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Rachel9997 in Kiddo
Hi lovebugs16,

You definitely know that this "Kiddo" is real because your friend saw it in the photo. Have you or any of your neighbors seen it anywhere else around the building or only the terrace? Were the black eyes the only feature you could see?
lovebugs16 in Kiddo
Hi Rajine and BaiAnina,

Thanks for reading my story. I actually submitted the photo along with the story, I'm not sure why it wasn't posted. I don't know how can I share the photo. If you have any suggestions then I'll be glad to try it out.

I never asked around about the child. I actually have a couple more experiences in the apartment. There are 2 units on the third floor, me and my neighbor would often hear a "psst" sound like someone's calling our attention. Her husband once got annoyed. He slammed the door when he got inside their unit. He then asked his wife why was she kept calling his attention while he was chatting with our neighbors from the other floors downstairs. His wife said she wasn't calling him, infact she just got out of the shower.
Hi littleluv,

I agree with lady-glow that it's odd your dad would see the same figure at work because ghosts are often attached to one place. But I have experienced something similar. I feel like I've been followed by a ghost from my house to my workplace because it seems strange that both of these places would be haunted and I experienced similar activity in both places. I think it's definitely possible that it was the same figure. But like lady-glow said, it is strange that the tenants have experienced other activity if it's attached to your family.
Sounds like a bit of a time slip. You were there, but it wasn't 2021...

And, eh. In my opinion the "shelter in place" thing is: don't have unnecessary contacts with others. Going out into the bush where there's not another living soul for miles/kilometres, that's something different.

So far as I know, dead souls don't catch viruses.
Hi AussieRedDog

This definitely is one of the saddest and creepiest ghostly incidents that I have had the pleasure of reading, just feel sorry for those children and whoever was in the church that day, when you say that when you went back and saw that the old church wasn't there anymore, do you mean that it might have been demolished or perhaps it wasn't there to begin with? And what was the condition of the headstones the first time you was at that place?

Thank you, with pleasure. I have myself obtained important information through this site, with life changing effect, so I am very grateful to its creators and users for their efforts. I would like to give something back.

Although the longer I live, the less I consider myself to know... You said it well: "There is so much about the world around us that we don't know, so nothing can be discounted."

Yet we must keep trying to discern... So it is nice that we humans can help each other in this wide, wild world.
Rajine in Warn Bobby
Hi Wyvernshade

The fact that famous people are mentioned in your experience makes it much more interesting, I mean how near or far from the actual incidents would your'll have to be for a spirit to come through and warn your'll about something that's going to happen to someone else. I always thought that spirits are attached to familiar people and objects.
Reminds me of a story I read about a haunted station somewhere in the dark heart of Russia where the train pulled into an abandoned station to get water but the driver claimed that these men all came out, dressed oddly, filled the train before heading back into the shadows. They were ghosts of slave workers from Stalin's days.
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in The Picture Frame
Hello Curlygirly, great story and thanks for sharing! I would have gone with your instincts, if the house felt off besides the odd things occurring that went with it, then that is definitely time to go, our intuition can serve us well when we listen to it.

Many people that live in a haunted place, develop a sort of coping mechanism, much like people in traumatic circumstances. Some outright deny anything is going in, even if its right in front of their eyes, some try to just adjust. In my family, my cousin had remarked to my brother when he saw a ghost at the foot of the bed "Oh that happens all the time" Point in fact I found out after they had vacated the house that with everything they experienced, I'm not sure how they could have stayed there. However as kids, they had no say in the matter so they learned to cope as best they could.

I'm also with LightMight on this one as well, some places can appear haunted, and by that I mean a full blown supernatural spectacle complete with apparitions, voices, footsteps, moving objects, etc and then the next family that lives there experiences nothing, nada.

I can think of 2 stories here in the US that most everyone is familiar with in some shape or form, one is the haunting in Amityville and the other the one the Tallman house in Wisconsin. In the case of Amityville, there were the murders in 1974, and the family that lived there in 1975, fled, chased out by terrifying supernatural forces. However since then, no one that has lived there or owned the place has experienced much of anything. The same with the Tallman home, it was a new housing development, the family chased out in much the same fashion and yet by all accounts, nothing was experienced by subsequent owners. What's more is both families, weren't pursued or haunted after their encounters. So in that case, the homes don't appear to be haunted and neither does the family? So what happened? There are of course many stories that the families made it up for publicity, they didn't like the house, etc, however some facts remain.

Putting the fact that it could have been a partial or complete fabrication aside, in those stories it could have been the perfect storm or events that came together. The Tallman home, there has been some conjecture, that the children's bunk beds, apparently 2nd hand was the cause. In both situations children were involved. It could have been some kind of poltergeist, some sort of residual energy that interacted with the kids. If the bunk beds were responsible in the Tallman home, and in Amityville, there was a family that was murdered, so energy could have been left behind there as well. The bunk beds as far as I can find were disposed of and I'm not sure if in either home since then there have been any kids living there. It's a bit of a mystery, but one that can't always be explained by either the location or the people, perhaps it can be both, providing just the right mix of ingredients to create a mysterious paranormal event. The homes and the families don't appear to be haunted after they lived there and moved on.

Anyways enough of my rambling, these stories are up for conjecture and opinion, but I find it interesting nonetheless and perhaps you'll find something that will help you in what you experienced. You seem to have left 'it' behind, whatever 'it' was. Good Luck!
Welcome to YGS.

