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Hi Faith 2000, well we moved in to this house after we built it so we do not have any history background here, but yes, I think I should do some research on like about a family who used to live here in this are. Thanks for bringing that up for me
With the calmness you felt, it must have been your guardian angel watching over you. ❤
CreoleEmpath in My "two" Sons

A Medium friend of my mine stated that he might be able to spirit travel outside of his body. She did say that it's dangerous for someone who isn't knowledgeable to do it subconsciously. I still don't know for sure what it was...
rjsmith33122 in Light Man
WisconsinLady and Berggraf38, we've always leaned towards the protector theory but after reading comments posted here, I personally am more inclined than ever to believe this was the reason why Light Man was present on those summer nights in 1960. Were we in some kind of imminent danger or were we allowed to see him so that we'd always have a point of reference regarding the existence of a spiritual component to this universe? Could this have been my mother's deceased cousin's spirit? I find that notion a bit comforting.

We've often discussed why my brother wasn't afraid while I was so terrified. I think perhaps because when I woke up, my head was on the window sill of a screenless window approximately 6 feet from where Light Man stood. And he was so bright, glowing white light. My brother's recollection is that there was a screen on the window the night of his sighting and that he was further away from the window.

I approached my mother and brought up what transpired that night but it was something like 20 years after we found out about each other's sighting. She was approaching 70 years old then and had no recollection of the event. But she believed the story 100%.

Thank you, WisconsinLady, for your kind words per our deceased family member and regarding my comments about our many hardships we've both had to endure. On a more positive note, we've persevered and now in our 60s, we enjoy a level of prosperity unimaginable when we were growing up in Louisiana.
As an animal lover and dog owner, this was very hard for me to read. Leia must have loved you very much.
silverthane61 in The Ceiling
Beenie, I am sure that you have been given may suggestions concerning protection. One of my favorites is pouring salt blessed by a holy man across the threshold of your room and across the windowsills of your windows - it has worked for me.
rjsmith33122 in Light Man
Cheribum, it is great to have shared this experience with someone else, especially a brother. When I was younger and thought about the experience, I'd feel uneasy and at times a little scared, but I never seriously considered mentioning it to anyone for fear of being ridiculed. Then as I got older, I began to tell myself things like maybe it was a dream or my imagination playing tricks on me. But one day I stopped second guessing myself and accepted that something really special did happen. I eventually told my girlfriend and future wife a few years before it came out over pizza with my brother. It was an electrifying moment for the three of us.
aussiedaz in Was This An Attack?
Hi Azzopardi.

Without offending anyone's belief system here I kind of believe we are all little mini me Gods experiencing separation inside the mind of the one known as the source and that makes everyone of us capable of having some amazing accounts through the power of mind and imagination. I think your experience is another extended darker version of sleep paralysis.

I have had similar experiences in the past and normally burst out laughing when I have one of those please help me I'm under attack moments... Quite seriously I find them as a blessing because they give you so much insight when you understand you are always really in control of them in the first place.

You are already showing the ability to conquer the fear of sleep paralysis... Something in your mind is pushing you further, try laughing at the next one it works as well as believing a grey bearded man on a throne lend you a hand in your darkest hour.

Regards Daz!
I echo what the others have said. Such a high price to pay 😭 Sorry for your loss.

I have a question about your story title - what is the Lost Cc that you are referring to? Canine Companion is my best guess?
😘 I believe so. Thank you:) I know I am blessed... Very blessed.
Great story. I've also had things disappear and reappear in strange places, seems to be a common thread in many of our stories here. Wonder why it's more active when people are there? I think it's wonderful that you and family respect the nuns and they are possibly still there. ❤
Cherubim in Afternoon Visitors
I wonder if it's some kind of message? Hope you never go through that again. 😨
I'll always believe it was her. At the time of these incidents I really didn't pay that much attention to it. My life was in such turmoil. As time has gone on I came to believe it was her trying to comfort and help me. ❤
Aussiedaz, thanks for your input and thanks for taking the time to read it too. Undeniably she was trying to get my help and I often think of her, wondering if someone else may have been able to help her. Your assumption of my having to deal with things of this nature throughout my life would be correct & when I was younger, it really got to me! However I have learned to just accept it. As far as my user name, it would be initials 😊
Bibliothecarius in Living In A Haunted Convent
Greetings, Robin15, and welcome to YGS.

