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LFrog1386 in Exploding Glass
Once is an accident, twice is a coincidence (although I would be pretty uneasy about that "coincidence") and 3 times is something trying to send you a message. It sounds like you got it, loud and clear!

I am not even sure I would have connected it to the book but as there are stories in every culture about spirits and curses attaching themselves to objects, I'd say it was a smart move to get rid of the book.

Glad it hasn't happened since and Maria, I am glad your cat is better!
Going by your brother's experiences as well, this might seem like a tandem of both sleep paralysis and an entity looking to scare you guys.

I hope nothing further escalates from that; there's nothing scarier than being woken up by something inexplainable.
Lovinit in The Tree Goblin
So I'll preface this with I don't have much to do with me Indian heritage. I do Gower have a bit of Cherokee in my blood Great grandmother was full blood. I've been trying to figure out what kind of spirit it was that lived on my parents place for a while now. They live in a heavily forested are of Louisiana. The thing would never show it's self to me full on but a shadow of a spindly big headed imp/devil/goblin thing that would stare at you as it cackled. The feeling of a rabbit being watched by a hawk. It just felt evil... My wife is very sensitive to these things and has had bad luck with it since she was very little. Since being married things got worse. I decided to learn to astral project to get a look at these things and destroy them... It wasn't smart but it was effective I started as something a kin to a ghost now after breaking and devouring dark things for a few years my form reminds me of a demon cast out burned and warped but the spirits fear me now. I went back to take care of the goblin while home it was as I described but deep red like fresh blood and lived in the heart of the old twisted hardwood deep in a gully. It was the strongest being I delt with at the time it was devoured with its smile still plastered to its face. After dark things moved in in droves and I hunted I cleared everything from that area and scraped the dark residue down to the bare earth far below. The land almost feels dead it's so empty of spirits now. I still want to know what kind of spirit that goblin was though so maybe I can understand why that smile was still there as I destroyed him.
aussiedaz in Furry Face

I'm left handed too, hmmm it makes you wonder about the lefties.

Lealeigh I dropped out of school at a fairly young age with that whole rebel without a cause mentality however strangely enough I was always good at basic math,

According to Bruce Lipton our brains are just receivers of information and then we perceive that information into our reality. I have heard some mathematicians/ physicist claim pixels are at the base of our universe, interestingly enough Tweed, this brain scientist who had a stroke stated, when I looked at my phone all I could see were pixels?...It makes one think long and hard about our reality being very similar to a computer simulation as quite a number of scientific academics have hypothesised.

I keep stating over and over the truth may be stranger than a science fiction movie, your account Tweed may have a very simple explanation once we can unlock the mystery of consciousness and how we evolved the way we have.

Regards Daz.
Solveig in Exploding Glass
Silverthane61, to answer your question - this was and remains the only time I have experienced this phenomenon concerning breaking glass.
I don't think it was coincidence either. Thanks for the input.
Fate_did_it_all in A Demon Spoke Through Me?
I need to tell you something similar has happened to me. I went through the same "khundalini" awakening and I developed the ability to hear voices, and see spirit orbs, seeing auras, speaking to the dead...etc. I could do readings on people and bring up specifics of a stained glass window, jewelry, or a church their grandmother took them to. Scary but real shiat. You're not crazy, don't believe them. That will only make it worse. These are counterfeit abilities demons can give you.

What happened to me in the end was; I obtained a "spirit guide" but learned what happens then is a "spirit attachment". All sorts of crazy stuff can happen after that point and I honestly don't know how to help, I can't get rid of the thing. I can tell you now, it is not mental illness, my husband, sister, and mother heard and saw the things I did. I saw several mediums who confirmed my ability and praised it, urging me to dive deeper and become a Reiki Master. They claimed I come from a long history of psychics and witches. All bullshiat. I turned m life over to Christ and it may have slowed down the spiritual attacks, but they do still happen. I retained my abilities but refuse to use them. They're parlor tricks and they're useless.

Khundalini is not clean, it is dark and evil. The snakes on the helmets of Egyptian pharaohs represent this "snake" energy poking out of the third eye. The snake is Satan, and no matter how he tries to twist himself into a "humanitarian" he is a LIAR. I'm rambling now, there is too much to type. Get out while you can. Email me if you want to know more.
Lealeigh in Furry Face

Every left handed person I know is a musician. Even if they're not "out there" in the public eye they are creative in this way.

I have not researched this in any way. I have noticed it in my own small world. I have also noticed that all of the left handed people I know are good at math.

My dad is left handed and he is the master of practical jokes. Elaborate pranks that I could never imagine by myself; not even if I lived forever. I wrote a short story about one of my dad's pranks and I called it "Capricorn".

Kind of off the point but I was just trying to say that I believe that whatever it is that makes a person left handed is also what makes them see things differently.

- Maria
Tweed in Furry Face
Daz, the implications of the Broca's area is mind bending stuff. I've been reading about it. Thanks for that info. It's fascinating that it's found on the left side of most people. Granted, I'm far from well versed on the topic of neuroscience, but that's amazed me that an area can occur on either side from person to person.
So it's possible mine resides on the right side. I'm left handed, don't know if that's an indicator. But I now wonder if the reason most broca's areas are on the left side is linked to the majority population being right handed. The dominant hand's written language. Definitely something to mull over.

The TED woman's account is frightening. Sounds like while some section of her mind was incapacitated, some other parts filled in as best they could, but weren't qualified, so she heard a golden retriever instead. Must've been like functioning in a whacked out dream/nightmare zone. Poor woman.

I'm not surprised to hear you're a musician, always had you picked as one. Don't know why, just seemed to make sense.

Cheers again for that info!
aussiedaz in Furry Face

Your ability to write music comes from the right hemisphere of your brain I'm not surprised to hear you're a creative soul Tweed. In most people the broca's function area is located in the left hemisphere as it homologue's language to it's right hemisphere region... FYI...Women's broca area function is usually 20 percent greater than males...I'm wondering if the broca area function of your brain lays more in your right hemisphere?... Of which enables you to pick up on these animal frequencies of which you can decode into human language?

I went back and watched a link of this brain surgeon who lectured on Ted...interestingly,this blood clot she had was resting on her language centre as she explained her weird account... She heard this person on the phone make a noise that sounded like a golden retriever as she was sounding like one herself (along with a few other weird experiences). She eluded to the spiritual aspect of the right hemisphere side of the brain and how it expanded out into the field of consciousness. (my take on her account)

Anyway, you're account is an interesting one, I should also modestly add, back yonder I spent 10 years in a club cover's band, I wrote two song's one of which a radio station wanted to play the other had some serious interest from a publishing company neither of them ended up cutting it in the end, I also performed on the flute, Guitar, Chinese basoon, a few tunes on the piano, I know,brag,brag... Welcome to the right hemisphere club tweed,... They call me zoolander back in the spiritual realm...lmao

Anyway mate, thank you for sharing account you have given me much to think about if I wasn't already on TMI overload.

Regards Daz
Tweed in Furry Face
Thanks for the feedback everyone.

Val, it does feel like an auto translation. Oddly the part of this which has concerned me is that it sounds so normal and that I know they aren't really speaking English. I never feel afraid when it happens except for once. I heard a group of weirdos directly at the window saying stuff like "get under there, that bush, behind it". It sounded like they were talking in whispers, trying to be quiet. I freaked out but there was nothing there. Husband said he couldn't hear any talking, only sparrows. Frigging sparrows!

I completely agree animals talk to us and each other. There's been many studies into domesticated animal sounds and the results shock exactly no pet owners lol. Except for this fascinating finding, animals have accents. Studies on cattle, dogs and cats revealed vocal distinctions over differing locations. That was from a documentary about ten years ago, so goodness knows what other studies have uncovered since.

As for weird powderpuff cat I thought the other day it's quick turn around from grimace to chilling out might be linked to all this. He/she knows it's understood on some level.

I hope you're feeling better soon. No one is ever truly alone in their darkness.

