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"One such evening, in the month of December of 2015"

"the incident had taken place nearly 25 years back when Ronny was probably 1 or 2 years old"

2015 + 25 = 2040

Am I missing something or your math is a bit off?

I think you should definitely submit a follow up to this story with a second one - it makes for a good read and it's certainly unusual! While your story supplied us with great detail on several of the distressing incidents, I don't believe everything that transpired can neccessarily be attibuted to your past dark practices. With that being said, I do think that we can directly influence our environment by our actions, mindset and attitude, but there are life events that happen which are beyond our control.

I do hope life continues to go well for you; it sounds like you've chose a beautiful spot to carve out a good future for yourself. I plan on leaving the lower 48 (Washington) in a few years, to make my permanent home in Southeast AK. - I have a small place on Pennock Island, with plenty of blackberry bushes for those bears 😁

I, too, have been a bit quieter on YGS for the last few months; it's good to see you back.

While this was clearly a negative entity that was maliciously following you through your journey, I'm relieved it wasn't anything stronger (e.g.: demonic) in nature.

I was going to write out a whole paragraph of details, here, but I'm going to agree with the additional comment you made: "whatever you do, do it with intent." Your willpower is a protective force that should not be dismissed.

Also, while learning to parallel park, I used my mum's Volvo to completely remove the rear bumper from my father's Toyota.

Hi lady-glow - haha, I'd prefer the elephants any day over the spirit. And yeah, we went out when there were no restrictions of covid 19. Also, you're very correct about Ronny's dad and his friends, shiat of people. Thank you for the comment.
[at] Rajine the story is sad and tragic indeed, and yes we too hope that her soul rests in peace.
Macknorton Hey! Please do not be sorry for the questions you asked, they are perfectly legit. First answer is that Ronny was actually not aware of the seriousness of the hauntings happening in the house as he hadn't visited the place for such a long time. And second answer is that the incident had taken place nearly 25 years back when Ronny was probably 1 or 2 years old, and his dad tried to sell the place after the incident but couldn't do so. As he explained on the call is that he was quite sure that the house was fine after so many years and that we would all just be fine. Third, we are all adults, so we didn't adult supervision and the house was the safest because it was blessed by a tantrik so that the spirit could not enter the lines of the house. I hope I answered all your questions. Please lemme know if there's anything else I can help you with! 😊
Augusta, I wholeheartedly agree with you. Probably should have explained why I put help in quotes. I don't think events were assisted by any entity. I think they were guided and intended by that thing.

And yes. Be purposeful.
I imagine that the herd of wandering elephants wasn't the only danger around the cursed farmhouse... I bet a cloud of covid viruses was floating around the place too.

You're so lucky by being allowed social gatherings during those times!

That poor woman didn't deserve be treated like that. Roony's father is a man without honour and his friends a pile of stinky dung.

I like butter chicken and naan bread.
Macknorton in The Cursed Farmhouse
Hi Dontbeme,

Thanks for sharing this epic tale. I have a couple of questions, if you wouldn't mind clarifying some things?

You wrote: "July 10th, 2020. I was out with my friends for a simple get away from all the studies and work and home chores. We decided to travel to my friend, Ronny's farm house where we all could spend a good, peaceful and fun night. It was a lot of 7 people including me and everyone thought that this was a good idea..."

If this place was so haunted, and Ronny knew all about it's dark and violent history, why did he think it was "a good idea" to spend the night there?

After all, he did know, as you wrote: "...That's when he (Ronny) told us that everything that was happening in and about the house was because of their maid. Or to be more precise, dead maid..."

And in terms of having to spend the night there, you wrote:"...he told us that we couldn't leave the house right then as it was too dangerous to drive through the forest so late in the evening and that his father had mentioned that the house was the safest for us until tomorrow morning..."

Why did Ronny's Father think it was too dangerous for all of you to be driving home in the early evening, but perfectly safe for you all to be spending the night, without adult supervision, in a remote and deserted farm house that Ronny's father knew was haunted and not safe for people to be in? After all, he had tried to sell it due to the "hauntings" going on inside. πŸ˜•

Sorry for my questions, but to me there's a lot of illogical decisions being made by some of the people in the story.


I realize that I scanned the last sentence of my response too quickly and it doesn't make sense. It should read: The take-away for me is that whatever you do, do it with intent and do not shy from it even if the going gets tough - believe in yourself for self-doubt will weaken your defenses.
RC - I completely understand your skepticism, I think I would feel the same just reading such an account but I think you would have had to be there to have really gotten the (oppressive) feel of it - it was truly awful. I have never felt so utterly dominated in my life - even when I was in an abusive relationship with a flesh and blood human being. And there were other little things that I forgot to include like the fact that while we were conducting the ritual, we couldn't light ANYTHING - we went through three lighters and I tried match after match - she had to go downstairs to her place, light a candle there and bring it up. (As time goes by, I may remember more but the whole thing was so traumatic that I find that my memories are a bit spotty - littler more solid than the fragments of a dream.)

Coincidence is one thing but *some* things, I feel, are simply too much of a coincidence to be a coincidence... Then if take away for me is that whatever you do, do it with intent and do not shy from it even if the going gets tough - believe in yourself for self-doubt will weaken your defenses.
This was taken 9 years ago, but I saw the comment from today and dropped in to read your story.

I clearly see a woman sort of at the top of the door, looking to the right. I clipped the photo, put it into "paint" and enlarged it, then lightened it and also clicked on the clarity button, which I needed to do in order to distinguish between your reflection and the anomaly. Am I right that your reflection is closer to the top, where the flash from the camera is located? You are not the white faced, long haired chick in the white nightgown/dress, are you? Cause she's there!

I have found that some people just can't see these things, and mostly it's because they don't want to see. But some of us cannot not see. I think after a point, it's useless to try not to.
Twilight1011 in Black Mass
Hey again 😊 I apologize for not getting on this site as often as I was. I feel bad to see questions from y'all, that were at this point, asked so long ago now. There has just been so much going on in my life lately, where I can't seem to keep up with everything I want too. But I have missed being on here, reading about all of y'alls experiences, and writing to each other about it. To finally comment back to AugustaM, that's awesome to know that you've had ducks before. They really are amazing animals to have as pets. I also didn't realize just how smart they really are, until having them. I think they have a few dog like traits aswell, like how mine love to follow me around, or go on walks down our driveway etc, and how if they hear me on the porch messing with some kind of a plastic bag, that makes that crinkling noise, they all get so excited and run over to me, expecting to be given their treats (dried mealworms). They'll even quack at me, to say when they want food lol. They aren't bad about being noisy, so I'm able to know what they're wanting, or trying to say, whenever they do quack. Luckily since this experience, I haven't had anything else really happen. Which just makes me wonder more on what it even meant, or was trying to do then πŸ€”. Everything is still going good with my duckies though, so I don't feel that they're in any harm's way right now. Oh, I did end up rearranging our bedroom after sharing this experience. We didn't have really that many ways to arrange thing's in our small room, but luckily was able to figure out a way that I believe helped the energy in our room. The first night we had moved everything around, I could notice a lighter feel in our room. I told my husband that I felt that it was definitely a good change we made, and hoped it would help. The first few nights weren't so great for my husband though. He said he kept feeling something watching, and messing with him at night, when he would try to go to sleep (during this time, I personally felt fine, and had no problems getting to sleep). He said he kept seeing a dark shadow figure moving around our door area. It then dawned on me, after I was trying to think of why he's still experiencing this, after we moved our room around. The big mirror I think I mentioned in this story, that we had facing our bed before, I had moved to the same wall the head of our bed was on, but at the end/corner of the wall, which I had my daughters headboard, of her bed, infront of that mirror now. It was mostly covered, but still wasn't fully covered. It was facing towards the door of our room. Just to make this detail clear, the mirror did not face the doorway head on, it faced it from the side, but if you're in the doorway, you would look to your right at the mirror (not sure if that detail is important). So my theory was thinking that with the mirror even being partially exposed to the doorway like it was, that it could still be causing some kind of portal or whatever. My husband had said (this was said before he even realized that's where I had put the mirror at) that the shadow figure would seem to be coming and going from the mirror and doorway direction. I planned to cover the mirror up after we moved our room around, but didn't get to it yet, so I went ahead and covered it up after thinking that's what the problem was, and since then, he was able to sleep better. Now don't get me wrong, moving our room around did help some, but it's not like it stopped all the activity all together though. We still witness shadow figures moving around our room and house etc, along with other activities. We didn't expect to have everything stop after doing that anyways, but it at least helped the energy change in our room. After noticing the paranormal world since I was very little, at this point, I doubt I'd know how to feel if it ever just stopped happening around me now. I'm just use to having activity happen wherever I live. As long as nothing actually attacks, or harms me or my family, I'm fine to just live with it. We've gotten pretty good at not paying it much attention for the most part, so we don't increase any activity.
Hi Chadwik

I believe that everyone's soul can be saved should they want it, I'm glad that you are taking the right steps to finding the light and also to heal emotionally and mentally, a positive mindset will attract light and good energy to you.
Hi dontbeme

This is quite a tragic and sad story. I hope her soul finds some peace.
Chadwik, I just want to thank you for sharing your story and to tell you that I admire you for coming through what sounds like a horrendous childhood. I'm so glad you found a wife who's a good, kind person and wish you both long and happy lives. Blessings.