I can speak from some experience that Librarians tend to get a touch possessive of our libraries. Even Librarians who do not have a degree in Library Science tend to look after the books under their care with a level of compulsive protection. It may be that the familiy's Library room has been a Library since the time of the convent, and that the Sister in charge of the nun's collection thinks she is still protecting her books from mischievous teens. [Sidenote: If your family turned the room *into* a library from some other function, it's possible that a past inhabitant of that space doesn't like the new arrangement.]

Librarians may appear somewhat stern and/or forbidding when we see a potential threat to our collections, but that's mostly a facade; we love that people come into our domain & we're able to help them find what they need to know. Most Librarians, in my experience, have strictly-enforced rules so that they do not have to discipline patrons, students, etc.; this give us the freedom to be more friendly to visitors.

Have you tried announcing your intentions when entering the Library? "Ah, a quiet place to read my book," or "I'm looking for a book about birds." This may have the positive effect of reassuring the presence (*IF* it is a Librarian) that you are not there to do any harm. If the presence or atmosphere does not relax after you've tried this a few times, then you're not dealing with a compulsive Librarian. I do hope that this advice helps to release some of the tension in that room without needing a sage/smudging ceremony. It is, I feel, worth a try.

I'm looking forward to reading more of your accounts,

Cherubim, that's very true, especially when it comes to things paranormal. I've never really 'stressed' over the return of things, but when they just wander off it's so 'argh!' When things come back, I always say thank- you, because that's just manners. Sometimes I wonder if the returner is the same as the taker. Or if as mentioned before it's no one's doing, but plane shifting.
Speaking of things going missing, a friend of mine had inherited a house with one of those niches in the wall for a patron Saint to sit? The statue was unfamiliar to me, about 3 feet tall, with an almost demonic looking face (reminded me of some Aztec masks I've seen) and weighed around 50 pounds or so. She decided to banish it to the back garden. Next morning it was back in the niche. This went on for awhile, and no matter where she moved it, it came back to the niche. She finally gave in and let it be.
Well, as fate would have it, she was the victim of a robbery and they took everything worth anything, including that statue. At least we all assumed the statue was taken as it was missing. About a week later, she rounds the corner to see it back in its niche!
Talk about freaking out! Afterwards she kept finding, in very obvious places, things that had been taken, sprinkled out over the years.
I agree wholeheartedly! There have been too many things that have happened in my life that when you consider their odds seem astronomically improbable. 8 can't help but believe that when certain little details really resonate with you, that means something.
Faith_2000 in Afternoon Visitors
Stories as vivid as yours are very difficult to believe, even on sites like these filled with ghost stories.

I've never experienced anything where a spirit has been present so long but I believe that it is possible.

Have you tried researching deaths in the area to see if you can find who it may have been?🤔 ❤❤❤
Good to have you back on YGS Denise! Your email could have a gremlin. Try messaging Rex to test your email connection. He'd love to hear from you too. 😘
Hi Gus

Your account was poignant and moving. It is a beautiful experience to feel that connection with your heritage. That sense of continuity is precious; it helps to define the depth and essence of who we are. ❤

I've checked out the link. Such a stately place with its own quiet charm. It is good there are protections in place to save it from further vandalism. But it's a pity you were prevented from staying long on your recent visit. I wonder if you were to return and ask permission first, would it go easier for you?

A friend has a theory that the spirits of the departed who have not crossed beyond the Veil, do not necessarily stay within the cemetery, preferring to visit loved ones or other places of importance to them. He thinks they only return when people visit their gravesites.

That feeling when you suddenly realise you were not alone? I've had goosebumps over that before. Last year, I was taking photos of a place that used to be a war veterans' club and had the oddest feeling that people were staring at me. Maybe they were curious about my camera phone...? 😲
aussiedaz in The Night Gown

As you pointed out this little girl was seeking help to be found, you kind of wish they would just come out and say it rather than haunting the crap out of you right? It would make life easier... I can understand why you didn't report it mate, being young yourself and it turning into a haunting the way it did that's fair enough. To my understanding of how it works over there in the spiritual world they are limited to spiritual laws in the ways they communicate when it comes to accounts like yours. However, they do know what you are capable of taking when it comes to catching your attention like this, I gather by now without reading any of your other stories you have had a lifetime of experiences and generally handle them quite well? Anyway thank you for sharing.

On a side note, Dar77 am I able to ask how you formulated your account name?

Regards Daz
Jubeele - I tried to message you but the email didn't go through. I don't know whether the problem is on my side or yours.

