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I'm wondering if you and your husband are a part of an extra terrestrial programme? From my own research, the watchers have been interacting with humans for thousands of years on many human hybrid programs in Zechatia's Sitchin's own interpretation on the Sumerian Tablets he claims these watchers are the ones who basically kicked off the human family by using their own DNA mixed in with the Neanderthal ape. Btw, it's just a theory no offence intended for those who have religious belief systems however the Sumerian Tablets are real 1000's of years old and and still with us.

I have a few times in my life experienced what your husband has and yes if you are a part of their program there's very little you can do about it however understanding we are not alone and still a very primitive young society offers you some perspective as to why they treat us the way they do.

Although there are some other theories that suggest we do consent with most of these programs prior to entering the earth matrix from one of the other dimensions?

Anyway, if you were a part of these programs there would most likely be other strange episodes associated with them.

Did you are your husband ever feel a sharp pain in the left calf muscle?

Regards Daz
It's really good to hear back from you as well Miandra 😊 I too have missed chatting with you. I think your little pookie sounds so precious ❀ that's adorable to hear that he has the habit of taking your covers for his comfort, at least when you wake up to missing covers being pulled to the floor, it's not because of something paranormal doing it 😨 that's something I would not want to experience. It's nice to know that I'm not the only adult who is still afraid of the dark. I still think you're very brave to go through what you do alone though. I understand the comfort a loving pet can give in helping you feel better in your home. I had stayed in an apartment many years ago, and despite not being alone while living there, I still struggled with feeling comfortable with the spirit I felt there. So I ended up getting me a little companion to help comfort me at night, when I was frequently awoken by something standing next to me in bed. She really helped me a lot in getting through that time living there. Sadly a few years later, after moving to a place out in the country, a nearby neighbor I believe had stolen her, because she was pregnant, and given her breed, would make good money to sell her puppies. It broke my and my son's hearts to have her taken from us like that, as she was very muched loved by us. As for your thoughts about why I experience that mostly when my husband is out the room, I'm not quit sure. He too also has experiences aswell here, and other places. But it seems that he deals with more aggressive behavior from whatever is around him, that I have rarely experienced myself. I have an experience about the one I had, that I keep wanting to submit here. My husband had woken to me being disturbed in my sleep, to seeing a black mass hovering over me while I was still asleep, in the middle of a horrible dream, that I believe that thing had made me have, as I too had saw a black mass at the end of our bed, right before I went to sleep that night, and at that time, my husband was unaware of me seeing that. So I don't know how to make sense on why it does that when he leaves the room. Perhaps your suggestion on it finding comfort from me is a factor, as I've been told that before, and had written about in my "Memory Lane" submission. It was good to hear from you again, and I hope to hear back from you again soon.
FarEndofSpectrum in Tall Shadowy Figure

Sightings of shadow people are not un-often. What concerns me, though, is the height of the being. Distorted, or mutated, human apparitions sometimes indicate inhuman and often sinister presences. Did you experience any other paranormal occurrences around the house?
mercylinkia in No Moon Day
As per Vedic astrology (INDIAN Astrology) it is mentioned that no moon means no positivity and negative entities could get easily reach to humans that specific day, I have analyzed thousands of horoscope charts of individuals where I saw person having sort of mental disorder (serious ones) because of bad moon placement. Here in context of your story I could say if that particular having weak planetary combinations, she could have attacked by negatitive entity easily, any cleansing ritual on no moon day would be helpful
Lady-glow: I had emailed Brenda because she herself had said that she is not comfortable sharing the graphic details of her experiences. If you read the previous comments by Mrs. Ramsay you will understand why it provoked the religious sentiments. She had directly told Brenda not to message me. Mrs. Ramsay had mocked Lord Hanuman... The way she spoke was very rude.
Scary are you still live there? πŸ˜• πŸ˜• πŸ˜•
Any how your story is nice hnm
thething45 - My apologies to you. I inadvertently posted my comment on your story!

Regards, Melda
Zaruje - I do apologise! I posted my comment on the story link I referred you to. I don't know how I managed that. However, I've corrected it now.

Regards, Melda
Zaruje - I think that there are a couple of possibilities to explain the "person" in the kitchen.

I'd like to tell you about something I experienced. At the time I think I still only had my firstborn son. This is a very long time ago. One late Saturday afternoon my husband received a call from a friend asking him for some assistance on something or other. Off went hubby to his pal. A short while later it was bath time for the toddler and as I walked past my front door with him in my arms I saw my husband about to enter through the screen door. I said to him I won't be long, just going to bath the baby. So off I went. To my surprise after my son was bathed and dressed, there was no sign of my husband. Very shortly thereafter he did in fact enter via the screen door. He totally denied having been home at the time I was bathing the baby. I believe him, he had no reason to lie. So, what was that all about?

I'm adding a link which is similar to the above although the circumstances are different.


So perhaps you saw the entity which has made its presence known to you previously, or perhaps you did see your uncle at the stove an hour before he was actually there.

Strange things happen!

Regards, Melda

Not taking sides but I understand what you mean, in my opinion the most important part in any ritual is the faith of the person on what they are doing. In this particular case, the OP has made it clear that they are not a religious person, hence it would be difficult for Brenda to believe blindly on something that she isn't familiar with.

Add to this the fact that the prayer to Hanuman is in a language not spoken by the OP, - would Brenda be able to recite/chant the prayer properly?

I wonder if such prayer would be powerful if some words are inadvertently changed/pronounced? As an example, in Spanish, the words este, Γ©ste and estΓ© might look the same to a non Spanish speaking person, but their meaning is not the same (east; this one; a form of the verb to be, respectively). What would it happen in the case of something similar taking place when chanting the prayer?
Would it work if, instead of saying the words, a non awadhi speaker plays a recording of the chalisa?

