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MrsRamsay in Lady On The Bus
I'm in agreement with Biblio, and have a couple questions.

Do you recall whether your mouth or your eye REALLY did twitch when she called you out? Did she really see and direct her comment at you, or was she just ranting?

This sounds like something out of a horror movie to me, yikes. You intuitively ignored her, and I hope you never see her again. I'm one of those people who talks to everybody, and am afraid I'd be sucked right in. Yikes again. But, good for you on what you said. I believe you do not have to be a religious expert to call on a higher power for protection.
TravisCannabis in The Haunted Book Shelf
WTF! 😆

I know this one is old but boy it's frigging fake

One night, in my room while I was asleep, they suddenly popped up. I was taking a bath and I always shut the door but when I was drying off

Dude u must be a sleepbather 😆 😜
When you saw him at work out of the corner of your eye, how close was he?

Are you certain it was the same man? Does he seem aware of you or looking elsewhere? Was he as close as when you thought you saw him at work?

Sorry for all these questions, but maybe if you think about them, something will come to you. I'm interested.

Also, how white was the suit? Seems to be something only Col. Sanders would wear... Or a groom from the 70s. OR, could it be a Naval Uniform? Are you near water or a naval base?
I definitely see the face. Did you see it at the time, or just when you looked at the photo?

I often see faces that seem smaller than a real person, but have never noticed one like this that is larger, interesting. Stay safe!
One final comment a year later... I was just going over my stories tonight.

I just googled the verses of the hymn "Jesus Loves Me" and they are NOT the same as the verses for the old people that were in the message. Someone made them up! Whomever wrote me the message, maybe an angel, who knows, gave these great verses and as far as I can tell, well, I cannot find them anywhere else.
Thanks for sharing that, Chaningham91. It must have been a very difficult time for you but I'm sure the future for you and your son is brighter! So many difficult emotions in hospitals, no wonder so many are haunted.
Breaghboo in Ww2 Mortuary
Rajine You have reminded me we (my husband and I) have experienced this in our own 150 year old cottage but on the window, not the door. Our cottage is also up a drive with nowhere to hide and on running to the door after hearing these knocks and opening it no one has been there. This happened many years ago (we've been here 31 years) three times in a short period but never since. Interestingly we were told by locals that a long time ago a "healer" of some kind lived in the cottage surrounded by fields (still is) and agricultural workers injured in the fields would come here and knock for medical attention and he would patch them up, way before our national health service! He sounded like a very kind man. He had a tiny surgery at the end of our house, now our study. We have had many cats over the years and they have always loved the study. Must get good vibes!
Rajine I have had only 2 spirit crossings in Idaho in over 5 years. This one was in large apt complex. I feel this orb was a local wanderer. But will never know. I've had 1 crossing in this home been here 10 months. Don't believe I have a follower. Take care. 😊
Hi Chaningham91

Welcome and I pray that your son makes a full recovery.

Hospitals generally will have restless spirits, thankfully your experiences weren't malevolent in nature.
Hi cantunSEEit

Scary but interesting experience you had, do you think perhaps whatever it was followed you to your present home?
MrsRamsay in The Murder House
Hello all and thank you for the observations. I did not realize the story was posted until today.

It would be worth following up with my Realtor friend, but I don't want her to think I'm crazy, so will have to tread gently! I knew about the murder because I worked at the newspaper, but no details, except those from the Realtor, as I relayed. LightMight, you're correct. The photo was taken by a real estate photographer and was published on the internet as part of the house listing. The home's been purchased and the new owner put up a large privacy fence, so you can no longer see it from the street. I just looked it up and the owner is a personal trainor, but I would never want to follow up with them, as much as it would be interesting.

I don't get a great feeling from the photo either, but I have seen others that made me gasp and turn away, so putting it in perspective...

Thank you for offering comments. PS, we are in a very historic area as relates to the Civil War, but this image doesn't take me there.
Thank you Rajine. And yes I am a firm believer in signs form our loved ones. I always ask my Gramma for advice. If I am making the right decision she comes to me in the smell of her perfume.
Rajine in Ww2 Mortuary
Hi Breaghboo

Yes however it in my experience it was knocking, 3 distinctive knocks and then silence and on both occasions I opened the door only to find nobody there 🤦🏻
Breaghboo in Ww2 Mortuary
Rajine. I take it you mean "phantom" doorbell ringing has happened to you? I don't think it's that uncommon but it is something that I find very eerie.