Please let me know 😘

Lotsa love - Denise
lady-glow - I'm having a giggling fit. Imagine seeing the grim reaper without any underwear? The mind boggles 😲

Regards, Melda
Hi Robin

Oh wow, your house sounds amazing! 10 bedrooms - do your folks run a B&B or you have a large extended family? It reminds me of my grandmother's old colonial house where I grew up in Singapore. We believed that it held spirits that protected the family, rather like the nuns in your house. The smells of scones and cakes baking in the kitchen could point to a nurturing presence, as if someone is trying to comfort and put you at ease.

My mother is convinced that all homes have their own 'house spirit' after a while and the energies in the household define its nature. Like happy hearts will generate happy vibes, and the opposite applies as well.

In what way are the ghosts more active after other people have been in the house? Have they experienced anything strange or were they made to feel unwelcome? Please tell us more about the "creepy and frightening" happenings and how the nuns protected you. Looking forward to hearing more from you. 😊
Hi Robin,

When my friend and I chat online, we often find ourselves of like minds on many things. I've wondered if that could have formed a connection between our subconscious senses.

I hope that was a once-off occurrence on your stairs. I'll hate to use the stairs if I had to watch out for such an unpleasant shadow figure each time. The other shadow in the doorway with the "messed up face" sounds scary. 😨 Were you able to find out any clues as to who or what it could be?
Cheribum, this little girl isn't the only spirit I have seen. She was the most normal looking one though. She looked just like any other kid, aside from her nightgown, messy hair and dirty appearance that is. The whole ordeal was off setting and as far as the compulsion to dig at the ground... It felt like I was being MADE to do it. Like I was just watching myself while my body was being controlled. I would be interested in seeing if perhaps there was some bit of history for the property and I know that one can gain access to such things via internet these days. Thanks for reading and for your input
LuciaJacinta, yes it is strange, unfortunately I have not fixed CCTV's to my house, if I have done that, then the outcome of the incident would have been totally different.
I came home from work half day, on my way I picked up two cigarettes and a lunch packet. Before I leave the office I had a tea, that's all. It cannot be something I drank or eat since I drew 31 K.m from office to home. I have never sleep walk in my life to my knowledge. Maybe a lost spirit? Maybe? No idea.
Cherubim in My "two" Sons
That's amazing, I've never known this to happen to anyone before. I've heard of a "doppelganger" before, here is the definition: A doppelganger is a mysterious, exact double of a living person. It's a German word that literally translates to "double walker" or "double goer". A doppelganger isn't someone who just resembles you, but is an exact double, right down to the way you walk, act, talk, and dress. I hope you can discover the source of that mystery some day. ❤
Haha! Actually I'm a good house keeper. That's why I noticed the object missing just sitting there four years later. I've had things that went missing in a haunted house I lived in show up to where we live NOW. I used to stress out over it, but it's become almost normal anymore. I felt better when I went to a friends house that showed me something on her patio that had been gone for years as well. It helps to realize you're not alone in all this. ❤
Maybe there were ghosts or spirits there that felt disrespected and they wanted to scare them away for good!
Cherubim in The Night Gown
I've never seen an apparition before and can't imagine what I would do if I did. It's just as scary how you felt compelled to dig where you did and found that material. It would be interesting to maybe go to the library and do some research on that property.
Cherubim in Unplugged Fan
I have forgotten how to respond after someone makes a comment on my post? I'm wanting to thank you Faith_2000 for reading my story. YES it is very unusual and I wasn't afraid since I've had so many "happenings." The fan was always there and has never worked. We don't own this house so I just leave it alone. We've lived here since 2012 and it's the only time it has ever happened.
Thank you, I will always believe it was her. Those memories stay so fresh in my mind. ❤
Beenie in The Ceiling
[at] Berggraf38 I was young and angry thinking she'd crept into my room to scare me after I told her I heard a loud noise in the attic. In hindsight I think that's what got rid of it. But if you're being sarcastic, it isn't welcome. I'm telling people about my experiences & not judging people for theirs.
Faith_2000, I do realize the paragraphs are lengthy. However I am not a writer by any means, just someone who wanted to share my personal experiences. I do apologize for that anyway & thanks for taking the time to read it. I am glad you liked it, and yes there were many 'scary' things I lived through... Which made me the weird, yet colorful individual I am today
I really liked this story. I want to hear more!

