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RCRuskin in Christmas At Dad's

Hi, Junglecat. Going to start by saying there are many wiser folks on this site than me. Like Rook.


A bit of the way down his page is a 'Recipe for a Home Cleansing/Shielding'. I suggest starting with that. Also find out what happened, if you can.

You say your father lives with his girlfriend and not in the house, so what happens with the house the rest of the year?
lady-glow in Christmas At Dad's
Hello Junglecat - this is quite interesting.

I have few questions:

Has your father mentioned witnessing any activity? Would it be possible that he did something to, unwillingly and inadvertently, invite this entity to his house?
Do you practice any religion?

I find it puzzling that this entity doesn't seem to discriminate on who to bother, plus the fact that your dog doesn't seem to react in a defensive way. πŸ€”

I don't understand why you think that Christmas wasn't the right time to do a cleansing/protection of the house, - is it because opening windows and doors is recommended to let the bad energy out and the weather was too cold at that moment?

Perhaps you can try using a method that doesn't involve open windows, or ask for religious help.

At least it seems to listen when asked to stop bothering you.

Thanks for sharing and keep us posted.
Hi, Vic. Interesting story. One would think that a murder would make the news. And doing a search, I do find a murder of the district superintendent, supposedly the first to hold that post.

A search of hauntings reports this ghost haunts the high school auditorium.

This is just me, but if I was in a room and the door slammed suddenly, I'd be making sure I could open it again and prop it open before grabbing another music stand. Just saying 😁
Donald_Trumpet in Blood Under The Blood Moon
PRICELESS! Idn if this is an episode of "Ghost Adventures" or if it really happened but it's freaking funny.
Zac Vegan?! 😁 😁 😁
Hi expathistorical, how was you feeling during those events - scared or normal or very peaceful?
In case of blue-white light, it sounds as some heavenly entity visit; Or could it be aliens; I wonder 😊
MaybeADreamer in Little Boy In My Room
Hi Erika

Was your brother awake when you saw the little boy?

As it looked like your brother I thought maybe if he was sleeping you could see his astral presence (whilst he was dreaming) - all little brothers like to scare their sisters - and he may not even be aware he did it, it may of felt like a dream to him. Just an idea:-)
sugarANDspice in A Bite Of Chocolate
It's good to hear that all those clowns were only a joke, I couldn't make sense of any comments. 😊

S&s ❀ ❀
I must have been very scary to see Chucky's head. I find that movie too hard to watch but I like it.
I hope you never have to see it again.

S&s ❀
Twilight1011 in Pizza Hut Ghost
LuciaJacinta, my oldest son is also obsessed with pizza 😁 I swear that boy can live off of it. My other 2 kids like pizza, but I wouldn't say that they love it, especially like my oldest does. As for haunting a pizza hut in his after life, I doubt that they would be his pick. He use to love eating there, but now he's not a big fan of them anymore. I have wondered though, with hearing of another so called "haunted" Pizza Hut, if it's because a spirit just chose to haunt there, despite it not being where they died at, or if it goes back further, to where maybe they passed on the site that the Pizza Hut restaurants were built πŸ˜• my other thought was that maybe it's a past employee that had spent many years working there, to where they couldn't help but be drawn back to that familiar place πŸ˜• wish I knew how to find out actual facts, instead of just being left with unanswered questions.
freakedoutfreddy in Blood Under The Blood Moon
Hey guys. Haven I was clean for 24 hours so no doobie effects were happening!
It's possible that a homeless person was living there but it's a secluded place so idk
LuciaJacinta in Pizza Hut Ghost
Interesting Twilight. I know if my son came back as a ghost he'd haunt a Pizza Hut because he loves Pizza so much.

But the part about the rocks hitting the car is creepy. Could it be birds in the area? Was the car parked beneath trees and maybe some acorns or squirrels hurling buckeyes hitting the car?
Cuddlebear in The Easter Bunny
EM ~
I can in all honesty say this has never happened to me, but I have a friend, now nearing 60, who swears he saw Santa in his house when he was five or six. Since I've started looking into the weird I've discovered that there are a number of adults who claim to have seen Santa, the Easter Bunny or some other entity when they were young. Not having seen what you saw I really can't say what it was. I think it is likely that you misinterpreted some shadow or furniture in your house.

Now if you had lived in Maryland or Northern Virginia I would suggest you may have seen the Bunnyman - another scary apparition.

