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Honestly this is quite interesting, and I'm sorry for the lost of your father. But its quite obvious that these ghosts are protecting your daughter. Maybe put a camera in her room to catch the action, if you can see them with your daughter it may give a better idea of the ghosts and possibly why there here.
RadhikaC in My Stalker's Ghost
Hi Alina5,
I am making a documentary for Discovery Channel on ghosts and other paranormal experiences. In this regard, I would be interested in talking to you and featuring your experiences in my show. Could you please email me at karadhi [at] We could then fix a time to talk and take this further.
Piperasc in I Saw It Again!
The_Lost_Voyage_11 Thank you and yes please attach the link here. Thank you
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in I Saw It Again!
Hi Piperasc and thank you for the clarification. Perhaps you could look into an energy clearing ritual to perform when this happens. You could do it without disturbing the 'nightmare' and risk his mood swing. If there is an entity attached since it is a form of energy, such a ritual could clear it. You could try it and observe what happens, see if the nightmare fades and his sleep returns to normal. It could yield some answers. It's a simple process you can look up and doesn't require a huge learning curve. There is also information on this site I could link you to that would include a more comprehensive clearing of the entire house and bedroom in particular which could also help. I would still do the personal clearing, but the overall clearing could pave the way and it make it that much more effective. Good luck!
Hi RCRuskin, no there was never a fire in our home, however it's an interesting thought if there was ever a fire in the location our home was built on? I don't think there was ever anything but woods before the development was built but we do live in a historical area so that's food for thought!
Hi, Aros.

Just a quick question, wondering if there was ever a fire in the house where you experienced these things?
Hi valkricry, Not confusing at all! In fact quite insightful actually. Those are very interesting questions and you could very well be on to something there. As I mentioned to Rajine, I am skeptical of the dowsing rod session as I feel the young man coming through has an attachment to my daughter for some reason and perhaps is simply giving us responses he thinks we want to hear? Otherwise it doesn't make any sense as far as details. Your theory of the past life is entirely intriguing though! Thanks for the thoughts!
Hi Rajine, thanks for the comments! My sister's name was D'Lea and it's confusing to me too since I don't know why my daughter would say the name "Carol" and speak of the back story with the mean dad and other siblings who died in a fire if in fact it was my sister all along. I'm skeptical because the dowsing rod session could easily have been that young man who committed suicide either messing with us or just responding with what he thinks I wanted to hear.

I've read about and seen shows about the shadow man with the wide-brimmed hat. Absolutely no clue why he would be here or what he wants. At least he's never done anything malevolent other than appear to my daughter at times. Let's hope it stays that way!
Aros, I've had a really odd thought, one I'm not even sure will hold water. I don't really understand reincarnation, and it's something I'm on the fence with, BUT... I know many believe in past lives, and there is a belief that spirits can become slightly confused. What if "Carol" is your sister, but recalling a past life (the siblings, etc.)?
Another thought I had, is it's possible that your sister was also present at the time you asked your question. So, an overlap response? You asked of Carol but your sister answered type thing?
More confusing than insightful...sorry.
Piperasc in I Saw It Again!
Thank you for all of your comments. I am taking in all theses possibilities. As for the questions asked, yes his mood swings are 99% of the time during these nightmares. He is kind of OCD "uptight" and gets stressed every once in a blue moon (2 times in the 2 & 1/2 years we been together) where he gets moody during the day. He does remember some of his nightmares but nothing that stands out. I actually thought the same that when he was "pressed" that maybe a spirit attached to him. I don't know how to approach him with this theory. And he routinely gets check ups. Thank you again and I would love more feedback on how to approach the possibilities.
Hi Aros

I enjoyed the part about your dad visiting his grand-daughter, I firmly believe that loved ones that pass on are always around us even though we can't see them.

I'm really sorry about your sister, to go at such a young age, it's good that she's also around, however I'm a bit confused, I'm assuming her name wasn't Carol, your narrative suggests that you didn't know until you asked Carol if she was your sister, also why would she give a different story of having a mean dad and siblings dying in a fire.

The top hat man is a mystery, I've come across quite a few stories here describing the top hat man and each person's story is scary, I wonder what it really is and what it wants.
Hi wrh1969

Very interesting and well written experience you had, I've read many stories across different cultures about certain places and how people have to ask permission to the specific guardians or spirits before entering places such as forests etc. I believe that to a certain extent it can be true, in any case it's always good to respect your surroundings, never known who or what one might anger.
Hi wrh1969

Thanks for posting this experience. My feedback on this is along the same lines as lady-glow; sometimes we humans can get into a paranoid mind-set and our imaginations can be very powerful tools, both for our own benefit but also to our own detriment.

