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Scary_Annabelle in My Grandma's Ghost (part 2)
Hi ghostsarecool!,
I loved your story and It's such a Lovely thing to see our Dead relatives come back to see us. Sadly, until now, I didn't saw any of my dead relatives come back. Anyways, I loved your story; God Bless you and Your Family!
Scary_Annabelle in Hallucinations Or Illusion
Hi dhariniraman,
Like lady-glow said, You can consult a Doctor or if you feel like it's paranormal, Try searching the History of your home. It's just like a Residual Haunting I think.
Hello ghostsarecool.

Interesting experience. My advice would be for you to enjoy the present as much as you can, and spend time with your grandfather, call him often and spend as much quality time with him as possible without worrying about the future.
Hello dhariniraman.

Welcome to YGS. Your English is very good.

In my opinion, it would be important to go to see a doctor who specializes on sleep disorders. Also, try to keep a journal recording what you did the times you have these experiences.

It is important to discard any possible underlaying health issue before considering something paranormal as the cause of these experiences.

Do you like to read/watch/talk about spooky events? If so, does this material influence your dreams?

"sometimes my hand will be automatically floating upwards as if someone or something is lifting up."

Does your hand really float, or is it only the sensation of floating?
Are you aware of any other unexplained occurrences taking place at home?
Have you tried sleeping in another room? If so, did you experience the same or did you have a peaceful sleep?

I hope you find my comment helpful.

Thanks for sharing and good luck.
Rajine in 2pm Terror
Hi and welcome Episodelover413

That is enough to make anyone run in the opposite direction, I believe that a lot of strange things happen around the 2am to 3am time, I've personally experienced a few myself, and usually my sleep breaks around this time when I manage to get some sleep.
TheSweetDevil23 in The Green Light In The Room
Hi JulieK although it's interesting to read your comment here, but the Original poster of this story has written her experience two years back and I doubt they will give reply to you.
Although it's interesting to see such coloured orbs. I always thought orbs can't be seen and can only be visible through certain types of cameras only. I guess I am getting to learn something new everytime I am on this site. Wow amazing. Even I am curious what all colours in orbs signify...
Hi RCRuskin,

As the body is slowly shutting down it causes changes in the chemical balance of the body, which is why there is a smell. I wouldn't necessarily say the body ceases but it does slow down causing less blood circulation and blood flow to organs.
ghostsarecool in One Year Later
I think visitation dreams are so fascinating! My dad's had 3 in his life, and I want to share them at some point. He's also had other paranormal experiences too, and I also want to share those because they're fascinating and so cool to me!
In due respect for that dead Hawaiian person, I DO NOT LIKE to discuss any further.
Let his soul Rest In Peace.

I have seen 2 blue lights they were round with lines in them they didn't move and I have also seen an orange one I don't know what they were unexplainable
were you able to see his "face"?
And was he holding something?
Thanks for sharing
I guess they indeed visit you after a loved one is gone. After crossing the rainbow bridge, my maternal grandfather visited my mother's dreams frequently over the years randomly. In all the dreams, my mum saw my grandpa with a youthful appearance and shining skin. He always smiles at her and speaks softly to her and gives blessings... That's like a recurrent theme of my mother's dream...Hell! That also happened before he passed away in 2005. She kept telling me that something bad is going to happen... And before we even manage to gather our senses, he passed away peacefully in sleep. The mind in unconscious level already knows and sees a lot of things that in daytime it tends to ignore or maybe observes it n stories in different shelves of our memory cells... People usually gets of their problems after a fresh amount of rest... We need to research more over the matters of mind over body...
Hello! Da7Swima,
Nice and a Scary story. At last you said "A tall bearded man came to us kids and said to behave like kids and not a trouble maker." I think that You took his remains and Played Baseball and Perhaps he didn't liked the way you did to his remains. And so he came to warn you. Just a guess.;-)
The_Lost_Voyage has said it to perfection:
"it seems strange to me that a ghost that existed in life long before the modern day invention of elevators would know how to operate one,"

Hello again Da7.

According to Wikipedia, the Queen's Hospital is built on a "site picked in 1860 was an area called Manamana owned by Caesar Kapaʻakea, patriarch of the House of Kalākaua."

No word if the site was donated or sold by the patriarch, or if it was taken by force and after a bloody battle and then built over the remains of the warriors.


Besides, when it first was built, it wasn't the humungous structure of nowadays, but a smaller three storied building that has been growing since then, like showed by the pictures on the following link:


Did your co-workers said if they always saw the apparition going from the sixth to the fifth floor?
Was he dressed like a warrior?
Is this tower part of the original hospital or was it built afterward?

Another possibility could be that the man was a warrior (not necessarily a practicing one, but by lineage) AND worked for the hospital at some point of his life.
Hello Da7.

"Calm down" being like a tempered teenager?"

There's no need to apologize, but please understand that, if people are asking questions about your story is in order to understand it better and, as frustrating as it can be trying to explain your point again, getting defensive is not going to help improving the reader-poster communication.

You are narrating these events not only through the eyes of a ten-year-old kid, but 67 years after they happened. Perhaps some details have been altered or forgotten over time?

After reading your story, I have been doing some research in order to learn a bit about Hawaiian history in the hopes to get to see your experience from a different perspective.

Even though my brief Google research showed only the tip of such a rich culture and its history, I think it is fascinating.

There are several interesting articles about Hawaiian funeral traditions and, it seems, wooden coffins were not used before the arrival of Christianity to the islands.

Therefore, the idea of "Who knows whether Hawaiian burial ceremonies back then used herbal wipes on the body before burial to prolong decaying."
Seems to have nothing to back it up, making me think that the grave you fell into and, perhaps, all the graves in that particular cemetery were not made in the traditional way.

The following link is about old Hawaiian funeral traditions:


I hope you won't take offence on my questioning, I have a very active imagination and, when reading something, my mind tends to create the most hilarious scenarios when facing what I perceive as lack of information.

Could you elaborate more about your fall into the coffin? Obviously, and thankfully, it wasn't buried six feet under, do you have an idea of how deep it was buried?

I imagine the weight of your body made a hole on the wood and you landed inside the box but, wouldn't this mean that the sand displaced by your fall, filled up part of it?
Did you have to crawl over the skeleton in order to reach the bones your friend was asking for?
Did you land on the skeleton?

I know you have said that the skeleton was intact but, were the little bones of the hands and feet attached to each other or were they resting on the bottom of the coffin (the feet bones) and, the hands ones on the pelvis?
(The idea of a skeleton having a belly button is funny!)

Which arm and leg bones did you take: 2 radius, 2 humerus, or one of each from the arm bones; and 2 femurs, 2 tibias, or one of each from the legs?

Have you considered the possibility of the change of the weather having a meteorological explanation?

Would it be possible than one adult, horrified after you kids actions, replaced the bones to their original spot without informing you?

I'll appreciate your feedback.
Hi Da7swima

It's really crazy to play with a skeleton 😳 not to mention disrespectful to the deceased, but I'm glad you and your friends realized that it was wrong.
😨 This was really really terrifying! Thankgod I read this one during daytime. Don't want to go to bed without an ounce of sleep in my eyes, as I am already insomniac. I won't comment on the paranormal aspects much as you managed to scare me enough. Though I had couple of queries to you. Do you still see such presences or experience such encounters even now, or have they stopped now? Also since the both the psychics mentioned that some malicious entity latched to you since your childhood, so did this thing followed you everywhere you lived or worked?
May I ask what are you insinuating "Calm down" being like a tempered teenager?
If I offended you in anyway, please accept my apologies...

Tiger Tia πŸ…!
Please write more stories I throughly enjoyed reading about the woman (spirit) with the anklet.
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in Sleep Paralysis Over The Years
Hello TheSweetDevil23, always good to hear from you, an inquiring mind is always a good thing. I will address your inquiries as best as I can and bear in mind there are no such things as idiotic questions, if we don't ask, we don't learn.

