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You helped a soul I'm sure wherever she is, shes at peace now. Maybe you'll encounter one again. Youre gifted and brave. God bless!
Pinaynay in Julie's at Peace
Thanks for sharing it was very touching. Youre such a caring person I can say. May judie find justice and may her soul rest in Gods care now. God bless...
fromfactorytofactory (guest) in My Friend John
This is another favorite encounter, one of the best shared on this site and really heartwarming. I hope you are continuing to do well stonegate3.
fromfactorytofactory (guest) in The Sandbox Ghost Girl
This is one of the best encounters on the site! Absolutely. She is probably one of the unfortunate souls laid to rest in that nearby cemetery. Her lack of eye contact or answering is common for children of that period towards adults. It is heart warming to think she is still able to enjoy childhood joys like a sandbox.
fromfactorytofactory (guest) in Haunted By A Demonic Doberman
This is true and I am amazed I found a story here I have a weak link to! My grandfather worked in Cincinnati when that suicide happened, he even talked about the dobermans and how it was impossible for somebody to hang three dogs that weighed almost 100/lbs each and still have the strength to kill themselves as well. The dogs must have been drugged or dead already, making them seem even heavier. So many questions about this, and yes it was covered up quickly, cops dropped it because of whispers of satanism or occultism but locals did gossip about it. That poor lady, to be murdered sadistically by her own son after experiencing such loss earlier. Makes me tearful.
I am sad the original poster has left, I would love to have made contact. That is an amazing ghost dog encounter.
baguettewithaconscious, I sure hope setting boundaries works for you. I often wake up with bruises on the inside of my upper arms, I have no idea why they are there. I would be very concerned if I were you. I hope someone here has answers for you that will be helpful. In the meantime you can go to the top of the page to "Directories" and find a paranormal investigator if you need to. I myself use prayers and talk to the angels as well for help. I'm asking God and the angels to surround you with His white light for protection and healing. ❀ God bless you.
Oh no?! 😲 This is so scary! I would be packing to get out of there as soon as possible. Have you ever had a paranormal investigation done before? You can go to the top of the page to "Directories" and find help. Have you ever done research on the place before? I got chills when your little girl took you to the closet and said "they go in here!" God bless you and your family, praying God surrounds you with His white light for protection. Please keep us updated, thank you for sharing your story.
Have you ever done research on the house you lived in? Strange how that happened on your birthday, maybe someone was only wishing you a happy birthday! 😊 Most of us are afraid of the unknown, but it didn't seem like this spirit meant any harm. Since you moved you may not be bothered again. Thank you for sharing your story, and happy belated birthday to you. ❀
Cherubim in A Ghostly Visitor
I think more children see spirit than adults do because of our innocence at that time. Society tries to teach us these things aren't real, but you seem to be a natural at it. So don't be surprised when you see your Nana or someone that has crossed over again. The ability to see spirit is called clairvoyance, and it can be mists or orbs as well. I have a few interesting pictures with orbs in them. Thank you for sharing your story with us. ❀
Seems to me that JR thought a lot of you. Perhaps he had a hard time leaving and somehow needed that permission from you to move on. I love how you described his body forming in to a white light and that you felt at peace as he left. He got to say goodbye to you. Such a beautiful story, thank you for sharing it. ❀
valkricry in He Lost His Head
I reread my comment and it does seem like I was inferring you did not know the difference. I'm so sorry! That was not my intention.
I often think auto-correct should be called auto-wrong. And it does indeed seem to have a mind of its own. πŸ˜‰
Don't be mistaken or mislead, I'm not saying I believe the story, nor calling out its OP. I'm just saying I know for a fact that some weird things have been writ on markers - even the wooden ones.
However there are somethings that just can't be over looked; like why would it have been ditched in a well? It's WOOD, if they -whomever they are- wanted rid of it why not burn it? And how would one know, when writing an epitaph, that poor old George couldn't rest until he found his head? That part really smacks of Halloween dΓ©cor (as well as being an overused trope). And - if it really was a grave marker, does that mean there's now an unmarked grave on the property?
fromfactorytofactory (guest) in He Lost His Head
valkricry mod, my Autocorrect is often possessed by Keith Richards. I do in fact know the difference in epithet and epitaph.
This story is so made up it's embarrassing to read. I remember something very similar being posted in Reddit paranormal, but being taken down and reposted to no sleep (a scary short fiction board). Read into that what you will. It is amazing to me that any adult with reason could post this, or believe it.
Wood headstones ceased mostly after 1873, and few survive.
Funny tombstones or creepy aren't really comparable to this. And those would be set in granite or marble.
Softie_thunder_thighs in Limbo
Poor you! That doctor was so unprofessional! He should at least try and refer you to a specialist for a psychiatric evaluation! 😠
valkricry in He Lost His Head
fromfactorytofactory, I think you mean epitaph which is written on a tombstone. An epithet is a nickname or a description of someone.
People do put some weird stuff on their headstones. Some are really funny. For instance a monument in the Tombstone, Ariz., Boot Hill Cemetery reads: "Here lies Lester Moore. Four slugs from a forty-four. No Les. No Moore." Not too hard to imagine someone might mention a lost head.
Merv Griffin's says, "I will NOT be right back after this message."
I would like to know the dates on it though. Because they just don't use wood anymore. I think they stopped using them so much around 1873...
fromfactorytofactory (guest) in He Lost His Head
This is as fake as the day is long. The description of the wooden marker pretty much cinched it as a made up story. You expected folks to actually believe, that a wooden marker exists with an epithet about never finding their decapitated head?
Thanks for sharing. I believe too. God bless our souls and stay well everyone. ❀
GhostGoth in A Ghostly Visitor
[at] CantunSEEit74, [at] Rajine I know they're there around me and I can still sense ghosts' presences, but I still wish I could physically see them.
Hi GhostGoth

It's generally believed that children under the age of 13 can see and even interact with the supernatural, a few however are able to continue even into adulthood, but I believe that if you have a strong sixth sense you will be able to interact with the supernatural.
Hi KellsDD86

Have you spoken to your mom about this and if so, has she experienced anything weird as well?

