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I'm sorry about your loss.
I'm probably mincing my words again. She was depressed because she thought people were against her. That's what she lead me to believe.
I'll tell her next time I see her.

To everyone, thanks for the help.
Well done, Cman710, it sounds like she's (hopefully) moved on. If you ever have any spirit continue to follow you around, you can always set up boundaries - you're probably already aware of how that works...
I have debated with myself over and over about commenting on this particular thread, as it hits a bit close to home for me. I lost my son to suicide, so I've some firsthand experience with it.
Oceana, I would urge you to get some counseling if you haven't already. There's no shame in getting help in dealing with grief, or even life in general.
Personally, I don't believe that all spirits stay for awhile out of an inability to move on, but rather out of choice; to give those they've left behind some comfort and closure, letting them know that they're ok now. Maybe even to be sure we're okay.
Think about it, " She smiled at me and told me she wasn't in pain anymore." Does that sound like someone seeking justice/revenge, who isn't at peace?
PoliexterLy is correct, the police ask a lot of questions, I know my own home was treated as a homicide scene - without the yellow tape. Computers were looked at for files, and any groups/forums he belonged to, as well as any comments he made or were made to him.
From your own comments, Oceana, I think you may have mistyped when you said she was a victim of cyber-bullying. Sounds to me more like she suffered depression, and a side effect of that can be a bit of paranoia. Not in the sense of everyone is out to 'get you', but of being attacked from want of a better word. It's usually reflected in their off-line life as well ('no body likes me' type thinking or 'I'm just a screw up'). This paranoia can take even innocent comments and twist them.
Just know, that suicide is a choice and one she made. There is no one to blame for her death, unless there was actual (cyber) bullying taking place which would have only exasperated an already existing condition. And even if she had been under doctor's care there's no guarantee of a different outcome. Next time you see her, tell her you love her enough to let her go. That could be all she needs to hear.
Oceana, I think why it matters how or why she died is that yes this is your experience but judging from the bond you guys had in the story I am assuming you would want her to move on and for that I think it's very important that you know what is stopping her from doing that and try to help her so for that reason it is very important to know what caused her death and what would help her to gain peace

*Saw. Extremely sorry for the typo. And I cannot think of any reason that the fetus would be foolish enough to want to be born. Especially as a human.
Yikes, no way man, that's friggin creepy!...when I say a small bloody fetus creature crawling across the floor. 😨
That poor fetus really wanted to be born. 😭 😭
Absolutely. Someone who once touched my "third eye" told me that it was the strongest they'd ever seen but was shielded when I was a baby. So it was kind of a shock for me to have this happen. But ever since this I fully believe him - and I'm kind of glad I'm shielded and don't have to live with a ton of these. I'm cool seeing and hearing things, but this really got to me.

I definitely said a prayer for her after the dream, and would continue to if she ever shows up again. Thankfully it's never happened - though it certainly has made me take a step back and look at my dreams a different way. Especially ones with loved ones who have passed away and wonder...
We've definitely thought about looking at footage. We'll see if we can talk the boss into it one of these days!

It also gets even MORE interesting because we now know there's a male ghost as well. According to my boss and ASM the voice they heard was male. And I believe I saw the apparition a few days ago, but I'm 50/50 if it was connected. If it is, I'm sure I'll find out and make a Part II about this mysterious man we know nothing about now.
Sounds really creepy. I would move jobs. Good story though.
SalixArbuscula in Experience Explanation
Greetings, WispO.

Regarding your first experience: It is rarely wise to trust the senses when impaired by alcohol. Both it and the dehydration it causes have been known to produce hallucinations. In addition, the brain does funny things while asleep. Lucid dreams, sleep paralysis, and hypnagogic sensations are all well-documented phenomena.

For your second, flash photography is also an inexact science. Is it possible to make the photo available on the site? Was it possibly dust, a spiderweb, a reflection from a dewdrop? I got some great orb photos during a ghost tour once, but I knew they were just the pollen and dust I had spent the entire tour trying to rub out of my eyes.

Finally, regarding the Ouija: Let me start by saying I applaud your search for the truth. A curious mind is a wonderful thing and I understand that the question of the afterlife can be quite pressing for any number of reasons. HOWEVER, this particular path can be a dangerous one. There is a reason that research is the first step of the scientific method. Yes, the ouija has been known to open doorways, but it has been known to let lots of unsavory sorts of things through those doorways. Things that lie, attack, and don't leave, especially if you forget to say goodbye. And yes, these are only stories, but if you want an experience you are able to trust, I still would not recommend the ouija because of its fallibility. Watch a video of people doing a session blindfolded; I saw it done on the Science Channel (I think?) show Brain Games (not the game-show style reboot, but one of the older ones). It's... Enlightening? And everyone's insistence that they're not the ones moving the planchette? It's subconscious. Try this: Loosely mesh your fingers together, extend both pointer fingers and hold them an inch or two apart from each other and about six inches from your face (don't know the metric conversions for that, sorry) and stare directly at the middle of the space between them. If you're like most people, your pointer fingers will try to meet in the middle without you having any say in the matter.

