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Is it not? Definitely on there when I looked and I don't see a reason why they possibly took it down. I've taken a couple but most people there are skeptics and I'll look like an idiot taking random photos. Nothing came up - also, it was only a few that came up unusual. Seeing as you have asked I'll take some today and see if anything comes up. I'll try to find another website that says about the history too.
freakedoutfreddy in The Giant Pig In The Woods
[at] Eerie69
Are you serious bro? Do you think it would have been a good idea for those dudes to kill the blue hair just cause? πŸ™„
If they're chasing the bacon why the bullet hit it on the side and not on its butt? πŸ€”
This is a cool story! Full of actions. I wish I could have this kind of experience. The best ever.

Why is it they did not kill the old man? πŸ€”
Thank you, Augusta. 😊

I'm all about having the house and my marriage blessed. What could it possibly hurt? New house, new wife, new life experiences. Pushing out negatives in my life is always a good plan.
As to your question about precipitating events... There was one potentially significant, and / or possibly related item. I hesitated to mention it because it had always been my experience that the dead are dead, and incapable of anything else. Like I said in the main story I used to work homicides, unattended deaths and the like. I've seen a lot of death in my career and generally take the position it's a natural conclusion we all face.
That said, when cleaning out the utility shed of garbage and junk left behind by a former owner, we found two empty cremation boxes, with the residue of ash in them. Like someone had scattered the ashes and kept the empty boxes. It was a little creepy, I suppose, but not ominous. Both boxes were out of California, having died a decade apart. I could not find an obit on one with only a date of death and a name on the canister. The funeral home was less than helpful, citing "confidentially issues" (which by the way end at death in almost every state) A lady in her 70's.
The other was an adult nephew of the former owner. It does not appear either descendent ever lived here. This was just where the next of kin lived, and where the remains were sent. Why someone would retain the boxes is beyond me.
Thank you for the comment. Be safe.
Your story was very interesting to me. Then I reached the end and I felt that I needed to say something.
I feel your pain and sorrow as I too lost my 17 year old daughter to suicide January 2018. I have often wondered if there was some other reason than mental illness for her decision, but we do not know as there was no note left behind.
I have been convinced for years that my husband is sensitive to the paranormal and that he has something negative attached to him. I feel as though this attachment has moved with us over the last 20 years. Our first house we lived in was very active and he had horrible, realistic nightmares. I always felt uneasy in certain parts of the house. When we moved from that house, the nightmares stopped and no activity was present. Then we moved to our current house and the nightmares started up again. We have been living there for the last 11 years. This current house has always felt off to me, my daughter had made the same comment to me several times.
I have not posted on this site before as I don't have anything specific to relate. It's just a lot of bad feelings, something feels off/negative. Items will disappear and then I will find them later on in the exact spot that I looked. My husband really does not like to discuss his experiences, I think he is afraid that if he talks about it that he is inviting more trouble.

Anyway, I just wanted to reach out to you as we both are suicide loss survivors of the worst kind, our own children. I hope this finds you well, as most days I am not okay.
I also liked this story and would like to know more. Somehow I missed it the first time it was published awhile ago.

Wow, never thought of looking up obits like that. Neat.

I agree that its a convoluted tale but still interesting.

There could be a plausible explanation for the coughing up of water. I've heard stories of kids "dry" drowning. It's a type of delayed drowning that happens earlier in the day and a few hours later the water they swallowed earlier drowns them

My thought though there may have been some mental illness on someone's part in the family when you say stuff like the mirrors painted and you came to find the windows nailed shut and etc... Perhaps they were just eccentric or were actually seeing some spirits I don't know. But interesting story. Really would like to hear either way if it's made up or not.
LuciaJacinta in Keeps Coming Back
I always enjoy your submissions Haven. You certainly have an *active* life.

Interesting theory of the time slip. Hmmm. Could be.

I'm more of the demonic entity or something along those lines theory though. I understand not everyone believes in that though. Sometimes what ever these nasties are they just don't leave and hang around and I'm not sure why no matter how many blessings or sages we do. Sometimes houses retain the same spirits for generations.

Learning to live with it is the issue I think. I'd just daily say whatever prayers you believe in to protect you. Envision white light surrounding your family.

A priest once told me a mother's love is one of the most powerful things there is. Focus on the love you have for him and use that to protect him from whatever entities may be annoying him. Tell whatever it is to leave him alone. You just never know if these things are good or bad so regardless, use your love to shield him.

Hoping for all the best. Take care.
May I know where in cebu is this place located? I really want to visit this place.
brinton28 in Mobile Legends
Hello sender are you from cebu? It show's you know how to speak cebuano I am curious...
Perhaps a thorough cleansing of your home according to your beliefs would be a reasonable place to start. Then, as it is believed that such rituals do not effect benign entities, if your little girl remains, ask her what she wants next time you see her.
Great sleuthing, Biblio! I am sure there is info out there to dig up but I will stay my shovel until we hear back from the OP. I found their account to be very engaging and would love to hear more particularly about the entities that they saw and the history of the land.

Hope to hear from you, Aikia and welcome!
sunshinemilia in Jealous Ghost
Thank you for sharing!
It sounds to me that whatever is attached to him is feeding off his energy. This poltergeist that has attached itself to your brother feeds off of how miserable it is making him. I don't believe the ghost to be jealous but rather trying to get rid of anything that could get in the way of it's energy supply. Having a significant other can be a very happy experience! Which is bad news for the spirit that feeds off of the depression of your brother. I would suggest having someone not just pray over his house but to bless and cleanse your brother of this spirit, that can be a priest or an authority member of any religion you follow.
Hey StaceyK!

The dog part was very intense! I'm glad that the dog did not harm your grandmother.

But was the dog just a watcher? Or you think the dog was just waiting for the perfect time to attack?

Nice story! πŸ€”
Hello Kai046!

I'm sorry about your brother.

I was just wondering if he also do that to your parents?