By the way I look a lot like Santa myself and get more than my fair share of stares from youngsters in December, but I have yet to break into a house...
Cuddlebear in Pizza Hut Ghost
Jerms ~

An interesting story indeed. I echo Haven's question and would add, when you've heard things hit your car, or other cars, did you ever find evidence? Small stones, marks on your car, that sort of thing?
LuciaJacinta in Little Boy In My Room
Freaky. I don't trust spirits that try to trick you into believing they ate someone else. I think this is pretty common actually. They like to mimic people. But, you have to wonder why.
Grey-Ghost in Ghost Of A Patient

Yeah that fact amazes me too. Coming to your question, no there wasn't anybody there at that time except me. We went kind of late that day. We were suppose to be there at 6.15 PM but due to some problems we went late.
LuciaJacinta in Temple Drive
The fact that bodies are dumped there being a dumping ground is very creepy. How many bodies I wonder? A short "not so scary" story but it did give me the chills. Thanks for sharing.
NotSensitiveButDanish in The Spirit Of Ann
Hello everyone - thank you for your thoughts and comments - and I am sorry for not writing a reply until now.
I didn't know that anyone had written any comments 😲

Ann was amazing - I miss her all the time. But it is a great comfort that she might visit from time to time.

❀ ❀
Sleeping-with-steve in I'm Back... Steven The Ghost
Hello Morgangrey,

I'm sorry to hear you have been treated so badly by your ex boyfriend. I've replied to you from my thread so that you can read the comments and see if any of the advise here will help you.

As Valkricry and Msforgetmenot suggests, it's best to submit your post and create your own thread. Members here will flood your thread with fantastic advise.

Keep safe,
😘 ❀ 😘
Sleeping-with-steve in I'm Back... Steven The Ghost
Hello Alex_Beast,

I appreciate you following my updates and offering suggestions.

Thank you.
Best wishes
😘 ❀ 😘
I think kixrox is trying to tell us something here. Perhaps he is on 'permanent pause' πŸ˜†
Hello Moegangrey,

Your event seems really important. With greater detail and more information, there are people here on this site (YGS), that have found valid ways to settle this down. They would have suggestions, for you.

It is customary to submit a truthful event the conventual way. I have genuine concerns about you, and hope you find help, some how.

As you can see this post is thee years old, because of this, it would be unlikely that Sarahjane is even still an active member.

Please consider submitting, I will be on a lookout for your experience.

Thank you,
Twilight1011 in Pizza Hut Ghost
Your title interested me, and made me want to see where you had your experience at. The reason I was so interested, was because my husband had also worked at a Pizza Hut, but this was in North Carolina, where he and other employees had some experiences that were hard to explain. One being that things on the top shelf, would just fall, as if someone smacked them with a force, making them fall further away than if it had just fell over. Generally it would happen as someone walked by. This raised the curious question of what was causing it, and why exactly was a pizza hut being haunted πŸ˜• we never heard any history of anything happening there. Other odd things happened as well, but I just thought it was interesting to hear that apparently other Pizza Hut restaurants seem to be having something odd happening, despite the distance in between them.
lady-glow in Ghost Of A Patient

Thanks for replying. It never ceases to amaze me the way spirits seem to control who is allowed to see them.
Sometimes they show themselves to multiple witnesses and other times only to only one person among a crowd.

Were there any more people seated close to your mother? If so, did you notice if anyone was staring at her like questioning why she was seemingly talking to no one?
Hi, Jerms,

Do you know what was there before they built the Pizza Hut?

You mention previous stories but the site says this is your first story. What was your previous accounts name? I would like to read more of those experiences you submitted.

If it was abandoned, maybe some real people were staying there. A homeless short guy that is a little off kilter could easily transform into a Chucky look alike in the dark. Probably was a real person. Just a coincidence on the similar dreams I think.
Please submit you story for possible publication, as you will stand a better chance of getting advise, then it being lost in comments.
Spockie in The Easter Bunny
I saw a shadow figure that looked like the Easter Bunny one evening when I was a little kid. It disappeared into the wall in our living room. There are trickster spirits in our world that like to assume various shapes to mess with us. My grandmother once told me she saw something that looked like Santa Claus sitting at our kitchen table one night, and she was a God fearing woman that did not make things up.
Grey-Ghost in Ghost Of A Patient

Yes I agree. At least she was relieved of the pain and burden of sickness. When my asked me to say hello I was simply terrified beyond anything and was scared to look at that chair. 😁 But that experience made me a firm believer of ghosts and supernatural things. Thanks for your feedback.
Grey-Ghost in Ghost Of A Patient
Thanks for your warm welcome. I can agree with you explanation completely. I wasn't really close with that girl or anything bit I feel sorry for her untimely death because she is same age as me I think. She is a good soul I pray for peace.

