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It's no surprise that a place where so many people met such a gruesome and tragic death, would have spirits. It's believed that when a person dies prematurely and in a very tragic and horrible way, they spirit will linger on until it's time for that person to leave at the correct time.
Hi Wil1974,

Thoroughly chilling! I'll have to read about Cold Harbor now. The soldiers may have been just as startled that someone's able to see them.

Thank you for sharing your experience with us!
What makes your video especially interesting is that it was just intended to be about exploring an old building, not ghost-hunting. Thanks for sharing your experience, and I'm looking forward to checking out your youtube channel.
Biblio: thanks for allowing us to post our experience here to share. ❤ 😊
Sds: yes, it's just my wife and I go to most places alone, unless we are going to a massive location then we will normally go with other people. We always have a defensive weapon and pray to help protect us. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment.
Lady-glow: we always pray before we enter places and my wife wears a black stone to help protect us too. We do have a youtube channel. Here is the link to the video. Https:// thank you for commenting ❤
"feverish complexion in her toes" by this I meant unusually pale to the extent of being nearly transparent.

"Huh...really". Yes, this story is real. I don't have any particular source to prove it honestly so all I can say take my friend's number to confirm, if you want it that way. I don't think the sole purpose of the very existence of this site is to narrate believable stories but to share real experiences. If the story was to have a believable taste to it with all of the flavours added, then no less it should be a movie. Honestly, it's not even in my any interest to make story believable it depends on reader. Thank you.

Moving on,

Yes, Neena was comfortable, we've been friends since childhood. Her parents are pretty open-minded and believe us to be trust-worthy of having their daughter's companionship. Nevertheless, she is an adult capable of taking her own decisions. Not a stereotypical situation, Sorry. For instance, she is now happily married but still loves to hang out with us. It's only a matter of faith and true feeling of friendship.

I didn't included the story of the rickshaw driver as I felt it was nowhere connected to my original tale.

Further, I didn't felt the exact location of the house was necessary.

Not trying to start an argument but by highlighting your rift about Indian stories is somehow grabbing more attention than you want it to be. Sorry not sorry.

Thanks for not believing in my story it's somehow motivates me to improve myself. English is not my first language and I'm trying to convey my words as precisely and simply as possible.

Postive criticism accepted.

Huh... Really?!?

"Nobody was willing to rent a house or even a single room for 2 months"

Was Neena okay with the idea of sharing a room with her boyfriend AND with three other young men?!?

I know it didn't come to that but, in my opinion, hardly any woman would agree to such an inconvenient arrangement.


Even knowing that I'm risking to be accused of not believing your story only because it is from India, I would suggest for you to read several times your narrative before submitting it for publication.

The way I see it, and please note that this is only my opinion and may differ from the opinion of other people, it looks as if your current narrative is a rushed product of procrastination, and as if you were improvising any new ainformation only to cover up the things that make no sense in your original tale.

As an example, why not to mention the incident about the rickshaw driver and the police station in the original story instead of suggesting that all of you got into the vehicle and then to the train?

Think about the importance of first impressions; the lack of details on your original story, even if real, can make it look like a work of fiction.

I mean this as positive criticism, my apologies for being so blunt.

And since I'm asking questions, would you mind to clarify what you mean by "feverish complexion in her toes" from the Goddess in your previous tale?

I'll appreciate your feedback.
I just want to correct that I by mistakenly wrote "second floor in my story but it was first floor actually. The house had only one floor.

Thank you ❤
Hello gypsyking410,

Kindly read my above post to sds for the answer of your first question and

Secondly, the rickshaw driver was totally convinced that we are some kind of kidnappers trying to take Raghu away hence, refused to start his vehicle.

He at first threatened to contact the police and we had to explain to him the whole scenario but still we ended up in the police station but luckily Raghu had came back to his senses by that time and we could talk to the officer and had to pay a 300 rs to prove we are innocent. It a mess in all.

Thanks for reading by the way:)
Hi sds,

The place as far as I recall was in Begum vihar rohini sector 33, New delhi, well we have talked to that old lady (house owner) on the ground floor, she alloted the first floor to us, the house was quite spacious although it had only one floor.

No matter how much we talked about this to her she would never believe a single word saying that we're only pulling a prank to scare her and she'll throw us out if we continue this any longer.
And I somehow doubt her that she was lying and knew what was happening. It was 2013 so the neighborhood houses were quite separated so it was less likely they would know or were even interested in other people's affairs especially since that old woman lived there alone.

Just to say, I didn't felt like the entire house was haunted but only the attic area, don't know.

I kind of had this theory on the back of my mind that the old lady maybe murdered her family but guess I watch too much of horror stuffs.

