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Majarlika012, we do have legit ghost tours here in the Philippines. There's one in Baguio, in intramuros, and many more. Try searching in the net, many will surely pop up
Cool. I might have an idea which hotel you're talking about, meaning I think I've been to or heard of it before, but not 100% sure... Either way, it's creepy.
No problems, just be aware that those things probably know all about you, or at least everything ever since you're there... And if, again I say IF it turns out there are bad ones there, then they will use any and all things they can in achieving their goals. And, just as a test, try leaving the place for a few days, see if they follow any of you... If they do, well... That's just telling that they want something from you. So, again, be careful when dealing with them.
Oh yea, I've come across some encounters where, according to the victim the oppressor (s) returned, or sent another one, or never left just waited in the shadows for an opportune time... But these are stuff I find online, and in libraries. So how much credit you can give them... I don't really know. Again, I hope you'll be able to resolve the situation.
Hi Suzy,
On reading your story, my first thought too was 'Incubus'.
You've already had lots of good advice on here, but you can't have too much of that, so I'll give you mine.
There's a very powerful prayer called 'The Michael Invocation', which apparently has worked for many people, including myself, many times.
You can look it up online and print it off or copy it down, so you always have it to hand. My advice would be to 'speak it', rather than saying it in your head. I don't know why, but I've always believed the 'spoken word' holds more power.
The other thing which works for me whenever I feel threatened or afraid, is to build a protective shield of light around myself and it's not difficult to do with a little practice.
You just close your eyes and imagine yourself surrounded by a bubble of brilliant white light. Once you can see this in your mind's eye, you only have to hold the thought for a few seconds, after which you can open your eyes and the light will remain. After that, all you have to do is reinforce it from time to time, whenever you feel the need. Best Wishes!
MusingsGrace-I don't know the history of the land, we just moved in at the end of March and I couldn't find anything via Google. Something else did happen but it's painful. We moved with three cats, they are family. One of them, kiba, took to the house right away the other two were more freaked out and got out and disappeared. A couple days after the two disappeared Kiba was accidentally ran over in the driveway by my husbands work truck, I don't know why he didn't move, or maybe he panicked and tried to outrun the tires. Anyway my son found the body that morning, the first thing I did in my new backyard was bury a friend. The other 2 were still missing. I felt like the house was cursed at that point and even told my husband my feelings and of course a sense of doom but I had been through a lot of pain. There was already stuff going on in the house before this happened so I did have the thought, what if the spirits here have something to do with this? But then a few days later I was in the driveway talking to my team (loved ones, guardian angel, ect) asking for help, and Aciah my little girl kitty just walked around the corner, I couldn't even believe it, it was like she just appeared out of know where. Over time I decided that my feelings were only because of the trauma and that the spirits in the house were just kids messing around, but the man I saw out the window was standing where Kiba died, and I have asked myself why was he standing there, but maybe it's just a coincidence. Anyway I wasn't really looking to share all that but my point is I will be careful and do a cleansing or something just in case, I just don't want to send away any children, I love all children whether they are on this plan or another. Thank you for your time and advice I didn't think anyone was going to comment on my story, best wishes!
Suzy_99, As an addendum, please look at my profile for my thoughts on demonic oppression.
Hi Suzy_99, my view is that this is a (group of) demon (s), taking the form of an "incubus" as your experiences seem like they are leading to a sexual nature. It/they use this as they know that this is your weakness.

I also believe that the reason you were not successful in repulsing it is because of your conflicting desire for a relationship with it ("Whenever it appears, I feel very aroused for a few seconds or so...", "I've never seen any glimpses of it even though I wanted to.". Entering into a "relationship" with such an entity is not a good idea, as they will demand an increasing amount of your attention and time, and wile at first you may think you have it under control, many cases will develop until you are harassed 24/7 with no respite and no control over it -- i.e. It will take over your life and you will not be able to concentrate on the things you love -- in many cases victims turn to virtual hermits.

Since you mentioned "I've tried everything, holy water, Bible and chanting God's name. I'm religious...", I'm going to assume that you know of / attend a church. Also you mentioned a pastor visiting your home in one of your comments. If your pastor has experience in dealing with demonic entities, do engage him again, but this time you need to truly decide to be rid of the entity. If your pastor seems clueless on how to deal with this, approach a pastor in another church who has more experience.

Most of all, you need to have a genuine desire to be rid of it. Do understand that these demons do not actually have "feelings" for you, they are there to prey on your weaknesses to gain control of you. Every time you feel it's presence or experience it's "intimacy", firmly rebuke it "I rebuke you in the name of Jesus the risen Christ. Depart from me and do not return." also pray that God will remove the temptations associated with this entity.
Ohhh...I've just realized I missed the part about others encountering the same thing...Damn. Anyhow I'm doing research as my own situation requires it, will update if I come across anything. All the best to you.
majarlika012 in York Ghost Story
Hello Breaghboo! Personally, I am really curious of such Ghost Tours. Here in the Philippines, we only have Horror House in amusement parks wherein only mechanical things scare off the people. We do not have legit ghost tours here. Anyways, I would like to ask where exactly in York that place is located. And can you also share the website?

Hi, Vee

Yes. You can read my story on your page. You have my permission.
noorein thank you so much. I really appreciate it. I'll try them out as much as I can
Hi Dennis191,

I really appreciate your feedback.

Thank you for giving me more information about sleep paralysis and the spirits. I haven't had much experience with it.

Regarding sleep paralysis, I had disturbing dreams. Related to ghosts or a cult once. Once something about me in danger. When I try to escape it, that's when it starts. I experience the paralysis then. I have no idea whether this is related in anyway or not.

Regarding the spirits, I had no idea they come back or send another one. I've seen the previous spirit with my eyes. So did a pastor who visited our home.
I first had doubts that this was in my head but seeing that my mom and grandmother also experienced it once or twice when they came over rules it out. At that point, I didn't even tell them anything about all this.

I noticed that when I went over to my counsins' or friends', it followed me there as well. More than anything, there are things that remind me again and again that mind is not making this up. Like it blowing air on my body. The chills, the heat it exerts on my body, the mellow sounds sometimes. Today, it held my head with some pressure and I felt the pain for a while.

