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Bibliothecarius in The Friendly Old Lady
Greetings, Morrighan, and welcome to YGS.

Though born in Leicester, I've got a more southern accent (Received Pronunciation, with a touch of Surrey & Oxford). However, I've got a fondness for the Lanky accent which sounds as smooth as butter in the older generations. (I do hope that "Lanky" has not become a negative term since I left; it was usually used affectionately in the Midlands.)

This is the type of ghost encounter that I find most reassuring; nothing out of the ordinary, just someone familiar passing the time of day in polite conversation. She was probably just as happy to see you as you were to chat with her. I suspect that events like this can only happen when the living participant is oblivious to the other person's death; not because it would be creepy, but because anyone who knew she had passed on would remark on the *similarity* of the person to the deceased, but dismiss it as a coincidence.

Thanks for sharing with us.

Ghostpost - welcome to YGS.
Actually, there are many accounts in which people unknowingly interact with the spirit of a departed acquaintance/family member only to latter learn that the said person has passed away some time before.

I wouldn't discard the possibility of the OP mistaken Agnes for someone else, except for the fact that she seems to have known her well enough in life.
I don't believe this story. I think she made it up. Either that, or a severe case of mistaken identity.
notjustme in An Evil Fay?
Athena. Meditation is just simply focusing on your breathing. Many people think they are supposed to be thinking of something when actually, it is the opposite. Clear your mind and just focus on inhaling and exhaling, if your mind starts to wander off, bring it back to your breathing.

I find it easier to lay down and do a guided meditation on YouTube if you are just beginning. You will eventually feel like your sleeping but your conscious mind will be somewhere else. When you are finished, you should feel quite relaxed and energized. Good luck.
Donald_Trumpet in The Red Lily
Pennywise the clown did it again! 😁

A pretty girl is always distracting. 😁 😁
AugustaM in Spirited Workplace
Maybe the entities don't bother the residents - if they are the spirits of former residents themselves I can't imagine that they would want to. I have also found that the elderly often display a far more nonchalant attitude towards the paranormal (there are always exceptions). So it could be a case of banal acceptance on both sides. Perhaps, the only ones bothered by them are those young enough to have not yet come to grips with their own mortality. For some residents, the presence of certain spirits may provide a degree of comfort both as companionship and very clear indications that death is only another beginning.
I don't quite know why the concept of a satyr or fawn is being automatically conflated with a demon here - they really aren't necessarily the same thing. Its the difference between radical neutral/earth spirit and pure unadulterated evil. And whereas the experiences the OP has had with these entities have not been stricktly positive - they don't seem like your typical brush with pure evil. Add to that the dog's lack of reaction to almost reverence of these entities (until one started pitching a tantrum and, in my experience, dogs don't particularly like it when even the most otherwise benign humans start that up) and the case for earth spirits is even further bolstered in my mind.

Why do they continue to seek contact with the OP? Well, fairies have never been known to take kindly to intrusions. They may have felt intruded upon at the OP's father's home. Or maybe they are trying to warn you of something. You mentioned a family history of heart failure - one way or another, every encounter you have had with these entities has effected your heart and circulation - maybe they sensed your heart slowing down too much in your sleep. Maybe schedule an appointment just to be safe.

After all that, in mentioning doctors, I do have to put it out there that I have a friend who has serious migraine troubles and a couple other things. The migraine medication she takes if it is not timed correctly or interacts with something else or isn't properly dosed can cause her to have very realistic and visual and auditory hallucinations.
Athena_Star in An Evil Fay?
Hello AugustaM,

Thanks for taking the time to read my story. When you commented on my story, I searched your story too as what you mentioned, and yeah, seems the same. Do you think it was my father? (Since his 40 days was not yet over, as Catholic beliefs), or could it be someone?

Also, I want to be 100% honest and transparent. How should I start meditating? I know what meditating means but I don't know how to start.

Thanks and have a great day! ❤ ❤ ❤
AugustaM in Christmas At Dad's
I really like Twiglight's fairy suggestion. I think it makes a good deal of logical sense. The Jiin from Middle Eastern philosophy are often regarded by the west as types of fairies as their aspects are quite similar. In their native tradition, the Jiin are believed to be able to inhabit unoccupied or abandoned buildings. Perhaps Western fairies are capable of the same or what you encountered was a jiin. Fairies are regarded as being radical neutrals so they don't play by our rules - our boundaries don't necessarily hold any sway with them. And their curiosity is legendary.

Christmas itself was given the date on which we celebrate it by the pagan calendar so the thought of pagan entities running amok in a deserted house they'd claimed for their own on their feast days sorta makes sense... We also should not forget that ancient Christianity made demons of the pagan earth spirits etc - but that didn't change their nature, just their human classification. Not to say that there aren't some "big bads" out there... I just don't get the feeling these are them.
If this story is true, I agree with lady-glow. Such a terrible crime begs for a police investigation. This little soul needs to move on!

I was also thinking about exposing kids to these kinds of rituals or ceremonies such as Ouija, pendulums and even Communion for that matter. Won't bore you with my thoughts. Have commented on previous stories. Suffice it to say, I'm against it.
valkricry in Fairy Lights
Biblio! I was hoping you would see this. 😊 There is something magical in the triggers of memories isn't there? How suddenly, *CLICK*, things make a bit more sense, or we see them differently than before.
Like yourself, I wondered how/why I had never seen an orb, especially since it seems fairly common.Then, somewhere along the way, I started thinking perhaps paranormal 'gifts',were abit like other senses, how if you loose one the others become stronger. I've seen more than my fair share of apparitions, which many orb sighters apparently did not, so perhaps a trade off of sorts? However, your description caused me to rethink my fairy lights. 😲
On the other hand, who's to say, that orbs are not the tiny magical lanterns borne by fairies? We'll never know for certain - well perhaps we will in the here after - but we do know what we saw were orbs.
Jubeele in Fairy Lights
Val, always good to read about your experiences. 😘 That's simply amazing. I've never seen any orbs that you and many others have described. People who have seen these lights or orbs, have told me that they think these could be souls or spirits manifesting as tiny balls of light energy.

