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Bibliothecarius in Ghost Stole My Bracelet
Greetings, DragonLady, and welcome.

I do hope that my responding to parts of your narrative in random order will still make sense to you. Your biography includes the fact you are "a sensitive... I can see ghosts." I'm taking you at your word, but I'd like to know if you can sense other spirits, such as nature spirits, too. To the best of your knowledge, do you have a spirit guide or a guardian spirit? *If* you do, I'd recommend telling your guardian directly how upset you are without the bracelet and asking for his/her/its help in retrieving your property instead of reconnecting with the problem spirit.

The reason I'm pursuing this line of thought is because I'd strongly discourage inviting the ghost to return to your home, especially as it has demonstrated hostility to you and to your brother. In your desperation, you "came to the conclusion that I must call the ghost back." There's *no* guarantee that whatever you summon (or allow entry into your home) will be the same entity that you've already banished once. IF you manage to get the same spirit to return, the fact that "asking things of this ghost did not work when it was here before" should give you pause. It was unhelpful, you kicked it out; now you want your bracelet back, why would this ghost suddenly become cooperative? If you kicked it out once, you're likely to kick it out again once you have what you want. However, as you'd be sending mixed messages about the spirit being invited into your home or not, I fear that the second banishment would be exponentially more difficult than the first one was.

I know what it is like to have particular objects that are of huge significance on a personal level. You have imprinted quite strongly on your bracelet, as "I can sense it desperately needs me as I need it." Do you have any sense of the direction or the distance that the bracelet has travelled? Sometimes having a sense of "where" --based purely on instinct/awareness-- will boost your efforts to retrieve the item.

I do wish you well in getting the bracelet back, but I advise you employ a different methodology than seeking out the entity that took it from you.

There are stories that Andrew Jackson encountered "the Bell witch" but oddly NO recorded accounts in his personal notes. Andrew Jackson tended to be very thorough in documenting his affairs and this would most surely have been something he would have recorded if it occurred. This makes those encounters very suspect.
Hello sds,

Thank you for approaching my story and providing your input in regard.

I don't know wheather these events occur in other times as well since she is a new tenant and usually drop by the time when we both are at a little ease after chores, which is in the evening, I mentioned the time period since it is believed after dusk the activities of these paranormal beings are more active.

When I saw this apparition I was actually overwhelmed by astonishment as my first reaction. "It" was literally crawling up the wall. I didn't felt any specific gut feeling alarming me to go away but certainly it's presence made me feel a little unpleasant.

I live in Delhi. If you want the specific location please check out my profile.

I'm planning to perform a cleansing ritual this Friday according to Hindu traditional ways. I will also aware my friend about this. I'm hoping things to back to normal.

If this efficiently doesn't seem to work then I'll try the recommended Rookdygin's ritual.

Thank you for your insight~
Alina, I don't think it is residual haunting. And I want to ask you some questions.

1. You said that the experiences happened in your friend's presence and at around 6.45 p.m. That means these activities don't happen when she is present at any other time?

2. What was your gut feeling when you first saw the apparition? Was it scary? Or did you feel any negative vibe when you saw the apparition?

3. Where do you live in India? Just the place and area would be fine. Let it not be specific.

If you have been living in the house for about a year and you haven't felt anything earlier, I feel something might have triggered these activities.

If you feel it is negative entity trying to be malevolent, why don't you try Rook's Cleansing method. That is quite useful and effective.

Alternatively, you can take lady-glow's suggestion to do some rituals according to your custom, religion and belief.

Kindly respond.

Regards and respects to you.

Sarim... If I were your neighbor, and if you keep making loud noises at 3am, I would definitely knock on your door to tell you to keep the noise down. If no one answers, I would knock fiercely until you open. Maybe it's a neighbor like me knocking on your door
Mango2Mango - I have just read your previous story which is rather mild in comparison with this one. What I note from that experience is that your mother did in fact believe at least part of what you told her. She even told you not to answer when the voices called. So she certainly isn't a complete sceptic.

The next house went up a notch or two. I know how frightened you were because I had some very scary experiences in my childhood home and like you, I was told I was dreaming or I had a very vivid imagination. Only much later, after we had moved from that home, did my mother tell me that she had experienced two of the milder experiences which I had.

Do you know whether your mother had your "scary house" blessed? I'd really be interested to know that.

However, it's a good thing that your present home has been blessed and that proves to me that your mother did in fact eventually take you seriously.

You are obviously sensitive to the paranormal and the blessing of the new home probably removed anything malevolent which might have been there, leaving only a benign entity which is unlikely to harm you in any way. If it does become aggressive, bless your house again.

Regards, Melda
Manafon1 - thank you for your explanation of the telepathic impulses. It makes a lot of sense. I've realized now it has explained a few questions I had about several things that happened in my childhood, also. Thanks again.
Hello VermontVampyre,

Thank you for your insight on this matter. Certainly, these events had convinced me that these weird happenings are somehow connected to my friend. However, on the contrary she is doing rather well now without any further occurance in her household related to this. I abide by what I've written that all this had happened in her presence and it was occasional. But now, these incidents have taken a sudden turn of being frequent and unusually active. I indeed have planned for a cleansing ritual this upcoming Friday, hoping things to be normal again. I am thankful for your suggestion and would make her aware of this cleansing. I,on my part would like to believe that she had unwillingly triggered these activities for God's sake how?!. Thank you~
So to try to figure out all mundane possibilities. You say your snacks were "thrown off" the balcony. Were they on/close to the balcony railing? If so could perhaps some wind have blown them off?

Other than the snacks being thrown at your friend none of what you've told us seems to be demonic/dark so I don't think it is necessarily "Black Magic" either. After all if you're going to hate someone enough to go through the trouble to curse them (especially considering you'd most likely have to pay a practitioner for them to curse the person) you're going to want to get something that's more scary than just throwing some snacks or crawling on a wall.

In your last comment you said your friend has refused to come over. But that "These incidents seem to have turned a frequent thing." Does this mean you have had occurrences in your house/on your property without your friend being present?

I ask only because from the way the story is outlined I'd be more inclined to believe the spirit is connected to your friend having apparently decided to only show up while she is visiting. Almost as if the entity has come visiting /with/ her. If the entity is absent when your friend is and present when she is present then I would lean more towards your friend being the affected one.

If this is the case then I would suggest letting your friend know so she may take the proper steps to cleanse herself of all spiritual attachments as well as her property in whatever way is best suited to her religion.
Alina5 in Twist And Slam
Hello Mango2Mango,

Glad to learn you're doing well. It is unfortunate you again had to encounter "them" but hopefully the event is not as active as this one.

