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I am glad you wrote your account too. I am not worried too much about being called crazy; I think it is probably worse to be called "boring".

In your comment to Lady-glow you said that you keep a journal for what happens during the day. I think that's good enough; you could just include the dreams that bother you or stand out as part of your regular entries.

I think my cat didn't react to my astral projection because I think he has seen me do it before. He will be ten years old in May so he has been watching most of the things that I have been up to for a long time.

I thought about interacting with the shadowy man. The first time that I saw him, I was in my room standing beside my sleeping self. He walked through the closed bedroom door with a box or a small crate and set it down by my window and left.

I followed him into the kitchen (I walked through the door too) and he was just standing there. I thought about tapping him on the shoulder but I chickened out. The fear woke me up in my bed. My door was still closed and there was no "box" by the window.

When I have seen him, it has always been just gray shapes. I can't see through them. It isn't as if he is clearly defined but he isn't like "smoke". It's difficult for me to describe him, even to myself.

- Maria
Manafon1 in This Is Real
aussiedaz and Cherubim--I've been following this thread for a bit and realized I had a similar experience some years ago. At the time I was renting a house in a suburb of Chicago and one weekend evening a few days before Christmas, I ended up falling asleep under the Christmas tree in the living room. In my defense I was 27 at the time and had had more than my fair share of "Christmas cheer." I write this just to set the scene, when I awoke there was a perfectly circular "scoop" on the back of my left shoulder.

There was no accompanying hole in my shirt and no blood but several layers of skin were gone but, and this is the really odd part, it was already nearly healed. I'm not prone to sleeping under Christmas trees and apparently slept for several uninterrupted hours, something that even under "x-mas cheer" conditions is unusual for me.

Both of you have experienced puncture wounds on your leg but I do know "scoop" marks are reported in extraterrestrial encounters. Just thought I'd share this. If my DNA has been used for some experiment I hope it helped;)
KenshiAdams in Dead Or A (stra) Live!
[at] aussiedaz

Hey Daz,

Thanks for reading and for sharing your experience. What you experienced sounds a lot like what lady-glow mentioned about her friend in her comment. Maybe it was ubiquity that you experienced in the car crash incident, though your first experience sounds like an astral projection. And yes, never a good idea to invade someone's privacy, which extends to their dreams, astral or otherwise. I'm curious as to whether you told your girlfriend about it the next day, and what did she think of it? Please share only if you are okay with it.

Your theory is well put, and I agree with the existence of a "higher self" being in charge of what we are allowed to see while conscious and awake. Sometimes, the "higher self" will allow us to see more than we should, to spook us or just for some fun, and those experiences become highlights of our life. That said, I don't know if I was able to tap into the other reality, or did the other one tap into mine. Who knows. 😊
Melda in Pop
Cherubim - Thanks for reading!

Yes this was a very strange experience. It felt as though Pop had taken up residence in my head. After the incident with Craig and the dove he just simply faded from my mind.

I think our loved ones find a way to get through to us. If it has to be in the guise of a dream, butterfly, or bird, then so be it.

Regards, Melda
KenshiAdams in Dead Or A (stra) Live!
[at] lady-glow

Thanks for taking the time to read and for your comment. I am familiar with the concept of ubiquity, and a couple of my friends have talked about experiencing it, although they didn't have a physical effect like Ms S being drenched while in the kitchen. Honestly, if I had the gift of being ubiquitous, it would be very cool. 😊 Sadly, I don't think I do.

The "bloody angry me" is actually what threw me off of the astral projection theory. If it were an astral projection, I would have experienced everything from the projection's point of view, but here I was experiencing both the bodies at the same time. Also, if the "physical me" was okay in health, the astral projection should have been the same. But as experienced from the "sleeping me" point of view, it was bloody, dirty, angry, and filled with extreme rage. So I couldn't attribute it to be an astral projection.

For the journal part, I do keep one for my day to day, but only write something when it affects me. However, I never thought of writing down my dreams in it, but I would keep one now just for that. 😊
So I just typed in, and Firefox autocompleted to this story. Thought I'd ask, Maggie, if you've had any signs of your puppy since you last commented?
KenshiAdams in Dead Or A (stra) Live!
[at] Lealeigh

And do not worry about someone calling you "crazy". As lady-glow rightly pointed out, most of the members of the forum must have been called 'crazy' at some point or another. People don't accept something they don't understand. Think of it like superheroes. If we had someone like Superman in the real world, there would be a section of the community (probably the majority) who would call him a freak, or a witch. It's sad, but true.
KenshiAdams in Dead Or A (stra) Live!
[at] Lealeigh

Hey Maria,

I think 8-bitDemigod's theory holds true for your first instance as well. Maybe while you were dreaming, what you saw in your dream was the another you doing actually in their realm. Maybe you established an emotional connection with her, and pulled her into your realm for some time, which your mother probably witnessed. The "jogging you" did not notice a difference and kept on jogging as she might have the same house and street as yours. You might also be right in saying that had your mother said something to you, you would have vanished as the connection would be broken due to the interruption.

Your September incident seems like an astral projection, as you could see the sleeping you. Though it did make me curious about the cat. I have heard many times that animals have better senses than humans when it comes to paranormal and supernatural. Wouldn't your cat have been able to notice your astral projection? Maybe she wasn't looking in your direction at all, and this was over quick. I know that dreams seem longer when we are dreaming, but in reality, they are pretty short. Maybe the same applies to astral projections as well.

The shadowy man in your house - Have you tried exploring who he is? Or tried to communicate with him? I haven't tried lucid dreaming or astral projecting myself, though the experiences I have had suggest I might be doing that unknowingly, but if I can pull "myself" from another realm into this one, I would like to explore the possibilities of being able to communicate with them.

I must say, this forum is really opening up new doors of possibilities for me, and I am glad that I wrote this account.

aussiedaz in This Is Real

I haven't read Ascension Masters however I'm quite familiar with David's work he's far less conservative than some of the others in the ufology community game enough to try and piece together the mystery behind the mystery kudos to him for that and yes, if people thought Star Trek was only science fiction they have no idea what universe our grandchildren will be in some 50 to 100 years from now, I don't believe full disclosure is anytime soon for all of the reasons these links have presented and for the simple fact ''peeps will freak out''.

Ok, my theory and your account of which may be off the mark however I'll put it out there on the platform for at the very least entertainment if nothing else... These early civilisations not only mastered technology like anti gravity etc. They fully mastered the science of consciousness and once you do that you go inter dimensional move around the joint faster than the speed of light, walk through walls,it's real beam me up Scotty stuff right?... Ironically, our human family do it in primitive form we refer to as astral projection, premonitions, precognition etc and don't even realise what we are tapping into.

So,through my own personal experiences (of which i'll keep to myself) and theory, I have concluded E.T have acquired the knowledge that allows them to perform medical procedures on humans no matter what state of consciousnesses you are in, awake,sleep,astral dimension, walking your dog, whatever... I do suspect based on intuition and some basic research, there are some tissues in our leg muscles (calf region) of particular interest relating to their hybrid programmes off planet... These spontaneous jabs people have reported may somehow be linked to these projects?... In the same kind of way we perform science exercises on our animal kingdom in the name of saving them etc,... If you are in their sights for these programmes, you are fair game no matter who you are.
...Interestingly, sleep paralysis may be another symptom of those chosen under these programmes?... An interest or obsession in the UFO topic, may be another symptom you are in their sights?

Anyway, It's good to know there are others out there looking into this stuff, it is the biggest unsolved mystery and most important breakout of information of which will transform our human history like it has never seen before.

OK need to go, they are just fitting on the white jacket for another visit to hospital as I finish up, what can you do but laugh Cherubim...seriously, that damn rabbit hole is deep as S...