Daz, interpreting animal frequencies into human language strikes a massive chord. I think you've nailed it. I was thinking along these lines last night. I write music. When working on lyrics I'm driven by the sound of words and how each syllable or vowel relates to a given melody. Likewise for instrumental arrangements. I think of it as converting emotion into audio. I think my sonic process is at play when I hear animals in English. To master an instrument you must learn the rudiments of music, only to unlearn them later, so it becomes instinctive. I think somehow I've applied that logic, albeit subconsciously, to frequencies outside music.

# [at] £&%! I just realised the first song I ever wrote was when I was eight, it was directly inspired by a currowong call, (bird). The song was a piece of crap, but that's beside the point, that was the day I knew I could write music. I haven't written from a bird call since, but it feels like there's a connection, in the process alone.

I've always enjoyed observing animals but, despite my recent contributions to this site being cat related, I've not sought out the companionship of pets. The two cats I've had as an adult have been strays. Rook has a theory that some people are destined to have a certain number of cats in their home, I fear there's truth to that lol. I'm content being a lone wolf, I don't want to be responsible for another's wellbeing and I loath distractions. It's why I'm not a parent. I feel like I grew up in a zoo, but as a kid I closed myself off from that chaos and focussed on piano.

Biblio, I dared type Dr. Doolittle Syndrome into the oracle and wow. Yeah, that's why I'm skeptical of so many TV psychics.

There's some cat call sounds and their meanings on YouTube. I started watching this when Leo made friends with us. But I never watched the whole thing cause he went crazy, hearing cat calls coming from nowhere. I remember it said a meow mixed with a purr means 'I'm hungry', I think that's true for any cat I've known. Supposedly cats adapted much of their meowing from being around humans talking. They don't meow much to each other, aside from mating and fighting. But they have a unique range they use on humans.

I won't be mentioning this to a doctor any time soon, or ever. Lucia summed it up.

Lealeigh, Mow Wow, Yep know it well. Universal proof all male cats are the biggest sooks.
Lealeigh in Furry Face
Cats do have plenty of words. I'd like to add another "cat phrase" to this discussion:

My cat says something like "Mow Wow" really loud when he wants to know if anyone is awake in the house; early in the morning, in the living room where the higher ceiling amplifies the sound.

If you pick him up, he frantically says every variety of "meow" that he knows until you put him down.

He definitely has language skills.

My cat is doing fine. He's almost back to business as usual - except that he is angry about his new food. He doesn't have to wear a cone anymore. The Victorian Collar gave him an air of indignity.

- Maria
Bibliothecarius in Furry Face
Tweed, that's a really odd ability you've developed there!

I can't even find a word to describe it. I was going to suggest "zooglossia," but that's a descriptive list of the sounds people think animals make, not comprehensible sentences. "Zoologia" is the name of a Brazillian journal on zoological research. Hell, even trying "Dr. Dolittle Syndrome," after Hugh Lofting's fictional polyglottal explorer, came up with an appalling behavior caused by antisocial conditioning. Yikes!

Like Val, each of my cats "has 4 or 5 different 'meows' each with their own meaning - I understand those." For example, "Myeh' ah" and "Myah" mean "pay attention to me" and "I'm feeling restless" respectively, but I think that's just our being good pet parents. You state that the knowledge of the animals' conversations or observations *sounds* like English to you, which is what is throwing me off. I'd have suspected hearing the sounds but knowing the meaning, as if with telepathy, would have been the more straightforward explanation, but that is most assuredly *not* what you describe.

I agree with LuciaJacinta: "I wouldn't mention it to any doctor. They might lock you up on that one."

aussiedaz in Furry Face

I find it interesting you can sometimes hear animal noises that translate into English.

I do remember a few years back, listening to this account on line of an neurologist who knew she was suffering from a stroke. She dialled 911 and when she went to ask for help she heard herself barking like a dog when trying to relay her situation to the operator.

To make it even more interesting, the operator was barking like a dog back at her.

So let's go down the Rabbit hole and see if we can theories an answer?

If Consciousness is fundamental to all that exist and at the base of the universe on the plank sales lays information then language is just a tool we use for the illusion of separation and identity?...Our brains receive waves of vibrations for interpretation, you have a gift that enables you to pick up on animal frequencies you can hear in human language... This may suggest you are as what Michael Newton refers to in his book... '' a spiritual zoo keeper?''

This is a soul who spends most of their time caring for animals in the after life, usually when these souls venture into the Earth Matrix, they feel out of place, usually they feel very different and have a sense of not wanting to be among groups of humans, basically they would rather hang out with their pets.

Regards Daz
TheTantrik in Granny Possessed
No,I am not from Bengal.

Hmm I'm pretty sure something can be done, it is never too late. The Goddess always forgives and protects.I'll talk to my own Guru ji about this. There was a case here of a woman being troubled by paranormal activities that my Guru got rid of, surely he can help.

I have personally met 800 year old sadhus, while my own Guruji has learnt from them so he should have some solution. I'd like to learn from you too:) Do let me know how I can get on touch with you
DKMajumder in Granny Possessed

So humble of you.
Thanks for understanding me.
Trust me, I never harmed innocent people. Those practices were a small part of tantra sadhana that every tantrik needs to learn, atleast for his own safety.
valkricry in Furry Face
No need to worry, Tweed, as far as I know, the site is very healthy.
Let's just say, I fell into a rabbit hole, and it's taking time to climb back out, but I'll get there.
valkricry in Furry Face
Tweed, I don't think you're off your trolley. Granted, not everyone hears a translation of animal speak into human speech - but so what?
There are different degrees of 'translating' if you will. Back up in the hills, there are many many stories of folks who communicate with critters of all kinds, some just through body language of the animal, others through their calls. Animals can speak, most just don't listen I think.
While I can't say I've heard distinct sentences, I can testify that animal's do 'talk' all the time, and those with 'humans' do learn what certain phrases or words mean. Why would it not be possible, especially in someone with a close relationship with nature, not to have it reversed? Maybe it's a bit like being truly bilingual. You don't need to 'think'about what is said, but it just auto-translates in your mind. My cat has 4 or 5 different 'meows' each with their own meaning - I understand those. He's smarter than me and gets what I'm saying 99% of the time, but chooses to do his own thing - maybe listen, maybe not. Lol
Every now and then he does use 'words',at least they sound like words, but a bit warped. Like he'll call for me "Ma", but if he was looking for flatmate it is definitely, "Rome". And once I swear I heard him cuss at me.
But here you have something a bit different, seems you have a furry entity making itself known. Perhaps attracted by your faes, or it senses you are the 'right one'.
Tweed in Furry Face
Val, are you okay? Do you mean down as in not well?

Actually I thought the site was going to be shut down, hence no mod action, I started to panic, cause I wanted feedback on that topic.

Anyway, I'll submit it to the psychic site.

Lealeigh, I forgot to mention that I do talk out loud to animals, mine and other peoples. No doubt a contributing factor.
valkricry in Furry Face
Sorry, Tweed, been down for awhile... To the best of my knowledge you can use the same details. By the way, four days IS a bloody long time to wait for an answer! My apologies, and putting it on your profile was not being rogue - I think it was brilliant of you.
Tweed in Furry Face
LOL! I didn't know what you were on about until I read your second comment!

It is a cool ability and I shan't begrudge it. But I've spent a good many years debating supernatural awareness with a grain of fear for my sanity. It's dredged up a lot of old inner conflict.

I hope your boy's feeling like himself again. Sometimes I think they're just embarrassed to wear the cone of shame.
RCRuskin in Granny Possessed
Well, DK, I have given you an upvote. Not because of what you did in the past but because you realized the error of it and, at least it seems, you have tried to make amends.
Hi Cizzy,

Have you been sleep deprived? Believe me that can cause all manner of crazy stuff.

I find the awakening aspect of your account understandable. But the spiritual or demonic part confuses me and the details are way too thick and fast for you not to be considering other explanations. For your own good. Okay I know you've heard all that before.

The real reason I'm replying is you asked if anyone had heard of this, and I have. My art teacher and I used talk ghost stuff all the time. She described having a low Scandinavian death metal voice come through her once when she was meditating. It scared the crap out of her and never happened again. She had done some naive, stupid crap before meditating and it seemed to attract something to speak through her briefly.