It is a strong spirit. That's for sure. But even I don't understand why nothing religious related stuff is affecting it. Maybe it's a different kind of spirit and I have no idea about all this. I even had doubts that maybe it's an incubus because of certain things but I'm not sure. I just don't know what it is or what it wants
Hi again Integrist,
LOL...A bolo would be very handy to have around, but against the aswang? Perhaps not! Unless maybe you could endow it with a special power of your own, but who really knows? I wonder who was the first person to discover a vampire could be warded off with garlic or it takes a silver bullet to kill a werewolf! I doubt we'll ever know! 😉
MusingsGrace in The Lonely Road
I am unfamiliar with cultural ghost norms in any culture outside my own and what I have studied for my history degree in college. Though she might be suffering and need help, valid, she could also be malicious, especially given the expression she gave. What are other people's experiences? Do other victims of the road appear, or is it just her? If they're similar, it could be a hunting ground for a spirit being that's growing, and feeding off of travelers. It could even be similar to what some indigenous tribes in the U.S., specifically the Cherokee and tribes of the south east call a skin walker. A skin walker is someone who can take the shape of those they have killed, and use those forms to lure others in.

I'd follow my instincts if I were you. To me, it sounds more like a skinwalker than a spirit wanting an offering, and if you feel bad about it you could try to have a spiritual leader offer it an offering instead, or at least consult one. You don't have to interact with this spirit again to help it rest, and frankly it sounds more similar to malevolent than neutral or kind spirits. You can get help, but again, you don't have to be the one to put it to rest. The more you interact with it, potentially the more it will interact with you. Sounds like your parents wouldn't approve either, though maybe eventually telling them could lead to a better solution: what if they start seeing her too?
MusingsGrace in I Bought A Haunted House
So one thing that is important to note is that though some spirits that aren't nice, once attached they can make you feel comfortable, and even ok with it. There was a recent story shared on this site that demonstrated it well: it looks like a demon to those on the outside, but the writer, nylaca is comfortable and it appears to have succeeeded in its attachment. Some successful attachments cause pain in the attached, some feel comfort, and sometimes it's not a threat at all. If it is a little girl, she might need help moving on; counting could be her wanting to play hide n seek, and her calling for you could be her looking for comfort. Have you done research on the land? Sometimes children who die in abusive or unexpected circumstances look for comfort, that is why I asked about the land. It could have been a site for houses in the past, even if the house itself is newer.

What about the black mass? Have you seen that recently? If that is appearing at roughly 5 am, a time of twilight, when veils between worlds are often thought of as lowered, that is an important note, and maybe look for things happening at twilight hours at night as well as morning.

I'm really curious about the history of the land (do not give addresses, town names, or geographic indicators, but you can share the story of the land, as many stories have similar themes). Maybe the little girl keeps the house safe, or watches over it, and maybe there are other things outside, thought that's just a theory. The energy manifesting is still a concern for me, especially if your kids are entering adolescence, as poltergeist activity will feed off of their hormonal development, and have already approached your middle schooler.

If the weird mass outside the house is trying to lure you away, that is just as concerning as potential poltergeist activity, if not more so. Who else would it try to lure away? Why did it want you outside? Could it have predicted your reaction? If something happened on the land, that could give some explanation of all these events; I've heard of stories of people being lured away for a variety of reasons, but it often relates to the history of the land itself. I'd still recommend arming yourself and your fam with prayers or ancestors to call upon that were always friendly and loving, just in case, that way if something goes wrong and either the little girl isn't what she seems or can't keep the darkness/poltergeists away you have a back up plan. Having salt or rosemary or other similar herbal remedies on hand can't hurt either, especially with children around. Having a medium or someone similar do a walk through (giving them as little info as possible beforehand, there are charlatans in every profession) might be a good way to get an independent review, ensuring the safety of your little ones. As you're the boots on the ground, you probably have the best feel of the situation. Best!
This is Interesting.

The creature in your bedroom sniffing around could have been a animal from the other realms or or an astral animal.

There is known to be animals on the other side also, wild and domesticated.

But I could be wrong and the dark figure could shapeshift witch many powerful beings can.

Do you still have encounters to this day?
Just wondering if your chakras has shut down.
MusingsGrace and Dennis191-
Thank you for reading and commenting!
I understand that negative entities will disguise themselves as something trusting to knock your guard down but I am not sure that is the situation here, mostly because I don't feel scared at all, except for the guy I seen...
I don't think he was 12, he was just small like that, it was mostly scary the way he was just standing there staring at me, he had his head tilted to the side super creepy like, no, no gravel but I felt like I made it out the door in time to hear any running footsteps, but maybe he hid somewhere. I can't say for sure, just not something I've ever experienced.
TimeTravellingStoryteller17 in Still Not Used To Living With A Ghost
Hi, My name is Vee. I am youtuber myself,

I wish to read your story on my page, Is that okay?
TimeTravellingStoryteller17 in The Graveyard In The Mountains
Hi I am Vee, I have a youtube channel

Can I read your story on my channel?
Dennis191 in A Ride To Remember
So, do you believe the apparition caused the accident, or was it the apparition of someone who died in the accident?
Hmmm. Sounds like a story I've heard before as a kid...
Do these creatures turn into humans during the day? If so I might have heard of these things... Anyhow, as far as the dog is concerned I believe it wasn't good or evil, perhaps only there to warn of the dangers ahead. One of my close friends had experienced something similar, though in his case it was a cat, and it wasn't a shape-shifter going after him, but a drunk lunatic that nearly hit him on the sidewalk with his car. (according to what he shared with us the following day) The cat was constantly getting in his way, and would step in front of him, then growl at him as they usually do before they attack when he tried to go around him. Anyway according to him, he was saved by seconds, as he saw the car hit a trash can and a wire fence not too far behind, he said "If I were there a few seconds sooner..." The cat had disappeared by the time he realized what happened and turned around... But you know cats can do that easy, even big ones. Anyway, point is the bird part creeped me out, it was definitely there to cause harm, but the dog in my opinion just warned of danger. Great story.
Thank you so much for sharing your story I enjoyed reading it! That sounds very scary please keep us updated on any more stories.:)
Hmmm... Okay, I'll throw out the obvious questions first, since I do believe that a spirit would really be affected in some way by the prayers, and intentions of a faithful person...

