've mentioned that you felt something uncomfortable while moving in the house.

Can I ask you what exactly made you feel uncomfortable?

Are you able to sense any paranormal entity or Jinn inside?

"Many small inexplicable incidents happened there, one or two were quite unnerving"

I would love to learn about them someday.

Thanks for sharing.

That is such a cool story and heartwarming, too. If the piano did indeed play when it was in storage, I also would like to believe it was a bit forlorn and lonely and wanted to be restored to its former place of glory in the home. I am touched that it did, then found a new home where it should be cherished for years to come. Thanks for sharing!
Hello DeliverDawn,

Quite an intriguing story! There are a lot of accounts where I learnt that spiritual mediums should be closed properly else you're opening the door to the other world temporarily, where you provide the attorney to the spirits to enter your realm of space.

I am certainly curious regarding how you banished these entities?

"I was uncomfortable with how the spirit seemed to be "watching" him. So I ask him to ask the angels to remove the spirit if its malevolent"

Was your friend able to communicate with some angels?

Wow! That's fascinating.

How many different creatures was he able to contact?

I'm glad you and your friend are no longer facing the same situation.

Thanks for sharing.

You have described your parents as "soggy lettuce" and "trash bags filled with wet socks." As a language arts teacher, I find your descriptiveness very creative but also disturbing on a couple levels. It sounds as if you are really insecure at your father's home, which would be understandable for a kid who's away from Mom and in a strange, new place. You were a little girl, right, so this was many years ago?

Have you ever had a similar experience since then, or did things go back to normal after that? Have you ever had a similar dream? Have you ever brought it up with either your dad or your step mom? It would be interesting to find out if they've had other strange happenings. Sorry to ask so many questions, but as a mom myself I would want to know if my kids were seeing similar things. I'm certain your mom was pretty disturbed by your account, but you have to put yourself in their shoes and remember, lots of kids have big imaginations. We do worry about you all, even after you're grown up! I'm just so sorry you were so afraid. Hope you are ok now, and don't need the light. Oh, one more thing! Did your dog bark or do anything when this crowd appeared to you? Thanks for your story... And keep on writing, you have a way with words!
VeronicaMarie in Phone Call Voices
Wow... Chills down the spine here. There is something about distinct voices that are even more eerie to me than something seen that shouldn't be there. If it were back when I was young a hundred years ago, it would likely have been what we called a 'party line' where phone wires got crossed or something. But this... I wish I had an idea of who or what it was. There are a lot of people here who are well-versed in this kind of thing, and I hope they can come up with possible explanations, because I am massively curious. Thanks so much for sharing this.

This is such a nice experience to share, especially in times as now when everywhere we go there is only unhappy stories. Thank you for putting it up.

WontTellYouMyName - You have introduced a degree of aggression which is totally uncalled for.

None of the comments here are insulting or patronising. The readers are requesting clarification. I personally feel that there is a possibility that her BIL witnessed something other than the crybaby incident. We are asking for further clarification, full stop.

To state that members of this forum consider themselves to be paranormal encyclopedias, are arrogant and conceited, is merely your very misguided opinion.

You will also note that the OP undertook to participate in the discussion so no, you are wrong on that score as well, this is not a "read-only account".

Regards, Melda
Hello, silverthane61,

I have always felt that, somehow, I am able to guess what the intention of things I encounter is. Everytime I saw an appearence, I felt either calm, just wondering about the origins of that thing, either completely scared. It is like the thing I am seeing is communicating with me in some kind of manner. I have read a lot about this but I am not quite ready to try to see if I have any kind of psychic ability.

Like you said, I also think my rituals are working. In the past few weeks, I started to feel reassured while praying, so I think that it is indeed working. This "entity" manifested in the house of my parents and I am currently living elsewhere so I did not experience anything else and I think that this experience is strictly bound to that house.

I will keep up with my praying whenever I feel something weird and I would definitely come back with an update if anything happens again.

