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outofthemirror - Well, if I'd experienced anything like this I would have been absolutely terrified 😨 This guy could have prettied himself up a bit before you saw him, especially if he was there in a protective capacity!

Besides being totally gobsmacked by your experience, I honestly don't know what to make of it. What I do know is that some really inexplicable things do happen and no, your everyday person in the street won't believe a word of it. Even one of my own children laughs at me!

So the reason you took two pics every morning is secret? Okay.

Here's a link to a story which I think you might find interesting. I know it's rather long but persevere because I believe that it's worth reading. Some of the comments are also interesting and some of them also provide links.

I'll be following this.

Regards, Melda
The_Morrighan in He Came Out Of The Mirror
Out of the mirror - First of all I'd like to say that I've enjoyed reading your accounts. Secondly I'd just like to say that nobody has been offering you 'hate'. I've lurked on this site for several years now and 99% of posters receive questions and comments on their narratives and this is so that other YGS members can better understand the sequence of events and context. You haven't been singled out and you're not being 'picked on'. It would be a shame if you left this site over a misconception.
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in The House On North Street 2
Hi Jubeele, thanks for reading and commenting on my stories. I no longer live in the area but continue to visit my parents once a year for the holidays. As a foot note to the story, a few years back I was mysteriously drawn back to the house and took some exterior digital photos of it. After I got back home I shared them with a friend who lives about an hour away. She claims to have seen the outline of a woman in one of the windows in the photos. I couldn't really make it out, but it peaked her own curiosity. She's spiritual and somewhat psychic and open to paranormal phenomenon. However within a day she contacted me a bit perturbed by some recent events. She informed me she had a dream where the 'woman', the one from the picture and apparently the ghost everyone in my story 'encountered' in some form or fashion, came after her, trying to ask for something. My friend got a terrible feeling about whatever this woman was asking from her, although she couldn't recall the actual request. She got an 'impression' from the 'woman' that the reason her face couldn't be seen because in life she had disfigured it, she apparently went insane and murdered the man that was seen lying down, possibly the same one my brother saw. He was a drunk and when passed out, she killed him. Also she told me that the reason no one could track anything down about any of this is because the woman doesn't want to be found out, she doesn't want the truth revealed. Now this can be taken with a grain of salt of course, there is no way to prove or disprove any of it. It is what she had in a psychic vision/dream but felt that the woman was dangerous/dark and wanted nothing more to do with it, it scared her bad enough that she warned me to stop looking into it as well, nothing good would come of it. She said though the woman was anchored to that old house, she could travel, and from my youth had somehow connected to me. My friend performed a protection ritual for herself and me, and then refused to speak of it anymore. I think it kind of strained the friendship. However what was really strange was that after the ritual, my dreams about the place stopped. Really strange stuff. As to the history of the area, it had been a base camp for fugitives and bandits because of the river. It had a fort at one time that had been attacked and burned, a popular resident in the 1800's had been shot and killed and the case had never been solved. Another individual had just disappeared and all kinds of stories went around about that, also in the 1800's, a body was never found. Needless to say, it's got a colorful history, not all of it bad, but since it was founded in pioneering times, it had its fair share of negative events. So as you mentioned, maybe not so much the house but the area draws negativity to it. It certainly has its fair share of paranormal events!
outofthemirror (guest) in He Came Out Of The Mirror
Manafon1 I am thankful to finally have a place to unload these happenings, I word them the best I can, If any of these happenings help even one person then it was worth it. Clouds that do no harm to mirror people that want to be seen. Probably typo's in next two stories already sent. When stories are in I'm gone. I noticed some ask and seem to make your story all about there thinking.
outofthemirror--There's no hate coming from me. I was merely asking for clarification on a few points. Everyone who posts accounts on YGS are asked questions. We can only understand through communication.
outofthemirror (guest) in He Came Out Of The Mirror
WENT BACK INTO ROOM AND NOTICED WHERE HE HAD, HAD, IS MISSING. The word had. My wife also noticed it. He showed himself for seconds and never seen again. Sent him to light. My dog was female sorry. I know there's thousands of day sightings. I proof read all these happenings 20 times at least I'm not that good. Don't dismiss happenings. There will be more, try to control the hate. My typing, I was going to put BE KIND AT END. Good mindset. I've seen. I know I'm going to get beat up by some from my happenings, but they happened. And my wording may not be the best.
outofthemirror--I know you type slowly but both of your latest narratives jump from thought to thought in a manner that sometimes makes them difficult to follow. When you retuned to the room how long did the apparition remain standing in the air purifier? When you left for work was the apparition still visible? Did your wife see it and if so what was her reaction? I can't imagine she wouldn't have been thrilled to be left alone with a ghost who was digging her perfume. Did the medium you contact send the spirit of the guy to the light or the spirit of your deceased dog?

These are a few questions that came to mind reading this particular account. Also don't agree with the medium's opinion that apparitions mostly appear at night as there are thousands of well documented daylight sightings.

You describe some freaky stuff to be sure but you seem to take it in your stride which a good mindset to have.

That OB episode with the cat was amazing, as was the sensation of being in two places at the same time. Your family has a remarkable gift. The only other time I had experienced something similar was during a guided transcendental meditation workshop, where I went a bit too deep and felt myself 'floating' among the stars in the night sky for a few moments. It was strange, but quite liberating.

I suspect that the recent activity, particularly in the kitchen, was likely Aunty May letting me know she was there. Perhaps her intent was to have me convey to my mother, and the rest of the family, that all was well with her and thus be comforted.

Thank you for coming by to read my account and sharing your thoughts with us.
i know situations like this can be very freighting and surprising. I also do agree with many comments it could be just crossed communication.
This happened to me in fact but in a different way. I was using my amplifier to play my guitar outside and the all of a sudden I heard a woman's voice play through the amplifier.

"well that's not suppose to happen" I though but then I figured it was some radio station.

