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Thats really nice, glad for you. I was in a Church when my mother died it was 7pm and I suddenly felt this wonderful felling of being free and happy like there is no happiness here on earth like it and I thought I heard a voice saying, "Can I take you?" and I thought it must be Jesus asking me if he can take my life. I felt so good I said, "Yes, Lord, whatever you want." I thought I was going to die soon so I thought to say good bye to my mom who was in an adult home upstate. When I called the nurse told me, "Oh you don't know?" I said, "Know what?" She said your mother passed away last night at 7pm. So it was either Jesus saying he's taking my mom or my mom saying good bye but Yes I believe loved ones can send us these visits.
You " I've traveled the astral planes through mirrors" Yeah okay, sure. No such thing dude! But that why there's so many unwell folks around lately.
Hi Josh941

I also try to find a logical explanation first before I pin certain things down to it being paranormal, I have to agree with what [at] lady-glow says, sometimes too many coincidences might just be paranormal.
Welcome to YGS.

Hi Josh 941.

In my opinion, this was a paranormal encounter, perhaps not with Marilyn Monroe neither any other famous ghost, but one with the spirit of a helpful and dedicated employee.

Thanks for sharing this interesting experience with us.

Welcome to YGS.

By a "Miraculous Medal", do you mean a blessed medal?. From my understanding, these are two very different things.
You should have a Catholic Mass said for the women who killed herself and she can be freed. Ghost often appear because they want someone to pray for their soul.
Oh and BTW, Sorry for your loss but my mother of 97 years passed away in February and she always use to say "When your born you cry and everyone else is happy and when you die your happy but everyone else cries"
That happens in my building where I live in Brooklyn. I think the people that were in the elevator before me accidently pressed the emergency button or a kid in the building.
Get some Holy Water and bless yourself. Keep a Miraculous Medal on you.
Welcome to YGS.

Other than yourself and Leah, there's no little girl in your story.

I imagine that antique doll came with a baggage of attached energy, glad to know it didn't stayed behind after it was sold.

What kind of help do you expect to get from this forum?
LisaD77 in Room 244
How was her death aired on the news, if you guys buried her body?
HunterJack in Room 244
Hi jcct, it's just like a fictional story. You mentioned that you found a girls dead body in the side of road. And you saw a little girl on your washroom and she disappeared when you go near to her...
Further you mentioned that she came to take revenge. Lots of questions are there... Why that girl came to your house to take revenge? What is the connection between your family and the girl., etc.

With Respect Arunbabu [at] Hunterjack
hi Rajine

There were other accounts of people seeing the same ghost (or whatever it was) that I saw, too. Some even claimed to hear the sound of payal (a kind of anklet worn by indians) and some claimed that they got a foul smell whenever the apparition neared them.

As about other incidents, yes there were a few weird encounters that I had INSIDE the bungalow.

Like weird noises from my bathroom as if someone was humming inside and sometimes I even heard the sound of water splashing even though NOBODY was inside.

Then there were times when felt as if someone was behind me or watching me when there was literally no one.

I didn't know what to make out of all that back then for real!
hi lady-glow

Firstly, thanks a lot for the welcome. Secondly, no I have never heard of those terms before, mind elaborating a little on them?

Thirdly, no it wasn't that common for bobita to venture out into the gardens, but there were times when she would ask permission from my mother to go pluck some beans for her personal use. But on that fateful night she did not ask for any kind of permission from my mother nor was she at home.

I did tell her about what I saw and she told me that a girl's apparition was often seen in that area and that many others had seen her too. As the tale goes, long back a girl had died in and around that area and it was her ghost that people saw.

Even on my 13th birthday my friends claimed to have seen the same girl in a white nightgown under a tree.
Hi mimizzz

Has anyone else experienced this apart from you? And was this the only incident that happened to you or were there other incidents like this?
Hi prettypittiemama

I wonder if that is like another Annabelle, I'm curious to know what happened after you sold it, I can't imagine what would happen if you had kept the doll any longer.
Hi mimizzz.

Welcome to YGS.

Although unnerving, this may have not been a paranormal encounter.

Have you heard the terms "residual haunting, and living residual"? These are events that have been repeated over and over through a period of time, leaving an imprint over a given location. These actions can be played at any time just as a recording would.

"thought that it was Bobita going into the garden to take some beans, like she usually did"

Was it common for Bobita to go around the place waring a white nightgown? Do you know if she owned such a garment?
Did you talk about this event when she returned from her mother's place?

It has been discussed before in this forum that, in some cases, it's possible for a person to undergo an out of body experience while asleep, and be seen by other people. Perhaps Bobita was dreaming about picking beans and her consciousness wander to your house to play the part.

On the other hand, if the rumours about the place being haunting were true, perhaps you saw a ghost, but it didn't mean any harm to you or your family.

Thanks for sharing.
Bibliothecarius in My Ghostly House
Greetings, Jordan.

As with Aliendewd and rynne, I'm unclear as to why being built in "the 60s" in particular would mean that "stuff probably went down" in your house.