Anyways, thanks for reading:)
paranormal and doppelganger like your story happens to me as well, I think it is a bad omen, Gabe is he fine? This is my question, anything happened to him?
Lady-glow: the link to the youtube videos is on maddzentertainment's profile page. I believe that the second one down, "Abandonded House **GoNe Wrong** is the video he refers to, here.

Greetings, maddzentertainment, and welcome to YGS. This was a fascinating story.
We welcome all types of skeptics and believers on this site, and some of our regulars are non-believers. It's always good to welcome people who were disbelieving until an event changes their lives; in your case, you've got it on video! That's excellent!

Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

Sceptic-Ari in B1 Floor - Parking Lot
Hi Val, hi Miracles,

So nice to see you guys again 😊 I've been away a long time.

Sorry if this is off topic.

Folks, people close their accounts for many reasons, and most of the time it has nothing to do with us. Heck sometimes when I go to edit a story, that person has already deleted their account - since they never participated, can't be anything we did.
I wouldn't worry, Melda, it certainly wasn't anything you said.
Miracles, Melda and en_chuu, I have just read this story and your comments. I was wondering why the O/P closed his account. Many a times, it happens in a elevator. And when it is night and when we are alone and in darkness, we feel that something would attack us. Don't know the reason for the O/P to close his account. I don't think it might have to do with the comments of Melda.

Regards and respects to you all.

sds in The Figure
Hello Keajen017, I had the same feeling what Miracles said. Perhaps something was trying to draw your attention. Now that you moved out of the flat, it really doesn't matter. But, as silverthane61 said, I hope it hadn't followed to your new place.

But, I felt that except for the sounds it made, some of the toys moving on their own, the drawers being open, there was nothing physically hurting you or your son. But, it is quite strange when you said that you ran and hid like a kid because your fear got over you and you didn't think of your son. Anyway the best way to deal with paranormal encounter is to be bold and don't give way to fear. Because many a times, it drains your energy.

In our Indian Hindu custom, when we move into a house, rental or otherwise, we do perform some rituals to ward-off negative energies, if at all, it were present. It helps. Just wanted to share. That is all.

Thanks for giving a write-up on your experiences.

Regards and respects to you.

Hello Wil1974, I have read about the Civil War quite a long time ago.

But, I am sorry to say that your narrative is from out of one of the scary movies. It is quite hard to believe.

This is my opinion.

Regards and respects to you.

Hi snavej, welcome to YGS. I have told many a times that the loved ones come back to reassure us. I have shared this thought today also in one other narrative. But, the narrative about a fully grown "miscarriage baby" in the other world is quite strange and a new one to me and difficult to believe.

I want to ask what kind of psychic abilities you possess.

Please do respond.

Regards and respects to you.

Hi Socracy5, I have some questions to ask. What area it was in Delhi that you guys stayed, if possible, you can tell us the location? And you said that some of your friends have seen a woman with a long hair and pale body, the other seeing a figure staring down at him etc. I feel that these must have happened for quite a few days atleast. When all these things happened, did you discuss among yourselves and enquired in the neighbourhood about your experiences.

Generally, when a house is haunted, as you have narrated, the neighbours will know about it. Even after you have moved in, someone might have cautioned you guys about it.

And what was the reaction of the landlady when you mentioned about the sound of someone going down the stairs. Did it happen only on one day or it was a regular feature.

Kindly respond.

Regards and respects to you.

Hi Socary5, did any one of you speak to the old woman about these incidents that you all faced? Usually that's the first thing any tenant would do, speak to the person who rented the house to them.

Was the rickshaw driver not surprised as to why your friend Raghu is tied up with rope? What did the he have to say?
Hello maddzentertainment, like lady-glow said it is always better to do some kind of protection before entering such abandoned building. By the way, were you only two, who visited the abandoned building. Generally, we go in numbers, atleast 6 or 8 persons. Would like to see the videos if you can upload it.

But, better be cautious in future. Just a suggestion. We had bad experiences.

Thanks for sharing.

Regards and respects to you.

Hi Suzy2, that was one of the finest narratives I have read so far in this site. Loved ones come back after passing on to reassure us, who are in grief. Dream is a medium through which it will be easily possible for them to communicate with us.

Thanks for sharing your experience.

Regards and respects to you.