If you are looking for evidence by your own senses, I would suggest seeking it elsewhere. But carefully! (And unimpaired!) No matter what you do, be a good gatekeeper for yourself and your space, and be very careful what you open yourself up to.
You say it was cyberbullying tho and that her TORMENTERS were still at large... But now you're saying she was going mad anyway so it wasn't that? 😨
Js you shouldn't make large accusations like that about people. Especially when involving a dead person
I wonder if there's a way to help her move on. It's sad otherwise.
Daz - Thank for the link. It makes for some very interesting reading!

Regards, Melda

Not really, no. As a Muslim child, I've been watching Kurbani (animal sacrifice, usually a cow) since a very early age. Gore doesn't quite bother me anymore. Same is true for most of Bengali Muslims/Exmuslims. While they are shocking, they're not traumatic.

And thank you. I believe a well written experience was in the guidelines. So I try my best 🙂
aussiedaz in Mystifying Morning
Melda, if you are going to do some research perhaps start with the evidence via this link below... In 2013 before 8 ex congress members in the press gallery of Washington, 500 witnesses came forward (a bulk of them military witnesses), an ex Canadian defence minister plus many others to testify under oath about the UFO presence... All of the ex congress members agreed at the end we are being visited by E.T and it's the biggest cover up in human history...anyway, good luck with your own research into the field the sooner we all wake up to what's going on the sooner we might grow out of the 17th century barbarism mentality we seemed to be stuck in and actually evolve into the spiritual peaceful loving beings we should be.

Off coarse the lights may be related to something else and yes it don't mean they are interested in

Regards Daz!
Daz - I always enjoy reading your comments.

I googled Pleiadians because I shamefacedly have to admit I had never heard of them before. However I intend to do some deeper research because I think what I read only scratched the surface.

When I told my husband what had happened he was convinced that I'd had an alien experience. I didn't disillusion him because quite frankly I had no counter-argument, I didn't KNOW what it was!

So you believe you were taken onto their craft and it was pleasant and left you feeling that it was real and only 1% chance that it was an hallucination. That's quite amazing.

I don't believe that I was one of their honoured guests, my experience doesn't lend itself to that. Even while dozing on the couch with the TV on I was still aware of where I was, that the TV was on whichever programme.

Thanks for your input, it is much appreciated and has left me with some research to do!

Regards, Melda
Cman, love your story! I too always wondered if a ghost would wander other parts of a store. There was a Department Store where I live that had a horrible fire in 1978 and 10 people perished. I always wondered why they never walked the entire mall.
Things are a little rougher now alone with out husband. Smudging every day helps a little bit but not at night. The entity still bothers me on a nightly basis.

I have hope though it will be over soon come this dark moon.
AngieJo in Brisk Walker
In all the time that passed, or years that passed, if you never saw anyone converse with him I would definitely think something was different about him. Does your mother still live in the same house?
Hi Tweed! I remember your story about the man in the suit. It is one of my favorites! I'm assuming you were a young girl when you moved in that neighborhood so at first you might not have thought anything off about him. I certainly didn't expect this guy I passed to disappear in thin air either! It took me by surprise. I rarely walk Gigi at the same exact time, so I don't know if I would have to in order to see him again. Most people on the sidewalk that time of day are students from the HS across the way or others walking dogs. I live in the suburbs.
Anyway, I don't see it matters why she died, this is just my experience of seeing her after death.
She was going mad in the weeks before. Maybe she had something she felt she couldn't talk about.
She was upset about comments, not necessarily here, but she felt bullied.
this happened to me a while ago but I didn't see it fully because it was pitch black in my room and it was glowing red entirely and had things sticking out of its head.
I'm sure your cousin had some underlying issues that had nothing to do with comments on this website. Don't get me wrong but I don't think anyone would decide to off themselves right away like that...
Tweed in Brisk Walker
Oh and yes he did make eye contact I think but it was from over his shoulder and very brief. So maybe attempted eye contact. The thing about him was it was like he couldn't break stride, like a compulsion. You got the impression if you wanted to talk to him, if at all possible, you'd have to keep up with him.
Tweed in Brisk Walker
Hi AngieJo, sorry I didn't read your comment earlier I'm an idiot!
Umm there was something really weird about his face but I couldn't put my finger on it. He looked wooden, emotionally wooden I mean. It kind of surprised me, I wish I could go back and take in more detail.

By the way I commented on your dog walk narrative and didn't realise you had commented here like months before. I think I even linked you this brisk walker thing, so I'm an even bigger idiot. Sorry for that!
Hi Alicerp,

Hope you don't mind my asking, but do you get any warning before an emotional onslaught or does it just come from the blue? Pretty glad I don't have this ability but we all must to some degree.

When I was a kid our neighbours lounge room would turn green whenever I entered and it petrified me. I wrote about that here:
But it's the only time I felt anything extreme.

In the interest of balance my man and I both had a positive experience while in New York. We visited a tree (wow!)... No, we're both fans of a band called Type O Negative and their bandleader passed some years back. We're also fans of trees, but I digress.
Some fans planted an oak in his honour at a park where I think he used to work. He was groundskeeper at some point. We were standing at the tree thanking him for his music and being an all round awesome dude. This beautiful feeling came over us, like a warm hug. We think we were feeling all the love from all the fans and friends who've been at that tree doing the same. Felt wonderful like being a part of something bigger or universal. So cool.