Like Biblio, I have this urge to do something rather violent when I read how your father treated you. But you've captured the wonder of childhood, which has a special magic all of its own. And Mom made everything all better.

Since you were not near a coal mine, landfill or swamp, I think marsh gas or ignited methane can be ruled out. You clearly did not feel they looked like fireflies, otherwise known as lightning bugs. Then there remains "the possibility of fairy lights".

Oh, how cool! 😊

notjustme in Bringing Him Home
Thank you Athena! I appreciate your well wishing! I will for sure to take care. You as well my friend ❤
oraclemache in Spirited Workplace
My family had personal care homes. So I can relate to all you saw. Although I am not as brave as you. The nasty ones and dark figures would have frightened me. Have these experiences not ever frightened you?
msforgetmenott in The Big One
Hi Wish-Not and Biblio,

Wish-not, perhaps you should join Biblio and I, as we are eating rubarb and fried clams. While sitting on pins and needles. Having fun though.

Fate verses coincidentals, does sound like an interesting event!

Hi Bibliothecarius thank you for helping me understand the misconception.

I use "Mom" because I like how it sounds and have always pronounced it that way.

I and my brother told her this story eventually and that sometimes when I'm alone in that room I feel there's eyes watching me, My mom confessed she felt that way too and told me what she sensed that one night, apart from that we never had any problems for 20 years.

You're right, the master bedroom and house has a lot of clutter and instruments, I feel whenever it is cleaned once in a while it feels lighter. I'll try the non-religious ritual and see what happens. My family are not religious but I and my grandma are the spiritual ones in the family.
Idn man, you should try & see if Zac Bagans or some other paranormal investigators want to research the house before it gets demolished.
I keep thinking about all the vintage and antique items probably still in that house that a dealer would be more than happy to buy. Don't let it all just go to waste and be thrown out.
You might not need to worry - this could just be a severe case of sleep paralysis. As for the marks, you may have done that to yourself in your sleep. As for the paranoia, I had a case of SP once (thank goodness just once and I was paranoid for a while (even though I was 100% aware of the truth). I might be wrong though so just to be safe do get some proffesional help (could be a psychic or medium). I hope it all turns out okay and it does sound like a scary experience
Athena_Star in Bringing Him Home
Wow! CONGRATULATIONS Notjustme! An angel is on the way. ❤ ❤ ❤

I have nothing to say. I am just happy for you. Take care always especially that your angel is about to see the world!
Filmbuff1234 in Who Tickled Me?
One possibility was it was the ghost of a loved one letting you know they are watching over you. Or it could be a mischievous spirit who likes messing about.
Filmbuff1234 in Kid In The Hall
It may have been a wandering soul, or a spirit attached to someone, something or the grounds. Did you feel threatened by this spirit, or at peace? If you felt threatened, seek out a psychic or a medium to visit your office.
Filmbuff1234 in Fairy Lights
Interesting story. I'm not 100% sure about the existence of fairies (I've never experienced them) but I believe your story and it may have been fairies or something else.
Filmbuff1234 in The Friendly Old Lady
That is an interesting encounter - I wish all my experiences were that peaceful. Did Agnes seem like it was the last time she was going to see you or was she saying goodbye. A lot of spirits wish to see someone for one last time before they pass on. RIP Agnes!
Filmbuff1234 in The Easter Bunny
That would've freaked me out! It might seem silly but the Easter Bunny has freaked me out since I was little because I was looking at pictures of the Easter Bunny and I found this really disturbing one. Also, I'm new to this sight and I have so many stories. I see a lot of people have only published a couple and I don't want to publish too much or it might seem like I'm making stuff up (I'm not). I'm not sure what the reasonable amount of posts is.
Wish-Not in The Big One
It goes back to the question of fate? What are the odds? Would have not bet a penny on this.
This sounds like a very intense experience. It could be a dream or hallucination but if it is paranormal then it sounds like a demon for sure. Have you checked to see if any other people who was in that hotel room experienced anything similar. I haven't read your previous story but was the creature similar?
RCRuskin in Kid In The Hall
Hi, Sherm784.

May I ask what was in the place currently occupied by this office park before it became an office park?

The title of this story scared me! Very disturbing events here.

And just some thoughts, Lady Glow: Death, and what follows after, are very much a part of life. We should not, in my opinion, hide these things, though they should be presented in an age appropriate manner. In the church I attend there is an icon of the beheading of Saint Paul. Having spent some time in the county morgue once, I can vouch that it is an accurate presentation of what happens when someone is beheaded. This icon, btw, is tucked into a corner.
Wish-Not in The Big One
And,' I'm a J R Tolkien fan and every time I see your screen name I see BILBO. No offence intended. Actually a compliment.
Thecatlady8000 in The Easter Bunny
It must have been a entitie 😳 so scary if I spelled it right lol is it the first time you saw or did you see it a couple of times?
What an amazing, magical expererience that must have been Val! I wish I could see something like that. You're so lucky.
Thank you for sharing it with us! 😊
Wish-Not in The Big One
And those two stories are about that house. Handful And The Big One.
Validation is the word. Thinking about just writing a story about the word and the house/experience.
Wish-Not in The Big One
Biblio- It has has everything to do with that house TEN years later. When I left that house I didn't even want anything to do with it anymore. It scared me that much.

