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Bibliothecarius in Shadow Of The Living?
Sorry-- that was supposed to be "Serious health condition" but typing on my phone means I can't see everything that Autocorrect does to my sentences. -Biblio.
Bibliothecarius in Shadow Of The Living?
Greetings, Londonuser, and welcome to YGS.

This entity/presence appears when your family members are preoccupied with some other mundane event. It assumes the apparent identity of a person who is credibly present in that location, especially female members of your family.

Your mother may have attributed the closet voice to your sister *because* it did sound like your sister's voice to her. That'd make 3 seperate impersonations. Whatever it is, this spirit is very well aware of the living & is capable of planning its appearances to arouse minimal suspicion.

That said, I don't think your father's serios health issues are relevant to the spirit's interactions, merely that the individuals who are in the house are useful individuals for it to duplicate. With the years of opportunity available, it doesn't seem to have taken any action intended to cause harm; it's entirely possible that it is merely lonely & takes advantage of reasonable opportunities to speak with the living.

Just a thought as I read your fascinating narrative.


P.S.: For reasons unkown to me (if you know why, please tell me!), I had the urge to end this message with "Blessed Be."
Sorry, Cherubim, I just now saw this post from you. My dad had the pager from the hospital, my step brother called the pager. I heard my voice tell her she could rest and within a minute, the pager went off.
Hello Srinivas108. I'm not doubting your grandmother's story, but some things don't make sense. They are carrying food for 5 people for 2 days of walking and with a 2 year old and a 4 year old through the jungle? That seems a bit infeasible.

I've heard other stories of people getting directions from helpful spirits when they are lost, that is why I'm not doubting what you were told. It's just that things don't really add up.
Checking in today I saw your post and please accept my heartfelt condolences. Tell yourself what a wonderful thing you did, being with her and there for her and supporting her son through it all. And never lose sight of the fact that now you will continue to live in part to honor her! Always remember she would never want you to go through life being sad or feeling that life shouldn't be lived FULLY! My belief in God and his (whatever) plan is that our loved ones are with us still and might check in every now and then and even let us know they're around. I would not worry too much about her not being able to "go home." Her pain is over; now you are there to carry on for her. God bless you all.
EVERYONE - Thank you all, every one of you who read this, and who responded. Sadly, 'Loud One' passed on 10/18. During that intervening time she was alert and as active as she could be. I believe she came back to help my Husband. Jerry is atheist and was as close-minded about the afterlife as he is to supernatural. During the last 12 days of her life she spent her time holding his hand and talking about her future.

He listened to her and I saw a dawning acceptance that there was an afterlife, that the shell that she left had been temporary. He is a long way from accepting a creator into his heart, but he acknowledges one exists now, thanks to her.

My experiences with her were different. I have no doubt she recalls calling to me. She mentioned it obliquely several times. She also kept asking me to help her, to go with her, to take her. It wasn't until the 17th, just a few hours before she died that I understood, she wanted me to take her home. Her literal home, although she did ask me to go with her to heaven, just a little trip, then I could come back. Her words not mine.

Her home had to be sold to pay for her medical care, required by the state. There was no way for me to bring her home. After I explained, we both cried, with Jerry holding us, then she went to sleep. She passed a few hours later, quietly in her sleep.

Does anyone know... Can anyone tell me... How long I will hear her voice asking me to help her? To take her home? She is gone, I know that, and yet her voice is echoing in the back of my mind. I can't decide if she is haunting me or if I am feeling the regret of not being able to bring her home as she needed.

She requested cremation. I was thinking of putting a small amount of her ashes in a biodegradable keepsake urn and asking the new owner if I may bury it under the rosebush her mother planted when the house was built. He is a good guy and I think he will be okay with it. Do you think that will help?
Yes as far as I can remember the North Hallway was where the most critical patients stay. I remember that the East and West hallway have some ambulatory patients and the South side are just few rooms because it is leading towards the front side of the nursing home and that's where the day room and PT room are located if I recall it correctly.

The North hallway was where the Respiratory Therapist room was and I remember one particular RT who was a muslim and I often see him pray at the back at early morning hours. I didn't ask him anything about tall shadowy figures if he has seen it since it would be unprofessional of me to ask him that. He was a nice older guy though.
I would like to ask if there was something different about the north hallway. For example, were the patients in the north hallway in more need of intensive care, or was the north hallway where the patients stayed if they were on hospice care and closest to passing away?
I am curious if the north corridor was somehow different than the other three corridors in your section.
Cherubim in So Many Shoes
I know MsRamsay, I'll get noises that make no since at all. 😐
Thank you for your comment. I've had a handful weird experiences in the hospital but most of them are weird occurrences and sensations. I wouldn't say that I always see supernatural stuff because I don't. I do however always feels things that are out of the ordinary. Which is weird I know.

One of this minor occurrences I remember was when a patient of mine died. She was an old lady but she was really sick. I believe she was DNR already so she wasn't sent to ICU when she deteriorated and she died in the unit (this is in an acute care setting not the nursing home).

I remember we cleaned her up and everything. Family members came by and we gave them some time with the patient before they all left and the funeral home services collected the body.

Now towards the end of the shift, where the room was vacated already and was waiting to be cleaned. The call light went off. At first we were startled since no one was in the room. We go in there and checked it out, thinking the call button was faulty. We fix it by just plugging and unplugging it on the wall and we left.

Nothing really happened after but all I can remember when I entered that room when we were trying to fix the call light was this weird feeling of heaviness in the room like you are being suffocated by heavy air. I don't know the best thing to describe it but all I can say is that, it was a heavy feeling.