Rex-T. I didn't think of that - that lots of airfields would have made the area a target for bombs. Makes sense. Thanks for the link.
You're right - in my mind, spooked animals are usually a big giveaway that something paranormal is afoot!
BaiAnina in The Murder House
Hi Mrs Ramsey, I hope you're doing fine.

The photo, for some reason, does not make me feel safe 😨 I could feel a certain energy come off it and I do not really want to zoom in because of it. Reading your story, it makes sense. Regardless of what could've been the history, the vibe I'm getting from it feels unnerving somehow. Interesting find though. There aren't many photographs of places that gives me that feeling!
Rex-T in Ww2 Mortuary

According to the link below, there were numerous airfields, serving as bases for the US Air Force during WW2 in East Anglia. There are other articles indicating RAF (Royal Air Force) bases as well.


It is quite possible that your assumptions are correct.

No doubt that East Anglia's close proximity to the European mainland and that allied air raids were launched from these airfields would have made them a target for bombing.

Always a good indicator that something is "not quite right" when an animal starts behaving out of character, like your sister's golden retriever.

I can only hope that your sister's occasional visitor can eventually find their way home.

Hi KittenscanFly2

I'd admit that my first thought was: it's your cousin. But when I replayed the video from 8:50-8:54 a few times, I saw that her mouth was closed at the time. The voice sounded a bit like her to me, but slightly higher in pitch; maybe a "younger girl's voice", as you said. Is it possible there was another person nearby, whom you didn't notice, watching you off-camera? I did notice that the black cat behind the device shifted position at the same time the other voice was heard. Not sure if it was reacting to some other presence in the room.

Are you able to find out about the history of your house? For instance, who used to live there? Did they include a man and a young girl? Could it be someone or something mimicking your cousin's voice, taking an interest in your activity and wanting to join in?

Your cat's reaction to the jingling bells was interesting. I tend to trust more the instincts of animals, as they have sharper senses than ours. The growling does seem to indicate that the cat felt threatened at the time. Whatever it was, it was unsettling enough for your mother and yourself to seek refuge in the bathroom until the jingling stopped.

Maybe the jingling sound was wind chimes. In many cultures, sound plays an important part in spiritual matters and many places of worship use bells, music, singing and chanting to dispel negative energies. In Chinese feng shui practice, wind chimes have been used because they have a pleasing sound and create a happy environment. My family has conflicting views of their effect though. I had an aunt who believed that wind chimes chase away evil spirits, while my mum is of the view that they attract spirits who like their sound!

Perhaps something nasty was lurking around that night, and someone used the sound of jingling chimes to chase it away? Or were the chimes like a warning for you to be on your guard? Just a few thoughts that came to me when I read your account. Take care and stay safe.

L_Melb in Strong Ghost
Hi Tweed:)
Great story, what a strange thing to happen!
I imagine you must be a pretty good pianist - a grand piano is quite an investment (considering all I can do is Mary had a little lamb, I don't think it's worth it!😁)
Learning how to tune is amazing. Let us know anything else that goes on. You don't think anything is attached to the piano at all? It wasn't second hand was it?... Just a thought that popped in my mind.
Thanks again! 😊
Rajine in Ww2 Mortuary
Hi Breaghboo

I've experienced the very same thing twice in my life, I've posted it on YGS as well, it's one of my older stories, the first time it happened I was alone and during that time I just lost my grandfather, the second time I wasn't alone and everyone who was with me heard it, thankfully, or they'd think I'm just going crazy.
Hi KittenscanFly2

Firstly I'd like to say very interesting experiences, apart from you and your mum who else lives with you? Also the house you living in, were there any other previous owners who perhaps passed on in your house? If so I'd guess the voices you and your cousin heard could be them.

As for the jingling sound you heard I'm also stumped about what it could be.
Rajine in Lady On The Bus
Hi ButterflyChaser

If that happened to me I'd also be unnerved, I'm assuming that since you could hear this woman's voice, it had to be coming from a general direction, were there perhaps other ladies around or was it just the one you glanced at?
Hi Piperasc

Condolences to you and your family for the loss of your mum, this pandemic really has been devastating across the world.