Pinksweety - not meaning to offend anyone but, when it comes to the paranormal there's nothing like an "one fits all" solution for all cases.
I know you are trying to help but keep in mind that many members of the forum are here trying to understand, learn from, and help the people facing a paranormal situation, in my opinion it would be best if the discussion is open to all the members instead of doing it via email. Besides, at this point you have still to prove your knowledge and expertise in the paranormal field.
I have nothing against you and the advice you can provide but, unfortunately, neither have anything to say on your favor.


I have no advice to offer but am following the feedback and updates to your experience. Praying for a solution to your problem.
Zaruje - I think that there are a couple of possibilities to explain the "person" in the kitchen.

I'd like to tell you about something I experienced. At the time I think I still only had my firstborn son. This is a very long time ago. One late Saturday afternoon my husband received a call from a friend asking him for some assistance on something or other. Off went hubby to his pal. A short while later it was bath time for the toddler and as I walked past my front door with him in my arms I saw my husband about to enter through the screen door. I said to him I won't be long, just going to bath the baby. So off I went. To my surprise after my son was bathed and dressed, there was no sign of my husband. Very shortly thereafter he did in fact enter via the screen door. He totally denied having been home at the time I was bathing the baby. I believe him, he had no reason to lie. So, what was that all about?

I'm adding a link which is similar to the above although the circumstances are different.


So perhaps you saw the entity which has made its presence known to you previously, or perhaps you did see your uncle at the stove an hour before he was actually there.

Strange things happen!

Regards, Melda
To Shabtslover,
I do apologize, did NOT mean to offend. Truly, I think what made me go, "hmmm" was the suggestion that someone learn an entire language in order to deal with this. I meant to go look things up, but just got busy and haven't been here to reply.

Truly, I respect your beliefs and should not have been so flip. From your reaction, you sound like a very nice young person. Peace and love from Georgia!
yoursmile in No Moon Day
melda, you are being very kind and thanks for being supportive. Love from yoursmile ❀
Melda in No Moon Day
yoursmile - I didn't originally respond to your story because quite honestly I don't know what to say. I have heard and read about levitation but have never experienced it.

I'm pleased the young lady turned out to be okay.

Regards, Melda
Melda in No Moon Day
traviscannibis - I have to admit you have a great sense of humour, which I've noticed on a few occasions. Just bear in mind that sometimes you have to be serious. Many people who post here do need assistance. Perhaps a bit less of the cannabis in the travis? Not scolding, just a suggestion.

Regards, Melda
yoursmile in No Moon Day
traviscannabis, it was where my mom was a teacher and apparently, I was in convent school. So, it was not my school otherwise I would have enjoyed. And to be precised it must be a break time or the lecture getting over, so to help her may be my mom would have asked other students to help or to know the reason of her unconsciousness. I don't have much details regarding this. 😐
yoursmile in No Moon Day
mumbaikaidon, even I have not seen this scene, how I can I describe you more. Even I wished to see this scene in real if I can.
yoursmile in No Moon Day
ladyglow, I am a doctor right now, and to be prΓ©cised a homeopathic doctor, so I have studied in my books that even the tides of the ocean have certain effects on body scientifically, and we have prΓ©cised medicines with us in which we specifically asked them like do u have your epilepsy attack on no moon day or the new moon day. Even the rays of the moon effect the physiology of body. So, according to me scientifically we do have a effect on body. But regarding this story, I dnt have any clue might be because of some energy which gains more powers on such nights, this is also what I have heard from my folks and dnt have any proof or this.
TravisCannabis in No Moon Day
I like your school, they stopped class and called everyone to see an unconscious kid. Wish this had happened to me when I was writing my calculus final exam. 😁 😁
mumbaikadon in No Moon Day
I think this story was a bit incoherent and I have a huge doubt about the girl floating in air. Please maintain the sanctity of this site. Those who really had incidents are overlooked because of "supposed" incidents like this
lady-glow in No Moon Day
DarriuxDarkk & yoursmile.

This "no Moon day" is what westerns call New Moon "and it occurs the moment when the Sun and Moon are aligned, with the Sun and Earth on opposite sides of the Moon."

I find very interesting the beliefs that many cultures around the world have about the Moon and the influence of its phases on ordinary life events. I oftentimes wonder if these influences are real or if they are only superstitions so deeply ingrained within a culture, that people would never dare to question if this is true.

I know that this is not your personal experience but, do you know if the girl's actions worsen/changed according to the phase the Moon was at?
yoursmile in No Moon Day
hi dark, your name is too complex to say, so in short hi dark. So according to my knowledge when there is no Moon illuminating the night sky. This no moon night, (Amavasya) holds great importance in the Hindu religion. According to the panchang, the first night of the first fortnight or the bright fortnight (paksha) of a lunar month, i.e., the first day of Shukla Paksha is the Amavasya. The darkest night of the month is often considered inauspicious by many. Devotees even believe that any task commenced on Amavasya 2020 will never be successful.
Sleeping-with-steve in Someone Or Something Moved My Hand
Hello Twilight1011,

OMG, I haven't seen you here in such a long time. I've missed our chats.
I don't think your responses are too long. I thoroughly enjoy reading your comments.
That little hand that held yours, sounds like a child spirit who found comfort by holding your hand. You mentioned that you have experienced several spirit sightings when your husband leaves the room... Perhaps they find you comforting and perhaps they have tried to make themselves known to your husband too, but, perhaps he's busy rushing around and never sees them.
(I don't know why that happens) πŸ€”
I'm still scared of the dark too as an adult, and like you, I also pull the sheets over my head at times. 😲
I have the cutest little dog now who usually jumps in bed with me or drags my sheets off the bed and sleeps on them. Lol. I have given him his own arm chair, a soft fluffy pet cushion, and soft pillow. He still drags my sheets of my bed and ruffles them up into a ball and sleeps on them. I go to pull my sheets up sometimes and feel for them but can't find them. I look down on the floor and there is my little pookie-poo fast asleep next to my bed, or on my bed with the sheets at the end of my bed.
My little dog keeps me busy now and I feel stronger coping with the paranormal with him in my unit.
Thanks for your reply Twilight1011, It's so good to see you again.
SWS. 😘
Sleeping-with-steve in Someone Or Something Moved My Hand
Hello Lealeigh and Manafon1,

I appreciate your response to my dilemma in search of the footage of the ghosts caught on dashcam.
I understand all the different thoughts associated with ghost sightings in general. I am one of those people that needs proof, and even then, unless it happens to me, or that I witness them first hand, I also find it hard believing. In this case, my gut instincts say it's real. (Once again, I'm not an expert, I'm just going by my instincts).
Thank you both again for you responses in helping me out.