Low and behold, it's back. However
Hello Morrighan - this is a interesting encounter.

I'm sure "Agnes" was happy to see you. I think it is fascinating when people interact with someone that has already passed away without realizing that they are having a paranormal encounter. It's almost like a peaceful experience.

I only hope she gets rid of that gout!

Thanks for sharing.
Did Steph the psychic medium have no problem performing this "spirit of the glass" session in the presence of you children?!?!?!😨

I find this rather unusual and have trouble understanding that she would risk to expose a 7 and a 2 y/o kids to a spirit's possible anger... But then, I'm not a psychic medium.

Could you elaborate on the superstition of moving out of a house when a relative dies?
I imagine it would have been very inconvenient for your mother to go through all this after delivering a baby.

If your father has a strong third eye, how come he hadn't seen/made contact with the spirit of the boy?

Have you tried to investigate if such a horrific crime really took place at that location?
Bibliothecarius in The Big One
Greetings, Wish-Not.

You've got me in suspense, now! I re-read "Just A Handful Of Smaller Things" and "The Big One," but it's like a Netflix binge: I *need* part 3! Obviously, I'll have to wait until some of the others chime in, so I'll take a seat next to Jan and try not to fidget too much.

Bibliothecarius in Fairy Lights
Greetings, Val!

I usually read the latest published narratives in order (OCD) but I saw this title and thought "Yes! Val's lights!" Your description of them conjures up clear images of their movement and grouping.

I admit that your father's general attitude toward you was so hostile that I felt like giving him a good slap on the back of the head. On the plus side, your mother and at least one of the fairies were interested in how you were doing.

It's astonishing, isn't it, that years after the fact, just the right description, sound, or scent will jog loose a memory that we hadn't previously associated with other data, and it just pops into place like a missing jigsaw piece? About a year ago, I was lamenting that I would love to see an orb; now, I know I had seen *one* orb without knowing what it was. I think that this ability to review old events with new perspectives is what keeps our minds young, flexible, and -above all- curious.

Greetings, Gh0st_Knight, and welcome to YGS.

This was a most interesting phenomenon to read. I know you said your family doesn't believe the house to be haunted, but the fact that there's a lingering phenomenon experienced by your mother seems a little odd to me (more on this point later).

I hope you don't mind my focusing upon one of your observations that is based upon a common misconception: "The weird thing is my family home was relatively new. Only three generations of our family lived in it since it was built and we never thought of it to be haunted and we still don't." Haunting phenomena are not necessarily limited to the location in which a person has died. Ghosts may manifest in a location that was important to the deceased, or in the location of a relative or descendant --even if the deceased had not visited that location in his or her lifetime. Additionally, there are some entities that seem to have become aware of their status and decide to take the opportunity to wander around and see the world.

The point of concern for me would be that the entity knew your brother's name and used it repeatedly. It is in situations like that, especially if you don't recognize the voice, that I'd begin to suspect a malevolent entity. I realize that there's not much you can do about that voice now, but as your mother is experiencing a phenomenon that may or may not be linked to the voice you heard, then her home may indeed contain a negative entity.

Under what circumstances did your mother share this information with you? Also, I noticed you use the American "mom" instead of "mum" in your narrative; may I ask why? (Just curious.)

I'd recommend that you offer to help your parents in a general "spring cleaning" effort to remove accumulated knick-knacks and clutter from the house. (Three generations can lead to a lot of unnecessary items that don't really have the same significance as heirloom furniture, art work, or useful tools, for example.) Reorganizing and tidying up a room can lead to a fresh, positive perspective.

If your parents are religious, I'd recommend that they follow this clean-out by having a minister do a blessing on their home. If they aren't religious, there's a cleansing ritual that one of our greatly-esteemed members, Rook, has posted on his homepage. Go to and start reading at the line "Rook's Cleansing and Shielding Method (as used by myself and many other members of this site)..." It is compatible with religious and non-religious belief systems, and opening the windows wouldn't raise any eyebrows if combined with the spring-cleaning suggestion.

I suspect that there is *something* amiss with this situation, but everyone involved has been shrugging it off as insignificant: a bit like a slowly-dripping tap. When there is a haunting, people tend to expect Hollywood pyrotechnics, levitating pets, etc., but don't often consider the cumulative effect of a patient entity that mildly unnerves people over a span of years.

You may want to start believing in priests. I'm not trying to attack your beliefs, it's just that if we're all seeing Ghosts and Demons, is it REALLY such a stretch to believe in a creator?
A priest may (or may not) be able to provide some kind of help or counseling. You need to start looking at your options, because bad news seldom gets better with time.
Wish-Not in The Big One
missforgetmenott- Well hoping some of the old crew would join in. Value theirs as much as I do yours. May have to tag a few of them with this post.


Oh yeah, not here. Well I had something really COOL that happened last week with this story.

10 YEARS LATER! And it has to with "the odds of things"
An update on this one- found out on facebook that the girl I had gone on a date with that night had been married to a man before, which is something that always makes things uneasy for me. Not sure what the husband's name was, but something tells me it's Chris. We never spoke again, physically or digitally.
JungleCat ~

Sorry for the delay, been somewhat out of sorts here about. Sadie Mae, our pooch, and I had an odd encounter earlier this year. I totally outlined it in a tale I called "A Man I Can Not Explain" which you can get to from this my profile page.