But has any other creepy things happened in your work place before? Or this is the first time?
As a home grown member of western society, I find this recounting unsettling. In the U.S., ghost month would pass largely unnoticed outside of Asian communities. Our western views of life, death and the hereafter generally differ from those found in the orient. What is disturbing is that the eastern beliefs may be correct, and we have been wrong, thereby creating many aggrieved spirits. The American saying "You only hurt the ones you love." may be more correct than we know.

Your encounter with the cat sounds like an out of body (oob) experience. These were common in my family and I know first hand that oobs are real and not particularly extraordinary. That you were relaxed and dozing (in and out) is the perfect state for a spontaneous oob. I love them as they show us that we are not our body and that our body is not us.

The young woman in the white blouse sounds like a typical ghost sighting, though it could be an imprint created by means or reason unknown. Given it was ghost month I'll go with conventional eastern wisdom.

The goings-on in the kitchen seem to indicate you had company which, frankly, is not too uncommon. After my mother passed she could be heard handling silverware at the kitchen sink. That was a common sound in our house when she was alive, and she seemed to spend a lot of time at it, as though she enjoyed it. That you were being shown you had a companion seems to indicate a friendly presence.

My vote is for Aunt May, sandalwood and all. After all, being dead is just a long term out of body experience. And who needs a body just to stop by and lend a hand in the kitchen?
RC Ruskin, that thing you said about things happening...that's happened to me a ton. While working on Ancestry... I will be focussed on one particular time period and place, for example the Revolutionary war in New Jersey. The next thing I know, there's a show on tv focussing on that time and place. It's a neat little synchronicity that's occurred more than a couple times.
outofthemirror - Thanks for commenting.
Yes that was one very strange morning!

Thanks for your good wishes; I virtually live in Fort Knox now 🙄

Regards, Melda
lady-glow - My little Beetle was green and didn't have a name as far as I can remember.

What I felt in the car wasn't frightening at all and I mostly felt it when I was driving alone after dark. The "feeling" came from the back seat right behind me (right-hand drive in South Africa). Maybe someone looking after me? I like to think so but I don't know.

I sold the car to a woman who lent it to her brother and he wrote it off. I was really upset!

Regards, Melda

I hope the uninvited companion in your VW wasn't of the unnerving kind. Do you know if it stayed there after you sold it?
My first car was a white VW Beetle and I called it "Cacheton" (big cheeks).

Nice to 'see' you around and to read your always informative comments... Which I have been unable to upvote for a while.
Hello outofthemirror.

This is a fascinating experience, I'm not sure if the apparition got into your vehicle or not but, if some new unexplained activity was triggered after this event, then it would be possible that he was the cause.
It was nice that you tried to find him, perhaps he appreciated your gesture of concern for his welfare.

These encounters with ghosts at the side of the road can have different outcomes, it's common for people to report someone getting into their car and acting odd, but not odd enough as to consider them a spirit, only to find out that they have vanished once they reached their destination.

There's an episode of "Unsolved Mysteries" that talks about numerous encounters of taxi drivers in a city in Japan, with ghosts asking to be driven to several destinations; the spirits are people who died during a tsunami.

In my opinion, your ghost was just doing his own thing and you happened to be there at the right time... Or was it at the wrong time?

Looking forward to read your other stories.
outofthemirror (guest) in Mystifying Morning
Melda The light is a Brain Teaser. The bin and things moving would make me worry a bit. Glad your still here after robbery. I send you Peace Love and courage.
outofthemirror (guest) in Young Man On Guard Rail
Melda. There was a Ghost show that had a bad spirit stuck in the car. Crazy stuff. I have submitted 3 more happenings from this home. I word them the best I can as it happened. So many happenings. I would take a lie detector test on all. This happened and must have happened to others. Getting these out is a cleansing for me. I don't know if they will print NO EYES ALL TONGUE. This one brought back some stress. Do you have a happening in here. Have a good day
outofthemirror - I hope others comment soon. I personally would love to hear opinions on this incident and I'm sure the OP would as well.

Oh my, that wouldn't be the first ghostie to hitch a ride! He probably didn't but I'm reminded of the time when I bought my first Volkswagen Beetle, which was by no means new. I often felt that I wasn't alone in that little car. I was 18/19 at the time and sold it when I turned 21 and decided to do some travelling.

Regards, Melda
Hi XBFalcon, I enjoyed your ghost tales a lot, but what I really loved was the detecting terms. I've been detecting religiously for 11 years and I've heard fossick before, but "stickybeak" cracked me up, I love it, thanks mate!
Australians are so much more fun than most Americans.
outofthemirror (guest) in Young Man On Guard Rail
Melda I was looking he was gone I honestly thought he got into my truck right then.
outofthemirror - Did this guy actually disappear while you were watching him or did you glance away and then notice that he wasn't there anymore?

This might sound like nitpicking but I think some readers might ask you this question. Mostly we look for logical explanations but I for one am able to accept this as a paranormal event for the simple reason that "somebody" who was standing right next to me was gone within probably a second, with no logical ability to traverse a long corridor in that space of time.

I realise this happened a long time ago but just try to cast your mind back to the length of time that he might have been out of your line of vision.

I'm not contradicting my previous comment to you but perhaps you can expand on that aspect a bit.

Regards, Melda
Melda- We don't have to share. We have our laptops and tablets, but we have one main computer and it's easier to go on that.

Lady glow- I shouldn't have blamed anyone without the correct information. Sophie told me after I accused a bunch of people, that she closed her account to avoid us being linked together.
outofthemirror (guest) in Young Man On Guard Rail
The young man had long hair to his shoulders, and sewn squares on his fluffy down looking vest. I could see him that clearly.
So I have been researching this for so long. I had similar experience growing up and can't believe I found your story. I grew up on a farm in NC and also heard what sounded like Native American drumming in the woods across the street. This happened starting around 6 years old and happened for many years. I wasn't afraid as I was used to the sound, but as I got older and look back I think about how strange this is. My sister also remembers the sound, although she didn't hear it as frequently as I did. I would love to know what the heck that's and what it meant!
outofthemirror - Reading this experience of yours once again brings home to me the fact that we constantly walk past people who appear to be perfectly normal and we don't give them a second glance.