Proven that the flickering lights wasn't a faulty electric system, I agree with Biblio, it seems like that house is haunted.

I find it odd that your father would see the same figure at work, usually ghosts are attached to places meaningful to their life and/or the time of their passing. And, if this ghost were following your family, the current tenants of the house wouldn't have experienced all the activity you have reported.
Just my opinion.

"I decided to submit this story just to see if anyone could help, or had any explanation for these things."

It's very difficult for anyone to know the reasons that hold a spirit earthbound, much more to explain what exactly is going on in that house.

Knowing the history of the house would be very helpful, perhaps researching the city/town archives could shed some light on the identity of this woman. Focus especially on previous duellers that might have died in the premises. Also the history and use of the land before it was developed for residential purposes.

Since you don't live there anymore, perhaps the new tenants could ask for the help of a pastor/priest/rabbi or try to cleanse their home according to their faith and personal beliefs.

Thanks for sharing.
Thank you for answering, Bibliothecarius

So the thing in my room looked very real. It looked like a person, not like a ghost would, it was not see-through in any way. It had grey skin and was very thin and boney. Its face looked like an older lady. It had long black tangly hair. It was standing in the middle of my room, looking partially down, and was like glaring at me. It had a white dress, and the bottoms were ripped. It looked like a real person. My dad said he saw the same figure as well, but at work once. I don't know if that has anything to do with it or it's just a coincidence.

I appreciate your answering very much, and I'm happy to answer any questions that you have
Greetings, littleluv, and welcome to YGS.

Your description of the overall events sound like a typical haunting phenomenon, possibly a sentient entity. However, I'd be interested in getting a clearer description of the entity you saw. You stated, "To this day I still remember exactly what the ghost looked like... I rolled over and saw the ghost laying in bed next to me" however, you do not indicate the level of detail visible in this manifestation.

Thanks in advance for filling in some of the gaps in your description.

BaiAnina in Kiddo
If the kid who fell down the stairs is still alive, my guess is that this spirit could be the cause of why the kid fell in the first place... Like what Rajine said, it does feel like a malevolent spirit.

If it's alright with you, could you share to us the photo? I'm honestly intrigued...
Hello GingerRead,

Wow, Chapel at St. Peter ad Vincula doesn't disappoint! I'm thinking that between the Roman's thirst for public executions and harsh punishments, and the tower prisoners who died there, it's no wonder that people see and feel all kinds of residual paranormal happenings there! Will you ever go back to visit?

Great story, btw!
lady-glow in Warn Bobby
Welcome to YGS.

This experience is fascinating. I wonder if John tried contacting someone closer to Bobby, for whom his message would have had a more tangible meaning, and if such had been the case, would the subsequent events could have been prevented?

Thanks for sharing.
LightMight in Warn Bobby
Welcome Wyvernshade,

How sad that Bobby couldn't have been warned - that's the unfortunate thing about forewarnings in the context of the spiritual world, if you were to warn someone, would they be likely to believe you or would they write you off as 'crazy'? Or perhaps they would call it a remarkable coincidence, after the fact? Some people like to cast doubts when it comes to anything regarding the spiritual realm, in comparison to ideas that are proven with tangible evidence and facts.

Thank you for sharing your experience.
Miracles51031 in Warn Bobby
Wyvernshade - as you said, how could anyone have warned Bobby? Not only that but, even if someone could have done the "how?", would they have been believed? Probably not. Would they have been questioned after the assassination? Maybe.

Some friends and I often discuss personal experiences where we were given a message, but not details that would aid in conveying the message.

I shared a personal experience on here where I was given the message "It won't be long" but I didn't deliver it. I was sure it would not have been received kindly.

Thank you for sharing this with us and welcome to YGS.
RCRuskin in Warn Bobby
"Warn Bobby." Sure. But how?

And given how long ago this was, so maddeningly long ago, yet so many questions.

I wonder if we could contact "John" again to ask for more information, though it is a moot point now.

Thanks for the compliment bro.

It's difficult for stray dogs to starve in a city like Mumbai. There is plenty of food lying in garbage dumps plus many animal lovers feed them too. Sometimes they die from some illness, but you can make out if that is the case.

And how do you explain the dead crows. They are hardy creatures and they won't starve or touch poisoned food.
Hi Miracles51031

That also makes a lot of sense, I've had similar experiences with either friends or family.
Hi Curlygirly

I know exactly what a relief it must have been for you and your family to leave that place, even though a lot of time and money went into that place, peace of mind is worth more than anything.
Rajine in Hello Pa
Hi BiancaB

Condolences on the passing of your grandfather, losing a loved one is never easy but I believe that they are always around us and will give us little signs each time just to let us know that they are here.
Hi Rajine, I always feel a sense of accomplishment from visiting the Tower of London. I'm hoping to go back to Paris one day and tour the Catacombs. Lots of reported Encounters down there!
Curlygirly in The Picture Frame
Hi Rajine!

Thanks for your comment!

Yes, I agree. It was malevolent. It took us a while to get on the same page about that. When you live in a house that creeps you out, I think a lot of us just try to push it aside and go on. We had spent a lot of time and money to be there and make it our home! But yes, the more time went on, things definitely became more sinister. And when I felt like whatever it was was directly going after my children, it was my breaking point. No bueno. Which is why the picture frame stands out the most to me in all the chaos the force created. And now that we are gone and live in a "normal" house, I do believe this is the first house I've lived in that hasn't been haunted. Oh well. At least third times a charm!
Hi Curlygirly

I believe that places can be haunted as well as people, depending on the situation, my family and I have been in a similar situation where we were always told by other family and friends that our old house was creepy and strange, however we never felt that way, even though we knew and experienced a lot of ghostly activity, we only realized what they meant when we moved out.