I wouldn't put a lot of stock in the responses you get from a Magic 8-Ball. Some preliminary research indicates that it "was developed as a promotional product commissioned by Chicago's Brunswick Billiards company" ( and that it "contains a 20-sided die with 10 positive answers, 5 negative answers, and 5 vague responses" ( This means that 50% of the time you ask it a question, you'll get some sort of "yes" response.

You state, "My EMF detector started to hit red, and that's where I just turned it off and thought about the events leading up to this particular day." Have you taken a baseline reading of your room when there doesn't appear to be any paranormal activity, so you can compare the readings? This would probably be useful information *before* you try a Spirit Box session in your room. For example, you may be able to identify if the presence is legitimately there all the time, some of the time, or merely the results of EM leakage due to old/faulty wiring. Also, were there additional events that occurred in your room, or elsewhere in the house, that you did not include in this story but were instrumental in your decision to perform the EMF sweep?

Please consider carefully when and where you perform a spirit box session, as contact with the supernatural can stir up spiritual activity to an unexpected degree; for example, I'd avoid doing it in your basement. If you do go ahead with your Spirit Box, please let us know your findings.

Take care,
What a lovely, profound gift yourself and Beth were given. Thank you so much for sharing! It lifted my spirits (pun not intended) and further underscores the truth that our consciousness survives and some times, is even allowed to visit their loved ones still in the physical.
Hi Linjahaha

It seems like a very dedicated doctor, even after passing.
Hi back Limey, & Lady-glow: That's an interesting idea. Of course, a lot has gone on, & continues to go on in hospitals. I know the hospital was constructed in 1954. Before that it was operated out of a house they bought in downtown Cleveland. They raised the funds & that was when they built the hospital. The hospital continues to grow & I imagine the haunted stories will grow right along with it. Thank you for reading the story!
Hi Linja: I always find hospital hauntings to be particularly interesting. Yours certainly is. I think it would be worth the effort to dig into the history of the hospital. You could start with when it was opened, and you seem to have the approximate age of the male doctor. 40ish? Maybe try to find out the earliest or first time he was seen. Local newspaper archives would reveal when a doctor from the hospital died. Maybe the hospital has its own records. He may well have died while at work, or even in the file room.
Hi Linja.

Either he's doing his rounds or he's a residual haunting.

Thanks for sharing this good read.
TheVisited1 in Bed Shaking
Hello all,
We'll to go into detail about that story is pretty interesting. I/we don't know a lot about what happened just what we witnessed. But I can tell you that after that scary and strange things happened to me.
There was no physical evidence that an entity was present, no crazy voice's or demonic screams, just the bed shaking.
Afterwards it got stronger and it would happen in the light of day. My windows do not lock and my door does not lock either, no doorknob.
When it decided to show itself it was strong. I could not pull up my windows I could not push my door open. I would scream for my mom to open the door and she had no chance of opening it, as I pushed with no budging.
But I'll get into that later
sushantkar in Room 244
Dear JCCT,
When you want to write something with your imagination and you have been writing something else, you are writing a complete bluff.
Your complete narrative is a pile of lies.
If you are fond of writing fictional stories, then try your skills elsewhere. Shame on you because you are spreading false impression about yourself and your country by writing lies like this.

freakedoutfreddy in Room 244
Dude, your family didn't want to get into trouble by reporting a murder to the police, but were fine tampering with a crime scene? Hogwash 😁
Hello all my GHOST TELLING Friends. It's been a long time since I've been on here, and finally found my account.
Be sure to check out my stories: theTru1. / TheVisited1
Glad to be back.
Happy Hauntings!
valkricry in Room 244
I don't understand, why would you get into trouble with the police for reporting a murder? And then to just bury her body? Here, in the US, that would make you look extremely guilty of her death.
TravisCannabis in Room 244
Idk man 🤔
This story reads like a severe case of liarrhea 😜 😁
Rajine in Room 244
Hi Jcct

Did the news explain how she and those 3 other people died? It's tragic the world we live in where someone can brazenly take another person's life.
lady-glow in Room 244
The date explains a lot, this is an April fools Day story!

C'mon...a broad daylight murder, commited in front of multiple witnesses; the bystanders buried the victim without notifying the police; a ghost... There's even a Red Tomato in your narrative! Unfortunately, if it were turned into a movie, it wouldn't deserve even one rotten tomato.
Jcct in Room 244
I am sorry as I forgot to share with you all about the 3 people. But still it somehow makes me feel afraid and also I sometimes think that this one was the most mysterious one I ever had.
Jcct in Room 244
Hi lady glow, Well before arriving to ITC, I mean We had landed on Kolkata at 1st of April. That day we had our visit on Quest Mall. So after watching a film at Quest Mall, I saw a girl who was killed by three men. We saw that three men, but we didn't want to get any kinds of police trouble. So, we didn't call police. We took help from street people to bury her. That night we hadn't stayed at ITC but at Red Tomato Hotel (Local) . 2nd of April we had a visit at ITC. And at the same night I saw the kid. Next morning means day 3 or 3rd of April we saw that those 3 people whom we found at the very beginning, I mean the 3 murderer was killed by somebody. I know it seems a bit confusion but trust me it was also one of the very mysterious incident in my 17 years life. Now is it ok Lady-Glow?
lady-glow in Room 244
I got confused and need help to make sense of the timeline in which your experience took place.