I wonder what that could be, but I am glad that nothing bad happened to your daughter.
I was like that too when I was a child. It's called hypnagogia, where you're between wakefulness and sleep. You say you've learned to communicate with spirit, and I'm wondering if something dark and evil got through while you were in this state.? I would be scared too and look for help as soon as possible. Sending healing prayers your way, may you be surrounded by the white light for protection as well.

If you go to the top of the page where it says "Directories" you can find paranormal help there. I would be leery of omar01 since he's new. I used to have my email address up here, but took it down because of hackers. I've had a hard time getting rid of them, be very careful who you trust!

Thank you for sharing your thought provoking story. May God and the angels lead you to the help you need and deserve. ❀
Cherubim in The Shape Shifter
That must be the building where all the "local spirits" hang out. 😁 Sounds like some sort of shape shifter to me. Do you still walk your dog in that area? I'd be scared and avoid the place. Stay safe, and thank you for sharing your story.
Cherubim in Mystifying Morning
The light makes me think of protection, perhaps you are being protected. The trash bin falling over like that might be a sign telling you "we are here." 😊 Maybe your husband is right, it cold be E.T.'s or your guardian angel. Thank you for your story, I enjoyed it very much.
If I felt something move across my face like that I'd be up and running out the door! 😨 Then the crying babies or cats outside your window that is upstairs is very creepy. I wonder if the "dark ball" you see might be someone that lived there before you, have you ever done any research on the place before? The dogs clearly seem to be seeing "something" that likes to visit there at 12 am and 12 pm. I have a friend who's husband died at home, and their dogs started howling like crazy staring up at the ceiling. I got goose bumps when you told us about your dogs! Thanks for sharing this fascinating story.
Cherubim in Could She Be Me?
Such an interesting story, I've never heard of someone hearing their own voice before? The cats clearly heard it too. Yes, I believe it's from another dimension that's parallel to ours. I've always believed that it exists. There's so much we don't know. I hope you and Liz remain good friends. I've lost friendships over my paranormal experiences, and rarely speak of them anymore. I enjoyed this unusual story and hope to read more. ❀
Yes LightMight, I suppose you were having premonitions. I've only had one that made me suddenly sit up wide awake in bed. I had this terrible feeling that something awful was about to happen. Weeks later a woman riding a bicycle darted right in front of my car, and I hit her! 😨 She was in the hospital for a long time. It's amazing how our dreams can warn or prepare us for an upcoming event in our lives. Thanks for taking the time to read my story. Take care and stay safe.

Thank you Rajine for stopping by to read my story. YES, how can so many of these happenings be a coincidence when they occur so often? I have "happenings" almost daily, I could write a book! 😊 Stay safe out there.
thegreenmachine in Red Eyed Children
The only creepy thing here is you ogling at a 10/11 year old child and wanting to sit next to her on a bus ride. No. Just no.

I bet the other kids are her sisters giving you the stink eye for ogling at their little sister.
thegreenmachine in The Shape Shifter
Good thing you have spidey senses to get out of dodge lol. Whatever it is, it sure is creepy.
I had an experience as a kid that I personally do not remember but my mother told me about, she said I would run to them saying I saw satan in a ball of fire above my door, eventually they prayed over my room and the incident never happened again, I will tell you what I believe as a Christian to be true, those are demons playing with your child and the only way to free her is to accept Jesus into your life and home, I wish you luck.
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in Sleep Paralysis Over The Years
Hi TheSweetDevil23, good to hear from you again. Thanks for sharing your experience, I know it cannot be easy for everything you are going through, but you are a brave one. I know you mentioned you had dropped some of your bad habits, watched your diet, exercise, etc, and you also mentioned some mental health issues, I assume from some of the experiences you had as a child and your overall self esteem/self view. Have you done anything to address this, it sounds like trauma for sure, from different experiences. I'm not a medical professional and will not proclaim this as medical advice but from what you've said, it sounds like these entities are drawn to your suffering and seem to be feeding from it.

The demon you saw, whatever it was that seemed to be looking into your soul, reading your thoughts is a good example of this. This also dovetails with the story of the entity that scared you and your friend that night, scratching on the walls, banging on the door etc. It was purposely trying to elicit fear in you to feed from.

From what I've gathered and read, 'sleep paralysis' always accompanies the sightings of entities. This is dismissed as part of the experience, from the body not waking up as fast as the mind. I believe the paralysis is caused due to these 'entities' interference in your body's electrical field as they draw energy from you. It inspires the nightmares as your mind/body tries to alert you to the problem. When a person awakes, paralyzed as it were and seeing these entities around them, they actually are catching them in the act of drawing a persons energy, their emotions from them. After some effort the person usually regains control of their body and the entities usually vanish at the same time.

I would venture that these entities that are drawn to you and attach are after your pain and suffering, they feed off it and do what they can to inspire more of it in you.

Your solution if that is the case, would be to address the trauma, and the other issues, to heal them. If you are no longer in suffering, no longer plagued by emotional distress, you cut off their food supply so to speak. They will lose interest in you. Cleansing and clearing will only go so far, as long as you have these unresolved issues, they will keep coming back.

As a side note, it sounds as if you also have some kind of guardian or guardians who are also trying to look out for you as well.

You are strong and seem to be quite resilient, I am confident you will overcome this. Hopefully this helps, good luck!
omar01 - in addition to Mrs. Ramsey's comment, if you have advice for one of our members, you should share it so others can take advantage of your help if they need to.

SleepDemons - please take Mrs. Ramsey's advice.
CantunSEEit74 in A Ghostly Visitor
GhostGosh Just because you don't see ghosts now doesn't mean there not around you. I had a 40+ year gap between sightings. Sightings are pretty cool. You have a good memory of your encounters and sightings happen when you least expect it. Thanks for sharing and Good Luck out there.
TheSweetDevil23 in Bubble Lady Took My Daughter
Ohmygosh! Damn so scary to get up and see your daughter getting snatched by something so unnatural. It must have been scary experience seeing such a thing at night. Thankgod! The baby was saved. Are you still having such paranormal experiences? Is this a current event? Are you guys still living in the same place? I believe the older members of this site can help you. Are the activities increasing day by day? This is not only spooky but this thing seems to also get more closer to your children. 😨
Cole_Harris in My Niece's Dinner Show
This happened several years ago, and I thought I'd give an update... My sister and her daughter moved to their apartment last year. As soon as they moved out, my niece's night terrors stopped. They ended up having to move back (the apartment they moved into had too many issues, and the landlord was a bit of a b***). My Niece started having night terrors, a few nights after getting themselves set up in my old bedroom (I moved into their old room when they got the apartment). My old room is where a good portion of my "experiences" with the paranormal used to happen.
Sleep Demons,
Regarding Omar's message to you here, below: please do not email him privately. Allow him to talk to you here publicly first. Something seems way wrong with the way he is approaching. No offense at all, Omar, but you should know better.
Those days must have been very difficult. Thanks for sharing though.
i have registered just now only to help you with your problem. Email me at omar.doh [at] outlook.com

