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Hi Sushantkar, thank you for your comments. I checked out the place you mentioned but that is Ahmedabad. The incident took place somewhere between Jaipur & Agra so not the one. The trip had plenty of photographs etc, however can' recall or find any specific to this place. It was an unscheduled stop some 28 years ago, and it was early evening time as well. I think it was meant as a quick pit stop, and seemed like a nice place to do so. I have had another look on google Earth for potential candidates for places I have found one that could be the place:

Van Vihar Hunting Lodge
Beerpur, Rajasthan 328028, India

Again not 100% here but could be the place. It looks like a Hunting Lodge, but again I'd this was the place then didn't realise what it was at the time.
sushantkar in Terror At The Lake
Hello Quasar!

When I was 12 years old, I had the opportunity to travel 15 days with my aunt and my whole family. That was also a road trip. In which we had the opportunity to see from Mathura to the Taj Mahal in Agra. It has been more than 20 years since this trip. And all the memories related to it and all the pictures of all the picturesque and interesting places we visited at that time are still safe with us.
It was very memorable family trip for you and your family. You must have generals/photos related to it... So you can cross reference from that also.
Ahamadabad has in total of 26 lakes but 5 of them are major.
The Nal Sarowar lake & sanctuary is the biggest of them and also it matches with your encounter.
I hope you will soon update us regarding the same.

Could your son have seen something like that on tv and then recreated it in real life?

And for the man, could he be a teen playing a joke on you?
I am an empath, psychic medium. I had un-consiently suppressed my gifts as a kids and they started resurfacing when I became a teenager. My sister in law is also gifted. I am wondering if this being would maybe be attracted to gifted people, or if our gifts allowed to spot it.

I also have to say that the land on which our apartment was build used to be a battle ground during the middle ages.

I have witnessed those glowing eyes myself in a few occasions. They usually appeared late at night, on the wall facing my bedroom when I was a teenager. The feeling I got from them was icing my blood. I would dash to my room if I was not in it already and quickly closed the door. I thought that I had imagined them until one of our neighbors mentioned that her 3 or 4 year old at the time saw those eyes in their bathroom while she saw giving him a bath.

I felt like those eyes were appearing on the wall every so often and they had a primal energy to them. It seamed like the being to which they belonged was in another dimension and was just opening a portal to peak through.

I forced myself to ignore them as much as possible but at time while laying in bed I could still sense them on that wall starring at my door.

A few month ago I was at my sister in law and we were talking about paranormal experience and those eyes came to be mentioned. She instantly knew what I was talking about. She gave me the exact description and feeling I had when I saw them for the first time she got when she saw them. We both used the therm werwolf like creature... I only have perceived shadow of that creature but it is big and really felt like how we would describe a werwolf.

Has anyone else felt this feeling or perceived it this way?

Thank you
Hi Guy's, thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts & views. It has got me thinking. I asked family regarding possible location of where we stopped, but that's like asking how long a piece of string is. As it was so long ago it's hard to recall, I believe we were still within Rajasthan maybe. Looked on google maps and it's like finding needle in a haystack. Alina5 Regarding the tea seller, his cautious words I think were more regarding safety in general about walking in the dark near a lake etc etc. I think he also sensed the possible anxiety that would have been caused by further delays. I could be wrong but I personally don't think local folklore/superstition would stop business and trade. Again guys not an expert in the supernatural, therefore Indian Sirens etc wouldn't have a clue where to start. I just described what I saw along with my cousin, could have been a practical joke by a local. I am open to all possibilities. Lady-glow, TBH on my next trip to India I was planning on visiting Bhangharh in Rajasthan, which is supposedly the most haunted place in India. I might as well expand my trip to broaden my search for the lake as well. I will do a bit more digging and quiz some of my family in India to help get on a warm feeling on the location. One thing I did learn from my travels is that India is huge and mysterious with heck of a lot of unknowns. I will keep you all posted if I discover anything. Take care.
Jubeele in The Spirit House
Melda, I could appreciate the magnificence of the banyan tree when I saw it as an adult with Rex when we visited the Botanical Gardens in Singapore, which has even older and larger specimens. But they didn't arouse in me any feelings of dread. Or was that because I was viewing them with more mature eyes and there was no spirit house attached?

Once, I saw a temple medium of the Monkey God being carried on a sedan chair, his head lolling about and in a trance. I was told that he was preparing to be a living avatar for Sun Wu-kong. The strength of the devotees' faith had me thinking I could sense a powerful Presence nearby. It was quite unexpected and more than a little unnerving.

I have relatives who follow the Buddhist faith and my parents taught us to observe a few Taoist/Buddhist practices. My family has always advised us to be aware of our surroundings, be respectful and above all, be careful. Because we never know who or what might just be around...
Jean Lafitte is my many times great grandfather! I keep trying to get my sisters to go with me, see if we manage to experience anything. Absolutely love this, thank you! ❀
Jubeele - I just had to comment again after watching the links you added for lady-glow and Alina.

The banyan tree is actually quite beautiful and I can understand why some legends are attached to it.

I also never realised that there was a huge celebration for the Monkey God each year.

What a very interesting culture you have inherited!

Regards, Melda
ZeppelinChriss - I read your previous submission together with this one and am very glad I did. It sounds as though the farm was successfully run at some stage and then unfortunately fell into disrepair.

Here's a scenario I like but that doesn't mean it necessarily happened that way: I don't believe you were ever meant to own that farm but your purchase of the truck was no coincidence. You were meant to have it, restore it and love it. The truck was also probably an integral part of the farming business in days gone by, so whoever had the responsibility of driving it and caring for it took their job very seriously.

Obviously it's all speculation but perhaps the driver/caretaker of the truck (not necessarily the owner) was firmly ensconced in that vehicle when it was removed and watched the restoration with much excitement and joy. He (?) also joins in on the trips and acts as guardian to whomsoever happens to be taking a road trip.

But one thing is for sure, you are being watched over and protected in that truck. If only it were possible to strike up a conversation with this entity and find out what the true situation is. Unfortunately we are simply left to wonder.

I wish you many more years of happy, safe driving with your mysterious passenger!

Regards, Melda
Jubeele in The Spirit House
Hello Alina

For years, I thought that spirit house was a rundown children's playhouse. It is a shame the people who erected it in the first place didn't take care of it and give the shrine the proper respect.

I've also wondered if they thought there was something else connected to the tree that needed to be kept in check. Maybe the spirit house was put up to invoke the protection of the Monkey God, who is known to battle demons and evil spirits. Sun Wu-kong is still worshipped by Buddhists in Singapore, Southeast Asia, and China. The Monkey God Festival is celebrated on the 16th day of the eighth Chinese Lunar month. He is revered among his devotees.

Even after all these years, I still think I could have been imagining things or someone was playing a creepy prank on children. But if it was an actual person, that makes it even scarier.

Thank you for reading and your interesting insight.
Jubeele in The Spirit House
What lady-glow, you haven't watched LOTR?! Do read the books before watching any of the movies. Tolkien is a brilliant read.