SWS. 😘
Sleeping-with-steve in Someone Or Something Moved My Hand
Hello Valkricry,

Thank you for posting the link to the article/ video footage published by the sun. I watched everything and can't help but feel they were human spirits and not droplets. (I'm no expert of course, but my instinct says it's real) Especially with the version of the footage published by the sun.
Thank you so much for all the ground work you've done in putting all the links together. It's exactly what I tried so hard to find online, but not knowing the place of the battlefield, I had no success.

Once again,
Thank you. SWS 😘
Siddhakaruvurar in Encounter With A Spirit
LFrog 1386 I don't know exactly why the person died, yes it would have been a strong spirit. Let it rest in peace.
DarriuxDarkk in No Moon Day
Hi first of all welcome. I do have a question. What does no moon day signifies? I'm curious.

Thank you for sharing. God bless.
Kellylbecker31 in Morse Hall Happenings
I realize that this comment is about 9 years too late or maybe even 19 years too late. I lived in the 4th floor of Southeast Morse Hall in the fall and spring of 2001-2002. I went back to my dorm in early Spring 2002 about 1:30 am. I got ready for bed and got into bed and was praying silently. Then, right behind my head someone dribbled a basketball 3 times and a sneaker squeaked on the tile floor. I was petrified, because it was there, it was real. I quietly said "Stop" and then it dribbled again 3 times even harder. I flew out of bed, turned on the lights and ran to my friends apt with no shoes on. None of us ever stayed at the dorm by ourselves again until we moved out on May. This is my one and only paranormal experience. It was real.
Manafon1, I think you did an excellent piece of analytical work on the Civil War ghost footage. Wholeheartedly agree with your conclusions.
Hey Miandra, 😊 I haven't been on this site as often as I use to be for the past year or so now, due to how crazy its been around my house lately. And now with this pandemic going on, it's only gotten crazier, now having to help my 3 kids with their online schooling from home, since school's are not fully opened anymore. Anyways, I've really missed being on here, reading everyone's stories they've sent in, and just talking to the regular people on here. What you said about how you use to get so scared when you were young, when dealing with the paranormal, that you would freeze to the point of not moving, made me think of how I was as a child when dealing with it. I remember I would get so scared that I would hide under my blankets, despite how hot I'd get under there, or could barely breathe, afraid of what I would see, or what would happen next. I had a theory as a child, that by sleeping in the dark, I wouldn't have to worry about seeing something that would scare me, even though I could still feel it there watching me, knowing where it was, and how close it would be to me. When most kids that age would prefer to at least have a night light on. It was very difficult for me still, because granted I had that theory, I was afraid of the dark, so it was terrifying for me to deal with at such a young age. Honestly, even until this day, I'm still afraid of the dark, but having my husband next to me, is what gives me strength, and helps me not be as afraid. But if I were to go it alone, I would not be able to sleep in the dark. I at least have to have a tv on to help me feel comfortable. I admire that you are able to have found the strength to be able to face your fears of that now. That's something you should feel proud to have overcome. I remember believing as a child, that when you get older, you would no longer be afraid of things anymore, so that was disappointing to realize isn't the case. I have felt what I believe someone touching my hand a few times, and remember questioning myself if I really had just felt that or not. It has only happened to my knowledge, when I'm in bed at night, trying to go to sleep. This one time, my husband had went to the bathroom, and as I laid there in bed, in the dark, with my at the time, 4 year old (she's now 5) at the other end of the bed (my husband was in the middle, before he went to the bathroom that is), I had my eyes shut, trying to go to sleep, when I felt a small size hand grab mine. I kept my eyes shut thinking it was my daughter, but couldn't shake that weird feeling I got at that time, so I decided to open my eyes and see if it was her, and with the little bit of light in the room (from a distant light that was on, while our door was opened) I saw her not right next to me like I had thought she was, when I felt someone grab my hand. She was also asleep, and I remember still seeing where her hand was, and if she was to reach out to grab mine, if it would have reached, and noticed it didn't add up. That how I felt the position of the hand that grabbed mine, was impossible to have been from my daughter. That's when I thought how freaky that was. I doubt it meant any harm obviously, if anything, it was showing comfort, but thought how this kind of stuff always seems to happen to me, when my husband leaves the room at night, when we're in bed, and the lights are out. It's like it waits for him to leave to mess with me. At least it doesn't do anything in a harmful way though. I've wondered who it could have been, thinking of how small the hand felt, it couldn't have been an adult πŸ€” like I've said before, I believe there's multiple spirit's in our home, that I assume just attracts to me, as wherever I go, I always experience something. Our house was built by my dad, so no one has died here either. I think between our land, and what attracts to me, is why I feel so many different types around here. Sorry to go on this long with my comment, I can never seem to make things short. I hope all is going good for you now, it was good reading another one of your experiences ❀
I wanted to thank everyone for changing my perspective on this experience. Reading the comments and thinking back on this time, I do see things in a different light. Though it's still a memorable, scary and unexplained experience; I do think you may be right about this not something malicious vs a kind of protective entity/angel/guide (?).

