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"Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter." -Yoda.


Robert Lanza was called by the New York times as one of the three most important scientist alive today in the link I posted prior listen very closely after the three minute mark,

''everything we see and experience right now, your body the walls, the ceilings of this room are an active process occurring in your mind, everything you think is out there is a construct happening with in your mind there is no out there'' (: Robert Lanza
Biblio's questions are good ones.

A lot of your experiences are similar to things I've been through as well. So, I can relate.

But regardless of it's a religious house or not... Spirits of the unsavory sort could still get in. I'm not saying it is negative... But I also wouldn't jump to assume that just because you live in a religious house/family that it's all good in the spirit realm. I'm not trying to be a naysayer and negative Nelly here but I would still proceed cautiously.

I also had a baby that died and in my house I was too quick to assume that it was the baby. I entertained this idea for awhile until the spirit showed it's ugly head confirming it was not the innocent baby. So... My general thoughts are that yes sometimes it can be the souls of the departed but if it's dark shadows and creepy...I'd weigh that idea a bit more before entertaining it.
Jynxer in The Poke
Grandma just ask me to put onion on the window.

One of the wires snapped when I checked it the following day.

This was not the first time this is just one of the haunting. Before our house was built way back in the 70's my mother said that there was a small mound that they destroyed (nuno sa punso) which the local believe that it's a house of elements like dwarves etc.

I'm not quite sure if someone played pranks on me at the middle of the night. All I know is I locked the door but the presence of who or whatever it is was seen pr felt by my pets.

There are more creepy hauntings I will post it later on my page.
So, I was just laying in bed and an experience I had on TT2 back in 2007 flashed through my mind so I Googled it and your story came up. We lived on Bougainville, right inside the gate, also in a 2/1 and I was up in the night making tomato soup while my husband slept. I caught something out of the corner of my eye by the fridge, slightly behind me to my left. I thought my husband had gotten up and was checking on me. There stood a Marine, in his Dress Blues. But it wasn't my husband. The Marine smiled at me just faded away. I was so unnerved I went and woke my husband. It was such a weird experience. That entire housing complex always unnerved me. I wasn't the same person when we lived there. I was always on edge about everything, even having very vivid dreams of hurting myself (hanging myself in the large storage closet was the main one) When we were moved to a new house on TT1 (Inchon Drive) all those feelings I had went away and I was back to normal. It was, by far, the strangest two years of my life...
Thank you Anne and mel, 😊 hope you both had a Merry Christmas. Sorry I haven't been around, been so busy. Thank you for your nice comments. ❀
WOW! Maybe her face was dark because she had passed away. 😒 I think she was saying goodbye. I would feel blessed to see a loved one like you did. ❀ Thank you for sharing your story.
Oh! 😲 That would have scared me too! Maybe it was a manipulated page you saw it on. I would have left too. Thank you for sharing this spooky story.
Thank you Daz, it's so awesome to get signs from people we've known through music. I can see you understand. I bet you were awestruck to see your dad that night at the window, I know I would have been. Yes, I've heard it said too that we are in the prime of our life on the "other side."

Yes Lealeigh! 😁 She drove me nuts with their music. No, my cousin and I grew up on "the bible belt" of NC and have always been believers. Later my cousin found out her daughter had the book and didn't know where she had left it?! My cousins were close to my mom, we all grew up together. All my family is back there and it was good my mom was there when she passed away. She was with all of our family, I'm the only one left in Oregon. I agree, I think we know more when we die. ❀ Thank you Maria
[at] lady-glow I have never told my Grandma, but perhaps I should. I never thought of it since I love to hear what she has seen and I always remain a listener only. I don't know what was up with those lights but they were overwhelming. When I remember those lights/rays I still feel that horrifying sense of never ending. I know I use a negative terms to explain how those things made and do make me feel but that's simply how it is.

You just summed up the feelings that I have about the whole subject of existence. There is no middle ground. I don't want Oblivion but I think a person might go mad if they went on forever.

The only consolation to me is that I know that, right now, I must look at these things from the perspective of a mortal. Mortals see everything around them living and dying; going from Point A to Point B.

My consolation is that I have come to think that, when I die, I won't see things in this limited way and time won't exist as a thing that acts like waves upon the shore, never ending.

- Maria
DirtCreature (guest) in I Think I Saw An Angel
Well I understand how they feel. The idea of an afterlife gives me barely any comfort. It is just as frightening to keep thinking and existing forever as it is is to cease to exist in the sense we know it which is being conscious or aware (since energy cannot be destroyed).

I think life in general is such an absurd and upsetting thing when I sit down and think about it too much. I try to preoccupy myself with people I love and peace and quiet when I can.

At least with nothing happening after death, there is nothing left to worry about even if it feels so awful to think about here and now for me. But an afterlife is just as confusing and strange because there are so many interpretations of what an afterlife is and what it would feel like to keep being conscious forever. Too bad I can't think of a middle ground between the two of these awful choices.

It is strange you saw that woman. It's hard because you have to distinguish the difference between getting a bad vibes from someone/something and your own fears. Just because someone or something seems scary to you doesn't mean it is scary or bad.
lady-glow in The Poke

Did you heed your grandmother's advice? Did you have to throw onions to the window's glass panels or did you smear them on onion juice, or did you place some whole onions on the sills? - Sorry, I just want to have a more clear idea of what you did.

Were the antenna's wires damaged or did you hear the sound of them braking but they were intact the following day?

"our house is notoriously haunted by beings not visible to the naked eye"

Was this the first time you experienced this kind of disturbance? If not, do you think this was one of the 'resident' beings acting up for some random reason?

What other type of activity used to happen in that house?

Did you ever ask around for the history of the house and the possible reasons for the haunting?

What happened after this incident? Did the haunting stopped for good of did it still happen but on a more subdued fashion?

Anyway, I'm glad nothing poked you again, it's unnerving to know that something invisible has the ability to touch you.

Huh...? Are you trying to say that, what I perceive (in my mind) as a beautiful white rose could be, in reality, a couple of crows feasting on the carcass of an unfortunate road kill or some other thing?

"there is actually no material world out there and what I am saying here is not theory, it is actually scientific fact." Could you quote some references backing up this statement?

Metzalnawa - that was a weird thing to witness. Have you discussed this experience with your grandmother?