I believe that our loved ones are always with us no matter what and your bracelet reappearing after you could not find it anywhere is confirmation that the people who have passed on are always around and guiding us.
Hi Kfergie

You say that this man wears a white suit, are there any other distinctive features that would set him apart suggesting that maybe he could have around during WW1 or even from 35 years ago?, can you guess his age from the way he looked? I think your answers are in the details.
Rajine in Haunted Tree
Hi Sushmi

Very interesting incident you experienced, personally I wouldn't want to communicate with this spirit, you say that she's only around the tree, do you know if anyone else had tried to communicate with her?

Also what happened to her husband?
lady-glow in Ww2 Mortuary
Hi Breaghboo.

Thanks for replying.

In such case, I wonder if the knocker was a departed gentleman trapped in the time of his passing, checking on the family, whom he perceived, had no man to take care of them.

In my opinion, it seems like this spirit didn't mean any harm, but it must have been very unnerving for your sister to open the door and see no one there.
Breaghboo in Ww2 Mortuary
lady-glow. I only said I wouldn't comment because I didn't think there was much else to say, but no, I don't think it did ever happen when he was home. I never considered that aspect before.
Thanks for your comment.
Berggraf38 in Lady On The Bus
Hi Butterflychaser,

I've had at least one experience of my mind being "read" by a schizophrenic person. It was very surprising and disturbing at first. From my studies of Indian and Tibetan spiritual practices though, I remembered a passage where the author said that many people have "supernatural" powers and use them (either knowingly or unknowingly) with varying levels of maturity and responsibility.
Timothy Leary (who was once one of the most respected psychologists in the world) wrote that many schizophrenics can see through the artificial "insulation" of everyday social conditioning and "see" what people are really feeling.
The way I dealt with my fear from my experience was to realize that though it can be scary that some people (or spirits) have abilities like this, spiritually mature beings don't use such powers for evil and that spiritually immature beings don't have the strength to affect you unless you allow them to.
lady-glow in Ww2 Mortuary
I know you are not willing to participate in the discussion but, do you know if this knocking ever happened when your BIL was home?

Nice read.
Thanks for sharing.
Macknorton in My Mom Let Me Know!
It must be heart wrenching for those who have passed over and are very close to the loved ones, to see them hurting and mourning; filled with sadness for their perceived loss.

These passed over souls, in my opinion, are probably more "alive" than we are, free from their physical bodies, gravity and all our Earthly physical issues.

So it's really great when they make an effort (which can't be easy?) to reassure those loved ones that not only are they still well and truly alive, but also always nearby and that they still love us very much.

Thanks for sharing.

Macknorton in Lady On The Bus
Hi ButterflyChaser,

Thanks for posting this incident. My train of though is akin to Biblio's on this one so forgive me if it appears I'm merely re-stating an opinion.

Based on what you've described, in my opinion, there's two possibilities here; internalized creation or external source.

If you DIDN'T see this woman actually physically talking to you then it could be that you've had these voices in your mind and they are a creation of your own consciousness. This is possible.

Yes, it's theoretically possible that this person was not only reading your mind, but also putting thoughts into your mind, but to me, that's highly unlikely / unusual.

It's possible an spirit entity (not that woman) was "speaking to you", but as Biblio said, if that's not something you've experienced before, then it's either your first psychic experience, (which can be unnerving) or it's a manifestation of your own subconscious mind.

If you DID see her physically talking to you then that's a whole OTHER thing going on. That would be PROOF that she was reading your mind and physically addressing you. That's would be some freeeaky sh*t right there if that was the case! 😆

All the same, it's a fascinating account which has multiple possibilities to consider.


Bibliothecarius in Lady On The Bus
Greetings, ButterflyChaser, and Welcome.

You state that this took place "around 2019." Have you had similar experiences at any point since then? If you have not, then it's far less likely to be a medical/mental condition. If you have, I'd recommend seeking out a psychologist or therapist to determine stresses or circumstances that trigger the event.

The way you've described the situation, it does sound like a hostile spirit manifestation, but I wanted to be sure you did not need professional help first.

Thank you Aros and valkricry for your kind words. It definitely brought me some peace for the situation.

Aros, yes life long and long into eternity for sure! I love that your friend still has his Stiller (as we say in Pittsburghese) gear on! BLACK AND YELLOW FOR LIFE.
Sleeping-with-steve in Haunted Tree
Hello Sushmi,

You want to communicate with the lady... What do you want to say?

It's very sad she and her innocent child were murdered.

Did they ever arrest the husband?

I've read a similar post somewhere, maybe even on YGS. I wonder if it's about the same lady and her child. Maybe other locals have posted their sightings online too.

