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Rajine in Tucking Her In
Ooh OK it makes sense now 😁 I agree with TravisCannabis it would be interesting to see the video of the orbs.
CantunSEEit in Tucking Her In
Travis-Yes I want to post our video and some Orb pics, and mirrored hallway with it's own e mail. Must learn how. Yorkie has probably seen more Spirits than I, poor guy. My yorkie slept across living room on small sofa from me as I was sleeping on couch and awoke to see him looking up and distressed like something was irritating him. I started taking pictures of him as soon as I woke up. I left the foot rest up on recliner and had nikon ready. Many big orbs 1st shot, 2nd shot only a couple in picture. Seems flash would scatter them. Never caught anything solid. Maybe Orbs are normal for dogs to see? He wasn't interested when filming.

Rajine-I kind of laugh now, if my feet were not sticking strait up it probably would have been a smooth pull down like my first one.
TravisCannabis in Tucking Her In
It'd be cool to see the video. Could U post it? Wonder what Yorkie dog was looking at the floor if the orbs were flying all over the place. πŸ€”
Rajine in Tucking Her In
Hello, I liked the first part of your story because it seems to me that it is a loved one checking in on your'll, however the second part where you say that you were in extreme pain as something was pulling your feet into the mattress, I would like to think that if loved ones were to visit us they wouldn't try to cause us any sort of pain. But since you and your wife hasn't experienced this after I'd say that it was just a passing occurance.
Seekings in Soviet Sanitarium
Hi Dreyk,

I've followed and enjoyed all your stories on here; you convey the sense of place and atmosphere so well through your writing, and convey the ' otherness' of your experiences without melodrama.

Did your brushes with the paranormal happen only after you moved to Russia, or were there any before, while you were still in the US? Or when you returned briefly to the US? Apologies if this has already been asked and answered, I'm genuinely interested in how the move seems to have acted as a catalyst to your encounters.

Dreyk - You have certainly had some amazing experiences.

I might have been brave enough to wander around the outside of this sanatorium but to actually go inside? I don't think so. Those vibes must have hit you full on as soon as you approached the place 😨

I'm trying to wrap my mind around how you saw this man outside a broken window when there was no way that he could possibly have stood there. How far above the stage was the broken window and how far above ground level? Did you see the entire figure of this man (legs and all) or was he only partially visible, say from waist or shoulders up? Any way that he could have been standing on a structure (since long gone) and somehow met his death as a result of a fall, or some other unfortunate incident? I'm just trying to find a possible reason for his presence in that spot at some stage during his life.

Then you still go and visit a spooky registry room? You and Ludya are two very brave and determined people!

I really enjoy reading your experiences... Keep them coming.

Regards, Melda
Hi Daz, Hi Mack and welcome!
Sorry I've been AWOL, but I've been busier than usual. However, just to let you know, I will be posting later. 😊
I think the company he kept had a lot to do with it. After he was gone I found some disturbing things related to hard core drugs. Which would help explain some of his irrational behavior. Personally I think negative attitudes and behaviors attract negativity.
The skull apparition is creepy crazy I wonder what that could be?
Rajine in Old And New
Firstly congratz on your engagement, I am really sorry about your son, I pray that everything goes well for him, it seems to me like you have a full house there 😁 it's all good though as long as it's not scary or menacing.
Amit spent his life in that flat with his family, even though he passed away in the hospital his soul would be bound to where he lived, his family. It's sad when youngsters do foolish things and end up taking their own lives.

My cousin hanged himself because if some gambling issues so I can relate to how Amits parents must have felt.
Rajine in Screamed Awake
Shame Hey I wonder who that female voice belonged to screaming for help she probably never got (while she was still alive I'm assuming) , did you find out from anyone if perhaps a woman had passed away in your home?
I suggest that you do a protection and cleansing ritual, you say that this is your childhood home, have you ever experienced anything like this as a kid, if you can remember?
That sounds absolutely creepy, for some reason I imagine a huge melting ice cream type of monster πŸ€” but it doesn't seem menacing, but still creepy nonetheless.
Rajine in Good Ghost
I'm sure that must have been really scary for a kid to experience, it could be a wandering spirit or even a spirit of a previous owner.
The saying, cleanliness is next to godliness is what kept going through my mind in the first half of your narrative, evil as far as I know is attracted to dirt and untidy people, do you think that your roommates behavior is because his untidiness attracted some sort of negative energy?

I liked the part where you heard the voice of the guy saying he got you, when the ladder you on starts to wobble, I think he's a good spirit.
Rajine in Haunted Area?
I suggest that you try to find out more about the history of the house and of the previous owners, and also do a cleansing and protection ritual and see if that helps, it's only when you understand the background of certain things that we know exactly how to move forward.
Rajine in Elephant
It's quite a sad story about how Elephant had passed on, I believe that it could have been his spirit hanging out amongst the living for a bit.
I believe that the reason why she locked your'll out is because your'll weren't meant to see the orb, imagine if your'll went inside and saw nothing but a flashing ball of light floating around? Your'll seemed pretty freaked out just by seeing it from the outside, but up close and personal would be even more scary.
Rajine in The Demon
Someone's what might seem like harmless fun can turn out to be disastrous especially when you fiddle with unresearched things like ouija boards, who knows what you let out in the process.
*Guwahati, sorry for the misspelling auto correct seems to do its own thing all the time πŸ™„
Hi, didn't your gran or her family try to find out exactly what it was or do a cleansing? I'm glad everything turned out well for them though

On another note Assam us quite a lovely place I've always wanted to visit the kamakhya temple in guhawati
If I had to summarize, I think there's more than one spirit in that place, do you know how old that hotel is? By finding that out I'm pretty sure that you will be able to find out the history of that place.
[at] Macknorton this would have been around May of 2012.