1) Regarding shadow entities, they could be a couple of things. Some believe they are observers of another dimension/plane of reality, that don't mean to be caught as it were, many seem to disappear when they are spotted. They could also be 'incomplete' ghosts, not fully materialized as you ask about in another question. Maybe because they couldn't gather the energy they needed to fully materialize or perhaps they don't want to be seen or recognized either.

2) Why do so many experiences happen at night? I've read many great ones that do occur in broad daylight for sure. Many ghosts gather energy from different sources its said, some from our bodies, from the air around us, hence cold spots, electricity, and some seem to feed on fear. Night breeds fear, the darkness feeds our imaginations, and what we cannot see in dark corners we imagine. Our culture reflects this, it's why horror movies mostly take place at night and in secluded locations. People are more vulnerable at night, when we sleep for instance. Watch a horror movie in broad daylight and it has a bit different effect on you than at night. I think that's why more of these stories happen at night.

3) Residual is just that, a left over piece/space in time, something that happened that just keeps replaying itself over and over again. There's not an intelligence or ghost persay behind it, so no there's no way to disturb it or gain the notice of what appears to be entities. It's not clear what causes these 'events' to be imprinted on the fabric of time and space, since some seem to be mundane and nothing significant, like seeing someone make a pot of coffee for instance. Some of these sightings could be like viewing a rip in time/space, like seeing something happening now in the same house but separated from the observer by vibration. By that I mean some scientists have come to believe that time doesn't truly exist, past/present/future all are happening at the same time, just at different vibrations, they occupy the same space but are at a different vibrational frequency. In effect your glimpsing the past or maybe even the future. I think its why some people in the US that report seeing ghostly battles on Civil War battle sights are not seeing a residual haunting but actually seeing the battle playing out in the past. Those events were highly emotional, so it could be bleeding through. When 9/11 occurred satellites were reported to have picked up an energy spike due to the high emotional field of everyone on the planet. If it was that strong perhaps it lends to why people had premonitions of those events days/weeks/years before they happened, the high emotional energy output pierced what we deem space/time. Hopefully that makes sense, I'm always happy to clarify.

4) As to how/why spirits manifest the way do, it seems to depend on whether they passed on into the light as it's put or truly stayed behind on earth when they died. If you notice in the stories where a loved one comes back to visit, it seems if they passed onto the other side without difficulty they appear with no problem, usually in brighter light, they're happy, they don't try to scare you, in fact many seem to go out of their way to not scare you. They usually look younger or in their glory days as it were, so they appear the way they want to, and it's never really reported that cold spots or goose bumps accompany these sightings, suggesting these kinds of spirits don't draw energy from their environment to appear. True ghosts on the other hand have not been back home so to speak, appear in distress, as shadows, usually scare people, appear to repeat the same daily activities they participated in life, and have to draw energy to manifest from their environment. How much energy they succeed in drawing seems to dictate whether they appear as a shadow (or even appear at all) or as a full bodied apparition. The full bodied ones seem to last the least amount of time because of the amount of energy required for such a feat. Maybe they can even draw emotional energy from their former home as it were. When you live someplace for a length of time, it absorbs your energy, your emotions, so maybe they're taking back what they gave, think of it kind of like withdrawing a deposit from a bank you've put your money in. Why they appear, it could be, they are purposely wanting to be seen, in some cases they want/need help. Some refuse to believe they are dead, a form of denial, so they just go one living 'life' as it were. Others that refuse to acknowledge death even seem to be upset with what they consider 'strangers' in their home. Others seem to delight in tormenting people, as they did in life, only now they cannot be jailed for it.

Anyways hopefully that helps answer some of your questions, some questions lead to others. That's the wonderful mystery of life! Good Luck!
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in Friendly Ghosts At The Hospital
Hello Da7swima, and thanks for sharing your experience! Quite harrowing being confined in an elevator with an otherwordly being with no where to go. I am intrigued by that encounter in particular, you say you are sure it was the spirit of a warrior? I'm not trying to shed doubt on your experience by any means as you were the one that was actually there, but it seems strange to me that a ghost that existed in life long before the modern day invention of elevators would know how to operate one, especially in light of the fact most ghosts repeat the actions they had in life, in essence going about their daily activities as if they are not dead? By the way what was on the 5th floor where the ghost departed the elevator? Still and all a chilling encounter to say the least!
That skeleton was intact as us kid seen.
We used the arms & legs bones as a bat playing baseball.

Who knows whether Hawaiian burial ceremonies back then used herbal wipes on the body before burial to prolong decaying.
That grader equipment was driven across the gravesite on hard dirt roadway to dig a hole.

That skeleton was intact & not decayed.
You did not see as us kids seen. Hard to believe huh?
Who knows whether Hawaiian burial ceremonials bodies were chemically or herbal wiped before buried. That could prolong decaying.
What we saw & played with the arm & leg bones using them as a bat playing baseball sounds unreal.

That tall bearded Hawaiian man we saw on the beach could have been that person (spirit) from that grave.
Later us kids were talking of that man whether he was the spirit from that grave.
Wait... What? I didn't say that you drove the grader man! Glad to hear I'm the one who needs to read properly 😜 πŸ˜† πŸ˜†
Da7swima, hope you're doing well.

I'm not sure if English is your first language or not but the sentence structure just seems odd to me, so I had to reread some passages more than once.

You wrote: Upon playing and running on the sand towards the highway, the sand caved down on me and I fell through a wooden coffin.

My understanding: While running around and playing on the sandy beach, and in the graveyard, the sand collapsed underneath you.

It may seem odd to some how sand can hold the weight of a heavy piece of equipment yet not be able to support a small (ish) child, but there are many factors that play into it. What I suspect happened is that the grave created a cavity below ground, and overtime various geological processes enlarged the cavity until you happened along at just the right, or maybe just the wrong, moment. Your foot made contact with the weakened sand, and it gave way.

The construction equipment was placed to the side of this void, on more solid ground.

Thus, the sand collapsed underneath you but supported the grader.

As for the skeleton being 'intact' versus disarticulated, as the body decays underground, the tendons, ligaments, muscles, and bits of skin that hold the bones together weaken and fail, and ultimately cease to be. Bones being mineralized tissue sticks around longer, but also tends to stay pretty much in the same place, relative to other bones, unless things happen. Things being floods, landslide, scavenging of remains, or people happening upon the bones and moving them.

I find it easy to believe that the skeleton was still intact, but also it was disarticulated, meaning the tissues connecting bones together was no longer present.

TL;DR (but if you got this far, you probably did read all I wrote):

While playing on the beach, you collapsed a void under the sand, exposing a grave. You and your friends investigated and fooled around with the remains, and then spooky stuff happened. Putting the bones back helped things return to normal.

Does this sound right?

And just one other question: The bearded Hawaiin man, if I read correctly was not your neighbor or your neighbor's roommate? If that's so, then it was probably the spirit of the person whose grave you disturbed.
Thank you for the insights and the valuable suggestions. I know I had been going through a difficult phase of my life but you guys are really helping me, especially you and Lady-Glow. Also I have some curiosity about some different sort of paranormal entities. I hope you can answer them or anyone else as well can reply if they see this comment of mine.
1. I had mentioned about seeing and feeling the presence of shadow entities. So are these shadow entities spirits of our loved ones, or of other human beings or are they kind of manifestations of our own energy and thoughts which starts getting rooted in the place we live, work and sleep? Are they even like proper spirits or something else of other dimensions?
2. Also, I know this is a very very idiotic question but why is it that we mostly see or even get these paranormal experiences at night? I know, I know even couple of my own experiences had happened during daytime but it wasn't that intense.
3. Also I had noticed that in most of the experiences of people,, its usually a residual haunting loop. So if I disturb it, let's say with or without knowing it, will the entities around me notice my presence or will it keep going on as usual with its usual routine?
Lastly I want to know what factors could make/convince a spirit/entity to appear in a proper shape or form? I always thought or rather assumed that a spirit needs energy from its surroundings to take a solid shape or form and if not a solid one,, even an inch of materialising in some clouded or foggy form, needs lots of energy, strong intention and connection with the place it haunts to come out in that manner. I had already asked this question on someone else's post but now I am feeling that I shouldn't have. Its better to get responses on my discussion thread rather than on someone else's. Lack of tactfulness on my part. Sorry for that.