Your experience is too busy not to be exploring other explanations. You may have a chemical imbalance and a natural psychic ability comorbidity. Can you envision fifty years of this and still being a contributing, functional member of society? Finding the right balance, make it a priority.
DKMajumder in Granny Possessed
The Tantrik

Alas!Those were proper siddhi. I had taken lives. I was not Pishach siddha but used other types of demons like brahmadaitya,skandhakata,
Shadow ghosts,dakini,yogini etc.
Sorry,I can't reveal anything more for they may seem obnoxious to other readers.
After posting comments about my tantrik life, I have had a lot of downvotes. But still, I want my readers to know the true face of the spiritual world (and not blindly trust horror movies, that actually distort the reality of ghosts and demons).
I ask again, are you a bengali?
Please answer, it can help us communicatie better.
Rshrestha1223 in The Snowy Person
Lady-glow, well I was only a kid back then and used to get super scared of ghost stories and stuff.
Rshrestha1223 in The Snowy Person
Silverthane61, now that I think about it. I only saw the shadow indirectly... 🤔
TheTantrik in Granny Possessed
How interesting!

Well, that depends right? If you had done a prayog or a proper siddhi? If it was a siddhi only then when you'd die, you'd become the same being that you had done Siddhi of. Eg if it was pisach siddhi, you'd become a pisach. If it was only a prayog, you'd have to face the karmic after effects but shouldn't be that severe.

I'll send you a dm
Lealeigh in Furry Face

I read the account on your profile page and it sure puts my second comment on this thread in a new light.

Seriously, I wish that I could tell my cat that he can't go outside because there are a hundred feral cats in this neighborhood.

I think that you are right; this ability to hear these things probably developed because you are very mindful towards living creatures. I imagine that you're the sort of person who is very perceptive to the feelings of animals anyway. You probably would never need to hear their words. Maybe your years of trying to understand the actions of animals has sharpened an ability.

If you're like me, you do a fair amount of talking to your pets and that might be one of the ingredients.

- Maria
Welcome2myfreakyfreakshow in Shadow People?
I believe there is more to hallucinations other than just imagination. I believe you could have been connecting with another dimension. There is so much we don't know about the "physical" aspects of life, let alone the non physical.

Even though I've never heard of someone not being freaked out or feeling uneasy by a shadow person, it makes sense that in every part of the universe,that, where there is bad/negative there must be good/positive as well. Very interesting.
Welcome2myfreakyfreakshow in Ghostly Voices
If you feel it is your parents you hear and you know they are trying to warn you, then it's true. It's not weird or crazy at all to speak to them, you should especially if it's comforting to you, cause see, they can hear you.

Don't feel guilty about breaking that promise, I'm sure she understands and she doesn't want you to feel bad, she knows you did the best you could for her and your father and they're both very proud of you.
en_chuu in Scary School
You're all very brave for continuing on with your evening practice at the school! That was an enjoyable story; thanks for sharing 😁
Welcome2myfreakyfreakshow in Phantom Phone Ringing
So this just happened to me. Sounded JUST like a landline phone, only rang twice with the perfect space in between each ring to be a landline phone. I have ringing of a high pitched noise in my ears sometimes just the right and sometimes just the left that is not tinnitus. I will also sometimes hear music or like a tv playing at low volume or two people having a conversation. I have clairaudience, whether anyone believes that is up to them. However this is the first time I heard a phone ringing.
silverthane61 in A Demon Spoke Through Me?
I can understand why others have used mental aberrations to explain your experiences, as the descriptions that you have provided also fit the symptoms of schizophrenia. But given that, many possessions are also initially classified as schizophrenia, though they do later turn out to be possession. I have read of people channeling demons, but all of these cases end up being cases of possession in my readings.
silverthane61 in Granny Possessed
Kudos to the exorcist for immediately recognizing that your Grandma was possessed. There are many in this world that deny the possibility of any spirit possessing the material body of a human being. To me, this is the very essence of evil when a possession takes place without the permission of the possessed.
Well I do think it's entirely possible for a demon to speak through a person. First of all you have to believe in the existence of demons to consider this. I believe in ghosts, creatures, angels and demons. If you don't believe in demons this sounds too far fetched. I have heard of this happening... In fact I have a relative that the same thing did happen to them. My husband and children were in a room speaking to a family member when mysteriously, the voice changed to a deep guttural *demonic* voice. It can happen. So, I'm validating the experience for you. Especially since in my case, there were several witnesses of the event. In your case as well, you had a witness that this happened. And by the way that's really creepy about "the fun voice". Shivers! As far as hallucinating, I think that's just your description of the event. It's a possibility that your vision was messed with by this force. I don't believe you need to possessed to have this stuff happen to you, but just gave opened yourself up to channeling. I'd try to reject the sensation.

Don't let anyone or anything ever use you for their benefit... Words to live by.
LuciaJacinta in Exploding Glass
It's one thing to read a book to just I form your self but another to open yourself up to a multitude of spiritual possibilities. I don't thi k it was necessarily just the book but as you said you were soul searching for your spiritual path and opening up parts of your soul to different spiritual paths... Some good, some, maybe not so good. I'm not here to bash anyone's religion but I would say when considering beliefs it's good to weigh the outward results. As a general rule, it's always best to remain in a good spiritual path. I have known some people of say,darker, Faiths but in their hearts they are good kind people. Guard your heart for goodness always no matter your faith.

Can the book itself cause weird stuff? Possibly. But things generally have power when we give it to it.

Be careful of the doorways of the soul.
DKMajumder in Granny Possessed
The Tantrik

You are right. I started practicing tantrik rituals at the age of 7 years.
Initially I performed black magic (eg baan mara) too. But later, upon realising that it is a misuse of tantra, I finally stopped doing so. I had to pursue my career and hence, totally got detached from vamachara a few years later.
I don't practice it now, but still I am keenly interested to know more about it!
I know that I would be finally killed by the demons whom I have used to conduct black magic.
If you r a real tantrik, you will get my point.

By the way, are you a bengali too?
silverthane61 in The Snowy Person
I read that many haunts are visible only to us out of the corner of our eyes. The sensors that are responsible for our peripheral vision are very light and motion sensitive and are similar to the sensors that control our night vision. This might explain why our peripheral vision often "sees" things that our direct vision cannot. I guess it should be said that just because you cannot see something directly, it doesn't mean that it is not real.
silverthane61 in Clock Radio Ghost
As a little experiment, change out the alarm clocks in your Father's room and yours and see if the activity continues. That is, put your clock in your Father's room and his clock in yours. I really do hope it is your mother coming back to remind you of her birthday.
silverthane61 in Scary School
I get the impression that the Philippines is full of paranormal events. Being half-Filipino myself, I have been mesmerized by all of the stories told to me by my mother. Your tales are certainly scary and reminiscent of a highly haunted school. There has to be a side story connected to that school that could explain the energies trapped within the place.
silverthane61 in Exploding Glass
This was absolutely not a coincidence! Just my opinion. I cannot make any claim of causality, however. So if you think that the Satanic Bible was somehow involved, then I will not dispute you. If there is any "coincidence" involved, then I think it is that a paranormal event not related to the Bible that you were reading chose this time to make itself known. Question is: did the strange happenings involving glass continue or abate after you got rid of the Bible?
TheTantrik in Granny Possessed
Hmm would I be wrong to assume you're involved in Tantra? West Bengal is either ways full of Tantriks. I'm involved in occult too:)
Hi Lealeigh thanks for your input I agree to that they should not be talked about if you can help it but there seems to be different types of spirits. Some were human and have a human form and some were never human and have no form or can shape shift. Those are the bad ones.
Mrs. Ramsay, that was such an uplifting, inspiring story. And I'm even more in awe of the note your mom wrote on the calendar. That one has sent chills down my spine. Not creepy chills, but the kind of chills that come when you realize there is so much in the universe that we lack the ability to understand. Thank you for sharing these.
Tweed in Furry Face
About my hearing animals in English experience. I asked about registering on the psychic site with the same details. No response after four days.

So I've gone rogue.

If you wish to read this experience I've pasted it into the about section on my profile. If you have any comments/questions post them here, or email me.
Lealeigh in Exploding Glass

Yes, I was just throwing that poltergeist theory out there as I have some experience with causing my own trouble these days.