However I believe that we do occasionally encounter spirits who outwardly appear to be normal people but are actually out on their own little jaunt! If they have that "normal appearance" we won't give them a second glance either. I had a rather strange experience at a supermarket once but won't go into that here.

If the young man at the guardrail hadn't caught your attention because of the rain and then his disappearing trick, you would more than likely have forgotten about him before you reached home. I wonder how many people did in fact witness what you did.

I must say you put in a whole lot of extra effort in an attempt to put a name to him, together with your wife even.

I'm also dying to read about the mirrors 😨

Regards, Melda
outofthemirror (guest) in Lifted In My Sleep
Are you a loud snorer. Maybe spirit did not like noises you make while sleeping. 45 degree angel. Maybe you stopped breathing spirit helped you. Thanks for sharing.
lady-glow - The events were very odd, but we were distracted by other things happening at the time. It was only weeks later, looking through my journal, that I realised how active the period had been. Which goes to show the importance of keeping a journal. That lynx cub had pretty markings. Totally unexpected. Hope your family and yourself are keeping safe, and staying well. 😘

Melda - Maybe I was simply the human conduit for Aunty May to pass on the message that she's fine. Mum hopes that she would come and visit her dreams one of these days. I wouldn't be surprised if Aunty May had preferred to boil her eggs with the lid on. 😉
outofthemirror (guest) in A Ghost That Was Crawling Backwards
Amazing stuff. If you were locked on the other side (not go to the light. Stuck here for years, on the other side do you think you would do something wild just to shake things up. Have the living talk about you while you as spirit maybe 1 foot away are listening getting attention. I feel these poor souls need attention just like the living. You said SHE, I think she wanted you to notice her. Just my opinion. It could of been much worse. Thanks for sharing. I send you peace love and courage. Pass it on.
outofthemirror (guest) in Couple In The Cloud
Manafon1 I am glad white cloud has been experienced by others. I have had many sightings in our home in Olympia WA. I installed double door mirrored closets across from each other in our small master bath hallway and there was already a long mirror on bathroom door as you walked up to it. And our house came alive. Other sorts, Man came out of mirror. 3 diff boiling black clouds. Stick figure run of the mill stuff. Had medium cleansing of mirror guy. I will be sharing all.
Hi outofthemirror--Your account interests me because what you describe is something that has come up several times in paranormal case studies I've read. One incident that sticks in my mind concerns a woman who woke up in the middle of the night to see the head and shoulders of her son floating in what she described as a small white cloud. He had a peaceful smile on his face and the mother stated she felt he had come to say farewell. The face of the floating young man was wet.

When the image faded the mother panicked as her son was in the Navy and she felt something terrible had happened. True enough, news came the following day that her son had drowned when his ship had been sunk by an enemy ship (this was, as far as I can recall, during World War One.) In this case the apparition of the floating head seems to have been what's commonly defined as a crisis apparition, which often appears at the moment, or near the moment, of the perceived apparition's death.

Your account is interesting because it occurred several times. I am not at home as I write this but I know I have other examples of this paranormal cloud-like element in various psychical research case study books I have. None of the cases I can recall ever mentioned a person being pursued by the "cloud-heads" but apparitions definitely do often focus on kids at the age you had your encounters.

What other sorts of paranormal experiences have you had?
outofthemirror (guest) in Couple In The Cloud
Also, in response to questions about the area, the trailer court was on Martin Way, nearest to the intersection of Marvin Road (a main thoroughfare off the I-5 Freeway). We looked up on the computer and believe it is the Martin Way Mobile Home-Rv Park. Didn't realize that people would be looking these up, so will try to be more accurate in the future, if possible. Would love to hear about anything relevant that could be found. Thank you for checking, as that is really cool!
outofthemirror (guest) in Couple In The Cloud
Haha, you are so observant, Lady-Glow! I am Dave's wife, and am editing and typing for Dave, as he is a one-finger typist and makes a lot of mistakes, so I edit or type his stories with his approval before publishing. To respond to your questions, he never asked his oldest Brother who moved out when they were young. His only Sister said she never experienced anything, and his middle Brother who slept in the same room is a non-believer. He didn't believe what was happening then, and does not believe in ghosts now. I will continue to edit longer stories for Dave as if he is the writer. Thank you for pointing out that I need to be more careful in my editing skills. =)

They said "Marvin Rd."

Same difference with the search results though. I only looked at Google Street View because I was curious to see what it looked like... My dinner was warming up in the kitchen and time was on my side.

I felt the same way too. The syntax between the story and comments are different. I think they are written by the same person but that they had help making their story coherent by a friend or something.

I haven't been able to vote for your comments in about two weeks. I guess I don't understand the voting system here.

Also, after outofthemirror's first comment, I noticed that they said "Marvin Way" instead of "Martin Way" and then I looked up that road. It is also in Lacey, Washington and has mobile home parks - so it could be either one. It's been fifty years; so I'm not blaming anyone if their recollections are a bit fuzzy.
lady-glow in Couple In The Cloud
What about your other two family members (siblings?), did they ever see the cloud or experience anything else while living at that place?

This is irrelevant to your story but, in my opinion, your comments seem made by a different person that the one authoring the story.
Perhaps the person editing your narrative had to make a lot of modifying?
outofthemirror (guest) in Couple In The Cloud
Only lived there 2 years or less. Around 11 I was always thinking about that beautiful white cloud and its travelers... Strang noises kind of sounded like laughter. But as soon as white cloud entered room it was loud like a ballroom or coming from a party. My brother in same room never believed me. I am sensitive. I am grateful of spirits I have seen none have caused harm, just eye opening.
Hi Jubeele.