I noted that as strange because on other rooms it felt normal. So that was just some weird occurrences in the hospital that I experience sometimes.
What a wonderful story! 😊 I think it was your dad too, because he seemed to know when to turn the lamp on so you'd notice. I had an experience similar, I had broken my ankle on both sides and was in a wheel chair. My boyfriend was sleeping and I had rolled my wheelchair over to the couch to lay down and watch TV. I had to be very careful to transfer myself from the wheelchair, my leg was in a cast and sticking straight out. I finally got in the position I wanted only to realize I hadn't turned off the light! It was over my head and too bright. I wished so much I hadn't forgotten it when all of a sudden it clicked off?! This is an older lamp with a switch you have to turn on and off from the side below the light bulb, and it's not easily turned. I sat there in total disbelief!? That lamp has never done it again. Thank you for taking my down memory lane and your story.
I can imagine working in a nursing home some strange things like that would happen because many pass away there. I've had some strange happenings when I had to stay in one for a month. I'll share that some day. Thank you for sharing your story. I'll always wonder why some see these kinds of things while others never do. 😐
Wow! 😳 That is scary. How long have your parents lived there? You mentioned there is building going on in the house and your father is terminally ill, I wonder if either of those are connected? They do sound mischievous. Hopefully they mean no harm and prayers seem to keep them in check, I believe in the power of prayer.
❤ Thank you for sharing your story.
freakedoutfreddy in I Saw A Witch And A Goat Man
I don't know dude. Are you sure that wasn't a kangaroo? LOL
🤔 🙄 😁
1P_Diddy in Our Special Baby
sorry if I haven't responded to the comments I was on a business trip again for a couple of weeks so busy at work. Anyway thanks for a lots of comment I would like to respond at least some of the comments.

[at] majarlika012 - I tried asking the caretaker the history of the house and his respond was so limited. But I was able to talk to an old neighbor, he said that the owner only lives there for short time because her husband was a seaman that only goes back from work once a year. According to him, the owner has a daughter who died in the house due to dengue fever but I cannot confirm if that is true. Anyhow, the old neighbor always tease me if I hear or see something in the house because he said that even though there was no one renting the house they always hear some thing banging in the house or they heard voices in the house so they thought the house is haunted.

[at] WisconsinLady - thank you for this, Wow I haven't realized that "babayan" is a babaylan! Yes and that maybe the reason why those entities are threatened. I forgot to tell in the story that my grand father was a traditional healer in our community. According to my mom my grandpa is able to interact with spirits and unworldly entities but he died when I was young so I never really had an interaction with him.
Hi Londonuser,

I second Ladyglows suggestion about keeping a journal. I keep a dream diary and aside from the subject matter in the dream, I also make notes about the atmosphere in my room/house.

If the shadows continue, you may come to a better understanding about why they appear.

Best Wishes, Maria ❤
Hi Ittsjamezzz,

I have had many cats since I was a kid. They seem to see things, in my opinion. I admit that some cats are more squirrelly than others but I take some amount of notice when they start behaving strangely out of nowhere. Dogs too.

That you say the negative atmosphere of your home drove your parents apart is something for serious alarm. It hurts me to think of it.

Do you know anything about the history of your home? Maybe, in your spare time, you could go to the library and look at old property records. I have done that recently at the suggestion of another member of this site. I had some questions answered by doing so.

Best Wishes, Maria ❤
Hi DMinerva,

I'm very sorry for your loss. I'm glad that Angel did not seem to suffer.

I like that your veterinarian makes impressions of pet's paws. It's a very compassionate gesture, I think.

Best Wishes, Maria ❤
What a lovely and bittersweet experience!

DMinerva - welcome to YGS.
I'm sorry for the loss of your beloved Angel, I think she came home to pay you a final visit.

I like the way you describe the snowy landscape, it reminded me of the time when I used to live in a northern community in British Columbia. I liked to 'read' the stories written on the snow by the wildlife during the night. It was fascinating to see the little tracks left by a tiny mouse disappearing all of a sudden without apparent explanation, I imagine an owl or other bird had come to snatch them from the ground.

It would be hard to think of a bird large enough to carry a Pomeranian so, like you, I think the paw prints belonged to your dog.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us.
Hello Londonuser and welcome to YGS.

I find your experience to be intriguing and very interesting.

The possibility of a person's consciousness 'walking away' from their body during sleep has been discussed in previous postings in this forum. I don't know if this would apply to your case since neither you nor your mother were fully asleep during the events.

In my opinion, there's not enough information in your narrative as to conclude what these shadows are. I find it interesting that none of you report any feelings of uneasiness at the moment of the encounters, but prayer had a banishing effect over them.

Perhaps you should start a journal registering these events and see if they follow a pattern like being related to your level of stress or other factors.

Wishing the best to you and your family.

Thanks for sharing.
I WONDER WHY Fishallmighty "will read the comments but won't participate in the discussion."

Fishallmighty, since you are being honest about nor participating in the discussion, I'll be honest too, I think your story is nothing else than an assignment for your Literature class and, IF I were your teacher I would give you a C-.

Being stoned and this story being 100% real are nothing but two red flags about the credibility of your 'experience'.

If it was dark enough to make impossible for the woman to see anything in her mirror, - How the heck were you able to see the details like the comb being made of gold and the mirror being an antique?!?!?!
Oh...I forgot... You won't participate in the discussion!

It would be pointless to go on and on about the red flags in your narrative but I have no intention to waste my time.

Happy Halloween and good luck with your Literature assignment...there's lots of room for improvement.

The only thing I agree with you is: "there's a lot of crazies in (my) YOUR town"...of that, there's no doubt.
lady-glow in Wandering Soul
wishfulthings - thanks for the additional information, it has helped me to get a clearer idea of the events... I imagine Maria's handiwork binding her right hand wasn't neat, was it?
Please don't take it the wrong way...I'm thinking about how difficult it is for me to cut the adhesive tape with one hand while holding in place the slippery shinny wrapping paper with my other hand when wrapping Christmas presents.

I wonder if the "wandering soul" wasn't much of a wanderer and had established residence on that particular tree, perhaps the tree had some importance/significance at the moment of the person's death.