The banyan tree kind of looked like this. But with many more bristly strands. Once these tendrils grow to touch the ground, they become woody prop roots, thickening into new trunks. Hence, the banyan's symbolism as a Tree of Life, and its significance in the cycle of life and death.

Rex brought up the fact that the banyan is from the family of strangler figs. I wonder if your hammock tree is one as well. What a name, "strangler fig" - killer tree. 😲
Hello Jubelee,

A spirit God!, quite a witty remark honestly. I have been always annoyed by such people who just don't consider fulfilling the responsibilities after concluding the decision thereby, causing a nuisance to others.

Even though the plausible reason for the happening is still under doubt, I believe changing the location of the shrine might be helpful in subsiding the activities along with the "creepy" feeling every primary schooler have to experience on that path.

I believe there are still certain families to have their faith in Spirit Gods,
Hopefully,Sun Wu-Kong,the monkey God would again regain the prestige and offerings from his faithful followers, rather than disturbing the passerbys.

Hello Quaser,

I believe frantically having a road trip this long of 20 days from the western former region of India to the North can impact your health in certain ways.

Can you exactly recall the name of the lake? Or the specific area where you stayed? It doesn't have to be the exact location just the district or the city or village in general.

"the tea shop owner warned my dad"

This seems to be the most obvious clichΓ© with most of the Indian stories...
If the tea owner had any idea of the ongoings then why didn't he reveal the details beforehand.

Did your father asked any further details to the tea shop owner warning?

If the place is really that dangerous why he had opened up a teashop there in the first place?

I personally on residing in India for almost 27 years have never heard of these "Indian sirens". It is something new to me so I'm quite curious in thus context.

lady-glow in The Spirit House
Hello Jubeele!

Thanks for sharing this fascinating experience. I imagine how scary it must have been for little you to hear that voice.

Can you believe that I haven't watched "Lord of the Rings"?

There's an old tree at the back of my house, I don't know what kind of tree it is but it's limbs and branches grow like spirals and the trunk is twisted and dry. When we first moved to this place I thought this tree could be haunted because there is an animal's jaw bone stuck in the trunk and the bark has grown around it... Just my imagination, the tree provides a peaceful spot for my hammock.
lady-glow in Terror At The Lake seems like Indian sirens are quite ugly and wear very good quality waterproof mascara! (Just kidding)


In my opinion, it's hard to know what you saw based on the information provided in your narrative. The only way to say for sure if the lake siren wasn't a discarded mannequin, or a rotten coconut covered with seaweed, or an endangered and dangerous mythical creature would have been to investigate "her" nature at that moment.

Did anyone was curious enough to ask the locals if they knew who or what this woman could have been?
Now that you are "emotionally, spiritually and intellectually stronger to deal with it", have you considered going back to that place to try to learn more about its history?

Without knowing where this happened not the history and legends of the place, we only can guess and give our opinion but not answer what it/she was.

Thanks for sharing.
VeronicaMarie in Too Scared To Look
Bergraff38, I really enjoyed reading your comment.

"Time slows gradually to eternity..." Something very beautiful about your wording there.
B.R. Here... Have heard Glen Oaks is fairly active. Not surprised a bit! Thanks for sharing!
I imagine he looked pretty nice.
Also he might be scared of the dark, or it was just an attempt for your attention.
"So was Billy wearing an olden cowboy outfit or was it modern?
I just want to pinpoint his era" it looked like a old outfit, but it was very well kept, no holes dirt or anything like that. I think the all black must have been really hot back then? The hat was dragged a little down in front of his face, the hat looked like a western fedora? He looked like someone from around 1850 to 1900?

"Also did he turn on the lights in your room, or were they already on?" The lights was off when I went to sleep, so he turned it on before I woke up.
I don't realy understand what happened. Was the second part a dream?
Maybe the bright light was the kasaarvin. 😊 😊
Doctor who reference for anyone who doesn't know.
I'm well acquainted with the Strangler Fig family here in Australia. In fact the local species is named after the colonial name for Sydney Harbour - The Port Jackson Fig.

However, while on my first trip to Singapore with Jubeele, I found myself in the Botanic Gardens and in the presence of the Banyan Tree. Although I was ignorant of the religious significance of these trees, there was definitely some form of primeval power emanating from the tree, which caused me to take a step backward.

I did not hear any voices and it wouldn't have mattered if I did, there was no way I was getting any closer to that tree!

Different beliefs have associated trees with the circle of life and the Banyan Tree is no exception - branches hanging down to meet roots rising up.

Hmmm. Maybe a place where the living sometimes encounter the spirits. Maybe the Monkey God himself.

If you see my first story about the barn and farm we got the truck from. It will let you know that unfortunately the truck and other antiques we got was from a dispersal of estate sale. Other words sadly there is no one left who can tell any of us about my Bedford Trucks history and past owners besides the little I was told by the estate agent.
I would like to have found out more but sadly I only know the last family that it had and they have all since passed away.
It dosent suprise me that the truck has a helpful spirit or two. Its clear to me the truck has been much loved over its lifetime. Housing it in a barn after they didn't have work for it. Better than out in the UK weather. Even if it was only a lean too.
The energy around the truck in general too is very calm and it feels like your very safe when out at a layby over night.
I know homes and jewellery and even much loved furniture take on owners good and bad energies. Why not a truck? I think so anyway...

Sounds like your man was very lucky himself. Its a serious and often very dangerous job driving and hauling. Helps sometimes to have a angel of the road at your side when sonething goes crazy.
I was lucky myself surviving a accident that had me retiring from driving trucks. Thats why I do the antiques thing now. I survived a roll over in the rain in Belguim in 2010. Truck hit a massive patch of black ice. Brakes failed. Hit an embankment and jack knifed. I'm lucky to br here. I was legally dead for 3 minutes. 5mths in a coma. Back broken in 2 places. Hips both broken. Had a year and change in physio and rehab. 8 opertaions. Metal in my hips and spine. But I'm ok.
I survived then too due to what I believe was a spirit of my late father and my grandpa who raised me (dad died while working as a rigger when I was 8mths old. Grandpa who raised me with my grandma were dads parents. Grandpa worked on and off a lot of his life driving trucks. He was a Carpenter by trade but helped family out driving trucks after WW2. Grandpa died of Cancer in 1998. Id looked after him his whole last year of life by myself) . I'm greatful beyond words whoever it is that's helping me.
I wouldn't change any of it for the world.

Maybe there is sonething in that. I rescue dogs and have in the past rescued other animals from abuse and other nasty things best not mentioned here.
So why not a truck. I have had a lot of things happen that many would call crazy in my time. Would anything suprise me now if you told meit was haunted and that its spirits were doing so much to make lives better once what it was attached to was rescued or given a new life. I don't think id even flinch. And tell you were lucky to have these spirits in your lives. And tell you to look after them back. And tell them from me at least. Thankyou.