Do empaths get good stuff as well, or does it only seem to be activated by certain moods or location history? Sorry for all the questions, it's a fascinating, if not bothersome trait to have.
Also did you hear the battlefield?
Okay I'll button it now.
Yeah, it's a bit weird but she took the comments to heart. She was already down anyway and just felt like a few meaningless comments were against her.
The police wouldn't have seen any cyberbullying, because it was just in her view that the comments were against her. She thought people were against her and they weren't actually.

The experiences you and your sister endured as children sound terrifying; you have to be pretty tough and fairly mature to handle something like that at such a young age... It's apparent that the negative energies or spirits, had no respect for human life during their lives and in the afterlife...
By the way, your story was well written and intriguing - good job!

I am glad as well. This was my most disturbing, but I have witnessed some other truly shaking things in that house even then. There was one moment, right before moving away, when I say a small bloody fetus creature crawling across the floor. And many many other smaller things. Whatever had been there, didn't really care much that I was a child.

I apologise for the miscommunication. English is very much not my mother tongue, and I mixed up the tone. I thank you for your empathy. It had been harder to deal with than any other thing of paranormal variety I've witnessed. Thank you for your support.
Oceana - Please accept my condolences.

It seems that this is a suicide case and that cyber bullying was the cause. Is this sophiethunder? Please let us know, there is no reason to hide it from us.

Regards, Melda
aussiedaz in Mystifying Morning
Hi Melda,

Some Pleiadian mother crafts can light up a house like a Christmas tree and if they decide to take you for a ride you usually hear a very distinct humming noise, I'm 99 percent sure I was taken a few years back (as I can imagine a few of you having a chuckle take it easy on old aussie haha)... The question on whether we are alone in the universe is no longer a question, that has been answered... The evidence is overwhelming you only need to stop laughing about the subject and surf the net for proof and you'll find plenty?

The question is, who are they and why are they here? Many theories and different opinions however they seem to have an interest in our evolution and they do single out certain subjects.

You may be in there sights? Quick throw on the tin foil hat lol... Usually those folk they take don't have a clue they are gone, why me? I wasn't frightened and that was basically the first question they asked me. The pleiadians are our closes neighbours... They are basically our big brothers and being on their craft me thinks? Was quite an interesting experience... It wasn't on my bucket list and no I wasn't probed lol.

Now, 99 percent sure 1 percent doubtful?... If what I'd experienced was some sort of an hallucination then wow, it was a bloody good one. Of coarse I have to accept the possibility of it being an hallucination however my gut tells me otherwise.

Regards Daz
This may seem unsensitive and harsh but, if you ask me, some points in your story are hard to understand:

Since your cousin's death was ruled a suicide, wouldn't that automatically involve the police and a criminal investigation?


The Police.

When a body is found under circumstances which may indicate suicide, the police will:
* retain any item that has an obvious connection with the death...
* examine any notes or letters that the person has left which indicate a suicidal intention
* make enquiries to establish the person's state of mind before their death...
Police enquiries can take many different forms and often involve interviewing family, friends and colleagues as potential witnesses

Your own words:

I wonder why she can't move on. Maybe she can't be at peace while her tormentors are still at large.
I can't do that. I have no evidence. It was just online bullying, really, but it drove her over ther edge.
Yes, I guess they could. Maybe I should report it. It might make her at peace.

I don't understand your reluctance to talk to the police if, to begin with, they should have been aware of the reasons that pushed your cousin to take her life and already investigating; secondly, if the police interviewed you and her closest family members and boyfriend, it was your and their duty to inform them about the problem.

She smiled at me and told me she wasn't in pain anymore... I knew which sort of pain she meant and who caused it.
Did you advice her to look for any legal and/or psychological help? Since you know who was tormenting her, wouldn't providing this information to the police be enough to get a warrant to seize their computer?
I'm sorry for your loss. Maybe she didn't want you to be upset.
Yes, I guess they could. Maybe I should report it. It might make her at peace.
Hi oceana,
From your comment, if your cousin was cyber bullied online then that would stay there forever. Police could build a case upon that...
I can't do that. I have no evidence. It was just online bullying, really, but it drove her over ther edge.
Ohhh bro that's so sad! 😭
Maybe she wants you to go to the police and bring those POS to justice. 😭
SWS - Thanks for your response.

I doubt whether I'll ever know what really happened that early morning. I think it's one of those things that you wonder about for the rest of your life!

As for the criminals, we have to wait for justice to take its course.

Keep well,

Sleeping-with-steve in Mystifying Morning
Hello Melda,
What an unusual situation. I thought maybe a full moon but someone has already asked that. Then I thought perhaps you may have a faulty light switch that indicates off but is actually on. Then after reading further about the bin falling on its own, I thought paranormal.
Sounds like you were in the presence of a visitor. Alien or spirit, who knows?

Let us know the outcome to this experience. It has me baffled.

I'm really sorry that you and your hubby were held up at gun point. What a frightening ordeal for both of you. I'm glad you didn't come to harm. Keep us posted on the outcome of the criminal being caught.