In short Sadie and I ran into something or someone on our morning pooh stroll. There were a couple of odd things about whomever, or whatever, we ran into, but they really didn't become apparent until after we passed him, or it, and exchanged greetings. Sadie essentially treated the stranger as she does most people she meets with me. Oddly when she's with the Cuddlewife she's much more protective and will get a tad aggressive with strangers.

It is also possible that Sadie may have come in contact with the spirit of a cat, Spaulding, we had. Sadie knew Spauldo and doesn't seem to take much notice when he returns if he returns. The Cuddlewife is sure he does, I'm a tad sceptical on this. This is partially addressed in my tale The Famous Cat Named Spaulding.
AugustaM in An Evil Fay?
I have had a spirit get in bed with me too and the experience was very similar to your own - I wrote of it in one of my stories, I am fairly sure. I don't get the feeling he was an incubus but very human and he made it very clear that he didn't mean to frighten me. It seems as though he just needed a little company to give him the courage to cross over. He has not returned since.

Maybe try meditating in your room to see if anything comes across.
AugustaM in The Easter Bunny
You saw Harvey! Jimmy Stewart would be so pleased!

Joking aside, the episode you described could have been taken from my WORST childhood nightmares! I WAS afraid of the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus - the respective carrots and cookies were bribes in my book to keep them away from me! I still remember being taken from the mall on my mother's hip a mess of hysterical tears after failed attempts to get me to pose for a picture with one or the other. On one occasion, the oaf in the bunny costume was under the misapprehension that FOLLOWING us to the door of the mall would somehow HELP matters - I just about wet myself - I still remember trying to hiccup the words "run, mom" through my tears!

Maybe the reason for my fears was some repressed memory of an experience similar to your own - I certainly never had one lick of trouble envisoning it! And those set ups in the malls give me the heebeejeebies to this day!
AugustaM in Pizza Hut Ghost
I agree with Twighlight - I think the hauntings are tied to something that predated the building. Spirits have also even been known to migrate a bit - say from a house where something terrible occurred to the house next door, from a cemetery to the building across the street, or spirits from a fatal car accident haunting the areas immediately adjacent etc - so it may also be something like that. Maybe do a little local sleuthing and see what you can dig up!
AugustaM in He Doesn't Like Me
If you are able to get access to the building at will, maybe contact the paranormal group in your area with the best credentials and see what they recommend. Some have demonologist contacts that may be able to get the better of that nasty and set the rest of them free.

Either way, I would definitely practice my shielding techniques every minute I was away from that place to insure I was at my best when there. I would also, as ladyglow suggested, keep some sort of talisman or sacred item on your person - even a pocket full of salt - something that you can put faith in.
Maybe they were spirits of the land. Many legends feature a large stag as an earth spirit/guardian of the forest and some also connect them with the spirits of Native Americans. It might be interesting to look even further back in history and see what you can turn up.
8-bitDemigod in Harassed By Spirit?
It sounds like an entity known as a succubus or incubus. They feed on life energy generated through sexual stimulation. Most of the other experiences I've read on here about them typically state the same thing of an electric/tingling feeling when/where ever the being touches them.

There's a poster on here that goes by Rookdygin that has a method for home cleansing and self cleansing to try and clear out any negative energy/entities. I can't find a link to their profil but I found where someone has posted the steps:
Recipe for a Home Cleansing/Shielding... (allow for two or 3 days to complete)

Day one: Open all curtains window and doors with screens installed, let fresh air and sunshine into the home. Have all closets, cabinets and other 'dark spaces' open so that as much natural light as possible can enter those spaces. After 2-3 hours take a broom and 'sweep' out each room (this is symbolic and you do not have to really sweep) focus your thoughts on sweeping (pushing) out all negative energies / entities /thoughts. Close home up after completing each room of your home... Please do not forget your garage if you have one. (Optional) Light incense (sandalwood or Dragons-blood works well for me) and let aroma fill the home, and/or play a tape that contains your favorite Church/Positive, Upbeat (songs that give you good thoughts) songs before you begin sweeping.
Day two (or three): Once again open all curtains, windows and doors. Take a White candle (Optional) to the center most point of the home, sit on the floor and place candle in front of you. Light the candle (visualize a white ball of light) and then focus on the flame... Visualize the flame (white light) filled with positive thoughts, energy. (Say a prayer at this time if you so desire... Ask for cleansing positive energy to fill the candles flame/white light). Hold this 'image' in your mind and then visualize the flame (light) slowly expanding outward, visualize it filling the room your in, every corner and 'dark space'. Continue to visualize it's outer edges pushing away (burning away) any and all negative energies/entities out and away from each room in your home. Once you have visualized this flame (light) filling your entire home, picture it expanding to your property lines. Hold this image in your mind for a few moments then visualize 'anchoring' this flame (light) where you are sitting which is the center most point of your home. Once you have done this. Take a deep breath, relax a few moments and then blow out the candle. (If you didn't use a candle just let yourself relax a moment or two.)
Now you can create a shield for yourself using the 'home shield' technique but instead of focusing on your home visualize the 'flame' simply surrounding you instead of your home... Best time to do this is after a nice shower using a rosemary scented soap (rosemary is good for purification and protection.)
[at] RSAChick:

The descendants of her sister, as well as one of her brothers live in various towns in the same county as me. I have reached out to one of them and have not heard back yet, but he is elderly and may not check his messages often. Otherwise, we are in contact with one of the relatives in the sense that she sends Christmas cards and whatnot. In both of their families are people who can pass as white and people who still show African features... So clearly the truth of our family history is known and accepted as sad as it was for me to learn about it. There is one cousin who is in my generation who looks identical to the photo I found of my great grandmother's sister, who I believe is the spirit haunting the house... It's really fascinating considering she looks almost unrelated to both of her parents and no one else has her features.