"when we was in our way to ITC, we found a girl's death body in the side of road.) "

"They provided us room 244. All was ok until 11pm."

"3 people died last night at 11, near Quest Mall. I got afraid by seeing this"

What time was it when you saw the dead girl on the side of the road?
Obviously you were there long before your bedtime, 9:30 pm, right? Then, how would it be possible to witness something that hadn't happened?

"I think she came here to take revenge of her death."

In my opinion, there's no reason to believe such idea, except if you and your family were somehow involved in her death.
Hi MK1. This is the second time I am reading this story after years because of its "truths stranger than fiction" nature. Those days I narrated it to my pre-teen kid and her friend during a drive. They were so impressed and freaked out they wanted to hear more such tales. Your experience seemed straight out of the Reader's Digest Book of Unexplained Mysteries.
One question- at the end of your journey did your Vehicle tyres have any evidence of your running over live frogs for three miles? Also I was thinking of extra terrestrial activity where the SUVs are concerned. And the inexplicable frog exodus may have been an unrelated parallel event or but may also be linked to extra-terrestrial trigger for their mass exodus out of nowhere.
ClutchCain in Thing That Follows Me
In case anyone sees this. I just found out that the ring that turns on and off every 30 second or so only comes on when motion is detected. Don't know if that helps trying to figure out what it was.
Hi, Ramakan! I'm glad if my account brings you some comfort! Our loved ones are still around. When you hear a song, or a particular thought pops into your head it 'is' them sending you little messages of love,& hope. Just letting you know they 'are' still with you. I hope this further encourages, & comforts you! 😁 😁
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in The Girl Under The Tree
Hello The_Dark_Soul, thanks for sharing your encounter with us. It can be unnerving to say the least to be followed or see anything that is not of our world, fear can definitely factor into how these experiences play out.

It seems to me that your original assumption is probably the correct one. She is trying to communicate with you, for what purpose I don't know, but surely if she had something negative planned for you it would have surfaced by now.

When you saw her smiling, was it a genuine smile do you remember, or more of a grin which depending on the context of the situation can be a negative thing.

Perhaps you can seek the assistance of someone skilled with dealing with otherworldly presences, someone of course who is reputed and reliable and can help safely communicate with this entity. If she is indeed reaching out for some kind of help, then that is something that should be uncovered before you send her off.

If she is watching you, waiting for another chance to communicate, then yes, that would produce some anxiety, especially since she is no longer part of this world. That kind of fear could cause you to react the way you are, not necessarily because she is harmful or a negative spirit.

If you're looking for advice, I would enlist someone to try and communicate with her, find out what she wants and if you can assist by sending her on. I'm not sure what you're customs are, but you may have some people who deal with spirits that can assist. I would not try it on your own as it may open some doors you cannot close without the proper protection. It would benefit to find someone who is also unbiased, someone who doesn't judge all spirits as evil and must be banished, someone who seeks the truth and can really help, that's all this girl may really need, and for some reason she seems to have seen something in you that made her believe you could help. I could be off base about this, but I trust my intuition, tap into yours and see what it tells you once you get past the fear you have (which is understandable). Good Luck!
Hi! Faith. Your spooky incident was quite similar with mine. You can read my story Hotel Long Beach, which is quite similar as yours. But I really loved the way you had represent your story. Thanks to share it with us.
Hi Rajine! Thanks for commenting. Yeah it could be possible, but why she came to me only, is my question. Still I am afraid about these kinds of paranormal incident.
Hi Jcct

I suppose that hotel meant a lot to Mrs Lily that's why she's still attached to it.
Hi HunterJack

I remember reading another story about this specific place and surrounding areas a few years ago, from another author on this site, I'd really like to know more about this area and what makes it haunted.
Hi The_Dark_Soul

Maybe there's a reason only you were able to see this entity, after reading your incident and some of the replies I take it that when you spoke to others, they didn't seem to know what you were saying.

Do you feel that whatever it is, is following or attached to you? And can you care to elaborate on the numerous incidents where you felt her presence?
Hi Linjahaha, I am sorry about your loss. I am writing this comment to thank you for this post. I lost my husband and father last year. My father's death while sad, was expected as he was not keeping well and was 83 years old. My husband's death which happened 3 days after my father's death was a shock to me. Just yesterday, I was crying (his first death anniversary was on May 5) and asking for a sign that he is okay. I was wishing that I could see him once. Your post has given me some hope.

Then ig she is in love with you and wants to marry u. 😁😁 Ig she is alone and need a life partner.
The_Dark_Soul in The Girl Under The Tree
Hello lady-glow and Jcct,

First of all, thank you for welcoming me to this site and appreciating my English.