I've over voted you today and can't give you any more upvotes at the moment, so I'll try again later.
Best wishes,
Sleeping-with-steve in My Cousin Attended Her Own Funeral
Hello Oceana,
You said you saw your cousin standing in the corner of the church looking at her coffin, and that she died a few weeks ago but you can't say how... Maybe she came to tell you and others what happened and how she died.
This must be very difficult for you. Seeing your cousin must be comforting, but, it must be hard for your cousin not being able to move onto the next realm.

I'm so sorry for your loss. 😭 🙄

My thoughts are with you.
SWS. 😘
Hi Oceana,

I'm so sorry that you lost your cousin so recently; your story is very heart-wrenching. It sounds like you were close during her life, and it does sound as though she is trying to reassure you that she is alright now. I think it's wonderful that you are so open to her visits with you, and that you aren't afraid.

In your last sentence, you mentioned that "the loss isn't so bad if the person you miss keeps turning up to comfort you" - that actually gave me a slight chill. My daughter stated nearly your same exact words to me, after she told me about her father visiting her at our home (he's been deceased for months now). My feeling is that people who experience visits and sightings, are very fortunate to have such an apparently strong bond with their loved ones.

Take Care, ❤ LightMight
Tweed in Chalk Man
Melda, if that pen ever turns up I think I'll have to write a full narrative on it lol. Or faint, or both!
Maybe it was someone guiding you and looking out for you since you didn't feel fear.
Raz, that would be very interesting to find out why your cousin asked to keep the door locked on only that particular night. I find it strange that if the house is haunted he wouldn't be locking it every night?

It makes me wonder if there was some type of curse or pattern to the haunting like it only shows up once a month on a particular day. If that's the case, it would be a residual haunting and would not be harmful. But it seems like your cousin felt that it could bring harm to you. I hope you get to speak to him soon and give us an update. Thanks for sharing!
I wonder why she can't move on. Maybe she can't be at peace while her tormentors are still at large.
Melda in Chalk Man
Tweed - That truly was a fascinating experience you had as a child, even more so since you were more curious than scared.

Thanks for the links to the book. It must have brought back many childhood memories for you. I hope that at some stage that magical pencil puts in an appearance!

Regards, Melda
Lealeigh - Thanks for your comment.

Most people who have commented have put this down to the paranormal and I think I agree. The question is why, why me and my house? Protection because of the criminal acts perpetrated in my neighbourhood is a big possibility and it does give me a feeling of comfort.

I don't know whether those evil perpetrators and murderers will ever be caught but I pray every day that they are.

Regards, Melda
lady-glow - Good to hear from you!

It was an extremely confusing experience and like you, I don't either know for sure what it was but there was nothing scary about it at all. Picture yourself walking into something unusual like that and feeling no fear but not understanding what you're seeing. Strange indeed!

Regards, Melda
The_Lost_Voyage - Thanks for offering your opinion. This will forever be a mystery to me unless eventually somebody can offer a logical explanation.

I'm beginning to accept that this could have been a paranormal event but wish I had the answer as to why. Caring for and protecting me sounds good.

Regards, Melda
Rex-T - Thanks for reading and commenting. You could very well be right that it was a display of comfort and care. It makes me feel good to believe that!

I think maybe T-Rex should head down this way for a while 🤔

Regards, Melda
I agree with Maria, it's really sad that she couldn't move on and I hope whoever caused her pain gets what they deserve but more than that I hope she gets to be at peace
SammyToucan- in Don't Let It In
Hi lady-glow.
My Mum says it happened about every couple of weeks. My Dad had already left for work every time it happened so he didn't hear it. She was scared to stay there at night on her own. But there was many other paranormal things that happened in that house. I have other stories from my Dads point of view that I've uploaded that tells of other experiences in the house.
Thanks for reading!
SammyToucan- in Don't Let It In
Hi The_Lost_Voyage_11.
Thanks for clarifying for me.
No, she never did find out the reason behind the odd occurrences. She thinks the house may have been built around 1920-30s. It used to be two units even though the house is not big at all. My Dad knows that there used to be a school across the street. But they have no idea if anyone died in the house. We have not looked into the history of the house though. They brought the house sometime in 1960-65 and strange things happened from the beginning.

This does sound like a psychic dream you had; perhaps she chose you to communicate with because you have such strong abilities. So very sad that her young life was cut short so tragically, and that her legacy would become part of the narrative at a Halloween event. Makes you wonder if that's why she hung around?

I think you did the right thing by acknowledging her. If it happens again, say a prayer for her (if you believe), and let her know that she has been heard by you.
😉 LightMight
lady-glow in Mystifying Morning
Hello Melda.

I'm sorry to hear about your experience with those burglars.

That was an interesting event to witness and, though I have no idea about the nature of that bubble of light, agree with the suggestion of a rather positive paranormal event.