As for why I did not think she was an intruder, it was because the image I saw in the window was clearly not dressed in modern clothes and just had a look I was familiar with from family photos. I could just sense she was an ancestor.

I am very sad to see the home go, and I hope any ancestors who are trapped there for whatever reason are finally able to make their way to the other side and make peace with the injustices they faced. It truly was a sad time to live for anyone who faced discrimination of any kind.
Hi virulentpeach, your story frightened me and had me on edge while reading.

Your great-grandmother's sister's history is very sad. It would be interesting to find out about her descendents. Does your family have any contact with them?

It puzzles me that your first thought was not an intruder when you saw the figure in the attic window? And then you also had the luck of having to search the attic, alone, where you had just seen someone who was not supposed to be there. You are braver than I could ever be!

It's terrible, but sometimes inevitable, that old buildings have to perish for whatever reason. The fire at the Notre-Dame cathedral is fresh in my mind and another example of this.

May whatever items that you salvaged from the home bring you only light and joy.
Hi Poppinjay30, I enjoyed reading your story.

I came across an interesting website on Watford which even has a section on the Ghosts of Watford! I was disappointed not to find anything about Patches or Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's investigation in there.
The Henley Arms is mentioned, but in connection with an inquest held there after a mother and child drowned in the nearby Grand Union Canal in 1899.
The website makes for some interesting reading:

Nevertheless, thanks for sharing your story. It's one of those that you'll be telling for many years to come at family get-togethers, I'm sure!
Wish-Not in The Big One
msforgetmenott- Gosh, thanks Jan. No, not confused. And all is well.

It does give one thought in my particular situation which does involve this story AFTER ten years.

I'm going to wait and allow others to chime in before I share certain goodies that have my mind spinning.

As always, thanks for commenting. Looking forward to sharing some pretty CRAZY SH*T.
msforgetmenott in The Big One
Hello Wish-Not,

Very nice to hear from you and hope all is well with you.

It is interesting you are bringing up the words Fate and Coincidence. I am in a position to have been dwelling on those words, myself.

From the internet--Fate or Destiny-may have relations to a past life.

Coincidence, on the other hand, has no direct or indirect relationship with a series of events and can not be explained in simple terms.

😉 Have I confused you further? We have missed you!
msforgetmenott in Haunting Of Lakeside
Hello Plyuprmr,

This is why we have a pool.

Where we live there are 3 nearby lakes. The towns set up rules and dates for swimming, fishing and skating. There is a shore that the towns have a trained lifegard and tests are done to make sure the water is safe. Each beach is cleaned by the towns, and clean sand is replaced in the spring, out in the water as far as the tallest can stand, neck high. Beyond that, there is weeds.

It was a very hot day on a weekend, several years ago, when I was convinced to go. When standing above waist high, one could not see as this sand was all mucked up by the crowds of people. I felt a touch at my foot, I was jumpy, and stepped a bit away. Then another touch at my leg and then again. That was enough for me, Heading for my towel, on shore.

Later we learned of a five year old drowning, as the Mother had fallen asleep on her blanket. I had to wonder about what I had felt.

Wish-Not in The Big One
Good morning YGS folks. I realize it's been awhile since I've commented on anything, however I've been around. Just observing from a distance.

I'm commenting on this particular STORY because I'm curious IF anyone only believes in coincidences? Or is everything fate?
When my mother was a kid, she went swimming in a local reservoir/man-made lake with her three siblings and a friend. Towards the end of the day, as they all walked back across the fairly shallow lake, they suddenly looked back and noticed their friend was no longer with them. They looked everywhere in and around the lake and couldn't find him. They rushed home to tell their parents, they searched, the police searched - nothing. In the morning, they dredged the lake... If you have ever seen the big hooks they dredge with, you'll understand why my mother even after all the decades has never forgotten the sight of her little friend's body as he was pulled from the water by the dredgers. He had been sucked under by a sinkhole common in such lakes. Maybe that's what got you.

I also once had a dream that just such a hand dragged me under water and it wound up being an omen forewarning a near drowning incident that would happen the following day.

Sinkhole, seaweed (although, that slimy stuff, in my experience feels nothing like skin) or other debris... Or a combination of all of the above or a spirit? Well, we don't know much about the drowning story - what type of woman was she in life? What were the circumstances of the drowning? Maybe she *would* be the vengeful type. Or maybe she isn't motivated by vengeance but distorted loneliness. Maybe she isn't a drowned spirit at all but some sort of radical neutral water spirit.

Jury is out but I think it's possible that this could have been paranormal.
Well I'm going to go against the majority and say that the reason it was Greensleeves was because it is a song that means something to you. One that you can recognize. It's playing for some sort of message to you not because of a lullaby maybe?

I've also never heard of clothes buried in walls. That's strange. I'd like to know more about this. Maybe it's worth knocking a few holes in the walls to peek?
majarlika012 in The Red Lily
I thought the story was about the pale hands holding the child but it seems that you are pertaining more on the lady who helped you.

Do you happen to know any story that might link to the pale hands? Maybe someone who got drowned before then haunts the place now?

Or, I am also thinking what if the pale hands were actually from a live person? Hands were pale due to long time in the water?