May peace be upon you haven,
These dark entity that u speak of are know as jinn in islam... However they go by different names in different cultures and religions... These entities just like us do exist but in the non visible spectrum of our eyes... Though some animals are able to hear and see them... I would recommend u to play SURAH AYATUL KURSI FROM THE HOLY QURAN... I am a 100% positive it will help u if u play it before your sleep... May u be free from this entity soon and may god bless you... And may your life be filled with happiness and joy... And kudos for having a strong spirit and soul kid... These entities attack the weak souls... And they haven't been able to hurt u so far cauz u are strong ❤ ❤ ❤
Hi Suzy2,

I am sorry to read about the loss of your sister and father too. Your sister was so young. The way you talk about her final days strikes a chord with me. My grandmother talked of the same thing, when she died in 2016. She said that her mother was there, holding her hand during her final illness.

I am glad that your father and sister can reach you in your dreams; and I am glad that they are there to comfort you.

I used to think: You can have loved ones around you while you die; but you must die alone. No one can go with you. I do not believe this anymore. Stories like yours have given me hope that death, when it comes to me, might not be a lonely experience.

Thank you for submitting this story.

- Maria
Hi Wil1974,

I have read a lot about Cold Harbor as I have always been very interested in The Civil War - along with anything that went on during the nineteenth century in any country.

It is startling that the ghosts of the Union Soldiers acknowledged you when you called out to them! They definitely were not residual.

Thank you for sharing this!

- Maria
Hello Suzy2.

I'm sorry for the loss of your sister and your father.

This is such a bittersweet and reassuring experience. It's good to know that we don't have to cross alone the scary door of death. Perhaps it is only scary when seen from this side of the veil?

I'm glad to hear that you got to spend more time with your sister in your dreams, and am sure that your sister wasn't the only one waiting for him at the moment of his passing.

Thanks for sharing.
Hello maddz.

That sounds like a very creepy encounter. Do you use any kind of protection before entering an abandoned building? Perhaps even telling any potential inhabitant that you don't mean to disturb them could prevent a negative outcome after visiting such places, you wouldn't like something or someone following you home.

Is it possible to watch your videos, perhaps in YouTube or in some other site?

Thanks for sharing.
TheghostofDBCooper in My Mother's Doppelganger
Yes of course I asked permission before making the video. Thanks for the concern.
RCRuskin - Why should anyone mind the sharing of such a touching and true scenario? A very good "ad", if I may say so.

Regards, Melda
Just doing my midday checking of news and social medias, found this ad on facebook. Normally, I dislike sharing ads, and this ad regards a dog but this story is about a cat, but the message applies regardless of the pet's species.


Hope no one minds it being shared.
A bit late to the party, but that's one helpful spirit! I'm sorry you experienced this while alone at your apartment though.
Bibliothecarius in Snake Shadows On My Wall

If you'd like feedback on your experience, I recommend submitting it as your own narrative so that it doesn't get lost in the general comments on someone else's story.

Miracles51031 in My Mother's Doppelganger
TheghostofDBCooper, did you request and receive permission from luisporras to narrate his story and post it on YouTube?
I have seen this snake shadow twice in my life in my house I grew up in on the Oregon coast. I believe I was 13 the first time. I was home alone and had recently learned a "game" from some so called friends. It was spray my vanity dresser mirror with hairspray, light it on fire and try like heck to put out the fire. Everything went well, night fell, and I lit a candle. I remember this snake shadow just appeared about 8 inches above my vanity mirror. It was roughly 3 feet long, two inches wide, was black and undulated. I remember talking to it for hours I reality and strange ugly creatures appeared in my mind at some sort of flat rock altar. It undulated fairly quickly like a snake and I've always referred to it as a snake shadow because of its steady undulating. While it was there, my lighter lit by itself. I threw it in a glass of water and ran outside and threw it in the briars. I dozed off. The second time I saw it I was 14 in my same bedroom. My mom was home this time and I called her frantically into my room. It was the same size, color and shape and undulating above my mirror. My mom and I searched for a source. It moved up and down the walls and all over the walls for several minutes as we searched for a reason for the shadow which there was nothing. It was dark outside so no shadows from outside. It finally disappeared into a corner in my ceiling right above my bed. I've never seen it since but have searched for anyone who may have seen this. I found this site after all these years as this happened in 1990-1991. I am completely covered in chills still when I think of it. This was 30 years ago nearly and to this day my mom still remembers it. This thing was black and undulated like a snake and interacted with us for a long time until it vanished. We could see it shrink into the corner of the ceiling. It only moved on the walls not in the air. Had other anomolies occur too.
hi I m from Malaysia once I saw big bear or wolf sating front of car when I was 5 year old
angel save u saw something look like angel old days u still go to the grand parents house 😢
Sceptic-Ari in Hide Wherever You Can
Hi sds,
It's been a long time. Good to see you back on the block 😁 I've been absent also, if you remember me 😜