So I am waiting eagerly for your response.
TheSweetDevil23 in The Horrifying Anklet Lady
Tiger-Tia Please write more if you got some other experiences to tell us. I think I am not wrong to assume that on behalf of other YGS readers that we all would like to read your posts. Also, since you mentioned the presence of the female entity in the house for a long time, is it likely that she maybe died or lived a part of her life in that piece of land before your grandparents had moved to that place and started residing over there?
But then I believe that not everything can be found out about such a paranormal entity when it has been going on for such a long time. I have few questions though going in in my mind right now. Is it just one entity or there are more than one spirit lurking around in the corners of the home? And if its only her, then does she gives any signs of her presence during daytime? Or she only comes out at night scaring the daylights of the family members?...I am sorry for asking so many questions, but I am so curious. Your post had left silly questions in my mind...
Another amazing experience. This site never fails to surprise me. After reading so many different stories especially the ones which seem actually relatable and more real, I now really believe that there are some things still beyond our comprehension levels.
I still now pray to god that I never get to see a full form appearance of a spirit infront of me. To see a entity like that in such proximity inside an elevator...OHMYGOD! 😳 I just now realised you were with that presence until it went to 5th level. I would have closed my eyes and just prayed to god... To materialise in a total form like that, I always wonder if there are different other factors behind it. I always believed that spirits only materialise totally in such forms when they take energy from its surroundings. Can someone enlighten me on this topic if someone knows anything about spirits taking such solid forms and shapes?
Calm down... With all due respect but, you talk and loose your temper as easily as a teenager, though you are supposed to be old enough to be my mother.
TravisCannabis. The beach sand dipped me on the brown wooden casket.
What you mean a 10 year old kid held the weight of a grader? Read my story properly. I did not drive the Grader. The Hawaiian man works at a Construction site & drives it back home. He drove the Grader to bury the brown burlap of bones.
Got it? Besides I am a tough 10 y4 old tomboy!

Lady-glow, the skeleton was intact! The hand bones were crossed over below its belly button. You did not see what all of us kids saw.
I'm struggling to understand this part of your story:

"a tall skeleton intact remains with its both hands crossed below its belly button"

Actually, once the soft tissues of a corpse have decayed, the skeleton is left like only disarticulated bones.

Beach sand cave in (dropped down), so I landed on a brown wooden casket!
Really bro? The sand caved in under a 10 yo kid but held the weight of a grader? πŸ˜† πŸ€” 😳
Rajine in "toilet Terror"
Hi fellow South African

If I was you I'd probably leave that house the same night itself πŸ˜†, I can imagine that there would be a lot of supernatural occurances there since you mentioned that the house was built on an army base and attached morgue, most probably a lot of earth bound spirits that passed on untimely and where there's restless spirits that never lived out their lives fully there's bound to be other things that never walked this earth amongst them.
Hi Da7swima
You have experienced some amazing incidents, scary but amazing, hospitals generally have a lot of ghostly activity but add a old burial ground that the hospital is built on in the mix and one would definitely encounter more than their fair share of supernatural experiences.
Scary-Annabelle, since those encounters I have never seen anything thereafter. It was a chicken skin experiences. I never believe what friends tell me that they see ghosts until it happens to you!

Lady-Glow, that white figure was top half.
The Medical Center is built on a Hawaiian graveyard in 1859. There were Warriors then. What I saw was indeed a Hawaiian warrior & NOT a former employee.
TheSweetDevil23 in The Ghost In My Mom's Office
For some weird reason, the presence of so many locks is making me more uncomfortable then the image of the odd entity there in the photo.
Its giving me claustrophobic sensation, so no wonder even the presence of spirits and energies here and there would give such vibes to all the people working there.

On top of it, there are glass doors facing each other and even across from each other. So I feel it is acting even as a portal of both positive, negative and neutral energies entering our world, resulting in clashes of them. No wonder you can feel and see them, considering you are a clairvoyant too.
Do you witnessed anything after these types of Incidents? Quite Scary Indeed...
oh my! That sounds so much like my own experience. I still remember like it happened yesterday where I saw my own body sleeping in the bed in my favourite set of blue nightwear and my soul or consciousness looking down at myself. I also remember this transparent line or thread still sticking back to my body. I clearly even remember this weird odd sensation of getting jolted so hard inside my own body that the accompanied sound coming after it was damn loud. It was like as if a bike had just kickstarted loudly out of nowhere... 😨
But mine happened due to less sleep and being stressed out due to my career. Maybe try to keep some sharp object under your pillow. It worked for me. Or maybe if some senior YGS read this and give you better suggestions, go for it.
TheSweetDevil23 in The Shape Shifter
wow... I actually imagined myself in your place when I was reading this. Did you managed to know anything about the history? Has it been empty for a long time?
I remember watching a series on youtube regarding the paranormal events and happenings in Hawaii and I was just taken aback by the number of legit paranormal activities and I'm guessing your experience is just one of them.

Thanks for sharing!

Zaruje in "toilet Terror"
I don't know if I was going to laugh upon seeing the title LOL. But as I was reading your experience, it sure was scary. Ever thought of just, maybe, having your own place with your boyfriend? Since I'm assuming you two are already forming your own family? Anyways, it's a good thing that you had answers as to why the paranormal happenings.

-Z ❀
Welcome to YGS.

Hospitals are bound to store many of the strong emotions of the people living in there, either for a short period or in more regular basis. Add to this the history of the place, and it is understandable to have some resident ghosts.

From my perspective, the ghost in the elevator seems to be the spirit of a former worker following his daily routine, and not the one from a warrior. Still, it was an unnerving encounter.

"a half human white figure moving towards the opposite end of the floor."

Was it the upper or the lower half or the person? Or, perhaps, the left or the right side of a body? (just kidding!)

Thanks for sharing.
Hi skeptic, interesting story. Just a couple things to add to the comments.

One of my two dogs has had similar incidents of barking at a wall/window in my home. She is also the one who is afraid to go outside sometimes, even when she really has to "go." She'll head out with our other border collie, happy as can be, then do a split second U-turn right back in and runs under the bed... Anyway, when your dog barks like that, take photos! If you can, have the Iphone "live" feature on, and here's why: when this happened to us, I took video and then I took "live" photo shots. Nothing was visible in the video, or in the still version of the live shots, but when you pressed the "live" feature, there was a shadow figure looking in the window! Yes, it was super creepy.

And just Friday, we had "new" relatives flying to our city to meet. Basically, it is my half brother we just discovered existed, and he flew down with his wife for a first meeting. As their plane was descending into our local airport, and even though she had her phone on airplane mode, her iphone received a text that was from something called "milk" and it had a PDF document about our shared father (who died in 1968) attached. They both said they had NOT researched him from their phones, had never googled him from their phones. This text just popped up! I had spoken out loud to my (dead) parents lastt week to let us know SOMEHOW if he and my mom knew what was happening, and I'm taking this as a sign. Might there have been a reason someone from the other side would want to call your home phone on that particular day? Birthday or anniversary? This is the second time in five years our phones have done something supernatural. We think.
Hi Scoops,
I can't help but wonder if you were perhaps the victim of phone number spoofing. Scammers will sometimes change the info on caller ID to read a different name and number than who they really are. I know I've had calls supposedly from me to me on the same phone 😳.
However this doesn't explain (if that is indeed the answer) why your dog acted like he did. Added together certainly is odd to say the least.
Hello, Scoops.