If it wasn't a poltergeist, then maybe your ability to stop all of the activity shows that you have a strong will in setting boundaries. Maybe when you got rid of the book, you were sending a message to whatever was bothering you.

I believe that a person's intentions are the "backbone" to any positive changes in their life.

My cat is doing fine. He had a blocked urethra and I had to come up with $1000 on the spot. I changed his diet to wet food and I found a water bowl that he likes. For some reason, he really likes drinking water out of a big soup pot from the kitchen. Whatever gets him to drink more water.

- Maria
Solveig in Exploding Glass
Thanks for the comments and reading my story.

Maria, I'm so sorry to hear about your recent tribulations. I know "pets" can be just as concerning as human children sometimes. I hope your cat is improving.

I would think, that if this was connected to a poltergeist, that it would have continued even after getting rid of the book.?

It's nice to think about a protective spirit but I think you may be spot on about something attached to the book, WisconsinLady.

RCRuskin, please know that this does not make sense to me either and yet, it happened. The fish tank in question was a 10 gallon rectangular tank.
Rshrestha1223 in The Snowy Person
I think it is believed that the decreased walks on the staircase and we would not* want to block their way...

*error on pervious reply.
Rshrestha1223 in The Snowy Person
MrsRamsay, I think it is believed that the decreased walks on the staircase and we would want to block their way
Cizzy, I do not doubt your experience and you have both my support and empathy. That said, many of the things you are describing can be caused by means other than the paranormal.
I am in agreement with lady-glow that you should explore the possible medical causes for what you have termed "HALUCINATING". This could be a some environmental toxin, chemical imbalance, etc.
Best to find out and take care of the physical as well as the spiritual self.
Either way, I hope you find the cause and the resolution.
MrsRamsay in The Snowy Person
Hi and welcome! My niece by marriage is from Nepal, what a beautiful country!

Why did your mom warn you to stay away from the staircase? Is there a belief about that in your religion?

The staircase seems significant to me and that's based on: it seems significant to you.

Thank you for sharing your story!
MrsRamsay in Clock Radio Ghost
HI, M.E.
You're probably right about your mom. In my limited experience (and I suppose my belief, based not on reading a bunch of literature of the supernatural, but personal experience) our loved ones can and do come and visit us periodically. When these things happen, listening to your intuition is the very best way to interpret them. Whether it might be your mom, or another perhaps stronger spirit-relative who is communicating through your clock on her behalf (probably trying to let you know she's ok). I doubt you have much to fear. I loved the part about the house and how knocking things over wouldn't be effective. That's my house... Which has caused my family members to get really creative when they communicate/visit. (phone call, wedding visit, pulling daughter's veil off and even letters forming on my shower door that meant something to me). My mom also knew that I believed in this prior to her death and though she never had experiences, I think knows that I can feel her. Please never think you are merely existing. It's such a CHOICE in life: you can exist or you can choose to move HAPPILY through your precious time, making the most of it. Sometimes it's finding that path and sometimes others try and get in the way because of their own shortcomings. Don't ever let that happen. Find your joy! (As a mom, that's what I tell my kids all the time and I'm pretty certain you can honor your mom by living your very best and most joyful life. She wants that for you!) All the best dear. Mrs. R.
RCRuskin in Granny Possessed
DK, thank you for your reply.

Ghosts and demons tend not to exist in legal proceedings, Stambovsky v Ackley being a notable exception:


I was driving when I heard the verdict in the case, had to pull over until I stopped laughing.

More to the point: May your grandmother's Memory be Eternal.
DKMajumder in Granny Possessed

The man who exorcised granny later told my father that the amulet could replace her pure soul with that of a Pishach (flesh eating demon). The tantrik who initiated the black magic could then use her soul to accomplish ignoble tasks.

She couldn't confront the amulet giver because she had no legal proofs to put forward.

Shortly after the exorcism, she fell ill again. This time it was just a physical illness. Her daughter forcefully took her away in the name of better treatment, but in reality put her into pharmacological torture. She ultimately passed away before we could even see her again.
DKMajumder in Granny Possessed
Hello RCRuskin
Here r your answers-

1) The one who gifted the amulet was actually the sister of granny's son in law. She did so on being convinced by granny's daughter herself.

2) Granny was a multimillionaire! Her daughter hankered over her huge property. She simply tried to kill her mother and pinch all her belongings at the earliest.
To anyone as well;
Do you believe it would be dangerous to speak to this spirit? I have never attempted to speak in a conversational form to it or any of the spirits, but I have always wanted to. A part of me is rather nervous to out of fear I've been naive this whole time and it actually is 'evil.' Is there a way to create a "barrier" per se in our conversation? Where I can speak to it, but not be harmed in the event of it attempting to? Or should I simply go in with a "I will not be harmed" mindset? I don't want to get out of my league. I feel as if these spirits have watched me specifically before I could even talk

I've never been afraid of the spirits although at the same time I think it's wise to be wary and respect them because I genuinely do not know their strength or nature.

My thoughts recently have led me to the idea of this being a powerful trickster who has a group of spirits that follow it. It would make sense of how one is so powerful and is seen alone while the others seem to usually come in pairs & feel weaker. So if I attempted to speak to the spirit imitating me is there a way to without bringing forth all of the spirits attached to it? If this is the case.

In addition before I move again I want to set up a trail cam in our old home for a few nights. Is there a way to give the spirits some sort of energy to feed off of? So that if there are any in the home still they could have the energy to show themselves, if wanted?

This might be naive thinking, but pointers are welcome.

Also also thank you for sharing the house blessing Maria!

And I meant to say in my earlier comment that when we brought the girl over in CO she 'cleansed' the house not blessed it.
Zaruje in Scary School
Hi there! Pinoy here. Whoah that's a very scary experience. May I ask the name of the school? Paranormal happenings in schools, are getting quite normal now. I do have my own share of experience about paranormal happenings in school. I was inspired by your story so let me share mine, I hope you don't mind:

" I was a freshman in HS when I attended an Interact (HS club) orientation at one of the huge schools in camarines sur. The school was quite popular due to it's many cases of fraternity deaths. It was a normal evening formal orientation. I was heading to the bathroom, when one of the dancers (student of that school) ran out screaming from the ladies room. I stopped immediately and followed her (human instinct). She was crying as she told us that she saw a bloody body hanging from the ceiling. Due to the commotion, the program was halted and the police where called in. They searched the compound but found nothing. I still can't find an explain for what happened that night "

Sorry for that. I enjoyed reading your story and I hope to read more 😁

As for the year I was talking about when things got chaotic here are some of the experiences.

My sister:

Once her and I were laying on the couches in the living room. From my point of view I was woken up by her shaking me asking me "if I hear that." I then told her no and to 'shut up and go back to sleep.' I instantly went back to sleep and was woken up shortly by my dad stomping down the hall with his gun asking "WHO THE F* IS HERE."
From her POV she was asleep on the couch when she felt something weigh down her feet, thinking it was the cat she called for it. When the cat never came to her face as he would she looked down and saw nothing at first, but then looked further behind her and saw a shadow of a dog growing in size against the wall. She then tried to wake me up, but I didn't. Once I didn't wake up she reverted back to her childhood go to and began praying Christian prayers. When she began to pray she said a loud growling grew in decibels from beneath the couch and instantaneously something began pulling at the covers from the side of the couch. Trying to ignore it she began to pray louder and when she did a chorus of voices talking began to also grow louder. In a panicked state she shot up looking for the origin of the voices and saw the light on in her room. She went into the kitchen peering down the hall and saw shadows of multiple feet walking around in her room & then heard the growing once again from behind her in the kitchen. Now absolutely freaking out thinking someone had broken into the house she ran into my parents room. My dad genuinely believed someone had broken into the house and searched the entire thing including the attic, gun drawn.
When I woke to my dad walking down the hall I ran to figure out what was happening and simply went to sleep again when I heard what had happened.

