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Hello The_Lost_Voyage_11

I can't help but get intrigued by the story you were trying to relay to your friend. I have heard similar stories like that coming from my old relatives back when I was little and we used to take summer vacations at my late grandparent's home. As what usually happens in family reunions, there's always the story telling sessions.

One common story they share often involves unexpectedly seeing or meeting a distant friend/relative somewhere in town or along the road before turning a corner. They look normal but there's that feeling that something's off.

When they greet the person, they just get a soft grin in response, nothing verbal and the person proceeds walking away leaving an awkward encounter. Later, they get the news that the person they met has already passed on around the same time they supposedly met.

Older folks say it's a death omen and that these doubles show up in time when the actual person is at death's door. They advise one way to counter it is to slap the double in the arms or shoulder as if to make them snap out of that strange reverie and prevent death. But I've never heard someone successfully do that approach.

This was prevalent in rural and farming towns where telephones were rare and in a time before cellphones. It could be attributed to bad recollection of events though or just coincidence.

It just struck me that you have a similar story so there may be something to it after all.

"This is actually my friend's paranormal experiment."

And I'm inclined to think that this narrative is your own experiment at trying to get some attention from this community.
Just my honest opinion.

"here in our country it's ok to own multiple animals as long as you won't mistreat them or you can manage them."

I guess that would be easy to accept as long as the setting is a rural place with plenty of room for the animals to move freely BUT, - in an apartment building?!?!?

I imagine there has to be some sort of restrictions and regulations as for the number and the kind of pets allowed in a multifamily complex.
It's hard to imagine any of the other tenants not complaining about the noise and the stench that all those animals most cause.

"He had warned us that from 11PM until 4:30AM, if we saw the green lizard at the terrarium in his living room looking at the direction of kitchen, don't look up or we'll regret it"

How is it possible to see the direction the lizard's looking at in the dark? Is this a kind of laser-ray-casting eyes mutant lizard or Al can see in the dark like a cat? Did he turn on the light or how did he know what direction the lizard was looking at?

Where were all those animals sleeping? It seems like Noah's apartment is only a one bedroom unit so, what was the reaction of the rest of the animals?

I could go on an on listing all the things that don't make sense in your narrative, but don't want to give you ideas for further comments trying to patch all the holes and lack of information and details in this nonsensical concoction of words.

The only thing I have to add would be... Though there's not bull s*** in this story, there's plenty of animal feces, crap, and body waste that make it unworthy of this site.

Hasta la vista.
I just want to say that's some super creative ghost hunting.

I bet that guy's even more fun at a party!
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in The House On North Street
Hi mighty_light, I will respond to your comments on the second part too, and I appreciate your interest!

I believe that the woman seen rummaging in the trunk is the same one my dad saw, but I can't definitely confirm it. It was dark at night when my aunt saw her, and my uncle was startled and didn't get a really good look at her before she vanished. The problem with her ghost is she was mostly seen at night and in the dark and at a distance (when she was glimpsed during the day) at least until my dad's encounter.

Their behavior is definitely curious. The man, my understanding is (from what the psychic told me) was an alcoholic. That might explain his bizarre behavior of laying down and seeming to pass out on the floors in various rooms. The woman, does seem to have a prominent presence in the place, mostly upstairs where most of the sightings occurred. Besides the creepy bathroom, there were the house cleaning noises downstairs, the man (from the other story) and the noises on the stairs.

BTW, in my second story, the man my brother saw may well have been the same man seen lying on the floors. My brother saw him clearly, but when my cousins witnessed the man laying down, it was fairly dark in those rooms, so they didn't get such a good look.

Anyways, you'll see the research I attempted on the place in the second story, and I'll leave comments on that as well!
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in The House On North Street 2
Hello mighty-light, thanks for reading my stories and commenting!

Some of went on in that house I'm sure could have been residual. The incident with the man and the stairs, I feel that was more of an intelligent haunting. Yes, he did follow the original stair case up to the second floor as he did in life, but he also interacted with my brother, purposely waking him up, before he did it. He probably wanted to know who my brother was and what he was doing in what he considered his house!

That is an interesting theory about the incidents happening during the depression, if they happened as the psychic described them. It would make sense and would place the events approx a decade before my Great Aunt took possession of the house.

I know it freaked my dad out pretty bad, to see someone with no face, I probably would have responded much the same way, and I may have, if it happened, I can't recall it. Trauma can do that, to protect an individual. Some ghosts, it's thought, can hide their faces, if they don't want to be recognized, so whether she does it on purpose or because of a physical disfigurement, I can't say for sure.

You are correct too, it's possible one of the previous occupants could have returned to haunt the place after they died, if they had a particular attachment to it.

I did review the survey results from earlier in the 20th century, around the 20's at the historical society and was able to view the house design back then. It appeared pretty much as it was when my aunt had it and up through the renovations. Whoever haunts the place is familiar with the original layout, and I wonder if anything there could provide a clue. I wish I still access with my cousins, so we could compare notes and it might help us figure out some parts of the haunting, like the common areas the ghosts were seen in.

You raise some interesting points/theories that certainly add to the mystery. Rest assured if anything else comes up, I'll post it as an update. Though I no longer live in that area, my brother still does and is well connected with the community, if anything comes to light, he'll let me know.
JoJorocks, I have no right to chuckle reading about all the animals and insects you all took to the cemetery. I just wasn't expecting to read about your friends experiment involving so many creatures big and small.
When I read about your hanging, grey bat-lady, I nearly choked on my grapes.
Please except my apologies. I saw the humourous side of this story and commented accordingly.
Once again, maybe another member might shine some light on this
Tweed here in our country it's ok to own multiple animals as long as you won't mistreat them or you can manage them. Well my friend actually attempted to film a video of his experiment but unfortunately as what I stated, we're interrupted by a patrolling policeman.

Crimsontopaz ok I respected on how you react. Whether you get scared or laughed. This is actually my friend's paranormal experiment.
Hello thanks for your comments

Lady-glow it was a philodendron plant. I knew because of it's appearance. My cousin from the third story also have loads of them.

RCRuskin I want to ask him that question too. I know plants are living creatures but how the heck we can realize if they're seeing ghosts. The only Matt's animal that seems to never react to ghosts is the giant land snail. The Tarantula also freaks out. This gives me an idea that even bugs can tell whether the people they're seeing are living or dead
JoJorocks, I just looked at your profile.
I thought I should read the first part of this?
S t o r y!
I read the story and comments on your *red eyed children* before reading the first part to this one and just decided I'd called it a night and pass on your s-t-o-r-i-e-s.
Hopefully other members can help you out with this, because I have absolutely no idea where to start with even trying to help.
JoJorocks, Seriously?
I'm sorry, I don't want to come across as rude, but it sounds a bit like*🎢 old MacDonald's farm* EIEIO, and on that farm he had a dog, EIEIO, here a dog, there a goat, here a snail, there tarantular. Old MacDonald had lizard EIEIO. 🎢.
I haven't laughed this much in ages.
I can't imagine anyone taking a Zoo of animals, fish, insects, and plants anywhere in a herd like that, let alone to a cemetery. Lol. (No wonder the policeman wanted to lock you all up).
Wow ok. In Australia it's more or less illegal to own that many different animals at one time. I'm guessing the animals' welfare isn't, or wasn't on that night, top priority. Sorry to say I found it hard to focus on the timeline of your narrative because I was too distracted by all these animals freaking out in a cemetery. I'm not in any way superstitious about cemeteries either. Normally I'd ask for any video to be uploaded, but this isn't something I'd want to watch.