I wonder had the guide not mentioned you having to repeatedly ask permission to enter the forest so you wouldn't be scratched and pinched, then maybe your experience would have been a positive one?

I feel the guides comments may have put you in a paranoid and defensive mind-set?

Anyway thanks for sharing and I hope my comments weren't seen as "non-serious" and "smart talk"...gee now I'm feeling paranoid and defensive about my posts!


BaiAnina in I Saw It Again!
Hello Piperasc

Sorry to hear about what you and your husband are going through: (I've been watching some paranormal investigations recently and I was wondering if you know about your husband's family history? It might not be the house, but your husband himself that has an entity clinging to him--which could also affect his overall energy and mood. Though I agree that you may also want to have him medically checked as well. It won't hurt to make sure in both the paranormal and medical sense.

I hope you find the answer you're looking for eventually! ❤
Yes black magic is exists
I saw many black magic cases in my life
Awesome experience
Even I too like to walk in forest like area
Hi wrh1969.

I love nature walks and that tour must have been wonderful, though, in my opinion, the sensation of "being watched" is not enough to prove a paranormal encounter.

Many years ago I visited a natural reserve in the state of Tabasco, Mexico. At some point I felt watched and in danger, I turned around looking for someone and saw nothing but I knew something dangerous was at my back. I turned around again inspecting my surroundings carefully and saw a beautiful, full grown, crouched jaguar ready to pounce on me. Fortunately, at least for me, it was behind an enclosure.

My point is, was it really a Taotaomona who/what was watching you? Or was it something or someone of an earthy nature?

Did any of the other members of the tour experience something other than the sensation of being watched?

I hope you don't find my seeming skepticism offensive, I always like to look for any logical explanations before jumping to the "this is paranormal" conclusion.

Thanks for sharing.
Softie - don't worry about the karma point thingy. Unless you get a LOT of them on a particular comment, or you have negative number on your profile, odds are you've done nothing wrong. Sometimes folks click the wrong arrow, or the trolls get hungry. Currently, you aren't carrying any negatives.😊
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in I Saw It Again!
Hi Piperasc, thank you for sharing your story with us. I have some ideas and some questions as well regarding this situation. The bi-polar tendencies you mentioned, do they only surface when your husbands sleeping and having these nightmares? Does he recall the nightmares? It's possible that it could be astral projection, but it doesn't explain the bi-polar issue, the changes in mood. There is the possibility of some kind of possession by this entity or doppelgänger you have seen. I don't want speculate too prematurely, but the nightmares could signify the struggle between him and this entity for control of the host body, Since it seems like his entire demeanor changes during these episodes and these sightings as well as the nightmares and mood changes occur when he's sleeping, it's a possibility. This doppelgänger also seems to hang out right by or on your husband. Most doppelgänger sightings don't usually have the two, the person being copied and the copycat entity in the same place at the same time. To gain more clarity I'd like to know more, again, does he remember his nightmares and do these mood swings only happen during his sleep, during these nightmares? Also does he sound like a completely different person when he gets 'mean'. Does he remember much when he's in these 'states'? Are there any other bizarre experiences anywhere else in the home that coincide with these encounters?
Have I done something wrong? Why am I getting the low rating thingy? 🤔 😢
It must be difficult to work there not knowing when a ghost'll show up.
Any updates? 😊
Did this happen in Wellington, by any chance? Just curious. Thanks.
LightMight in I Saw It Again!
Hello Piperasc,

I'm sorry you're still dealing with whatever this thing is - I do agree with what robmkivseries and Rajine have mentioned. Perhaps whatever this is, is making your husband's moods more intensified, or maybe compounding problems with his sleep pattern and his subconcious state?

Maybe you should consider keeping a journal on these activities, and then approach him when you feel he can maintain an objective attitude during an open conversation about your concerns - honestly, since you're his wife you should be able to talk with him about this.
Best of Luck
Piscesian in The Twin Sister
hi [at] Rajine,
Thank you for taking time to read my story. My late grandma who was a very traditional lady, told me that once we were born, a jinn was also born with a face resembles us. And when a baby was stillborn, her 'doppelgänger jinn' continues to live on and sometimes shows up in the form of that stillborn baby, even grew up. I didn't understand what she said, I was very young back then. But after what happened at my younger sister's wedding, I figured out what she meant. I think what appeared during my sister's wedding, and the one she spoke to when she was little was that; the twin sister's doppelgänger.
As a muslim, I was taught to believe in the unseen as well as those that I can see. So whatever that was who 'came' to my sister wedding back then, I believe in it 😊
Rajine in The Twin Sister
Hi Piscesian

Really a touching story, no matter what bonds between family and friends can never be broken, even in death.