Thank you for your comment.
sophiethunder in Other Sister
She swims in the River Colne. I was worried that it might not be legal to swim there, but it is and so I can tell you.
VeronicaMarie in Voice Of My Dad
Haven, that is amazing. I read your wonderful story 'His Favorite' a couple of weeks ago, and was so moved by it. There is no doubt in my mind that your dear dad is still with you. I am very intrigued to know what it felt like the other day when you heard his voice. (The timing of reading your story today means a lot to me, as today is the anniversary of my dad's death in 1981.)
Michelle_McEl in Commercial Ghost
I know this is 13 years ago but I just recently heard this story read on the Paranormal Portal podcast last month.
This is a great story, I was hoping the comments would be more interesting, like reports of similar experiences not about how kids shouldn't swear. Useless discussion about this story:/

Anyway, I'm sure Darick has long moved on from this site, but can't help but wonder if that scared him and his brother from ever swearing (at least at the TV) again. 🤔

Darick, if you're out there... Let us know!
Lealeigh in The Non Believer

I don't think it's silly. People who go to this site like to discuss the paranormal. This is how we do that. No serious person on this site calls themselves an expert.

I do agree with one thing: we aren't likely to get any participation from the OP's brother in law.
sophiethunder in Other Sister
Logan- My Sister and I are close so we are around each other all the time. We were only going round a friends house, but wanted to dress up for it.
You stay safe too.
lady-glow in Other Sister
"I'm not going to tell you where Oceana swims because then you will know where she lives."

Is that so?
I'm sure that more than one community/town/city spreads along the banks of any given river in the UK. I don't see why telling it's name would reveal the exact place where she lives putting her in any kind of danger.

Perhaps this secrecy is aimed to protect the 'credibility' of your story?
Asires85 -

The timing of this story is perfect for me. A few days ago I was talking to my oldest daughter on the phone and our conversation turned to my dad. He past away in May 14 years ago. My daughter told me that she was sad because she has forgotten his voice. She was only 8 when he died but she was very close to him. It made me sad to hear her say that so after we hung up the phone I started going through my memories of him and trying to remember his voice so that I never forget it. I went through conversations we had and I remembered his laugh. I especially remembered that loving tone of voice he took when he spoke to his kids and grand kids. The next few days I had him on my mind more than usual. One day, I was walking down the stairs when I very clearly heard his voice, it sounded like he was asking me where I was going. I stopped in my tracks to see if I could hear more but I didn't, it was just a few words. I thought long and hard about this incident. Was it just my imagination? Was his voice somehow just in my head from me thinking about him for so long? Or was he talking to me to make sure I wouldn't forget his voice. Or, was he making sure I knew he was still with me because days before I had cried and said I missed him so much and wished he was with me?
logan in Other Sister

I hope all this to and fro and visiting scenarios are being done with some social responsibility mate. We have been in a state of lockdown in the UK for over 5 weeks now and from the sounds of your story, you and your sister seem to be out and about a bit... Stay home!
Hello, Chilli

I get what you're saying and yeah, I felt very different from SP. Even what I felt was different. With SP, you feel frightened, you don't know what will happen, you expect to experience the worst. This experience... I don't know. I felt profoundly helpless and desperate. I remember I was moaning because I was absolutely terrified. I've never felt like that in my life, so powerless, so little and vulnerable.
Hello, VeronicaMarie

Yes, it was different. It was something more gentle to say so. It felt like something raised me up and then abruptly put me down on my pillow, I did not quite fall.
WontTellYouMyName in The Non Believer
Hi Crazy4Tulips,

Welcome to YGS.
Just read some of the comments here and its so incredibly silly to expect the OP to post a long detailed account of an experience. This clearly was just something that happened to their BIL and they wanted to share it as is on this site. Nothing more, nothing less.

Nobody said they needed any help with what they experienced, so this was a read-only account.

Pretty silly to see some folks on here acting like they're the encyclopedias of the paranormal. Comes across rather arrogant and for the lack of better words, conceited.

NorthCoastie - Keeping a straight face when talking to your client after the inspection must have been a tad difficult. Besides, you'd probably have scared her out of her slippers.

Good thing you didn't mention the incident to her or your employers might have advised you to further your talent in ghost investigation instead of insurance claims investigation.

Report beginning: "Your insured, Ms Smith, has no claim as it would appear that a third party, i.e. A ghostly entity in her basement, caused the damage to the (whatever). The insured has no cover for such eventualities"

I'm not trying to make light of your experience because I realise it must have been rather scary but I must admit I had quite a chuckle!