I believe that this wasn't a regular haunting but rather something malevolent often people confuse a normal ghostly haunting with something much more darker.
Rajine in Kiddo
Hi lovebugs16

I'd definitely be creeped out by this incident, have you spoken to your neighbors about any child passing on?

However the way you described the eyes I feel it might be malevolent, "good" spirits in my opinion and experience don't have plain black eyes, that actually sounds evil.
Hi Pumpkin!

While I'm definitely not more experienced, I do know what you mean. There have been times when I have been awoken by a sudden tap on the face. Or a brush on my cheek. Or a feeling of someone sitting on the bed. Never felt threatening. Just strange! You are not alone!
LightMight in The Picture Frame

I don't think your story sounds crazy at all - if you hang around here at YGS long enough to read through many of the shared stories by other members, you'll start to realize how common these strange experiences are. 😉
Curlygirly in The Picture Frame
Thank you! It is nice to receive validation. Yes, I am so thankful for where we are now. The crazy thing was that I was scared of literally everything there. As soon as the lights were turned out to go to sleep I think I had a mini panic attack every night. I never felt safe but I guess I thought it was just me.

Looking back now, I understand how incredibly odd all the things that happened in that house were. I actually wanted to tell the people that bought the house from us. Several times. But my husband strongly disagreed. So we didn't say anything. I have since wanted to talk to them to see if they have felt anything. However, I'm afraid if they haven't, I could open a gate of suspicion which could lead to them being vulnerable. So I haven't. But they have never reached out to me.

As far as the people that owned the house before us, I have talked to them several times. The man remembers being in the woods chopping wood and all of a sudden he had a feeling of panic. Then he saw a dark shadowy figure just pass around him. He also said he had a radio that would turn on by itself. Finally he took the batteries out. He said it came on by itself again with absolutely zero power source. My kids toys came on all the time too. Nothing touching them. No one even in the same room.

One other thing and this one is a bit crazy. I know it sounds crazy which is why I didn't share it. Well two. 1) Upstairs in my childrens rooms is where it felt very heavy. Unsettling. My daughter who was probably around 5 at the time had a dream that a red horse came out of her closet. I just find that odd. 2) I was rocking my other daughter to sleep one night in the nursery. She was asleep and I was getting ready to get up and lay her down. I know this is insane but this is what I saw. Something that looked like a centipede with lots of legs but about the size of a snake. It's head was up off the floor so it was not a snake (and I mean it had lots of legs). It kind of slithered/walked across my daughters room to the other side and disappeared under her changing table. I was shocked. Like couldn't move. When I finally was able to regain my senses I walked over to the changing table and looked behind and all around it. Nothing. And nowhere for it to go. I know that sounds crazy. I don't do drugs, I promise.

Anyway, yes, thank you for your comment. It's nice to know someone understands!
Thanks Mrs Ramsay for sharing your story with me. My condolences on your mother. That was sad, but nice to hear. It actually reminds me of the last time I saw my mother before she passed.
Hi Cizzy Shizzly

It's an interesting read but I am a bit puzzled though. Please help me to understand something.
Initially you stated that "Recently the single most paranormal thing that I have ever experienced..." then later on it turns out that you actually have been experiencing many other paranormal situations like "seeing spirits and entities around everywhere, hallucinating that people's eyes and faces were morphing/changing" etc.
Which statement is more accurate?

As for these experiences, I m with Tweet here, could it be possible that you maybe sleep deprived?

Anyways thank you for the post,

Best wishes

LightMight in The Picture Frame
Hello Curlygirly, and Welcome!

It definitely sounds like 'something' was trying to get your attention by any means possible: moving pictures frames, flickering lights, footsteps, and terrorizing your children. I think you were wise to move your children out of that home. It's a shame that the previous owners didn't disclose any of their experiences before they sold the house to you, but then they must've assumed that you wouldn't have purchased the home if you were aware of the activity beforehand. Were you able to sell the home, and if so, do you know if the new owners are dealing with the same type of activity?

Regarding haunted houses versus haunted people, something that's always struck me as compelling, is the fact that some people can experience paranormal activity in a home while others that live in the same home may not have any experiences at all. I've actually lived in a similar situation. Personally, I believe it may have to do with how sensitive (open) a person may be to the spiritual realm and also how vulnerable they are. I feel that children can sometimes be more susceptible to being targets because they aren't as guarded or aren't as wary as adults seem to be - and they may feel powerless against the frightening paranormal stuff happening in their home. Keep in mind, there are those who don't believe in the paranormal whatsoever, and have never been bothered by it...

I'm glad that you were able to find a more peaceful place to live with your family ~ Take Care!
Miracles51031 in Across The Miles
MrsRamsay - thank you for sharing that experience. I believe your friend's husband saw your beacon and chose you to deliver such a wonderful message to his kids. If you weren't consciously thinking it, it was him. I hope it gave them some comfort.