Thanks for sharing this intriguing experience.
SammyToucan- in Don't Let It In
Hi lealeigh.
Yeah I probably should have explained it better but it is a story of my Mum's. I wasn't even born then lol. I've just started writing these stories and I'm still learning how to write. It was easier for me to write it from my Mum's perspective, I wrote this with her telling me what happened. 😁
Hello alicerp, great story! That is the crux of being an empath, sometimes not knowing whether what you're feeling is your own or someone else's. Situations like this though certainly put in perspective what is yours and what's not though! I think everyone senses things like this at battlefields and other areas where great emotional upset has occurred, but for some it may be a quiet unrest that they shrug off. Empaths however at such a location can easily be overwhelmed with unwanted and unwarranted emotions and only in leaving the site as in your case seems to relieve it. I look forward to hearing more from you!
Lealeigh in Don't Let It In
Hi Lady-glow,

I'm sorry. I figured it out with help from The_Lost_Voyage and I do apologize for not re-reading the first part.
lady-glow in Don't Let It In
Oh, Lost_Voy has already clarified this point while I was typing my comment.
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in Mystifying Morning
Melda, great story, the strange light does seem to suggest some of what we've seen in movies and TV regarding encounters with aliens. It is puzzling, I wonder if like some others have suggested they were drawing energy to project such light, maybe that was their intent to communicate and get your attention. They used the energy to really light everything up rather than use it to manifest in form, it must have really taken some energy to do so! It could be they were trying to comfort you, it could be they were trying to protect you. Perhaps with what happened with your neighbor, there could have been some unscrupulous individuals skulking about and lighting up the kitchen like that may have scared them off or prevented something untoward from happening, we may never know, though I have heard of similar encounters with Angels. Though its baffling, I don't sense anything harmful about the experience. I look forward to hearing more from you!
lady-glow in Don't Let It In

Although the narrative is written in the first person, the OP has established that this is their mother's experience.

"This is a paranormal experience of my Mums its told in her own words and from her perspective."


Was this the only day your mother hear this particular noise? Do you know if your father and his siblings ever heard this sound?

Your poor Mom must have been afraid having to stay alone in the house.

Thanks for sharing.
Lealeigh in Don't Let It In


You are right. She did say that. Now it all makes sense.


I apologize. I did say that it could be a reading comprehension problem on my end. I re-read much of the story but I didn't re-read the first line. Also, I was interrupted about a thousand times while reading. I'm sorry.

- Maria
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in Don't Let It In
Hi Lealeigh, if I'm reading the OP's first line correctly, this story is actually her mothers and is told from her perspective, although I admit the way it leads in in a little confusing.
To SammyToucan-, did your mom ever find out anything that might have happened on the property or in the house to explain the odd occurrences she experienced there? Great story, if your mom shed any more light on it, I would love to hear!
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in The White Lady Of Burger King
Hi Cman710, great story. I've always loved these kinds of sightings at popular restaurants because there are so many stories as there are more witnesses, good validation to the people who see it and it always makes for a fascinating account! Might be good for business too as if word gets around, people tend to flock to haunted places nowadays, though admittedly a formal investigation during business hours may have the opposite effect. I agree with LightMight, someone should review any camera footage, CCTV, it might yield some interesting evidence. You may pick up further evidence of your encounters at the times they took place, especially if these experiences take place at regular intervals/times. If this white lady has attempted to get your attention by waving at you guys, who knows how far she might have gone on camera. Cameras and audio have also famously picked up things the naked eyes and ears cannot! Maybe if the place is frequented by some of the older folks in the area, they may be able to shed light on what may have happened in/on that location to yield such interesting paranormal phenomena. I know in my town, the older generation tends to hang out every morning at the local Mcdonalds to swap stories and catch up. It seems to be the case for every town I've lived in and near. Can't wait to hear more!
Lealeigh in Don't Let It In
Hi SammyToucan,

At the top of the story it says that you are a "young adult". That description only applies to members who are below the age of 40. I am 39; so you must either be my age or younger.

In July 1992, I turned eleven years old - yet you say that you were already living away from home, with a daughter and considering marriage. I think there must be some error here - if it is not with the story, it must be that you somehow entered your date of birth wrong when you created your profile. Maybe, it's a comprehension defect in my head - meaning: I could be reading this incorrectly.

I dislike being "that person" and a born-nitpicker; but I just want to know and the temptation to ask is just too strong.

- Maria

I think I would be more upset if I kept seeing her. You said:

"The loss isn't so bad if the person you miss keeps turning up to comfort you."

I think that her inability to move on from this Earth would be an indication that she is not at peace. That would hurt worse than her absence.

- Maria
Lealeigh in Mystifying Morning
Hi Melda,

It hurts me to know that you were attacked in your own house. I hope they found the people who murdered your neighbor - I would assume them to be the same people who attacked you.

I agree with Rex-T. I think that the light was there to comfort and protect you.

- Maria
Hello WispO and welcome to YGS,

I agree with Tweed and LightMight - if you insist on using a Ouija Board, do not use one while you are drinking. Your own condition is likely to be the only thing you can be in control of and, if you actually do get any kind of answer, you want to remember what they said correctly.

Also, do you think you could upload the picture you took to a file sharing site?

- Maria
Hello alicerp and Welcome to YGS,

People read about famous battlefields and what took place on them and it's usually emotional to read about them or watch documentaries. I think it isn't until we are present at the battlefield that we can grasp a real echo of the fear - maybe it is only sensitive people that do this. Perhaps most people go through life never sensing anything that isn't physically present. Maybe, but what I really think is that most people insist on ignoring feelings that they can't explain.

Battlefields make me upset because it hurts me to think of any living creature being afraid. I've been to several battlefields in the East; but I have always wanted to go to the one you visited.