Some time ago, my elder brother and his wife built a house in a new subdivision keeping some of the mature trees already in the lot; they had three children and the oldest one began telling them that a man would talk to him from one of those trees. Later, they found out that a man had hung himself from one of the trees in that area. Although there's no way to determine if that was "the tree", it's possible that the dead man's spirit stayed there instead of moving over to the next plane.

It must have been disturbing to see your sister acting in such an unusual way. Glad to know this has not happened again.
wishfulthings in Wandering Soul
Hi lady-glow...thanks for your comment on my story. Please see responses below:
From what I heard, spirits can enter through any part of your body. Our priest told us it came into her body at first through her hair and after it left, tried to come again through her feet. I don't know how true this is but based on the heaviness she was getting at her feet after, he suggested that was the case.

No she taped all five of her toes on one feet together, then the same on the other feet and when she called me was taping her left fingers together with her right hand.

The tree is still in our yard but back then it was really huge. Now we would cut it regularly and keep it very small. My uncle would have mentioned on several occasions he would see someone standing under the tree when it's dark and yes we had someone come and perform a ritual to cleanse our entire yard.

I am not sure if this happens with a particular tree but I think it is more prevalent to happen with trees that are big. Just my opinion.
I hoped I was able to clear your concerns. Thanks
roxygirl in Little Miss Tauri
Hi spiritwaiting,

I'm so sorry for your loss 😭 I can truly empathise with you. But it sounds like you and your family gave this beautiful little girl such a wonderful and loving home for the time she was with you. And that's a wonderful gift that you gave her ❤ I hope that gives you some comfort.

Thank you for sharing
All the best
Roxygirl ❤
Hello Gypsyking410... Nice and crazy to listen about your story... And yeah even my girl friend grand father seems to have encountered similar incident... As far as I know my grandfather was a ve ry genuine who would never lie for any reason... So I can assume he didn't lie... May be goats are easy preys for evil? Only a good ghost hunter can answer it... Or paranormal expert will be fine in clearing our doubts
Hi, Leanna. I read your story and I think I can suggest some things which may help and tell you some things which probably will be reassuring. I have experience dealing with things which exist within various layers of reality. I am a longtime left hand path occultist (a practitioner of what most would term "black magick". That doesn't mean it's evil, it just means that it's knowledge is hidden and that it's practice and use is unfettered by morality or religion). I'm pretty sure you aren't dealing with a demon. Contrary to popular belief, they aren't all "evil", they don't wait around looking to prey on people, they aren't fallen angels, they generally mind their own business unless called, and must be invited. I work with both demons and angels regularly and demons often work with angels during ritual and don't "rebel" against them.

Poltergeists are generally like a psychic temper tantrum, which is why they usually center around adolescents and other people going through mental and emotional turmoil.

With that said, there are plenty of bad entities out there who are dark and chaotic. They often will claim to be demons, but they are just negative entities that are basically attention whores. The more they scare you and get you to acknowledge them, the more they are fed. Often, ignoring them will get them to find someone else to scare. They may ramp up their activity and they can be dangerous. A priest wouldn't be my route of dealing with them, as they assume everything is some evil demon, while having no idea what demons really are, and approach them in a religious and dogmatic way that provokes them. This usually makes them ramp up, as they realize they are being attacked and will defend themselves.

My advice would be the lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram (which calls on four very powerful archangels,, I use it myself during evocation to ensure I get the demon I want and that no tricksters or hitch hikers come along). I would then perform the ritual of the Kabahllahistic (sp?) Cross. These should be very effective on such entities. Be sure and leave a door or window open so that it has somewhere to go and you aren't just cornering it. Hope this helps:)
MrsRamsay in So Many Shoes
Cherubim, I have recorded in my kitchen before. You know that clicking sound the gas stove first makes when you are turning on a burner? It's the electric starter. I have heard that in EVPs on my recorder when I never heard it when actually making the recording.

When I first moved into my house, the refridgerator bell, the dinging that happens if you leave the door open too long, would just start dinging at me, usually around bedtime. I would come out to the kitchen and look around and the door would never be open. I even looked for the appliance manual to see what it might be, and found NOTHING. I just sort of think these are attempts at getting our attention... Randomly using whatever is available. A clock noise without a clock though, reminds me of the Edgar Allen Poe story.
Thanks for sharing this story. What get my attention is the fact that she was standing in the garden, looking at you, then she started moving closer. That means she was interacting with you, but not in a physical way. Who knows what would have happened if you had stood your ground?

Details like this adds to the mystery of these phenomenon.
lady-glow in Wandering Soul
I don't get it and would really appreciate if you can clarify the following points about your narrative:

"Few minutes later she said her foot felt heavy as if something was trying to come into her body from her foot."

"the spirit would have killed her and that the spirit came through the ends of her hair since she had it opened while walking under a big tree"

By this do you mean that the spirit enter through her hair but the heaviness on her foot had nothing to do with the possession?

"She taped all of her fingers and toes together with scotch tape and called me to see what she did while laughing"

Could you elaborate more on this? Did she tape her feet and hands individually or were all her four limbs attached together with tape?

If the former, how did she manage to tape her last free hand/foot after her other 3 were already taped?, if the latter, well, it would have been impossible to achieve such a task.
I'm sorry, but I can't imagine how she could have done this.

Is the tree still standing in your yard? If so, did you have to perform any ritual/ceremony to exorcise it?
Was there any indication of the spirit "living" in the tree before this incident?

This is not the first time I have read about spirits inhabiting trees and entering into women through their open hair, do you know if such cases involve only an specific kind of tree or if it can happen by walking under any tree?

I will appreciate your feedback.

Thanks for sharing.
Bibliothecarius in My First Time
Apologies, Jabond99, I'm responding to WisconsinLady's point.

