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MaybeADreamer in Leo The Lion
Hi Tweed - lovely story thanks for sharing.

I too have a stray cat that I feed & care for. I believe the previous owner of Leo was just keeping an eye on him. I would if it was me LOL xx
Cuddlebear in Leo The Lion
Tweed - darn if I hadn't taken note of the both names ending in "O", nice catch. Meoo?

Since Garbo all of our pets have had names associated with movies or TV (except our current dog - Sadie Mae). Perhaps our next cat should be Harlow...
MysticFrance in Leo The Lion
Hi Tweed! You're back! I always love your stories! Happy that Leo found you and your husband. His previous owner must be an old lady. I imagine the smell of cosmetics you're saying. My grandma used to live with us. I'm not a cat person, but I love this story and how Leo chose you.

Nectarvore in The Little School Boy
Toyatoyang... I really do hope that this was an apparition and not a little kid in need of help...

Occasionally on here I come across a story that makes me wonder

I read one, once, on here about a car full of guys who drove away in a panic from a woman in a sari, covered in blood, calling for help, convinced she was a ghost

Maybe she was and maybe she wasn't

But I was stunned by the lack of desire to help her, and the assumption she was not alive.

I don't know, I'd be kind of ruling that part out, you know?

I guess this story is somewhat different because the apparition was not distressed

But... The mother in me just went straight to the fear that kid was human and out alone in the night.

I do hope it was a ghost... Not a little sleepwalker or runaway.

By the term 'sensitive', I mean like my father used to be able to see some spirits and entities when he was younger and feel their presence. I'm sensitive in the nature that I can feel the presence of something, but have yet to really see anything, minus some shadow figures when I was about 5 or 6. My father told me he was the most sensitive around his late 20's, early 30's. Since then he said he noticed he's not nearly in tune with the spiritual world as he used to be.

It's possible that the presence wasn't strong enough for him to feel it, considering he was in his mid 40's at the time. And I guess I wasn't even really as sensitive to it as I am now, so I may not have felt it due to that as well.

As far as calling the spirit a liar, I have a hunch that he got infuriated as it was claiming itself as a family member. It could remind him of an event with a Ouija board in the past? He has some stories he has yet to tell me about. I'd have to ask him why he got so upset.

About the cleansing process, it makes sense that the pendulum wasn't cleansed as much as it should have. Therefore not really creating a 'safe' session.

I realize now that any future stories should include much more detail, as to not cause any confusion. My apologies!
E6bee - thanks for the info about the " 'Gentle Energy Cleansing Kit' from Ask Your Pendulum". I just stopped by to check the link.

...the only problem I see is, it takes at least 12 hours to clean/energize a pendulum... It seems like you didn't have enough time to treat the device properly that night.
E6bee - thanks for replying.

From your profile:

"At about 15 years old, my parents told me how I seemed to always be a little sensitive to the paranormal world."

I'm not surprised since your father is a sensitive too, it's very common for this 'gift' to run within families.

Out of curiosity, - what kind of gift do your father have? Is it the same as yours?
Has your father developed his abilities? I'm asking these questions because, in my opinion, there's a difference between being sensitive and being knowledgeable about the paranormal, it's not unusual to hear of people who are afraid of their paranormal capabilities to the point that they have learned to ignore them and even suppressed them. Though this doesn't seem to be your father's case.

I find it interesting and puzzling that, given the fact that there were, at least, two sensitive persons in the group (you and your father), why was it necessary to use a pendulum as a method to communicate with whatever that might had been present at that moment?
Didn't any of you sense the presence of this spirit and its negative nature before starting to ask questions?

I have difficulty understanding why your father, being not only the troop's leader but sensitive to the paranormal, would risk to anger the spirit by calling it a liar, and expose all of you to any possible consequences, instead of just closing up the session.

Anyway, I hope you guys learned the lesson and gave up delving in the paranormal in any further camping trips.

All of us were roughly 15-16yrs old and they warned us of possible outcomes from using a pendulum, so its not like we were going to do this blindly. Also, it wasn't us that were throwing rocks or anything and how would we be in the wrong for having rocks thrown at us? Its not necessarily a bullet point that comes up in meeting to "prevent rocks from being thrown at us".

I'm not trying to come across as mean but keep in mind that y'all are insulting my father if you ask "what kind of parents are these?"

My father knew what he was doing. Properly opened and closed the session, and informed all of us what could happen.
LuciaJacinta in The Man Is Back
After reading over all the comments...I'm generally a believer in the demonic and often agree with those on here that believe in these things too.

But this time, I'm not too sure.

Considering this women's family history I'd be more inclined to believe in a history of mental illness. The fact that her mother plotted to have her father murdered goes well beyond the realm of normal thought patterns. That is not normal thinking at all. Serves logic that her daughter might have inherited these odd thought patterns. Possibly a type of insanity.

I'd need to rule out any mental illness to go further in the demonic realm.

I don't doubt you might have seen something on the ceiling too but there is a thing as suggestive thoughts. She could have convinced you to see something that wasn't there.
Ok. It probably happened. But, yeah I'm with those that think what kind of parents are these anyway? My son was in Boy Scouts too and also went on very long hikes along the Blue Ridge Mountains and all sorts of battlefield adventures but nothing like ouija/pendulum sessions occurred and if they did I'd want to know about it and would be ruffling feathers concerning it. I believe in the power of these things but don't think they are *games* for Boy Scouts. The only stories I heard of my son's adventures were of swimming in streams and general fun.