Nice story!
majarlika012 in My Psychic Grandma
I had a dream just a week ago that my tooth went missing. I told that to my mother when I woke up the next day. There is a superstition that when you dreamed of a tooth missing there is someone from your circle (family or friends) who will die or experience a tragedy. After a few hours, while at work, my mama phoned me saying that her aunt (sister of her mom) died. That event doesn't make me a psychic, right?:)
Hi Hansolo (my favourite characrer too)!
Welcome to YGS and thank you for sharing your story with us, but please don't be sad! It's never too late to tell your Dad what's in your heart. All you have to do is say the words and 'he will hear you'! ((Big Hugs))
[at] AugustM
Thank you for the reply 😊 That is a very comforting story! I agree that much of the time, dreams are just our brains kind of playing out the day in weird ways, and like you said, that some are more meaningful/connected to our waking life in a physical way.
Filmbuff1234 in My Psychic Grandma
That's an interesting opinion lady-glow. I don't know if all things happen for a reason or if premonitions are just a way of saying goodbye but it is entirely possible.
AugustaM in My Ongoing Story
I am very glad you have been able to move on to better things and a partner who understands and believes you! I was getting frustrated with your ex-husband just reading your account - I can only imagine what it was like living it. It sounds as though you may be haunted more so than any structure where you have lived. There can be various reasons for such a thing down to simply having been born sensitive in a way that entities gravitate towards. It seems as though at least one of the spirits is a recurring character in your life - maybe have a look back at family albums and see if anything stands out? Have you posted the photos or videos anywhere? We would love to see them! πŸ•΅

In terms of an a-religious way of handling these issues, that may be a bit tricky - religion is the way humanity has always sought to deal with death, spirits etc. Your only alternative is science and I don't personally know of any scientific methodology for handling these things. There is some hypothetical scientific reasoning behind cleansings, however ( And you don't necessarily have to pray to any power in particular when you do it - just affirm your own authority over your home and establish your "paranormal entity ground rules". Granted, it is none of my business and I don't mean to imply that I expect an answer by any means but when you say that you are not really a religious person, do you mean that you are an atheist (nothing wrong with that) or that you just haven't found a belief system that fits? If the former, address the issue from a humanist angle if the latter, maybe hit the library and do a bit of research on various belief systems - whether it is a belief in your own efficacy or an additional boost from one higher power or another, knowing what you believe in will help.
I am getting somewhat of a "Donnie Darko" meets creepy pasta vibe here. It is possible for two people (or more) to have the sams hallucination and many such cases have been reported - with similar drug cocktails and stimuli experienced by both young men, I would say the possibility of such an experience would only increase.
A very nice experience... Very similar to what I experienced... Yes they visit us... In times of distress...
lady-glow in My Psychic Grandma
In my opinion, having precognitive dreams and premonitions doesn't necessarily mean that a person is a psychic, neither that the said person is expected to do anything to prevent or stop their dreams from happening.

Personally, I find this topic as puzzling as fascinating. I compare these dreams to an antenna receiving, perhaps, the last thought that a dying person had about the dreamer.

I have had this kind of dreams many times during my life. The ones that shocked me the most were my dreams about the tsunami in Indonesia (2004), and the earthquake in Haiti (2010), several precognitive dreams about family members and friends, and even untrascendental snippets of news that I have later heard/watched in the news.

It's never easy to accept the death of a loved one but, perhaps, the purpose of this kind of dream is to prepare a person for an inevitable event, after all, these dreams hardly provide enough information as to make possible to stop their outcome.

There are some instances where some people have decided not to board a plane/bus/train based upon a premonition, but that didn't stop a tragedy from happening to the rest of the passengers boarding those vehicles. Does this mean that those people are pshychics or that they were not supposed to die that day?
Have you tried taking any pictures by yourself?
If it was that easy for the girls to photograph those anomalies it should be equally simple for anyone else to do it... Or so I hope.

Do you know if the pilot died in the crash too?

I didn't find anything about the history of the building in Wikipedia. πŸ€”
I can't find any history of the school: (I would like to read it (about the WW2 Headmaster)
Haven in Spirit Of Roo
Hi, Adove. Your experience as well as those of others I have read here is very comforting to me. I love the idea that our "furchildren" will be with us once again. ❀
Hi, Jubeele. I have my moments of weakness but for the most part I tough it out and wait for it to quiet down. The house that has the most activity right now belonged to my parents, I am hanging on to it because of the memories and will do what I have to do to keep it.

My cat is very lazy and spoiled and will not move if he doesn't want to even when you try to make him. So when he jumps and acts weird I know he's sensing something. Most of the times a few minutes or seconds later I feel and/or hear it too. I have learned to trust his instincts.

I find the Time Slip theory very interesting. I had not thought of that. The noises he heard like someone was moving around outside his bedroom are the typical noises I make every morning when I'm getting ready for work. After that, I call him and he wakes up. It actually makes a lot of sense.

The room that is now my son's has been the center of many unexplained experiences. My son has never complained of anything weird and I have asked him, I want to make sure he doesn't go through what I did when I was younger. I will continue to bless and cleanse that room along with the rest of the house and family. It has been effective, even if whatever haunts it seems to come back.

Thanks a lot for your comments, Jubeele. You're always very supportive and understanding and make me get that warm and fuzzy feeling when I read your comments ❀ ❀
LuciaJacinta in Shook From My Bed
If you and fiancee are getting married in a church you may just want to talk the person marrying you in a nonchalant way and say, oh we're looking forward to our life together, how about blessing the house for us and giving us a fresh start on life? Have him bless the marriage bed too.:)

I think this is pretty intense for your first intro into the paranormal realm. Were there other stuff preceding you may not have noticed?
LuciaJacinta in Elizabeth
I liked all your stories. This is one I like the best. It intrigued me that the death certificate would be in the walls though. How did it get in there? Was it a room that was partially boarded up and perhaps, was an item of that room? I'm just not sure how logically it would be within the walls. Or why? Was someone trying to hide it? Could the death be suspicious and they were hiding something?
LuciaJacinta in My Mother's Doppelganger
Weird. These types of stories are really strange. I have no explanation. I don't know if it's somehow an extension of the person's thoughts and patterns or is it a real entity?
Hello Jubeele,

Thank you for your kind words. I still think about how far away he was, I in USA and he in Lens France, how did he find me. He was my Mother's cousin, making me his second cousin.

To this day, I wonder how he found me, but I believe he thought I was my Mother. Also, my Grandmother met my Grandfather and they were married in Maine, then settled and bought a home in Lowell MA. She named her first daughter Alice, so I believe the sisters were close. How often they may have been back to New Brunswick I can not know.