- Maria
Hi Cman710,

I think what's really interesting about your story is that there are several other people who have witnessed and experienced the same type of activity in the same place you have! It's amazing really, because you have people who can validate your story and the experiences you've had there. Although, I did crack up when I read your first paragraph, where you mentioned you dubbed your saga, "'The White Lady' at my Burger King" 😆 I'll admit that it could've been me on a Friday - Burger King makes great shakes!

I'm really curious if you have any CCtv/DVR at your workplace? If you do, maybe you can ask your GM if they would be willing to look at any footage to see if the camera's captured anything? Legally you probably wouldn't be able to share any video here, but it might give you some visual evidence as further proof, in case a team ever comes by to help.

Take Care, LightMight
Very cool Tweed! Definitely think the knock was paranormal. On the subject of Massive Attack, my neighbors know when I'm playing them (particularly Mezzanine) because the sub-bass seeps like water through every crevice of my condo to let them know my speakers are in rude health 😉

The fact that you find yourself awake around the time of your horrible experience, combined with the illumination of the backyard, leads me to wonder if an entity/entities have recognised you situation and this is their way of trying to comfort you.

Certainly, an area lit up by an unknown source of light at four in the morning would be avoided by low-life's that would not want to be seen.

I agree with the others that this light appears "other worldly", you know, it is everywhere yet comes from nowhere.

Maybe Vic is back in town guarding his hidden treasure and kicking the trash bin in frustration.

Take care and stay in touch.

Tweed - Nice to hear from you. You've been missing in action for a while.

I've really tried to find a logical explanation for my lit-up courtyard and kitchen that morning. I googled everything I could find and I found a big fat nothing. I was hoping that somebody could come up with something normal!

So unless somebody on this forum can suggest a logical explanation I have to go with the flow of the comments and accept that it was in fact a paranormal event.

If only the trash emptying ghost would arrive every Wednesday morning I'd be very appreciative. Every now and then I forget.

Referring to your last sentence, I too hope that somebody is looking out for me. I know I shouldn't even mention it here but the most tragic thing happened yesterday morning at 02:30. My neighbour was shot and killed during an armed robbery. I can only think that he retaliated and tried to attack the intruders. They don't normally harm you if you're compliant. This is in fact a very good neighbourhood but crime in our country is rampant.

If the good spirits are around they're welcome to light up my bedroom and sit on my bed. Then I'll feel safe.

Regards, Melda
Jubeele - Interesting that your friend had a similar experience. If it's the friend I'm thinking of, ask him for his opinion on my experience!

In my case only my kitchen was lit up. It wasn't like full daylight, but more early sunrise where you can see an area very clearly without needing artificial light. I stood there for quite a while, totally in awe. I know it gets light here very early in summer but not at 04:00 in the morning!

Then after that the rubbish bin falling on the kitchen floor? I think I spent most of the day on the fringes of reality, not quite being able to wrap my head around these weird events.

Maybe I did have a spirit or two looking in on me because at that stage I was quite anxious and not sleeping very well.

(As far as that robbery and other related events are concerned, I'll send an email through to you tomorrow morning.)

Regards, Melda
Hi WispO, and welcome,

I don't have any explanations to offer you, but I do have a few suggestions.

First and foremost, if you are serious about learning more in regard to coming in contact with the spirit world, it's very important to learn how to ground and protect yourself spiritually before using any form of communication. Once you learn the techniques of grounding and protection, then practice, practice, practice the techniques daily. Also, you must learn how to use your intuitive abilities if you're going to try to communicate.

Another very important issue here is to understand that you shouldn't drink alcohol or use any substances while trying to communicate with the spiritual realm - there are several reasons why you shouldn't, but specifically you make yourself vulnerable to anything and everything when your mind is not clear. When your mind is hazy and clouded, you have less control over what is happening in and around you...

Whether it's using a spirit board/Ouija, or just sitting in a cemetery, trying to communicate with spirits is something that shouldn't be treated like it's a game. There are many stories here and elsewhere online that are proof that when you mess around with spirits, especially if you aren't prepared for what you are dealing with, it can go very wrong quickly.

Good luck, and be careful - LightMight
Hi WispO,

Sounds like you're resolute on having a ouija board experience and... Well okay. But you've been warned. If nothing happens you'll carry on not believing in things, and that's okay too. But a bad haunting can take time to warm up. So you may not know it's happening, and also won't get the proof you're after. Or you'll get your proof through a blatant scare and wish you'd never done it like so many others.

I'm not superstitious when it comes to ouija boards, but, and apologise if this offends you, if you're regularly drinking heavily that's really NOT something you ever want to combine with a ouija board.

If you must do this do it sober, say a prayer or play some music, (whatever puts you in a positive and loving frame of mind, imagine yourself protected by positivity. Don't do it with anyone negative. You want to create a serene atmosphere.

But I would advise against using a ouija board to prove the other side. Simply asking for trouble. I suggest asking your guardian spirits (I believe we all have at least one) to show you some proof. This can be done in the same way people pray, through meditation or simply asking out loud.

All the best, hope you find your proof in a nice way from a nice entity. 😊
Manafon, the other day I heard an unplugged subwoofer knock. Umm yeah that's pretty much all there is to tell!
It's these old computer speakers which sound super nice. We use them regularly for this and that. The subwoofer is too overpowering so the bass gets turned down when we use them. Being old well used and occasionally abused speakers the subwoofer has started to crap out. On some music, especially bass heavy stuff like Massive Attack, the woofer will knock, but you just turn the bass down even more to compensate for those kinds of mixes.