Thanks for your kind feedback.
Grey-Ghost in Ghost Of A Patient
That is a possibility buddy but I'm sure I won't be one of those studious ghosts who return to college or university for studies. I always hated my dogmatic and hectic college education and sure don't want to experience it as a ghost either πŸ˜‰
Grey-Ghost in Ghost Of A Patient
Yeah I was terrified and body felt chilled of fear when I saw that scene 😁. But I didn't tell my mother at that time because she was recovering from a severe rheumatic arthritis and she has always been a firm believer of God, afterlife, Ghosts etc. So I was concerned about her health and didn't want to scare her at that time. Thanks for feedback.
Grey-Ghost in Ghost Of A Patient
That was really a nice story. I feel sorry for that father. At least he was visited by his lovely daughter when feeling down. Losing a family member is always a nerve wrecking experience for anyone. Thanks for your explanation my friend. Good luck to you too.
Grey-Ghost in Ghost Of A Patient
Kindly_refrain Your theory reminds me of DBZ. In that show spirits can go to train with a weird guy and become better fighter 😊. But who knows buddy we live in a world full of mysteries nothing is unbelievable.
RCRuskin in Temple Drive
Hair raising scare is relative, I think. What seems to be a "Holy <censored>!" moment for us, might be a shrug of the shoulders, "it's just <haunting thing>" to others.

For me, your experience, silverknight, falls under that first category simply for the location.
LuciaJacinta in The Easter Bunny
I liked this story even if it wasn't true. I've heard family stories from people where there were kids and swear they saw an Easter Bunny or Santa. My take on it is that you saw something but as a kid your mind interpreted it as an Easter Bunny because that would make sense in your mind. It's like your mind interprets whatever you saw and makes sense of it as best as it can.

You saw something but I don't know what it was. Could have just been weird shadows that looked like a bunny.
i think my now ex boyfriend is possessed by a demon. We were living together for a year he is a very heavy drinker and pot smoker into codeine probably more than I know about. His behavior towards me got worse and worse. He started to hurt me physically many times. The last time it happened he smashed my face so bad that I called the police on him. I know this just sounds like an abusive partner but just hear me out. I can astral project and have been able to since I was 15. Sometimes I have sleep paralysis, this happens just before I astral project. I know some people think sleep paralysis can happen when being under demonic attack, maybe that's true I don't know. After the last attack from my then partner the next night when I was asleep I went into sleep paralysis. There was something in bed with me squeezing me and whispering in my ear. It was my ex, sounded just like him, he was laughing and squeezing me tightly it really f-ing hurt. I said who are you? I kept asking who are you. He said I'm mark johnson (my ex boyfriends name) I knew it wasn't him it was some kind of entity. I don't think I said this out loud I think it was more a mental conversation, I said no your not who are you? It replied and got closer to my ear and whispered, I am mark johnson, but I am the one with the black eyes! I prayed to jesus as I do any time I feel attacked within 30 seconds the demon thing left. You got no effing idea how scary it was! I told mark about it a few days later as it was so disturbing and he freaked out maybe more than I did, told me guys from his old work all were afraid of him coz he went nuts at work one day and attacked a co worker, they said they saw his eyes turn completely black. He said to me I told you there was something wrong with me. I have seen his eyes go black before when hes been going crazy. How can I help him? Should I try to help him? Any advice would be so welcomed. Thank you any one who has taken the time to read this. I'm not mental or anything this happened.
Yesterday (April 1) was April Fool's day.πŸ˜‰ The resident ghostie does love to prank. As you can see, all has returned to normal.
Junglecat in It's A Fox!

It's too bad that your dad & stepmom were so hung up on this silly fox idea that they couldn't look for other possibilities. For instance, a water hammer can make a lot of pounding in your plumbing pipes if you live in an older house. Not all houses have them however. I believe that new construction has dispensed with this plumbing feature.

I don't know where in the Philippines you live but I'm wondering if it might be in the vicinity of Palawan. The reason for this is because you said that the animal looked like a Chihuahua and froze. Deer act like that, can jump in and out of enclosures and there are two small ones in the vicinity of Palawan which could be mistaken for a Chihuahua if female/ young in the first case or any specimen in the second. I'm referring to the Calamian deer and the Philippine mouse deer. Have a look at these and see if they could fit your geography and see if that might be what you saw.