Those sure were some exciting things to have witnessed. The cat sounds like a lovely sight.
lady-glow in Couple In The Cloud
Welcome to YGS.

I got a bit confused by your following statements:

"When I was around 11 years old, I began to realize that the ghostly images were laughing and having fun at my expense because I could see them, but at 6 years old, it was very scary"

"Lived there less than 2 years."

Do you mean that, at age 11, you began thinking and analyzing these events in retrospective an reached this conclusion but you had already moved out of that park?
Sorry, it's just that, at first, I got the idea that you were living in this place and seeing the cloud and the figures for several years, at least from age 6 to 11.

Your experience is unique and hard to relate to anything else, perhaps knowing the use of the land before the park was established could shed some light on the identity of these apparitions. They didn't seem to be evil, perhaps only mischievous... And aware than you were the only one that could see them... Are you by any chance sensitive to the paranormal?

Looking forward to read more of your stories. Thanks for sharing.
outofthemirror (guest) in Couple In The Cloud
WOW, trailer park was closest to marvin rd. Had wrecking yard across hiway. 4 lanes. Lacey probably. Lived there less than 2 years. When I went back what I thought was our spot no trailer was there and big tree out side out sliding door was gone. As kids me and my brother were just learning about matches and fire. We got us kicked out. My poor mother. Sorry lacey in middle of olympia.
Hello outofthemirror and welcome to YGS,

That's weird. Do you remember how long your family lived there? I don't really have any insights to offer; but I looked up Martin Way Mobile Park and it brought me to a city called Lacey, Washington. Is this the same town? The mobile park that I saw on Google Street View looked pretty nice, from what I could see; but I could see that the area was built up with new commercial developments as far as the eye could see. I am sure the ambience of the area was much different when you were little.

I tried to look up paranormal activity in the area. I found stuff; but not much of it seemed reputable.

- Maria
On the night your mother died your sister experienced what they refer to as terminal lucidity it is actually quite common jsbsf, I know of one account where several people near the death bed of a child were pulled into a spiritual border plane where basically they were saying goodbye to the child and his mother before returning back to the room.

Perhaps you should ask your sister to give you a full account of what she remembered? If you already know? It would be a nice add on to this story.

Regards Daz
WarlockMagicSpells in Scared The Hell Out Of Me
I would get some white sage and burn it twice per day to clear away the negative energy. Https://
Hi! Fellow Filipino here!

I also have a BPO experience. For those who are not living in the Philippines, most call center agents are your customer service representatives- the ones you call in your phone billing and the like and our clients are from the US, UK, and Australia. Thus, the night shift.
Hi Lost Voyage, I've read both accounts and they remind me of my Grandma house in Cairnhill, Singapore. Grandma didn't like the family talking about the strange happenings in front of us grandchildren, so I didn't hear about the hauntings until I was in my teens either. One of my cousins, like your father, did not want to talk about his experiences at all when he got older.

The thought came to me when I read in Part 1 about the "monkey's paw" and the "mummified hand", that they could be the remains of a child. I was thinking that a stillborn, especially if it had been a home birth, might not have been reported at all in those days. Then, you mentioned in Part 2 of being told that "a woman had drowned her children in the bath tub". That was chilling. It is interesting how you never felt comfortable in the bathroom.

My mother believes that all homes have a spirit of their own, as a result of the life energies from the people living there. She said that happy households attract happy spirits, the same way unhappy vibes could be feeding even more negativity. Ever walk into a place and just know without even looking at anyone that people have been fighting there? Maybe that house on North Street absorbed the memories, emotions and energies from many lives over the years, and once in a while, your family, and those who were sensitive enough, got a taste of the 'overflow'.

It could be significant that the neighbours claimed that their house was haunted as well. You could speak to them, or whoever lives there now, about their experiences and see if there are any similarities. This makes me wonder if there was a past event that resonated throughout the area. Perhaps widen your search on the whole locale, and not just the house? Search for accidents and illnesses too, as they could result in untimely deaths. Did anything happen there during times of war? What was the history of the land before the house was built? Who knows, maybe someday you might come across a pertinent clue.

Thanks for sharing your family's experiences with us.
now that was an excellent irish ghost story. Thank you for sharing
Jubeele - Ghosties breakdancing and tweaking around you trying to get your attention is a very entertaining thought. Put up some motion cameras in your house and add me on the "sent to" list 😁

Like you, I'm also wary about mentioning anything supernatural to all and sundry. I learned that during my childhood years. Most people think we're freaky, or we're lying.

Perhaps Aunty May has twisted some arms and has been granted the privilege to visit every now and then? None of us knows for sure what happens when we reach the other side!

Regards, Melda
She died from colon cancer. Coincidentally my husband was diagnosed with stage 4 colorectal cancer two months prior to the smoke alarm incident.

We were both very overwhelmed with this news, and I really wasn't wanting to relive this experience of losing someone this way.

Somehow, we felt like she was telling us everything was going to be okay. We felt like she knew something we didn't. Of course I have a history of just wanting so badly to believe things when I've been desperate enough.

It's a year later and I can tell you, although he has to be monitored for at least 5 years, he has no evidence of cancer.
The dog did not know the father-in-law (nor did I). He had been in poor health for several years and lived in Europe.

Mother-in-law has since passed. I don't think he wanted to tell either of us about this immediately since he didn't want us to think he was nuts. I don't remember how long he waited to tell either of us. So, I feel like her sister received and read the letter before he brought it to her attention.
FarEndofSpectrum in The Heart Of The Matter

I believe in taking the undue risks with due precautions.

And may you stay safe as well.
Hi Lost Voyage, I've wondered if these festivals mark thresholds as well as periods of seasonal change. Special boundaries where the Veil between realms of time, realities and space become thinner at certain times of the year. I've shared this article before on the Celtic belief that at certain times and in certain places, ghosts or spirits could slip through 'betwixt and between', like going to another room. It's a fascinating concept.