Secondly, I am not quite sure about the good or bad things that might have happened to me in the past. But yes, life seems to become a bit easier... & simple. I repeat, "a bit easier", not much.

Yeah, I happened to go from that same route multiple times and I did ask a few of the vendors & shopkeepers and the staff working in that Dhaba. None could reply anything positive and even seemed confused on hearing my question.

I didn't really ever care about having any sort of vibes from her and from the past 2 years am even not feeling much threatened but, you know, the feeling when you get because of someone or something, like a sound echoing inside you, saying, 'you can't escape my eye.' I don't know if it's for good or bad for me but doesn't that suppose to mean weird? Scary? Crazy?

Do guardian spirits make you feel anything like the above-mentioned things? Does their presence make your inner intuition say to you 'you can't escape my eye'? (Just asking.)

(I swear I never caused any kind of serious harm to anyone so far.)

I hope I have answered all of your doubts.
Valkricry Tiger tia probably is telling that'' I guess the ghost started to like you, and are with you now.''
Why we will pardon you, your English is way better than mine, or others. And well I also have the same question, as Lady-glow that '' Has anything bad/good happened to you around the times of these "encounters". Have you gone back to the Dhaba and asked if anyone else has seen her?''
Welcome to YGS.

First of all, your English is very good.
Secondly, it's hard to say for sure, and based upon the little information provided by your narrative, who or what this girl is.

"there are numerous incidents where I have felt her presence around me."

What is the vibe you get from her?
So far, she hasn't done anything against you, have you considered the possibility of her being some sort of guardian spirit?
Has anything bad/good happened to you around the times of these "encounters".

Have you gone back to the Dhaba and asked if anyone else has seen her?

If you feel in any way threatened by her, it's time to ask for help though, in my opinion, she doesn't seem to have interest on harming you or your family.
Arun Babu - The hunterjack, Ig it was your dream. But yeah your paranormal incident was uncommon, like few.
Hello I have had an experience with this entity last night, not me specifically but my two friends and we live in a dorm of 6 people including me, friend 1 who had it appear in his room was startled and was raising his voice about seeing a snake in his room he ran out as it disappeared and he followed it into the corridor where friend 2 came out of his room and saw the black sausage like creature moving in a manner similar to those mentioned in the post above, we are all students and are in our last year as juniors in the UK we are hoping to see it again tonight as I hope to summon it as well
Please repost your comment in English. Thank you.
kya pata bhoot ko tum pasand agaye ho, aur wo tmhare saath ho ab 😜 Malik96
Hi Rajine Yeah could be. I've more interesting spooky incidents to share.
Thanks, again Rajine. I couldn't agree more. I keep a journal about my progress since I lost him, & I have had several visits from him. They've been very comforting. Wishing you my best! 😜 😁
Linjahaha in Grandma's Visits
Thank you, Rajine. That was exactly how I took those visits. I think our loved ones are aware of what is going on with us, & they find a way to let us know they are still with us. Albeit, on a spiritual plane.
I hope you enjoyed the story! 😁
The_Dark_Soul in Daring Entity
Oh dear, that's scary. The sound was coming from the nose? Sounds hilarious but also weird at the same time. Are your father and uncle fine? I mean, sometimes in some cases, the entities attach themselves to the person or their belongings and later cause trouble. So, are they okay?
Hi Jcct

Perhaps it could be your doppelganger, I shared a similar experience in one of my older stories, a doppelganger is someone who is exactly like you, however your'll both are around at the same time, and since you are alive and your parents also, experienced it as well.
Hi again Linjahaha

As I've said on your other story our loved ones never really leave us, and this goes to show that your grandmother was around and giving you a warning, and when life seemed to settle down for you the signs she was giving also stopped.
Hi Linjahaha

I believe that our loved ones are always around us even though we can't see them anymore, guiding and protecting us with an unseen hand.
Jcct in I Saw It Too
Wow Totally amazed by your story. My mouth was open during the full time of reading. It was really really good and I loved your style of writing.
What I personally think that it maybe a gang of Thieves or gangsters and I guess they were planning to attack on someone. But yeah it was interesting.
I really enjoyed your story. It's really an interesting experience of yours, I guess. You had wonderfully described your feelings and thoughts and your scene, as a film. Loved your story from Bangladesh.
Dreambird, Lady-glow, Thank you both for your sympathies! However, I didn't write this story for that reason. I admit I shed a few tears writing it, but they were tears of joy knowing that my husband, John, is in a wonderful place, & not suffering anymore.
Those of us left behind are the ones who suffer because we have lost the ones we love so dearly. However, I hope this proves that they are no longer sick, or in pain. They are whole again, & they are aware of us in a different plane. They are still with us. I hope this provided you with some comfort, Dreambird. I'm glad that you had 'your' special visit. Take care!
valkricry in My Ghostly House
Holy water doesn't have an expiration date - once blessed always blessed. At least that's what I was taught.
lady-glow in My Ghostly House
I wonder if there's a expiring day for holy water, or if it's strength stays the same over time.