Not sure why, but this story got my attention. Perhaps it is your wonderful attention to detail and lack of presuppositions. I went back and also read your other stories; glad things have been peaceful for you lately (barring this incident, anyway)!

One or two points I have questions about first: Was your phone face-up or face-down? Is your chair upholstered with fuzzy/static-y material? Has it been cold/electrically-charged lately? Is your chair powered at all (does it have any wires running through it)? Had you recently dialed your landline from your cell?

Now, I have never owned an Apple device, so correct me if I am wrong in something here, but my theory here is perhaps you could have been armchair-dialed from static charges in the air/from your chair's fabric chancing to pull up your calling app and tapping on a recent number to redial it. Since it sounds like your phone was not locked, it may have taken only 2 chance static discharges to make this improbable call. If this is the case, then wow! What a coincidence, and just be glad it did not happen to select a more awkward recent call, like your boss or something. Of course, one cannot necessarily rule out electrical discharges of a more paranormal nature, but this may be another potential explanation.

As for the dog behavior, don't ya just hate it when they do that?! One of my dogs will occasionally bolt upright and start barking her head off - scaring the daylights out of anyone who happens to be nearby - and it often takes a little bit for me and my human senses to realize what set her off. But usually I get it: Oh, *now* I hear that yappy dog barking halfway down the street; Oh, that's a car door, somebody's here; Ah, the other dog is tauntingly waving his fluffy tail at the other end of the hallway; stuff like that. And then sometimes I can't figure it out; admittedly that can get a bit eerie.

So, my questions here are: Is that dining room wall an outer wall in your home? Does it have a window or a vent that might let in an unusual sound or smell that maybe you didn't/couldn't detect in the moment? What was the other dog doing? With mine, I know if one starts barking, the others tend to join in. Funny that it sounds like the older dog was chill. Not that that really helps narrow down what the stimulus could have been. Has anything else happened since the posting that has clarified this at all? Has the behavior repeated itself, did you find out a bear or something went through the area recently, or there was some big disturbance or something the next block or two over (sirens carry further for fuzzy ears than for ours)?

Anyway, thanks for sharing! Here's hoping things stay peaceful again from here on out.
Heya Travis! About the ghosts age- its the same when you see a person in real and you can simply guess his/her age. I wrote their "age" just to show how they looked. I didn't know their real age:)
Idk dude... How can you tell the age of a two-dimensional featureless shadow? πŸ€”
Hi Rajine, yes that crossed my mind too. I wonder how many people have experienced this spirit.
oheyitsmikeb in Static People
Oh my god! I thought I was the only one who's experienced this... When I was young before I hit my teens between about 3-12 years old I saw these static people! Typically it would just be one at a time but I can recall a few times with multiple static folks. Never did they harm me or try to harm me or cause fear but they were there constantly! Often when I had to lay down to take a nap but wasn't yet asleep is when they liked to make themselves known... They would just casually walk around the house and do random things like ride the elyptical bike or just walk buy and do like workout activity or just go and sit on the couch just normal things that people would do everyday and they never bothered me or anything like that but they would just I don't know how to even describe it I mean it was 25-30 years ago but they had human form with no facial features... Full body and it was composed of what looked like static or snow on a television when there was a channel that you didn't get on cable or whatever just like literally static people that's the only way I can describe it... And they would just do whatever they pleased like they were living in a completely different universe or were like a total different species that couldn't see me and they were just going on with their daily tasks... So bizarre... I have seen them very rarely but on s few occasions later in life but nothing like when I was a child... Has anyone figured out what this could be yet?
Hi Berggraf38

It's like pieces of a puzzle fitting together, I've read your previous story, it seems like this spirit wanted to be found or recognized.

You have had quite a bit of interesting and peculiar incidents over the years, I've also had my fair share of experiences with shadow people and it still remains a mystery to me up until now.
Hi Scoops

Such an unusual and random thing to happen to you, I wonder what it could be, were there any other incidents prior to this?
JoJorocks my life changed after this incident. Yes I might have had more then a few encounters after this one. Please do let me know if you want to read more stories. Thanks
[at] TheSweetDevil23 its my grandmas house, whenever we go back to pakistan we stay there, yes its quite scary sometimes at night
Bibliothecarius in 3.30 Am
Greetings, Yogesh.

I've been giving your narrative quite a bit of thought and I can't shake the original mental impression I got from your description. Fellow poster ladydarke was very complimentary of my take on experiences: "Bibliothecarius mentioned he has thoughts percolating about your cord sighting; his take is always informed and I'm curious to hear it." If I recall correctly, I didn't explicitly mention that I had a thought percolating, but ladydarke is correct: I had an immediate impression of the event, but I did not want it to be right so I let the idea sit for a while.

Here's the issue: several posters, including both yourself & ladydarke, have given valuable insights into debunking some of the supernatural elements of your experience. I keep coming back to the fact that, "I entered my room, locked every latch on door... But in the morning it was wide open!"

When my mother had a "sleep paralysis" episode, she could couldn't pray and she could barely open her eyes. When she did, she saw that the arm of the entity sitting on her chest was wrapped in chains; she believes that she was attacked by a demonic spirit (she's a very religious Christian). Ultimately, as in your case, prayer to God removed the pressure and she was able to fall asleep.

My initial mental impression of your experience may be affected by my mother's story, but I had the distinct idea that there was indeed a spirit of some kind sitting upon you as you slept. The reason I keep coming back to the "glowing white rope which moved to me like a snake" is because I don't believe that whatever sat upon you was acting of its own choice; I think that it was being forced to act in this manner by a more-powerful spirit, one powerful enough to exert pressure on the door latches to open them. This would not have to be demonic in nature, merely older and more powerful than the spirit that sat on you as you slept. This would account for the spirit that entered your room being connected by the "white rope" to some other location/entity, it being relatively easy for you to dismiss through prayer, yet more powerful physical phenomena (opening the latches) occurring after you had rid yourself of the initial encounter.

I do not write this to scare you, Yogesh, merely to present a potential explanation that I have not been able to shake from my mind for the last couple of weeks. I'm sorry that I did not write it out sooner, as I was hoping that my ideas were wrong. When I am in error, the ideas often slip away; when I'm partly right or completely right, the ideas tend to sit in my head and demand attention.

While I am in agreement that the crying noise you heard could have been a cat, I suspect that the noise frightening you was what drew the attention of whatever entity was responsible for the later encounter.

Please, take in to consideration all of the messages suggesting sleep paralysis, etc., as explanations for your experience; however, I can't shake the idea that there was a more powerful spirit orchestrating the events you experienced.

Did anything else occur to you while you lived in that hostel, or in the years following? Please let me know whether or not you think that my idea is unlikely. Take care.

Based on what you stated, your relatives told you that this is a female ghost. Did you have a second encounter with this entity? If so, how will you describe her besides her anklets.
TheSweetDevil23 in The Horrifying Anklet Lady
Do you still go to this haunted native home of yours? It was eerie though. I felt a shiver along my spine when you said you felt the presence of the woman near your ear. 😳
rajine... Yes, that women has been living in my grandmas house for so many years. 😲
I just saw LadGlowa comment on this haha! Good to see you on here still...
I miss these people on here... I hope they're safe... Back in 2011-2015, they were very active on this site... [at] Tweed, [at] LadyGlow, [at] Rookdyn (I've kind of forgotten lol...