As a side note, I'm not sure if auras have the ability of detaching of their person/animal/plant/object or if they are always surrounding a given mass. Regardless, your description of the rays is almost magical.

Thanks for sharing.
[at] lealeigh It very well might have been the impression that seeing those things that made me see one again as I was falling asleep. And at that time I for sure didn't have sleep paralysis. Although I did go through a point during my mid twenties that I experienced sleep paralysis heavily.
[at] aussiedaz I never thought that maybe somehow it was a brief moment in which I could see aura type lights coming from people. Maybe I was granted for a moment the ability to see some family members aura's. Interesting idea
Hello todoroki and welcome to YGS.

I find your experience very interesting and, at the same time, hard to say who the girl was.

When my daughter was around three years old, a couple of times she mentioned seeing a girl standing at the bottom of her bed watching her while she was playing on the floor. Her description of this young woman is similar to the one you saw except for the flowers on her head. Though curious about her identity, she didn't feel afraid on her presence.
When she asked who the girl was, I didn't know what to think, much less what to tell her; or even if she was only imagining something, but she looked too serious to be just kidding. I decided that it was safe to tell her that it was her guardian angel watching over her.

I'm telling all this because your reaction seems to be more than just surprise at her presence though, on the other hand, I would understand if your guardian angel was there trying to give some emotional help during your parents divorce.
Did your family ever discuss with their children the afterlife before this incident?

It would be a good idea to research the history of the house, perhaps the spirit of a young woman from the past has an unresolved business holding her to the location.

You may disagree with what I'm going to say but, in my opinion, even if this was an angel or a ghost, you were lucky to see that there is more to life than the things we can see and explain... I'm sorry that it happened when you were such a wee little guy. Don't let this memory spoil your chance to enjoy each day to its fullest.

Thanks for sharing.
Hello todoroki and welcome to YGS,

Your sighting of this woman or angel may have sparked your thoughts about the afterlife but I think those thoughts are bound to happen.

The thought that this life may be all we have occured to me when I was a teenager; at the time, these disturbing thoughts took up much of my free time. I didn't have any satisfying answers at that time. I got a job and that took care of the majority of my free time.

I wonder why seeing an angel would make you fear death. I would have thought seeing something like that would be an affirmation of life after death. When I was a teenager, my fear came from seeing no blatant proof with my own eyes and trying to reconcile what I sensed with what I believed that logic was.

You describe this angel as being serene in appearance so maybe that's all that her image was meant to convey.

I'm sorry that I can't be more helpful. Thank you for sharing your experience.

- Maria
Hello Yukihibira.

If you want answers, first you would need to provide some more details about your experience, would you be willing to participate in the discussion of your story?

In the meanwhile, the only thing I have to say is: slow down your imagination.
Greetings, friendlyclown, and welcome to YGS.

First, you've omitted the most important detail: What was the age of your older sister when she died? Additionally, do your parents still live in the same home as when your sister was alive? You do state that you're in "my current house," but that doesn't rule out the location being the same one in which your sister lived.

I'd be most grateful for clarification on these points before I hazard any guesses or advice about your current situation.

Ours eyes are only lens that filter photon light from the wave energy field we refer to as the universe. Everything we see actually plays out inside the wall of our brains, pretty hard to get your head around there is actually no material world out there and what I am saying here is not theory, it is actually scientific fact... The fact of the matter is there is no matter, let's keep that in mind as we try to understand your account.

So you were able to see these balls of lights with your eyes shut might suggest they are beings of light filtering directly from the 4th dimension via some external being? Or perhaps you were able to sustain the image for a length of extended time that created the illusion of what you were seeing at the given time?... However then again, once many years ago, whilst sleeping on the lounge room floor of a friends place with my eyes shut I was able to see the aura of his wife moving around me cleaning up as I laid there wondering in amazement of what to heck I was seeing,

Not sure if there is a paranormal terminology for what we perhaps both experienced anyway thank you for sharing it.

Jellyjally in Musical Ghost
Omg hi, I just read your experience. I would be so scared if I were you, but since the ghost/entity only played a few keys, maybe it was harmless. Do you have any pets, dogs or cats maybe that could've made the sound? Have you had any paranormal experiences before, or after this? Maybe it was the same ghost if you did...

I haven't read the book, however I'm very familiar with that particular story (heaven is real) as of many others I have listen to over the years and yes our dear departed loved ones do enjoy giving us signs through the music at certain places and moments in time.

I do remember on one occasion back yonder being in my car with the radio off and asking for a sign through the first song that came onto air and sure enough... The Living years came over for play and at that time unbeknown to me... The verse where he sang: ''I think I caught his spirit later that sane year''actually came into fruition.

On one evening at home preparing for an early night I saw my father standing outside my window I couldn't believe it, he walked toward me pretty much all the way to the face of the window, no doubt it was him albeit looking much younger and no doubt the song earlier on, was his own way of preparing me.

Thank you for sharing it,

Regards Daz
Hello Metzalnawa and welcome to YGS,

When I was a little kid, I was also afraid of Gremlins. My cousin is four days younger than me so my mother and my aunt took turns babysitting us together. He loved that movie but those things scared the heck out of me. He also had a Chucky doll but I was only scared of Gremlins. I literally couldn't tolerate the sight of them.

I don't know what it was that you saw beside your bed; your description of the eyes makes me think of the way that we see the light of very bright stars or planets at night. You didn't describe having sleep paralysis so I won't suggest that the eyes were part of an unusually vivid dream.

I believe that whatever was in your room first was scared off by your screaming. I think seeing them made such an impression upon you that, when you were drifting back to sleep, they were the first thing in your mind.

I wake up several times a night and, when I am drifting back to sleep, my first dream has a lot to do with whatever is in my head while I am falling back asleep. I think that you were worried about seeing the eyes again and they reappeared in your dream.

Your mind is a very fertile place for vivid dreams when you go BACK to sleep. People are most troubled by things when their world is in darkness and everything is easier to consider by the light of day.

I hope that this is helpful in some way.

- Maria

It makes me smile to imagine how your mother ran that Eagles tape into the ground. My mother likes the Eagles and if I never hear "Hotel California" again, it will be too soon.

I wonder who is behind the book giving. You said that your boyfriend's mother is a non believer; is your cousin a non believer too? Was your cousin very close to your mother?