I randomly hear words or get vibrations from under my pillow. I have done everything I can to debunk it, and there is nothing under my pillow that could or would create a voice or vibration.
Miracles51031 in Across The Miles
Rajine - it very well could have been our non-living housemate. But I honestly think, like Lost Voyage noted, because I immediately thought of Manafon, I had picked up on his emotion at the time.
Miracles51031 in Across The Miles
The_Lost_Voyage_11 - holy crap! I wonder if your dad picked up on your distress and "interrupted" your nightmare, or maybe redirected it, since he was being "pulled" out the window by the werewolf. 🤔 Thank you for sharing that.
Hello Pumpkin,

I think you were fortunate to have encountered a spirit (ghost) that seemed more benign in nature, than something that could've been malevolent or terrifying to live with! Perhaps one of these spirits/ghosts you were feeling around you was a deceased relative watching over you and your family - or maybe these ghosts grew fond and/or tolerant of you while you lived there because you didn't pose a threat to them. Who knows, it may have been a variety of paranormal things going on in that home due to the history of the land? Did anyone else have similar experiences that lived in your home?

Sometimes I feel that our own lack of understanding and limited view toward the paranormal can cloud our judgement and cause us unwarranted fear. Honestly though, it's pretty freaky feeling when you can sense a presence and feel 'something' touching you but are unable to actually see what it is! From my experience, whether it's paranormal or not, I've learned to always go with my instincts and trust my inner feelings anytime I face the unknown...

Take Care:)
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in Across The Miles
MrsRamsay, I too had a similar experience at a memorial years ago. The night before I had dreamed a very vivid dream of my friend who had passed on and a dream that I'm quite sure was a visitation, I remember it to this day. The next day as I was speaking to his daughter at the service I was also overcome with a strong urging to tell her about the dream and assure her that her dad was OK, it was like something I heard and yet not with my ears. Thanks for sharing!
MrsRamsay (guest) in Across The Miles
Lost Voyage,
My 30 year old daughter and I have had the same dream on the same early morning on two occasions. It was about her grandma/my mom and we dreamed the same thing though I can't remember now what it was!

On another occasion, I was drying my hair one afternoon when I heard a neighbor's name, super loud in my head. It was so weird I literally turned the dryer off to see if someone had called out to me (answer was no). I distinctly remember thinking to myself, "Why in hell would I have thought about THAT GUY?! I never thought about him, I knew his wife and kids but not really him. It was highly weird. Later that day I was heading out as a neighbor drove by. She stopped to tell me that our friend's husband in Afghanistan had been killed. Yes, it was the same person whose name I had heard while drying my hair! A few weeks later at the memorial service, I was in line waiting to hug his family (five teenagers) and I kept on hearing, "Tell them how proud their dad would be of them." I don't know if that was ME talking to myself, or if that came from somewhere else, but I did tell them, each one.

I can't imagine hearing a voice from under my pillow though.
MrsRamsay (guest) in A Helping Hand From Heaven
I think you are absolutely correct! And I'm so happy you got to know your great grandmother, not all of us are that lucky!

When my mom passed away in 2013, we were all there with her except my husband, who was home with the flu. The exact minute Mom died a whole bunch of weird things happened.

First, I had just laid down on a small sofa at the far end of her bedroom and had closed my eyes... I was in that pre-sleep state you can get at 12:40 am after an exhausting day. We had finally hired a nurse, so the nurse was at Mom's bedside, which allowed me to take a break. All of a sudden I felt or sensed SOMEONE at my side, almost felt like a hug and I JUMPED up, wide awake. I took a look at Mom (the nurse was not at her bedside) and could tell she was going to die. I have no idea how I could tell, but on my way out of the room to call my siblings, I noticed the nurse coming out of the bathroom. Siblings ran downstairs just in time. After her last breath, I hugged my brother for a few seconds, and then turned to the nurse and said, "Thank you for waking me" which prompted a very confused look on her face. But before we could continue, my phone rang. All I could think was, "How did ANYBODY KNOW this fast that Mom had just died?"

The call was from my husband. Here's where it gets weirder. My first husband had died years previously and the minute my mom died, his best friend had called my house in the middle of the night, asking if all was ok. Again, let me explain. My first husband's best friend, whom we hadn't spoken to in a decade, gets some urge to call me (and he was apparently talking about my first husband with my current husband who took the call... Strangely... Though current husband was so sick he can't remember how the call went, only that the caller kept repeating first husand's name. He said it was like all he heard was, "Scott, Scott, Scott..."). Longer story short, the friend later told us he was up changing his baby's diaper and had an overwhelming urge to call. He said he was "compelled" to find out if we were all ok. My husband and I are convinced (and it was our first thought) that this call was a message from Scott, my first husband, letting us know he was there for Mom. And regarding the nurse waking me: no. She was in the bathroom. I am now convinced Mom stopped by the sofa to give me one last hug on her way to wherever.*

I continue to get messages from both Scott and Mom on special occasions, the last of which happened Jan. 4, my 61st birthday. Heard our special Janet Jackson song at the grocery store ("Together Again," which was an obscure song that you hardly EVER hear). Oh, and strangely (and I am going to repeat this even though it's sort of TMI and embarrassing, but I would LOVE to know if anyone has ever experienced similar... Just after I felt what I now believe to be my mom's soul hug me one last time, I got my period, which I had NOT HAD in three years. I cannot explain that one, nor can my OB/Gyn, who, when I told him, was shocked and just shook his head and said, "God works in mysterious ways. I've never heard of this before." Wild.