Ira and I talked about anything and everything, but never about war. When his remains were found, he became filled with a different type of talk, part fear, and very loud. I learned much from my first call from Canada, and informative letters. It was so easy to put two and two together after that. He has not made a peep since last Christmas, and I do not think he will ever again. Finally he will have a proper burial. I dreamed about going to France but in reality my Health will not allow a flight that long.

I have found a closeness with my cousins that was lost, when my Mom passed. We had been down to Christmas cards for many years. We have been phone talking often now. I learned they are kind people, their concern about Ira, just as my own. I have not shared what I shared in this writing, but I would if we can get together. (maybe)

My Best to you Jubeele ❀

Filmbuff1234 in My Psychic Grandma
Haven, I can get why it's perceived as a gift, but when my Grandma's had these dreams it's too late. She can't do anything that can stop it which is what I find puzzling - what's the point of these premonitions. Your dreams do sound odd, although not that uncommon among 'gifted or cursed' people.
There is one interesting thing I forgot to mention... After looking for the little girl on the porch I found this on the railing

It's one of those rocks that looks like a rose. It was not there before, I know it wasn't because I had to repair a railing section and would have noticed it. There would have been no way to miss it.
RCRuskin in Spirit Of Roo
Cuddlebear, the answer of who rescued whom? Is yes. You saved them; they rescue you.
Cuddlebear in Spirit Of Roo
Adove ~
I'm glad you've kept furchildren in your life. We've had many over the years, cats and dogs.

I often look at our three "rescues" and wonder who rescued whom.
Hi there!

When you woke up, was your room dark or was there some kind of light creeping inside? Because the "face" must have been some kind of shadow created by the light creeping in or other else.

It was probably a scary experience for you, I mean I would have screamed when that happened to me.

Thanks for sharing.
Haven, your house is certainly 'active'. I'm glad you've been taking precautions and are staying brave and strong about the whole situation. Chicken that I am, I'd have insisted to Rex-T on moving out at once.

I'd trust your cat's reaction to the recent noises in your bedroom. An animal has better senses and survival instincts than ours about such things. Hopefully, it's not anything to be worried about. Maybe your cat was not afraid in your bedroom because it was the echoes of your own activities?

Not sure if there was anything mimicking your voice and playing tricks on you and your son. You said you had called him a few times but received no answer. Then he said he had heard you calling a number of times just after 3am, responded but you didn't answer him and when he went to check, you weren't there. I was wondering if some kind of Time Slip could have happened. You called your son and he answered - but a few hours earlier... Some people have expressed theories that time might not be as linear as we think.

But that doesn't explain the other disturbances you had in the room when you were younger. I'm sorry to hear you had a hard time of it when you were a teenager. You had every right to feel safe in your own bedroom. Is there anything particular spot in the room that is especially negative to you? When you had the room cleansed and blessed, did you also extend it to your family?

Our prayers and well-wishes go out to you and your family. You know the YGS family will be here to offer whatever help and support that we can. ❀
Hi 2nd1st,

If everything is "between" something, perhaps that could be why such experiences have occurred elsewhere, in addition to stairways and doorways. The idea is interesting.

I'm no expert on OBE but I wonder if I could have had one during a yoga-meditation workshop. One moment I was in the hall and the next I was in a dark place, surrounded by twinkling lights. The thought came to me that I was 'floating in space'. It seemed the most natural thing to do. Then I was back in the hall.

Meditation helps to discipline my mind. I went to a trained instructor who taught me a few techniques. I've had a few odd experiences while in the half-conscious state, between dream and waking. I don't actively 'travel' but I was given the following advice for preparation should I make an attempt: cleansing to ensure a positive experience, request (or prayer) for protection, meditation to free from distractions. Followed by cleansing afterwards to ensure no 'attachments' have hitched a ride. Then again, you could also have a friend or someone you trust to watch over you during your attempt.

Perhaps you could ask others on YGS who have more experience on the matter. I hope this helps. Take care.
LightMight in Mini-tornado
Hi LuciaJacinta,

Honestly, I've never read anything by the Warrens, but I'm aware of who they were (Amityville Horror was a very sensational horror flick when I was younger). Regarding the "The Demon of Brownsville Road", I'm not familiar with that story either ~ I'll have to check that out to see if I can draw a conclusion from any of the passages. As far as any poltergeist connection goes, I don't recall anything stressful going on in my life at that time, nor chaotic. I was in my 20's, newly married (happily), and life seemed pretty mellow around our place during that time...

I do have a feeling this might be something that has a tie to natural energy particles; this is just a hunch, more intuitive than factual. The reason why I mention this is because the mini tornado I witnessed had sparks within it that looked a lot like energy. Dust devils create electrical fields because the dust/dirt particles become electrically charged as they rotate and move. I'm not convinced this was a dust devil, but I feel this has a connection to kinetic energy. Although it's rare to find, I wonder if it had anything to do with a type of natural plasma? What doesn't make sense though, is the fact I witnessed this thing in two different locations...
Thank you for your thought provoking comment πŸ˜‰
Hi ms_st0308,

It's fascinating that your experiences have also taken place in doorways or on stairways. I've seen shadows on both. Recently, I've seen the fleeting shadow of a woman sitting on the edge of the bed. As Manafon has pointed out, there are accounts of apparitions being seen in many other places.

But the idea of doors and stairs being points of transition to exit, enter and move between realms resonates with me. Perhaps they are places more accessible under certain circumstances, like cracks between worlds or wrinkles in time?

Thanks for coming by and joining in the discussion.
Your account moved me to tears. I thought of the poem, 'Dulce et Decorum est', written by Wilfred Owen from WWI, on the "age-old lie".
"Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori" - Horace (translation: "Sweet and fitting it is to die for the fatherland").

I think the family tie and your gift, especially pure and unfettered in the very young, formed that connection between you and your Canadian friend. Perhaps your positive energy shone like a beacon and provided some solace to him. You were family, home and comfort.

In the intervening years, the distraction of work, family commitments and other daily concerns can cause us to ignore little signs and subtle messages. I wonder if during your sickness, your consciousness travelled close to the Veil, then "his voice became clear, easier to understand". It could be that his messages culminated in that call from Canada, confirming his details and identity. A reaching out from the past to find the present. I had goosebumps!

"The bell is quiet, as is my Canadian friend." Maybe he is now at peace. He's remembered and continues to remain in the hearts and memories of family.