I can relate because I also lived in an convent a few years ago for several months. We found ourselves homeless... Very long story... And reaching out for help to our church, there was a convent available for us to stay.

The order had been large and there were in fact 2 homes for the nuns. But, over time, new entries to the convent grew less and less until they just used the one home and the other was used for visiting priests or guests. There was a series of families in distress as well, such as a family whose house burned down or those who needed emergency housing like us.

Anyway, whoever visited or stayed before us could have brought whatever with them... My husband was suspicious that the convent was active with ghosts of some sort although I never noticed any. He didn't like certain rooms and was certain that it was occupied by the unseen.

Point is, maybe not the nuns but guests could have brought something in.

Anyway, I want to hear more of your stories OP.

I'd also like to know how you ended up there? Was it an outright sale? Coincidentally, I also knew 2 other families that bought convents through discounted sales. So, it does happen that they sell them sometimes.
Well, if it wasn't your aunt, it was someone looking out for you.

May her Memory be Eternal.
"look like grim reaper but without his scythe, the thing floated on the air and there were no visible feet or anything underneath its black cloak."

... It would have been horrific to see the Grim Reaper's underwear! 😨
lady-glow - Seems that there were two vehicles. Communicating telepathically or via mobile? The former appeals to my adventurous spirit.

In actual fact I don't believe it was either. Very loud and hooting - high over the clouds perhaps 😆

Regards, Melda
Melda - I wish he could, at least, clarify if the brothers were in two vehicles or just in one...
Ha... I have always thought that nuns would head straight to heaven at the moment of their passing! Why would they prefer to remain attached to material things, like the place they called home during their lives, instead of joining God?

Robin, that house sounds lovely, though it must be quite hard on the pocket to maintain it.

What do you know about the history of the building?

When did it stop being a convent? Was it immediately turned into a residence or was it used for other purposes? Which order the nuns belonged to?

What makes you think that there's more than one spirit sharing the house with your family?

Isn't the heating system programmed to kick in automatically after certain temperature?
Is it a modern apparatus or is it an original fixture from the time when the convent was built?
Have your parents call a technician to check it?

When your aunt and cousins came for a visit: "The painting on the dresser had somehow flung itself off the wall and the vase that was in front of the painting was still in place, untouched"

Did your aunt witness the activity? Have you asked her if she was the one moving the painting?

I find your following statement particularly disturbing:

"There have been more strange happenings in this house that are more on the creepy and frightening side but they have nothing to do with the nuns so that is another story."

It's hard to fathom that a place meant to be for peace and prayers would be the center of negativity to the point of holding those good women trapped/protecting it... That is, of course, if it wasn't a convent as the one portrayed in the following movie:

🎥 St. Agatha

Looking forward to your feedback.
weabooghost - Very strange. Not prepared to participate in a discussion? Vivid imagination maybe or perhaps a porkie? 😕

Regards, Melda
Wow, Cherubim! It was just laying out on the table in plain sight!? In itself, that doesn't sound like a biggie - but after FOUR years?
Unless you're A) the world's worst housekeeper,[imagine mountains of stuff piled up on that table.] B) said table was in some hidden out of the way, seldom used corner, or C) you looked for it the way most kids do - from the couch, while watching TV, I sure can't explain it.
I've no idea on the why it happens or some of us and not others. Maybe it plays into our sensitivity somehow?
Eerie69 in Passerby
Hi Melda,

I have no idea as to why there was a log there. That's what actually my dad told me.

Thanks for reading my sotry.
WisconsinLady in Light Man
Rjsmith33122, you say hardships lay ahead in your comment. I'm sorry to hear that.

Adding onto my previous comment...
My possible theory: If he was a guardian of you and your brother, maybe he wanted you both to see him. Perhaps he knew of your trying times that lay ahead. He might have wanted to show you and your brother that there was always someone there watching over you both when times got tough. Maybe your mother saw him and didn't say anything?

Perhaps he brought some sort of protection or comfort in your childhood and you didn't realize it was him at the time...?