PS, I'm a mom and believe that people who've had awful childhoods do get a chance, if they are willing to rise above things and do the work necessary, to have a "do-over" in the form of your own kids.

I know I should be commenting on the supernatural aspects of your story, but that's some scary stuff. Continue on your path and keep talking to God!
Hi AugustaM

I'm glad that things are back to normal it's good that you performed a ritual and a smudging, that will give you peace of mind.
Thank you, LightMight. I was suspicious of the psychic who charged money. But, she drove from Anchorage to Wasilla, where I live, and then drove back to Anchorage, where she lives. I figured that the gas she burned up traveling was worth compensation. And she did tell me that it was her own time, and time is worth something to her. She left me with the advise to get involved with a church of my choice, and she said not to think about the past because it will invoke fear... The very thing it feeds on. For the same reason, she also advised me to delete the picture I took over at my friend's house. His wife was extremely beautiful and I dared not cross any line in my friendship with him, although she was flirty with me. Anyways, I wanted to take pictures of her because she was soooo attractive and I tried to capture her beauty in a picture. When I took the picture, however, she was not visible in it: what was visible was a tall, dark, hooded figure, a shadow man, which was standing in her place, only taller. I looked at the picture and judged the height of the figure in comparison with other objects like kitchen cabinets, and it was definitely taller than my friend's wife. So it wasn't some fluke thing with the camera (a phone camera). The psychic told me to delete that picture and never think about it again. That picture would have been great to post here! My friend was living in a trailer park in Anchorage, off of Tudor and close to the Glen HWY. When I crashed at his house one night, he warned me that several people have told him that they've seen shadow people in his trailer and even in nearby trailers too. I must have caught one of them on camera. The awkward thing was sharing that picture with my friend. "While taking a picture of your hot wife..." isn't a good way to broach the subject, you know. I never hit on her even though she was the hottest woman I've ever seen in my life: because she was married to a friend of mine. I just wanted a picture of her to have on my phone as a contact picture. Oh, now when I lived on the Kenai peninsula, we had black bears climb the back porch and roam the deck, searching for a way inside. This was scary because the back porch door was made of glass. A little body weight behind one of those paws would have broken the glass and enabled the bear to come inside. We took a picture of the bear as it was climbing up the deck. That sucker was TALL when standing on its hind legs. That wasn't the first or last bear I've seen either so I feel you when it comes to bears!
Welcome Chadwik,

Your story is intense, and I do hope that you've been able to find solace with prayer and making positive changes in your life - it sounds like you're on the right path.

I own property in Alaska, which has a lot of black bear and wolf activity in the warmer months - most of the bears aren't afraid of humans. Aside from having to worry about the doors being left open or blown off its hinges by something unexplainable and dogs running amok, I also think your lucky that nothing else ever wandered into that house that was 2-legged or four-legged. The furry kind are always on the lookout for something good to eat!

If you ever have any further negative experiences happen in your home, you should be able to ask for advice and guidance from someone who you can trust within your faith (a Pastor, or Minister). Spiritual healers and mediums can be useful also, but personally I wouldn't trust someone who asks for money in exchange for spiritual advice. Regarding the flickering lights or any odd occurences that may seem paranormal in your life, just know that many people here at YGS have the same type of experiences. It's not uncommon for people who are sensitive to the spiritual realm, to have encounters that seem paranormal, or supernatural.

Take Care πŸ˜‰
Well... I mean, it could simply be a series of unfortunate events just coincidental in time. That doesn't mean that the events didn't have "help."

As for your question about totaling a car while parking, I'll just say that someone who looks remarkably like me, and also someone who looks remarkably like my dad, have both done so.
I think I can see it. I got some interesting pictures while touring at night there too.
Janellexx89 in Tragic House
I know this story is from 2013. HAs there been anymore reported activity? Do they even still live in this house? I hope you see this and can give some answers.
Theclairaudient in Whispers And Jingles
I had a similar experience two years ago. I was living alone and I had always felt a presence in my apartment from the day I moved in. I was getting ready to take a shower before bed and I left my bath towel in my room. So I came out of the bathroom to go to my bedroom which is directly across the hall. I didn't remember closing my bedroom door beachside I had just exited it to go and shower. So I turned the knob Nd the door was locked to my surprise. (I never lock or close my bedroom door for a shower). So I tried to twist the knob twice and it felt as if someone was holding the knob from the other side. (Again, I was living alone so I know no one was in there. I turned the knob a third time and the door easily opened as if someone had unlocked it. So I was puzzled but I went ahead and got my towel and got in the shower. After getting out of the shower and settling for bed. I tried lying down to go to sleep. I had no upstairs neighbors and my next door neighbor lived alone and I knew he wasn't home, as he worked 12 hour shifts. So as I start to doze off I hear knocking on my walls that woke me. I chalked it up to the fact that maybe I was just tired and maybe imagining things. As I dozed off a second time. I hear keys jinglin as if someone was walking around my bedroom with keys. I sleep lightly so I immediately awoke. Only for the jingling to stop. As I slowly dozed off again I heard someone say wait or woah, I couldn't really distinguish. And I immediately heard the keys again this time it was as if it was right next to my bed so I awoke to the sound and a 5 foot black shadow with a top hat and a staff in it's hand standing over the side of my bed. After I saw it, it stayed there for 2 seconds only to disappear with the jingling sounds. I don't know if this is the same thing as you experienced but this was not the end of the eerie things that took place in that apartment. This thing started to oppress me so much I had my landlord to move me to another apartment.
pookeysmithers in She Kept On Teaching
A quiet visit would have been nice. No reason to avoid someone you liked.
[at] TheTantrik Thanks for the validation. I really appreciate it. I will surely take some insights from a Tantrik wrt this specific issue.
I had a similar incident. Woke up to having my ankles grabbed and pulled... I was terrified and instantly left and stayed the night at my moms house because I was the only one home when it happened.
Macknorton in Harbinger Of Death

I've been following this thread and reading the intelligent, searching questions that have been put to you, and there's a lot to this story that just doesn't add up for me, personally. And I just can't let some things slide, for better or for worse.

So your parents both predicted that a murder would take place in 3 days at the school? That's highly unusual, and would put them as prime suspects, if I was a detective working on the case.

Also, for so many children / people to all see, at the same time, an "omen" of a murder that hadn't even happened is almost completely unheard of, in my experience. I could be wrong.

But the aspect that I really struggle with is the sight of teachers and students cleaning up what appears to be a brutal murder scene. From what I understand, (and this, I would assume would apply, logically, around the planet), the only people interested in or are motivated to clean up a murder scene are:

A) The vile person (s) who actually committed the murder.

B) Accomplices who are assisting the murderers to clean up after themselves. Almost as vile.

C) Police or professional cleaners who contract to police forces to literally clean up all the blood, brains, tissue matter etc that is left, AFTER the forensic team have moved through, painstakingly looking for DNA, hair samples, fibers etc. That could link the killer (s) to the crime scene. Without this DNA evidence, it's almost impossible to convict anyone.

The idea that teachers (supposed to be intelligent) would find that scene and then not only start washing up an obvious brutal murder, but also get students to mop up human brain matter is, to be frank, an absurd proposition, even in a work of fiction.