- She often had things grabbing at her feet with the most vivid memory being of something grabbing her big toe and literally shaking it as if a "this little piggy" skit gone wrong
-She would hear people calling for her angrily
-One time while in her room something began rattling her closet door, fast & hard
- lots and lots of talking, yelling, shadows

This was one of the absolute weirdest things that had happened during our time here. We began to have dreams that started to sync with our other family members. This mainly occurred between my little sister and little brother and only once between me and my mom. The first dream began with my siblings. I feel it's important to add they were absolute mommas kids, but they began having dreams of murdering my mom in the same fashion.
In the dream they both "awake" out of their sleep. My sister goes down the hall to my mother as my brother waits in the kitchen. She then begins to smother my mom as my brother comes down the hall with a knife & begins to stab her until she ceases to breathe. My siblings both told my mom the same dream, but from their perspectives (stabbing v.s. Smothering) and my mom went on to tell me. I'm still not sure if they know that they both had this reoccurring dream. My mom was very freaked out by it.
As for my mother and I we had a dream of setting the house on fire? Both of our dreams begin with us walking up the back steps of the house into the kitchen as we begin pouring gasoline around the house. I remember vividly walking from room to room laughing as I covered everything and setting the blaze once I reached the living room. The dream always ends with me walking towards the end of the house with the flames heating my back as I look up to something? But then wake up instead.

My mom
-Would wake up with bruises on her that she did not have the night before (but she sleeps perfectly still)
- things would grab her feet, yank the covers off of her
-she heard noises one night and saw what she described as a tiger (more like a cougar) in the front yard after peering out. It began walking to her window and disappeared as she prayed for it to go away.
-Once while sleeping she fully felt someone crawl into the bed with her and lay next to her. She described to me the weight moving from the foot of the bed as if someone crawled in, scowling shifting to right beside her. As she laid there silently she began to hear a slight breath & felt the feeling of the breath hitting her face. This absolutely terrified her and she fell asleep during it, from fear (I honestly think she passed out rather than willing herself to sleep.)
--Once while sitting in her room something fell off the shelf alerting the dog. When she got up to pick up the knick-nac the dog yelped from behind her as if something had startled or slightly hurt him
--she often heard my voice or one of my siblings clearly calling for her when no one was there
--she said the stove would randomly cut on even after we got a new one (gas stove) to the extent where she began to take the nozzles off thinking we were messing with it. Although it continued and she made precautions with monoxide detectors.
--There is a photo of her on her old digital camera that she discovered one morning. It was taken around 230 am of her while she was sleeping and in the photo she is clearly there and absolutely asleep but there is this huge white thing blurring the image of the space above her. It had no real form, but was clearly a thing. We still have no clue as to of who or what took the photo or when it was taken since the date was programmed incorrectly. The time although was programmed correctly
--she would often hear a growling coming from her closet at this point in time

My dad

My dad would rarely share his experiences out of fear of "expanding the hype" as he saw it. He absolutely hated speaking of anything he saw or heard and would usually only do so once before never talking of it again. During this time my mom said he often saw "Men in the living room walking around." And "That they lacked many details in their outlines, but their voices were deep and their steps were heavy."
In addition she said he had friends over one night to watch a football game previously recorded in the day and during the game something began hitting on the window behind them. Thinking it was an intruder one of his friends looked out the back as another went out the front. My dad then went to make sure we were all still ok and asleep. While checking on us all he said every single one of our doors were locked, which we never did in case of a fire. (We have the simple little clothes hanger in the hole & wallah it's open doors.) So he went around opening the doors to not scare us, but check on us. In doing so as he pushed open the doors he heard laughter 3 separate times.

He also mentioned at one point that a child's spirit mimicked something he often said to my brother. He never went into detail the specifics but essentially he claims that a young child said to him "Who's the best daddy in the world."
From the confines of my brothers room while my dad was home alone. This specific thing scared the crap out of him. It made him realize the spirits are aware

I wish I could remember more at this moment, but with it being 4 am my brain is truly tired from typing. I hope this comment was typed out in an understandable fashion. Thanks for reading x
WisconsinLady in Exploding Glass
Thanks for another great, fascinating story!
2 theories from me:
1. A bad entity/energy was attached to the book.
2. A good/protective spirit was warning you to stay away from that stuff. The protective spirit could have been from the house, a deceased loved one, guardian spirit of some kind, or etc.

I also like Lealeigh's idea. ❤
Lady Glow, what I meant by that paragraph is that my father saw the spirit at a house that wasn't ours. We were at my moms Mothers house when that situation happened & my fathers mother is the one who saw the spirit in our home! Sorry for the scrambled typing.

Interesting enough after leaving our home & me moving around a lot I've actually been the only one to have continued experiences. No one in my family has mentioned a single experience to me. For me personally when I first moved out I didn't experience anything for over a year or so. Everything seemed to seize momentarily. In all honestly I thought these experiences were all behind me until this past year. While living in another state my whole house hold began experiencing things. These were roommates I had not known prior to our living arrangements so they knew nothing of my previous experiences. Things got so weird at one point after a "game of knocking" we brought a woman over to bless our house.

That night specifically we were all in one of the bedrooms watching tv together slightly drinking when we heard a loud knocking coming from what sounded like the hall. I jokingly got up after my Roomate Abby asked if anyone else heard the sound and stated "I bet it won't knock back though." Knocking twice in response, curious if it was the neighbors messing with us.
Although it was not the neighbors and after I knocked twice, almost instantaneously afterwards the sound was mimicked back to us. This riled up everyone in the house. Abby ran next door to ask the neighbors in the conjoined unit if they were messing with us, Megan went to her room, and Abigail encouraged me to knock again. So I did. I knocked back after about 5 or so minutes of girls freaking out because I was curious. After knocking three times this time the sound once again mimicked the exact rhythm and harshness of my knocking until the third knock which turned into a bang absolutely shaking the floor under my feet. We brought a woman over within the hour to bless the house and when she came over the knocking migrated from beneath us to the closet as we were explaining to her our issues. She silenced me when the knocking began (as we were the only ones to hear it that time) and blessed the home. Ever since this incident I have had experiences everywhere I move and I move very frequently with experiences always peaking the weeks leading up to my move.

Back to my dad though, he actually typed it out on the computer at her house! I'm sorry I realize how jumbled I typed that now. My family is so weird when it comes to spiritual things they think everything is either inherently good or evil. They think the spirits in the house are evil and that when you speak on "the evil" it calls it to you. No one in my family will talk about the spirit that imitates me specifically without going as far as praying a prayer of protection on our conversations. I think this immense level of fear has fueled the spirits through some points. I don't tend to follow the same belief by any means. I believe that there are evil spirits and there are good spirits, but there is also an array in between. Which plays a part of my searching for understanding in this.

Thank you for the recommendation on the property archives! I didn't think of that. I forgot to mention that we also know Marcy had activity in the home during her time there. She was one time at the car shop with her daughter & her daughter began telling stories of "dolls that talked with no batteries" and "little boys playing" although no young boys were ever at the house. Marcy explained to my dad that these were just her "ghost stories that she came up with while living on Rhomboid." And brushed the conversation off quickly. This is as far as that lead goes though, sadly.

As for the house being calm with me there I don't think it was ever necessarily calm. I think it's like a friend? If you are in a house with strangers and a familiar face comes you tend to feel less agitated. I think this is what my family members were experiencing maybe at a surface level, but maybe further into the actual sprits feeling such. I'm not sure!

There's a period of time though when I was a teenager that I left the house and moved in with my grandmother for a year, when I moved back the house was absolutely chaotic spiritually. It was mad and I'm not sure if the experiences I'm going to share will even explain the extent, but it was angry and having a blast with being such. Once I moved back in though slowly over time they began to dwindle to nonchalant occurrences once again. This was also the last year I lived with my family.

I've often wondered as I was the only baby to only live in the home if the spirits for that reason built an attachment to me at a young age and I simply don't remember experiences from my young years? I don't often get the chance to talk with people about my experiences as once I tried to explain to a friend and they said I sounded schizophrenic and suggested Mental Health outlets. Although I have seen a therapist for different reasons, I am not insane. This though did stray me away from searching for understanding sooner.

On that note Thank you & everyone for your comments. I know you are all simply replying to the post, but being able to talk openly without judgement or having to prove to you all is genuinely nice.
brierose - You posted this story almost a year ago, so you probably won't read my comment.

I am very sad to hear that your ex's life was taken, possibly due to his having taken the wrong path.