It's always nice to encounter a friendly spirit. Not all encounters need to be scary or negative ones. Thanks for coming by to read my account.
8-bitDemigod in The Heart Of The Matter
[at] FarEndofSpectrum

Lol, I understand the instinct to push as far as you can despite the potential danger. Sometimes you gotta do something dangerous to get results.

Good luck and be safe. 😊
RCRuskin (hi "Brother-brat"),

I've shared some of my experiences with a few in the family. Not sure about the attendance. I might have to ask them when I get the chance. But so far, I haven't heard that anyone else has received a visit from Aunty May. Mum would love a visit from her eldest sister, May, even if it's in a dream. But Mum has been very ill and was in hospital for a while soon after the funeral. Perhaps Aunty May chose me because I had the best available 'reception' at the time, so she sent her message via me (like a human antenna!) to Mum and the rest of the clan. That would be like Aunty May - practical as ever.

I wouldn't be surprised if Aunty May came that night to tell me that I shouldn't have missed her funeral service. No excuses! I can just hear her say in her most imperious tone: "Why were you not there to pay your respects, young lady?" And yes, I also got the brief lecture from my elder sister to be more tech savvy like the rest of the family. Mea culpa - my bad. But I did get a copy of the Order of Service from my cousin and said a prayer for Aunty May. We miss her heaps. 😘

Your questions have got me thinking. Being the lunar calendar, the Ghost Month falls on different dates every year. I don't remember the Ghost Month in the past being more 'active' than other months, but I've only started keeping an event journal since October last year. That is how I found a correlation from the period to the recent activities. It could be that since we're spending more time at home these days, I'm finally paying attention. Just think, ghosties could have been tweaking and breakdancing around me all these years and I never noticed!

I like what you said that we have to consider our past, in order to look to the future. Remember the lessons learnt, forget the bad, keep what is important. For me, it would be family ties and their loving bonds. Despite all the differences and the distance between us, a family with a good foundation would pull together in times of trouble.

Rex and I usually don't mention our strange experiences to the neighbours. It tends to make them uncomfortable. But I did meet up with the young woman who has the car space next to the emergency exit. It was just a few days ago. We were waiting in the basement carpark and I told her about the woman I saw. She was quite intrigued, but has never seen anything out of the ordinary. I might have started a legend in our building... 😉

That cat could have been an OB experience? I didn't know what to make of it. It was so sudden. Pity it was so short because that was really interesting, like being in two places at one time. Wonder if the cat saw me?

I'm not sure if it was Aunty May helping out in the kitchen, but that is a lovely thought. Since then, I've not smelled sandalwood and things have stayed where they are expected to be. It could very well be that she's now safely moved on, having made sure we were all okay. 😊
Hi Jubeele, fascinating encounters. I know this time of year, regarding late Oct/early Nov, they consider the veil between worlds to be the thinnest, I wonder if the ghost month even though the time period is different than now has the same consideration. When talking about the 'veil', some here state it's the veil between the physical realm and that of spirit, some just say 'between worlds'. I have oft wondered if those 'worlds' may indeed be what we consider other realities or other time periods. Your first 2 encounters, especially the 2nd one strike me as maybe seeing a glimpse of another reality or time? Here in the US, I have been curious if the hauntings people see on some of the civil war battlefields are actually ghostly re-enactments or actually seeing something occurring on another plane of existence, another time as it were. Maybe the veil is pierced based on the level of emotions experienced in situations like that for all involved! It would certainly reclassify some of our 'ghostly' sightings for sure! Just food for thought! The last encounter is either a helpful spirit or one messing around with you, or perhaps both!
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in My Indian
Hi Augusta, great story, thanks for sharing! As I'm understanding it, the feelings of anxiety and of being watched only occurred after nightfall, did you ever experience anything in that driveway or from the woods in the daylight? I pose the same question regarding the guest room? Territoriality is the word that comes to mind in terms of this spirits presence around you. Not a threatening presence surely since you frequented the home and property and were friends with the owner, but nonetheless you were a stranger on a stretch of land he considered his own, which seems confirmed by his 'response' when you closed the window on him. What happened next I can believe would be unnerving!
FarEndofSpectrum in The Heart Of The Matter

Thank you!

And I don't know, really. I hadn't really tried very hard to dig up information about that place.
FarEndofSpectrum in The Heart Of The Matter

Thank you for your compliments! I'm only following the guidelines, though, at the best of my ability.

Sadly, I don't live there anymore. I hadn't asked around about that bus, because we didn't know who to ask about it. I had tried to ask an old tea stall owner about it, only for him to get very confused and ask what I was talking about. That was all the investigation I did on it as a child. I intend to do more when I go back.

And yes, as I have grown, I too have developed an healthy wariness of snakes.
FarEndofSpectrum in The Heart Of The Matter

Sadly, I don't live there anymore. I do plan to go visiting soon enough, though. I intend to ask around, then, perhaps. The people definitely did think something was up with the land. They stories that came from the hills were quite removed from the reality we know. As it is in Bangladesh, it all got blamed on the djinns.

And I have incredibly bad instincts that are hell-bent on getting me in more and more trouble.
"Fascinating." -Spock from Star Trek.

Hi, "sis"! 😁

I crashed early last night, due to... Well... That thing.

Not relevant to ghosts but I often get notified of stuff that interests me anywhere from an hour to a few weeks *after* the actual thing itself. 😠 It makes me wonder something, and you could probably find this out. Has anyone else been visited by Aunt May? And if yes, were they late to the Zoom or did they miss it entirely?
Maryann - What happened to participating in the discussion?

Members of this forum have read your experience and responded positively, with a few questions of course. Oh well, ultimately it's your decision.

Regards, Melda
Hello Lady-glow,

I mean 4am that time. I was thinking of my previous schedule
Hello Lady-glow,

Thank you and thank you for reading my story.