Spanish soldiers and upside down pale ladies aside, I'm guessing these animals are reacting to more than just the paranormal around them whether they're at home or on location. Perhaps it's a culture thing, but I'd be looking to distance myself from an animal hoarder.

Commence downvoting I guess.
So many questions. I think I'll start with just one:

Why did he bring his philodendron?

And follow up: What reaction was expected from the philodendron?
Hello again The_Lost_Voyage_11,

I just finished reading part 1 and commented before reading part 2. Of course you searched for the history. It's too bad there wasn't much record of it though. The ghosts seems to follow the path of the original staircase. Does that make it more of a residual haunting than an intelligent one?

I keep imagining the faceless woman and I don't know which would be worse and scarier, seeing her actual face or just that empty void of a face.

I understand there were no recorded deaths in that house, but is it possible that previous occupants who died elsewhere must have gone back to haunt their favorite area in that house?

If unrecorded deaths did occur, perhaps it was during the great depression? I'd imagine a mother suddenly plunged into poverty and great despair would be driven mad enough to consider drowning her children in a bath tub.
Hello The_Lost_Voyage_11,

Such a fascinating story. The house seems to be very active with these ghosts. I'm assuming the faceless woman is the same one that keeps rummaging in the trunk, and then another male ghost who's a chronic sleeper. I'm curious as to their behavior especially the faceless woman. What is she looking for and why does she act like she owns the place? Seeing her float up the staircase must have been terrifying.

Did you happen to find out the history of the place before your great Aunt bought it? The monkey paws and mummified hand seems like great mystery to me.
Are you sure the plant was a Philodendron and not a Cannabis sativa or, perhaps, magic mushrooms?

So many questions about this story...
Hello [at] Miandra,

My mother called my sister and I banshee's when we argued. (She'd
say: You're both screaming like a pair of banshee's)

I can imagine. I have three nieces (my sister's kids) and I've seen them act as such when they were little:)

Thank you for taking the time to read my story.
Hello Everyone,

Apologies for the late reply. I've been quite busy of late.

[at] MiaG

I guess war brings out the worst for everyone. Proper burials would've been rare in those tumultuous times under oppressive occupation.

Thank you for your kind words. I feel blessed to have made such good friends in my previous company.

[at] The_Lost_Voyage_11

That is quite an interesting point. It bothers me, though, that I was not able to pick up on that night's general vibe where others did albeit subtly. Perhaps I was too engrossed thinking about my delayed report and other backlogs. Do you think negative feelings like stress might have exacerbated the entity and given it more power?

[at] BaiAnina

The place is quite convenient and cozy really if you don't think about the past hauntings πŸ˜‰. Yes, maybe the spirits we're giving us a "gentle" reminder that they're the ones haunting the place, not us.

I think Clark Air Base had it worse in WW2. I haven't seen old pictures of Cebu airport being bombed.

WW2 related haunted spots in Cebu would be Cebu Normal University and University of the Philippines which were both used by occupying Japanese forces as headquarters. The halls of those educational institutions have witnessed lots of torture and executions (decapitations being the favored form) done by Japanese forces.
Troja68 in Barstow Dream
MiaG- Wow! Thanks so much for the information. I've been trying to find the word for that for a long time.
Although I haven't written much about it, this phenomenon happens quite frequently to me.
Hi there πŸ‘‹πŸΌ

Thank you for sharing your story. I also find drying hair with a towel loudly interesting but what's more interesting is that the number of people staying at the hostel.
Because you initially said that " During those days all the bathrooms used to be pack as there were only 4 bathrooms (2 For girls and 2 for boys). There were so many students in our hostel".
Then confirmed that by saying " There were so many students in our hostel". After reading these statements I get the impression that the place is full of people.

However, after reading the full story and your comment I discovered that there were no one else other than 4 of you.

So the question is, are there many people staying at the hostel, or is it only 4 or you?

Anyways, thank you for the post.

Best wishes

MidnightRain in Weird Experience
Actually, I am really sorry for this misunderstanding. It wasn't washing their hair loudly but their was a sound of drying out hair with a towel and just a very loud noise of rubbing the hair with a towel. NO there was nobody expect 4 of us. I heard that sound in the staircase like someone was standing in a stair and just rubbing their hair with a towel loudly. Two of our friend were showering. Their was none.
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in The House On North Street
Hello MiaG, thanks for reading my story and commenting! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

A spiral staircase in the kitchen, that must have been interesting, at least you could clearly see who was coming down the stairs! It does sound similar as wherever my grandparents lived and were, it was always a gathering place for sure! A great many relatives spent some time on North Street, which is why there's so many stories and consequently why I look forward to the family reunions on my Dad's side of the family (I love my mom's side too) but I really enjoy the ghost stories my dad's side passes around! I do have some good memories of North Street, as I was a teen when I discovered it's supernatural side.

BTW, if you found this story intriguing, you and your sister should check out Troyarn's story "The Burns Ranch". His experiences there also include a spiral staircase! It's a really good read that I highly recommend. That story alone is one of the reasons I posted my own encounters/connection with North Street! You'll have to let me know what you think of the 2nd part to the story!
Hello Troja68,

Yeah, I'm definitely enjoying catching up with some reading myself. I've been pretty much in the background for months and decided to resurface.

I've found a few interesting stories here on YGS which will keep me busy for a while.

I'll keep an eye out for your new submissions.

Best wishes,
Hello The_Lost_Voyage_11,

This was really intriguing. As CrimsonTopaz (my sister) said, it sounds a lot like our grandmas home. My grandmas kitchen had a spiral staircase from the kitchen to the second floor with a kitchen table under it where they also hung out drinking tea and talking.

Funny thing, all the cousins in our family also gathered there to eat grandmas snacks and play. (Uncanny how similar that is) Nothing negative in our grandmas home though, it was always good visiting. I have fond memories to treasure from there.

I'll try and read the second story this week.