[at] MrsRamsay thanks for the compliment on my English. I was actually born in the US and moved to Siberia to start a career in radio. There's more information about that on my profile.

Glad people are enjoying my latest attempt at putting my experience to words...
swapnilnarendra in The Black Temple
Dear Sanju,

Every story that you wrote here is just fantastic. I would love for your to compile them in an ebook.
MrsRamsay in Soviet Sanitarium
Great story, your English is excellent!
I thought your girlfriend was brave to have stood there inside alone as long as she did. Thanks for sharing.
MrsRamsay in That Sound
Hi Sean, what a wonderful, thoughtful and descriptive narrative! Thank you for sharing your story it makes me want to travel to India (not necessarily to the haunted hotel). I don't know what to make of your experience, but I believe you and your mom did experience something paranormal. Glad it didn't ruin your trip though!
I've experienced a few orb situations in pictures and videos of myself and my friends where I've seen it move around in a very weird manner, fascinating stuff.
I think just for peace of mind do a cleansing and see what happens after, also of you say that you can't hear anything on the baby monitor, there maybe something wrong with it and you should get another set.
This is a really creepy story especially the last part with the Alexa device maybe something is trying to interact with you but doesn't know how, you should look into this matter to get some sort of clarity, it could be a spirit or it could be something else.
This seems like a very angry entity moving and throwing things around I'm glad no one has gotten hurt, why more I feel like this is a malevolent entity is by the way your dog reacts to it, I believe that your dog definitely sees something that is not good at all, I would recommend a protection and a cleansing ritual.
Sometimes evil entities mimic "spirits" and its hard to determine whether it's a spirit of a deceased person or a malevolent entity, the new owners change in demeanor is a possible indicator that such thing has happened to them, if you can try and talk to them and find out if they experienced anything so they can take the necessary steps to help themselves.
Have you ever tried a house cleansing ritual? Maybe that would help, also some sort of protective charm to wear at all times.
Rajine in Kahlua's Story
It's such a bitter sweet story, I strongly believe that our pets become our family and when they pass on, their spirits visit us much like a "human" spirit would, I'm sorry about kahlua but I'd like to believe that she's in a better place free from worldy suffering.
Rajine in First Story
You seem to have quite a full house there 😁 you did mention the two spirits of the previous owners, but do you think there's more? I'm particularly curious and interested those dark wisps that your wife saw, I wonder what it could be.
I'm really sorry about your tennant from hell, some people are just ungrateful.
I've also had an encounter with a pet I had that passed on, small Maltese poodle named winnie, I looked directly at a shadow that resembled her run passed my room the day after she passed on, I do believe that even animal spirits are around us,

I've read about sleeping with a leg sticking out of the bed, my mum swears she felt someone grab her foot while it was out of the bed one night, I just downplayed it to ease the tension.

I do believe that it could be the spirit of the girl your mum encountered, it's kind of sad that she never got to live her life out to the fullest, but it's good that the incidents your mum experienced wasn't menacing or scary.
Thanks for the recommendation Daz, sounds very interesting.


Mack 😊
Hi I'm so sorry to be blunt, but do you think maybe it could be just be a dream, figment of your imagination, I'm not sure what is going on in your life but I think maybe you imagine having a girlfriend and you projecting this "Olivia" in your mind as some sort of coping mechanism. πŸ€”
Hi Mack, there's a very good book by Micheal Newton called journey of the souls. In his book, there's a collection of individuals (as many as 2000 people) who under deep hypnosis all report a life between lives and do concur along the lines of what we both think and feel about that greater purpose and reason for being here.

I have studied him closely on line (M>N) and I believe in him... And that his work is authentic with real data collected over many years with a sensible conservative approach. He is quite famous in his own field, with some 140 practises all over the world.

He actually started out as a pretty tough line sceptic when it came to metaphysics, however, in the end, his patients basically dragged him kicking and screaming towards an ultimate conclusion on what our whole purpose of being here is all about and what's behind it.

Our Soul's basically have their own ego's and sit in the back seat of the car as we the folk sit in the front behind the driving wheel thinking we are all that.

Personally, I really couldn't care if there was blank after death and I really don't want to come back and do it all again please no, however, all the evidence, research and my own experiences, pretty much support his work and findings. Not to be patronising here, people have their own truths and beliefs systems and as I said before who really knows, can I prove it? No.