Dear rynne,
Thanks for visiting my profile ❤ I shall shortly update my profile; I apologise for inconvenience caused.

ledoux69 in Red Eyes!
Hello SDS and Thank You!,
Yes! Right after my friend and I witnessed this he went home and I felt bad that he had to go outside and run over to his house. He was very afraid and when he left he went through the front yard instead of the back.
I then went to my step mother who was in the kitchen and told her what just happened. She blew it off as someone was wearing (Zannie Zappers) glasses back then that had flashing red lights in them. You may remember them from that time. I stopped talking with her about it when she suggested that.
We didn't really bring it up anymore after. I guess I realized it was too much for people to take in or were trying their best to right it off as something explainable. As an adult I started to think about it a lot and I know what I saw, it's out there and other people have had to have seen this as well! I would love to hear from them!
I do know of two other people that had a very similar experience as my friend and I at that time. This time, a guy, a little older than me had a very similar experience and he was with his father. Their experience was a lot worse than mine!
green creature green look like babe u from Malaysia may be toyol the is may be sender who keep them
Mods (and everyone else) - Perhaps my comment to DBCooper was a little inappropriate because, after all, we don't want him/her doing random videos on various submissions. I just found it interesting and quite honestly I enjoyed it in this specific instance.

Regards, Melda
SylverioSanchez, initially I thought that because it was Halloween prank and still had that view even though Lealeigh had changed her views after your interaction with your previous owners of the property.

But after reading your replies to the comments about UFO, man with bat wings flying in air, it is difficult to believe the story.

This is my opinion.

Regards and respects to you.

TheghostofDBCooper - Well seeing that luisporras isn't interested in participating in the comments here, thanks for bringing a little "life" into what has become very dull due to a lack of input! 😆
Regards, Melda
Hi everyone, I am from India. I have been in this site for quite a long time. For the past 4 years or so, I have not been able to contribute to this site. But that doesn't mean that the quality of the site has changed a bit. I think one of my write-ups to the site was rejected stating that it was hard to believe. Another time when I posted a narrative, when it was returned, I justified my write-up and it was accepted and published.

I don't think there is any discrimination on the grounds of our ethnicity. I have commented on many stories as not believable. Yesterday also, I did on one of the stories.

Rynne, thanks for the correct translation.

But, after reading this write-up, even I am on the fence. So as Ari said, let's go to the meadows beyond the fence.

Mods can delete my comment if it is not related to the write-up.

Regards and respects to every one.

TheghostofDBCooper in My Mother's Doppelganger
Just wanted to share the video I made to go with your story, Thanks again!
sds in Demon?
Hi lmb6262, quite sad to read your narrative. But, as Miracles said, first set yourself right before turning to rectify the paranormal aspects. It is also important.

Nothing could be achieved if you get drunk and it will only aggravate the situation, mundane or paranormal. So, my suggestion would be that you should come out of your habits.

Then, as Lealeigh suggested, please do follow Rook's cleansing method. It would definitely help. Only thing is that you should do it regularly. Believe in it. It helps.

All of us would definitely help you, suggest to you path to get over with all the troubles including the drinking habit of yours. But, you should implement it. It is very important. It is easy for us to suggest, advise you as to what to do. But, you should believe in yourself and be bold. You can do it.

Kindly make up your mind. I wish you well.

Regards and respects to you.

Fenrispro in Spirits Of Okinawa
He told me that it's an old muns storage and there were some deaths involved. ---- What is old muns storage mean?
sds in The Stones
Hello sophiethunder, thanks for sharing your experience. In our custom (I am from India), there are methods of cleansing a stone. We put the stones in pure cow milk in the night and we taken them off the next day, wash it and then only we will use it. Secondly, as far as diamonds are concerned, we are very careful. We just don't purchase diamonds or diamond rings. We deposit a certain amount, the cost of the diamond, to the seller, bring the diamond home and keep it for a day or two, maximum of a week. Because diamonds do have the effect of bringing good as well as bad. Only after a few days, we will confirm to the diamond merchant that we intend to purchase it.

So, perhaps the stones that you purchased might have had some negative energies or spirits. Anyway you have gotten rid of it. Hope there are no more strange happenings at home.

Regards and respects to you.

Hi Rajine.
I was once on vacation in the desert up late, and I heard a scream out in the dark desert and then started hearing a ton of laughter like a big party or something. It was very creepy, and it took me a while and some help to figure out it was hyenas. Do you have them in your area? If you do you'd probably know the difference but it was the first thing I thought of when reading your story. So unnerving.
Manafon1 in This Is Real
Tweed's right about cranking Morbid Angel--an added bonus is that it might serve as an audial vaccination for the coronavirus 😉
Tweed in This Is Real
I've been on the fence with this since she spat the dummy at me.