I'm also questioning the rock throwing part when Boy Scouts are all about safety. They wouldn't approve of kids being rocked in fear of a lawsuit. So again...I'm like what kind of troop is this?
(5 weeks since the event)

Have yet to experience anything in our bedroom. It seems as if the presence of the bible is keeping whatever it is out of that room. But the occasional hearing footsteps out in the living room has escalated to nightly.

About 3 days ago, my girlfriend and I woke up both with vivid dreams involving demonic possession. Not to us, but to someone we know. It wasn't the same dream, but it was strange how both of us woke up in the morning and had experience a dream involving demons. I feel like it was the entities way of letting us know it is still here, even if it can't come into the room. 😨

I can understand where one would be skeptical when reading the story and my comment. I should clarify that we bought the pendulum at around 7:30-8pm, and we wandered around the town of Gettysburg while it was being charged with the moonlight. It was suggested by the shop owner to use the moonlight considering the sun was almost fully set and it was just shy of a full moon that night. The car had 4 people in it that night. My father, two friends of mine, and me. All of us who believe in the paranormal and know the dangers. As far as the cleansing kit, I wasn't aware of those either before then. I can't remember the exact one but a good example would be like the 'Gentle Energy Cleansing Kit' from Ask Your Pendulum, if you'd like to investigate more.


I honestly couldn't tell you why the parents would agree to let us all participate in the session. I bet it would be because most of them didn't believe in the paranormal, so to them it would be harmless fun. Also, in Gettysburg, many shops were open late due to the amount of tourists that would probably explore the idea of the Ghost Tours. Better business! A lot of ghost tours actually are ran by these spiritual shops themselves, at least that's my experience. So it would kind of make sense for them to be open late. And no need to apologize! I'm always up for questions and such. I'd love to go back to Gettysburg at night in the future. I went one time since that night, but I was driving through it and just took a look during daylight.

Appreciate the time y'all are taking to reply! 🙄
Aww sweet story. But I gotta know did you end up staying in Australia or did you go back to Canada?
Awww, that's so sad. I remember when my grandfather died when I was at work. I really wanted to go on emergency leave but my boss told me to at least finish my shift and then I can go and take a leave the next day. I still wished I saw him in his last breath.
Hmmm...I don't know. Could still be some other type of bug. I've seen disappearing insect lights from time to time.

I think I'd need more details and investigation to see for sure if it was supernatural.

But I enjoyed this story. Very descriptive. 😊
auntylulu96 in Tending To My Flowers
Hey Guys, I'm back with more real life experience. Thanks for leaving the comments from 5 years ago,I'm still living at Block 625B Woodlands Dr 52, Answer to SDS: What I saw was a white and a black hooded Dementor from Harry Potter, Haiqal saw A PONTIANAK, she is a female vampiric ghost in Malay mythology.
I enjoyed comments more than story itself, specially last salad specific reply by lady_glow 😊
So far, I understood importance of proofreading, detailed and clean post writting.
Hope author and her friend both are fine and unfriendly entity is gone.
Tweed in Leo The Lion
Cuddlebear, lol gotta stamp out those conspiracy theories before they take hold!
I like the idea of a cat named Garbo. Interesting how both cats respond to two syllable words ending in an "o" sound. Huh, something to ponder.
kryzlien1317 in Silhouette
hi may I know the name of the school? Because we had similar exprience but different scenario in 7th floor Lab CAS building.
Hi, Zarza I'm terribly sorry for your families loss.

The man your cousin saw could have been a type of Reaper or a spirit/entity that was connected with that section of road. Though some entities are stuck only in the places in which they passed they can be a warning of something bad coming to the person who sees them. Which means the man your cousin saw was warning him of the coming accident.

As for the howling dog, as silverknight stated the dog could have seen the man or another entity lingering near your cousins house and was upset by the presence of it.

Animals and young children are the most connected with noticing the presence of entities both good and evil. A dog suddenly howling like that could mean a lot of different things as the dog could have heard a siren from a long distance away due to their hearing being much better than ours, but with your cousin having seen what he did I would say it is more likely that the dog saw the same man your cousin did outside his home.

Your cousins mother, likely had a dream that she couldn't remember but felt the feeling from once she woke up which caused her reaction and why she said she had a bad feeling.

There is no solid answers you will be able to find on the events that took place prior to the accident without knowing a few things such as where the accident took place, if it was along the same road which your cousin saw the man on or if it happened somewhere else.

I do hope you find more answers that will help settle your mind on the matter. Again my condolences on your loss.
Grim Reapers are generally signs of death, most generally seen by the person who is about to die. Though there are times when a relative or someone you are close with is about to pass you are able to see the Reaper as a kind of early warning sign. Reapers do not always give the people who see them bad feelings though the affect differs from each experience. With Shadow People there are a lot of differing experiences and stories. I have had many experiences with a lot of different types of Shadow People and other entities over the years ever since I was a small child. Shadow People are usually tied to something that happened in the area or to a family. They can at times attach themselves to people or objects which can make their original origin hard to trace. Some Shadow People will choose to watch over young children and when you no longer see them it generally means they have decided you no longer need them to watch over you. Other Shadow People can be quite aggressive towards the people in which they are following. Based on how your Shadow Person acted and the feeling it gave you tells me that it was watching over you.
Hi E6bee, thanks for clarifying.
Jip, I think I had a protected childhood and also, my parents were not into these sort of things.
Good for me to look at things from another perspective.