The day I heard it knock it was deffo unplugged, I checked immediately. They hadn't been used that day, but were the previous night. Maybe subwoofers do this when they're tired and old, but I said 'Hi' to whomever might have been trying to communicate. Hasn't happened since. I thought of you guys with your weird speaker happenings!
Tweed in Chalk Man
Manafon, I thought I was dreaming, just stood there gawking at the book in disbelief lol. Did feel like I'd been blessed, reconnected with that day and so on. Super cool.

Completely agree about people missing nudges or dismissing them.

On a different topic I have something to tell but it's to do with one of your narratives so I'll post there.
Hi Melda,

You know how people visualise a white light as part of meditation or cleansing? That's what this reminded me of. As Manafon said they wanted to get your attention somehow to confirm it was them/paranormal. Maybe the bin was their idea of a message, "We've taken the trash out".

Really sorry about what happened last year. Like to think you've got someone looking out for you.
Manafon1 in Chalk Man
Hi Tweed--You must have felt a tangible "zing" finding something directly related to such an unusual experience from all those years ago.

If by chance you ever find the touch pen that went with the book, you should ask out loud if the "Chalk Man" remembers using it, then touch it to something that would have significance to that day--like the rocking chair it was found sitting on (if it still exists). It might not mean anything, but then again if it turned green, it might be an acknowledgement that it was always meant for you to see him. It's not insignificant that you remember the storm you describe so well right after witnessing the Chalk Man. It also seems certain that the storm and the Chalk Man helped inform who you now are, both nudging something within you to "click into place."

I think everyone has these "nudges" throughout life but often miss them, or they are simply too subtle to notice. You had one such event drawn in bright relief. That's as rare and groovy as it gets.
DarkSoul94 in That's Not My Dog
Ooooh anything dealing with black dogs or other paranormal creatures is really interesting! I've heard of them being both malevolent and benevolent towards those who spot them. Whatever it's intentions were that's definitely a creepy story. But amazing too! Thanks for sharing! ❤️
Just a regular dog walk, ha yeah right, not on YGS!

Hi AngieJo I had a similar thing happen once but it was with a neighbourhood regular. Some guy who we'd see walking home a lot. I wrote about it a few years back:


Like you I still don't know exactly what happened. I think your dog's reaction, or lack of, is very interesting/telling. But telling of what I'm not sure lol. Hope you're glad you had the experience, stuff like that sure makes things interesting.
Tweed in Chalk Man
Update, kinda.

Hi all hope everyone's keeping safe and happy.

For anyone who's interested/remembers this Chalk man thing last weekend I was looking through some old sheet music and I found this:


It's the book that went with the pen in this narrative. Can't believe I still have it, seriously cool find.




For some reason I remember this page particularly well:


I'm 39 and still haven't a clue how that pen knew right from wrong. I'm trying to work it out again thirty plus years later lol! I don't have the pen unfortunately maybe that will show up too? Say whaa...?
As a budding Tantrik, I can confirm your story is authentic. The details check out, especially the part between the choice of mother vs wife. I suggest you talk to a Tantrik to get an insight into this, I don't want to write too much here
Melda - so lovely to hear from you! I hope that you are all doing alright after that robbery. Such an awful thing to happen.

You certainly had a mystifying morning. Moonlight and sunlight are as different from each other as - night and day. The moon gives a silvery or amber sheen; on a few full-moon nights, I've even gone out into the courtyard, thinking our outside light was on. But there's no mistaking the garish brightness of daylight.

Your experience reminds me of the time, a few years ago, when a friend was awoken by someone calling his name. Looking for the source of the voice, he walked through his house, wondering why all the lights were on. But they weren't. It was early morning and there was no moon. He did get the feeling he was being watched and assessed by a Presence, but it meant him no harm.

When he later checked his email, he found that I had sent him a message around the same time the voice had called him. I'm still not sure if he saw some eldritch or angelic light, or was having a lucid dream. But remember me telling you about my guardian spirit (for want of a better description)? I've sometimes wondered if she went over to check him out...

Who knows? Maybe you received a special visitor who dropped by to look in on you. Like an angel or a guardian spirit coming to visit you unawares. The radiance exuded throughout your house makes me think that if it indeed was a spirit, it was ancient or powerful one. Perhaps it was a blessing, a reminder that Someone still watches over you.

Sending you our love and well wishes. 😘
Oceana - Yes it was very strange. No it definitely was not the moon!

Regards, Melda
I am quite curious about this now as I have a cat myself so I know how well they can sense stuff more so than we can. It's a little disconcerting because you're like "what are they seeing, and why can't I see it." It makes me nervous when my cat does it. Especially during the night/early morning when the creep factor is at it's highest imo. Still is quite interesting. Look forward to more! ❤️

Yes, I see what you mean now, it could be that negative energy left over from all the violence that occured around that property, was still having an impact on the living. My initial thoughts about your story was that maybe it was the women (who were violated and dumped in the storage room) who were trying to calm and soothe you and your sister while you were stuck in there? But then you to have wonder, why didn't they help break you out of there? Was some other negative spirit stopping them?
Whatever the case may be, I'm glad that you and your family no longer have to live there.