Lealeigh - Marvin is an awesome name for a raccoon! And you're right about them being intelligent problem solvers. And so cute!
yoursmile in No Moon Day
lady - glow, the girl was under the magic spell. And his father died.
Yes, later on when my mother met her somewhere coincidentally, she was told that she is fine right now. And her maternal uncle helped them during the crisis.

And yes, the way they carried her to hospital was not actually proper. But I think they might have taken as low blood pressure, and treated that way.

By the way, thanks lady glow for your warm welcome. 😊
lady-glow in No Moon Day
I was, and still am, horrified at the way first aid was provided to that girl! I know your mother's and the rest of the staff's intentions were good but it is not advisable to move an unconscious person after a fall in case they have an internal injury that could worsen with movement. And to give them something to drink!?!?

Anyway, I'm glad that nothing worse happened to the girl on the way to the hospital neither after the levitation-banging ordeal.


Welcome to YGS.

I'm a bit confused as for who was under a black magic spell; was it the girl or was it her mother? Whose father died?
Did the woman tell your mother if they were able to get rid of the spell and, if so, what they did to achieve it?

I'm glad to know that the girl is fine and living a normal life.

Thanks for sharing.
Thanks for the gold star Val πŸ˜‰. I agree further investigation and interviews with the witnesses would have been enlightening. There do appear to be drops on the windshield but where they came from isn't known. Furthermore, the witnesses claim they heard noises yet it is silent in the car. No comments about mist or human sized apparitions as the incident unfolds, yet they stop in front of the cannons as if they've seen something. If I just witnessed an apparition running through a cannon I think I'd be saying something--like, "Did you just see that!"

Although we can't be sure, the evidence suggests that the witnesses noticed this anomaly after the fact and created a full story around it. The lack of any kind of reaction or exclamation of surprise by the witnesses or any sound at all suggests a narrative was created after the anomaly was discovered.
Hi Zaruje,
First, I would like to say I do hope your grandmother is in full recovery, and no longer dealing with the virus.
Secondly, from what I gather after reading a few of your other stories, it seems that you are highly sensitive and possess some abilities. Regarding the vision you had of the man crouching over the stove in the kitchen: is it possible that you were still dreaming, or do think you may have had a glimpse of a past happening? Retrocognition (subjective clairvoyance) is the ability to see things in the past; such as events, or happenings.

There's also the possibility that you are now seeing and hearing the figure that you may have experienced in your earlier story, 'New House, New Experiences". Maybe this figure, or spirit, is making it's presence known to you because you are sensitive and aware of its presence?

Unless you already do so, maybe it's time for you to start keeping a daily journal about what you've experienced in that house, and write down anything that seems unusual to you.

I really enjoyed your latest story, thank you for sharing again! LightMight
Gold star ⭐ for Manafon. That's exactly what I was hoping to hear.
In my opinion it's just as important to try and 'debunk' the debunking as to analyze the 'haunting'.
Personally, I would have liked to have seen that particular paranormal group (the one's who slowed down the footage) take their investigation further. For instance in the comments on their Facebook page, one woman argued that droplets would need rain and it had not been raining at all. So where did the droplet come from? This was not addressed and I think it should have been. Was there a shower that night/day? Or even a day or 2 prior, that left a puddle he drove through? Had he just come from a car wash? Driven through sprinklers, used the wipers? And what about Mr. Yuelling's claims, as well as the others in the car?
I can't help but wonder if that Investigative group had tried to speak with them, or attempt to see if anyone else had the same experience. Prosaic explanation or not - still a cool video.
FarEndofSpectrum in The Knock That Followed Me

Well, I support it, but I also encourage it to be independent and open it's own door.
FarEndofSpectrum in The Knock That Followed Me

I'm not sure how to explain the feeling. I was afraid, yes. I am a very fearful person. But there was also this odd feeling being near a large electrical power line. It felt like something I should walk around if possible. Something that might cause me real physical harm if I touch.

I don't know. Where I live, the spirit world spans quite a lot more than angels, demons and ghosts.
FarEndofSpectrum in The Knock That Followed Me

If it was a ghost looking for a friend, I just swiped right.

Do you know what it feels like to stand by a big battery? It felt like that. Like buzzing vibration in the air.

I don't think I slipped into another dimension or anything, but something definitely changed when I exited that Alley.
Manafon1, Val and SWS,

I have just gotten around to watching the first video and then the slow-motion one. That sucks! I can see how the occupants of the car would think that it was the figure of a man; but, it is also clear that it is a case of well-placed rainwater. Damn.

But no one said it would be easy.

- Maria
Hi Val--I also searched out articles on the event and read the youtube comments. I believe the people in the car thought they heard things and because of a pre-existing expectation that the area was haunted, thought they had captured Civil War era soldiers moving amongst the cannons. I just personally feel that when the footage is closely scrutinized that there is a convincing argument to be made that what initially appears to be apparitions are raindrops on the windshield combining with the headlights to create an illusion of apparitions.

Of course everyone is welcome to there opinion and I do believe Civil War battlefields are often quite haunted. I've seen a lot of extremely convincing footage from various battlefields over the years. I'm just skeptical of this particular incident even taking into account what the witness stated.
Manafon, yes I did. I went a step further and looked at the comments made on their FB post as well.πŸ˜‰
Did you read the article posted in the US Sun? Https://www.the-sun.com/news/1458963/gettysburg-ghosts-spooky-apparitions-road-running/

Yuelling (the guy who captured the video) claims they heard sounds as well, and that there was a patch of strange fog, and that the shapes were the 'size of humans'.
Sleeping-with-steve in Someone Or Something Moved My Hand
Hello valkricry, and Manafon1,

Thank you again Valkricry.
Yes, it's something else alright. I watched it a few times. 😲

I didn't go to the link further down. πŸ€”
I really believed the footage was of ghosts. I will scroll down and check out the slow motion clip now.