I also had a similar experience to yours four years ago. I had been struggling with astral spiders and had seen two goblin/ imp things who just stood there eager to see what I would do when I caught them out evesdropping on my very boring prayers. The imps were the ugliest things I had ever seen. I'm no fan of spiders either.

After a successful smudge session, the spiders eventually returned and I started hearing creepy noises from my top floor. So I resorted to prayer. I'm Christian and prayed to my God to send an angel to me to fight my battle for me and rid my home of those pests. Several days later, I saw a small (1m tall) grey-black smoky winged form hovering over my bed, just watching me. I was terrified, backed up and asked it to leave. A moment later, it did. A few days after, I woke and felt something holding my hand. There was a small angel, just like the black one only white, holding my hand. I felt *exactly* the feelings that you felt during your experience. Then the white one lifted and there was a red one occupying exactly the spot where the white one had been. Then a black whoosh moved that one along. It looked like smoke and moved like wind.

I haven't seen any paranormal pests in my home since then.

Your story reminded me of an extended sermon by a friend of mine in which his thesis was that God is beauty, and all things of God are beautiful.

There are supposedly two kinds of angels- the little ones with wings and the big warrior sort. I clearly experienced the first. I can only imagine what you must have been going through to get three of the latter. Anyway, that is what it sounds to have been from my perspective.
Anno_Domini in Sleep Paralysis Events
Hi Jelly91, it's good to read a story from our neighbour up North. Are these disturbances still continuing or did they stop some time back?
I suspect you were lucky that they didn't notice you. If you continue to camp out there next summer, glance out the window before you step outside during the wee hours.

I am noticing that all over this site in stories that I read. It seems to change back after a refresh. Strange bug, isn't it?
I keep reading the word "clown" posted on here where other words, such as "spirit" or "post" would make more sense. Maybe it's just my computer. Strange.

I agree with the last post but unfortunately, I cannot find the famed cleansing which involves opening your closets and cubbies and windows during daylight, and sweeping them and then something to do with a candle on the following day. It's a three day affair which has been posted many times on this web site and if I recall correctly, the original author is Rook. You might seek that. Alternatively, if you can't find it, there is also a Native American smudging ceremony under the "articles" tab above which should be easy enough to find and you could try that.

Lastly, if you follow a religion, you can pray to your god for devine assistance. Do not be too humble to pray for yourself or your girlfriend/ family when you are facing a malevolent paranormal entity.
countrybamagirl5 in Watchers "fallen Angel's"
I originally did not write love this clown but wrote love this story & still fascinated by the story not clown.
Someone changed my original wording somehow& someway
lady-glow in The Easter Bunny
Elaina_maria - the only logical explanations I can think would be:

A) someone dressed up like the Easter Bunny to play the part.

B) the lights from a passing vehicle casted a shadow that you mistook for a giant rabbit.

If none of these happened, - was that the only time you saw the bunny? Were there any other disturbances and/or unexplained sightings in your house?
Lastly, did you get chocolate and candy in your basket?

Who knows, perhaps the Easter Bunny really exist! 😊

Thanks for sharing.
lady-glow in The Easter Bunny
Haven - ha ha ha!
It's not easy to follow your comment with all those colourful guys distorting your words! 😁

Okay, I better read this story.
Hi, Erica -

It doesn't make sense that your grandfather would try to scare you. You say this boy was giving you this evil grin. Perhaps it was a spirit just passing through since you don't mention you saw him again.

Thanks for sharing.
Hi, Elaina Maria -

It must have been very frightening for you to see this big bunny just standing there in your dining room.

Before your encounter with this "bunny", were you afraid of him? That would explain why this "thing" took the appearance of the Easter Bunny. I have noticed that people always see entities that look like things they have always been scared of. Kind of like when people see the devil or demon with a red body and horns, or they see the grim reaper. I also noticed that depending on the country or culture, people will see entities that they have 'learned' to fear.

Sorry if I don't make sense. I'm babbling. Anyway, thanks for sharing.
That wasn't Chucky, it was Pinocchio and, possibly Edward Scissorhands trimming the bushes. 😜

Perhaps a homeless person has been living in the old cabin and peed on the kitchen floor.