Blessing the house is considered a very important ritual in my religion before residing in any household, it is believed to have purify the atmosphere warding off negative energies to an extent. However, this seemed like a residual haunting to me.

Have you ever opted to learn about the background of your house?

Since you had experienced a similar thing before in your previous household which according to you was in the same neighborhood. It sparks a curiousity,

Was your neighborhood prone to these residual hauntings?

Do you believe these incidents are somehow connected to the previous ones?

I can understand how relieved you are of getting rid of these unpleasant activities. Just wanted to provide you a little insight about this one.

God Bless you!

Hello DragonLady,

Well, the other posters are certainly more insightful than I could be, and would only repeat the same thing. A bracelet cannot be more valuable than life. Can't you buy another bracelet of the same type?. If it's not a limited edition!

I don't think it's honestly going to worth the trouble of summoning a malevolent entity back in the household which already had a history of causing harm.

On top of that,

How can you be sure that the entity stole your bracelet?

Probably your brother had misplaced it somewhere or maybe a pet (if you owned any).

How exactly are you even going to summon it?

What if a different entity showed up which turns out to be more malevolent? And it refuses to banish?

It's is risky enough to stake your life at it. Re-consider the consequences.

I'm glad you decided to share it before taking any actions. Thank you~

Hello Melda,

Thank you for your thoughtful insight. I opted these events to black magic for one of the two reasons:

1) Our house is fairly new without any history of residual hauntings. Even if there were any any hauntings prior to this then we would have experienced it at the time we moved in. Not on a sudden instance like this.

2) My husband is a short-tempered person who tends to lose his every sense of wisdom and understanding when he's angry. So, there is no surprise in believing he had showed his anger in actions. He ocassionally gets involved in many disputes which is quite a nuisance indeed.

My friend had herself refused to come over for the sake of her own safety howsoever, these incidents seemed to have turned a frequent thing.
I apologise for not including this in the narrative itself. Thank you once again!
Hello Lady-glow,

Thank you for approaching my story and providing your input in regard. I presumed the same that probably my friend is unwillingly triggering these events. But before I confronted her regarding this she herself refused to come over anymore until this entire thing is resolved. However, these are seemingly becoming frequent now. I have submitted a Part-2 of this for publication. Hopefully, it can make up for the lack of details in this narrative which would be a little helpful for the readers.

God Bless!
Hello Kesnitt95,

Thank you for taking an interest. Actually I believed this to black magic is because I somehow managed to ask my husband about the history of our place. As if was it prone to any residual hauntings before? And obviously I got a "no" as the answer. And we've been living in the same house for nearly a year without any signs of hauntings. This is a sudden occurence, which kind of convinced me that this might be something else. I apologise for the fact that I couldn't provide any essential details, as there is even none regarding this incident.
Hello DragonLady,

I have nothing really to add to the great comments and questions before me. I believe, though, that "The Sleeping Beauty Mine" is in Globe, Arizona.

Otherwise, I thought your story was very well written. I hope your bracelet returns to you.

- Maria
Lealeigh in Twist And Slam
Hello Mango2Mango,

Yes, I believe it isn't wise to mock anyone - living or otherwise; but your mother didn't believe. She was only mocking you, I guess, which is unfortunate.

You said that you moved into this house from another one in the same neighborhood. Do you remember if it stood empty for a long time before you moved in?

As you moved into the third house, which was built by your parents, your mother chose to have this location blessed. I assume that she didn't do this to the house that gave you so much trouble. My thinking is that, on some level, your mother believed that there was something wrong with the second house - even though she mocked you for thinking it was haunted. The third house she had blessed. Or maybe she still doesn't believe and she might have done this blessing for your benefit.

I hope everything goes well with the new owners of the house and I hope everything goes well with you too.

- Maria
Hi, DragonLady. Hope you're well, coping with things generally.

And to the point: do not seek to reestablish contact with this malevolent entity. Nothing good will come of it.

As for getting your bracelet back, well, I honestly have no clue how to go about doing so. Searching the house and grounds thoroughly, maybe with a metal detector? I would not recommend trying to contact other spirits to help since you cannot be sure it will be a truly helpful spirit, or a malevolent one pretending to be helpful.
Fenrispro in A Terrifying Entity
Oh no hope it didn harm your cats! I have seen some true stories like this South of Usa one that her dog barked at the demon. But coz the owners didn move away later the demon tortured it to death, so horrifying. So pitiful
Alina - It seems to me that your friend might unwittingly have triggered these incidents, as they only seem to occur in her presence. I wonder if something similar would happen if somebody else visited your house? Have you had other visitors?

Black magic - why? Do you have any reason to believe that some person would want to harm you or your husband?

If there is no logical explanation for any of these incidents I would certainly lay the blame at the door of a good old ghost!

I'm sure you felt uncomfortable when these things happened but it doesn't sound malevolent. Throwing of the snacks, very rude behaviour towards your guest. In fact it sounds bratty and spiteful 😕

Try to keep your friend away during the lockdown period and see if anything happens when she stays away. It might be a bit difficult to explain that to her but I would do it if I were you. Just as an experiment.

Regards, Melda

This situation might be a lesson for you to learn to believe in the strength within yourself instead of placing your trust on something material.

Give it time, if the bracelet it's meant to be with you the universe will give it back to you; in the meanwhile forget about reestablishing contact with something that has proven to be unwelcome in your life.

Just my opinion.
DragonLady - Firstly, how did you banish the ghost, which methods did you use?

I understand that you are very upset by the loss of your bracelet but it really would not be a good idea to try to make contact with this entity again, especially as you describe it as being malevolent.

Many people have experienced items disappearing, only to reappear again in the strangest of places. Although I believe that sometimes a mischievous spirit may be responsible for this, I don't think it's always the case. Has it occurred to you that your bracelet might have been stolen by somebody? Think back to the approximate time when the bracelet disappeared and try to remember who was visiting your home during that time. I'm not suggesting that the culprit is a relative or close friend.

By the way, which magical properties does the bracelet possess?

A very respected member of this forum, Rookdygin, has an excellent cleansing method which many members here have used. Below is the link to his profile page. Scroll down until you reach his cleansing recipe.

I don't know how old you and your brother are. Perhaps you should discuss this with your parents first.


Good luck.

Regards, Melda
Hello Alina.

Perhaps the spirit is trying to tell your friend that she is not supposed to visit your place during the quarantine?