May she and her child RIP

Thank you for sharing your experience.

Best wishes,
Yes brother jojorocks... India is indeed a land of wonders... You can see maNy fascinating tales... Come and pay a visit and you will fall in love with it
valkricry in My Mom Let Me Know!
What a lovely, but sad event in your life. It's hard loosing a parent no matter your age. The circumstances just make it a bit worse, I think. Obviously she loves you very much.
First of all I am so sorry to hear about your mom's passing, especially under those awful circumstances. I think you've left little doubt your mom gave you a very clear message that she knew you were there at her graveside and the gestures of love you showed.

I also understand the diehard passion one has to their lifelong team. I am a diehard Seattle Seahawks fan (all my life, looong before Russell Wilson and a Lombardi) and I lost a dear friend who was a diehard Steelers fan. So whenever he pops in during a contact dream he's wearing his Steelers jersey. So the passion extends into the afterlife. 😊

Thank you for sharing and again, so very sorry for your loss.
I would look closer into the history of your home. When was it built? You said an old man died in that house. Do you know anything more about him? As for ruling out that it couldn't be him because he died 35 years ago really doesn't have any bearing on the spirit world. Spirits can haunt a location for centuries and there's much evidence of this being the case.

As for guardian angels, they don't require your belief in them, they certainly believe in you. 😁
Miracles51031 in Limbo
tomrjimmy - part of the "job" of a moderator is to follow the guidelines for removing posts. We don't do it on a whim. Sometimes comments from other members are deleted along with the original comment to keep things from being too confusing.

I believe I can say with certainty that the deleted comments have nothing to do with insecurity.

For your reference, I have included a link to the Comments Section. I'm sure you'll find a reason or two the comments were deleted.

tomrjimmy in Limbo
OK, thanks for letting know. So the moderators are good in cleaning s*it 😁

Looks like they are experienced enough! Keep it up!
valkricry in Floor Squeaker #2
Hi Cant,
No worries ~ sometimes when someone asks me how old I am/was, I need to do the math! 😆
Sleeping-with-steve in Limbo
Hello TomrJimmy,

You are misinterpretating members comments somewhat. No one is making fun of you. In all honesty, what started as you sharing your experiences has turned into a verbal battle of sorts.

Have a break, involve yourself in something positive and try and relax.

I'm so sorry you are hurt and upset.

My thoughts are with you.

Best wishes,
PoliexterLy in Limbo
tomrjimmy... The definition of needing to get a life 😆 if you are commenting useless things, of course they will be deleted
TravisCannabis in Limbo
[at] mrjimmy

Dude, the moderators are good at flushing s*it down the toilet 😁 😁
tomrjimmy in Limbo

I saw you removed comments from Talib and my reply on his comments. At least have some guts to show the comments. Why are you guys feeling so insecure in your own place? What are you trying to hide from this world?
Even I use to work in a hospital in Hyderabad, nurses their use to tell me that ICU and few other departments are haunted and they don't visit them alone
Softie_thunder_thighs in The Fourth Floor Girls Hostel
That was scary!
Now I have to google the meaning of hungry ghosts month. 😊
Softie_thunder_thighs in Floor Squeaker #2
These pictures are so interesting. I like stories with pictures. ❤ 😊
CantunSEEit in Floor Squeaker #2
I cannot post anything without my wife checking me. I was 53 at that time. Forgive me. Sometimes I don't think things all the way through.
CantunSEEit in Floor Squeaker #2
Sorry I was 52 years old at the time of this encounter. Not 54. My bad.
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in The Murder House
Hello MrsRamsay, fascinating story, thanks for sharing it with us. It is curious as to whether this was the landscaper or not, I can easily see the person in the main shot, but not so much the other person you mentioned to the left, it looks like something but not quite human? Any idea how old this landscaper was? I'm also curious as to why the garage floor was replaced, if the body wasn't buried there? Perhaps to remove evidence of bloodstains that couldn't otherwise be cleaned up? What happened to the murderer, his ultimate fate after turning himself in? Interesting how if it was the landscaper, he was on the inside of the house rather than the outside where he would have spent most of his time, sans the affair. I wonder if there's more than one spirit there? If the landscaper was killed quickly, by surprise, he may not know he's dead. I'd like to know more about the actual crime, whether the jilted husband made sure he knew what was going to happen to the landscaper and why or killed him in a surprise attack so he couldn't retaliate or get away. This could be important as to whether this man knows he's dead or not, although even if he saw it coming, the shock may still leave him uninformed to his ethereal state. Either way good stuff, great story, these are the kind I like, the ones that make you think!
You have a great memory. I can remember back as far as 6. It's incredible how our minds remember things from such young years.
You definitely have part of a shadow in that photo.
CrimsonTopaz in I Miss My Father Dearly:
Australian Daz,
That's a really interesting way of explaining why I feel the presence and not see spirits these days.
I have you on my list of authors from Australia. I will endeavour to read as many situations as I can.
I've been caught up reading members encounters and the many replies.
Thank you for your feed back.
(I'm also having fun giving members points ⬆️ now that I am a member)
Hi Rajine!