I believe if people paid close attention, they would recognize signs from their loved ones. Thanks for YOUR story, and sorry for your loss, again, grandmas are very special.
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in Across The Miles
Hello Miracles, what an incredible account! I believe we can definitely share paranormal encounters as well as other things. Since many believe time and space are mere constructs, several ghost encounters people have had such as 'seeing' civil war battles, may not be residual but rather a peek back in 'time' as it were.

There are so many experiences I've read, some psychic/intuitive where a person will suddenly have a name pop into their head and then that person seems to call them out of the blue. From the science end, the experiments with remote viewing where one person can tap into what the other is 'seeing' without knowing where they have projected their consciousness, to the experiments on a cell, divided and then separated by miles. Whatever they did to one cell, the other reacted the same way.

I think we are connected in so many ways and it's coming out in more and more instances.

I remember in my own experience a few years back, I had a nightmare wherein I was in my own home and for some reason peering cautiously out of a window, when suddenly a huge hairy beast, akin to a werewolf popped up on the other side of the window and I woke up with such a start. I remember it so clearly because it was so real and so unusual, I rarely have nightmares. Some time later, in a casual conversation with my mom, she told me my dad had a brutal nightmare one night, that shook him pretty bad. When I asked what he dreamed, my jaw almost hit the floor when she told some huge hairy creature was attempting to pull him through a window! I had never mentioned my nightmare but the similarities were so bizarre. I wasn't able to establish the time frame as there was some time that elapsed between my dream and that conversation, to see if it occurred at the same time, but it was still so uncanny!

Anyways, I think it entirely possible that you and Manafon tapped into one another, specially since his name sprang to mind right afterward and you felt compelled to reach out.

Thanks for sharing, more food for thought!
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in Lady In Blue
Hello imsusan67, what a fascinating encounter, it must have been startling for sure to bump into someone who appears solid and then disappears, you seem to have a gift.

I also echo Miracles1031 question, you mention rubbing your husbands shoulders a few days before he died and seeing the hands superimposed over yours, but you mention your husband was with you during this siting only a week ago? I'm assuming it was an older marriage but would like clarity on this? Perhaps you could elaborate more on your earlier intuitive/psychic experiences, I'm intrigued!

Good Luck!
Hi Jojorocks

Animals have heightened senses than we do so I definitely believe that they can see what we can't
Hi GingerRead

What a touching story about your grandmother, my condolences, it is never easy losing someone who is close to you, but I believe that our loved ones never really leave us, they are always here guiding us with an unseen hand and when it's time for us to leave they will be there waiting for us to join them on the other side.

Death is the end of one journey and the beginning of another.
Hi GingerRead

I can only imagine how much history buildings have, and not just how old it is, but rather what happened exactly in it and exactly how many, if any, spirits are lurking about waiting for someone to notice/sense them.
Hi Miracles51031

I myself had a few lazy days where I just didn't feel like getting out of bed and start my day.

I wonder if what you heard was from a resident spirit?
Rajine in Lady In Blue
Hi imsusan67

I feel that since you have a sixth sense/intuitive sense spirits will be more drawn to you, maybe to get a message across or to show you that they are around.
Taha123 in Ghat Wali Mausi
Iam also from varanasi. Are u still there in varanasi...
GingerRead in Across The Miles
I did hear some accounts from those who claimed to feel a freezing, damp sensation. I have never experienced it, but I have no problem believing those who have.
GingerRead in He Turned Into Light
Thanks so much. After hearing this, it helps me to fear the inevitable a lot less.
*I'm sorry for your loss*

Darn autocorrect!

Hello GR.

I'm sorry for your lose.
It's reassuring to know that we won't be alone at the time of leaving our physical 'shells'.

Thanks for sharing this bittersweet experience.
lady-glow in Pets Seeing Ghosts
The lady from the first story was karma... No one appreciates being stare at by a stranger.

Yes, animals are aware of otherworldly entities.
That was intense bro! Tho I don't know if the dogs are dying from something else maybe they're ill or starving. Or a friggin psycho is poisoning them? 😭
"I have observed that some regular commentors on this forum have an unpleasant habit of mocking those whose command over the English language is not very strong. Such commentators make it a hobby of trying to blow holes in the accounts.

Of course, I am not at all insinuating that you are one of them;"

English isn't my native language and, although sometimes I have trouble expressing my ideas and opinions, I find this community very understanding and open to listen to us non-English-speaking members.

Actually, I think your English is very good and you have no problem at conveying your ideas and emotions.

That's a lot of interesting information that you have provided in your comments.

You come across as a very well-read and knowledgeable individual; and your comments add a lot of value to this forum.

Pls keep writing and sharing.

Wow, that's a very intriguing concept; that some living person can create a haunting.

It certainly sounds plausible; especially the point about strong emotions and tragedies creating residual hauntings.

There is so much about the world around us that we don't know, so nothing can be discounted.

I am not at all offended by your questions, just slightly amused. As you can clearly see in my earlier comment to you, nowhere have I said that I felt offended. So kindly don't insinuate that.

As the article shared by you clearly says, castrated men are called as eunuchs (Hijra / Chakka) in India, not homosexual men with normal genitals.

I have observed that some regular commentors on this forum have an unpleasant habit of mocking those whose command over the English language is not very strong. Such commentators make it a hobby of trying to blow holes in the accounts.