Sorry for the long reply.
This site is fantastic.
And all of you readers etc. Are doing such brillant work and helping people like me so much.

Will write more stories of things I have experienced soon. Hope they are ok too.

Satyabrata2009 in Evil Force
Hi sds, how u doing.
Thanks a lot for making people understand about our Grahapravesh. Especially this is done to keep it safe from any evil curse.
Thanks again for spending your valuable time. Yes! You are correct may b my friend was more receptive to that force, also u have mentioned while going upstairs my friend slipped and he probably felt like somebody has done it. But the real thing was while explaining me in the hospital he clearly told that somebody grabbed him from behind and threw him in air, he was kind of floated in air for 4-5sec and fell rolling over stairs. There's somebody he could felt at that point of time.

Anyways guys thanks a lot for your valuable suggestions and stay safe.
Jubeele in The Spirit House
Melda, our school was founded in 1899 and many stories were handed down over the years. But my schoolmates did mention something about hearing voices and seeing shadows. Maybe there were others who were also called by name. Lily said that she had a classmate who claimed to have seen the shadow of a man.

What did the spirit want? That still gives me a chill down my spine. The entity could have been 'friendly', according to the ways of the spirit world, but I think my first instinct to run was still the right one. I was afraid of being given an invitation and then, spirited away. At that age, I was wide open and unshielded, and far too vulnerable. It was best to keep a respectful distance. 😨
Hello Tabbs,

Of all the stories I have came across this site or even any other web forum, I had a sparking curiousity regarding these encounters of people witnessing a "bright light" or "white light" without any proper explanation. These encounters are occasionally categorised on the basis of their location and suprisingly are the most scariest of all (atleast for me). I never even found any proper "paranormal explanation" of these encounters wheather it is caused due to any entity or is a different existence.

On this website this is probably a second encounter publicly posted after the curious discussion on the comment thread of a previous story "I saw it too".

I believe these incidents should be researched and discussed upon more.

Hello Jb66,

Your house do seems to have been holding a lot of history in its walls.

Imagining your mother's father being in the house is an evidence of its rich history of a family heritage inevitably attached with a lot of emotional events.

I personally can't find any certain logical explaination the phantom cigarette smell but connecting this event to your mother's father also doesn't seem to be satisfying enough considering you never experienced it afterwards.

Well, most of the entities in the household don't create the impression of being malevolent except the scratching one.

Have you ever tried to research the background of your house especially of the accountability of the 4 kids.

I believe you should try to cleanse your house considering how fraustrating it can be to deal with.

Tabbs - Now that was a really frightening experience.

I have to admit to feeling just a tiny bit of satisfaction when a dyed in the wool, no nonsense scientist encounters the paranormal, as do most people who have lived with supernatural events for most of their lives.

Having said that, most of the members of this forum do in fact look for logical explanations before shouting "ghost".

I'm assuming you accept the storm as having been a natural occurrence and probably responsible for the loss of electricity. I don't need to tell you that electrical storms build up a huge amount of energy. This could be a reason for a supernatural entity to have built up enough energy to put in an appearance.

More than likely what you encountered was not your roommate's mother. Did you know this lady and if so, was there a mutual dislike? She would have had no reason to scare you like that if you had a cordial relationship.

Did either your girlfriend or your roommate ever mention any unusual happenings in the apartment which were simply blown off as imagination or would as a matter of course, in your minds, have had some form of logical explanation?

Sadness and negativity could also have set up the stage for what you experienced. What was your state of mind that night? Obviously before your rather terrifying experience.

I'm no expert on the paranormal - these are simply a few thoughts which cross my mind.

Thanks for share a very interesting experience (especially for a scientist 😨)!

Regards, Meld
Berggraf38 in Too Scared To Look
Hi Tabbs,

I'm an environmental microbiologist and I've had several paranormal experiences, ranging from terrifying to comforting. I find them fascinating and I think scientific explanations are possible, but not really necessary. The human mind is limited, so any explanation is kind of an empty but fun speculation.
It possibly is something to do with the mind of a person reaching out during the death process through energy channels in the material world and connecting, intentionally or not to other minds, still living, or doing things that we can see. Our brains are biochemical computers that release brain waves and extreme experiences show us that time dilates. I had a striking time dilation experience during a mountain bike accident. As I flew off my bike toward the ground at full sprint speed, 25 mph or more, Time slowed to the point that I felt comfortable and calm as I saw every detail of the ground I was about to hit and my mind was able to figure out exactly how to move my body to minimize injury. What was probably 1 second or so felt more than 10 times that long. I can only imagine what we are capable of when we are actually dying and time slows gradually to eternity.
Jubeele - Another of your very interesting Singapore experiences.

It's a pity you could never find out whether this disembodied voice called out to other passers by. That place must have acquired its reputation as being haunted for a reason though.

Whoever or whatever was calling out to you was possibly just acknowledging your presence. Did you ever get the impression that you were in fact being invited to enter the premises?

Rather scary experience for anyone I think, especially a child.

Regards, Melda
Rex and I have been keeping busy in our corner of the world, caring for our neighbours and trying to keep the peace. Glad to hear you've made the move safely to Florida. Sending you our wishes that all goes well for you.

Bummer. System won't let me give you an upvote. But here's a couple anyway: +1+1+1 😊
Jubeele in The Spirit House
Hi Manafon

Trees, especially those that reach a certain age, have a special feel and awareness to them. I've wondered if nature spirits comforted the wandering souls of women in my grandmother's garden. The singing women under the banana plants, the crying women in the bamboo grove.

During the Occupation, part of Cairnhill was sectioned off as a designated 'comfort zone'. That whole area has a shadowed past. After I wrote this account, I checked the map and realised how close this property was to my other Cairnhill experiences. They are all within the same vicinity. When I was 4, I saw a shadow man following us on the same stretch of road. Grandma's house was in the area as well. Wonder why it has never occurred to me before?

These days, I think I would try to find the source if the voice sounded friendly. But I'd still be cautious and respectful. At the first sign of trouble, I'd be out of there...! 😨
Happy Father's Day to all of the awesome dads out there! ❀ You know who you are!
MrsRamsay in Too Scared To Look
Hello Tabbs, thanks for a good story (from a credible source, you!)
The bright light caught my attention the most. After my mom's death a few years ago, I would be the one to go to her house to clean things out, most often alone. I would get there and make certain to turn off the porch light or any other lights that had been left on. We would rotate which lights were left on because there was an empty house with lots of nice things inside and no one there. A number of times at the beginning, I found lights on that I didn't think we had left on. I wasn't really keeping track at first, but then I started to be more aware that something was off about the lights. Always in the back of my mind is that Mom used to leave her "can lights" on as much as possible after Dad died, just because she was alone. One day I KNOW for certain I'd turned off the front porch lights the minute I walked in the door. After cleaning the fridge, I had to get home (about a 30 minute drive), so I locked up and got in my car. It was a very sunny spring day, and as I backed out of her driveway I looked up and saw both front porch lights, shining brighter than they would or could EVER shine on their own. I wasn't looking for it or expecting it, so it was like I had backed out of the driveway before it even registered that something was...unusual. Like you, by the time it registered in my head that I had turned OFF the lights when I got there, and definitely had not turned them on again, I was way too afraid to turn around and look. Goosebumps all over my body. I drove home, but have never forgotten that time. And after that, I was a little nervous being there alone. Even though I felt like it could be Mom, it's like I really didn't want to know for sure. It's just too weird.
Jubeele in The Spirit House
Hi Lealeigh

That spirit house had invisible Do-Not-Disturb signs all over it. Weird, now that I think about it. I would have thought that children would be constantly stealing into the garden to explore the strange little house. But I never heard from my schoolmates of anyone doing that.