Thanks for reading.

It couldn't have been a family member because no one close to me had died at anytime back then. So it's even stranger that something may have been there.

Yeah it is creepy but it's surprising what kids will just shrug off at that age. Now I'd totally freak out if that happened lol.
Hi Aros!
Thanks for reading.

Yeah it's really scary seeing these things as a kid. All I remember is that it was tall and thin. It was off the scale creepy, still sends a shiver down my spine.

The bird thing was just strange. I never got the point of it.

I was so surprised when I saw that photo. At first I thought it was a shadow but there's nothing there to cast that kind of shadow which freaks me out a bit. I really don't want anything like that near me again.
Thank you all for your comments. My uncle recovered from his accident.

I was fortunate enough to see and talk to both of my parents after they'd crossed over my father was 1 of 15 children on he's side. I do remember my grandmother explaining how she'd organised the rank and file as like the same way you'd described in your account, big families here in Aus were once the norm unlike to day where three is a crowd, anyway, to answer your question via my own theory as to why your sister see he's shadow and you can only feel his presence?

We are spiritual beings having a physical experience inside a sub set (Matrix) to some other greater reality... Spiritual realm,heaven, Paradise or what ever floats your boat. I do suspect we enter the earth matrix with a certain level of spiritual energy probably be design? However with in the duality we are always constant as such like the laws of energy in both realms most likely on idle in the spiritual realm as we entertain the experience of being in human form.

By turning up the third eye (pineal gland with this flow of energy) we have a balance of people with limited psychic ability those who can't see blank. You were able to feel him, your sister was able to see his shadow and others have the ability to actual communicate in full transcript between the two realities.

Regards Daz
Hi Mrs Ramsey

I can see the one face that you circled, definitely gives me goosebumps, perhaps it's the spirit of the landscaper?

I wonder why the other owners moved out though.
Hi lajuanita

I've experienced something similar to your incident years ago, I've actually posted my experience here about a woman's reflection not matching her real face, but very interesting I must say.
Hi SammyToucan

The image in the picture does look like a human figure, I'd guess it could be a family member that passed on? Probably wanting to spend Easter with everyone.

The incident with the shadow figure really creeps me out because I have experienced something similar to that myself just reading it brings back memories.
LightMight in The Murder House
Hi Mrs Ramsay,

This photo was taken by another photographer, while you were not present?
Hi cantunSEEit

That would be enough to send me running in the opposite direction, that is just out there, as I'm typing this I'm still trying to pick up my jaw that dropped to the floor.
Piperasc in The Murder House
I would need to spend the night in that house. It would be interesting to say the least
That definitely looks like someone peering out for sure. Not pareidolia like I think can explain a lot of alleged supernatural imagery. Good shot! I too see a potential face in the reflection to the left although that could quite easily fall more into said pareidolia category.

I always think about the spirit and why they would be haunting a location. If he was murdered by his lover's husband, why would he want to haunt the same location? Is he stuck? Can't move on, or won't move on for some reason? Sorry, I digress. The story of a haunting and the motivation of a spirit's presence is always fascinating to me. Thank you for sharing.
Thanks for sharing! Some nice accounts here. I couldn't help but notice the parallels between your experience at 3 and mine as I too had a similar experience around that time. My shadow person was giant, built like an ape or bigfoot (no neck) and while I couldn't make out any facial features I knew without any doubt it was looking right at me from down the hallway into my bedroom. Scared the heck out of me! It wasn't a dream because I was wide awake.

The small bird experience you would normally chalk up as a dream or hypnogogic episode (visual hallucination in the half awake/half asleep state) but the fact it was a shared experience with your sister in very peculiar.