I think that, even though you and your mother didn't get along, she is very likely reconciled on her end. I think that, when we die, we can see other perspectives.

- Maria
Hi Omerta,

Thanks for this. I do love biking, too, and used to take my mtb into the woods to take photographs of birds. One time I actually found a dead person, faced down a puddle of mud. Turned out he was too drunk the night before and drowned in a puddle when he fell, too inebriated to move. Yeah, things you find biking. Some fun, some scary such us these.

Maybe I can answer some questions for you since you haven't replied yet.

Hi James Bond, Barong Tagalog is a traditional and formal clothing in the Philippines usually worn in formal gatherings. And yes, it is also usually the "best" option to dress the dead with in preparation for burial. So it is not uncommon to hear stories of apparition of supposedly male ghosts wearing a Barong.

Hi Miandra, I think what he meant with becoming less visible "...until it reached his knees and torso..." is that the apparition started to fade from bottom up "...until he was just more like a haze."

Would like to hear from the writer, though. I hope prayers indeed have been offered according to their tradition and that justice have been served for him to rest peacefully, and for the robber not to do it again.

Take care and well done for not panicking and crashing in the process.
khushireina in In The Woods
what you said was real... But it can also be that instead of being a jinn it was a good protector of the forest... Or it could also be god itself in another form cause in other religion i've read that there is god in the form of dog... It can also be that it was scaring you guys by pushing you guys away from the woman rather... πŸ€”which I can assure that would have harm you guys... Peeing under a tree is bad omen cause i've heard bad souls live on trees... Be careful at night after 6 pm
I've had this same thing happening for many years (almost 25 years) and in different houses.
The first time the ticking sound was heard there was actually 3 of us in the room at the time and all of us could hear it, that went on for months but not all the time, just every so often. Now that house had solid concrete walls, no pipes or anything on that particular wall for lighting or anything, just a solid concrete wall, you could get close enough to it but if you got too close it would stop, you could mark on the wall where it was coming from but the very next time the ticking started again it would be coming from a slightly different location than what was marked.
Now this has happened in many houses since then but on other occasions I've been the only person around so couldn't ask others if they could hear it, I might try recording it next time.
Tonight it started again and this time I could hear it over the top of the TV, when I muted the TV it stopped, this happened several times but then the sound decided it would keep ticking until I almost have it located, and then it stops, this time it's in a different wall to normal, as we have renovated the house inside out I know where pipes and wires all are and this wall has nothing. I'm tempted to put a hole in the wall this time haha.
So the thing is, like everyone, I want to know what it is, can I talk to it? Can I capture it? Can I pet it, can I reason with it haha, surely there must be some explanation as to what this could be. This is the first time I've heard it in +6 months, before that I hadn't heard from it in a few years. There's no complications in my life, and no substances abuse either. Aw, can I name it? I mean if it was something spiritual I wouldn't want to upset it.
Would be cool if that creature got together with Nessie and they had babies. 😘

Are you sure that snake wasn't only a slimy tree trunk? πŸ€” 😜
Sleeping-with-steve in Someone Or Something Moved My Hand
Thank you Val.

Yes, it's really funny. It's still bringing up crazy search results. 🀣.

Best wishes,
Thank you for this wonderful story. I added it as one of my faves. You write so well.

I love durian, too, and I also believe in guardian angels. It must be funny now when you and your brother try to recall what happened, you side-stepping ninja. Haha. The tree, itself, could have saved you by breaking the fall of the heavy fruit.

By the way, so who won that time? Did you end up sharing with your brother?

Thank you and take care.
SERIOUSLY! A Serial killer?!

Yah! You don't want anything from your 100% true story but u have got everything... You should be submitting your case file to Mr. Fox Mulder...

Jokes apart

Sometimes when someone is woken up from deep sleep... The visions seems to be real in front of us for few seconds... Till you get full consciousness back. Here I am pointing towards the Lucid dreaming where dreamer may gain some amount of control over the dream characters, narrative, and environment... This might also be the case.

Just a suggestion.

Happy Christmas to you and all YGS members

Ok pretty weird bump but don't feel this worthy of its own story.

We recently were on a case which we believed to be affecting a young child and teenager.

For what it's worth I think we may have been to quick to judge.

So at the start of December we got a email asking for help, which was offered pretty much on the spot (This was a mistake). After we found out some of the claims questions we're asked around the team, did we feel they were being truthful, how to handle it if it was etc.

Ok so on to some of the claims. First I must make it known they originally claimed it started after the youngest was born, but also said the teenager had it worse when he was 3-4. Now there is 10 years difference between the kids. We let all this go even the other stuff that didn't make sense like when asked if there's anything physical in one interview they answered no, then later said the teenager was being attacked nightly.

So first thing we noticed when we entered the house, was a sign stating the house was haunted by a previous tenant (Later after researching found this was the mum's grandad who never lived in Scotland pretty obvious lie). They also tried to show some photos which are clearly fake (happened to be a pretty famous building in Ireland that we have investigated)

So after we got as much information as possible we went to set up, I guess the family didn't realise we we're recording already as right in front of one camera, they we're talking about how the youngest kid should go upstairs and scream in pain, obviously that's a red alarm but the kid actually did it (no one was watching at the time). A few hours later and what we thought was pretty bad but when the dad asked the teenager to deliberately fall down the stairs and pretend to be pushed (which we had someone watching at this point) we told them we had no interest in continuing the investigation with them there.

We realised there was a lot of faked "evidence" first the knocks they heard and we heard later turned out to be rig in the wall.

We also heard a lot of weird noises around the house this later turned out to be them connected to Bluetooth speakers in the house playing sounds (This was found out after they left and one of our team members connected to the speakers accidentally).

But almost every team member claims to have seen something in the house. Still to finish reviewing evidence but that's the only thing we couldn't disprove before review because off them trying to take so much.

Obviously any knock or bang even voice has to be classed as tainted at the very least.

Now if we find footage we have to let them know but they want a second investigation with them nowhere near the house. We definitely have decided not to.
Merry Christmas to you too!πŸŽ„
Oh, my, that is funny! I almost spewed my coffee! β˜•
Sleeping-with-steve in Someone Or Something Moved My Hand
Biblio and Maria, Thank you.