Best wishes,
The lost Voyage11, You never know, maybe the new owner might renovate and discover more skeletal remains. Those findings will no doubt be published in the local newspaper which will eventually be brought to your attention through your persistence to find out what happened. Please put any future findings up here, I'd love to know the outcome, for sake of the kids getting a decent burial.
Thanks again, It's been a really interesting post to read. πŸ€”
The lost Voyage11, What a shame you and your brother didn't get a chance to go back inside the house posing as potential buyers. Who knows what happened there and why the woman without a face, lost her face. Maybe she doesn't want to be identified, knowing someone someday will figure out she murdered those kids.
Hopefully the bodies of those poor little kids will be found so they can be put to rest.
I really enjoyed this post, so interesting with a suspense factor. Thanks again.
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in A Haunted Afternoon
Hello Troja68/Troyarn, I for one look forward to the sequel to "The Burns Ranch", I find that place really fascinating, so anything further you would be willing to share would add to the mystery!

I wanted to mention too, that your story of the Burns Ranch was partially what inspired me to share my stories of the family home "The House on North Street", which I wrote in 2 parts, a couple years back. Your stories reminded me a lot of this house I grew up near and spent some time in.

Another member had recently commented on and asked me about this house I wrote about. If you feel inclined, I'd like it if you'd check my stories out and let me know what you think. With your past experience in such encounters, I'd enjoy hearing your input on those bizarre occurrences in my old family home!
MiaG- Hello Miandra. I'm glad your sister thought enough of my stories to mention them to you.
I have a few more I'm working on now and have a lot of my own reading to catch up on.
I hope you enjoy what I have and that you enjoy the rest of your week.
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in The House On North Street 2
Hello again CrimsonTopaz!

It's very possible that the hands found could be those of the children, but I could never find evidence of a murder or missing children or the identities of the ghosts. As I mentioned, I had the county historian pour through the records on the house and it's occupants and she was able to trace the whereabouts of everyone coming and going from the place, at least officially. The only question remaining is if the place was rented out officially or unofficially, that's harder to look into from that time period. Things of that nature in a small town in the early 20th century would be pretty easy to cover up, especially for individuals of any wealth or influence.

Essentially the story I was told, was she went insane, drowned the kids, killed her partner (the man on the floor) and disfigured her own face and that answers might be found if someone was to dig in the crawlspace. Believe me, if I owned the place, that's the first thing I would have done, just to put it to rest for my own curiosity's sake.

We still talk about the place at Christmas! I always keep my ears open in case anyone shares something about the house I haven't heard before. I'm glad you enjoyed the stories!
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in The House On North Street
Hello CrimsonTopaz, thanks for reading and commenting on my story. I will reply more to your comment on the second part, but to answer your question, I'm not sure if anything else of human remains (or similar) were uncovered in the walls. The place did have a lot of walls!

Most of the walls removed downstairs created (almost) one big open floor plan. The dining room and adjoining bathroom were untouched. I don't believe they did much at all with the upstairs. What I was told was a monkey's paw was found in one of the kitchen walls downstairs and the mummified hand was found upstairs in the small bedroom without electricity. Both hands were small enough to be considered a child's. Someone believed that a body could be buried under the crawlspace, beneath the house.

The ghost could be trying to communicate something, but there are some who believe she is the murderer and the the fact that her face couldn't be seen is because she disfigured herself, but again it's all conjecture and story, I haven't been able to find anything to back it up.

As an aside, a few years ago the place was up for sale and while on my Christmas vacation to see family, my brother and I were going to pose as interested buyers just to get in and see the place and see if other structural changes had been made since the few photos submitted on the real estate website were unrecognizable to us. We simply didn't recognize a few of the rooms or their locations. However time ran short and we couldn't arrange it. The place has new owners now.
Hello AussieGuy81, there is already some great posts following up your inquiry, and I'm sorry you are having to endure this again.

There is some suggestion that certain rituals and practices to rid yourself of these beings work best during certain moon phases which make said rituals more powerful.

I'm uncertain if the regular cleansing rituals work or are effective at all, since no one really knows a heck of a lot about these entities. There was someone on this forum years ago who posted regularly about his encounters and while he seemed to have a rather deep connection with it, it remained elusive and cryptic about it's origins and purpose, revealing very little to him, despite the 'relationship'

The other main problem with getting rid of one, is that a person has to fully want to. I'm not doubting your desire to be rid of it, I'm merely pointing out that for some people consciously, they want it out of their life and yet subconsciously they want it to stick around for companionship and the feelings it invokes. This dual desire can actually keep it anchored in your life.

The other thing to note, is I knew someone who had this problem in their life and it became an all consuming one that turned their life and that of their family up side down and did not end well. In fact I'm not completely sure how it all ended up because they dropped out of sight, but it was bad. I do know from that connection that these beings don't have a sense or morality or right and wrong, they seem to operate from a different set of rules and they can turn a person on or off, they invoke desire and they can squash it as well.

I'm not sure if this will help at all, keep your wits about you and try to cut the connection as quickly as possible, the longer it sticks around the harder it will be to banish it from your life. Beings that are that secretive, regardless of whether they are doing any harm currently or not, do not have your best interests at heart. Good Luck!
The lost voyage 11, now I'm in suspense not knowing if the woman did drown her kids.
Do you think the monkeys paw and mummified hand belonged to the drowned kids? What a terrible tragedy, if the tales are true.
Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed part 1 & 2 and added them both to my favorites.
The lost voyage 11, You got me hooked from the first sentence of this interesting occurrence. The way you described the house reminded me of my grandparents house. Funny thing was, it was so big that an aunty and uncle lived downstairs with their 2 kids. They lived there to help my grandparents with this and that around the place.
Anyway, I was pretty spooked when you mentioned how a monkeys paw and a mummified hand was found during the renovations. Do you think there were more skeletal parts in the walls in other areas of the house? I got a feeling when I was reading this post that the woman everyone saw floating around was trying to tell you all something. Maybe she was murdered and hidden in the walls? Spooky. I really enjoyed reading this post and am going to read part 2 now. Thanks for sharing.
I never would have even considered staying until 2am in an old building even if my workmates brought their Switch with them 😭

Part of me thinks the spirits are polite for giving you grace period for the clock out. Maybe they're used to human presence, but then we as living beings have to respect their spooky time. That or they like reminding people about work-life balance πŸ˜‰

At first I thought this took place in Clark, but now I feel the need to look up Cebu's haunted hot spots... I definitely would love to know more about the WW2 history of the place.

Thanks for sharing your story!
CrimsonTopaz in Weird Experience
Midnight rain, I can't believe how stingy the hostel was. 2 showers a week isn't enough. I have 2 a day and more in the summer. Lol
You said* 'After than we never dared to go to that building because of our experience.'* So where did you go to shower if you didn't go back there?
Did anyone else hear this ghost who washed his/her hair loud? I have no idea how anyone can make washing hair sound loud. I don't hear myself shampooing and conditioning my hair no matter how hard I tried to lather the shampoo.
Interesting story, thanks for sharing.
AussieGuy81, what's happening to you is really scary.
I have no idea how Lilith attached herself to you, but you must keep up the smoking ceremony that your elders perform. You said they worked and try doing a cleansing and shielding too. Keep us posted and good luck.
lady-glow in Weird Experience
Welcome to YGS.