In terms of Lady Glows questions, you wrote:

"You also asked, "have you done any research as to confirm if they are FACTS or only rumors?"

-Who would have such leisure time to play detective. If the rumors doesn't personally affect nor concern you, then you won't feel the need to prove whether it's true or not, right? Most people would chose not to meddle too much specially if it has anything to do with the paranormal. Something as mysterious and unfathomable as that is not to be trifled with."

You could be correct when you suggest that perhaps the paranormal shouldn't be "trifled with" but providing basic facts / specifics regarding the actual murder to support your story IS something that should be trifled with, in my opinion.

Surely, the verification of an actual murder that took place at this un-named school, would help the credibility of, not only your story, but also help to add to the credibility of psychics who can actually foresee events such as this.

I personally find it hard to believe that this murder wouldn't have been in the papers, on the news, and that the victim wouldn't have been identified.

You also wrote, rather defensively:

"You also stated that it's easy to find information nowadays. Well, hate to break it to you but acquiring an accurate and detailed information about death records and the history of some place isn't as easy as it seems. Even you yourself would find it troublesome and laborious to do so. Moreover, I don't have it in me to go an extra mile just to prove every little detail about my experience. Besides, it happened a long time ago..."

To me, as you had it in you to provide incredible details in your story about things such as checking your temperature, how you moved your hand on your neck, where you were looking...etc, so why expend a bit more energy to validate this account with some information around the school, and the victim?

And finally you wrote that "it happened a long time ago"...which was my point I made in an earlier post; it seemed like it happened only yesterday, the way you wrote it.

Please know that I truly hope you don't take offence, or get upset about my opinions, but you must understand when you post accounts that are SUPPOSED to be true on this site, and your account has more holes in it than a family-sized block of Swiss cheese, then questions will naturally be asked.

Yours skeptically,

LightMight in Numerous Happenings
There are various ways to cleanse your home without using sage/incense smoke cleansings (aka smudging). You can always check online for alternative cleansing practices, such as: Natural Light cleansing, Vibrational Sound Cleansing, and so on. These are usually very effective techniques to use, but you must believe in what you are doing in order to get positive results. Removing any excess clutter around a home before any cleansing is conducted, always helps too.

Good Luck
_Little-Miss-Skinny_ in Harbinger Of Death
Dear Lady-glow,

Your question "Did the spirit of the murdered woman joined the resident ghosts of the haunted storeroom?" was in a way stated inadequately and wasn't actually elaborated enough, so I apologize if I misunderstood it.

And this is my answer to your "other" question. -No, there wasn't any reported sightings. But even if there were, it would be hard to distinguish nor identify if the ghost sighted was really of the murdered victim itself. Besides, we never saw her dead body and we also didn't know what she looked like.

You also asked, "have you done any research as to confirm if they are FACTS or only rumors?"

-Who would have such leisure time to play detective. If the rumors doesn't personally affect nor concern you, then you won't feel the need to prove whether it's true or not, right? Most people would chose not to meddle too much specially if it has anything to do with the paranormal. Something as mysterious and unfathomable as that is not to be trifled with.

You also stated that it's easy to find information nowadays. Well, hate to break it to you but acquiring an accurate and detailed information about death records and the history of some place isn't as easy as it seems. Even you yourself would find it troublesome and laborious to do so. Moreover, I don't have it in me to go an extra mile just to prove every little detail about my experience. Besides, it happened a long time ago.

Regarding your inquiries about the teacher. Well, all I could say is that she's a strict one. A very straightforward kind of person. I never really knew her that much so I don't want to assume whether or not she's a superstitious or a pragmatic type of person.

"Did you and/or your parents, or any of the neighbors hear the commotion?"

-Well, someone must've heard. The police wouldn't be there if no one noticed it.

"Was curiosity to go and check what had happened during the night, the reason why you "went very early to school that day"?"

My answer is: No, "curiosity to go and check" was never the reason. It was merely a coincidence. I've been arriving late to school for some consecutive days and my teacher told me off about it, saying that if I am ever late again then I would be marked absent for the day. That's why I went to school early that day.

I hope I answered your questions without any misunderstandings. Thank you for your feedback.
Wow! Very interesting and unnerving experiences.
Thanks for sharing.
lady-glow in Harbinger Of Death

"Umm... I think I might have to go back and ask the spirits before I could answer this question🀣."

It seems like I didn't explained myself well enough, or you didn't understand my question.

To begin with, a violent and untimely death took place at the school grounds, that would be enough a reason to leave an imprint of the events, a residual haunting, on the vicinity of the murder; or that the spirit of the woman didn't moved on given the tragic circumstances of her death and stayed, somehow attached, to the spot where she died.

My question is, in other words, if there was any reported new and/or additional paranormal activity in the store room or somewhere else after the murder took place.
After all, your narrative suggests that the school is haunted by numerous ghosts and that they have been witnessed by numerous people.

It puzzles me the way you constantly mention "rumors" as the source of the hauntings but, have you done any research as to confirm if they are FACTS or only rumors?

Nowadays it should be easy to find out the history and use of the land before the school was built; and probably any death (teacher's?) that might have taken place there, should be registered in the annals of the town.

"Our teacher told us that some bloody handprints of a person would just randomly appear on the walls"

Were there any more witnesses whom could corroborate this event? What was the character of this particular teacher? Were they the superstitious or the pragmatic kind?

"We lived in a rental house just right in front of the school"

Did you and/or your parents, or any of the neighbors hear the commotion? I'm sure the woman must have screamed bloody murder, no pun intended, while she was trying to escape and before dying.

Was curiosity to go and check what had happened during the night, the reason why you "went very early to school that day"?

Thanks in advance for your feedback.
Hi Skade

Hospitals tend to have more ghostly activity due to the passing on that happens daily, it can be both frightening and scary.

The alarm incident reminded me of something that my cousin had told me some time ago, he works in a security company control room and one night this particular house alarm went off and the censors in each room would go off simultaneously, so naturally he would send over a security guard to the house to check if everything is in order, however the guard said that there was nobody in the house and that the neighbors were out and will only be returning the next day.
Good to see moderates approving a story from India after a very long time
Hello Skade,

I can totally relate to your story, I've had many experiences in the health care/medical field that are so similar to yours! I suppose it shouldn't surprise most of us who work in hospitals and care facilities because when one is transitioning from the living state to cessation, during the death process there is a tranference of energy that can be felt within the room and beyond - and sometimes that energy can linger long after the body is gone, as you probably know.

Many years ago, when I first started training as a nursing assistant in the first acute care facility I ever worked in, I experienced what I believe was a prankster type spirit. I was training with another CNA during the night shift, in a newer facilty. During our first week of training, we noticed that a call light and emergency door alarm would activate all throughout the night in one particular room, yet nobody was occupying that room. Often in that same room, the bathroom light would be turned on for no reason, the light was motion sensor activated which meant there had to be some sort of activity in order for the light to stay on. Most of the staff believed that room was 'occupied' by a spirit that liked to play pranks. The RN who was supervising us told us to disregard the alarms and light issues because that room was never used for patients - she didn't gave a reason why, but my guess was because it had so many electrical issues. One of my most chilling experiences happened in home health care, at a clients home where the home's security system would constantly malfunction, the kitchen appliances would turn on by themselves, and the house was always felt cold even during the hot summer months. Something I never had gotten used to when I worked at that client's home, was the dense, physical pressure that I would feel when entering the client's bedroom - it felt like being under water. At that particular home, I never felt comfortable while working there. When I first started out in the nursing field, these types of experiences used to put me on edge, but now I've just accepted that these experiences happen from time to time.

It's comforting for me to know that I'm not the only one who's felt this way πŸ˜‰ Thank you for sharing your stories!
_Little-Miss-Skinny_ in Harbinger Of Death
Hello The_Lost_Voyage_11, I'm quite uncertain where to begin🀣 but I'll try my best to fully address every inquiries.

-I remembered that there was a rumor indicating that the school was built on top of a cemetery. Personally, I think that it's true, because some tombstones were discovered at the school. There were also other classrooms that was converted into a storage room and most of them are rumored to be haunted. So I guess being "haunted" might be the reason why classrooms were converted into storage rooms.