WisconsinLady, please don't think I was dismissing your points or being overly-critical of your logic; I'm one of the people who "upvoted" your comment before I wrote my response. You raised good, sensible explanations for the phenomena; it was while I read your breakdown of the events that I realized the unlikelihood of both issues occurring *simultaneously* in one hotel bathroom on the 8th floor, then "the strangest thing yet was that as soon as I set eyes upon the toilet, I heard the flushing sound stop."

Your exploration of Jabond99's sequence of events is what showed me how really damn strange the situation was.

My apologies for any hurt feelings, and for slightly-derailing Jabond99's response thread. We now return to discussion of Jabond99's narrative.

jabond99 in My First Time
Hello all, and thank you for the warm welcome to YGS.

I appreciate the feedback and potential explanations. Don't worry, I am not afraid "not being believed" and I still seek out a logical reason for this. However, as Biblio noted, it is the "summation" of all the events that make me believe it is not a mechanical problem alone.

I would just like to re-emphasize the amount of water I saw... It was far more than a normal flush, or the amount I've seen before when a toilet valve stuck open. It was literally splashing out of the bowl.

I tried to ask the front staff if other guests reported anything strange in room 816, but they would not say. Asian cultures have very strong beliefs in ghosts and spirits, and I think they would not answer and risk their hotel getting a reputation as being haunted. I believe that would be bad business for them.

Wisconsin Lady: That is an interesting theory about the spirit making a mess for the cleaning staff. I wonder how many reports of unexplained occurrences come from the cleaning staffs themselves. They certainly spend a lot of time in hotels, and I believe they could have some stories to tell.

Thank you to all for reading and commenting. It certainly makes me glad I posted.
WisconsinLady in My First Time
General Audience, The intention of the first part of my previous comment was to give some possible explanation for some of the experience. The last part of my comment was meant to declare that I didn't think it was all just a mechanical issue. Especially the feeling you got and the timing of everything. I just wanted to clarify that.

Jabond99, I was thinking about this again a little after my previous comment. Perhaps this is a silly theory, but maybe a spirit could be trying to make a mess for the people that clean. Since you were about to leave, maybe the intended recipient was someone who would be showing up shortly and having to mop the floor and etc.
Hello Srinivas,

When I was a kid I was told a similar story by some elders, the only difference was that, it was a village person who was passing through a jungle while returning home in the evening, he happens to see a sheep in the jungle, Now a sheep being a domestic animal he assumes it has strayed away from the village and lost in the jungle so he carries and it takes it along with him back to the village.

While on the way the sheep's weight keeps increasing, it becomes so heavy that he finally drops it to the ground, the sheep abuses him and runs into the jungle.

You also mentioned that your girlfriend has heard of a similar incident, so I guess its a tale that was during its rounds those days.

I am from Maharashtra, Mumbai, not Hyderabad.
lady-glow in My First Time
Consider yourself lucky because, though having to endure the stench, there was not a creepy crap floating in the crapper. - just kidding!

Jabond99 - welcome to YGS.

Although I agree with the suggestions by the previous posters, one should never ignore ones gutt feelings.

Have you ever asked if anyone else has complained/reported any problem, in room 816?

That sure is an intriguing experience.

Thanks for sharing.
Bibliothecarius in My First Time
Greetings, Jabond99, and welcome to YGS.

From my research of such things, there are others who are natural ghost-repellents. This is a rare phenomenon, but I've heard of it before.

WisconsinLady has raised some good points, especially if the stench in the room can be traced back to the sewer system. The point that concerns me, though, is your assertion that "the water suddenly ceased to flow." I once dealt with a toilet that had a similar over-flow problem due to a leaky gasket in the cistern. It did not stop its continual flush until I shut off the valve on the cistern's supply pipe. If the overflow problem originated in the sewer pipes, that would explain the smell, but it would *not* account for the flushing you observed.

Each of WisconsinLady's suggestions is a good explanation for one aspect of the experience, but in each case it fails to account for the combination of phenomena. Thinking this through makes the data presented in your narrative seem even stranger.

Thanks for sharing with us.

Cherubim in So Many Shoes
I can relate to the ticking sound. I left my tape recorder on one night hoping to "catch something." I got this ticking sound and there's nothing in the room that could have made it. I also once went into my spare bedroom and found 3 or 4 pairs of my shoes paired backwards?! It really freaked me out! Thank you for sharing, and DO keep us posted.
I've heard it said "heaven" is 3 feet above us/earth, maybe that's why you couldn't see her legs. She might have played in that garden long ago and likes it there. It would freak me out too, but I don't think she meant you any harm. It does make me wonder why only some see these kinds of happenings while others never do. Thank you for sharing your story. ❤
Greetings, Lallie, and welcome to YGS.

I have no doubt that this experience was a shock to you as a child; I don't blame you for running away!

I should admit, though, that I'm a bit jealous because I've never seen a full-body (or 3/4 body!) spirit apparition in person. C'est la vie, I suppose.

I look forward to reading more of your encounters in the future.

Cherubim - I am sorry to hear about you and your boyfriend 😕 it is strange why we would be drawn to places such as these, seems I've always been. Thank you for reading and for sharing your experience too.
WisconsinLady in My First Time
Hello, Jabond99 the engineer! I'm a physicist ready to help you with a mechanical issue. Wait... This should be the other way around! Lol 😁 ❤

Toilets can flush on their own if the water level drops too low in the tank from a leak in certain tank components. If the water doesn't leave the bowl fast enough, this could cause the water to rise higher in the bowl if there's a bad tank leak. A clog or back up in the pipes could cause this water level rise in the bowl and the smell. There's several sewer related reasons to cause a pipe back up and smell, depending on the system they use.
I can't explain the timing or feeling you got. It seems like the toilet worked fine during your stay otherwise, so the timing is a little weird.
Thanks for sharing your story! Any other weird hotel occurrences?
Sleeping-with-steve in I'm Back... Steven The Ghost
Hello All,

Troll Alert:

I was going through my posts to see if there were new comments and low and behold the YGS trolls have been hindering their negativities on me and members who are simply trying to share their thoughts on what could possibly be happening with Steven the ghost and why he keeps visiting.