Of course, I am not at all insinuating that you are one of them; I am simply making an observation about regular commentators in general.
Miracles51031 in Across The Miles
Manafon - hey! Thanks for stopping by. 😁I just checked and I don't have anyone saying "hello", but I did hear a man early this month.

From My Journal entry on 1.09.2022: "One evening this past week I was sitting on the couch, Dalton at his desk, when I heard a man's voice behind me (which would be toward the hallway). I don't know what he said."

Hearing "hello" in our home is pretty normal anymore. LOL
Manafon1 in Across The Miles
Hi Miracles--I remember this well. The timing was such that it seems at least possible that it was a shared paranormal experience. A week ago I was outside at a customer's house filling up a bucket with birdseed from a small shed, when I heard a somewhat somber young boy's voice say, "Hello." Thinking it was an autistic boy who lives next door and likes to chat, I said "hello" in return and turned around to see nobody was there. It then struck me that the voice wasn't at all upbeat and the kid next door always sounds excited and happy. All I can surmise is that it was the spirit of a young lad passing by.

I should have written you to see if anything similar happened to you around the same time!
MrsRamsay (guest) in Lady In Blue
Wow, you are sensitive, apparently. Did you only hear Grandpa Joe? Was it a brief flash of light? I'm a little curious to have you explain more detail about that one! (I'm convinced my loved ones have been at our special occasions, mainly because of photographic evidence).

Also, when you were rubbing your husband... Do you remember specifically if you sensed the hands or saw them and... Did you FEEL any certain way at the time (other than of course sad and stressed). I am really awed about the hands.
GingerRead - I was just wondering if there was anything else to indicate you were approached by a ghost. Some people feel cold spots, which I'm sure you know, but I feel static and/or coldness.
GingerRead in Across The Miles
No, I just remember hearing the noises. As soon as I heard them reach my feet, they stopped and it was completely quiet again.

I should also thank you for your kind words. I am happy to be useful.

Stay safe on your nightly walks. 😊

That makes sense. It could be what the crow in the story is.
CreamTea - yes, that is exactly what I am talking about. Thank you for your comments. I'll look that up.

There is a theory that has been passed around some YGS friends and I about living residual, where a person can create an image of themselves by repeating the same thing for an undetermined amount of time. Like a mailman who walks the same route until retirement but is seen making that same trip after retirement.

I believe living residual is a reality and can't help but feel that trauma such as these kids experience would have to create something, maybe as a release of some of their emotions, fears, etc like a tulpa.

Do you mean becoming a ghost while one is still alive? As in "sending away" a separate soul to bear the pain that the heart cannot contain?

I don't know, but your thought reminds me of two things:

1) What shamans call soul loss.
2) the mysterious film "Come and find me", its script written by Russell Hoban. The main character has the theory that this has happened in a haunted house he investigates. But is he right?
The story is fictional, but perhaps it was based upon something Mr. Hoban had experienced or read of? He studied shamanism, if I'm not wrong... Anyway, it's worth a watch.

The film is part of a British series on the paranormal called "A leap in the dark". Its message is complex, I can't say I really understand it, but it awakens ideas, possibilities, in a poetic way, like your thought... And perhaps a hope of healing...?

Link to the film on YT: Https://
Miracles51031 in The Drain Chaser
VANGYVANJA - you are certainly a lot braver than I am. There is no way I would have stopped to pick up my water bottle if something was chasing me. And I have dry mouth all the time, so I know how that feels.
Panini18 - it seems to me that maybe there were two things going on. Lady-glow mentioned sleep paralysis. That could explain you not being able to move. But the shaking, as if trying to wake you, makes me think maybe there was something else and it was trying to help you get out of the sleep paralysis.

Just to rule this out, do you have any deceased relatives, friends, etc that it could have been?
Miracles51031 in "imaginary" Friend
Courtney22 - Rajine has a great idea. Maybe by researching, you can find out something about your imaginary friend.

I hate thinking that maybe it wasn't a child, that maybe it was an evil spirit who was pretending to be a child to gain your trust. I normally don't feel that way, but your experience and your parents' comments make me think that.

I'm glad y'all moved out of there before something bad happened.
Miracles51031 in The "polterguest"
livthesciencekid - Liv, I'm late to your story but want to give you some advice.

PLEASE DO NOT CUSS OUT THE SPIRIT! I hope you did not go through with that suggestion. It is never a good thing to try and antagonize a spirit you know nothing about. Even if it is a gentle, kind spirit, cussing it out would definitely stir up some anger. If it is a not so gentle and kind spirit, you could make things very bad. Imagine you being cussed out by someone and you have no idea why?


Thank you, and you're welcome. Yes, it is not easy reading, but I think it is important to share. I believe in the healing power of compassion. The main thing is that we care even when it hurts (and it hurts because we care).

For this reason, I am glad that discerninguser brought attention to this boy's fate. I think it makes a difference.
GingerRead - did you feel anything when the noise stopped at your feet?
As I was reading the comments on this submission, a thought occurred to me.

Because of the tragic circumstances, could a child or teen "create" a ghost or spirit? If a poltergeist can be created from emotions, couldn't someone who lives this life also create something from their emotions?
Miracles51031 in My Family's Haunted House
Pilotpaul - I really enjoyed reading this, especially the last paragraph. If I were your sister, that would have really had me questioning if it was a shared dream with your great-aunt, an out of body experience, or something else. Whatever happened, I'm sure that must have shocked your sister.