I believe that our loved ones who passed on are always around us in every moment of our lives.
Hi wrh1969

I believe that it could be the spirit of that little girl, he life ended abruptly at a young age, she's earth bound because she didn't get the chance to live her life fully.
Rajine in I Saw It Again!
Hi Piperasc

That definitely is creepy, you say that this entity looks just like your husband, perhaps it's a doppelganger, that's just my opinion or even as robmkivseries70 it could be he's astral projecting, possibilities are endless.

You also mention that he has bipolar tendencies, did he go for any medical help? Maybe that can help with his mood swings.
Softie_thunder_thighs in Little Kid Ghost?
Oh... That poor child! The way she died is so sad. She deserves to rest in peace. 😢
lady-glow in Little Kid Ghost?
Given the history of the house, it's possible that the spirit of the little girl was still there, perhaps not even aware of her death.

Too bad now it's too late to help her cross over... At least for you, hopefully the people who moved into the house after you and your family vacated it, have helped her to move on.
robmkivseries70 in I Saw It Again!
I'd venture to say your husband is astral projecting and you are able to see it. He may not be able to remember it though.
robmkivseries70 in Little Kid Ghost?
On reviewing your post, I see you are not there any more.
robmkivseries70 in Little Kid Ghost?
I saw this in a book about a haunting in California. The people were pretty sure they has a child entity.
Take a guess as to the gender and age and put out some toys. Note the locations with pics on your phone and check for any changes.
Softie_thunder_thighs in The Girl In White
I have never heard of neither played this game, sounds weird. 😕
tomrjimmy in Limbo

I heard them whispering about me, how I was shouting, pleading for help so save my life. I heard them laughing. Whenever they saw me they also try to mimic the way I shouted when I was occupied.

There's no sixth sense needed here to understand them, even a kid can understand. The senior doctor laughed at me, some of my father's colleagues, few far away relatives also did same. Even today after 20 years some of them who met me asks same stupid question "What happened to you at that night? Can you explain it to my brother/sister/mother/father blah blah?". I loss my temper hearing them.

People only understands when something wrong happens to them otherwise everything is a joke for them. People even don't believe in God. What can one say?
tomrjimmy in Limbo

Let me try it out. Will see some other time to get back on it.
Piperasc in Kahlua's Story
Thank you for sharing your experience. I very much enjoyed reading it and am so glad that Kahlua came to show you she is still being herself!
I have a theory, but can't prove it. Downstairs neighbor's mother passed and they've brought a lot of her things for sorting into our basement. (Long confusing story of why they did this, but the gist is it couldn't be done where she had been living.)
Anyway, perhaps a week prior to seeing this thing, I would catch a whiff of some acrid smelling flowery scent. Like super cheap perfume? I'd sniff it in various rooms, but not throughout the apartment. I actually asked if they were spraying something downstairs. I was told no, but the neighbor said she was smelling an odd scent off and on too. But it IS spring, doors and windows are starting to be open, so who can say where it came from for certain?
I think perhaps this shadow and the 'perfume' might be connected. From what I understand 'mom' wasn't mentally stable, and she has never been to our house. What if she came along with her things? What if to her, I'm an intruder? I don't belong to the family, and she might not realize the house is two apartments.
I do believe that whatever this thing was, it was not truly evil or maybe just not very strong. Just not nice.
Hi Biblio [at] Bibliothecarius. The link you posted appears to be her page. On the top of the page it says "My name is Abby (: I enjoy writing articles on many different topics such as Addiction/Recovery, Domestic Violence, True Crime, True Paranormal, etc. I also enjoy writing stories in the Genres of Horror/Paranormal and Crime/Mystery."
freakedoutfreddy in Limbo
That was intense man!
I don't get how you know what the neighbors were thinking. Can you explain it to me? 🤔
TheCavemaster in Baby Boy Stay On My Mind
Hi spookyONE69!

I am The Cavemaster. I am into publishing new Tagalog Horror Stories on line and will soon be creating a YT Channel narrating these horror stories. I found this story very creepy and decided to re-publish it on my facebook page but Tagalized.

I am not inclined and gifted with paranormal gifts or any sixth sense but I am really interested listening to such stories. I believe that these experiences should be shared and talked about because after all, we are spiritual beings bound to be freed from our physical constraints.

You might have more stories to share, should you wanted to be featured on my facebook page or sooner on my YT Channel, do not hesitate to email me on storiesfromthecavern [at] You may also send me a private message on facebook through my page, "Stories from the Cavern."