The banyan tree really looked to me like an old man with a long beard. Gave me the creeps all through my Primary School Years. As if at any moment, if I wasn't on my guard, it would whip out those long roots and grab me! 😳
Jubeele in The Spirit House
Hey Brother 'Brat', you got to be first again! 😘

Hayao Miyazaki's 'Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi', 'Spirited Away' captured how I felt during my childhood. Like I was walking alongside the spirits all the time. One small misstep and I could end up spirited away into their world.

Sun Wu-kong is a trickster god, also known as the Monkey King. It is unlikely that he meant any harm, but his idea of humour might not be exactly comfortable for us. I wondered if he could have been giving me a "hurry-up", so I could get to school on time. Or wanting to play a prank on someone susceptible. Laughing at me for being a fraidy cat. Which I still am. πŸ˜†
spiritwaiting in New Home, New Happenings
Update on this house. Sorry it's been soooo long I've been extremely busy with work, kids and life in general.

I've done a whole house smoke cleansing. Used floor washes and use some extra protective measures to rid the house and protect the house.

The activity has decreased significantly. Thank you all for reading and commenting!

Nelson_but_not_Mandela in Early Morning Jog
that was scary but I don't understand if the guy sleeping on the street was a ghost. πŸ˜•
I certainly wouldn't complain if I had a guardian angel like that! My ex-husband was an over-the-road truck driver and we blew a steer tire at 70 miles per hour on a highway once and it took everything in his power to get that truck over to the shoulder without wrecking it and killing us both.

It sounds to me like you definitely have an angel looking out for you. Have you ever gone back to the previous owner to ask if a person died in that truck?
VeronicaMarie in Too Scared To Look
Whoa...Incredibly well-written, Tabbs. Edge-of-your-seat stuff. One would of course logically assume this was to do with the spirit of your roommate's mom, but I can't figure out why she'd hang out at her daughter's apartment, when her daughter wasn't there. Maybe the fact that you were a skeptic had something to do with her presence there (if it *was* her presence), like she knew the strange events would be more believable to her daughter, coming from you. And there's something about the roommate calling you herself, so soon after her mom dying, that seems odd to me. Did it seem odd to you at the time, like you would have thought it much more likely that your girlfriend would have passed the news on to you?

Well, this is incredibly mystifying and intriguing, and so well-written that I want a sequel right now!
VeronicaMarie in Hospital Overnight
Kest, were you given pain meds after the C-section? Because my first thought about the 'drugs' part was wondering if you were being warned that you were having a bad reaction to the meds. Because to have that many unexplained people show up all at once makes me wonder if the meds were causing some sort of hallucinatory effect.
Manafon1 in The Spirit House
Hi Jubeele--Trees seem too attract spirits just as commonly as they attract the spirit that resides in those people who retain an element of innocence within themselves. I remember reading a book titled, "True Stories of The Great Ghost Hunter" by Elliott O'Donnell, that devoted an entire chapter to hauntings directly related to trees.

Sometimes these hauntings had to do with a murder committed within the vicinity of a particular tree, was a tree a person found special in life and liked to visit in spirit form, or was the haunt (as it were) of a nature spirit.

It seems possible that whatever the spirit was that called your name was aware that you were receptive to its presence and desired to assert its existence by communicating with you. I had a paranormal experience involving a tree years ago that was a very positive one. Our reactions to the paranormal are often directly linked to our age and level of naivety. As you were a child it's not surprising the voice unnerved you. How do you think you would react if you heard a similar voice now? I'd think it likely you'd be more intrigued than frightened.

Gotta love the mysteries of existence!
I would've been scared out of my wits.
The only thing I can think of is your imagination.
It can make you hear weird things.
The cigerette smell could be explained logically. It could've been a phantom smell.
The other things cannot be explained.
I have had the cigarette smoke situation happen before. It happened during a period when my former downstairs neighbor was going through a very very rough time emotionally. The smell was so heavy that it woke me out of a dead sleep and the room was hazy. I thought for sure she was chain smoking on her bed (which is directly below mine on the floor beneath) but even so, there was just too much heavy smoke in my room to have just filtered up from between the 100 year old floor boards (I also found out the next day that my other neighbor had been with her all night and neither had smoked all night let alone inside - it's against the lease anyway). I wonder if her negative headspace had attracted a negative entity that night.
So was Billy wearing an olden cowboy outfit or was it modern?
I just want to pinpoint his era.
Also did he turn on the lights in your room, or were they already on?
AugustaM in Hospital Overnight
Ok I am sitting here trying to think up every word that rhymes with drugs: thugs, mugs, rugs, dugs,...gods help us if the voice was speaking in a heavy accent of some kind, then we could be way off. Wards in hospitals can be rearranged - could be that the ward you were staying in hadn't always been maternity. Maybe the entity doing the yelling had been someone on a psychiatric hold who saw the nurse and clergyman in a negative light and yelled "thugs" (or if they were a particularly colorful 1920s gangster type spirit "mugs"). Or maybe they were someone in withdrawal wanting their drugs. This one is going to keep me guessing!
Hi blckwdnsdy,

I think you did the right thing by pretending to be asleep within your episode of Sleep Paralysis. That's what I do. When I have Sleep Paralysis, I always feel that a living person is holding me and keeping me from moving an inch. I (thankfully) have never experienced anyone doing this to me in my waking life; so it is easy for me to come to the conclusion that I am not fully awake - I just stop struggling and "go with it".

One thing that I have noticed is that I only have Sleep Paralysis when I fall asleep when there is light in the room. This could be what triggers your episodes since you fell asleep with the computer on. Just a thought.

- Maria
Lealeigh in The Spirit House
Hi Jubeele!

That's cool! I'm glad that you and your sister's never felt like investigating the Spirit House. It might have angered whatever was resting there. Even though something was trying to get your attention, it was surely not for your advantage. I like how you and the other kids called the tree "Old Man Tree". I often find myself looking at the features of trees and rocks and anthropomorphizing them.

- Maria
Lealeigh in Too Scared To Look
Hello Tabbs and welcome to YGS,

That's a very scary and emotionally charged experience! I think you have done an excellent job of telling us this story because I could imagine myself in your place.