Still, why would a parent, regardless of their child's age, risk contacting an evil entity, because the kids wanted to do this 'fun' thing.

While I'm typing this I'm thinking that maybe all the parents were in on this...?

Oh, and how were you able to find a shop with pendulums open at night?

Apologies if my comments and questions seem out of line.
I would recommend that you go back, like you said at the end of your story.
Looking forward to hearing about that experience!
You guys are very insightful, and yes, I might have angered them. I should not have done that as it was very juvenile. But it woke me up to a world of wonder.
majarlika012 in The Little School Boy
I wonder what have happened should you approached the kid 🤔 That would probably a scene, huh?

Where in Bulacan did the incident happen? I bought a house in Sta. Maria but we haven't moved in yet.
majarlika012 in Silhouette
Hi Toyatoyang,

I would love to know the name of the school as well. Where in Quezon City?

Also, was there any other ghost sightings in that school? Any more stories? How old is that school? Any story you know of regarding the history of that school?
Hyper00sonic in A Strange Ticking Noise
Im also hearing some sort of Ticking Noise and I can't sleep. I don't know who behind this ticking noise. I'm wondering if this some sort of wireless radio telecommunication or scanner? I want to sue them for this act and but them in jail and request large some of cash as compensation.
"My father bought the pendulum as well as a well recommended cleansing kit for it, and for safe measures let it sit on the dashboard of our car while the moonlight shined down."

I wasn't even aware that there are 'cleansing kits' to treat pendulums.🤔

Don't take me wrong but the way you describe the pendulum sitting on the dashboard to get 'charged' sounds kind of... Unorthodox?

If the car was moving, it's hard to imagine it was always facing towards the moon. Also, how many people were riding on the car? Keep in mind that the vibs of the individuals present at that moment would affect the energy from which the pendulum was feeding.

I'm not claiming to be a wiz on this subject, but I find your description of the pendulum session a bit strange.

I would ask you to be more specific about the cleansing process performed by your father but, given my skeptical nature, I probably would think that you'd answer to my questions not with what really happened but by improvising a response after gathering the proper information. 😁

I hope you pay more attention to detail on your future submissions.
unquiet in Blues Brother
Hi Cuddlebear,

Thanks for commenting. I do doubt sometimes but you are right, I was comforted so I'll take it as a positive affirmation that he's still around 😊
unquiet in Rock Isn't Dead
Hi Sherm784, thanks so much for the comment. I agree, most of the "unusual" signs that I receive from him involve music!
unquiet in Blues Brother
Hi Tweed,

Thanks so much for the heartfelt comments.

I've just read a bit about synchronicity. I have experienced it a few times in regards to my brother. I try to jot them down when they happen as they are subtle and easy to dismiss if we are not paying attention 😊
Cuddlebear in Blues Brother
A very touching story Unquiet, thanks for sharing

Was it coincidence? Who know? If it gives you comfort to think it was a message from you brother, then go with that; who is to say otherwise?
Cuddlebear in Leo The Lion
Tweed ~ What a wonderful story thank you for sharing!

Your naming of Leo reminds me of my naming of a cat - Garbo. My kid sister got a cat from her husband as a wedding present (don't ask and yes the cat outlasted the marriage). When their first born came around, she was allergic to cats - so Cuddlebear gets a cat. They had named the cat Spice but she took no notice of her name. While talking to my mother about old movies I mentioned Garbo. At the mention of the name the Cat came into the galley and looked at me. After hanging up the phone I went into another room and said "Garbo" once again the cat came into the room and looked at me. I performed this experiment several times with the same results. Ever after the cat was known as Garbo. Before the suggestion is made - Greta Garbo was alive both when the cat was born and later when she was named.
unquiet in Rock Isn't Dead
Rex-T, many thanks for the input. That is an excellent idea, I think I will frame it. My brother loved clothes and fashion almost as much as music so maybe that's why you received that impression 😁

He had many friends who keep his memory alive in their hearts!
hi sheetal

So horifying story.

You all have lots of courage that you all live there for some days.

Thankr for sharing.

Well the only reason they let us try and confront him is because we all thought that someone up there was just having fun throwing rocks down and had no idea that we were all below. Otherwise if we thought they were deliberately trying to hurt us then we would've just left.
In regards to having us exposed to such things, we were all about 14-15 at the time and well aware of the possible consequences. My father made us all aware and enforced the idea of how its not a toy.


My father bought the pendulum as well as a well recommended cleansing kit for it, and for safe measures let it sit on the dashboard of our car while the moonlight shined down. I can see your concern of legitimacy involving using the pendulum in the open, but let me reassure you, we made sure that the wind wouldn't be interfering. The rock face prevents the wind coming from one side and we formed somewhat of a wall around it, although it is possible that some wind made its way in. Although it just made sense that it was moving with what the spirits were answering, considering there was very minimal side-to-side movement, and reflected the board pattern extremely well.
Also as a matter of fact, the pendulum did start oscillating haha.

Thank you all for your input! ❤
Hey Biblio,

Lucky this happened years before the naff display went up or you'd probably thought it part of the gimick.
Did you think at the time it was aware you were sussing it?