Once, a few years back, my wife was floating just above her body as we both laid in bed, we both stared at each for some time, she looked younger with her hair more thicker as I remember it from years ago. When she awoke, she had some vague memories of floating and hearing my voice, however she doesn't remember eye balling me. My intuition tells me, I was looking into the eyes of my wife's actual eternal soul. The fact she doesn't remember eye balling me does make sense... We have about 30 trillion cells in our body each of them have their own antenna's...basically our bodies are vessels picking up signals from our souls with the brain being the receiver. The reason she couldn't remember the eye balling came down to what she could filter into her own macroscopic perception... To be an afterlife, the soul must not emerge from the brain. It has to be the other way around.

And yes, the Matrix is the school house for the hard knocks of life.

Regards Daz
Macknorton in Soviet Sanitarium
Hi Dreyk

Thanks for sharing this spooky adventure. May I ask when it took place?


That is really creepy, I believe that it could be the spirit of the girl who committed suicide, to end one's life creates a negative energy to a certain place or surrounding and it becomes a place for negative energies to feed of.
That sounds absolutely terrifying, whatever was there definitely didn't want your'll there and made it known.
Rajine in That Sound
Did you try to research this particular place or ask any further questions to know if it is haunted?
Usually hotels and inns that have things that go bump in the night or in your case (things that go scratch in the night) would have a trail of people talking about it either online or in person, apart from your uncle.

I'm sure it must have been a nerve wrecking for you and mum.
Rajine in The Nun
Also I think she chose to reveal herself to you for some reason at that point in time because as you say, you haven't seen her since that one day.
Rajine in The Nun
I think she's a good spirit and perhaps even a guardian of sorts, I know that it seems like a goosebump situation, but did you get like a creepy, malevolent sort of vibe from this incident? Or was it calm and normal?
Caz and Daz - that has a great ring to it! Hello! I've been following your conversation with interest.

To add another angle / theory, not so different from yours Daz; I believe (for what it's worth) that this physical plane we find ourselves manifesting on, is simply a "school" for our souls. We arrive here as a perfectly naturally occurring thing because this is exactly where we need to be in terms of our spiritual evolution / development. Nature does not F&%^ things up.

Look at how unevolved we are as a species; how violent and selfish humans generally are. This Earth is truly stained with so much blood, and the place of so much suffering. We are truly spiritual toddlers at the moment but what awaits us on the "other side" is an eternity (try to get your head around THAT concept, I dare you) of existence and eternal unfolding of our souls.

Apparently when we pass over, we naturally gravitate towards souls who are at the same spiritual development as our own. Which makes sense, as we gravitate towards those like-minded people on this plane too. However, what increases our development and soul searching on THIS plane is we are bumping into ALL sorts of beings at ALL sorts of development.

This mixture of soul development on this plane increases our learning as we encounter really great people and the real low life scumbags. We HAVE to experience all the highs and lows to be truly rounded folk.

Ok, I'm sounding dangerously New Agey here so I'll put away my Himalayan rock crystals and wind catchers now and get back to what I was doing.

Great thread by the way guys! Take it easy!

Caz please continue on from where you left, however I'll leave you with this thought to ponder on if you choose to, you don't need to respond if you wish. Have you ever experienced anger? Do you believe it's possible to control your anger to a point where nothing can make you angry again? And what would that look and feel like in a Matrix full of triggers that can set us off at any given time? Wanting to experience anger is something almost incomprehensible from a human perspective, however perhaps as a spiritual being?...our human flaws are looked at from a different light?. Lol
BiancaB in The Nun
No, I have been past the church many times after and have never seen her again. I think she was a good spirit, I didn't have a bad feeling from her at all.
Hi Caz, I have heard of the prison planet theory and I don't rule that out, how can I, does anyone really know? However, I lean more towards spiritual growth as our motive for being here in what can seem to be a hell hole for some and a heaven for others.

Imagine being an eternal being in a room with white walls, white ceiling, white curtains and nothing but overwhelming love and joy?... How long would it take before you'd wonder if there were anything else out there to experience that may be a different shade of colour? It may even be a bit tad boring and lonely after some time?

Imagine if you could hit a button, where you can forget who you are for some 70 to 80 years always knowing that 80 years compared to eternity is just a yawn between sips of coffee and that you would return exactly to the place you are no matter how bad your experience was ''would you hit that button''? And what might be the pay off when you returned? Perhaps experiencing the opposite is the addiction of which enlightens the soul enough to crave for more?. What I refer to as a master, is a soul who has lived a 1000 lives as I suspect T has. They don't need to come back as (nor we do in a sense). The choice is ours? However, Confucius says, wise man knows his not wise enough or something like that.

We both agree we are in a Matrix, where we may agree to disagree... Is the Matrix a place of choice or control?