It would be so awesome if it was your mother's cousin watching over the family. I'm so glad he eventually came home with such respect from the community. He was a hero, and I thank him very much for his service and for paying the ultimate price for our country. ❤
How come they moved if her husband didn't believe these? And y d brother-in-law was sleeping in kitchen instead of d living room?
Berggraf38 in Light Man
I'd lean towards agreeing with Wisconsin Lady, possibly an ancestor who was watching over you and decided to give an obvious pantomime of guarding that little kids would understand. The fact that you woke up and then he immediately started marching, as if he staged the event (twice) points to that.
That it scared you is unfortunate, but I'd bet he didn't mean to. Maybe he stopped something very bad from happening to you and your brother while he was there.
Berggraf38 in The Ceiling
Why would you become angry and shout at your own mom? That's strange. With your anger, maybe you are causing Poltergeist phenomena?
I'm glad to hear the description worked! Thank you, I do enjoy writing in general (wish I had more inspiration for it though). Maybe there will be more stories from me in the future, we'll see...
Faith_2000 in Busted Headstone
Being dyslexic I kind of found the long paragraphs of your story kind of difficult to read. Despite this you seem to have some very scary experiences in your past.

I can't wait to here more from you as your stories are quite interesting. ❤❤❤
Faith_2000 in Unplugged Fan
That's very unusual. Where was the fan from? Was it there when you moved in?

If it was me I would get rid of the fan as soon as I could 😳 but I'm a bit of a scaredy cat. DiD you get rid of it? ❤❤❤
Your story was like a slice of deja vu for me. I have things disappear and reappear all the time. One item was gone and four years later was just laying out on a table where you couldn't miss it. I do wonder why this happens to some of us? Thank goodness you were able to get rid of that unsavory man that was trying to stay in your basement!
Cherubim in Have You Seen Her?
That is so strange. I wonder why she chose to show herself to you? I think some of us have "abilities" we are unaware of.
I'm so sorry for the loss of your Leia. 😢 Yes, it was a terrible loss but I'm glad you were at least able to find help, many aren't as fortunate. I pray to all that's good in the universe that it never comes back. ❤
Wow, Dar77! I noticed you've read several of my accounts and commented. I just want to say thank you for the lovely comments!
Beenie in The Ceiling
I needed someone to talk to as well. Really grateful I found this place. What have you experienced with your happenings?
same also happened to my cousin at some different place. While he was coming back to home from his friend's house on his activa around 2:00 AM. One lady in saree just collided with him... He tried to help her but no one was there...
Would it be possible that the owl may be your familiar? I don't know it just comes to mind especially that I don't know anything about it's symbolism to other culture.
I really enjoyed your story -
BTW - have you considering writing? I must say the way you tell the story is much better that most of Irish fiction now! I'm serious)
Another great read, and for a spirit to fully manifest like that is really impressive. Alls I can say is thank goodness your brother was there to protect you. If only other victims could have been so lucky! Thanks for sharing
I really enjoyed this story, it was right up my alley. And I loved that you were able to get a snapshot of the handprint as well. Thanks for sharing
Cherubim in The Ceiling
Hi Beenie, I'm new here and just saw your reply! I hope I'm responding correctly? Well I didn't cope well at all for a while. Moving has helped me some, but I still have happenings. I ask the universe, (or God) to surround me with His white light for protection. I'm not in to one religion in particular, but am a very spiritual person. Having someone to talk to about these experiences is wonderful. It's good we both found this place. 😊
Cherubim in Light Man
WOW! What are the odds of both you and your brother seeing the same apparition?! 😲 I've been having "happenings" since I was about 9 years old, but no else in my family has. You are lucky you have your brother to talk to about it. I too would love to know why this happens to some of us. Thank you for sharing your story. ❤
LuciaJacinta in Afternoon Visitors
Very strange story. Could it have been a dream? Maybe you slept walked and brought 2 glasses of lemonade out. The shoe could have been your daughters dropped in the morning?

Not to imply, but could anything you are or drank caused you to hallucinate?

If it was paranormal, very strange story. I can see why you didn't enjoy your visit with your friend after this experience. Gives me shivers.
Hi Maggie,

I remember your story. I think I saved it to my favorites. It's good to hear an update. Sometimes I think of these some of these stories and wonder how people are doing. So I'm glad you came back.

So sorry for the loss of Leia.

I would always keep your back up and watch out for these things are watching you for as long as they can to see if they can get back in your life again. Don't let your guard down.

As for the stories, write as they come to you. Write what you feel like sharing. It doesn't have to be in order.

I also have many experiences that led up to my big experiences... I haven't got there yet but I'm not ready to write about it all yet.