Regards Daz
Have you ever tried to find out who lived there before your family moved in? Maybe something happened to someone in the bathroom. 😲 I would not like that at all and think I would move out! Who wants to share the bathroom with a ghost/entity, or what ever it is?! Thank you for sharing your story. 😜 It's kind of scary and funny at the same time. PSSST...
Cherubim in Scary Ghost Call
That IS very strange and scary! 😨 Pay attention to the area you were in when it happened. Hopefully it was nothing to be concerned about. Thank you for sharing, please let us know if anything more happens to you on the phone like that.
Cherubim in Pop
I've heard it said butterflies and birds are our loved ones coming to visit us. Pop maybe didn't want Craig to worry, he came to comfort him perhaps. My boyfriends name is Craig too. 😊 I just recently had a strange thing happen. I was watching TV when out of the corner of my eye I saw something twinkling and it was bright light. I don't know how else to describe it. Also once in my back yard while pruning trees a humming bird kept hovering just inches from my face! It was unbelievable! Your story brought up these happy memories for me, thank you for sharing it. I loved it!
Cherubim in Showground Road
I don't ignore my gut feelings or dreams either. It was wise of you to take a different route home... So glad it's not "your time" yet. 😊 I've only had one premonition. It was many years ago when my kids were small. I was sleeping and woke with a terrible feeling something really bad had happened. I sat up in bed not knowing what to make of it? A few weeks later I was driving home with my kids in the back seat when a woman on a bicycle swerved right in front of me! I couldn't stop and she bounced off of my windshield and on to the road. My kids were crying in the back seat. I stayed with the woman until the police came. Later we discovered she was riding her bicycle drunk, but thank God she lived. That's amazing you have so many premonitions. One was enough for me!
Cherubim in It Followed Us
That is so scary to me how someone can send an evil entity to people to cause harm! 😨 That's what I do too, pray. I constantly pray and give thanks for my blessings as well. It's all I know to do. I sure hope you find a way to rid your home of this evil spell. ❤
Cherubim in This Is Real
Yes Daz, I'm with you on this subject and read a lot about it. Have you read David Wilcock's book The Ascension Mysteries? It's about the battle between good and evil extraterrestrials that has been going on for a very long time and how it will affect us. It's also a real eye opener about how our music and movies are used to "introduce" us to "them." Just think about Pink Floyd's song Dark Side Of The Moon. In the book David tells how there is a civilization living there. The military is starting to declassify their secret space program this year. I have a link to that too, it'a a long video so get some popcorn! 😁
aussiedaz in This Is Real

With respect, I'll hold off on my theory for a while until I read your reaction and the interest of others in relation to a link I'll provide for you all below.

In 2013, Eight ex congress members overseen a citizens hearing on disclosure in the press gallery of Washington... 500 witnesses most of which are military testified under oath that we are not alone. Astronaut Edgar Mitchell an ex Canadian defence minister are on the list of which goes on and on... Basically the congress members concluded at the end of the hearing it's a huge government cover up and the people of the world are being lied too.

I'll say this much, 39 million planets in our galaxy in a universe 13 billion years old does anyone really believe we are alone and at the top of the food chain?. Anyway, the rabbit hole is there for you to go down if you want...IMO,full disclosure is inevitable and within 50 years time that science fiction movie I was referring to will be our reality.

We will conquer consciousness and understand it relationship to our existence.

I'll wait for feedback before I go any further I understand there'll be those here who will giggle about the phenomenon I personally don't really care anymore because the truth should be known.

One last question, did you ever live near a military base and are any of your family members in the military?

Regards Daz

Cherubim in This Is Real
Thanks so much for the hug AugustaM. I appreciate that very much. 😊 I guess I'm still a bit "touchy" since my boyfriend shared this experience with his cousin and his wife at a get together at our house just before Thanksgiving. I was surprised he did since he never speaks about my experiences. His wife started laughing her head off like it was the funniest joke she had ever heard. I was shocked and angry at the same time and said very loudly, "well I'm glad YOU think it's funny!" Needless to say it put a damper on the holidays. I understand the community here would have valid questions and am sorry if I seem so defensive, I'm usually not. Thank you for the link. I still have "Rooks Cleansing Method" and haven't tried it because I just don't have enough faith it will work I guess.

Well don't hold back aussiedaz, let's hear the theory! I remember someone's theory on one of my stories about my chains that would be tangled in my jewelry box. I don't remember who it was but they were saying by jumping up and down chains can become tangled. Maybe, but my chains would be in knots so bad it took hours to untangle them. My boyfriend is not a believer but was very surprised when I insisted he look at my chains in my jewelry box! I've solved that problem now. I hammered nails in the wall and put my chains there... No more tangles and knots. I was stabbed with something just above my left ankle, it wasn't in the calf muscle, there was blood everywhere!😲 You could see a tiny hole there, as if it were some kind of needle mark. I wouldn't have given it another thought if there hadn't been blood all over both my lower legs and at the bottom of my nightgown. It also pooled on the carpet where I was sitting. I'll ask my doctor what medical condition could cause that to happen.

Dido, I sure hope they can help too! Actually I called a couple of churches leaving messages that were never returned. I don't go to church any more but have studied with a few different religions. I'm more spiritual than religious.

I want to thank everyone that has commented on this story and tried to come up with some reasons why this might be happening. ❤

I'm paraphrasing from a couple of my accounts here that happened to me many years ago I couldn't be bothered reading over them again so take it easy on me peeps if there are any variation to the way I'd remembered them from back in the 80's lol.

I have been on the ceiling looking down at myself and my girlfriend as we both laid there sound asleep early am around 1984 from memory. I had this crazy notion of descending down from the ceiling toward my girlfriend as I attempted to enter her dream to see if I could interact with her. As I was basically on her level at the bed, she yelped out a moan of discomfort and I'd awoke to hear the back end of her yelp of which was pretty cool in the sense of validation, however invading her space was something I should not have attempted and yes, karma paid me a visit a little while later, anyway that's another story.

On another occasion, in a precognition, I saw myself dying in a vehicle smashed up in a bad way not far from where I lived. Something was happening during the tragedy where I was able to look at myself separately as to where the other state of self (consciousness) was at the given time. From the vehicle I was dead.

On one other account with my eyes shut I was able to see one of my mate's wife move around their lounge room as I was laying on the floor... So what is the ''GO'' with these types of accounts?

Theory: Our higher self has the capacity to experience multiple realities at any given time where as the little self, ''the I'' in the heat of the game (matrix) usually only see's what we are able to see when eyes are opened for the purpose of keeping it simple and feeling like we are the ruler of our own destiny alas the ego. Sometimes our higher self will deliberately allow us to experience different realities at the same time for various reasons. Curiosity? Self taught astral projection, warning, etc.

In your case, it probably was some sort of warning as to what happened in some other reality?... Like it was for mine seeing myself die in a car accident. Not only did I see myself die, I knew the street and suburb of which I avoided like a rash the next day only to find out someone else died in that location.

It wasn't my time nor was the accident my fault by the looks of it,anyway, perhaps your account was the ending of you in some other reality or some near death experience Of which you where able to tap into for a period of time?

Regards Daz
Hello KenshiAdams.

I have been reading this thread with interest and, though I have never experienced anything of such nature, I know of a very close family friend who has, I'll call her Ms S.
Sorry if I don't elaborate much, her experiences are not for me to tell.

One day Ms S was working in the kitchen with the help of her daughter G, all of a sudden G scolded her mother because she was drenched wet, saying that "it was gross to sweat so much while cooking".
Ms S remembers being working at the kitchen AND, at the same time, saving a person that was close to drowning.

Within the Catholic Church, there's a belief that some saints have the gift of ubiquity, meaning that they have the ability to be present at more than one place.

Personally, I don't see why some "ordinary" people couldn't have such ability (by "ordinary" meaning not canonized saints), nor consider impossible for this kind of experience to happen randomly to some people.

Perhaps you have a dormant ability for astral projecting and that's what you experienced that night; I'm not sure about the meaning of the bloody angry you though.

I totally agree with the suggestion of keeping a journal.


I'm sure most of the members of the forum have been called 'crazy' at some point or another.

Going back to my lurking state.

I agree; the greatest problem that I have with my experience is that my mother saw me. I considered my experience to be a case of Astral Projection but I had always believed that there was no way for waking people to see you.

I have been thinking about what happened almost every day since then. My mother wears glasses; I am not sure how well she sees out of them. She said she saw me as well as she ever sees me.