Cool school excursion, a castle and an encounter with whatever that was. We always went to the beach and got sunburned.
Tweed in Leo The Lion
Lady Glow, the votey thing, it hates me. I've been awol for how long? Yet it's giving me the finger.
Anyhoo, I loved your comment and it made me think. You're right this ghost is probably trying to relay something to us. Thanks for your cool words!

Jan, a friend of mine has a Himalayan named Claudia, but I call her Pusheen. They are lovely cats! Sorry you had to give yours up. I get cat allergies too, but it's manageable.
I'll have to think about the cosmetics smell. It may just be how she identities herself. Funeral makeup, wow! My inner goth is applauding! I don't think that stuff has a smell. When I was a kid in all those funeral homes I don't remember there ever being any smell. But maybe that's all changed. Interesting thought, thanks!
Tweed in Blues Brother
Hi there Unquiet,

Thanks for sharing this moving time with us, and I'm very sorry for your loss and the untimeliness of it.

I like to think those on the other side help us by imparting parts of themselves that may benefit us. Perhaps this hat will help your son in ways that aren't clear yet. It could be a personality, or identity thing.
The song playing on the radio, coincidence? Who knows. It was special that's all that matters. Take that moment and run. I think these things happen because we're in the right place, right where we're meant to be in the grand scheme of things.

Thanks again for sharing, I really enjoyed reading this. ❤
Biblio - definitely one of those events that make scratch one's head.

I have never been to that place but, in my opinion, it sounds like it was better without the overdone 'special effects'.

Thanks for sharing.
Hello, Biblio...

Your description of the servant's original plan "becoming somewhat more stab-oriented than anticipated" left me laughing delightedly at your deft, dry wit. I always enjoy the seemingly effortless way you write such wonderful stories. to orbs, or whatever they may be, I have personally seen none, but my wife saw something very similar to your electric dandelion seed about four years ago. She was doing a 3 month database contract gig at a local supplement manufacturer that had recently been acquired by a larger company, and almost everyone who had worked there had been decruited, unhired or to use the more brutal word, fired. There was only a skeleton crew of people there helping shut things down, after which they were gone, too.

As she was sitting at her computer station, she suddenly saw a bright, spinning object move across her desk at eye level. She watched as it moved across her desk and disappeared. She said that it looked like a tiny piece of gold mylar Christmas tinsel, but it moved horizontally and spun like a propeller on an invisible little airplane. The spin was not fast; about two or three revolutions a second.

There were no windows open, as it was November in Utah. There were no drafts; my wife has a sensitivity to drafts that rivals that of a candle flame. And there were no Christmas ornaments up, as the decruiting pretty much took care of any holiday spirit.

I'm not endorsing the program Ghost Adventures, as I don't believe everything they've experienced is completely valid for a number of reasons that I won't bore you with here. However, on a number of occasions, they have recorded small objects moving through the camera's field of view, and some of these objects do not have an easy or obvious explanation like bugs, dust, or falling debris. Several of these objects have exhibited a twisting or spinning motion that strongly reminds my wife of her experience, and they sometimes look like shiny bits of tinsel, for lack of a better description.

So, my feeling is that the term 'orb' is not perfectly descriptive of what some of these objects look and behave like, but it's the best we have for now, I guess. Until my wife's experience, the term 'orb' in a story title would make me tend to dismiss it out of hand, since most of what are offered as orbs are pretty obviously ordinary stuff. But, the experiences that you, my wife, and others on YGS have had have shown me that not all 'orbs' are, well, just orbs.

The question is, what could they be?

I wouldn't give too much credit to a pendulum session in the open since the answers could be affected by even the slightest breeze. Besides, it was a new pendulum, - did your father have enough time to cleanse it and charge it with his own energy?

Ha ha... I like the way your father yelled "Bulls**t! Hermann never fought in Gettysburg and didn't die in the war!". - I bet at that moment the pendulum began oscillating like Miley Cyrus' twerking hips when your father broke the stage of relaxation required when performing a pendulum session.

Waiting for your feedback.
I'm rather with Lady Glow on this one. I don't think the boy showed himself to you so much as you were there when he showed up. Yah, splitting hairs, for sure. 😁
There is something a bit off about this story for me. Maybe because of how I was brought up, but my parents and my friends' parents would never have exposed us to ouija or pendulums etc.

The strangest part is where you are thrown with sizeable rocks, the parents see the perp, and allow the kids to confront this person...

Seeing how this has affected you I think it was irresponsible of your father and the other parents to expose you to such a situation.
Or maybe my childhood was too protected?
"why did the kid show himself to us."

Sometimes you just happen to be at the right place at the right time. I hope you said a silent prayer for him when you realized he wasn't a schoolboy.
Hi Quantumgirl.
Very interesting. My brother had a very similar experience (see one of my posts). Could it have been your mothers 'doppelganger'?
msforgetmenott in Leo The Lion
Hi Tweed,

The memory of the blend of perfumes, powder and aftershave, much like when entering a crowded elevator.

The kind of cat you described was new to me, but I was soon finding a lot about it in the internet. I want one! I am very much a cat person, but my man has allergies to the extreme. I found this out when I had to give up my pure Himalayan, it was very heartbreaking. Yet we have a small dog thirteen pounds that is glued to his lap, and not one sneeze. Go figure.