In my opinion, it seems like she is the target of the activity instead of the residents of the house; but performing a protective ritual according to your religious beliefs wouldn't hurt.
1. The area between the well and the nearby boundary wall is the most common spot for the spirit (or 2 spirits, although it's most likely 1).
2. The spirit seems to have recently entered into your house. It could be one of the workers who isn't alive currently.
3. From your description its hard to say whether it is black magic. Things don't appear that serious as well. You saw the spirit occasionally, right? However if things get serious, you should do as your friend says. It can be a haunting as well.

I just saw your post and wrote whatever I could grasp.
I love the Queen Mary. I stayed on it and toured it a couple of years ago and it's an experience I will never forget. We didn't have anything happen on our visit. I was worried since my youngest daughter and I seem to be quite sensitive. I know the exact area you are talking about and what an amazing experience!
I might try "laying down the law" so to speak like another poster suggested. I have had some experiences where I have just said, "nope, I am not able to deal with you right now." In fact, that's how I got the talking that used to happen to me to stop. At night time I had to say "go away. I'm not listening to you right now." Usually no one tries to talk to me anymore, but it happens on occasion. I have written about my voices and I have another story to add about the voices that have happened since then. I just haven't been in author mode. Maybe just say what you want to happen, like "no more scaring me, no scaring my children. Do not touch us." Good luck and keep us posted.
I had an encounter with one of these beings as kid. I remember I used to sleep in a crib at my parents bedroom and one night I woke up and saw a pitch black shadow with the outline of a female, it also had white glowing eyes.
I always had this encounter in the back of my mind when a few years ago I did some research and to my surprise I wasn't the only one who had seen what's called shadow people.
Hello Newintown, welcome to YGS and thanks for sharing. It is easier for the spirits to communicate through dreams. But in your case, the jostling of shoulders and turning the TV off were the signs of your friend making you know his presence.

Great narrative. Thanks again for sharing with us.

Regards and respects to you.

Hello Mulder182, Alina5 has asked quite relevant questions. It summarized what was in my mind while I was reading your narrative. Please do respond. Without those inputs from you, it will be difficult for us to comment further.

Especially what was the reply given by your friend's family about your experience? And did they have any experiences or sightings of their own.

Regards and respects to you.

sds in Who's She!
Satyabrata2009, your uncle sighting a lady on a tree near the graveyards would have been scary for sure. But with what you have narrated, it will be diffcult to term it as a paranormal experience of your uncle. Further, I don't think throwing stones would turn away any spirits or paranormal entities. And you narrated it jumped like a monkey. That is why there are so many questions from the readers. I don't think they doubt the sighting of your uncle but only trying for some mundane explanations.

Only if we can't explain it with our day to day explanations, we do brand it as paranormal. So don't be offended.

Further unless you share with us the other experiences of yours in your replies, it will be difficult to say it as paranormal.

I do agree that if you happen to see any lady at that hour on a tree at that time, it would be scary. But when stones were hurled at it, generally the paranormal entities won't jump like a monkey and go away.

Anyway with limited explanations in the narrative and in your replies, I find it difficult to comment anymore.

Regards and respects to you.

Hi Cappy, welcome to YGS. A nice encounter without any creepiness. That makes the sighting interesting. As lady-glow said it gives more credence to your narrative.

Just a question. What was the reply from the other waitress? Did she give any information besides being stunned?

Thanks for sharing.

Regards and respects to you.

Hello RogueDawg, I have some questions. Where did it happen? And what was the reaction of your aunt and others? Whether they gave any inputs or their own experiences? Did any other person see the cat before or after your experience? What about your cousins. They must have come to know about it since you were down with fever.

Please do respond.

Regards and respects to you.

creeps_peeps in Navy Blue Paint
Lady-glow: Yes, that is the place. Very nice! If you want to go there, you would have to set up an "appointment", whatever that is.

As for the 'dopey ghost hunt', we were all being extremely quiet and pretty much holding our breaths. Speaking of the whispers my brother heard... He heard them with his own ears.

That was the only time an object moved. And the house was small, so it would have been difficult to sneak off downstairs with so many eyes on everyone.

And, no. I haven't searched up the house's history.


Alina5: I don't know the range, but it could pick up quiet sounds pretty well. I don't know if it had a sonogrpahic built-in system. With the same clarification in Lady-glow's message, we were all being deathly silent.

The whispers were heard both manually and through the device. Speaking of sounds, we had a problem with ants and spiders, but no rats or small animals. I doubt an insect would be strong enough to make such a racket. We owned a dog, but we never locked him in our rooms (the one time was an accident). We didn't have any workers and nobody snuck off to change the doll's position. Too many eyes.

I grew more aware of the incidents as time went on, but it was rather quick, since I often notice things most people don't.

Thank you for the questions!
Alina5. As I understand it, a Jinn is a real creature that is held in the beliefs of Islam. According to them, there were three type of extraterrestrial creatures: Angels, Demons, and Jinn. Jinn are spirits that can manifest in corporeal form (unlike demons) and are both good and evil. The evil ones are tricksters and love to scare others. They can take the shape of humans and animals. They can manifest as shadows and smoke. According to Islam, they also have free will. You will encounter the culture of Jinn in the Middle East. In the West, we have bastardized the name Jinn into the recognizable term Djinni. These creatures have been in TV shows like "I Dream of Jeannie" (a play on the word Djinni (sp?)), and a Disney cartoon movie. They are extremely loosely based on the Middle Eastern Jinn. You can google the term and check how accurate I am as I am going from memory. You can also see videos on the subject on Youtube. I hope this helps.
Thank you for your reply Rouge Dawg. If it's ok to ask you or any other fellow posters what is a jinn?. I actually did a quick Google search only to have find the conclusion of it being a mythical creature. I would appreciate if anyone can use their precious time to educate me on this. Thank you~
Alina5 in Navy Blue Paint
Hello creeps_peeps,

Thank you for acknowledging the comment and providing your input regarding this.

I, thereby would like to ask a few of the questions which if you won't mind clarifying well.

"My brother said he heard whispers. Scratching noises as if someone were writing something on the parchment. He heard shuffling and a few bumps and nicks here and there."

Can I ask you the range of the speaker- microphone you're using?

Generally, the radars used to detect any verbal recordings during the discovery of paranormal have a sonographic in-built system which only reacts to vivid sonic disturbances. I maybe wrong regarding this and would appreciate to be corrected.

However, with the birthday celebration going on, the atmosphere is bound to be noisy. So it can cause errors while capturing voices, unless your room is located far off and is efficienctly noise-proof.

Were the whispers recorded on the device?

Or heard manually?

Same question for other noises as well.

Did you ever checked inside to observe this source of scratching noise?

Are you sure it wasn't a cat or dog? (If you owned any).

Are you sure any worker in the household had accidentally placed the doll there?

Were these activities only perceived by you until you moved out?