It's very unfair. We should all be able to communicate without prejudice. That's what YGS is all about. Providing we don't go against the YGS guidelines of course.

Look at my 5th comment down from this comment. I simply gave an update on my situation because some members ask to be kept in the loop. I had 2 positive karma points a couple of months back and today I have 1 negative point.

Most of the time I don't get voted up. That's ok. But taking away my karma votes just because it can be done is truly an act of negativity.

Sorry to rant but the Mods correct members who step out of line, which is commendable. But when others troll and down vote willy-nilly is just ordinary. 😕

I vote up every single comment I read on a daily basis. I read at least 80% of comments every day. I thoroughly enjoy reading the advice from members and it makes me feel good to be positive and up-vote the comments when I finish reading them. I think it's great that members make time to give their advice and support OP's who need help and when their comments are down voted it's really mean.

'Be kind, be nice, and be happy'.
(not sure who says that quote, but I like it) 😉

Have a lovely day,
😘 ❤
valkricry in So Many Shoes
Since her email is publicly posted, I would assume it's alright to use it. If you do write her it would probably go to her spam/junk folder because you are unknown to her. In the subject line you might wish to put "Yourusername from YGS", I know this helps me tremendously in sorting what my email thinks is junk from the real junk.
There's many reasons why someone might go quiet, sometimes it's just life getting in the way (How dare they live it?😲),some times they just need to walk away for a bit, and get focused. There are probably as many different reasons as there are members. Not all of them are happy ones and not all of them are sad either.
Manafon1 in So Many Shoes
Hi WisconsinLady--It is common for YGS members to just stop posting. Several members, myself included, were in regular contact with YGS member RANDYM until he simply stopped posting one day. I sent him several emails that also went unanswered.

I commented on KimSouthO's account a year ago and sent her an email but never heard back from her. I was particularly interested in communicating with her as we both experienced hearing a paranormal clock ticking sound. I was very curious to know if she ever heard the sound again.

I think that for some members, getting their story off their chest is liberating and they don't feel a need to have an ongoing discussion about it.
WisconsinLady in So Many Shoes
I'm kind of concerned about the somewhat abrupt end of KimSouthO's story submitting and commenting. Is this pretty normal for YGS?

I'd like to check in with her and make sure she's doing okay. Since it's been years since her last story and comment, I'm not sure if emailing her is okay, especially since it's a work email address... And I'm a total stranger. What's the proper etiquette for this? ❤
JuggaloJohn (guest) in The Shadows In The House
As a child our eyes are underdeveloped or hasnt developed yet. As we age our eyes become more mature. That's why there's more child ghost sightings than adult ones. Some adults are super sensitive or their eyes never developed properly. I believe that's what you've experienced here. The shadows didn't sound malicious or evil. Ghosts love to move things and play games with you especially if it's a loved one that passed. Dont show fear when you see one or any. You have control over yourself and the world of the living. If you ever get scared, let them know that it isn't okay to scare you and that you'd like to be left alone. Be well and remember, they were once people like us. Treat them like people.
I know how you must have been afraid, she must have been looking for your grandfather and thought somehow you could help her. Maybe she needed to hear you say he had died and they are together now. I have heard it said spirit will show themselves more often to children. Who knows for sure why they come to us, but you are so right that we should cherish the time we have together with our loved ones. ❤ Thank you for sharing your story.
JuggaloJohn (guest) in Poltergeist? Demon? Scared
Have a priest bless the place would be cheapest or hire a professional. Some things you can do in the mean time check this link
JuggaloJohn (guest) in The Pressure
Hey SoniaMary.
I highly doubt smoking pot is the cause of your experiences or a trigger. I do believe a house cleansing is needed either by a professional or you could even have a priest come by to bless it and see what happens. You shouldn't live in fear.
It must have been the old farmer that died there perhaps? 😨 Maybe he doesn't want anyone there. I think the older a place is the more likely it may be haunted. Thank you for sharing and looking forward to more of your "happenings." ❤
Oh! I can really relate to what you're saying. I lived in a very active haunted house for 3 years, it caused so much tension between me and my boyfriend. I would cry for no reason at all there and my energy would be zapped. I'm glad we got out and wish we would have left sooner. 😐 I was drawn to that house too, isn't it strange how we can feel that way about a place like that?
Cherubim in The Hissing Tiger
Yes, I have heard of those kinds of happenings as well. I've never been in such an "active" house like that one was! Even though I've moved and still experience things disappearing and reappearing again it's not as intense. Sometimes we can open a door also without realizing it. Once it's open I understand we can't close it. I'll have to share that story another time. 😜 I've had other experiences I haven't shared yet. Thank you for reminding me silverthane61.
Yes MrsRamsay, spirit KNOWS who will notice! 😊 That's amazing the way your husband has chosen to let you know he's around. It is fun realizing it's them, and it's just as fun meeting someone that has these same experiences. Nice to meet you. I hope the class enjoyed the assignment you gave them for Halloween and came up with some great ghost stories. ❤ Thank you for your thoughtful comment.
Sinisterserpent in The Red Eyed Shadow
I remembered hearing they meant misfortune and death to someone
Bibliothecarius in The Red Eyed Shadow

Crows, Blackbirds, Ravens, Rooks, Magpies, and Bluejays are all members of the Corvidae family. (I know, "Bluejays!?" It's why this odd fact sticks in my mind.)

In Celtic belief, ravens would keep watch over portals between worlds; the Norse saw them as divine messengers (Odin's spies, Huginn & Muninn); Egyptians believed that they were omens of death.

Magpies have the whole song "one for sorrow, two for joy..." describing their symbolic meanings.

Is any of these responses jogging your memory?