Hi Daz,
Yes, I do understand that people make money from their gift and I don't see anything wrong with that either. People need to make a living somehow... Especially these days. I've been to several of these medium things and been happy to pay and quite's fun! 😊
If you decide to write that book, that'd be great, but you'd be mad to make it for 'free' and people won't take you seriously!
Just make it a reasonable price and I'll buy it!
There is something I meant to say to you before, about the matrix. Yes, I do know it's real, but I do question your belief that we're sent here to learn lessons. After all, how can we possibly learn anything much when we are only allowed to use five of our 'numerous' senses? If we'd arrived here after being part of the collective conciousness, would we not know everything already? My belief is that this is a prison planet created by 'other beings' to capture our souls. LOL... I know how whacky that sounds, but the scientists did tell us that our 'planet' was a mere billionth of a pinhead in this universe! Take care! See you soon!
Caz, yes, please post them, I should also add that many folk with good intentions make a few bucks on the side from using their gift and there's nothing wrong with that if people need to get by and those paying are happy to pay for their service's. However, these rare few folk who walk the planet in total service to others are on a different path, you could call them guardian angels. On a personal note, when I finish my 9 to 5 job and have plenty of time to spare, I do intend on writing my own book based on research and experience.

Here's my own little dilemma and I have been pondering on this for a couple of years. Knowing what I know, do I seek to make profit providing it has enough decent content and enough market interest, or do I put it out there for free?

I think you have convinced me to put it out there for free Caz. I'm no guardian angel or guru,,no,I'm just your typical Aussie bogan however, putting it out there for free gives it a chance of reaching someone who might gain something out of what I have to offer and even if it were just one person, it would be enough.

Hi Daz,
I think you're absolutely right and even if you did get anything wrong,I'd bet you wouldn't befar off the mark! I've had reason to speak to T on several occasions and I believe he's very secial indeed!
I've had several very scary experiences at my sisters house, which I'd like to share, so if anyone's interested, I'll do so in the coming days. I just want to check out the dates first.
Sleeping-with-steve in Slapped By An Unseen Hand
Hello Rajine,

Have you tried moving your bed away from the window? I know others have recommended this, perhaps it may help.

I'm sorry you have had to experience such a scary ordeal. I hope you and your mum are ok.

Best wishes,
SWS 😘 ❀
Wow how very creepy. I do understand about your hesitation on explaining such horrific experience! I myself am the type of person that truly believed in SEEING IS BELIEVING but after my experience I believe anything is possible when it comes to after life.
Sleeping-with-steve in Someone Or Something Moved My Hand
Hello Rajine,

I just finished reading your post, "slapped by an unseen hand"

I enjoyed reading your experience.

I will read a few more of your posts.

Best wishes
SWS 😘 ❀
Hi [at] Dido I believe that the best remedy for you is playing the Hanuman Chalisa every day, I hope all is well with you and your family now.
Hi SWS I did publish it sometime back, it's titled "slapped by an unseen hand" It happened at night and me being an insomniac was awake when it happened, I know for sure I didn't imagine it 😁
seemayadav in The Nun
πŸ˜• Oh
Did you saw her again?
Who might be she?
By the way if she is a Saul I thing nun are good Saul
Sleeping-with-steve in Someone Or Something Moved My Hand
Hello Rajine,

Good to hear from you again.

Finally the system is allowing me to up vote you again. I think I gave you the allocated amount of votes before and had to wait. All good now on that front.

Malevolent? Who really knows what passes through here. I've had different experiences in my life but I can honestly say what or who moved my hand so quickly is a mystery.

You should write about your experience. Your leg being slapped by an entity is interesting. Were you awake? πŸ€” Did it leave a hand print? πŸ€”

Ages ago I woke up talking in a harsh masculine voice. Lol. I don't remember all the details to expand on that but I basically frightened myself. A bad dream and talking gobbildygook no doubt.

Anyway, time to watch something on TV.

Night from Australia.
Hi Caz, Edgar Cayce basically only took donations for his gift to get by. He was so good at his work that often people would be at the post office writing to him with their issues and by the time they arrived home his answer was in their mail box. That's kind of what I mean by not so random.

I do suspect T is a very rare individual probably another level or two up from being an old soul perhaps even a master? Or spirit guide on the ground mixing it up? These individuals exist in service for others (only) that's why he only covered his cost with the fuel. To profit for his gift on this level is something they will not do. (period) I have only come across three of them in my life of research.

If his as good as I think he is and due to this nasty being crossing the line a few times, I do suspect he was always going to help your sister one way or another, that's what I mean by not so random. This nasty piece of work had to be dealt with and I reckon others on the other side would have been tipping him off about your sisters account.

These are just my own thoughts and theory based on my own research... Off coarse I may be wrong,lol.

Very strange and scary experience indeed. Someone else brought up the possibility of it being a troll. Did it remind you of any mythical creature like that? The reason I ask is because my best friend growing up had a somewhat similar experience where he thought he saw a gnome or something inhuman in our old neighborhood. But we also lived by a woman who practiced some sort of witchcraft or occultism so we think she might have been doing a ritual or something. I think somehow there are ways that astral beings can break through into the physical realm, so maybe something scary broke through?
Do you feel that it is malevolent and do you think it's just a passing spirit or is it a resident? U won't believe it but something similar happened to me, but it was a slap on my leg while I was laying down, I've learned a simple effective remedy, I keep a little container of rough sea salt in my room, we believe it is good for removing unwanted negative energies in the home.
nchristensen in First Story
[at] MrsRamsay,