I highly doubt it's an error. Well, hopefully it's just an error.

That was around 10:00PM and I am positive I am not near any construction site.

Thank you again for the comment ❤
Jubeele - Since leaving Singapore and having been resident in Australia for many years now, have you ever had other experiences which could connect to the ghost month? Besides paranormal experiences year round, do the bulk of them occur say towards end June to early August?

Maybe that's a silly thought but it just crossed my mind. I think for most people our roots play a part in our lives going forward.

The lady you saw might have been residual. If she were seen by other residents do you think they would have told you? Do you have that open of a relationship with them?

In my mind the sighting of the feral cat was an OB experience. Amazing isn't it? I've had a few OB experiences and only one scared me enough to pray to all that is holy to protect me from experiencing it again. However in this one you appear to be happy and curious and it happened in such a short time!

The kitchen again! Did you get the impression that was Aunty May? It would be nice if it were 😊 Of course at some stage she will probably move on, which would be a good thing for her.

Regards, Melda
Hi spookyONE69:

I work in a call center, too. Honestly, I don't see in anyway how a poor connection is your fault. It is weird what you heard but lines get crossed, technology fails, things happen. Not really sure what occurred was paranormal but if you were to experience that again, I would suggest giving the customer a call back on another line. ❤
lady-glow in Freaky Experience
"Jars with fetuses on the shelves..."

I mean "jars with foetus on the shelves".

Sorry about that.
lady-glow in Freaky Experience

That is a very interesting point, though it wouldn't explain the police car parked outside the house, which had attracted the crowd of kids gathered outdoors or, was the car a ghost too?

Although I have nothing else to say about this story that doesn't mean that I have no questions.


I'm curious about your conviction that the residents of the house were performing seances, spells and using the OB.
Do you say this because your family was close enough to them and knew their lifestyle and, perhaps, even got invited to take part to one of these events; or was it a well known fact among the residents of the base housing and you heard this information (rumors?) from your friends?
Did you see anything unusual in the house that could support this idea, like an actual OB, a glass ball, weird symbols on the walls... Jars with fetuses on the shelves...

Who told you about the electrician's findings?
Do you know who called the police? I just can't imagine anyone in their right mind calling the cops on a flickering light... Never mind, I actually can picture that, it's not unusual to hear in the news about people calling 911 for the stupidest reasons.

Had you seen that particular officer before that day? Did you see him again?

Anyway, if I keep on going, my comment will end up being longer than your story.
AugustaM in My Indian
I don't know that Anne knows much about crossing over ceremonies or if one done by someone outside of his culture would even be truly effective. Who knows if he could even understand her words... They seem to coexist rather nicely, though - she respects his presence and seems to like knowing there's someone else there with her.
BlossomLily - It is a known fact that some nasty spirits do harm people in the way you have described. Do I believe that this could have happened to you? For lack of a logical explanation, yes I can absolutely believe it.

Regards, Melda
Wrh, I found the freakiest part of this the fact you were more or less encouraged to have a gander and NOT the light show. Forget ouija boards, what if the cop was the ghost (!) 😲
freakedoutfreddy in Freaky Experience
I don't know man, maybe a ghost was trying to communicate using the light like Morse code? 🤔 😁 😁
He started to pee but he suddenly stopped and started dragging me back to my house.
wrh1969 in Demonic Voice?
The air wasn't heavy but I felt something in there with me. I had a preacher tell me (when I told him what happened with demonic voice) that he thinks God decided to let his protection over me down a little to teach me a lesson. What do you think?
lady-glow in Freaky Experience

I'm going to compare your narrative to preparing chicken soup: you have presented us only with boiled chicken and water, and are trying to make it taste better by adding the rest of the ingredients when it is too late to do's never going to turn all right if they didn't cook together.

Don't take my words the wrong way but, if you have other stories to share in the future and in order to deliver a good quality product, please include as much information and details as possible in your original narrative.

My apologies if my words sound harsh. I have nothing else to say about your story.
BlossomLily in Scratched By A Ghost
Hey, Ishan, Believe it Or not, My cousin's dad has always been a weird kind of guy. I rarely talked to him or spent time with him. Probably he was annoyed of my cousin constantly begging him to pick him up. I didn't asked him why he refused to pick him up. Throughout our walk he seldom talked.

He doesn't really believe in paranormal stuff and he did not have any idea that the alley was haunted. That's why he took that shortcut so we could reach home early.

I didn't bring those points up as I needed more clarity and opinions from others about those scratches only as to why those scratches appeared later and whether It was a ghost or not, as I didn't wanted to believe completely on my relative's discussion.

My memory has never been good. That's why I later on remembered about my two brother's talk. Actually I was so focused on my experience that I didn't wrote about their part. And I thought It was not much important.

To be honest with you, when I was writing about my brother's and relative's part on comments, I felt that people will not believe it as I was writing it only when someone was asking. But I decided to write it anyways.

It's totally fine with me if you don't believe it. I just wanted opinions regarding why the scratches appeared later and was that a work of the spirits or not, If not spirits or ghosts then how did I got those scratches and the burning sensation?

But Also, I would never post any fake story on any website.
The room from my memory was pretty much empty except for a standing pole lamp.
They did have an electrician check things out and he found nothing was amiss. I am pretty sure the occupants of this house were doing spells/seances etc too.
BlossomLily in Scratched By A Ghost
Hey, The_Morrighan, Yes it maybe possible, that sort of thing happened. But It wasn't a painless scratch to be honest. I felt strong burning sensation and even after coming back home I still had a little bit of sensation on my back.
OK Guys, "Business process outsourcing (BPO) is the practice of contracting a specific work process or processes to an external service provider. BPO is often divided into two main types of services: back office and front office. Back-office services include internal business processes, such as billing or purchasing." (Thanks, Uncle Google!)

I hope you and your loved ones are safe and well after Super Typhoon Rolly smashed into the island of Luzon.