Thank you and looking forward to this new beginning with you.

-The Cavemaster
Bibliothecarius in The Witches Cackle
Greetings, Abby, and welcome to YGS.

Your description of this haunting sounds like you were having an out-of-body experience watching the events unfold. That makes this event even more interesting to my mind.

I do have a question about the narrative, though: did you also publish this experience last week under the name "Abrahdella" at I ran into the earlier publishing of this event while looking at houses (#30, #37, and #26) on Nicholson Ave in Bucksport Maine. So long as the story is your experience, there's no problem with republishing it on YGS; it just seemed odd to me to run into the narrative twice.

the_0lympians in Do I Help The Spirit?

Yes. I would definetly (I don't care for grammar that much) help the spirit.
Holy cow valkricry I'm not sure I would have been as together as you seemed to be in that encounter. I'm glad it didn't attempt to do anything to you... I wonder where it came from and why it appeared in your room? My heart would have been pounding a mile a minute!
aussiedaz I only seen that this entity had the same pajamas on. I did not see his face but the body was shaped as his.
Hi and welcome Prugs

It's always good to have a positive mindset and as you mentioned that this happened a day before your grandfather's 5th death anniversary I'd like to believe that he did come to see your'll. I believe that our loved ones who passed on are always around us, guiding and protecting us with an unseen hand.
Hi AbbyMagee2019

That definitely is a creepy experience, I believe that we all have a sixth sense and it always kicks in during times of danger, warning us whether something is bad or good.

Apart from this experience were there any other incidents that you and your fiancé experience, I'd definitely like to read about it.
Aros - oops! Somehow I missed your commenting. Thanks for reading. Yes, I'm a lot closer to being my old self, where I see more positive than negative in things.
I did have something rather creepy happen though. Wednesday night,5/5/21, I think I had a not good visitor. It was around midnight, and I'm in bed, when that spider-webby feeling started. I sat up and looked around my room. While the room is dark, it isn't pitch black and in the far corner I see a darker shadow within the shadows. Not terribly tall, perhaps 5 foot, human shaped but I couldn't make out any details. I'm staring at it, debating if I'm actually seeing 'something' or if it's a trick of the light filtering in or something, despite I'm getting an edgy feeling in the pit of my stomach. It seemed to be getting bigger - not just taller but wider too.
"Hello?" I whispered into the darkness, not really expecting a reply or wanting to engage with a not nice - but was my feeling coming from the not knowing what exactly I was seeing, or from the shadow itself? I refuse to go jumping at shadows anyway.
Just then my cat wandered into my room. He'd barely crossed the threshold when for the first time in his 16 years, I heard him hiss! Good enough for me...
"You are NOT welcomed here, and must leave. In the name of Jesus Christ and all that is holy I banish you from here!" I could see no face, but it felt like it was glowering at me, Cat has fled the room, and I long to follow suit - but... I really don't want to turn my back on this thing. I was officially scared. "In the name of God I rebuke you. Now LEAVE! You are NOT welcome here!" I barely raised my voice, but it was said with force. My no nonsense tone, as my kids called it. And just like that it was gone. Very anti-climatic. Needless to say, I never got to sleep that night. Hopefully it was just a one off thing.
CrimsonTopaz in I Miss My Father Dearly:
Arrrh yes, good old Australian sayings. 'You got to love 'em'.
(I don't hear, "throw another shrimp on the Barbi" much either). I don't live under a rock, but half the time I think all these Australian phrases are commercial.
Nothing wrong with being sceptical. If you don't see what others are seeing or sensing, it would make you a bit suspicious, no doubt.

My favourite Australian saying is one that Al uses on Home and Away, 'Flaming galah'. Lol

To answer your question, while I vaguely remember talking to passed relatives, these are just your average dreams. You probably know the ones I'm talking about - where all the details are lost in the morning haze.

I've had a couple of "experiences of consequence" where I have felt somebody looking after me, but only hints of their identity.

I suppose that you could say that spiritually, I'm as blind as a bat and deaf as a post. Fortunately, Jubeele has been patiently enlightening me to be more attentive and less sceptical.

I do believe that we are all individuals and although our experiences may have similarities, at the end of the day they are our own and the difference is our individuality.

On another note, lady-glow's reference to "beyond the veil" is quite interesting. While I haven't heard this term either, it bears similarities to another aussieism, which is "beyond the pale" used to describe a behaviour which is outside the norm.