Thank you for the privilege of sharing in this extraordinary experience and family history.❀
Thank you for making me welcome and for passing on Rook's recipe. Let him know I appreciate it. I'm open to it. I'll definitely try that, as well as the incense. To answer a couple of your questions, my FiancΓ© is more of the religious one than I am. I did tell her about it in detail, and she literally stopped me and asked me not to say anymore to her about it. She was upset about it. I"m pretty sure she's heard the girl before, but didn't tell me.
I think you nailed it about my personality, I don"t usually open up well about the paranormal. I'm learning though.
My sister suggested and sent me the sage. I think you"re right about there being more than one ghost / entity. I've heard the little girl before, walking around my wrap around porch and a giggle when I go look, almost like she's playing tag or hide and seek.
It's been quiet for about a week now, (No bed shaking) but I do still hear something moving around the kitchen when I'm in the bedroom. I don't mind her or them. I absolutely minded whatever woke me up that night. It made me very angry, and brought out a lot of aggression, which I'm told is not good energy, and may contribute to the problem.
Thank you sincerely for the way you explained the worse case, and fall back concepts. I can wrap my head around what you meant. Like I mentioned, I'm learning. Any other ideas or advice is appreciated.
Hope this finds you safe, happy, warm and fed.
adove in Spirit Of Roo
Hi cuddlebear

Thanks for your words of confort. I did adopt a cat after about two years. Thundercloud was with us for 22 years. Beautiful cat, lovely soul. Now I have a nine and ten year old, a handful but I can't see my life without them.
Hi there!

Great story in a theater!

My name is Erick YÑñez, I'm a reporter from Mexico City. I work for a podcast produced by the WNYC (New York's Public Radio) called Spooked, which is also a spinoff from the award winning show 'Snap Judgement'. It's a show about paranormal experiences in the voices of the people who lived them. This is the link of the show:

I'm wondering; would you be interested to chat with me via skype, hangouts or phone so I can get to know the details of the story and evaluate if it's a good fit for our third season?

I'm leaving Spooked's webpage here so you can check it out.

Thanks in advance!
adove in Spirit Of Roo
Hi RCRuskin,

Thank you for what you said and I agree with you. He was very special and will always be family to me.
There are way too many onions being chopped here!

May your father's Memory be Eternal.

And it would be interesting to track down the driver of that car and found out if they witnessed anything. Oh well.
RCRuskin in Spirit Of Roo
I don't "get it" when people say something like 'just get a new <type of pet>.' Roo may not have been the same species as you, pretty sure he's not anyway... 😁 Pets are not 'like' family, they are family. These animal companions share the hopes and dumps of our daily lives for a decade or more... May as well say, when your brother dies, 'Just have your parents give you a little brother'. Oy!

OK, rant over.

Will our pets be with us in Heaven/the Kingdom of God? Archbishop Michael, of the diocese wherein I attend church was once asked. He answered it at a retreat given in my parish. Yes, undoubtedly. Animals may not have souls as humans do, but we believe, at least Archbishop Michael and I believe, that God will raise up all of creation in His new kingdom. They won't be 'saved' as we might be, but they will still be with us.

"And that is a very comforting thought." Gandalf, Lord of the Rings.
I am sorry for your loss of your Dad. It's hard to lose a parent even when you didn't feel close... But I do think he knew your need and came to comfort you during this time. He does love you and care about you. I believe you will in time be reunited and will see your dad again. I hope you are doing well and able to feel better about your studies. Take care. ❀
Cuddlebear in Spirit Of Roo
Adove ~ a very nice experience. My wife believes we have been visited by cat of ours several times. I know how comforting that can be.

That said I hope you find it in your heart to rescue another cat, Roo won't be jealous, and you would have another friend.
Hi, Filmbuff.

I believe your grandma, there are some people that have this ability. I believe it to be both a gift and a curse. I wouldn't want to know when my friends and family are going to die. I myself have had weird dreams that do not make sense to me until after something happens then I start remembering dreams and feelings I've had that are related to things that have happened. A few weeks ago I had a dream that my uncle came to visit me, in my dream we spoke of random things, I don't even remember what. I had that dream two nights in a row, I didn't think anything of it. On June 19th (a couple of days after my last dream) my cousin called me to tell me that my uncle had passed away suddenly. I have not told any family member about this, I really don't remember there being any kind of message. To me it was just a random dream, I had not seen my uncle in a while, I didn't even know he was ill. This has me just a little freaked out but I don't think I could handle having a dream where I know someone is going to die. That is just too scary, I don't know how psychics handle knowing these things.
Bibliothecarius in Shook From My Bed
Greetings, Rhino, and welcome to YGS.

By your introduction, you are basically the definition of the colloquial noun "a hardcase." I think that you take pride in this, and rightfully so; it is the combination of traits and experiences that have made you into an effective & successful adult.

While these traits are admirable, they usually prevent "type 'A' personalities" from opening up about the paranormal. I certainly hope that it was cathartic for you to share your narrative with us. It's not always easy to be a grown man who has to admit to chasing ghost phenomena through his own home.

First point: Congratulations on getting the house saged first. It would appear that you've done some background research on dealing with the phenomena, and sage is a fantastic starting point.

Second: Did you discuss this with your fiancΓ©e at all? If the activity unnerved you, it may alarm her, also. (If so, did she suggest the sage? If not, *lead* with the fact you've had the house saged "to clear the air" in your new home).

Third: If you are a religious man, you may want to have a local minister from your faith -or your fiancΓ©e's faith- do a blessing of the house. If you are not a religious man, I'm attaching to the bottom of my reply a 3-day cleansing ritual by one of our stalwart members, Rook. The advantage to this is that Rook *is* a minister who created this ritual so it can is compatible with religious and non-religious beliefs. Summer is an ideal time to do this, as it does require opening the windows; as you are 7 miles from town, I can well imagine that your home won't have any immediate neighbors who will think the new guy in town is unhinged.

Fourth: It is possible that your home has different *types* of spirit in it; the child-like presences may be one or more deceased children's spirits who have lingered in their home. The entity that moved you, your mattress, and your box-spring was NOT a child's spirit. That takes serious force and aggression to accomplish; it's not a cute trick like making a salt cellar slide along the dining table, it's a display of hostility. Rook's cleansing, depending upon your comfort level, can leave innocent spirits -like the children- alone if you're ok with their staying around. The dangerous one *must* be driven out. The dangerous one *may* have disguised itself as a child the first time to see how you react; it may be a powerful entity that has *bullied* the children-spirits to do what it wants; it may be that the child-spirits regularly hide from the powerful one in order to be left alone (presuming they are really child spirits, they would be just as scared of the powerful entity now as they would have been while alive because they're still children).