Have you gone back to see if the 'blood' is still there?
Hi, Freakedoutfreddy -

Are you sure you didn't have your "doobie" before you saw Chucky? It would explain a lot.
Sleeping-with-steve in Doorbell With No Source
Hello Martin and Mods,

It's hilarious that you have replaced some words with 'clown' in a few threads.

In stitches laughing.

πŸ™Œ πŸ˜‚ πŸ™Œ
majarlika012 in The World Paused
Really weird. "c l o w n" became -p.u.r.p.l.e p.a.n.t.s- and "s t o r y" became -c.l.o.w.n
majarlika012 in The World Paused
I am not sure what is happening but I keep on seeing the word "clown" in mot of the comments. In my comment itself (to one of the stories) I saw the word "clown" but I do not remember including that word.

BTW, nice story. I would want to ask you a few questions but seems like you don't want to participate. So sad.
Expathistorical ~

I can't offer much of anything useful on your doorbell sound save that the human ear is not really well designed to aid with direction finding.

On your flash of light, sounds to me like the dying gasp of an incandescent bulb.
Relax SugarANDspice. I actually think it is hilarious... LOL πŸ˜‰
LuciaJacinta in A Bite Of Chocolate
Ha Ha Ha... The ghost of the purple pants clown keeps changing words.

Happy April F O O L 'S day.
ThirteenStars15 in A Bite Of Chocolate
Hmm... I probably will be frighten too if I saw a green faced g I r l... O_O

[at] SugarANDspice, Hahaha Happy A p r I l's f oo l day πŸ˜† I think its the admin's way of celebrating it by changing some words to C L O W N, P u r p l e P a n t s and B I g R e d N o s e... And I find them hilarious πŸ˜† πŸ˜†
Omg! My last comment says why is the word purple pants showing up!?
I typed the word C L O W N (sorry I had to type it that way because it keeps changing the word once published)
Why is the word clown constantly showing up? I have never seen this before. Thanks
lady-glow in Cigarette Smell
If smoking is allowed in the afterlife, I hope the smoke is odorless.
lady-glow in Mystery Of The Mill
So,by the time this experience happened, the machines had been turning on inexplicably regularly for TEN years?!?! Do you know if your uncle had tried to find a solution to this problem?

For some reason I find it hard to believe than a businessman would do nothing to stop the increasing costs of the power bill after all those years, regardless of he considered this to be a technical problem. πŸ€”

What happened after your visit? Do you know if the activity continues or if your uncle has done something to find what is causing the machines to start working on their own?
sugarANDspice in A Bite Of Chocolate
what is going on? Who changed my words for clown? IT'S NOT FUNNY!
sugarANDspice in A Bite Of Chocolate
Oh, the ghost of the girl with green face is so scary! I wonder if she died of envy. I would like a ghost leaving chocolates in my hotel room.

Love s&s ❀
Pasindu in Cigarette Smell come to think of it, I too wonder how the hell we all squeeze under the bed, well there is a explanation, when you are angry or scared we tend to do things we could never do in our normal life (Adrenaline) well that day we were scared to hell, our friend pass out means not sleeping but fainted, the bed was in the middle of the room and two guys on sides had to cover them self's with the blankets and pillows.
Hi expathistorical--I enjoyed reading your account. Phantom doorbell ringing is a very commonly reported paranormal phenomenon and is often believed to be a spirit making contact. Other phantom sounds like a phone ringing, fire alarm and, as I have experienced, a ticking clock have also been reported.

The sound of a doorbell ringing can also be a hypnogogic hallucination. People just drifting off to sleep or waking up often report hearing phantom sounds like doorbells, snippets of music and even voices calling their name. As you were awake and about it seems likely that you had a brief visit from a spirit. The flash of light you later witnessed is something I've seen before myself. In my case I believe it was my deceased parents paying me a visit.

Thanks for sharing your experiences
RCRuskin in The Miners House
And... I forgot what I wanted to ask. 😲 😟

Something about new reports of events or something. See, people, this is why you need to keep notes.
Terrifyingly, below was meant to read *terrifying you*. Apologies for the oversight.
kixrox - If you can find the time to submit your experiences, I certainly believe that you can spare a few minutes to respond to comments.

Has it occurred to you that most of us are busy people? I'm not being insulting, merely stating facts.

Regards, Melda
freakedoutfreddy in Cigarette Smell
Dude, I bet it was cozy under that bed! 😁
Your friend sleeps heavier than a hibernating bear ROFLMAO
lady-glow in The World Paused
Nice read.