Regards, Melda
Omg so scary! Humans have such darkness, but in future good begets good, these evil ones will have karma
Hi NorthCoastie!

That's cool! I want to echo Tweed's question: Did the woman's spirit seem to be aware?

I understand that going into homes is scary since you have a child and do not want your family to come into contact with Covid 19. You said it was "unfortunate" that you are considered essential; but this whole thing is unfortunate. I wish I was essential because I have never been more penniless in my life.

- Maria
sophiethunder in Other Sister
I think it was a doppelganger because there was no way for an intruder to get in. I have read stories that if you look at your own doppelganger, you die. That's why we ran. I wasn't about to let my sister die.

Also it disappeared without an exit as well.
Maybe it was a real person who was pretending to be my sister and had got in somehow.

Lady-glow, I'm not going to tell you where Oceana swims because then you will know where she lives. Also I'm not entirely sure it's legal to swim there.

I am at home. The cop who lives a few doors away tested for fingerprints, but could only find mine. Also he couldn't find where an intruder could've got in as the back door was locked and the front would've had finger prints other than mine on it, which it didn't.
Alina5 in Other Sister

I was expecting a proper detailed informative response from your side providing answer to the curiosities of all the posters but could say, I am a bit disappointed as a matter of fact, I can't upvote your reply.

"What was I supposed to say the police?"

I believe you could've atleast stated that someone tried to barge in the house, which is enough of a reason.

Like Melda I'm also curious regarding why you refer the girl as your "other sister". It confuses me even more wheather you want to state it's a human being or a paranormal entity.

I would appreciate if you will analyse the comments thoroughly and then post the missing details of your narrative. Otherwise, your account is full of holes and even if this incident is true then your description is portraying it as fake.

I was going through a few of your previous narratives and can't help but notice a similar pattern as this one. Just my opinion.

Yes, Tweed and sds unless the O/P clarify the confusing points I'll be joining you on the fence.

Melda in Other Sister
Correction to my post: "incredible" not "inredible". I doubt whether such a word exists.

Regards, Melda
Hello sophiethunder, quite difficult to believe it. You say it is not a doppelganger. How did you conclude that whatever or whoever was a doppelganger or not?

Secondly, have you checked up what she was doing in the computer system? Do you still live with your parents after this incident?

It makes me hard to believe that it's a paranormal phenomenon and also the reaction of you and your sister. Well even after coming back to the house, why you didn't check up on what the person was sitting on the computer was doing.

Like Tweed, I am on the fence on this narrative.

Regards and respects to you.

Crazy4Tulips - I have to agree with the comments made. As readers we want to know exactly what your BIL saw.

I read the submission you referred to and also noted that there were a number of comments by readers who gave logical reasons for what the author experienced. I also googled the Salem Crybaby Bridge and it is very interesting, sounds of a crying baby and so on.

I do believe that people have had paranormal experiences in that area but perhaps not all are connected to the unfortunate woman and her baby.

Nevertheless, many of us would like to know precisely what your BIL encountered.

Regards, Melda
I noticed that the homeowner did not follow you into the area where you saw the reflections. Maybe she was reluctant because of the haunts that you appeared to have seen in the reflection of your digital camera, Very interesting read!
Melda in Other Sister
Sophiethunder - Why do you refer to the lady sitting at the desk as your "other sister" and also as your sister's "other self"? "Other self" would imply a doppelganger or even a shape shifter. It was either a ghost or a doppelganger. I doubt whether any human being would conduct herself in such a manner, surely in this day and age she wouldn't need to creep into your home to use your computer.

I tend to agree with your parents, if you did in fact go running to them for protection.

You are creating a history of inredible and dubious experiences. Simply my opinion.