I'm not sure what to make about the Magic 8 Ball... Are you suggesting that the Bible and the cross made the entity lie about it's nature?

I'm sorry for your loss.

Your SIL, and you, were very lucky having a chance to enjoy John's company in such a life-like fashion.
It's good to know that our loved ones always find a way to communicate with us and let us know that they're fine after the transition to the next realm.

Thanks for sharing.
Wow! I had tears in my eyes reading your story. I lost a boyfriend years ago to suicide and also had a visitation. I wonder if they have to get some kind of permission to visit. My boyfriend also said after a few minutes that he had to go, too. My sister had a visitation from our Grandmother who also announced after a brief chat that she needed to go. I find all of this so fascinating. Thanks for sharing your story, and I'm so sorry for your loss.

HunterJack in 3.30 Am
Hi Yogesh pandiyan, thanks for sharing your experience here, actually you had a sleep paralysis. As you say you're a guy of scared type, thinking of scared and urgently down to bed after a long awake until 3.30 am you may felt tired all of this makes you got sleep paralysis. Actually I'm also from tn.
With Respect
Arunbabu [at] Hunterjack
BaiAnina in My Ghostly House
I sincerely advice against provoking whatever is in your basement. Don't make contact with it, and keep that holy water and sage where you found it. It might be low key now, but you don't want it becoming a pain in the bum eventually. There has to be a reason why the previous owners kept those things in the basement. 😨
Some of the information was not clear, if you could clarify.
You wrote:
"My home was built in the 60's, meaning that stuff probably went down there."

"When my parents were looking at the house, there was just bottles of holy water... In the basement."
Question: They we're looking at another house? Where were the bottles of water found? How did they/you know it was holy water?

"They were all from the years 1996-1999."
Question: Houses? Bottles?

"We knew something was off about this, and we wanted them to just take the holy water with them."
Question: Take the holy water from the house to where?

Aliendewd, this was a fascinating account of a definite residual haunting. Like a tape recorder set in a loop, it just keeps repeating over time.
I read your Dechmont account, & found that to be something of a more intelligent haunting since the old woman reacted to you.
Perhaps she is stuck there because of the guilt incurred due to the terrible way in which she treated her husband. Personally, I think she was possibly mentally unstable to begin with.
Unless a trained psychic-medium can break through to her she may remain in that house. Thanks for the story! 😜 😁
Aliendewd in My Ghostly House
I have to ask. Why would you presume that "stuff probably went down there", because the house was built in the 60's? I'm struggling with that correlation.
Also, why jump immediately into there being something not right, when you heard a growl, yet couldn't see a dog?
You owned an EMF detector, so I have to presume you've had several 'happenings' in your life. I mean, it's not a thing someone would commonly have at hand.
Then your Magic 8 Ball. You placed it on your bible, asked it a question, and it answered? Magic 8 Balls have to be shaken in order to get an 'answer'. No?
No Rajine, I got to know about his death 3 days later, that's why I named my account as Three Days Ago. But Thanks for your valuable comment. I will release another incident of mine, where I saw a three eyed dog at my cousin's home.
Hi believe_sceptic

For some reason short cut roads are always the creepiest, where I'm from we have plenty.

The lady behind the curtain is definitely interesting and unsettling, I wonder what it could have been, has anything else happened ever since that incident?
Hi Jordan_hunts_ghosts

When you refer to 'them' do you mean the previous owners?

Also do you perhaps know the exact history of the house? It's strange about the holy water, I wonder what was in that basement for 'them' to put it in there.
Rajine in Three Days Ago
Hi Jcct
Did you know that your family friend died three days earlier? Because if I were you and I knew that, I'd get right out of there instead of going to make food for him🙊 let alone welcome him in.
Jordan_hunts_ghosts in My Ghostly House
Thanks, Linjahaha! Yeah ouija boards are freaking insane! I've been thinking about doing a spirit box session. But i'm not sure. 🤔
Hi RcRuskin and Linjahaha, Thnx for commenting. RcRuskin Nope it wasn't my dream, all was real. And it was not for the 1st time I saw spirit and Oli uncle died quite close to our home so I think what you have shared, about church may be true. And thanks you and Linjahaha to like my one.
Linjahaha in Three Days Ago
Very interesting account, & I'm glad for you that your cat was alright.
I'm not sure what to make of the cat business, but I feel that you got a last visitation from a good friend that, possibly, wanted to see you guys again before moving on. If you haven't encountered a visit since the publishing of this account 'that' is possibly what it was. Quite interesting! 😜
Linjahaha in My Ghostly House
Whatever else you do. Do not use a ouiji board, or try a seance. 'If' you 'do not' know 'what' you're doing you could be sorry later on.
You may want to research the history of the property/house if it's possible.
Good luck! I lived in a haunted house, & I wouldn't wish that on anyone. We ended up being driven out, & to this day you won't even catch me driving by 'that' particular house, & it's been over 40 years. Again, good luck! 😁
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I enjoyed the detail in this story, nicely written! What size was the creature? I was picturing small like a cat. Or was it a full-sized person?
DragonLadyYT (guest) in Ghost Stole My Bracelet
Is there a way I could possibly delete this post? It no longer serves a purpose and I've learned all that I needed to know.
RCRuskin in Three Days Ago
Hi, JCCT. It is an interesting experience to be sure.