Good job in relaying this story. Your English isn't bad:)
I have lost a lot of people in my family during their stay at a particular house. It was due to what we call, a MUL PURUSH. If he is ashant, he takes lives of the men of the house which is why VASTU SHANTI is performed as it is essential to appease him.
In this case since the owner of the house was a man he was under threat majorly but the rage of VASTU PURUSH ended up killing others as well. Now that there is a girl who owns the house, there is no rival vastu purush at home. It may restart if a man takes ownership of that property.
The only other explanation could be some sort of black magic.
itsdan4u in Long Trip
I have similar concerns as the rest of them. I don't think anyone anyone, who has actually gone through such nightmare (no matter how questionable) would not describe things in such a casual, passing manner.
Also, do not do substance abuse and drive. Otherwise too.
Hey buddy.
My family also believes in and follows Shri Swami Samarth. My advice would be to take her to a place like Mehndipur Balaji and consult the priests over there who specialize in handling such cases.
Letting her live alone is extremely risky. Do not take a chance, sort it out once and for all.
God bless you.

I discussed it with a European history professor and he was quite firm on the purely legendary status of Henry's authorship. However, the story intrigued him and he said he would look into locations of known baby farms, Magdalene establishments and homes for unwed mothers. He said a slightly more specific location would be helpful but I understand if the writer does not wish to provide it. Shame on me, after the long discussion we had about everything else, I forgot to ask about the clothes!
Junglecat in The Easter Bunny
Hi Elaina Maria,
Because so many children believe whole heartedly in the Easter Bunny and Santa Clause, I've wondered if that could manefest these myths into tulpas. If so, you might have seen one that night. That's my guess, anyway.
Anno_Domini in Night Security
In my part of the world, we have this acronym NVNT which means "No Video No Talk". Similar to Val's request a video would be much appreciated.
Great research AugustaM. I agree that the baby's clothes in the wall must be a very local or familial thing.

The_Morrighan, welcome, your history on Henry VIII seems accurate. Could you please give us references to the strong primary sources regarding Henry's authorship of Greensleeves?
I have read the same as AugustaM - there is no documentable evidence of him writing it. The style is Italian. But my research is based on Wikipedia 🙈
The_Morrighan in The Loud Growl
I totally understand that this would have been immensely disturbing but like comments on other posts I agree that there could have been many rational explanations. I'm a country girl and know what foxes sound like but was once walking my friends dog in an inner city park and heard a vixen screaming. Because it was out of my usual context at the time I was convinced a female was being attacked and spent an hour searching for her to no avail until rationalism kicked in.
The_Morrighan in Greensleeves In The Walls
Sorry to be pedantic but there are strong primary sources indicating that Henry VIII wrote Greensleeves during the courtship of Ann Boleyn.

Also Southern European influences were present in England long before this. The most relevant one I can give however, is very close to Henry VIII; his first wife Catherine of Aragon who was daughter of Ferdinand of Aragon and Isabelle of Castile therefore there were already very strong familial links with Spain.
msforgetmenott in The Red Lily

I was able to up vote Lady-glow for you. I have to say, you needed an up vote also.

RCRuskin in The Red Lily
Dunno why, Lady Glow, but it won't let me upvote you. Guess you have to stop making sense?
Cuddlebear in The Loud Growl
Adove ~ Greetings and welcome to YGS. Great site with great people.

I'm with LadyGlow on this. Any one of a number of things could cause a growling sound, even a cat... If this was a one off event I'd not let it worry me, on the other hand, if it has happened more than once that would be worrisome.

My immediate take away from this is that Mr. White is a bit of a schmuck. My experience with babysitters leads me to believe that he should have walked you home, not just watched from his door. Point of fact had anything happened to you there is little he could do to help from any distance.

I can fully understand the event still giving you the willies after all of this time.
8-bitDemigod in Intuition

I agree that it seems a bit shady to not participate in a conversation about your own story. That and the fact the auther didn't even mention why they had an intuition to go to the cemetary. Just comes off as a bit "hmmmm"
lady-glow in The Red Lily
I find it very disturbing that a 7-8 y/o kid was wandering all by himself around such a dangerous place and such early in the morning without his parents wondering where he was.

So, you held to the boy's hand for 3-4 hours, and after jogging for few hours, right?
Keep the good work, I bet you are buff enough to make Salman Khan feel jealous. 😉 (Just kidding)

I'm glad to hear that no one got hurt... Other than your heart.

Are you aware of any history and legends/paranormal activity registered in that area, particularly in the culvert?
Junglecat in Spirited Workplace
Thank you for sharing your story. It's pretty scary.

It sounds like you witnessed far more than ghosts or benign entities. With all of the activity you describe, were there any regular personnel at this facility that *did not* have a paranormal experience? Did anyone with the required stripes (this may not have been you) seek to address the haunting while you were there, perhaps with the clergy that invariably come through?

My question stems from the premise that a retirement home's first mandate is to protect the health, safety and welfare of it's clients. It would be challenged to do that while the residents were being psychologically terrorized by paranormal entities. You are very strong. Just imagine how frightening such an experience must be for someone who can't speak and who may have limited mobility.
To answer several questions, yes, it was under a different account cause I keep forgetting my password. Here is a link to a previous story about a paranormal encounter while working. Https://
Junglecat: It was a little of both I suppose. Kind of like my body responded to the presence by tensing up, sorta the fight or flight response, and it's "will", I suppose I'll call it, kept me from turning around.
8 bit,

I think I see it differently now. Are you saying you froze rather than felt restrained from moving? I misunderstood that. In that case, strike my previous remarks. I really don't know what you experienced but appreciate the very creepy feeling that tells you you're not alone when you should be.
valkricry in Night Security
Since all you saw was a dark mass (often referred to as a shadow person) obviously we can't use details like clothing to help date the poor fellow. The 'small head on a large torso' hints that he may have been a sufferer of microcephaly.
If you could get a copy of that footage for us to see, it might prove useful. Who am I kidding? It would just be awesome to see!
8-bitDemigod in The Opened Door
Those Pyssla beads sounds like something I use all the time called Perler beads. You make your pattern then melt them together with an iron and wax paper.