I think that the reason I didn't see her at the front of the house, while I was jogging, was because she was sitting in a chair under the shade of the roof. If she would have said something to get my attention, I believe that I would have disappeared before her eyes and, subsequently, woke up inside the house.

I am glad that she just sat there and watched because, if I would have vanished, I don't believe she would have taken it well.

There was one "dream", that I had last September, where I was just standing around in my room looking at the wall; I turned around and saw myself sleeping in the bed. My other self didn't appear to be awake and my cat, who was taking a bath at my feet, took no notice of me. I think that was a textbook case of Astral Projection now and not a "dream".

I don't think what my mother saw was flesh and blood but my mind was out there jogging while the rest of me was asleep.

I like what 8-bitDemigod had to say in his comment because his words seem to ring true with me. I think that you have an ability to either affect yourself in another dimension or affect your real perceptions here in this dimension.

I have been trying to practice Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projection for seven years and I have had strange experiences now and then. There haven't been a great many. A few times that I have left my body, I have been brave enough to try and venture around my house.

During some of those occasions, I have seen a shadowy man in the house; he takes absolutely no notice of me. I think that I have gone over to his side during those times.

I have said this at the risk of sounding crazy (my stepfather thinks that about me and my mother) but I could talk about this forever.

- Maria
KenshiAdams in Dead Or A (stra) Live!
[at] Lealeigh

Hey Maria,

Thanks for sharing your experience. That's a really cool thing you described and a good advice to have a dream diary. 😊

I just have a couple of questions though. "Leaving one's body" is what I understand is called Astral Projection, hence the wordplay in the title of the story 😉. However, as far as I understand, astral projections are invisible to other beings as they do not have a physical body of their own, although the consciousness and the feelings remain as that of the original body. So if I "left my body", then my consciousness should have been in the other "me", the one with all the blood. How could I have my consciousness in both the bodies?

My second question is actually related to your experience. You dreamed that you were jogging up the street, and your mother actually saw you doing so. So was your dream intertwined with reality and that caused a physical body to be created which did exactly what you dreamed? I know you shared this to help me but this has opened new doors of curiosity for me and I just couldn't help myself from exploring the possibilities.

Once again, thanks for taking the time to read and comment. 😊
Hello KenshiAdams,

I don't know how helpful this will be but I would like to relate to you an experience that I had in July of 2019.

My mother was outside at about 6:30 in the morning and she saw me jogging up the street towards the house. I passed her and neither one of us said anything.

She went inside and could still see me outside in the backyard through a window. She sat down and started to play a game on her tablet; I never came in the house and she started to wonder where I was.

She walked into my bedroom and found me fast asleep. I was wearing different clothes and it was clear that I hadn't been anywhere.

I keep a dream diary so I am good at remembering my dreams. When she woke me up, I remembered that the dream I was just having was one where I was running up the street. I don't remember seeing her in my dream but I remembered that I was doing the same thing she described.

I am still thinking about this incident; it is not the only time that this has happened with me since I started keeping a dream diary about seven years ago.

It makes me want to say to you that you may have a natural ability to leave your body. Maybe, if you start keeping a dream diary, you can develop this.

I think that the reason you felt such negativity in this experience might be that it is a new thing for you; new experiences and realizations can be unpleasant in their beginnings.

I hope this is helpful. It is only my perspective.

- Maria
KenshiAdams in Dead Or A (stra) Live!
[at] 8-bitDemigod

You have blown my mind away Sir. Good work. Great theory too. 😊

This actually covers everything from my experience and seems like a plausible solution to things I experienced during the time. What I would like to know though is that if I pulled him into our realm, would he have vanished from his own? If yes, then I probably saved him from being beaten all the way to death. Also, would he have know that he was not in his own realm, because I know this for sure that "he" wasn't asleep.

Sorry I have been away for long. But I will try to respond more frequently if you do. Thanks again.
KenshiAdams in Dead Or A (stra) Live!
[at] Kairavi_utsav

Thanks a lot for your appreciation. You are very kind.😊

As far as the multiverse theory goes, there are numerous explanations for a multiverse to exist. The simplest link I can suggest is this:


Your comment did make me remember an interesting thing though. While I was feeling myself in the "bloody" body, I could feel the rage it was feeling, and the anger, however, despite being beaten brutally apparently, I did not feel any pain. So you might be on to something. 😊
dido in This Is Real
Dear Cherubim,

Sounds like you have been through terrible experiences.
I hope that the paranormal team is able to help you and you can get rid of this entity.

Have you ever gotten a priest (from your religion) to come over and bless you and your house? Not sure if you are religious or not.

Really sorry that you are going through so much. Hoping it all gets better soon.

Daz - waiting patiently to hear your theory. Intrigued!
Melda in This Is Real
Oh wow Daz, I know that I'm interrupting your message to Cherubim but I can't wait to hear your thoughts on this! "Stranger than a science fiction movie"?

Regards, Melda
aussiedaz in This Is Real

I'm going to reserve my theory on your story probably because I may be off the mark (for your sake) and the risk of our community here thinking I've totally lost the plot... It's best I just keep quiet and let it go however, I will say this.

I know of three people including myself who have been jabbed in the left lower calf muscle... Unlike your account there was no blood but it was extremely strange, maybe one day I'll open up on it somewhere else... The community here mean well and they are sincere and correct when trying to find logical answers that may lean toward medical... I do understand how these types of accounts are hard to talk about when your intuition suggest it's paranormal so good for you for putting it out there.

The truth may be stranger than a science fiction movie on this one.

Regards Daz
I see you're from New York. This happened to me on two separate occasions in two separate addresses in New York with a fixed ceiling light switch cord. Happened when I was very young. I'm thinking maybe it's a New York thing? Never happened again after the two times but I remember it like it was yesterday and this happened in the early seventies.
Lealeigh in Edith's House

I have always heard people say that renovations can "wake up" the paranormal activity in a place. I think that there was always some subtle activity going on in the house between the time that "Bill" died and when she married her second husband.

I think that he must have been highly interested in the fact that Edith's bedroom had moved away from the parts of the property that were traditionally viewed as "the house".

I never knew Bill but people always spoke of him in this way: A talkative, friendly man who had an endless supply of interesting, hilarious stories; he loved company and loved his family.

I think that he was not affected by Edith's choice to remarry. It seems to me that, when her second husband made the additions, he was thereby setting a boundary. Bill was a gentleman and didn't go past the invisible line, it seems.

As for the mean old man that she's married to now - I like to think that Bill ran him out of the house, somehow. The first time I met her current husband, I showed him a picture of my cat. He went on a ten minute monologue about what he used to do to the neighborhood cats when he was younger.

As an animal lover, I lost all respect for his age. Edith is wonderful so I wonder what she ever did to end up with him.

Thank you for reading my story and for your sweet comments.

- Maria

PS: The pineapple pillow is funny. It matches nothing that I own - or have owned.
AugustaM in This Is Real
I can sense how frightened and frustrated you are, Cherubim *hug*. Folks just want to make sure that no rock is left un-turned in an attempt to get to the bottom of the situation. But, I promise, the community is here to help in spite of the skepticism with which every account is approached do in part to the unfortunate reality that some folks do come here just for a laugh. I don't get the feeling that anyone thinks you are lying.

It really does seem like you have tried literally everything from research to journaling and smudging. I do hope this new team can help! Meantime, here is a link to a page with some old folk remedies:
Perhaps, some of them may help if the idea doesn't go against your personal beliefs.

