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aussiedaz in The Pool Incident
Jessbcr 25,

Keep asking questions, the only dumb question is the question not asked.

My tone in my response may have come across as a little condescending that was not my intent.

Keep sharing your accounts, it's how we all learn, grow and find answers, via connecting the dots and comparing our opinions.

valkricry in My Path Has Begun
Careful guys - the comments are getting a bit too close to being inflammatory. Let's play nice, shall we?
An absolutely beautiful story and one I can relate to tremendously! Thank you for sharing this.

I have had items appear similar to this. Also have literally had checks come in the mail when I thought (as a young widow raising two kids alone) that I was about to lose my mind trying to make ends meet.

We do have protectors and there are signs of that, if you just pay attention. Really nice. Believe your first thoughts, because that's usually what it is!
Mrs. Ramsay
Kirkay girl, I don't know why or how I ended up here on this three year old thread, but I was just checking the newly posted stories and then here I am!

I'm a Marine wife, never lived at LeJeune, but have lived on plenty of base housing, also wrote for a couple different base papers. We got our share of calls about possibly haunted quarters everywhere I worked, especially at NAS Pensacola, where the quarters are super old and historic. I also had some interesting experiences as an Army brat growing up and have commented on the housing at Ft. Sill previously.

I believe if you are sensitive in any way, you will run into some kind of paranormal activity on military bases. The sheer numbers of people coming and going, and the nature of the dramas there... And probably the strength of the people (strong in life and strong in death) and their caring for fellow soldiers, sailors and Marines and their families might make it more likely a place for "experiences." Your encounter with a Marine in his blues is super interesting.

Devil Dog, your experience obviously made an impression on you and I don't question that you were terrified. I have only had one experience where I felt like I couldn't move, couldn't speak or yell out, and it was in the morning. Something was holding me down, from behind and to the side of where I was sleeping in bed. I tried and tried to yell, but nothing would come out and then all of a sudden it did. I woke my husband (a Marine) and it was one of the weirdest experiences ever for us both. This was not in base housing. But I took it to be a warning having to do with something going on at the time. In my current house, I do experience, every now and then, some bad dreams, but am always cognizant of protectors as well, cannot explain that. My thing, being a Christian, is to recite the Lord's Prayer, especially when I wake up and it's super cold or something seems off. It always makes me feel better... But I've come to discover that sometimes, I can't remember the prayer, I lose my place or it's garbled, yet most of the time it comes easily to me. I've wondered if that might be a sign that there is indeed something around. So far, it hasn't been enough to worry about... I also wonder if it could be that I'm just getting old and forgetful. But I'm always wide awake and many times my dogs will be acting somewhat strangely (they don't sleep on my bed, but get as close as they can, many times UNDER the bed). In any case, thanks for your service, my husband was in 30. I have no doubt that your experience was terrifying. Because I don't know Marines, any of them, to be afraid of ANYTHING. Don't know if you'll see this post after three years, but many thanks for your service to this country! Hope all is well with you and your wife. Semper Fi! Mrs. Ramsay
The_Morrighan in Elephant
You mentioned in your reply to spiritwaiting the way that your memory works.
I just wanted to say that it's very similar to the idea of building a Memory Palace where everything that one experiences is filed away in a mental Bodleian and we almost leave breadcrumbs for ourselves to follow if we need to. Some people create one by quite literally having an entranceway, etc and walking through a series of rooms placing memories in relevant positions; it's a form of self hypnosis. Others create them intuitively, you and I for instance. I believe this practice was first recorded by the Romans. I'm explaining this incredibly clumsily but, to get to the point, I think I understand how your memory works as mine is very similar. I hope you can sort the wheat from the chaff in this ramble!
The_Morrighan in My Path Has Begun
In my opinion it's better to be a forthright 'sarcastic little so and so' than a fake. I've read many of your posts over my years lurking here and you're always honest and perspicacious.
Moonlitpath and Lightmight,

This metallic voice you've experienced is eerily similar to something that was told to me by one of my teachers. Except she had the voice come through her, like channelling. It's remarkable how similar all three descriptions are.
Like the both of you she wasn't properly shielded/prepared. Also I should point out she was an art teacher, not a spiritual mentor lol.

Moonlitpath, there's an astral sister site to this one. I mention this because I'd hate for any of your astral experiences to go unposted on this ghost site because they don't meet the ghost experience criteria (it's a thing on here). If you've got anything posted there I'd love to read it!

Thanks for sharing.
Wow, Dlerium that was something else. What happened to the key, do you still have it? It sounds like this experience really gave you a lasting boost.

I know it doesn't have anything to do with anything but a mall charging for late opening. I didn't know that was a thing. As if running a business wasn't hard enough. 😳
Hi M00nchild, I agree with Lightmight. The way this spirit acted up in your presence could suggest they were aware you could sense them. But that doesn't mean they can just throw you everything in the book. Protection and boundaries are a super practical step to take.

Thanks for sharing.
Tweed in Haunted Ring
Bravely, thanks for sharing. There's some fascinating theories discussed here. I've been puzzled often at the amount of long haired girl in white nighty encounters people have.
Spirits can get attached to anything, new or old. But it is on the unusual side for something to be attached to something so new. Glad it's behind you all now.
"Tweed, "


"Pitbull in a cage no. Pitbull being house trained in a kennel yes."

I've just now read about this type of house training in dogs and can understand how it can be done. I'd not heard of it before, you've enlightened me. Still don't know how I feel about it though.

"And no not sure why that would just randomly pop in when it has absolutely nothing to do with this post,"

It's the way my memory works. I connect the energy I sense from someone to a few details in my memory of them. If there's an alarming detail, as I perceived there to be, that memory screams loudest whilst simultaneously reinforcing itself to a predilection.

"unless you were trying to make a jab? Hmmm?"

Yes, I was taking a jab at what I thought to be animal neglect. However it seems I'm pleasantly wrong on that count.

"You to me seem like maybe you have some work to do on yourself as you insinuate that maybe I'm not telling the truth or is it just me. Quack like a duck?"