Aunty Google (and her array of dictionaries) refers to "pale" as a wooden stake, which is used in building a fence. I don't think it is a huge stretch to assume that the two phrases are related. Afterall, they both refer to behaviours or events that are perceived to occur outside our own boundaries of "normality".

Anyway, be careful, stay safe and wear a mask. 😉
CrimsonTopaz in Limbo
I've been reading comments extensively the last 2 years.
It really saddens me that with everything going on in the world and in people's lives here on this site and elsewhere that we can't get along.
Lady glow meant no harm Tomrjimmy. As my sister Mia/SWSteve tried to explain, members ask questions to help them understand the situation better.
Valkricry is an officer/moderator on this site. It's in her best interest to keep the peace and ensure members new and old abide with the sites guidelines.
A lot of members want to know more or notice errors and try to clear them up.
Don't take it to heart. Maybe logout of the site for a few days, regroup and read some more situations on this site to get a better understanding of the guidelines and expectations.
tomrjimmy in Limbo

I already proved what I had to. I don't need to impress anyone.
valkricry in Limbo
SMH... If that is how you truly feel then perhaps you should go to one of those other forums, where it's ok to be insulting and rude (not discriminatory like here, according to you). Because here, we expect a certain level of civility and maturity from our members. To express disbelief is one thing, but rudeness from anyone towards another member is simply not acceptable; and your little verbal tantrum isn't impressing anyone.
tomrjimmy in Limbo

Its up to you guys to keep or delete my story/posts. There're many welcoming forums ready to publish without any discriminations.

This is not just a story, these are facts which I published here as raw as occurred.

No need to hear about consequences from you. Had faced many you can't even imagine.
CrimsonTopaz in I Miss My Father Dearly:
Thank you for your thoughtful message.
I'm so sorry to hear you lost your father too.
It seems to be quite common that spirits appear at doorways. Mia has some tales to tell how she also saw our uncle at her bedroom door when she was young. My mother and father got a call from England the next day saying my father's brother died. It's too much of a coincidence that Mia saw him. He must have visited to tell her something. She was in shock and told mum when she finally unfroze and slept in my parents bed that night.
I think you have some fantastic explanations why my sister and I experience visits differently.
Does your husband have visits in his dreams too?
I think dreams are very powerful. Sometimes I think our loved ones communicate through them, other times I think they are memories, and sometimes it's a way for our thoughts to bring matters to the surface that need attention. I'm far from an expert on dream interpretations, so I'll leave that for the experts.
Hi CrimsonTopaz

I'm sorry for your loss and I feel the love you have for your family. It's great that your sister and yourself are here together on YGS to share your experiences.

I wonder if your father had been initially waiting for your eldest brother, so as to guide him on his way? Maybe that's why, after your brother's passing, he doesn't seem to be as around as often now. But the "comforting, homey feeling like he's watching" shows that he still comes by to check on all of you.

Soon after my father died, I saw him at the bedroom door. As if he was there in person. My husband Rex and I were sleeping in my parents' room at the time. I sensed that he had come for a last look round, to say goodbye to us. Since then, I've seen him in my dreams, mostly memory dreams, but occasionally a vague feeling to be careful. He's warned me before when I fell off a horse, his voice in my head to: "Move!" Saving me from being kicked by the horse. It's taken me a while to realise that was probably him.

Perhaps on some level, you only sense your father's presence because you no longer need the reassurance of 'seeing' him? Or it could be the nature of your gifts - you're stronger at sensing things and your sister's ability is to be able see shadows? Or it could be the different levels of energy that we emanate. Like we're walking power sources for spirits, who 'borrow' our emotional energy to manifest in some form or other. The more energy generated, the more tangible the form. Positive energy begets positive spirits, and the same with negative energy.

Just a few of my theories, anyway. Some food for thought. Be well and take care.
valkricry in Limbo
No discrimination, that's just the rules, and what you said to lady-glow was insulting and uncalled for.
I mentioned English not being your first language (nor that of lady-glow's) because it's very easy to misunderstand the intent of words, especially in a media like this forum, where there is no facial expressions or body language to aid in understanding how it is being meant, and that is made even more difficult when the nuances of words is not fully understood. In your eyes, what was meant as understanding this difficulty was seen as discriminatory, just as you saw her comment of laughing at herself as laughing at you. Heck, sometimes even the native speakers can get the intent wrong. So I was only trying to help you out. Take it or leave it. That's up to you. But ignoring my advise to play nice, will only have consequences.
Seriously telling the person who edited and ultimately published your submission that they should "Read my story..." is really funny.
Cman710, If this was a well-known story, surely her body must have been found and given a proper burial. Does the local lore say if the killer was ever caught?