Hope you're doing well now without experiencing any post-hand trauma after this. Although these were terrifying enough to keep a person awake all night.

Looking forward to hear more of your experiences.

May God Bless you!

Thank you all for your kind words. And yes, my lady friend saw the lady in white. I tried to remember as much as I could about the white dress and her hair style. It's been so long.
My girlfriend was perturbed when I mentioned her white milky skin and how beautiful she was.
In retrospect, it was a calming experience. I'll never forget the way she left. She was majestic and she floated away.
This visit was located by the Grand piano. She never said a word. Just stood there looking at me. Never acknowledged the drink order. But she did smile when I mentioned how beautiful her dress was.
lady-glow in Navy Blue Paint
Hello creeps_peeps.

I'm glad that you will participate in the discussion, though I wasn't talking about any misspelled words in your narrative.

May I ask if this is the park you are talking about?

Olmstead+place+historical+state+park&oq= olmstead+place+historical+state+park&aqs=chrome...69i57.31342j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

I may have more questions depending on your answer.

As for the part:

"We all decided to got on this weird, dopey ghost hunt and used my brother's speaker-and-microphone to pick up the voices of the dead."

Did you get anything at all? Personally, I wouldn't give too much credit if you did, since it sounds like there was too many people present at that moment and this would have interfered with the results.

"My brother said he heard whispers. Scratching, as if someone were writing something on parchment. He heard shuffling, and a few bumps and nicks here and there"

Are you talking about the above recording session or by this do you mean that your brother heard the noises under some other circumstances?

"My creepy, glass doll had moved. It sat on one of the dresser previously, and then now it was on the other."

Was this the only time an object was moved? On this I have to agree with silverthane"s theory about poltergeist activity, after all, there was a large group of girls with their minds set on 'hunting ghosts'.

Lastly, by now, have you tried researching the history of the navy blue house?
creeps_peeps in Navy Blue Paint
Silverthane61: I might have been the only one, but there was one incident where where my sister saw a man in our garden but disappeared almost immediately.

Tweed: I chose "Navy Blue Paint" because the name represented the color of the house and the color represented the house itself.

Freakedoutfreddy: It was a man's head.

Alina5: I wish I hadn't excluded myself from the discussion. Is there a way to change that?

Lady-glow: I wasn't paying attention to the spelling errors and the part regarding my dresser when the doll moved. In that specific part, it meant to say that the doll had moved from the right side to the left side of it. Hope that helps.
Very good story - well written. As I was reading it, I immediately began to think of the Jinn. I realized after reading your story that others in the comments also theorized about the possibility of Jinn. Is this a phenomena that is understood and accepted by the people in your community? My only other thought was that your feverish delirium contributed to what you saw. But might it be possible that the cat/jinn/familiar was the reason for your fever?
Outstanding! I have to re-ask the same question from lady-glow: Did your friend also see the lady? There are so many programs on TV that cover the Haunted Queen Mary. As I understand it, you are in a small and privileged group - only a few people have seen the White Lady. I really enjoyed this story!
silverthane61 in Navy Blue Paint
...I don't know. I give the benefit of the doubt in all occasions, but I have to say that this is one fantastic series of events! I know pre-teens (especially girls) are often present when poltergeistic activity occurs - and there were plenty of them in that home. However, this goes beyond poltergeists. You have seen multiple full-bodied apparitions. Were you the only one to see these entities?
silverthane61 in College Ghost
I have visited American Samoa on more than a few occasions because of job requirements. I have never had any paranormal experiences there - but many residents shared numerous paranormal experiences of their own. It seems that Polynesia is full of ghost stories. As for yours, everything seemed harmless until your roommate's scary manifestation with his eyes. Either he brought it with him, or something in the home caused it. The first possibility seems the lesser of two evils.
Tweed: Thank you for taking the time to read and comment.

It's highly appreciated.
Hi RogueDawg,

I was going to suggest Djinn for the entity responsible but, like you, I haven't a clue what the reason could be.

Thanks for sharing, I'll be thinking about this for a while. Don't worry about the length either, no one does on here, it was cool to read.
Hi Cappy,

Thanks heaps for sharing your cooler than cool encounter. Do you remember what the paranormal show was you saw? I assume someone on the show reported seeing the same woman.
As far as ghost encounters go it doesn't get any better. You're lucky you didn't know at the time she was a ghost, or it might have been too much to handle.

Brilliant stuff!
And it's not even Halloween.

There's been a few stories featuring a preteen, a blue house and birthday stuff. Each one I find hard to believe.

I would like to know why this is called Navy Blue Paint. Maybe Blue House was taken.
once my mothers brother my uncle told her one of his female friend told him when she play hide and sick she hide behind door then dream or real she was in other world the old witch women, s cooking on pot catch her to pot she shout then return to home 😁 😜 🤔
Fenrispro in A Totoro Creature?
[at] darkonix Totoro was a kids' movie, I don't believe this 😢 Anyway the author is said to be a pacifist so I don't think he aimed to show that in the anime. Just that magic exist in parallel worlds!
Ah this always seems to happen to many people in paranormal shows too, either the wardrobe door will creak open or the basement. 😭
Fenrispro in A Mysterious Park
This is like an episode of a true story I watched, the particular place only being accessible to the witness. From the title did you mean this park is not visible to others except you and your friend? Maybe that spirit wanted someone to notice him
Fenrispro in A Shared Experience
Omg it sounds like you had a deja vu experience with the same ghost and place. I watch some paranormal documentaries, of which 2 psychics in different locations saw the same entity at the same time. And the expert commented that for demons and spirits they are not bound to one dimension. Could it be your friend projecting the negative energy? Hope not
Thank you MrsRamsay, it was only because of your comment I've found this enthralling piece of story.

First of all, I'm absolutely fascinated of this entire event.
These kind of narratives are the ones that mess with your head for an explanation. Well, it kind of striked my head what if the whole scenario is an illusion created by the entity. When you mentioned earlier that you heard a soft voice calling your name. It entertains the doubt of the presence of something else in the room with you. Maybe an entity tried to trick you.

But at the same time, it is not wrong to believe that our mind sometimes plays tricks on us, it can be a post- delirium as well as you've mentioned feeling sick all of a sudden while watching the movie, which kind of created an alarm in your system against the movie or stuffs.

But in the end, these are only assumptions. The real deal can be something else.

You have experienced a similar thing while watching twister.

Can you possibly explain what kind of feeling you had?

Was it because of a scary movie scene?

Or something realistic happening around you?

Was it because of the post-delirium after this incident?

Hope you will the read the comments and answer the queries someday.

Amazing one! Thanks for sharing.