I hope you guys are all safe and alive.
Hi AmbitiousSlave,

Do you not cook with salt at all? Maybe salt in food is more a New World thing. Anyway, a pinch of salt in prepared food is enough to dissuade spirits from chowing on it. Additionally, you can cover food with a white paper towel or napkin while preparing it or over food you have set out. More important is the intention while adding the salt or placing the covering: "This food is only for the living."

Your post carries versimilitude in its description of spirit activity, but some details are weird. Essence β‰  flavor. I heard about a guy who purposefully shares liquor with alcoholic spirits because he gets full flavor and enjoyment of the drink but less inebriation. Non-drinker over here so I've never tried to verify that. Anyway, going to take you at face value because if this is true, you need help, and if you're a troll you're going to have a laugh and that's okay. Glad you mentioned having discussed mental illness with your doctors because there is a scrambled, world salad quality to your post along with some pretty extreme sightings and activity. No offense, if I didn't assume you were telling tall tales, I would have suggested talking to a doctor.

So your tree is still there. Giant ancient tree like that is going to maintain an astral presence for a long time after it's removed from the physical world. The djinn and whatnot living there might not even know its physically gone. Moreover, trees cross worlds; roots in the underworld, trunk in the material world, crown in the heavens. It's why they sometimes stand in as the center-pole in a sacred space. So your demolished astral tree is probably still full of djinn and still functioning as a bridge. Creating a more solid divide between the astral and physical world in that space would be a good solve, but that's pretty advanced. If you can find a shamanic practitioner, whatever the Malaysian version of spirit and nature magico-religion is, maybe they could do that for you. If you're doing things like burning certain incenses at home (ie myrrh) that would be worsening the situation by making your home even more inviting and accessible.

Also, you evidently don't have the focus of will and intention to keep spirits out of your food, so no wonder any cleanses, exorcisms, etc haven't worked to keep them out of your house. No point recommending yet more cleanses because rituals and components are interchangeable and the key element is intention... Which for whatever reason you aren't bringing to the table.

You say you have found success by 'filling the house with humans.' What's happening with that is you're creating energetic turbulence such that the environment is less amenable to spirits; like having to deal with rough water or high winds. When the workmen have been gone for a while, the original energetic state is likely to return.

Since cleanses aren't working for you, I recommend two things:

1) Get a feng shui guy in, have the energy currents in your home modified to continue being as turbulent as possible. It's basically doing more of what worked for you. To help this out, you can also put mothballs in the corners of your rooms, change about every three months, and also small pieces of camphor in glasses of water in the corners to weaken spirits. You can burn camphor incense too. Don't put any mothballs or camphor where pets and children can get at it or eat it.

2) Tree vs tree. Plant dogwood around your property, maybe have some little ones growing inside even. Plant more in pots on the terrace (that's like an open roof balcony right?). Since you're dealing with the astral remnants of a tall tree, it's just as well to have dogwood protection up high too.

You should probably start off any other measures with a full cleanse of the house in whatever form your culture and religion supports just for whatever oomph you get from it before you feng shui the property. Try to muster as much intention behind the cleanse as possible, not just going through the motions. Intention would work all by itself without the other stuff in a cleanse if it was strong enough, and the other stuff without intention is pretty much just mumbo jumbo.

So yeah, sorry you have problems. Hope that helps some. Your region of Malaysia sounds beautiful across both physical and spiritual metrics. I wish you the peace to enjoy your home there.

Hi James10

That definitely is a very interesting incident, did the curator mention any other incidents to you? I feel that the spirit you encountered must be a resident of the museum.

I'd like to read about your other incident as well.
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in Sleep Paralysis Over The Years
Hello TheSweetDevil23, I think you're well on your way to getting a handle on things. I'm sorry to hear about you losing your grandmother, but she may have become another guardian/protector as it seems you don't feel the shadow presence anymore. Sometimes when our loved ones pass, including our pets, they become something much more in our lives. I don't believe the experiences of feeling watched are paranoia at all. People get those feelings when a flesh and blood person is spying on them with malicious intent, so a spiritual being would elicit the same response. It's more of an older predator/prey instinct-sense perception designed to warn us of danger. What you saw in the form of a shadow or apparition in your mind is what is called seeing something in the 'mind's eye' You see it on another plane rather than in this plane of existence but it is quite real. Many people see things in this manner if it's too much for them to actually see it physically (as it were) in front of them.

You are your own best expert on your experiences. I noticed your comment on teachers, we meet them every day. A person we say hi to in a grocery store can be a teacher, if only briefly. Some like our parents can teach us much over a lifetime. Even nature teaches. It's just how open we are to it, and you are experiencing this now. Honor your feelings, you're not crazy at all. You've gleaned a lot of great help from being on this site. I wouldn't worry about finding a teacher specific to your situation, when you stop looking, that's when the resource makes itself available.

Keep reading the experiences on here, it will provide you with a lot of insight, continue to interact. One great place for answers is reading, find books on subjects like grounding and spirit communication etc, there's a lot there. Also you may check on Kundalini energy and its effects. For some reason that keeps popping up while I'm writing to you, perhaps there's something there related to your experience. Often that kind of energy can wreak havoc if awakened but unharnessed. Hopefully this helps, good luck!
ladydarke sorry my earlier comment got published by me before I was about to continue in the same section. So as I was saying, I will read about the grounding and shielding techniques and I had seen some really articles on their techniques. Lets hope they work for me.
Also for a teacher, I don't know whom to approach or even where to ask. So for the time being, I will first try to use these techniques and focus more upon my mental health. Thank you so much for making me understand the concept of how the third eye works. This was something new for me to understand that one needs to practice or work on it as well. As much as I had studied about the chakras, I never went into details about it. So I will read upon them and I really appreciate your help. Thank you so much...:)
Even though some of your comments got too personal, its perfectly alright, since it was me who came out first and shared my own personal experiences. So I am open to all discussions even if some of it sometimes makes me uncomfortable... If it is written with tactfulness and understanding... I will surely pay attention and you did that perfectly.:)
Hi ladydarke I don't know where to start or how to reply to your such insighftul and detailed comment.
I know this is not right forum to discuss this. But to cut this long story short, I had tried to reach people around me multiple times in different ways. But all I got is the same response."It's in your mind. You overthink. You only need to go on a break. You just need to stay away from all the negativity." But thanks for your understanding and not being judgemental and rather presuming any wrong notions just like others, You gave me some solutions.

Do I need counselling? Yes I do for some issues, but am I ready to speak about it in detailed version? Not yet there. The fact that it was related to my childhood following that, I am not ready yet to talk about it. Thanks for your understanding. At least one person in this world understands it even if she is on the other corner of the world.

Now coming back to the paranormal note, there had been times I had realised that I can sense a presence or entity. Even saw some shadows at a younger age but because of lack of knowledge and due to my skepticism, I ignored them. 😨 It made me uncomfortable more than being scared most of the times. I always can sense emotions of a place rather of a person. I don't know how to explain it. But I can always feel the vibrations and energy. So I will try the shielding and grounding techniques you mentioned about in your comment. The Chakras activation in our body is important especially the one at my forehead. I am from India so I had read about these since childhood, so I understand what you were telling me about.
Welcome to YGS.

The dungeons... A spot where many negative emotions have taken place: anger, fear, distress, and who knows what else.

Was the old man wearing period clothing?
Was this encounter consistent with the reported haunting of the place?

Very interesting experience.
Thanks for sharing.
Hi AmbitiousSlave

It must have been nerve wrecking to have to experience all of this, I do hope you find a solution and some peace of mind
Hi Tiger_Tia

Sounds like you have a resident ghost that has long since passed on and remains in the house.
Rajine in The White Hand
Hi Sagun_B

That must have creeped you out especially when you are that young.

I've read all your stories along with the extra information you added in comments, and I've been thinking about you for several days now. I had some trouble following the chronology as your timeline seemed to skip around between the stories, but I don't think that matters. What I wanted to address was an overall pattern as well as primarily this post. I'm still not sure it's appropriate to comment as I'm afraid this might get deeply personal. I apologize if I make you feel uncomfortable.