Actually no, I believe your accounts to be truthful but now I'm wondering what you're over compensating for.
If you read my initial first comment on this thread I was posting out of confusion and concern. If it quacks like a duck, yes, because your narrative reads to me like a kind of mania, as I posted before. Like others I was concerned for your children also.

"I believe assumptions make ass' out of people."

That's not actually how the saying goes, but point taken.

"So never assume anything about me."

It's actually too late for that. You've consistently pinged my radar as unhinged, your tedious vitriol confirms it for me.

"I will post the recording if someone could tell me how to post it. I'm still not sure on how to do that."

What Val said, soundcloud is free too, so all good there. I was surprised you didn't upload or ask how in your narrative considering how long you've been a member here.

"I don't spend all day trying to prove people wrong or downplay their experiences because you weren't involved in it. So cut that out."

I wish people would proofread their comments. Okay I think I got this. I won't shut up if I'm concerned or have something I feel important enough to warrant my time commenting. You don't have the right to suppress what others think or say.

"You could keep your negative thoughts and comments to yourself no need to comment on my experiences if you want to bring that here."

I don't want to say anything else to you after this post. You and Jubilee I've sworn off the pair of you.

"I didn't post this experience for help or advice. Let's get that clear."

You gladly accepted help offered by others.

"I posted because I miss being on here from time to time."

Welcome back.

I will forever be a sarcastic little so and so who grew up on too much Monty Python. I don't have time for anyone's ego or touchyness. I comment honestly and that's something I've had to work on, as a person following her own path. If my intentions are lost on you, or a group of people, well you were never going to see my point of view anyway and that's okay.

All the best.

And now for something completely different.
The_Morrighan in My Path Has Begun
Postscript: I'm very much looking forward to the audio too!
The_Morrighan in My Path Has Begun
I hope I didn't come across as though I think I'm the encyclopedia of all things spiritual. Whilst I've been practising (an appropriate word) for many years I'm still on a steep learning curve and always will be. It sounds as though you know what your doing and that your feet are securely on the path so all that remains to be said is 'blessed be'.
The_Morrighan in The Key To A Better Day
That was a wonderful account about a very tough time in your life. Somebody obviously felt for you when this happened and wanted to help out. I'm glad they did.
Hi thanks for the story it's brilliant. I have found out that the Henley is now a house and is on the market for around 500, 000 very beautiful
valkricry in My Path Has Begun
Spiritwaiting, to answer your question you can upload your audio to
Https:// and then post the link.
aussiedaz in Haunted Ring

Thank you again for the title of the book I'm having a bo peep right now, what an interesting woman who lived to 101 and was understudied by the likes of Alan Watts of whom in his own right, is a legend in philosophy.

Yes, I am familiar with the story relating to the tribe who couldn't see the European ships, although I didn't know the local Shaman's were able to see them. That may be evidence supporting the deception of reality at the hand of consciousness and the thought base universe?

I'm wondering if that's the same deal when it comes to UFO sightings? Perhaps as a culture of domesticated human beings... Who have been brain washed into believing we are alone in the universe, we are not yet ready to bring them into our reality so we block them out?... Although in saying that, the Phoenix Lights were seen by 10 thousand people and apparently the object was about a mile wide, so maybe not.

Anyway, All the best to you too for the new year and thank you for your kind remark, I do appreciate it.


Apology to the Author for hijacking your wall, getting a little off topic.
spiritwaiting in Elephant

I love this. When spirits come back just to say "Hi" or anything else. It's something that touches the heart after the initial shock.

Thank you for sharing
spiritwaiting in My Path Has Begun
Pitbull in a cage no. Pitbull being house trained in a kennel yes. And no not sure why that would just randomly pop in when it has absolutely nothing to do with this post, unless you were trying to make a jab? Hmmm? You to me seem like maybe you have some work to do on yourself as you insinuate that maybe I'm not telling the truth or is it just me. Quack like a duck? I believe assumptions make ass' out of people. So never assume anything about me. I will post the recording if someone could tell me how to post it. I'm still not sure on how to do that. I don't spend all day trying to prove people wrong or downplay their experiences because you weren't involved in it. So cut that out.
You could keep your negative thoughts and comments to yourself no need to comment on my experiences if you want to bring that here.

I didn't post this experience for help or advice. Let's get that clear. I posted because I miss being on here from time to time.


First my children's well being and happiness always come first. No question about that. So I will not go into that with you nor anyone else.
I practice safety and safely first. Extensive research is always done before hand before I make any decisions on anything. My practice is so gently interwoven into my life so it most definitely doesn't take away from my interaction with my children's lives. Nor does it take away from my attention to them.

I'm not here just performing rituals etc without knowing what I'm doing. I am on a path and I am aware of what that is.

Yes I have satin spar strategically placed around my home and room. Salt and many other things. My first go to has always been protection. My path is unique like everyone else and I absolutely love it. Thank you

The Crystal needed cleansing lol. I put into a bowl of salt and allowed it to rest. The moving around. I've never received or felt as though it has bad energy etc. It's more of a curious type thing. I've always had a guardian around me. I've done a lot of meditation etc to figure who or what this is.
It's a guardian who watches over my while I sleep and practice meditations etc. I do a lot of intuitive practice as well.

And I do have protection in many ways on many levels in and around my home. I do not do anything without ensuring that is in place first.

My kids are interested in my things, they ask questions etc. They don't go into my room because it's my room, not because they're scared to go in. My husband and my Pitbull sleep in the room with me every night. And my Pitbull loves my room and my altars. He's quite interested in them. ❀ ❀

So again if someone could tell me how to post this video recording I would be more than happy to post it. Just don't know how to.

Thank you all for taking your time to read and post comments.

Sincerely Spiritwaiting
Sleeping-with-steve in The Ghosts Of Gettysburg
Hello Amena,

Not that long ago there was some footage on the news about tourist sighting ghosts at the Gettysburg battlefield and I wanted to see the full footage because I just caught the end of it on the news. I asked here on YGS if anyone knew of the footage and lucky for me Valkricry posted a link for me.

Here's the link.


I think you'll find it interesting.

The fact that you had a feeling of heaviness nauseated and drained of energy and getting a bad headache is no surprise to me. The amount of poor soldiers who died there has obviously left a lot of bad energy.