As far as Uzo, all I can think of is maybe he was in a very, very deep sleep. The shadow that you sensed passing in front of you, did you get an idea how big it was? Specifically, I'm wondering if it was cat size or people size.

Oliver Uncle is possibly a visitation by a deceased family friend. In the Church I attend, when I'm well enough at least, we believe that for the first 3 days after death, a person's spirit goes to visit people and places that were important in their life. And as you say, he visited, and you shared some food.

In short, it might have been a dream, but I don't think it was.
I Hope You all loved my story. I will come with another spooky real story at my cousin's house shortly. Please help me to solve my mystery cat and uncle. A humble request to all, If you like my story please like it and share if you want.
I have dealt with SP for a few years now and I find it very reassuring not opening my eyes.

I just wake up, realise I am going through a SP episode, I keep my eyes shut and just wait for it to go away.

Until recently, I hadn't dealt with auditory sensations, so keeping my eyes shut. In the last episode, though, I heard a deep male voice trying to get my attention through sounds you'd make while calling a cat: "pst pst".

I think this is the biggest proof that your braim can somehow change the experience depending on what you're afraid of.
brother, I have suffered from nightmares for a long time. Unknowingly I cured them for good though.
Just relax, have faith in Hanuman and read Sundar Kand daily. Thats it. Not just bad dreams but bad people, bad events of life and bad entities will stay away from you forever.
Whenever in trouble, just remember him.
hello The_Lost_Voyage_11, I usually don't call him outside his house so it may be a future event. I only look at him and smile if hes visible ex. Hes outside in the yard or on the porch. Also I'm not to sure of the history around our houses, but we are surrounded by a historical graveyard that has the belief to be haunted, but I only recently found this out. It was strange we only had these encounters during this time and rarely have any since then. Thank you for you theory tho, it seems to make sense.
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in Strange Encounter With An Entity
Hello M00nchxld_, thanks for sharing your story, it is rather perplexing for sure.

I have a theory about what might be going on but some more details about these experiences would help. You mentioned that your boyfriend has heard you calling to him but you weren't, have there been any times where you have actually tried to call to him like that (not at that time but any time at all)? In reality (paranormal encounters aside) have you ever actually looked at his house and smiled like that at him, (the way he saw you) at any time, or have you in actuality ever seen him on his porch like you did that first time.

What may be occurring and is out there but I submit it as a possibility, may not be a spiritual/supernatural encounter at all. There may be some sort of energetic vortex between your homes and what you are both experiencing are events/time out of sync with what's going on. You may be seeing him in the future/past and the same with what he experiences when he sees you in these experiences. If you've ever called him outside at all, maybe even though he's experiencing it at 3 in the morning, it may have already taken place at say 2 in the afternoon on another day or maybe hasn't even happened yet.

The clues in this are the the low whistle which could indicate time shifting into another vibration (it's theorized that past, present & future exist all at once, just separated by vibration) and vibrational frequency could be what you heard, especially since you got dizzy right afterward. That could be because you were caught up in this vortex and shifting between present and past/future. It would be disorienting to the human body to change vibration like that, kind of like spinning around really fast and then stopping. The reason his face appeared blurred in the first encounter could be because of that vibrational shift, the vibration going faster in a future/past self may give the appearance of being blurry because you were out of sync for that brief period of time.

The fact that these events seem to culminate late in the year from the period of Oct-Dec is also interesting, it is said by many that is when the veil between worlds is the thinnest, perhaps that extends to what we consider time. You both seem to experience these events in the area between your homes as well, so it originates in the same general area.

You've never mentioned seeing anything more than a shadow, which could also fit into what I mentioned. The 'entity' as you both describe it appears to be a doppelganger of either one of you. In many case people hear the voices of someone they know but they don't usually see them, although there are some rare exceptions.

If it's true, then you are both merely seeing versions of yourself and your environment in the past/future. It can be disconcerting but is nothing to worry about.

I have tried to explain my feeling on what is going on and make it clear, however if I lost you, I do apologize and you can feel free to ask any questions and I'd be glad to clarify. I had written something similar recently regarding some sightings near a civil war battlefield. Hopefully this helps some with a different perspective on your experience.

What does spark my curiosity about this fascinating series of encounters is what may have happened in that general area to have created such an energy vortex to begin with, usually it has to have a strong emotional component to it. Are you aware of the history of the area your homes are in? Did anything significant happen there? Good luck!
Hi Daz

Great to hear from you. It's true; the fact that we found parking in Manly was a miracle in itself. Whether I caught the image of a spirit orb or a lens flare, it's still interesting. I'm also curious as to why did the blue orb appeared in the shadow of the building. Why not in the open sky, reflected by the sun?