Keep us posted - we really are here to listen and help as best we can. ❤
My cat used to act like that too in the haunted house we lived in years ago. I knew she must be seeing something I couldn't?! 😳 How long had your grandparents lived there, and do you know any history about the house? I've had sleep paralysis too, it can be difficult to know what is real or not in such cases. If I felt someone next to me while trying to sleep I don't think I'd want to stay there! You are a brave girl. ❤ Thank you for sharing your story.
I didn't read the first part of this, but feel so sad that Ishiatha felt she had to take her own life. She probably was thanking you for showing concern to her father. I hope and pray she finds peace too. You are so right, we need to choose our friends wisely.
Cherubim in Edith's House
My grandmother was a hoarder too, but I always felt comfortable at her house. Unlike Edith, she had a green thumb and many plants filled her home. Do you think when the house was being renovated it caused more "activity?' Anyway, it seems like her husband is very caring in checking up on her. It was kind of your mother not to tell Edith about seeing him since she believed it would only upset her. This last husband doesn't seem as kind as the other two. She sounds like a wonderful person with a good heart in wanting to feed everyone. How wonderful it would be to have loved ones that have passed away look in on us from time to time. I was reading some of the other responses here and got a good chuckle out of the pineapple pillow. 😊 What a great story, ❤ thank you for sharing.
Wow, I'm glad you are so comfortable with these "ghosts." Since most have been with you your entire life, how do you know which ghost is which? How can you be sure "Timmy" is a different ghost? I ask because I've had happenings since I was very young and was never hurt by anything until a few years ago. Be careful, you could easily be tricked in to feeling comfortable. Thank you for sharing.
LuciaJacinta in Furry Face
I'm not sure what it is. But, I laid in bed last night thinking of this thing. It is definitely weird. Kudos to you for not being scared of the critter. I know I'd be. Funny though that your kitty doesn't seem bothered by furry face. Brave kitty and brave you!
Cherubim in Wandering Soul
I'm so sorry you lost your grandmother. I agree with lady-glow when she says it's better to die at home surrounded by loved ones than in a hospital. Do you know anything more about the girl that lurks around the house? If you followed the sound you heard to a dead end at the house, then it must have been your grandmother saying goodbye. Oh, I see that you saw a white dress! ❤ Thank you for sharing your story.
Cherubim in This Is Real
Thank you LuciaJacinta. I do believe good wins over evil, that's why I'm not in constant fear.

I agree silverthane61, and this paranormal group says they can get me in touch with spiritual healers. I was relieved to know they won't leave me hanging after the investigation is done.

True Lealeigh, we can't see facial expression or body language here. I say I felt I wouldn't be believed because I have seen that happen here, more than once. I know the difference between Shingles and a serious burn that wakes you up like that. I'm sorry if I offended Tweed as well.

Goggzy, I think the paranormal team will be able to figure out if I'm mental or if something is really here. Of course I know something is here. Then I'd just like to know how to get rid of it! 😕
Goggzy in This Is Real

I only mentioned mentally as sadly I'm proof you can bring a lot of this onto yourself. I dealt with a serious demonic attachment I know how bad things can and will get in those type of cases. It doesn't seem like something is truly evil in your house it's violent but at such irregular intervals it will be hard for any team to figure out.

May I ask has anyone's attitude or behaviour changed in the house wondering if there's at least some oppression going on.
sunshinemilia in She Has My Face
[at] lady-glow I tried talking to my family about acknowledging her and naming her but it seemed the more I tried to talk about it the more frequent the activity in the house became. That just scared them more into not wanting to talk about it, I kept hearing something hit my bed post at night and I would roll onto my right ear (I'm deaf in my left ear so when I roll over I can't hear anything) and then my bed would shake once or twice and then it'd all stop. I kept feeling like I was being watched in the night and had my room blessed a few times. My sister started having night terrors again and my brother woke up from being choked by something. I don't know if it was this spirit in particular as there are multiple but It was the most uncomfortable and unsafe I'd felt and nothing seemed to help so finally I moved out of my family home. My apartment has been fine, every once in a while I'll feel like I'm being watched but overall I'm much happier and I feel lighter, less stressed out and depressed. Everyone's advice I'm sure would have helped had my family cooperated more but I knew they wouldn't so I did what was best for me.
Hello J M Sheppard,

Thank you for posting this experience, it's surely a chilling one. I can see that this is an old post so not sure if you will read this but I still hope you will.

The name, Kathrine Winters you called out that night. Is the same one that was lost more than a century ago (Cathrine Winters)?


I found this interesting story on the net about Cathrine, the child that Who was lost long time ago, please see the link above. It seems like it's a popular hunt for many. So, I was wondering if it's the same person you were trying to reach that night, and any particular reason for that particular person?

Although, you already mentioned that provoking was not the best way to communicate with this spirit, I wonder why your medium friend didn't lead the communication part with the spirit. I wonder what was the reason bringing a medium to a investigation and not let him do the work. I wonder what was his role in this investigation?

I guess, if the communication with the spirit was done more positively your medium friend probably wouldn't be s as better help and he wouldn't feel that ill on each attempt.

I would also be interested to listen to the recording. Perhaps if YouTube doesn't work putting the file on Dropbox and sharing the link with us would do the work.

Once again thank you for the post.
Lealeigh in This Is Real

In your last comment, you said:

"I waited to post this story because I KNEW I most likely would not be believed."

I don't know why you should assume that you wouldn't be believed in this community. That is what it is here for.

One of the greatest disadvantages to carrying out a discussion on a forum is that you can't hear the other person's tone of voice.

It is in a person's nature (I am sometimes prone to this as well) to take suggestions as criticism when it is seen in black and white... Or brown and tan, like it is on this site. 😜

Tweed was trying to explore all possibilities since it is impossible to be there to see what is going on in person.

You are in good company! ❤

- Maria
silverthane61 in This Is Real
I have some very specific thoughts on this subject. First of all, I base my thoughts on the assumption that you are being totally honest and are really reaching out for assistance. That being said, I believe something negative has attached itself to you. How this happened would be anybody's guess, but it does not detract from the obvious fact: You are being oppressed. When oppression and infestation gets physical - especially when physical attacks occur more than once, then in my view, it is time for you to seek the services of spiritual healers. I am no expert. However, that is my take on your experience. My best to you and your quest to rid yourself of these negative experiences.
LuciaJacinta in This Is Real
Good luck with the paranormal team. I'll be thinking of you. I've enjoyed your stories on here. Good will win over the bad if you believe and ask it to. Peace.
Cherubim in This Is Real
Hi aussiedaz, it was pretty close to my left ankle, kind of in between. No, I've never lost time. I've never had a tingling sensation or any weird dreams at the time. Every thing was going well.

Tweed, it was insulting but I don't hold grudges. I waited to post this story because I KNEW I most likely would not be believed. I wanted the community to get to know me. The burn across my forearm was 3 years ago, then the jab in the leg that bled so much was just this past November. The jab in the leg prompted me to post both stories together and not wait any longer.

Thanks AugustaM, I recently had a check up and more. My mother and aunt both died of an aneurysms so I've also been checked for that. I've had EKG's, MRI's and many other tests and x-rays done for various reasons. I also do keep a journal, I like to write. I'm not the best writer but I try to get my point across. I have done research on the property. On the EVP of the last paranormal investigation we had we asked who was in the house. Many names popped up in different voices, it got quiet then an older man said "Bob." We had only lived here a few months and didn't know anyone. As time went on I got to know the next door neighbor and he told me a man named BOB died in our garage. When we moved in we kept smelling something "dead" in the garage, but nothing was there? If you've ever smelled a dead animal or person you never forget that smell. So I was told to smudge and talk to Bob and tell him he didn't have to stay. I did that and the smell went away! I've smudged since then, but it no longer works for me. I keep trying to get help and hope I finally have found someone that can help. ❤

Goggzy, I know what happened and am not going to ask a doctor for a mental evaluation because I have serious paranormal happenings. Of course he/she would most likely think I'm crazy?! 🙄 The last people I had here to do an investigation were amateurs, but at the time I felt it was better than nothing. The group has since broken up and they have moved away. The team coming in now are a lot more professional. I'm very hopeful I will get some answers now. It's difficult to find help and is why I joined this website.
silverthane61 in Furry Face
I am, and have always been, uncomfortable with spirits that assume the shape of animals, Call it a weird phobia of mine, but human spirits do not bother me as much. There has been much written on an animal's ability to sense beings in the nether realms so I will not go into it here. Needless to say, you have been gifted with yet another paranormal experience and it always makes me smile when you choose to share them with us.
Spockie in Furry Face
It seems harmless to me, so I would just let it alone and coexist with it. Please don't let anybody come into your home to "investigate." They could make it angry and then you would have a genuine problem.
Goggzy in This Is Real
Hi Cherubim.