Thank you Valkricry, Manafon1, Lealeigh, and 19isavela73 for your responses. It's so good to know I can come here for answers. I really appreciate your help.

Best wishes,
Sleeping-with-steve and Val--did both of you scroll down further in the article and look at the footage of the same incident analyzed by the New Jersey Paranormal Research Organization? They actually slow the footage down and put forward a rather compelling theory that what we're actually seeing are drops of water on the car windshield in tandem with car headlights that combine with a prior expectation that the area is haunted creating the illusion of apparitions.

I have to agree that the footage is compelling but when it's slowed down and analyzed it does seem to have a prosaic explanation.
SammyToucan- in My Dad's Haunted House
Hi lady-glow, thank you for suggestion. No his family didn't do anything to remove the ghost. As far as he knows it's still there. It's been sold now and we drive by it every now and then and the house looks strangly empty. It was in the middle of renovations but they seemed to have stopped suddenly and left it.
SammyToucan- in My Dad's Haunted House
Hi Melda.
Thanks for the comment. It might have been a polteguist. It was always letting everyone know it was there. My Dad has no idea how it got there it was just always a heavy presence in the house. It loved causing mischief lol. We'll definately check out your stories 😁.
SWS, glad I could be of service. That footage is something else isn't it?
Sleeping-with-steve in Someone Or Something Moved My Hand
Hello valkricry,
Yes, yes, yes, yes, that's the footage. I don't know how you found it based on the little information I provided, but, yes, that's the one.

It's as real as day that there are ghosts in that footage. May their souls RIP.

Thank you Val. I can put my mind at ease now. 😘

Best wishes,
LightMight in That's Not My Dog
Another great story, t_bev!
Barns are so much fun to explore when you're a young kid, but they can also seem dangerous and spooky when you're all by yourself!

Do you know if this property was situated near any Native American land, or Tribal properties? Some cultures believe black dogs and wolves can symbolize a protective spirit, or a strong guide sent to protect you. On the other hand, black dogs can also represent a spirit with shapeshifting abilities, that aren't exactly a 'positive' influence. I guess it all depends on what type of immediate energy you felt during your experience with the big, black dog...
Thank you, Nelson_but_not_Mandela ❀ Same, I'm hoping that they're hanging out and having good times πŸ˜‰
I used to live in Kota too and it was very busy even at night in my area but after lockdown it felt like a city during a zombie apocalypse 😁 anyways did you ask about the second incident at your hometown? If someone else heard the sobs too?
SammyToucan - Your dad's experiences really strike home with me. I understand how frightened he must have been at times.

I was raised in a haunted house and I was the primary target. We also had poltergeist activity in that house and I believe it was due to the fact that I had a few sisters as well. However, we had more than just poltergeist activity.

You say that the bedroom the two sisters occupied was "its room" and that items in their room would be moved. That's why I mentioned poltergeist activity. That part of the haunting could have been created by the sisters.

I believe that another entity was probably present as well, which could have caused a different type of mayhem.

I posted two stories about my experiences in my childhood home, if you or your dad would be interested in reading them. They're titled "Pulled out my eyebrows in terror", or something similar. I'm simply mentioning it so that your dad can make a comparison, if he's interested.

I can really empathise with your dad!

Regards, Melda
t_bev - What a wonderful childhood you must have had on that farm. I know that as a child I would have envied you.

What a horrifying experience that must have been for you. I think anybody would have been absolutely terrified. A human ghost sitting quietly in a corner, ignoring you, wouldn't have had nearly the same effect. Then again, for some people it might.

I think that if the creature had wanted to harm any member of your family, it would have found an opportunity to do so. I must say it's a bit of a head-scratcher!

Regards, Melda
Nelson_but_not_Mandela in One Last Walk For Shandy
Oh...this is so sad... I'm sorry for the loss of your husband and your dog. 😭
I hope they are together and happy again. ❀
TravisCannabis in The Knock That Followed Me
I don't know man, maybe the ghost wants to come out of the closet? πŸ€” 😁 😁
Setting fear aside. How would you describe the sensation or feelings towards the manifestation? Does it give you a sense of dread or menacing aura of some sorts or do you feel like it's just a typical hair raising sensations when all these are happening.

I'm more curious to what you feel at that exact moment, especially on the banging on your bathroom door. It is as if an entity has latched on to you since you're the main focus of it's haunting or of some sort. I want to know if it is more demonic in nature or restless spirit because it is indeed a weird scary story.

Thanks for sharing. God bless.
I just wanted to give you guys a quick update. I haven't gotten to do any research on the house yet (the office hours for my town clerk are weird and they're never open when I'm actually available.

However, the activity has died down now that the renovations are finished for the time being. The cat isn't reacting to anything and seems to have calmed down a lot. I'll try and update again in a few days when I finally finish moving into my new bedroom. Hopefully things stay quiet for a while... I need a vacation from the paranormal. 😜
How sad. I imagine that would haunt me, too. Feeling like there's something that could be done to help this Spirit but not having been able to do so. In truth, she was probably needing the help when she was alive, not after she's dead. As lady-glow said, it sounds like a residual haunting so the actual spirit of the woman hopefully has moved on long ago.
I'm curious how the young person died as I wonder if he was angry for dying so young and took it out on your dad. Do you know how he died?