So, number one: No evidence supports the claim that sleep paralysis is ALWAYS a result of a spirit playing around.
Number two: During sleep paralysis you will with 99% certainty experience sensations, even vivid images of things that aren't really there... Given that you have previously encountered such a being, I believe the following to be possible: Somehow your mind blames things on it due to previous experiences, OR the entity returned with friends, or got stronger somehow, or sent another one to replace it, probably a stronger one. Now, I do not wish to sound like I'm saying you're making it up, but I would go talk to sleep specialists if I were you. Think of it as a just in case thing. Or just ask your general doc for directions, I'm positive that he/she will point you the right way. Best of luck.
Yes...talib is right... Try doing it... Surah Baraqah on youtube and leave it playing... Nothing to lose when you have tried other things. You can even use certain crystals like BLACK TOURMALINE, SMOKEY QUARTZ, HEMATITE to ward off negative energy... Sprinkle sea salt, you can even bathe with sea salt or himalyan pink salt... Keep yourself pure. You even get pink salt lamps... Do meditation and visualize that you and your house is surrounded by a protective white glowing light... Blessings to u
Well the number three would be commonly considered by christians as a mockery of the holy trinity, growling hissing, and the fact there was physical damage done to her, is obviously pointing at evil intents, however I'm no expert on any of these matters so I will not say what that being is, but right about now that's the least of your worries... Seek help from your local priest or someone of the sort (assuming you may not call your spiritual leaders/advisers that) I'm hoping you have found some help by now, if not then best of luck for you
Dennis191 in Haunted Mattress
Sorry but I have to say its funny. Maybe a spirit said "Hey dude, you're taking my space!" lol

Okay, on the serious note, I've heard and read about certain objects that appear to have an otherworldly attachment to it... So I figure it wasn't harmful which is good.
So, nothing else happened? No dread feelings? I imagine it would have scared me too given the setting... It is interesting to say the least.
Dennis191 in Demonic Possession
Well from what I could dig up on exorcisms... It is a really really rare event, and there so much hassle before it gets to actually dealing with it as a demonic possession. For instance just research the controversial case of Anneliese Michel (hoping I spelled that right) if there is a reason for someone to question whether or not it's really about a demonic possession well then that poor girl is one of those many many reasons, as she ended up dead, still it cannot be proven that she was really possessed. The other thing is, after reading this I looked up some known cases that were documented, and well I find it unlikely that the priest would just jump in the action to kick satans butt... So to speak. But hey, I won't say it's made up, I just don't know what to believe here, as I've seen some things myself, so I cannot rule out the possibility.
As a kid I've heard lots of spooky tales about all sorts of unexplained events from old people... There was one about a farmer, and something disturbing his horses in the middle of the night. So to keep it short, after a while he had enough and decided to conceal himself outside, and wait... He saw a huge raven landing in the yard, huge as in a six foot man was scared of it enough that he didn't do anything about it... So the following day he recruited some of his best friends, and they sat out there in the dark waiting for the big bird to come. They couldn't kill it, but they've managed to trap it in the barn... And the next morning they went to check on it, and found a person who was reported missing two weeks prior to the first incident (if I remember correctly) so at the very least in theory it is possible that it was true.
Sounds creepy. I think this thing has some nasty intentions... Be careful, and please do not try to communicate with it... Seems to me it made it quiet clear it doesn't want to tell you much. The way I see it, you should get rid of it as soon as possible, in accordance with your beliefs. Shouldn't be too hard, given that almost all religions/beliefs/traditions etc have some way of doing that. Good luck.
MusingsGrace in I Bought A Haunted House
It sounds to me like there is more than one entity hanging around your family. The little girl sounds like a trapped spirit, one who might be looking for comfort, like a mother or a friend. That being said, some entities can take the forms of innocence or what one would perceive as an innocent being to gain trust and grow into an attachment. Generally, attachment is not good.

What makes me concerned is the ability for a spirit to manifest its energy physically; locking doors, throwing things and black masses appearing tend to be on the darker side. The goal of the spirit is to intimidate you and feed from your fear. These spirits sound like they might've already been in the house; it could be multiple spirits using the same feeding ground as it were (you are prey, your energy is sustenance, they are predator), or one spirit that's super manipulative. Either way, it doesn't sound good.

My gut feeling, and that's all it is, is it's almost a tag team situation. The girl causes you to drop your guard; whether she is good or bad isn't the point to me, she allows you open yourself to other things (I'm leaning toward she's not so good, or maybe just lonely twisted into darkness, but I'm not there so I can't know). Then, the anty is upped: objects are manipulated, and one is might be a "joke" (I guess the locked bathroom could be a prankster but I'm not laughing and neither are you), the other is clearly malicious intent.

Then we get to the random 12 year old in your driveway, preceded by a black mass at a similar hour. First, how close are the other houses? What made you think it was or wasn't a person? What was your gut telling you? If it was a person, what would motivate a child to stand in your driveway at 5 am? Do you have any particularly joke prone middle schoolers living nearby? Is there an explanation for why you wouldn't hear them run? Is there gravel or a similarly textured surface that should've made noise, or the reverse, that wouldn't make noise? Could it be trying to draw you out of the house? Why? What's the history of your house or the land on top of or around it?

It sounds to me like the more scared you and your family are, the more you are engaged with. That being said, fear is tool for survival, and it doesn't come from nowhere. My advice (and that's all it is) is to attach yourself to whatever religious/spiritual you are most familiar, using it as a shield in the interim. There is a user on this site who goes by Rook (or something similar) who has a very solid sounding cleansing ritual. As it sounds like your experience in the paranormal is limited, if you can I'd bring in back up, i.e. Priest, rabbi, imam, demonolgist, psychic, healer, shaman, etc., whomever is the most available and the most affordable; I don't know your financial situation. Research herbal or natural protections as well as using symbology: Rosemary oil and salt circles are some of the most popular. You can also call upon your ancestors, especially one that is familiar and loving: they might be able to protect you.