I voted you up Biblio, I always do. I can't vote on you Maria. It says, 'Please vote for someone else'.πŸ₯΄

I'm still trying to figure out my phone. I think my Australian accent is confusing Google voice command. I keep getting the strangest search results. Lol🀣. Just asked for Seasons Greetings and got results for Sneezing meaning. Lol πŸ€”

I'm rolling around laughing. My belly is full of Christmas lunch and I'm actually in pain now from laughing. The neighbours probably think I've had a bit too much eggnog. Lol.

Time to stop using the phone and watch a Christmas movie.

Lots of hugs to you.
πŸŽ„ Merry Christmas to you too, Miandra. Many blessings to you and your loved ones for the new year as well.

"2020" seems like a good number to me; isn't that what they call "perfect vision"

Or maybe I think it looks good because I am the type of person who cares that all of the picture frames in the house are perfectly balanced...πŸ–ΌοΈ

- Maria
And a "Merry Christmas" right back at ya, Miandra!

Still laughing,
Sleeping-with-steve in Someone Or Something Moved My Hand
Merry Christmas Everyone.


I just asked Google voice command to search for Your Ghost Stories dot com. Google Replied, 'Boo! πŸ‘»'. Lol. I was in stitches. I have a new phone and I was using all the functions trying to familiarise myself with it and I wasn't expecting that. πŸ˜‚.

Best wishes,
Sleeping-with-steve in The Guardians Of The Seven Lakes
Hello MissLioness and welcome to Your Ghost Stories website.

I love the title of your post. It would make a great title for a movie.

I'm glad no one was harmed.

Thank you for sharing your post.

Best wishes,
😘 ❀ 😘
Hello Dazed,
I friendly advise you to install a spirit box on your smartphone/iPhone,in case the house blessing is not working at all... I guess it won't,cause the Monsignor must be ecsorsist priest...,so you can distract the demons with a conversation with the spiritbox... And to prevent any further sexual interrogation...
You can ask for help as well any well known ghost hunters, depends in which country do you live.
They can help you for sure and lead you to the way out of demons you are roomy with.
Hey,dude,since you live in Canada and you are experiencing continuesly a ghost presence, don't hesitate to ask for help someone who is in familiar with such kind of events, by his own experiences.
I kindly guide you to a person,who's name is Moe Sargi... You can find his Instagram and contact him for help!
Greetings all and welcome JohnBurve,
At first I thought it could be your own shadow somehow, but then I also opened this photo and increased the light which increases the impression it's paranormal. Val, where it seems the shadow has his arm up (looking like it's taking a photo) is actually the pipe... You cannot see an arm. I could not make out any hood type headcovering nor any eyes, but I do note that the jacket shape is large with larger armholes over what appear to be breaches. And I get the impression of a tricorn hat. Is this location anywhere near a colonial settlement or, as my imagination is taking me, near a possible Revolutionary War site? I know upstate NY was the scene of many bloody encounters during this time period and yes, now I'm guilty of putting my own imagination into the mix. But I feel there's a tricorn hat there. Such an interesting photo. Thanks for posting!
Ghost sees medicine: Oo! New toy!

Rex gives a long and boring lecture. Ghost wanders off?

Happy Christmas to you and Jubelee! 😁
Jabonde99, Thanks for affirming my belief. The most interesting thing about all of my own "experiences" is that I never sought them, never needed them. But they are here, as certain as our ancestry is here (and as my husband says, there's no rush to find it, it's not going anywhere). I think it's about paying attention! Hope you all will have a wonderful holiday this week and a Happy New Year!
I'm replying to this so late but oh well.

Hi, I just wanted to say that I'm experiencing the same thing as you. (at least I think so)

I'm half Filipina and my mom is a full filipina, ever since I was a toddler I have been in contact with spirits, but it went overboard one day when I was around 5,so my mom took me back to the Philippines (we live in Sweden) so my grandmother could do some kind of cleaning on me and let's just say that was a long process cause I was there for 6 months.

Anyways ever since, I don't have that much contact with the spirit world anymore. The only thing I can see is shadow people and sometimes talk with them. They don't seem to want to leave me alone
Just repeating the link to John's picture, lest it gets lost in the comments. Side note, if the picture was sent into Martin (webmaster) it could take awhile to be posted.
As Lady-glow says, that 'shadow' does look awfully solid, so solid it is even casting its own shadow (transparent around the edges towards the right side.) Enlarged, the head (or where the head would be) seems draped in some black cloth. There's a mix, if you will, of very black and greyish hues, with darker 'lines' traveling downwards, as cloth would react when used as a hood/mask. If you look hard you can see what seems to be overly large almond shaped eyes (alien - like).
Now, if one takes a figure and paints it in Photoshop, the same 'masked/cloth' effect can happen, as well as the 'rods' Biblio spoke of. But, before we throw rocks, let's take a second look.
See the black pipes, behind the figure? The 'rods' match up with those. Comparing with the visible part of wall, below the large orange encased pipes, the black ones are possibly motar joint lines in the bricks, and not pipes.
Why would a shadow cast a shadow? Unless there are multiple light sources, they don't. Is it in anyway possible that you captured your own shadow? I know you said you would have noticed, but really think about it. Now look at that shadow again, doesn't it look like he's snapping a picture? (I must say, for being abandoned that place sure looks clean!)
Your friend's shadow is nice and crisp, close to body, which suggests a straight on light. However, the Entity's shadow seems to stretch a bit farther out, suggesting a slightly tilted/angled light, from a deeper left, casting it right. Thought, were there windows in that hallway, and was it somewhat below ground level?
If so, I have a possible explanation.
Impression: the shadow seems to be wearing a 'pea-coat' judging from the cut.

The shadows were carrying on in a way that was quite bold (for shadows); they weren't exactly trying to hide themselves and maybe that's part of what made you afraid. You sensed that your family was unwelcome in that place. That was surely an intention of theirs, I think.

I was going out on a limb about the one who, I thought, was left behind; I saw it as a strange action for it to be hiding under the bed. I still feel that it was closely related to the other entities. Who knows what really goes on in "reality". I am sorry if my interpretation of the situation in Wimauma seemed "out there"; I believe that all of that activity in such a small area belongs to it's particular environment and these things know of each other and were not acting arbitrarily.

I wonder if the previous occupants felt that sense of being unwanted there.

Whatever Pactus was, he belonged in Louisiana; if he was imaginary, I must have thought he belonged there because I didn't bring him with me. When you described the thing under the bed, it reminded me of Pactus. I don't think that I was ever afraid of him.