Fifth: For peace of mind, you may wish to extend prayers, blessings, etc. To the boundaries of your property lines; getting a powerful entity out of the house may accomplish -only- that. Admittedly, this is a "worst case scenario" phenomenon, but given that you've seen active duty in the Army and worked SWAT, I think you're a guy who needs to hear the worst possible outcome in order to have fallback positions and to verify that the dangerous element in this situation has been dealt with **permanently.**

Thanks for sharing your experience with us, and good luck with your future plans for a happy marriage and a quiet home in the countryside. As a resident alien & the spouse of an American, I'm sitting in the kitchen of my 150-year-old American Dream, on a quarter acre of Connecticut, and I fully believe that you, sir, have earned peace of mind in your American Dream, too.


******Rook's Cleansing Method******

Rook's Cleansing and Shielding Method (as used by myself and many other members of this site)...

Recipe for a Home Cleansing/Shielding... (allow for two or 3 days to complete)

Day one: Open all curtains window and doors with screens installed, let fresh air and sunshine into the home. Have all closets, cabinets and other 'dark spaces' open so that as much natural light as possible can enter those spaces. After 2-3 hours take a broom and 'sweep' out each room (this is symbolic and you do not have to really sweep) focus your thoughts on sweeping (pushing) out all negative energies / entities /thoughts. Close home up after completing each room of your home... Please do not forget your garage if you have one. (Optional) Light incense (sandalwood or Dragons-blood works well for me) and let aroma fill the home, and/or play a tape that contains your favorite Church/Positive, Upbeat (songs that give you good thoughts) songs before you begin sweeping.

Day two (or three): Once again open all curtains, windows and doors. Take a White candle (Optional) to the center most point of the home, sit on the floor and place candle in front of you. Light the candle (visualize a white ball of light) and then focus on the flame... Visualize the flame (white light) filled with positive thoughts, energy. (Say a prayer at this time if you so desire... Ask for cleansing positive energy to fill the candles flame/white light). Hold this 'image' in your mind and then visualize the flame (light) slowly expanding outward, visualize it filling the room your in, every corner and 'dark space'. Continue to visualize it's outer edges pushing away (burning away) any and all negative energies/entities out and away from each room in your home. Once you have visualized this flame (light) filling your entire home, picture it expanding to your property lines. Hold this image in your mind for a few moments then visualize 'anchoring' this flame (light) where you are sitting which is the center most point of your home. Once you have done this. Take a deep breath, relax a few moments and then blow out the candle. (If you didn't use a candle just let yourself relax a moment or two.) "

Now you can create a shield for yourself using the 'home shield' technique but instead of focusing on your home visualize the 'flame' simply surrounding you instead of your home... Best time to do this is after a nice shower using a rosemary scented soap (rosemary is good for purification and protection.)
JRGurganus1998 in Attending His Own Funeral?
[at] silverthane61
It's possible. I asked others if they felt cold. And they said: "Cold? It's 80 degrees in here. We're sweating bullets."

[at] Junglecat
The latch not catching is another possibility. Like I said, I wouldn't rule out any logical explanations.
Valcrikry it! 😜
It looks like I've stepped on the 3 amigos toes and I'm seeing red. ROFLMAO 😁 😁
Ohh, loved this tale. I loved that your cats came to protect you from Frankenstein. I had cats that comforted me when I had experiences with paranormal too. I also remember very far back too to at least 18 months as well. Not everything but there are a few things that stand out as real memories.

Funny also, another spirit that I had visits from early on I called "Dracula" I don't know why. I guess Dracula was something I knew of and represented all things scary. I think Frankenstein and Dracula must have been friends.
LuciaJacinta in Hug From A Spirit
Probably something that originated at the hospital. This spirit doesn't really belong following you home though. It's place is in the afterlife. Probably best to tell it Thank you for your company but it's time to go with their family and loved ones waiting for them on the other side.
LuciaJacinta in Mini-tornado
I think I've heard stories like this. Try reading stories from people like The Warrens. I swear I read a story like this in one of their books. Also, I swear I read something like this as well in "The Demon of Brownsville Road". I guess these things could be paranormal. Or maybe associated in some way. Concerning these things, I think there may be a scientific explanation though somehow associated with your own energy along the lines of how poltergeist can be explained. Were you going through any traumatic periods in your life? Were things seeming chaotic? Do you have a lot of bottled up emotions? I'm just wondering. I feel there must be a plausible explanation.
I'm not sure what you saw, but the navy WWII working uniform was a denim coloured shirt with dark blue slacks and the dixie up cover (hat). Fatigues are a more modern uniform for the Navy and the Coast Guard. The Army Fatigues are green or camouflage in a variety colours. Navy Camo is blue based.
TommySnow59 in A Very Rude Awakening
Hello, everyone. I haven't been on this site in a long time, but a few people had asked me to update them if I ever went back to the motel that I had this experience in. I drove past the old place yesterday, and it looks like it burned to the ground at least a couple of years ago. The main office was a detached building away from the other two wings of the motel, and it is still standing, and looked like someone might be living in it, but there was nobody around when I stopped by. The wing of the motel I had stayed in was completely leveled, and the other wing is still standing but looked like it had significant fire damage and appeared to be totally vacant and uninhabitable. I guess the story ends here; I was kind of hoping to try to rent that same room again, but was also a little bit relieved when I came around the bend of the highway and saw the building was gone. Life is funny sometimes...
Thanks for your comments guys. 2nd1st that does sound like it may be the same building. The Department did move into the building in December 2017 so I probably overlapped with you there at some point. Big building though 13 floors. LOL 13 floors that suddenly sounds ominous to me. I'm on floor 7, where were you?

Ladyglow I hope its just trying to get attention and nothing worse. I wonder if the dog is a pet? There was a girl in my team that had a black dog and it did die last year. But the dog had never been to the building that I know of and the girl left before we heard anything about dog sightings so I'm not sure if that could be it.