So, I actually had a really bad experience with the renter, he trashed the place by letting his dog urinate and defecate all over the floor. Would leave the dog locked in the basement for days without letting it go outside. I do not know if he left food and water out for it but I do know that the carpet was ruined. He started dating a girl at the beginning of last year who started to shoot up heroine in our basement, he broke up with her and we said she cannot come back. 6 months later " after being clean for a year", she came back and started spending the night again. We told him it was either her or him leaving. So, he got mad at us and said we are extremely bad examples of Mormons (we live in Utah, and I stopped being Mormon 10 years ago) (He also was baptist, and Mormons and Baptist bump heads a lot) and that we need to be forgiving of an individual who "had been clean of heroine for a year" even though it was only 6 months. Blah blah blah, tons of drama. A week later we gave him notice that he is going to need to pack up and leave. So after renting our basement to him for 4 years we kicked him out, he trashed the place like pissed renters do and we never saw him or communicated with him again. We should of kicked him out a long time ago because he was smoking weed and cigarettes down there which were against the contract we had with him. Ultimately we were too nice to kick him out. He spent a lot of time breaking rules that were in the contract and I can go into detail but there are a lot of reasons why we kicked him out.
Hi MsRevz80 yes I totally understand, I have a cousin exactly like that, I suppose every family has one, from my personal experience in this instance I prefer keeping my distance. Your dream with the aunt is definitely a warning from what you have told me especially about this particular cousin.
Thanks for your response Daz! Though I knew about Edgar Cayce, I never knew about the money thing. When I first spoke to the lady at the S.A.G.B, she did tell me that 'T' was very busy with appointments, so we may have to wait several days, which we did, so he obviously had to do a fair bit of driving. Petrol has always been expensive in the UK. Far more than in the USA and maybe Australia. Today, it's around £1.20 for just one litre, so a fiver wouldn't get you very far. However, he gave his time absolutely free! 😊
You say you had an intuition that his intervention was not as random as my sister may have thought. Can you please explain what you meant?
I do not want to discount your experiences here so please do not take what I am about to say as disbelief in Olivia in any way. I do think you need therapy. It sounds like maybe you were undergoing some before but I believe more would be a benefit to you.

You are going through some things, as you mentioned, and Olivia is the "perfect girlfriend" (Or almost, anyway) because she's not flesh and blood. She always listens to you and wants you, even when you don't want her. She is good for your ego and assuages your loneliness. In a word, she is safe. But she's not a live person.

You will never have children with her, grow old with her, spend time with her and your other friends or family. How does it feel to not be able to talk about her to the ones closest to you? When you are in love, you want everybody to know it.

Being alone sucks; I get it. But it's worth it to be open to the possibility of meeting and falling in love with a living person who you can hold and do things with physically that you cannot with a spirit. Like bowling or ice skating. Or seeing a movie and going to dinner and getting ice cream after. All the wonderful, lovely things that two young people in love get to do together. I hope you can remember that Olivia cannot offer you that and that you find that kind of love soon. Peace. ❀
Caz,That's quite an interesting conclusion, I'm probably going to offend a few people here who take money for reading tea leaves and I really do mean no offence to them however, this individual who helped your sister, would be in the same league as Edgar Cayce, those who know not to profit from their gift understand the karma laws of the spiritual realm better than anyone.I'm assuming that's why he just covered his fuel cost?

I have an intuition this intervention via this gentleman was not as random as your sister may think it was. This nasty piece of worked crossed the line, great to hear there was a happy ending to it.

LFrog1386 in Red Eyed Children
Frankly the story about red-eyed children in a field instantly conjured up the Christopher Reeve film Village of the Damned from 1995. And also quite frankly, I hope they scared you off of ever looking at a female child in that way ever again. Your comments make me sick to my stomach and I hope you understand how wrong it is for a man in his 20s to be attracted to a young girl. Trust me, no girl at that age is looking at you the same way.
AugustaM, hmmm maybe I didn't consider the implications of everything I wrote, and I'm sure I unintentionally omitted some things not to make the post too long and my objective was just to get the general ideas out there. I've been off here for a few weeks dealing with life too. Apologies, I don't want to hide anything. In regards to the downturns of which there are a few, sometimes it's just we don't plainly agree on everything or the communication is bad. The communication and cues are not as obvious and in-your-face as, well, a face to face encounter. Sometime the communication methods she uses are very unexpected and a bit hard to fully pick up on, though I feel that has changed, to a degree. Sometimes the personal "face time" is more infrequent at some times, and sometimes just the circumstances outside of the situation are just hectic like much of my daily life and I'm just in need to "me" time, and just focus on that (I guess that's more of a necessity really so I try not to let that bug me, distracting myself is probably a good thing also). There are a few other things, like her wanting something (could be a lot of things but you already know what one of them is) when I am zonked out tired or when it's just not the time. I think that last one has become less frequent, for whatever reason. I'm sure I left a few things out, I could spend a while trying to think of a few little things but that's all I can think of. I know I'm not always right, and I do invite debate and discussion. If I can help it, I will try to be more transparent and try not to skew things a specific way. I don't know what else will be of help, but I tried to list some things. I might think of some more things I don't know. Hope it helps clarify what I meant.
Daz, I'm glad you managed to make a pact to stop the neighborhood ghost from scaring your little boy, but perhaps it wasn't one of the nastier types. My neice was physically attacked and she wasn't slapped. She was punched hard on the back of her head! That kind of attack could've caused serious damage, but thank God it didn't.
Anyway, my sister called me later in the evening, after the man who I'll call 'T' had been, to tell me how things and gone. She told me he'd spend a long upstairs, then come down and sit with my sister and the three young girls and she said she felt he was being very careful with what he said in front of them. Then, after awhile, he'd go back upstairs. She also told me that each time he came back down, she could see his face sort of changing. It was kind of oscillating. Then she described it as seeing waves of hot air going over it and she could feel a power radiating from him. I know he closed at least one vortex in the walk-in closet in the master bedroom and we think another in a linen cupboard at the top of the stairs.
When he was about to leave, M asked him how much she owed him and he said he'd take a fiver for his petrol money... But when offered, refused to take any more! He advised that she took the girls out for awhile, so they went for a wander round the shops for an hour or so, and when they got back, the whole house felt 'lighter'. They all commented on it. He obviously done a marvelous job and that house stayed peaceful even to this day!
[at] Rajine