There was a time, about twenty years ago for me also, where I had heard definite footsteps on the floorboards while I was trying to sleep on a couch at my great-aunt's house. I decided to look, while I could still hear the footsteps; but there was nothing visible where the sound was coming from. I don't know if it would have been better for me to see it - it scared me to not know what it was doing or looking for.

- Maria
There is a bumper sticker I have seen regarding rescued pets, can't recall it exactly right now, but it is something along the lines of 'who rescued who'.

I think it applies here. You rescued a truck, and it has rescued you as well. Or the ghost of a previous owner, or something...
Hi Jb66,

I was wondering if your mother would let you share her picture of the faces in the window. You could post it on Imgur or another image sharing site and then post the link in your comments here.
Actually the sighing part nd the bed shaking both I have experienced... We did a 'hom'or a puja due to which it stopped.
RCRuskin in The Spirit House
Am I first?

One of my favorite movies is Spirited Away, rather odd since I don't like the visual styling of the movie. I loved the story, however, and all the touches, really immersing me in the culture of the place and its history.

And all this makes me wonder what the Monkey God wanted with my honorary sister. 😁
Satyabrata2009 in Evil Force
Hello Alina5,

Sorry for the late reply as I was bit busy with my work, anyways Thanks again for taking out time to appreciate my experience sharing.

I Don't have any exact reason why my friend was attacked by that evil spirit, probably I used to wear a holy locket of my god since my school days, may b the reason why I wasn't attacked.

To your second query after that cleansing ritual we didn't experienced that kind of fierce response from any of our room mates apart from our security guard often heard sobbing of ladies late at nights near to our apartment.
blckwdnsdy in 9 Lives
Hello, Melda

I have been living with cats all my life. I can't keep them all day inside the house, they need to roam and that is why I sometimes let my cats get outside, they always came back. I had a cat who disappeared for about 2-3 months. We lost hope that we would find her, we started looking in the neighbourhood to see if she dies somewhere. We couldn't find her. One day, my sister was in our yard and she suddenly yelled 'The cat is back!'. I didn't even budge, I just thought that there was a similar cat. Well, I went outside and it was indeed our cat.

I don't discount the possibility that the dead cat was just took by someone and what I saw was, in fact, a similar one. I just had a powerful feeling that it was the same cat. Like I said, I did not see anyone picking it up and that thing is not usual. Like I said in my first comment, those unfortunate dead animals are taken away by the garbage collectors. The point where I stood made me able to see the spot where the dead cat was and I didn't see anyone going there, just cars passing by. That's why I found it weird.

Thank you, as well, for your comment.
blckwdnsdy in 9 Lives
Hei, Lealeigh:)

It would be a perfect world if we knew what our pets are thinking.

I just think that the cat was took away by some other person. It happened to me too and, on one ocassion, I couldn't take my cat back, she remained with the new owner because that new owner refused to give it back. There was nothing I could do to get her back.

I know that a new environment can be scary for a cat. Some of them find it hard to get in terms with their new home if they were used to staying at another place and with another persons.

The dream of her boyfriend, I think, was caused, as you said, by their bond. I believe that sometimes we can get a glimpse at our future in our dreams.

Thank you for your comment.
blckwdnsdy in 9 Lives
Hello, lady-glow:)

What I am going to say is a bit weird but is going to answer your first questions. In my town, we have a sanitation company. There are certain days in which the companies go on certain streets and collect the garbage. In the area I live in, no one touches those dead animals. They are simply took away by the garbage collector. I saw tons of dead cats and dogs just lying on the side of the street, no one touching them.

As for my friend's cat, we condisered this possibility too. I am not saying that she is changed because of a supernatural/paranormal happening, I just provided that discussion of ours for background.

The changes she reffered to, though, were not in a traumatic way, a way that made the cat afraid. She told me that she has the impression that the cat understands what she is saying, that her eyes give a sense of understanding.

A possesion can take place in many ways and, like I said in the story, there are a lot of beliefs around the world which hold that a person can reincarnate in another body and that is regarded, for religious motives, as something ok. That is part of the reason why some societies have sacred animals or practice totemism.

She is indeed doing well and my friend is happy that she's home.
Hi Jubeele,

I did Rook's Cleansing while my mother and Mark were out of town. The moment they came back they both said how nice the atmosphere was in the house. They weren't too specific on what they thought; but, to be honest, while they were gone I gave the entire house a badly needed CLEANING - in addition to the Cleansing. It might be that they were mostly impressed by the lack of dust and cat hair. Mark never complained about hearing voices or any other harassments after they came back.

I understand that Rook's Cleansing should be done periodically; but we moved out of that house in March. We live in Florida now - though, I don't live with my parents anymore. I am glad that they were there for me when I needed them.

Colin, however, mentioned the little boy several times, while we were still living there. He said that he never saw him again but continued to wonder. Colin is a little kid that is full of conversation - and he ran certain subjects into the ground. It could be that Colin knew that there was something really odd and that's why the subject stayed alive in his mind.

I'm so glad to see you on YGS again! It seems like it's been a while. I hope that you and Rex-T are doing well, keeping busy and having fun.

- Maria
Hi Maria

Poltergeist activities could seem more prevalent among adolescents because it is a period of change. The resultant uncertainties and turmoil cause a great amount of energy being emitted, thus fueling the activities. But I've known this to also happen with adults undergoing emotional or physical stress in their lives. They have told me of strange events like things being thrown around with no obvious reason, going missing or appearing.

The mimicking voice of your mother in the closet does show some measure of awareness. Perhaps a ploy to get your attention or some kind of prank? The mysterious boy was clearly not a residual 'playback'. Did Mark or Colin ever mention any contact from him again since your cleansing?

I'm really glad you found Rook's cleansing method helpful. Stay safe and be well.
Lealeigh in Hospital Overnight
That's wonderful! I'm glad that you didn't have to stay. I cannot relax in a hospital; it does not matter what I'm there for. In fact, I'm more on edge when I am visiting someone. It's worse than being in an airplane (for me anyway).

I am glad that you get to rest at home and wish for your swift recovery.
Lealeigh, also I got really lucky, I had pretty major surgery, but got to escape the hospital. They tried to keep me but I told them all day I wanted to go home. I almost had to stay due to nausea. I left around 10 pm that night. I got to sleep in my own bed and am still recovering.
Melda and LuciaJacinta, I had never given much thought why whatever was behind me saying, "drugs" had said the word. It would be interesting to know if it was a former patient possibly or if it was another doctor saying how I was able to be alive.
Yes those would have been my ghosts. The first nurse was not the same one as the one who was talking to the clergyman. At least to my knowledge. In fact, the first one I saw I thought she was a "normal" nurse. The problem I find with hospital ghosts (I have seen others like when I stayed with my oldest during a procedure) is that they look like you and me. They are doing normal things until suddenly they do something that isn't right. Like the ghost that I encountered when my oldest was in the hospital. He was just walking down the hall, until I realized his legs weren't all there and he disappeared at the corner. So really, I think they are people until something happens that tells me otherwise.
Bibliothecarius in My Sister's "lookalike"
Greetings, Shrinkydink, and welcome to YGS.