What else can I say? πŸ€”

Kudu are antelope! But so stunning nevertheless, similar to nyala. 😊
Kindly_refrain in The Miners House
Hi Morbiddasies, thanks for the explanation about the mine's closing and the difference in sound.
It would certainly be disconcerting for me to experience the sounds of a man's suicide over and over.
I suppose one can get used to anything.
I absolutely loved this story. As much as I love reading about ghost stories... Stories of the Gilded Age barons and their families and homes equally fascinate me. The photos of her statue are so beautiful. I want to see it one day. Thank you for writing this.
LuciaJacinta in Cigarette Smell
I enjoyed your story. Thanks for sharing. Did you all hide under the bed together? It must have been a big bed.
Jan - Thanks for your response.

There are really so many species of animals that many of us don't know, indigenous to various countries.

My favoruite buck is the Kudu. It really is a beautiful, majestic buck, particularly the male. When you have a free moment google it!

Regards, Melda
msforgetmenott in Many Many Deer, Why?

As America was settled, the majestic white tailed deer had kept the pilgrims warm, with the pelts, preserved. They provided nutritional food. Their horns can be found, fashioned into fork and knife handles. Even smaller handles for eatery utensils. I do not think this was taught by N. American, but were skills also passed down from England, Europe, and beyond. Cave art has featured a deer like animal, and on and on. We have loved this graceful, wonder for eons!

I had always thought the white tail had been an East Coast American animal. As they are down into Virginia, they loose much of their size. Florida has the mini version.

I have collected stag glass made in Czech, under the Egermann label. The stag featured in the beautiful glass is similar to the white tail deer, but horns are different. (blue glass).

My love for the National Geography went back to a time where I was just learning to read. My Grandmother had the first copy, dating to the early 1900s, and every copy after that, long before TV. ❀

Here in North Dakota, bison farmers have reported to me heards of up to 400 white tails crossing their lands (within the past fifteen years). So where the area permits it, they will still generate such large herds. It's easy to check if that's what you saw. Go back to the path, walk it a bit and look for tracks. A heard that size would have left plenty.

The destruction of the understory is a classic sign of overbrowsing, but you need not have a herd the size that you reported to decimate the understory of a glade. You are correct that ticks are a dangerous vector for all large mammals.

I didn't finish my PhD dissertation on migratory ungulates so I hope this was useful instead. Lol.
Jan - I did a quick google search on your white tailed deer and discovered it is also known as the Virginia deer. Apparently it has spread far afield to different states in the US, New Zealand, Canada, South America. This is what I quickly glanced on Wiki.

It really is a beautiful animal and those males have incredible antlers!

Two of the episodes that I've watched on National Geographic were when a hippo tried to save a Springbok from the jaws of a crocodile. Unfortunately the buck's neck was broken and it died. It was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. The hippo literally chased off the croc and carried the buck to dry land.

Another rather touching story was when an Impala (I think) gave birth and immediately the lions moved in. A lioness rushed ahead and chased off the rest of the pack. She then took responsibility for this little baby but the little buck needed food and the lioness couldn't provide it, obviously! Anyway eventually the baby found its mother, only to be taken by a croc when fording a river. I could fill a page on this event, I'm only giving you the basics.

I saw this on TV so unfortunately can't give you links. Perhaps you saw it?

I hope you are in good health.

Regards, Melda
Dear all,
Thank you for so many answers! I'll try to answer all of it, hope I don't skip anything πŸ˜„
So, first off, [at] anno_domini, I guess the road was built so that the forestmen (the people who work there, don't know what theyre called) could reach out for trees deeper in the forest? I don't really know though.
[at] silverknight I go there at various different times, sometimes early in the morning and other times just before night. As much as I remember, my dogs didn't seem to care about the voice, like they didn't hear it at all. Which is weird because they're usually very vary of strangers. They did get upset once they noticed my reaction, but that's normal considering dogs can detect fear pretty easily.
[at] lady-glow there's actually stories about tons of people being burried there during the world war 2, there's also a memorial park that we call The Graveyard of Partisans (it's called Memorial Park DotrΕ‘Δ‡ina, if you want to look it up). Very interesting place, I could actually write a whole another story about that forest.
majarlika012 in Ghost Of A Patient
Wow! This is a nice story. I think I can see how you look when your mother asked you to join their conversation. I wonder how your mom would have reacted if you told her right at that moment that she was speaking to no one.