The intensity of all the deaths in that one place must be overwhelming.

I hope you feel better and have more posts to share in the future.

Best wishes,
When something slapped the counter loudly next to you, I'm half surprised you didn't just come back with "let me tell you something!" I think I would have laughed, too.

And it's kind of cool to think that maybe this guy might have saved your life. We never know the things that might have happened but didn't. 😊
Hi Moonlitpath,

Your first account of astral projection reminded of a very similar situation I had when I first started to become interested in astral travel years ago. Like you, I decided to give it a try when I came home from work one day. In hindsight, I really had no business trying any type of projection that afternoon because I was exhausted and stressed out. After getting comfortable on my couch, I went ahead with my usual protection ritual, but I was still feeling tense and a bit distracted. As soon as I started to float up and feel lightness, I also began to feel a very unfamiliar presence. And then the voice came; what I heard sounded very deep, metallic (or tin like), and male. It said my first name twice, very loudly and slow. The sound of that voice didn't sound friendly, and it actually scared the hell outta me. I had a distinct feeling that I drew a negative entity into my space by not being fully focused on protecting myself. After that, I never tried astral projecting while being tired or unfocused ever again - I learned my lesson. Whether it's here on the physical plane, or in the astral plane, I think that when we leave ourselves open and unprepared we become vulnerable...

Your 'Part 2' is an excellent example of why people seek out, and enjoy experiences in astral projection so much. I think you are very fortunate to have such a beautiful experience ~ thanks for sharing it with us! 😊
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in Haunted Ring
To aussiedaz, no problem, I believe the book is 'Magic & Mystery in Tibet'', an old book, which explores magic and mysticism on a trip she took to Tibet. I also have heard of accounts that here in America centuries ago when the first European ships arrived to explore and settle here, that the Indians could not 'see' them. The ships were outside their belief system, and were quite literally invisible to them. Apparently the shamans and medicine men could see the ships however, I believe due to their expanded beliefs as was required by their role in the tribe. The shamans and medicine men 'enlightened' the tribe to the existence of these ships and then they could be seen. Fascinating stuff and it certainly speaks to the power of the mind and lends more credence to the law of attraction as well.

I do always enjoy reading your comments aussiedaz and the explanations/theories and links you put forth. They add a depth to these encounters which make them even more enjoyable!

We may never know all the answers but the great mystery is part of the fun!

Have a good new year!
aussiedaz in Haunted Ring

Thank you for the heads up on Alexandra David-Neel,I may go research her work, I also believe Carl Jung had some pretty interesting theories relating to the same concept with UFO abductions.

It is a scientific fact that we construct reality with in the wall of our brains, the only thing our eyes can see is light... As we still don't understand the nature of consciousness, we can't yet explain phenomenons like the Metaphysical, Sleep Paralysis, Poltergeist, old hag, etc however,

If consciousness is fundamental to our reality as many theoretical physicist suspect it is, then our thoughts must play a huge part in what we create and interact with. Just about everything we see started out in someone's imagination?

This also in my view explains how we survive physical death, mind don't belong to body, body belongs to mind.

Hi,dirtyangel2011! I registered here just to talk to you because I saw your comment in my research, I hope you can answer me! The exact same thing happened to my husband yesterday! In new' s year night! I was lawyed at his sidein the bed but I don' t see nothing (and I'm normally the " sensitive one ").We steayed like WOW! I wonder if you had more experiences like that one and what happened to you after you saw that blue light rectangle. Thank you very much.
Happy 2021 everybody:)
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in Haunted Ring
Yes aussiedaz, your theory does seem plausible, there is a phenomenon I believe called Tulpa, where such beings can be created using a mental construct, visioning and belief. Alexandra David-Neel wrote a book where she described using the process to create a monk, however over time the monk took on a personality of his own, even his physical appearance changed. She actually had to reverse the process to get rid of him and it apparently wasn't easy. Of course it is not proven. It provides an interesting perspective and if true it may explain things like Big-Foot or the Loch-Ness monster and why such beings seem to disappear or have never been captured. If enough belief is actually utilized to generate these 'beings' then perhaps on a more humorous note (perhaps not) that Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny may also exist. Anyways an aside to your story BravelyKegger, and not an attempt to hijack your thread. It was a great read and perhaps these theories/explanations provide another reason behind what you saw.
Sleeping-with-steve in Confirmation And Decisions

It may seem confusing when you go to the site '', because they sell crystals and other stuff. But there's also a little bit of info on self cleansing.

Rookdygins cleansing is definitely the best by far and highly recommended. The site below is worth a read.


In my previous comment I typed, 'How knows'...
... I meant, Who knows.πŸ€”
Sleeping-with-steve in Confirmation And Decisions
Hi Jess_theTurtle 🐒

Like AussieDaz, I too am curious about your age.

If you gave up drugs 3 years ago and were 20 years old when you spoke to the preacher about God's message, (as you wrote in this post), that would make you 23 years old now. (I guess it's neither here nor there how old you are. I'm just curious)

Anyway, as Biblio and AussieDaz recommend, a cleansing is a great start. Rookdygins method works for me as long as I do it regularly.

I have also had horrible experiences where an old hag pulled my quilt off me some nights and sat or stood at the end of my bed. Why? How knows. πŸ€”I'm no longer scared of her and I think that keeps her away along with the regular cleansing.

You could also try some self cleansing.

I came across a site called ''. There's some methods on how to get rid of negative energy and self cleansing. It's worth a read.

Best wishes,
Hi Jess,

I don't generally like pointing out contradictions in statements made by people on here and I can sense you are really trying to get your life in order for you and your daughter of which is really the most important thing you need to worry about for about the next 20 years of your life.

However, you say you haven't made a post for 5 years since when you were 16 which means you are now 21? In your story you stated at 20 you were heavily on drugs and then you responded to another member claiming you have been clean for 3 years of which don't add up?

Anyway, putting that aside because you have had a tough life and have probably made some poor choices and things that have happened to you that shouldn't have and now you are dealing in the wash up of getting your life back into order.

Your concerns and decisions moving forward relating to your daughters well being are paramount and are extremely important, So I'm going to offer you two bits of advice.