May I first address the psychological aspects you reference in this story? You mention unremembered CSA that occurred in Kolkata. Things that happen to us when we're very young form templates rather than memories. These templates deeply influence our development, remaining unseen even as they form the basis on which all our perspectives are built. When abuse happens that we're too young to remember, it too creates a template for how we relate to touch, to our bodies, to our boundaries, to other people, to our core self. Even in therapy, even under hypnosis, it's possible these memories will never be fully recovered; yet the template exists. It's a difficult thing to deal with, this body knowledge, something we know in our senses but to the rational mind seems like nonsense. Many if not all of the life problems you're describing in this post seem to stem from this developmental trauma. I strongly urge you to seek therapy from a counselor that specializes in early childhood abuse. Sometimes physical ailments can even resolve when the trauma is addressed, because it has manifested in the body.

You mention also a relationship with an abusive older man. There's good odds that he fit into that childhood template and was very like the man from Kolkata in his appearance, behavior, or his grooming tactics. I'm really sorry that any of this happened to you. You didn't deserve it. The stress, sleep paralysis, and especially nightmares that you recount from around the time of the relationship seem also to refer back to that template. This isn't a site for dream interpretation so I can't give details: I'll just say that basements represent the subconscious, so a deep locked-away sub-cellar directly represents those buried childhood memories. Being pushed inside the door = being forced to face the memories as the relationship dredges it up. The demon = your revulsion and fear at facing your personal demons. I don't think those dreams and your other responses like sleep paralysis, sleeping for long stretches, and anxiety are paranormal at all, but rather symptoms of unprocessed trauma.

(From this one post though, as the dog also detected the shadow on the street, then you have a witness verifying that something was there.)

To get back to the paranormal, it has been my observation - one I've discussed before on this website - that there perhaps exists a triumvirate of correlated traits 1: childhood abuse. 2: neurodivergence. 3: psychic sensitivity. Your post allows factor 1. It doesn't specifically address factor 2 and I wouldn't expect you to do so publicly. You may never have been diagnosed, but there is an established link between childhood trauma and mental illness. It's my hypothesis that ESP is a third correlation.

I'd like to address psychic sensitivity in more detail.

I mentioned a pattern occurring throughout your narratives. That's the headache. I guess you have a diagnosis of migraine, and I wouldn't want to give you any advice counter to your doctor's. What I'm mostly referring to is the timing of these head pains. You've repeatedly recounted a sharp pain in the center of your forehead when anything paranormal is happening around you. That's where the third eye chakra is located. I would suggest that you are energy sensitive as the outcome of your childhood. It seems you've never worked with this gift, so it's like having wobbly noodle arms because you never lift weights: the third eye is weak. So when it gets a big workout - you sense a tremendous amount of energy as something paranormal occurs - it hurts from overextension, same as trying to carry heavy grocery bags and your noodle arms getting sore.

You referenced also getting a headache around male relatives. It could have been trauma manifesting in the body from what happened in Kolkata, but maybe it was the earliest beginnings of your psychic awareness. A symptom of abuse is hypervigilance: one is startled easily and excessively. This happens because we learned to be always on guard, always expecting attack. It seems plausible to suggest that part of that hypervigilance is psychic sensitivity or empathy, being able to tune into the emotions of an abuser because their mood directly affects your wellbeing. It seems possible that even as a child, you had learned men were a threat, so you were hypervigilant with every sense, including your third eye. Little you was giving your third eye chakra a massive workout trying to determine if the male relatives were safe, especially as you couldn't identify which one had hurt you.

My advice to you going forward would be to learn what shielding and grounding are, and how to implement these techniques. You can google all kinds of material on these topics and find methods that work for you. You would be well-served to have these skills in your pocket whether you believe in them or not, just so you have something to fall back on if needed.

Secondly, you say you are a skeptic, yet you keep having experiences. This is likely to continue if you're open, yet you're not acknowledging it. You have no defenses, you can't help receiving anything that comes at you, and when it does you have no frame for how to respond or how to process it. I think, given this quandary, you might be best served by seeking proof through validation. Try to teach yourself to exercise your third eye, figure out in what direction your gifts lie. Then do things you can get feedback on. If you have a gift for empathy, try having a friend sit down with you being open for you to read, and you tell them what you pick up. Get feedback. If you have a gift for psychometry - object reading - try reading items a friend has and get them to give you feedback. Keep doing things like that where you can get validation for your impressions. If you say walk into a room and feel anxious, try to find out if someone had an argument in there recently. If your mood suddenly changes and you can't figure out why, notice if you picked up on someone else's mood or energy around you and absorbed that. Stuff like that. Bear in mind that if you're starting with a noodly third eye and the purpose is to exercise it, then you would expect to see low beginning results with an upward curve. Once you've put in enough practice to develop a 'body of evidence' as best as can be had with the paranormal field, re-evaluate your skepticism in light of your hits-and-misses, and whether a predicted model of improving results has occurred.

You might consider trying to find a teacher, especially if you start leaning more toward belief in your gift. I have no advice on that; they say a teacher will come when the student is ready, but I've never found one. Maybe I'm always late, forget my pencil, have the wrong book, and am yet to be ready! Back when I bothered with anything more than lightwork, I did once ask someone running a magic shop a question about what if you combined certain spells in a certain way, wouldn't that increase output... Buuut they took notes. All I learned from that was just because someone styles themselves as a teacher doesn't mean they know anything more than you do. There are no experts, just students. The problem is that looking for feedback is the best we can do. When we think we understand something metaphysical, there's no way to check our answers. Everything we think we know could be constructed on flawed premises. The only thing we can be sure of is that we can be sure of nothing at all. Of course that applies to me, so anything I say is only my own best conglomeration of subjective experiences and surmises. Even so, I hope there is something in all my blather that helps you a little bit. If you put credence in any one thing, please let it be to seek out a therapist. Its terrible that you have suffered and are suffering. My heart goes out to you. I think you were tremendously brave to share this story.

With third eye practice, should you encounter another entity you'll not only know how to defend yourself, but you may be able to read it: pick up its nature and its intentions, and so be able to better decide how to respond. Once you've learned a repertoire of responses - self-defense, banishment, how to help it move on - you won't be helpless and you won't be afraid.

I'm sorry if I have overstepped and been too personal, or made you feel uncomfortable. I wish you all the best.
goblinkwain in The White Hand
Woah, what a creepy little story! It was well written, too. I felt as if I was going for a bike ride too 😊

Thank you once again for your long and thoughtful comment and my apologies for my delay in response.

Crossroads! How could I not have realized this earlier! I have long been fascinated with crossroads and all twixt and tween places.

I also love the Fey, as I noted having Irish ancestry, or the Sidhe, or whatever you love to call them 😊 I cannot wait to read this article you have linked, I am loving the helper spirit you mentioned! I am dying to know more about your experience as messenger at the crossroads...

THANK YOU for sharing your account, I got chills reading it.

I will have to think more on what I was seeking to learn from this guide... Thank you so much for taking the time to read and respond so thoughtfully!
TheSweetDevil23 in The Sailor And His Wife
Damn interesting! I wish I had felt that calmness when I faced such stuff but I had never seen such crystal clear ghostly figures with such precision...amazing...I loved your post. It made me imagine being with you guys in your vehicle and seeing that couple. I even googled the American Gothic painting to get a more clear image in my mind for the ghostly couple you saw... Even ended up reading about the painting as well. I learned something new and read equally an interesting write up of yours.
The_Lost_Voyage_11 Wow thank you so much for such a detailed response. I am seriously getting to learn so much on this site from more well informed people like you and others. Yes I always felt safe even within the close premises of facing such paranormal activities around me during those time between 2009-2012. I believe now thanks to you that it could have been a guardian angel.