Regrds, Melda
silverthane61 in The Non Believer
Thanks lady-glow for the visual reinforcement. It seems the non-believer had an epiphany based upon seeing a strange mist. This is a unique threshold to cross to change from being a skeptic to a believer, but we all have our thresholds. Hopefully, you and your friend can now form a constructive partnership that will work together to research the paranormal and share your findings with the rest of us.
silverthane61 in Demonic Voice?
Whatever it was, what you do with the experience will determine whether it produces a positive or negative result. Sure, you were inebriated, but not so much so that you could not remember what happened. Either way, whether this was a genuine entity talking to you or some liquor-induced audial hallucination, use it in a positive way. You get to determine how this positive act will come into being.
silverthane61 in I Saw It Too
I have read stories of mountain spirits in the Himalayas. They take the form of lights that lure people to their deaths over cliffs. I have also read lesser-known tales of the Yeti who could manifest lights from its presence for who-knows what purpose. This last item comes from the paranormal side of Yeti-sasquatch stories and is not favored among conservative cryptid researchers. In any case, what you and your mother saw was certainly fantastic and scary! I am glad that she saw it too and pulled you back into the house!
silverthane61 in Other Sister
This is truly a bazaar of the bizarre! If this was a doppelganger, then it did not act like one. If it was a real entity, then 1) a person looking exactly like your sister took her clothes from the trash just to come in and look at your computer; 2) an entity of sorts elected to take the form of your sister wearing clothes she once had for some strange purpose; or 3) it was a visual illusion somehow transmitted from an external location or a shared hallucination. I tend to believe in the highest to lowest probability in the order I have given. If I had the wherewithal, I would dust for fingerprints on the off chance that you pick up a strange set of fingerprints, however, I do not know who has used your computer. I would assume that if you nor anyone else had touched your computer in the interim, then any new fingerprints would have logically been left by the mysterious person.
Tweed and VeronicaMarie,

I love the idea of getting a similar brocade purse to keep as something to help you feel better. Since I do believe that your experience goes beyond mere coincidence, I think that just having that little purse, in the future, would be a very strong symbol and help you to remember the calming feeling that you had on that day.


It's okay about the points. There are some people I can't upvote, no matter how long I wait. In the past, Rook has said something like: "a good comment will stand on it's own merit." I do like reading comments to me that say that I have been helpful. I also am happy to know where they come from. Thank you!

- Maria
When you described the ghost you saw, you stated "her hair was following"; I'm sure you meant 'her hair was flowing'.
Thank you so much, Tweed, and I am very glad that your anxiety has become more manageable. I really like your idea of thinking about the wallet when panic is flaring up. Replacing one thought with another. I am definitely going to keep that in mind. I don't have a brocade wallet right now, but I think it would be a good idea to get one. Thank you again for your kindness, and take good care.

P.s. I've had that same thing happen when trying to upvote LeaLeigh, and today it happened with Silverthane. Some sort of glitch or something?
lady-glow in Other Sister

I don't understand why you and your sister had to leave the house in such a hurry.

Think about it, there was the two of you against one person, still you didn't tell her to get out of there not threatened her with calling the police?

I'm sure that anyone would have asked in a not so polite way who the heck she was and what she was doing in your house.

Are you still staying at your parents' place? Have you been at your house? If so, is everything normal?

Have you checked your computer's activity history? What was the doppelganger looking at?

This is not your first submission and surely not the last one, by now you should be aware that your story will be questioned, it would be a good idea to make an effort and add as many details to your narrative instead of trying to explain it based on the questions asked by the readers.
Please ensure that the information makes sense before pressing the "submit" button.