Like others have stated get a check up not just physically but also mentally. I mention a mental check up as, if this turns out to be something paranormal you could be suffering things you haven't realised yet.

Also what teams investigating for you may I ask, don't want too ask you to do stuff they already have.

But do keep a journal.
AugustaM in This Is Real
I think reaching out for help was definitely a good step. I am also not against a good physical check up just in case. And until you can get the professionals on site, gather all the information you can. Start a journal so in case another incident occurs, you will know everything that preceded the event - might not be a bad idea to at least attempt to reconstruct the context of previous incidents as well - try to get everything down to who you saw that day, what you did, your state of mind, anything that might have been heavily on your mind, time of day, weather outside etc - anything you can think of. Do some research on your property. Have a think as to anything that occurred just before this mess got started - major life events, losses, bringing something new into the household etc - that may have served as a catalyst. Knowledge is power:-)
AugustaM in Furry Face
Sounds like the best person to have done a forensic sketch of this wee beastie would have been Jim Henson! Sounds like a cute little devil if a bit "under socialized," shall we say. I completely agree with the brownie/faerie suggestions though I wish I had something more specific to add. It might be yielding to track down information on the character designers behind some of the Hollywood examples you've found- they may have taken inspiration from folk sources that would be useful to you.
Melda in Furry Face
Tweed - I love reading your experiences. You have a great writing style.

Who was your nocturnal visitor? If I had been writing this particular incident I would have hoped that Tweed would answer and tell me about some or other elemental which somehow made its way into my home!

Seriously though, I have wracked my brain and I have to admit that as I am accustomed to seeing only "normal" ghosts, with two exceptions that I can remember, I don't have the faintest idea what it was that you saw.

I'm not particularly surprised that Leo did not react. I believe that animals get used to benevolent spirits. My deceased cat, Toby, was very tolerant of a ghost who lived with us for years.

Your "furry face" might have given you a shock but it didn't bother Leo. That says a lot. I'd have been rather overwhelmed myself!

Your "brownie on a buck's night"? What a handsome dude! It would have been love at first sight and bye-bye to my husband of 46 years 😆

Regards, Melda
aussiedaz in This Is Real

Just a few questions.

Was the jab in the lower left calf muscle?

Have you ever had bouts of lost time?

Have you ever felt a tingling sensation over the lower stomach chakra region?

Any weird dreams around the time you were jabbed in the leg?

Regards Daz
Tweed in This Is Real

I feel I've caused you undue insult with my comment. I hereby withdraw further interactions.

All the best,

Tweed in Furry Face
Hi Haven,

Far out, wonder if we have the same kind of being causing merry mayhem. That's cool your friend saw it too. Does it always seem to be active when your cat's asleep? Has your cat ever reacted to it?

Hi Biblio,

These things always seem to get posted when I'm busy. I'm going to put some time aside to go over your Scottish fellow, and Manafon's Welsh trickster. I'll also be going over some past experiences of mine, particularly with cupboard activity from a while back. Yeah... Hopefully a picture will start to emerge.

Thanks everyone!
Cherubim in This Is Real
Thank you Tweed, I see my doctor regularly and it's not shingles or any other medical condition. I was stabbed with something and it bled, there was a very tiny puncture where the blood was coming out. That was on my leg, my arm had a long cylinder shaped burn that blistered up. 😐 I have nice skin and most think I'm ten years younger than I really am thank you very much. I will be covering all my bases on the 1st of Feb. Yes, I shield myself by praying.

I know Melda, I've been worried for a long time but it's been so hard to find someone that can help me. I have finally found help and this paranormal team will be coming to my house on the 1st of Feb., I'm very excited! 😊

Thanks Haven. I will keep everyone updated. I've had a paranormal investigation before, but the girls were new at it and I was left with little to no answers. This guy that's coming out has been working with "Taps" or "Ghost Hunters." I forget which he said, his name is Jason and I can't wait to see what's happening. He said they won't leave me hanging, if I need more help he will help me find it.

Lealeigh, I hope they can help too! I'm so glad they've agreed to come out. This paranormal team has a website too. It's "BigRiverParanormal.Com," I haven't checked it out yet but getting ready to now. All I know how to do is pray. I've smudged before but it didn't work. I don't want to be afraid all the time and ask God to help me not be afraid.
Bibliothecarius in Furry Face
Greetings, Tweed!

What are the odds you've had a trow move in? They're from Orkney, originally, so I have no idea what it'd be doing in England unless it hitched a ride with a Scottish family. Traditionally, they're nocturnal and they cannot be seen by most humans (which would explain its surprise). They fall within the 'prankster' group of goblins in British folklore, but they seem to be highly mobile spirits that move on of their own accord.

I wish I had access to my folklore & mythology books for more data, but they're in my classroom & I'm at home.

Hello Lealeigh,

Many thanks for your reply. Likewise I tried to look up for the hospital's records on the net but I couldn't find any information about Hazel Hawkins hospital in Hollister being haunted or ever abandoned.

Although I can see on Casey's comment that she was not 100% certain about the name of the place. Let's hope that one day she comes back and clarifies these questions.

Once again thank you so much for your comment.

Best wishes,

Lealeigh in This Is Real

Your story scares me. I read it this morning and it has been bothering me all day.

It seems like I have read in the comments that you have experienced this situation with unexplained bleeding on a number of occasions.

I'm not an expert but, if I were you, I would want some strong support at the house. Give whatever is attacking you in your house "the boot".

I hope that the paranormal team you contacted can help you quickly.

- Maria
Haven in This Is Real

You need to seek help to get rid of whatever is hurting you. Anything that physically hurts you or scares you to the point you cannot sleep in your own bedroom needs to be removed from your home immediately. I hope the paranormal group is able to help you, please keep us updated.
I currently attend this school, and another story he neglected to mention involves another tower referred to as Blood Tower, the NW tower of Hagerman Barracks. The story is about 50 years ago or so, when 1SGTs and PSGs were authorized to have firearms, a first Sergeant was hazing RAT who had no bearing, who could not stand still in formation. The story goes that the first sergeant took the RAT to the top of the NW tower in Hagerman, where a desk and a swivel chair was. The 1st sergeant had a rope, tied a noose onto the ceiling, told the RAT to stand on top of the chair, and put the noose loosely around his neck, and said he would come back in an hour and he was not to move. Now, the story has two endings. In the first, the 1SGT returns with another 1SGT to see what happened, and the RAT moved, fell, and hung himself. The two 1SGTs shoot each other so they are not held accountable for killing a RAT. Then, two PSGs show up, find them dead and kill themselves. The story ends with the room being locked up, with a desk and a swivel chair and the noose still hanging up in in the Room. The school then renovated to have the entrance moved so the only way back into the room you have to tear out a closet, break through a wall, go up a ladder and then break a lock on a trapdoor. Additionally, the windows are now bricked up, and in case you assume they always were, on the opposite side of the barracks, an identical tower (the SE side) has windows that are not bricked up. The alternate ending is that as the 1SGT was walking away, the RAT cussed him out and the 1SGT kicks the chair out from under the RAT, resulting in the hanging and then the dual murders, only the 1SGT gets shot by the other first sergeant who was walking by and watched him murder the RAT and kills himself so he cannot be held accountable for the murder, and then the PSGs show up and kill themselves. Either way, five people died in Blood Tower of the Hagerman Barracks
Haven in Furry Face
Hi Tweed,

The description of what you saw sounds scary. It's interesting that Leo did not seem scared or on the defense, it looked like he was seeing what you saw. Many times, I have seen something running across my house and what thought it was my cat only to realize the cat is asleep or in another part of the house. The way I can relate with your experience is that I too have seen things literally get knocked over by whatever runs past. It all happens so fast and I don't have time to react or my first reaction is to blame it on a breeze or the cat. Later, I realize that there are no open doors or windows and that the cat has been asleep in another room. When I realize this, it's all ready too late to be scared. It won't happen again for a while, it always catches me off guard. There is only been one time when someone else saw the same thing I did. I had a friend over and we were sitting having a drink, suddenly I saw something run across the living room (we were in the dining room which faces the living room) she turns to me and asked "what was that?". I saw it too but I pretended I didn't and asked her what she meant. She said it looked like something big and furry rushed across the living room. I told her it was my cat but she said "no, your cat is black, this was a lighter color". This "thing" was way too fast for a rat and I've never had rodent problems.