The ability to sense the spirits can be quite uncomfortable. As a child, I was terrified of the family home with its odd shadows and creepy vibes. Grandma had my father cleanse the place a few times a year, burning frankincense. This all made sense when I discovered that the housing estate was built over a Chinese cemetery, containing over 100, 000 graves!

My family has often spoken of having strange experiences, and our spirit lore has been passed down for at least four generations. We believe that there are times when the spirits might be using natural phenomena to send us signs and portents. Such matters should to examined as a whole, together with other events happening at the time, so as not to be taken out of context. But it is also easy to be distracted, ignoring the experience, and thus miss out on the spiritual message.

It's good to have a degree of scepticism to keep everything in perspective. At the same time, we wouldn't want to be too cynical, lest we miss out on the blessings that life has to offer. In these troubled times, I think it's important to keep our faith, and believe that good things can still happen.

Thank you everyone for your kind attention and helpful comments.

I apologise, I seemed to have missed you out of my replies to those who left feedback. I appreciate everyone's comments and who knows, maybe if things had been a bit different when younger and I had not missed a lot of my schooling due to my mother keeping me off school for no reason other than to keep her company during the day. Yes I know, but we were so poor once mum left my dad. I say poor, her new bloke insisted he had money for the pub every night. Unfortunately that left little money for clothes or bus fare. When at school I excelled but was kicked off the school choir, the school drama production, the football team (soccer) and the chess team. You had a sense of my past when I explained about the training scheme I landed that was an unbelievable opportunity to drive everything up to the big 40 tonne rigs. Who knows where my life would of led me. But I can't blame it all on my mother. My dad was the one who gambled, he played the slots, bet on football and rugby and I followed suit. The slots where my escape from my surroundings when mum left dad. Both me and my brother hated the new dad but we couldn't do anything about it. Dad worked nights and he and my gran who was mums mum put together a legal challenge to get custody of me and Ja but it was dismissed I was told.
I always had these wild ideas and when at school the teachers always said I had a good imagination, so who knows, in a different life I might have been a writer. But the credit for how this story reads goes to my partner. Over the 20 years she's taught me a lot of what is correct and what simply doesn't make sense. It's a million miles away from what it use to be like and my spelling was horrendous. But with the help of technology that's almost non existent now. I still can't get my head around as & has no matter how many times it's explained. A noun or a verb mean nothing to me still. I have however feel I have mastered there, there're and their. In the north of England I was taught it was, there over here, or your in my place. Now it's they're or you're and their is when it's someone. For me it's improvement to others it's standard junior lessons.
I also struggle to retain information short term. Working on my poker means going over something over and over and even then it sometimes just doesn't stick. I know that's a problem with most of us these days. But thanks for the suggestion, I know deep down I have no chance, my imagination is ok but it's not varied enough to keep coming up with new idea's. The story above was easy due to being so ingrained through my fears and the Lisa episode was just weird full stop that I could never forget that, although a lot of conversations I did indeed forget. It's just so unreal for me because no matter how I put it down into words, I know almost everyone will or could never believe it. This is why I said about the polygraph test. I know I would pass that test 100% even if given the test 100 times. Not because I thought it was real myself, but what actually happened. The first time I went to the church and laughed at myself because I somehow told myself I had to attend this church and then didn't get spoken to by the medium. But mum telling me maybe she had to wait her turn to speak, which kind of made sense. But because of what mum said, I did indeed go again, but to then get told what I did as soon as the medium grabbed the microphone simply proved to me it was real after all and not just once but by someone else. I did say I was not easily taken in and no one knew this, but I did think my mum could in theory have phoned this church and explained everything. That was until after a couple of weeks I asked if I could have the phone number for the church, only to be told they didn't have a phone, but even then, I asked someone else a week or so later to make sure, but again was told they don't have a phone or a line.
The voice in my head, I was told by someone on Quora I was a schizophrenic who heard voices. I didn't because I only ever heard that one voice and I have never ever heard voices before Lisa and only after a week or so after the spirit board and even then it was something very short in, please visit a spiritualist church and not some random message to kill my mother because she was evil, no, nothing but please visit a spiritualist church. Even the words to that song was literally one word or two every so often during the night shift and again, nothing else just the words to this tune I had in my head. So nothing like, please remember these words or this is a song to me, no, it was just snippets of words to this song during that 10 hr night shift and it never happened again after. So no other song. In time though, we did start to have conversations but that was many weeks after I first attended the church and it must of been at least a dozen or fifteen times in total I went to this church. To be honest, I was glad about the conversations because it meant I didn't have to pretend I was religious. For the record, my mum was and my gran so it wasn't like it ran in the family that no one followed religion. I could in the end have a full conversation with Lisa the same way mediums get told their information. There was never any other voice that came through or tried to come through and it never concerned my mum about my conversations with this voice. But I was living this for the first time, it was all very raw for me and even today now I have never had another voice say anything to me. Well I say never, I'm not 100% on this, but when my partners parents died within 18 months of each other with her mum being the last in 2019 along with my daughter in between those, I had a message from her mum to give to my partner and all she said was, tell Jo, mummy is back with daddy. That was it and I told my partner exactly that and she burst out crying. When they where together that's how they would talk when no one outside their family was around. I didn't know this, but I'm still not 100% convinced it wasn't just my subconscious. I say that because it wasn't the same as when me and Lisa would speak. I know 110% I was having a conversation with Lisa just like I know when I speak to my partner for instance. That message from her mum I'm not sure, but then again why did I say it the way I did without knowing about the mummy. It was only after, my partner explained.