I have this feeling that, when children have these kind of friends, there's a good chance that they're speaking to "something". All kinds of people are willing to believe that children have a greater ability to see ghosts and other things than adults do. I am glad that you seem to accept that you were interacting with a spirit and not just your imagination; it makes me feel better about believing that I was doing the same thing.

I think children are closer to some kind of spiritual veil; I think that, as we age, we grow apart from that and become more a part of this earthly realm that we see around us. Maybe that's why you saw things and your parents weren't bothered by anything visible to them.

The fire that destroyed your home might have been an aggressive tactic on their part to put a stop to "all the noise" in their territory. It is good that you didn't have to spend the entirety of your childhood there; worse things could have happened.

- Maria

PS: I put you into my favorites on my profile page because I have enjoyed this conversation!
What a beautiful story. I loved it, and I believe they responded to you. ❀ 😊
I'm very happy to have several comments that are taking this serious. It's a first time for me to tell people about this and have some help.
General questions:
When I first started to see the shadow only light would drive it off. I once closed my door without leaving a light on, the result was frighting at the time. It stood in the corner of my siblings room which was too close for comfort. (I was sleeping in their room)

My family hasn't shared any stories that are similar to mine, most of them have been in very spiritual places. (on my reserve, I'm Native American) Except for my mother but she never told me anything directly, I eavesdropped on some of her conversations.

The shadow and girl give me two distinct feelings, the shadow was just naturally scary at the time. Now I'm accustomed to it, while the girl has this gut feeling of dangerous. When I saw her, she was laying facedown so I couldn't see her face. She had been lying next to a open bathroom that had a light on, but She isn't affected by light.


Your idea is thought provoking that it would be a being left behind, but because of the time-gap between the incident of the parade that night and seeing the thing under my bed I can't be certain. I just remember that both times that I have experienced these "Nature" or "Elemental" type beings it has been at night and they induced a feeling of great fear in me.

Now speaking to your "relationship" with Pactus... I also (according to my family) spoke with an "Invisible" or "Imaginary" friend when I was quite young (before we moved to Wimauma) although my memories of doing it are hazy at best. Sadly, no one in my family (including myself) can remember its name... Just that I talked with it constantly and demanded that we set a place for it at the dinner table on numerous occasions. Whether it was a being such as this or simply a "friendly" spirit I may never know. I presume that it was attached to the location in Lutz, Florida where we lived previously because there is no recollection of me interacting with it once we moved to Wimauma.
Hello, Ranaychristine19

There is a similar/identical story (with palm prints if children) from San Antonio too. As others have pointed out, the story at least from TX has been debunked (see link below for more). Further, the article mentions the accident with bus load of children had occurred in Utah. The (second) snopes link explains the optical illusion responsible behind this 'legend'. Thought you might find it interesting. Thanks for sharing.


lady-glow in Cadet's Lady
Hello Leodac.

In my opinion, there's not enough information in your narrative to determine if the woman suffered from a skin condition that could cause bad odour as a side effect, or if she was in need of a good bath, perhaps even the smell of her sweat got stronger due to the stress of seeing you coming closer to her and not knowing your intentions. I wouldn't be surprised if she hid somewhere once you turned your backs at her... No woman would feel safe crossing paths with a couple of giggly men that might be ready to molest her.

"2 masculine cadets who endured hellish training ran like there's no tomorrow"

Believe me, masculinity is not so much about the size and strength of a man's muscles, but about the way he conducts himself and respects the people around him.

Did you ask around if anyone had encounter her? Perhaps describing her appearance to the store owner would have shed some light to who she was.

Anyway, I find it funny that you guys ran away from the very thing you were craving for.
Yikes...that looks more like a solid body than a shadow!


I'm curious about the history of that building. Do you know what it used to be before it was abandoned and how long ago it has been vacant?
The trash and the graffiti point to somebody breaking and entering the place, I wonder what kind of activities the people have performed there. Perhaps something happened leaving some negative energy trapped in the building and now an entity is feeding on it.

I think exploring abandoned places and ghost towns is a fascinating pastime but some precautions should be taken when visiting any derelict location, not only to prevent ones physical safety but in order to protect oneself from any hostile spirit. I don't know if you are a religious person but, in my opinion, it would be a good idea to carry some kind of protection before you enter any "empty" space or, at least, talk to whatever might be there before entering the premises.

I hope that, whatever it is, it stayed in the building.

Thanks for sharing.
Greetings, again, John.

Jabond99's observations about the shadow's knees are correct; they bend *toward* your friend, while he is standing straight up.

I copied & pasted the photo into Google Images and trimmed out unnecessary parts of the wall & ceiling. I went to the "Format Options" dropdown menu, left the Transparency and Contrast settings at 0%, but I moved the Brightness up to 67%. This reveals that the unidentified shadow-form appears either to be supported by equidistant umbrella-like rods or is made of separate layers of translucent darkness that become darker where they overlap.

I'd like input from anyone on this phenomenon...


Thank you for posting your story. I have to wonder if 150 years ago there was an indian telling everyone his story about the one time he was riding through the woods and felt his horse hit something. When he looked, he saw a scared white lady staring back at him and she slowly faded away...

There seems to be a phenomena call a ghost mimic where the entity will sound like loved ones or other living folks. If this occurred in my house, there would be no end of trouble, as I would likely insist to anyone I heard that they indeed called me or spoke to me. With that in mind, I wonder if this entity would be a trickster or one to play and joke with you. Have you noticed other tricks being played, like missing items, etc?

James Bond

Your story is short without much details so it could be hard to try to help explain what is going on. I do note the following:
1. This seems to have happened on multiple occasions
2. There is physical contact involved
3. There were occurrences where you were touched but did not make it known that you wanted it to cease
4. Finally, you make it clear that this behavior was unwelcome and you wanted it to stop
5. The behavior seemed to cease after this

Given the above drawn from your story, I might suggest that the entity may not have been an unfriendly entity, and may even have been someone whom was familiar to you. I come to this because of the fact that the behavior stopped when you made it clear that it bothered you and in fact physically confronted it. A family member or just a friendly entity at that house may have finally understood that this touching was not welcome. I hope you may be open to this possibility, especially if you have someone close to you that has died. Of course, it could just all be speculation on my part.