Hello MidnightRain.

I had to rub my scalp and a strand of my hair between my fingers during my shower in order to imagine what you mean by "someone rubbing their hair loudly".

Although I'm not discarding the possibility of you girls hearing some sort of paranormal sound, I'm inclined to think that this could have been the noise of a water pipe affected by the constant and excessive use of all the students taking showers at the same time.

Your English is great!

Thanks for sharing.
AussieGuy81 and Biblio,

Ooops, sorry about that. Yes, silly me. I forget to paste the link.

I was half asleep, copied Rookdygins profile page and then clicked 'publish' too soon without it.

Thanks Biblio. 😘

Best wishes
Desdemona, I apologize. My story title is 'The House in Erie Road'.
I goof up between road, & street, but if you get the chance, read it.
You may find it interesting!
Once again, all my best! 😁 😁
Hi, Desdemona, your story is terrific, & terrifying. Incidentally, that name of yours was a character from the Shakespearean play-Othello. Of course, you know that, but it 'is' a lovely name.
I, likewise, am a Christian. Admittedly, I do not attend a Church, but I feel one's relationship with the Lord is 'personal', & not restricted to a building for that purpose.
I have had paranormal encounters since I was 9 years old. I did not understand what was happening [at] that time, but I have come to realize that I am 'slightly' psychic. I say 'slightly' because I cannot control it. Nor do I subscribe to 'ghost hunting'. If you don't 'know' what you're doing-don't 'do' it in the first place.
That is not something that one messes around with. It is not a spectator sport. You have to respect the departed, yet stand firm in your Faith. I'm not preaching. Just pointing out something pertinent here.
My late husband, & I lived in a haunted farm house for about 4 years. We couldn't afford to move right away. However, we became determined to pull whatever resources we could to get out. If you get the chance to read my post you're welcome to. It's titled 'The House on Erie Street'. I think you may notice instances in that story that you will be able to identify with. On moving day we left so fast that we left a vapor trail behind us. No kidding!
I do identify with what you went through, & it was, indeed, very wise that you left. Considering the colorful, & dangerous history of the area. It's not too surprising that you encountered something other-worldly.
I hope you, & your husband are doing much better since leaving there! Wishing you the best, & God Bless! 😊 😊
Greetings, AussieGuy81.

MiaG didn't include the link in her post, so I thought I'd help out. Https://

In his "About me" section, you're looking for the paragraphs that begin with "Recipe for a Home Cleansing/Shielding... (allow for two or 3 days to complete) "

Was it not someone else using the bathroom? Also I didn't know that you could wash your hair loudly...
Hello AussieGuy81,

Here's Rookdygins profile. You'll find his cleansing method in his bio.

Best wishes,
Hello AussieGuy81,

I'm so sorry you are going through as much as you are. You sound strong, and you must be confident and not let this spirit beat you.

I've read all the comments, from members who say to keep up the rituals. I use Rookdygins method and it keeps away negative spirits, one in particular who taunted me for so long. Since using Rookdygins cleansing method every 2 weeks, I haven't seen or heard from that spirit.

You've been through a lot. It must have been hard for you growing up in foster care and things going wrong with your career and relationships. Have you tried talking to a social worker? You can ring the helplines. They'll guide you to your local social workers who can help.

I found that talking and regular cleansing helped me.

I tried to find you some help online and started reading about Lilith, which then went on about Adam and Eve, and how Lilith was Adams first wife and she was known to seduce men and ate her child/children. Oh what a can of worms that was. I had no idea which link to provide and so unfortunately all I can offer you is this... You are stronger than this evil entity and you can beat it. Reread the previous comments from members and start with that. Keep us in the loop and stay strong.
Hi Guys

Not sure if anyone is reading or following this thread as it's been years since my first post. So it's back again and it has let me know in no uncertain terms that it does enjoy my energy and loves the 'vibe'? Of it? But wants to keep me here so it can feed and learn? It hasn't actually harmed me energy or physically, so I'm not sure what to think? But to me, and this is solely my opinion, it feels, sounds and acts like a son of Lillith. This is the only thing I can think of that closely (and at times, exactly matches) research of these kinds of beings and like I stated at the start. Not sure if anyone is still following this thread but if you are and can be of assistance in regards to certain rituals and the likes regarding Lillith's children (mainly her sons), it would be m,uchly appreiazted from both ends.

Hello Troyan,

An extract from an article I've read; (
... While often confused with dΓ©jΓ  vu ("French for already seen"), the concept of seeing or feeling something that you previously experienced in a dream is a phenomenon called dΓ©jΓ  rΓͺvΓ© (French for "already dreamed").

I think you'll find this article interesting. It explains why some people's dreams come true.


Very interesting post.

Best wishes,
Hello Troja68,

My sister CrimsonTopaz was telling me about your posts. She suggested I read 1 or 2.

Well here I am, enjoying reading your posts. 😊

I'll start reading another one of your posts on your other profile.

Best wishes,
Hello Mighty_Light,

Looks like you've got heaps of help on this post. There's not much I can contribute here.

I just wanted to say it was interesting.

My mother called my sister and I banshee's when we argued. (She'd say: You're both screaming like a pair of banshee's)

If I knew what they were back then I'd be scared, but I actually thought they were witches.

Best wishes,
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in A Hair-raising Office Encounter
Hello mighty_light! I was still considering your intriguing story and I found it also interesting that the events you relay as personally happening to you and those of other individuals taking place at night.

Ghosts and spirits typically need energy to manifest into form or to be able to manipulate physical objects. To do so they draw energy from the environment, electricity for example and people as well. Some, seem to draw it out of a sense of fear. Night seems to breed fear and spark the imagination for sure. I mean if you watch a horror movie on a beautiful sunny day in a well lit room, it's going to affect you far differently than watching it late at night when it's dark. These ghosts/entities seem to be drawing their power and energy during the day and manifesting at night when the fear factor is higher. I can imagine from what you've shared of the complex and your jobs, that the these buildings used a lot of electricity which provided a lot for these specters to draw on.

It's also why I believe your co-workers on some level sensed what was happening the night you had your second encounter. If you asked them why, they probably wouldn't be able to put it into words, sometimes it's rather subtle. They may have sensed the energetic build up. You yourself said it was unusual for everyone to have left like they did, and while it may have been just one of those things, the fact that you had such an up close and personal encounter suggests otherwise.

People and animals are energetic beings at their core and can pick up on changes in the field, no matter how small. Animals can sense earthquakes and storms coming long before there are any physical signs. People can often tell when something bad is going to happen, beyond outright premonitions. Many people cancelled at the last minute their plans to sail on Titanic before it left port. A lot of people called out the day of 9-11 who had jobs in the World Trade Center. For many it was just a 'feeling', nothing concrete. For your friends, it may have been the same, a feeling that they needed to leave as soon as possible, it doesn't always show up as a bad feeling or an urgent need or even an emotion of fear. Somewhere on some level, they know and act accordingly, often times from instinct.