It seems that there was a strong bond between you and he although you weren't in constant contact. You also say that there was unfinished business and things left unsaid. It's always unsettling to leave a relationship when there are so many questions which cannot be answered.

I'm not a big believer in coincidence, especially under the circumstances which you describe. Many people who are quick to dismiss an occurrence as coincidence, unfortunately completely overlook an event which could be very important to them.

Well I certainly believe that your ex was trying to make contact with you, as he is obviously quite often in your thoughts and you seem to have shared a strong connection. He was more than likely trying to let you know that he's still around.

I haven't listened to the song but "leaving this world for awhile" is very telling.

As I said I don't know whether you'll see this comment but if you do, please let us know whether you have had any further contact with him, or who you suspect might be your ex.

Regards, Melda
lady-glow in The Snowy Person
Welcome to YGS.


If you can be sure that the image wasn't a consequence of your eyes getting strained from staring at the phone's screen, it is possible that your G-grandma was paying a last visit to her family and saying her goodbyes before moving to the afterlife.

I find it a bit sad that most people have been taught to be afraid of our dead loved ones instead of thinking about them the way they were but without a physical body. Perhaps your GGM would have been happy to hear a kind word of farewell.

Thanks for sharing this simple though interesting experience.

Your English is good.
lady-glow in Granny Possessed

I wonder if the "who" in question wanted to inherit or, at least have a chance, to move into the "the palatial house"?


What happened after the exorcism? Did your grandma confronted the, not so loving, amulet giver?
In my opinion there's not enough information in your narrative as to know what is going on.

I find it odd that you are able to hear the voices randomly. Was there a history of paranormal activity happening in the house before your "awakening"?

Could you be more specific about the process of your awakening? Are you just reading/watching material regarding this topic or is someone teaching/guiding you?

Regardless of the answer, it is important to learn to protect yourself from any negative and unwanted interactions.

"some of the other paranormal things I had been experiencing... Hallucinating that people's eyes and faces were morphing/changing around me in real life, ranging from an almost neon blue, to a bright golden colour,"

There you have it, if you are aware of been HALLUCINATING, it wouldn't hurt to get a medical evaluation before assuming this is a paranormal event. And by this I'm not discarding your experience, but it's important to discard any underlying health issue first.

Personally, I don't think that spirits would be confused about "whether or not they could class me as being Spiritual or Satanic", they would read your aura/energy for what it is.

"The only thing I can chalk this up to is my being in a state of high vibration whilst I was thinking of Satan, demons, angels and other spiritual beings, and that this was somehow enough to draw them to me."

I must be immune to these happenings, because I can read/watch/talk about all these matters without ever attracting any paranormal activity, though some people report having paranormal experiences after doing so... I'm jealous... (kidding)
Seriously, if you think you are attracting demons and angels, would't the latter protect you from the former?

Thanks for sharing.
RCRuskin in Granny Possessed
Well, simply put, it is a scary story. Hi, DKMajumder.

So someone gave your grandmother a cursed amulet, and of course that brings to mind the questions:

1. Who?

2. Why?

Did it have anything to do with her singing, I'm wondering.
RCRuskin in Exploding Glass

Hi, Solveig. That first incident especially intrigues me with the triangle of glass missing from the fish tank. I can't say I've had any fish tanks fail, but I have not had many fish in my life. Just two fish bowls/fish tanks. To have that specific shape disappear from the side of the tank just makes not much sense to me.
Lealeigh in Clock Radio Ghost
Hello MerelyExisting and welcome to YGS,

Your screen name fills me with dread. There have been many times in my life when I have called myself the same thing.

From reading between the lines here, I have guessed that you probably take care of your father. If this is what you're doing, don't ever worry that you're merely existing. You're very important.

I don't really know much about electronics but it seems to me that someone was there, trying to get your attention. I think it is safe to say that it was your mother. She already knew the way to get your attention before she died. I think that she knew how important it was to you that she confirm that there is an afterlife.

She may have tried other ways and this was the thing that you noticed. I like this part:

"I told her if you ever can contact me from the other side use the electronics because knocking things over in a house this chaotic would go unnoticed."

Thank you for sharing your story. It is uplifting.

- Maria
Lealeigh in Exploding Glass
Hello Solveig,

I have always heard that poltergeist activity centers around teenagers and young adults. Young people who are going through hormonal changes and emotional ones put off a lot of energy.

These kind of things can happen to adults too. Last year, when I got divorced, I had disturbing things happening around my house. These things were mostly happening in my personal space and they didn't affect anyone else living here in the same way. Items moving around and strange disembodied voices. They calmed down when I calmed down.

The strange things are back to business now that I'm in a state up emotional upheaval again. I had to take my cat to the emergency vet over the weekend. I got him back yesterday but I am still on edge and the stuff in my bedroom keeps moving around. The socks in my drawer became unmatched and I didn't do it.

My dad said, on the phone over the weekend, that poltergeist activity happens with younger people - he says that about sleep paralysis too and I am still having that and I am 38 years old.

My best guess is that I put off a lot of energy when I am troubled. Maybe your experience with the exploding glass was the energy that you put off while you were growing up. That's my opinion.

Thank you for an interesting story!

- Maria
freakedoutfreddy in Her Creepy Smile- 2
Jeez! It's not fair man!
You got a pic of a ghost but haven't shared it here?!?!?!
hi may be because human killing animal evolution to this thing to life, may be nature also change may change them. May be God play his rule 😉 😘 😠
only words I understand is ratri means night I n tamil good read
Hi, [at] tweed it happened to my mum when she was also in bed at night, but so far nothing as such has happened, as far as this being apart of something bigger I'm not sure, guess I'll find out soon, but I'm least bothered, in the beginning I was more curious than scared now I don't even think about it.
Hello there Ynah05!

I understood your story pretty well! This site is about, after all, paranormal things.

Oddly, I had experienced a similar event too back when I was a kid at my parents house 🤔
LuciaJacinta in Furry Face
Love it Tweed! I think in my daughter's mind she just connected the dots. She thought ohh I can hear them talking then looked for a reason as to why logically.

Ahh yeah, I wouldn't mention it to any doctor. They might lock you up on that one. Haha.

Well keep us updated on your furry face. Enjoy your day 😊
silverthane61 in The Verdict Conclusion!
Very good response and I appreciate the comments. I know that there is a small amount of DA in all of us that researchers label as "alien DNA". Whether they mean actual alien intervention or they are using this term to label the anomalous strands found in all of us, I do not know. But it is good to know that there are others out there that have also noted similarities such as the ones we have discussed.
Tweed in Furry Face
Silverthane, I've always been into fairy kinds of beings. I'm passionate about preserving nature and historical architecture. Nothing makes me madder than senseless destruction. I feel this is linked to fairy related stuff, but I don't rightly know why. If the animal calls into English thing has been bestowed upon me from the fairy world, I'd imagine that's why. But I believe abilities are accessible to everyone, why and how I unlocked this ability is a mystery I hope to solve.

Lucia, if that experience gets posted on the psychic site I'll link it here.
A raccoon attack leading to animal telepathy sounds like a comic book plot. If your daughter can sense things I'd lean toward it happening regardless of the raccoon. She's just naturally able, and would have been anyway. But in my opinion that goes for generally anything. I grew up around a lot of animals but so do a lot of people. So yeah, I'm pretty clueless lol.

Melda, animal whisperers, yeah I've always thought they were con artists, airheads or both lol. Actually I still do. But I've always been open to the odd occurrence of people who genuinely hear or understand animals. I just don't believe much on the tele. I'm not hearing thoughts, it's the call of the animal twisted into English. It sounds like that dog or bird, but it's in English for a sentence or two.

I've heard Leo twice. Once was directly before bringing up a fur ball. He jumped off the chair suddenly and said "Oh no", then ralphed, I did laugh.
The other day I was rinsing this large jug thing at the sink. Leo was watching me, he meowed twice and on the second meow it came out "What is that?" So I showed him the jug/pot thing and he rolled on his back exposing his belly which he does when he's happy/satisfied. I guess that meant thanks.