Anyway, something extra for you because I did forget you Xander.

Once again, many thanks to everyone who replied. I am so pleased no one called me a crackpot, not that it would of mattered to me. All the above happened exactly the way it was written, I just can't remember exact conversations in some parts. Then again, almost all of the above was 30 years ago now.

Stay safe peeps

Mrs Ramsey,

Many thanks for taking the time to reply. My apologies it's taken me over a month to do so though. I suffer bouts of depression quite badly and when I am in one of my dark places I tend to leave everything alone. Emails and letters go unopened, along with other things that require daily checks. I decided to come off my antidepressants about two years ago and I was getting fed up with sleeping up to 16 hours a day everyday due to the AD's & my opiates for my chronic back pain after the original back op went wrong leaving me in at least 3 times more pain than before the op in 2009. 11 years of corrective ops and every scan known to man all failed to diagnose the problem and in 2020 I was informed nothing else could be offered in terms of treatment. Anyways, I get so down sometimes I just drop everything like I explained. But I feel I am turning a corner and the warmer weather seems to help me, so maybe that's why I feel better.

Your words are appreciated and I take comfort in your reply. I had never put everything down into one readable text before and I didn't realise once I started just how long it was going to be or dreamed of ever writing something so long. But I wanted to give everyone an idea of who I was and my fear and how that fear came about. I am just a nobody so I don't have anything to lose by sharing my past and now at my age, it really doesn't bother me if every single reader wrote, what a pile of crap that was. I can't change what I remembered, I have tried to debunk everything and if I thought something could be explained it wasn't included. One such thing was, when living with mums new fella after splitting up with my dad, it became quite common for the Tv to turn its self on and off. This was before remote controls to. Not only that, but when mum moved back to the same town she left and we had a house, the video recorder would also turn itself on me off. I remember just watching Tv and then the video player would whirl into action. We always joke it was some ghost or something but it was never taken seriously. I put it down to random power surge of some kind and definitely not paranormal. So I didn't include everything because I didn't count those two examples.

Since I wrote the above life story, I have thought about going back to the spiritualist church. No voices this time telling me, just me deciding if I should go or not. I am still undecided, I still recall every other medium apart from the first one all being ermmmm not very good, so the odds don't seem promising. I don't even know why I want to go back, maybe a part of me wants things to go back to how they used to be, but that's over 30 years ago now. I will probably not bother going, but that's where I am upto at this present time.

The gambling is a hard one, I gamble responsibly with everything other than the slots. This was why I never asked for help. I know they would try and get me to stop gambling altogether and I just didn't want that. I've spent 20 years playing poker and I've spent a lot of time learning the finer details of playing poker. But again, it's seen as a part of gambling. No, I had to do this on my own. I knew it was almost impossible for me to stop playing the slots and that proved correctly. The weird thing was, I knew it was out of control but I still thought I knew when a slot machine was ready for paying out and that was my Achilles heel. I would stop playing but then watch some poor person put it all their cash and win nothing. I would know it was ready for paying out and boom, I was back playing slots again. So it was hard, but I did it in the end. It has spoiled my life, my entire life and although I would never swap my life for anyone else's I have memories of things I will take to my grave. Not many can say the same.

aussiedaz in Phantom Sedan
Hello FC_DUB

My son and I saw a car with two people in it disappear during daytime some years ago basically right in fron't of our eyes. These accounts still fascinate me for the simple fact they do interact in precise solidity on the macroscopic level. One of the most famous accounts was told by Telly Savalas... If you or any one else is interested in watching Telly tell his story, I'll paste it below if that's ok with the mods, as it is a mind blowing account.


Thank you for sharing it.

Hi M00nchxld_

If there's no rational or logical explanation for your experiences, perhaps you can find someone who can shed some light on this, I could guess and say that maybe you have a spirit attached to you.
Hi Rajine, it's something that I often obsess over. Mainly because it's such a mystery and I highly doubt that I will ever find out the cause of the occurrences.
while it may seem like the medicine could be messing with you, the sounds couldn't be from the medicine.
There definitely is a ghost! 😨 😨 😨
[at] RCRuskin- yes sorry I did mean 2021... And by monotone I mean it was a one tone whistle. There was no rhythm to it. It sounded like my boyfriends whistling but instead of rhythm it was just one flat tome... Sometimes high sometimes low... Like a kettle on a stove. Also I have never experienced the dizziness associated with the whistling before... I have had sudden dizzy spell out of nowhere before that only last a few sends but they always follow after a headache... There was no headache during the whistling that might have triggered it, and it only seemed to happen at the times I encountered this entity. - Day/ Moon

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