Anyways enough rambling, I thought I would comment on the things that stood out for me, as I am fascinated with your story of this place. I also appreciate you providing further details in your comments. I look forward to hearing any more you share on your experiences!
Hello Mighty_Light,

Your post touched me. I felt for those poor soldiers and civilians who died.

I can't believe the airport was used as mass graves. How cruel that bodies of casualties of world war 2, were dumped with no consideration for the soldiers who lost their lives.

It doesn't surprise me their spirits are restless and lurking through the rooms and hallways.

You and your friends playing games until all hours of the night in that haunted building sounds chilling. I totally get using your office as a mutual place of interest to gather on Friday nights. It's not always easy to go home and then find the energy to go out again to socialise.

You all sound like a great bunch of people.

Best wishes,
MiaG/ formally, SWS πŸ™‚
Hello Lady-Glow,

I understand what you mean. It seems uncharacteristic for young people to waste a good Friday night not partying or social drinking. To paint a better picture, we work in IT and we are a bit nerdy for board games (DnD etc). It's how we unwind from the usual stress from work. Most of our group are teetotalers, whether by religion or by choice. The company we worked for also sponsors different clubs, one of which was a board games club where most of our group belonged to. That's how we got budget to hold activities and buy more board games.

As for security, there are personnel hired for the entire building only. Once past the lobby, the company relies on automated alarm systems and biometrics access for the office. There's the usual office hours but we're not restricted from coming in or staying late after work hours. I guess you could say overtime work was encouraged. Cleaning personnel works on weekends where there's smaller chances people are working.

The secluded room I worked in is big enough to fit 60 people I guess. There were 4 old ceiling air conditioners with switch panels on different locations in the room. So I had to walk across the room to turn some of them off. I think I only had 2 turned on that time. The ones outside the room were already turned off.

The once airport strip is now called Cebu IT Park. Cebu is an Island in the Philippines. It's capital Cebu City is one of the densest urban cities outside Manila and as such suffered heavy destruction and damages during WW2.
Oh and here's a news article about the vintage bomb they found during construction of one of the buildings.


Hope that gives you a better picture of the place.
Hi mighty_light.

That office sounds like an interesting place to work at, not only it was built on a land of historical relevance and high negative emotions but the practices of the modern dwellers are, in my opinion, rather unusual.

It's difficult for me to understand that a group of young people would want to stay at the office for such a long time after work hours on a Friday night instead of going somewhere else!
But that's just me... Maybe because I don't enjoy board games. Ha ha!

Also, weren't there any guidelines regarding the use of the common room after work hours?
Was there any security personnel during the night? What about cleaning personnel whose work might have been affected by the presence of people working overtime or board game loving employees having trouble leaving the office?

"I had enough will and defiance left to turn off all of the air-conditioning"

Do you mean you had to go to each one of the rooms to turn off each individual unit? If so, why not to turn them off at the time each of these rooms was not in use any more?

May I ask the name of the general area and the island where your story took place?

Sorry for the query, I have a vivid imagination and tend to picture the wildest things when things are not clear to me.

Thanks in advance for your feedback.
Hello guys!

[at] Rajine

Indeed, so much pain and trauma concentrated in one place could leave an imprint on the land for decades.

[at] Tweed

"It's interesting that whoever is there seems to wait for a person to be alone before they really make themselves known."

I hadn't thought about that. Perhaps its energy is only able to manifest with one person present. Though, one could suggest that our minds were already preconditioned with scary stories that we practically scared ourselves by thinking about it the moment we're alone and vulnerable. But I can't discount the part that the literal hair-raising felt so real to me. I might need to confirm this with my friends if they experienced something similar when they're alone or as a group.

Thanks for reading.
Mighty Light, I didn't expect this to end with literal hair raising! 😲

The history of the place is a good reminder that there's always two sides to every story. But even so I can't predict how I'd react if that happened to me. I know it would end in running out however! It's interesting that whoever is there seems to wait for a person to be alone before they really make themselves known.

Thanks for sharing.
Tweed in Barstow Dream
Troja, happy you're reconnecting with this great location again! Emotional attachments must strengthen some kind of bond and awaken something otherwise dormant in the soul. It's a rejuvenating process whatever's behind it.
I never submitted the dust storm day to the site. But I randomly got talking to the guy who saw her with me a couple of years ago and we talked briefly about that trip. I'll start typing it up properly and submit it to the site.

Have a great weekend tooπŸ‘
Hello The_Lost_Voyage_11!

I was surprised myself I held long enough to tidy up before leaving. I haven't heard anything new since I've quit that job. The people I'm close to have also moved to a different company so I've no one to ask. Though I suspect the place still remains a hotspot especially for the unknowing employee. Whatever ghosts haunting that office seemed to be bound to the area.

Can't say if people felt something that night. Probably just a coincidence and they just had normal reasons to clock out earlier than usual.

Thanks for reading.
CrimsonTopaz in The Mirror Above My Bunk
Troja68/Troyarn, Another interesting spooky story. I've read here and online that mirrors are some sort of portal and a means of seeing spirits too. It doesn't surprise me all those horrible negative things happened to your fellow recruits when they visited your room.
What really got me spooked was the recording. Do you still have it? If you do, I was wondering if you could re-record that onto a modern device like a phone recording app and then upload it here so we can hear it.
I love how you wrote about your experiences. You have a natural talent to write and the way you write keeps me the reader interested all the way through. Thank you for your selflessness in standing up for your country in the marine corps. That in itself is an awesome thing.
Hi mighty_light

Reading your story I can't help but feel sad about the lives lost during the wars, places like that are expected to be haunted by those people who's lives ended before It could be lived out.
Hello CrimsonTopaz,

Yes, it sure is a good weekend getaway spot to relax and commune with nature. The huts are quite spacious, open and airy. The trails, I haven't explored much since we mostly lounged about but I suppose you can hike up the mountain through the back woods. Glad you found it interesting.
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in A Hair-raising Office Encounter
Hello again mighty_light, what a fascinating tale!

With the history of the area you worked in, it's no surprise that there's so much paranormal activity there. It certainly appears that the spirits of those that passed on or near that site are restless and regard the employees of your office as 'intruders' in their domain as it were. Those two worlds don't coexist very well and I imagine it might be hard to keep workers or for those that are there to be very productive!

I applaud your bravery on that one evening, but I can't help but wonder if your office mates sensed the coming paranormal activity (a shift in the energy) and that's the reason they all bailed out of work earlier than usual?