I have had this exact experience, although the sound eventually disappeared as I aged I hear it randomly from time to time, the reason I started looking online again for some explanation is I heard it again just prior to this pandemic taking hold of the country - coincidence? 🤔
silverthane61, I really wish I had been able to spend more time there. I was very interested in ghosts as a kid and the idea of being able to see more phenomena was thrilling to me. I wonder who lives there now-if Jade got the house after her father died or if a whole new family lives there now and if so, do they feel it's haunted?

Despite my fascination with ghosts and the paranormal, I am not sensitive or gifted in any way, so this house was the one and only experience with ghosts I've ever had. I am glad it was a good one.
MrsRamsay in The Shining Twins
What a story! I agree with Maggie May, don't be too skeptical of this one. Can entities somehow save images from videos and films and play them back to us? It's almost like a teacher, taking a snip and then using it to communicate. Makes perfect sense to me. I think you showed great presence of mind to check the channels and the VCR, and even waking your mom. I'm one of the people who read The Shining in book form and then saw the movie. It was really well done!
Hi Lydia,
I'm a little late to this story but wanted to tell you I think it's one of the best I've read yet. I'm so glad you picked up on what was happening that day and your description of how your dog communicated with you -- serious as can be in the midst of play -- was truly compelling.

I have two husky/border collie mixes (very un-alike, not from same litters, but rescues). One is very "talkative" in a husky way, but looks more like a traditional black and white border collie. The other is smaller, buff and white with one blue eye, and has amazing herding instincts but doesn't verbalize like her sister. They are the smartest dogs I've ever had out of six others. I also live in a suburban Atlanta neighborhood which is where many soldiers bivuaqued (camped) during the month leading up to the Battles of Kennesaw Mountain and Atlanta. The small farmhouse adjacent to my subdivision was used as a military hospital by General Sherman during the Civil War, and we have some small lakes and a creek so I'm certain there were plenty of soldiers out of the 140, 000 here in 1864 who were hanging around my area, perhaps even sick and dying at the time as happened so much in the day. Anyway, I've never had this happen ANY TIME in my life or at my other homes with any dog, but these guys OFTEN will NOT go outside, even when they need to. I've watched the verbal one, Lucy, race out to do her business, only to get halfway out on the patio and do a lightening fast U-turn back in, all the way to under my bed at the other side of the house. When I KNOW she needed to go! During the day, it's usually fine. Our yard, by the way, is about 3/4 of an acre and we have an awesome patio and hot tub/pool and it's landscaped with a path and there's a trampoline among the trees at the back of the lot. In other words, we're not talking wilderness here. It's fenced in, and while we DO have wildlife (bunnies usually, chipmunks, squirrels and the occasional possum or hawk) my dogs are never afraid of that. One more thing. When we built our pool, we had lots of trouble with things like broken water lines (8 times) and even had the heating element on the brand new unit catch fire one rainy morning when it wasn't even turned on! (I know because I was home, and I looked outside in the rain and saw the flames shooting up!). The heater and pump unit are only about 15-20 yards from my window behind a fence, and I just happened to look out to see it. The guy who replaced it later said he'd NEVER seen one of these units catch on fire, even when it was turned on! Anyway, thank you for your story. BTW, I'm an older mom also and your comments about your parents are really interesting to me. I often am wary about my "last child" and want to make sure I still have plenty of energy for her in coming years! Thanks again for the story, be well!
Alina5: Thank you for your comment

I, until date, am not able to find a logical or a scientific explanation to what had happened. What remains, is to consider the possibility of the supernatural or paranormal.

Thus, I believe it could have been a Djinn who appeared in the form of a cat before me.

As to the reason, all I can think of, is that it just, maybe, wanted to create a mischief or just give give me a good scare. Which it, obviously, succeeded in doing.

I again appreciate your inputs.

God bless you.
VeronicaMarie: Thank you for your comment.

I believe you too must be fond of reading like me, as you did not find this narration lengthy. I appreciate your kindness.

Pertaining to the fever, I would like to clear your doubts, if any. I was not feverish before this happened. I was fit as a fiddle.

The fever only got to me after I ran out of the house.

I hope this helped shed some light on the matter.
freakedoutfreddy in Navy Blue Paint
No offense bro but your family is like the Brady bunch. The head was freaking awesome. Was it a man's or a lady's head?😜 😁 🤔
Alina5 in Navy Blue Paint
Hello creeps_peeps,

I believe you will have a better insight regarding your experience if you'll participate in the discussion. You can learn various reasonings from various posters which can present a new concept before you.

I have a few queries regarding your account. I hope you re- consider your decision and most possibly reply to them.


Hello RougeDawg,

In accordance to my understanding, I have never seen spirits of pet animals to be malevolent. In general, their conscience of being in the living world is contradictory to humans hence, they generally don't hover around in the living world for long. It's only my sole understanding but I stand to be corrected.

Since, it had done no harm to anyone says it. But the breaking of pot seems to be what you can say recollection of the events... Like a repetition of the events already happened. Or Maybe, the breaking of the pot had happened for real and the spirit somehow fixed it.

The thing is, it was a rare sight in those days to spot a Persian Cat as most people weren't really fond of adopting luxurious pets, which quite entertains the doubt of the entity being something else. But I can't say for sure.

Nevertheless, quite interesting. Thanks for sharing.

Hello Cappy,

To be honest my words are well described my other posters below.

It was pleasing to approach a story narrating a different encounter contradicting our usual opinions on the paranormal, though with the same enthralling mystery which leaves us curious to learn more.

Thanks for sharing.

Wish you the best!

Alina5 in College Ghost
Hello Melissa,

Hope you're doing well. What a strange series of experiences. The popcorn thing is quite unexplainable to me atleast but probably other posters can have a better reasoning on this event.

"He was staring at me with pissed off expression and 100% black eyes."

My apologies but I couldn't understand this sentence well.

Black eyes?!

Were the eyes of your mate's boyfriend pitch black?

You couldn't see his pupils?

Like the infamous urban legend of 'black-eyed children'...

I'm interested to learn how he managed to go back to normal.

I have heard of numerous possessions but this the first time I'm reading of an individual's change in the colour of eyes. Interesting!

Earlier, you have mentioned your dorm initially was a resident to a family. I believe somehow these incidents are connected to the previous tenants.

Maybe something tragic must've happened for their spirits to linger there especially the 'child spirit'.

I certainly have this feeling the nailed door can answer a few of our curiosities. But nevertheless I'm glad for your safety.

Thanks for sharing.

Hi, Cappy...