This paranormal group's preferred contact method is via a form on their website. Cherubim said she hadn't visited their website yet in an early comment on this story.

Crank up Morbid Angel and move on, seriously.
Hi sorry been busy with classes most of the kids to my knowledge don't mention their big bro only 2 families who know about him one is his sister and her husband they arent surprised he stuck around and the other are actually happy the kids have a sort of guardian angel when they come here
Fenrispro in Girl From The River
(a person, dressed in all white, has a long hair around until her waist and she's facing the river) That's a classic spirit haunting in almost every country, they all have long hair. Hmm wonder if any ghosts have short hair?
Fenrispro in Gretel And Moe
Oh no that must have been devastating! Could something have triggered the dog? I hope u did not hate dogs after this, because it was an accident. Cesar millan would be able to rehab aggressive dogs
hmm I thought rabbits are naturally fearful by nature? Because they are prey and perceive almost everything as a threat. I've been bitten by some of my neighbours' rabbits >< I'm good with animals but they just got frightened of me
i-have-a-crush-on-firestar, I am sorry for the loss of your pet but still I don't believe that the Christmas present was from your pet. The pet can come back to make its presence known but all the other things you said, I am sorry to say, it is not believable.

Regards and respects to you.

Hello DanielG, that was a nice narrative. Thanks for sharing. But, as lealeigh said, when you renovate a house, sometimes, there is a possibility of waking up some of the spirits. But, what I found from your narrative was nothing negative. But, still it is for you and your mother to say that. What was your gut feeling in the first instance? Whether you thought it was a negative energy? But, whatever you narrated, never had any negative effects except touching your Mom when she was in kitchen. I feel that something wanted to draw your attention. You can respectfully tell the spirit/s that you acknowledge the presence and that you do not want either you or your mother to be startled or disturbed.

But, if you feel that it is a negative energy, why don't you use the Cleansing method devised by Rook, one of the experienced posters in this site. I have suggested to many including those who haven't been in this site. It has definitely worked for me as well as to others. You can make use of it to ward-off any negative energies.

Kindly do respond.

Regards and respects to you.

Hello SweetNova, you said that you woke up and saw your cat's tail was accidentally stepped on by your Mom's ex. I feel that when you wake up from a deep slumber, you tend to have some illusions. It might be one of the reasons why you thought you saw your brother. And as far as the door of the bathroom was concerned, you said it got shut. Was there any possibility that it might have been due to some wind. After this, whether you had any other experience relating to unexplained events at the apartment? Otherwise, as Biblio said, it might be one-off event.

Regards and respects to you.

Hello Sterben24, thanks for sharing your experience and also the additional information by way of reply.

I agree with lady-glow and while reading your narrative, I was making up my mind about how the parents reacted when and if a few kids told them about big bro. Please do respond and if you are able to take a video, it would be nice to view it and it can be posted in the site.

Regards and respects to you.

Hi Kezza011, welcome to YGS. Thanks for sharing. Quite an experience. Like Tweed said, it was one of the experiences that had a conclusion.

Hello Tweed, thanks for remembering and welcoming me back.

I have always, in my earlier posts, been warning about using the OB. It is not a sport or game. We don't know what is on the other side of the realm. Now that nothing happened in the last 30 years or so, it is a good surmise as highlighted both Tweed and Rajine that perhaps the spirit of Grandmother of Monique might have protected you guys. Otherwise when you have not closed the Board properly, there certainly would have been negative effects on some of you. Nice that nothing happened to any one of you.

Once again, thanks for sharing.

Regards and respects to you.

I heard that when a doppelganger shows up, it's a bad omen. The person it imitates can have sudden death 😲 Have u invited some holy people to cleanse the place?
Hello lonergirl

Do not be afraid to post any of your stories. We all would like to read them.
Tweed in Clothes Pegs
SDS 😲 had to click on your name to make sure it was you! Nice to see you back.

Sorry Edenchan,

I thought your narrative was really beautiful and I've no doubt it was your grandma. You'll probably relate to this recent post.
Have any of your dreams ever include clothes pegs? Just curious.

Thanks for sharing.
Well, it's actually the other way around she was using my email id and password. I don't know why she did that. I don't know probably she did forget the password 'cause I had changed it thereafter. That's why she created another account. Hopes this clears it. Right now I'm a male, 27 year old as socracy5 and hopefully not changing it again

I don't think I can do that 'cause I don't plan on going Korea anytime soon. Moreover, I can't be sure to find the same inn at the exact same place after 5 years. On top of that, I don't want to experience anything like that ever again since I could have nearly died.