Also since now you asked me about how I felt when this entity was around me. So after completing post graduation in London in Ontario...that's in 2017... I moved to Kananaskis in Alberta. During that time, I lived in a staff residence provided to us hotel staff. The resort is still there... Its a famous one... Known as Delta by Marriott... Now during that time... One of the buildings named as Manor Kidd was also operated by this hotel... Now it operates on its own... Anyways coming back to the main point... The Manor Kidd had rumours of being haunted and people seeing or feeling certain paranormal activities... Now I am not going to confirm them because firstly I was rather new to know anything of that sort during that time and I haven't seen anything over there. But, yes there is big but. I had some weird experiences over there.

Weird as in while going to the Manor Kidd, we used to go through out one of the exit of the main Delta Resort and go across towards the exit /entry door of the Manor Kidd... And after getting through to the first floor... I sometimes used to get this strong sensation of dizziness followed by a headache sometimes. The weirdest part is it always happened at a particular spot on that first floor and after a couple of weeks it happened on the 2nd floor. I actually had felt a cold spot once there. Even I once felt couple of cold spots and an approaching migraine in mid of summer during June-July in that mountaineous area. Now, now before you or anyone reading my comments tells me that it could be a problem due to being at higher elevations. I should tell you that I had that sensation randomly not always... But whenever it happened... I felt something coming close to me... It felt the same way it did in the terrace of the rented house years before in Agra.
Plus there were certain times during my afternoon shift while coming back at 9pm or even around 10:30pm, I had felt the gaze of someone at my back like a strong penetrating one... When I looked back, there was no one... Whenever it happened, I always felt a coldness around me and an ache approaching in the centre of my forehead... It always gave me this weird and creepy image of an apparition or shadow in my mind... It made me go back to those memories of the Agra experiences especially. Let me know what u think. Do you think its my paranoia or something which just lingered in my mind? I would like to know
Also few months ago, I lost my grannie in June. Its weird but ever since that happened, I haven't felt this shadow's presence around me anymore. Or am I overthinking? Because prior to this, I had felt this shadow looming upon me during certain times whenever I am perfectly alright and not at all stressed out and feeling calm...
I remember once listening to music at night and pacing around in my home's balcony. This happened last year and even at the beginning of this year as well... I was again listening to music on my mobile and I again had a sudden shoot of pain in centre of my forehead and at the back of my neck. Then I felt a coldness at the neck and someone breathing down my neck... It was not a good sensation at all... So yeah I had faced this multiple times after 2011 down the years multiple times and all of them happened sporadically without any pattern. I don't even watch paranormal stuff the way I used to do when I was very young. So I don't understand where all this is coming from even now...

Oh yeah also I once went inside this really old vintage hotel in London in Ontario with my batchmates as a part of familirization cum study trip from sponsored by the college only. It wasn't that far from our college. I never knew the history of the rooms we went into. When we students entered into this nice small cosy guestroom, I felt again this pain along my neck and this time I again felt a very cold spot in that room. I thought it was only me but after leaving the property premises, my friend turned to me and said I felt a drip of temperature near the foot of the bed. I was so so shocked and surprised because I felt the same as well... It was alright in the entire room but it was just at the at the foot of the bed... Some of us got uncomfortable.
PS: That hotel turned out to have some strong paranormal incidences. I and my friend did some google search on it and it's name is right there as one of the hot spots for paranormal activity. I don't remember the name now but then the London city in Ontario is quite famous for such spots. I will try to remember or ask my batchmates about the name and let u know about it.

I increasingly interested in how you developed your various theories although psychosexual development seems to play an integral part. Please do let me know although refrain from assumptions and sexual innuendo if you will.
Ryanlessner111. I'm absolutely agog at your assertion that laser pens are effective against ghosts. I too would appreciate some further information on this please.
TheSweetDevil23 in The Black Temple
Wow I chanced upon reading your stories yesterday and within a span of couple of hours, I completed all upto the last post of yours. You got an amazing grip over writing stories. Personally I don't care if your stories are real or not and I am also not going to question its veracity. Since I feel that you wrote on this site and people over here actually write about their real encounters with the the other world. But again I am going to come onto the main point. Its just the way you put images in our mind while we read your stories. I feel you should really start writing seriously a fiction or maybe even compile up your ghostly experiences.

Also thanks to one of the commenters on my post, I came on your posts. So tons of thanks to that person, Rogiedawg and thankyou for such lovely posts. I hope you got some more experiences to share with us and it's not that I wish you get to meet more spirits so that you write about it... It's just I hope if you had experienced any other supernatural phenomenon,, please do share it with us.
TheSweetDevil23 in The Ghost Man?
I don't know why but I found this story very adorable... Especially your encounter with the male spirit... I guess your great uncle wanted to see you for the last time.
TheSweetDevil23 in The White Hand
wow!that was a really creepy incident. It reminded me of The Hand in Addams Family cartoon especially when you described the hand running on its own... Who knew it actually exists... 😳
lady-glow, yes I was reciting some duas and prayers eyes closed 😒
What the... What?!?!?

"I was shivering trembling so much that I dare not open my eyes for even a second to see who it was. I kept reading the Quran"

Were you reading from a mental image in your head, or your eyelids are transparent?
Or, perhaps, you meant to say that you were reciting some prayers/verses you know by memory?
AmbitiousSlave in To Be Heard
I know its been 4years but want to say thank you all so much for all the supportive messages, yes, I'm fine now... Mostly.

I haven't managed to get rid of it per say... Just manage it better now, if that makes any sense. I may not get ride of disturbances, but what I can do is manage my sensitivity levels as best I can...

I will upload more stories and get into details on how I have kind of developed this... "sensitivity"? Or whtvr it is, anyways thank u all so much fr the kind words ❀
Hey Lady-glow.Dont worry. On the contrary I just enjoyed your sharp reply to Ryanlenser111... 😜 Even I wanted to do it but it wouldn't have been such an intelligent response like yours. For some reason I felt it is a troll that's why I didn't gave too much attention to him.
Saggubear in The White Hand
That's an amazing story babyβ€οΈπŸ’ž You'll always have something to amaze the world. I hope you'll write more and more in upcoming days ❀️
OOps... Not Ryanlaser111... It's Ryanlesner111... Blame autocorrect for the confusion!

Would you be able to provide any bibliography or any other material of reference backing up the subject of "these shadows are made of decaying bio energy", and "you can use a laser pointer as a weapon
Against a ghost"?

Also, what makes you think that it would be a good idea to pass a haunted object to "a sexually frustrated teenager", as a solution to someone's problem? Wouldn't it be better to, at least, try to banish whatever negative energy instead of making it someone else's problem?

After reading all your comments, I cannot help but to think that you are a teenager looking for attention in this forum.

...the time around Halloween never fails to attract some trolls to the site...