So my advice summarized: build a spiritual shield, use a familiar prayer/mantra/spiritual practice, teach whatever it is to your children, try to use herbs/salt if needed, call on ancestors if you have someone you feel comfortable calling on, but most of all, get professional help. Engage in spiritual practices that are familiar, as they are the most instinctual in crisis. Remember that these entities won't leave or give up easily: you are currently a free meal, and most, human or otherwise, get peeved when they can't feed. You don't want a hangry spirit on your hands without assistance: please find someone quick before it escalates.
Well... Me thinks Ouija stuff is always dangerous, definitely out of question for my own "investigation".
As for the phone turning off, it happened to me before, I thought I had only unlocked it but it registered a long press and so it powered off, but that still leaves the question: If it really had over 60% of battery life, why wouldn't it turn on again.

The rest is weird, and the previous story, with the grinning woman... Downright creepy. The trance like state... Possession attempt maybe...? It does sound potentially dangerous. But then again, I'm no one to say... But I do know for fact that animals are more sensitive to things like that than people, but I never thought about it too much. As for the apps detecting EMF. Well given the fact the device you used for that is basically capable of detecting EMF as both WIFI and mobile networks are sorts of EMF, so apps can make your device display what it reads, and for once I can say I have tested several EMF apps on my phone, they do pick up on the same things a real detector picks up, however I've read somewhere that there are certain limitations when it's a phone in question. Going further, I personally couldn't find evidence that ghosts or other things can be detected by EMF detectors, maybe only when they choose to influence your device, and I'll leave that open to debate, and there's this one argument on the emf thing that just shattered the possibility of using it for ghost hunts is: It doesn't detect our physical bodies, our bodies that have thousands and thousands of reactions inside leading to electric transfer of reaction from certain places to others... So then how would it pick up a ghost, that in my understanding doesn't have a measurable physical body? But that still leaves the question what if that being is strong enough to manipulate your device, however... To prove that you would need to do tests of the place you're trying to do the ghost detection for days on end, with 3 axis detectors, to get the average reading of areas in the house see if certain appliances influence the readings when they turn on and off and if so to what extent... Now after that was done... Since magnetic anomalies also show up on such devices, you still cannot completely rule out something that was completely natural when you get a sudden increase in your readings. However all that is just the science, and still leaves the possibility that these entities may on purpose influence any of our devices. So all in all, I hope you get the best of life, without having to worry about these things too much
Hi [at] talib

Thank you for the advice. I'll give it a try. I'd like to share that I've tried something of that sort before. My Muslim friends did give me verses of the Quran to keep on my bed post. It's still there. I even wore the black thread which they gave me for some days. But it doesn't affect it and this is the most surprising part. Nothing affects it.

My apartment is at a dead end. The last one with rail tracks on the other side of the wall. So people did end their lives and such places are prone to spirits. I did encounter another one previously but it always left me alone when I read a Bible verse or said a prayer. It left for good then. It used to affect it. But nothing affects this one.
Well, it sounds disturbing... As far as my readings got me, from what I understand about beings mimicking other people's voices/appearances they're usually not the ones you want hanging around. Then it continues to prove it wants something, probably to scare you all or possibly harm some or all of you. I think it might be someone really upset, or what some people would call demons. But as I'm not familiar with your beliefs I won't say that it is this or that, it's clearly harmful or at least not happy about something, so as someone who just recently started doing tons of research my best advice would be seek help from someone or a group who deal with this sort of a thing. Shouldn't be too hard as from what I've read nearly all cultures/religions/traditions deal with unwanted spirits in some way. I hope you have already found help, or will soon. Best of luck.
Dennis191 in Shape-shifter
Well, in all honesty I don't know, but this sounds like whatever it was... It wanted probably still wants to hurt people. Is there anyone living there? I mean in that house? They might be in danger, or possibly responsible for that thing running around but then again I'm just another average person who knows what little he does from reading and listening. Hopefully it won't try to enter your life.
Dennis191 in Levitating Spoon
Sounds interesting. I can relate to things turning up in weird places. By no means am I an expert on the matter, but I did quiet a lot of research (as my own situation required it) so... Does it do anything else? Like knock on things, leave scratches, do you feel uneasy sometimes? Does it talk or whisper, or leave some sort of messages? Or was that the only thing that happened? Is the activity consistent? Does it move things around every day? Do you see figures of something or someone in the house when there's no one else around?
First make sure you are always in a state of purity, always wash your private areas after you use the washroom to pass urine, its important, spirits are attracted to impurity.

Secondly use God's word to drive this bad entity away, don't know exactly which religion you follow, but been a Muslim I can advise you to play verses of the Quran in your room. What it does is, it burns the spirits, they just can't withstand God's words and leave immediately from the place.

Play this in your room on loud volume if possible everyday, its the second chapter of the Quran, Surah Baqarah


If played once the spirit would leave and cannot re-enter for 3 days, if played for 40 consecutive days, the spirits would leave forever, God-willing.

Please keep us updated.

Hi filmbuff... I really dnt know what's going on... The onset of the strange occurrences started betwn 2013-14. One midnight I was awaken by a strange jingling sound. As though someone is shaking a bunch of keys in front of your face. But I ignored it thinking it to be my imagination. This happened at least 2-3 times. I would be awakened at night. Then one night as I was sleeping in the hall facing the window, at around midnight, I heard a chorus howling of street dogs in a rhythym. Then suddenly a pair of fluorescent green glowing eyes appeared on the ventilator glass. The eyes had no pupils just light emitting. The dogs were still howling. It disappeared within sum secs. My dad passed away in 2014. It was a sudden heart attack. He passed away in our home. Since then I have seen a black shadow pass into a wall... He visits me when I'm asleep, worries about my marriage, all this through dreams. But then nowadays I hear voices when I'm asleep. Some whispers in my ears but once I recite Hanuman Chalisa it stops for some time. Can I see things?
Hello Miandra,

Sage does help with my sinusitis.