Whatever the case, it would have to be a pretty strong spirit to physically move your father the way it did. I'm glad he wasn't hurt!
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in The Knock That Followed Me
That's a fascinating story FarEndofSpectrum! I'm not entirely sure what you encountered, but it's ability to manifest a shuttered shop out of thin air is baffling. I wonder if such a shop had existed on that spot before. From your description of the area, open shops within no one inside, few people, it almost seems as if you stepped into another time or reality? Then as you fled the area, around the corner everything seemed lively, normal again, almost as if you just stepped out of the twilight zone! When you returned and saw there was no 3rd shop, other than that, did the area seem as before, or feel different? Whatever it was, it seemed to enjoy its interaction with you and repeated the experience, luckily other than knocking and hiding behind the bathroom door, it didn't go any further. I know even that though was unnerving and I am glad it didn't follow you beyond that location. It kind of sounded like a ghost who wanted some company and considered the knocking experience some kind of invitation from you to continue the interaction. Either way, thanks again for sharing!
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in That's Not My Dog
Hi t_bev, fascinating story. That too was my first impression when reading your story, that despite its appearance, it was blocking the path to protect you. It never lunged and assumed a form you were familiar with. You said your dad was also sensitive and immediately after the encounter some of his first words were a warning to stay out of the black barn as if he sensed the intent behind the appearance. It knew where you were headed and was keeping you away. I imagine it did look fierce, probably scared both of you. I also think If it's intent was malicious, Ajax would have alerted you. His response in this is key. You mentioned the rest of the time you only saw this spirit out of the corner of your eye. Consider this, maybe it was watching over you, only allowing itself to be seen in glimpses so you would know you were protected and being watched over, only appearing directly to you that one time because it was necessary to stop you from going to the black barn. Perhaps as you mentioned because of the coyote, maybe something far more dangerous, who can say? Anyways good for thought on what picked up from your encounter, great story, I look forward to hearing more from you!
Lealeigh in That's Not My Dog
Hello t_bev,

I really enjoyed this story. I like how your dad openly said: "It was just smoke, there was no dog"...because, in my experience with talking to men about the paranormal, they are not usually so forthcoming - even if they do believe.

I'd like to add this as a side-note: I love raccoons. You said that they are vicious and I guess they are; but, they are also intelligent in a "problem-solving" way. I have seen several work together to knock over our garbage cans and a neighbor of mine, in Georgia, had one as a pet. Its name was "Marvin".

When you look at the footage from people's trail cameras, there are a lot of raccoons doing crazy things at night.

Anyway, thanks for sharing such a great story!

- Maria
Suzy2 - You bring up a good point. I never thought of it like that. At the time I was scared out of my mind, but if I think back on it in a way of protection, it changes my perspective a bit. Still scared though lol.

The only reason my Dad and Ajax were out there at that time and with the gun was because earlier in the day we'd seen a coyote hanging around close to the house. Seeing one in the middle of the day close to people is usually not a good sign; we were always wary of rabies and animals that weren't behaving as they usually would. Thinking back on it I'm surprised my mom let me go out...

So maybe it was protecting me from a rabid coyote? Who knows.

Side note: my mom was actually the one who got the coyote a few days later. I know it was a few days because my mom babysat during the summer and us older kids were locked in with the younger ones for what seemed like an eternity πŸ˜†
lady-glow - Thanks for the comments. I loved exploring that barn because it was huge. During that summer my friend and I spent a lot of time exploring all the side rooms in it; it was like a maze where they just kept adding on. We even found a beautiful baby blue Bel-Air under a tarp just sitting in this big cement garage area! After the incident with the dog it took a while before I went back in there. I wasn't allowed to but I did anyway; but I never felt weird in there.

I don't know if any of these next details can help with IDing this thing but: The black dog was seen a few more times over the years after this incident; but it was always more out of the corner of your eye. It seemed like it was slinking for lack of a better word, like low to the ground and moving in a way that reminds me of a German Shepard. I'm thinking of one specific incident; in the back woods it caught my eye so I tapped my sister and pointed, but it was really hard to look directly at it, like it blended into the trees or something. She saw it too but it was just weird how it was easier to see it out of the corner of your eyes than head on.
Other than this "dog" and a couple other odd things, the place was pretty quiet. Nothing weird ever happened in the house (except for big spiders) πŸ˜†
DarriuxDarkk in Baby Crying At Night
I noticed on your story that you've mentioned that at one point you could hear the crying far away from you and then slowly becomes nearer.

I just want to point out that there are some myths and superstitions that sometimes when you hear these supernatural sounds that is farther away from you is actually it is NEAR you. The farther the sound is, the nearer the entity or supernatural being is to you.

Thank you for sharing. God bless.
Raz - My first reaction would probably have been to sink back into the mattress with a sigh of relief because my pajama marching days are over; mommy whoever can get up for her own baby!

Seriously though, I don't know what to make of your experience. Perhaps it's one of those things that you have to personally experience to come to your own conclusion.

For how long had the family been living in that house?

Remember you had been away for 27 years and were no longer accustomed to the nocturnal sounds and animal life in that country. I've never been to Bangladesh but I do know that it is vastly different from the UK.

Perhaps you should ask your cousins whether they have experienced any paranormal activity since you were last there.

Regards, Melda
That was a fascinating story. It really pulled me in. Did you ever have any more experiences with the black barn?
I can relate a bit, as I'd had an experience when I was 10. (https://www.yourghoststories.com/real-ghost-story.php?story=25437) I had a sort of experience at a friend's uncle's farm house. While I never saw or heard anything, I could feel something. The upstairs made me extremely uneasy at age twelve. Years later, as a young adult I could still "feel" something different about the upstairs in this house. Although I still felt 'it', the intensity was lessened or I was used to the feeling by the time I was in my mid 20's. My friend was open enough that I could talk to him about it and he'd had no experiences there. The house had belonged to his family for at least 40 years and he felt at home there. My friends Aunt and Uncle were extremely welcoming and the down stairs had all the warmth of a loving home. The only times I stayed over night there we camped outside.
I agree with lady-glow, what an experience! I felt like I was right there with you and your dad. My initial thought was, this black dog was protecting you from something in that black barn.

Thank you for sharing your experience T_bev.
lady-glow in That's Not My Dog
Wow, this is a fascinating experience!