Very compelling photo. It indeed looks like the outline of a human body, very typical of a shadow person. The red shaft of light is also intriguing as I've seen various light anomalies like that in other "ghost photos" I believe are authentic. It's like some energy transference that becomes visible through a camera.

Thanks for sharing!
RCRuskin in The Murder House
I see 2 possible faces in the window on the left side of the photo. One looks like just the eyes of a very large snowy owl peeking over a building. The other reminds me of Wallace, from Wallace and Grommet, in profile.
That one photo with the face in it is quite fascinating. I'm not that good at judging scale, but from the size of the face, the head seems way to large for someone who is about 5 feet 6 inches tall, which seems to be about the height of the face in the door. Just an observation.
Hi Cant!
Publishing can take awhile, as we aren't one of those 'instant' sites. How quickly submissions get published/ pictures added, depends on a lot of factors and we appreciate your patience.😊
Anyway, the orb over bed is definitely something! There seems to be another two orbs (possibly 3) on the blinds although fainter. Very cool.
Lilcat21310 in We Call Him Steven
Thanks for some clarification, As I can see your possibly dealing with close to 3 ghosts. You say your daughters door opens and closes is really only something humans can do, I believe the shadow person your daughter is seeing is the possible reason her door opens and closes. I do start to think were dealing with 4 ghost as you said different than what your stepson saw. If you have any updates with these possibly 4 ghosts please share,
THATS CRAZY. You finally added pictures. I THOUGHT MY PICTURES NEVER GOT TO YOUR SITE. You finally printed my Squeeker story. I sent in at least 2 months ago. Must have fell behind the desk. 😁
I sent this story in of my floorsqueekers awhile ago. They didn't print this story, so I wrote both as single stories FLOOR SQUEEKER #1 and FLOORSQUEEKER#2.But I'm glad pictures are finally posted. And the dates are there. I threw my journal away. Thanks for reading.
Note: some new photos provided by the author have been published 📷
In the first picture the orb can clearly be seen but did you see there is another one on the blinds? The 2nd picture definitely looks like an orb and not a reflection. Your Floor squeaker stories are really interesting and so well told. I especially enjoy the fact that you don't hide behind a facade of bravery, which gives the story total credibility.
Martin in Back Again
Note: some new photos provided by the author have been published 📷
Note: some new photos provided by the author have been published 📷
Hi and welcome littlebirdie

That must have been nerving for your aunt and uncle to experience, hospitals usually would have lots of ghostly activity.
Martin in Her Squeak Toy
Note: some new photos provided by the author have been published 📷
Manafon... Thank you for your comments. I know the picture of which you speak. That, however, I believe was proven a hoax. Similar to the ones taken by so called spirit photographers in the early 1900's where they would double expose the film. The spirit activity that seems to have just started for me here seems calming. Almost like someone is telling me "I'm've got this". Its an odd sensation when I see this stuff lately. And strangely calming if that makes sense. Along with exciting.
Lilcat... The baby kitten (hes just about 8 months) is my baby. Bottle fed from about 10 days old. We love him.
Do we ever think ghost kitty is Thumbs? That boy I've seen full on apparitions of. He usually hangs out in the windows. Thumbs was black and white. My daughter feels this ghost cat my be our old cat who passed. I feel this one is different though.
Other paranormal activity? I'm recently seeing orbs. My daughter is seeing a shadow person (different than the one my stepson saw), her door opens and closes, and the ceiling fan chain movement.
As for #3... Her shirt was plain grey t-shirt
Such a scary thing to see...I'd have run out of there... Guess your uncle couldn't even if he had wanted to. No pun intended man. 😜
Such a sad story whenever someone's life is cut short like that. May her Memory be Eternal.

And, like Lady Glow, I hope your uncle is doing better now.
Lilcat21310 in We Call Him Steven
First off I have to say the cat in the picture is adorable (and yes I'm a cat lover). Second I can't seem to tell what's on the shirt, it looks like a cat but I can't be sure. I do have paranormal cat experiences (me and my sister thinks there's a cat ghost of our cat widget that died 8 months ago). But to clarify some things:
1.Do you ever think that this cat ghost is thumbs?
2.Is there possibly any other paranormal activity besides the chain on the fan moving
3.Is the shirt just plain grey?
Ok thanks,
Welcome to YGS.

Fascinating story. It's possible that the woman wasn't aware that she had passed away.