We had a cat come to our back door, wanting in like it was his home. We let him onto our breezeway, gave him food as it was starving, and made him a bed out there. Then we noticed the fleas... Then we noticed he was getting fatter, um... Could he be a she... Instinctively she had looked for shelter. This story ends well, we found homes for all her kittens and Mom too.

We soon had the breezeway walled and insulated, a sunny warm room, but critters were unable to enter, unless invited.

I would say, your cat might have found his new home, with a little help. But it does not explain why you smelled the overpowering smell of pancake makeup.

Oh Tweed I have an awful thought, could the smell have been from funeral makeup? That is an awful thought!

lady-glow in Leo The Lion
Hello Tweed - the first thing that came to my mind when reading about the "cosmetic smell", was the smell of the lacquer Mom used to apply to her hair back in the 60's.

It seems like someone, other than Mr Tweed and you, has been looking after Leo, perhaps they were observing all the households in the neighborhood and decided that yours was the best suited to become Leo's forever home, then told him to knock on your door.
I wonder if this person has been telling you Leo's story and they put in your mind the thought of a second caregiver mistreating the cat.

I'm sure that the bond between Leo and his previous master was very strong and they couldn't bear the thought of him being homeless.

I'm glad you found each other.💜

Thanks for sharing such a beautiful experience.
I think you made a small mistake. Katrina was in 2005, not 2015. Liked the story. What a strange experience.
msforgetmenott in Devil's Den In Gettysburg
Hello E6bee, welcome to YGS,

You brought me back in time, I was a Senior Girl Scout and had coupled with an Eagle Scout. Such a innocent and delightful relationship.

I am happy your Dad had leadership skills, on a very interesting trip. It is a shame that someone didn't bring out a cell phone and snap a shot.

I have never traveled through the Blue Ridge Mountains, only passed by when heading south. So beautiful, from a distance.

Thank you for sharing your event,
By people I mean people like me. I am too emotional about slavery to view anything like that objectively. Just to be clear. I think I see orbs and all kinds of stuff in pictures that is 1) not really there or 2) there but dirt or bugs. I think lots of people photograph orbs, just not me.
DeeMarie-we got some pictures that seemed to maybe have orbs from other mills on St. John's. I will never go inside a sugar mill again, not because of what happened at the Annaberg site, but because of a "face" we 3 imagine in a picture from later that day. Not to tease. It isn't a good enough picture to share or make claims. People see what they want, or is suggested, like orbs sometimes-anyhow. I am never going inside a sugar mill, ever again. I wish those souls peace from their sorrow.
My own beliefs make me wonder if the the orbs in your photos was your mama and ancestors, if her passing came close before thet trip? Had any of you visited there with her before?
Thank you for leaving this comment and sharing with me. I hope you loved the Caribbean as much as I did.
DeeMarie-we got some pictures that seemed to maybe have orbs from other mills on St. John's. I will never go inside a sugar mill again, not because of what happened at the Annaberg site, but because of a "face" we 3 imagine in a picture from later that day. Not to tease. It isn't a good enough picture to share or make claims. People like me see what they want, or is suggested, like orbs sometimes-no matter what is actually pictured. I am never going inside a sugar mill, ever again. I wish those souls peace from their sorrow. Do you have any taken in or under any of the the mills? My perspective is so jarred by this experience that I do not trust my eyes in this case.
My own beliefs make me wonder if the the orbs in your photos was your mama and ancestors, if her passing came close before the trip? Had any of you visited there with her before? Does your family have history on St. John? Maybe she was watching over.
Thank you for leaving this comment and sharing with me. I hope you loved the Caribbean as much as I did. I only got to see St. John's that one day. Such nice people and beautiful nature. I'd go back anytime.
Please forgive my slow reply. The comment you sent was really such a thoughtful, friendly thing to write. Yours is a much more useful interpretation of that awful experience than my own personal, graphic, guilty, drastic sort. Thank you for your reasoning. It helps me consider a more universal framework.
Thank you for taking the time, when I read over what you wrote it heartens me.
The readers of YGS have always been a comfort to me, even years before I ever had an account.
Berggraf38 in Grandmother Mary
Very touching experience, I think she was not only saying goodbye, but showing you that life goes on after this physical existence.
My dad gave me a few goodbye signs after he passed and little things still happen occasionally that I think are parts of his spirit still around.
Well, aside from the time that the "teacher" wasted of your life... Your story sounds interesting. It sounds like the beginning of a good book. Should have read it at night.
vulcan10 in The Mist
If, because of this, you formed such a bond, why did you not talk of it for years until after she had left you and married someone else. Not sure I'd want a bond like that. I would have questioned her like a prosecuting attorney would the original zodiac (if they could ever get him) I don't care if she liked it or not. I mean...nuuuuuu...I'd be getting some answers right then and there!
That's very interesting. I have scene several programs on volcanoes and earthquakes throughout the years. Many things can happen in those areas and hawaii has had the eruptions lately. It takes years for that to build up. Many of the unexplained around those areas are having to do with energy seemingly self sustaining in air or on the ground. I'm glad you didn't touch it as it may have proven fatal. I'm not saying that this is the answer, it doesn't sound like the whatever it was didn't interact with you so it doesn't really sound alive but more of a natural phenomenon perhaps local to the area. I haven't read other sightings that are exactly like yours. It sounds like a cool experience to look back on though.
alitanna in Silhouette
Hi Toyatoyang!