Are you trying to say that, somehow, you managed to guess the password for your cousin's account (the same password that she probably forgot and had to open a new account as darkfox)?
Wouldn't it have been easier to join the site opening a new account for yourself?

I don't know... It makes no sense.

There...I'm ready to be accused by certain someone of being biased against stories from India.
Lady glow,

The previous account belonged to my cousin who left this website for reasons I don't know and she was a female but I am a male and I kind of stumbled across this website somewhat of a year ago and decided to post. I'm a male and it's ok to have confusion not irrelevant at all.
To answer most of the questions, I actually was scared to death after hearing that so I never shown any curiosity thereafter. The locals believe that ghost brings good luck but kind of dislikes when humans notice her well, in some asian culture "Gods" are sometimes malevolent. I've heard some in Japanese and Chinese culture. They're probably guardian spirits who offers protection and if you've read my story properly you could see that I half- heartedly gave up my offering so it's angry maybe. I don't know.
Well you see, the Hilary and darkfox both were actually my cousin who was using website. So we both are different persons. Apart from that she's now active in another website so I found this site insted and decided to post.
MrsRamsay, I think that is so true. I haven't had all that many unexplained things happen, but with pretty much all of them, there's like this blank in my mind, where I can't remember if I really talked about the experiences at the time. It's as if that part just falls into a black hole or something.

P.s. I was an X-Files junkie too. So much so that I couldn't bring myself to watch it when they brought it back years later. Just wouldn't have been the same. 🤔
Someone once told me (I'm a Christian) that it says in the Bible that God does not want us dealing in the realm of the dead. I could not tell you what verse (I'm not that well read in the Bible). But every since then, I've thought that one reason the details are so fuzzy is that we're not really supposed to connect the dots and/or remember. Same thing as when I try to find photos in my computer that I know I've saved that show paranormal-looking activity. Many times I can't find the one I'm looking for, it's simply NOT there! After so many times for me, however, I am starting to take notes at the time... With dreams, incidents or whatever. I'm a writer, so I write them down and also have files (I jokingly call X-Files, yes I was a fan) so they're all in one place. Believe me, next time I run into this Green Beret I'm going to be warning those I love to be careful and I'm going to interview the guy BIG TIME! And probably thank him also. Wish me luck!
en_chuu in Light Feet
[at] silverthane, If we were to follow Aswang lore, we're unfortunately too well populated for its liking. I appreciate you pondering on possibilities though!

[at] LFrog, thanks for reading! I think the majority of input here is that it is a ghost. Maybe the same one my sister saw in sleepy stupor. Beyond that, we have not had any other experiences with this particular spirit, so maybe it got bored with us hehe.
Well, being next to a mausoleum sure makes it creepier. I AM very sorry for the loss of your baby sisters, en_chuu. But I imagine those buried there must get lots of prayers said for them, especially being attached to the temple.

Hopefully the lady in black has since found her peace.
Hey lady-glow!

That's a very feasible point with the maggots. I've never noticed when, but we eventually stopped finding them. Maybe they did have a natural predator that also died at some point.

Oh what; ghosts aside, that is a mean rumor to start about anybody!

It is joined to a Buddhist temple which has a couple of buildings used as urn graves. My stillborn sisters are buried there (it's a convenience thing, visitation wise, as we go to school there).

Thanks for popping by and reading my story! 😊

Hello. Thanks for the correction, though the sentence:

"We talked mostly about the girly stuffs when she"

Makes me think more of two girls talking about crushes, nail polish colours, celebrity gossip, menstrual cramps, and other things that could be talked only between two girls or, at least, things that I wouldn't have been comfortable discussing with my best guy friend not my brothers when I was young, (specially not my brothers since they would have used this information to make fun of me...Haha!).

Always good to hear from you.
Bibliothecarius in The Battle To Come
A side-note for sds:
We've missed you. I'm glad you're back.
Bibliothecarius in The Goddess Of The Inn
A side note to Lady-glow:
"Hilary" has been a *mostly* feminine name since the year 1900 but --like the names Leslie, Kim, Chris-- can be *either* masculine or feminine.
Hello Tiffglace, first of all thanks for sharing your experience and welcome to YGS. You should be happy when you are pregnant. Please don't get scared. Perhaps the spirit wanted to make you acknowledge its presence. But whatever you said didn't explain any negativity or malevolence on the part of the spirit. I agree with lady-glow. But what was your first gut feeling? Because generally, your first gut feeling would be always correct. Ask the same with your spouse. If you feel threatened or if you feel it is a negative energy, please do follow the advise given by lady-glow. Cleanse the house. It would help.