Thanks for sharing, if you hear any more about this place, I would look forward to reading more on it!
Troja68 in Barstow Dream
Tweed- Thanks for commenting! I'm unsure what to say about this event.
I had a dream about being inside a house I'd never seen before, located in a city I'd never been through before, and then a week or two later I'm passing by that very same house!
There were people awake inside and I really wish I had the chance to knock on the door and meet them.
This story took place in 1996, so not too long before you saw the woman in the dust storm (eerie! Have you posted about it on here? I'd love to hear more).
I agree that the desert (especially the Mojave) is a magical place with much to offer.
I do become emotionally attached to certain places and, having been in the area quite a few times, the Mojave desert is a biggie.
A few months ago I took a road trip to San Diego (containing more areas of emotional attachments), going through New Mexico, southern Arizona, and finally California.
On the way back I made it a point to go through Barstow but something came up and I didn't have time to look around (I doubt I could have found that house anyway).
Your post has given me the itch to get back to the desert so my next road trip will be concentrated around Barstow as well as 29 Palms, Joshua Tree, and that area.
I really enjoyed reading your post and want to wish you a good weekend. Thanks!
Mighty light, That place looks amazing. The huts, the green hills, pool, trails and springs. Simply amazing. It should be showcased on one our holiday destination tv shows. Thanks for giving me the location. It's always nice to put a picture to post.

[at] Lady-glow
I'm always open for a rational explanation but the possibility of a paranormal nature sure fires up my imagination and interest.:) As for asking the locals, perhaps on my next visit. The place is quite far.

[at] CrimstonTopaz
I don't mind. You can look up "Lava Mountain River Farm Cebu" on google. There are lots of pictures of the place, including the hut on stilts on a slope that I was referring to. I think there's even 1 photo of the humanoid totems among them.
You mentioned "Dennys daughters had that room and I always worried what they were doing" I was just wondering what that means...
Your friend seems to attract a lot of spirits around her
CrimsonTopaz in Ghosts After School
Boris Stoynov, My condolences go out to you on your loss.
People tend to have this type of experience. I think he was trying to reach out and say farewell.
Thank you for sharing your story.
CrimsonTopaz in My Friend's House
Kest, when that spirit wants you to know who she is, you'll know. As you said, it's harmless and at this stage doesn't want to be identified.
You have a great gift and so does your daughter. Treasure it. I really enjoyed your story. Thanks for sharing it with us.
Mighty light, You probably don't want to give out the location, but I just wondered roughly where this happened. It sounds very tranquil. I just wanted to bring it up on Google maps live view.
Lovely LadyGlow, * 'pig-footed-three-headed-fire-spiting monster roaming the forest' * I was in stitches reading your take on what the monster looked like. Lol
Kest, what an interesting read!

A thought on getting this new spirit to open up. My first thought when a spirit is guarded is ' why'. If/when it's not anyone evil, I assume it's something the spirt is going through, and respect their boundaries. Some ghosts didn't believe in ghosts. So maybe there's an element of shock/denial for some souls to process. Perhaps the solution is letting this individual approach you when/if they're ready.

While reading about your friend's place I got concerned about the cat staying with an anxious soul in the house. Glad it turned out well and so cool you got to the bottom of who it was!

Really enjoyed reading your experiences. Most things on here usually end with 'and then we ran away'. So this was a nice change lol!
Hi Boris

I've had a few pre death "signs" if you will when I lost family and friends, but none were a demonic hand, that's really unnerving, have you had any other experiences after that?
Hello mighty_light.

Your story has opened an interesting thread of comments. Personally, I still think that there is room to do some research before jumping to the paranormal conclusion... I guess one always tends to think in accordance to their own experiences.

Perhaps something you could do if ever have the chance, would be to ask the locals if they hear this sound regularly and if they know what it might be. Maybe there's a well known source of its nature... At least well known to the locals.

If Edna is a sensitive, I'm not surprised if entities follow her. They would know that she can see them and may be trying to ask for her help in solving whatever unfinished business that is keeping them earthbound.

Perhaps being so close - physically and emotionally - to Edna made you sense an event intended for her. Maybe the sound has a mundane origin... Or it could have been a pig-footed-three-headed-fire-spiting monster roaming the's hard to tell.

Once again, thanks for sharing.
lady-glow in Ghosts After School
Welcome to YGS.

Hello Boris.

"was that some kind of premonition? Is that what a person see before death of a relative?"

These are very good questions for which there's not a definitive answer.

In my own experience, I have known beforehand about the passing of some relatives and close family friends, though never through such a dark imagery, except for one time in which I dreamed of a Grim Reaper daring me to see what was behind a hospital room door and one of my cousins passed away the following day.

In another instance I had a dream in which I attended the wake of one of my mother's friends, and she died few days later.
And the night before one of my maternal great-uncles' passing, I dreamed of him asking me to sing "Adios Muchachos" (Goodbye my Fellows), a song about the farewell of a dying man to his friends.
Although the passing of a loved one is always painful, I have been lucky to have had mostly mild premonitions that haven't been scary but this is something that not everyone experiences in the same way.

In my opinion, what you saw was probably a premonition about your grandfather's passing, - I'm sorry for your loss.

Other than believing on the existence of life after death, what do you think about the process demise? Do you consider it something "bad"?
Perhaps what you saw was influenced for your personal expectations about death.

This is definitely an intriguing experience.

Thanks for sharing.
Sounds like a spooky scenario Mikey. I do not think I would want to know either and I would run out of there faster than a horse out the gates at Royal Ascot.
To top it off you had to deal with the loss of your mother. That is terrible.
Good read Mikey.
Kest, this is so beautiful. Everything in your dream just beams love and happiness. The imagery in your dream is so powerful and really speaks to the bond you two shared and the overall meaning/reason for the dream.
I absolutely loved reading this it felt like a big hug, and I don't even know your grandmother! Well, your bond really jumped off the page. Bless you and your gran. I'm adding this to my faves.
No doubt your grandmother will find a way to touch base with you again, whether through dreams or other ways.

Thanks for sharing!
Kesnitt95 in Chakwa
Hello the seeker,
This is the first time I have heard about 'Chakwa'. Thanks for sharing.
Hello Bengali9899,
Interesting story. Thanks for sharing
mighty_light in Grandma Came To Visit Me
Hello Kest,

Thanks for sharing your story. It's sad yet heartwarming. Your grandma wanted to assure you she's ok and showed you a memory of a point in your life where everyone seems to be happy back in her old home.
Hello Everyone!

[at] Rajine,

After having read your story, I think I'm a little bit thankful mine was a soft spooky wail instead of a frightening shriek in the woods. Your dad was a brave man wanting to go check that out in the woods.

[at] Tweed,

Yes, kind of like a muffled sound of a music filled room. I guess I was on edge that night. As I mentioned, the windows were quite large and we didn't close them to let the cool night air in. We were close to the woods and I didn't feel secure knowing that anyone or anything could just climb up the hut and jump in on us from the large window opening.