Anyway, hope that whatever it is was just passing by and means no harm.
Melda in This Is Real
Cherubim - You seem to have something quite nasty going on there.

What I find rather unusual is that the scratches and jabbing, and then the burn, seem to have happened at random intervals. There does not seem to be any pattern to it. There might be a logical explanation for these occurrences but I can't even begin to think what that explanation could be.

I know what you mean when you say you can't discuss these experiences with anyone. I gave up "sharing" a long time ago (except for this site, that is).

You seem quite sure that the bells you've heard ringing are in fact bells which you have in your home. This is obviously something trying to attract your attention. That on its own doesn't seem harmful but the same cannot be said for scratches and burns. To me that sounds aggressive and dangerous.

Please keep us updated regarding the paranormal group.

Regards, Melda
Tweed in Furry Face
Hi Manafon,

I've been looking at pictures of furry brownies and it's got me thinking because of this picture:

Down the bottom it says Hedgehog faerie. A few months ago we had some hedgehogs scuttling around our outdoor furniture in the evenings. This is a big deal because hedgehogs have been on the decline in recent years, down to cats no less. We don't let Leo outside after dark for this very reason. I can only find Hollywood stuff for Hedgehog faeries so far. I'll do some more digging tonight when I have the time.
I got in a few neighbours ears about the cat situation with the hedgehogs and a couple of them laughed it off like it was cute. Made me so frigging angry. Anyway I've become a bit of a hedgehog advocate recently. Maybe there's something in it. Maybe I'm reading too much into it.

Or maybe it was a brownie on a bucks' night:

Lealeigh, the thing tells me to vote for someone else, but your comment made me laugh, again.
Lealeigh in Furry Face
I have probably asked this question a thousand times and for a thousand reasons:

Don't you wish you could have a real conversation with your cat? One that wasn't one sided! I do; it would clear up a lot of misunderstandings around this joint.
Manafon1 in Furry Face
Hi Tweed--I remember you thinking your house might've had a resident brownie a few years back and your description of this new thing kind of sounds like one. They are usually described as being covered in fur and having fuzzy faces.

I believe there's what's called a fenodyree (the Welsh term for a brownie) that are known to cause a mess in their wake. Maybe your house brownie has become a play chum of your cat.
Tweed in Furry Face
Hi Lealeigh,

I had a look at that Zelda character out of curiosity, it kind of was slightly like that, only more cat or ferret like and super furry. I wish I got a longer look at it. All I remember is long fur, teeth and a tongue. It could well be an animal spirit, maybe a really fluffy cat.

"I don't have kids either so fully growing up hasn't been a top priority." This made me laugh a lot. On the contrary I feel more mature than some of my parent friends.

As for cats misbehaving, they're nocturnal and no amount of encouragement will change it. Try tiring him out by getting him worked up for about 20 mins, then top it off with a feed. It satisfies their nocturnal hunting urges. At least that's the idea. Leo was a nightmare before we got him into a routine.
Lealeigh in Furry Face
Hello Tweed,

I think the creature is probably harmless; Leo is the king of your castle, in his own mind, and I think he'd create a big ruckus if it was harmful.

I don't know what I think it was; whether it was the spirit of a real cat or something else like an animal. I think that it is more interested in interacting with your cat. It seems to be afraid of you or surprised that you could see it.

You're lucky that you have a cat that will sleep during the night. My cat, Freya, carries on a lot of destruction during the night. Last night, he went into my closet and pulled a bunch of my clothes off of the hangers. He is tall on his hind legs and he knows how to use the door knob. I found a cat toy in my shoe, also.

I had to smile when you said that the creature looked as if his face was a tribal mask. I had this picture in my mind of this character in a Nintendo N64 game: "The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask".

I don't have kids either so fully growing up hasn't been a top priority.

Thanks for sharing this. I hope it really is an animal spirit.

- Maria
Tweed in This Is Real
Hi Cherubim,

Wow that's a lot of weird. I guess suggesting hot water bottles or electric blankets is out of the question. I don't know much about shingles, just that if you'v had them you can experience random sensations here and there which can be quite painful. But that's not going to make you bleed!

I don't know the source of this, but according to some, likely hippies, hearing bells is supposed to be your spirituality calling to you. If that's true don't see why it wouldn't be a warning of some sort.

Do you shield yourself against bad energy/entities? I never used to until my mid 30s when I had some paranormal trouble. Honestly thought all that cleansing stuff was for prats. If you've got something not nice brewing, and it's the patience go the distance, you owe it to yourself to cover all bases, including a GP checkup. You may have thin skin, which can cause a person to bleed randomly, without them knowing.

Bells ringing and a burn, seem linked if there's no physical causes.
Hi Tweed,Lealeigh.

Wow,I thought I was alone, it's good to hear there are others out there who do the same, I don't feel that crazy after all 😊

Hi, yes, that type of "empathic" senses of hearing/feeling/ethereal Emotion is and can be quite over whelming and very "sensitive", hence what your "gift" is essentially termed. I also have had this gift all my life since after being around 2 or 3 years old. All feelings, emotions, and extra sensitivities affect you differently than most people, because you feel and sense them more UP close and personal. I do also. If you want to look up and learn more about these "gifts" of yours, try searching the internet, books or videos on "empathic or empaths, Sensitives, (we are very different than mediums or channelers) we EXPERIENCE life events and environments more personally-- as well as learning to Fully embrace How God and Mother Fate created us to be. Also, a good technique to 'ground' yourself to your gifts (if that is the path you decide to choose?) is to learn self meditation techniques using calming music or sounds. As well as to learn to know more about your body and how sensitive it responds to your 'gut' instincts about various people, places, and events. Your personal 'gut' instincts are normally right on the money when it comes to making the correct choices for you and your situation and circumstances at the moment you have a decision to make. Good luck. And Stay Safe. 😉 😉 😉

I don't think Casey will read my comment either but here it is anyway:

I looked up "Hazel Hawkins Memorial Hospital" in Hollister, California. It does not appear to be abandoned. Maybe, Casey was mistaken.

- Maria
Hello 21914,

Not sure if you will read this but just wanted to remind it's been five and a half years.
Did you by any chance managed to upload that record?


Hello Daz, Lady-glow and Tweed,

Nope, I'm not afraid of Sleep Paralysis either. It actually doesn't happen enough. This is going to sound childish, maybe, but I am stuck in a very repetitive routine in my life. Same stuff; different day.

I have had sleep paralysis so many times in my life that I know exactly what's going on. If I can go back into the dream without waking up, I can use the sleep paralysis to "fly away" from all of this for a few minutes.

It usually vastly improves my attitude during the day.

- Maria
Hi Kris,

I'm more concerned the young girl may be talking about a living person, not a ghost. She may have a ghost with whom she communicates, or maybe an imaginary friend who's not a ghost. This would explain some of her behaviour in your company. But this hitting might be something else altogether.
Paranormal or not, it's still disturbing. Please talk with your parents about what the girl said, and/or find a way to ask this girl more questions.

This could all be very innocent and nothing to worry about. But in the event it's not, best to cover all bases.
Hi Ladyglow and Daz,

Just chiming in about SP, I thought I was the only one here who actually enjoyed it. Great to know there are others. It hardly ever happens to me but when it does I find it fascinating. Stuck between dream world and physical world, champion.

Reverse psychology with a true passion of will, I'm with you all the way on that one ladyGlow, btw, interesting account, animals do cross over and stay very connected to their loved ones, I would probably suspect your spirit guide may have lend a hand in helping Tom find his way into your situation on all off those accounts?... Nice story, my beloved little Jack Russel passed away a few years back, I'm not as lucky as you, however, my spirit guide has informed me, our little Ruby is safe and in the hands of my departed loved ones.