I also during the midst of all the attacks I was under was told to not to visit sites like this by mentors...but, in time, I disagreed because there is not only the spiritual side of this stuff but the psychological side. I need to get it out and need to think it all through. Knowing others went through similar experiences helped me move forward.
MrsRamsay - fascinating story! It's nice to be validated when your husband (or in my case my friend) admits to feeling the same thing. Good to know we're not crazy:)
AugustaM - thank you for that feedback, it's very interesting reading about the area. With everything that happened there in the past, I guess it's no wonder there is some residual bad energy "haunting" the area.
I've heard that paranormal activity can be multiplied in pregnancy due to the energy the baby gives off. My mam always blew things up like light bulbs and microwaves when she was pregnant.

Maybe you should get your daughter a doll called Elizabeth. That would be cute. ❤❤❤
Taintedprincess in Skeleton Shadow
Wow what a great story. I'm currently starting my new paranormal podcast and i'm desperately looking for content and was hoping that it would be OK with you if I could share your story on my podcast?
Regards Taintedprincess 😁
Hi there, what a crazy story! I am currently looking for some content for my new paranormal podcast. And I was hoping it would be ok with you if I could share your story on my podcast?
Regards Taintedprincess 😁
Hi there, what a great story. I am currently looking for content for my new paranormal podcast and was wondering if it would be ok with you if I shared your story.
Regards Taintedprincess 😁
Taintedprincess in Soldier Ghost
Great story! I am currently looking for some content to share on my brand new paranormal podcast. Would it be ok with you if I shared your story?
Regards Taintedprincess 😁
Hi MG what a great story. I am currently looking for some content to share on my brand new podcast about all things paranormal. Would you mind if I share your story?
Regards Taintedprincess 😁
We went out to area 51 in Nevada back in the 70's and we all got the same feeling of dread. The stillness in the air was so deafening. I'm sure you both did experience something supernatural. Great story and I hope you find out more about it.
Cherubim in Unplugged Fan
Hi! 😊
Thank you very much. No I never always heard it, suddenly I started hearing it for about a week or so. I never heard it outside the house. My boyfriend has never experienced paranormal events like I have, plus we had lived in a haunted house before we moved here. That's why he reacted that way. We had been living here three years when that event happened. Thank you for taking time to read my story. ❤
Dar77 in Fairy Lights
Yet another delightful tale and the narrative so theatrical! Thank you so very much for enlightening all of us with your positive self.
What a delightful story. Thanks for sharing and such grammar and punctuation as well! Good for you. I look forward to reading more of your stories.
Rahulsanjaysoni in Wedding Couple
Valkricry ty for your efforts and no problem
Keep helping and spreading love 😊
Beenie in The Ceiling
Thank you Cherubim. How have you dealt with your experiences?
valkricry in Wedding Couple
Sorry even Google translate struck out, with it. "No results found for translate Jagsulike mundetsre."
I know Bodi-Gundamma comes from Puducherry in India and that Tamil, Malayalam, and Telugu are all spoken there, but I don't speak any of those. Add to that, using the Western alphabet it's phonetically written in all probability. Perhaps one of our Eastern members can help, or Bodi herself?
Cuddlebear in Unplugged Fan
Cherubim ~ Greetings and welcome.

I have a few questions: Did you always hear the fan, like it was always running? Could you hear it outside the house?

And about your boyfriends response did he tell you why your answer bothered him so?

How long had you been living in the house before the noise started?
Aww, Caz, thank you very much. I really needed to hear something good about myself as I've been going through a rough patch lately, so maybe you're a wee bit gifted yourself and sensed this. Again thank you.
Rahulsanjaysoni in Wedding Couple
Biblio and valkricry
Can you help me to translate it
I only understand English hindi and Marathi language
Speaking of animals' souls: I spoke with the deacon of my parish on this issue most recently. While animals do have some measure of intelligence, they tend to act more on instinct than the sense of right and wrong humans have, and which sometimes gets all messed up and out of whack. But enough about politicians. 😜

In summary: it really is not possible for an animal to sin the way people do.

As regards tea, a friend of mine and his husband recently started a tea shop of their own. (Wow. Interesting innuendo when I say it that way.) Western Dragon Teas in North Carolina. I love their teas.</plug>

Now for the important part:

You have me curious about your experiences. There may be something that happened when you were younger that allowed this malevolent entity to enter. I would encourage you to share them, but this place may not be the best place to do so. I encourage you to speak with your mentor about this, let him know everything. And if it seems best to you, follow his advice.
Ugh lol for the record, during my proof-reading, I neglected to realize that auto-correct had "helpfully" changed the word "crossfire" to crossword in my initial response! Sorry for any confusion that may have caused 😆
Hmmmm...well...the area was first inhabited by the Anasazi (a name meaning "ancient enemy" as their real name has been lost to time) - a group shrouded one way or another in mystery. And even after their eventual "disappearance" and in spite of a lack of decent academic documentation on local Native American groups (whose populations eventually dropped as low as the low hundreds as a result of European and Mormon settlers) online, the area does have some rather significant history.