-Our teacher told us that some bloody handprints of a person would just randomly appear on the walls of that room, and a lot of students even said that they have heard noises as if someone was crying inside one of those rooms. There was also a rumor that a teacher died on one of the other classroom so it was converted into a storage room and was used to store wooden chairs and tables. That room was also rumored to be haunted, because a lot of times some chairs or tables would just fall or move on their own.

-I think the figure I saw was an omen of what's to come, because the direction it was heading to coincides with where the victims body was found. Also, the figure I saw wasn't transparent nor see-through so I think its in a solid form. Although all I saw was a figure in black, I was still able to identify it as a "lady" because in our culture only women (specifically older women) who goes to church wears a veil or head covering that partially covers their face. I didn't see the face because its head was covered by a black veil. Moreover, the reason why I didn't see its feet might be because it was nonexistent. I remembered that the hem of its dress was clearly a few inches above the ground.

-We lived in a rental house just right in front of the school at that time and according to the news that circulated in our neighborhood; the jealous husband was eventually caught, and the reason why he shot the womans lover was because he was chasing him but he couldn't catch up so he fired a shot at him. The jealous husband was afraid that the loud sound of firing a gun would attract more attention that's why he chose to kill the woman with a rock.
_Little-Miss-Skinny_ in Harbinger Of Death
Hello Lady-glow, I'll proceed to address your questions one by one

Question 1: Was there a chalk outline of the murder victim on the concrete?
-No, there wasn't. But there were a lot of hairs (others were even gathered into wet clumps). Moreover, a lot of adults back then believe that the police wasn't functioning properly due to corruption, so I guess they don't have enough personnel or materials (specially chalk πŸ˜‚) to use to conduct a thorough investigation.

Question 2: Did the police agree to teachers and students cleaning the crime scene so fast?
-I'm not really sure how to answer this question as I have not spoken to a police officer about it.

Question 3: Didn't the school close for the day after such violent and gory event?
-In the Philippines, many accidents happen on the road leaving some of the victims body mangled beyond recognition. But after a brief stop, the flow of traffic would then continue. I think the principle is the same for what happened in the school. Furthermore, the school could not easily contact the parents as most of them don't have a cellphone. Dismissing the students is also not good as others would surely not go home immediately which increases the risk for accidents or unforeseen circumstances. So instead of telling the students that school is canceled for today, the school continued on as if nothing happened.

Bonus Question: Did the spirit of the murdered woman joined the resident ghosts of the haunted storeroom?
-Umm... I think I might have to go back and ask the spirits before I could answer this question🀣.
_Little-Miss-Skinny_ in Harbinger Of Death
Hello BaiAnina! It was not covered in television news, as TV news coverage was mostly about the happenings in Luzon (where the capital, Manila, was located), incidents in Mindanao can hardly reach the capital. But I'm not sure if the rural radio station have covered/broadcast it (we don't own a radio back then, so I don't know).
_Little-Miss-Skinny_ in Harbinger Of Death
Hello Rajine

Witnessing a tragic and bloody scene might be traumatic. But to some people, specially to those who seem to become accustomed to it, something like that happening is just a trivial matter for them.

Also, having to grow up in a very poor family and a not so good environment, children are bound to mature early. In my opinion, that might be the reason why the area wasn't blocked, why the school was still open and why the police have only taken the victims body and unperturbed about handling the blood.

I strongly believe that a crime must not be overlooked nor be dismissed without proper investigation. But back then, specially in some of the rural areas in the Philippines, catching a criminal and solving a crime is something more difficult than finding a needle in a haystack.
I haven't been logged in for years, so apologies for not replying.

To answer some old comments, I chose my username after Skadi, the norse goddess of winter, but yes "skada" means "to damage, hurt" in Swedish so it's almost the same as in Afrikaans. I however literally don't even harm flies so it's after the independent skiing goddess.

For those feeling sorry for the child:

I didn't add this before because it was definitely not a haunting, but a couple months after this experience I had a dream that I got a package. It had a note that said the osteology department where I used to study was spring cleaning, and had found a box of haunted bones that they thought I would be interested in taking care of. As you do. It was this old wooden box with the disarticulated bones of a child inside, and they could "speak" like a normal child. The dream itself was the usual vague nonsense if a bit unusually morbid, but I remember the bones and the voice were very vivid. This time I decided, mentally rolling up my sleeves, that yes, to heck with it, all children are important, and being a disembodied voice haunting bones was really just a special need when you thought about it. I was going to parent this one too and get him/her into kindergarten and school no matter the bureaucratic problems (because even in the dream I understood there would be such with a ghost adoption), and, I thought, my kids are brave and compassionate so they wouldn't mind this sibling.

After that, I've never dreamt of an extra child again. If there was indeed some outside influence affecting me, maybe it was satisfied.
It is said here that "will read the comments but won't participate in the discussion."

Hope you saw this, we can talk in my story. Are you seriously what you saw was a goat monster and not a kangaroo? LOL πŸ˜‚.
As for the witch thing, she is not a witch either, but what you saw was really a ghost. The one she's holding, shiny comb and antique like mirror, is her valuable possession and she's still using it even after she died as what I heard ghosts cary their valuable things to them even after their death

Hoping that you read my comment and we can talk in my story that I posted here.
JoJorocks in Witch's Cackle?
Konichiwa ScareTale

As stated by some commenters here, it could be some sort of a wild animal, since lots of animal species can mimic human sounds or have sounds that are mistaken for human.

Ok,for the arrowheads part, your place is probably a former battlefield, I concluded that the sound you heard, if it was truly paranormal, was that of a lost spirit who died a violent death.

In my opinion, if not some sort of a lost spirit, probably a howl of a random wild animal since animals sometimes can mimic human sounds.

Have you ever try researching about the history of your place. Or if someone had died there. Maybe a lost soul or some sort of an entity.
Crimson T - Hahaha! Rex has been called a dinosaur quite a few times. He's been known to use rudey words on smart devices when they outsmart him.

Lady-glow - None of us were really prepared for her loss. She touched all our lives. But we've found that in helping Dean through this period, we're also helping ourselves come to terms with saying goodbye to Miriam.

Abuela Gloria is a wise healer, clever and well-loved. She also has many grown-up children and grandchildren to get up early and harvest her herbs, and even pick strawberries too. 😊
Hi there Lightnight, the only owners were the ones who had built it and he did not die in the war so I believe his wife sold it shortly after he passed. And thank you Rajine, it was quite a trip seeing him, I wasn't sure what worse he would do but luckily I think he was just very connected to that home and sometimes I wish I couldve connected to him more
Thanks for the compliment I haven't been on here in a long time but I'm back and I'm looking forward to finishing off a few memories and stories I have
Hi _Little_Miss_Skinny

That certainly is a tragic way to die, I've often heard about supposed omens appearances from spirits and signs just before someone dies in many different cultures, even experienced a few myself.

But I have to say that it's very irresponsible for the police to let teachers and students clean up the crime scene, weren't they supposed to block off that area? Why did they even allow school to be open until they finished with investigation and clean up.
BaiAnina in Harbinger Of Death
Hi, Little Miss Skinny! I have to admit, I too am intrigued. Was this ever covered in the news and do you happen to know what became of the suspect? That was a brutal way to go, if it were true... A crime of passion, indeed. Is it also alright to ask where your school was?

It must've been a frightening experience to see such a horrible omen in broad daylight, a time when we generally should feel safe. I can't imagine the emotional stress that brought, especially if your classmates saw it too. Even worse, a violent crime happening in such a place and is sure to leave spiritual traces πŸ˜•
Jubeele and RexT.

Dean is very fortunate for have such caring and close friends as both of you.


I hope my counterpart in your teddy bear story doesn't have to get up at 5:00 every morning to pick strawberries before it gets too hot.
lady-glow in Harbinger Of Death
I have the same questions as TLV plus some of my own.

Was there a chalk outline of the murder victim on the concrete?
Did the police agree to teachers and students cleaning the crime scene so fast?
Didn't the school close for the day after such violent and gory event?

Did the spirit of the murdered woman joined the resident ghosts of the haunted storeroom?

Knowing the way blood sticks to surfaces after it has dried up, I imagine that all that washing was pointless.

Looking forward to your feedback.