I think that you misunderstood me. I believe that almost all the things that you felt were utterly paranormal. Since I do believe in the paranormal, I don't think that there could be a better place to experience anything than your childhood home - from the history that you have put forth to us.

Your sister breathing heavily did not help the situation.

I neglected to tell you before; but your story was very emotionally evocative for me for more reasons than the paranormal. Thank you.

- Maria

Many of Bangladesh's old houses have such history.

My parents had once gotten an imam to put a blessing on the house but it didn't work.

I entertain the idea that perhaps there was something there that fed on residual negative emotions from olden times.

Yes, as I pointed out, it can be something very much not paranormal. But my sister experienced it with me as well. And combining with everything else that happened in that house, I tend to believe it might be of paranormal origins.
hey alicerp, you know what I find ironic about the other empaths I've met - they really don't seem like emotional types, in fact they usually appear to be very calm and composed 😉 funny how life works!
LightMight, wow are you an empath! I do understand what that feels like, thanks for sharing your experience. I actually heard some stories about Virginia City while living out west. Take care.
Hey Virulentpeach, I've read all your submissions here, and wanted to ask you about this particular one of your great aunts home.

I know this is an older submission of yours, so hopefully you'll see my message here about it.

I hope you don't mind me asking this, and if it's too personal, I apologize, and understand if you prefer to not answer this.

I was curious to know why your great aunts home, was not wanted by any other family members?

I'm going through something right now with my family, that is over my grandfather, and reading your submission about your aunts home, makes me think of similar things that are going on with us.

If you prefer to email me about it, I can fill you more in about my situation, as it really has nothing to do with talk of paranormal. Unless you rather just not get into any of that, as I understand it's your personal life, and may want to keep it that way.

I just wanted to know if your great aunts situation is anything like my grandfathers, and if so, if you could somehow let me know if you're able to help answer some questions I have in regards of it.

To sum up what my situation is, without going into all the details on here about it, is my family losing rights to my grandfathers home, as he is in assisted living now, and his home that is in need of many repairs, before it gets too bad, beyond repairs, just sits in neglect, while we can not do anything about it.

I was wanting to be able to move in there with my family, and start fixing the repairs needed for it, but I'm not able to do so.

I'm sorry if me asking about this causes any problems, or if what's your great aunts situation with her home, is nothing about my situation.

I was just hoping to see if I can find any words of comfort, or even help, in what maybe be said, if the 2 situations were in any way similar.

I apologize for my comment to this thread, not even being on the actual topic here. I am very hesitant in asking what I have so far, as it's a touchy, personal subject with me, and I don't want to cause any problems in what's been asked or said.

If you prefer to continue to discuss this here, that is fine, I just don't want to cause any problems, if it's not a discussion about the actual experience that this is under.

Hope to hear back from you soon, even if you prefer not to get into my question.
Is this cedar falls? I lived in cedar falls and would bike the trails during the day but never at night.
Hello, this sounds strange, but could it have been the moon?
Hi alicerp, and welcome!

Great little storyline you have here, and you gave some very wise advice!

I had a very similar experience to yours, but mine took place in Virginia City, Nevada. Years ago, I was visiting a friend who lived in Carson City, who wanted to show me as much of Nevada as she could before my visit was over. Everyday we took short, little road trips to various charming, small towns around her area. One morning we decided to make a trip out to Virginia City; it's a small western town full of old mining history, but mostly it's a tourist trap. Our plan was to have lunch there and do a bit of shopping before leaving. Once we finished lunch, I suggested that we work off all the calories we just consumed by signing up for one of the walking tours - we chose the Silver City Cemetery tour. With bellies full we trekked down a narrow, dusty path to the cemetery, where we met up with our tour guide. We were told this was the first tour of the day, and we noticed that nobody else was joining us. As the tour started, the guide stopped at various grave markers and headstones to point out notable facts and prominent names attached to the area. Personally, I love cemeteries because they can sometimes provide an insightful glimpse into a towns past that isn't always apparent. About 10 minutes into the tour, I was suddenly hit by an overwhelming sense of grief and a dreadful dizzy feeling. I then started noticing more and more headstones with names and dates of young children, buried next to their mothers who died after their babies passed. The culprit in most of the deaths were influenza and pneumonia. Beside the footpath I found a rock to sit down on to steady myself. At that point I just couldn't contain my emotions anymore; I began to cry. My friend came to sit beside me and ask if I was feeling well enough to continue the tour. I reassured her and the guide that I was fine, I was just taken by surprise from feeling really depressed and shaken. I was thankful that we were alone, because I was feeling like a fool. The guide then commented that this wasn't unsual for this part of the tour; that many people complained about feeling sickly and experiencing heavy sadness while walking through the 'family area' of the cemetery...
Best wishes, LightMight
Manafon - Yes I do attract the odd wandering spirit and I actually don't mind that at all. You say it's a compliment? Thanks for that! I've never seen it in that sense but throughout my life since childhood "things" have come and gone. I'm sure you can relate to that.

I wasn't frightened by anything that happened on that morning, even the bin falling out behind me. It was all just so unexpected and strange.

Regards, Melda

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