Such an intriguing story. It got me curious enough to look up the Queen Mary's ghosts. Partly because coincidentally I was in Long Beach in 1985 too, visiting my brother who lives there, and we toured the Queen Mary. What is so interesting is that when looking it up just now, I read that a grand piano on the ship is actually called the White Lady's grand piano. So it seems to me that it is highly likely that was who you saw. I am envious! I had no intriguing thing like that happen when touring the ship, but then again, I had a nine-month-old baby at the time, so was probably too concerned with the state of his diaper to notice much else. 😐

Thanks for sharing your amazing encounter.
RogueDawg, that is a very interesting story, and not at all too long. I don't doubt at all that you saw this happen. But I'm also thinking about the fever you developed, and the way you were fainting, because high fevers can sometimes cause delirium. But no matter what caused what you saw, it must have been terrifying, and I am so sorry you went through this experience that still haunts you.
Welcome to YGS.

Did your girlfriend see the lady too? If so, did she get upset at you after mentioning the lady's milky skin? (just kidding!)

This was a nice encounter, though not a scary one, still a strong proof of the existence of another realm of which, some times, we are allowed to have a glimpse.

Thanks for sharing.
GabiFranz in Apparition Souvenir
Hello Joe! Thank you very much for your comment!
That's the only creepy experience I've had in the paranormal field. I've had others (positive ones, or at least not scary) that fall into the psychic category instead, so I don't know if those will ever be published on this website.
From most of my experiences, I've learnt that fear is such a poisonous energy, along with hate. And you're right, those entities feed themselves on fear. I think the way you react to any kind of situation shows how mentally strong you are. I've never perceived myself as someone strong in any way at all. But then something like this happens and you get the chance to know yourself better. So keep your mind and spirit up! You never know when life's going to test you 😉
lady-glow in Navy Blue Paint
I hope you could participate in the discussion and clarify some confusing points in your story.
Oh Haven, after reading your message I just went and read your story 'His Favorite,' and I am in awe. Also teary-eyed. That is one of the most amazing things I've ever read about departed loved ones. (And that is after having read a ton of books on the subject!) Thank you so much for having shared that story, and for your kind message. Take good care.
My phone auto corrected your name Cappy - please forgive me. 🙄
Hello Happy and welcome to YGS,

That's a wonderful experience! Did she ever say anything while she was there? It makes me happy to hear of a spirit that was pleased by compliments.

- Maria
Lealeigh in College Ghost
Hello Melissa and welcome to YGS,

Knowing myself the way I do, I wouldn't have been able to chill in that house without finding out what was behind that door.

If you are certain you were awake, when your room mate's boyfriend came in your room, I would find that very alarming. It would take some impressive acting skills to convince me that he didn't remember standing over me while I was asleep. Black eyes or not. I'm glad you don't live in that situation anymore.

- Maria
I've had experiences at my own nearby battlefield park, I think I documented here and it's named, Them Soldiers Is Dead.

I'm most interested in what you might've noticed about the fire. Did it look like a real fire? Did it also just disappear?

Also, the eyes. Near me is a house that was for sale recently. I was interested in it because I knew (as a former reporter) that a murder had taken place in it, and I thought it was interesting when someone decided to start fixing it up to flip it. I went on one of those real estate websites to see what it was like inside. The photos seemed normal except for one. It was a picture taken from out on a sun porch, with the camera pointed towards the house. In the window that looks like it might be over the kitchen sink, you can see a figure looking out at you. The figure is NOT holding a camera (meaning, it's not a reflection of the Realtor taking a photo). It's just standing there looking out, and where the eyes should be are just black spaces. I don't know if there was anyone else WITH the Realtor that day, or if he/she was there alone, but I do know that figure looks like a spirit. I submitted this to YGS a couple months ago and sent the photo in also, but have not seen it here. Perhaps it wasn't within the rules. But I would truly love to know if the figures you saw had eyes that looked like that photo. I believe you. I believe battlefields are some of the most amazing places on Earth.
Haven in Who's She!
Hi Satyabrata,

What a scary thing to have witnessed. If I saw something like that I think I would have reacted like your uncle. I do not know of any human that would be out at that time of night, sitting on a branch, making animal noises, jumping like a monkey and most importantly suddenly fading. This in my opinion, was supernatural/paranormal.

Take care and stay safe
Hi Veronica-Marie

One of the first stories I submitted here was of a message I received from my deceased Dad. Like yours, it came exactly at the time I needed it the most. I also know what you mean when you say that messages and comments from people here lifted your heart and convinced you that what you got was a message from your mom. I felt the same way. In fact, those comments validated my feeling that this was a message from my dad. It motivated me to submit many more of my experiences. I was finally able to share my experiences without feeling I wasn't going to be believed.

Take care and stay safe.
Please help me... I experienced the same... My mirror was collapsed... But not on the exact place it should have... And top side was up... The metal pot on the table was enough higher to dropped on the ground... But it was not fallen... What happened to you next... Did you experienced anything bad or any paranormal activity afterwards
I signed up JUST to respond to your story. It is fantastic! I am going to rewatch the PS episode you spoke of as well.

Thanks for sharing, best to you!
This happened. You can read a lot of literature on Cold Harbor. Its packed with activity. I have spoken to park rangers and they have even seen things. What I experienced was real.
silverthane61 in His Bite
This was not an ordinary occurrence for sure. Anything that attempts to do harm or frighten for an energy surge cannot be good. This would really worry me if this was not a one-time only event - I hope it was.
silverthane61 in The Stones 2
I am assuming that the paranormal events experienced at your cousin's house stopped after the stones were taken off the premises?
silverthane61 in Baldur
I want to take the left fork of this road. Maybe the spectre of death chose to take Baldur (wonderful name) instead of you. I don't know. But I somehow want to think that you have a very powerful guardian angel. Besides, what other explanation can you give for the impossibility of surviving both falls?
I think that it may be a very strong haunt with access to some kind of energy surplus. Indeed, it has the energy to influence both sight and smell as well as the energy to move physical objects. That kind of haunt requires a lot of energy. Dark entities create the energy to influence the sense of touch (it can leave marks, touch the experiencer, etc), invade the world of dreams, and influence emotions. This haunt does not seem that type, however. It does seem almost "motherly".
Tweed in Furry Face
Thanks Manafon, I've just read that article a couple of times in a row. It's cool to put a name to it. The idea of being able to spell in other languages, and to speak them, is a bit hard to believe/relate to. But it really seems like this omnilingualism is the identity of what I'm dealing with. This sentence in particular rings true;
"With practice users will often subconsciously translate foreign languages to their native tongue."
However, I've never practiced anything, least not consciously.