Stay of the drugs and don't try to explain the paranormal to your daughter when she's old enough to understand what you are saying to her.

I have just about experienced everything paranormal you possibly can so I can relate to your account especially your first story. My attitude about all of my paranormal experiences is to make a positive out of them.

You are at the centre of your own universe and have the power with in you to control your reality and the world you make for your daughter.

I have three children of whom knew nothing growing up about my paranormal experiences, because loading their young minds up with my paranormal baggage would not be a productive element in their lives.

I could have posted 20 stories on here along the lines of "please help me is it a demon" but I couldn't be bothered. I'm actually quite grateful for all of my negative accounts because it gives me some insight when talking to others like your self.

You are a spiritual being having a physical experience, your brain is a receiver that extracts information from the field of consciousness. Drugs do interfere with the brains functionality of conforming reality. Yes some of them are paranormal however more of them are delusional.

It's a good thing for you to build a relationship with God, my daughter married the son of a preacher man and travelled to Africa on some missionary missions over the years. I can see how her faith has moulded herself with her 3 daughters of which is what life is all about.

Do Rook's cleansing if you must, it does work for some.

Regards Daz
jess_theturtle in Confirmation And Decisions
Hi bibliothecarius

I have been clean about three years now and plan to remains that way for the rest of my life. It is true that drug and many other thing can open you up to these types of things and I believe that the first paranormal entities came into my life do to a lot of childhood trauma. I have taken a few precautions when it comes to my child the house has been blessed and I do pay over her and many other daily.
Bibliothecarius in Confirmation And Decisions
Greetings, jess_theturtle, and welcome back.

My immediate concern is your "almost two year old" child. Not only have you had supernatural interactions in your past, but you've also had a warning from Chris' mother about protecting yourself from future harm. You reaction to this has been "trying to ignore all the hints of something else being near me." I think you wrote this post to confirm your suspicion that you've not been doing enough to protect the two of you from the danger you know is there.

Several other members of the YGS forum have indicated that the use of drugs often opens up an individual to attacks from dangerous entities. I have no direct experience with this, but I do hope that you continue to resist the temptation of narcotics now that you are a parent.

As a parent, you must want the best for your child (obviously!). You need to cleanse your living space of unwanted spiritual energy ASAP. Rook, a long-time member of YGS has a cleansing ritual on his homepage: Scan down to "Recipe for a Home Cleansing/Shielding... (allow for two or 3 days to complete) " and read the next few paragraphs for cleansing and shielding your home. You'll see that this ritual does not conflict with any religious practice, nor does it depend upon one.

Please, please be safe; protect yourself & your baby from supernatural harm.

What are the odds! I haven't been on this website from last year. Your story is the first I clicked and reading this year... Co-incidence is that I am also from Brisbane!
LFrog1386 in A Ghost In My Home
I have to agree with the other posters-try using Rook's method in the link priya posted and ask it to leave if it's truly bothering you. Sometimes a medium might be needed if those basic methods don't work. Perhaps someone more local to you can suggest a good one in your area.

The good thing is that it seems to be harmless, albeit somewhat mischievous, like a child playing pranks for attention. Some people are able to live with their ghosts by telling them to knock it off and settle down when the spirit is being bothersome. But of course it's a case-by-case situation and you need to do whatever is right for you. Good luck!
I,too, would love to hear more stories from you. I am especially curious to hear what happened to your friend who was a non-believer until she had her own experience.
Sorry it took so long for me to get back here but thank you for responding and clearing that up. That DOES sound pretty scary and very unnerving, to be sure!
aussiedaz in Haunted Ring
If your account is true along with these two dudes capturing this woman on video, I have a theory that might explain both the old hag syndrome and the girl from that ring movie who crawled out of the well and into the minds of millions of people across the planet (of which me thinks is the culprit to this new phenomenon)?...if it's truly happening?

Back in 1984, I had an experience with the old hag, she had two cracks at me on that night and on both occasions, I basically refused to believe it was real of which completely took her power away from basically frightening me to death, because on both of these accounts... They seemed physical and I was wide awake, I wouldn't wish them on anyone, (well maybe my bank manager,lol)

Note: removing the fear played a major role in collapsing the experience. I know of two other people close to me of whom had a similar experience among a few other dozen stories shared on here over the years.

I believe, along with quite a number of theoretical physicist, we create reality as we go (Neil Bhor being the most famous)... What separates normality, the metaphysical, mental illness, the old hag syndrome and now what's seems to be the girl from the ring movie, comes down to the mass consciousness on the planet and what we construct into our daily lives and accept as rational, vrs a smaller mass of consciousnesses believing in their nightmares.

Our universe at it's base is information, so I guess if enough people have the same nightmare or believe in an Urban myth, it may be possible to create that myth and put it into the universe like stored data where they can be triggered by certain events and accessed via a certain state on mind?

The old hag syndrome may well have been created back in the 1500's when they used accuse people of being witches?

Quite possibly the people of that time left their imagination into the print of the universe for others to tap into if conditions are right?

We seem to accept the science behind a poltergeist relating to the link between human emotions, Fear etc... The house coming to life?

Your mother may have bought into this experience sub consciously, by believing in a ring
She bought from a store called Earth bound? How appropriate.

Yep, get rid of the ring and back in line with the mass consciousness.

Regards Daz
Hello OPP211103,

Welcome to YGS and thank you for sharing your intriguing post.

I have no idea why the spirit of Amir returned to the house and not the hospital where he died. My father and brother both died in hospital too. My father's spirit wonders around my family's house where my frail old mother still lives.

I'm also not sure why Amir's spirit stopped visiting. Like you said it may have been because Savi and Kumar left. Perhaps he felt a need to be near people that made him happy. Once again, I think you're right in saying that maybe a cleansing has been done or he's moved on to the next realm and that's why he doesn't come back these days.

I felt so sorry for Amir being burnt so badly. I hoped he'd be ok and when I read he died I was saddened.

Best wishes,
SWS 😘 ❀
lady-glow in Haunted Ring

Even if they don't remember your mom and they are new employees, perhaps they remember/have heard of some strange events that happened around the time the ring was at the premises?