I promise to help you with your problem
valkricry in Wth Case Files
Honestly the stuff like the dishes stacking themselves is something I don't think one ever gets use to. At least I didn't see it happen, I think that is more unnerving. All though I have seen things move of their own accord seemingly.
valkricry in Wth Case Files
Hi SweetDevil,
I'm not sure what to say. I don't think I'm very unique. Maybe a wee bit more open than some. But please don't get the impression that my life is like some TV show. I've gone to some reputably haunted places and felt nothing. There's weeks, months and even years when nothing seems to occur. Then boom! Seems to be something/someone daily.
Thank you for reading and the lovely compliment.:)
LightMight in We Are All Connected
Hello Cherubim,

For many years now, I've felt nearly the same way as you and Rajine. When I was much younger (childhood & teen years), I used to have dreams and visions of events that often would unfold in my real life, years later. Many of the homes I've lived in (during unplanned moves), were of places I dreamt about years in advance. One particular dream occured over several years; in the dreams I was on an operating table having abdominal surgery ~ back then, the thought of surgery scared me! By the time I reached my early thirties I had to have several abdominal surgeries due to health issues, just like in my dreams. For some reason, I wasn't afraid to have the surgery because I 'knew' that I would be all right afterward. Now, I completely believe that these dreams were there to prepare me for what was about to take place in my life. I've often felt that there are definitely predestined, or predetermined paths laid out in advance, in my life anyway...

I thoroughly enjoyed reading your story, Take Care!
Hi TheSweetDevil23

Have you ever tried finding out the reason for your sleep paralysis? Either spiritual or medical?
Hi cherubim

I couldn't agree more, and I must say that you have some very interesting experiences, I believe that there's no such thing as a coincidence.
OMG, the flying roaches! 😳 When I was a teenager we lived in a house that was infested with them, I hated that so much. We couldn't get rid of them no matter what we did. But I had only seen ONE that could fly like you described. I was vacuuming the living room carpet and sucked it up in there. That's so strange so many like that were in your room. Someone told me they're "queen" roaches, I don't believe it.

I've had one incident where I couldn't move like you did. I wrote a story here about it. The title is "Serenading Guitar" and the whole time this song that I've never heard before was playing, I couldn't move?! I was kind of scared, but the melody that was being played was sad. When the guitar stopped playing I could move and sat up in bed looking around, no one was there. When I laid back down the whole thing started all over again.

I can't explain it, but somehow it brings me comfort that I'm not the only one who has experienced something similar. Thank you for sharing your story. Praying that you be surrounded with the white light for protection so you won't be afraid anymore. ❀
Cherubim in Wth Case Files
I have the same exact thing happening with stuff disappearing and reappearing again. It's so constant at my house. What you experienced with the cat sent chills up my spine, especially since you only have ONE! 😨 I've heard dishes and silverware moving, but they have never been stacked like that and ready to be put away?! You sure have a lot going on over there. Someone told me we live in parallel dimensions and that all these things we can't see are "normal." Maybe it is. I don't freak out as much anymore at what happens around me that's unexplainable. You seem relaxed and take it all in stride, that's a good thing. Great story. ❀
Cherubim in Strong Ghost
I love the piano, that's awesome that you play. I wonder about the static, you've heard it before on your speakers and headphones. Now for the first time on your piano too. I wonder if something is attached to your piano? Then the piano lid being so heavy, and feeling like something was stopping you from closing it? Maybe it's an entity that just loves the way you play, since the static seemed to stop when you played a song. ❀ In any case, I'm glad it stopped now. I talk to the spirits around me too! 😊
Hi Aurella

An experience like that would creep out any kid, maybe he was trying to tell you something.
The tinkling bells caught my attention. I too, hear them. Very slight, like they are a distance away. It's usually a sign that you have a visitor.
MrsRamsay--Like you, I'm always talking to spirits I feel are about. About a year ago I was house sitting at a huge house and having stayed there before, had heard and sensed the presence of an elderly man, woman and a little dog. It became my habit to address the couple the let them know I'd be staying for a few days and that I'll respect them and hope they will do the same for me. I always tell them I will stay in my room and not access the storage rooms on either side of it, as that's where I sense they mostly stay. The odd noises I'd been hearing stopped and the single dog bark I'd heard on a couple of occasions (from what sounded like a little Yorkie) stopped too.

Once when I was there a repairman had to access the room I use to get to another room on the roof where the A.C. Unit is located. This seemed to upset the spirits as the door to that room (the only bedroom on the third floor) LOUDLY slammed when the repairman had left. It struck me as the spirits protesting that I had gone back on my word. I went up to the room to find the door closed and proceeded to say out loud that I hadn't gone back on my word and that a repair needed to be done by someone else. Long story short, there were no more sounds or slammed doors.

On a sidenote, your apologizing to Florence's spirit for burping is a lot more than can be said for a large percentage of the human race where burping is followed by silence or a yawn isn't covered by a hand. Would also love to see that photo you took!
Manafon and Julie,
I too have experienced the electric thing in my home of 8 years, especially when I first moved in. My home also was formerly occupied by a senior citizen, a widow who was beloved by all in the neighborhood. I knew this when I moved in, but had never experienced any kind of spiritual or ghostly things related to a house before moving in here. Even before moving in, I would come over to clean. I don't know why, but I felt "Florence's" spirit here from the very first time, and I would even talk to her and say things like, "I hope you'll be ok with my family here, we've always loved your home. I'm going to clean this chandelier now, and hope we can fix things up to be as beautiful as when you lived here." I know it sounds crazy... And I had never really done anything like this before. But I would walk into the master bath where there are six can lights, three over each sink, and inevitably at least one or two would turn off and on in the time it took to brush teeth or whatever. I would just say, "Hello" and go about my business. I know it sounds bizarre, but to this day, if I'm home alone and burp, I'll say "excuse me" out loud:) Would not want her to be upset that a crass individual lives here.