Thank you for sharing.
Miracles51031 in Playful Soul
GingerRead - I enjoyed reading this. Thank you for sharing your mom's experience. I hope my kids are as grateful to me for their paranormal lives as you are to your mom and grandmother. 😊
Hi discerninguser:

You're welcome.😊
Thank you for sharing your story!
Miracles51031 in Lady In Blue
imsusan67 - as lady-glow said, welcome to YGS. I was a little confused about one thing you said. "...and when I rubbed my husband's shoulders in the hospital a few days before he died."
lady-glow in Lady In Blue
Welcome to YGS.

What an interesting set of experiences.

At this point, I'm not sure if the lady at the church was a ghost or if it was a residual haunting.

It seems like you didn't register anything odd about her until the moment she disappeared before your eyes. Although, it seems, her attire was dated.

There's a plethora of stories in the forum about encounters involving ghosts that look as solid as living people.

The overlapping hands make me think that you have seen the hands of your spirit guardian.

Thanks for sharing these fascinating experiences.

Welcome to YGS.
Thanks for such interesting, though disturbing, information.


I'm under the impression that you have missed the part of my comment that says: "I do not mean that I doubt your story" and got offended by my questions?

A quick google search took me to the following interesting article:


And that's pretty much all I know about Eunuchs... No harm intended by asking.

"You see, this is not a movie script in which all the questions are neatly answered for the benefit of the audience at the end."

You see, by asking I was hoping that, perhaps, some of my questions could be answered by some traditions and beliefs proper to your culture, things that, as a foreigner, I lack the background to see from your perspective.

Anyway, I appreciate your feedback... Like I said before, neither doubt your experience nor was my intention to offend you.

Let's keep in mind that "Truth does not mind being questioned, a lie does not like being challenged."

I'm questioning, not challenging your narrative.

My ceiling fans strings have been swinging violently back and forth late at night. They are so loud they wake me up because this slam into the ceramic covering the light bulbs. Its only happened three times to me so far. We have been trying everything to figure out what's causing it but still don't know. My family probably wouldn't even have believed me had I not gotten a video of it at 2am.
Hi Rajine, thanks for following my stories. Yes, it's been almost a decade since I wrote on this site. I definitely feel the dog was too scared to walk on the haunted path alone.
Hi CreamTea, that's a very profound observation that you made about life and death. Thanks also for giving a detailed explanation of eunuch prostitutes. I couldn't have said it better myself. 😊
Lady glow,

1) By eunuch, I am referring to a man who has been castrated. I don't mean a homosexual guy.

2) We don't call homosexual men as eunuchs in my culture. That would be really stupid, not to mention offensive.

3) I am not suggesting anything. Why would I do that? I have merely given an account of what I saw and heard.

4) Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to ask the ghost why he didn't appear under the circumstances of his last moments, why he is killing the animals and birds etc.

5) I really have no way of knowing as to whether he was dead, half-dead, barely alive or badly hurt when his attackers left him, nor do I know if the animals and birds fed on him when he was dead or alive.

6) I don't know who the ghost blames or whether he is taking revenge on the birds and animals.

You see, this is not a movie script in which all the questions are neatly answered for the benefit of the audience at the end.

This is a real life experience and I can only write about what I saw and heard. I can neither speculate nor answer most of the questions that you have posed.
AnotherSecurityGaurd-Welcome to YGS.
Reading this post made me think of the post "Voices In the Factory" shared by Kindly_Refrain. Some of the best stories here are from the night shift.
I have a question about hearing the voices in conversation-did their conversations tone just seem even toned like " accidentally overheard nearby" as it moved or did it shift in tone as if hiding" or "drawing your attention" on purpose?
I have had a few strange experiences hearing invisible conversations. With one exception the voices sounded garbled and indifferent to my own presence. Once it sounded like French, I think. My Spanish is terrible but maybe a translator app could make sense of what you heard, or even if its not english, maybe.

In sharing my experiences on YGS, I found super helpful Mods and healthy perspectives that helped me deal calmly with the idea of hearing invisible voices.

I am still working nights- next door to a scrap yard, so my honest thanks for making sure I am very awake for a while. This post has given me a lot to think on.
Hello AnotherSecurityGuard, what an amazing and humorous story! I enjoyed your take on this experience and your unique storytelling style! What was especially great about this recounting tale, was the hilarious way your mind continued to 'rationalize' the events, even to the point of absurdity. Whether this was an afterthought or actually what was going through your mind at the time, I've known people who tried to logically explain away strange phenomena to the point of pushing the boundaries of fiction. I'm guessing it's a sort of coping mechanism when our sense of reality is challenged.

My distinct impression is whatever was there, was playing with you, messing with you in a way that knew it couldn't be explained away. Your no nonsense approach to life, to your job and your ability to find the true reasons behind the 'hauntings' that the other security guards encountered, many at this same locale, almost seemed the perfect setup for this situation. Almost as if whatever was behind this was purposely trying to prove the existence of another world beyond this one. That's how the story seemed to bear itself out.

I've always enjoyed the experiences relayed by security guards, they come across some interesting situations, and their take on it is pretty straightforward. I believe it's because they are trained to deal with flesh and blood intruders and trespassers, so it makes their bizarre encounters even more relatable in my opinion.