James Bond
So tell me who won the fight you Or the ghost If I was a ghost my first emotion would be shock!

It was very good to post the picture, as it lends credence to your story. Can I ask if your friend is taller than average? I ask because he seems much taller than the shadow, or perhaps the top portion of the torso/head is not visible in the picture. I can also see some bending of the knees on the shadow, which if my eyes are calibrated, the shadow's knees are above or higher than your friend's knees. To me, it looks as if the shadow is crouching behind your friend, and on a different plane than your friend is standing. It all may just be my imagining, and/or misinterpretation of the perspective.

Can your friend recall feeling anything of significance when that particular photo was snapped? I wonder if he sensed the nearness of this shadow.

To say I find this photo interesting is an understatement. I, however, lack the necessary skills to be able to verify or debunk this photo. I think you should not be afraid of any scrutiny, and allow this photo to be subjected to any testing and/or analysis.

James Bond
A few years ago I found the grave site of my great, great,great,great grandmother who migrated to Australia in 1803 on one of the first free settler ships to leave the shores on England, bless her heart she was only three years old at the time and lived a full life to 80 years old before dying in 1878.

Her husband was a convict who chose migration to Australia in 1820 over execution for break and enter in a hardware store somewhere in old London town... He made the right choice lol.

There are six family members buried on a hill near a river on the outskirts of Sydney in a beautiful serene atmosphere that still captivates the timeless surround setting of which I do imagined must have looked the same all those years ago. It was just by pure luck the way I found them and that's another story for another day anyway,

I took a video of their gravestones to later discover in one of the frames you can see a woman who I believe is the ghost of my g,g,g,g grandmother sitting proudly as though she was posing for a picture... There were others in the frames of which I had no idea until I ended up at home where I found them all standing along side of each other.

So yes, we can capture them on film but why is the one in your frame basically a black shadow?

Fast forward a few years I was leaving for work one morning and I visibly saw a shadow down the bottom of my driveway pretty much like the one in your photo except it was with in my reality not the camera... Pure dark, no face, it knew I could see it so shadow guy was probably just as frightened as me based on the way it ducked down hiding behind a gate... Soooo you know that old saying fight or flight? So I decided to run toward it and I kid you not my nerves were a little on edge in the moment anyway... From what I understand and this is only my two cent worth here take it with a grain of salt.

If you have never lived in the earth realm period anytime you are caught stalking old buildings scaring middle aged men on their way to work etc, you can only transpose yourself as a shadow you'll never have an identity until you live a life in the hard school of knocks, many new souls who haven't had an earth experience do sometimes visit here usually in a group checking out the Earth Matrix before choosing a life, I wouldn't lose any sleep over it, geezus they would have locked me up years ago had I let these type of experiences get to me,

Thank you for sharing your account.

Regards Daz
Greetings, John, and welcome.

I've been looking at your photograph and I have a question: How many light sources were present in the basement at the time of the photograph? That is to say, were there functioning lights in the basement? I ask because I can see there's at least one additional light source partially blocked by the pipes in the upper right of the image, but on the ceiling appears to be a fluorescent fixture with no bulbs in it. I'm presuming that you took photo on your phone (or similar) and that you used the flash for the best image possible.

I'm going to play Devil's Advocate for a moment here: *IF* there was a light source behind you, for example, and it cast a shadow of your legs in just the right direction to create the illusion of human legs attached to the apparent shadow entity, we could be looking at a complicated, but explicable, illusion. Here's where I have the problem, though: your flash and the secondary light source on the upper right don't dispel the main bulk of the shadow; adding another light source behind you should *dispel* the shadow, not increase it.

If this is a genuine image of a shadow entity, not a well-photoshopped prank, then I'm pretty impressed with the photo. On that point, you've submitted the link to Imgur where the photo can be enlarged quite easily for scrutiny; I don't believe that a deliberate hoaxer would take that risk.

All in all, I'm going to state that you've got a pretty convincing photo; thanks for contributing it to YGS.


I am glad to be helpful. Over time, many other people on this site will see the link to your picture and they will have more insights to impart.

I don't think it will be a long time before someone who knows more than me will show up. Most of the people here look at the comment section with the same interest and attention that they give to the story itself.

Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

- Maria
Jynxer in Sleep Paralysis
Hi jamesbond99,

Thank you for your interest in my story. I am aware of my surrounding at that time I'm not quite sure if it was a dream or an out of body experience (astral projection). I can see everything around me the problem is I cannot move. I know that I was shouting for help but no one can hear me.

About the third eye, I rarely see ghost but I can feel their presence.

Regarding the accident I was only a newbie when the incident happened and the only time I knew about the accident was when I asked about ghost sightings.

You maybe right that it is a dream but this experience at the office will always be one of my scariest experience.

I will definitely reach out to a library to find out more about the building we were visiting. I have heard from some friends of mine that it used to be an old psychiatric hospital. That would explain its location but I would have expected to see more medical supplies when visiting. I will let you know what I find though. I wish more people could see the picture to try to see if anyone can get an idea of if the dark entity could be harmful or not. I have recently become more paranoid since the event and feel like something has latched on to me. It could be just my imagination though.

Thanks again for being so supportive!


I was considering to suggest for you to read the comments guidelines and submit your own story instead of posting it on someone else's thread, but, after reading your comment/story, I think it would be best if you go to a forum for fiction writing...

No offense intended but your...err... Experience reads like a pile of BS.
Hey tarot_outlaw,

I have a question; why are you putting your phone number on a forum for the general public?

You may feel some kind of affinity with the topics or members of this site but there are a lot of people that come here who haven't registered. They can see the comment section too; who knows how many bots will pick up your phone number, also.
Honestly just text me 9033868210

Probably the quickest way possible. I want to continue to learn more and grow
In addition I would love to talk to someone with experience with spirit guides and other supernatural phenomenon.

If you shoot me an email at travelingtarotoutlaw [at] we might be able to communicate more efficient. Thank you to the forum for providing this still so many years later for others to find and use as knowledge πŸ‘
Just wanting to share my experience I had last night with others who have maybe experienced similar things.