Congratulations, it seems you've unearthed the only serious omnilingualism article on the web. It's all Marvel comic crap otherwise, isn't it always the way.
As a point of interest I failed to mention last night that during that film the English dialogue I heard was in French accents by the French actors whereas Rampling sounded like her English self.

Thanks again, having a name to this will make further research infinitely easier!
Tweed in Our Apartment
When someone overreacts and closes their account it makes me smile because, most times, their true colours are showing, I believe.

Biblio, if you take the emotion out of the equation and read this mess back I'm sure you'll find you said nothing any rational mind would find fault with.
AugustaM in Our Apartment
Wow, things have certainly gotten a bit out of hand and, for the life of me, I just can't see how the wheels came off the wagon. Biblio's comment was in no way incendiary but their reception was no less fiery. I have re-read both the story and the comments to see if I can find a reason behind the OP's highly defensive remarks. Perhaps, Biblio, you inadvertently touched on something triggering - motherhood and magic seem to be the loci. Perhaps, completely unrelated to anything paranormal, the OP harbors some insecurities about their parenting track record (not that I am implying that these are fears based in reality - the human mind can conspire to make its master insecure about absolutely anything without need of factual foundation). Being Catholic, it is not a stretch to assume that the concept of magic has had much negativity heaped upon it so it is perhaps less surprising that this wound up being somewhat of a sensitive subject.

Katie, if you do return, know that no one here intentionally leveled offense at you - that isn't what this community is about. Our comments tend to be probing but rational and well intended - we truly want to help folks figure out more about what they have gone through and sometimes that means asking difficult questions. We are, of course, handicapped by the veil of print - what is spoken aloud face to face has the advantages of inflection, tone and expression but print is stripped of all such rudders leaving it vulnerable to the caprices of the environment into which it is received and read. I get it, you don't know us but be assured, we aren't here to mock contributors who come in good faith to share stories that aren't always easy to tell.

When it comes to magic, my opinion may differ from the rest. I have a community of friends who are all involved in magic and/or Wicca and/or witchcraft to some degree from dabblers to proficients. Most of them have children and all are good parents. I'm not saying the OP ever involved herself in magic with or without the presence of her children. What I am saying is that, I have seen no evidence that a desire for evil-doing is a guaranteed side-effect of any degree of involvement in magic or that involvement in such things is indicative of poor parenting- quite the contrary, in fact!

Right now the only thing shaking my confidence in the veracity of this account is the OP's reactions to questioning and subsequent departure - I do hope she sees fit to reconsider and return for there is far more to this tale than has been discussed. I too am quite curious about the vortex phenomenon.
Hi good-ghosts,

Some years ago, my younger sister had a similar experience to yours. She had woken up feeling that someone meant her harm and was pinning her onto the bed. Being a nurse, she knew all about sleep paralysis and she was certain it was not that. She suspected that the problem came from the mirror, which reflected the bed and faced the bedroom window. Her solution was to cover the mirror with a cloth and place a rosary blessed by a priest on the window sill.

Our mother follows Taoist Feng-shui practices and had often told us that the mirror should not face the bed. She believes that the mirror can somehow draw away energy from people when they sleep. Maybe the practice is to stop people giving themselves a scare from their own reflection when they get up at night?

If it makes you feel better, cleanse and bless your place. Maybe you can try covering the mirror or moving it to another position. Or get an amulet blessed by a religious elder of your belief and hang it over the mirror. Do whatever feels most suitable for you. Rituals and talismans are meant to help give us peace of mind.

For your reference, here's my sister's experience and another YGS account involving mirrors, as well as info on Feng Shui about mirrors facing the bed:
cliffhanger1921 in Anrew Sparks Murders
I will be the first to tell you that most of this story IS blown out of proportion! You have taken this event and molested it. I will not go through and tell you everything that you stated wrong but will point out a few. First, the event DID NOT happen in the afternoon. This happened around 7:30AM! The actual records found back this up. Second, Andrew had (3) three daughters, not just 2. You also were NOT the first to investigate this house. Numerous people before you have investigated. You have NO idea of what went on inside that house. Family nor friends could tell you how the murders happened and what was said because NO ONE was left alive other than Andrew. He was alive but did not talk due to his massive head wound. He died 16 1/2 hours later on the 9th of December 1954. If you want to come up with a ghost story try not to use a tragic event and add to it. If you screw with this story much, it might bring you pain and discomfort in ways you could not dream of. Trust me!
Lealeigh in Our Apartment

I have read your comment four times and I do not understand Katie's reaction. Whenever I read comments, I try to read them in the "voice" of one of my grandparents - and not in the voice of my ex husband. It makes a difference.

I thought you were being helpful.

- Maria
Bibliothecarius in Our Apartment
Good gracious! Katie, I am very, very sorry you perceived by commentary as judgmental! 😲

I apologize for seeming intolerant or unkind in any way. My intention was to provide some insight into your past experience as a teen and to consider some of your more-recent activities as included in your responses to other YGS members.

I had no intention to upset anyone, least of all Katie. I'm really saddened that she seems to have shut down her YGS account because of what I wrote with good intentions.
Lealeigh in Our Apartment

I think that Caz was referring to what you said in the comment section:

"I also feel like if I were to move forward and study more magic and push my protection rituals further that I may go into a place that I shouldn't, but a part of me kind of wants to."

I don't think that Caz was trying to personally judge you by your use of the word "magic".

I understand that you would rather have us speak to the woman you are now - and not to the 15 year old from the past. I certainly don't ever want to have to confront my 15 year old self again... She was a mixed bag, to put it politely.

The comments that referenced your children were only made because we had no way of knowing that your children were living out on their own. Please forgive people for jumping to conclusions with your use of the word "magic". There are so many ways that the word can be interpreted. You are not in the wrong place.

Also, the way you describe the love you have for your adoptive mother warms my heart. May her memory live forever.

I hope you reactivate your account. I am sad that you felt attacked.

- Maria
Katie212 (guest) in Our Apartment
My comments to others events do not have anything to do with my separate events that I tell on this website.

I am seeing people on here take pieces of what I say to others and bunch it together to try to make a judgemental case against me, and I am an Adult now, so when I tell of an event that I experienced I add the age I was and whatever I do with my life now as an Adult is my choice.

Some people are quickly skimming my story and my comments to others and then jumping to conclusions and feeling the need to tell me off because they do not approve of my choices

This is a website to tell of paranormal events that occurred not therapy and not for people who insist on judging people incorrectly if an event is lacking details, it is not fake it is to the person's best ability to tell it as best they can without criticism. And definitely not for me as I would never put my kids in danger, and didn't have kids when I was 15.
VeronicaMarie in Our Apartment
No, Katie, your story and timeline were perfectly clear, and very well expressed. I think maybe some people just misread the chronology of when this happened. You are definitely not on the wrong site. I was very intrigued by your story, to the point of hoping you will share more of your experiences. Xoxo
Katie212 (guest) in Our Apartment

Where in my story about the Apartment do you see anything about magic?