After 40 years working in the telecommunications industry, I too, strongly suspect that you were a victim of a "crossed line". From what you described, the primary connection was between you and the client, with the "third party" potentially unaware that you two are hearing his conversation with somebody else.

Like Ruskin I would also like to know what "BPO" means and the banging (construction site) noise is a bit weird at that hour of the morning.

Sometimes what makes these phone conversations creepy, is who you are crossed with and their intention. I've left a link to one such experience.


Hopefully, the telecommunications infrastructure was not too badly damaged and you can get back to us soon.

Hi, Spooky.

I worked in a call center once, not sure what BPO stands for though. Not relevant to the experience though.

So, this construction noise has me curious. You work from 11 PM to 8 AM, and assuming lunch is about halfway through your shift, that would mean someone was doing a noisy construction job at about 3 AM. 3:30 AM. No wonder he wanted to take a rest. I'm usually asleep at that hour myself.
RCRuskin in Freaky Experience
Lady Glow, not to get too contrary, but I have noticed people can form opinions without having even a single fact available. The opinions are usually quite crazy. 😁

Going just on what is presented in this story as fact, the MP seems a little odd, letting a child go investigate a supposed crime scene. It is certainly not something I would suggest.

Question, which may be unanswerable after so long a time, what was in the room besides the moving on its own light switch? Furniture, objects, closets?
lady-glow - Conjoined twins perhaps in the mind but not in reality 🙄 Take from that what you will.

I can't understand how people actually believe the load of crap that this person spouts forth. I usually swear in my mind and not in the written word. Having done so now shows how strongly I feel about this nonsense.

Expect a down vote (I've given you a plus) and I'm expecting about five downs - fine with me.

Regards, Melda

I hope you don't mind that I have moved my reply to this thread.

I think there are too many holes in those stories. I even wonder if the author/s do/es it on purpose so they can improvise whatever is convenient in case of scrutiny.
Of course, this is just my opinion.

On the bright side, we may have had the privilege of interacting with the only set of conjoined cousins to have lived in the history of humankind... Imagine that!

Best regards.
Twilight1011 in He Brought Her To Me
Suzy2, your sister sounds like an amazing woman, to take on something like that. I know it's not easy to care for a loved one in that condition, but it's good that your mother had someone willing to help her in her time of need. I wish I knew at the time it might have been possible, for me to have done that for my grandfather, but he was never really easy to get along with before he got dementia. My relationship with him has never really been that good, because of how he was towards me my whole life, so I didn't think that he would be ok with me helping care for him. I didn't find out that he actually would have been, until it was too late. I couldn't imagine having 5 kids, and not one was willing to help care for me when I needed them. It's just sad to have to witness.
lady-glow in Freaky Experience

Thanks for clarifying your expectations.

In my opinion, there is not enough information in your narrative as to say what happened, much less to determine if it was a paranormal event. We readers have no answers, only opinions and, in order to form an opinion one needs to know as much as possible about a subject.

I think that knowing if an electrician was called to check the electrical system of the house and their findings is a must before assuming that the flickering light was an angry ghost or a OB session going wrong. Do you know any more information that could help in building up a case?

I'll appreciate your feedback.
wrh1969 in Childhood Fears
I used to feel the same way about my mickey mouse piggy bank that I kept on my dresser as a 8-12 year old kid. I swear the eyes followed me an looked at me with a piercing stare. Everytime I would look at it if I was by myself I would get a creepy scared feeling.
wrh1969 in Childhood Fears
I am guessing from my whole spectrum of contacts... My favorite Aunt died a couple of years ago and I see her in my minds' eye a lot... I think she is looking out for me! 😊 What do you think?
I don't expect to get any help about what happened I just wanted input on what you all (the readers of my story) think happened paranormal wise. 😉
lady-glow in Freaky Experience
Hello wrh1969.

It's hard to believe that the police would not only allow a boy your age to enter a possible threatening place, but to ask you to go and investigate?!?
Is letting bystanders into a possible crime scene considered a normal practice by Hawaii's police force?

What makes you think that a OB session could have been the reason for the events? Was the house empty or was someone living there?

If the 1969 in your user name is the year you were born, what kind of help do you need/expect to get after 40 or so years since this happened?

I'm sorry but, in my opinion, the facts in your narrative make no sense.
Hi spookyONE.

Welcome to YGS.

Personally, I think it is premature to consider this event a paranormal experience without trying to find any possible explanations.

Would it be possible that something went wrong with the telephone line, either on your side or at the customer's?

Being Halloween and during the wee hours of the night, it's possible that you an your coworkers got a bit paranoid about this odd event before even thinking if it can bee explained by something ordinary and mundane.
This is just my opinion.

Anyway, it makes a nice Halloween story.