Sinisterserpent in The Red Eyed Shadow
What does a solid black bird mean my sister mom and I saw one today in my mom's house fly from the curtain to the ceiling fan I know there's a superstition about them but I can't remember it?
I have followed rook's guidance regarding step one

("Step one, go outside, someplace you find relaxing, someplace you can take off your shoes and do just that. Walkabout barefoot for a few minutes take a few deep breaths then stop, calm your thoughts then visualize any and all negative energy draining out of you through your feet and into the earth").
I followed it with a Sanskrit in Icarian/benediction to earth as a form of gratitude for "holding", nurturing and a sort of asking for forgiveness for trampling.

I followed this at THE most difficult phase in my life, found it to be very, very soothing.

Best wishes 🙏🏽
Hi Eerie, thanks for this story. Unsettling to think you have a playmate only to realise later it was a dead relative. But I like the life lesson that you give at the end ❤️

I got confused because I don't call my grandparents' siblings my grandmother/father. Just aunt or uncle. But my colleague who has some Indonesian heritage, explained to me that she calls her grandpa's sister grandmother. A great thing about my country - multicultural, with the opportunity to learn something new from each other every day!

Dolls can be so creepy, especially porcelain ones. I have a young son and the closest thing to dolls are his Lego figurines and teddy bears. Nothing scary here 😆
The thought of him being my guardian angel is quite comforting. Thanks silverthane61, glad I could answer your question.

Hi Rook,

I completed the cleansing of my energy and my house. I started Friday morning and ended Monday afternoon.

The atmosphere of my house is brighter. I don't mean to refer to the quantity of physical light. There's more of that too.

It seems more peaceful. I haven't noticed any of my things moving around. My cat takes naps in every room of the house now. He was sleeping only in my room before.

I have used his behavior many times as an indicator of peacefulness.

Thank you, Maria ❤
Faith_2000. Yes, you answered my question. The connections that I am referring to include sharing thoughts or emotions from your brother, feeling watched (or looked over as you say). You seem to be graced with a brother who has chosen to be your guardian angel.
Greetings, Madness; welcome to YGS.

I have a few questions about details in your story; mostly I'm asking for clarification. While you state, "it feels like it stands 2ft higher than me" you don't indicate your own height for context. If you are 5'2" tall, this makes the entity about 7'2". These heights are toward opposite ends of 'normal' or 'average' height, but they're not freakishly incredible measurements. On the other hand, if *you* are 6'3' tall, the entity's height becomes rather intimidating.

Later, you embellish the point of the entity's height with the size comparison to the Grim Reaper: "he stands about as tall as him" As this character is a convention from Medieval art through modern movies, there's not really a consistent depiction of the character's height. Have you seen a Grim Reaper in addition to this tall entity? This would clarify how you know that "there is something sinister and evil about his aura" while the anthropomorphic Harbinger of Death does not appear to be inherently evil ("Final Destination" movies notwithstanding).

Your description of the presence also raises a question in my mind: "This shadow doesn't say anything but I know he is behind me waiting for me to do something, but all I can do is just stand there paralyzed in fear of what I feel like he is going to do if I move." Have you ever seen this entity with your physical eyes? I understand what it is like to 'know' something without seeing it directly, but this has not prevented my *trying* to see whatever has set off my senses. You do not describe seeing this individual; you "know" it is there, you "know" that *it* knows you are aware of it, you "feel" what it may want to do, etc. Without wishing any offense, I have to wonder what steps you have taken to rule out the possibility of nervous exhaustion or unwarranted fears. You may feel some relief if you speak with a sympathetic therapist or counsellor.

Please note that I'm *not* accusing you of having made up the narrative, merely suggesting that the manifestation of your fears *may* exist only within your head.

Bibliothecarius in The Red Eyed Shadow
Hi, Sinisterserpent;
Thanks for the quick response!

Ok, at 7' tall wearing a hat and equipped with glowing red eyes, you're dealing with an individual who enjoys looming over others and generating fear. (No surprise there, then.) This is no guarantee that this entity is inhuman, as my research uncovered multiple strong-willed human spirits that have been able to craft a physical form that deliberately intimidates the living. Granted, none of these entities had been a nice person at any point, but they had been people.

I'm sorry to see your mother isn't going to be of much help, here. I'm all too familiar with the phenomenon of a mother who has made an arbitrary decision about an event, then resists any attempt to dislodge her head from between her glutei maximi.

Do whatever you can to ease the stress for your sister; she'll feel much better knowing that there is *some* family help. It is a pity that no-one provided sufficient help to the deceased girl during in her life. Indeed, if she were feeling vengeful, she may be capable of manifesting her anger & frustration in an effort to retaliate against the living, even if they're not the living people who deserve her retaliation. I suspect that the entity is *not* of her creation, but something that was attracted to her pain; however, I'm only going by my own instincts & guesswork, so I include the possibility for you to consider.

Do take care,

P.S.: You've no need to apologize for lengthy narratives nor lengthy posts/responses that are on-topic. Use the room you've got to explain just as much as you think you need to. If anything remains unclear, I guarantee *someone* will ask you questions about it.
Silverthane61... Hey that goat seems to have conversed in my native language... Telugu... Italian of the east... May be that ghost wasn't educated or didn't join school so it spoke in the native language 😜... I also wrote the words it uttered in one of my comments
Sinisterserpent in The Red Eyed Shadow
My friend who taught me to do the cleansing suggested this entity could have been created by the previous owners daughter before her death and had been dormant until the hostility of my family awoke it
Sinisterserpent in The Red Eyed Shadow
[at] rook how would I do the email exchange or pharaphrase as I am unsure
Sinisterserpent in The Red Eyed Shadow
Bibliothecarius my mother has has been scratched and had nightmares but is still in denial the figure coat is slim similar to a rain coat size wise it is over 7 feet using the refrigerator for size comparison through my research I found the daughter had been the target for abuse both physical and mental by several individuals and just couldn't handle it anymore sorry if it's to long
HunterJack in The Soul Reappears
Hi Raul97ner, liked your story. Your grandma wants to see you for the last time. She much-loved you. So only she appeared before you. May her soul rest in peace.