Thanks for your insight! To answer your questions the aunt in the dream is very much alive. I think whatever gave me that sign wanted me to take it seriously, maybe disguised themselves as the persons parent? Not sure what to make of it. Me and this cousin were very close - used to sleep over at each other's homes close - but we had a falling out and as a result haven't talked in years. I understand that in death people tend to reach out, however, I am weary of this person as she always seems to have ulterior motives when she comes around family events. I hope that makes sense.
Sleeping-with-steve in A Series Of Creepy Events
Hello Rajine

Thanks for replying. Your mum's dreams sound vivid. She should Google what they mean. There are a few good sites where you can have your dreams interpreted.

Here's a link to my profile page where all my stories are listed.


I look forward to your feedback.

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Hi SWS I've only seen your comment now well in the case of the dream, my mum says that she's standing under a huge tree with the rest of my family and they are all praying and this man who she doesn't know appears out of no where and starts telling her to stop praying because it's not going to help at which point he tries to grab her and restrict her from praying.

What is the title of your story I'd love to read about it, thank you for your response and I'll look forward to reading from you
On what time this occured
I mean miday or evening
You told anyone?
Caz, I can understand where your sister is coming from I'm pretty much the same and yes, if they start there antics against our children it would test ones patience and tolerance no doubt about that.

My youngest son was slightly taunted by our neighbour hood ghost growing up in a home where we lived for 30 years, so I made a deal with them of which pretty much worked for me." you can bring your shiat and bad hair day to me on one condition,"that you all stay away from my children".

I do believe it worked the only real drama with any of them was my son in America as previously posted.

Here's my own philosophy and belief system Caz when it comes to the interactions between the two realms.

When you strip away the B.S and ego and then realise our matrix is really just a place we come to learn and grow, you soon understand there are only two fundamental forces in the universe. Love and Fear... Malicious spirits, nasty entities can not hurt you to a point of ending your life otherwise peeps would be dropping like flies all over the place. What they are allowed to do is use the force of fear to submit you into a field of negativity for what ever reason ying/yang?. However, Slapping a child in the back of a head is pretty piss poor of them to cross that line, your sister should also meditate to her own spirit guide for intervention if it happens again.

Anyway,I have been tested several times throughout my life and I consider them all a blessing even the account with the Old hag of which I wouldn't wish on anyone. Conquering fear is growth, I need to work on other area's of my self, like patience, anger etc.

P.S and spiders, I still jump like a big girl when I find myself tangled up in cob webs when walking our

Daz...Laughter is a great idea and yes, I can see how it could have power and yes, your idea about the malicious spirit and the manipulating of the Higgs field could well be true too. I've never heard about that before, so I wouldn't know! What I have heard is people like my sister being referred to as a spirit magnet. They just seemed to be drawn to her and not all were human. That first night when we talked, I tried to persuade her have the house cleared, but she wouldn't hear of it, as there were good spirits around and she did not want them sent away. I know she sometimes had visits from relatives and friends who had passed. Then, I tried to talk her into joining a good spiritualist circle, so she could at least learn control and how to block them out when she wanted, but she said No to that as well.
It wasn't until her eldest daughter was upstairs vacuuming her bedroom one afternoon, when she got 'punched hard' on the back of the head and came running downstairs to her mother in tears! Well that was the last straw! M was furious! There was no way she was going to allow her kids to be hurt or endangered in any way! That's when she picked up the phone, but not to ring a priest. She rang me and I told her I'd get it sorted
I immediately got onto the S.A.G.B (spiritualist association of Great Britain) who I new had a branch in Glasgow and spoke to a very nice lady. I asked her if she had anyone who could deal with the nastier types of spirits and explained what had happened and I was really glad when she told me she 'knew just the man for the job'. She asked for M's phone number and told me to tell her to expect a call, which I did.
It's so many years ago now, but I think it was the following day when the man called her and set up an appointent.Also, when M mentioned about the good spirits, she was really pleased when he told her not to worry, they wouldn't be sent away. I asked M to call me once the job was done, which I think was a couple of days after he rang and she did.
More later!
seemayadav in That Sound
Very scary experience
Khub bhitijanak experience
Did you ever visited again there
lady-glow in Refuse To Move On
"this spirit is VERY possessive of her hotel. When they replaced all the original sinks, baths, showers & faucets she made them ALL run full force on and off for a week or two. She gets angry when an antique piece of furniture is replaced"

It seems like the links I provided in my previous comment are just the tip of the iceberg.
Would you be able to share the source of the above information?