Here it goes

So we lost our bowl today before we left the house for the day and could not find it. Well running late anyway we couldn't waste time trying to find it. So whatever. So before bed tonight I was taking a plate to the kitchen and came back to bed only to find the pipe in the middle of the floor at the foot of the bed. And it INSTANTLY caught my eye. BECAUSE IT HAD NOT BEEN THERE AT ALL. NOT BEFORE I WENT TO THE KITCHEN. NOT BEFORE WORK. NOT WHEN I GOT HOME. LIKE HOLY SHIT. I instantly felt and knew that something had placed it there in front of my path.

So it took a minute standing there frozen in fear. Just shocked by what I'm looking at. So of course click I gotta do a reading. I mean for god sakes a pipe just magically appeared.

So I communicated with it telepathically, then out loud. I did a reading for myself asking what it was that they needed to tell me.

I cut to the Strength card. Then out loud we talked for minutes as I explained to my guide how I was feeling and now how I see what I need to do to move forward and continue my growth spiritually. I asked out loud using my Oracle deck what was something I needed to work on in order to be able to make positive movement forward. I cut to Material & Spiritual Prosperity.

So just seeing the cards and feeling their immediate energy after being revealed was so amazing. Like just seeing the words alone sends chills down my spine.

So I began to talk out loud again to it and process my reading to it as it telepathically responded to what I was saying out loud to it.

Well that's where it became more interesting. As I was talking it began to respond through my Bluetooth speaker. It did it three different times. And it was a sound that I can not explain and could only be described as a paranormal sound.

But of course to be safe with whatever it might be I told it how thankful I was for their guidance and for now I needed time to process their message to me and told them goodbye and talk to them next time.

Not the first time I have had a supernatural experience but holy Jesus Christ πŸ™

Overall I'm just completely shocked and amazed by what I and my girlfriend experienced

Thanks for the story, it was clearly explained. I don't know if it was something in the wide universe that was trying to send you a message, or someone more closely connected to you. It does mean something, it means something for you and was meant for you. I believe you have put it all together. I'm hoping you are at peace with the loss of your mother and these memories remind you of all the good things. It seems it does.

James Bond
jabond99 in The Trail Runner

I am curious if the white barong and black slacks are a common everyday set of clothes, or if these are for funerals and burying?

I am not familiar with the 40-days tradition. Is it possible that the old man lived alone and without family, and therefore did not receive any prayers during the 40 days? If so, perhaps you can say a prayer for the old man and help to move him onward. Maybe he was looking for someone to help.

James Bond
jabond99 in Family Guest 2

Through both of your narrations, I do not note any instance where you tried to cleanse or help to move on Mr. Frikke. Now, it seems you are at a point where you want to take action on this. I would encourage you to try. Is there anyone where you stay in South Africa that can help? If not, I am hopeful those with more experience on this site can guide you. My only guidance is that you should try to do it before your move to Australia (more for your mother's sake than for the sake of it following you).
Miandra has a point, though there's no mention in your narrative about how close you were to the wall but, given the fact that the rest of the party could hear you apologizing and you were able to see they were dry even though it was already dark, that can only mean that you were pretty close to the edge.

If a little girl really drowned in the pool, it's sad that it would take hours for the parents to take notice of her absence though, it's hard to think that the body would be floating after only hours of her death. Perhaps ate Donya embellished that part?

Do you know if ate Donya has seen the girl in the pool?

It's hard to say what you got that night.

Thanks for sharing.
Sleeping-with-steve in The Girl In The Pool
Hello Elisheva, and welcome to Your ghost stories web site.

It's very sad that a little girl lost her life at such a young age of 4 years old in the pool. May her soul rest in peace.

Is it possible you hit the walls of the pool? I'm asking becsuse it's easy to get disoriented in the pool when you do flips and mess around doing hand stands etc. I'm not doubting your story, I'm simply asking because the thought crossed my mind.

I'm glad you've moved on from this. Good for you.

Thank your sharing your experience.

Best wishes,
😘 ❀ 😘
jabond99 in The Ordeal

Interesting ordeal. Your story mentions that this happened a while ago, and hopefully no other such incidences have occurred. You have also introduced me to what an Aswang is and could be. Thank you for posting.

James Bond
jabond99 in Sleep Paralysis
Hello Jynxer,

Your account is very interesting to me. Firstly, I would like to better understand how you saw an image on your right and left side when your eyes were closed. Was it mare of a feeling that something was there? You say clearly that you saw a blur image. Was the blur only the entity? Or was it a blurry image of all of the surroundings?

Maybe I should put it another way. Are you familiar with "third eye"? Do you have the ability to see things around you without eyes opened or without looking at them?

There is a big coincidence that you slept on the 18th floor and the unfortunate man dropped from the 18th floor. I don't believe in mere coincidences, so there could be some relation there. However, because you were in bed, there is a chance that this incidence was sleep/dream related. It seems that you only discovered about the man after you had the experience. It may be that you had heard some stories before this incidence and incorporated these into your dreams.

I'm not trying to doubt. Like I said, I find this very interesting. Thank you for posting the story.

James Bond

Earlier this year, I had strange and unexplainable things happening inside and around my house. Another member of this site, RCRuskin, suggested to me that if I went to the library and found out who used to own my property, it might answer some of my questions.

I didn't have to do any searching myself; a librarian on staff sat with me at a computer and looked at property records from the late 1700's through to the present.

He said that one of the perks of working for the library system is that they have unlimited access to these kinds of records.

It solved some part of my nagging curiosity. If you also have curiosity as far as that building is concerned, I would also suggest a trip to the library; none of the information I left with had anything to do with savvy on my part. I just told the librarian my address and said that I wanted to know what had been there before my house was built.

The buildings and houses in your area have the potential to be much older than anything around here (South Georgia) so there could be any number of people and events associated with the building that you visited.

I hope this is helpful in some way.

- Maria
MrsRamsay, Cherubim, Anne28, and Miandra,

Thank you for reading and commenting about my story. I think everyone has family in mind at Christmas time. That instance with the marble will stick with me every Christmas from now on. Even if it did not come from my parents, I have tied it to them, and the wonder of it all provides some comfort.

James Bond
Hi John,

I looked at your picture. It seems to me like you definitely got something. If it were your shadow it would have been have been broken or distorted on the background items. It seems like a solid form and not a shadow.

Thank you very much! Many people don't come through with their photos.

- Maria
Hello Lealeigh and thank you for the warm welcome,

I am new to the site so I am not sure how to tag you into this comment but I did upload the picture with my story but it was not attached. Here is a link to the picture I was referencing Please let me know what you think. I am not sure what it could be. The dark entity does look mischevious though.