TSD23. My apologies for using this thread of comments to address Ryanlaser111.
TheSweetDevil23 in I Felt Multiple Entities!
Hi jt_from_ct. Thanks for your positive response and liking it so much. It came from a place of my own fears which I had faced that night. So I hope you do full justice to my paranormal encounter when you recite it on your YouTube channel. Also please read my other experiences as well. I hope you like them as well. 😊 You many even get me as your new subscriber as I am quite active on youtube.
Hi Ryanlesner111. Interesting, very interesting. As for research, I cannot do that anymore as the college is shut down as it ran into lots of problems. But thanks for your insight. I will keep your pointers in my mind 😊
durai44 in 3.30 Am
Nalla Humour Panniga Bro πŸ˜…
You suffered from sleep paralysis after the restroom encounter 😳
Ghost are harmed by laser pointers.
If you sweep the laser over your bed it my help.
a laser pointer created electromagnetic radiation.
Ghost are made of decayed electromagnetic energy.
So a laser is made of a similar material.
If this guest is a demon you need to mist you bed
With holly water.
Or simply get rid of what it wants.
This guest wants to drain you of your pent up
Sexual energy in order to extend the life span
Of it's current form.
However if you use up all of your repressed sexual
Energy your guest will choose a new food source.
Dream demons?
As someone who doesn't remember
Their dreams I have never experienced
Such a thing.
However ghost are harmed by laser pointers.
So if you sweep your bed with a laser it may help.
Listen ghost are commonly attached to objects.
Low level demons will conceal themselves
By acting like ghost.
They do this by attaching themselves to objects.
If it is a ghost it is made out of electromagnetic energy.
Which means it can be harmed by green lasers.
Green laser produce electromagnetic radiation.
If it is a demon you need to use holly water.
Holly water blesses any item it touches
And last for a year.
A sage cleansing ritual forces the demon out of the space
But the cleansing effect fades after a month.
So the demon can return eventually.
You must find the object that the demon is linked to
And gift it to a teenager who would enjoy the demons
Ryanlesner111 in My Husband And The Ghost?
Ghost are made of decaying electromagnetic energy.
Laser pointers create electromagnetic radiation.
So if you like you can use a laser pointer as a weapon
Against a ghost.
However if this guest is a demon.
You will need holly water to use weapon.
However most ghost are linked to objects.
I encountered a sexual ghost that was linked to a crystal.
So if you have found an odd 1980 Nickle
Or a family heirloom hunting knife in your home
And you can't remember the history of the object.
You may want to get the object blessed.
I personally would find the object that this
"friendly " ghost is linked to and give the
Object to someone who would enjoy the attention.
Maybe you know a sexually frustrated teenager
Who you can give the object to.
A lot of people may hear his guys events
And wonder if the events are fact.
Well let me tell you about an event
I experienced and tell me if you still have questions.
My friend Bill got a house from his uncle.
Everyone in his family refused to take the home
Due to the experiences they had in the past.
Everyone who slept at the home encountered violence.
You would be asleep and suddenly feel a sudden thump
On the arm or a sharp pain.
I laughed at the idea and upon a $40.00 bet I agreed to
Stay for a period of four days.
When I arrived I found the house fully furnished
With out of date furniture.
As a joke I spent the first day completely nude.
But spent the next two days in a t shirt and boxers.
Now the first night I encountered nothing.
The second night I encountered nothing.
But the third night I woke up suddenly for seemingly no reason.
However I returned to sleep.
Now I woke up at least six times that night and didn't know why.
However eventually I slept soundly.
When I woke up in the morning the sun was filling the room.
As I got out of bed I discovered my entire body
And the bed sheet was soaked with a thick sticky
Fluid. As I looked at it I realized what it was.
I had some how ejaculated all over the bed.
Removing my clothes and the sheets to put them in the washer.
I discovered a pink crystal inside the fitted sheet.
I took a shower and changed my clothes.
I put the crystal in my back pack when I got a change of clothes.
When I stayed the required time limit and got my $40.00.
I went home to my apartment.
The crystal ended up on a night stand.
Yes the ghost followed me.
Yes the night time events continued.
Where is the crystal now?
I gave the crystal to my teenage nephew.
He keeps it on his night stand and has a sleeping sock.
Yes the ghost seems to have become highly sexual
After encountering me.
Ryanlesner111 in Alone With A Poltergeist
As someone who has been invited to many haunted homes in order to get my opinion of the events.
I have encountered a sexually interactive ghost, a banging sound ghost
And a stealing keys ghost.
All of these ghost were linked to objects.
The sex ghost was linked to crystal.
The banging on the wall ghost was linked to a rug.
The stealing ghost was linked to a murder weapon.
So if you can't remember where something came from ask about it.
That family handed down blanket may have been through the washing
machine after spite full angry great grandma was covered up with
when she died in her sleep. Any object in your home or hidden in
A wall could be linked to a ghost. If the ghost is linked to the
Home itself because a floor board is soaked with blood
And concealed with thick carpet.
You can use a simple to obtain technology against a ghost.
Ghost are made of a decaying electromagnetic energy.
Lasers generate electromagnetic radiation.
So yes you can use green lasers against ghost.
It is pretty much like a punch to the face for a ghost.
You live in a college of course this is happening.
Humans emit a bio energy when they are alive.
If you got you doctorate at that college and
Spent every spare hour watching television.
A massive amount of you bio energy would be left behind.
So of course it would be viewable given the correct conditions.
So given the age of the building and many different people
Who spent years of their youth there. It isn't shocking that
The building has soaked up all that prime of life energy
And has most likely created a time loop for someone who
Died after spending a ton of time on the grounds.
But a large amount of community colleges are placed
In repurposed remodeled buildings.
My community college use to be currency storage bank.
You see all the un useable currency would be stored in
Five bank vaults until the treasury hulled it away.
In 1985 six men were killed trying to rob the exchange.
Maybe your college is built on the remains of a hospital
Or a hospital for the criminally insane?
Simply do so research on the building.
How do you deal with the shadows?
Yell at them.
You see these shadows are made of decaying bio energy.
Ghost are made of a unique electromagnetic field.
So they draw energy from anything that has a speaker in it.
Because speakers contain magnets.
So of course an overpowering bio energy such as emotional energy
Or if you don't want to be annoying to you room mates.
Try a laser pointer.
You said that turning on the light made the shadow
Vanish right.
Light energy is a kind of kinetic energy capable of
allowing various forms of lights visible to the human eyes.
Light is known as a type of electromagnetic
Radiation produced by hot objects such as lasers, bulbs and sunlight.
Plus if ghost are made of decaying unique electromagnetic field
And the laser creates electromagnetic radiation.
Then a laser pointer would be like dropping a
Slush filled water balloon onto a normal water balloon.
Both objects are made out of nearly the same matter.
So a laser pointer is pretty much like a slap in the face for a ghost.
I can't believe I have to explain this.
You are a minor so your a virgin.
You are more pure then the virgin marry.
The purity gives you a perspective of the world
That isn't seen by other people.
As a child and a virgin I was very keen to the spirts
Around me and I was desired by the spirts because I
Was a virgin and my pure blood was a key compound for
Them to regain the life they lost.
A virgin sacrifice.
However the only thing better than a virgin sacrifice
Is corrupting a pure soul and bring it over to the dark side.
If they corrupt you enough they can use you as a vessel.
I know this because I was possessed by a demon.
However given that I am a very will full person
I was incredibly hard to control.
Basically this ghost or minor demon wants to ignite
Your sleeping sex drive and corrupt you.
But as long as you have a strong enough will power
To keep yourself pure you should be fine.
Listen carefully I recently went to a friends who encountered a very physical ghost. A ghost that was linked to a crystal. I know the ghost was linked to the crystal because I relocated it to my Apartment and the ghost also relocated. So in my experience when humans die due to violence they become attached to the murder weapon or an object that has been soaked with at least 80% of their blood.
I once was invited to my uncles house who was encountering a ghostly banging and discovered a rug that was completely soaked in blood. I used a black light to search for body fluids. After I removed the rug the banging stopped. My other friend Tim invited me over after his entire key chain vanished four times. While at Tim's house I found his keys using a key fob finding Application. All four sets of keys were found in the gun cabinet. Tim would lose his keys and have new ones made. Lose those keys and get more made. All four sets of keys were in a hand guns drawer next to a trigger locked hand gun. I asked about the gun. Police auction. The gun was found on a guy who Over Dosed on drugs. I simply said " Sell the gun." The point I am making is check the history of the Apartment and the history of every object in the apartment. Wouldn't be shocked if you found out your stake knife was used to kill 12 people.
jt_from_ct (guest) in I Felt Multiple Entities!
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