Gotta say I feel like the most crazy weirdo saying all this. I've looked into schizophrenia and anything else that hears voices. I haven't found this specific symptom. I've not gone to a doctor about it. Instinct tells me that would do more harm than good but then logic says that's naive. Argh. I found myself wondering what weird cat entity would sound like last night lol.
Everyone, sorry its taken me so long to get back to this.
To answer a few of your questions:
The man at the party was the only one dressed in that fashion.
Yes I did talk to him, I said hey I've seen you before and he really didn't give a response. I am not the only one to see him at the party.
When I saw him through the binoculars (yes binoculars) and the woman walked up to him they were dressed in the old western style dresses and tie bonnets.
The other thing is I'm kind of leaning into the voodoo warlock thing.
Thank for your responses and oh yes he is exactly the same person I had seen.

I think we are on the same page with this topic of which is not easy to open up over, especially in a community that may still have some reservations relating to the existence of extraterrestrial and their direct involvement with the human race.

I do remember a few years back there was an author here on YGS who wrote about an experience he and his father had with a couple of extraterrestrials on a hunting trip where the both of them were paralysed in broad daylight. This author was quite prepared to respond to questions and you couldn't help feel his account had some validity to it.

We do need to be careful when researching the topic as there is probably more disinformation out there than actual decent research and people you can trust.

I have vaguely touched on Jacques Vallee work and he may offer something not all that far from the truth?

I do concur with you on E.T having the ability to be behind some of the day to day paranormal activity people experience and yes they can intermingle on spiritual matters... To what extent? It depends on who you listen to and how you settle for what makes sense to you. I feel they are behind a fair mass of the invisible kinds of sexual relationships that go on all over the world every night of the year. They are known here as an Incubus/Succubus lover... Not all of them are E.T and some of them are brought on by ones own imagination, however they do engage with those humans selected for their programs... It is an embarrassing topic to come forward on I have no doubt 50 percent of people reading this have experienced something similar... For those who are involved in their programs, the E.T interactions are extremely intense ones...again, there may be other reasons aside from E.T

I find Zecharia Sitchen work on the Sumerian tablets extremely interesting... I do not believe we crawled out of the ocean based on the fact we are so different and unique to other species on this planet... The evidence he points to makes complete sense to me, the human race were created by the Anunnaki, and ever since then we have been visited and watched over.

One thing I am sure of, they know more about us than what we know about us... With the good/evil, I do believe there may be both, however I am convinced there are probably more of good than bad... Apparently 68 different E.T races have visited planted Earth. If more were bad, they would have probably exterminated us centuries ago.

We are left out in the dark, the sooner full disclosure comes around the better, I know you feel it may be soon, I hope you are right.

Regards Daz
Melda in Furry Face
Tweed - Animal whisperer comes to mind. I have always been under the impression that animals communicate telepathically with these highly gifted people. I know you said "call, bark or tweet".

Perhaps if you tried to take it a step further and try to communicate with Leo by whispering to him and ask him about his day, for example, you might just be surprised by his response.

If others have that gift, it's not impossible that you have it to a certain degree.

Regards, Melda
LuciaJacinta in Furry Face
Far out! I really want to read that story Tweed.

True story: my daughter was attacked by a wild raccoon when she was a baby... Long story. She's ok, was ok. Just precautionary rabies shots. But since that day she always says she has animal powers and can hear animals thinking and's funny, but I believe her... Or maybe just want to believe her...she's still a young child. School aged. So, my question is did you ever have any unusual animal experience or were bitten by anything?
Solveig in Catlike Humanoid
Thanks for reading and sharing your comments. I have enjoyed many of your stories also.

To answer a few questions:
*I am 100% sure this was not a neighbor in costume! I'm pretty sure, as many of you have suggested, that he was some sort of nature spirit. I did not feel threatened in any way, just extremely surprised.

*Biblio, although I'm familiar with Ibsen And Grieg, my screen name is not inspired by either. The Urban Dictionary led me to this decision. Check it out.

Tweed, an interesting take - I too would love to know his version of the experience. Is he telling his friends about me? Does he have friends?

Also, one last detail that I just realized after watching the movie, Avatar again. You know at the very end, it pans in and he opens his eyes? They're very much like the eyes I saw through the window.
Just want to point out that I had this experience before ever seeing the movie.
silverthane61 in The Verdict Conclusion!
Aussiedaz, I have been wanting to share with you some thoughts, but have not been able to find a suitable "opening" for the subject. In any case, I have been involved in a lifelong pursuit in studying ET visitations over the years going back to ancient times. Not only have I discovered troubling coincidences between the paranormal and the ET's, but I also have discovered connections between ET's and spiritual matters. It has been a frightening road and I have been the recipient of these matters - which further fueled my interest in the area. As I read the many incidents detailed on this website, my beliefs in the connections existing between Good/Evil, the paranormal and the ET phenomenon have only been strengthened. Thankfully, there are an increasing number of very important researchers and authors that are noting this connection - most notably Jacques Vallee. Any way, I wanted to "come clean" on this matter with you. I hope you get this message.
silverthane61 in Furry Face
Fascinating! Are you in league with elementals or the League of Fairy? I do not joke, but it does seem that you have accessed some link to their world. I would normally not like hearing ANY type of disembodied animal sounds, but in your case it does seem interesting - especially since it has been occurring over time.
Hi Rajine,

Sorry you had this horrible experience. What was your mother doing at the time she received the slap? Don't know if it matters, but maybe it will.

Any kind of screen time directly before bed and sleeping on your stomach will perpetuate insomnia. I know that's not the point, but insomnia is the pits and some minor lifestyle changes really can make the biggest improvements.

I've read things on here about people being hit or slapped. Like Silverthane says, it's an isolated event. Perhaps it's not the slap itself but the fear it generates that these bully ghosts get off on. On the up side if making physical contact takes up energy for a ghost, imagine how exhausted the culprit must've been afterwards. What a wuss.

I agree with Lealeigh, it sounds likely to escalate. Create a calm home environment, have a tidy up, listen to music. Maintain that positive energy in your room and home, and it should leave.

Happy new year to you too!
Tweed in Furry Face
Update: Around seven thirty this morning my leg bumped against something furry. I looked down behind me and saw a mustardy colour fading out beside the back of my calf where I felt it. At the time I was closing the bedroom door, ironically to keep the cat out.

Our cat isn't one for rubbing against you. He enjoys a cuddle, but on his terms. When I felt it on my leg I wasn't surprised to find it wasn't Leo. Interesting how this thing has gone from pulling a face and sending stuff off the table, to chilling out in front of the fridge, to howdy doody in the morning all within a few weeks.

At the risk of sounding completely balmy I've been hearing animals speak. A couple of years ago I submitted this to YGS but it got knocked back on account of not containing any ghosts (fair doos). This started before Leo came to us. It's been happening a lot and it's freaking me out because I can't always tell when it's happening. Each animal's voice sounds like it's natural call, bark or tweet. I don't believe animals speak in English, I think there's some universal translation mind bending thing at play. I've never attempted to acquire this ability. It just started happening one day and has become more frequent with time. They don't talk to me or anything, they don't say anything amazing, it's usually where to find food or danger or stuff about their day.

I don't know if this is related to weird cat thing but if anyone has any info or has this happen to them too, please let me know.

I'm going to submit what I wrote ages ago to the psychic site. Question to the mods about that, can I register at the psychic site with the same name and email as I use on this site? Or will that cause technical issues?

Hey Daz,

I've not seen The Titanic, but little old woman into hot dame makes sense to me. Like if you feel a certain way on the inside it'll reflect in your appearance. This could be ones youth, childhood, old age or even karma. Surely ghosts use these health/age appearance queues to communicate things too. I believe animals exist by the same life and spiritual laws we do, we are animals after all.

"however, when you see this cat transform itself from a cat to a dog or to a rat and back to a cat, what is going on there?"

Nothing, I've not seen this entity transform. What I've seen is a face and surrounding fur on the table, then a better look at it by the fridge (where I could see longer fur around neck/shoulders, same as table night). Then today mustard colour behind me as I closed the door, same colour as fridge sighting. There's a cat like thing in our home, and I keep hearing animals in English. Atlantis civilisations and cities made of gold need not apply. Reading between the lines.;)

Thank you Miranda, it was probably my most profound experience I have ever had, it was absolutely crazy to get it so right in front of a small group of friends here at ygs.