Biblio you talk about it being an urgent thing needing to get lots of people attention quickly. I guess that makes sense since everything seems to have happened really quickly and very subtle
LightMight in Elizabeth
Hello Katiebug,
It sounds as though Elizabeth had made a connection with you via the music box, during your childhood ~ which seems innocent enough. Perhaps she was just looking for an understanding soul, like you, to feel comfortable with during her transition before she moved on from her old home.
I really enjoyed your story, LightMight πŸ˜‰
Freddy and Ayush,
Before this escalates any further, I'm going to step in.
I think the problem is one of language. Being from India Ayush's native tongue isn't English, although he does very well. However he did use the term 'around' correctly, when it comes to some American slang, as in, "It's around here somewhere" or "She keeps it around her all the time." Around serving as an alternative to the word 'nearby', meaning 'close at hand'. So, what Ayush meant was when the OP goes to bed she should keep a Bible as close to her as possible even sleeping with it.
[at] Ayush_Milon
Dude. Ain't making no fun of anything religious.

Around[ uh-round ]SHOW IPA
In a circle, ring, or the like; so as to surround a person, group, thing, etc.:

Forget about the Bible, how could you place any book around your body? πŸ€”No offense but it makes no sense. Can you take a joke buddy? 😜
Also, the girls who took the photos both left about 6 and 3 months ago.
The history of the building was Wikipedia when I last looked. It is in a place in England called Broadstairs. The school was called Charles Dickens school.
Well mate, this is familiar territory. Literally. Thorndon is about a half hour walk from where I live. Indeed I worked in thorndon before switching jobs early last year.

Thorndon is not that big a suburb and only the part that impinges on the city cbd has office buildings and there are not many of those.

I say this because there is a fairly good chance that I know the building you refer to.

Is it a building that was recently renovated before a large government department moved in there towards the end of 2017?

The building I describe is the building I worked in. I first heard rumours of haunting type activity a few months after I left. Locally it is now widely considered haunted.

I don't know for sure if its the building you are talking about but given the locale and timeframe I think it likely.

The building I refer to is a miserable, toxic working environment with extensive workplace bullying and an unusually high degree of corruption for NZ.
The sheer anxiety, fear and stress of so many of the workers creates a massive amount of negative energy there.

Its the sort of environment in which a negative or low vibrational entity would thrive.
If someone were to introduce such an entity to that environment, it would do very well very quickly.
It would be like sneezing into a petri dish.

If someone was to introduce such an entity, it would probably be done in a controlled way and for a specific purpose. As such, I think its fair to say that although many people may sense and have some experience of it, the presence would not constitute an actual threat to anyone other than parties against whom it was specifically targeted.

So if this is the same building and same situation, I doubt that there will be any risk to your safety from it.

Given that its all happened so fast, and given the degree of mistreatment of staff and conflict, I consider it likely that this is an introduced entity. Again that is assuming it's the same building.

Is there some way I can send the OP a pm? Seeing as we are both locals I think a coffee catchup could be of benefit
freaked out fready it's okay when you do sarcasm and nitpickings but you should never make fun of religious things as they are part of our faith
Greetings, Whatdoido, and welcome to YGS.

One of the reasons I like reading lady-glow's suggestions and ideas is that she takes a very positive and reassuring approach to dealing with the unexplained. I would have had a lot more to type tonight, but I agree with her line of thinking.

I tend to like factual analyses and investigative thinking when reading a submitted narrative on YGS. Sometimes my brain makes odd, intuitive leaps without any explanation *why* it has dredged up an idea. I've had to learn to trust this, even if I occasionally make suggestions that seem peculiar.

As I read your narrative, I couldn't shake the notion that you need a bottle of lavender water. If you are allergic to lavender, or you hate the scent, this suggestion will be completely useless. Whoever (whatever) is haunting your offices is desperately seeking attention from a great many people in a short period of time; this can indicate a rapid escalation of activities to generate a lot of fear, shock, surprise, and distrust, which are negative emotions that some spiritual entities seem to feed upon or -at least- draw strength from.

I did not get a particularly religious sense of you from the narrative (sorry if I mis-judged this point), but people have been known to burn incense and/or spray scented water to "cleanse" a location, much as you'd see a Catholic priest use in a blessing ritual. I'm not suggesting that you seek out an exorcist, though! I think you may benefit from having a small spray bottle of lavender water from Amazon (or similar) at your desk, so that you may lightly mist the area with a pleasant-scented spray when activity begins. If you happen to be alone, you may speak to it politely & firmly, along the lines of "you're upsetting me and my friends; please stop trying to surprise us because we're not finding it funny." You could tell it to move on, I suppose, but telling it that its activities are not appreciated may be sufficient.

Again, this is the thought that just dropped into my head as I was reading your narrative; as I couldn't shake it loose, I'm passing it on to you with good intentions. If you choose some other method of dealing with it, that's entirely your decision, but please let us know how you are getting on *especially* if the situation changes.

Hi Lady-glow,

Yes, when will mankind ever learn? The youth with all their innocence, volunteer so quickly, believing that it will not be them, but the other guy, that gets killed.

Ira never told me if he spoke with others, but he talked a great deal about his family. I feel it was a wonderful time to live, and was full of questions. People were just nicer a hundred years ago.

My best,
Hello Haven!

My apologies. I should've said 'He hit me'. That didn't go well 😜

Thank you for reading my story.
Hello there Bibliothecarius!

It's fine! No offense taken. I honestly can't imagine I said that.

Yeah, you're right. English is not my native language 😜 still workin' it out.
I honestly don't know. Perhaps it was just only an accident but it can be.

But what is the reason why the apparition showed up, right?

Thanks reading my story ❀
Welcome to YGS.

Whatdoido - that sounds like a lot of activity and numerous witnesses. Can you think of any event (like the death of a former employee, or an accident at/nearby the building) happening shortly before the activity began?

Based on your narrative, the activity, though unnerving, doesn't seem to be negative. Perhaps someone is just trying to get some attention.

I imagine it would be difficult to bring a paranormal team to the premises, much more to perform a blessing/cleansing of the place but, next time you sense this presence you could try to talk to them acknowledging its existence and asking politely not to disturb you and say a little prayer on their behalf.

"Two people swear they saw a ghostly dog. I would definitely discount that as imagination if not for they were both together and say they saw it on the stairs."

You'd be surprised to know how common is for animals to visit their humans after (the pet's) death!
The dog might hold a clue to who this person was in life.