I hope your uncle recovered his health.

Thanks for sharing.
RCRuskin...My step-son said there was a shadow person that used to hang out by the slider door in the kitchen. He said the shadow was the height of a child (4 or so feet tall). While he was eating, he said he gave the shadow person cheese.
RCRuskin in We Call Him Steven
"I used to feed him cheese." OK. I now have way more questions! Probably many interesting experiences of the house have yet to be shared. They may answer some of my questions.
Thank you all for taking the time to review the photo and comment. There has been quite a lot of activity lately. My step-son (who grew up in that house) came to visit a couple weeks ago and, when I told him there is a ghost or something there, he replied "Oh I know. I used to feed him cheese." It turns out he saw a shadow person in the house when he was a child. My daughter sees a shadow person now and her bedroom door opens and closes on its own. I have been seeing orbs or lights (once blueish green and one was gold in color). It's crazy.
Thank you all again for your comments.
Softie_thunder_thighs in We Call Him Steven
This pic is so cool! I see a cute little kitty, it looks like my Muffin. ❤ ❤
Manafon1 in We Call Him Steven
I wanted to add that in many photos of an alledged paranormal nature, that the apparition can appear to emanate from a living person's body. I remember a photo that appeared in Fortean Times several years ago of an elderly woman celebrating her birthday and over her shoulder, almost as if sprouting from it, is what she and family members insisted was the head and torso of her deceased husband.

That this cat image could almost be said to be emanating from the front of your daughter's shirt reminded me of the other photo.
Manafon1 in We Call Him Steven
Hi Mel-D72--I've really enjoyed studying the photo of Steven! I noticed that part of your daughter's index finger is obscured by what could either be the belly fur of the kitten or that of the ghost cat.

There are qualities to the "ghost cat" head that have appeared in other anomalous images I've seen. Along with the striking element of the cat's eyes, there is an amorphous nature to the edges of the cat's head and the (possible) obscuring of part of the finger, that suggests something paranormal. Really intersting image.
valkricry in We Call Him Steven
Interesting! Looking at the pic, something appeared 'off' to me about ghost kitty's (referred to as GK from here in) eye shape, and the coloration around his face, so I zoomed in. I did notice the bright light in the next room hits your daughter's shoulder and bounces over in that direction - probably causing that 'highlighted/blurred' effect, you see around the kitten's paw and GK's eye area. It also became apparent why GK's eye looked odd to me; kitten's paw is held between daughter's thumb and fore finger directly on the side of that eye, blocking part of it.
True, GK does look rather flat like a 2-D graphic, but you say the shirt is plain grey, and I've no reason to doubt you. You did not see him when taking the pic, so maybe that why he looks 'flat', not developed enough to look 3-D. Hmmmm...
Rajine in The Twin Sister
Hi Piscesian

I must say that is really fascinating especially about the doppelganger jinn, I thought all jinn are bad by nature?
Hi Mel-D72

Looks like you have a cat ghost, definitely fascinating do you think it could be Thumbs perhaps?
Also, the flash was off when I took this. Otherwise my kitten's eyes would be all lit up. His eyes get either real bright or he gets real bad "red-eye" from the flash. I just confirmed with my daughter also, (to make sure of myself) it was off.
The T-shirt is plain grey. We double checked that after the photo was taken just to make sure. There are absolutely no graphics on the shirt
Intriguing! The two "eyes" definitely looks like it has its own light source but I too agree with RCRuskin, I would love to see what the shirt looks like on its own.
valkricry yes I suppose she did... The both of us were far from perfect little angels growing up (although my mom always thought I was which bugged the heck out of my sister, lol) but mostly we were just doing what teenagers were doing back then.
Your sister is very pretty indeed. Thank you for sharing the photo with us. Although she does look a bit uncomfortable having her picture taken, I bet she had a very impish side as well.
RCRuskin in We Call Him Steven
Hm. Weird. My first impression from the photo is that there's a graphic on your daughter's shirt with fluorescent properties, and that either the camera's (or cell phone's) flash charged it sufficiently, or a reflective graphic on the shirt.

Would be nice to see the shirt itself, if that's a possibility. Thanks.
Note: some new photos provided by the author have been published 📷
Note: some new photos provided by the author have been published 📷
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in I Saw It Again!
Hello Piperasc, here you go, it's about half way down Rook's about me, The Whole House Clearing


Many have found this ritual very effective. Good luck!

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