I do consider my bouts of S.P as a blessing because they have offered me so much enlightenment in the sense of how to handled fear.

I used to wish them upon myself, basically for the desire of research, so you are not alone with your remark, although for different reasons as to why... I have no doubt fear alone, is the subliminal factor that instigates Sleep paralysis on most accounts. If you can train yourself to let go of the fear it vanishes instantly.

I do feel sorry for so many folk here who don't understand how easy it is to overcome S.P, especially when you have the tools to train your thought processes differently. Even more sorry when they go down the road of believing their under attack from a demon. If one believes in demons, they'll believe in the one, don't give those accounts any oxygen!

Regards Daz

Thanks for answering my questions. It seems to me that many things you say reflect my beliefs and way of thinking though, I have to admit, I'm really bad at putting my thoughts into words.

Your post about overcoming sleep paralysis by not fearing it is very interesting; in my opinion, fear is an obstacle when it comes to learning something new.

Through my life, I have experienced SP enough times as to know that it will pass after a short time, if I remember correctly, the events I narrate in this current post were the last time I had one episode of SP. Since then, I have been almost yearning to wake up in an immobilized condition in the hopes to see if my cat will come to save me again!

I wonder if I'm the only one who longs to have one of these terrifying experiences.
aussiedaz in She Has My Face

Journey of the Souls by Michael Newton

2000 subjects under hypnosis over a span of many years have reported to mr Newton we all reincarnate in soul groups ranging from 5 to 25. There are other cluster groups we work with however, keeping it brief as requested!

Regards daz
lady-glow in She Has My Face

I'm going to move my answer to one of my stories.


It has been around six months since your story was posted, you got sound advice and suggestions but, have you put any of these to practice? If so, did it have any effect on your situation?
Bibliothecarius in She Has My Face
Greetings, sunshinemilia.

I hope you don't mind my asking aussiedaz to clarify his information in one of his responses to you.

Aussiedaz, you stated in your post on January 18th that: "You and your sister belong to the same soul group. Soul groups range from 5 to 25 souls, often they plan to come into the earth matrix together." I have no fundamental disagreement with your spiritual beliefs nor with your asserting data from your research. However, I've only previously heard assertions of groups of two or three souls that choose simultaneous incarnation within our world. Would you mind giving a brief description of where you got the higher numbers from? (I'm grading Midterm Exams, so "brief" is a serious request.)

aussiedaz in She Has My Face

Coincidentally,A lady posted her account in a facebook group of around 73, 000 members of which in my view was a classic case of The Old Hag Syndrome. I won't leave any names here if the mods decide to delete this post I'll understand.

(Person A)
About a week ago I woke up in the middle of the night... I have a surge protector with things plugged into it... I looked at the cord and honest to God I could see the electricity pulsing through the cord... It was lit up... Just the cord... Then last night I opened my eyes to see these 2 claw like appendages above my face as I was sleeping on my back... They diappeared as I opened my eyes, caught a glimpse... Freaked me out... What is going on... This is no joke.

My response
Old hag syndrome, you are not alone... It probably falls under sleep paralysis however sometimes you can interact with it on what seems to be a waking environment... My episode goes back to 1984, hold your nerve and show no fear the illusion disappears with in a heart beat.

Person 2...response to my remark.

That's a very interesting comment, many years ago I had very similar experiences and when frozen with fear it lasted longer and more frequent but as my resolve and curiosity to try and approach it (paralyzed physically) it would distance itself and when I finally found the strength to overcome the paralysis, these events never happened again!

[at] LadyGlow and O.P
It's encouraging to hear another person out there overcome sleep paralysis via letting go of the fear. The first step in overcoming negative energy is not to fear it. The second step is turning a negative experience into a positive. My grandmother used to say to me, I felt bad about not owning a pair of shoes until I saw a man with no feet.

The O.P has two choices, she can believe something evil and negative is out to get her or she can choose to believing it's her loving twin sister reaching out from another dimension or universe. We are all at the centre of our own universe as consciousness creators we create our own reality.

Take your pick Emilia.

Regards Daz
donna, I want a permission to upload this story can you please give me a reply by the way I know its been 12 years
Tweed in Chalk Man

Can't recall ever noticing a green tinge to any naturally occurring light. But what you described might be it. The difference that's hard for me to pinpoint about that particular light, it's sort of cyan with less blue, so that would amplify the greens to the eye. Having said that I wouldn't think to describe it as green.
I didn't see the sky that day, or in that moment at least, because the veranda had a long roof which blocked it. But at other times over the years, when that light occurs, there's always thick clouds, a mixture of dark and white clouds, which dapple together and the light is darkly luminescent, with no shadows. In photography there's a lighting style high key, it's like that, but it hardly occurs in nature. Or around the home for that matter.

I've never seen green in a stormy sky before, only a touch of green in vivid sunsets. What you describe in your area sounds mad cool, if it wasn't for the tornado warnings, that would seriously freak me out!
Hello Tweed

I read your story a while back and again just now. Still gives me the heebee geebees because interestingly enough I still get scared in the dark easily! The idea that perhaps something tried communicating something to me and being called by my fears is very intriguing. Perhaps a message got lost in the panic little me felt haha. I am glad to have seen these things because in my mind there is a chance that they were proof of the beyond.
aussiedaz in She Has My Face

- the spirits know the OP's relatives can see them and are trying to get their attention and asking for help?

Possibly, One night a few years back, a woman with long black hair sat on my bed and ran a knife through my chest, I actually felt the blade go in, was this woman trying to feed of my energy and send me bonka's? Or turn me into a psychic hypochondriac on medication?,as it turned out she was murdered in a park not far from where I lived, she was after my help... Sometimes spirit may be miss interpreted as negative entities when in fact, they are lost and need help.

If I lived in a 'haunted' place, my first idea would be to send those spirits to the light (wherever the light is) but, in your opinion, would this be the right thing to do and would it be even possible?...

It may be possible, however time don't work the same over there as it does here. Some new souls are a little loss on their way back home and refuse to see the light... There are even lessons in that... Their higher self will remain in the back seat and let it play out however, when they are ready, they'll let go, or they'll allow their spirit guide in to take them home... A 100 years here may only feel like a week over there...however, some peeps do have a skill at moving them on.

If, like you say, there are multiple universes meshing together, how could one know if the 'entities' showing up on ones universe are innocuous and it's okay to allow them there, or if they are dangerous and should be removed from ones space?

I don't believe they are dangerous, there seems to be some sort of spiritual law that doesn't allow outside entities to cross a certain line (albeit some documented possessions) otherwise we'd be living in hell and half of the good folk here wouldn't see another sunset, I have had some extremely terrifying accounts of which in hindsight, has taught me a few things about facing my fears... I have conquered sleep paralysis through the power of the mind always see the positive, the glass is half full.

And, if it is necessary to get rid of a negative energy, where do they go? Is there a universe for all the things 'negative", or is 'negative' only one shade of an absolute total?

Probably nowhere, the ying yang philosophy suggest you need both forces to keep nature balanced? May have a point.

Regards Daz
lady-glow in She Has My Face
Hello aussiedaz.

I'm interested on knowing your opinion about the following part of this story:

"Many in my family have the gift to see those on the other side... Things follow and feed off of members of my family and their energy... (there a many spirits in my house) ".

My "traditional" way of thinking makes me wonder if:

- the spirits know the OP's relatives can see them and are trying to get their attention and asking for help
- there is a portal in the house

If I lived in a 'haunted' place, my first idea would be to send those spirits to the light (wherever the light is) but, in your opinion, would this be the right thing to do and would it be even possible?
If, like you say, there are multiple universes meshing together, how could one know if the 'entities' showing up on ones universe are innocuous and it's okay to allow them there, or if they are dangerous and should be removed from ones space?

And, if it is necessary to get rid of a negative energy, where do they go? Is there a universe for all the things 'negative", or is 'negative' only one shade of an absolute total?