Last winter we gutted the kitchen -- 30 years old -- and made a beautiful new one that I think Florence likes. When I'm recording my kids, I can hear a clicking sound (that's not audible in person). It sounds like that clicking of a gas stove igniter. That's been something I've heard on tape since the beginning. Also, there were some grecian looking columns we had taken out so that we could update the entrance (shiplap, not columns!) and the night we took those out, a decorative majolica plate on my mantle laid itself down just so while my son and I were watching tv. Very gently, it actually looked as if an invisible hand twisted the plate from its stand and gently laid it down. We both saw it happen, and I'm pretty certain it was either Florence or my mom, telling me they liked the new shiplap where the columns had been!

The lights no longer blink as much but I'm sure she's still around. In fact, as I was typing this reply, I had to look for something on my phone. Earlier today, I'd taken a photo of my house from outside (my two dogs were looking out the window, very cute). In the photo, which I just looked at for the first time, above them in one of the panes, there is DEFINITELY a woman's face. And how weird that I was writing about it and bam had this photo. Goose bumps!
That was really a scary encounter and if you still have nightmares you should pratice meditation, yoga this would boost your positive energy. Greetings from Mumbai
Sleeping-with-steve in Rest In Peace My Darling Brother
Hello Pinaynay,

Thank you for your kind words.

Yes, we do miss him, his children miss him very much and feel his loss greatly.

Best wishes,
TheSweetDevil23 in Wth Case Files
Ohmygod!Amazing... Although I am not exactly new to the site as a reader, but I never got the chance to read the posts of older YGS members. Your writing skills are just on another level. It makes me feel as if I am there seated beside you and listening to your stories, or imagining myself as a spectator while you are going through all the motions. I get every emotion...excitement, fear, scared, and amused as I get further ahead into each story of yours.
These days, I am reading your initial posts which you wrote years ago and stumbled on this post. I don't know what to say, except you must be uniquely gifted for being so tuned or sensitive to such presence, because I am yet to meet such person in my life as of now. 😲
I felt that you miss him a lot. May he rest in Gods care now... Pray for his soul. God bless all ❀
Hi JulieK

Perhaps it's a spirit attached to the house for some reason, I think finding out more on the history of the house should shed some light on what it could be.
Aurella in Light Man
I saw a man appear beside my bed when I was about 6 years old. His hair was black and slicked back. He wore a white suit and glowed so bright it lit up my room. I remember being terrified and unable to move. I opened my mouth to scream but nothing came out. I think he may have tried to speak to me but I was so terriefied I have no recollection of what he said. He vanished and it was as if I had been screaming the whole time bc as soon as he was gone my voice was so loud my mom rushed in but it was like he had froze the noise while he was there. He was young and had sharp features.
The first times I heard the bells I was in bed and it came from my husband's side of the bed, my husband heard them downstairs it was a very delicate tinkling sound

Even here in my town people have this belief that if you see someone asking for a lift at odd hours of the night, you don't stop for them because you never know what you letting in.
Hi the_seeker

A Very interesting incident I wonder what it could have been, I guess we'll never know because while animals in general can sense supernatural things, dogs and cats don't have the best rapport, perhaps your dog was reacting to the cat.
I'd like to hear the second half of the story what happened when you go to the graveyard πŸ€”
Hi JulieK--Welcome to YGS. From what you describe I feel very strongly that a spirit--maybe that of the elderly woman who lived in the house--is trying to make her presence known. I have experienced many of the phenomena you describe, a number of them at a very haunted apartment I lived at in the early 90s (if you're interested in more info check out my account 'Incidents at South York Street'.)

The blue light you describe is very similar to a blue light I experienced after the deaths of my mother and father. The light appeared after I was talking about my parents to my wife. Two blue circular flashes of light, somewhat like a flashbulb, appeared in two separate corners of the room by the ceiling. I believe it was their way of making contact to let me know that they were together and sometimes checking in. Often visitations are symbolic--the two flashes representing each parent. It seems plausible that the woman who lived in your house is simply letting you know that she is still about. My wife and I also experienced extreme electrical issues in that above mentioned apartment that caused us to have to unplug our stereo every night or we'd be blasted out of bed by an ear splitting thumping sound from the speakers. Again, I believe this was a prior resident trying, and succeeding, in getting our attention.

If you read the above referenced account I also experienced a weird, undulating mass on a wall in the middle of the night that emitted a blue glow. Once again, I believe it was one of the previous residents. Those previous deceased residents often were often quite creative in trying to get the attention of my and wife and me and although it was intense at times it did settle down and become extremely infrequent the longer we lived there. So it's possible the spirit will be satisfied once you make it clear you know its there. I find that speaking out loud to spirits works surprisingly well, even if it might make you feel a little silly.

The sound of tinkling bells is very interesting--can you describe when you've heard them? Does it sound like it's in the room with you, moving around, or as if it's coming from another room? I ask because, although I haven't heard that particular sound, I have on multiple occasions heard a ticking sound that seems to emanate from the air and float across the room. When I have heard this paranormal ticking it's what I believe to be the spirit of my mother paying me a visit. It seems possible that the bell tinkling is a spirit using a similar technique to get your attention.

I look forward to any further details you can provide. Thanks for sharing your account. I think you'll find YGS a friendly and informative place.
Thanks for Story. I always have a question from my childhood how the gadgets and electricity are controlled by souls?
Sounds like something has attached itself to you, that's what's happening to me as well. Maybe smudging will work. That has worked for me in some instances, but not all the time. I contacted a paranormal group I found from this website, but it didn't help in my case. Some are more experienced than others and that's hard to find. I'm more spiritual than religious, but DO pray. I was told to contact the church one time for help, I did and no one returned my call. I can relate to your story so much, I hope and pray (it's all I know to do) you find someone that can help you. Healing light sent your way. ❀
Seems you are a kinesthetic learner, I am that way too. I "feel" more than I see. So sad to think a person died and no one noticed. 😒 Maybe the person's soul is not at rest and followed you for help. If you go back there try to help send him/her home. Just talk to them like a regular person, tell them they don't have to stay there anymore and go to the light. Thank you for sharing your story.
the_seeker in Chakwa
[at] Rajine

The police we met were helpful and legit. We had no reason to doubt them at that moment. And they did guide us the correct way. Whatever happened, it occurred before or when we totally missed the turn at Sinjar.