I was 15 and obviously my comments to others and my being an adult now is clashing with my 15 year old story that people are bashing me about magic.

I'm obviously on the wrong site
Katie212 (guest) in Our Apartment

If you read the story correctly it happened when I was 15 years old. So, when I recently found this website now being 46 years old, my children have already grown up and moved out being in their 20's now. So, learning about spells, rituals, magick, etc now doesn't have anything to do with my "Children", and when I would visit my mum with my then children I wasn't learning about spells, rituals, magick, etc I was just relieved that those events never happened again as I had long moved out and gotten married while my mum remained living in NYC.

I happen to be a great mother and know very well how to protect my children, being a reputable mother in the entire neighborhood where I lived and entrusted with other families' children. Thank you for your concern.

I told about my event to the best of my ability per the truth, and since this is a website on real stories, I cannot make up anything that would be further from the truth. If my story lacks something for you, there are others on this site you can go to. I cannot remember what color mum's eyes were, they weren't there, and I was 15!

I find your comments inappropriate to educate me on my personal life with my children, and judgemental. It is an event that happened, per rules you either like it or not and move on.

Since I did what the Priest said to do, it never happened again. So, I never needed to do anything more.

And you are connecting two separate events and using my words against me when you clearly didn't read the age difference in the stories.
Lealeigh in Baldur

How are you doing in your recovery? My stepfather is going in for back surgery as soon as they lift the restrictions on elective surgery.
Oh...well said Biblio, I was hoping you'd come along! I was quite worried when Katie mentioned magic. Not that I know much about it, but I've always felt if someone asks for a boon and it's granted, there may well be a hefty price to pay in the afterlife. I'm probably totally wrong here, but 'NAH'...I'd never risk it!
RedWolf in Baldur
Thank you all for writing. It was very unnerving knowing that death was hanging around. Baldur was just over 2 years old when he died. At times I still feel enormous guilt that I deferred to my husbands wishes rather than having one of my sons help me bring him to the vet. I agree that Baldur "traded" his life for mine as his symptoms came on so suddenly and he had a check up several months before and he was healthy, no indication of any heart issues.

Lealeigh. Although many people think that death is an evil entity but that isn't true. The entity felt neither good nor evil just neutral. I seriously thought it was waiting for me because of the falls and it was waiting for me to have another fall but as val put it Baldur probably traded himself so nothing could take any of his people. I had a N.D.E. 10 months before during back surgery that lasted 9 hours.

The weird thing is that I broke my collar bone in 2 places and broke a rib all that happened was I that I heard a knock on the bathroom door. I stood up but my knee gave out and I just fell onto my left side onto a tiled floor. I have 2 young spirits in my house. But when I took the falls in the basement onto a cement floor I had no injuries.

Right now I wish you all stay well and that this Corona virus has not made any of the Y.G.S. Family or their loved ones ill.

Manafon1 in Furry Face
Hi Tweed--Here's an article that might explain your unique ability to instantly translate languages (according to this article is can extend to things like sign language too.) It's called "omnilingualism." Not sure of the source or reliability of this article but thought it might be of interest. Leaving links isn't my forte so if it doesn't work just type in onmilingualism and see what pops up. There is a sci-fi short story that has the title as well but the below article comes from a site dealing with psychic abilities.
This is so funny, I'm also from the same home town, I used to walk down blueberry lane to get to my friends house or to try and catch that MASSIVE white fish in Pete's party pit. I was actually trying to look up to find out if anybody had any pictures of the giant fish when I stumbled spin your post! I used to love this site when I was around 12 which I guess would have been about 9 years ago when this was posted lol, sad I didn't find it then maybe I would have figured out who wrote it and befriended you! Anyways o hope you stumble across this message, although you probably won't. Go bearcats! ❤
Bibliothecarius in Our Apartment
Greetings, Katie212, and welcome.

I've been mulling over your experience for the last 4 days or so. There are parts of the narrative that don't make sense to me; I believe you experienced these phenomena, but they've not all behaved in a conventional manner.

First, I commend you on seeking out a priest and following through on his instructions. I believe that the reason the phenomenon in your mother's room resisted your efforts was that you were dealing with an energy vortex. A spiritual vortex can be created under various conditions (some positive, some negative), and tends to be a source of power that can be used by energetic spirits. A vortex is *not* a gateway or portal, though they may occur in proximity to each other. [Had it been a portal, small objects may have gone missing, but you stated that "None of her furniture fell into the black hole" suggesting it was concentrated energy, not an opening.]

A vortex is like a swirl of water in a fast-flowing river, drawing things in & hurling them along faster than before. It would attract the attention of spirits --in your case, negative spirits-- and give them an energetic boost. I suspect this is what happened to your mum when she was "sleepwalking" under the control of some other entity. [What did you mean by, "Her eyes weren't there"? They'd rolled up in their sockets? Her eyes were closed? There were black spaces visible where her eyes should have been?]

I seldom get "preachy" here on YGS because of my agnosticism, but I'm going to juxtapose two of your own sentences against each other so you can see the danger: 1) " I'm grateful that none of these events rehashed themselves when my children and I visited my mother" and 2) "if I were to move forward and study more magic and push my protection rituals further that I may go into a place that I shouldn't, but a part of me kind of wants to." Protection rituals and cleansings are positive steps to take, and the study of magic is not inherently bad or evil; there are evil *options* for practice, but you're performing protective rituals which are "good." The temptation to power & to evil may always be there for you (remember the temptation of the cult's teachings), but I cannot stress enough the fact that *you have children!* Your job, as a mother, is to protect your kids until they've moved out of your home. Experimenting with pushing the boundaries of what you know & what you can do can wait a few years until you can be sure you're not attracting the attention of powerful entities who may terrify your kids.

Now, Rookdygin is a member of long-standing who is both a Christian minister & a Magical practitioner. He has a much-supported cleansing ritual on his homepage (, beginning at the line "Recipe for a Home Cleansing/Shielding... (allow for two or 3 days to complete)." This is a methodology for protecting your family without inviting potentially-harmful energies/entities into your home.

I strongly suggest that you are cautious in your dealings with the temptation for magic usage. Even if you tell yourself that "this won't be bad," or "just a little bit," these rationalizations are the start to a slippery slope that could endanger your children. Take care & be vigilant.


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