I would like to know as much as possible about this interesting haunting.

Thanks in advance.
the_0lympians in The Strange Night
I got a new Alexa for christmas and I have sometimes have her light up but she won't hear me talk. So I understand
Caz, The last time I had hands around my throat in the middle of the night, I actually busted out laughing and it stopped. It's how I know my own account was sleep paralysis and it gave me some good insight on the power of laughter when experiencing a midnight Freddy Kruger like style of attack. Unless they thought this bloke is cracked, let's move on to the next πŸ˜†

However, in saying that. I think your sisters account is something different now that I've have had time to take it all in. I would say she has been experiencing a malicious spirit who knows how to manipulate the higgs field to a point of creating macroscopic potentials in and out of our reality?... It probably explains how young Andy was induced into a matrix room and frightened half to death and why the furry object disappeared? It's a pretty deliberate haunting and probably the worse type to experience when a nasty ghost has developed the skill to create something that seems real.
ntzehn in A Sister's Love
rajine thank you

I know that family comes back to visit and to help you, I have seen and heard it so many times myself.
No worries Daz,
It's perectly normal and even healthy to make light of these things. Otherwise, we'd go crazy! πŸ™„ I'll try to cut to the chase. I flew up to Glasgow and was heartily welcomed and delighted to see the family. The plan was, I'd stay over with my sister and visit my mother, then stay overnight, then go to my brothers the following morning, visit my mother again with him, then stay overnight before going back to my sisters the day after, to catch my plane home that afternoon.
Everything went well with the visit to mum. She was recovering nicely. That evening after we had dinner and everyone else had gone to bed, M and I stayed up talking until the wee small hours. Well, it wasn't often we managed to get together. The chat was mostly in general, but she did tell me some of the things that were going on in the house, as well as things that had happened in the past.
I remember she told me that years before, not long after she'd got married and had 'R' her baby boy, she and her husband were living in a small rented flat while they saved for a house. One night as they lay in bed, M felt something 'furry' going around her neck and choking her. She started to scream to her husband to 'get it off me' again and again. Her husband was a total sceptic back then and probaby thought she was dreaming, but he did reach out and did feel this thing. He pulled it off of her and threw it across the room and they both heard it hit the floor. He switched the light on as he jumped out of bed, searched every inch of the room, only to find 'nothing'!
M also told me on more than one occasion, that when she got angry, either if the kids were playing up or at her husband, a light bulb would blow, or the lights would flicker and on one occasion, a glass sitting on the work surface in the empty kitchen, blew into smithereens!
I have to get off now Daz, but more tomorrow.
Hi this sounds creepy and mind boggling because of all the random things happening in a new place, do you know if there were previous owners?. Do you or your brother feel that these incidents feel or have a sort of malevolent undertone to it?, has your brother tried or would he want to do a ritual home cleansing? It would help with the unexplained incidents happening in his home.

What is your other brothers take on this whole incident?

Thank you for sharing your story and I'll look forward to reading from you.
Hello, I honestly believe that your late cousin came to you because your'll were close, I also believe that he's revealing to you what really happened to him and that his spirit is not fully ready to move on as it could be that his passing was untimely, I believe that dreams you remember long after you wake up is definitely some sort of sign or warning.
As for your second dream, is that aunt who's warning you alive or has she passed on? And also do you feel that you can trust this cousin of yours that you haven't had contact with in 8 years? If you feel that you cannot then I think you should be wary around her.
Rajine in A Sister's Love
Welcome to YGS, this is a really touching story I literally got goosebumps reading it because it's just a confirmation that our loved ones really do look out for us when we are at our weakest and most vulnerable, thank you for sharing your story with us.
This sounds like a really spooky incident, I suppose that she is still trying to go to her parents house but if that's the case why would the vehicles be found in the cemetery? Do you have any idea what happened to her husband?

It's very hard to know for certain if it's really a spirit or a evil entity trying to mimic the soul, has there been any sort of incident apart from the hitch hiking to say whether it could be a malevolent entity?

Thank you for sharing your story with us and I'll look forward to reading from you.
Firstly welcome to YGS and aren't all kids short? Lol just kidding, on a serious note though this is a really creepy incident that happened to you and I agree with the other readers that it could be a spirit of the previous owner of the house maybe she has unfini business or she's just living out her remaining years until it's her actual time to leave this world (I'm assuming that she died an untimely death and didn't live a full life) the thing with "shadow people" is that it could be various reasons why we see them, I've experienced shadow people myself in houses that's newly built and also in places with people that have been living for years that has no previous owners or hadn't been a death in that specific place, one possibility that a friend once told me is that evil entities that has never walked this earth in a human or animal form mimics or takes the place of a person that has passed on and "haunts" certain places and people in the hope of possessing unsuspecting or weak minded and vulnerable people to sort of gain entry into our world.