With Respect,
Arunbabu [at] hunterjack
Bibliothecarius in The Red Eyed Shadow
Greetings, Sinisterserpent, and welcome to YGS.

As I believe Rook's questioning & advice are leading you in the most positive direction, I'll merely add that cleansing a home or a person is most effective when repeated at regular intervals. It's like brushing your teeth; only *once* is not enough! Also, the discipline/focus needed to perform the cleansing tends to make people more aware of their surroundings, thus enabling them to detect negative presences much sooner.

I have a quick observation about the shadow-figure you saw. You saw it as a silhouette in a hat and coat; were the coat's shoulders particularly bulky? Cowboys did wear coats called "dusters" that had a second layer of oilcloth over the shoulders to direct rain away from the body. If your recollection is compatible with this description, then the energy in your house may well have attracted the attention of a deceased individual.

My concern is that the entity is *not* a cowboy, but has assumed this jarring/sinister shape to generate fear. It may have been a pre-existing entity that fed off the negative atmosphere, or you may have "somehow made this thing" through the prolonged, shared negative atmosphere.

You state that it is there "to this day," but do not indicate whether or not your mother has witnessed it; is it only you & your sister who see it? Do you know if the unfortunate girl who committed suicide was experiencing any sort of supernatural harassment, or was her tragedy purely psychological in nature?

Thanks for clearing up these points, Sinsterserpent.

I also liked this story. Noticed you won't participate, hope that was a mistake and you'll come back to answer questions.

More stories from you also welcome!
RSAChick in Extra Child In Bed
It seems that you only experienced this child once. This makes me think /hope that it's not a lost child, but rather a dream or past or future life or another dimension as the others suggested.

Did the child seem asleep throughout the experience? Perhaps you only got this glimpse into the other dimension or life. Could not interact with this child. But why?
Sorry what exactly do you mean by other connections? Do you mean have I experienced anything similar since where I thought I saw my brother Alex but it wasn't him?

If that is what you mean then I haven't experienced anything like that since that I'm aware of, but I have had the feeling of being watched over when I sleep but that's a story I'll have to tell another day because it may not be related. It's a long story.

rookdygin in The Red Eyed Shadow

Would you care to share (or paraphrase) our e-mail exchange so that those members that are following may know how things are progressing?

You do not have to, but other members may find answers to questions/experiences they have had.


As an empath, you are privy to many more paranormal experiences than the common person. This also includes picking up and sensing residual energies that may linger long after the true source has departed. I am wondering whether you are picking up on the thoughts of a murderer who has done violence against another in the exact way that you describe (hands wrapped around you and then you are dragged into the shadows and killed). Either this is what you are sensing or you are sensing the presence of an unfriendly spirit - either case is terrifying!
silverthane61 in Weird Encounters?
The only story that raised the hackles on my neck is the one where you see shadows in your closet and that you suffer from unexplained scratches. If we can assume that these scratches have no normal explanation, then this occurrence is truly one that would worry me. I really do hope that the scratches that you woke up with do have a normal, mundane explanation.
The only stories I have heard about paranormal goats are the Kentucky Goatman and the traditional depictions of the Devil having the head of a goat. I think any kind of talking animal would give me the creeps, though, and I wonder if this goat conversed in English, Hindi, or some other language?
silverthane61 in The Shadow Under The Door
This is absolutely the reason that I do not close my bedroom door! There is a glow that comes from under the door when I close it and one of my phobias is that I will see a shadow walk up to the door and be visible under the door. Of course, when you investigate, no one is there. This has not happened only because I do not close my door!
And I welcome every critic and well wishers to comment freely without any hesitation... Everyone is welcomed to an open discussion...
Even though I read so many stories I don't believe in the existence of ghosts 😁 because I tried to contact it in many ways... Through ouija board... And through some apps on play store... My father was an atheist who didn't believe in gods nd also in ghosts... I was raised in same way but I'm semi atheist when it comes to believing in god nd I don't believe in existence of ghosts... 😊
I can't doubt the authenticity of the story because that was told by my grandfather... And certainly not to freak me out or to scare me away from doing certain things coz I'm born and brought up in Hyderabad and I hardly visit villages and jungle is no where to find anywhere near hyderbad so there is no possibly of that case
And coming the "other meal" it's obviously easier and time saving ro cook vegetable curries and sambar than cooking non vegetarian right? And cooking a goat can certainly take much more time... Sacrificing it... Cutting it cleaning... So certainly it's possible to arrange alternate meals quickly... Even if I'm a male I have some knowledge of cooking coz I help my mother in kitchen
No lady glow... My grand father so a noble man... And a very spiritual and strong man... Both in terms of physically and mentally... He hardly use to lie... Even now people remember him for his truthfulness... Can you imagine someone giving lakhs of rupees without any security deposit? There was a landlord who was so greedy that he wouldn't give a single penny without any security deposit like house or land papers or gold... But the same landlord has given some huge money to my grandfather just because he said he will return it by so and so time... People believed him so much...
Srinivas - reading your comments makes me wonder if this is, more than facts, a cautionary tale told by your Grandmother in order to prevent some unwanted/risky behaviour.

I'm sure all of us have been told one, or more, white little lies as kids: don't swallow a seed or a tree will grow in your stomach; if you don't spit out your gum it will stick to your intestines, etc.

Do you remember if your Grandmother told you this after doing something you were not supposed to do at the jungle?

Another thing that surprises me a little about your Grandfather's experience is that he and his companions were able to go back to the gathering place and even managed "to arrange other meal". It seems common in stories from India and from other eastern countries for people to suffer from a high fever immediately and for several days after having encountered a ghost.

Just wondering...
majarlika - you must be right, the way you put it makes more sense. It's funny the difference a punctuation mark can make on a sentence.