Thanks for sharing.
Macknorton in Harbinger Of Death
Hi Little-Miss-Skinny,

How long ago did this occur? 13 years ago? You were just 10 - 11 years old? You have an amazing memory! It's like it just happened yesterday!😲

Thanks for sharing.


The_Lost_Voyage_11 in Harbinger Of Death
Hello _Litttle-Miss-Skinny_, thank you for sharing your story and welcome to YGS! I'm intrigued by this experience and wonder if you could share the details/stories regarding that storage room, You mentioned that the teacher at the time said no one reported shadows but did tell you and the other students the reported hauntings in that room. I wonder if that's part if not all of the reason the room was converted from a classroom to a storage room? Perhaps the figure you saw was an omen of what was to come, perhaps not, if the room already had a history of hauntings. Do you know much about the non-haunted history of the building you had that class in, the detached building? The figure you saw, was it solid, or more like a shadow, any more details? There's something about the story I can't put my finger on, some detail that ties it all together and I believe it has to do with the area if not the building. I have a feeling there's a lot of negative energy in that particular area and it may be no coincidence that the murder that followed your sighting occurred in almost that same spot. Many people have sightings of figures like "The Black Lady" in many cultures and it is said to proceed a death, usually of someone close, a family or friend. You didn't indicate that you personally knew the victim and what is even odder is the figure was seen in the general area of the murder itself. I have heard of these entities being seen in the area where a person dies, like a grim reaper kind of character but usually it's someone already close to death, like in a hospital or sent home to be with family? At least to the extent of my knowledge. That's what makes me question whether the entity really had anything to do with predicting what was to happen or just linked to the negative energy in that area, especially the way it made you feel. Please forgive the questions, they are not meant to discredit your account, I believe you, I am just thinking aloud if you will, trying to put the pieces together. I am hoping it may also give you another perspective on what you witnessed and what may have happened in connection with the sighting. Did you find out any more about the murder in the years since, was the jealous husband caught? I find it strange that he shot the woman's lover but killed her with a rock? I know you caught wind of the teachers conversations which at the time could have been more rumor and conjecture than reality, so I'm wondering if you able to corroborate the facts of the case? I appreciate your time and story and am looking forward to your answers on these questions, you've got me thinking!
KaushikBhandary in Maasthi In The Forest
Hi lady-glow.

I didn't mean the disrespect anyone or anything. I shared what my grandfather narrated. On the other hand Maasthi are spirits of people who are attached to earthly desires and refuse to leave. Masthi doesn't have any gender, they metaphor into the opposite gender of the victim. I don't really know about other places but in india we have diverse cultures and in each culture it has different depictions for things. In my culture i.e tulunadu we believe and name these things such and have our ways to deal with it. Like I said there isn't gender typical guidelines for such things even if you are women, child, man whatever here people follow that. And such incidents happen in remote areas and not cities.
KaushikBhandary in Maasthi In The Forest
Hi Steve

I ll be posting many such stories mostly which are of my family and ancestoral house. By the way you can't out run a maasthi, they say Maasthi has the tendancy to make you run in a loop, you might be right inform of your house but still won't see it. Hence they say that you should run away from a maasthi
KaushikBhandary in Maasthi In The Forest
Hi rajine

There are a lot of such things which even I don't know, this specific thing about urinating and getting naked is known by most of the people in tulunadu. Maasthi is usually a spirit which likes to irritate and cause nuisance to people. In very rare instances they possess people.
Hello cantunSEEit,

I can resonate with your story, I had a similar experience around 5 years ago with my wife making the same noises however it wasn't an Orb, it was more like a small mist. It startled me that much I went into fight mode swinging away it with my pillow lmao... I shouldn't make light of it however, in the heat of the moment It just felt like the only thing I could do.

It slowly moved away from my wife across the wall of our room with me still swinging at it like a maniac. Post maniac injury assessment, I think I pulled out muscles I never knew I had up and down my back and legs to keep it away from her. My wife then woke up thinking it was me having the nightmare yelling out my name and asking me to wake up... Counting sheep some half an hour later something or someone flicked me in the back of the ear? So I guess what ever it was, it didn't enjoy the pillow fight,lmao. Geezus, what can you do but laugh right? Anyway,

Can orbs, mist etc enter into our dreams? They probably can if we are in the right phase of sleeping state however, if an energy of consciousness gets into our own space of consciousness we can transcribe the sensation physically and that feeling can feel quite uncomfortable. I have experienced that sensation in a waking state a few times and it's not a nice feeling.

Regards Daz!
Alenasiouxlee in Alone With A Poltergeist
Hello ScareTale,
I enjoyed reading your story; however, I'm unsure which was more frightening, the poltergeist activity or your mom getting upset by the experience. At any rate your experience should have been met with concern not anger. I'm sorry she treated you that way but from my experience evil spirits are attracted to emotions of the varying kind within homes.
CrimsonTopaz, I also wanted to apologize (briefly) because, for some reason, I thought you were male. ('Topaz' in my language is a masculine noun.) Sorry if I made confusing statements ❀

I am sorry, I will try to do better by the guidelines.
Sleeping-with-steve in I Miss My Father Dearly:
Hello GingerBug,

Thank you for sincere comments on our dad. (CrimsonTopaz is my sister).

On 'Your ghost stories.com', they like you to comment on the post you are replying to and try not to sway into other stories or talk on a thread that isn't related. (Please don't be offended. I'm just letting you know before you get pulled up on it.)

You can email members who have their email details on their profiles to discuss matters that may be personal or simply have a chat.

I've read your comments and I agree with my sister, you do write very well and have obviously got many memories to share.

Best wishes,

Thank you for your kind words. They are actually really appreciated.

My great grandpa actually totally spoiled me. I was not asked to help around with anything at all and if I wanted, I could spend all day long reading books in the 'orange-curtain room'.

While my aunt (aged 17 at the time) was chased out to do her weeding.

But I helped anyway.

The reason why I have such developed opinions on weird stuff is actually also related to the father issues.

My great grandfather was a really good role model but he was old and I guess there were some things I could not learn in that relationship. That it's different somehow.

And when I was about 6 - 7, I started sneak-watching 'The X-Files' and I sort of 'adopted' special agent Fox Mulder as my 'spiritual' father:)

I tried to be like him and I really admired him (as well as agent Scully) and I learned to combine intuition, knowledge in science and folklore / mythology with simply sound judgement and knowing the human character.

It stayed with me all through these years and I was quite entertained to read in last week's National Geographics that the US military has released an official report on UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon) which is the new term for UFOs. 143 cases out of 144 - unexplained muhahahahaha... 1 out of 144 = deflated air balloon 😁

Personally, I think those are not aliens but what we have been calling fairies.

There are ancient texts and pictures from over than 6000 years ago indicating that aliens might have visited us in spaceships.

If they were flying 'saucers' back then, I believe they must have advanced far beyond such technology, perhaps, having developed methods of teleportation etc.

Because that is more sustainable and resource-effective. Why would aliens keep using 'outdated' crafts that they had 6000 years ago?

I think those are terrestrial technologies observed by the military, just not human-made.

I came to these thoughts after reading 'Artemis Fowl' and massive amounts of different culture fairy stories.

And this is how I roll:D
LightMight in Man Of The House
Hello and Welcome Namara,

Perhaps the previous owner just wanted to let you know that he was still keeping watch over his property? Speaking of the previous owners, did you have any old photo's of the couple? I'm just wondering if this was in fact the spirit of the man who once built and owned this home, or if this was someone/something else lingering? The last World War was quite some time ago; do you know if anyone else had lived there prior to your family?

Very nice story you've shared here 😊
CrimsonTopaz in I Miss My Father Dearly:
Your great grandfather obviously did a great job raising you because you turned out to be the person you are today. I might not know you, however, I do sense a genuine, caring, kind, and not to mention a clever individual who writes really well.
Stay well and happy my friend.
It was very meaningful and touching to me.

To be honest, I never had a proper father (I had a really awesome greatgrandfather though and another cool grandpa who, unfortunately, lived quite far away).