[at] CrimsonTopaz
This is the first time I've seen this list and wow, I didn't expect it to be so many entries. I only know a handful. There aren't so many who make sounds though, just a lot of hideous looking ones. As for the spelling, no worries, the message came through, that's what's important πŸ˜‰

[at] The_Lost_Voyage_11

Thank you for the comforting words. Makes me feel better. It's one thing to encounter something somewhere, it's another to have it follow you home. Curiously, I didn't ask Edna if she still heard the sound when she got home. I was too afraid to get confirmation it might be true. Most likely it didn't bother Edna as much as I did. She has more "visual" encounters to worry about. From what she's shared with me, there are times when she mistakes some ghosts as normal people and when she makes eye contact with them, they often follow her home.
Hi Kest

From your story it seems that you were your grandmother's favorite, that is why she visited you one last time, I'd like to believe that the afterlife is a beautiful place where souls are free from bodily constraints and suffering.
zzsgranny- sorry for the delay with this, but thanks very much for the link!
This makes me think very much poltergeist type activity. It would be interesting to know if it continued once your grandma left the apartment and the next tenant experienced the same.
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in A Wail Out In The Mountains
Hello mighty_light, great story, thanks for sharing!

My impression is that what you picked up on was spot on accurate. As I read your story I could see in my mind's eye something, wandering the perimeter of the farm back and forth, making that sound. I picked out the color red, but it was too far away, kind of like seeing something from atop a hill in the distance.

I believe the totems were a kind of protective circle, just as you stated. I don't get a feel of malevolence from whatever was out there that night, but it did want attention. In some cultures, the totems and statues, are a physical representation for a spiritual barrier, if that makes sense.

It seems that whatever it was, knew you could sense it's presence, and it tried to visit you again after you left. I believe again, the totems protected you. They may not have been there physically, the totems at your home, but since the totems are just an anchor for the spiritual protection, they could still provide it for you.

Again, I don't feel it was dangerous, just a wandering spirit/entity that wanted attention for whatever reason. I don't believe you'll be bothered again by it. It's just what I picked up on, hopefully it helps.

BTW did you talk to Edna again after the trip to see if she had a 'visitation' as well? Good luck!
Tweed in Barstow Dream
Hi again Troja,

Dreaming about unfamiliar houses and exploring the rooms has been a theme in my dreams since I can remember. Unfortunately I don't have any real insight into your dream, however I think I understand the deja vu you experienced. Do you easily become emotionally attached to locations? I do and can't shake the feeling this phenomenon is connected. I believe a house or location can become sentient in some way, though I don't understand how. It's more something I feel, trust and not necessarily a bad thing either. Just makes things more interesting.

I was excited to read Barstow in the title. In the early 2000's my then boyfriend and I were traveling through Barstow (My first time in California.) I don't know if dust storms are common in those parts but on that day it was very windy. We had to stop and let the dust settle a couple of times. One of those times we think we saw a young woman walking through the dust. However when the wind slowed and everything cleared she was nowhere to be seen. Where we were was desert, no buildings or anywhere for her to have disappeared into. It was something cool and unexpected to have happen.
I love the Mojave desert and have been back over the years. It's a special place, alive and aware, I love the energy. To read this old experience of yours with the house in Barstow was a real thrill. So thank you for sharing, even thought it was years ago! I don't fully understand what you experienced with the dream and the house, but I suspect it was something very magical.
MightyLight, I found a list of known mythical creatures from the Philippines. I thought it would interest you. I was interested to see how many there are. Scary really.
Also thanks for spelling *screech* correctly, my spelling is atrocious. I like using big words, I know what they mean but spelling isn't my forte. Lol
CrimsonTopaz in Barstow Dream
Goodness gracious, dreams are a whole new arena of things I know nothing about. I do Remember a lot of ocean waves, big waves and holding on tight to a pillar. Where it came from, who knows. So from driving down a black gravel road with a flooded dip caused by rain/storm and finally reaching the other side with grey industrial buildings on the left to the waves coming in big and fast tsunami like.
I'm off track here. I'll have to research all that. I have scribbles of my dreams, not sure if it's one of them or where those scribbles are. Lol
Hi Mighty Light,

What an odd encounter. I also wondered about Banchees but I don't know if they're a part of the culture in the Philippines. There are a few people from the Philippines on this site, I hope they can help with what you heard.

I like your description in the comments, how you said it sounded like stepping out of a music filled room, into another and hearing it muffled. That's like the sound equivalent of how I took your experience. You know how when you stay in a new place you're a little on edge. It doesn't mean the place is bad, it's more a natural adjustment thing we all do, even if only subconsciously. Well maybe this adjustment put your senses in touch with something else, this wailing. No idea what or who it was, but that might be how you heard it, while the other dude slept through it.

Thanks for sharing, sounds like a beautiful place to stay.
Troja68 in Barstow Dream
CrimsonTopaz- what a weird dream! And it was very similar to mine. I wonder what the water in the street could mean.
I had never been to Barstow before so had no idea about the train/ bus station.
Now that we have the internet, I looked the place up and yes, it's supposedly very haunted.
I just know it gave off a negative vibe, few people opted to get off during the short stop, and the but driver was very quick to finish his purpose there.
I was happy that my feelings about the station could be validated with stories from the web.
Thanks for sharing your own dream and enjoy the weekend!
The_Lost_Voyage_- I'm happy that you've enjoyed the stories.
I was away from the site for so long that I decided to start over fresh.
I'm unsure how good this idea was, but I will be checking and commenting on both profiles.
There are a few other things I've experienced in that house that I've decided to post soon.
Linjahaha- Thanks for the comments. I'll definitely take a look at your story.
I've lost touch with the family in The Burn's Ranch and although they still live there, I don't know of any new happenings.
I house sat for them many times and may post some of the stranger events later.
Also, the son and I corroborated on our experiences so I may post some of the very weird things that he witnessed.
Hi mighty_light

That is indeed unsettling, it's hard to say exactly what that could have been, reminds me of one of my older stories that I posted here some time ago about my parents hearing a shrill screaming that emanated from the wooded area behind their house.
UnknownSoul in Spooky Elevator Voice
[at] The_Lost_Voyage_11

I am sure that there was no one residing above 4th floor as there were only 3-4 families apart from my uncle who had moved in.

The elevator was right in the middle of the passage way of the floor, opposite to the elevator was an open staircase and the doors to the flats (there were only 4 flats per floor) were at extreme corners of the passage. So in short you could clearly see from the lift itself if there's anyone on the floor.
One of my cousin believe it to be someone from home.

But I think it was my grandma.
The reasons being:
The voice took my younger brother's name. (,so it had to be someone who knew us)
It's believed in our culture that until the first three days soul of the departed is still around.
Moreover, exactly at that time a altercation was happening amongst adults inside the flat because of which especially my mom was about to leave.