Can you drop down the name of your school in Quezon as I'm from the Philippines as well. I'd love to know where this took place.

Also, your encounter is a little bit scary as you mentioned the silhouette got in and stood beside you. Was it a floating silhouette or a silhouette really taking a form of a man?
[at] Cuitiepiexox
Dude, people's the same everywhere. Idn if you watch 90 days fiance. There's this hot Brazilian chick but she's a ***ch. 😁 😁 😁
You are from Brazil? What is it like there? What are the people like there?
When I typed out that "I like children" with a heart emoji at the end, I didn't mean in a pedophile way. I actually hate pedophiles with a burning passion. Besides rapists and molesters, I actually want pedophiles to drop dead. Leave the children alone! They are much too young and innocent to understand what's going on. So if you have any more young children on your hands, I would suggest protecting them at all costs. Or any young nieces, nephews, cousins, or siblings you may have.
Just a poke? The spirit just gave you a simple poke instead of taking over the bottle feeding for you? I'm just kidding. I respect the dead. But your son does sound adorable. I like young children. ❤
This is a really cool story. I like it. I like any story that involves the paranormal.
It is okay for you to be afraid of things that you can't see. But "your" spirit sounds friendly enough and best of all he doesn't want to hurt you. Try communicating with him more.
This comment is just based on and reflected from my personal experiences, I don't claim to be an "expert."
Anyways, I totally believe reading about this stuff can increase/bring activity! That has happened to me in the past many times, I also believe talking about the same subject can have similar consequences.
Hope this helps!
Hello I live in Kilsyth near Glasgow but was brought up in the east end of Glasgow in a Tenament building... Ever since I was around 3 or 4 years old I would hear a ticking sound around me in my home. Not directly from within the walls but as if it was hanging in the air. Anytime I put my hand near the sound it would stop and manifest itself somewhere in the room but always close by... For years I never said to my mum or dad and in fact it wasn't until we moved house when I was 15 and the ticking moved with us that I mentioned it to my older brother who had moved out a few years earlier... My brother told me he used to hear it but it only appeared after I was born and when he left for his new home he never heard it again... I could go into this in depth about how I interacted with this sound but I am at work just now... Suffice to say I am 55 in a few weeks and the ticking has all but stopped, though it did carry with me through 3 homes. In that time I have never had any explanation to why it follows me and it's purpose... To the sceptics I can say this. This was no clock or watch in a drawer or a neighbours clock. It also wasn't a death watch beetle or some sort of insect or house defect. Actually sometimes at night I would sleep listening to music because the ticking would appear right at my ear. It may not have meant to be menacing but as a youngster it was hard for it not to be... I do now have my thoughts on what or who it could be.
Tweed in Silhouette
Hi Toyatoyang,

Did you guys see the silhouette as the white woman? Or was it a silhouette that could have been any ghost?
How long has the white lady been roaming the floor? Do you know the history of the place?
Hi Em,

It sounds like this was a guardian of some kind. Whether it's human or other is anyone's guess. What matters is how you felt about it.
There's much debate about what shadow people are or are not. There's also a theory that sometimes ghosts appear as shadows because, for whatever reason, they can't or won't appear in a solid form.
I think the best advice you will get on what/who this was will come from you. There are many encounters like yours on the site. You can search by category.

You felt comfortable with this presence, and these are cool experiences to have, so nice one!

I enjoyed your experience, thanks for sharing.
Dear priya I have been to gangapur and have seen people troubled by ghosts. We were even planning to go to mehndipur balaji... But there should be a solution to black magic. My sister has turned 36 but still not married. I hope I get to know who did all this.
I will tell my sister to visit dindori pranit and take blessings from Guru Mauli ji
That thing tried to attack me as well last week in my dream. I saw I was in my sisters house and went to take bath because I had to do pooja. I could smell dhoop in my sisters house. When I went to the bathroom I saw in the mirror that some one was standing behind me. When I turned around that lady turned into a small ugly girl. She lept up and caught my throat. And I caught hers. And at the same time shree swami samarth mantra jap started in my mind.

I came out of the bathroom, still holding that girl and showed to everyone that see, this is what is troubling us for so many years. That girl said to me in a childish voice, ' maar daalungi'... And then became subdued. Since I urged my sister to start swami worship that thing attacked me. But honestly I was not one bit scared... It all happened in a dream.
Slyester in Revenge Attempt
Hii there it was a nice story. According to me that thing was some sort of negative energy and it was immortal. You said that in facebook friends list you saw the pictures of monks who turned to the darker side may be the woman was one of them and it was too ancient perhaps a 1000 years old
You said that it said it said Gregorian chants may be she belonged to that religion and she can take any form and now also at present she can be there in any part of the world
alitanna in Graduating Ghost
Thanks so much for letting me know your opinion on my story, Tweed!
alitanna in Graduating Ghost
Hey there, lady glow. No worries at all. And thanks for being the first one to point out thing and comments on my first story.

"What else do you know about the history of the school?
Are you aware if someone died tragically there, perhaps during construction time or at some other point?"
- well, they said our school was a torture chamber during the 2nd World War (only heard it from stories). There are a lot of spirits and encounters by other people but this is the only encounter I had for our building so really unsure if it was the girl our teacher was referring to.

"Do you know if the ghost is always seen at the same spot and doing the same thing you saw, or if there are reports of it manifesting at other areas and causing any disturbances?"
- with the same thing I saw, no not exactly like that but disturbances on our library made by a "she" ghost have been going around at that time too.