Please keep us posted.
What a touching and fascinating experience! I wonder if your cousin 'kept in touch' during all those years with any other family member living in Canada... Perhaps sensitivity runs in the maternal side of your family.

War is such a horrible thing, and yet, humankind keeps starting new ones over and over again.

Thanks for sharing.
Take care. ❀
lady-glow in Jealous Ghost
Welcome to YGS.

Rozita - I have some questions about your brother's experience, perhaps knowing more information could help to figure out what is causing all these disturbances.

How long has he lived in this house? If he moved into this house within the last four years or so, did the activity start right away or did it began some time later? Does he know any history of the house and its previous occupants?
Is he aware if any woman from his past passed away around the time the haunting began? Would it be possible that he rejected a woman in the past triggering her hatred?
Does this negative entity follow his girlfriends around or only attacks them when they are at your brother's place?

In my opinion, it is important to determine if this entity or whatever it is, is attached to the house or to your brother.

Do you know if your brother has asked this entity to stop bothering him?

" Last year we asked a lady someone to pray, and everything was great until he got a serious girlfriend."

Since prayer has helped, perhaps you could ask a religious leader of your faith to perform a blessing of the house, or you could help your brother and do it by yourselves. You might need to do it several times.
You could try the cleansing method described in the profile page of one of the members of this site:


Please keep us posted.
[at] Ayush_milon
What?" And whenever you go to sleep, always keep the holy bible in your bed around your body" like in pulling out all the pages and building a fort around the bed? πŸ€” πŸ™„ 😁
dear suzy 99, after reading your story one thing is very obvious in my mind that those spirits are not incubus or demons as they haven't tried to harm you physically and how the quoranic and biblic verses and the holy water also didn't affected them as well. So I think those are not evil spirits but something different. Here, I must tell you that I have also experienced a similar kind of incidence 2 years ago when I had visited my village. Then, I also felt some kind of weird touches (which were like light pressures) whenever I covered myself with a blanquet. Usually those thouches didn't go away by themselves unless I resisted and removed my blanquet. Once, I was alone in my village house when I herd a female voice calling my name. Once I also felt that someone was running behind me when I was alone in my village house. But those incidents were limited to only my village. Things become normal when I returned from my village. But as you said, that one is your own house and so you can't leave it. Now, my suggestion is that you should check the vastu shashtra for your house. And whenever you go to sleep, always keep the holy bible in your bed around your body and make a habit of always reading it's verses before going to sleep. And you should also wear a locket of holy cross made of iron. Besides these things try to call priests from nearby churches and request them for performing a healing prayer in your house. Believe me these things can work. And whenever you feel nervous or afraid, always remember you are not alone, GOD is always there with those who need his help. Trust me dear, everything will be fine. My prayers are always with you. God bless... Take care...
Ayush_Milan_333 in The Lady Ghost On Farm
that's a really good story pooja di. Please also tell us something about the appearance of her face, how her face looked liked, did it it looked like the face of a normal woman, or was there something unusual in her face? Did you told your parents about that? I think they must know if that farm was already haunted or any person died there recently, as you said that farm was adjacent to yours one. I will be really glad to see your replies. Anyways, I hope that you must have not seen that woman again! Thanks for sharing.
LightMight in Mini-tornado
Hello Alaviya,

That makes sense that stronger beings would present themselves as bigger whirlwinds. From what I've read so far about Djinns, they are classified as spirits that inhabit earth, who have free will. They can shape shift into either animal or human form, and are not necessarily good or bad (can be neutral, yet influential). There's really so much information to read out there regarding Djinns; there are many broad descriptions of how these spirits present themselves to people, and how they interact, or affect us...

There are a few Native American tribes that believe dust devils, whirlwinds, and tornadoes represent evil spirits that come from underground to disturb the living and create chaos. It's really interesting to me to learn about how different cultures perceive the spirit world in correlation to Earth's natural environment.
BTW, I enjoyed your comment πŸ˜‰
And... Where is this school located?

I know that one of the rules of the site is not to disclose addresses in order to protect the privacy of people but, if the history of this building is already in the internet, it shouldn't be a problem to share the link with us, should it? πŸ€”

As for the pictures, have you asked any of the girls if they still have them and if they would mind to share them?
You say "my son" not "our son" -Is your girlfriend your son's mother? If not, it could be his mother checking on him - this sort of thing has been reported in cases where the person in question is still very much alive.
_Wraith_ in Blue Pale Figure
Yeah, blue people are becoming a menace everywhere. That's why I hate the Blue Man Group and Na'vis. πŸ˜•
jahnviamz95 in My Possessed Lover!
Silent valley,
It was indeed an interesting experience (I know it's not the same for you:)). Anyways happy to hear that you both are married now and so sweet of you for not leaving your lover during the time of difficulty.
jahnviamz95 in A Scary House Near Me
Can you tell me where exactly is your village in Ernakulam? Because even I belong to the same place. Just curious to know.
I have read of another incident that happened in the 70s at the Henley arms Watford. The ODD thing is that both stories by two different people on two different websites (paranormal website) and two different eras were submitted on the same date on each website...spookey...or fake.
Alaviya in Mini-tornado
In Muslim culture we believe that a lot of djinns tend to manifest themselves in the form of whirlwinds. I don't remember it exactly, but my mom told me this year's ago. Stronger beings can appear as bigger whirlwinds too. Djinn again isn't a small category, it stands for everything that's hidden from the human eye, so I don't know what category they r.
Thank you Tace,

I had no idea how many from all sides had to be buried quickly, as the heat, rain, and other all reasons made it cruel not to.
I have encouraged readers to look up Vimy Ridge and learn from the past. I found it shocking, after Casualty of Canada had conversed with me. How many do not know but would care if they learned.

In America we place flowers on or before Memorial Day on our loved ones graves. It would be hard to do that if the grave was empty.
Thank you for sharing your experiences! This touched me, how much our relatives might want to be found!
I like the story, your uncle is brave and I understand that since this is not your first hand experience, you will not be able to provide all the details, you are merely just sharing a story that you were told.

I'd just ignore some comments here asking for details that you obviously will not be able to provide since it was from a long time ago and not your own personal experience. Forget about the Indian style door as well, just let it go. Don't mind them.
Hello Cuddlebear,

I never asked him about the bell, but when I was young I had thought he does the bell, so I would not fear. As if he is telling me heads up!