My first reaction to your narrative was not "doppelgΓ€nger," but "O.B.E." This (Out-of-Body Experience) is what lady-glow refers to as "your sister's ethereal self got up for a walk." Given that she vanished when you addressed her, perhaps concentrating on making a decision about getting water was enough to break her focus & return her, quite naturally, to her bed.

However, this is a really cool experience, and you should make regular conversation with your sister about her dreams so she knows she can turn to you should anything else happen.

Thanks, Lealeigh, for confirming that! Pesky points won't let me upvote you or Alina5 at the moment.
I will try to answer all the questions.

My teacher took me into a class room, where we could be alone. And she said she could remove him and she began to meditate, but when she did (3 times), it only took minuts before he came back and the room became really cold. After that she got worried and told me she had to call her friend who was some sort of a shaman? And over the phone this lady told us that Nick was standing in the cornor of the room and he told them to relax and this lady chose not to remove him. It was after that, that activity started to happen.

He was very active, if he touch people it kind of felt like some sort of electric tickling feeling, it was kind of his way to touch me and my friends legs, it was his way to tell them that it was him. I had a chair that he claimed and I warned my friends about sitting in it, but holding a party and one of my friends got drunk, he wanted to test this chair out and he just felt asleep in it and the fear in his eyes when he woke up again. He refused to tell me what was going on. That made me scared and I threw the chair out and after that he claimed pillow and I threw that out too. He once made a candle flame go 1m straight up in the air, because one of my friends didn't believe he excisted. Short after that one of them told me they had a dream about him sitting on their bed and that dream scared them so much that they refused to sleep in their bed after that. My mom said that she didn't believe in ghosts and just as she walked into her bedroom, he walked from one wall, cross the room and into another wall. That made my family afraid of having me around because they thought that I was dragging bad spirits to their homes. He was most known for hiding stuff and when I or my friends got mad about him doing soo, he would return these items, kind of just playing around with people, he had many ways to get attention and it was not a struggle for him to make anyone notice him. But he was really charming and pretty and he knew what to do to make people like him, he could get away with everything. But him and animals did not go well together, at first he would just play with the cat, but it wouldn't take long before I had to return the cat because this poor thing was to afraid, thinking that Nick and the cat didn't get along.

After all that, my friends only talked about him, they painted him, they said that they wished they had a spirit like that, to the point where some friends became jaloux about it. Some even admit to have sexual fantasies about him, but to me he was more like that extream popular big brother everyone ells talked about, and the only reason they talked to me was because of him.

I question the ring and Billy too, I'm not sure if they have any connections because Billy became active before I got the ring, but if Billy is a guardian, then it makes more sense then the ring does.

At first I thought Billy was the bad one, and I paniced a little. I didn't know how to live my life with Billy Blocking Nick off. I was forced to live my life without him. It was like leaving an abusive relationship and Billy had the ability to show me how toxic it really was and on top of that pushing me in the right direction

All I know is that Nick is 100% gone. But I do think that Billy is still around? This calmness and peace he has is still around, but I don't see him anymore.
The colour of blue generally represents our spirit guides so this cowboy might just know you better than you think and as you stated, your life suddenly turned around when he eyeballed incu... Nick and moved him on.

Thank you for sharing.

Regards Daz
Kest - What a very interesting, otherworldly experience.

To my mind, both you and your newborn child were the focal point of this haunting. Perhaps the spectral team had been involved in similar cases many years ago where the baby could not be saved due to the lack of medical expertise at the time. Caesarian sections were also usually considered to be dangerous to the mother and child.

The voice behind you saying "drugs" was possibly letting them all know that it's okay, medical science has moved on from there and mother and child will be fine!

Regards, Melda
Hi Zaruje,

I hope your are safe and doing well too! I would not be surprised if this story is "Part 1". This thing will definitely become more bold in its interactions with you when your grandmother and aunt move out. If it likes attention, it will have no choice but to focus on you. But, as Melda suggests, you may need to perform a cleansing, if this thing becomes troublesome or disturbing. It really shouldn't be there.

- Maria
Hello Kest,

Hospitals are scary even if they are inhabited by ghosts or not. Only for the sake of my age I'm an adult, But I've grown up to be afraid of a lot of hospital equipments, needles being a general one. I am the kind of person to faint at the sight of blood loss. Yeah, I'm fine being called a coward cause I really am.

At your description, it seems like the entities do have a regular visit to the room which was allotted to you but we're never interrupted by anyone during their conversation. However, thanks to your abilities you were able to here and interfere between them which was probably new to them having an interaction with a human. However, it's creepy nonetheless the sight of their empty stares directing towards you.

This event well points out the fact that the hospital is rich in its history not only on the grounds of human health but also on the paranormal as well.

It will be interesting if anybody conducts a research and investigation regarding this unless they plan to visit the psychiatry ward. A normal Spirit encounter is enough to scare a person let alone the mentally ill ones.

Hi Biblio!

Yes, I wrote the things you are remembering. They were the rambling comments of my first story for YGS. That first story began with something vague that happened outside to me at night. Over time, I came to a clearer belief that there were many things going on at the same time. At the time I wrote my first story, I didn't know Colin's name yet. This story might be seen as a recap of the things that I understood later; but my first and second drafts were so confusing when I tried to reconcile this story and the first one together that I just gave up.

I am sorry about creating confusion - but, on the other hand, I am really pleased that you remember my rambling comments from last August! You have a great memory!
Greetings, LeaLeigh.

I'm caught up on the same two points as VeronicaMarie. I swear I've read a story similar to your description of the Colin/Mark incident, perhaps it was here on YGS. I can never be quite sure (when I recall an event in this manner) if I am remembering the past or if my precognition is acting up. While I don't recall all of the details, I'm pretty sure that "Mark" was the name involved.

On the point about your mother's walk-in closet, Rook's cleansing was definitely the way to deal with it! When you asked, "Mom? Are you in the closet?" and got the honest response "No," you were dealing with a sentient spirit that examined your sentence and equivocated by responding to the first part of your inquiry (i.e.: "Mom") in a manner that could lead you to believe that it was responding to the entirety of your question. As it also mimicked your mother's voice, you *could* have been dealing with a trickster entity, but my feeling is that it was something more negative and manipulative in nature.

I really enjoyed reading this, even though I've now got goosebumps.