The wound on my leg has healed. The painting has been packed and moved to the attic. Things are slowly improving. Frosty seems to be more active and energetic. But it may be just my perception. It is funny for a skeptic like me to believe in stuff like this. If it helps Frosty what harm can it do. The barking has reduced a lot. He barks at me more now as a way of scolding me for not giving him treats. Lol. Hope it continues. Unfortunately, the sage I ordered is going to take a couple more weeks to be delivered. I have been using incense sticks in the mean time. Though Frosty doesn't like the flame when I light up the incense, he seems to be fine with the perfume later. Thank you all for coming by and commenting. I will update once I sage my house.
Hello AD,

I understand what you mean by saying 'send me to the nearest church' and not the nearest sage dealer. As I am non believer in religion, it wouldn't really help me out. I use sage as it has been used long before certain churches can even be dated back to. It has been used extensively in the Egyptian civilization and records of its use date back 4000 years But I do understand we can agree to disagree as our belief systems are different.

Regarding the place I live in, it is pretty big. And Frosty's irritability is directed towards the painting. Though I can't confidently say I know what is going on in Frosty's mind. I do agree it can be an irritability of a new place as well. But it has been 10 months now.

Anyway with that said, I respect your comments and thank you for taking the time to comment. Sometimes we can only take a guess and we have no idea whether our guess is correct or not.

Thanks once again.
RSAChick in Shape-shifter
Your story was scary, ero. I agree with Haven that you should avoid that place.

Hi Elrond! Hope you are back to submit more stories.
The article you posted a link to is unsettling. I hope to never encounter such a woman 😢
ero94 in Shape-shifter
Thank you Haven and Elrond for your responses, they are appreciated!
Integrist in Where's My Head At?
Hi Caz,

I can't really tell where "buntot ng pagi"'s story came from. I would wonder why anyone had a ray's tail in the first place, and its being the only weapon available. I would think that a bolo (Filipino machete) would be more likely to have around.

I never really understood this particular superstition, but it is pretty widespread: so much so that some houses - even to this day - with kids or newborns have a ray's tail hanging close to windows to ward off the "aswang" (that's a human-eating shape shifter) and other evil creatures.

Maybe members from the Philippines can shed some light on this?
Hi Integrist,
Thank you for the very interesting explanation of the meaning. As for the origin, could it simply be that someone long ago was in danger and the tail of a ray was all they had to hand to fend it off? I was thinking perhaps almost anything might work if you believe in it strongly enough! Maybe the secret of the 'charm' actually comes from 'within' the person who is being attacked! Perhaps we all have hidden powers we don't even know about. These are just my thoughts!
Filmbuff1234 in Ghosts Watching Over Us
Hi Pinksweety. My dad can't remember Theresa's surname but I'll try to find out still and talk to more people in the neighbourhood. Possibly some sort of poltergeist - has there been any other occurrences in your home?
Yesterday I heard a sigh while asleep. And a male voice telling me not to hurry. So I woke up & Recited the hanuman chalisa. I was awake nd browsing when the bed on which I was lying shook. What can dis be?
Integrist in Where's My Head At?
For anyone unaware "buntot pagi" or "buntot ng pahi" is the tail of a ray. For some reason (I have yet to hear anyone give an explanation regarding the origin of this belief), this is widely believed to be like a protective talisman and weapon against paranormal creatures in the Philippines.
Hello Lady-glow,

I am the second born out of five. I was extremely shy, quite, and more sensitive to a lot things than my sisters or brother. Who were always loud and outgoing.

As I got older and saw more I considered myself sensitive to the paranormal.

I don't know the history of the house. It belonged to my Grandmother bought and paid for. I remember my Mother telling me stories about when she lived there until she got married.

Back then I didn't know what to think, but as the years past and I went over what I saw many times. I do agree with you that they meant me or my grandmother no harm.

I looked at lots of photos of my Grandmothers and Mothers family but I saw nothing that looked like them. I was told that she had many sisters but I found no other pitures of her family.

I would have loved to talk about this to her. And I don't mean to sound cold, but my Grandmother was a very stern woman. She understood my siblings as being normal. I know she still loved me and I always loved her, but I was different to her. Didn't quite fit the mold of what she expected. So at the time I decided not to talk to her about it.
I visited her often as I got older but never saw the three again. I still felt odd at times but it didn't seem to scare as much.
Gayatrishiva in An Unexplained Incident
I have this I believe is due to kinetic energy. Sometimes when I am sitting on some surfaced like plastic chair and some car fabric... If I touch someone or they touch me or if I give or take coins and metal stuffs a kind of electric shock I and the other person gets lol... Sometimes while opening the car by mistake if the finger touched the metal I will experience a small shock... Like a spark... Even my dog got scared once I was sitting on a plasyic chair and it came near me touched its nose on my toes but we both got an electric shock and my dog was looking ay me weird lol
Bibliothecarius in Where's My Head At?
Greetings, Eerie69.

I've enjoyed reading all three of your narratives, so I must apologize if I gave you any offense with my earlier post. I realize that English is not your first language, but your writing shows an effort to master a diverse vocabulary. My first comment is predicated upon the use of one vowel to change a serious statement into a juvenile joke. Normally, I would avoid making anyone feel uncomfortable about a slip of this kind, but I've been giving my students final exams today; my brain needed to let off a little steam and your unintentional error appealed to my sense of humor.

It is peculiar that everyone but you could see this entity, but you could feel its breath as it was trying to whisper to you. I presume that whatever it whispered was the motive for wanting to go behind the tall trees.

A question to clarify Filipino culture: where would a family normally keep a buntot ng pagi? I presume that the tall trees indicate that the family get-together was in a rural, countryside location rather than in a city. (Do city dwellers view the buntot ng pagi as a rural superstition, or do they keep one to show pride in their cultural heritage? I imagine it would be a decent deterrent for burglars...)

I'd like to know why your family, after praying for your safety and menacing this apparent malevolent entity with the buntot ng pagi until it left, wanted you to "burn whatever I am wearing that day including my newly bought shoes." You probably had a change of clothes with you if you knew you'd be staying over, but probably not a change of shoes. If their prayers and rituals removed the entity, why would it be necessary to burn your clothes? It had been holding your head, not your clothes, while it whispered to you. Is the burning of clothes a significant/normal practice when dealing with the supernatural in the Philippines?