Thanks in advance for your answer.
lady-glow in She Has My Face

You are right, I don't "know more about someone's birth than that person and their doctors" and the only thing I have to base my opinion upon, is the narrative I'm reading.
It's not easy to trust narratives with discrepancies and contradictions.

" I was supposed to be a twin. The doctors never told my mother and she never saw it in any ultrasound"

"She didn't go to the doctor until her NEXT ultrasound and either then or shortly after they induced her and I was born very very early"

"from what I can tell my parents were not big on ultrasound so I assume before I was born was the only time they had gotten one"

I don't expect you to agree with me but, have you noticed that first you seem to suggest that there was more than just one ultrasound to later say that it might have been only one?

According to the following article

"some babies pass meconium while still in the womb during late pregnancy." (Please notice LATE pregnancy)

But you were "born very very early because (this is embarrassing) while in the womb I was about to make a bowel movement "

From the same article:

"Babies are more likely to pass meconium when:

They've had a long or hard delivery.
They are born past their due date.
The mother has a health problem, like diabetes or high blood pressure.
The mother smoked or used drugs during the pregnancy.
They didn't grow well before birth."

Interestingly, though there's information about detection of meconium-stained amniotic fluid through ultrasound, this diagnosis is done only AFTER the baby's body waste has already reached the fluid, unlike your situation.

"when she was about 5 or 6 months pregnant with me my father threw her over a desk and she began to bleed heavily"

I don't know if, (forgive me for the word I'm going to use but, in my opinion, that's the only way to call it), the abuse of your father upon your mother could have caused some complications like you almost soiling the amniotic fluid while still in the womb, but I will appreciate if you can direct me to any article supporting the facts you have presented in your narrative and comments.

I guess your story is a good example of the importance of getting prenatal care during pregnancy, even if the doctors looking after your mother might have been... Shady.

My apologies if my comment took the sunshine away from your screen name... I didn't mean to turn you into a snowflake.

aussiedaz in She Has My Face
When you go down the rabbit hole it will open your mind up to a lot of possibilities Emilia. The truth is stranger than a science fiction movie, you just need to brush aside the disinformation, keep an opened mind and apply logic.

Another possibility? You and your sister belong to the same soul group. Soul groups range from 5 to 25 souls, often they plan to come into the earth matrix together. The bond between you two may be the force behind what you and your family are experiencing now. Consciousness is fundamental to our existence the power of love, mind, memories and emotions can transcend through the fabric of space and time... Life is an illusion, love is real, your sister may be reaching out to you on a subliminal level.

sunshinemilia in She Has My Face
[at] aussiedaz I never considered this! But that makes a lot of sense and would answer so many questions! I'm really open to possibilities of everything and I think more research on that possibility just might satiate my curiosity and ease my fear:) thank you so much
aussiedaz in She Has My Face

I don't believe it's an evil entity out for revenge so nothing to worry about there, more than likely it's bouts of two universe's randomly meshing together where your twin sister appears to be living out her life like nothing ever happened.

String theory was pulled together by some extremely intelligent theoretical physicist who put forward a mathematical hypothesis that suggest not only do we exist in this reality, we exist in many realities all with slight variations.

The hypothesis and some of those variations suggest you may live in one universe however due to Murphy's law you don't live in another.
The fate of your twin sister was to exist as planned before her birth, her soul continues on in one reality where as in this reality, something went wrong and you guys seemed to be haunted by the law of string theory and her interaction of existence? Btw, The doctor never told your mother about your sister? I wonder why?

Anyway, I have personally witnessed the meshing of two universes in the presence of my son where this car came into our reality and vanished just as quick. Furthermore, there is a phenomenon known as the Mandela Effect of which I believe is the holy grail of evidence suggesting multiple universes can mesh together permanently... Just watch Tom Cruise dance without glasses? Typically by human nature, the sceptics put it down to a bad memory (baloney)... So these nerds with high I'Q's are on the mark in my view when it comes down to the fundamental principles of string theory.

If you came face to face in this reality... Your twin sister will talk to you with a life time of shared memories it won't seem out of the norm for her... In her reality you exist!.

Regards Daz
I loved your story as it was well-written and your description of your grandmother painted a clear picture of what kind of lady she was. As for the way you grieve, I think it's the best way, to tell stories of the loved one that has passed on and keep their memory alive. Humor is perfectly acceptable in my opinion. I know I want people to tell funny (even embarassing) stories about me when I die and get a good laugh out of them. If they do, then I've done my job. 😊
sunshinemilia in She Has My Face
[at] lealeigh Thank you! Your comments were very respectful and well worded:)
Lealeigh in She Has My Face

That's cool. I was just slightly put off by the idea that malpractice was more rampant back then. I work in the pharmacy at a hospital; I see doctors and nurses all the time and I believe that the majority of them have their hearts in the right place and are professional. I have been working in pharmacies for your whole life but it doesn't really matter; I am not an expert on the motivations of everyone out there.

Thank you for responding to my comment.

- Maria
sunshinemilia in She Has My Face
[at] freakedoutfreddy when I first posted this I hadn't written for a long time so I understand this story is very messy and not well written but:) I've been writing and practicing everyday since and I've gotten a little better (not much) but I've got a lot of years to keep trying. I will admit I'm bad at just about every hobby I have but the point of a hobby isn't to be good just to like what you're doing:)
sunshinemilia in She Has My Face
[at] lealeigh yeah that is weird? When I first posted the story it said teenager and i'm most definitely STILL a teenager:) I'm not twenty until august, I guess the website is getting a head start but thank you for calling that to attention! I hadn't realized it changed
sunshinemilia in She Has My Face
[at] lady-glow ma'am google is free and literally one search will tell you that meconium sometimes happens in the womb, which was ALMOST my case and it can become toxic and block airways and cause complications during birth. I was in NICU and had to be tube fed and had tubes in my ears because I was so premature. It may come as a shock to you, but you're not a genius and most likely not a medical professional so perhaps research something before being blatantly offensive and rude. Rule of thumb for the future, maybe don't assume you know more about someone's birth than that person and their doctors.
sourball in Unexpected Wake Up

I hoped that was the case too. I have been wondering if that was the case, it was my first time to experience that and I truly thank God that it didn't happen again, even during at my lowest and vulnerable state.

Thank you for reading my story and commenting.
sourball in Unexpected Wake Up
majarlika012 and lady-glow

Thank you for commenting. Sleep paralysis; I've wondered about that so many times after that incident.

And yes, after that time my brother was fed up with it and decided to act on it, one night he went to our extended kitchen and challenged them, cursing them for what happened and to stop scaring me and face him instead. He waited that night and when he was about to sleep he started to hear loud bangs of doors and windows, chairs being draged on the floor from our extended kitchen, that went on for hours.

As I remember during a festival a priest went to our house and did a blessing, but that didn't help much. Lessen a bit but never really got rid of them.

Thank you for reading.
Lealeigh in Chalk Man
Hello Tweed,

I read this story of yours before I registered on this site. You linked it on Metzalnawa's story in the comments. I really like stories where entities are fascinated by children's toys! I also couldn't help but notice that we are the same age - not that it has anything to do with my comment.

I want to ask you about what you remember of the the strange color of the sky after the storm. Where I live, during stormy weather, there is sometimes a green tint mixed with a strange looking brightness; it is also mixed with an uneven pattern of overcast. It usually happens at times when the weather service warns us of possible tornados in the area. Was there any green in the sky that you remember?

I really enjoyed this story. It is in my favorites.

- Maria
Please do not fret about your English - I understood perfectly what you were saying. As to your first paranormal incident, I want to say it was residual - if it weren't for the fact that it ended abruptly when you opened the door. Residuals will not do that, so it hints at intelligence. Otherwise, the only other possibility might be that you heard a neighbor's conversations. However, I do not know how close you lived to others at the reported time of your incident.
silverthane61 in Unexpected Wake Up
I hope this was an incident of being in a "dream-awake" stage. People can experience this condition without being subject to normal sleep paralysis. In this case, you can often experience vivid audial-visual illusions. If this was not such an incident, then your faith must be strong as witnessed by the effectiveness of your prayer.

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