Justice prevailed in the end the mother got what she deserved.

Thank you for your thoughts.

Regards Daz
aussiedaz in Furry Face

I'm glad you pointed out you have seen them younger by the way so have I... Basically that is what I'm talking about, shape shifting is probably the wrong analogy it's more like spirit transforming itself.

The little old lady from the Titanic crosses over and ends up looking like a bombshell from her mid 20's... So doesn't that make you ask the question, how and why?

I have a lot of faith in the work of Michael Newton and his findings when he put 2000 subjects under hypnosis over a 20 year span... What he found consistently throughout all of his subjects was their ability to continue on in the after life with the skills of transforming themselves.

Some of these subjects reported living as sea creatures on different planets, many reported living a life as the opposite sex and some of the older souls apparently appear gender less in the spiritual realm.

Not exactly shape shifting although some sort of shifting lol...however, when you see this cat transform itself from a cat to a dog or to a rat and back to a cat, what is going on there? I'm attempting to read between the lines here if you see my point. If we humans can transform our energy to adapt to a different dimension, I'm assuming animals can do the same.

Just my 2 cent worth, take it with a grain of salt.

Regards daz

Lol, no offence taken, it's just hard sometimes to tell what a person really means when corresponding over text, since there are no queues (other than text) you can pick up on to let you know what someone really means.

I was being honest when I said that I found your comment interesting, RoLeLu. I am one of the people who up voted your comment.

I'm very sorry if you took me for being sarcastic. It was not my intention. When I read this story the first time, the binoculars did not even stand out in the story for some reason.

If I have offended you, then I apologize.

- Maria

I can't tell whether you're being sarcastic with regards to your comment.

I will say this, practitioners of "Magick" are recommended to use a wand when casting spells. The idea is that the wand allows them to direct and focus their attention and intent on whatever they wish to be made maniifest.

I agree that the "wand" is a prop as you say, but it's purpose is to act as a catalyst you could say, hypothetically speaking.

I was leaning doppelganger but there is definitely more here. I can't put my finger on it quite right now but these old stories I grew up with are going through my head. Have you ever head that coyotes are really good at perfectly imitating a baby cry? They can also smile human grins. So I've been told. So these ideas go through my head. The thing is, coyotes prey on the weak. I think the idea of Doppelgangers is that they steal identity in order to blend. Whereas coyotes simply mimic in order to get access to food. But reading these accounts, it sounds to me there is some spirit that just... Wants someone to open the dang window. Like seriously it's hanging out there practically begging. I'm also someone with frequent cabin fever so maybe I'm projecting. But I'm also thinking of my cat that lived 20+ years who, despite being an indoor cat afraid of other cats, in her senility she meowed and begged and scratched and scraped and pleaded to PLEASE be let outside on the porch. I sat there with her. It was so weird, she /hated/ being outside, but there we were. The actions of this doppelganger or whatever remind me of that moment. The desire for escape, freedom, or something. I'm not seeing malice here, just a lot of confusion. I'd crack open some windows and instead of trying to banish, I'd say hey, please feel free to wander around outside of here. Might restore everyone's sanity, ya know? How would you feel if you were a spirit locked in a box? I don't know the rules of their world but I can imagine feeling haunted, as a spirit, sitting by a window hoping some creeped out teen would take a damn hint and OPEN it for freaking once. Just a thought.
Hi Solveig,

What a cool experience! I love how he blended in with the morning light, isn't that so fae. I wonder if the window helped you see him somehow. I saw some ghosts through glass doors (human ghosts), and it felt like the glass was somehow aiding the process. Maybe it's like a magic eye (you know, those pictures from the eighties/nineties that resemble vomit, but contain 3D awesomeness from newfangled computers) the way you describe the window reminded me of the pantomime one performed to receive the magic eye image.

I want to know what he saw, what got his attention to look to you the same. What was he thinking, and were you blending in with your surroundings.

Big it up for nature spirits, seriously. Love this. Thanks for sharing.

This link is something Manafon found, it's some guy's experience with a cat like entity. The guy blames it on demonic forces, never mind that, the details are still interesting.
Triskaideka in More Happenings
Hello again. I'm reading over old stories, and came across this. I regret having not been around during this. To the OP, I hope you found a good solution. I think Val was on the right track here. I think I intimated before that sometimes spirits will use other languages to communicate, so it makes perfect sense to me that dragon tongue may have been their way. And she points out the whole thing with Klingon. Jeez, it's so true that actually about ~10 years ago, there were psych positions on the west coast opening up for people fluent in Klingon! Professionally!

Nowaways, I wouldn't be shocked if there are positions open for people fluent in Dothraki. I made some jest about Drowish (which I was a little more fluent in, in my younger years). In the end, I maintain that one should not commune with the dead in any language but their own native tongue. I really seriously hope you figured everything out. The blood does not cause me to doubt anything. My body has a weird habit of nosebleeds during menses, and that's not including every detail because I'm avoiding TMI. In my experience, doctors are mostly unconcerned. Volume matters more than exit point, I think. It's not that they don't care. I've been monitored and put on IVs and such. If it weren't for my high levels of iron &/ heme, I'd probably need more transfusions. Anyway. Sorry you dealt with all this doubt. Hope things have improved in your life.
Tweed in Furry Face
Daz, Ummm, shapeshifting humans, nah. I've seen many human apparitions and never any appearance alterations, aside from looking younger than I knew them, or older. The spirits I didn't know in their life never change in appearance, except for clothes. But not physical features. Don't think that happens very often.

New souls that often visit before doing a physical life, hmm, nah. That pings my conspiracy theory radar. I wish it was possible to play you what I saw, it looked ancient and self assured. I think this is something from way back. The sort of entity that gets a footnote in certain cultures. In other words I think it's something we have limited earthly knowledge of, and that goes for most entities out there I feel.
Sleeping-with-steve in The Verdict Conclusion!

OMG! I remember this happening.

I googled Keisha's death and came across this informative article which goes into detail about how the nasty mother hurt that poor little kid. That littley went through abuse from as early as a few weeks old.

I had tears in my eyes reading the article.

You did such an amazing job with your OB along the other members who got to the bottom of Keisha's murder. 😭

That poor soul. May she rest in peace. 😢

Thank you for sharing this post and thank you and the other members like Rookdygin who helped solve this brutal case.

Keisha is with her family now and is no doubt free and no longer in pain.

😘 ❤
Sleeping-with-steve in Showground Road

I found one. Not overly funny but anyway.

Helvetica and Times New Roman walk into a bar.

"Get out of here!" shouts the bartender. "We don't serve your type."

😘 ❤ 😘
aussiedaz in Showground Road

Don't take too long I have until Wednesday before I'm on the couch with my therapist... Lack of karma points are high on my list of issues 😆

All good Miranda, I know you mean well.

Sleeping-with-steve in Showground Road

PS: I read a few of your posts and several other members. I gave you 6 up-votes all up. It's all I'm allowed to give each member from experience. 😕

I can't up vote the comment below until the system allows me. I will as soon as I can.

😘 ❤ 😘
Sleeping-with-steve in Showground Road

You're killing me. 🤣

I haven't got any jokes to share back.

I'll have to google something especially for you. 🤗

It's finally raining here. Wooooohoooo. The farmers will be happy all over NSW.

Stay well and happy. Oh, find somewhere dry to kip that's not to close to the ocean so kids don't mistake you for a whale again. If you get really badly burnt, they mistake you for a lobster and throw you on the barbie. Lol 🦐

There was a picture taken with in the Amityville horror house that did capture a young boy peeking out of a room and you can find it online... There has been a lot of conjuncture over the years surrounding the validity of their account with some believing George and Kathy lutz exaggerated it to profit out of their ordeal.

There may be some evidence suggesting that is the case, however the truth may be somewhere down the middle.

George Lutz did claim he saw his wife turn into a 90 year old wrinkly witch, without ever knowing this back yonder in one of my stories here on ygs, I did write the exact same experience as he had... It is known as the old hag syndrome, it can scare the life out of you I can understand why he flipped out over it.

If you caught anything perhaps it is related to the young boy they caught on camera back in the 70's?

Regards Daz

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