I wonder what other secrets from the past were hiding in the old Black Barn. Although I don't see the need for an spectral animal feeding on the flesh of a living one, I imagine they could feed on the energy released by the fear of a prey at the moment of their death. It's hard to know if this black dog was the spirit of a mongrel from the past or if it was something more sinister taking the form of a dog.

Very well written and fascinating story. Thanks for sharing.

Even though you have decided to close your account and in case one day you decide to pop by, I want you to know that I really enjoyed reading your experiences.

It seems like you are sensitive to ghosts.

Thanks for sharing.

That sounds like a nasty ghost, perhaps from a grumpy person that had difficulty leaving behind their material world or afraid of whatever could be waiting for them at the other side of the veil.

Do you know if your father's family did something to get rid if this ghost or to help it to cross over? It seems like the activity was witnessed by most members of the family but your father was the main target of the worst of it. I'm glad that he learned to, more or less, coexist with this nasty presence.

Welcome to YGS and thanks for sharing.
Welcome to YGS.


Do you know if any other of the inhabitants of the house has ever heard this crying? Usually, if there is paranormal activity happening in a location, is likely than more than one person will experience it, and is very common for children to be more susceptible to witness "something". Do you know if any of the children had an imaginary friend or talked about people than no one else could see?

Other than that, I wouldn't discard the possibility of an animal as the source of this cries, cats can sound like crying demonic babies. Perhaps the sound was coming through the open windows of the house as the animal was walking by?
Welcome to YGS.

That was a fascinating experience, it seems to me like you witnessed a residual haunting.
It's hard to imagine the reason why she was asking for help, perhaps the annals of the town could shed some light on any tragic past event that could be linked to this young woman.

Thanks for sharing.
Really great post. I love all the compilations of experiences.
Lealeigh I know what you mean... It's been years since I've made comments on stories lol! I think I spoke too soon because I just saw 2 new stories hehehe
Sorry Steve, no link for now. Will try to look for it in tiktok, I'm sure it's in my likes page. I suspect it's in Gettysburg. It's the most famous battlefield in the US;)
Sleeping-with-steve in Someone Or Something Moved My Hand

I was in the kitchen when I heard the start of the segment. I ran to the lounge and saw a little bit of the footage, but didn't hear where in America this happened. I've tried googling, but, unfortunately without a place, I'm not having much success. πŸ˜•

I'll post my findings if I'm successful.

Best wishes,
Sleeping-with-steve in Someone Or Something Moved My Hand
Hi 19isabela73 and Lealeigh,

Do you have a link 19isabela73? Do you remember which battlefield it was so I can search online? I only heard 2 ghosts were caught on dashcam in a battlefield in America. I didn't hear where in America.😣 I'd really like to see that footage. It looked so interesting.

Good to see you
Best wishes to both of you and thanks for replying.
Srinivas108 in Ghost In A Hotel
First experience wasn't that scary but the second one was... Would love to hear more from you! You are lucky to witness other worldly beings which I couldn't even after trying for more then a decade... You can read my experiences too... I'm a Hyderabadi too...
Yes Isabela,

People are still manning this site. It's just one of those dry spells. "People" have run out of interesting things to say. I work from home now and, God knows, I have run out of interesting things to say... Even uninteresting things to say.
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in The House On North Street 2
Hi DarriuxDarkk, that's a fascinating thought and it echoes my thoughts exactly. I think they interact with the house just the way they remember it. Maybe like you said, the house actually exists as it did before on another plane. Maybe just inches away from our time echoing a completely different vibration. Some have theorized that's what happens when people 'see' civil war battles, as if it's playing out in another plane/time. Time and space may not exist for us either the way we've come to believe in it! Curious for sure! Thanks for sharing your comments on my story!
I saw what you are talking about on tiktok Steve. And by the way, it's been weeks since any new stories have been added. Is anyone still manning this site?
Not directly related to your story but it made me think of the ghosts of the future, so to speak. You hear so many stories where the men are always wearing bowler or top hats, and the women are always in white, flowy nightgowns or dresses. Does that mean future ghost sightings, harkening back to these times, will recall men with their pans down below their asses and women in tank tops and yoga pants that expose their tramp stamps? Just a random thought.
DarriuxDarkk in Terror At The Lake
hi Quasar,

First thing that captured my attention when I was reading your story was when you said you had a fever for 3 days after that incident at the lake.

That reminds me of Philippine superstitions that whenever an entity especially the elemental ones have shown fondness on a child. The child usually developed fever that very day or next.

It is a common occurrence that sometimes parents on the rural areas even seek help on witch doctors or so called albularyos and they do some rituals or offerings to appease the entities so that the child can recover.

Your fever experience somehow correlates to these kind of situations especially that you were young then when that incident happened.

I believe what you witnesses was an elemental spirit, though as what other people have commented, India has their own myths and folklore but none the less somehow part of the experiences you had shared some common grounds on other countries folklores and superstitions.

Thanks for sharing and God bless.
Sleeping-with-steve in Someone Or Something Moved My Hand
Hello Members,

Does anyone know of a recent ghost sighting in an American battlefield caught on dashcam today? πŸ€”

The 4.30pm news on Ch 7 today here in Australia, (September 14th 2020), had a segment about two ghosts caught on dashcam at a well known haunted battlefield in America.

I only saw the end of the clip and have been trying to google it so I can watch the full footage.

I haven't had any luck so far.

I'll watch the Ch 7 late news and hopefully they'll repeat that segment.

I'll update my findings if I'm successful.

Best wishes,
SWS πŸ‘»
First of all I love reading your story. You guys mentioned about the male ghost interacting with where the stairs have been before like a residual haunting. It fascinates me with the idea that ghosts does not follow the concept of time and space. It is as if they are still interacting the old structure of the house on how they remember it.