I hope I can share my other experiences soon as well - if not busy! - but I have been reading stories here almost everyday.:)

Thanks so much for taking time to discuss my story!
Nectarvore in An Invisible Friend
Hi Jhotrudh

Your story is intriguing. I had a similar experience growing up, an 'imaginary friend'... One that used to, like yours, manifest things physically.

The thing that is different about our experiences though is the fear or anxiety your imaginary friend caused you to feel.

It's like it had some kind of subliminal malevolence.

And you describe a feeling of being a bit ensnared by it, like you were at its mercy, maybe.

I don't think you imagined it. At least, it doesn't sound like it. Your memories are very specific and clear.

The desire you felt to sever your tie with this being and the fear of its retribution are the things in your story that drew my attention.

I think if it does exist, that your anxiety fuelled its existence, somewhat.

I wonder if your age had something to do with it.

Poltergeist activity often centres around adolescents, in history.
More often than not.

I wonder how many hauntings are truly mild telekinetic ability, manifest physically in eras of high anxiety or transition trauma... Teenagehood is both.

I wonder if the haunting I experienced in my teens was, in truth, that.

This is very different to ' imagining it '

If it is an external, autonomous being...
I believe that you can will anything gone, but, you've got to not be afraid of it.

Kweping your etheric field clear can be as simple as as visualising light all around you and inside you,
While you shower with warm water and salt... Saying the words
" I command all non ethereal entities away from me "

You can cleanse your home, your bed, anything, this way.

Protection does not have to be sophisticated or involve the assistance on another.

It differs for everyone

Bright blessings
Hello Lady-Glow,

You have a great memory and awesome detective skills. You always open my eyes and so does Biblio.😍

Hello JellyBean12,

Thanks for your reply.😍

Anyway, bedtime for me.

Goodnight from Australia.

Hi Miandra - I have the habit of reading the profile of every new member and, if my memory serves me right, JB's has been the same since the first time I saw it.

Perhaps it's only a typo, no big deal, it's not like her age is relevant to the story.

JB - my apologies if my simple observation was mistaken for belligerence. 😉

Yes, sleeping-with-steve. I came on here two years old ago. But Lady-Glow has an issue with my age. So now that I change my profile. I hope there will be no more question about it. And she has the information about my account in comment section pertaining on Mrs. Linda's family.
Hello Lady-Glow and Jelly-Bean12,

It's a bit tricky with ages on profiles because sometimes members join prior to typing out a bio on their profile. I'm guessing that's what you did. (That you joined 2 years ago and did your profile bio very recently).

Good post. Thank you for sharing.

Best wishes,
😘 ❤ 😘
I have played with Linda's two grand daughter (older grand daughter she adopted became her daughter legally), grandson, and her adopted young son (who is going to turn 30 soon). Linda's two biological daughter I never play with. And then I played with Linda three great grandchildren which one of her grand daughter gave birth to at a young age and then have two later. Which is a great grand daughter and two great grand son.
I have played with Linda's two grand daughter (older grand daughter she adopted became her daughter legally), grandson, and her young son (who is going to turn 30 soon). Linda's two biological daughter I never play with. And then I played with Linda three great grandchildren which one of her grand daughter gave birth to at a young age and then have two later. Which is a great grand daughter and two great grand son.
Why do I need to modify my age on my profile? I'm 32 years old. What more do I need to give you. Do you need my birthday too? You now know my birthday and the year. What else do you need?
JellyBean - I calculated your age based on the data provided in your profile, not like two years are going to make a difference, but it could be misguiding. Perhaps you could try to modify this information?
ChristopherPershing in Watching?

Would love to see the ghost photos including all the photos of the abandoned home itself, I love abandoned places and their history.
svishal121 in Invisible Stalker?
I really don't understand why the books falls by itself. 😕 😕
priya- in Banyan Tree
Hello everyone, thank you for commenting. I came back after a long time hence replying late.
[at] lady-glow - yes, it might be power of suggestion, fears inside mind... But I still think there was something so inner fear and actual weird thing amplified effect.
[at] Serenflipppity - to be exact, district is Beed.
I really wish and pray for wellness of Asma Dee.
My family is big devotee of Swami Samarth. My granny had witnessed many such incidents where Swami saved victims. Your sister can also visit Karnataka Gangapur Dattatreya temple which is well known for curing people affected with dark magic. God bless her.:)
msforgetmenott in Have You Seen Her?
My Grand Daughter has been bringing me her school work, for years. I do not wish to be rude, but she favored the name Daria, claiming it was her new name. At a young age, she became smarter than I on the computer. Your story caused me to look through her papers I have kept on file. She even had her name as Daria and had a friend named Erin. Strange, in her story, she even mentioned the school bus, and she found how high the bus steps were to climb. Now at 14 and entering high school in the fall, she has advanced, and her legs are longer.

I mention this, as this tiny girl you saw was at the bus steps, did she have purple ribbons in tied to her braids? Just how was she holding her dress, if she had a bag? How long was her dress? Was this bag, brown paper, common in 50's, 60's, and 70's.
How could you see this tiny girl, when you had a hard time finding the bus? How old do you think this bus is?

I would give you an A for a well punctuated, short story.

Like Biblio I taught school,
Hi Alitanna, welcome to YGS.