Thanks for clearing this up.

Hi, Eerie69

By "spunk me", do you mean he hit you? If he did, what was the reason for that? Was he aiming at the silhouette besides you?

Biblio - you cracked me up!
Haven in Tore Us Apart
Hi, Anno-Domini

Your theory makes perfect sense. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, they are very interesting.

The incident where he said they were here to take our daughter was not the only indication that there was some sort of "struggle" going on within him. In the years we lived together I would often see that he was trying really hard to make a happy, "normal" home. I always thought that he was scared that our family was going to be like his family growing up. I just thought his family was not the warm and fuzzy type, I noticed how amazed he would look when he received a gift for Christmas or birthdays, how confused he was when he would hear my family say "I love you" to each other, how awkward he looked when someone hugged him. I always thought his family was kind of "shady" so it wouldn't surprise me if it was confirmed they were into darker stuff. I was never comfortable at his parent's house, I always felt a heaviness and I would literally feel like I couldn't breathe. Almost every time we went to one of his family's gatherings we would end up fighting, he always acted different around them. I feel that is where most of his problems came from.

I truly hope he is happy now. Deep down he is not a bad guy. He tried really hard to keep his family, I tried as well, there are just some things that are not meant to be. Me, well I'm in a good place right now. My faith in God is really strong, it's religion that I have "issues" with.
As far as I knoow, Sobs heard in kota should'nt be a new thing 😜
Bibliothecarius in Where's My Head At?
This has got to be the best miscommunication in YGS history: "he spunk me with no reason."
lady-glow in A Vist By Three
Hello adove - this is an interesting experience.

Are your siblings older or younger than you?
Do you consider yourself sensitive to the paranormal?
What do you know about the history of that house? Was it a rental or has it always belonged to your family.

It is interesting that only you were troubled in those areas of the house but not your siblings, if something was there perhaps they were just curious about you.

The way you describe the three faces makes me think that they were caring and, perhaps, some female ancestors. Have you ever checked old family photo albums and see if you recognize any of these ladies?

I imagine how shocking it must have been for you to see such a sight, but it doesn't seem like they meant any harm to your grandmother or to you.

Did you ever talk to your grandmother about this experience and the way you felt in her house?

Looking forward to hear from you.

Thanks for sharing.
echosmithrocks in Train Horn From No Where
Hey roylynx... Yes. I had a guest at my home recently whose message tone was a coin dropping. It drove me crazy as I thought there were phantom coins! Some phones are louder than others so if the phone were near you you'd hear a loud one.
Anno_Domini in Tore Us Apart
Hi Haven, I have some thoughts on this. If, as you say the phenomenon was brought about by your ex-husband's interest to turn to God, I suspect that he has / had a previous history of relationship with (a) "spiritual entity (ies) " i.e. Demon (s).

What this relationship is / was, only he will be able to tell you. It might have taken a revelational (ouija board, tarrot, etc) / sexual / companionship / transactional (let me talk to you and I'll help you in your job / business / etc) / or even unwanted (pest) nature. Over time, he might have allowed the entity to be more involved in his life, and it became more "entrenched" with him. I see the incident where he said "he is here to take the children" as indication of this as the intention of the entity (lies) was communicated to your ex.

Leading up to the baptism of your child, your husband may have wanted to "negate the contract", so to speak, with the aforementioned entity, and truly turn to God. Like you mentioned, this phenomenon started at the time that he made the decision to follow God. It goes without saying that God (the Holy Spirit) and the demon can't co-exist in / around your husband.

Now if we take a step back, you'll notice that the reason he followed this path toward God is because of you and your family. So to "remove" his motivation of turning to God would ostensibly keep your ex in his "contract" to the entity. And thus the mayhem ensued. Making your family's life difficult was a way of driving him away from you. I believe that at this stage you would have befitted from the counsel of a pastor or priest who's informed in demonic influence, but everything happens in God's time.

These kinds of spiritual battles are tough to overcome, but always possible with God's help through a pastor or priest (I have more of my thoughts on my profile -- please read). I pray that yours and your family's relationship with God will grow stronger despite & as a consequence of this. Prayers also for your ex to become, and remain free of his oppression (it is not clear if he is really free of his oppression or he's just saying that to make you happy).
Haven- Wow what an experience I think that everything she heard were warning signs and I am so glad she did not go back. Frankly people who try these kinds of things realize that there really is no such thing as a love spell, you cannot make a person fall in love with you. I would have been so scared and going to a witch is even scarier. The cemetery has all the spooky vibes already so casting a spell there would be just terrifying. Thanks for sharing.
Johnnycanada- Thanks for your reply I think that you are so right. We must let course set it's sail without interrupting it. Knowing the future or trying to change it etc. That is not our business only gods. Our future is not set in stone and it can change at any given time. Though I'm glad your experience wasn't scary.
Yes, my mother psychically built a wall to block out phenomena. And I can't say I know either way, the wall may have worn down over the years as I've had mild experiences but perhaps I have also lost a lot of ability to interact through years of going unused. I've often thought of using forms of meditation to try and regain ability but I never actually tried so I guess I'm still sensitive (a chicken lol)
thank you DeliverDawn,
That was what my mom told me before she died (one year ago). She told me about our friend and that I should not worry
Haven in Shape-shifter
Hi, ero94

How creepy! Can't really say what it was you saw but I'm really big on trusting your instincts. Something told you something bad was going to happen and you acted on that feeling and ran, good for you. God knows what would have happened if you lingered. Be careful and try not to walk by that area or house at night, that "weird vibe" is tell you something.