Anyways, yeah maybe the spirit just wanted to visit your mom and say hi. They had created this bond when they were confined in that hospital.
the22centuryboi in The Children At Cairnhill
Hello Jubeele,

I would say it would be fun to share history and experiences over a kopi c (coffee) at a kopi-tiem any day. But I do like drinking beer at the coffee shops. I have met some wonderful and had delightful conversations there.

I do agree that the history gets lost so many times. Maybe when you visit again, just leave some candy for the kids. But I am not sure if it is allowed to leave candy like that in Singapore as they may attract ants.

Again, you mentioned those names what I wouldn't be aware of if it wasn't for you. Thank you for the information. It is amazing I was unaware of Singapore's old name. I am a bit ashamed. 😨
hey vulcan10
That is soooo creepy intresting story! To actually hear someone in there when no one was there.
Hi Bradsmom.
I agree with RCRuskin. Stay away from demons. They can come in any form and usually do to convince the living that they are an innocent child or a person crying. Numerous members on YGS have seen demons in disguise. Take care!
Hello Jubeele,

Thanks for reading my experience. I thought my story has gone to the archives as I wasn't active for a while.

I have heard people do get the sense of it when their time on earth is going to run out. And about the crying incident, it could have been just me. But it is certainly nice to believe that he did come and said goodbye.

Pulling the hair over my eyes and closing them was how my friends explained my trance-like state. I had long locks then I guess. We have all been through that phase. Maybe it was one of those phases. From what my friends said, they did close the session properly though it took some deliberation from all of them as the girl holding the coin was moving it all over the OB.

I read somewhere that once someone comes out of a trance, it takes time for the body to get used to the state it is in. Something like inertia. Maybe it was just that. I don't think I am quite susceptible to influence or suggestion as I question almost everything out. I remember when I was a kid and my mom was trying teach me English words, I had asked why not kat instead of cat. Just an example of my questioning nature. I haven't used a OB since that session until date, actually come to think of it, it was the last time I went to that house.

I miss those times with friends and these experiences are not just me recollecting the events that happened, if you notice it also talks about some of the things that are nearest to my heart.

I don't usually provoke any entity (read as not that I have met such an entity) but I do try to elicit a reaction from the other side as I have said in the story. Curiosity is just second nature to me.

I really appreciate you reading my story and commenting on it. Thanks a ton.
Hi Toyatoyang. IF he was indeed a spirit, maybe he passed away there and still has not moved to the Light. I believe not all spirits know they are gone, especially if they died from a quick impact and will continue to repeat what they were doing right before they passed away. So maybe he was standing there when he was struck by a vehicle and his soul is still hanging around. By the way, did he ever make any eye contact with you guys? Just curious.
I have a feeling if he was a real boy, he would have looked at you and your friend or tried to get your attention somehow, considering it was just the three of you around at that time. Just what I'd like to believe. Good share.
morbiddaisies in The Miners House
[at] RCRuskin - Yes the house is still in the family. It's a lovely house. I miss it.

[at] Kindly_refrain - The mines shut down in 1990. I asked my dad about it and he said there is a major difference between the explosions from the mines and the thud from the stool. He remembers the ground slightly rumbling and vibrating, the walls would shake a tiny bit. My dad tells me that when they used explosives, it would be around 6:30/7:00am in the morning. The thud that he, my grandparents and I hear is so loud that we jump.

[at] RSAChick - We hope so too.
Being from Indonesia I would have imagined that your first instinct would have been to attribute that to a pontianak / kuntilanak... So I find your story a little strange.
Anno_Domini in Getting My Faith Back
moondog God is not limited to happy times to bring you closer. In fact He often uses adversity to draw you in. I'm glad you realise the connection and may He continue to form and shape your faith.
The artist came very close in capturing the likeness of Grace, including her features and dress details. The statue is correct in size and stature.
msforgetmenott in Many Many Deer, Why?
Good Morning Melda,

I have watched many films on African animals and birds. Nature lovers have interest in Africa, world wide. There seems to be so many more animals. My lessons started with the early National Geographic. Both Africa, Central and South America are abundant with strange creatures.