Thanks again for the support and let me know what you think!

RCRuskin in Spitting Ghost?
OK? Small followup. I just went into the kitchen to get something and upon my return, I found water had been spilled on my laptop. It should be noted, I had not been drinking water.
robmkivseries70 in My Unnatural Experience
Hi Pandreas,
An interesting encounter to be sure. I did work with a fellow who, while living out west somewhere, heard horses stampede through his living room.
robmkivseries70 in A Fistfight With A Ghost
Hi J.K.
Pretty scary, no doubt. I have one piece of hearsay advice. It used to be that you could get the hand held electric shocking devices as used by law enforcement. If the ghost is a somewhat electrical being, such a device could have a profound effect. I saw this trick mentioned in print by some ghost hunters ages ago. It does sound like a true encounter and does seem to interact 😲 with you.
Sleeping-with-steve in Spitting Demons?
Hello Breinecker,

Welcome to Your ghost stories site.

I know you want answers to this terrible occurrence and who wouldn't. The best way to go about getting help is to submit your post. Members will come from far and wide and try and help and support you.

I know you've attached your experience to a similar post, however, that won't get you answers because it's classed as hijacking someone else thread. I made the same mistake when I first came here. I was so scared and wanted answears that I went from thread to thread like a mosquito looking for food trying to get help. Thankfully I know the ways and guidelines now after many members put me straight.

I'm sorry to hijack your thread OP. Please forgive me. I'm just trying to help our new member as I was helped back when I joined.

Some of the comments on this thread might also provide some light. It would be worth scrolling through and working out what is relevant to you.

I look forward to reading your post if it gets published.

Best wishes,
😘 ❀ 😘

When I hear my fiancΓ©'s voice, it's always conversational and a full sentence but I won't understand or catch any of it hence why I ask for him to repeat himself and as a result him telling me he never even opened his mouth lol and yes, it's the same house with the Victorian ghost lady who likes to occasionally rummage through my dresser
Jynxer in Sleep Paralysis
The entity only showed up after the Janitor left the room and after they turned off the lights. I was the only person in the room after they left. In 10 years there is a total of five people who died in sleeping quarters on random floors in the same building and one of them died in the 18th floor sleeping quarters. I don't know if this is related to what I saw but most of them are healthy folks.
Breinecker in Spitting Demons?
I have been getting spit on at least I think that is what is happing but it has happen to me multiple times now once driving and a couple times at my fiancΓ©'s parents house laying in bed, I jump up when I feel this splatter of water hit me at first I would look around for the source of it and never find anything. When it happens now I don't even bother looking I know that it is something unexplainable, last night laying on the couch it happen again right when I started to drift off there was splatter spots on water or whatever it is going up my arm and on my neck, I sat up and about a minute later it hits me again this time on my chest. I always use to say that something follows me but now I absolutely believe that it is true for something like this to happen so many times in different locations, it really is becoming annoying I wish it would stop but at the same time I want to know who or what it might be are they trying to tell me something? Any ideas would be appreciated.
Hello Pandreas and welcome to YGS,

Were you hit in the front or the back? Did you stagger or fall down? I'm trying to complete my mental picture.

Do you think that he was agitated by the state that his hunting territory was in? I think that; I think that about the place where I spent the majority of my childhood, North Georgia.

I think "Indian Meadows" used to be where this man had hunted in life, if he had ever been human. Maybe, he was a guardian spirit of that territory who was connected to Native Americans.

Thank you for sharing your experience.

- Maria

PS: I like how you said: "hunting isn't a high fashion sport!"

I wonder if that ever occured to my relatives who live in Appalachia.
Hello lilpeachyghost,

I had to smile at your description of how you entered your mother's bedroom; like the kool aid man.


When you heard your fiancΓ©e call out, is it always your name that you hear? Is this the same house where you have a spirit who rummages through your makeup and skin care products? I remember them from your last account and I am trying to look at your situation as a whole.

- Maria
Sorry to comment twice in a row but I was re-thinking my previous comment; your friend might not be on board with having his picture on the internet without his permission.

If there's a way that you can crop him out of the picture and still have the subject matter appear to be coherent then I would like to see it.

- Maria
Hello JohnBurve45 and welcome to YGS,

I was wondering how long ago this happened. I mean absolutely no offense but at the top of your story it says that you're a middle aged adult and well, breaking into an abandoned building seems like a risky adventure of youth.

I am glad that you and your friend didn't meet with an accident or trouble with the law.

I think many people who visit this site would be fascinated in the picture that you took. Can you upload it to a media sharing website and post a link here in the comments?

- Maria
8-bitDemigod in Dead Or A (stra) Live!
I have a half-baked theory I came up with that I think about from time to time about vivid dreams and the Infinite Earth theory:

What if our vivid dreams are really a sychronization of our unconscious state to that of the emotional state the other you in the "dream" is experiencing and that's the reason the dreams feel so real, because you're actually experiencing what's happening, but it's not the "you" in this dimension? This of course doesn't account for any recurring vivid dreams of something like being murdered or maimed in any way unless several of the other Earth's version of you are being treated that way for some reason.

Hope that makes any sense to anyone. It's just something I came up with randomly.
Goosebumps...I don't any experience anthing like this... GOB Bless
Merry Christmas! I'm pretty sure that those people in the pictures wanted to reciprocate your greetings and they appreciate it and maybe to remind you that you are also being remembered by them:)
Thank you for sharing your story... Heart warming and puzzling at the same time:) anywayze, Merry Christmas!
What a beautiful ending, quite unexpected in a "ghost" story! That you intuited your parents having a role in sending you the marble says a lot, as well as the timing. You didn't have anything significant relating to marbles when you were a kid, did you?

Nice job.
Sleeping-with-steve in Marble From The Dark
Hello Jabond99,

I'm sorry, I just realised I posted a comment on your thread that I thought I was posting on one of my threads.

I'm really sorry.

Merry Christmas to you.

😘 ❀ 😘
Sleeping-with-steve in Marble From The Dark
Everyone on YGS.


Best wishes to all members, moderators, and our webmaster. Have a Happy Christmas.


Cherubim in The Loud Mouth
SCARY! 😨 Who else lived there before you, have you ever done any research on the place? No way could I stay there... Thanks for sharing.

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