Thanks for sharing.
TravisCannabis in Freaky Experience
That policeman was a pus*y... Asking a kid to investigate! 😆
IMO what you need is an electrician's help 😊 😉
Twilight1011 in Black Mass
Hey, Sorry to take so long on getting back to y'alls comments. I tried to comment the other day, and after writing so much, I ended up having everything I had just wrote, get deleted somehow, so I just gave up and decided to wait another time to try commenting again. Hopefully this time it won't get erased. I was surprised to see how soon this was put on here, and especially on Halloween, that's pretty awesome. To Jubeele, that is very scary to have happen to you, where you weren't sure if it was just a dream or not, yet to have your ankle hurting where it had grabbed you, to the point it was swollen, and then to have your glass door get cracked when you told it to leave, really makes it hard to think it was just a dream, having evidence like that saying otherwise. I hope you're ok now, and haven't had any more trouble from whatever that was? As for y'alls comments, I've heard of the bad feng shui of your bed facing the door, but with how small our room is, we really don't have many options in how to arrange our room, without losing walkway space. So for now, we have to deal with it being faced that way. But it's not like we're constantly experiencing something bad that we need to do something to help change anything. My husband is the one normally experiencing something more negative at night, but I'd say that's still only around a handful of times a month, so he isn't at his breaking point with it. We did cleanse the house last July, which was crazy how I had said I wanted to do that a certain day, but before it was dark, and the day I had said I would do it, I all of a sudden got what I believe to be sun poisoning (I think that's what it is called), where I felt dizzy and nauseous, after being out in the sun, for what really wasn't that long, considering I've been out before longer. I've never gotten sun poisoning before, and by the time it was dark, I all of a sudden felt better. That's when it dawned on me, how I had said when I had planned to cleanse the house, and how I didn't want to do it after dark, yet that just happens to be when I felt horrible, and then felt better. It maybe just a coincidence, but I thought it seemed suspicious. We even had stuff being thrown off our bookshelf, when we were talking about cleansing the house. After cleansing it, things felt better, but we knew it wouldn't exactly rid our home of every spirit, but I did walk through in the cleansing saying all negative spirits must leave. Things aren't so heavy around the house now, as it started to get before the cleansing (meaning we could feel a lot of negativity around the house). So the cleansing might have been what's helped me not experience that black mass lately. My ducks are all still good, and as for their safety, I made sure when they got old enough to be out from under a heating lamp (when they got all their feathers), to have them safe homes to live in, so they sleep in a dog house that I have rigged up to make safe for them to sleep in, where nothing can get in and disturb them. I have a screen door on their house, that locks, so snakes and other animal's can't get them.
lady-glow - I actually didn't want to participate any further but I have to say this. When you were told that you were the primary reason for "Sohie" closing her account, that actually isn't true. There were a few of us!

I know you well enough (not personally of course) to realise that the accusation won't particularly faze you.

I have to say that Oceana/Sophie on occasion create the impression that they come from a very privileged background. This makes me wonder why they have to share a PC. Really? Strange. No personal laptop, or IPad, whatever?

Regards, Melda
Oceana - With all due respect and with no intention of reignite a pointless discussion but, IF:

"Sophie left because she knew people linked us together, and with her gone, maybe someone would finally think of us as seperate people"

Then, why did you blame me and others for her decision?:

I feel like you drove her away from this site. Maybe some others too, but primarily you...
And when Alina5 wanted questions answered after the massive rant of yours, is it any wonder she didn't and just left. How are you supposed to answer something like that?"

...I only wish she could have shared a link to contact the 700 pounds rental... I wouldn't mind to stay there with a group of friends once this pandemic is over... Or even spend a weekend ghost-hunting at Canonteing, that is, of course, if I could get hold of its Chinese owner.
Would you happen to know that information?
Thanks for the extra details. Well that explains the marble. The headstone itself can't be from WWI if the date of death is 1945. So I guess looking at some army records could shed more light on his identity, where his remains are. If it was the guy in the driveway do you think you'd know him again if you found a photo?

Not having much luck with the searches so far. I could only find this.

Where's Rook when you need him, he knows about army stuff.
And Wishnot, he knows all about county records and finding things.

As for me I go with my gut and I'm still on the fence with this one, getting downvoted, which amuses me greatly.
LadyMonticello in Man In The Driveway
Here is what the Tombstone says. I do not know how to upload the picture from my IPhone to this website. Tomorrow I will be returning to work for the first time since the Pandemic started. So I might not be able to check back for a few days.
Theron S. Wilbur
PVT U. S. Army
March I,1887-Jan 12,1945

If you know how to upload a photo here let me know.
Don't ever feel bad for sharing. It's part of healing I believe.
So very sad about your Grandpa. I can't even imagine how difficult this is. My sister took care of our Mom until the end. I'm forever grateful to her and I know it couldn't have been easy. Mom became difficult to deal with the last few months and my sister had no help due to covid. She did the best she could and Mom certainly tested her patience. I'm glad you're able to visit him. Hold on to that and try not to dwell on the "crap" you can't do anything about. It will tear you apart. Grandpa wouldn't want that. Believe he will find his peace. ❤

I LOVE that movie also! I had a conversation with my dad concerning the afterlife. We discussed how many different beliefs there are and I felt like whatever you believe, maybe that's what it will be for you.
What a beautiful dream about Peanut! She came to see you! Amazing isn't it.
valkricry in Man In The Driveway
LadyMonticello, did you intend to include a link to the picture? Because, I'm not seeing anything.

Tweed has hit on a subject that is very common on international sites; trying to wrap your head around things vastly different around what you 'know' in your own country - sometimes even within your own area. The USA is a prime example of this. I'm in Illinois, pretty much center of the USA, also near the center of said state - and the difference in what a dollar will get you is HUGE when compared to say, Chicago. Especially when it comes to real estate. Example: 1 bedroom apartment where I live averages: $1,018 - $1,832; in Chicago the same apartment would be: $1,498-$2,024. However if I go to the southern tip of my state a 1 bedroom would be $582-$600 average. Of course, you can always find exceptions; higher/lower. My point being, I see nothing wrong with it being a point of utter confusion, and wanting clarification.
Details are vital when it comes to the paranormal, and I know sometimes it can seem like we're nit-picking, however what is actually happening is clarifying and processing. Sometimes the answer is "I don't know," sometimes the question makes something 'click' and the experience suddenly makes sense to the OP as well as us. And yes, sometimes it has revealed someone's writing talents and imagination. If nothing else, questions provide us all a chance to learn and grow in understanding, at least about the world around us. So I say, ask away!
LightMight in Man In The Driveway

In regard to the picture of the tombstone; I don't see any photo attached either with your comment. Could you try uploading it again, please? Your story is compelling, and I think it would be terrific to see the tombstone and where it sits on the property.


Perhaps some of this story and others are hard for you to swallow due to the cultural divide, which is understable to a point. There's certainly nothing wrong with forming your own opinion and not agreeing with others, but when you condescendingly cast aspersions toward someone don't expect it to be received well each time.

~ LightMight

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