And reading about such father figure and trying to 'trace' their motivations and realizing that they might be even after death trying to find new ways to be with their loved ones and to create safety for them - briefly speaking, it was a delightful morning I spent thinking of it:)

So thank you for sharing your experience.
CrimsonTopaz in I Miss My Father Dearly:
What a lovely reply and once again so detailed and full of interesting feedback. *Compliment*
I appreciate your thoughts and you have certainly opened my eyes to new things.
I don't know when I'll put another story together, I do have situations I'd like to share.
Thank you Gingerbug for your interest in reading my tale and being so kind.
Hi Namara
This is a really touching story, just by reading it I can feel the love between the old owners of your house, I suppose he took great pride and care in that house so much so that he is/was still around long after his passing.

I believe that he is still there, just that the more you don't pay attention, the less you will encounter him.

After our peculiar first encounter:), I was curious to read your experiences.

I truly enjoyed the account of your father and such stories give me hope, truly, of really strong families with great values holding together in life and after this life.

I think that your youth must have not been altogether that easy (responsibility over the family affairs and siblings and even respect for one's highly ethical parents can put some strain on a person that others might never get to... Enjoy) but that is the most meaningful hardship that, I see, is appreciated with maturity.

Your life has always been meaningful and that is more than many people can claim who stray about looking for their values and roles.

From the spiritual perspective, have you considered that the afterlife is also a place of transformation and changing 'rules'?

On one hand, it could be that your father is simply losing his physical attachments to this world and thereby, he is not capable of manifesting himself in the former manner.

From what I have read in varied literature, our afterlife presence can be related to our physical body and its gradual dissipation (which is why some cultures, such as ancient Egyptians, seek to preserve the bodies of those who are somehow important representatives to their values or embodiment of a whole race etc.).

Also, your father's presence might have diminished after your older brother passed over because that is another 'physical anchor' gone.

Yet your father seeks to keep himself around you in the ways still accessible to him.

Maybe, as you mature and you seem to contemplate more of your father's psychological and physical dispositions, you become tuned into his presence in ways that are rather more emotional or intellectual.

Just like, as little children, we early on rely on our parents' physical presence (e.g. Varied hugs, getting picked up and carried), later on we form more understanding of who our parents are as psychological and intellectual and spiritual beings (which is also a presence but it is manifested through other channels).

I don't know if you are the eldest of your father's children, presently, but maybe you are more similar to your father emotionally rather than physically and hereby, when your father was using your elder, deceased brother's physical medium, he is now using yours which has more to do with feelings. And that, once more, you have a meaningful role in alleviating your father's efforts to stay around as his physical attachment to our world is fading and it might take greater toll to manifest himself in it as sights and sounds etc.

The third thing that I wanted to suggest was that perhaps when we die, we still keep evolving.

So if your father worked very hard, it can happen that he did not have the time resource to establish these bonds of emotional affection.

And now that he has 'rested', maybe he is developing what he could not achieve in his earthly life with you.

I do not mean to say that he had no feeling or affection while here - I mean to say that maybe he had not the time and capacity (and belonged with a different generation) to become aware of what he felt for you.

And this change in his presence might, coincidentally, arise out of the fact that your father is becoming more aware of his love for you and your love for him.

And it probably helps that you are thinking about him and you are proud of him and you are talking about him - you are creating this new level of coexistence (which belongs with love and recollection and imagination that fuels our understanding of one another).

That you are creating this 'realm' where you can be together irrespective of your states of 'living' or 'dead'.

Taken that your father is an extremely caring patriarch, he might also be attempting to create this space for the sake of your mother who, in her consciousness, as far as I understand, is straying from the worldly matters.

Maybe he is creating a space interhabitat for her, as well. If her mind wanders, it can wander thereabouts more securely.

Those are my thoughts:)

Appreciated the story. You should write more. I wish unto you some benevolent, benign and cheery spirit that haunts you into another tale;) :P
Abhiharsh in Who Lit The Candle?
I came across this story as I googled Hunted ongc colony panevl mumbai. I had a strange encounter there back in the year 2006 or 2007 ---- My friend's friend father use to work in the ONGC. He was from Aasaam and I used to live in the Mira Road, They called me up for night stay as there was no one at their home plus my friends's friend whos name was Gupta got a extra flat house ---so I went there --- we had beers and other stuff and went to sleep in that flat which was near a canteen in ongc I don't remember the block ---- In the night three of us heard the voice of foot step and ringing payal sound ---- although all of three heard it but didn't disclose it to each other until next morning when all of us discuss the incident... So today after a long time I wanted to know if anyone else had any such experience and I found this story ----- ONGC colony at panvel is strange and full of paranormal activities
Gingerbug, thanks for your thoughtful comments. It's good to get a sort of unbiased point of view.

To clarify, my family makes fun of me in only the kindest of ways. They basically know I'm right, but they're not comfortable with the subject. I'd like to NOT have these experiences, but they just piled up over the years to the point I could not ignore them. Take care!
Ah, thank you for the explanation. My brain was seeing Can... As opposed to can't unsee (the apostrophe was missing for me, so I couldn't see it). Which could be an analogy for how/why some people can see things like your mouse and some cannot. Reminds me of those puzzles where you can see two different pictures...

I've read all of your stories and really enjoy them. Your wife is a sweetie for typing for you! Thanks so much for sharing with us all!

Also, quickly... Did the mouse look dead? Did it look similar to a living mouse or skanky? Just curious (should not have read Stephen King's "Dead Zone.")
MrsRamsay I called it a protective shield from seeing its nose was the point of the V and a 1/2 inch thick. The shield V was only there because a dead mouse was running. Was it the only way mouse could show itself? Was this dead mouse so smart it produced this V so I would see it? To let me see what I have done. I felt it was a protective shield. I really don't know anything. I CANTUNSEE that amazing V.I know my stories are just out there it would be easy to call me a liar or starved for attention. But many have been full on apparitions like this one and I have good attention to details. I told the wife when I was thinking up new name here, I just can't un see this stuff. I feel lucky to have seen this mouse. Many of my crossings seem to be learning lessons. And no my 1st encounter was couple in the cloud in the late 1960s. No ghost stuff for over 40 years. Then it started only noticed when adding mirrors. When myself and medium sent curly hair to the light I asked medium why would this start happening so many years later and she said it can start and also just stop at any time. So If this is my last sighting ever that would be ok with me I feel I have seen my share.
This was sort of exactly what I hoped to read after finding out about your interest in history:) Thank you!

I am a very compassionate person but I also have that slightly psychopathic side to myself where I find information curious and appealing even if it makes me sad and grieved.

I was happy to read that you were joined in your adventures by your boyfriend and that he even added his meaningful input.

I am certain your family means well even if they are teasing you (probably to keep you to themselves because the spiritual world has its strong appeal, it can 'steal you away').

But sometimes it can get lonely when you are involved in these often aggravating (and somewhat isolating) experiences all by your lonesome.

The wet tent bit was riveting as the information unfolded later after the incident.

You probably appreciate it as well, having been a journalist.

How the world keeps stitching the pieces of narrative up as you go until an entire story is revealed to you and then you must be clever to know whether you invented the patchwork if it is real.

I hope that the people who died in that battle are aware that they actually contributed to great changes and the world has been a better place because of that.

I do not even live in the USA but the Civil War has certainly affected my liberties.

Sometimes I think we should add to our memorial services some form of political and social reports where we explain to our deceased and their progeny why what they achieved was important (specifically and factually) :)

Generally, I feel like you are a person who bumps into 'left-behind' physical manifestations of spiritual experiences.

I think that the deceased often leave these things behind, unprocessed, and they linger.

For example, a soldier in battle frenzy or exhaustion won't really be aware of wet tent stench or muddy trails or how it feels inside of his own body to be running into the fight.

And as they leave, I happen to believe they 'abandon' these experiences behind along with their bodies for us to pick up.

Be it how it may, thank you for the story.
SilverMyst in Creature's Head
First time posting a comment on this site. Very interesting story. Can't help but compare this creatures head to that of the dragon in the movie The Neverending Story. Please Google it if you're not familiar with it. The movie was shown in the early 80's. It sounds like this creature was benevolent as it did not give off evil vibes. It could have been a manifestation of your spirit guide or protector. I've read other comments with similar feedback. I think you should revisit that memory and analyze it from every possible angle then analyze again...
Thank you for your comments and I appreciate your taking the time to share your thoughts. We often to think American people are not very thoughtful and some appear not to be, but there are many very thoughtful citizens among us.