I believe that they are on what we call spiritual dimension which embodies the original construct of the old house as they remember it. I bet if one can astral project to the spirit world, a house or a certain place would be totally different but somehow oddly familiar, if you know what I mean.

Thank you for sharing your story. God bless.
Thank you Shabtslover I will think on what you said.

Also if any of you have a problem with solutions presented to me Please feel free to email me another option. It would be more productive that arguments here.

Its too easy for feeling to be hurt and I do not want anyone else being hurt over my issues. I am hurting enough for everyone.
I have enough drama here at home with out having to see it on the page. Please keep disagreements off this page since they don't really help anyone.

I have been getting good advice and and help here and it has not been easy but I do not have anything bad to say about anyone. Even in private emails everyone has been very helpful and upfront.

Thank you for your support and please be calm and do not fight here.
The_Lost_Gypsy_Girl in Cat Said Goodbye Before Moving On?
That was lovely to read. It brings me back to when I lost my dog to a tumour. I was so devastated. The next morning, I walked past my living room to go into the kitchen, and there she was, sat on the chair in the front room looking at me. This was her saying goodbye.
alsoo to the author, I don't know much about ways to prevent these kind of stuff but as notjustme said having faith actually helps a lot, as in my previous post, which I am again really sorry to you too cuz I said all that when I should be posting about YOU! Having faith in Hanuman as my brother has saved me a lot of times and it actually feels like he is with me just like a human brother would be, I talk to him, we fight, I get angry at him, I think that it is my right to be saved by him as his sister, ofc I give him bananas in return tooπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚, so if you are having a hard time believing you can try that method with Jesus or Your mother or any guide, and I am very bad at English so I don't know how to say it but I send you lots of strength and happiness to deal with thiss
Hey MrsRamsay, I just made this account to clarify that Hanuman is actually a very important part of our Indian culture, just like Jesus for christians, now I personally don't follow any religion but I really have faith in Hnauman or known as the monkey god and I have been treating him like a brother since I was a kid and he has helped me a lot, And I know you may have felt like it may be a cult or something cuz a "monkey" god but it's just our culture like fox familiar in Japan, like that, also Awadhi isn't a monkey god language but it's a language of India, just like Japanese and English, so that was what Pinky person meant, Ik it may sound sketchy to you cuz not a lot of people know about our Indian cultue and gods but as pinky person said we consider the Hanuman chalisa which is like Bible quotes for us very powerful, if you read the Indian stories posted here you will find what I am talking about, And I would want you to not say anything like that again without knowing because I may be getting oversensitive but I have been treating him as family, I don't even believe in gods and stuff I just think of him as a human brother, and there is this festival here in India called Rakshabandhan where sisters tie a thread around their brother, s wrist and the brothers vow to protect the sisters, now I just did that as a kid thinking that if I have the most powerful god as my brother then according to this festival he would save me anytime and he has, even from myself when I tried to take my life so you saying that just made me feel really bad oof... Also I am only 17 so like if I am super emo I am soryyyyy but yeah I would say next time be a bit careful cuz I thought you feel same way about Jesus so you may understand where I am coming from... Also our Indian culture is very rich so there are very different kinds of gods but I assure you they are not sketchy, also a lot of people know about Buddhism which actually originated here in our country but don't know about Hinduism, that kind of makes me sad but I don't know why I really felt like crying when you called him sketchy so like you don't gotta believe in him or something but please respect our culture: (
MrsRamsay do not speak about the things which you are ignorant about. Your attitude is very discouraging. You have no right to ask BrendaDances to stop messaging me. And what sounds like a sketch to you may I know? Your very ignorance in fact sounds sketchy to me.
It's ok BrendaDances if you don't trust me. But here it's like a open discussion for all the members and as a group member, a person can suggest what he/she feels about the situation. No member has the right to criticise or mock a suggestion that is given to a needy member. It's upto the member to consider the advice or not.
Marykori in Terror At The Lake
Hi quassar

Your experience was thrilling no doubt, the description about entity you gave here matches up with jal pischani (evil water creatures) , good part you guys were saved (as it was destined ofcourse) sonetimes god in form of relatives and frends can come up and save us
I sure am hoping for the best outcome for your family! Please let us know how it goes. ❀
Good luck. I suggest you don't email with Pinksweety or whatever. Sounds sketch.
Ha, like you're going to learn some monkey god language? Holy cow. No pun intended.
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in The House On North Street 2
Hello ScoobieGang and thanks for commenting. I believe a haunting can be confusing period, it's outside what is considered 'rational' which is why so many people deny it happens, even while it's happening to them. Yes some things in this family home seemed residual, like the cleaning. Much of it though was intelligent. Even the incident you recalled about the stairs, remember this man made an effort to wake my brother up. I've read many stories where many ghosts seem to walk higher than the floor or through walls and then come to find out later, the floor was actually higher in the past or a doorway was at that place in the wall. The ghosts seems to 'interact' with the house the way they remember it, as in the case of the stairs. They are not bound by time and space, though ironically since they try to live their lives as they remember them, they seem to be living in the past. As matrix899 mentioned, houses seem to capture memories and emotions and replay them, but ghosts can also be there if they choose to stay behind for some reason rather than move on after their death. Maybe that man was showing he preferred the stairs where they once were? There are many more stories on here you'll find as well that seems to hold residual & intelligent hauntings in synchronicity. What I mentioned above is the best explanation I can come up with as to why, hope it helps, but I know from all I've read it happens a lot.
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in The House On North Street 2
Thanks LightMight for commenting! Yes it's interesting how much someone could have gotten away with in those days, no real science to help police find the perpetrators and money had a way of talking. It still does now, but things cannot be so easily hidden, especially with the internet. Back then, especially in small towns I believe things were more easily hushed up, maybe a few things travelled to some of the surrounding villages but that was about it. Although interesting, it is maddening too as I would have loved to have solved that mystery!

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