About your story: I don't want to sound paranoid, but I think what occured was because of what you were thinking about making with the beads, the "satanic sword of revenge". Even if it sounded cool it's not good to joke around about making something like that.

I speak from experience.

I tried to make a ouija board twice out of my Perler beads because I thought it would be something cool to have. Both times I would get so far and something would happen that would cause it to be destroyed. The first time I was reaching for something and my hand bumped the board I had everything on, it wasn't a hard bump, but it still somehow managed to flip everything onto the floor. The second time I had the partial board sitting on my desk when our dog came bounding in like she normally does and bumped the desk, knocking everything off.

I took that as a sign that I shouldn't try again.
Hi all, sorry for the late reply. I'm still getting used to checking on here frequently.

Junglecat: I don't know what it was, whether demonic, angelic or just spiritual in general. It didn't really feel hostile, just imposing. Like it was sizing me up or something. My reaction was more of awareness that something much larger than me was there and less of being frightened.

Lady-glow: You may be right about that, they probably thought I was just slacking off 😁. I was just glad that none of my residents were the cause of it or were hurt. As for the tall presence, I'm still not sure what to make of it or why it happened when it did because I had been there for at least a year already and in that room dozens of times before and never felt anything.

Nitrofuel765: Yeah, I don't think there was any ill intent in any of the events, but I still get goosebumps thinking about whatever was in that room.
LuciaJacinta in The Loud Growl
I'm not so sure she needs a full blown therapist over one memory. I think the op is just expressing her fear and looking for support among others that experienced the same. It's ok to be scared sometimes. We're only human. Just validating that it happened may be enough to move forward.

I wasn't there so I don't know... But was that all the happened? Never had any other paranormal events? Did you watch any scary movies that night? Did you ever babysit there again? What was the day/month?
LuciaJacinta in The Red Lily
Wow pretty intense. I enjoyed your story. So you think the woman was an angel?
This sounds creepy but whatever it was doesn't seem very hostile. The 3rd event could've just been it making sure you weren't a threat to it or it's peace (as lady-glow said).
I hope you are still online. We installed an inside camera in our living room. Just last week the camera was diking throughout the night, when checking to see if something was going on there was nothing. The next morning we rewind the camera and saw orbs shooting by from different areas, all going straight up to the ceiling, all were white. For the last week my daughter and I would wake up between 3-4am and watch the orbs float around. I said to my daughter isn't it strange they all go up, as soon as I said that we caught on camera twice an orb going down. This around 3am we decided to have the voice recorder on while taping orbs. We spoke softly asking the orbs if they are good orbs and here to watch over us, we didn't hear anything while sitting there, but when we rewind the voice recorder we heard a man voice say yeah. We were in shock and somewhat afraid, but the plan tonight is to go buy a better tape recorder and sit in the living room longer. I will join the page on facebook and post everything we collect.

Yeah I now know the lass who died name now. She was well known to the police so probably some kind of addict. She seemed to OD so yeah not to bad an actual scene not a lot of mess to be sorted aswell. Was pretty dodgy walking in on it though.
notjustme in Night Security
Hello Marine. Thanks for sharing your story. I am curious, did any of you record the incident on your phone? Like record on your phone off the camera?
Marine1 in Night Security
Hi Haven - I do believe in the paranormal (less the aliens and cryptids, although I keep an open mind on these). I also believe that most occurrences have mundane explanations while a few others completely defy reasons. I may not have the same amount of experiences as my brother but I have had my share of "that-was-weird" moments.
Marine1 in Night Security
[at] Valkricry - I was actually on the radio the whole time arguing with the other security dude. That probably accounted to why I seemed to be "talking" to whatever was there.

The building is relatively new, completed sometime in the late 90s. Other than the fact that a train station used to stand there before it was blown to smithereens during the war, I don't really know the history of the land.

Glad to be back
notjustme in Bringing Him Home
HI Lady! Thank you so much my friend! It's still very early but we are ECSTATIC! It wasn't easy for us to conceive this blessing so I am being extra careful and staying positive, through good thoughts and meditation.

I too gave that a thought. I have watched and read many reincarnation stories based on real people's experiences. Many signs include; birth marks, scars, afraid of certain things that had to do with their deaths, likes and dislikes. Derek loved sports cars, he died in a car accident, and he loved fishing. Of course, I am going to love my child for whoever he/she is going to be but I will be keeping an open mind 😉
lady-glow in Bringing Him Home

This may be a long shot but, - would it be possible that Derek was trying to tell you he'll be reborn in your child?

Nice to see you around.
Fascinating experience.

The first event in your narrative makes me wonder if this was a previous caretaker (deceased), reminding you that it was time to make the rounds.

I'm inclined to think that the tall presence was a previous resident still trapped in the frame of mind in which s/he was at the moment of her/his death. Perhaps s/he saw you as a threat or someone coming to put them through an unpleasant situation.

I don't know if Mrs. Lindsey saw your guardian Angel or not, but it's reassuring to think that there're angels watching over us.

Thanks for sharing.
lady-glow in The Loud Growl
Welcome to YGS.

Adove - Junglecat's advice is very good. Nevertheless, it is important to consider the possibility that the growling could have a natural and mundane explanation.