Friend experienced nothing out of the ordinary. Maybe they got nailed before they could move on to him.
Wow! Sounds like they are there to stay! I'm surprised to hear the mom is glad he's scared of them? 😲 Wonder it they did follow him? I've been followed too. Great story, thanks for sharing.
Cherubim in The Ghost Man?
Maybe the funeral parlor was haunted with other entities if you didn't recognize the man? Seems as though he wasn't trying to scare you since you talked for hours. He may have been lonely. ❀ Seems spirit likes children since they are so innocent. Thanks for sharing. I'm sorry you lost your grandmother's brother.
Rajine in Chakwa
Hi the_seeker

I'd think that what you experienced was spirits of bad cops, they may have been bad in life and ended up as bad spirits, hanging around to cause nonsense to unsuspecting people, did your friend experience anything as you had? And also did your'll notice what happened to the policeman that gave your'll directions?, perhaps it could have been him that was a spirit I'm assuming.
Manafon1 in The Old Lighthouse
Hi Rex-T--Always great to hear from you. We were definitely close enough to the fog, as it weaved around the tent Billy and I were in. It couldn't have been more than two feet from us as we looked down at it from the tent.

I didn't notice any temperature drop or the formation of any water droplets on my skin but have noticed those things with every other fog I've ever encountered. I refer to what I saw that night as "fog" but it didn't behave or look like any fog I've ever encountered again.

As for Caroline, I agree that the safest place for her to be would've been the lighthouse but most folklore has holes you can drive a truck through so it isn't that surprising that many of the variations on her story has her inside the house as the storm surge hits. There are others, however, that have her inside the lighthouse keeping the light burning for the hurricane's duration.

Thanks for your new thoughts on this old story. The night I describe still sticks with me all these years later.
the_seeker in Chakwa
[at] TheSweetDevil23
Chakwa is a Marathi term. Root meaning, I am guessing must mean something/someone that which fools you. Challawa I guess means something similar. So yeah, good chance of it being the same.

Sorry I have not watched the series that you mention. Not much of a tv person.:-)

Yes I intend to share few more incidents soon, that I have personally experienced.

And asnswer to your last Q...When you believe in something, the mind stops inquiring.
TheSweetDevil23 in Chakwa
Hi the_seeker
After reading your story, I for some reason thought of Chhalawa. I had read stories on them on this site. Someone wrote a post ages ago on it. So my question to you is are those chhalawas and this chakwa that you mentioned the same?
I remember once seeing an episode of Chhalawa on an Indian show Mano Ya Na Mano where a real life incident about it was shown. I don't know if you had watched the show ever or not. The anchor of the show used to be the famous actor Irfan Khan.
So please let know if Chhalawa and Chakwas are same or different, if you got any idea. Also did you ever faced anymore such paranormal incidences or not? Do you believe in it or are you a sceptic?
the_seeker in Chakwa
[at] sne-e-ha

The roads after you move from the main highway were indeed spooky at night, not sure about now. Things must have changed considerably now.

The weirdest story I heard about this particular stretch of road was from a tourist driver who once while driving a family on that road got overtaken by a car, almost throwing them off road and then it just vanished in front of them into thin air on a straight stretch of road. The whole family witnessed this.

Regarding the howling noises, I have worked with people who did extensive research on wolves and their conflicts with humans in those areas. Leopards and common, wolves are a bit rare to be seen but they are in good numbers. So good chance of you experiencing wolves communicating at that time. The howl is supposed to travel far and wide as a signal.
Greetings Manafon,

It seems like yesterday when I first jumped on Google Maps to have a look at "the old lighthouse" back in October 2019. The limited view gave me the impression that I was looking at just the steel superstructure and the "guts" of the building had disappeared over time. My latest look was a bit of a wow moment as it seemed to grow out of the trees as I zoomed in and made a lot more sense when viewed in 3D mode.

A tall impressive white lady looking out over the trees and... Golf course? Well, I'll stick with your image all those years ago.

I'll admit that I was once punked by two army guys with dry ice and green smoke flares, out in the bush where the drop bears lurk, but the effect was nothing like what you described with the mist. As a matter of fact, I've always been able to get up close to fog and see a short distance ahead.

One other thing I have noticed with fog, is that once I get close the temperature seems to drop and my skin seems to produce a thin film of water droplets. Did this happen to you guys or do you think that you weren't close enough.

One last thing that struck me is the irony of Caroline's sad story. Hurricane - Storm Surge - Flying Debris - The safest place to be on a night like that would have been inside the light house.

Take care, stay safe and watch out for Delta.