And, since I'm asking, please tell me the name of river in which Oceana swims.
uberdimensional in Unexplained Breathing Sounds
I believe it was real. Way back 6years ago in a village me and my family use to live in an old antic house that was owned by a pastor... At first time we stay in that home I feel strange about it wondering about the lockroom below the stairs and a bedroom that was locked with lots of books and bible in the wall shelves that we never touched because the caretaker said the pastor is somewhere away in the city and he wants to make it a rent house while his not their and caretaker said take care of the house... So I was a bit comfortable when days months past... After a year later... While I'm staying upstairs alone around 5:30 PM and I was near the window I'm trying to get phone signal because downstairs has no signal at all... While I was sitting at the window suddenly I heared something like whispering beside me. I was a bit shocked! Then I try to be more silent if I will hear it again...
then a second later I heard like somebody is breathing deeply beside me. That made me goosebump and that moment I say to myself...okey...ill try not to breath to confirm that it wasn't me. So I stopped breathing for a few second then I heard ot again...😱 At the last time it was a bit loud and clearer and I can almost feel that heavily breathing right close to my ear!...I immediately rush down stairs and I almost fell in the stairs because I skipped stepping and jumped down...
After that I never stayed up there... It was a 2 bedroom upstairs side by side... Me and my elder brother use to sleep on each bedroom but we decided to move downstairs because upstairs was attack by termites and we change the light twice but it keeps turning off sometimes flickering... After all of that few months later while I was sleeping downstair I slept around 7PM and at around 11:30 PM I woke up in shock like somebody grabbed my foot that almost drag me! I just convince myself it was a dream and then I sleep again... And more strange things happened so on. Like when I was taking shower in the bathroom a necklace with cross pendant fell out of nowhere and I pick it up. I look around the bathroom but I didn't see something that it could hang and no one in my family uses necklace either... That made me ask my mom that we move rent to a different house and I told her everything scary I experienced in that house and then my mom told me that... She heard something whispered right through her ears upstairs before and she didn't tell anyone and my brother confessed that he hear it too and ignored it. After that we have found out to the caretaker that the house was once owned by a japanese man and he died in that house as he is too old and that the house is too old maybe 40years.
I read all your comments and I found most similarity to what we experience also goes with "Sleep Paralysis" which I experienced after hearing that breathing ghost...
Months past after I heard that ghost breathing happened I experienced Sleep Paralysis I woke up like 4:30AM wadnlight turn off in my room I look at the window I noticed the curtain waving blown by the wind... And then I started to realize that in reality my window doesn't have a curtain? Then I look around I saw a black shadow figure sitting above my head near the edge of the bed!😱I want to scream but my jaw isn't opening and it even closed harder like my jaw was locked! I tried to move anything in my body but I couldn't and I try to calm a bit and say to myself like I don't care if I die that day... And thankfully I was able to recover and wake up catching my breath... Quickly turned on the lights and didn't go back to sleep...
After few months I experienced the called "False Awakening Loop" when you are aware your dreaming but you try to wake up and convinced your awake but actually your still dreaming and wake up again in another dream with creepy ghostly environment.

But since we moved today I'm glad that the ghost whisper/breathing is gone but recently a mont ago April while in Covid-19 quarantine... I experienced again sleep paralysis at this I was lying in the bed I woke up like I open my eyes slowly then I started to see a pair slipper walking on its own going out the room! In my mind I was like "What the heck!?"... Usually when I sleep I was positioning to the right side of the bed when that sleep paralysis happened I look below my bed at the left side edge of the bed I can see a long haired women sitting down back position at me she looks like a black shadow figure... Again I tried to move everything but nothing I can do. I just hope it doesn't happen again I started feeling insomnia and can't sleep properly like now I woke up 2:30 AM just to write this and see similar cases. Glad I'm not alone.
I could not help but think the very same thing that you wrote even before I reached the part where you felt that it was mocking you. I think your prayers are not only angering this presence, but also working. There is a lot of stock that should be placed in what I call gut instincts. I think your gut instincts are spot on. I also think you should continue with your prayer rituals. Just my opinion.
sophiethunder in Other Sister
My sister was visiting because we were going out. I saw her from the side and I do think it was a doppelganger. Since I saw the side of her face, I know it was my sister and what was I supposed to say to the police?
There is nothing wrong with handling paranormal situations in any of the ways you have mentioned - the key to any method is the strength of your belief in it. Keep studying and learning, have faith in yourself and your own efficacy and all will be well.

In terms of the entities that you can't seem to be rid of, I believe the universe knows it's own balance between all things including what we deem as the "normal" and the "paranormal" so not all entities can be banished... Neither are they any more inherently good or bad than any person - they simply are and will be. So unless it seems "off" or negative, I figure one might as well leave it be.

You do seem to be quite alarmed by the spirit world - it seems like something you want to push away from you. Perhaps those feelings could stand a bit of reflection (I don't mean that you necessarily have to share those reasons and emotions with us - privately is fine). Holding onto fears and anxieties builds up negativity in ourselves so perhaps if you can unlock those feelings, you will be able to clear the air once and for all.
From my own experience of sleep paralysis, I don't think that's what was going on here.

With sleep paralysis, you wake up and become fairly aware but you can't move. That drowsy state can make you feel like something is in the room with you or that you're being pinned down, even though this in't always the case. Usually pretty quickly (although it feels like ages under those circumstances), your muscles regain the ability to move. You're wide awake by this point.