Hopefully the tearing down of the ranch and building houses allowed her to move on. ❤
Hey BaiAnina,

Thank you for such a warm comment. I'm so glad that it was relatable to you too. The bonding with grandparents is irreplaceable!

You too take care ❤️
tomrjimmy in Limbo

Why so much of discrimination? Just because I am from India? Or English is not my first language?

There's nothing vulgar or abusive written by me. What people do others returns back to them. That's the justice of nature. Read my story if you have any doubts.

And finally, I am not sorry for what I have written no matter you delete or keep it.
Hi Vrinda. My condolences to your family for your loss ❤

I do believe your grandpa wanted to let you know that he was very glad for the time you've bonded and that he'll watch over you. It was such a sweet way to say good bye.

I too lost my grandfather years back, after I spent months taking care of him and he also visited to say good bye, so your story really touched me.

Thank you for sharing, and take care ❤
valkricry in Limbo
tomrjimmy, I understand that English is not your first language, as it isn't lady-glow's either. Lady-glow was NOT making fun of you:
"Ha ha, I got confused too..." Obviously she is laughing at herself for making the same error. After all, did you not confuse the date yourself first? I'd think you would be more embarrassed of yourself for messing up when "a young guy who was about to die in few minutes should remember exact day time of that horrible night?" instead of attacking another member.
I have deleted your post. This is from the Comments Guidelines, "Posts that are abusive, vulgar, insulting or spammy will be deleted. If a person persists in posting such messages numerous times, they will be blocked / banned from this site."
This must be so frustrating. Have you set a camera? Is it still happening? 🤔
lady-glow in Limbo
Ha ha, I got confused too:

"and June 13th, 1999 was a SUNDAY, not a Friday..."

June 13th, 1999 was a Sunday, not a Saturday.
You mentioned that you get visions, could you tell me more about that.
lady-glow in Limbo

...and June 13th, 1999 was a SUNDAY, not a Friday...

Don't take it the wrong way, but mistakes like this don't help the credibility of your story.

No offense intended neither making fun of you... The administrator may change the words, but not the first impression caused by your original narrative.

Sleeping-with-steve in Woman Who Hung Herself
Hello Nirwick93,

I couldn't help but chuckle reading how you laughed at your sister when she was destressed and how you laughed off the ordeal. That's something my brother's would do to me. Lol. 😆

I really enjoyed your post. It was filled with family warmth and fun, and, also really spooky.

Somehow the lady who died must have been trying to connect with your sister. Maybe it was suicide, maybe not? I'd be very interested to hear what the investigation results are.

Please keep us posted.

Thank you for sharing your experience.

Best wishes,
tomrjimmy in Limbo

June 13th 2000, it was 1999 not 2000, already raised request to admin for updating it. Waiting for update from admin.
Hello Rajine,

Yes I believe the same that he did come to meet me one last time! 😁😭
Hi Nirwick93

I'd definitely be running out of there if I had to go through that, perhaps the spirit of the woman is still in that room.
Hi Vrinda and welcome

I believe that your Nana did come to see you one last time
Hello Lady Glow,

Thank you so much for this sweet comment. Indeed we were lucky to have gotten that time together!

Stay tuned for another haunting story from me!

Take care.
Softie_thunder_thighs in Woman Who Hung Herself
This is so scary!
Was the smell like rotten eggs or sulfur? My grandma believes that the smell of sulfur means that Satan is there. 😨
Welcome to YGS.


I'm sorry for your loss.

I think that your Nana came to say goodbye. You both were lucky to spend some time together before his passing, those memories will be cherished by both of you regardless of the place you are at.

Thanks for sharing this lovely story with us.
CrimsonTopaz in I Miss My Father Dearly:
Thank you for your message.
My father was a good man, husband, father, and pa. It is good knowing love never dies.
lady-glow in Limbo

"It was Saturday, 13th June 2000"

Actually... June 13th, 2000, wasn't a Saturday but a Tuesday...typo?
Softie_thunder_thighs in I Miss My Father Dearly:
Oh, this is such a lovely story... It made me cry.
Love never ends. ❤ ❤
Sounds like you've been through Hell and back from your father to your ex-roomie and your struggles with PTSD/Depression. I'm glad to hear it sounds like things are turning around for you. Very astute self-analysis at the end where perhaps your father - in his current self-reflective state - was indeed trying to give you a kick in the rear but this time with good intentions.