Just a 40min drive or less north of St. George is Mountain Meadows where a posse of mormons descended upon and killed most every living soul of a non-mormon wagon train. The area where you were driving may have been in some way tangentially related to those events (i.e. An escape route, the wagon train's route of approach, a muster site etc). For much of the 19th C, Mormons were not welcoming, to say the least, to outsiders in Utah.

The mormons attempted to pin the massacre on local Paiute tribes who inhabited the territory through which runs the main thoroughfare between St. George and Springdale, Route 9 - as many of residual energy related to their presence also could have been what you experienced. Many Paiutes perished as a result of Brigham Young's efforts to set up an Indian Mission/cotton empire in the region.

State route 59, which intersects 9 at Hurricane was the site of a notoriously bad accident where a truck crashed the guard rail at 80mph.

During the 1950s, St. George experienced a tragic streak of cancer etc as it bore the brunt of the fallout from nuclear testing in Nevada.

Without getting too deeply unto politics on one side or the other, LaVerkin, which also falls along your route of that evening, has seen some rather dramatic political divisions and significant far right wing activity; it declared itself a "UN Free Zone" in the early 2000s. More recent political maneuvers have also reduced national park area in the region by half.

The area has also been historically plagued by river flooding, quicksand, rock slides and malaria through the ages.

In sum, the area has known more than its share of divisions (and often violent ones at that) between groups and overarching them all was a constant struggle against a rather difficult environment. Not even the land itself has been able to escape the crossword. As a result, I would imagine there to be a surfeit of resultant energy lingering in various pockets about the landscape - no way of knowing now, I suppose, just which kind you happened to pass through.
RCRuskin I am so glad to see you are still here. Actually I love tea and own a plethora of infusers and tea leaves as well as some bags. Heh I even own my own empty tea bags to stuff with my leaves - have you ever tried steeped Chinese blackberry leaves as a sweetener? Fantastic and no cal.

Thank you for your kind words about my precious Leia. I know she had a soul. That's why I worry now. She had saved me in the past from a physical attack from another dog. The dog got close enough to touch my face with it's teeth during the attack. Leia, 10 at the time, yanked that dog out of mid strike and brought it to the ground, holding it under massive her paws, teeth buried in it's neck. It was bleeding and crying in just a few seconds. The dog was a guest's ill-mannered creature, a large, a black lab-pitbull male. Very aggressive and food dominant. I was eating a sandwich at the table and turned to talk to my hubby, the dog lunged up into my face and Leia (sprawled across my feet) uncoiled like a spring and took it down. The other dog had to be put down after another unprovoked attack a few months later. My Leia got all the lovin's, treats, and carried the title as bada$$ to her grave. Speaking of that - She does have a grave. It is land that a farmer turned into a graveyard for beloved pets. I can visit her grave any time. I haven't yet because I have been too raw, but I will.

RC, I am still praying, but your image of ear rubbins from an angel gave me great comfort. Thank you so much.

I wonder if you can help me make a decision? I started posting stories in a memory/chronological sequence. They are memories from my younger years. I believe I'd gotten to about 12 years old before being nudged/shoved into other things. I have a mind to continue that, but another part of me wants to share the last year and the weird/scary/uplifting experiences I've had. Leia's story was the cost at the end of the journey... But I kind of feel I should described the journey. We have been synced before - what do you feel might be right. I am being tugged in both directions.
DarriuxDarkk in Soldier Ghost
Yea the feeling of sadness was what I originally felt from him. Also I don't know if it is relevant or not but our house back then was near to a cemetery. I don't know if he was a wandering soul or not but I hope he got his peace.
DarriuxDarkk in Cross Necklace