Hello Empty Elegy. I would like to point out that if one sees a down and out person with nothing going for them, it doesn't necessarily mean that their circumstances are a karmic reaction. I was born into some very dire dire circumstances including a disability, suffered severe child abuse, in the form of beatings, occasional torture, and neglect. My experiences from early childhood right into adulthood had an adverse domino effect on my development and prospects; and now as a middle aged man I am long-term unemployed, and have always been single. Plus my experience of life have taken their toll on my mind body and face thus I don't look attractive; I suffer from depression, with an addiction to food since age 7. Yet to date I have never sinned in a big way.
LuciaJacinta in Hospital Overnight
Oh I forgot, saying "drugs" seems plausible but maybe it was something that the one behind you said to scare the others away. Something protective? Like "shrug off"?
Hi Shrinkydink,

Last year, during July, my mother woke up around 6:30 am. She was doing her morning routine of drinking coffee and she walked outside and looked up the road. She saw me jogging down the road towards the house. I passed her without either one of us saying a word and I continued to the backyard. It wasn't strange because, at that house, I always had the habit of going in and out of the back door only.

She came back in and sat down - she could see me, through a window, sitting at the table on the patio. She got involved in something on her tablet; but, after a few minutes, she realized that I never came inside. I was no longer on the patio so she went in my room and found me fast asleep - in my pajamas. It was obvious that I hadn't been anywhere as I still had that "morning face" that people have when they wake up.

I was dreaming about running. I am good about keeping a dream journal and running is what I remembered doing in my dream before she woke me up. It makes me wonder what would have happened if she had tried to get my attention while she was outside. Maybe my image would have disappeared before her and I would have woken up inside.

I'm sorry for scaring you mom!

I hope this, in some way, helps you to come to a decision about what you experienced by seeing your sister standing there in the dark. From my (and my mother's) experience, I feel like your sister may have stepped outside her physical body while she was deeply asleep.

While you can technically go anywhere in your dreams, it is amusing to me that people often don't go far.

- Maria
LuciaJacinta in Hospital Overnight
Very interesting account. Thank you for sharing. I'm always reading and researching this stuff. I've talked to a few paranormal groups who told me that hospitals are a location that spirits can be picked up on. It's just the type of spirit to be wary of. Those ones just seemed residual. But there are tricksters out there that try to attach themselves to you. A common one is a weepy woman who needs help or a poor crying child etc... They pretend to be something that plays on your interests and you feel sorry for them, bringing them home you giving them permission to attach themselves to you. So, if you go in again for surgery just make sure you don't give any nasties permission to hitch a ride out if the But wow! You must be super sensitive to the spirit world and just pick up on these things.

I remember your stories about your daughter. My daughter has had similar things happen to her since early childhood. I hope things are going well for her and glad they don't seem as intrusive or bothersome as they had been towards her.
Hi Zacitt and welcome to YGS,

I am interested in the method your teacher used when she tried (and failed) to get rid of Nick. I would also like to echo the questions that were put forth by lady-glow and Alina5, who commented before me:

What did Nick do to become noticed by your friends? I cannot imagine that they preferred his company over yours. When he was attached to you, what did he do or say to you? At the beginning of your first paragraph, you said that he became more active - did others in your home notice his presence? Did you have any pets that reacted to him?

When Nick and Billy were both on the scene, you said:

"But then he started to show up again, this cowboy. He would stand in the hallway or behind my tv, he did not want attention, he did not talk to me or look at me."

I wonder what they were both doing during this period of inaction - because, one day, Billy decides that "enough is enough" and takes Nick with him.

I like the description of Billy's eyes - it reminds me of the "Fremen" in the movie "Dune" from 1984.

Thank you for submitting your story. It is very curious.

- Maria

I agree that a person's awareness is peak during the "in-between" time. I'm terrible at keeping a journal but have certainly had some vivid dreams.
Thank you for responding.
Lealeigh, thank you for your kind words. When my mom was more coherent, (last week) she was talking to my dad who passed 10 years ago so I'm hoping she's getting close now. We've all told her it's ok to go. We know she misses dad. I think this experience with the ball of light and some of the dreams I'm experiencing have to do with my mom. Possibly because of all the emotions involved and my outlet is my dreams? Just a thought.
Lealeigh in Hospital Overnight
Hello Kest,

That's scary. These are your ghosts, as I understand them:

- a nurse who ran into the bathroom

- an old fashioned nurse

- a clergyman

- a patient calling for drugs

Was the first nurse different than the one who was talking to the clergyman? Were her clothes different?

It's scary that it seems like you were lying in the bed with the fourth spirit - the one who wanted more pain medication. It's also very sad to think he may have died there in great pain. I think they are probably residual haunts - and there are surely a fair few residual haunts in hospitals, where emotions can run very high.

I hope you don't have to stay overnight for your procedure. Maybe you can have your husband with you, if you have to stay.

- Maria
Hi GreenWitchx3,

That's a pretty cool story. I'm glad you didn't mess anything up as a 9 year old. I recall being a 9 year old and I was busy playing "Bounty Hunter" with (and against) my little sister and her friends in the woods. My mom was not a great one for supervision.

Many years have passed since the events here took place. Have you seen Vincent since then?

- Maria
Hi, Piscesrising,

I don't know for sure but it sounds like it could possibly have been ball lightning, especially since you had that tingling, humming sensation. Do you remember if a storm was in the air that night?
Alina5 Hi! Even to this day, I don't ask my grandma about it cause in reality it doesn't really spook me. My thinking is that if I know too much about that entity then I might be scared. But for know, I don't really mind poking "it's" head inside my room once in a while.

Melda hello there. All I can remember, is that when I was still a kid, my grandma and my aunt was already living here. And maybe that's true that they know something and won't tell me. One of their neighbors actually told them that one time she saw a silhouette of a man standing on the entry porch of this house early in the morning. They just dismissed it as my late uncle's ghost visiting them.

Thank you all for your comments 😊
Hello Greenwitchx3,

Along with Melda I'm also equally amazed at the wisdom you had of taking such difficult decisions in life at a tender age of 9, whereas the 9 year old me would still be confused wheather to buy a black dress or a white one.

Summoning spirits and most importantly summoning the "right" spirits is a very difficult task to do even the so called adults are not able to perform this causing many paranormal mishappenings, through the Ouija board or any such spiritual medium. However, you handled it with much ease and perfection.

I got educated about occult practices and witchcraft by the time I was 18 or 19 and honestly didn't had a pretty good opinion about it as my teenage brain thought of it as something extremely scary. At 13 or 14 I was probably waiting for my Hogwarts' letter. Lol.

Communicating through dreams atleast is an evidence how powerful the spirit is which you summoned. Such an interesting concept. I'm actually curious regarding how diverse is this witchcraft to be used in certain fields.

Absolutely amazing!

GreenWitch - Wow, I'm totally blown away by what you have narrated here.

At the age of 9 you were reading Aleister Crowley? I must admit I had never heard of him before and have just now done a little research on what he's all about.

By the age of nine I was a rather terrified child, seeing ghosts/spirits, entities which I found rather terrifying.

I am intrigued by what led you to where you are now as far as the occult is concerned, especially from such a young age. Did you have some form of tutorship? Perhaps you could explain a little more.

How amazing that Vincent visited your father's tattoo shop and filled you in on his dream of you.