But, if you can't withstand the pressure, please do try to find another place to live in.

Kindly inform any further developments. Perhaps we could help out.

Regards and respects to you.

Hello edenchan, welcome to YGS. I feel that your grandmother came to tell the grieving family that she was alright after she passed on. Loved ones come back to the family and make their presence felt. I quite understand how scary would have been the experience for you and your mother. But, I think, as you have rightly surmised, she might have come to say goodbye to you. And that she comes in your dreams means that she is fond of you. Thanks for sharing.

Regards and respects to you.

Hello CPTBlood, welcome to YGS. I agree with Tweed and Miracles. Throwing up punches in the air while waking up is not going to help. But, I don't think that it has got anything to do with your visit to Cleveland. And you have not had any negative experiences and we don't know what made your girl's friend getting scared. Like Tweed I also feel that the presence might to give you some message.

Still if you and your girl feel that it is a negative energy, then go for cleansing. Please do visit Rookdygin's profile and an excellent cleansing method is mentioned, which you can definitely follow.

Kindly keep us posted of developments. Perhaps we could help.

Regards and respects to you.

sds in Red Eyes!
Hi ledoux69, welcome to YGS. The comments here are made for clarity purpose and as Manafon said, it is to eliminate any mundane possibility. But your experience is quite different and you said that it was definitely not an owl.

Ok, that happened quite long ago when you were 10 years old. I want to ask you, being kids, you and your friend, did you discuss with your parents or siblings or friends? If so, what was their reaction to this sighting. Because when something bizarre happens at that age, all of us will be sharing it with others. Had you done that, perhaps we might have had some more light into the sighting. Anyway, thanks for sharing.

Regards and respects to you.

VeronicaMarie in Shadow Man In Doorway
Melda and Mera123, I am so sorry for addressing my reply to Melda instead of to Mera. I swear, I am growing more absent-minded by the minute. 😳 Thank you so much, Melda, for letting me know.
VeronicaMarie - You've erroneously addressed your comment to me. It's obviously intended for Mera 😊 Hopefully she'll read it.

Regards, Melda
VeronicaMarie in Shadow Man In Doorway
Melda, just wanted to ask, was the hooded figure white? Because I did have something like that happen to me, when I was just a little older than you were... Maybe 12 or so, I think. And reading your post just now brought back incredible chills at that memory, because I think my experience may have been so similar to yours, but wanted to check if it was white, like what I saw was. Only in my case, I was lying in bed unable to sleep, and something white suddenly swooped out from under the bed and became part of the white closet door, and didn't move after that. But it was a sense of the figure being hooded or sheeted or something, and just hanging on the door. I shared a bedroom with my sis, and asked her, 'Did you see that?' And I remember her response being grumpy and telling me not to talk about it, because she saw it too. It's weird, because my memory feels like that was her response, yet I have no memory of talking about it to her the next morning. Of course, she could have been asleep and my question woke her and she was too groggy to know what the heck I was talking about. Like you, I don't think I ever told anyone else besides her about it. I guess it was an instinct that it would sound too stereotypical scared-of-ghosts-in-sheets type of thing. But to this day, I remember it, and remember how it took my breath away... And not in a good way!
My sympathies, I also don't have a normal happy family. Problem not by ghost but volatile parents, father without common sense. Coz like to hoard things unsafely 😠 It sucks. At least ghosts there can be faster solution... Hoarders are bloody hardcore.
I keep hoping karma will kick his arse
I know this post is from 9 years ago, but I finally found the gumption to see if someone has had an experience like mine, and it seems people have.

My story is: when I was around 10 years old, we were having a sleepover with some friends. There were 4 kids in the room all sleeping on blanket pallets on the floor. At one point, everyone was asleep but me. I looked up at the open doorway, and a shadowed figure, about 8 feet tall was standing in the doorway. The figure was hooded, but it was as if there was no face anyway. It felt like it was staring right at me. I shut my eyes hoping it was my imagination, but when I opened them back up the figure was still there. It never moved. I tried to shift my focus behind it and around it to see if it would disappear, but it did not. So I covered my head with my blanket and started praying continuously until I fell asleep with my head still covered.

I never told anyone until I was much older. I grew up as the daughter of a Southern Baptist preacher. No one would have believed me. To this day, I wonder what the entity was. It felt borderline malicious, but it acted as though there was a barrier keeping it from passing through the doorway.

I have since learned that I am an empath and sensitive to energies. Maybe this could be why I could see it, though no one else was awake to prove that.

The presence of maggots makes me wonder if the kittens died of a natural cause and the maggots had already eaten their innards, the bones of the head, being stronger, would have prevented the structure from collapsing.