Years ago my wife, Donna taught me to start my day with a time to be still and quiet. It has helped me so over the years as I struggled with administrative problems as well as personal ones and I have shared it with our children and grandchildren.

Thank you again and have a nice peaceful day. Ralph
Dear Mrs. Ramsay,

That is very interesting and it adds to my theory that you might be called upon as a very 'useful' individual.

I mean, mostly, we develop either our intuition or logical judgement but rarely we have the time and capacity for both.

When we can do that, I think, we can become very valuable because we can seek to affect both the spiritual and the practical existence.

What you wrote about the trees --- rang a bell --- because recently similar activities took place in my region.

Many trees were taken down unnecessarily and it caused enormous social anxiety but it was not directly - it did not involve protests respectively to those trees.

It was just a disturbance and I came to think that it involved maybe the physical effects of less oxygen and the noise pollution (chainsawing, heavy machinery) but also some spiritual aspects that were now wanting.

In my culture, trees are considered almost as people. In our folk songs, they are often called mothers, brothers, sisters, fathers etc.

They serve as channels - for example, many people were orphaned here and the orphans would find their families with the trees and the trees would send to them the blessings that normally must go through the family members (or accept their prayers).

Maybe the taking out of the trees shut off some channel which used to pass information to the spiritual side and now it is stuck and it is creating a certain 'buzz'.

When the trees are absent, the information stays around causing physical disturbance.

The trees would, hereby, offer the same relief as a priest would by 'taking our confessions' and thereby, sort of 'vanishing' our sins.

Moreso, if the trees were not taken down for just reasons, it might be that the chainsawing (which is the sound to our sin) is still lingering because the spiritual channels are not strong enough to process it (forgiveness).

Maybe it is the 'sinful' chainsawing you 'heard' and that send your ears ringing.

Because the 'sacrifice' was not performed by people who understood what they were doing, fully.

The rest of the things that you wrote are also extremely interesting.

You are a very interesting person and I am looking forward to reading more of your experiences.

I have not looked at the rest of your posts yet but I hope they involve Civil War stuff, too:)
Good morning! Saw the title and just KNEW it was you, for some reason. Sometime, explain to us your chosen avatar name, if possible? CanTUNseeit? Just curious.

The "protective V" you describe has me fascinated. Why would a ghost mouse need protection?:)
From your traps?
Just super interesting, this "ribbon" of black with the black mouse on the brown shiny floor. One of my first stories here was about seeing my late husband in the black ribbon of my VCR video tapes (that I could only see on my camera, not when playing them on the tv). I wonder if the black stuff is what helps them appear (which might also explain black shadow figures... Reminds me of a void of some kind, or light refractions maybe being different between here and where they are).
Is it possible the "shield" was just the black light refraction being left behind as the mouse moved quickly forward, almost like a wake on the water?
It seems like you see things that only my camera would see, does this go back to when you were a kid?
Wild. I don't like to kill things either, even mice. But sometimes you gotta do it!
Gingerbug, thank you for your observations. I'm a little bit in awe of your assumptions. I had not mentioned that I'm a former newspaper columnist in my area... Stopped writing a few years ago due to changes at the paper, but still very involved in my community. Your theory is super interesting on so many levels.

I do believe over the last few years I've become really attuned to where things happened and the spiritual connections they hold, which I think comes with putting intuition as well as factual knowledge together. For example, I've got mapped out in my head (and vaguely on my computer) of where various incidents have happened in my area related to the Civil War and then how the real estate development (I was also a R.E. Marketer for a home builder) occurred around the area. For example, certain neighborhoods seem less successful, not lining up with the actual product but more with the land upon which it's built. Homes that sell over and over vs. Homes that never do sell. Areas where reports of strange activity have occurred. It's like a hobby of mine, a mix of history and current stuff. For example, there's a bridge that Sherman's army marched over, 120, 000 troops, and then they destroyed it behind them. The homes around there are... Strange. Not sure how to put it any differently. And realtor friends back that up with anectdotal stories.

The intuition thing has been with me a long time, and now that I'm actively aware of the spiritual possibilities it makes more sense, though I am still not very educated on some of this stuff. I would seriously not want my family to tease me more than they already do!

Anyway, currently at the spot that the seatbelt activity happened (and where the young people died), just since I wrote the initial story here, a developer has torn down an old house and cleared every tree, a considerable amount. It only looks to be a few acres, clear cut (a shame), and the topography is NOT looking good for building homes, it's very low lying. There's a fence around it (very unusual for our area when a new development happens) and no one is quite sure what the plan is. I'm keeping my eye on it, but I do wonder... Why did the people who lived in the old house on the property sell SO QUICKLY after the accident? It all raises many questions.
Good morning RalphHyde, your story is just super. Many of us would love to have such an experience, one last conversation with our loved one!

I was just reading about a family in Miami whose grandparents are missing in the condo collapse last week. They have gotten 16 phone calls from their grandparents' landline, and when they either answer or listen to the message, they get only static. I am wondering if they amped up the sound a bit and listened very carefully if there is a message in the static for them. Thanks for sharing your experience.
Thanks for sharing this interesting experience. Your comments are thought provoking. The mind and the nature of human beings have been studied for a very long time, but not by medical science. Medical science can only study conditions and phenomena that can be observed and replicated.

It is well known that the human being is a complex organism; the nature of which has been studied for a very long time as mentioned above. Over the centuries and millennia much of the information learned has been lost; it is up to the individual to find this information and learn, if possible, the real nature of this organism.

You are correct; there is much more to life, and much more to our makeup than is readily apparent.

Hi RalphHyde

Loved ones who have passed on are always around us even though we can't see them, they will always make their presence known through subtle signs.
Jubelee, it's an interesting idea that the ghost might have been trying to warn me off that house. At the same time, my presence protected my friend, if only for one night.

I'm very lucky that he didn't try and do something to me, truthfully.
Dear Mrs. Ramsay,

First of all, I really enjoyed reading about your busy mom's routines and how you manage to fit even so much awareness in your schedule.

I mean, when you're a busy mom, it would be perfectly possible to miss out on someone's death entirely and also to never notice seatbelts tightening or loosening as you're counting the minutes and hours in your head to manage all of your chores;)

Good job!

I am suspecting that because of the great job you're doing, your attention might become directed at these events.

Because you are a mature world-involved person but you are also 'open-eyed'.

I was thinking, too - if those two deaths of young people occurred within the same vicinity, there might be something about the place that needs 'fixing'.

It coincided with the things flying off the shelves. Maybe they are not hurled by spirits but maybe there is some energy disturbance that is also causing the accidents.

As far as I understand, you wrote that you knew someone had died when you saw the ambulance (as a premonition type of thing).

Do you think you also had a similar intuition when your seatbelt tightened? As if there was an accident about to happen which you were perhaps steered away from - through drawing your attention to the road etc.?

I have a feeling that it was not really about anything bad happening to you but that your state of commendable awareness was used to fixate into this 'energy field' a new experience - an experience of a driver who is present and who would not thereby cause accidents.

That your enticed attention would serve to 'clear up' some sort of 'fog' that apparently clouds the thinking of the drivers in that area.

That your open mind to things was called upon - to transform that place so that accidents did not happen in future.

And that maybe it was important that you were not young but a leader (a head to a family) because your awareness might dominate the area.

I also think that if you put those two incidents (the seatbelt and the ear-ringing) together, they might be related somehow.

Maybe the disturbance that causes the drivers to flip and that raises poltergeist-like activity - maybe it is expressed in from of a sound that people cannot hear but that affects them.

E.g., Macknorton mentioned he had the condition called tinnitus after drum-playing and maybe you have developed some physical condition after hearing the loud noise that does not belong with the physical world.

That you were affected by some form of noise pollution that people normally cannot hear (like some people can hear angels singing, for example:) ).

And that noise pollution is causing the disorder and accidents.

If you happen to agree with me, I suggest when you drive in that area - try to be even more attentive than usual in order to help clear things up and heal the place.

I think you have been invited to do that as a matron to your community:)

Thank you for bearing with my many words.