In my own experiences of this, I've always panicked, thinking it's an entity but then realised it's just sleep paralysis and it's then faded and worn off.

The reason I don't think your experience was SP is the fact you describe being moved, falling and then waking up. You're already awake with SP, just drowsy. I'm really interested to hear others opinions about this.
Chilli in Voice Of My Dad
I really believe that our deceased loved ones are just as concerned that we are ok as we are for them. I think they hang around to check on us and try to communicate but often our grief is so strong that we are completely unaware of them.

I think you're hearing your dad and it's not your imagination. To hear him so frequently is brilliant. Try talking to him. Reassure him that you're going to be ok. It's probably what he wants to hear.

When my grandmother passed away a few years ago, I heard her voice as clear as anything but I knew it was in my mind. It was a strange experience. I didn't know she was dead. I knew she had been unwell but she didn't know she was dying and neither did I. She told me she'd died but she was ok and she told me to take care of my children 'those three little boys'. The next day I was in complete shock to hear she had died in the night but I also felt so privileged and grateful that she'd contacted me the way she had.
Hello Tantrik,

Thank you for your thoughtful insight.

You see, since I was not well versed with what was the reason for this happening. I performed a cleansing ritual under the local priest due the unusual turn of things.

I highly appreciate your input and will request you to wait for the publication of part-2 of it to provide your final judgement.
My personal opinion is that this guy's so-called 'paranormal' experiences are a culmination of religious indoctrination; which are anything but godly. Forget religion, instead become spiritual, you do this by using your own logic to debate with yourself life's big questions. Priests and their gullible congregations know less about god than atheists. Don't look to them for knowledge of god. The knowledge of god is within you, you just need to go within to access that knowledge. According to the bible god expects us to 'worship it', which implies that god is egotistical, arrogant, and a narcissist, as only a flawed person would expect to be worshipped. Whereas a perfect being is one who isn't egotistical, arrogant, and narcissistic. Hence why I believe that god doesn't expect to be worshipped, instead god expects us to establish a spiritual connection with it, yes god is an 'it' nor he or she, as god doesn't have a gender or a sex. The way to establish a spiritual connection with god is to engage in transcendental meditation daily for at least an hour a day.
Tweed in Other Sister
I'm with Ladyglow and Alina.

Would've called the police if I saw the back of someone on the computer. There's that news item from years back, from America I think, about an idiot robber who updated his Facebook from the home's computer before leaving. The police nabbed him easily, think he left himself signed in, the numpty. Criminals do some dumb crud.

Maybe if you filled out your profile page it might make things easier to follow. Must say I have a hard time forming a picture of who you are from your narratives. There's a lot of inconsistencies that could be cleared up with more descriptions. Anyway, I find myself on the fence with every new post. Hope to be wrong and that you can clear everyone's confusion.
Wow okay... That just happened.

Mozart was crazy obsessed with farts, no really, completely enamoured by farts. And you believe in reincarnation... Maybe there's a link?
I've been involved in the occult for sometime (I live in India only), even helped a women here on this forum who was affected by black magic.

With little info it's difficult to say if your experience is paranormal or not. One of the ways to check for black magic is by keeping a lemon below your pillow when you sleep. If it turns black when you wake up, there's a possibility of black magic.

If you're worried, just play a stotra kavach (there are plenty on YouTube) while sleeping. I'd suggest the Narsimha kavach or the Panchmukhi Hanuman kavach.
Lol, ditto what Ladyglow said.

Wrh, What you described sounds like a coming down process, regardless of if you were still drunk/drinking that night or not. Guess your mind grabbed a memory of The Exorcist and played it out, kind of a conscious nightmare.
'Orbs' are nothing more than remenants of dead farts lingering in dwellings where dwellers don't open their windows regularly. I used to have numerous orbs appear in my photos, until I began to open my home windows 3 hours a day, this solved the orb problem as I no longer have an orb in any of my photos. Not opening your windows daily traps your farts indoors, resulting in them appearing in your photos as orbs; I suggest you open your windows daily, in doing so will eradicate the fart-orbs from your photos.
Irrespective of what others think here, I believe your story.