So I think my grandma was looking after us and she was trying to tell us not to go.
Linjahaha in A Haunted Afternoon
Wow, Troja! The story about the Burn's Home just blows my mind. Truly.
I lived in a very haunted house almost 50 years ago now. I published it here. It's title is 'The House on Erie Street', or did I write Road? Either way it took place in Willoughby, Ohio.
I can truly identify with what you endured. Have you learned anything since then about the history of the place? As old as it was there surely was some history there.
Anyway it was a fantastic story, & I'm planning on reading some of your other posts! Have a great one! 😜 😁
CrimsonTopaz in A Small Town Haunting
Troyarn, It sure is good to hear all this is behind you. I have also heard that puberty attracts spirits. I don't know enough to discuss it, but maybe that could have been why.
Talk about hilarious with the girl saying *can my boyfriend come too*, to Gene Simmons. Lol. That's a classic!
I was about 18 or 19 when I first heard kiss and couldn't stop listening to their music. When they finally did a tour of Australia, (Nov 1980) I think I was 24. I went with my friend. I remember my friend filling up a cola bottle with a bit of vodka mixed in. (I never used to drink, but my friend thought it would be *cool*). We both had a few swigs and passed out. Didn't see the concert, woke up and the concert was finished and people were leaving. Lol.
Anyway, I'm going to read some more experiences of yours. They look really interesting. Most of the posts on here are. Some more so than others. I've put yours in my favorites.
Mighty Light, Thanks for your reply. Sure does sound spooky. Keeps us posted.
CrimsonTopaz- I'm glad you were able to find these stories and enjoy them!
My latest story is tame compared to these, as some of my future stories will be, but I may have one or two more that are freaky.
And know that I'll look at and comment on both profiles.
Thanks for the kind words concerning my mom, brothers, and me. In the end things worked out just fine and although I often wonder about me, my brothers are doing very well.
I have no idea as to what caused all this, why it happened, or why it suddenly stopped. Some believe it was attracted to some of us going through puberty (I've heard of that but don't know if that's the case).
I've discovered no new information concerning this event. As far as I know nothing had happened on the land and we were the first people to live in the trailer.
Perhaps one of us did something to attract this entity.
Also, I've believed for some time that the person talking to my grandma on the phone was, in fact, the family friend.
It may seem odd or rude, but he had the habit of just coming in without knocking and even entering when we weren't home.
He was, and still is, a beloved family friend and weirdly his actions never offended us.
Now he's a high school principal in another small town (Oh! The stories I could tell to his students).
I was a huge KISS fan, preferring Gene Simons although I never kissed his poster;).
Funny you should mention Paul Stanley. A rich classmate at the time loved Paul. He even took me to see the band in 1986.
Years later, in a desolate country while serving in the Marine Corps, I received a letter from him with a photo enclosed.
In it were my friend's model girlfriend, my friend, and Paul Stanley.
My friend and Paul were showing off similar Superman logo tattoos.
It seems Gene Simons had invited the girlfriend up to him room and, her not realizing what I'm sure his intentions were, she asked if her boyfriend could come.
Seems they had a great time.
Again, I'm glad you were able to find these stories and found them of interest. I'll keep tabs on both profiles and submit more stories soon.
Enjoy the upcoming weekend.
The_Lost_Voyage_11 in A Haunted Afternoon
Hello Troja68/Troyarn! Good story and great to have you back! Once you revealed your secret identity I recognized you!

I have to say that I really enjoyed your earlier submissions (and this one), one of my favorites was "The Burns' Ranch". That is still one of my favorites, a true ghost story in every sense of the word. I was always curious if you ever found out any more about this ranch and what went on there that you could share, like a sequel of sorts. I realize there were other people involved and perhaps stuff that may not be able to be shared, but I've always wanted to know more, if possible?

Anyways I didn't want to hijack your thread here, but by the time I found that story and this site, a few years back, it looked like you hadn't been active for some time, so I didn't bother posting there and I wasn't sure if with you being back, if you would check your other profile and stories like you would this one now. I wasn't around the first time you were active on this site and I had always wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed that story and many others like "Keepers of the Lodge" and how well told they were. Now that you're back, I look forward to hearing any more you're willing to share.

Good to have you back!
Hi CrimsonTopaz,

Thanks for the link. I didn't know banshees screech. I had previously assumed they just wailed and sobbed in a singsong way.

An irish banshee would indeed seem totally out of place in the Philippines. I was wondering if our local folklore had a local counterpart akin to banshees doing the harbinger of death thing. As far as I know, we don't.

As for the karaoke thing, it's like having someone sing a lullaby with a microphone in a room and then you step out and close the door and all you can hear is a certain tone and pitch with a reverb and echo but you can't distinguish any words. I guess, that's the best I can describe the wailing sound.
Mighty light, Karaoke and wailing are so different. Banchees tend to skreetch from my understanding.
This link best describes what's commonly known as a banshee.
I'm just helping you eliminate the possibilities by way of research.
Banshee is from Irish /Celtic folklore and I can't imagine them being in the mountains in the Philippines, but anything is possible.
The wailing, from how you recall is perhaps a local creature synonymous to that part of the land.
Creatures making what are weird noises to the human ear, maybe totally natural to the creatures of the mountains. Some kind of wolf? Who knows. I enjoyed reading your story. Thanks for sharing.
CrimsonTopaz in A Haunted Afternoon
ZzGranny, thanks posting that link to Troja68's other profil/Troyarn.
I managed to find it and read 2 of his posts which were so interesting.
zzsgranny in A Haunted Afternoon
I got ya Troyarn:

Here's the link to your other profile
mighty_light in T-hill Light
Hello Weirdchick97,

You mentioned about the weather being rainy and a thunderstorm passing over the area.

Is it possible that what you saw was St Elmo's fire? I read it's actually a charged ball of plasma that produces light that shows up especially during bad weather and thunderstorms.

Thanks for sharing your story.
Hi Lady-glow,

Thanks for the welcome.

Yes, quite possible it was just a naturally occurring sound.
I don't think it was from a machine hum, though, as it's normally at a lower frequency.

I recall we had fine weather that night. It wasn't windy or raining.
As for the fauna, didn't see much except the farm dogs and cats. I saw some fireflies in the trees.

As for Javin, yes, he could just be a heavy sleeper and probably not sensitive enough to high pitch noise.

Edna doesn't normally share things she sees so as not to scare people, esp ones who're trying to enjoy an outing. But I recall she made mention of shadow people on the river banks. No comments on the totems or the farm though except about the wailing at night.

I'm just trying to wrap my head around it as I clearly recall it being a continuous wail for hours and stopped sometime before dawn. I couldn't recall birds chirping.

Perhaps it was a high pitched sound of the river combined with the silence of the area.

One thing to add though, few days after we went to the farm, I recall hearing that same high pitched wail again at home which spooked me. It was the same sound. Then again, I probably had a bad case of tinnitus.

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