It might be that as well. I don't dismiss the possibility that the cross necklace chains might have been faulty already. It has been with me for almost 10 years since highschool. 2004- 2014. Quite a long time already so yes maybe it was really old and faulty on the chains and might have snapped loose at that last time it got lost. I just wish I could find it again or it will show up somewhere unexpectedly. It was really a special cross necklace.
Hi Biblio
I have just read your post with interest. Many years ago when our Children were very young, my Wife was giving our Son a bath upstairs in our house. Through the open window came a small sparkly light, similar to what you saw. It floated around the bathroom and dissapeared into the bath tap. My Wife was shaken at seeing this and quickly removed our Son from the bath and called me. Upon listening to Her story I can only conclude that, it was ball lightening. This sounds like what you saw atWarwick Castle and is a regular occurence on aircraft. Regarding Warwick Castle, I live only 15 minuits drive from it and your post has encouraged me to visit it. Thanks 👍
Cherubim in The Ceiling
Oh my goodness! 😳 I would have been so scared! I wish I had something helpful to say. I've had happenings for many years and have asked the universe and all that's good in it to please not let me see an apparitions. I hope you will get some answers here. ❤
Cherubim in Red Orb In Bedroom
I've seen orbs also and have a picture of one by our fist Christmas tree at this haunted house we used to live in. I can relate to your story, thanks for sharing.:)
Hi Anno_Domini, I do smoke but not addicted, so I can go on without smoking for days, I do not smoke in front of ladies and specially kids, knowing it's very bad for their health, and about this lady... Still no idea. The picture of her in the back of my mind brings some sort of strange feeling if I ever think of her, she looks very attractive and so do the little one. A mother and a daughter for a perfect family!
Hmmm staircases and doorways definitely do seem to be hotspots for ghosts and shadow people. I myself once experienced something very similar, after dinner one night I was going up stairs to grab something but as I came to the stairwell I saw a tall black figure reaching it's arms out to me and I was so freaked out I turned on the lights and it was gone, and I often saw a shadow person with a messed up face in my doorway.
Psyche23 in My Angel Lucifer
Well, I can finally say this out loud (knowing I am not just imagining things) Lucifer is one of my Guardian Angels. He's been one of my protectors since I was a kid. I truly do not fear the darkness or what lingers within. Just the thought of being brutally killed (Like in horror films) is just a little unsettling and with how wild and far-out my imagination is... 🤣 I tend to visualize unspeakable things. Thank you for sharing your story. I've always known that no matter what I should never fear to be open or share about things in and/or about my life or my thoughts. Or I just need to find a group of people who I can talk to about anything, knowing I won't be ridiculed. 10:10pm Thank you. Love and Light.
This sounds very similar to something my mother and I once saw. We were in the living room and saw a creature exactly of your description peering into the window from outside...freaky...
Anno_Domini in Afternoon Visitors
Hi Pasindu, this is truly a strange story. Perhaps the woman wanted to talk to your neighbour and had a last minute change of mind? In any case, you are to be commended for putting your cigarette away in the presence of children, if only all smokers were like you.
Bibliothecarius in Wedding Couple

I, too, was curious about Bodi-Gundammer's contribution. I believe it to be in Malayalm. I thought I'd try Google Translate, and I got this: ജഗ്‌സുലൈക് മുണ്ടെസ്‌ട്രേ റൂട്ടിഭ പക്കാഡിയത്ത്! പോളിക്കു ടോയുവിലോ കാക്കി പുര ട്രെമ്പികു. I'm still mystified, as Google won't translate *that* message; it transliterates it back into B-G's original text. 🤔

(I'm still working on the dimensional resonance thing, and I'll return to discuss that in your response feed after I get through this first week of school.)

Hi, Maggie! Welcome back! Would you like some tea?

I do hope that thing is gone for good. Sometimes, they only seem to go away.

Animals do have souls, per the religion I practice and others besides. Not the same kind of souls as people, but they still have souls. And I do not think that God wants any of his creation to end up in endless torment. Animals included. So I believe, and this is just me, that Leia is right now getting a very nice ear rub from an angel.
Arieson13 in The Angry Red Man
To answer your questions...

1. The figure from when I was 4 was the same man. The one at age 9 was different, appeared more as a shadow or the dog like shape.

2. Yes I've had many conversations with him before. The last one was after my husband dreamed about him. I told the spirit he needed to accept the fact that my husband is my husband and that was that. I've encountered a few glances of him and there but not as frequently or as strong since then.

3. The shadow being I haven't seen since the nightmare before my daughter's birth.

4. I am do have faith in God as I was brought up Baptist and do devote a bit of time to reading scriptures for enlightenment and wisdom.

5. My husband apparently is still encountering him time to time.

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