Lemme explain. The hindi word for ghost is generally "Bhoot", which also means "Past". This is so as most spirits are trapped in their past, they are miserable, and they have a sphere of influence beyond which they cannot go. The reason your friend got cured is because you had gone beyond the influence of the spirit.
Tweed in I Saw It Too
Suneel Gee, I find your experience both terrifying and intriguing. Light phenomena is an interest of mine. I don't recall ever reading anything about footsteps and light though. This makes me wonder if there were two separate sources, one for the light, another for footsteps.

I hope you get some answers as to what this was.
NorthCoastie, ghosts just love evading the camera!

I think you're lucky to have had this experience. Did the woman in the reflection appear to be aware she was seen by you?

Cool experience, thanks for sharing.
VeronicaMarie, thanks heaps for sharing this!

I wonder all sorts of things about these little coincidences but I think you did the right thing by following your feelings, not opening it, leaving it there.
I have also had severe anxiety, chronic panic disorder for about a year. Overcame it with CBT. But I remember what intrusive thoughts were like. I still have them today, but mildly and manageable. I now believe anyone who goes through any anxiety disorder ultimately comes out stronger and wiser. Hey, it gives you more depth as a person.

Maybe those brocade wallets could be a personal symbol for you. Like during stressful times think of that day and those wallets in general. Do you have one now?

Lealeigh, I can never vote you up, but I liked your comment!
Hi, blckwdnsdy, I am so sorry for what you have been experiencing. Just wanted to start by asking, when you felt yourself land on the bed, was it different from the 'thump' we tend to feel when we have a falling dream and wake right up at that moment?
Hello sugarANDspice,
We watched "Raat". It's an Indian horror movie... We decided to go old school. It was one of the best horror films I've ever watched. But never have I ever had or still have any nightmares after watching horror stories... This was something new for me too.

WisconsinLady in The Non Believer
Hi, Crazy4Tulips! Perhaps your BIL didn't provide enough detail for a more descriptive story, so I don't know what to say about this particular experience. But it sounds like you're happy he experienced something for once! ❤ Could you please share your NY experiences in another submission? I'm interested in hearing about that very much! Thanks!
VeronicaMarie in I Saw It Too
Suneel-Gee, I really liked your story. The title itself even drew me in. I still have chills! I have no idea what the strange light and footsteps could have been, but now I'm curious to research what this kind of phenomenon could possibly be. Thanks for sharing such a fascinating incident.
on 2007 I have once going this kind of things when I wake up I saw a shadow was walking and pulling my hand fell like alatric shock I shout too loud
Alina5 in Demonic Voice?
Hello wrh1969,

I agree with the previous comments that it is logical to believe that it can be a situation of drunk hallucination.

However, I believe rather than terrifying it has a positive impact to it. You've mentioned that you're so distracted in enjoying a party life that you're neglecting your family and religion alongside developing bad habits.

You can consider it as a "wake up" call in life to finally do some constructive work. A call for self-realisation which most people lack these days.

Haha exactly lady-glow, Linda Blair did a good thing.

Hello Crazy4Tulips,

I agree with sds there is nothing much comment since we still lack any detailed information to deduct anything. Thank you for providing the account of the other O/P as a comparison.

A lot of appreciation for lady-glow to put efforts for searching the mentioned account.

I will say unless you have a clear picture of the incident we can't compare the two as the entity witnessed by you and the other O/P can be entirely different.

Does your brother-in-law saw anything else after this incident on the same road?

Is the road prone to any hauntings?

Have anyone else witnessed anything similar there?

I hope you will be able to find something resourceful in your search to answer the queries.

Till then...

Take care

Alina5 in Other Sister
Hello Sophiethunder,

Umm... I'm at loss of words for this narrative.
A girl looking like your sister wearing her used thrown clothes and barging in your house. Its all creepy and weird to think of. It was quite rude of her.

Have you tried to call the police?

So what do you believe is this? A doppelganger? A long- lost twin?

Can you provide any further details regarding whether this girl witnessed is a human or a ghost?

Waiting for your response.

Hello NorthCoastie 19,

It is quite a risk-filled profession you have of inspection during this Covid-19 crisis. My prayers for your well-being.