How delightful you obviously have a friend spirit ally in your corner. You have some living ones here too I see. Much light and peace to you!
No worries, L. Pop up as often as you like. 😊 You're right, many, many people suffer from low vitamin D due to lack of sunlight. I think I read it's something like 95%, but don't hold me to that.
There's also certain foods that help boost it, but it is something the body can't produce on its own.
I do know with myself, that once your Vit D level hits in the single digits, it becomes life threatening. Who'd have thunk it?😲 It can cause you to develop some real health issues.
No one is immune to being affected by life. Sometimes you can cite the why you're depressed/not happy. In fact, I'd say most times we know the why. It seems to me that it does make you more vulnerable to the negative aspects of the paranormal as well. An easier target as it were.
I hope you're right, L, that by coming forward I've helped someone.
Sorry, I keep popping up but I was just thinking about the vitamin D. It kind of makes sense. People in countries that have really long winters and don't get as much light have higher cases of suicide and depression. I don't know if that has anything to do with vitamin D, but it sounds like sunlight is more important than we think (or maybe it's just me that's the simple one...🙄) considering sunlight helps provide this vitamin. Thanks for having the courage to open up - let's us know we're not the only ones going through all sorts!
Greatly appreciated 😘
tomrjimmy in Limbo
Hi Sleeping-with-steve,

No problem with any odd comments by any member now. May be yesterday in emotion I asked for deleting my post but now I will not. Anyone most welcome to post all kind of nastiness on my post, I will give them a bouncer reply. Let them in as many as they are, I am here 😉
Hi ssexyca

Now it makes sense, perhaps something did follow her from her workplace.
Hello RCRuskin,
Thanks for responding. I will ask elder people next time when I visit my village.
Hello Rajine,

Thanks for your response. I'm new here so I don't know how to reply.
Hello SWS,

I hope your sister faye gets her that ring light though.

Thank you for reading my story. God bless 😊
Sleeping-with-steve in Limbo
Hello Tomrjimmy,

Thank you for further explaining.

You don't need to delete your account or comments. Members are just asking questions so they can better understand what is happening.

Try not to be hurt or sad.

Best wishes,
Hi Ray-Ghoststory

Thanks for responding. There's a distinct possibility that the figure you saw was a deceased loved one who had passed over but who was / is still around you guiding you.

If it didn't scare you and you felt like she was very familiar, like a Grandmother, then maybe you knew her from somewhere?

You described some PTSD from your childhood. Maybe she wanted to appear to you to at that difficult time of your life to reassure you that you are never alone?

To me, my opinion on your family's (to me, unhelpful) reaction, is that they are / were possibly less "spiritual" and more "superstitious".

Superstition generally is based on ignorance, dated misconceptions and fear, whereas spirituality is more a knowing (as much as can "know") of the true, underlying essence and nature of existence.


Hi Rajine! So a few months before this experience, she encountered a sleep paralysis episode where she saw a big black figure climbed inside the room from the window in her room. She immediately try to break free as soon as she saw the figure climbed in the room and walked towards her, but she fell on to the floor and broke free from the sleep paralysis. After she was awake, she did not see anybody or anything in the room, so she thought it was just a dream.

My sister works in a Telecommunication Centre where they would promote Internet Installation to customer, so I am not sure if the spirit followed her from the workplace or was it just a coincidence that she wants to install Internet too? Hahaha
tomrjimmy in Limbo
Author, it seems like people commenting here are just making fun of me, disbelieving me as that's what I can understand from their comments. Looks like I put myself in same condition as I was 20 years ago. Such a fool I am 😁.

Please delete my post. I don't want people to make fun and tell me if that was a medical condition rather paranormal.

These people knows nothing about paranormal. They use gadgets to detect paranormal whereas it can be easily confirmed just by feeling it.

Tell me one thing. How do you know you have head ache? Do you use some gadget to confirm it or you just feel it and confirm?

Do you use any gadget to feel stomach pain or use any gadget?

Okay now as people are here to enjoy, let me hit the last nail to the coffin.

People, can anyone tell my how do someone feel when they are just about to die? Any idea? Any gadget? Any doctor?

Hah no! You have to feel it and if still you are lucky like me, you are still breathing here writing comments 😁

Do you know how do someone feel?
tomrjimmy in Limbo
Sleeping-with-steve, I don't have any reason why I treated my aunt so badly. I use to see how my parents react to her and so do I. Now why my parents use to do so, there were many reasons behind it. My aunt use to steal money and other belongings inside the house and outside also. She use to lie a lot. Also she provides money to one of her nephew who was drug addict. People use to complain my parents about her. Yes she told it to the neighbors and she also went to police couple of times.