Thanks for sharing.
Elrond in Shape-shifter
Your story reminded me of something I read online not long ago. Check out this link about grinning Women in Black:
Hi quakebox,

Welcome to YGS!
If you moved out and nothing out of ordinary happened in your new home then I'd say that whatever was causing those events stayed at your previous home, which is a really good thing for you. 😉

Did you check, by any chance, the history of the house? For instance, did any death/accident ocurred there or in the building,...? I actually pitty the next tenants, for the bulb incident I'd dare to say that if there is any supernatural entity it's probably not a good one.🤔

Take care and thank you for sharing.
Hello the 22centuryboi,

Thank you for your reply. I agree sage has a lovely scent. I've been keeping some by the windows in my unit. When the window is open a lovely scented breeze flows through.

Keep us posted.


😘 ❤ 😘
HI the22centuryboi, those who "know" me here will attest I will lead you to the nearest church 😆, and not to the nearest sage dealer (of which I know none). In any case, I am not fully convinced that your dog's irritability is caused by the supernatural. A husky is a terribly large dog to keep in an apartment, she may be irritable due to the lack of space.
Bibliothecarius in My Grandmother's Ghosts
Greetings, FaeFolk, and welcome to YGS.

You've shared a narrative with several interesting details, but the one that stands out to me isn't about ghosts *directly.* You state, "my mother had built a psychic wall for my mind against spiritual manifestations." Wow.

I'd like to be certain I understood that sentence correctly. You mean that your mother psychically created a boundary within your brain --for your own protection-- and the barrier she created is still in effect one-and-a-half *decades* later? Did she do this for you, or did she show you how to create a psychic block of your own?

There are 2 further points contingent upon this: First, *imposed* blocks --no matter how well-intentioned or necessary-- often wear down over time, unless the recipient is continuing to reinforce the mental defenses. Second, some psychic abilities do diminish over time if they are not used or grown. If you are still having experiences in which you can identify the entity (for example, "it was friendly to me and so we coexisted"), and you are aware that the your bath experience was caused by a different entity/phenomenon, then you may have a somewhat-pressurized backlog of psychic ability held in check by the wall your mother built for you.

If my guess is correct (pressurized psychic restraint), then your own abilities to remember/see the supernatural, in whatever condition they may be (strong, neglected, random, etc.), may begin to manifest as poltergeist phenomena as your brain tries to wrestle with its own hindered strengths. *That* phenomenon --unexpected psychic "leakage" manifesting in the same manner as repressed anger or a hidden trauma-- may be the source of the heavy footstep sounds.

Please note that this is highly speculative on my part; I am not blaming your mother for what she did to protect you. Clearly, she had a vested interest in reducing your fear. I'm merely surmising that some of the phenomena *may* be accounted for through your repressed abilities, which should give you LESS to worry about, NOT more.

If I've strayed wide of the mark, here, I apologize. Feel free to let us know if my suggestions sound like a possibility, or the reasons I may be wrong. The more data we have, the greater the opportunity for YGS members to help you to deal with the situation.

Hi, StaceyK

Thank you for sharing your grandmother's story. That must have been really scary.

Your description of the black dog is dead-on what I saw one night when I was a teenager and snuck out of my house. Do you think the black dog was also an aswang? I wonder why it didn't try to attack then? There is the possibility that it was trying to warn her of what lay ahead. The dog that I saw did not attack me, it just stood there looking at me, I was able to hear a low growl too. It was enough to scare me straight, I could imagine what your grandmother felt being chased by that big bird. That was the first and last time I left the house without permission.

I'm very interested in reading the comments on what the black dog was. Good or evil?
Filmbuff1234 in Ghosts Watching Over Us
It is amazing. It can take a while for stories to get posted I actually wrote this story coming up to a month ago. She is the only medium that I've met (that I'm aware of).
I enjoyed reading your experience. Keep us posted if anything else happens best wishes
i wished it let me add pictures I went this year. And I gotten couple. And realized I def got a man ghost in the picture. Very clear
Thank you so much for your kind words. We miss our boy every day.

My dear friend, I am so glad to hear you think of me:) So far it has been very quiet. Neither of grandmothers have shown up since the move, and Charlie is only around every now and then. It's an adjustment, and I miss Adam.
Srinivas108 in Lady In White Saree
I heard similar kind of stories from my grandmother and few other old age people... But my grandpas cycle was halted without any reason and it didn't move forward until he recited some holy mantras... The women who was asking for hitch hike just vanished in air
Srinivas108 in What Happened To Her?
Hey meghana ji... Your story was bit creepy and interesting... Could you provide the details of the place... I live in hyderbad... Infact born and brought up there... Would like to investigate or atleast know about that place... Thanq
By the way amazing prediction Susan. I'm really impressed by her ability to predict things without knowing any info. Also she could see the spirit of your step sister with your step mom... Simply amazing! Very difficult to find such blessed souls.
Thank u very much filmbuff1234. I too m sensitive to paranormal. I have also posted one story but I dnt know why it is not being posted. 😳
Hi, Loneybone

Your story brought back a memory. Something similar happened to my cousin. She paid someone to cast a spell so the guy she loved would fall madly in love with her. The "witch" that was going to cast the spell told her she would be taking a picture of each of them to a cemetery where she would bury the pictures together, light a candle and cast some sort of spell. This was supposed to happen around midnight. Well, that night, my cousin woke up and swears she could hear voices, like someone was praying or chanting. She also swears she saw shadows in the bedroom. I was spending my summer break with them and was awakened a few minutes after midnight by her crying and crawling into my bed scared.

She was supposed to go back to the witch the next day for the final casting of the spell (for lack of a better term), she never went back, she was too scared. Needless to say, the spell did not work. The guy never knew she existed.
Hi, Wysteria

Thanks for sharing your story. Did anyone try to confront the old man? Most people would be scared but I guess there's always that brave person.

I'm glad you guys were not hurt.
I have experienced this exact thing. I've also been reaching out to see if anyone has had a similar experience. You are the first that I have found. Only a few weeks out of the year, I am awaken by someone shaking my foot really hard. When I wake, no one is ever there.
RSAChick in St. Elmo's Fire
Hmmm...looking for a diplomatic way to ask people to be more diplomatic...
So think a bit outside of your box and frame of reference.