Whatever it happened to them, I'm sorry for those poor little things.

I have nothing to add to the previous comments without being repetitive, only that I remember a rumour running among the kids in my elementary school that, supposedly, the gym was haunted by the spirits of the children the principal had killed by hanging.
The principal, though strict, was a very sweet lady.

Do you know if the building was used for some other purpose before becoming a school?

Thanks for the additional information. In my opinion, once the lil' ones start pulling a Houdini, it's time for them to graduate to a big kids bed.

Out of curiosity, do you know if any of the children have talked to their parents about Big Bro and, if so, what the parents' reaction was?
As much as I like the idea of a helpful spirit hanging around, I'm not sure if everyone else would like the idea of trusting their child to a phantom nanny.

And, if sometime you have a chance to take a video of the activity, I hope you can post it here.
Hi sorry I wanted to clarify this building is basically a 5 bed room house converted into a day care we have 2 cribs in case we need to care for infants the room also is equiped with a diaper changing station extra diapers and wipes basically its one room strictly for infants we keep them separated from the older children because as most parents will know babys have there own clock and nap when they want and we don't need the older kids waking up the little ones
en_chuu & RC - I think that most of us on this site indulge in our "ghost breath" every now and then, regardless of our age and I don't mean the wispy cotton candy 😆

Regards, Melda

Just want to leave my two cents regarding the cribs. Daycares do use cribs for infants. Many, if not most, do.

I experienced something very similar with my daughter. I think I included it in one of my stories. The part about the child falling and appearing to stop mid-way. Same thing happened to my daughter, I saw her falling and mid-way it looked as if something stopped her and gently placed her on the floor.

Sherben24, thank you for sharing your story.
Twilight1011 in An Evil Presence Outside
Thank you Lealeigh, and congratulations to you as well 😊 it really isn't an easy habit to kick, but if you can get past the first month, it does start to get easier. I think the hardest part was breaking the habit of when you normally would smoke, and trying to find something else to do instead, especially after eating a meal. Fortunately my husband quit too, so we were able to help each other stay strong. After awhile, we both started to notice how bad cigarettes actually smell, and no matter how you tried to cover that smell with whatever fragrance you thought helped, just made us realize how we had to smell to all the non smokers out there, so knowing that made us not want to start back either lol I hope you continue to stay strong and kick the habit. Even when we're given stressful situations that makes us want to light one up again, I try to keep in mind how good I feel to have gotten this far already, and how turning back just isn't worth it, as I rather continue to feel good about myself. Stay positive, and believe you're stronger than any bad habit, and you'll get through the hard period.
Yikes! Same sentiments as Tweed; so not going to the washroom in the middle of the night in the near future.

Could you clarify which room the doppelganger came from? I assume you were sleeping in the living room area of the apartment. Is that where it materialized?

Thank you for sharing your story!
[at] Ruskin: Mostly apologizing for giving everyone a bout of disgust and nausea. On that note, stay safe! 😊

[at] Melda: I love that candy floss is called "ghost breath" in afrikaans ❤

[at] sds: I get your point though; it is hard to stamp as truly paranormal with such little detail. I had the chance to go back and visit the school last summer (almost 12 years later) but did not venture towards the mezzanine. I've become a humongous chicken turd where paranormal exploration is concerned lol. All the same, thanks for reading! 😊
Tweed & Lealeigh.

I agree with both of you, the cribs part is questionable.
Hi kezza

I believe that something evil did want to come through, however it was blocked by some benevolent force, perhaps Moniques grandmother? (in reference to the cabinet that had belonged the her)
Personally I wouldn't call a supernatural being that lures people away and are tricksters, a goddess especially since people told you that you are lucky to be alive 🤔

Yes. I believe that sleeping on mats on the floor is the normal practice. Individual beds take up a lot of space and there is a risk of the child falling.

I barely remember being in daycare myself but I remember sleeping on the floor. I live close to Mississippi (as the world goes). It makes more sense to have the mats. They don't have to dedicate a whole room to "nap time".

- Maria
Rajine in Clothes Pegs
Hi edenchan
Firstly I would like to offer my condolences on the loss of your grandmother, I think that clothes pegs on your bed was a sign to say that she's still around watching over everyone, and that was her way of showing it to you.
Hi Kezza,

Thanks for sharing, this is one of the best ouija experiences I've read, because it's one of the very few which actually have a conclusion! Well a satisfactory explanation at least. If you were sharing this back in the 80s it would no doubt read like any other teenage ouija session lol.
Glad you got to the bottom of that night. Goes to show how great protective ghosts are, if that's what it was, sounds like it. No idea about the whooshing but it sounds pretty impressive.

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