We love our white tailed deer, Lost somewhere in my old computer, I had a bunch of snap pictures of a young fawn and her Mother. We have a camera that when set right, it will take a dozen or more one second pictures. Mother was eating grass and the fawn was dancing around Mother. I made the grass in her mouth be gone and each picture one second apart became a cartoon of mother scolding at the Fawn. Deer grind their food, from one side to the other. Not always a pretty picture. ❀ 😊

My best to you, Melda
Hello. Great story. I just googled her statue. Does she look like her statue?
msforgetmenott in Many Many Deer, Why?
Hi Val,

Seeing deer in this particular area is not unusual. Other years we have seen a large amount 30 or more. At any other time, the deer where all headed the same direction, but were up down and all over the hill, traveling as they wished. The common belief is that there is a food shortage in Quabbin and where they are headed is large open farming area, with many fields, that was settled in the 1700s.

I and my Husband have lived here, and driven and walked Quabbin when we could. There is little that we have not seen over the 40+ years. Wonderful pictures and memories. And we both kept our weight down.

They have opened up deer hunting in certain sections, for the last few years. Many rules and restrictions apply. The reason was overpopulation and deer loss from starvation. Lately we have seen the wood's floor loose underbrush, a food nibbled by deer. We have pondered as to if this ground cover loss is done by man or deer. I have been told, ticks are as dangerous for deer, as they are to man. Underbrush is loaded with dear ticks (Lyme).

Who knows why we saw what we saw, but if you wait long enough you will find everything changes.
❀ ❀
Hi expathistorical, I always find smaller, random event fascinating.

I was wondering how long the phantom doorbell sound lasted for and how did it end? Was it just as random as it started, or did it fade out? Also, did the volume of sound change as you looked for a source?

With the bright flash of light, did it seem to come from a certain area or did the whole house seem to light up? Was there any noise either? I appreciate you were outside and it was only a split second flash which you were not expecting.

Thanks for posting

Griff 😊
Jan - I thoroughly enjoyed reading your story. You have had many positive responses and I'm afraid I don't much to add to that.

In Africa (as I'm sure happens in the US as well) we have literally thousands of buck migrating and sadly, it is in search of food and water. These "treks" are very often made up of many, many Wildebeest, interspersed with Zebra and other buck. Africa is such a dry continent.

I have witnessed similar events at the Kruger National Park in South Africa and Etosha in Namibia. Both unbelievably beautiful game reserves. I'm quite certain I haven't witnessed these migrations to the capacity that they often occur but it is a breathtaking sight nonetheless.

What I have not personally witnessed, fortunately, is the crossing of the rivers where many of the unfortunate animals are taken by crocodiles. I can't even watch this on TV without taking my leave and finding some other less distressing activity.

Being a nature and animal lover myself, I thought I'd share that with you. I am by no means an expert, only an occasional observer!

Regards, Melda
I'm assuming these were white tail deer, which are the most common in your state. In general they don't travel very far, usually 2 - 3 square miles, BUT they'll go further if food is scarce. Interestingly enough the deers in the Western states DO migrate. "The longest mule deer migration ever recorded was in Wyoming. Thousands of deer migrate 150 miles from winter range in Wyoming's Red Desert to summer range in the mountains. This 300-mile round-trip journey is the greatest large mammal migration in the continuous United States." ( Bigdeer blog also says that the migration route is handed down from generation to generation.
I don't think it's too far of a stretch to think that at one time this route memory held true for the Eastern states deer too.
If what you saw was a trek for food, it would have been serious business indeed, and the young ones may not have had the extra energy for gamboling about.
Now, let's add in the fact that cameras simply refused to work or the pictures came out totally blurred. (If I understood correctly, only in the areas the deer should have been seen? As in the rest of the picture was clear?) Curious indeed!
It well could have been residual, or even a wee time slip.
RSAChick in The Miners House
Just read in the comments of your previous story that the town is Nigel, thanks.
RSAChick in The Miners House
While reading, I had similar thoughts about nearby mining activity as Kindly_refrain.
But highly unlikely for this type of blasting to take place every day at the same time for decades, it seems?

This is a sad story. I hope their souls have found peace.

Could you share the town's name, morbiddaisies?
There is an overabundance of deer in many areas due to their natural enemies all but being eradicated. I don't think there was anything paranormal going on; just an encounter with nature.
Hi, Kafka -

Sounds like a bad nightmare. I have had dreams where I wake up and I can still hear the voices that were in my dream. It's like they stay in your head and you can still hear them when you're awake. I've also woken up with body parts hurting when I dream that I hurt myself. I will wake up with a soar throat when I have been yelling and screaming in my dream.

We can't be sure if that's what happened to you but it's a possibility.

Thanks for sharing.

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