Also, do you know if your mother was wearing the ring during the times she almost got into car accidents? Does this mean that the other drivers were under the spirit's malevolent influence or, in case something would had happened, would she had been the one at fault?
I'm just trying to understand if the ring had an impact on people not under direct contact with it.
I know it would be near to impossible to trace all the places and people that were close to the ring between the time it was made and the day your mom bought it: warehouses, mean of transport, dealers, etc. It would be interesting to know if anyone ever saw her.

I hope your theory about someone putting a curse on the ring is wrong... Just imagine the havoc that could happen if any number of "made in China" items were cursed before reaching the consumers... (shudder!)

Anyway, it seems like hollow eyes girl is gone for good.
aussiedaz in Haunted Ring

Only last week I watched this paranormal episode on television (of which I rate) where they had footage of a woman in a white dress with long black hair, dark eyes standing on the edge of a condense forest among hectares of land in broad daylight caught by a drone of which belonged to these two gentlemen.

Both of these guys were interviewed and seemed genuine and authentic about their experience... Apparently just like the old hag syndrome, there's a phenomenon out there relating to this long black haired woman who gets her rocks off by doing exactly what you have explained in your account.

Regards Daz
BravelyKegger in Haunted Ring
well it was years ago and I doubt the staff would remember my mom if they even still work there, my theory is someone decided to put a curse on some random ring, possibly the manufacturer, it might have just been a 1 in 1000 chance.
lady-glow in Haunted Ring
"ask the staff from the tore"

I mean "ask the staff from the store".
lady-glow in Haunted Ring
Hello BK.

"Well I would imagine it was brand new"

I find it rather strange that a spirit would attach itself to a new, and probably cheap and mass produced, object without a tragic history. Would it be possible to ask the staff from the tore if anything unusual happened before your mother bought the ring?

Too bad your mother didn't offer the ring to Zak Bagans, he probably would love to have such an interesting piece in his personal museum of haunted objects and, with some luck, even had featured your mother's case in an episode of "Ghost Adventures".

Thanks for sharing.
BravelyKegger in Haunted Ring
Well I would imagine it was brand new, the store is basically a hippie hot topic.
[at] LightMight, thank you so much for your advice, I haven't tjpught about keeping a journal, but now I think I will try it, also I have already started creating bountries with the spritual world around me...
Hello fisherman, in story you have mentioned "This is not my first experience with a house with paranormal activity, I sold that property and got rid of it..."

So paranormal experiences stopped now? Or are you saying that there are 2 houses (1 is sold and 1 is current) in your life with possible paranormal experiences?
I am little confused.

Paranormal or not but you can always try house cleaning explained by rookdygin. (link- This helped many users on YGS. I also follow this cleaning method weekly with my religious prayers - good for positive energy and hope:)
Hi Amena,
I'm late to your story, busy month, but wanted to let you know that I experienced similar things at the battlefield near my home in Georgia. The battlefield here at Kennesaw Mountain is quite large and encompasses ten miles of walking/running trails that have been preserved as a national park. I've heard disembodied voices there, recorded an EVP that said, "Them soldiers is dead." And one time while walking up the hill they call the Dead Angle (also known as Cheatham Hill), where northern units were decimated by the southern defenders who were heavily dug in and armed at the top -- I started getting SO winded, literally could NOT catch my breath and my anxiety was through the roof. I had to stop walking, bend over and try and calm myself, when I realized that there was NO WAY those feelings and emotions (even symptoms is a better word) were from me. I was a runner for many years and never experienced anything like that... The event ended after about 30 seconds. At the time I was worried that I had just gotten so old and heavy, but it still seemed creepy... Came on so fast and ended just as fast. And the next time I walked up the same hill, I barely felt it, breathing was completely normal. That's when I knew I had experienced some of what those soldiers felt as they charged up that hill to their deaths. Now I won't go there by myself. This is the one story I have that I'm reluctant to tell... It's even hard for me to believe it. But I do.
MrsRamsay in Her Squeak Toy
Just wanted to say how much I enjoy "out of the mirror's" posts.

It seems strange that he closed his account (or should I say they? His wife was his typist, right?)

Hope all is ok with them.
Hi MOOnchxld,

It sounds a lot like you are sensitive to the spiritual realm, which isn't a bad thing, especially around here! I realize that you haven't asked for help, but there are a few things I would like to share w/you. Unless you've already done so, something that you may want to seriously consider is researching how to create spiritual boundaries for the 'ghosts' (spirits) you encounter. Not only can it help protect you, but it can also make you feel less vulnerable and more empowered. Another thing you might want to do is keep a journal; journaling can help you see if there are any patterns to the spiritual activity in your life.

Lastly, I think you were very smart by trusting your own feelings and wanting to leave your friend's house right after you felt the negative energy there. Always follow your instincts, because they're usually never wrong.

Best Wishes!
Welcome, dlerium81 ~
I really enjoyed reading your story!

I have a feeling that someone heeded your cry for help that morning; it's possible that a spirit, divine or otherwise, intervened right when you really needed it the most.

Take Care πŸ˜‰
LFrog1386 in Haunted Ring
Those are some pretty scary experiences, to be sure. Was the ring brand new or used/antique? I can't imagine anything would be attached to a new ring but I am curious, nonetheless. I am glad she survived the haunting-it sounds like she may have been headed for a fatal accident at the hands of this spirit if it had gone on longer!
The_Morrighan in In Love With A Demon?
Jess, Vlad was given to the Turks as a hostage by his father. Through 'conditioning'he was taught to be vicious. What people don't realise is that his methods shortened wars and saved many more lives than he took. He never drank blood although his distant cousin, Elizabeth Bathory, decided that bathing in the blood of virgin peasants would extend her life and beauty. Be aware, please, of Victorian Gothicism, the original Creepy Pasta.
The_Morrighan in Elephant
A merry Christmas and a blessed Yuletide to everyone on this site xxx
Even though you already stated you knew his last name... I just wanted to get my first thought off of my chest! Your description of him sound just like Vlad the impaler. He was extremely evil with black hair and was technically a vampire only he didn't suck blood, he just supposedly drank it... I know it's crazy and far fetched that it could be him and you even said an entirely different name... But I just had to mention the similarities.
So, you hear this apparition only at night? Your story makes me feel as if this ghost is a child or at least something pretending to be a child.
Have you tried asking it to leave or saging your home?
BravelyKegger in Haunted Ring
that is very reassuring, I would hate for my mom to have to be tormented by the spirit again.
Bibliothecarius in The Knott Family
Greetings, Jess.