Well, Have you captured any pictures of this entity on your camera?
Considering you have witnessed it twice or so.

How was the lighting in that corner of the basement?
Was it bright enough to visualise things clearly or was it a bit dull and dark?

You see, often a times it happens that poor lighting or any such issues cast a hazy figure of the nearby objects which appears as human figures, like some old clothing, paintings etc.

If you probably have any pictures of this entity or any picture somehow capturing a glimpse of it, please share it on this page.

Honestly, it's very helpful in providing a proper judgement on this matter.

Interesting read.

Thanks for sharing.

lady-glow in The Non Believer
Here's the link to the story mentioned by the OP:



Welcome to YGS.

Basically, your BIL saw a mist crossing the road ahead of him.

The first thing to do would be to think about any possible logical explanations for this mist, like weather conditions or if it was produced by something on the proximity.

You say that the fog wasn't there when he got to the spot where he saw it but, did he get off his car and checked the surrounding area or did he kept driving?
Have you asked/heard other people talk about seeing the mist?

Anyway, it seems like it didn't take too much for your BIL to change his mind about the existence of ghosts.

Thanks for sharing.
lady-glow in Other Sister
Seriously, you have never mentioned anything about a sister living with you.

Did she move to your place recently?
Was she living there when "The stones 2" took place? If so, did she witness the activity triggered by the stones?

I imagine that you have broken up with your boyfriend and the sandwich-making ghost, haven't you?
That one ghost was a keeper!
lady-glow in Other Sister
Your sister's clothes were not ready to move on, or, to move out?
Hello Suneel-Gee,did your mother say anything about the source of light? Did you ask her what it was? What about your siblings? Did you share this experience with them and if so, what was their reaction and response?

Welcome to YGS.

Regards and respects to you.

lady-glow in Demonic Voice?
Since you were so drunk, it's hard to say if this was a spirit or only the effect of spirits.
I'm inclined to think the latter.

If nothing else has happened since 1988, it would be safe to say that you are fine.

Did you quit drinking after this incident? If so, don't forget to thank Linda Blair for her intervention.
Hi wrh1969, welcome to YGS. Difficult to say. But did you discuss with your friends about your seeing the face and hearing the voice of exorcist girl, which experience you said you had. If so, whether anybody else had such experience?

Further, it could be the effect of your drinking also. You said you drank and drank and drank and you could hardly stand. It might have created some hallucination.

Regards and respects to you.

Hello Crazy4Tulips, well there is nothing to comment except that your brother-in-law came home to say that he saw something moving across the road and when he reached the place, he saw nothing. With this narrative and without any further info, it is not possible to comment.

I don't know how Mods have allowed this narrative without any other information. No offence meant. Covid effect?

Regards and respects to you.

FART-EXTERMINATOR in The Prankster Gets Pranked
Isn't it strange that huge swathes of teenagers dabble with Oui-Ja Boards, why is that?.

Me and a close cousin of mine were born in the year 1974; anyhow soon after we left school at age 16 he and his mother visited my family home, our mothers went out to the grocery store, while me and my cousin stayed behind, during which he made a make-shift Oui-Ja Board. The glass didn't move by itself, anyhow while we were using it, a sheet of writing paper blew off the top of a 6'ft display cabinet, to which me and my cousin sha* ourselves and screamed, before attempting to run out of the living room, but the 2 of us couldn't squeeze through the door-frame so there was a struggle between us as we both wanted to be the first to exit the living room, eventually we managed exit the living room and ran out into the garden, it was then that our fear subsided and we both burst out laughing at the incident. The most funniest aspect of this incident would have been both of us attempting to squeeze through the doorway, what comedy, anyone watching us both trying to be the first to squeeze through the doorway would have been laughing. Anyhow, as for the sheet of paper that flew off the furniture, I believe that it was caused by the summer breeze, as the windows were open.
TravisCannabis in My Grandma's Ghost
Granny came to see you. Christmas is not the same if there's an empty chair at the table. I miss my grandpa. 😭
Well, Travis, the idea of this site is to provide a place where people can publish and discuss REAL paranormal experiences... Every now and then a story rolls in that passes belief; and then we discuss it. And yes, they are usually funny.
WTF? I think that some of these stories are not real. This one is funny tho.

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