After all that happened to me I also asked myself the same question. Why I ill treated her like that? Then I realized that may be due to the reason that I was always compared with others by my father in every aspect whether its related to studies, sports, marks scored, physical appearance, way of standing, seating, eating almost everything. I think I got so much filled with all this that I started looking at my father as my enemy but I was not that strong to say anything to him. I guess that's how I thought of ill treating aunt.
Ray-Ghoststory in Curly Brown Haired Old Lady
I don't know how to reply to comments but the answer to the questions, most of my family is very spiritual and don't want to risk me trying to talk to spirits and getting in dangerous situations. I'm pretty sure it was a ghost seeing as it was in the backyard and made me feel like I knew it and stuff.
tomrjimmy in Limbo

I know its hard to believe. It has been 20 years still no one believes me. But my neighbors knows that. They heard my loud shouts. Those voices were audible up to 3km. I was the only one who was in news for almost a week in my locality, actually the who was laughed at by people just like you are telling my not to spit on sky.

I have learned my lesson and I know very well not to spit on sky. But it looks like you enjoy to spit and make fun hah!

No problem. Its never too late. As I already said nature returns back to you what you give it. You will also get same just wait.

Moving on to how doctor asked me to leave after one hour, yes that's absolutely true. I am from India and here the medical services in government hospitals are not so good. Lack of basic needs, beds, doctors etc. Looks like you don't have any interest in news. Watch BBC and see how people in India are dying during this pandemic due to lack of vaccine and oxygen.

It doesn't matter what you think but the fact is fact. I challenge you, give me one reference from where I copied this story and which movie I referred here, which novel, which author. Nah! You will not get any.

My intention is to share my story with others so that they don't commit such sin what I had and to be safe from all the pain and guilt. I am sure my story will help some one.
Hi Ray-Ghoststory

Thanks for sharing. I'm sorry you suffered from PTSD as a child. I hope you are recovering.

For me this encounter raises two questions; one is can you be sure what you saw was indeed a spirit / ghost?

And secondly, as Rajine pointed out, why would your family, after 12 years, say you shouldn't talk her if you saw her again? Can you please give us more details on that aspect?

Did they say why? Were they just superstitious or afraid or did they recognise the lady from your description?


Hi Ray-Ghoststory

What I find strange is why would your family warn you against interacting with the spirit you encountered, did they give you any explanation, usually if a kid has to bring up seeing a ghost with the elders they just brush it off as a kids imagination etc.
Hi ssexyca

I've came across many strange things and a ghost or spirit asking for help with the Internet definitely makes the list. Has your sister experienced this again after the first time?
"can ghosts age...?

Perhaps she took such appearance in order to make sure you would see her like a grandmother.

It's sad though understandable that your family wouldn't want any further interaction with the spirit.

Thanks for sharing.
Sleeping-with-steve in Limbo
Hello TomrJimmy,

Why did you and your family treat your aunty so badly? Did she fight back? Did she ever tell neighbours what you did or go to the police?

It's very sad that your aunty had to experience such hate and abuse. May she RIP.

You have been very honest and admitted to your mistakes. Hopefully your guilt will keep you from doing it again to others. Guilt is a way of making you realise your behaviour was wrong and it usually prevents you from repeating wrongful acts.

Please learn from your errors. I know from reading your post you want forgiveness. We can't do that, only your aunty can. Try and talk to her spirit. Then help her find her way to the next realm.

I feel confident that all the other experiences you explained in your post will hopefully go with her.

Don't curl up in guilt. Do something positive. Help others who need help. You will feel much better about yourself if you are kind to others instead of abusive.

Please keep us posted

Best wishes.

TravisCannabis in Limbo
Man, u and your parents were such a**holes to your aunty!
No wonder u feel remorseful. 😢

Not sure if I believe what u say... I have seen worse things with the help of a doobie. 😁
Rajine in Limbo
Furthermore I feel that you may have anger issues, you may want to look into that because no one would get so angry and name call someone over a trivial joke and talk about beating anyone, annoyed at best but not violent. I can only assume that it may be due to your upbringing since you mentioned both your parents used to Ill treat your late aunt.
Rajine in Limbo
Hi tomrjimmy

All I can say is that I am glad you realized that hurting your aunt whether intentionally or unintentionally is wrong and, yes you are right what you sow, so shall you reap, I have to agree with lady-glow and Macknorton it seems like you have a medical condition rather than a spiritual one.
Hi cantunSEEit

I'd like to believe that it was your mum, I've had the same incidents that I have posted on this site previously where I felt a hand run down my face and also getting a slap on my leg, what I have come to learn is that there's a lot of positive spirits and energies around us and we just have to learn how to tap into it.

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