Here you might find another explanation of St Elmo's Fire:

Not traditional but something, someone may hold true
Filmbuff1234 in Ghosts Watching Over Us
I would but she moved about a year ago. I could possibly ask my dad for her full name and you could look her up on the internet.
Hi there, I have never commented on this site before but your experience really resonated with me. I was also madly in love with a faraway guy, and desperately wanted him to be "the one" even though he lived 2000 miles away and was planning to join the US military. And then he also became very uncommunicative, and this nearly killed me. I spent 6 months of my life fretting and crying over this guy. I was so anxious to know how he really felt, that I paid an expensive tarot reader in England for a reading, and it was very accurate but it said that he wasn't really interested and the whole thing was just a burden for him. In my heart I knew it was true but I still wasted another 2 months chasing him. And looking at other tarot readings hoping for a second opinion. That just made me even more anxious. Nothing scary happened but I think I displeased God by trying to know the future, and I wonder if things would have been different had I not. Anyway the lesson is, trust God and let things be and don't mess around with the occult. God bless xoxoxo
Triden, funny, I was just thinking about you the other day when your story popped up in the que.
I was wondering if Granny and the others followed you to you new home, or if they've gone into the light? At the time of your writing it is easy to see they have not yet arrived. You know how I am, I believe there are those who can transverse the veil, according to the need.
santhosh143 in Mango Tree
Short but Great. I hope u r cousins are fine now. Its very scary. 😟 😟 😟
IntuitiveStarfish ~ Hello!

On the supernatural aspect I have nothing to add. On the smell however... Anything left in the closet, especially fabrics, will take on the odor in the closet, so cleaning the closet and replacing your clothes in it will not help out too much. I like the coffee suggestion for msforgetmenot, makes sense to me. I would empty your closet, clean it as best you can, get some Damprid from a hardware store and leave in in the closet for a couple of days before replacing your clothes (after a complete cleaning) in the closet. At that point I would add the coffee.
Filmbuff1234 can u please introduce me to Theresa? I would like to contact her.
Hello triden07,

After reading your story, I felt compelled to comment. First, I'm very sorry for your loss of your sweet boy dog. That was heartbreaking to read, but it does sound as though he has found peace in your backyard.

In regard to your friend Jake, who looked after your home, I think you were very wise to have a cleansing done in your new home. Years ago, I had a similar situation happen with a friend who temporarily lived in my home. I learned that I had to limit my time I spent around this friend due to the dark 'baggage' they carried...

I wish you the best in your new home, and hope the positivity continues 😉 ~ LightMight
Greetings, Aikia; welcome to YGS.

First, your narrative was quite engaging, if a little erratic in "narrative flow." There are some problems with dates & details, as lady-glow asserted in her 1st post. That said, I recently wrote a brief obituary for my grandfather; I made 2 errors that had to be changed, but I had been under the impression that it was 100% correct because I'd misunderstood those two details for decades. There is a likelihood that the facts have become distorted, as Caz's suggests, "a bit like Chinese Whispers" (or "The Telephone Game" in American parlance).

I had a very brief look around on-line, where I discovered the obituary for the *daughter* of "the late Opal and Etheridge," in the Jackson Sun newspaper from Tennessee. This obit also mentions her brother who had died at an earlier date. I'll readily admit that Birth & Death records aren't my area of expertise, but I was looking around to validate that Opal and Etheridge had indeed been married and lived in Tennessee. The apparent discrepancy in the number of offspring *may* have something to do with the split in your family, etc.

I think Augusta's better at historical research in State Records than I am; she may be able to offer some advice in finding out more about your ancestry. As for me, I am satisfied that I found some evidence to support the initial data of your experiences.

You sure this wasn't just sleep paralysis? Sounds like it tbh
Hi Wysteria1,

Thank you for sharing another experience. Once again, I find these Aswangs very similar to our "corredores" as they were normal people during the day and turn into an animal at night. Fortunatly "corredores" or shapeshifters were harmless here, guess you are not that lucky. 😉

Lady-glow, you cracked me up, love your sense of humor! 😊

Take care.
Eerie69 in I Am Thirsty
Hello majarlika012!

Thank you for reading my story. I can't remember it really. On the actual, it was surreal. It happened so fast but I have a feeling that's her.

PS: they're lime my brothers so it's fine to set a joke like to them 😆 😆
Hello Aikia and welcome to YGS!
Yes, I too found your story interesting if a bit muddled, but you did kind of warn us when you said "I'm not sure where to even start, really."
It seems to me that these stories have been passed down by word of mouth through the generations and if that's the case, a bit like Chinese Whispers, things can get muddled. Lady-Glow is of course right about 911 and that's a question you're unlikely to be able to answer, so don't worry about it! Nobody is calling you a liar here.
Personally, I'd like to hear about the things you mentioned that you, yourself have experienced, so please do come back and tell us!
I enjoyed this story and had no problem following it.
Hope you come back to clear up the inconsistencies regarding your timelines.
the22centuryboi in Ghost Of Pulau Ubin
Hello Anikenlee,

Strange that you said that you were paranormal investigators and ran at the sight of some entity.

I do understand the body has its own defense mechanism when we are in trouble. I would have stood my ground when the entity was seen. Maybe you would have gotten some good evidence.

I have read that Pulau Ubin is very haunted. I want to one day go there and try out to get some proof of the haunting.

Do elaborate on the feelings before you ran. Maybe there was a defensive mechanism.


majarlika012 in I Am Thirsty
It's funny calling your friends Chong and Go (when put together it's meaning becomes tagalog word for monkey) for those who can't get the joke there hahaha.

Anyways, is the old woman in your dreams the same as the old woman asking for a glass of water?
James_sightings in Ignis Fatuus (ghost Lights)
Definitely ghost lights, I camped back there a month ago and seen fire flies higher and brighter. Following them visually was as expected as easy.
James_sightings in Watchers "fallen Angel's"
Forgive me, I thought I was on the Ignis Fatuus story. They were humanoid in there stature, large bodies, wide with wings as most others have seen or been drawn.
James_sightings in Watchers "fallen Angel's"
Thank you, they didn't seem humanoid, although I was a ways from them
Sorry for the late reply junglecat and NitroFuel765. Ummm I don't exactly know how old the house is but it must be atleast 10 years old and it was a one time thing.

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