Perhaps your teacher set you all the task of telling something out of the ordinary to find out if anyone had seen this spirit recently. Maybe he had an experience around that time too. That was my impression. Interesting experience, thanks for sharing.
Every woman in my family has also seen something resembling a leprechaun. He never does anything harmful, just runs past the corner of your eye, or runs his hand up your legs almost childlike.
One of Mrs. Linda's grandchild was adopted by her because that child did not like her biological mother. That is the child I play with and that child is few years older than me.
Another thing I'm really 32 years old. I'm not 34 years old. My birthday is January 22,1987.So I can't be 34.
Hi chuckz_21... They must work for the CIA, I heard they hire spooks.
Anno_Domini in An Invisible Friend
Hi Jhotrudh, welcome to YGS.

I am of the opinion you have a "familiar" which is a spirit or a group of spirits attached to you. They are "cultivated" by you increasingly ceding to them privileges, like allowing them to talk / communicate with you, allowing them to "show" you things, etc. What had started as play was seen as an invitation to interact with you. This is a common ploy, and many victims to this get mis-categorised as being mentally ill. As a wise man put it, "One of the artifices of Satan is, to induce men to believe that he does not exist" (variations of this phrase have been around since early 19th century but popularised by the movie "The Usual Suspects").

Over the years it seems to have gotten more attached to you. I believe that your intuition about not wanting an "invisible friend" is spot on, and that you will need to take active action to rid yourself of it. There have been many cases similar to yours (please see my profile for some of the books that document this). I would suggest that you seek a Christian pastor or priest who's able to help you rid yourself of the entity.
HOLLY CRAP! (excuse my French)

JellyBean - from your profile:

Date Registered:

"Just 32 year old women who likes reading paranormal things."

That means that now you're 34 YO.

From one of your previous stories/comments:

"When I came to Georgia I was 4 years old with a broken right leg."

And now you say: "Mrs. Linda has known me since I was a little girl that always played with her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren."

I don't get if you used to play with the three generations together at once or if you played separately with each generation when they were little.

If the former, it must be a tradition for all the members of that family to have children at a very young age; if the latter, you have aged at an abnormally slow rate.

Your current submission is pretty much a retell of your previous ones... Except from the sandwich-making-ghost. I would like to share my place with one of those and forget about having to prepare meals.
Hi, Creyton -

Prior to December, had you ever heard or seen anything in this house. You say the previous owners left 30 years ago and your grandfather passed in Vietnam. If they never haunted the house before, why would they now? I think it's most likely your grandmother but I agree with you that it does not explain the laugh. Especially because you say it did not sound human.

Hopefully, it was just something that was passing through but keep an eye out for anything else. If you should hear or see something again, you might consider doing a cleansing.

Keep us posted.
wth_devildog in Terror In Tarawa Terrace
Hey Sarah,

Thank you for sharing your experience/s in TT2 here on this comment thread. You mentioned in your comment that you would find doors open upstairs and hear thumps upstairs as well. I assume you were living in the new housing, yes? I would expect all that old housing to be torn down by now. Also, because I only knew the old housing to be one level.

Did you move out of base housing because of your experiences? Or just move houses, housing areas or move off base altogether?

Semper Fidelis
To all who are commenting:

Things have been calm the past week and a half. I have tried to stay off this site for a bit, to try and reduce the amount of paranoia I may receive from reading stories, so forgive me for the while between responses.

My girlfriend has recently gotten a good amount of good news. She got hired at two places that she applied for, had recently gotten off of her period so her hormones are leveling out, and she's been happy with her mental state.

We both have noticed activity still, such as the footsteps and random knocking on the walls and such. But neither of us have seen or felt the negative entity since that night. One thing that did make me paranoid is that one morning after we got out of the shower, she pointed out that I had scratches on my back. About 5 of them, but you could cover it with a 5x7 index card. It didn't hurt or anything, just raised the skin. I waived it as me or her scratching my back, as both of us have done it in our sleep before.

I just hope this negative entity isn't waiting for the right time to come back... I'll keep you all updated!
RSAChick in Scary Events
Hi ravenswood.
Thank you for replying.
It sounds like this really did scare you and seems as though it cannot be explained.

I am hoping that you left these type of experiences behind in Marikina and are no longer bothered by things like this!
ravenswood in Scary Events
Hi RSAChick,

For me, it was paranormal event because I cannot explain why things suddenly moved and heard sound (like knocking on the wall). At those times, there were no seismic activity as I can easily felt if there was.

I don't think my father would do those things just to scare me. I always pray for his soul ever since he passed away.

I felt "something" try to scare out of me. I was just brave enough to face those events. Someone told me that it is a work of a malevolent ghost (perhaps demonic).

As a person, I am not easily scared for I think there is a rational explanation. If something falls, I just think it was caused by strong wind or was placed in unbalanced position. Those I revealed here, I cannot find an explanation because I felt something odd in that house. As I've mentioned, linoleum and iron pump fell in the middle of the night which really scared me.

For your last question, no I didn't become sick or had anything bad happened to me afterwards.

Thanks for reading.
[at] RSAChick
Yes it was very odd
Not exactly what I experienced but a few other coworkers said they heard their name being called when no one was around, that's about it
Very creepy, this spy impersonating your managers and the giggling 😨

Good thing you don't work there anymore.

Anyone else notice the same phenomenon as you?

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