I realise you're a lot older now and have progressed along the way.

I'll be following the comments and your further input.

Regards, Melda
I have the same question as Alina about Nick being popular with your friends, were they able to see him?

Also "My name is Billy, I'm looking for my twin brother William".
Keep in mind that "Billy" is a nickname for "William", I guess their parents weren't very imaginative when choosing a name for their children.

What kind of help do you need if, after all, the ghosts are gone and you are at peace?
Hello Zacitt,

Well, just for the sake of my dumb curiosity can you please explain what did you meant by this sentence

"He even got popular around my friends, more than I was"

Were they frequently talking about Nick or they could actually visualise or communicate with him?

So even assuming that Billy had some connection with the ring showed by your Grandma, it is still odd as to why Billy showed up suddenly after so many years of buying the ring?

Nick and Billy's confrontation was nothing less than a movie

However, I would like to learn did both of them disappeared suddenly?

Apart from that you lost your ability as well of sensing the paranormal world. Maybe Billy acted as a Guardian angel in your life protecting you from the toxicity of Nick.

Zaruje - This sounds like a curious entity who wants to know what you're up to. It has probably been watching you work and possibly picked up on the fact that you're planning to stay for a while, depending on its level of intelligence. Obviously I can't say that with any certainty but it's a thought that springs to mind.

For what length of time have your grandmother and great-aunt been living in the townhouse? They might not have said anything to you about the extra inhabitant because they don't want to frighten you!

Your cousin has validated it as well, so ask your gran and her sister. I'd be rather surprised if they haven't noticed anything. Possibly they settled on a logical explanation such as one or the other of them exhibiting a vivid imagination but the chances are they experienced something.

If it becomes pesky and noisy do a cleansing to send it on its way. I agree it sounds totally harmless but an inquisitive entity just might make itself too comfortable in your space. If or when that happens, it's time for it to leave.

Regards, Melda
Hello Piscesrising,

I agree on the fact that even though we come across discussions and events regarding the paranormal we often overlook the thought of something similar happening to us.

But it seems like you are having quite a series of experiences on "spirit orbs". Your last encounter wasn't seemingly vivid as this one. I, myself want find these concepts of orbs very fascinating. I wish to learn sometimes what they actually symbolise. A time slip through an orb indeed different and interesting enough for a discussion.

I am eagerly awaiting for the responses of the fellow posters who can have an expertise opinion on this matter.

lady-glow in Early Morning Jog


Welcome to YGS.

With all due respect and making it clear that this is only my opinion, I find it difficult to say anything about this experience without knowing any more information.

Basically what you are saying is that you woke up earlier than usual, went for a jog alone believing that Mukul was following you, came across a stranger sleeping on the side of the road and went to sleep in his company (gosh!) and then went to your friend's place only to find out that he hadn't followed you.

Without knowing the details you have decided to withhold it will be hard to understand what is going on, specially for all the readers that cannot relate to your cultural background.

I don't understand the motives that made you submit your (incomplete) story to a public forum only to expect to discuss it in a private way.

My apologies if I'm being blunt but, in my opinion, your worst enemy is your own fear.
Hello Shrinkydink and welcome to YGS.

It has been discussed several times in this forum that these doppelgangers of sleeping people could be the said person having an spontaneous out of body experience without even knowing what is going on.

Have you ever asked your sister if she remembers this incident?

Perhaps your sister's ethereal self got up for a walk and went back to her physical body after you saw her.

Thanks for sharing this interesting experience.
Hello AmanPS,

Oh my God! You literally posted an eerily similar event which I was going to post later. My upcoming narrative had also happened in a village.

First of all, I'll say calm down. Being paranoid will worsen your thoughts along with the situation at this moment. Take some deep breaths and chant God's name if you believe in one.

Do you have any idea why a doppelganger ghost tried to lure you out of the house?

Did you friend's narrative of the house had anything off about it? Like any information regarding these doppelganger spirits?

My experience do have an odd resemblance to yours.
In my maternal village had a legend saying "Never discuss any events or planning under a tree or any suspicious area, it will symbolise that you're calling the inhabited ghost to be with you". Surprisingly, my maternal village is also in Odisha.

I never could understand the contemporary nature of these spirits wheather they're so only playing tricks or are being attached to the individual. According to an incident in my maternal village, this kind of spirit once lured a person into the forest and he was lost for almost a month.

I hear of their encounters from all over the state. These are often assumed to be wandering lost souls who can be potentially malicious. In my village, it is like almost every single person had encountered this type of entity atleast once in their lives.

If you believe any entity had latched itself on you or you can't seem to get rid of the paranoia, I'll recommend you to perform a cleansing ritual, a religious or non- religious one which suits your needs.

VickieDW in My Three Hauntings
Maybe it was the Revolutionary war and not the civil war. I just assumed it was the Civil war. I read some plaques they had on the battlefield, but it was so long ago I can't recall even the names on them. Just where we lived and what Battle field it was close too. Thank you for letting me know. I will look up the revolutionary war there. Makes sense because I could never find any good info on the civil war there when I tried to find out about it later on. Thanks for the information πŸ˜‰
Hello Zaruje,

This black "poking" entity doesn't seem to be malicious to me in any way. Rather I would say it has a curious mind regarding the affairs of humans.

Since you had quite frequent encounters with it, seems like it have taken an interest towards you probably cause you're a new tenant.

Well, if your cousin is also a witness I believe it won't hurt asking members of the family especially your grandmother wheather they have any knowledge of this. Atleast this doesn't count as a complaint. A little investigation might catch some details regarding "Mr.Poking head".


This is a very interesting experience and the thread of comments very informative.

I'm glad that Rook's cleansing method helped not only the people living in the house, but the spirits spending overtime there too.

It's a good thing that "your mother's voice" wasn't enough a reason to make you open the closet's door.

Great story, thanks for sharing.

I couldn't help but to think about you when reading this article:


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Lealeigh in The In-between

I am so sorry about your mother. When my grandmother passed in 2016, she also was suffering from dementia. It was terrible for us to see her so afraid and incoherent when she had been such a strong person all of her life. In fact, I was afraid of her as a child. My grandmother spent a lot of the time she was dying in an in-between state.

What you say makes sense. I had never thought of my grandmother's state of mind, at the time of her death, as anything but a forced delirium. But, if it's similar to being half awake, then that is not so bad. While she was dying, my grandmother said that her mother was there to take her with her. I think that was true - and your experience with the light might not be a dream either.

I am happy that you enjoyed reading my story. I don't think I will ever know who was in my mom's closet. She had a walk-in closet at the time - with a mirror and everything; so it was actually a small room. All of us moved out of that house in March 2020.

The incident with the concrete amused me for a long time. I wasn't afraid because it didn't seem like it was done to hurt me. I actually kept the piece of concrete on the grill outside. My stepfather could never remember why I had it on the grill; so he kept throwing it in the yard. I stopped picking it back up after I did the Cleansing on our house.

- Maria

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