You mention that it was windy that night. Can you be sure that the friction between air and some unknown object wasn't producing the growling? Perhaps the limbs of trees bumping into each other?
Do you remember if any of the neighbours had a dog that could have growled at you without barking?

When we are scared, our senses grow sharper making us see/imagine things that are not there.

I'm not saying that this wasn't a paranormal event, but, in my opinion, it doesn't seem like you have even considered another possibility than the paranormal

I'm sure this was scary but, fortunately, it didn't cause any harm at that moment, - why let it keep on harming you after almost 40 years?

Thanks for sharing.

That is frightening. It is not an angel that attacked you and definitely not a ghost. I actually once saw what appeared to be a satyr-like demon prevent my 83 pound dog from standing or moving. My guess is that you encountered something like that and it was not attached to you. That entity may have been no stranger to your place of work which would also explain the angel. Whether it was protecting you or someone else, it was probably protection from that. Thus, I would have expected Mrs. Lindsey to make the comment about seeing the angel *after* you were attacked.

It may be gone now but I'm glad that you don't work there anymore nevertheless.
It sounds like you either have more than one entity, or a single entity that is both mischievous and shape shifting, like a puca. Either way, it seems to be causing no real harm. When it is messing with your hard work as it did with the mats, just leave them and fix them later.
Junglecat in The Opened Door
Agreed, creepy. How old was the house? For certain, your mother couldn't explain it either and wouldn't want to heighten your alarm. I imagine that put you off making satanic play swords.
Junglecat in The Loud Growl
I won't venture a guess at what that was. But here is what we do know. (Let's just assume it was paranormal for a moment.) It scared you. Maybe it would have hurt you if it could and wanted to do so, maybe not. We know it did not hurt you. Thus, either it can't hurt you and can only scare you or it can and was sending you a warning for being in that place at that time. There is a possibility that frightening you was the only purpose of the growl and if you continue to be scared, you just help the entity further that goal.

I just don't think you have anything to fear from what you have shared so far, even assuming you encountered a dark entity. You would continue to hear the growl if you were still being threatened. So please do not hold onto fear anymore. If you weren't safe you would already know. But if you can't logically put yourself at ease (and camomile tea doesn't help) here are some options.

Jet, black or snowflake jasper are said to be very protective stones, if you believe in crystals. You could wear a bracelet made of any of these. Quartz intensifies the effect of other stones so I often mix stones like that with quartz in my own jewelry. It adds visual interest too. I feel uneasy about a few things I have encountered this year myself and now wear one to bed every night without fail. I can only say it's not failing.

If you pray, then make a point of praying about this specifically and asking your god for help and protection against future attacks. This can be surprisingly calming, in the same way that is meditation.

I have read something on this site about creating self protection around your body. It is out of my expertise so look around here for that. Some people do it daily.

Lastly, if you are suffering from anxiety over this, you could see a psychiatrist. I assure you s/he will not throw you into a padded cell for hearing a growl one night. But do read doctor reviews before choosing one. Depending on where you live, better doctors may be working in private practice or as part of a hospital network. Where I live, they are in public health but that is unusual. Unlike the general populace, a psychiatrist can differentiate between what you experienced along with the anxiety you feel and any serious illness and help you accordingly. That said, I would only recommend you see a psychologist or therapist about this instead if they practice ACT therapy instead of the 1960's style CBD therapy, which is far more common. (Most practitioners in the field don't seem to be trained in contemporary techniques.) So in my humble opinion, a phychiatrist who is an actual medical doctor is a better bet, even if you have to wait for the appointment.

Best of luck!
valkricry in Night Security
Hmmm... I can't explain why you appeared to be talking to it. Unless you were mumbling to yourself? Something in the vein of, "Who does this guy think he's kidding? There's nobody here."
You could try researching the building a bit to see if there's some clues. Like the age of the building, how long has it been offices, things of that ilk. The fact that you saw it pass through a glass door, suggests that door may not have always been there.
By the way, welcome 'home'. 😊
Hi, Marine1 -

Sounds like you saw a ghost. 😲

I have heard several stories of ghosts being caught on camera but were invisible to the naked eye. I don't know why that is. In fact, it was suggested to me to install cameras at night in my bedroom since I often sense something there and I have seen my blankets move and have felt and heard someone sit on my bed while trying to sleep. I am too scared of what I might see. How freaky is it to see something was standing or sitting next to you without you knowing at the time it happened? Too weird and crazy for me and trust me, I know weird and crazy...

Thanks for sharing.
Thank you Ladyglow.
The loss was many years ago. I'm glad that I was able to clarify my experience.

You are correct; my dog had not made up her mind until he forced her to lay and then it was decided: there was nothing she could do. She is technically a Shiloh Shepherd, (rare and quite similar to a GSD) which if you Google that, will explain why she is more inclined to ask questions first rather than attack. It's in the breed. That said, when she is in her back yard and another dog passes by the house she feels that she has all the information she needs and starts "resource guarding" all her bones, the house, the treats inside, me, etc. That's fairly common dog behavior. I.e. She acts exactly as your dog did with the larger dog. But this only seems to happen at home and with other dogs. I've been trying to train her not to carry on about other dogs by the house in that way to absolutely no avail. She is oddly welcoming of people in my home. She will greet workmen at the door, sniff and stare them down, and then follows them around the house as if she's looking over their shoulder to "make sure they're doing it right". I'd be curious to read about how your dog does around paranormal entities.

Come to think of it, it might be because the creature was unfamiliar- not human, not exactly beast that she took a cautious approach. In retrospect, that was a wise move. She's quite a smart dog (though she definitely fakes a comprehension of plumbing or electricity).

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