Good luck!
CrimsonTopaz in A Figure On The Toilet
I have just realised by re-reading my replies that part of my comment that I should have addressed to you, I addressed to Gingerbug. (I do have a small suggestion for you, please get a fan or windows put in. You can't keep sweltering in those hot conditions)... That part was meant for you.
No wonder you were assuming I was having a dig. I'm sorry, I got confused.
I should stop commenting and get sleep. That might help. 😟

Thank you so much. I am quite fine. It was well worth it because I made life better for about 50 cows and 30 people:)

CrimsonTopaz in Goodbye To A Princess
RexT and Jubele,
I've just realised I've been calling you a dinosaur RexT. Lol. Sorry, for some reason I keep reading your name as TRex and then spell check makes a bigger fool of me changing it after I correct it.
Being 'toe to toe' with Dean was something you both did and it's in the past. Don't feel guilty. He knows how valuable your friendship is and 'now' is what's important. You and your lovely wife are there for him and that's not only thoughtful and caring but it's selfless too.
Sitting at Miriams table isn't a coincidence in my opinion. Double whammy, the urn was placed on her usual chair. (She was there in spirit for sure) There was no way she was going to miss out on your get-together.
Firstly to all, thank you for your kind thoughts and condolences.

Crimson Topaz,

I've known Dean for about 15 years and I can assure you that we started our relationship "toe to toe", staring each other down. The best way I can explain our situation is like T-Rex meets Shrek. It took two remarkable ladies (Miriam & Jubeele) to knock the macho BS out of us and we realised that our ultimate goals were the same.

Since then... Well, Jubeele has already described things better than I ever could.

One observation I will make about Miriam is that she was very concerned about leaving Dean alone and was determined to not give up and see out her chemo treatment. She endured more than what us mere mortals could withstand and I am not surprised that Dean feels like she is still looking after him.

For me, this very same feeling played out in the cafΓ© when I put the package on the chair and Dean "teared up" and showed me a picture, from his mobile phone, of Miriam sitting in the very same chair.

I had no idea that this chair was Miriam's favourite spot in the cafΓ© nor that the package was her urn.

CrimsonTopaz in A Figure On The Toilet
That's a really sincere and lovely reply. You don't need to apologise. It's common for text to be misinterpreted. I prefer FaceTime myself.
I'm so sorry to hear you have been a victim of intimadation. That's sad. I don't like to see people in pain whether it be emotional or physical.
The fan and window comment was innocent on my behalf. I thought you would feel better. Now I understand your situation better, I wish there was something I could do to help. You are so far away and all I can do from here is offer you my friendship.
Dennishbox in Shades Of White
To write more professionally, learn this tip:

I was about to cook supper for my wife.
I was about to cook supper for her.
I was about to cook supper for me.

So: I was about to cook supper for my wife and me.


My wife was about to eat supper.
She was about to eat supper.
I was about to eat supper.

SO: My wife and I were about to eat supper.

gingerbug in The Riverside Ghost

I know what you mean. There is so much to deal with on our minds. I think that if we are not careless to the point of endangering one another - it's sort of cute that we make these mistakes.

Also, provides more chance at banter:)
gingerbug in The Riverside Ghost

I don't know if I actually turned around or looked behind me but I checked if someone was there.

And there wasn't.

That particular stretch was quite straight (until the said spring) and overgrown with very low shrubs that could be seen through.

I felt someone not just standing nearby but following on the path right behind me - and I could overlook the path easily in that spot.
I'm sorry. I seem to have come off as being 'angry' at you, or anyone specifically, which is not what I meant. It is just a thing I observe and don't like that it happens, but then, well, we're bombarded with so much information and too much signage, it does not surprise me that we sometimes miss the sign that says 'pull' so we push on the door. You know what I mean?:)
Hi gingerbug

Did you not turn around to perhaps see what it could have been? You mentioned that you felt someone right behind you to the point that you can feel it, a normal reaction would be to turn around, in case it might have been a robber.
Hi cantunSEEit

This is just proof that every living thing on earth has a soul, interesting experience you had.

Maybe it's already had a run in with YORKIE. 😜 Maybe shield was needed to show itself. I feel the title of this story was accurate.

I am sorry as well. I totally misunderstood you.

I do not want to take up this space for my personal problems but I have been fighting huge environmental issues in my local community which I found were limiting our actual chances at survival.

For the last 2,5 years 9 out of 10 messages or comments that I get - have been aimed to put me down or to intimidate me.

I have become highly defensive.

I guess I am in a bad groove and sort of suffering from a PTSD:D

I apologize for my mistake once again.

Now I see that the thing about sweltering and putting fan in you meant to direct at InTheNight. I actually misinterpreted it as an insult (cultural reference). I thought you were trying to tell me to 'cool down'.

But I guess I can use the advice (metaphorically) to become less hotheaded:D

Thank you for the compliment then.

I am certain you have something to contribute because we are all different people and we notice different things and that is why this is an exciting place.

And even if you don't, I bet it would be nice for InTheNight to hear from many people who read his story and enjoyed it.
CrimsonTopaz in A Figure On The Toilet
Everything you have said is not what I meant to relate back to you in my comment.
I definitely wasn't being mean. I gave you a compliment by saying, (You put together a very detailed reply, more than I have coming to mind to help InTheNight). In other words, you thought of everything and I couldn't think of anything to help InTheNight.
The mention about seeing a deleted account was just that I thought I saw your name once before and it was deleted and now you have replies online. (That's all). My intention wasn't to make you feel uncomfortable. If you read it that way, I apologise. Sometimes texts can read abrupt when the person typing is really being kind and genuine.
I look forward to reading your storys.
gingerbug in The Riverside Ghost

I will try to keep it short because I have been indicated that I write too long.

Firstly, I cannot tell you what the person knows or does not know about their possible demise because that information does not come to me.

I wanted to share the incident (although I was slightly worried because it does not involve hearing, seeing, touching etc.) - precisely, because I felt that person was not noticed (in life or death) and I wanted for the readers to pay attention to that person's story. Maybe it helps them.

Otherwise, I would not have written such account without any physicality to it.

Secondly, I do not feel I deserve your anger so, please, do not kick your own butt, do not kick my butt and certainly kick no donkeys.

I was referring to two different circumstances.

First is social and psychological circumstance where the person does not die but they become sort of dead to the society which does not want to analyze their situation or get involved.

The second circumstance is actually rooted in religions and spiritual practices. It is when some part of our dies (we become less than we were) before we leave this world.

A popular example is losing one's soul which is a frequent theme in Christianity.

If we assume that soul is made of some spiritual 'matter' that can manifest itself and if we assume that we can lose it - that could serve as an illustration of what I meant.

Although my theory is somewhat different because I believe in several such 'bodies'.

This one kind of hurt my heart a bit. Mice have been in this home a long time but I may have killed this one. Shield was amazing. Every thing has a purpose and a right to live. This was a wake up call for me to let them live. Trap and release.
"That person was getting lost and nobody noticed it."

And later you talk about people becoming ghosts before they physically die.

So first off, it makes me so mad that people do this, but I also have done it sometimes and I kick myself in the butt over it.

But to this specific incident, I wonder if the person unknown knows they have died or were they so drunk, under the influence, or whatever, that they don't know? Perhaps they were calling to you, which is why you felt their presence, but gave up when you didn't answer.

Edit: so butt is okay but the other word for donkey gets flagged?

I don't know what to say to you. I feel you're being quite mean but I will try to explain myself anyway even if it actually consumes so much of time unnecessarily and apparently adds to me 'trying to take the spotlight'.

First of all, the fact that I re-registered says nothing about my intentions or credibility and I am not going to justify it.

Secondly, I was very into this account. I thought it was interesting and I happen to really love Finland.

I read it very carefully because I enjoyed the experience and I enjoyed thinking about the Finnish environment where it took place.

(BTW, sorry, toivo should be toivon - I am trying to learn the Finnish language.)

Accordingly, because I was hooked both on the account and its place of origin - I had lots to say.

I never thought it would irritate anybody. I am sorry. I thought it was relevant and might offer some insight. I also really wanted to communicate the whimsy and, more importantly, the care I sensed in the story on behalf of the 'visitor' because everybody needs to know someone cares for them and might be benevolent towards them, especially, these days.

Nobody is forced to read it.

If you see my comments some other time and you think they are too long, it is okay if you skip them entirely. I won't mind at all.

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