CPalacios - do you know if there's a reason why Grandma decided to take the picture to the service that day? I wonder if she had a premonition or a dream warning her of the impending accident.
forget metaphors, or talk of ufo's. There's no need to understand every part of your dream. I believe that there's a God, and every word of the bible. There are those who will twist this truth, outright deny it, or fain outrage at being called out from certain passages. That makes no difference. Everything will come to pass as it will. But on your dream, I believe that there was a battle for your soul going on, probably still is. You just caught a glimpse of it.
Wow, I had just submitted a story about a guardian of some kind when I happened to see this! Excellent, and I think you are right. He might show up some other day too, so bolo! But I hope he never has to.

I do believe in guardian angels or whatever they are called. I also believe we're not really supposed to see them, and/or when we do the details get all fuzzy, again, because we're not really supposed to see them.
silverthane61 in Wandering Soul
This is a very interesting cultural belief about the possession of a human by an incarnate spirit. Any kind of possession is often bad news and I find it interesting to read about the many different ways that other cultures have in order to deal with these happenings. I am happy this one ended with a happy ending
silverthane61 in The Red Eyed Shadow
Wow! So many good comments! All I have to donate is the realization that you have described what many people have dubbed the "Hat Man". This shadow creature is often see wearing a greatcoat, having white or red eyes, standing anywhere from 6 to 10 feet tall, and constantly radiating a very menacing aura. Oftentimes it is seen in the company of other, smaller shadow creatures and always seems to be the one in charge. I hope you are able to handle these occurrences - my best wishes go out to you.
silverthane61 in Our Special Baby
If your daughter is a babayan, the maybe she can protect herself from any unwanted actions of her "friend". Though I understand that, because of her age, she has yet to learn how t do that.
silverthane61 in New Home, New Happenings
Whatever haunt is visiting your new home seems to possess a lot of energy. Turning down a thermostat, forming a shadow during the day, causing loud bangs and doorknobs to rattle, all require a lot of spiritual energy. I hope these are not the beginnings of a pesky poltergeist!
silverthane61 in The Hissing Tiger
I wonder if you might be the cause of these strange apparations (Apparate - objects mysteriously transporting themselves to other places). Sometimes, a person can cause their own poltergeistic occurrences without realizing it. A lot of us have psychic powers that are sometimes uncontrollable. It's just a theory.
silverthane61 in Extra Child In Bed
I don't think that the "other world" visited you; rather, I think that you somehow transported yourself into another dimension. Perhaps you were in two dimensions simultaneously without being totally in either one.
silverthane61 in The Man Who Caught Me
I'd like to think that it was your guardian angel. Sometimes angels are said to take the form and character of different people as to be less imposing and scary.
I love all your "coincidences" and love it more that you noticed them! I believe we all have these things happen, but it takes a certain quiet awareness to note them. Last week, for example, I asked my high school class to write an essay on any ghost story or paranormal thing they might've experienced, something fun for October. As an example, I told them about how my late husband (died 25 years ago) used to tie our mini-blind cords up into a certain knot so the kids didn't get entangled in them (it was a thing back then, babies choking on these cords). He used to do it all the time, I even have a video where he's doing it as our daughter toddled around at her first birthday party. Over the years, I've come to notice, through three houses we've lived in, that the cords will be tied. I notice them infrequently... I think I noticed them subconsciously at first and would "untangle" them, but weeks later would notice the same knots to where I realized this was something being done on purpose (we never let the blinds up and down, just opened them via the twisty rod on the side opposite the strings). Over two decades, this has happened at least 25 times if not more, though I didn't document it. After explaining this to my class last Wednesday evening, I was opening my son's blinds the next day and realized the knots were there! As if my late husband, Scott, had been listening in my class! So yes, this is just one way our loved ones can communicate with us. We know down deep it's them, and isn't it fun when we realize it?! I love being able to share this with people who might have experienced similar things. So sorry for your aunt's tragic early death! Many blessings your way...
silverthane61 in Ghostly Coincidence?
Quaint stories like this one always bring a smile to my face - I love the thought of a deceased parent paying their respects in such a non-invasive manner! God Bless!
This creature fits the description of many of the sightings around the world of Gnomes, Brownies, Minihunes, and other similar creatures. They seem to be a type of earth elemental that is seen only rarely by others. They can be both helpful and hurtful. I think it best to remain a respectful distance from them.
I read sometimes about the psychic connection between living twins. It appears that you may have assumed some of the other twin's psychic connection with the soul of the deceased brother. As a 3-year old, you obviously mistook Chad for his brother Alex. Have you had any other "connections" with your brother?
hi lady-glow,

I think what CPalacios01 meant by saying:
"Sunday Sep., 8th I warned him that evil wanted him dead and his Grandmother so happened to take his baby picture she had on her piano in her living room at her home to Sunday service that morning to pray over him."

-this should be 2 sentences. 1) "evil wanted him dead" and 2) "Grandmama took his baby picture to Sunday service to pray over him."

>>CPalicios01, thank God they are safe. I just have a question, do you happen to know if the pizza place has a history of its own? Perhaps, a little girl who died there? Or anywhere near that place? Or maybe, anyone of the employees has a family member who died when still young? Have you tried to investigate?

Hoping to hear from you again:)
Hey gud news... I have a good news... Especially for melda... I found out few words of that ghostly goat... It seems to have said "nee meeda mannu pada, ndhuku padeshnav ra nannu kinda... Nee peenugella" that roughly translates... "Why did you drop me on ground you, hope you die very soon... Very soon I want to see you dead
The only thing I can remember is it cursed and abused him... I tried asking my grandma about it... And sadly she is now too old and hardly remember anything... So I'm sorry melda I cannot provide you the details you were asking for
Hey melda... I seriously don't know what it cursed because I never discussed it with him and the actual story was narrated by my grandma... I lost my grandpa more than a decade ago so to its now impossible to know about it...

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