Hi aguettewithaconscious

The only time I got nearly touched happened twice in my life and those are already mentioned in my stories here on this site. I never liked those touches and I can understand to some extent, if not fully what you must be going through. For me, reading my buddhist chants, later on helped me and gave me peace.
I don't know how and what to suggest you to help, but I guess The_Lost_Voyage_11 is correct. Establishing those lines with the spirit is important and it's weird but I learned it over the years down the lane from a friend of mine who had faced such experiences as well. I read that you mentioned about sleep paralysis. I sometimes felt that maybe because I also had sleep paralysis in past few times, I got more tuned or sensitive to such presence. Be careful though and stay safe from both virus and such entities. Good Luck my friend!
TheSweetDevil23 in I Felt Multiple Entities!
Hi The_Lost_Voyage_11
I am sorry for my late reply as I am rushing down on my thesis deadline. So coming back to our main topic of discussion, thankfully it never followed any of us, however as I mentioned, in one of my story post, that I wasn't able to have my own time which usually I get only at night. Those incidences, especially the ones which happened in Agra was so fresh in my mind in those days that I used to always feel somehow under the constant scrutiny of that entity, even after coming back to my home in Delhi.
There were lot of small weird and spooky incidences which happened that time which I couldn't mention in the post as I Felt it's getting too lengthy. Like I remember I once heard a very soft giggle of a female and thought of it just as my imagination. But again I heard that sound randomly after few days and later on, one of my roomies asked me if I ever heard giggle of a child and woman. I told her I had heard a female laugh but of a child, never.
I remember at one point, one of my roomie's sister was visiting us and she later on told us, she kept hearing sounds of a child and female whisper in one of the rooms. We all didn't wanted to accept at this point that something is wrong about the house because until now no one saw anything... These were some weird incidences which happened at the beginning when we just moved to the house.
Thankfully we got away from the house in the last month. And thank you so much for the reply. It really makes me happy that now I can approach some people and ask more about all these stuff. I initially used to watch lots of horror genre movies. But after those incidences, now I find more comfort listening to others experiences rather than watching such movies as it makes me go back to the past which I don't want to remember. As much as recounting these experiences was difficult for me while writing them, it was important for me as well to get it out there because, as you had put the words so correctly in your last reply to me. That I indeed had found comfort and security in this site which is odd to find on a virtual world. Thank you and stay safe! 😊
sn-e-ha in Chakwa
Oh how well I remember the sharp turn on the way to shirdi (there are many turns to get to the divine place) but during our journey on this particular stretch we heard howling noises not from a specific point though, it was as if noises were echoed, I remember my mom asking my dad to ignore the noises and concenterate on driving while she was continuously praying.
Hiya [at] Rajine!

I don't think they are malevolent at all, I just think at the time we were all terrified because we didn't know what it was or what was happening, it's not exactly normal the stuff that happened. Personally, I don't know why they were hanging around, I've started to believe in this theory that Spirits are never bound to one particular place and they can go pretty much wherever they want and they can interact with you but then Ghosts don't realise you are there and they probably still think they're alive and I think the children were probably Ghosts because I've never interacted with them before it was always them scaring me and my family never actual intelligent communication like I've had with their mother and I try to actively reach out and give spirits that are around me a chance to communicate with me if they want to and I have never spoken to the children before, there's been no scaring us anymore apart from what's happening at my brothers house with his family but we're not sure exactly what that is and probably never will.
Manafon1 in The Old Lighthouse
Hi Jubeele--Thanks for your fresh thoughts on my old account! I never considered that the rain tapping could have been Morse code. Considering that the land had at one time been a military training facility, it makes a lot of sense.

Yeah, that fog was completely bizarre--I've never encountered anything like it again. It really did seem to be somehow sentient. Maybe the presence of Billy and I somehow helped "activate" it. Coo thought Jubeele!

I looked up the Kereon Lighthouse--what a beautiful storm lashed thing it is. It's everything you look for in a lighthouse (sorry Hilton Head Rear Range Light πŸ˜‰) Great thought provoking insight Jubeele, thanks much. Hope you and Rex are keeping it groovy Down Under.
Hi Mike

Really enjoyed reading this account again. Great wordsmithing, as always. You brought us along for the ride on that adventure, and what an intriguing experience. Rex and I have two large prints of the Kereon Lighthouse, engulfed by waves off the Brittany coast. I'd lie in bed, snug as a bug in a rug, and look at the lighthouse, standing fast and holding strong against the waves.

As I was reading your account, I got this image of walking through a forest, coming out into a clearing and seeing a half-rusted skeleton staircase. Just standing there. Don't think I'll be daring enough to climb it, not after hearing all the urban legends about the phenomena. Remember my experience with the shadow on the staircase? I believe that staircases can be portals, in the right place, at the right time...

It might be that your teenage selves could have energised some ghosties on that occasion. I've never heard or seen fog behaving like that before, with such purpose. That was spooky.

Had the whimsical thought that the raindrops were tapping out some mystical messages in morse code, and tried to find out what 'dot', space, 'dash dash dash', space, 'dot' meant. But all I got was: E O E. Then again, I probably got the translation wrong! πŸ˜†

Awesome that you both got to visit the place again and see it from adult eyes. Thanks for sharing.
Jubeele in The Ghost Man?
Hi Jaylen

This brings to mind the natural cycle of life and death. The end of the allotted life journey for your great uncle, balanced against the start of your own. I believe that children, in their innocence, can experience unusual events that many adults dismiss as imagination. Perhaps that is being children, they have not been conditioned to filter them out.

Your great uncle most likely came by to see the family one last time and say his goodbyes. He must have chosen to spend time with you, because you were the only one who could see and talk to him. Then he had to move on. I'm also curious as to what you talked about, if you could remember anything of what he said.

Thanks for sharing this memory with us.
_Anonymous_ in Maasthi In The Forest
The practice of peeing to ward off certain types of evils (temporarily) is prevalent all over the Indian subcontinent, though very few know about it. I myself tried it twice or thrice & it worked everytime. I know it sounds extremely weird & filthy but it has worked for me & others I suggested. I read it in some internet article too.
Hi Saltlick

That certainly sounds terrifying, has this happened to you more than once?

Also it's not a wise idea to mix medications and alcohol, it's very dangerous and can even be fatal.
Hi occulting_

I wonder why these spirits are still around, did anyone try to find out if they have any unfinished business. From this experience it does not seem like they are malevolent.
Manafon1 in The Old Lighthouse
Hi Cherubim--Thanks for your nice words about my experiences at the Hilton Head Rear Range Lighthouse. Don't feel too bad for the lightkeeper Adam Fripp or his daughter, as they are local legend as opposed to fact. I first became aware of their story in a book that was originally published in the late 1960s called South Carolina Ghost Tales by Nell S. Graydon, although they weren't yet named. There have been many subsequent variations on this initial story since, usually adding the names of Adam Fripp and his daughter, but research has proven that there was never a lightkeeper of that name who tended the H.H. Rear Range light.

I looked up the Yaquina Bay Lighthouse and read its history--it's a beautiful place. The story you referenced apparently is much like the legend concerning Adam Fripp and there is a name it can be attached to. The lighthouse, like the Hilton Head light, was abandoned for many years and in 1899 a woman named Lischen Miller wrote a story called The Haunted Lighthouse, which concerned a girl, "named Muriel Trevenard who mysteriously disappeared in the lighthouse after returning to retrieve her handkerchief."