I don't know how I missed this narrative last month; it's very interesting.

Perhaps the family's last name could have been "Gnott."

Just a thought,
Bibliothecarius in Haunted Ring
Greetings, BravelyKegger, and welcome to YGS.

I wouldn't worry about the return of the spirit if I were you. Should someone else find the ring after it had been immersed in salt, the spirit would follow the new owner *if* it hasn't already been exorcized by the cleansing effect of the salt.

You have nothing to fear from these events.

Jessbcr25 in The Pool Incident
Thank you for enjoying my stories. I know I tend to ask why this? And why that? I'm just full of questions that can never be answered. But it's fun to hear everyone's thoughts on it as well. I appreciate all of the feedback and sorry it takes to long to respond. I have a couple experiences left that I plan on writing very soon!
Jessbcr25 in The Knott Family
Hey AugustaM! Yea if I were older than what I was I definitely would have tried to go over there more often too. She didn't invite people over though it's why I had to show up. She mentioned the grandma usually downstairs in the living room sitting in a chair, her older sister always seen a little girl in her room and sometimes in the bathtub... A teenage boy who I had seen was in her room, and the parents made many appearances to their whole family. She said they would be downstairs talking or watching tv and could hear someone pacing upstairs really heavy footed, lights turning on and off in the rooms they were in. And more than she told me I'm sure. I'm extremely jealous of how natural it was for her to just coexist with an entire ghost family... Definitely could be spelling the name wrong too... Could be Naught or knaught. I just remember she said that exact sound. And I'm not sure it they spoke to her. But just a lot of busy bodies as they were just still living there too... Once again. Very jealous!
RCRuskin in Strong Ghost
A week ago? Damn, I've been away too long. 😒

I've seen those soft close hinges and drawer guides, and other such things. I'm assuming your piano lacks such a thing, so it makes me wonder.:)

Merry Christmas, or other holiday of choice.
Sleeping-with-steve in When Evil Is Your Salvation
Good morning Valkricry,

It's 6:16am and I'm heading out with my little fox terrier for a walk.

Cappuccino at the beach after walkies.β˜•
There's a new strain of Covid19 that has surfaced and apparently it's deadlier.

I can't upvote you because it says, 'please vote for someone else'.πŸ˜•

Chat again soon.
SWS 😘 ❀
Morning, SWSβ˜• or whatever time it is there πŸ€”
Very true, this virus is harsh on everyone, and not just those who catch it, either. It seems to have tainted everything... Scary is that it is global.
valkricry in Old And New
Congratulations, on the engagement, Triden!
I'm glad Gran and Charlie came with, but do worry a bit about Adam. Of course there is a chance that he's made friends with the new people.
Any chance that Gran is quieter because she's happier for you?
Sleeping-with-steve in When Evil Is Your Salvation
Hello Valkricry,
Thank you for your response. With everything that's going on it's probably the last thing on your mind. It just goes to show that you are polite, and care about people which is a beautiful characteristic.

I'm sorry to hear that you've been laid off until February. Covid19 is making it very hard for everyone worldwide. Now that vaccines are surfacing, perhaps things will improve.

Look after yourself and email me anytime if you need to chat. πŸ€—

Best wishes,
Miandra/SWS 😘 ❀
Rex, It didn't 'feel' like my older brother steadying the ladder. It did sound like the voice I've been hearing during the renos though. A bit of a Brit accent. Although R use to sometimes use one, he sounded more Aussie. πŸ€” I think this one belongs to the house though. I've heard him before, and even saw him once. At least I think was him. Seems to take a keen interest in the changes.
However, that charge I felt giving me the strength back to tell my Dad off - that well could have been my siblings' strength.
Merry Christmas to you all!
Morri - thank you so much for including me in your ritual. I really do appreciate it.
Miranda, not sure I consider myself brave, but I do consider myself hugged.😊 I was so sure I had laid the past with my dad to rest, and this came from left field as it were. Looking back on it, I do wonder if it had been intended as a kindness of sorts. It did set up my having help I needed in the very near future. Not just the emotional support, but physical/goods aid. It gets really rough when all the bills are suddenly doubled, then add this virus in... I just got word we're laid off until at least February. However, I still have it better than many others.
Triden! I have been wondering about you! Lovely to 'see' you. Wonderful news about your engagement.😊 *Flips her cape back* What, I'm no longer a superhero? 😲 lol
Hi there!

Though your senses are definitely on alert when in your family's home, I have to agree, they seem curious and not at all negative πŸ˜‰
Oh Val!
You have been a voice for sanity for me through so many of my crazy ordeals (well in my world they were/are) that I have completely created you as a superhero of sorts. One forgets that people you have connections with are still just people like me. Reasing the "bashing" and the metaphorical "kicking" your parental spirit gave you took me back to the ones I have experienced in my life as well. I got so angry at what he said to you - empaths huh. And your helper in the renovation advice, keeping you from falling, I felt like I would want to hug him, he reminds me of Charlie.

I have been quiet too long I would say. I missed you all.
Sleeping-with-steve in Someone Or Something Moved My Hand
Thank you for the Xmas wishes Darren.
I sent off a few Xmas emails and would have liked to have sent you, your wife and family my best wishes for Christmas and the New Year. So I'll do that here because I couldn't see an email on your profile page.πŸ€”
Eat, drink, be merry and don't forget to wear your mask.πŸŽ„


I'm wondering whether your older brother may have been drawn back to you to "steady the ladder", so to speak, particularly after the ear-full from your father and you asking for help.

One thing I do know is what sunlight, vitamin D and depression have in common. You'd now be in early winter, so please keep taking the vitamin D. Besides, it also helps the body retain Calcium as well.

Hang in there warrior, have a safe Christmas knowing that good hearts always shine through the cr*p that life throws up.

PS. A bit early I know, but I don't care. To all the YGS family have a happy and healthy Christmas/New Year and let's hope 2021 turns out better than this year.