Thank you for the well wishes, I am having some quiet moments after having the calendar filled and running to various appts.

The big thing in our lives is we had to sell our land because of our health. A message for the old timers that know me, for they know how much the land had meant to us.

Thank you for your kind note, Cuddlebear,

My Best, Jan
Man that is an emotional tale. I can't help but wonder about the bell sounding, is it somehow significant, or is it just to attract your attention, like a phone bell?

I wish you the best with your health struggle.

This may be out of place but the title seemed to me to be the title of a Monty Python sketch... I hope the last brings a smile. Your story did, if a poignant one.

Again be well and at peace.
Good Morning Biblio,

He would talk as if he was young and no time had passed, he wanted me to come to Brunswick and look up his brothers and sister. In reality they would have already been gone for years.

It was not until I received the Descendants Chart, that it came together for me. How sad that my Grandmother had so much family but after marriage, she moved to Lowell Ma and never got back to New Brumswick again. She was gone long before I was born.

The people from Canada have been wonderful, but very slow to get or give information. What had surprised me is the involvement that Canada had in the two World Wars.

I tend to be long winded and the original writing was much longer. My second cousin ___was quite a talker, there was much I had to cut out.

My Best to you,
Greetings, Jan.
He sounded a bell first, he spoke softly, and he was friendly. I can't help thinking, "How Canadian is *that*?"

It's astonishing that you're now in a position to give him the peace he has sought for the last century. What a privilege!

Hey, sweetsunshine, I remember you clearly and your other stories as well.

Nice story,
Thanks for sharing!
valkricry in Ghostly Apparitions
Jak_Mangan, I highly suggest you read our Comments Guidelines (link found at the bottom of the page), so that I don't need to delete more of your comments.
Glaziola, thanks for this. It is very interesting. Do you ever get random intense emotions that seem to come from nowhere? Just from your description of the feelings, it sounds like an empathic response possibly. Essentially an empath is someone that takes on the emotional energy of others either directly or through objects or places that that energy has lingered.

On the Nazi front, I remember my grandmothers dagger. It was an SS officers dress dagger with "all for Germany" inscribed in German on the blade and the eagle and swastika on the hilt.
One of my grandmother's brothers brought it back from the war. We kept it in the family as a symbol of the part our family members played in the smiting of the Nazi regime.
I was first shown it when I was about four. I knew nothing of the war or Nazis back then. But I wouldn't touch it. To me the air around it felt heavy and I felt what I would now describe as dread. I remember the feeling well. There was a real ominous feel around it. I think whoever owned must have been someone pretty awful.

Objects can hold an energy. Where there any particular Holocaust artifacts at the museum that would have been at the scene of the atrocities and caught your attention particularly?
Thank you, DarkStar

I had to do a lot of thinking about even writing this, but it was too important not to share.

I finally had an undertanding, I had no idea that Canada alone still had over 11, 000 still missing, with unknown burial sites. Slowly a few are found, then a long time is taken to identify properly, the metal worn when buried helps in knowing the Country they were from. Some have a watch or neck chain that also helps. Canada has impressed me with the records they keep.

DarkStar, you are right, I can't know if this is the end, but he has been quiet for quite a long time, I am thinking he will be content if the is placed with his comrads in Lens France, properly buried. I think it is what he has wanted.

Thank you for your interest.
Wow. An absolutely incredible experience stretched over a lifetime, with an amazing twist ending... If it is the end.

Replying to oraclemache, as I understand there are mainly three things for you which is really disturbing and confusing for you... The first one, "how was my uncle able to notice the Locked door in the dark" the second, "why my uncle stayed there despite knowing that was a haunted place" and the third "why did the hotel officials gave a room to my uncle which always used to be locked" now I would keep my views... For your first question I would make it clear that it was not my uncle who noticed the door being automatically locked from inside but it was his colleagues who noticed that his room was locked from inside... And now the answer to your second question is quite simple, he decided to stay there simply because he didn't believed in paranormal stuffs and was in a state of confusion that whatever he witnessed is really true or just his hallucination... And for your last question I would must say that I also don't know the reason behind allocating him such an abandoned place, really sorry about that sir...
Lady glow please forgive me if I offended your feelings anywhere in my comments, my intention was just to make things more clear as I noticed people finding more and more trouble in understanding the incident. I have never tried to force or blame anyone that it's his/her fault in not understanding the story instead I have tried my best to reply to everyone who is finding this story difficult to understand. But what I am seeing, this situation of confusion is just getting worse after each of my comments. First, you were asking about the reason of giving such abandoned room to my uncle to which I explain the situation of him being a student at that place and then you were asking for some links related to this incident to which I replied that its not possible as this incident happened around 15 to 20 years ago. Still it seems to me that the replies that I made were really unsatisfactory and i'm really sorry for that 😒. At last I acknowledge that since this is not my personal experience but a story what I discovered so, there are not very accurate evidences which can be added to this story. However this is my very first story here and I have really learnt so many things from your comments which would obviously going to help me in my future posts here in this website 😊. Wishing you a good time ahead...
Learning to recognize, to accept and to take responsibility for ones mistakes is part of growing up.

Ayush - why am I under the impression that you are trying to convince the readers that, if we haven't understood your story is our fault and not because there are several questionable and unclear points in your original narrative and subsequent comments?

As tiring as copy-pasting previous comments is getting, I would appreciate if you take a minute to reread one of my points:

"Forgive my little knowledge about Indian legal procedures but, wasn't there a crime scene/forensic investigation and autopsies performed to the bodies?...
...I don't understand what kind, if any, of paranormal event you think your uncle experienced.
Assuming that his dreams had something to do with the last moments of the deceased people, these would point to a violent homicide... And not to a mass suicide. I'm sure that even the most rookie investigators would see the telltale signs pointing to what really happened there."

To which you answered:

"I don't think those officials would ever allow investigators to enter that room as this would spread a rumour which will ultimately ruin their business..."

I don't know if I worded poorly my idea, though I think I made it clear that I'm talking about crime scene/forensic investigators... Why is your answer:

"i've nowhere written that the hotel authorities didn't let the forensic team to let in what i've written is that, in any situation they would never allow any paranormal investigator to get there."?

I guess I don't have anything else to say about your story, I hope the next one will be easier to follow and understand.

Take care.

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