In the cases of both lighthouses, the fact that there are are fictionalized stories of the places doesn't mean they're not haunted, merely that those stories have taken on lives of their own and have added to the legends and folklore of them. I know what I experienced was real but there is no doubt that the legend I had absorbed previously added to my unease when the incidents I described occurred! Abandoned places often have a resident ghost, often because it's romantic and just seems like they should, but sometimes the legends allow the "real" ghosts to catch the eye of the curious. Thanks again for your comment.
Cherubim in The Old Lighthouse
I was drawn to this story because I've always been drawn to lighthouses. I grew up on the edge of the Atlantic ocean in North Carolina. I miss the fireflies...

The type of fog you saw would be very scary! The way the rain fell would also be very maddening. Even as young as you were, you realized it wasn't natural. I wrote down the name of this lighthouse and will look it up. I would love to see it. You could "feel" something wasn't right about the area, I can relate to that feeling.

It's so sad about the lighthouse keeper dying from a heart attack, then his poor daughter too! There's a lighthouse where I lived on the coast here in Oregon called the Yaquina Bay Lighthouse, it was built in 1871. You can sit in the gift shop and watch a short documentary about how the lighthouse keeper left his daughter with someone else there as he had to go out to sea for some reason. He never returned. Then years later his daughter and friends were goofing around the lighthouse at night, she left something inside and went to go get it, she never came back out?! Her friends went inside after her but she was never found. They boarded the lighthouse up, but reopened it later on.

The scream you and Billy heard sent chills up my spine. It's like it was meant for ya'll to hear it since it only happened once?! 😨 I don't think I could ever go back! You are very brave. Thanks for sharing your story, I enjoyed reading it. ❀
I've heard it said our bodies are just "containers" for our souls. It does sound like it was after your soul! When we have "happenings" under the influence of alcohol and or drugs, it makes it hard for people to believe what we've experienced is real. I've experienced something very freaky too under the influence of speed years ago. Maybe I will write about it some day. In any case I'm very glad it didn't get your soul! Please be careful in the future mixing alcohol and pills, I lost a friend that way. Healing prayers sent your way, thanks for sharing. ❀
I'm not saying it is sleep paralysis, but most of the details you describe match a sleep paralysis episode. The smelling you does not match sleep paralysis, but hallucinations do.

Overall, your experience reminds me of an experience I read somewhere, wish I could remember, where the spirit of a deceased addict hung around living addicts, sometimes slipping into their bodies according to the account, to experience the high again.

Was rather sad and disturbing thing to me.
Hello Saltlick,

Glad you are here and able to share your story with us!

There's a few possibilities that could've been going on that night in your hotel room. I'm not trying to discount your terrifying experience with what you believe was the grim reaper, but there is the possibility that the benzodiazepine and the alcohol may have impaired your thoughts, or caused hallucinations. Benzos and booze enhance eachother, and you can drink less but you'll feel more intoxicated thanks to the benzos. Another thought is this, because you were most likely in a relaxed state you may have left yourself open and vulnerable to this dark entity - perhaps this entity was waiting for someone like you to come along? It's commonly known that mixing Benzos and alcohol, especially closely together, can put anyone at risk for respiratory failure and lower heart rate that can basically slow your vitals down very quickly. Much like you previously mentioned, maybe your life was in jeopardy that night, and he was there to take advantage of that?

Whatever the case may be, I'm sorry you've had this experience ~ stay safe;)
"I had taken a prescription benzo that night along with alcohol to fall asleep."

Perhaps what you experienced was a hallucination?

Anyway, whatever it was, I'm glad it didn't do more than smelling you.

Thanks for sharing and welcome to YGS.
[at] Rajine,
Yeah I only used to hear Anklet sounds daily at midnight. And If I keep my mind busy like imagining things, I won't hear any sounds.
Hello again TheSweetDevil23, good to hear from you and I'm glad you enjoyed my feedback and musings. To answer your questions, first about empty places attracting wandering spirits and the second about spirits attaching to people.

I don't believe nor have I ever heard of an empty building suddenly becoming haunted on it's own. Usually an abandoned place is, well abandoned because something happened there. Either an incident like a murder or the previous occupants having some sort of paranormal encounter (due to some incident in the homes history) and thus fled and the place gains a reputation, so no one will stay there. Usually a haunted place or even an empty house or building already has a resident spirit there for some reason or another.

Having said that, I have heard and read of normal 'unhaunted' dwellings and abandoned buildings becoming haunted or spirits suddenly taking up residence there following a Ouija board session. In those cases a session creates an energetic invitation to any wandering spirits and draws them in. Usually the session isn't closed properly and the spirits sent on their way, so they remain. Once that door/portal or energetic space/invitation is left open then yes, other spirits can come in.

That's the only way I know of where any spirits have suddenly taken up residence inside a building if they weren't there already.

In your case there's some indication that the owner left the building due to something already being there, especially since he wouldn't elaborate on the house's history, was eager to sell it to be knocked down and rebuilt and all those strict rules you girls had to follow, more or less to reduce the chances of a supernatural encounter, so it seems there was already something there.

As for your other question, yes, I know of cases where entities can become attached to people for some time. People can be haunted just like buildings can. Usually it's like the ghost of a lost loved one or an entity that becomes attached because there's some sort of energetic compatibility and therefore a sort of companionship for lack of a better word. An example is a sad, depressed or angry person would attract an entity with the same emotions. The entity or spirit recognizes the emotions/energy from the person and kind of sticks around, misery likes company is the phrase. The person could have problems setting boundaries in life and that's how these things become attached. There are many ways to clear such an entity if this is the case.