Jubeele and Rex-T
Sleeping-with-steve in When Evil Is Your Salvation
The_Morrighan, Tweed, and Valkricry, I have to wait before I can continue to up-vote because I've used up my limit. I'll come back and vote in a couple of days.

(It would be nice if the up-voting could be increased from 5 per member to 10πŸ˜‰ and maybe the down-voting can stay at 5 per member) πŸ€” Small suggestion for Martin.

Best wishes,
Sleeping-with-steve in When Evil Is Your Salvation
Hello Valkricry,

If I could, I would give you a big hug. You are very brave soldiering on with everything that you have been dealing with.

Your father had no right treating you like that. He said a lot of cruel things. Despite him trying to diminish your self worth and confidence, here you are fighting every step of the way.

I know I don't know you, but, I feel as though I would enjoy your company and be able to talk for hours over coffee about experiences that have made us who we are.

I'm so sorry your childhood was taken from you by your father who replaced it with fear, dread, and depression.

In time as you get stronger, you will not be hurt by those memories. Instead you will feel power knowing that you have got to where you are from proving him wrong.

Having read all the comments on this thread, I can see how loved and cared for you are by YGS community. You will always have support when you need it. Don't ever feel alone because as far away as we are, we really do care. You know my email and if ever you need to chat, please feel free to contact me.

Look after yourself lovely lady.
😘 ❀ πŸ€—
Val, For what it's worth Yule is on 21st of December and I'm going to be performing an empowerment ritual for a few friends, I'll include you in it. You don't have to believe and if nothing else you know I'm wishing you good vibes and sending strength.
Bright blessings.
You know, I think that's what bothered me most about this - not being able to point at an x factor. It's difficult to vent or circumvent the issue, when you have no clue yourself what the root is. "Punch drunk" is a good term for the after effect.
aussiedaz in Strong Ghost
Most of the Heavy metal musician I'm aware off end up smoking the plants they care for, however yes, it probably
valkricry in Strong Ghost
πŸ€” Plants and music... I wonder if it depends on how it effects those caring FOR the plants?
aussiedaz in Strong Ghost

Isn't it interesting the relationship between plants and music I think that's the lesson of the day anyway,

It probably depends on which experiment you pay attention too? the Scostman article, they found Black Sabbath music worked wonders with plants and exposure to Cliff Richard music killed every plant in the experiment... Lmfao, that is too funny.


In this next article Classical vrs Rock Music they are suggesting it's classical.


Anywho, I'm going to give my long term memory a B plus for something I browsed on over 30 years ago...however, in this last article... They claim extremely loud rock music can destroy the ecosystem?... It may have been something similar along the lines to what I read "Spinal Tap turned up to volume 11"

Thank you for sharing your story. This is truly adorable, at least you have a friendly spirit that can keep you happy and entertained ❀-Moon/Day
Hey, Tweed. You're referring to his Grandmother, who raised him - so really close and one heck of a memory you have there!
Actually, except for the remodel on the kitchen, I'm doing all the work myself. BTW the remodel came as a big surprise to me. I was just going to paint the darn thing. Then my landlord asked me if I'd like a 'new' kitchen - would I!?! I was totally over the moon when he said they'd replace the floor as well. Unfortunately before they could do details like the splash board, disaster struck and funds had to be re-allotted. *sigh*. I tend to agree we need a roof more than I need a splash board. Still the kitchen is like 300% better than was.
You don't sound 'preachy' at all. More like concerned for my safety.😊
Val, I'm the same: life knocks me down and I (thus far) get back up, maybe a little punch drunk but still going.
Thank you, Morrighan. I've heard that saying, phrased differently before. Something like, "God brings you to it, He'll lead you through it." Maybe it's so, I don't know. All I really know is life is very fond of throwing curve balls at folks, and I'm one of the lucky ones. Hasn't struck me out yet.
Val, goodness, sorry you've been doing it so tough. I remember you mentioned months ago about hitting a bad patch. But that's one heck of a bad patch.
I remember you getting that roomie and having a sort of passing of the torch experience with the guy's mother (?) I think it was. Maybe that same spirit was, or is, trying to reach you. Or maybe you've got that covered lol.

You pose some big questions at the end and I don't know if anyone could, or should, answer them for you. Maybe they're more journey based answers. I admire your wisdom for getting to a bigger picture at the end of that year. You've chosen a positive perspective and that speaks to your strength.

Hate to sound preachy but hope you don't have too many tradesmen in right now. Crappy times and all.
Stay safe.

Oh and the YGS community is just a shout away if you ever need to vent. I'm sure people here won't mind at all. Don't feel like you have to face all that alone. Or maybe you're a lone wolf like me, and that's fine too!

Morrighan, the thing won't let me vote for you at the moment but I really love what you said about the gods giving their hardest tasks to their strongest warriors.
Tweed in Strong Ghost
Daz, I'd like to see the credentials on whoever was behind that plant and music experiment. There's recent tests showing the opposite is true. Pumpkin seeds for instance love anything heavy because it stimulates them to sprout. Larger pumpkins are always found in test groups exposed to heavy vs classical music.
During lockdown my husband's been playing a lot of Blind Melon, the Soup album and I got back into NIN, our indoor flora seem to really dig it. I don't know, metal killing plants seems like an archaic concept somehow. πŸ€”

It makes sense you'd find your way to music. We are naturally drawn toward what's good for our soul.
Rock n roll heaven sounds good to me. Foo Fighters have a rather poignant, rocking song about the very place.
I'm so sorry, first of all, for what you've had to go through but perhaps the gods only give their hardest tasks to their strongest warriors. I have to say that I'm rather jealous of your other realm 'family' lending a helping hand and moral support! I hope all goes well for you with your home and future.
Brightest blessings and stay safe.
aussiedaz in Strong Ghost
Music is a form Spiritual language yes I like that analogy Tweed, there probably is a Rock'n roll heaven who knows? I believe we are more alive when we are dead because we don't limit our potential like we do here in the earth matrix otherwise if I'm wrong... It's going to be as boring as batshiat if all we do over there is keep a straight face in fear of cracking the make up and groan like Casper the ghost for attention.
aussiedaz in Strong Ghost

Thank you for the feed back on what may validate my thoughts on your account.