I do have a question however if there has been any other incidents apart from this specific one? And if any of your family members living with you has experienced this as well?

Thank you for your story and I'll look forward to reading from you.
Caz, I went back and reread what I wrote and I shouldn't make light of the accounts where my wife had been disturbed whilst sleeping. They are not nice to experience... On this one account as she was moaning in her sleep whispering my name in a fearful tone, I'd awoke to see this white mist basically hovering over the top of her, I remember grabbing my pillow and swinging away at it like in that scene from the Signs with Mel Gibson... Good lawd, twisting my knee in the process haha.

Later on perhaps half an hour? Something flicked me in the back of the ear so yes, I can relate to this story in more ways than one and no, taking them on with a pillow doesn't really achieve anything. Please go on (:

I have some advice. Try to see what the spirit likes and maybe try that. If that doesn't work try cleansing.

Ghost KingπŸ‘»πŸ‘»πŸ‘»
Well it seems Olivia likes you. 😊 😊 😊 Very sweet story!
Even if she is not flesh and blood she is still there
Daz...after a time, my mum decided to move in with my brother who lived alone and she let M have her house. She and her husband had a son who was the eldest and 3 beautiful daughters and even though I spoke to M often, I still didn't know much about what was happening in the house, until my mum got ill and was admitted to hospital. That was when I called M and asked if I could come and stay with them, so I could visit my mum in hospital. LOL... M said that was a great idea, if I didn't mind staying in a haunted house! I laughed, thinking it was a windup and she laughed too while telling me 'NO'she wasn't kidding! 😲
Anyway...I told her I'd come, but I'd no intention of sleeping alone, so she'd have to sleep in the bed with me and Bless'er, she agreed!
😊 More later!
Hi Daz,
Thanks for commenting and I do understand what you're saying and agree entirely! My sister who I'll call 'M', was the youngest of the family of we 7 kids and has been psychic her whole life... And she hated it! I never knew anything about this, as when I left my home in Glasgow (Scotland) at the age of 17 to move to England with my older sister, M was only 4 years old and there was never any mention of the supernatural when we came to visit during the holidays. Our family stayed in an apartment at that time, but when the kids had grown and my dad had passed, my mother moved into a nice house, which is the one we're talking about. I visited there and stayed overnight with my husband several times, without anything remotely spooky ever happening. It had a nice atmosphere and was very peaceful.
Daz...I have to sign off for now, but there's so much more to come.
Hi Caz,

My son had a similar experience from a university in America some 9 years ago of which took some time working through his account and helping him understand how they do occur, these type of accounts are not that common, however, they do happen for various reasons and when they do, you know it's not a normal dream and you have one of those WTF moment? My own experience with the old hag back in the 80's happened on what seemed a physical reality? The question is... Are they brought on by the power of one's own mind or do some entities now how to induce and shift your subconscious into a physical realm where they can terrorise you?

TBH,I'm not actually sure, however, I do know we posses the power to end them as quick as they happen simple by holding your nerve and facing your fears.

I gave these instructions to my son of which he applied and on the second attack it seemed to help him to a degree. Thankfully for him they stopped.

With my own account, conquering the fear factor ended it instantly... They are quite unnerving, however we always seem to live to tell the story of which tells me where the real power of these accounts lay anyway,... I have also chased away a few ghost annoying my wife as she slept, where usually I awake to hearing her calling out my name, if only she knew what I could see. πŸ˜† Seriously though, conquering your own fears is a demon killer and those serial malicious spiritual pest who get their kicks at frightening people half to death.

Anyway, if what I said helps any please pass it on,

Regards Daz!
JoJorocks in Red Eyed Children
Again sorry for late reply, unfortunately, no one from the bus other than myself saw those red eyed girls. I told earlier that I tried to Google missing children in the area, but unfortunately, the results is negative.
Even me, I was glad the age of consent in our country is going up.
Buieboy6 in No Peace For Rusty
I was a student that year. I knew Rusty on the Youth Council and in theater where he helped with sets. He was shy but nice to me. That day was the saddest day. Not only with Rusty but there were several other students that year that we lost to suicide.
I understand how you feel. Because my family, yeah most of them, doesn't believe in my experiences too. But have you tried showing the video and anything else to your friends? Maybe they'll believe you.
the_0lympians in Her Squeak Toy
This is beautiful and it seems Gem wants you to remember her by her favorite squeak toy I'm glad to know she still remains with you
Such a scary incident. Maybe what you saw is one of the ghosts who died in ww2 or ww1. Since UK became subject to intense naval and aerial bombing during the world wars.
Hi occulting_! If you would like to talk a bit more email me a theolympiansatolympus [at] ok? And thanks for letting me know I will try and look up some history on the house.
Hi Rook, Redwolf and SDS,
I've been a member of YGS for around 10 years now, but only recently came across this story, which totally floored me! The reason being that I know this family very well and can verify that this story is absolutely true! Andy got some of the detail a bit wrong, but I believe he done his best and I can put it right anyway, which I intend to do in the coming days, if you're interested. How do I know this family? The 'mother' in the story is my sister. 😊

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