Are you having such an issue currently, or did you leave these things behind? Hopefully this brings some clarity to your questions? Let me know? Good luck!
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in Experimenting With Ouija Boards
Hello again occulting_. I think the term or phrase opening up a door or portal is just easier to use and understand for a lot of people. I think what actually happens is when a person opens a Ouija session, an energetic space is created within which the board and any spirit or entity 'invited' in can interact. Most people just create an open invitation to speak with whatever is 'out there' just for fun. Other people actually intend to make contact with a specific entity or spirit and have a more involved ceremony. The majority I've read about are the former and don't do a very good job at it, to put it bluntly they usually don't know what they're doing, and usually are just curious and trying to have fun. Think of it like sending an invitation to a party. Some will only send invitations to people they know or want at the party and the invitation includes details like the place, the time, etc. Others send out a blanket invitation, to anyone and everyone and there's no time or date listed on the invitation. It appears to be open, so people you don't know can show up any time on any day. This is what happens in many Ouija sessions. The energetic space is created, and anything that is within range can come into this space. If the session is not properly closed, then that space continues to exist and more and more spirits can take advantage of this 'open invitation' as well as any that are already there can choose to remain. That's what people typically mean by a portal or door being opened. I've seen regular homes 'suddenly' become haunted this way. A little research shows a Ouija session was conducted, usually by a group of fun loving teenagers, stuff happened, the kids get more than they bargained for, they panic and flee, the session isn't closed and suddenly, the homes occupants hear foot steps, see shadows hear whispers, none of which happened before the session. Hopefully that clarifies some things. I look forward to hearing more stories from you, good luck!
Hi Scary_Annabelle

Perhaps it was a random spirit passing by, did any incident happen after this or was it just the once?
Rajine in The Ghost Man?
Hi Jaylen

I believe that spirits of our dear ones are always around us even though we can't see them, they guide and protect us, I know this may be a long shot, but do you remember what the conversation was about? That should give you some clarity on this incident.
Hi chartygirl

I think that something is latched on to you, maybe it followed you from your previous house, but I think you should do a house cleansing ritual if you would consider it, also wearing clear quartz crystals is good for attracting positive energy to yourself.
Hi TheSweetDevil23

I believe that whatever it was is only contained to that certain place for a reason, if only you knew about the history of that house it would shed some light on what was going on there.
TheSweetDevil23 in Encounter With A Spirit
ohmy! That's an unnerving experience of your dad's. In the past few years, I had read a lot on paranormal and what people think of it or not, their experiences and how to detect a spirit's presence. I always read and heard that, for a spirit to materialize out of nowhere, it needs energy and that too tons of it. So for your father to be grabbed and tossed out of his mattress, and not just that, two legs were visible as well. That implies that the spirit must have been one powerful and strong spirit and the fact a life ended before its time, does makes it bit more stronger than others. But that's just my thought. Thankfully your father wasn't hurt.
Hey The_Lost_Voyage_11 Good to see you again here reading my encounters. Firstly thanks for being so grateful to us writers here and giving us your fresh thoughts and pointers. Now going to your questions.
Answer to your first question would be both yes and no. My first incident in Agra started with the terrace one and then this encounter with the hotel suite's presence. So it was kind of one of those beginning incidences.
Secondly I never knew about opportune entities. Infact I am hearong about this from you today for the first time but it does explain what all we experienced. I feel the hotel must have tried to cover up the story infront of its guests for avoiding any rumours and gossips but ofcourse, as housekeeping crew, nothing goes away from their eyes. Infact after such horrifying incident, they must have been the ones to clean the entire spot after the investigations were done. So hearing such stories directly from them was scary. I didn't wanted to hear that there was some history and too bloody ones behind it. To hear something like that straight from housekeeping guys was an eyeopener to such harsh reality as well.
Also to your second question, No. I don't think the landlord uncle or even the owner himself had any connection. All I knew about that house was being empty for a long time... Enough for maybe a lingering spirit to make it as thier home?
That could be another possiblity maybe. This thought just came now while writing my reponse to you.
Now I have some questions for you. Do you think such entities could exist where they could be attracted by such abandoned or empty places? Also is there a possibility that some entities can get attached to a person for a long time? Please let me know. I am really curious about this.
TheSweetDevil23 in I Felt Multiple Entities!
Hi The_Lost_Voyage_11

Thankyou for reviewing my story and yes to my relief, nothing followed me after that. I can't speak for the others because due to my busy life routine, I am now not in touch with the other girls. But yes for a long time, I didn't listen to music at night. I was unable to take a walk in my balcony or terrace at night. I was paranoid for long time that someone invisible was around me. That fear took such a toll in past where an Insomniac like me started having nightmares as well.
But I am now in a better place for past few years. I do still have nightmares but not that frequently. Its a rare occurrence now. But yes I am back to listen to music and watch videos sometimes. Sometimes I just sit in balcony at late evening as it helps me to clear my thoughts. Its relaxing now. Darkness dooes'nt scares me anymore.
Hi Jubeele
thankyou for reviewing my story and for your valuable inputs. The point about carbon monoxide poisoning was there in my mind few years down the lane about the room. But it always made me feel really uneasy that for the first time ever in my life, whatever I felt was corroborated by other people's experiences as well. Cos I was in much better place thinking that spirits are only figment of imagination but to feel them with such intensity and people validating my fears with their experiences scared me the most.
Because whatever thing was there, made lot of people uncomfortable even without knowing about the history of it.
Hi TheSweetDevil23

Our friends from India have spoken about historic Agra and the beautiful Taj Mahal. Though I wouldn't want to visit that hotel room - it certainly had some unnerving activity. When you said you had "felt a bit dizzy, nauseous and out of breath", it made me think of carbon monoxide poisoning. The symptoms can be subtle, and lack of oxygen can cause blurred vision and confusion. Wonder if the hotel's AC system had been faulty, resulting in low-level CO emissions?

But the experiences of your colleagues, the intern and other guests, suggest there could also be something else going on. The death of that unfortunate woman could have left an emotional imprint on the room, and her lingering anger might have caused people to feel uncomfortable. I hope that she is finally at peace. Glad your senior colleagues made sure you were kept safe after that.

My younger sister, who used to be in hotel catering, has spoken of certain floors in hotels where the Housekeeping staff would only work in pairs. One such place was a former hotel in Singapore, which had been built over our grandma's old Cairnhill house. There were many odd happenings there.

I think that being tired, severely ill, the effect of certain medications or substances, can lower our natural inhibitions and protections. Sometimes, they might make a person more vulnerable to unfriendly influences. Take care and stay safe.
Hi Fnaffan_jaylen,

This account was hard to put into words. We keep in regular touch with Dean - we're all still grieving. The sadness comes sometimes, sharp and unexpected, but we're helping each other and that makes a difference. Miriam was a gift of joy to everyone who knew her. She was a very strong-willed individual. Smelled perfume upstairs yesterday and thought of her. I've no doubt she was letting us know she was around. Thanks for reading and your kind words.

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