Anyways I thoroughly enjoyed your tale and hope you have more to share! Good Luck!
I may or may not have an explanation for the spinning hands of the clock.
During normal operation, power is released a tick at a time. When something goes wrong - a stripped gear or similar - the power is released in a very short time span, spinning the wheels and hands out of control and results in what you witnessed.
Of course that's assuming the clock was working before hand, and a quartz clock. Sometimes the old windups would tick a bit if shaken or jarred, even if not wound for a long time.
I really did enjoy reading this.
Hi Didos,

I just read your post. Sorry to hear about what you and your family members went through.

It seems like it's been some time since you shared this experience with us, so I was wondering if anything has changed? I hope things have improved and you guys have gotten rid of this curse.

I m curious to know if your family caught the person who orchestrated this evilness?

Any updates? I hope the conditions of your cousin improved and you and your family managed to get rid of this this evil stuff.
MrsRamsay (guest) in The "polterguest"
Liv, thanks so much for the clarification! I had missed the line about how you are almost in high school but... Your writing is so much more mature, even than some of the high school students I used to teach! (That's a compliment). Honestly, when someone says something is "lost to history" I automatically assume they are a grownup, which is MY bad!

Thanks for all that, best wishes to you in 2022!
A somewhat Happy New Year ASG,

Hope you don't mind if I take the liberty of giving you the "nick-name" ASG. No disrespect intended, its just an Aussie habit of shortening names.

I have to admit that its been a long time since I had so much fun reading a YGS story like this one. Yes, there are plenty of security guard stories floating around in the ether but yours is down to earth and somehow, I found myself identifying with your situation.

So, if I admit that I found myself chuckling in some parts, I can assure you that I was not laughing at you - but with you.

Your story has left me wondering why American Pickers don't get assailed by attached spirits. Could it be due to the respect that they treat the items they purchase and restore?


Very funny and well told. I Enjoyed your story and style of telling it.

I have always tried to imagine what is must be like to work as a security guard on night shifts. Doing this in a junk yard must be especially challenging; confronting addicts and would-be thieves late at night? Yes, it sounds like challenging work.

Thanks for sharing.
Hi AnotherSecurityGuard

I must say that you definitely have a knack for storytelling.

I suppose whatever it was certainly had some sort of attachment to those items, but in a way I believe we all have an attachment to certain things especially if it has sentimental value or if we worked hard to get certain things, if we are like this while we are living, what difference would it make to be possessive over something when we are no longer here?
Welcome to YGS.

What a funny writing style you have! I enjoyed reading your story.

It's hard to imagine that anyone could have a sentimental attachment towards such old objects but, I imagine, they were very important to their late owner and s/he was upset seeing their precious possessions at the recycling depot.

Thanks for sharing.
Thank you Rajine. Most ghost stories are disturbing, yet the ones involving children are usually the most unnerving.
livthesciencekid in The "polterguest"
Mrs Ramsay:
Hello! I would love to clarify about my age! We purchased the home in 2017 which was the summer of when I was in fourth grade. I was nine years old. That was five years ago, which makes me fourteen now. I am an eighth grader which I wrote at the end of my post that I am almost in high school. Also I have been reading some of the posts on your page! Looking forward to reading more!

Hello! Yes, watching scary movies is so much different from actually living through creepy events. I have tried researching the house, but all I can find is appraisals. I will keep looking and keep you updated! I am glad you are interested in my story!
Hi Pumpkinclaww0940

I've also had a similar experience with the cold hand brushing my face one night, I've seen shadows and heard disembodied voices, but I still don't know what to make of it.
Rajine in Playful Soul
Hi GingerRead

Firstly I'd like to offer condolences on the passing of your mother, I like to believe that people who have passed on are always around us even though we can't see them.

Its quite a tragedy that a young child has passed on and is still around, definitely a very interesting incident your mum experienced.
There are many factual errors in this story.
1. It takes more than 30 minutes from Dadar to Bhayandar. It takes approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour.
2. There are less than 8 stations, 7 for a fast local train.
3. Last local trains are never empty. They are, on the contrary, crowded. Also, you mentioned that Mira Road came at 12 am, then how did the red sari women boarded at 3 am? It takes 5 minutes from Mira Road to Bhayandar, as you mentioned.
To comment on the story itself:

The badly mutilated crow and the quietly grieving, despondent dog seem, incidentally, to be fitting symbolic representatives of the state of a human soul after such a brutal life and death... The animals that ate this abused and murdered boy may have ingested his unspoken sorrows... Nothing in this world ever disappears entirely... All will out eventually, all must be expressed. That is my belief... Some ghosts are just that: attempts to express something that was too huge (too horrific or too unfathomable) to be communicated fully within the confines of one short life...

I do not mean to say that this explains all ghosts... I think that there are many different explanations depending on the case. But what do others think of this one?

To answer your question about "eunuch prostitutes":
Temple prostitution is still extant in certain regions of India. Poor families, or people who want to strike a bargain with the gods, sell their children to the temples of the goddess Yellamma to become devadasi (temple prostitutes).

Boys are fed alcohol and ritually castrated in a special ceremony. They then become hijras, which are considered a third gender, neither male nor female. They are taught that it is their religious duty to be of sexual service to others.

Girls are taught the same thing. The children are sometimes as young as five or six when they are introduced to this life.

They sing a song:
"Many lie with us, but no one marries us.
Many embrace us, but no one protects us."

So probably, discerninguser is speaking literally.

Sorry for writing so extensively on a topic without a ghost component. (However, spirits of the dark kind that receives energy from the misery of children tend to haunt such temples.)

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