Back yonder when Adam was a boy, I'd remember reading about this experiment where they filled two rooms up with flowers and plants and played classical music in one and heavy metal in the other turned up on Spinal Tap volume 11.

I can't remember the duration of this experiment whether it was 48 hours or longer however interestingly enough, the flowers and plants in the room with heavy metal all died and the ones in the room with classical thrived on... So yes, it even looks like nature has a liking to classical.

I was trying not brag about my own skills as a musician, however, I did start out in the school orchestra playing the flute and Chinese bassoon...Schubert's Unfinished Symphony is one of my favourites. Sometimes I'll sleep with classical music on in the background... There is something very soulful about the style.

I have written my own music where a radio station back in the 90's wanted to play it and Del Shannon's ex promoter wanted to pump it, anyway, all back in the day now.

Funny thing about my own musical journey it was me who found it, not the other way around... My parents never really did got behind me as a child although later in life my Dad was one of our groupies who stalked us around the circuit.

Anyway, I absolutely envy and enjoy anyone talented enough to play the piano, it is in my view, the most satisfying and fulfilling instrument one can play.

Regards Daz
The_Morrighan in Something In The Vicarage
I'm late to this account but wanted to thank you for submitting it: it was fascinating, beautifully written and very believable.
Bright blessings.
AugustaM in Good Ghost
The entity seems to have behaved rather like a protector - perhaps you were only afraid because you registered an unknown intruder in your bedroom - the fear coming from strangeness rather than the entity's intent.

My great uncle went to a "boys home" like that back in the 1940s/50s - ran away as many times as he could, poor kid. It wasn't that the facility was all bad, he was just so homesick.

I worked with a fellow by your name when I worked for Colonial Williamsburg (so left in 2012 when I moved) - you wouldn't happen to have any relatives in Va, would you?
The_Morrighan in Knock Knock, Push Push
Hello and welcome,
Just my two pennies worth but I think your ghostie sounds friendly, a little mischievous and like it wants to part of the family.
Bright blessings.
The_Morrighan in Haunted Area?
Hi bewhatmay,
Welcome and thanks for that account!
You mention that 'because of the history of the area... It has stored up negative energy'. Firstly I believe that's entirely possible. My Mum always says "the land remembers" and there is a great deal of evidence floating around to support this. I'd love to know a little of the history of your area if you've time: it may prompt further insights into your experiences.
Bright blessings and stay safe.
Great account, thank you so much for sharing it with us.
It could be worth digging into the history of this church a little. Perhaps check if it has a turbulent history in any way I.E. Murders, suicides, etc.
I look forward to reading more of your accounts, welcome to this marvellous site and keep safe.
Bright blessings.
Tweed in Strong Ghost
Biblio, thanks for reminding me. I'd forgotten about the 'small attention getting thing followed by the main event' concept. But yes, that definitely could apply here.

Daz, Sometimes when practicing I swear I hear whispers. Once, about five years ago, heard the whispers then heard a woman say, quite loudly too, 'Sshh, She's playing it!' Lol. So yeah, think I have an invisible posse sometimes.
To me music is a spiritual language. I can't think of any genre being spiritually better or superior to another because I play rock and classical and love them both equally. A lot of my favourite classical composers were considered crap in their day by the mainstream. I can only pray that what I consider crap (techno) is never studied in depth by future generations lol.
I would love to hear the rest of your stories. The longer, the better! I love a nice, long ghost story.
Sleeping-with-steve in I Caught More Spirits On Video!
Cole Harris,

Regardless of the colours, it's always good to catch paranormal on footage.πŸ‘»

Thanks for your reply.

Best wishes,
While the filter does add some colors, it's only supposed to react to living things, and it's NEVER supposed to flash grey! I don't know why it flashed grey when it was pointed at me in the 5th video. The only explanation that I have is that whatever is going on in the house might be affecting more then I thought.
aussiedaz in Strong Ghost

There are only a few things I believe we take with us when we cross over. Our memories, The love, our sense of humour and the music... Classical music especially, I have listened to your repertoire of which is very and impressive and yes, Beethoven would be the spiritual magnet.

I have listened to alleged captured recordings of music on the other side and classical music seems to be the universal flavour of choice that exist outside the space time critique.

I did six years of playing the Sydney club circuit where Chuck Berry's roll over Beethoven was the closet I came to the classical genre so they won't be giving me a gig up there among the clouds and stars unless there's another place they have in mind for me...lmao

Seriously, based on your music, I would not be surprised if what I said before was the premise of your account. You may have your own following of people who enjoy your music for free.

The_Morrighan in Elephant
Thank you for such a beautiful and comforting comment. I actually teared up a bit reading it, in a good way.
Bright blessings.
Bibliothecarius in Strong Ghost

While that is "info overload," it's *interesting* info: my favorite kind!

This doesn't explain the phenomenon of the lid's slow closing, but, I'm sure you recall from past thread conversations, paranormal phenomena sometimes begin with an initial attention-getting phenomenon (paranormal or otherwise) followed by a more full-blown one.

Just a thought.
The_Morrighan in No Eyes All Tongue
I'm probably going to sound like I ought to be wearing a tin foil hat here but I've been reading the OP's accounts recently and noticed a few things that lead me to believe he's not being...Transparent. His 'wife' writing and editing some accounts seems to be inconsistent. The use of language suggests that English isn't his mother tongue although he implies he was born in the USA and his account is registered there. His desire to execute Le Grand Flounce at every opportunity suggests a desire for consistent positive affirmation rather than a desire for his narrations to be 'heard'. I just feel like he isn't the real deal. Only my opinion and I may be being harsh. I also agree that there are likely other factors at play.
Augusta, unfortunately I commented emotionally, spontaneously without first reading the comments on another one of the OP's narratives. When I was reading through some comments I was really taken by how quick to temper the OP was. I don't remember what was said but it was directed to what I thought was a helpful comment by Manafon. From there it just spiralled into attacking pretty much everyone.

I don't feel the OP is a liar either and I tried to keep an open mind. But on reflection it appears whatever this was isn't strictly paranormal.

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